View Full Version : Super Link Megatron to be smaller than Energon Megatron.

2004-01-24, 09:37 PM
From TFW2005.com

TFW2005 has received word from respected sources close to Takara that the Super Link Megatron (or Galvatron) figure will be smaller in size compared to the US version.

How much smaller? Up to 20% smaller than the US version! It is said that Super Link Megatron/Galvatron has been sized down to a size comparable to Super Link Scorponok and will retail for the same price. Whether or not this means his electronics will be gutted is unknown.

The Energon version of the Megatron figure will remain its original intended size and price here in the United States. As soon as Takara releases the Megatron/Galvatron figure, we'll find out just how much smaller (if at all) he is.

2004-01-24, 09:55 PM

Sir Auros
2004-01-24, 10:57 PM
Haha! Take THAT Takara fanboys!

2004-01-25, 12:40 AM
You mean The Hasbro is gonna have something better then Takara...is this a sign of things to be or just the end of the world?

Originally posted by Sir Auros
Haha! Take THAT Takara fanboys!


RID Scourge
2004-01-25, 12:45 AM
Well, the smaller one will cost less. Besides, it's not the size, but how you use it. :p