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AWF Press Office
2004-01-27, 02:30 AM
Ecstasy of Gold plays as JFA's Voiceover

Madison Square Garden...

A home for legendary events...

A legacy...and a tradition...of sports entertainment excellence...

I Hate Everything about You by 3 Days Grace takes over…

Tonight…scores will be settled…wars will be waged…and one man will get the shot to become the next legend by going to Archivemania to gain a shot at the AWF World Title…tonight the hopes and dreams of every AWF Superstar teeter on the Edge of Survival!

Joey: Welcome…to Madison Square Garden in New York City…and its time for Edge of Survival….we have a jam packed show for you tonight…let’s start with hearing from our current AWF TV Champ…Amarant Odinson!


Jon Couchman: This is Jon Couchman coming to you live for my first AWF interview. Amarant Odinson, tonight you've obtained the opportunity to win the IC title, retain your TV title, and become the number one contender for the AWF world title, all in one night. All you have to do is beat up on a lady, a man you claim can't hold a candle to your in ring technical skills, and outlast 29 other men in the Royal Rumble. How does that make you feel?

A.O: I feel damn good about it. Ever since I got here, I've always talked about how much I wanted to challenge myself and establish a name for myself here in the AWF. And tonight is going to my biggest challenge yet. As you said, all I have to is beat a slut who doesn't deserve the title that she holds, a man who doesn't deserve to be in the same ring as me and throw out 29 other AWF Superstars. But you know what I say to all of that??
It's just another day for the Rabid Wolverine. *pats his T.V. Title*

Couchman: As you can see, I've learned from watching tapes of Lovelace the proper method of interviewing such a fine upstanding pillar of the community such as yourself. I can understand how you're in high spirits tonight, but I must ask about your battle plan for the rumble. You don't have any friends from the old Mayhem roster. In fact, you've been outright hostile to Blaster. You bad mouthed team Warzone, WAIT! Don't get me wrong.. they, um, deserved it. yeah, that's it. Mind letting go of my tie, please? Thank you so much. whew. With those things in mind, how do you plan on coming out on top during the rumble?

A.O: I plan on going into that ring, making 29 other men tap out and then throwing them over the top rope. The entire AWF roster is going to find out what happens when you piss off the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business today.

Couchman: People have been asking, why did you feel the need to show up during Scout's title defense match against nmathew?

A.O: Because they didn't get the point at Meltdown. I beat the living hell out of Scout and then afterwards, Mat Man tries to take me out in the back and for that I made him tap out. I even got him eliminated in that Mayhem vs. Warzone match, which proved useless anyway. After that, Scout felt that she needed to come back out and blindside me with that pansy kick of hers. I attacked them both to show them why you should never piss me off. Tonight, I'm going to MAKE THEM BOTH TAP and make sure that they don't even make it to the Royal Rumble match.

Couchman: Vewfind and Brave Maxx are going to be going at it in a back lot brawl tonight. From your time on Warzone, you've had plenty of time to see these two go at it. Some of the Mayhem watchers may not be as familiar with this rivalry. What can they expect from this match-up?

A.O: I hope they kill each other tonight. Then it's two less guys for me to take out in the Rumble. I don't care what happens to them as long as they don't get in my way tonight. And if they do?? They'll go over the top like everyone else. Simple as that. Tonight, they'll find out just like the rest of them. They'll going to find out how hard it is to PROVE ME WRONG.

Couchman: Amarant, thank you for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to share before you leave?

A.O: Yeah actually.

*He smiles at the interviewer with an evil grin. As the cameraman starts to back off slowly and Couchman starts to sweat*

I like you. You did a good job tonight and you didn't ask me any stupid questions. They should hire you on full time kid. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some ass to kick.

*And with that, Amarant slaps him hard on the back and walks out with his T.V. Title*

AWF Intercontinental/TV Title Match
Scout (c) v Amarant Odinson (c) v The Mat Man

Joey: “Scout to take on Mat Man and Amarant Odinson in our first match.”

‘Flec: “PUPPIES! The puppies are on their way out to the ring!”

Joey: “Amarant and Mat Man are on their way out here, too, ‘Flec.”

‘Flec: “Yeah, but who wants to see them. Especially me.”

The Bon Jovi version of “It’s My Life”, AC/DC’s “Back In Black” and White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human” each play for about a minute and a half, signaling the arrival of the AWF Intercontinental Champion, the AWF Television champion, and the challenger for both of their titles.

Joey: “Anyways, let me explain the rules. First competitor to get a pinfall on any of his or her opponents or cause him or her to submit wins the Television title, while the second competitor to get a pinfall or submission win will get their hands on the Intercontinental title.”

‘Flec: “And Scout doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the IC title?”

Joey: “No, ‘Flec. Scout does not have to be pinned to lose the IC title. Neither does Amarant need to be pinned to lose the TV title.”

‘Flec: “Oh, who cares what happens to Amarant. I’m more worried about the puppies.”

Joey: “And this comes to the surprise of no one, believe me. And now Amarant and Mat Man getting into the ring…but Scout’s coming over here!”

‘Flec: “WHOO HOO! Puppies!”

Joey: “Down, boy. Welcome to the announce table, Scout. Mind if I ask what you’re doing down here when you have a match going on?”

Scout: “Certainly, Joey. Now, I’ve got a title already going into this match, and unlike some people, I’m quite happy holding onto what I have, despite the opportunity to get more. So I figured I’d let these two idiots fight it out over Amarant’s little piece of gold, then get into the ring and show them what it means to be a real champion.”

Joey: “A quite mature explanation, isn’t it, ‘Flec?”

‘Flec: “I think I’m gonna barf.”

Joey: “Be sure to aim for the bucket. And now Amarant and Mat Man getting started now…Mat Man taking the early advantage with a series of right hands…backing Amarant into a corner…Amarant with a boot…and a bionic elbow…Mat Man crumbling…Amarant dragging Mat Man away…and a cover…easy kick out.”

Scout: “Amarant’s going to have to do better than this if he hopes to go up against me.”

‘Flec: “I don’t think the fans want to have that image in their minds, Scout.”

Scout: “I meant in the ring, you pervert.”

‘Flec: “My point still stands.”

Joey: “And Amarant taking Mat Man by the hair…dragging Mat Man to his feet…a quick whip into the ropes…Mat Man ducking the clothesline attempt…and now taking to the air…knocking Amarant off his feet…and a cover…and almost three!”

Scout: “Now that’s the kind of competitor I’d like to see. I’m sure that me and Mat Man would make a very interesting couple.”

‘Flec: “Please, Scout! Our audience doesn’t need to hear this!”

Joey: “I’m pretty sure that she meant in relation to a one on one match, ‘Flec. And now Mat bringing Amarant to his feet…kick to the gut…hooking the arm under the head…and a suplex attempt…blocked by Amarant…another attempt…another block…can the third time’s the charm….Mat Man sending Amarant down…another pin attempt…kick out at two.”

‘Flec: “Man. Something’s gotta happen to make this match more interesting. Something that the fans definitely want to see. Something to get our ratings up again.”

Scout: “I’m not taking off my shirt.”

‘Flec: “Damnit.”

Joey: “And Amarant shoving Mat Man away…following up with a clothesline…Mat ducking out of the way…grabbing Amarant from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX! Mat holding on…and another German suplex! Amarant struggling to get free…and a third German suplex! Pinning combination…and a kickout at the last second! God, that was close!”

‘Flec: “Tell me about it, Styles. I came very close to actually caring about this match.”

Scout: “And why do I get the feeling that you’ll only start to care once I’ve gotten involved in it?”

‘Flec: “Am I really that predictable?”

Scout & Joey: “Yes.”

Joey: “Amarant getting a bit frustrated now…”

‘Flec: “The last time I looked like that was when I was on the crapper…”

Scout: “I don’t think the fans wanna hear THAT story, ‘Flec.”

Joey: “Taking Mat Man over to the ropes now…looking to perform the House of Pain…Amarant’s climbing the top rope now…looking to get the House of Pain locked in…but Mat Man shoves him off…Amarant tries to regain his composure…and the Death’s Kiss! Mat Man with the Death’s Kiss! Cover…and we got a new TV champ!”

Scout: “Guess this means that I’d better get to work.”

Joey: “And Scout heading for the ring now. You gotta believe that she’s heading into a disadvantage here, ‘Flec. She’s heading into a situation when one champion has just lost his belt, and would be looking to reclaim it, while the other just won a belt, and would be looking forward to adding another piece of gold to his waist.”

‘Flec: “Who cares? All that matters is that we’re about to see the puppies in action!

Joey: “And that’s all you care about, isn’t it?”

‘Flec: “Pretty much.”

Joey: “And both Amarant and Mat Man jumping on Scout as she slides into the ring…both of them slamming their fists into her back. And now they’re both picking her up. I think they’re working together to wear Scout out.”

‘Flec: “Thanks, Admiral Obvious. I’m sure none of the humanoids have managed to figure that out on their own.”

Joey: “And now tossing Scout into the ropes…double clothesline…and a double elbow…Mat Man going for the cover…1...2…and Amarant pulling Mat Man off of Scout and going for the cover himself! 1…2…and Mat Man pulling Amarant off of Scout!”

‘Flec: “Guys! Guys! Don’t fight! There’s plenty of Scout to go around!”

Joey: “And now Amarant and Mat Man exchanging words…seems the two of them are arguing over whose going to get the pinfall….Ref coming over now…Amarant and Mat Man still arguing…and Amarant spitting in Mat Man’s face…and Mat Man throws a punch…and HITS THE REF! MAT MAN HIT THE REF!”

‘Flec: “That’s a blatant DQ right there!”

Joey: “You’re right about that, ‘Flec. And now the ref’s ordering Mat Man out of the ring! Mat Man taking exception to this, arguing with the Amarant…who laughs in his face, taunting him. Mat Man going to gut punch Amarant…only to get intercepted by Scout. Several hard right punches…and an Irish whip…into the ref, who was still talking to Amarant in the corner, who wisely got out of the way in time!”

‘Flec: “Well, at least now we can say that Mat Man did something of worth in this match.”

Joey: “And Scout with a dropkick to Mat Man’s back…sending the new TV champ to the outside…and now going over to check on the ref…but Amarant dragging her away to the opposite corner, going to try to get the House of Pain again…but Scout with the Tornado kick as he reaches the corner! Amarant slams into the corner…and falls flat on his face.”

‘Flec: “A familiar position, I’m sure.”

Joey: “And now Scout drags him to the center of the ring…and a pin…but the ref still knocked out…1…2…3…Scout should have won the match, but the ref’s still knocked out. Scout going over to get the ref back to his feet…and now Amarant sliding to the outside…grabbing the Intercontinental title. What he’s getting at? That’s not his property!”

‘Flec: “Not yet, anyways. Come on, Scout!”

Joey: “And Amarant sliding back inside of the ring…as Scout gets up…turns around…and ducks the shot! Amarant still has the belt…Scout attempts a superkick…Amarant grabs onto her foot…spins her around…and slams the belt straight into her face!”


Joey: “And now Amarant with the cover…the ref coming to…making the count…and we have a new Intercontinental Champion!”


Joey: “Why?!”

‘Flec: “Scout’s gotta be wrecked after that humiliating defeat. I think that she’s going to need some comfort snuggles.”

Joey: “You’re one sick dude, you know that, right?”

*A promo for Redemption plays*


Lisa Lovelace: We're backstage with the living Viking himself. Cloudstrifer, you're coming off two major wins the past few weeks. Do you believe that this momentum will be enough to carry you though the rumble to victory?

Cloudstrifer: The wins mean nothing. Sure I defeated The Mat Man, who was more talk than fight, and Skywarp well he's Skywarp. To win over a boastful man with dobious fighting skills and a drunk is no great feat. What is a great feet is me wining this rumble unlike the last time and get that belt on my waist. Its mine, the holders who hold it know its mine and now in front of this match they should bow and give it to me. It is my right to hold that belt, and nothing will stop me. Not 30 men, not 30,000.

Lovelace: You don't have many friends in the AWF. How will this play a factor in your Rumble game plans? Several tag teams will have a chance to work with one another. How do you plan to overcome this obstacle?

Cloudstrifer: Friends? Ha, You must be joking! Friends are a burden when you don't need them the most. Alliances are a better term I would say. Like the alliance of Gruff and myself beating down the old hack of a fighter they call Skywarp. My Plans are simple in the rumble, get in throw everyone out and win. It is a simple plan, but shall be done so effectivly, like Ragnar's raid on Paris, that they won't stand a chance. Tag Teams? Their even more fun to fight with. Imagine yourself fighting 2 unarmed children. Sure its not fun, and sure as hell won't give you a decent fight. The way is simple, eliminate one of them and the other falls down like dust. Tag Teams aren't even worth the dust on my boot.

Lovelace: Are your truly a Viking? I heard some people say your mad and that Odin is all in your mind. How do you respond to this?

Cloudstrifer: Men will say some stupid things won't they to get famous? You see these nay-sayers? These are the tattoo's of the Gods. They shine brightly with a nice blue glow when I am in battle or whenever they want it to. These have been giving to me for a purpose, that is to kick ass and show what true warriors the Vikings are! All you others who say they are notherners are nothing of the sort. You want to prove it to me your Vikings? Then in the ring I shall meet! Odin will have one way or the other!

On the Couch with Auntie Slag

A light jazz score of NIN medleys plays in the graphic overlay of ‘On The Couch’, indicating rather unsurprisingly that its time for.... On the Couch! The audience claps and whoops. Auntie stumbles in slightly disheveled, but bearing a smile that could launch a thousand ships.

Auntie: “Darlings hello”!

A little curtsey to show off his new sequined figure-hugging dress (in all the right places chaps)! and a wave of a daintily quiffuered, yet very meaty hand. Manicured, naturally!

Auntie: “Yes I was actually trying to watch 1992’s Sneakers (starring Robert Redford, Dan Ackroyd and Sydney Poitier), but my runner just informed me the show must go on, and go on it shall”.

*Polite coughing from the audience, a tumbleweed rolls by*.

Auntie: “Its PPV night here at the wonderful Madison Square. They’re always happy to have the AWF juggernaut steam into their town, such a boom for local business both legitimately and otherwise. So, that means its time for something, or even someone... a little bit special. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford Carrot Top, so please put your hands together for British Columbia’s favourite bastard son of Avril Lavigne and Rick Moranis, its B-B-B-B- Blaster”!!!!!

As usual, the in-house band put their own clever spin to tonight’s guest music: ‘One of a kind’. Blaster waltzes in (sans Canucks), and sits himself down on the couch, completely unafraid of everything and anything there ever was or ever will be...amen.

Auntie: “Blaster Blaster Blaster, welcome to my Monasterio”.

Blaster: “Don’t start”.

Auntie: “Indeed. Blaster, Blaster P. Mothercanucker you are the worlds youngest everything! At the age of seven, ladies and gentlemen, this young stud became AWF champion. No one knows how he did it, but he did. History tapes, history DVD’s, history books and history adaptations to accompany the tapes and books for the under 10’s all show it. Blaster you have held the Championship belt an unprecedented 27 times and in doing so generated enough AWF merchandising to fuel Bush’s mars plan from planet Cybertron to planet Earth, and back again...”

Blaster: *sighs*

Auntie: “"Blaster, so many AWF Championship belts under your... er.. belt! I've got to ask you, which one was the hardest fought? And did each successive win capture the same magic as the first"?

Blaster: “You know what I don't care what anyone says, the first time always feels the best. You've reached the top and you know you can make it again. The second time just proves you can make it. But my second title win was very special because I fought my way through 4 different people to get it”.

Auntie: "Who is your favorite Canuck, Celine Dion notwithstanding"?

Blaster: “Celine Dion sucks. I'd say my favorite Canuck besides myself has to be Markus Naslund”.

Auntie: "Amarant Odinson.. he's a complete bitch isn't he"?

Blaster: “He is not just a bitch he is a littler bitch. He has a fetish with being proven wrong. He's a lot like Ben Stein only Ben Stein wins every now and then”.

Auntie: "And yet he keeps thinking he's harder than you despite all the smack downs! Tell me, you must have met so many in your illustrious career that constantly give you lip and can't deliver the goods. Do you have any choice expletives you'd like to tell them right now? Go ahead, its PPV, I'm pretty sure you can swear on a pay channel".

Blaster: “Oh I've met too many wannabes in my career. They all talk tough but get their asses kicked when it gets rough. People like Redstreak, Viewfind, Amarant, Bombshell, Sir Auros, Prowl?, King, all these people suck harder then Richard Simmons on a visit to the Village People trailer but seem to think they are best of the best. Then I face them... beat them... and take their titles”.

Auntie: "I must say I was shocked when I saw your match against King and O' Con in Calgary. The King amassed a series of patented power moves on you, then decimated the rest of the Canucks single-handedly. If it weren't for your timely Soundsault in the dying seconds of the match, it would have been an out and out slaughter! My lord but you must be aching to bust the King seventeen ways from six Sundays from now, or then... I forget. What have you got brewing"?

Blaster: “Oh King Decimated the Canucks. Jesus look who it is! Bombshell, Auros and Blitzwing. I've met children who can take a beating better then those three assclowns. I swear I was drugged when I picked them for my team. As for King let’s just say I have a little plan that will hospitalize him for a month and let me run with the title”.

Auntie: "No Blaster interview can possibly be complete without two words... Monkey Butler! How much fun was it having Bomber's tend to your every sordid whim"?

Blaster: “Oh it was great. I got everything I needed from that dumbass. Watching him warm up to the Monkey and eventually start a relationship with her. *Mock cries* It was great. It's good to see he and the Monkey are still going strong though the fact he changed her name from ChiChi to Arcee saddens me”.

Auntie: "Some long time fans might recall how a couple of years ago you went through a slightly disturbing patch involving playing with knives and being a little strange. Is that behind you now? I'm just wondering if we can expect another Ghost/pills/headache thing in the future".

Blaster: “Again I was drugged. I think Cyberstrike and D-Ex slipped something into one of my drinks when they were stalking me. Sick freaks those two are. It'll never happen again... unless those two slip weird stuff in my drinks again”.

Auntie: "In the spirit of tonight's festivities, what has been your most memorable PPV"?

Blaster: “Most memorable PPV? I'd have to say that is a tie between the first Archive-Mania where I put TC through the top of the cage, or Meltdown two years ago when I beat TC for the title”.

Auntie: "Who do you think has the best chance of winning the Rumble"?

Blaster: “It won't matter because I will beat who ever it is”.

Auntie: "Do you have an opinion of the new talent gracing the AWF? The Gruff and Xille for instance, do they have the right stuff"?

Blaster: “Well I brought Gruff into this fed but I still am the future. Being so young they are just late bloomers. I think those two can make it though some people just might not”.

Auntie: “Well Blaster it’s been a pleasure having you on my seat. Ladies and gentlemen (and I can legitimately call you that because you’ve actually paid for your seats tonight), can we have a big hand for the former, and possibly soon to be again AWF Champion. Yes, he hates Celine Dion and he hates many a wrestler, why he even hates his own team!!! But then, people are strange, when you’re a stranger, faces look ugly, when you’re alone. Ooooh Keifer Sutherland! Oh dear I’ve come over all queer! That’s it from me, I’m off backstage to get completely legless and snog a hapless cameraman or two. Music maestro if you please”.

Light jazz of Sepultura’s ‘Refuse, Resist’ plays for no apparent reason other than the in-house band are really getting into their stride. The studio lights come down as Auntie lights a cigarette and daintily strides offstage.

JFA: Lets get backstage to Jon Couchman again who is with Wolfang!

Couch: Wolfang, tonight you are going to enter the ring and face off against 29 different opponents. One of them is your fellow tag champion, Black Zarak. Do the two of you have any special plans designed should both of you be in the ring at the same time?

Wolfang: To answer that, Z and I are both aware that there's a good chance of both of us being in there at the same time. If such is the case, we'll help each other. If it comes down to me and him, we'll do what we've had some experience at doing and beat the sh*t out of each other. In short, there aren't any genuinely 'special arrangements'; we both want a shot at the AWF Title.

Couch: Very well. Everyone knows that you're a tough competitor, but you are going to face former AWF champions such as Viewfind, Stone Cold Skywarp, and you could be facing off against other tag teams that would love to soften you up. You have to admit that you have your work cut out for yourself. Care to share your thoughts on your chances at emerging as the AWF's number one contender?

Wolfang: Well, I'm not the fastest. I'm not the strongest, I'm not the most beloved, and I'm certainly not the prettiest competitor in this thing. I am, however, one of the toughest. I know there are people who are going to be gunning fo me personally as well as gunning for Blood & Thunder. I say bring it on. The odds may not be in my favour, but I'll enjoy beating the odds as much as I'll enjoy wasting anyone else. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to remind everybody to say their prayers before I join the battle....

*Elsewhere Lisa Lovelace is with the new TV Champion, the Mat Man*

Lisa: We're backstage with the new TV Champion: The Mat Man himself, nmathew! nmat, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

nmathew: My pleasure. Lets get started, shall we?

AWF Jobber Interviewer: How do you feel about your first match tonight?

nmathew: I think the fans know how I feel. Amarant still has a belt, and besides that, well. It's history and I need to concentrate on the rumble.

Lisa: Always the professional. Very well, how does a technically based wrestler such as yourself prepare to face off against 29 other superstars in what can only be called a melee?

nmathew: You're joking right? The Mat Man defended the hardcore title for 4 months. You prepare by being tough and smart.

Lisa: What exactly do you mean by smart?

nmathew: Look. Remember how I tagged with Quick Switch for over a year. We won a few titles together? Yeah, that guy. We get along. God Jinrai, we've patched things up. Sixswitch, we were on team Mayhem. The Game was also a member of said victorious team. Do you honestly believe these people who claim they're going to eliminate 29 other men? Please. You need someone in there who will watch your back, or you'll be outside wondering what happened.

Lisa: So, you're saying that you have some hard alliances?

nmathew: Heck no! I just have fewer enemies, and a few people I believe would at least look me in the eye before kicking me in the groin.

Amarant Odinson appears from behind a curtain

AO: Don't count on it. Despite your best attempts, I'm still wearing gold. Furthermore, the last thing I'm going to see of you tonight is your ass as it flies over the top rope.

AO turns and leaves

nmathew turns from the camera and says to himself, "We'll have to see about that Amarant," as he pulls a faded Pulp faction T-shirt from a gym bag.

Inferno Match
Bombshell with Arcee v Jinrai

JFA: And now, we are just moments away from the first ever inferno match in the history of the AWF.
JHA: I'm not sure if I should be excited or terrified.
JFa: I second that. We've seen hell in a cell, war games, a barb wire match but this one has the potential to become the most brutal match we've seen. In order to win this match you have to actually set your opponent on fire. No pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications. Nothing, but fire.
JHA: In my estimation, God Jinrai has a major disadvantage.
JFA: How so?
JHA: Well, since he's been waging war on Bombshell and the Canucks, he's been playing with fire for the last couple of months. He's bound to catch it tonight.
JFA: You are just... Wait a minute. Even though that was completetly biased it was somewhat clever. You're really making a progress.
JHA: Why you...

Before the commentators can really begin bantering Powerman 5000's Drop the Bombshell starts to play and Bombshell enters the arena with his girlfriend Arcee following him.

JFA: The crowd is all over Bombshell but he seems to be ignoring it. Arcee's with him but I doubt she'll be playing any major role in this one. The ring will be surrounded by fire so she probably won't be able to interfere.
JHA: You're saying it like otherwise she'd interfere. That's slander!
JFA: Yes, it's not like she's made it a habit.
JHA: Exactly!

Bombshell enters the ring with Arcee and starts taunting the crowd. He's cut short though, as "Hold Your Head Up" by Stan Bush starts, signaling for the entrance of God Jinrai. The crowd's jeers quickly turn to massive wall of cheers as God Jinrai steps slowly towards the ring.

JFA: Jinrai is not in a hurry, he knows he'll soon get Bombshell all to himself. And it seems Bombshell wouldn't have it any other way.
JHA: Of course not. It was bombshell who wanted the inferno match. He's not afraid of Jinrai.

God Jinrai enters the ring looking at Bombshell who's already waiting for him. As Jinrai steps over the ropes Arcee leaves the ring and the match is ready to begin. The officials around the ring ignite the fire and quickly it surrounds the ring. God Jinrai and Bombshell both take a minute to watch the fire surrounding them, knowing that there would be no way out.

JFA: Timekeeper rings the bell and this match is underway. Bombshell and God Jinrai immediately go at it. Right hands from both men and neither of them is backing down. In the end, Bombshell gains the upper hand and forces Jinrai back. Jinrai backing to the corner and Bombshell still swinging those punches. Jinrai grabs a hold on Bombshell's throat and throws him in the corner. Now Jinrai with a right hand, and kick to the midsection. Jinrai whips Bombshell to the opposite corner and follows for a clothesline. Bombshell still in the game though and Jinrai ran right to Bombshell's boot. Jinrai is staggering and Bombshell's quickly on it, grabs Jinrai's arm, twists it and delivers an elbow right on the arm. Jinrai drops to his knees but Bombshell still has the hold on his arm. Bombshell forces Jinrai up and drops him with a close range clothesline.

JHA: What did I tell you? Bombshell has Jinrai's number and he'll make short work out of that loser.

JFA: Don't sell Jinrai short. He maybe down but he's definitely not out.

Bombshell picks Jinrai up and whips him to the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Jinrai ducks it and returning from the ropes hits Bombshell with a shoulder block. Bombshell falls to the ground but gets quickly up just to receive a shot to the back of the head. Jinrai drags Bombshell to the ropes and starts heaving him over the ropes, trying to drop Bombshell on the flames. Bombshell grabs the ropes trying to stay inside and counters with an elbow to the midsection, forcing Jinrai back a few steps.

Bombshell tries to whip Jinrai to the ropes but Jinrai counters and sends Bombshell to the ropes instead. When Bombshell comes back he hits a flapjack from the center of the ring sending Bombshell dangerously near to the ropes. Bombshell lies in the ground for a moment but as soon as he feels the heat near his head he backs down trying to avoid the flames.

JFA: Bombshell almost got on fire but with a quick reaction avoids the contact. Those flames are dangerously close and that may be the deciding factor in this one. You don't necessarily have to dominate the match. Just a little error, a minor misstep and you're on fire.
JHA: Yeah, that's the only way Jinrai might win this match. Otherwise he's got no chance.
JFA: For a man with no chance he's looking mighty strong right now. Jinrai delivering a couple of stern kicks to Bombshell's body before picking him up. Jinrai whips Bombshell to the corner and a HUGE clothesline and the big man is down. Jinrai wipes some sweat from his forehead.
JHA: I've been doing that all the time. Look at me, I'm sweating like a pig.
JFA: Resist the urge, resist the urge.
JHA: I knew I should've brought my handkerchiefs with me. It's hot as hell in here.
JFA: He's right folks. It's really hot here and I can only imagine how hot it must be in the ring, with fire surrounding them. Jinrai now, picking Bombshell up but Bombshell counters with a kick and follows with a right hand. Jinrai is staggering and Bombshell grabs a hold and connects with suplex. Bombshell mounts the opponent and hits with a punch after punch.

Finally after a moment Bombshell gets up and picks Jinrai. He throws Jinrai to the corner and starts pushing him towards the fire. Jinrai tries to grab the rope and keep himself away from the flames while Bombshell uses all his strength to get Jinrai on fire. After a while Bombshell gets frustrated and kicks Jinrai on the stomach and picks him up. A stiff right hand drops Jinrai down and Bombshell drops an elbow to inflict more pain.

JFA: Jinrai is down and Bombshell is once again pushing him towards the fire.
JHA: Go for it! Set him on fire!
JFA: Jinrai's trying to resist but Bombshell is pushing him closer and closer.
JHA: Tell me, how do you like you're God Jinrai? Medium or well done?
JFA: You're just a box full of laughs. Jinrai gets free with a rake to the eyes and he's out of the fire for a moment. Bombshell is still staggering and Jinrai hits a scoop slam. Jinrai picks Bombshell right back up, whips him to the ropes and hits a powerslam. Bombshell is down and Jinrai is backing towards the corner.
JHA: Oh no, oh no!
JFA: He's waiting for Bombshell to get back up, he might be going for the spear.
JHA: Don't get up, Bombshell! Stay down!
JFA: Arcee is screaming the same instructions to Bombshell but Bombshell is almost up. Jinrai is looking ready and he...
JHA: Ha!
JFA: Bombshell ducked but Jinrai stopped right before hitting the corner post! He turns around and Bombshell hits a big boot.
JHA: Bombshell has Jinrai scouted. He ducked the spear, he can counter every move Jinrai makes.
JFA: That's left to be seen. Bombshell drops the elbow on Jinrai's face, and another! Jinrai rolls around in pain and Bombshell continues the onslaught.

Bombshell connects with a couple of stiff kicks to Jinrai's head while Jinrai is getting up. Bombshell tries to whip Jinrai to the corner but Jinrai counters and sends Bombshell face first to the corner and hits a sidewalk slam on the staggering Bombshell. While Bombshell tries to get back up Jinrai raises his hand and signals for the Firestorm, his own version of the chokeslam. Bombshell gets slowly up and when he does he meets God Jinrai's right hand on his throat. Almost panicking, Bombshell reacts and kicks Jinrai in to the midsection forcing Jinrai to release the hold. Bombshell tries to whip Jinrai to the ropes but Jinrai again counters, sends Bombshell to the ropes and hits a spinebuster. Immediately Jinrai picks Bombshell on his shoulders and throws him to the corner connecting with a snake eyes. Jinrai waits patiently for Bombshell to stagger back to him and grabs a hold on his hips trying to turn him around and hit a piledriver. But because of the sweat he can't get a good hold and Bombshell lands on his feet behind Jinrai.

JFA: Bombshell now, a kick to the midsection... oh my!
JHA: Jacknife! Bombshell hits a Jacknife! It's over!
JFA: In a normal match I would have to agree with you, but this is an inferno match and Jinrai is in the center of the ring! Bombshell needs to drag him to the fire if he intends to win with that one.

For a moment Bombshell is too tired to capitalize but soon he grabs Jinrai by the legs and starts pulling him closer to the fire. He manages to get Jinrai near the ropes before Jinrai wakes up and starts to struggle. Bombshell decides to end Jinrai's struggle with an elbow drop but Jinrai rolls out of the way and Bombshell lands on the mat. Slowly both men get on their feet but Bombshell is a bit faster. He scores with a right hand and tries to send Jinrai to the ropes. Jinrai counters but when Bombshell comes back Jinrai is too blatant with a back body drop attempt and Bombshell connects with a DDT.

JFA: Bombshell in control now. He picks Jinrai up, a stiff kick and a right hand send Jinrai back. Bombshell whips Jinrai to the ropes, Jinrai ducks the clothesline, coming back... a SPEAR!! Jinrai hits the spear!
JHA: Bombshell is down, and Jinrai's going for another?
JFA: It would seem so. He's kneeling to the ropes, still careful to not touch the flames and is eagerly waiting for Bombshell to get up.
JHA: Two spears in a row? He's trying to break Bombshell in half.
JFA: Bombshell slowly back up, Jinrai advances... Bombshell sidesteps and sends Jinrai over the ropes!!
JHA: He's burning! He's burning!
JFA: No, his velocity send him straight over, he didn't even touch the fire!

While Jinrai is trying to get up from the drop Bombshell drops to his knees in exhaust, trying to catch his breath. It takes a moment before both men are back up, Bombshell inside the ring, Jinrai in the outside. Both competitors look at each other, before Jinrai spots something in the corner of his eye. A small figure shouting something at Bombshell. Arcee. With a grin Jinrai turns his gaze towards Arcee, and to Bombshell's shock starts advancing towards the woman.

JHA: What is he doing? He is going to attack a woman!? Disgraceful!
JFA: Bombshell and Arcee have been nothing but trouble for Jinrai for the past couple of months and now he has a chance for a little payback. And I doubt he cares much about grace!
JHA: But he wouldn't hit a woman, would he?
JFA: He hasn't been above it in the past, and I don't think this hell-like atmosphere is helping.
JHA: Bombshell, do something!
JFA: Bombshell is like a trapped animal. He wants to help his girlfriend but he's stuck inside the ring. And all the while Jinrai is stalking Arcee.
JHA: Someone stop this! Arcee, get away!
JFA: Arcee tries to run away but Jinrai gets a hold of her hair and pulls her back. Normally I'd consider violence against women highly condemnable but Arcee had this coming!
JHA: You're a damn hypocrite, you know that?
JFA: Jinrai seems to be going for a powerbomb on Arcee. But meanwhile Bombshell runs to the ropes, gains some momentum and JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE! Oh my god! He knocks not only Jinrai but also Arcee down!
JHA: I've no doubt that whatever Jinrai had in mind would've been worse.
JFA: Now both men on the outside. They are no longer surrounded by the fire but now they are outside the ring with all the possible weapons at hand. And this is still a no disqualification. I believe this has gone from bad to worse.

Bombshell picks Jinrai up and after a couple of right hands he throws Jinrai against the stairs. Not wasting a moment Bombshell delivers a kick before picking Jinrai up from the head and dropping him with a stiff right hand.

JFA: Jinrai is down and Bombshell seems to be looking for something. What can he possibly... oh my!
JHA: A steel chair! That should take Jinrai down! Go, Bomby, go!
JFA: Jinrai gets slowly back up but Bombshell is waiting. And he drops Jinrai back down with a chair shot! Right between the eyes! Damn that Bombshell! Jinrai's been busted open!

Jinrai falls down and Bombshell starts to taunt the crowd again. After a while he drops the chair and picks Jinrai up. But before he can do anything Jinrai gathers all the strength he has and pushes Bombshell against the guard railing back first. Both men struggle to get on their feet but Jinrai is a bit faster. A kick to the midsection bends Bombshell over and gives Jinrai the opportunity to grab his hips and hoist him to the air.

JFA: A sit-down powerbomb outside the ring! Bombshell is down and he's gotta be out!
JHA: But Jinrai isn't going for the kill. The flames are still burning, he has to get Bombshell to it if he wants to win this.
JFA: Good point. What is Jinrai doing? He grabs the steel stairs which he was thrown into a couple of minutes ago. Bombshell is getting up... and Jinrai levels him with the stairs!
JHA: What a brutal, uncaring monster! What's he doing now? He places the stairs above Bombshell's head. He isn't going to...
JFA: Jinrai climbs on the guard railing. No, no!
JFA: Elbow drop from the railing on the stairs! Bombshell's nose must be broken!
JHA: It wasn't pure cookies for Jinrai either! He's holding his elbow, he must've injured it with that elbow drop!
JFA: Slowly Jinrai gets up and picks Bombshell up too. Now we can see... Yes. Bombshell is bleeding! His nose looks like a Mini after a crash and his forehead is full of cuts! Both men are bleeding extensively and I don't see them calling quits anytime soon!
JHA: If this was a submission match we'd be here tomorrow. But as you mentioned, only a minor mistake is needed and you lose. And now that their outside, it's even easier to do a fatal mistake and lose the match.
JFA: Jinrai goes for the powerbomb, if he succeeds he'll be a step closer to winning this match. He tries to pick Bombshell up.. but he's too exhausted! Bombshell counters... and a back body drop! Jinrai lands on his back! And let me tell you folks, that's not a thick matress on top of the cement floor. Jinrai withering in pain and Bombshell's not looking much better.
JHA: Here, take mine.
JFA: What are you doing?
JHA: Arcee needed a place to sit so I gave him my chair.
JFA: The match isn't over! Arcee doesn't need a place to sit.
JHA: Maybe she's tired. And I understand a redneck like you would turn a lady down but I'm a gentleman.
JFA: If she's tired why is she giving the chair to Bombshell?
JHA: A caring girlfriend! She sees Bombshell is in agony and decided to give him a chair to rest on!
JFA: Bombshell takes the chair... and smacks Jinrai with it! Right in the head! What do you say now, H?
JHA: All out of ideas, sorry.
JFA: Jinrai doesn't even know where he is but still he tries to get up! Chair shot to the back! Jinrai is down! And another on the leg! Bombshell is picking Jinrai apart!
JHA: I admit, Jinrai is tough, but even he can't overcome this!

Bombshell throws the chair away and picks the prone body of God Jinrai up and hoists him up on his soldiers, trying to hit another Jacknife. Somehow Jinrai struggles himself free and lands behind Bombshell. Quickly Jinrai turns around and pushes Bombshell straight against the guard railing. Bombshell's face hits the railing and the big Canadian drops like the US dollar. Jinrai raises slowly to his feet. The crowd erupts as he raises his hand and waits for Bombshell to get up. Like in slow motion, Bombshell slowly gets on his feet and turns around, only to get his throat grabbed by God Jinrai. With great effort Jinrai hoists Bombshell up and smacks him down with a chokeslam.

JFA: Firestorm chokeslam by Jinrai! Bombshell is out! Jinrai is going to win this!
JHA: Don't count your chickens before the escape plan is complete! He still has to get him near the fire!
JFA: Jinrai picks Bombshell up and goes for the throat again. Another chokeslam?!
JHA: This is too much! Let the man rest!
JFA: Jinrai lifts Bombshell up and moves towards the ring. He's going to slam Bombshell on the flames! He's going to win this!
JHA: They're right next to the ring! Bombshell is going to lose! Wait, look at Arcee... I mean, look somewhere else!
JFA: Low blow! Low blow by Arcee!
JHA: Jinrai always needed a woman's touch.

After Arcee hit Jinrai below the belt Jinrai dropped Bombshell and doubled over. Bombshell landed on Jinrai's feet which gave him an opportunity to trip Jinrai over. He grabs Jinrai by the waist and pulls Jinrai over him towards the ring.

JFA: Jinrai falls on the apron! His sleeve catches fire! Jinrai is on fire! Bombshell has won this one!
JHA: Told you so.
JFA: Jinrai is rolling on the floor, trying to smother the fire as Arcee helps a VERY wounded Bombshell on his feet.
JHA: Look, Arcee has some cleansing fluid with him. He can clean Bombshell's wounds right here.
JFA: I don't think that's cleansing fluid... Arcee throws some of it on Jinrai and the fire spreads all over! That's definitely not cleansing fluid!
JHA: Now I remember, Arcee used that to fill a lighter backstage.
JFA: That's gasoline! Arcee's spraying gasoline on Jinrai! Someone get a damn extinguishor here! Jinrai's on fire and that Jezebiel is throwing gasoline at him!

Like on cue a couple of AWF officials run to the ringside with a fire extinguishor and put down the fire on God Jinrai.

JFA: Thank god Jinrai is safe! And it doesn't look like he suffered any major damage from the fire.
JHA: Forget about God Jinrai. Bombshell is the winner!
JFA: Indeed he is, but he doesn't look like it. Barely walking, he's moving towards the backstage with Arcee's help. God Jinrai was set on fire but I bet he won't be alone in the hospital tonight!

AWF Press Office
2004-01-27, 02:38 AM
Backstage, Keith Kincaid is with D-Extreme

Keith: D-Extreme, no one doubts that you're a fast rising star with the AWF. You've got the moves and the charisma to main event. The question though, is this your time? You're going to be facing off against Stone Cold Skywarp, someone you've displeased recently. You're going up against Tempest and the combined might of the GPA. You're even going to have to overcome an old nemesis from your hardcore days, Quick Switch. Have you made any alliances, have you laid a foundation for partnership down with any AWF stars to help yourself advance during this rumble?

D-Extreme: Well man, there IS no doubt I am a fast rising star here in the AWF, whether I am in a stable or not! Yeah I haven’t forgotten about good Ol Skywarp though. You see people like him make me sick! And to think that I looked up to him like a role model drunk during my first days here at the AWF! Well about the GPA I don’t give a rats ass with them, cause its either they stay outta my business or stop cheating at our weekly poker games damnit! No doubt, there is NO doubt the GPA people are the MOST dangerous S.O.B's ever combined into a stable that stood tall here in the AWF since Day one. But that doesnt scare me. As I know factions come and go. GPA will fade away soon enough and that is a fact. If you see D-Next and cWo...let me ask you..where are they now? NO WHERE! THERE GONE! Yeah QS is also an old enemy of mine when he and NMat were the Hardcore champs and when me, Cyberstrike feuded against the 2 of them. But I do have some respect in the man, since he is a seasoned vet here in the AWF.

As for your alliance thing. Well I haven’t. Since as you can recall Cyberstrike turned on me. Dinoslut turned on me. RCOSD turned on me. Hell anyone who allied me briefly or lengthily had one thing in common, they backstabbed me. Well in this Rumble I got no alliances or partnership in my disposal. Just one thing, a vigilant eye. You see the Rumble is everyman for himself. It's a game of outthink the other 29 men. And tonight at the rumble, D-Extreme will make some alliances here and there during the match, but will break them off after I eliminate them myself! Too many times I had been lured into their traps...this time, its MY turn to lure them into my trap! And when they suspect it already, they’re already outside the ring.

Keith: Should you manage to pull off a victory, who would you rather see win tonight so you will face them at Archivemania III, The King, or Y3Blaster?

D-Ex: Well I don't care which one I shall face. The only thing I am gunning for is the AWF World Title! Nothing more, nothing less. But I have to say it's either of them. Both of them have been in the ring with me either singles or tag team. Mostly I would like to face The King seeing that I only faced him in tag action most of the times we encountered. King is a technical wizard, maybe not to Amarant's standards but good enough. But then there is Y3B, the cocky and arrogant yet talented man here in the AWF. We had our differences with each other before, and still have some now. We faced off in 2 occasions already and the tally is 1-1. I will be looking forward to make it a 2-1 in my favor when I meet him at Archivemania 3. That is IF he wins.

Keith: Lets say that you don't win, or cannot compete for some reason. Who is your pick to win tonight?

D-Ex: It is hard to say but I have to say its Tempest. He is the REAl fast rising talent here in the AWF. In his rookie year he accomplished a lot. If he does have the luck tonight I guess he will win this rumble, that is IF I cannot make it or get eliminated. But as cocky as it sounds Tempest, when you will stand face to face with me in that ring durign the rumble, the outcome will be me tossing your bulldozing ass out of the ring to get my shot at Archivemania 3! The future is in you...but the future is still far away Tempest....the present era will be ruled by D-EXTREME..and that present era begins NOW! And to the other 28 participants, you think you got what it takes to win this Rumble match? Go ahead take me on if your in the ring at that time, cause I will show you all that all your efforts will be in vain. Cause there will be one...and ONLY one winner of this match. And that is the INNOVATOR OF EXTREME. And his name is D-EXTREME!

The Gruff Vs. Stone Cold Skywarp

JRA: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

As Brain Bug’s ‘Nightmare’ filters into the arena, a mixture of cheers and chagrin erupts from the crowd. The Gruff walks towards the ring, with a smug expression on his face. His attire consists of red tights with ‘Gruff’ down the left leg in white letters and across the seat in black letters, combined with black boots which stop about three inches below his knees and a vest top with ‘Gruff 3:16’ across it in gold lettering and the AWF logo across the back in the same colour. He slides into the ring, and throws his fists into the air. The crowd responds by increasing the volume of their respective actions.

JRA: “First… from the Isle of Skye, Scotland… THE GRUFF!”

Joey: “This one’s been building for a while… one of the contributing factors to this match being booked was two weeks ago on ‘Mayhem’ when, in a tag team contest, Gruff and Strifer took on Sky and D-Ex… Stone Cold was on the receiving end of a hard beating from Gruff…”
‘Flec: “Just because he never got one from his dad…”
Joey: “* ahem. * … and then he got hit with the Odin’s Spear from Cloud. But Skywarp isn’t prejudiced in any way… and he said that if Gruff wants an ass-whipping, he’ll happily dish one out to him here at MSG.”

As Joey finishes his last utterance, the sound of breaking glass gives way to Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” and a thunderous ovation as Stone Cold Skywarp walks to the ring. The sight of his cocky smile and slight gait seem to have been worth the price of admission for some of the fans in attendance, and his vest complete with ‘Cowboy From Hell’ in metallic orange letters across the back and a skull motif with ‘SOB’ underneath on the left-hand side at the front. Aside from that, there is nothing flamboyant about his attire; plain black trunks, boots, kneepads and wristbands.

JRA: “And his opponent… from Carlisle, England… the Carlisle Rattlesnake… STONE COLD SKYWARP!”

The crowd break into a standing ovation as the Rattlesnake steps onto one of the middle turnbuckles and gives the crowd one of his trademark double-bird salutes. He walks to the opposite set of turnbuckles and repeats the action.

Joey: “Listen to this ovation for the Rattlesnake!”
‘Flec: “WHAT?”

As Skywarp moves to the third set of turnbuckles, Gruff runs up behind him and chop blocks the Cowboy from Hell. Sky falls onto his back and clutches his knee, as the referee calls for the bell. The Gruff goes straight onto the offensive, pulling Skywarp’s vest over his head and clubbing him with left and right forearms to a chorus of boos from the fans before holding down Skywarp’s leg and dropping a knee into the joint. He then wrenches back on the lower leg. He gets up and stomps on the knee a few times before the referee tells him to let up. The Gruff tells the ref to get out his face, and then pulls Sky to his feet and hits him with a knee breaker. As Sky hits the mat, he rolls back wards to his feet and charges Gruff to take him down with a hard tackle and proceeds to pound on his cranium much to the delight of the capacity crowd.

Joey: “the crowd are getting firmly behind the Rattlesnake…”
‘Flec: “Unfortunately, so is the Gruff…”

As Stone Cold works the crowd into a frenzy after pounding Gruff’s head, and turns straight back around into a superkick from the Scot. Guff goes straight back to wok on the leg he was trying to break earlier, with a wrapped leg knee drop and then a modified STF. Sky winces as he grasps the bottom strand and the ref calls for the break. SCS rolls to the outside to catch a breather, but Gruff follows him straight out and into a knife-edge chop from the Cowboy from Hell. Gruff reels, and attempts to retaliate with a right cross. Stone Cold blocks the attempt, and proceeds to redden the Scotsman’s chest with a few more knife-edge chops. He goes for an Irish whip into the steel steps, which is reversed by the Gruff and sends SCS- knee first- into the stairs. SCS falls to the floor, clutching his knee as Gruff sets up the steel steps. The Scot picks up the Rattlesnake, and drops him, again knee-first, onto the lower half of the ring steps.

Joey: “And Gruff is really going to work on that leg of Skywarp. He’d better be careful he isn’t disqualified…”
‘Flec: “Ah… who cares? We want blood!”
Joey: “What did I tell you about that medication?”
‘Flec: “No way I’m putting those things in my mouth.”
Joey: “I’d advise you to reconsider, otherwise Auntie Slag is under instructions to give you medication rectally…”
‘Flec: * popping half-a-dozen pills * “Fine… * munch* I took the * crunch * things. Just keep that freak away from my ass…”
Joey: “Say it… don’t spray it…”

Gruff again wrenches the leg of SCS, before delivering a couple more swift elbows to the appendage and then throwing the Rattlesnake back into the ring. SCS clutches his knee, as Gruff taunts the capacity crowd. As he moves to tie-up Sky’s leg again, Stone Cold grabs him in a small package for a two-count. As the two break out from the predicament, Stone Cold takes a run at Gruff with one knee poised to hit him in the midsection. He connects, but Gruff rolls with the blow and manages to turn the situation into a schoolboy roll-up for another two-count. As SCS kicks out of the predicament, Gruff is straight back on the attack. He rattles Stone Cold with a few had forearm shots to the back, before proceeding to gab him in a rear waistlock and proceed to rattle him further with a multitude of German suplexes.

Joey: “And here we go… two German suplexes… three… … four… … five… …”
‘Flec: “Is he trying to split Sky’s skull?”
Joey: “I’m not quite sure… there’s number eight…”

As Gruff goes for German suplex number nine, Sky grabs the top rope and the Scot is sent flying via his own momentum. Gruff is quickly back to his feet, and charges the Rattlesnake; who is still clinging to the top rope. As Gruff charges Stone Cold for another knockdown, SCS drops- still holding the top rope- and sends the Scot to the arena floor with a move that looks like a cross between a back body drop and a body slam. The Gruff hits the outside with a thud, and Sky follows him quickly to stomp on him a couple of times before he lifts him from the floor and slam his head into the ring post. Gruff slumps to the ground as Stone Cold works the crowd.

Joey: “The referee is allowing a lot of latitude to both participants in this match…”
‘Flec: “You’re complaining because he’s letting them beat the hell out of each other?”
Joey: “It was an observation… not a complaint…”

As SCS flips the crowd another salute, a shapely blond woman in the front row hands him a black Stetson. Stone Cold smiles, wiggles his eyebrows at the woman and then puts the hat on before proceeding to stomp on the Gruff a few more times. As SCS walks towards the announce table, Gruff takes the time to crawl under the ring. Sky picks up the table with the timekeeper’s bell on to unveil a few six-packs of Skyweisers. He grabs two, and walks over to where he left Gruff. He is stumped to find the Scotsman absent. There is a good impression of the Gruff where his sweat dripped onto the arena mats from his semi-conscious body, but Sky is unimpressed with the lack of an opponent.

Joey: “Sky asking the ref where Gruff is… referee Greg Garrett just shrugs at the Rattlesnake…”
‘Flec: “Oh no… Sky’s not gonna get upset is he?”
Joey: “I don’t think so… any reason you’re worried about that?”
‘Flec: “It’s just when Sky gets upset… and the person who upset him isn’t around… anyone who is around ends up catching a Stunner or three…”

Sky looks to the crowd, who all point to where Gruff crawled under the ring apron. Sky hands his Skyweisers to the woman who gave him the Stetson, and throws back the ring apron expecting to find Gruff. He crawls partway under the ring, and then comes back out with a look of bewilderment on his face. He walks back towards the announce position and timekeeper’s table, and Gruff emerges from behind the ring steps to clothesline the Rattlesnake to the floor, knocking off the Stetson before he goes back to work on Sky’s leg. The referee eventually convinces Gruff to get Stone Cold back into the ring, saying that he can’t win the match outside the squared circle.

Joey: “The match moves back into the ring… Gruff back in control… still working over that leg of Skywarp…”
‘Flec: “I’d sooner have a leg of Sixshot…”
Joey: “What… without the rest of the package?”

The Gruff drags Sky to the ropes, and slides out underneath the bottom strand with a firm grip on Sky’s ankle. He rests the inside of Sky’s knee against the edge of the ring and then lifts the lower leg before driving it into the edge of the ring. He drags the Rattlesnake to the nearest ring post and rattles the leg against the steel. SCS winces and drags his leg back into the ring, and clutches it towards his chest. The Gruff looks towards the audience and smirks.

Joey: “Gruff has been very methodical in his approach to taking on Skywarp here. Knowing that Sky likes to employ that quick, brawling, take-no-prisoners style of his, Gruff has gone to work on that leg to make sure that he limits Stone Cold’s ability to move and keep the match in his favour.”
‘Flec: “Pretty sound strategy, I’d say…”

As Gruff goes to apply a figure four Leglock to put more pressure on the Carlisle Rattlesnake, SCS kicks the Scot off his leg and into the turnbuckles. He quickly grabs him in a schoolboy pin predicament but, with astonishing speed considering the state of his leg, turns the move into a leg wrench. Unfortunately for him, the Gruff is too close to the ropes and the hold is broken before it can do any major amount of good or damage. Gruff does a quick forward roll to his feet, as SCS drags himself upright using the ropes for leverage.

Joey: “Sky’s leg has taken quite a pounding from the Gruff… it must be in pretty bad shape if he’s having to use the ropes to help get himself vertical…”
‘Flec: “Sky may not be top of my list of favourite people…”
Joey: “That would qualify as the understatement of the millennium… thus far…”
‘Flec: “But I’ll give him his due… he is one tough SOB… and Gruff must’ve really done a number on that leg of his for him to have to resort to using the ropes to stand…”

As Sky gets to his feet, Gruff charges again. This time, however, Sky sidesteps the Scotsman and hits a drop toehold which hangs the Gruff out to dry across the middle rope, throat-first. Sky is quick to take the opportunity to throttle the Isle of Skye native. He drapes his good leg over Gruff’s neck, and applies pressure with the ropes as leverage. As soon as the ref counts four, he leaves go. He runs, as fast as he is currently able, at the opposite ropes and comes back with a leg drop-like move onto the neck of the Gruff. Gruff falls to the mat, and rolls to the outside to catch his breath as Sky takes a little bit of time to take in the cheers from the crowd at MSG. As he moves to assault the Gruff again, the Scotsman surprises him with a hot shot across the top rope which sends Sky reeling backwards across the ring.

Joey: “Gruff now… back in control… Irish whip to Sky… reversal… and there’s the Lou Thesz press! One of Skywarp’s trademark moves… initiating a tremendous response from this capacity crowd…”
‘Flec: “Despite the fact that it could be called the ‘dick to the mouth’…”
Joey: “I’ll take it you like that move then?”

Sky hauls up the Gruff, peppering the Scot with lefts as he pushes him to the ropes. He whips the Gruff across, and drops his head ready for a back body drop. Instead, the Gruff counters with a sunset flip for yet another two-count. As the two attempt to regain their bearings after the pinning situation, Stone Cold gets to his feet first… and, in an unexpected move even for the Rattlesnake, clamps on the Snake Bite. He tries to scissor his legs around his upstart opponent, but the speed and positioning of the Gruff are such that he is able to raise his feet onto the turnbuckles and kick back from them in a backward rolling motion. This leaves Gruff to land on the mat knees-first, driving Sky’s shoulders down into the canvas and holding them there.

Joey: “Another cover… 1… 2… 3… Gruff got Skywarp!”
‘Flec: “He didn’t! Ref’s calling it as two… his word is the last one in this thing…”
Joey: “Exactly right… both men back up… Skywarp with a boot to the abs of Gruff… Stunner coming up… and Gruff pushes him off! Sky into the ropes… gets a kick in his own midsection… and a DDT! A superbly executed DDT by the Gruff…and there’s a cover…1… 2… and a kick out! SCS kicks out again!”

Guff appears to be growing increasingly more frustrated with the way this encounter is turning out. He pulls up Skywarp again, setting up for another Ibrox Drop. As he hauls Sky up to shoulder height, however, the Cowboy shifts his weight and turns the move into a modified crucifix pin for a two-count. Gruff shifts his weight to roll through, and manages a makeshift pin attempt of his own which racks up a two-count also. The two men break again, and Gruff is the recipient of a knee to the midsection, which is the herald of a well-executed powerbomb.

Joey: “Nice powerbomb by Sky there… 1… 2… and Gruff kicks out. We’ve seen some good technical wrestling from the Rattlesnake in this match.”
‘Flec: “If you’d been paying attention, you’d know that it’s because Gruff has found some rather creative ways to counteract Sky’s usual brawling technique.”
Joey: “What was that?”
‘Flec: “I don’t know… I opened my mouth… that stuff came out…”
Joey: “Kinda like ‘The Exorcist’ but cleaner…”

Sky has Gruff in the corner and gives him a few knife-edge chops before making an attempt at an Irish whip to the other turnbuckle. Gruff reverses the whip, sending the Rattlesnake sternum-first to the turnbuckles again. Gruff grabs the stunned Sky once again, and drops him with a release German suplex into the centre of the ring. He then grabs the ankle of the leg he was working over earlier and twists is, shaking the leg violently as he does so.

Joey: “I don’t think any ankle is supposed to bend like that, folks…”
‘Flec: “That… is quite possibly one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen…”

Sky’s foot is now at almost 170-degrees to the rest of his leg. He manages to twist around, grabbing the bottom rope as he kicks the Gruff off. Gruff is quick to recover from the blow, and waits on the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold turns around into a swift toe kick and a Northern lights suplex from the upstart Gruff, which garners another near fall.

Joey: “Another near fall for the Gruff in this match…”
‘Flec: “Ooh… but Sky’s back on the advantage…”

As Gruff tries to pick up Skywarp to dish out some more punishment, he receives a swift blow to the lower abdomen. And another. A third and a fourth follow, by which point Stone Cold is on his feet and kicks the youngster in the gut to set him up for…

‘Flec: “That’s not gonna get it done…”

The impact of the move catapults Gruff across the ring. Almost instinctively, Stone Cold goes for the cover. He fails to notice Gruff’s hand clutching the bottom rope. As Garrett points it out to the Rattlesnake, Skywarp gets to his feet awkwardly; clearly still feeling the effects of Gruff’s pounding on his leg. He hauls up Gruff, who elbows him in the midsection and hits him with a shoulder breaker. He rolls over the Rattlesnake, grabs the left leg and proceeds to stomp on it again. Gruff then performs a spinning toehold, which he attempts to turn into a figure four when Sky kicks him off into the turnbuckles. Gruff is stunned, and slumps face-first down to the bottom turnbuckle.

Sky gets to his feet, slowly, and looks at the prone form of Gruff. He laughs, and then he sees that his adversary is getting to his feet. He looks around the crowd as Gruff staggers backwards out of the corner. The cheering increases as the Gruff gets closer to Skywarp, and accelerates to fever pitch as he turns around into Sky’s boot and the inevitable Stunner.

Joey: “STUNNER! He’s got him! 1…2 … and there’s 3! Skywarp wins!”
‘Flec: “But Gruff certainly gave him a run for his money.”
Joey: “I think that we can agree on. This youngster is gonna be worth watching in the future, folks.”

As the bell rings and ‘Cowboys from Hell’ plays again, Stone Cold picks up the Stetson and goes back to the timekeeper’s table to retrieve some more Skyweisers.

JRA: “Here is your winner… STONE COLD SKYWARP!”

He picks up three Skyweisers from under the table as he dons the Stetson again and goes back to the woman in the front row who gave him the hat earlier. He opens up one Skyweiser for her, and then opens up one for himself, holding the Stetson aloft as he drains the contents. He puts the hat back on, and climbs into the ring with the remaining three cans. As he gets back in, the Gruff is getting to his feet. In the friendly mood he is currently in, Sky helps Gruff to his feet. He then hits him with a Stunner and sends him flying over the rope nearest the entrance. He flips the Scot a salute before he opens two more cans of Skyweiser and drains them to a phenomenal ovation from the crowd at MSG.

Shot backstage shows a close up view of Lisa Lovelace's face

Lisa Lovelace: This is Lisa Lovelace, backstage in at a place I always love to be, with The Game himself!

camera zooms back to reveal The Game.

Lovelace: I'm going to cut to the chase. You and The O'Con go back further than any AWF stars. What drove him to his attack on you?

The Game: You know...I've spent every day, since that August night, asking myself that very same question. Sean was my brother. He was the one guy who I know I could turn my back to and know it was being watched. What drove him to this? I'd like to say it was a simple misunderstanding...but I think it runs far more deeply...I think it kills him that on that night...he lost...right in the middle of the ring, to best in the business.

Lovelace: Very well Game. That may have been true then, but recent statement by your opponent clearly indicate that he has no fear of you now. He's called you soft, a hollow shell of the warrior you once were. He claims that your pandering to the crowd has made you weak and a vulnerable target. How do you plan on responding to these statements?

The Game: *The Game smirks* Ask TC how weak I was in my first match back at Archivemania. Ask King after the wars we have... or really, ask Sean how he felt after I defeated him for the AWF title. Weak? Hollow? The Game says this...the fans are what make us who we are...the fans are the ones that support us, that write to us when we are hurt...and when everyone else doubted that I could come back from a broken neck...including YOU Sean, the fans were the ones that supported me...am I weak? Am I hollow...no...I am dangerous.

Lovelace: Over the last several weeks, you and O'Con have squared off several times... He cost you War Games; he cost you the AWF title. At Meltdown, your team mannaged to defeat his. At the 11 man battle royal he eliminated himself only to land a surprise superkick to eliminate you. Two weeks ago you and Blaster pulled off a narrow victory over Sean and The King. Still, one thing has remained consant, Sean has managed to stay just out of your reach. We know you're the Cerebral Assassian, but won't these mindgames have some affect upon your normally calculated offense?

The Game: You know Lisa...right now, Sean is sitting back, and he's smiling. He's smiling because he thinks he's proven that he is in my head. Sean...have you forgotten? I'm not just a student of the game...I AM THE F*CKING GAME! Sean's been playing cat and mouse with me for weeks now...but remember, Sean is more used to my technical style...let's not forget, The Game has other means to perplex his opponents...and Sean isn't going to know what hit him.

Lovelace: Care to give us any hints as to this new gameplan?

The Game: Sean expects me to go out there and be the Game...but let's not forget who my mentor is...

Lovelace: For our Canadian, viewers, care to spell it out for them?

The Game: While it will get me boo'd in most Canadian venues...the one true Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Lovelace: Luckily for you, tonight we're in Madison Square Gardens, and all I can hear is cheering. I know you're busy and still need to prepare for your tough match, but would The Game care to add any final thoughts?

The Game: The band has been tuned...the show has been set...can you feel the electricity? *The Game pause to stop to bask in the cheers of the crowd and the chants of his name* The millions and millions of the Game's fans are here...the Game is here...Sean...bring your monkey ass to the ring and prepare to have the smacketh laid down on it...for tonight, MSG...NYC...one night only...the Game presents, the brow beating, pie eating, show stealing, genetic freak...that the AWF fans have come to expect...oh yeah...and Sean O'Con will be there too.


Jon Couchman: Fans, I've got a special backstage treat for you tonight. We've got the leader of the GPA ready to give an interview. Viewfind, tonight, you and Brave Maxx are going to compete in a bloody backlot brawl. After the match, you are then slated to compete in the 30 man rumble. What plans do you have to finish off Brave Maxx with enough left in the tank to win the rumble?

Viewfind: Man you better lean yo facts when you wanna spit some questions at Blingzilla, cuz if you knew what a Hardcore superstar i was you whould know i can slap dat undead zombie face bitch MAXXX! in under 5 mins then its off to da rumble where me and my boys gotz to kick some white boy ass.

Couchman: Brave words, but I can't help but notice that you've got Ravage and Tempest at your side right now. Is this an
insurace policy in case Brave Maxx decided to cut this interview short?

Viewfind: You damn right sucka, that bitch MAXX!! is a cheat i tellz you, man i don't know if he going to pop out da trashcan?, out maybe yo ass?.......yo Ravage check dat ass...

Ravage is seen glancing at Tempest. He shrugs, puts on s surgucal glove, and begins to move toward Couchman

Couchman: I'll just sit down to prevent any unfortunate situations from arising. Speaking of your "friends," it's hardly a secret that the GPA will be looking to have one of its own win
tonight. Should the GPA do well and eliminate everyone else, how will you decide which GPA member will win?

May I remind you, Ravage and Tempest are standing right behind you...

Viewfind: Yo "dwag" you don't gotz to remind me of **** me and my boyz had a talk in the back and when and i do mean WHEN it comes down to da GPA we just gotta battle and see who comes out on top and when its all over we going to da ladys club and get are drink on.

Couchman: We've got some extra time left. Is there anything you'd like to tell the GPA fans in attendance?

Viewfind: Naw but yo bitch MAXXX!! This is a christopher Reeve horse back ride..…you're last stand.


Backlot Brawl
Viewfind v Brave Maxx

Joey : Next match up is the Backlot Brawl between Viewfind and Brave Max!
Flec : You gotta imagine that Viewfind's picked the wrong fight here...
Joey : Looks like this one started early Flec..
Flec : b'uh?

Camera crews rush backstage to see three members of the GPA -- specifically Viewfind, P? and Divebomb all doing a massive number on Brave Max, just off to the side of shot there is a steel chair, visibly buckled. Referee's and security run to the scene trying to break up the melee and the GPA break up and walk away, all visibly happy.

Joey : That's just SICK! The GPA really worked Brave Max over...
Flec : I think it's BRILLIANT!
Joey : Only one problem...
Flec : What's that then?
Joey : This match ain't over, it didn't even begin...

The camera flicks backstage and is close in on Brave Max, he's on the ground almost completely motionless barring the chest expansion and compression as he breathes. Referees are yelling at the GPA who simply walk away, their job done. Suddenly, Brave Max sits bolt upright, EMTs stagger backwards, completely shocked. Max rises to his feet, slowly, still jaded by the earlier assault. He catches up to the un-suspecting GPA, spinning P? round and launching a stiff right hand that reels him into some scaffolding poles. Divebomb and Viewfind immediately turn to finish off their earlier assault. Brave Max gets the better of Viewfind slamming him hard onto the concrete, but Divebomb's assault is more effective sending the monster backwards.

Joey : This is insane, Brave Max must be fighting on instinct...
Flec : The guy's got guts that's for sure, looks like he's about to spill 'em too

Brave Max rocked backwards, grabs Divebomb by the throat and slam him hard into a vending machine. Max winds up and throws a left punch, Divebomb gets loose in time and Brave Max's hand crashes through the glass. A chant of "holy ****" echoes through the backstage area from the crowd outside. Brave Max frees himself and again grabs Divebomb, forcing him back into another vending machine. Brave Max then turns and launches Divebomb through a plate glass window!

Crowd : HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!
Flec : Couldn't have put it better myself...

Divebomb is lying in a room, surrounded by shards of broken glass. He's bust wide open and losing blood as EMTs burst into the room. Brave Max stares on, allowing himself a sickening smile.

Flec : He's not human that's for sure...
Joey : Looks like Viewfind's gonna wipe that smile off his face.

Viewfind runs up behind Brave Max and crashes a steel chair over his back, Max stumbles forwards into the window frame allowing himself a short time to gloat over the fallen Divebomb, Divebomb flips him the bird in return as Brave Max turns round to a hellatious chair shot to the head. Viewfind checks on his running buddy and then goes to work with lefts and rights on Brave Max.

Joey : The big man's not fazed by that at all...
Flec : I'm telling you, he's not human!
Joey : Certaintly going to take a lot out of Viewfind to beat this man.

Brave Max blocks a right hander from Viewfind and strikes back with one of his own rocking Viewfind back, the two exchange blows back and forth, before Viewfind gain the upper hand aiming for a clothesline, Brave Max ducks under but Viewfind grabs the big man's head on the on the way past and rocks Brave Max with a neck-breaker. Brave Max is lying on the ground and again sits bolt upright. Viewfind looks on, stunned then quickly gathers his wits ... and a steel chair ...

Joey : Viewfind needs that equaliser, that's for sure
Flec : I don't think Viewfind's a holy man, but he sure needs to start prayin!

Viewfind crashes the chair down hard on Brave Max's head, only for Max to sit upright again ... another vicious chair shot rattle's Brave Max's cage, again the big man sits up. Viewfind stands, mouth wide open sweat pouring down his face, he can't believe that Brave Max is getting to his feet. Viewfind takes a few steps backwards and charges at Brave Max, but Max grabs the chair from Viewfind's hand and casts it asides. Grabbing him by the throat Max lifts Viewfind up and bounces him off some metal shutters.

Joey : Where does the strength come from?!
Flec : The Earth's own sun?
Joey : Could be even more far-fetched than that!

Viewfind slides down the shutters and hits Max with a swift kick between the legs.

Joey : Wow, he is stoppable...
Flec : Let's be honest here, EVERY guy in the audience whimpered then...
Joey : Some of the women too

Viewfind rolls underneath the metal shutters as Brave Max rolls around on the floor. Behind the metal shutters there is some commotion, Viewfind is heard yelling at the top of his voice then there's a slamming noise. Brave Max begins to lift himself to his feet. An engine kicks into life from behind the metal shutters and a black limo tears through them colliding firmly with Brave Max.

Crowd : HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!
Flec : And you thought that chair was 'Find's equaliser!!
Joey : ... My god! Ladies and Gentlemen...I'm in shock
Flec : OH MY GOD!

Viewfind leaves the car wrapped around a building support to get the pin on Brave Max, but he's no-where to be found. Viewfind scouts around the car to no avail. He calls the referee over, but the ref says the match is still on-going. Viewfind yells out Brave Max's name, then spots him lying in a heap of trash cans, rubbish and assorted junk. Brave Max is completely unconscious.

Joey : How is he still breathing?!
Flec : Is he still breathing?!
Joey : I can't believe what we've just witnessed here 'Flec
Flec : I believe it's called 'getting it handed to you'

Viewfind staggers over to where Brave Max is lying and lifts him up, landing the Philly Pimp Drop for nothing more than value-for-money, Viewfind claims the victory via pinfall.

Joey : Well folks, it looked like the GPA had worked their magic before the match had even started, but Brave Max fought back...
Flec : I'm betting that he wishes he hadn't now...
Joey : Surely that's one of the matches of the year already!
Flec : Definitely one of the highest medical bills…and these guys have to come back! HA!

Jon Couchman is seen near a figure cloaked in shadows.

Couchman: I've been told to ask any questions I want, so long as they do not reveal your identity. If it's ok with you, could you let us know what you have been doing since you parted with the AWF?

Shadows: I've spent my time off, doing what is necessary to come back, compete and win the AWF Title. During my time with the AWF I found that I was always at the cusp of getting what I fought hard for, but could never surpass the final obstacle to my dream. Well, after months of travelling from country to country, to train under the different masters of wrestling, I've improved my game. I've taken the time I needed to set myself for an unprecedented title run, and soon, my return will demonstrate my resolve to win.

Couchman: Thanks, but now I've got to follow up with the next question, or the fans might kill me. What brought you back?

Shadows: The AWF needs to be shaken up. For too long the fans have suffered under garbage that infests the AWF. They need a true hero, a champion of the people. But before I could put on that mantle, I needed to train. But now, I am ready...

Couchman: Thanks for your time. I know oyu have a lot to prepare for, so I'll let you go.

The figure melts into the shadows and Couchman turns towards the camera

Couchman: We're off the air, right? Man, these people are getting weirder and weirder, aren't they.

Camera man: Yeah, no kidding, hey, looks like your man is back to talk some more.

Again, a figure appears in the shadows

Couchman: Ahh, I see you've returned. Is there anything you'd like to add?

A different voice replies, "Yes."

Couchman drops as a something strikes his head

Camera man: What the hell do you think you're doing?

The camera zooms in towards the shadows just in time to catch a baseball bat flying out of them. The bat collides with the camera.

Black screen

*A Promotion for Redemption is quickly aired*

Flec: What the hell was that?

AWF Press Office
2004-01-27, 02:45 AM
Hardcore Title Career Match: Redstreak v TC

Joey: This match guarantees to be something else folks. Two former best friends and faction mates, now fighting each other, not only for a title, but for their careers as well.
Flec: Is it just me or have we done this before? Like a few months ago?
Joey: You mean with HBK v The Game?
Flec: Yeah, that’s it. It’s déjà vu all over again…cept this time I know who I want to win.
Joey: Oh, who’s that?
Flec: You’ll see, cause he’s gonna win this match

The sounds of Metallica’s “My World” rips through the sound system, and Redstreak steps onto the stage to a mixed chorus of cheers and jeers. He ignores them and points his finger up, indicating that he is the #1 of the AWF. He walks down the ramp and hops into the ring to flaunt to the crowd some more. As he does this, his music cuts and a voiceover is heard.

“You want to f*ck with me? You’re f*cking with best. Cause I am the Whole F*cking Show”

The opening bars of Finch’s “Worms of the Earth” take over and the crowd pops to their feet in ovation for the hardcore champion. TC makes his way down the ramp, stopping momentarily as the announcer says his name to point to himself. He gets to the ring apron and leap frogs over and stares down with Redstreak as he hands referee Jack Mehoff the hardcore belt. Both men just stand there psyching one another out as the bell rings, and Redstreak starts off right away with a stiff right to the jaw of TC, followed by a quick boot to the gut, and a clothesline. As TC pops up, he is met by another clothesline and then a quick elbow drop. Red then picks up TC and drops him with a fast ddt. Feeling he has the hardcore champ stunned, Red rolls out of the ring and grabs the steel chair from the time keeper.

Joey: Redstreak looking to add some extra damage to this quick start he’s gotten on TC tonight.
Flec: I always love it when the chair comes into play, makes everything so much more violent.
Joey: TC just kipped up in the ring Flec, and oh, baseball slide dropkicks that steel chair right into the face of Redstreak. Knocking him down onto the floor.
Flec: I’ll give the guy credit, that was a good move he just pulled out.

TC begins going to work on Redstreak on the floor. Barraging him with kicks to the lower legs and midsection. TC goes to whip Red into the guard barrier on the other side of the ring but Redstreak reverses. As TC hits his back on the guard rail, he is immediately leveled by a forceful entry. Redstreak goes for the cover on the floor, but only gets a two count. Unhappy with this, Red picks TC up off the ground and rolls him into the ring, after doing this he looks under the ring, and pulls up a fire extinguisher, a 20 foot ladder, a set of kendo sticks, and a trash can. Red proceeds to throw all of them into the ring. The kendo sticks land right next to TC who rolls over them and clutches them. As Red enters the ring, and goes to pull him up, TC whacks him hard in the mid section with one of the sticks. TC then gets up and begins to lay in on Redstreak with the kendo sticks.

Joey: TC really showing his martial arts background here. Just going to town, rapidly nailing Redstreak with those kendo sticks. Just hit after hit after hit. And whats this? He just tossed one of the sticks up in the air to Red…why would he do that?
Flec: Just watch Styles and you’ll learn
Joey: There it is, right as Red caught the one stick, TC just broke the other one in half over his head. TC has got that chair again, runs with it…and a rolling thunder with the chair. Cover, 1…2…no Red got the shoulder up.

As TC lets go of the cover, he hurries to the top rope and waits for Red to get to his feet. When he does TC goes flying to hit Red with a martial arts kick, but Red moved out of the way and pulled the referee into it. TC cant believe that he just knocked out the ref, and Red uses this advantage to hit and inverted ddt on the hardcore champion. With the referee out of it for the moment, Red just continues to go to work on TC, pounding on him with the steel chair. Red then left TC alone and grabbed the ladder he had put in the ring. Instead of opening it up and standing it. Red leaned it into one of the corners, and then picked TC up onto his shoulder. Red went charging at the ladder, looking to throw TC face first into it, but TC wiggled out and used Red’s own momentum to push him into the ladder. As Red bounced back, TC hit a spinning kick to the back of the had and Red just fell like a sack of potatoes.

Joey: Nice reversal by TC there. Now picking Red up, pushes the ladder onto the mat and pushes Red into its corner.
Flec: I always love watching this move.
Joey: TC with repeated shoulder thrusts to the mid section, back flip and one more. TC now, puts Red in a sitting position on the turnbuckle. Climbs up behind him, punch for good measure. And now…oh my…dragon-steiner right off the top rope sends Red flying right onto the ladder.
Flec: Simply put, that was….awesome. Now TC goes back to the top rope, he’s not gonna try from this distance is he?
Joey: I think so Flec…and TC with a five star frog splash, three quarters across the ring, onto Redstreak on top of the ladder. Hooks the leg, but the ref is still out of it. 1,2,3,4,…10. Finally referee Phil McCrakin to make the count, but he’s to late. Red kicked out.

TC wondering what hes gonna have to do to get this match over with and save some strength for the Royal Rumble. He looks to the corner and gets and sinister idea. He picks up the chair, and Redstreak. TC puts Redstreak into the tree of woe, then does a run around the ring with the chair to get speed, and proceeds to dropkick it right into the face of Red. As Red falls he ends up in a seated like position in the corner. Taking the chair again, TC sets up the 20ft ladder at the opposite corner of the ring and climbs it. He gets to the top step and looks out at the crowd who are on their feet. TC points to himself with his thumbs then leaps. The flashbulbs going off all over the arena, not a sound can be heard except the sickening crash of the chair being kicked into the face of Red, because TC just hit him with the ender off of a 20ft ladder

Every one in the arena and at home: HOLY SH!T HOLY SH!T HOLY SH!T
Joey: I can’t believe that. Never have I ever seen a competitor do such a move. My god, I think Redstreak might be dead after that move.
Flec: I wouldn’t doubt it, the velocity of that impact had to have been tremendous. The amount of force…it’s just amazing.
Joey: Only problem is that TC is down to. His body hit hard with that, but my god Redstreak got the worse half of it. TC up again, and he’s not going for the cover. My god, what else could he have in mind.

TC not wanting to take a cover victory on Red…no, he wanted to hear Red scream, to make him quit…make him tap. Make Red admit that TC was the better man. So TC picked up Red, who somehow managed to stay on his feet and irish whipped him into the ropes. As Red bounced back, TC fell backwards and rolled Red through and locked in the GSF on him. Locking it in hard and moving to the very center of the ring with the move TC can taste the victory in his grasp.

Joey: TC with his patented submission here, but Redstreak refuses to tap so far.
Flec: I don’t know how the guy can even talk, let alone be conscious at the moment. Man, TC is really leaning back into the hold now, adding so much pressure.
Joey: I know, Redstreak can’t last to much longer I don’t think. And there, the pain just became to much for him. Redstreak is tapping, he’s tapping out to TC. And TC releases the hold.
Flec: Goodbye Redstreak, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. You won’t be sorrowly missed.

The sounds of “Worms of the Earth” blare again as TC’s hand is raised and he gets his title belt back.


Lisa: Morpheus, your actions at Meltdown cost Team Warzone a possible victory and its future. Half the participants in the ring could be out for you. How do you plan to overcome this massive handicap?

Morpheus: I am not sure... I deserve to. It was one of the most important matches we've had. Many depended on me. The weight of Warzone was on my shoulder. AND I DIDN'T CARE!! I am fighting to keep my sanity, I am losing myself more and more. How was I supposed to be able to care about Warzone?! How could I? There are a lot of people who might be mad at me, and they'd have the right to do that. I just can't get myself to care.

Lisa: So you're saying you don't rate your chances at the rumble very high?

Morpheus: I don't know. I need that win. Silly Cow needs the win. Overcoming all the odds, that might make me worthy, something better. I... don't know.

Elsewhere backstage

Keith Kincaid is with Xille:

Keith: Xille, as the newest member of the roster, you haven't had much chance to make friends or enemies in the AWF yet. Do you view this as a hindrance or a bonus in the rumble match?

Xille: Well, having no friends kind of comes with the name "Xille", but I don't view it as a problem. I hoped that Brave Maxx would have my back to an extent because of our mutual dislike for the GPA, but you never can be sure. What I'm focusing on right now is eliminating that over inflated blow-up doll, Ravage. Getting rid of him will make all of the cheap shots worth it.

Keith: Should you win tonight, you'll be thrown directly into main event status. Do believe you're ready for that, and would it be a positive move for your career to get shoved into the lime light so quickly?

Xille: I definitely think that I can handle it. People may say that I'm not ready due to my only matches ending in losses, but I don't think that there's a wrestler in the AWF that could win a four on one. I'm the future of this federation, and I know that me being in the top spot is inevitable.

Brendinio Heat: coughs. Not while I'm around shorty. Look, I'm ready for my interview now.

Keith: Xille and I are just wrapping up here. You're early.

Sean O'Con: No, you're running late. I'm ready now.

Xille: Look Hoss, we're almost done.

Sean O'con: I said scram kid.

Xille takes a look at The HeartBrend Kid, as if considering pressing the issue. Thinking better, he shrugs, and leaves

Sean O'con: Hurry up already, I'm got a match coming up.

Keith: Of course of course. Where are those cards? Ahh, ok. Earlier tonight The Game said...

Sean O'Con: I know what The Game said. Something about being better than he really is and there being a monkey up his butt. Everyone caught that. Don't you think these people are sick of hearing about a washed up has been like The Game? Let’s talk about a match that's guaranteed to last more than 45 seconds.

Keith: Like the rumble?

Sean O'Con: Very good. Keep making observations like that, and you might have a future here. Ask away.

Keith: Umm, ok. How do you plan on winning the rumble?

Sean O'Con: Seriously, that's the best you've got? Fine, I guess I'll have to deal with this. The bell will sound, lets everyone know that it’s time for me to get into the ring. I expect half the people currently in it to jump over the top rope, preferring to eliminate themselves as opposed to facing me. Then I will proceed, feel free to take notes here kid, proceed to throw everyone left in the ring over the rope. Once the ring is empty, I will sit down and wait. The next person will enter the ring. I will throw their sorry waste of skin over the top rope, and so on and so on... until I am the last man left.

Keith: Ok. Assuming your plan works. Who would you rather see win, The King or Blaster?

Sean O'Con: Do you honestly think it matters? I'm sick of this.
JFA: Here it comes folks…years of friendship, trust, honor…all tossed aside…

Sean turns and walks off

HBK Sean O’Con v The Game Erik Summers
No DQ, No Countout

Saliva’s Superstar begins to resound through Madison Square Garden to a chorus of boo’s.

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and there will be no count outs, and there will be no disqualifications…making his way to the ring area at this time, hailing from Southhampton, England…he is the Heart Brend Kid…Sean O’Con!

JHA: It is?

JFA: Sean O’Con out here…with a new look to match his new bad attitude…short cut, blond hair, sporting yellow and blue quarters, front of one leg yellow, back of the other leg yellow, rest blue.

JHA: Like we can’t say, thank you so much for adding that…

Are you ready? *The Crowd erupts in shocked cheers*

JHA: What the f*ck…


Ya think you can tell us what to do
Ya think you can tell us what to wear
You think you're better
Well you better get ready
Bow to the masters

Break it down!

Degenerate into something fool
We just got tired of doin' what ya told us to do
That's a breaks boy, Yeahhhh
Ah, That's a breaks little man, Break it down

*As the Game appears under the Archivetron, donning his old Green and Black Degeneration NeXt outfit, Sean O’Con is show seething in the ring, kicking the ropes, showing open hostility to the fans, his normal cocksure, calm demeanor replaced by obvious anger.*

JFA: Your eyes are not deceiving you folks, the gamesmanship has fully commenced here as The Game, Erik Summers is on his way out here dressed in his full DN gear, to his old DN theme…a theme he shared once with HBK.

JRA: And his opponent, from St. Paul, Minnesota…he the AWF Superstar of the Year as decided by you the fans…


JRA: The Game, Erik Summers!

JFA: The Game, donning the Black and Green once more…and Sean O’Con does not like it one damn bit…and as the Game enters the ring, a crotch chop…the DN salute for his former partner…who charges in, but the Game ducks, and Summers with a chop. This match is under way!

JHA: Sean! Remember your gameplan, make him go your pace…don’t do this! IGNORE HIM AND THESE IDIOTS!

JFA: When did you become a card carrying member of the HBK club?

JHA: When he insulted you…

JFA: Irish whip by the Game sends Sean O’Con bouncing out of the corner, the Game going for some Sweet Chin Music, but Sean rolls to the outside…trying to catch a break…

JHA: I don’t think he’s going to get one…

JFA: No he isn’t…Summers catapulting himself over the top…suicide dive to the outside on HBK! HBK crashed hard to the ground as the Game becomes a human missile.

JHA: The plan…damnit Sean, remember the plan!

JFA: What do you know of the plan?

JHA: Plenty that I can’t share with the likes of the uneducated fans, such as yourself!

JFA: Sure…the Game now with control of this match…hoisting up HBK and dropping him face first on our French colleagues table…O’Con falls clutching his face…a flow of blood starting now as he went down onto that corner hard…the Game offering no quarter tosses him back into the ring…and quickly rolls in himself!

JHA: He’ll have to keep rolling…Sean just rolled out of the ring…

JFA: HBK now staggering up the aisle. The Game in pursuit, catching up with O’Con near the Archivetron and battering his face into the rail below the screen.


JHA: Oh bloody hell…

JFA: Sounds like the band is being tuned early…


JFA: Here it comes…Sweet Chin Music! And NO, O’Con ducks and the Game misses wildly…HBK grabbing him quickly makes a quick dash for an HDD off the STAGE! Sean O’Con just HDD’d Erik Summers right off the stage and into the production table…both men are now down as the lights flicker through the arena.

*NYC crowd commences with the ‘Holy Sh*t’ chant throughout the arena*

JFA: My God…it’s a mess of sparks and wires…these me, laying in a heap, shattered remains of the table, twisted around their already mangled bodies, monitors and speakers everywhere…this…My God this is insane!

JHA: No, what’s insane is that the ref is counting them both!

JFA: As he is supposed to do!

JHA: The hell with that, Sean is the one who hit the move!

JFA: Yeah…that’s how it works J…referee up to 7 now and O’Con staggering back up, quite woozy. Pulling the Game up too, revealing that both men are now bleeding quite profusely. HBK with an advantage…can he make the most of it? And before you answer, it’s a rhetorical question J. Locking in the Game…HEATSTROKE! HBK just nailed the Heatstroke out there amidst the rubble and the debris! MY GOD!

JHA: Turn out the lights…the party’s over…

JFA: It most likely is…HBK all smirks under his crimson mask…cover…one…two…thr…NO!


JFA: The Game got his shoulder up! The Game got his shoulder up! HBK is in total shock!

JHA: So am I!!!

JFA: You don’t count though…

JHA: …

JFA: Exactly…great call J, HBK now pounding on the face of the Game, trying to further break open that gaping wound of the AWF Superstar of the Year!

JHA: Stop plugging that…

JFA: Why? It’s true…and with each punch the fist of Brendinio Heat grows more bloodstained…the Game looking woozy…HBK hoisting now his former best friend to his feet…the Game looks punch drunk…dragging the Game over to the second production table…oh no…an evil gleam in Sean’s eyes…Sean…don’t…NO!


JFA: Gutwrench Powerbomb through that production table…and Sean like a man possessed staggers to his feet…putting his finger to his mouth as if to quiet the crowd…

JHA: Yeah right…good luck quieting these New York morons…

JFA: Sean taking a bit too much time though…mocking the crowd…now going for the Game, but the Game counters with a roll up! 1…2…and the kickout…


JFA: The Heat stunned…and now putting the boots to him, stomping…

JHA: If you say ‘mudhole’ I will vomit on you…

JFA: Fine…stomping away at the Game still…now working him up…trying to hook in that pile driver…hoisting, but the Game squirming…reversing…and a Double Arm Kickout DDT by the Game onto the pavement! Both men down again!


JFA: I still can’t get over this vested interest you have in HBK.

JHA: I’ve got 10k on him that’s why!

JFA: Figures…Summers the first one up, wiping the blood from his eyes…now pulling O’Con up as well and then Irish whip right into the ramp! Sean staggering backwards…into a…


JFA: Release German Suplex! Game shaking his own cobwebs pulling HBK up…dragging him back to the ring…both men a bloody mess…I’m surprised the Game didn’t go for the cover!

JHA: I’m not…he’s a sadist…he just wants to hurt Sean! He’s a maniac!

JFA: Like HBK doesn’t deserve what he gets…now finally back in the ring, the Game tossing a table in right after Sean. Setting the table up now, the Game with a nasty snap suplex. Now, setting Sean on the table…the Game climbing the top rope…looking out to the crowd…giving them a shrug…and MY DEAR GOD!!!


JFA: Shooting star press off the top rope by the Game onto Sean O’Con! The table explodes around them as the Game rolls clutching his ribs as HBK begins to cough…he may have internal injuries after that! The Game trying to go for the cover…dragging himself over to HBK…placing one arm across his chest…1…2…and…NO! Shoulder shoots up! Just barely, but the shoulder comes up nonetheless!

JHA: Oh thank the heavens!

JFA: The Game looking up in disbelief…the fans on the edges of their seats…The Game now…once again rolling onto his back…talking to the heavens…looking for the strength to keep fighting…KIP UP by the Game! Now leaning against the ropes…a bloodied mess…climbing the ropes once more…what’s he doing?


JFA: By God…and he’s rushing the corner and giving the Game a shove! And Summers from the top rope…goes crashing through the French Announcers Table! HBK after his rush also collapses in the ring! HBK flat on his back in the middle of the ring and the Game lying in a mangled heap amidst the debris of what was once the French Announce Table!

JHA: Thus concluding the audio portion of the show for our friends in Quebec…

JFA: And elsewhere J…

JHA: Score one for Captain Geography…loser…

JFA: HBK starting to stir…pulling himself up…sliding to the outside…now tossing a chair into the ring…and a lead pipe…how does this stuff get under the ring?

JHA: The illegal object fairy you dolt…

JFA: Please…if you have nothing intelligent to add…oh…just be quiet…HBK tossing Summers back into the ring…waits to roll in himself…instead going for another object…the sledge…and another…that damn 2 x 4 wrapped in barbwire.

JHA: Two of the Game’s favorites you should add…

JFA: True J…HBK screaming for the Game to get to his feet…coiled with that 2 x 4…the Game staggering up…HBK swings wildly…Summers ducks…SWEET CHIN MUSIC! The Game with some Sweet Chin Music to flatten HBK! The Game staggering back into the corner…and now…he sees his old friend Sledgy!


JFA: I’m going to ignore that…Game waiting for Sean to get up…driving the Sledge right into the ribs of HBK…following it up with a Pedigree! PEDIGREE TO O’CON! O’Con is down…this match is over! Summers with the cover…the crowd is going ballistic…1…2…3! The GAME WINS! Erik Summers has defeated HBK twice!

JHA: Like hell he has…his foot was on the bloody rope…LOOK you hick!

JFA: Indeed it…it was…

*A second referee rushes to the ring to explain to the referee as “Won’t Back Down” blares throughout the arena*

JFA: The two officials talking it over…and the referee approaching the ring announcer…

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen…the Heart Brend Kid, Sean O’Con’s foot was on the ropes…therefore, the referee has ordered that this match MUST continue!

JFA: Damnit all! So close…and the Game, visibly exhausted…his face still oozing blood just shaking his head in disgust.

JHA: You’re the one always preaching about rules…the ref did his job for once…

JFA: He did J…that he did…and no the Game…looking to end this once and for all…pulling Sean up…Sean with a wild punch…the Game countering, trying to lock in the End Game cross face…Sean able to reverse it…ATTITUDE ADJUSTER RIGHT INTO THE STEEL CHAIR! O’Con with a full cover…pulling back hard on the leg…1…2…3! HE DID IT!


*Superstar begins to play once more as the battered and bloodied Sean O’Con staggers to his feet*

JRA: The winner of this bout…the Heart Brend Kid…Sean O’Con!

JFA: These two hit each other with everything they could possibly throw at one another…it looked like the Game had it won, but Sean with a quick reversal able to hit the Attitude Adjuster on Erik and score a win…and these two have to come back out here for the Rumble J!

JHA: They better get an IV and a transfusion!

*As the Game pulls his head up stunned and hearing Sean’s music playing a look of frustration and shock goes across his blood soaked face as Sean staggers backstage triumphant, we then cut backstage to Keith Kincaid with AWF Champ, the King*

Keith Kincaid: I have the distinct privilege of interviewing the AWF champion, The King! First question, you had tainted victories over The Game and Viewfind to get the belt. Without help, are you good enough to defeat Blaster?

The King: My God. You're joking right?

King rips the mic from KK's hand

The King: Here's your interview.

Question 1: King are you really that great?

Why yes, yes I am.

Question 2: How will you stomp on Blaster's hide tonight and retain your title.

Well, I haven't worked it all out yet. I might pin him, I might make him tap, or I might beat him so badly that he can't get back into the ring before a 10 count.

Question 3: Who do you hope wins the rumble tonight?

I don't care. One man's, or woman's, ankle breaks as easily as the next.

King drops the mic and walks off

Keith: Ummm…back to you Flec & Joey?

AWF Championship: The King (c) vs. Blaster

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and it is for the Archive Wrestling Federation Championship!”

The timer hits zero, the pyros ignite and One of Kind blares from the sound system.

“Introducing first, the challenger. Making his way down the aisle, from Vancouver, BC – Y3B!”

Joey: “And here we go, folks. AWF Championship on the line. Blaster headed to the ring.”
Flec: “That’s for all of you who didn’t just hear the ring announcer say that.”
Joey: “Are you going to be like that all match?”
Flec: “Are you going to state the obvious all match?”
Joey: “I’m a commentator – I’m paid to do play by play.”
Flec: “They pay you? They PAY you? To do this?!”
Joey: “They don’t pay you?”
Flec: “Of course they pay me… I always just assumed you did such a half-ass job because you were voluntary. They pay you for this?”

Blaster slowly makes his way to the ring area, slapping hands with those fans who request it, shrugging in acceptance at those who don’t. He clambers up the ring steps and clambers through the ropes before the referee starts checking him over.

Flec: “Watch that knee-brace, ref. It’s probably loaded.”
Joey: “Blaster knows what this match is all about. Two-time former AWF Champion, of course.”
Flec: “Yeah… I was actually trying to block those out, but thanks for undoing months of therapy, Joe.”
Joey: “The referee paying close attention to the knee-brace, making sure there’s nothing secreted in there. Knee injured at the hands of his opponent, of course.”
Flec: “What kind of idiot comes out wearing a knee-brace when facing the man who put him in it to start with? He may just as well wear a t-shirt saying ‘hey, I’m still crippled from the last time you kicked the snot out of me!’”

The music dies out and Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole takes over.

“And his opponent: From Los Angeles, California… he is the Archive Wrestling Federation Champion – The King!”

Flec: “He’s the champ now, he’ll still be the champ tomorrow. Why? Because he’s the King, Joey. Not Elvis, not Lawler, not Kong. No suffixes, no qualifiers, no ifs, buts or maybes… he’s The King.”
Joey: “And you’re being paid by the compliment again tonight?”
Flec: “I still can’t believe they pay you at all…”
Joey: “King walking very cautiously down the aisle… belt over his shoulder… Blaster in the ring, leaning over the ropes… waiting impatiently. King’s in no hurry…”
Flec: “Why should the King come to him? He’s royalty – the challenger should go to the King!”

The AWF Champion gets to ringside and stops. Glancing from side to side he starts barking abuse back at the hostile fans in the front row, but before he can turn his attention to the ring, Blaster launches himself over the top rope with a suicide dive and lands right on top of the King.

Flec: “No fair! Match hadn’t even started!”
Joey: “King knocked flying by the challenger even before the bell! Blaster pounding away on his fallen adversary, now. Fists of fury flying at the champion… referee outside now… picking up the belt and handing it to the timekeeper.”
Flec: “That’s the important thing! Protect the gold! Only gold Blaster’s got is in his teeth.”
Joey: “Match official trying to separate them, now. Pulling Blaster off…”
Flec: “What did you just say?!”
Joey: “Wanting the action to start off inside… King crawling up to his knees now… and setting off around the outside.”

Seeing the champion crawling away, Blaster pushes the referee aside and gives chase. King scrambles to his feet and darts quickly around the far side of the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and into the squared circle as Blaster catches him up.

Joey: “Blaster sliding into the ring after him now… but King rolling back out again on the opposite side. Playing to the crowd now… yeah, real smart, champ. Real brave, too.”
Flec: “Just psyching him out. The battle takes place as much in the mind, you should know that, being a professional and all…”
Joey: “King taunting the fans, but… oh, baseball slide by the Canadian! Just took King right out! Both men on the outside, now. Blaster rams the champion face first into the steel guardrail… and now slams him into the ring apron. Hurling him back into the ring now.”
Flec: “And there’s the bell. Now the referee can officially disqualify Blaster for attacking before the match had begun.”
Joey: “You wish. King up to his feet now, but Blaster unloading with knife-edge chops… sends him to the ropes now, and a hard reverse elbow sends the champion crashing down. Lateral press – one! two! No, kick-out by King. And Blaster’s back up again… poised waiting… King crawling back up… Blaster with a side headlock, no – King sends him to the ropes. Clothesline by the champion? Ducked by Blaster… and a spinning heel kick on the rebound – quick cover, one… two… shoulder comes up.”
Flec: “This shouldn’t be allowed. King never even got a chance to get going.”
Joey: “Blaster all over the champion in the early going… looking to put him away quickly. I don’t think it’s any secret that the longer the match goes the more it’s going to favour King.”
Flec: “Of course not. He’s bigger, he’s stronger, he’s healthier, he’s the better athlete, and he knows when to get himself disqualified to save the belt.”
Joey: “You’d endorse that, wouldn’t you?”
Flec: “Hey, I don’t make the rules; I just know how to make them work.”

Pulling his opponent up, Y3B cinches in a front face lock before lifting him high in a vertical suplex and crashing backward into the mat.

Joey: “Float over from the challenger… hooks the leg… one… no – King powers out on one.”
Flec: “Heeeere we go.”
Joey: “Blaster up and stomping away on King now, but seemingly having no effect. The Champion just brushing the blows off…”
Flec: “He gets like this… and pain usually follows.”
Joey: “King up to his feet now… Blaster with those knife-edge chops still… but King… double handed choke… Blaster lifted clean off the mat!”
Flec: “Haha. I love this.”
Joey: “Illegal move, though… referee counting… three… four… and King just slamming the challenger back down to the mat. Dropping him, almost.”
Flec: “But right back to it!”
Joey: “King lifting him high again… and Blaster…”
Flec: “That’s not fair!”
Joey: “Blaster biting King! Right across the nose, is it?”
Flec: “Disqualify him!”

King drops Blaster to the mat quickly, grabbing his face in pain. As the referee reprimands the challenger, Y3B hooks in a front facelock and plants King with a DDT.

Joey: “That could do it! One! Two! No, shoulder comes up.”
Flec: “That kid’s disgusting. He should be banned!”
Joey: “Y3B taking a chance, now. Heading to the outside… third floor calling him. King slowly back upto his feet… missile dropkick!”
Flec: “Haha!”
Joey: “And King dodging out of the way… Blaster tried to adjust to land on his feet again, but couldn’t quite get it… collapsing hard. I think he may have blown his knee out again.”
Flec: “And now the games begin.”
Joey: “King smirking… Blaster squirming on the mat in agony… clutching that knee. King knows what it means.”

Reaching down, King grabs Blaster by the hair and pulls him up before clotheslining him back down hard to the canvas.

Joey: “Hard impact move by the AWF Champion. Backing up, now… waiting for Blaster to get back to his feet.”
Flec: “I love this. He’s toying with him. He’s got the match won already… that knee’s busted, there’s no way it can survive the Lock & Load, but he’s toying with him anyway.”
Joey: “King beckoning Blaster back upto his feet… Y3B crawling up… and King just kicks the knee out from under him. Grabbing the leg now… and drives the knee into the mat. Blaster howling in pain…”
Flec: “Ref’s asking him already!”
Joey: “The referee asking Blaster if he can continue… the kid not gonna give up that easily, that’s for sure. King torquing away with a standing toehold… really putting pressure on the joint.”

Releasing the hold, King drags the challenger across the ring and into the corner.

Joey: “Now what? King sliding out under the bottom rope… dragging Blaster into the corner of the ring… oh no…”

Blaster screams in agony as the Champion wraps his leg around the steel ring post.

Flec: “Oh, music to my ears. Do it again!”
Joey: “Don’t encourage him! King slamming Blaster’s leg into the steel again now. And a third time. Referee finally coming out to put an end to it. King backing up.”

Admonished by the referee, King rolls back into the ring, but ducks straight back out again as soon as the official climbs back in.

Joey: “King back to the outside again… what’s he doing? Hauling Blaster out of the ring as well. Y3B trying to fire back with punches now on the outside. King reeling… Blaster on one leg… hard right hand… and just sends King headfirst into the ringpost!”
Flec: “What? No!”
Joey: “I don’t believe this! Blaster on one leg down on the outside… hammering away on the Champion… and he just unseated the timekeeper. Steel chair in hand, this doesn’t look good… he could get himself disqualified here…”
Flec: “I thought you said it didn’t look good? Go on! Use the chair! Lose the match, you idiot!”
Joey: “Blaster swings! No – King ducked! And Blaster gets nothing but the ringpost!”
Flec: “That’ll sting your hands…”
Joey: “Blaster dropping the chair now… King back up… Spear!! Spear by the King! On the outside!”
Flec: “That’s gotta be it. All over now.”
Joey: “Y3B writhing in pain now. King hauls him up… and tosses him back into the ring to break the count. King up onto the apron… climbing the turnbuckles.”

King perches poised atop the third turnbuckle as Blaster slowly crawls to his feet. He leaps off with a flying clothesline.

Joey: “King looking to put it beyond doubt here… no! Blaster with a dropkick to King as he leapt off! How he managed that, I’ll never know!”
Flec: “What in the world? He can barely stand… how did he do that?”
Joey: “The kid has heart! He has desire! He’s got the guts! When they were dishing out determination, he went back for seconds!”
Flec: “Shame he missed out on the line for brains, then. That’s messed up his leg even more.”
Joey: “But I think he caught King cold… yes, the replay shows it… he got him square in the jaw. I think he may be unconscious from that… this is Blaster’s chance. If he can just crawl across, we’ll be looking at a three time AWF Champion!”
Flec: “For the love of god, wake up, King!”

Inching slowly across the canvas, Blaster drags himself to the prone body of the champion. He slings an arm across the chest and collapses.

Joey: “That’s done it! One! Two! Three!”
Flec: “No! No! Foot on the rope! Foot on the rope!”
Joey: “King’s foot somehow out onto the bottom rope, there… he’s virtually out cold and he’s still got the wherewithall to react to the count.”
Flec: “He wrestles on instinct, Joe. I thought you knew that. Nobody can defeat the King! Except for the people who have, but we’ll not bring that up right now.”
Joey: “You just did…”
Flec: “Shut up.”
Joey: “Blaster pulling himself up now… using the ropes to support his weight. King clambering up, too. Just a case of who makes it all the way first…”
Flec: “No, it’s a case of who beats the bejeezus out of the other guy first. Are you sure they pay you?”
Joey: “Absolutely certain. King actually up first… still groggy. Blaster up now. King rushes him… clothesline attempt… no, ducked by Blaster! Countered into a crucifix! He’s got him! One! Two! No, King powers out of it!”

Livid, King rolls back upto his feet and grabs the challenger by the throat.

Flec: “Here we go! PPC! It’s all over!”
Joey: “King lining up that chokeslam! Lifts high… oh my word…”
Flec: “Oh no…”
Joey: “And Blaster just flailing about, somehow his foot landing in the groin of Predaking…”
Flec: “SOMEHOW?!! That was intentional and you know it!”
Joey: “Blaster back down to the ground… King doubled over… DDT! Cover by Y3B! One! Two! Oh, shoulder comes up.”
Flec: “Where’s he getting the energy from?”
Joey: “From his heart, Flec. I know you don’t have one, but you’ll find the term in the dictionary. Blaster upto his feet now, King still flat out. Grabbing the legs… Walls of Blaster, maybe?”
Flec: “He’ll never get it on him!”
Joey: “No… King kicking him off… Predaking back to his feet now… and a hard clothesline takes the Canadian down. Hauling him up now… firm forearm to the back of the neck and… oh, no… powerbomb coming up… yes! Hard powerbomb from the champion.”
Flec: “All over.”
Joey: “Lateral press… one… two… no! Blaster somehow gets his shoulder up!”
Flec: “I don’t believe it…”
Joey: “King backing up now… letting Blaster climb back up to his feet again. The young challenger in the corner… using the ropes for support. Referee in close, checking he’s okay.”
Flec: “Spear coming up… he’s coiled like a spring…”
Joey: “King ready to launch it… charges… and Blaster moves out of the way! The King just colliding with the referee! What the? Blaster… scooping him up… Stiff Beat! That’s gotta be it! Hook of the leg! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Referee still down!”
Flec: “Justice prevails!”
Joey: “Blaster’s got it won! He should be champion, but the referee out cold. Y3B up now… trying to revive the referee.”

As Blaster tries to wake the official, jeers fill the arena as Auros charges down the aisle.

Joey: “And what does he want?”
Flec: “To renegotiate terms with his old employer? What the hell do you think?”
Joey: “Auros buzzing about at ringside… and he’s got the title belt! Auros with the AWF Title belt! Into the ring now, Blaster hasn’t seen him. Y3B turns around… oh, my word…”
Flec: “Oh, fantastic strike! Beautiful!”
Joey: “Auros just levelled Blaster with the belt… he’s gotta be busted wide open. El Chingador… leaving the scene of the crime, now. Hightailing it into the crowd… the belt just left strewn on the arena floor.”
Flec: “I’m beginning to like this!”
Joey: “Blaster out cold… and now the referee beginning to stir. King clambering back to his knees, now. Crawling across the mat… and drapes an arm across the challenger.”
Flec: “King retains! Come on, referee! One! Two! Three! Simple as that!”
Joey: “The referee across to make the count… one… two… NO! Shoulder comes up! I don’t believe it! The crowd don’t believe it! Blaster somehow finding the resolve to get his arm up in time!”

Dragging Blaster up one more time, King signals for the end.

Flec: “PPC. This’ll be all over.”
Joey: “Blaster busted wide open… King setting him up for the ride. The Patented Predaking Chokeslam. He hits this, it’s gotta be all over for sure. Wait, no. Having trouble lifting him. Blaster’s pretty much dead weight… he must have passed out after kicking out…”
Flec: “Such a damn shame, too.”
Joey: “The King trying to lift him again… Blaster dropped to his knees… very difficult for King to lift him… trying again now… waitaminute! Small package! One! Two! Three! He got him!!!”
Flec: “WHAT?! NO!!!!”
Joey: “Blaster with an inside cradle! It’s all over!!!! King can’t believe it! The crowd erupting in support of Y3B!!”
Flec: “That possum-playing Mother Canucker!!!”

One of a Kind fills the arena once more as the referee raises Blaster’s arm and King sits on the mat in disbelief.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and NEW Archive Wrestling Federation Champion…. Y3Blaster!!!”

AWF Press Office
2004-01-27, 02:48 AM
The 2004 AWF Royal Rumble

Joey: Well, here it is folks…the 2004 Royal Rumble. 30 Participants…and I have just been told that the drawings are complete…the wrestlers are in their locker rooms so that no one knows who drew what. I do know that Arcee has opted to go to the hospital with Bombshell rather than participate in the Rumble. Mr. Reilly says he has a replacement, but will not say whom that is. Just a reminder…two start out…every two minutes someone new comes in…last man left at the end of the Rumble goes on to Archivemania III to face the AWF Champion, who as of right now is Y3B Blaster!

Glass Shatters

Joey: And here we go folks…

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen…this is the Royal Rumble! On his way to the ring area…the participant who drew Number 1…from Carlisle, England…Stone Cold Skywarp!

Built for Speed takes over as Cloudstrifer makes his way out to the ring…

JRA: And number two…hailing from the land of the Vikings, Norway…Cloudstrifer!

Joey: Number 1 & 2 are in the ring…the bell sounds…the timer starts and we are under way…and SCSW immediately going to work…punching away at Cloud, backing him into a corner…fighting him with everything he has. Cloud fresh, while SCSW with a tough match against the Gruff earlier…and those who did not have matches earlier tonight with a huge advantage.

Flec: Damn straight Styles

Joey: SCSW now working over Cloud in the corner…stomping him down…putting the boots to him…as we have one minute left…SCSW working quick…he wants Cloud out before the next one gets out here…SCSW pulling Cloud out, but Cloud answers with a low blow, that sends SCSW to the mat. Now Cloud scooping him up and a suplex sends SC back down hard…Cloud taking a minute to catch his wind after the early attack…and the buzzer has sounded…

Flec: D-Extreme!

Joey: D-Extreme on his way out here…and he slides in the ring and immediately starts to hammer away on SC. Cloud smiling also joins in…the two scoop him up…send him into the ropes…and double spine buster!

Flec: They should just toss him and be done with it…don’t give that Rattlesnake a chance to strike you!

Joey: Very true, Stone Cold so dangerous. Now heeding your advice it would seem, the pair attempt to eliminate the Rattlesnake…but Stone Cold has been here before…fighting both men…punching each…but they still manage to back him into the corner. Now trying to toss Stone Cold out…SC fighting, but its two on one…still he fights, clinging to the ropes…

Flec: He’s not going to go over…SCSW is too damn strong!

Joey: Sounds like someone else…and…it’s the Gruff!
Flec: Big trouble for the Rattle snake!

Joey: Indeed…and there he goes…Gruff joining the fray and the three men now…able…and Stone Cold goes over the top rope…the Rattlesnake has been eliminated!

Flec: Yeah…and to think it only took three of them to do it!

Joey: SCSW not pleased…rolling back into the ring now…spinning Gruff around…boot, stunner! D-Ex turning in shock…same fate…boot STUNNER! Cloud now turning into it…boot…STUNNER…and Stone Cold…cracking open a few colds ones tossed to him…the refs telling him to leave…so he stuns one ref…two refs! Now having a few cold ones he salutes the carnage in the ring, before toppling over the top rope, grabbing a few more beverages and making his way to the back…Stone Cold may have been eliminated, but I think he really hurt those three superstars chances of going much further.

Flec: Yep…it took three big shots to get him out…and he struck back…that’s why he’s the Rattlesnake!

Joey: Excellent point for once Flec…and here comes our next participant!

Flec: Climb aboard…here comes the A-Train!

Joey: All smiles too…as he sees what Stone Cold has left in the ring…A-Train stopping Stone Cold to thank him as he’s leaving…Stone Cold smiling…offering A-Train a beer…

Flec: Take it A-Train…TAKE IT!

Joey: A-Train saying no…he has a match…and Stone Cold looking at him rather annoyed…

Flec: Here comes…

Joey: Indeed…boot…STUNNER! A-Train stunned on the outside…SCSW giving him the Stone Cold Salute and proceeding to the back!

Flec: What a mess!

Joey: Indeed Flec…bodies are everywhere…and D-Ex is finally starting to stir…

Flec: Here comes number 6!

Joey: And it’s Computron! Computron grabbing A-Train and dragging him with him…knowing that he can only be eliminated once he’s in the ring! Rolling him under the bottom rope…before exploding on D-Ex! Series of hard chops rocks D-Ex back into the corner. Meanwhile, Gruff and Cloud coming to their feet as well…starting to punch away at one another…A-Train groggily getting himself up in the corner…Compy working over D-Ex, who dodges a punch to drop and deliver a low blow!

Flec: Compy is singing a few notes higher!
Joey: Seems that way…and D-Ex dropping him now with a clothesline!

*The buzzer once again sounds*

Flec: Oh…my…lord…

Joey: Its HBK! Sean O’Con bandaged up on his forehead and his rips on his way out here! All 5 superstars still engaged in battle in the ring…HBK slides in and…Heart Brend Kick to the back sends D-Extreme crashing over the top rope! A-Train staggering about the ring receives the same treatment and goes crashing over the top and down hard onto the floor!

Flec: He’s on fire…the blood loss must have lit something under his…

Joey: YEAH! And now Gruff charging hard and HBK with a big back body drop sends him catapulting over the top rope and down to the floor. Computron still wounded and the still woozy cloud are all that’s left…HBK grabbing Computron and running him to the ropes before launching him over the top…Cloud now charging hard…looking for the Odin’s Spear…HBK dodging…Cloud going hard into the buckly…HBK with another HB kick to send Cloud to the land of elimination…and just like that the ring has been cleared in two minutes!

Flec: They beat each other up and HBK came in and capitalized on it!

*Buzzer sounds*

Flec: Oh lord…not Cyberdi*k!

Joey: Cyberstrike making an early return…he must be who Mr. Reilly got on short notice to fill for Arcee…Strike streaking down to the ring…charging hard at O’Con, O’Con sidesteps him and grabs him by the head, riding his own momentum and sending Cyberstrike out to the outside, eliminating him rather quickly!

Flec: Gee…that’s a damn shame! However will we cope?

Joey: 10 to 1 we get to hear all about it next week on Mayhem!


Joey: I’m sure he cares about your feelings Flec…and HBK now propping himself in the corner across the top ropes…kicking back…resting…waiting for number 9…

Flec: You think the Cubs can take the series?

Joey: Aren’t you from Philly?

Flec: Yeah…but I was just thinking…the Cubs adding Derrick Lee and Latroy Hawkins really boosts that team, if they get Maddux even my Phillies make have a tough time with them!

Joey: Where the hell did that come from?

Flec: Just killing time…you know how Mr. Reilly is about dead air…
Joey: Well worry no more…here comes Number 9, RCOSD!

Flec: O’Con looking a little concerned…the one man army on his way out here now!

Joey: RCOSD in the ring now, smashing Sean O’Con down to the apron, Sean bouncing right back up to get plastered down again, Sean staggers back up to his feet…Irish Whip…and a huge clothesline sends O’Con back down to the mat!

Flec: HBK has to be feeling it now!

Joey: Indeed he must be Flec, those ribs in horrible condition. RCOSD chucking HBK into the corner…working him over…huge clothesline now…HBK rolling though…RCOSD toppling over the top rope…HBK dangling from the top rope, but able to pull himself back in the ring…RCOSD is furious…but the officials ordering him to the back…HBK down on his knees in the ring…waving goodbye…

Flec: But he has no time to rest…the buzzer just sounded!

*The crowd explodes and HBK’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets, his jaw drops as a heavily bandaged Erik Summers makes his way out!


Flec: And there goes HBK…

Joey: HBK sliding under the bottom rope, the Game giving chase, following HBK through the crowd…no one is in the ring right now…our camera crew has followed HBK to the back…he’s dashing frantically…ducking into a men’s room…the Game giving chase…

Flec: What the hell!?!

Joey: We’re hearing quite a ruckus…the Game entered the men’s room…several fans exited quickly…let’s see if our camera can get back there…and…

Flec: HEY! It’s the goon squad!

Joey: Those basturds! Those lousy sons of b…

Flec: That’s what I was thinking…no need to say it!

Joey: In the ring…Morpheus now awaits his opponent…somewhere…some men’s room backstage…it appears the Game has been leveled by a pair of brass knuckle wielding henchmen…HBK’s cronies…and HBK is all smiles as he’s openly taunting the former 3 time AWF Champion.

Flec: This is a crock…is the Game eliminated?

Joey: I don’t know Flec, technically he was never in the ring…so technically he’s not been ousted…though I have to admit, if he can’t come back he is out…I would guess…Mr. Reilly back there now…cursing out HBK…ordering him to the ring…

Flec: So…he’s coming back?
Joey: I would assume so…meanwhile, Morpheus finally has an opponent as Sixswitch has made his way to the ring! These two with a bit of history…remember it was them that were the final two at Meltdown…these were the two that decided the fate of Warzone and Mayhem…

Flec: Yeah…and we know who got the better of that…don’t we?

Joey: The two locked up now, Morpheus with the strength advantage, driving Six into the corner before lowering a massive, clubbing blow to the chest. Morpheus with an Irish Whip, Six bouncing…off…what the hell are you doing here?

HBK: You losers miss me? I’m here to class this taco stand up…Flec…you suck!

Flec: …

HBK: Yes…keep that doggie mouth closed…

Joey: Exactly what are you doing out here?

HBK: I told you…I’m providing you saps with some much needed class! Since I’ve taken out the Game, not once…but TWICE tonight, I figured I could sit back, watch these monkeys kill each other and move in when I’m damn well good and ready.

Joey: How lovely of you…meanwhile, Morpheus twisting the face of Sixswitch…all the while squealing…in that horrid, shrieking voice…


Joey: What?

HBK: Nevermind…you wouldn’t get it anyway…you know, much like your sex life or so I’m told…by the way Styles, call your wife and tell her to clean up the room on her way out…

Flec: Heh…

HBK: Did I tell you to speak chucklehead?

Joey: Well, here comes our next contestant…the new AWF IC Champion, Amarant Odinson.

HBK: Bless you…

Joey: AO in the ring, putting the boots to Sixswitch…helping Morpheus work him over. Morpheus now with a choke…

Flec: Completely legal in this match…

Joey: True…meanwhile AO working over the ankle of the Welsh Wonder…trying to really ground him.

HBK: Joey…you haven’t asked me how great I am yet…

Joey: Nor will I…AO now with an ankle lock on Six, while Morpheus back to twisting away on the neck…these two really working over the Welsh Wonder…

HBK: So Styles…who you picking? Oh yeah…me…that’s right…

Joey: No…to be honest…I’m not.

Flec: I am!

Joey: No one cares…

HBK: Well Styles…who you picking then, the Lame?

Joey: I was…until your cheap shot…

HBK: So who now? Stone Cold is gone…I’ve already eliminated 8 guys myself…

Joey: The Game isn’t out yet…but someone else is…P? just arrived in the match and he just flattened the new IC Champ with a fallaway clothesline! Morpheus ignoring the battle, still mangling the neck of the Welsh Wonder.

HBK: Why do you people still call him that?

Joey: Why?

HBK: The only wonder about that kid is it’s a wonder he still shows up for work…I mean come on, have you ever seen someone who totally wants to emulate me more and yet fails so miserably?

Joey: Wow…you certainly do have a high opinion of yourself, don’t you?

HBK: I merely state the truth Styles…you don’t have to like it in any way, shape or form…you just have to accept it.

Joey: Right…I’ll keep that in mind. P? now with AO, whipping him hard into the ropes, big back drop, sends AO down hard to the mat, AO clutching his lower back…had quite a battle earlier tonight. Now he’s out here, trying to gain his ticket to Archivemania! P? also out here…and right now he’s taking it to AO. Series of punches rocking the head of the IC Champion.

Flec: Morpheus has tossed Sixswitch into the corner and is tying him up in a tree of woe…

Joey: Bad intentions here…hip buster! The thigh of Morpheus driven into the face of Sixswitch and Morpheus rolling to the outside, under the bottom rope and cranking back on the head and neck of Sixswitch.

HBK: Who would have thought that Morpheus could have a game plan…speaking of Games, wonder how old Summers is doing in the hospital?

Joey: You’re disgusting…buzzer sounds and here comes…DIVEBOMB, all stitched and bandaged, but out here and ready to go! The NWA out here together now…which spells trouble for AO or anyone else that crosses their path.
HBK: And if you combine their collective IQ’s you have the same number as their chance of winning this thing…ZERO…

Joey: Insightful commentary there, thank you so much! The two working over AO, double powerbomb coming and delivered, driving AO hard down. Morpheus meanwhile with a scoop slam on Sixswitch who was unhooked a moment ago by the referee from the Tree of Woe.

Flec: Divebomb and P? looking to get rid of the IC Champion…

HBK: And I suppose THAT little gem was insightful…

Joey: No better or worse than you little quips. AO fighting for his life right now as P? and Divebomb try to force him out…Morpheus coming over to assist and AO grasping for dear life, struggling to hold onto the ropes with his two hands and now he’s wrapped his legs around the rope and is clinging on for dear life.

Flec: Morpheus seeing Sixswitch starting to get up turns his focus and gets met by a drop kick, planting him down hard on the mat. Guess that will teach him…

HBK: Teach him what exactly?

Flec: To…

HBK: Shut up!

Joey: What exactly are you adding here with your comments Mr. O’Con?

HBK: Style, Styles….class…intelligence, I could go on and on.

Joey: Please don’t…AO has squirted back under the bottom rope, only to be met by a double clothesline from the NWA…and there goes the buzzer…and the new TV champ, the Mat Man Nmathew on his way out…

HBK: Who?

Joey: Mat Man, has to pick now, he doesn’t like the GPA, nor does he like AO…catching the NWA off guard he plants both of them with a clothesline. Elbow drop to divebomb, rolls up and one to P? AO stagger up only to get planted by a Sixswitch drop kick. Mat Man and Sixswitch now, working together, sending P? into the ropes and double drop kick sends him teetering back…and a double clothesline will eliminate P?

Flec: P? Damn…that be whack homeslice…

HBK: What the bloody hell did you just say you tosser?

Flec: Erm…that it sucked that P? got eliminated…

Joey: Now the two looking to also eliminate AO, but AO nails Mat Man with a low blow, then a leg sweep, while Divebomb mustered everything to drop Sixswitch…all five men worn down…each trying to get some oxygen and recover…P? sliding back in, grabbing Mat Man to deliver the question to him and then the Mark to AO before sliding out and making his way to the back.

HBK: Buzzer sounds…another jobber on the way…

Joey: Hardly a jobber…here comes the Lock!

HBK: Like I said…jobber…

Joey: Yeah…Lock on his way in…and he’s greeted by Morpheus, Lock with a series of punches…ducking an attempt at a clothesline…dinobot slam! Lock now hitting Divebomb with a clothesline…and both of them are near the ropes…Mat Man up looking for to help eliminate Divebomb with a huge clothesline…but Divebomb holds onto the ropes…and slides back in under the bottom. Divebomb woozy…Mat Man looking to attack…drop kick sends Divebomb staggering back, Lock meanwhile gets nailed by a low blow from AO.

HBK: I could prove that kid wrong in about 5 seconds…

Joey: Lock now, still staggering a bit…met by Morpheus who hip tosses Lock to the outside…Lock eliminated by Morpheus! And now…the buzzer sounds and Scout is on her way out here…and she only has her eyes set on one person!

Flec: Let it be me…PLEASE…let it be me!

Joey: Rushing the ring she’s going straight after AO. Charging him, series of knife edge chops and a clothesline, sending both of them to the outside…Scout continueing to hammer away on AO…both Scout and AO have been eliminated, but I really don’t think that Scout cares all that much…Mat Man smirking at AO who is getting just pummeled outside the ring by Scout…finally AWF security is break this up…not that AO deserves to get any help…

HBK: Heh…good to see one member of DN still has SOME heart and fire left besides me…

Joey: Meanwhile, Mat Man turning and Divebomb lunging forward…both men teetering on the ropes…Morpheus comes by and dumps them both! Morpheus on a role here as he takes out both Mat Man and Divebomb!

*Buzzer sounds*

Flec: Tempest!

Joey: Tempest on his way out to the ring after shooting a look your way HBK.

HBK: Yeah…that lug better keep walking…

Joey: Tempest in the ring now, joining Morpheus and Sixswitch…Sixswitch nearly to his feet now sees Tempest and goes right to it, with a spinning heel kick that rocks the big man. Now Sixswitch with a series of chops…but that offense is ended quickly by Morpheus with a bulldog from behind. So much conventional offense is really neutralized in a match like this…

Flec: Wonder why…

Joey: Tempest scooping Sixswitch up, looking to powerbomb him to the outside…Sixswitch fighting his way out of it though…punching away at the big man and Tempest collapses under the attack. Morpheus however answers with a double armed ddt.

HBK: That’s a shame that old Switchy got planted right on his skull…thought one would figure that not to hurt him too much…

Joey: Tempest meanwhile not about to pass up a chance to do some damage with a deadman’s choke, hoisting Sixswitch up then tossing him into the corner and proceeding to working him over like a boxer working a heavy bag.

*Buzzer sounds*

Joey: And Black Zarak making his way into the Rumble…and immediately he takes his frustrations out on Morpheus…could this be the first member of Warzone to really be gunning for Morpheus? Spinning suplex…almost a jackhammer like maneuver there by Zarak…now turning to Tempest and leveling him with a surprise Ebon Flow…

HBK: Looks like Zarak came to play…must be that tin cup he won last night, eh Styles?

