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2004-01-26, 04:45 PM
Folks I need some help quite urgently. I am, trying to make a transformers cake for my son's birthday but am having difficulty finding a decent picture of optimus Prime in vehicle mode. Can anyone help. Please.

2004-01-26, 05:58 PM
First of all, which Optimus Prime do you mean? There's a few, and they aren't the same character. There's one from the 80's (reissued and available at Toys'R'us now), the Robots in Disguise one (turns into a fire truck), Armada Prime (turns into a chunky truck) and now Energon Prime (very chunky truck you can attach other vehicles to).

Energon Prime:

Armada Prime (small version):

RiD Prime:

Also, here's photos of the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime with a custom trailer. He's modelled very closely on the original animation profile and colour scheme. He's basically the original Optimus Prime, but a much better toy...


(Includes some good vehicle shots at the bottom.)

Quickest route for any of them is probably to get a couple of swiss rolls for the back end and a square sponge cake for the cab section, then plaster it in coloured fondant icing.

I've attached the best pic of the C20th OP in case the site is down:

2004-01-26, 06:22 PM
Thanks. Its the Armada one she's hoping to make (starting from a 12" cake and doing a fair bit of cutting and wel I suppose it is pasting in the truest sense of the word) The body of the truck will no doubt have to be grey rather than silver as most silver icing dyes are not edible. Yours Aye

2004-01-26, 06:57 PM
Some pics of the big version here: