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AWF Press Office
2004-01-25, 10:37 PM
Joey Styles Voiceover: The AWF...in 2003, the AWF faced its most trying and yet its most triumphant year. Throughout all the turmoil, throughout all the chaos...the AWF shined and ended 2003 stronger than ever. It was a year of debuts and of departures...a year where the company became fractured and then reunited, when friendships were tested, created and shattered...it was a year where legends were made...and hearts were broken...and now, on the eve of Edge of Survival live from the famous 'Scores' here in New York City, the Archive Wrestling Federation presents the 2003 AWF Awards!

JFA: Hello everyone and welcome to the AWF Award show...here in a rather interesting venue...its...well...well, from what I understand, when Degeneration NeXt existed they were VIP members of this establishment that we can only describe to you fans as a gentlemen's club...and the wrestlers seem to be rather enjoying their time here to say the least...of course tomorrow marks the AWF Edge of Survival...and so tonight, we honor those AWF Superstars who made outstanding contributions to the Fed, as decided by you the fans...so...lets get to Lisa Lovelace and our first award!

Lisa: Thanks J...the first award of the evening is the Faction of the Year catagory...and the winners as voted by the fans are...The GPA: Divebomb, P?, Tempest, Ravage and Viewfind!

Viewfind: YO YO YO!!!

We don't need no damn award to know we da best team of gangsters up in this piece and we pull da 187 on all yo white boys.

*Hads Divebomb the mic*

Divebomb: Thats right View, awards are for pansys and insecure people. We know we are the best and we don't need a stupid award to tell us that. So are far as I am concerned you ain't seen nothing yet.

JFA: Well...guess they told us...for the life of me Joey...I have yet to see JHA or Flec...

Joey: Last I heard they were in the *ahem* private rooms...

JFA: AH!...Right...Well then, why don't I go ahead and tell the fans what they voted on for PPV of the year?

Joey: That's a great idea J,

JFA: According to you the fans the Best AWF PPV of 2003 was...well I'll be...its a tie! The winners are Autumn Annihilation and Meltdown! Which ties in well with the feud of the year the fans decided, overwhelmingly naming Mayhem v Warzone, the Feud of the Year!

Joey: No surprise there...the Mayhem v Warzone feud really stood above and beyond as the feud to watch...

JFA: Indeed...well we've been joined by Flec...who seems a bit...winded...

Flec: You guys...have no idea...there was this girl...and her legs...touched her...

Joey & JFA: STOP!

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: Lisa...please tell us you are ready for the next award!

Lisa: I sure am guys...and this one is for the Best Tag Team, plenty of great ones but one team was ranked by the fans as the team of the year and that team is none other than: The Current Tag Team Champs, Blood and Thunder, Wolfang and Zarak!

*The NWA is shown rather disgruntled by their rivals getting the award.*

Zarak takes the mic: "I would just like to thank the other tag-teams. Without their incompetance and our brilliance, we wouldnt be here today accepting this award."

Wolfang is shown smirking and pointing at the NWA. The two pull their leather coats back to show their Tag Team Titles. The two work their way back to their seats as AWF security stands up between them and the NWA. Auros on the other hand begins to assault the security guards in an effort to get at Blood and Thunder.

Flec: FIGHT!

Joey: It appears Auros also took offense to the comments made by Zarak and he's currently fighting off security...two guards down...and finally about a dozen security guards have restrained Auros and are escorting him out of the buidling!

*Mr. Reilly is shown shaking his head*

JFA: Best move on...how about Lisa and the AWF Rookie of the Year

Lisa: Some great rookies made their debut in the AWF in 2003, Amarant Odinson, Tempest and Brave Maxx to name just 3, but only one was voted by the fans to be Rookie of the year and that individual was Tempest!

Tempest lumbers up to the stage, an exotic dancer on each arm leading the way...

Tempest: Yeah, thats right, whos the amn that walked into LotM2003 and come out on top? Tempest, thats who.

I'd like to thank to My dad for all the support he has given me, I'd also like to thank my little bro, for letting me practise Wretling moves on him when we were young. I'd like to that me other Brothers in da GPA! Viewfind I have learned so much from you, you have tought me some things that you can't learn on your own, also the NWA for backing me up.

Now that I've got this, it means that I am one of the greats now, I now go down in history, as Tempest, one of the Rookies, that made a Difference in the AWF. The AWF is very special to me, I've made lots of friends here and everyone has been fantastic.



JHA: Holy Sh*t...am I wasted....

Flec: No...you're a waste...there is a difference...


Joey: Moving right along...how about the Announcer of the Year?

Lisa: Well guys...you may not like this one...but the fans voted the Announcer of the Year none other than JHA

Flec: Son of a B&*%H!

JHA: HA! In your face losers...

*With that the JHA stumbles and falls off his chair, rolling down the stairs before passing out in a drunken stupor!*

Keith Kincaid is shown at the table with The Gruff...

KK: Gruff...you seem less than thrilled with the awards...

Gruff: Of course I do you half wit...who's more deserving to win Rookie of the year than me? I own Stone Cold...I'm the man damnit...


Gruff turns, rising from his chair just to receive a boot and then a stunner!

Stone Cold is shown snapping his fingers and his lips are muttering "That Quick..."

Flec: HA HA!

Joey: I guess that's the bottom line eh, J?

JFA: Indeed Joey!

Flec: This has been a great segment...first that moron J falls off the stage...then Gruff gets leveled...how about we present the Holy Sh*t Moment of the Year?

Lisa: Sounds like as good a time as any boys...there are a number of moments that the fans were stunned by. The burial of Vin Ghostal by Brave Maxx, the Return of the Game at Archivemania and his victory over TC, P?'s utter destruction of Cyberstrike, or the arrival of Auntie Slag, but the biggest momen of the AWF was none other than...

*goes to the video*

Joey: IT IS HIM! The Heart Brend Kid! Brendinio HEEEEAT! The Main Event is here…Sean O’Con…we haven’t seen him since the end of August…when he and the Game battle for their careers!


JFA: No you didn’t you said it would be TC!

Joey: There is the strut we’ve all missed! Sean O’Con entering the War Games…he’s the fifth member…the only thing I can imagine is that the Game used some misdirection to get Warzone worried then utilized the fact that the match is unsanctioned…and the Game all smiles now…in spite of the pain…TC is stunned Wolfang and Zarak looking up in disbelief…Tempest standing now…Red furious and Sixswitch, King and Blaster have all virtually risen from the dead and Team Mayhem is on the attack!

JFA: HBK IS BACK! Heart Brend Kick to TC…Heart Brend Kick to Tempest! The Game with a kip up and he levels Redstreak with a little Sweet Chin Music! The War is on…the ref is in…The Game with the End Game now applied to Redstreak…HBK looks ready to level the now rising Zarak…Heart Brend Kick…TO THE KING?!? WHAT?!?

Joey: Oh God no…


Joey: Another Heart Brend Kick to Sixswitch…sending him down, pulling a chair out and blasting Blaster over the top rope and to the outside…The Game hasn’t seen any of this…Redstreak is in the End Game, he’s about to tap…O’Con…NO…he has the sledge hammer…no…DON’T PLEASE NO!

JFA: O’CON JUST DROVE THE SLEDGE HAMMER RIGHT INTO THE NECK OF THE GAME! HBK, Sean O’Con just hit that neck of the Game…his best friend…with a sledge hammer! WHAT IN THE HELL?!?

Joey: Now…Blood and Thunder with King, Wolfang to the top…The HIGHWAY COMING…Zarak with the powerbomb and Wolf with the edge-o-matic! Sixswitch up trying to fight off Team Warzone, but he is met by Zarak and Tempest who begin to hammer him to the second ring…

JFA: The Game out of instinct has risen to his feet…clutching his neck in pain…and that is the look of pure heart break…through the crimson mask and the haze of intense pain, the Game has just seen his best friend holding that sledge in his hands…and HBK gave him a cold look before driving the sledge right into the face of the Game! Going to the outside and setting up a table now…meanwhile…TC applying the GSF on the King and Wolfang moving in and applying the dragon sleeper…TC with the GSF on the leg, Wolfang with the dragon sleeper…King in obvious pain…how long will he hold out?

Joey: Meanwhile, HBK has the Game…on the apron…HDD through the table to the outside! HDD through the table…the Game is out on the floor in a pool of his own blood, HBK meanwhile, just kipped up and is back in the ring…Tempest and Zarak had been hammering Sixswitch, HBK with a chair again, shoving both Warzone member out of his way and drilling Sixswitch right between the eyes with that chair…hoisting him up and HDD onto the chair!

Flec: Zarak wanted a handshake from HBK and HBK just spat in his face…

JFA: This is not the HBK I remember…so cold…so methodical…he was supposed to swing the advantage to Team Mayhem and instead he has sent Blaster to the outside with a massive chair shot, he dropped King with a HB kick, he drilled Six with the chair and an HDD into the chair…and he destroyed his best friend with the sledge hammer and an HDD through a table on the outside…

*The Camera splits to show the Game refusing to look at the video, while HBK is all smiles, surrounded by his entourage.*

Joey: What a moment...the turning of HBK on his friend, the implosion of the greatest faction of all time, the end of Degeneration NeXt...and all of this has led up to one of tomorrow nights feature matchups...HBK...the Game...no DQ & No Countout.

JFA: Back to the Awards...we have now the award for the AWF's
Best Smack Talker

Lisa: And this one is no real surprise, though the competition was tougher than in recent years. Of course Viewfind is one of the best...but the fans decided that this year...Y3B Blaster ruled supreme.

Blaster: Like there was any doubt? I dominated this just the way I'm going to dominate that moron King tomorrow!

*King is shown glaring at Blaster, while Viewfind is far too distracted to care about losing the award*

Flec: I think I'm going to hang at the GPA table...

Joey: No...damn...

JFA: He does that alot doesn't he?

Joey: Yes...yes he does...

JFA: Well Blaster gets a shot in on King and now we are down to our final three awards...Lisa...

Lisa: The first one is one of the most difficult to get as it requires you to overcome a great amount in order to win...be it injury or some other circumstances...and that award is the AWF Comeback of the Year! And the winner is... The Heart Brend Kid Sean O'Con

HBK gets up smirking towards the Game who merely rolls his eyes.

HBK: What's this? Comeback of the Year? I get awards for just showing up now?

Well, hey, I've won just about every other accolade you can think of, and I do deserve all the recognition in the world, so I guess it was kinda inevitable.

Now, I know how much you all appreciated my return - I know the place was far duller without me - but I'm not going to bore you with some long and complicated acceptance speech. Why? Because we all know I'll just have to repeat it when I collect the Star of the Year award later in the night, and repeating myself is something I hate.

So I'll just thank y'all in a bit. See you later, losers.

Joey: Rather confident isn't he?

JFA: Arrogant comes to my mind...

Lisa: And now guys...The AWF Match of the Year! There were some great matches this year....TC v the Game, HBK v Vin Ghostal, the Survivor Series, the King v Viewfind matches, God Jinrai v Op2005...but only one was the best...and that match was the War Games!

Joey: Always a favorite!

JFA: Absolutely and this years was a huge match...with the greatest example of backstabbing I have ever witnessed!

Joey: Well folks before we get to the AWF Superstar of the Year, let me just remind you what the card is for tomorrow: We of course have the 30 man Rumble...plus, the AWF Title is on the line as Blaster takes on the Champ, The King, also in a No DQ, No Countout match...HBK, the comeback kid Sean O'Con takes on former best friend, the Game Erik Summers, Careers are on the Line as TC takes on former TCA member Redstreak, Viewfind and Brave Maxx meet in a backstreet brawl, The Gruff meets Stone Cold Skywarp, and the IC and TV title will be on the line as Scout, The Mat Man and Amarant Odinson face off and last but not least the first ever Inferno Match between God Jinrai and Bombshell!

JFA: And with that...lets get to Lisa Lovelace for the announcement of the AWF Superstar of the Year, Lisa?

Lisa: Thanks J...so many wrestlers staked a claim to this award, TC...Sixswitch...Viewfind...King...Blaster to name just a few, but perhaps no two held a greater claim to it than perhaps the two biggest stars in the business, HBK & the Game...but only one can win it, will it be one of these 7 or someone else like Amarant Odinson or Tempest...only one way to find out...the winner and AWF Superstar of the Year is...

*HBK starts to get up and walk to the stage...*

Lisa: The Game...Erik Summers!

*Won't Back Down starts to play as HBK screams 'What?' and storms out of the club. The Game smirks at the departure as he makes his way to the stage.*

Game: Well...I guess Sean didn't agree with the fans choice. But then, Sean has been known to make a number of bad choices as of late. I'd like to thank not only the fans, but the wrestlers of the AWF. The guys like Stone Cold, Viewfind, Sixswitch, Blaster and of course TC and King to name a few...these guys in the AWF are the best...and in order to win an award like this you have to have great people to compete against...and we have the best here...even you Sean...in fact Sean, you are probably the best out there...well...except there is one person better, and you face him in the ring tomorrow...now then...LET'S DRINK! THANK YOU!

Joey: That's all we have for you here folks...for Flec, Lisa Lovelace, JFA, Keith Kincaid, the passed out JHA and all our superstars, have a great night and we will see you at MSG for Edge of Survival!

2004-01-25, 10:47 PM
Whatever. Enjoy your little award, Erik. We all know I'm the one who made you what you are today - you'd be a nobody if it wasn't for the role I played in getting you to the top.

Make the most of it - because after Edge of Survival it's all you're going to have left.

2004-01-25, 10:52 PM
Wow Sean...I'd have to say that's twice I've won this award now...I guess though to be as great as you I have to go on a quest for titles and then lose them so I can go get the next mid card title, right?

2004-01-25, 10:57 PM
Say what you want, Erik. At least I lose my titles in the ring, rather than faking a neck injury because I can't handle the pressure anymore. All that spinal damage and you still managed to make your weekly squash game...

2004-01-25, 11:00 PM
This coming from a guy who rather than stand by his best friend during the one time he needed him he turned his back to get a lapdance? Really Sean...like you're one to preech to me...you have no idea what pain is...what the surgery took from me or what it took for me to come back...but don't worry Sean, I'll be sure to provide you with graphic illustrations tomorrow!

2004-01-25, 11:05 PM
Yeah, because I never ducked out of a title tournament to be in the waiting room whilst they performed surgery on you. You'd have noticed me there if you hadn't been so preoccupied with convincing the nurses to give you a spongebath.

Just remind me who it was that lost the other his job, but only ever bothered to try helping reinstate them when it meant more glory for themselves? Because I'm damn sure it wasn't me...

2004-01-25, 11:14 PM
That's funny Sean...because I seem to recall when you finally did come to visit me in the hospital you spent more time asking where you could get a full body examination by my attending nurse...although, I have to tell you Sean, I always thought you could do much better than Matilda...but then you know what they say...fat chicks are like scooters...everyone wants to ride one, they just don't want their friends to see them on one.

The simple fact of the matter is this Sean, you know damn well that I tried to get you back as quick as I could, and the War Games gave me the opening I was looking for. You talk of how I ignored you, yet everytime I tried to call you, you were off spending your retirement checks in the Red Light District...

Let's get to the bottom line Sean...you and me...we're the best that this business has ever seen...the score is 1-0 right now...and that is what this is all about. You couldn't beat me with a broken neck...you sure as hell can't beat me now that I'm healed...the Game you knew is over Sean...and a new one has started...

2004-01-25, 11:19 PM
You're right, Erik, which makes a pleasant change. We are playing a new game - difference is, they're not your rules anymore; they're mine.

You were the better man last time out, I've always conceded that. But things are different now. Things are better. This time my personal feelings aren't going to stop me from seizing the moment.

You say I couldn't beat you with a broken neck? Well at Edge of Survival it's gonna be the only thing I won't beat you with. Tables, chairs, iron pipes, whatever the hell comes to hand, Erik.

The rules have changed. And I'm the one who's making them.

2004-01-25, 11:32 PM
Sean, Sean...SEAN! Back your candy ass up...let me remind you of a few things. Remember the kid I couldn't beat? The one who was going to end my career? The guys you couldn't support me against TC? He said the same damn thing...I've heard it all before Sean...everyone who has faced me has "changed the rules." They seem to forget who they are dealing with here...they're dealing with the f*cking Game, Sean. The Cerebral Assassin, the Genetic Freak, it doesn't matter how we play this little act Sean...you know deep down inside that one on one, you can't beat me. You never could. As good as you are Sean...and you are one of the 5 best of all time...i'm just that much better...it isn't much, but its enough to eat you up inside. The simple fact Sean is that your anger towards me is nothing more than a simple manifestation of your jealousy...these whole events shouldn't even be taking place, and you damn well know it! Right now, we should be half drunk, playing cards, surrounded by ladies and plotting how we are going to mow down 28 other guys before we go mono et mono...but that's not how it is, now is it Sean? Well Sean, bring your tables, bring your chairs, bring your lead pipes, bring your fat nurse Matilda and mostly bring your overrated, candy ass to the ring and bring your "A" game, because tomorrow, there will be no excuses Sean, there will be no mixed feelings or just having to do our jobs...tomorrow the Game, the Heart Brend Kid...the two Main Events, the highlight reals of the federation...will pay the price for the greatness we possess...there's just one problem Sean...after tomorrow...you won't be coherent enough to bask in the glory of your greatest defeat...but no worries, the Game here will make sure to make you a DVD copy, so you can watch from you hospital room while I win the Rumble...

2004-01-25, 11:48 PM
Blah blah BLAH. My god you love the sound of your own voice these days, don't ya?

I remember the time when it was difficult to get three words out of you. Oddly enough, I liked that guy better.

So you've heard it before? Like I care. There's a difference now, Erik. Me and TC? Two completely different animals. He looked at you coming back off an injury, thought you'd lost it. Misjudged you. Took it for granted.

Me? Not the same. You've been back a long time, E. I've seen what you're capable of. I know you better than anybody here. I know you're not the man you were before. Sure, you're still damn effective, but I know what's changed and how to take advantage of it.

TC was young and impetuous. He rushed in and got caught out. He tried to play the Game knowing the rules had changed, but he didn't know what the new rules were. That's not what's happening here - this time, I'm making you play by my rules. And it's working. I'm two steps ahead of you all the way. I dictate the pace, you follow.

And you know the most important way it's different this time? This time out, you're going to lose.

2004-01-25, 11:55 PM
Whoa there guys... Erik? Have a few bottles of Rolling Rock on me and Z. It can go on our expenses account as 'for medicinal purposes'.

Brend? I'm appalled. There was one time I, like alot of the AWF fans, looked on in awe every time the HeartBend Kid, the Icon, the Show Stoppa walked out to the ring. Win, lose or draw, you'd walk out there with complete confidence and, even in defeat, you'd crack a smile to show you still had a set.

What happened to that HBK, huh?

I'm sorry I forget... I'm just part of this outfit we call the AWF and it's none of business right? Sean maybe you should take a look in the mirror and see what it is you've become. This HeartBrend Kid is one we in the AWF can all do without. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for HBK and his spine...

2004-01-26, 12:05 AM
Originally posted by Wolfang
What happened to that HBK, huh?

Oh, he's still here, Wolfy. He's the exact same guy that's standing before you now. Just bereft of the delusion that his friends actually give a damn about him.

Win or lose, I'll still do it smiling. I just don't plan to lose.

I've got nothing against you, kid. You're still cool in my book. Don't cross me, I won't cross you and all that malarky. But this doesn't concern you - it's between me and the guy who turned his back on me.

And, even though you're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, don't worry - you and the Z are still invited to my Rumble victory celebration. You are the second greatest Tag Champs in AWF history, after all. Big up respect for that.

2004-01-26, 12:12 AM
Dang. I'm never invited to anything. I miss the awards party, I'm going to miss HBK's party. Darn being the new guy.


2004-01-26, 12:14 AM
Hey, you can come, kid. We need an extra table.

2004-01-26, 12:18 AM
Originally posted by Brendocon
Hey, you can come, kid. We need an extra table.

ooc: haha!

ic: You know, I didn't think I'd find myself nosing in on this, but I can't wait to see The Game kick your ass.

2004-01-26, 12:28 AM
The definition of irony, Sean O'Con, the biggest mouth in the AWF not named Blaster, calling out someone for talking a little smack? Sweet irony...

2004-01-26, 12:33 AM
Hey, I got no probs with people talking some smack. I just disagree with people sticking their noses in where it doesn't concern them.

Originally posted by xille
ic: You know, I didn't think I'd find myself nosing in on this, but I can't wait to see The Game kick your ass.

You'll have to wait a lonnnnnng time, kid.

Because the HeartBrend Kid promises that he'll defeat the Game at Edge of Survival. And when the Brendinio Heat promises, he delivers.