Joey: Referring to the Tag Team of the Year award…something you could have won had you not destroyed your tag team…

HBK: Details…there wasn’t much of a team anyway, it was more a one trick pony…

Joey: Zarak slugging away now on the downed Tempest…turning back towards Morpheus and getting a running start before launching into a massive flying clothesline…Morpheus nearly toppling out to the floor, but catching himself before that happens. Zarak has dominated the few moments he has been out here…and there’s the buzzer…

HBK: Looks like things could get interesting…

Joey: Why? You plan on wrestling at some point…

HBK: I already put in a half hour, I can’t overwhelm the fans…wouldn’t want any of the ladies passing out…

Flec: Ride any scooters lately Sean?

HBK: I’m sorry…I thought I heard the mutterings of a never-was…my bad.

Joey: Quick Switch, one half of one of the teams vying for the AWF Tag Titles on his way out to the ring. And he’s going straight for Zarak. Trying to send a message and give his team a shot at tag team gold.

HBK: Yeah…he and flaming brisket…I mean God Jinrai have a great shot at that, especially if they aren’t assessed based on personality.

Joey: Quick in the ring, Zarak trying to go on the offensive with some punches, but those are blocked by Quick, who then goes low, with a leg sweep, then a sommersault planche down onto the chest of Zarak.

HBK: As long as you don’t utter the words educated feet you live to see tomorrow Styles.

Joey: Series of kicks now on Zarak, Sixswitch up…what is he doing?

HBK: Here comes…

Joey: Breaking a cardinal rule of battle royals, Sixswitch just leapt to the top rope…TECHNOPHOBIC to Tempest! Tempest rolling over in pain…Sixswitch then with a Six Shooter onto Morpheus! Meanwhile, Quick Switch going up top as well…Zarak leaping to his feet and shoving Quick Switch to the outside!

HBK: And that’s why you don’t go up top…right Flec.

Flec: Oh…you’re talking to me now?

Joey: Quick Switch eliminated, and now Ravage is on his way out…so here comes some help for Tempest. Left in the ring are Tempest, Morpheus, Sixswitch, Black Zarak, with Ravage out and HBK and to my knowledge the Game still alive.

HBK: You have to have a heart to be alive…something the lame is lacking.

Joey: I doubt he is lacking that at all. Ravage in here now with a big boot leveling Six, one for Zarak as well. Checking Tempest before hoisting Morpheus up and dropping him with a powerbomb.

HBK: Cause dead weight is so much easier to eliminate…moron!

Realizing this, Ravage goes to grab Tempest to help with Morpheus, as the two drag Morpheus up he plants two strategically placed low blows, collapsing both the GPA members to the mat. The buzzer sounds and OP2005 rushes into the ring…instantly pouncing on the downed Ravage.

HBK: What the hell?

Joey: Like a man possessed, OP2005 just went right after Ravage, punching away. I’m not sure what or why this is going on, but Op2005 really hammering away. Tempest over in one corner recovering, Morpheus crawling to another. Six and Zarak pulling themselves up.

HBK: And good old OP is beating the tar out of Ravage…

Zarak rushes across the ring, delivering a Zarak splash onto Tempest who is recovering in the corner before Sixswitch hits him with a spinning heel kick. Zarak then proceeds to go after Morpheus. Collecting Morpheus he goes for the Blackout, but Morpheus worms free and hits Zarak with a Double Arm DDT…staggering him back to the ropes, Sixswitch moves in with a spinning heel kick, eliminating Zarak!

HBK: See ya sucker!
Flec: British T on the commentary…

HBK: You want to find out if there is an afterlife, keep cracking like that!

Joey: Zarak is out but from the back here comes Viewfind…dashing in to make the save on Ravage, getting OP2005 from behind…Philly Pimp Drop! VF calling for Ravage and Tempest now as the three all hoist OP2005 up and as a group toss him over the top rope…tough to compete with those three thugs. Sixswitch nailing Tempest from behind with a flying forearm and Tempest is going over the top rope…but Ravage grabs him to make the save!

HBK: Stupid…Rav…very stupid.

Joey: That could indeed haunt him. Viewfind with a quick turn on Six though and catching him to deliver a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Tempest and Ravage now working over Morpheus, while Viewfind trying to eliminate Sixswitch! Both men leaning quite far over the ropes…Six holding on for dear life…meanwhile Rav and Tempest with the same problem with Morpheus and in fact while they are trying to eliminate him, Morpheus has locked a mandible claw onto Tempest!

HBK: Not all there is he?


Joey: Buzzer sounds and Wolfang is on his way out. Wolfang grabbing Rav and plastering the side of his face with a massive shot, then a pumphandle slam, showing great strength against Big Rav. Morpheus pulling himself back in, now pushing Tempest out with that Mandible Claw still applied.

Flec: In three parts of the ring someone teeters on being eliminated. Wolfang is really laying into Rav, Sixswitch is still tied on the ropes, with Viewfind nearly getting him over, and Morpheus with that claw inside the mouth of Tempest!

Joey: And we still have 5 to enter…and with this stalemate in the ring, whoever comes out in 10 seconds…9…8…7…6…5…Viewfind really leaning over…4…3…2…1…and here comes Auros! Auros slides into the ring and moves right to Viewfind! Grabbing Viewfind from behind he gives him a shove and Viewfind topples to the outside! Viewfind has been eliminated and he’s less than pleased!

HBK: Hit the bricks homeslice!

Sixswitch uses this to scoot back into the ring Auros meanwhile is talking trash to Viewfind the whole time as he then charges Morpheus drilling him hard from behind. Tempest has little time to recover though as Sixswitch lands a drop kick square on the jaw, sending him over the top, eliminating him as well.

Joey: Auros getting Viewfind out, while Six eliminated Tempest…and neither one happy…they’re grabbing chairs and sliding in the ring. Dropping Auros with a chair shot, then one for Six and Wolfang and finally one for Morpheus, before Viewfind and Tempest make their way out to the back!

HBK: All too easy now…Homeslice was the toughest competition…

Joey: Ravage the only one left on his feet and he’s been beaten soundly by Wolfang. Ravage just letting the clock tick…looking for some rest…the clock winds down and here comes…Xille!

HBK: That’s the runt that sassed me…

Flec: Tends to happen when you grand stand on someone else’s stage…

Joey: Xille hits the ring, so the one superstar we know we have left is Brave Maxx and then two mystery entries. No surprise Xille goes right after Ravage. Drop Kick levels the big man. Xille going up top…lobotomy! Ravage shaking after that impact. Xille now punching away on Ravage…Wolfang trying to get up, as are Auros, Morpheus and Sixswitch. Xille scooping Ravage up…Irish Whip attempt reversed by Ravage. Rav charging hard, Xille ducking the big foot and Big Daddy Rav ends up straddling the top rope!

HBK: Not quite tall enough for that not to hurt!

Joey: Xille taking advantage, drop kick and Ravage falls to the outside! Ravage eliminated by Xille! Clock ticking down and here comes Brave Maxx and like Viewfind he’s showing the effects of that devastating war, not just with Viewfind, but the GPA for the most part.

HBK: Would have been my pick were I not in this thing…

Joey: As I said, brutal match earlier tonight…Maxx on his way out and he plants Xille with a clothesline, and one for Wolfang, one for Sixswitch, Morpheus with a kitchen sink knee to the gut slows Maxx down, but Maxx is ready to go here. FINAL DARKNESS! Out of nowhere final darkness descends on Morpheus.

HBK: Witty Styles…

Joey: Sixswitch is up to his feet and drops Maxx with a running bulldog! Xille staggering up to his feet and Wolfang catches him…hoisting him up to the ropes…going to powerbomb him to the outside…NO! Xille with a hurracunrana sends Wolfang to the outside, but Xille has been ousted as well! So, Wolfang may have caught him, but Xille carried him out with him!

The buzzer sounds…

Flec: Oh…my…

Joey: It’s STRAFE! Strafe has returned to the AWF! Strafe hits the ring and hits the Strafing run on the downed Morpheus. Strafe on fire, flattening Auros with a fallaway running clothesline. Now running up to the top ropes…SWANTON onto Auros! Strafe now looking to Sixswitch catching him with a suplex…Strafe tearing into anything and everything! Brave Maxx stepping up and receiving a mule kick for his efforts! Strafe dominating the two minutes but now its time…

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can't be stopped

HBK: Please…not him…anyone but him…

Flec: It can’t be…

*Everyone in the ring pauses and looks to the ramp as the lights darken in the arena…

Joey: OH MY GOD!

HBK: I feel ill…

Joey: VIN GHOSTAL HAS RETURNED AS WELL! First Strafe, now Vin Ghostal! Vinny G on his way to the ring! Sliding under the bottom rope, Ghostal goes off the ropes, clotheslining the staggering Maxx to the mat! Vin gives a little glare to the fans, before unleashing himself on Auros…fallaway slam…

Flec: So that was him! The guy…the shadow…the one who shut Couchhead the hell up!

HBK: That’s about all I can stomach…

Joey: HBK on his way to the ring…obviously to face off with his arch rival!

Flec: Glad he’s finally gone!

Joey: Morpheus who has been in the match the longest…as O’Con sat on his O’can most of the match. Showing signs of life…he knows he’s so close…you can see it in his eyes. 7 guys left to go…Morpheus rising up he knows it…he feels it…

Flec: And Ghostal just ended it!

Joey: Vin Ghostal just sent Morpheus to the outside with that clothesline! Morpheus is stunned…he can’t believe what just happened….so close…and in a second Vin Ghostal snatches his hopes and dreams! All that’s left now is HBK, Strafe, Brave Maxx, Vin Ghostal, Auros & Sixswitch…

Flec: Are you sure that’s all?

Joey: Yes…

Flec: Positive?

Joey: Yes…

Flec: Listen to the fans, then turn to your right…

Joey: It can’t be!

Flec: O’Con doesn’t know yet…

Joey: It’s the Game! Summers is on his way back out here! In the ring Auros and Brave Maxx battling it out, Auros trying to capitalize on Vin Ghostal’s attack on Maxx…Maxx fighting…Auros leaning…and Strafe and Vin Ghostal coming to help? NO! They together toss both Auros and Brave Maxx to the outside!

Flec: HBK is up in Ghostal’s face…Ghostal sees the Game though…and he’s all smirks!

Joey: HBK hasn’t seen him yet and he’s glaring down Ghostal…this is surreal…the final five are in the ring now…and the Game is now right behind HBK…Ghostal indicating that HBK should turn around, HBK shaking his head at him…HBK with a swing, Ghostal a block counter punch swings HBK right into the waiting arms of the Game! Belly to Belly suplex! The crowd explodes! We’re down to Sixswitch, Strafe, Vin Ghostal, Sean O’Con and the Erik Summers has made his way back out here!

Flec: What did he steal an ambulance from the hospital and drive back here?

Joey: Knowing him, yes! Strafe and Ghostal now going at it…hammering away at one another…Sixswitch in there now…and Morpheus rushing back out here and he’s grabbing Vin Ghostal! Strafe and Six capitalize on this and send Ghostal over the top rope! Morpheus hooked in the mandible claw on Vin Ghostal and Strafe and Sixswitch took advantage! Ghostal able to reverse on the outside…CUTTING EDGE! Cutting Edge to Morpheus out on the floor…and that sadistic look…one that I didn’t miss at all…that smile…is back…he may be out of the Rumble, but he has certainly shattered Morpheus here tonight!

Flec: Four men left!

Joey: Yes sir…O’Con looking to score and HDD off a reverse on the Game, Summers blocks it and pushes him off the ropes HBK turns…SWEET CHIN MUSIC! The Game has just eliminated HBK with a little Sweet Chin Music! The Game pausing for a moment to celebrate…a small bit of payback here for the Game…

Flec: Don’t be so sure…HBK shaking the cob webs off…he’s got a chair…sliding back into the ring…he nails the Game with that chair, sending him right to Strafe who hip tosses him to the outside! Strafe is in shock…

Joey: Can you blame him…Strafe just eliminated the Game with a bit of an assist to the now departing HBK…but Sixswitch is still in this too…Strafe…turn around!

Flec: Too late!

Joey: Sixswitch clotheslines Strafe to the outside, Strafe grabbing on to Six, Six grabbing the ropes, dangling…Strafe drops to the floor…Six able to hold on and slide back under…SIX WINS!

JRA: The winner of this bout…and the Number One Contender for the AWF Title at Archivemania III…The Welsh Wonder…Sixswitch!

Joey: Sixswitch is going to Archivemania! Sixswitch has outlasted the best in this company and he’s going to AM III! Strafe can’t believe how close he came…one person between he and the title shot…Sixswitch collapses in the ring in celebration…folks…we are out of time…for all of us here at the AWF, we’ll see you at Mayhem next week! GOOD NIGHT!

2004-01-27, 03:01 AM
Post PPV Interview:

Interviewer - So how does it feel to be back?

Strafe - How does it feel? The thrill of the audience, of the match and of the fight...it is unmatched. And as I showed today, I am set to go far in the AWF. I eliminated the Game! How many other people can say they have done that? How many?

Now I have nothing personal against the Game, but I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way to complete victory, even if they happen to be one of the top talents in the company. Yes, Sixswitch got the better of me, but it was a minor setback. Rest assured, I will wear gold around my waist soon...and if that means I have to bring the Ivory Tower down on each and everyone one of you, then so be it.

Bring it on.

OOC: Excellent, excellent PPV!

God Jinrai
2004-01-27, 03:24 AM
*backstage, lockerroom a-8. A broken man sits in silence...*

"He got... what he wanted. it's...over. it's...all... over..." comes a hushed whisper... " of course... hw couldn't have done it himself... that...is the only redeeming grace... that HE ALONE... couldn't do the job... but what good..is it in the end? What good is it to now be a broken man... who failed his family's name?"

" This... this immortality... is my curse... no... rest... no end from this torment... from this disghusting failure... "

*snatches an oversized longsword from its resting place lying against the wall... unsheathing it in a single fluid motion...*

"Perhaps... perhaps...you... can finally be... the means... to my peace.... "

* starts out through the backstage area... the crowds gone... the ring standing still... the construction and stage crews still won't begin dismantling the ring until the following morning... most of the wrestlers have already departed for their hotel rooms... or are out partying... leaving ginrai...virtually alone.*

"Then... to end this endless suffering..."

the grief-stricken warrior raises the blade... and...finding the inner weakness... the strength..that many would term cowardice... flips the blade... slamming it through his stomach... and out of his back... falling to the floor, the sword stands straight... and the broken warrior's tears flow... as does his blood... seeping away... possibly to a final end...

2004-01-27, 03:29 AM
*camera cuts backstage as Bombers and Arcee are limping away from the arena towards their waiting Harley*

Bombers: "See, Jinrai? I told you that when push came to shove, you couldn't handle the Mad Bomber. And tonight, you learned that messing with fire will definitly get you burned. Guess he lived up to his 'Pyre Convoy' nickname, didn't he, love?"

*Bombers and Arcee take a moment to share a deep passionate kiss, before Bombers turns his head back to the camera*

Bombers: "Now that I got one bug outta my yard, I'm heading off to the next one. I never thought I'd be saying this, but I guess I owe Sean a bit of thanks. After all, he played the Game for all he was worth. So now all I gotta do is go after him and mess up the board a lot more than you did. But before I do, there's one thing I gotta take care of."

*Bombers and Arcee hop onto the hog, Bombers ever so slightly as he does so*

Bombers: "Blaster, go find yourself another pair of jokers, cause as of right now...we're outta Canuck-ville!"

*Bombers revs the motor, and the hog speeds off*

2004-01-27, 03:33 AM
The Game is shown backstage...battered, bruised and bloodied.

Lisa: Erik...tonight...

Game: I think we all know what happened tonight...there isn't much need to discuss it.

*The Game turns to spit out a massive amount of blood*

Game: Sean...tonight...you played your cards right and you came up with a big win. However, there's just one problem...see...if you had just beaten me in our match, that would be one thing...that I could accept. The part that I can't accept...the part that makes me ill...is what happened in the Rumble. Staging that little ambush...and that didn't work...and when I eliminated you...you couldn't stand it...so once again you had to find away to make sure that my dreams were left unfulfilled...you've started something very dangerous here Sean...and as you've heard before...Sean, don't hunt what you can't kill...and don't start a game...you can't finish.

*The Game walks off to a waiting ambulance...then sees God Jinrai.*

Game: Oh...f*ck!

*Calling attention to the situation, the battered Game pulls his large friend into the ambulance with him and it screeches away.*

2004-01-27, 03:48 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell

Bombers: "See, Jinrai? I told you that when push came to shove, you couldn't handle the Mad Bomber. And tonight, you learned that messing with fire will definitly get you burned. Guess he lived up to his 'Pyre Convoy' nickname, didn't he, love?"

Oh yeah! ;) I hope Jinrai has learned one thing tonight - if you mess with my man, all bets are off! <eg>

OOC: Great PPV! :D

2004-01-27, 04:18 AM
Humph, this one also fell short of my reach. Agian, my weakness showed. Agian, I must do better. But on to good news.

Gruff, move aside, and let the real man do the fighting. I had enough of your imcompetance, costing both your match and wasting my time for having to watch you battle Skywarp, a man ten times better than you.

Skywarp, you may have defeated Gruff, but the way you battled showed that you couldn't handle an attack from the Viking, CloudStrifer, which is me. So say your prayers, little Englishman, cause the Viking is comming! I am going hurt you so bad, that its not going to even be funny. Next Mayhem, me and you one on one. Think you can handle it?

The Rumble only had a good part in it, and that was when Skywarp was taken out. Otherwise, it all went down hill from there.

OOC: Great Show! A++

2004-01-27, 04:41 AM
HBK: That’s the runt that sassed me…

Darn straight it was.

Tonight was a great night for me. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Why would you say that, Xille? You didn't win anything." It's simple. Many great things happened. First, not only did none of the GPA win the rumble, but Tempest again showed how worthless he is and I eliminated Ravvy. True, the man I wanted to support, Maxx, didn't win either, but after that clothesline, I found myself not caring what happened to him. I was in my first ever interview, which I find very exciting, and I even got the chance to informally meet HBK. And best of all, Double S won the rumble. Mad props to the Welsh Wonder. You were my pick from the start, man.

Just one question, though. Ravage, just what were you planning on doing to Couchman? That's just wrong, man. And Tempest, why do I get the feeling that you wanted to be Couchman at that moment?

ooc: I always forget to put this the first time. GREAT JOB!!! THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! It was worth every "refresh" pressed.

2004-01-27, 05:20 AM
You know Xille, you would wonder why I put that glove on wouldn't you?

But thats ok, see the GPA does not like to leave evidence around when we need to bust someone up. Sadly for you small fry this does not apply. You got your little victory by tossing me out after everyone else as usual beat me down.

Becuause just like everyone else, you can't beat the GPA or me alone.

So shorty just whenever your balls fall into your sack, your voice goes up a few octaves and your mommy signs that permission slip for you to get in the ring bring it on.

2004-01-27, 05:32 AM
OOC: Outstanding PPV. Remember this one for next year's AWF awards...

Lisa: Mat Man, now that the Rumble is over, could we catch a few more of your thoughts?

nmat: Lisa, for you, anything.

Lisa: Your final thoughts on the evening?

nmat: My final thoughts? The Mat Man had three golden opportunities. Not one, not two, but three. How did the Mat Man do? He capitalized on only one. 33% might get you into the baseball hall of fame, but it won't cut it in this business. Yes, I did managed to reclaim some shiney new gold.
holds up TV title minus Amarant Odinson name plate
Believe me, I wouldn't trade this baby in for anything. The reason? I proved Amarant wrong. It's that simple. He and I went at it, and I got the pin. It's what happened after that... At the rumble, I let my guard down briefly. I can't blame Morpheus for eliminating me. Frankly, I'm glad he didn't try anything too weird.

Lisa: What about the IC title match. You were DQed for hitting a ref, then you argued the call. Explain yourself.

nmat: The ref should have known better. Yeah, striking an official gets you DQed, but you'd think that an official would know better than to stand that close to a competitor. I can't blame Scout for "removing" me from the ring. She was in the right, but for Amarant to spit on me... Oh, that reminds me, I need to go get my eye checked at the hospital. Who knows what's been in that kid's mouth. Maybe even more stuff than has been in yours Lisa winks

As The Mat Man turns to leave, he's caught by Keith Kincaid.

Keith: Umm, nmat, could I get an autograph for my son?

nmat: Sure thing. What's the little tyke's name?

