View Full Version : Brief history of Dreamwave Comic story

2004-01-25, 02:02 AM
So what has been happening in it from the beginning?

Ultra Magnus is a clone of Optimus?

Will they release collected graphic novels of the comic like they did with the older G1 comics?

2004-01-25, 02:49 AM
he is Primes brother just with a load of armor

2004-01-25, 09:31 AM
So far, Dreamwave have released for TPBs:
- Generation 1 vol. 1 (including all six issues, the preview issue plus an exclusive preview to vol. 2)
- The War Within vol. 1 (including all six issues plus the preview issue)
- Armada vol. 1 (including the first five issues, the preview issue plus a mini-comic that was originally available with some of the toys)
- Armada vol. 2 (including issues 6-11 plus another new mini-comic)