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2004-01-23, 05:12 AM
Well, I got the Transformers manga compilation the other day from HLJ, and have been flicking through it...

Got to the Headmasters tonight, and spotted something...off
Or at least, I'm sure it is

For those that have it, it's pages 238 to 240 (The Headmasters #02)

In captions, we have:

Doraiba- Kuromu (kuromudo-mu ni henshin)
Pairotto go-ta- (haiburou ni henshin)
komanda-, rosu (ha-doheddo ni henshin)
pairotto, ka-na (bureinsuto-mu ni henshin)
tore-na-,borasu (waipu ni henshin) [sitting on weirdwolf for some reason]
tore-na-, monzo (wia-dowurufu ni henshin)
[on Wipe oddly...]
tore-na- gurakkusu (sukaru ni henshin)

Now, for those not noticing what I've written, it's:

Driver Chrome (Chromedome transformed)
Pilot Gort (Highbrow transformed)
Commander Ross (Hardhead transformed)
Pilot Kana (Brainstorm transformed)
Trainer Vorath (Wipe transformed)
Trainer Monzo (Weirdwolf transformed)
Trainer Grax (Skull transformed)

obviously, chrome, ross and kana are stylor, duros and arcana respectively, but since when why on earth does the Japanese continuity have the American names for the headmaster heads?

Did I miss a meeting? :confused:

2004-01-23, 06:03 AM
I noticed that too when I read the manga.

It certainly never appeared in the anime. Well, we have to keep in mind that the manga was written before the characters designs and tech specs were finalized in Japan (thus the whole Galvatron/Megatron confusion).

That's most likely the case here with the Headmasters manga.

Just wait til you get to the Victory manga.

Worst. Ending. EVER.

2004-03-04, 12:10 AM
IIRC, the "Nebulans" were named thus on the toy releases. Why that was kept on for the manga, I haven't the faintest...