2004-01-26, 01:04 AM
I don't know wolfang, I for one think I like the new attitude. Don't get me wrong I have alot of respect for both of them and for what they have done in the AWF but I think its about time HBK got a new view of the situation.

Now personally I really don't care if they beat each other into a bloody pulp and end up retiring each other but no matter whos right or whos wrong I think its about time he woke up and took a stand. Hell I don't really care what hes taking a stand against or even what hes blabing about endlessly here but a little attitude suits him and right now thats all that matters. Bring out the attitude and show everybody just how much of a meanstreak you have.

Yeah I know you guys have personal and emotional ties to your match and thats good because if nothing else it will make for a very entertaining match.

2004-01-26, 04:07 AM
*Tempest walks out the club with Viewfind, NWA and Ravage, holding the Rookie of the Year and Faction of the Year Awards*

T: YO YO YO, boys, do you know what this means?

*Holds up the Faction award*

T: It means, we are the best their is.

*Looks at Ravage who tok noticed then noticed to of Viewfinds ladies*

T: Hey Junior, listen for a minute ... were GPA! Divebomb, Prowl? I know your down about not getting YOUR titles back, but things are gonna change around here. Tomorrow you get your shot, drop those boys, Blood 'n' Thunder!

T:Viewfind, Listen up, we need the good stuff, and the lovely ladies, I got the place and the ride boys, we be partying tonight, kicking ass tomorrow!

*GPA gets in the in a Limo that pulled up, Tempest hesitates when he sees Sixswitch*

T: YO! Bitchwitch, were is your award? I've got one, Rookie of the year dog? You ain't dog enough, go hang with the losers at the nTo!

*Gets in the limo and drives away*

2004-01-26, 12:24 PM
Yeah Yeah Yeah. So Dozey won an award. Big Woop. Fact of the matter is this. I was never a rookie. I was here right from the very start, and I still remain to this day. I don't need an award to know how good I am. I don't need an award to act as a penis extension to what I am. You could win all the awards you like. You could win an Oscar, you could win a Nobel Peace Prize. Hell, you could even win Viewfind's Bitch of the Year award, but it really wouldn't matter, because I'd still rock the house, kick arse, and be the most exciting superstar the AWF has ever seen.

And you wouldn't.

(OOC: Congrats to the winners. Keep on developing those characters folks, and keep entertaining)

2004-01-26, 01:20 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Hell, you could even win Viewfind's Bitch of the Year award

No, bitchboy, You've already one that one, many time over.

Lord Zarak
2004-01-26, 04:05 PM
Originally posted by Brendocon

And, even though you're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, don't worry - you and the Z are still invited to my Rumble victory celebration. You are the second greatest Tag Champs in AWF history, after all. Big up respect for that.

Second? I'm guessing that you were in the first?

2004-01-26, 10:04 PM

Da s*** was FLY!
we gotta have more awards show's....maybe like once a week.

Holla at all dem Fine ass hoe's

2004-01-26, 10:10 PM
Originally posted by Viewfind
we gotta have more awards show's....maybe like once a week.

ooc: Ha! Good idea, Find. Maybe then I could get an award.

Probably not. :D

2004-01-26, 11:24 PM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak
Second? I'm guessing that you were in the first?

That woulda been my deduction.

2004-01-27, 12:28 AM

i wasnt voted rookie of the year? i wasnt voted best smack talker?
Tempest won Lord Of The Mat because i wasnt entered in the tournament same goes for the TV title and which ever jobber won that!
I'm undefeated in one on one encounters and thats going to extend past Edge Of Survival after i beat the human beer bottle!!!
Incidentaly, notice how he can only get the upper hand on me again from behind this time while i'm being interviewed instead of being his tag partner!
That quick eh Skywarp, it took you a 5 mile run up to get that speed up!!
I hope i'm not too fast for you at Edge Of Survival cuz i'm afraid your body isnt going to take the physical abuse that i'm going to dish out, then the rest of your body can join your liver, fat, bloated and wasting away!
In fact when i pretty much end whats left of your career at Edge of Suvival maybe in 2 or 3 years time you'll win the AWF comeback of the year award.

But thats in the future Skywarp and the future is going to be dominated by me! See you at Edge Of Survival Skywarp and lets see if you survive!

2004-01-27, 12:31 AM
Man you can't spit no game.