Keith: Well, it's, it's, Keith.

nmat: Keith Jr.?

Keith: No, uhh, Keith will work just fine.

nmathew smiles.

nmat: Sure Keith. I hope your "son" enjoys it.

2004-01-27, 06:17 AM
The Game walks out of the ER room where God Jinrai was taken. He's shown with a ghostly look on his face, fighting back the tears...saying nothing to anyone as the doctors insist there is nothing more they can do...demanding Erik now receive treatment.

2004-01-27, 07:05 AM
(OOC: Here we go with that thing we talked about, G.)

The hog carrying Bombers and Arcee arrives at the hospital. As Bombers shuts it down, Arcee helps him off it, and they hobble inside. As they check in with reception and hobble down the corridor towards a room, they walk past a weepy looking G91.

Bombers: "Hey, Erik. I know Sean kick the cr*p outta ya, but it's nothing to cry about."

Silly Cow
2004-01-27, 09:05 AM
I wanted this... I needed this...

I fought for the price, I fought everyone that came in to the ring. Why can I never do it right?! There's always someone, Sixswitch, Tempest, Vin Ghostal. Everything I wanted, everything Silly Cow wanted, just seems to slip away. And right now, there's not a damn thing I can do about it!

If only, just this once, I could have...

EDIT/OOC: I was bored so I made this funky little statistics sheet.

Note that the times are purely estimated according to what happened in the ring. Since the only actual times we know are the entrances I had to speculate a lot. But nevertheless, quite interesting, even if I do say so myself.

2004-01-27, 03:10 PM
*In the parking area, Sixswitch is walking along, whistling a tune, bag slung over his shoulder and a satisfied grin on his face. Suddenly, he stops short as Jon Couchman appears in his way.*

Ss: Woah! Who the hell are you?

JC: I'm Jon Couchman. A new interviewer here in the AWF. Now if I could ju...

Ss: Slow down a second there. A new interviewer? What happened to Lisa, and that Kincaid dude?

JC: They're still here, bu...

Ss: That's a relief. Well, I don't give two short sheets if Kincaid left. Lisa on the other hand, was a constant source of light in my life.

JC: Really?

Ss: Nah, but she was a damn good interviewer with a damn fine set of... Um, what were you saying again?

JC: I was wondering if I could get a moment of your time to talk about the Rumble.

Ss: Why of course you can, good sir. Allow me.

*Snatches the mic from Couchman's hand.*

Ss: I hope all you goons were watching, and watching closely there. Tempest was. He was watching very closely as I dumped him from the ring. CloudStrifer? He wasn't. He was too busy with his huskies. But you see? I proved all my doubters wrong.

'Hey Double S... All the things you did were in the past. You've done nothing recently.'

Well how about you chumpstains take a hike. The Double S has what it takes, and the Double S ALWAYS had what it takes to win the big ones. And guess what I did tonight? I won the big one. Outlasted 29 other stars, and threw Strafe over the top rope. But Strafe, don't worry. You might have lost, but at least you have the comfort of knowing that you lost to the man who's going to Archivemania to compete for the AWF World Title.

The man who's going in as the number one contender. The man who doesn't care who holds it. It could be Blaster. It could be Stonehead. It could even be Dozey if he removed his head from Viewfind's ass, and concentrated on being a good wrestler... Nah, let's get real here. That'll never happen.

What WILL happen, is that the Welsh Wonder will march into Archivemania. The crowd will go wild. The Double S will show just why he's the high flyin', ass kickin', winin', dinin', singin', dancin', all time most exciting wrestler in the AWF, and the Double S will walk out the AWF World Champion.

So Blaster, King, HBK, whoever... Bring it on, because the Double S is ready... And waiting...

*Hands the mic back to Jon Couchman.*

Ss: Good interview technique Couch. I like your style. You'll go far in this business. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a party or three to get to.

*Ss hops into his graphite coloured BMW Z3 and drives away, leaving Couchman with a bemused look on his face.*

JC: Well, you heard it here folks. Sixswitch is pumped up after his win tonight, and ready for Archivemania.

2004-01-27, 04:35 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Bombers: "Hey, Erik. I know Sean kick the cr*p outta ya, but it's nothing to cry about."

The Game glares coldly...

Game: You really are clueless aren't you? Why don't you take a look in the room...take a good, long look at what you have caused...you were consumed with destroying a good man...well congrats bug, mission accomplished.

2004-01-27, 05:09 PM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
Game: You really are clueless aren't you? Why don't you take a look in the room...take a good, long look at what you have caused...you were consumed with destroying a good man...well congrats bug, mission accomplished.

*Bombers hobbles off of Arcee and, wincing in pain, walks into the room. He walks back out several minutes later, a look of shock and surprise on his face*

Arcee: "What's wrong, lover?"

Bombers: "See for yourself."

*Arcee walks into the room to see the exact same thing that Bombers himself has just seen. She too leaves the room with a shocked expression on his face*

Arcee: "Is he...is he...?"

*Bombers nods. Arcee, unable to control her emotions, breaks down and begins to cry. Bombers himself can barely hold back tears, as they both walk down the corridor away from the room, Bombers giving Erik a long look before he does so. Not a look of anger. A look of understanding.*

2004-01-27, 10:27 PM
OOC: Welcome back Strafe about damn time too :)

IC: :smokin: YO YO YO!

So what Blingzilla lost da Rumble but i still got to show dat punk ass zombie Bitch MAXXXX!!! what true pain is.....how you like dat bicth boy? did ya get off on it you sick ass demon, zombie, JASON RIP OFF!!!

Anyways sixbitch won da damn Rumble? thats so sad.

Yo taco boy....i'ma holla at you later.

2004-01-28, 12:18 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
You got your little victory by tossing me out after everyone else as usual beat me down.

Ravage, you went out, and it was because of me. Well, me and your stupidity. Here, I'll put it into small words for you, big guy.

You big man. Have high kick. Me small. Go under. You say ouch. You lose.

End of story.

Becuause just like everyone else, you can't beat the GPA or me alone.

Well, Ravage, I've taken this two ways.

First, I've never fought a single GPA member when they were alone. NEVER. You're like women going to the bathroom. You go together or you don't go at all. So, how do you know I can't win? I seem to remember doing pretty well in our first match until the NWA helped you out. You remember that, right? They carried you out of the arena. You couldn't even speak for yourself.

Second, if you mean that I alone can't beat five men, I ask you, who can? Maybe HBK or The Game. Maybe even Vin now that he's back. Or Double S, fresh off of his Rumble victory.
Heck, it took three of you and a car to take Maxx down. And he didn't even STAY down.

Can you beat five men, Ravage?

Wait, I have a better question.

Can you beat me in a fair fight?

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-28, 01:01 AM
*Backstage, we see Amarant Odinson with his newly won I.C. Title over his shoulder. He gets up as Keith Kincaid walks in with a camera crew.*

A.O: Didn't you learn anything from the last you decided to bug me??

K.K: I'm sorry but I'm just doing my job. Now how do you feel about what happened tonight?

A.O: I've been better. But I'm still pretty happy. Mat Man, you did beat me. You got my T.V. Title and congratulations on your victory. It's too bad you couldn't stay for the rest of the match though. You see, you were doing just fine but then you got cocky, you got reckless. You lost your focus and because of that, I was able to focus all of my attention on the lovely FORMER I.C. champion. I beat her to become the new I.C. champ.

Now Scout thinks that she got me back by taking me out of the Royal Rumble. Sure I'm pissed a little about it, but it doesn't change the fact that I still have some gold around my waist. As for Mat Man, don't think that we're finished yet. I will get my T.V. Title back and will show why I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business and why you will never make me tap. Because Mat Man......YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2004-01-28, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by Silly Cow
Xille ... others eliminated ... 1

ooc: aww... doesn't wolfang count, too? :p :D

2004-01-28, 02:48 AM
Xille like any other punk bitch in the city, let's see if you like that answer when people in the ER are trying to put you back together again.

2004-01-28, 02:50 AM
*Clous sitting on his throne, with his Landsmen, his Huskrals and his Carls all talking in Norwegien and some in swedish to which Cloud replies in Swedish also. Whats suprising is there are no Danish people present.*

*Translated to English for our veiwers*

CloudStrifer:- What Do you mean He's gone?

Carl:- He left. No one told us he would leave, and no one knew where he was going. He just uped and disapeared.

CloudStrifer:- Where were the guards that I sent with him to keep an eye?

Landsmen:- They were at my hall, where he was. He just uped and left at night.

CS:- Damn it! Find him! Find him now! DinoKnight can not go to Denmark. Find him and bring him back to me! Now!

*The people get up and leave. Cloud looks at the camera and sighs*

Don't you guys leave people alone? Sheeh. Anyway since your here, I might as well start with what I have to say.

Skywarp where are you? Living in glory because you beat that patheic wimp Gruff? Are you man enough to face me? As always, I await your answer.

Sixswitch all you proved was to capitalize on the destruction that the patheic loser, Skywarp inflicted because we beat him. You proved nothing except you don't fight fair, which isn't a bad thing, but you used it agianst the wrong warrior, and oh by Odin your Welsh a** will pay for this. This is my promise, and by the Gods, I will make it happen.

2004-01-28, 03:53 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Xille like any other punk bitch in the city, let's see if you like that answer when people in the ER are trying to put you back together again.

That a challenge, Ravvy?

You calling me out to a fair fight?

2004-01-28, 04:45 AM
Look short stuff, I will take you on any time any place, even though I don't think you are worth mine or the GPA's time.

I'd rather fight someone I can actually see without having too look down.

But hey if you are ready to get stomped like a bad toy go ahead and bring it.

2004-01-28, 06:26 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Look short stuff, I will take you on any time any place, even though I don't think you are worth mine or the GPA's time.

I may be inclined to agree with you if you'd proven your worth to me by now, Ravage. But you haven't . All you've shown me is that the GPA is filled with a bunch of cheating, pack hunting, belly-aching, bad rhyme spewing, ass fingering morons.

I'd rather fight someone I can actually see without having too look down.

Don't worry, Ravage, you won't have to look down. After your shoulders are on the mat and you hear that 23, you won't have to look down at all. Because I'll be standing above you, pointing and laughing.

But hey if you are ready to get stomped like a bad toy go ahead and bring it.

It's on, Ravvy, and trust me, you'll be going down faster than MJ's pants at Toys R' Us.

Silly Cow
2004-01-28, 08:32 AM
Originally posted by xille
ooc: aww... doesn't wolfang count, too? :p :D
ooc: Fixed. Damn, everytime I look at it a new error jumps up.

2004-01-28, 02:29 PM
The locker room of the tag team champions

W: “Yeah… I know he eliminated you. You have to give him credit for that.”

Z: “I know… but if Morpheus hadn’t cracked me with that double arm DDT I wouldn’t have been eliminated.”

W: “Well… there’s not much you can do about it now, is there?”

Z: “When did you start taking tranquillisers?”

W: “I ain’t… I’ve just gotten so angry that I’ve gone through blinding rage and out the other side…”

Z: “Ah…them. And you’re sure it hasn’t got anything to do with the kid?”

W: “It ain’t… he don’t like Ravage. Ravage is GPA. We don’t like GPA. The kid’s fine.”

Z: “He eliminated you… and you’re okay with it?”

W: “Hey man… powerbombs are usually your department. I don’t know why I tried that, but I did… my bad, not his.”

Z: “Wait… wasn’t a powerbomb the reason you were eliminated last year?”

W: “Because I was on the receiving end of one from the Epsom idiot.”

Z: “Ah… that’s right.”

W: “He ain’t here any more though. As far as I know.”

Z: “So, what do you propose we do about them, then?”

W: “I think there are some people we should speak to.”

Z: “That sounds suspiciously like you having a plan…”

W: “No. It’s an idea. When people start listening to it and taking part, it’s a plan.”

Z: “So oh great and wise wolf… what’s the big idea?”

W: “I’ll tell you over a pint.”

Z: “Fine. We can drink a Top Shelf out of our AWF Award… can’t we?”

W: “No… it’ll disintegrate the silver…”

Z: “Is there any way to celebrate our AWF Award win?”

W: “After a drinking binge with The Game, Sixswitch and Stone Cold?”

Z: “Oh right… did you find out where we got those tyres?”

W: “No… but the letters ‘USMC’ might be a hint…”

Z: “There’s one other thing.”

W: “What’s that?”

Z: “Him.”

W: “Adam Warlock?”

Z: “No… the guy who used to pay their wages…”

W: “Oh… him. Yes… that’ll have to wait.”

Z: “Should we send a bottle of something for Jinrai?”

W: “I’ll go see if QS knows what he likes.”

Z: “Then we hit the bricks, right?”

W: “Or any GPA members who happen to be around…”

Z: “I’ll just go phone Dave and see how everything’s holding up.”

W: “Yeah… and make sure we got that delivery on Tuesday. Bloody Schweppes…”

Z: “Okay. Anything else?”

W: “Yeah… got change of a twenty?”

Z: “Might have… why?”

W: “I need some aspirin…”

Z: “Why do you need aspirin? Are you telling me that you got a headache from a chair shot?”

W: “No… I’m preparing for the hangover I’m gonna have tomorrow…”

Z: “Who is it we should talk to?”

W: “I’ll go deal with that. Just make that call.”

2004-01-28, 03:44 PM
IC: I should've break your leg when I had the chance, Blaster, now I will take back what's mine. I've done it once and I will do it again cuz I am still the best in AWF I totally dominanted the match and got cheated out of a rightful victory. I will get back my belt with the rematch and this time you will pass out with all the pain I give you. There will be no mercy this time. So keep that belt for now... cuz you won't be having it much longer.

OOC: Damn what a tremedous undertaking this is. Props to the writers for a great job.

Edit: was tired and didn't proofread my post. :p

2004-01-28, 03:56 PM
You see Xille I don't like you.

You yap like a chichaua on speed.

You got me over the top rope only after everyone else beat me down. Oh you are sooooo bad. *rolls eyes*

If your balls finally fell into their sack you will just shut up and get in the ring.

Otherwise there is much more talented people I would rather gun for in this fed.

2004-01-28, 05:07 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
You see Xille I don't like you.


You yap like a chichaua on speed.

Well, that's better than being a tortise on tranquilizers.

As long as you keep talking, Ravage, I'll be here to shoot you down.

You got me over the top rope only after everyone else beat me down. Oh you are sooooo bad. *rolls eyes*

Key phrase? I knocked you over the top rope. Who'd you get over the top? OP? Didn't you need help to do that? You're in the same boat as I am.

If your balls finally fell into their sack you will just shut up and get in the ring.

I've been in the ring three times already! You've been there everytime! And I've laid you out, everytime.

Otherwise there is much more talented people I would rather gun for in this fed.

I can say the same thing, hoss. Tempest, Divebomb, and Viewfind are all on my list. You, on the other hand, I need to get rid of. Maybe a win against a real wrestler will boost me to a title shot.

2004-01-28, 06:45 PM
History lesson putz.

JFA: Perhaps his only redeeming quality. Hangover and the ref makes the count. Match is over, but Ravage collects a dark, tainted victory over the rookie Xille tonight. Now the goons are coming into the ring to congratulate him.

So you have not beat me as often as you say.

Cheat to win and don't get caught it doesn't matter to me runt as winning is everything.

Now I see you are too stupid to just shut up so I am going to make sure when I get in the ring with you I will break that little jaw of your's so maybe you will be quiet for once.

You seem to talk the talk but can you walk the walk, I don't really care, you've just managed to annoy me like a gnat. So tell the bosses to book it and bring it I don't care where, when or how so I can shut you up.

2004-01-28, 08:32 PM
Originally posted by AWF Press Office

Joey: “Another cover… 1… 2… 3… Gruff got Skywarp!”
‘Flec: “He didn’t! Ref’s calling it as two…



*Gruff is shown sitting alone in a backstage locker room all alone replaying the footage on a monitor*

Gruff: do you see that? do you see? DO YOU SEE!!!!!!!!! The referre counts 2 but claims its 3 because this old timers stroke around here! by screwing me of a win i rightfully had and holding me down and back!!
I had won that match and was robbed but the last laugh was mine Skywarp when i threw you out the ring in the rumble!
Our feud isnt over yet 'Warp! we'll meet once more in the ring and i'll wrestle you down again so much that not even your cheating and brawling can save you!

You cant stop the future Skywarp, my time is infinite and your time is ticking away!
Get ready for a future shock 'Warp cuzz your still in my sites old man!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-28, 08:46 PM
Gruff, Cloud... it's no wonder you get along so damn well, you're both full of ****!

Cloud, it wasn't just you that took me out of the rumble, I seem to re-call two other sons of bitches getting themselves involved, though I understand that your feeble brain can't comprehend that so get your books and move to the back of the class.

Gruff, no matter how damn much you say you're the future only one thing's remained true, I whupped your ass good and proper. It's that damn simple, get your stuff -- there's a space next to Cloud for you too...

2004-01-28, 08:59 PM
You're teaching me history and citing one example, Ravage?

I've got six that say I'm the better man.

JFA: Please. He's doing the sporting thing. He's standing back while the ref checks on Ravage's condition.

JFA: P? and Divebomb just connected with a double DDT on Xille.

JHA: Ravage still can't talk.

JFA: And with that, the NWA's helping Ravage to the back. [Xille's] slow to his feet, but he's determined to leave without any help.

Joey: Ouch. Xille landed all of that low blow. Ravage is down and probably out of the matchup.

Joey: Xille taking advantage, drop kick and Ravage falls to the outside! Ravage eliminated by Xille!

So you're going to break my jaw? Try it. I'll break your knees just to bring you down to my size.

Ravage, whenever they let it happen, it's on.

2004-01-28, 10:08 PM
D-Ex: Damn I got superkicked then got out of the ring. Thats too bad. Oh well atleast I elminated Skywarp wahhahaha!!! *laughs as he chugs down on a beer can* Ok AWF, D-Extreme might have gone down, but NOT OUT! I'll show you...YOU'LL SEE!

OOC: DAMN GOOD PPV!! I like it dudes...got to update website for this. :eek: *runs like hell to do the update*

2004-01-29, 02:11 AM
Thats odd, since about half those quotes came from the same match. That you lost there retard.

You know I think I see a bus for the zoo you better get on it small fry.

2004-01-29, 02:55 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Thats odd, since about half those quotes came from the same match. That you lost there retard.

You know I think I see a bus for the zoo you better get on it small fry.


Look, Ravage. Those were six examples of times when I've shown that I'm a better man. I don't take tainted victories. I show the kids at home that there is a "right way". I stand up to bullies like you that try to push the smaller kids around.

I give them hope.

Christ, it's people like you that piss me off so badly! You walk around like you're hot stuff when you and some of your buddies pick up a "tainted" win. Then you go suck-up and say "Hey boss! Look what I did! I pinned a guy after two other guys hurt him! Didn't I do good, boss?" You try to hurt announcers who are doing their job, you disrespect women that you should be amazed are by your side, and you expect respect from everyone.

You make me sick.

Ravage, you pin me cleanly and I might give you some of that respect you think you deserve.

2004-01-29, 03:14 AM
Xille why don't you go cry to your mommy then.

The world is a dark place and I only decided to be how the world is.

If you don't like it then maybe you should go clean toliets.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-29, 03:18 AM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Gruff, Cloud... it's no wonder you get along so damn well, you're both full of ****!

Cloud, it wasn't just you that took me out of the rumble, I seem to re-call two other sons of bitches getting themselves involved, though I understand that your feeble brain can't comprehend that so get your books and move to the back of the class.

Gruff, no matter how damn much you say you're the future only one thing's remained true, I whupped your ass good and proper. It's that damn simple, get your stuff -- there's a space next to Cloud for you too...

IC: You know old man the only thing I hate more than that peice
a of trash is a piece of trash that won't die!
It's jackasses like you who're bringing this sport down old men whose day is long over and not giving the new blood a chance to prove that they are simply the best. The AWF is so desprate for ratings that bring back losers like the Has-Been-Kid Sean O'Con and the biggest load of **** on the planet that piece of trash Vin Cr@pful to help boost ratings. Here's a newsflash for the AWF booking committee:
Don't look to the past there are done and over with!
Look to the future like Gruff, Cloud, Xille, and the rest they're the future not Vin Cr@pful and Skybitch.

2004-01-29, 03:25 AM
Damn you sixswitch ... Damn you to hell ...

I ... Will make sure ... that you never become the the AWF champion ... you stole my spot ... you took it away from me ... and I want it ... or destroy it ... Heed these words, Sixswitch, you will never become the AWF champion.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-29, 04:22 PM
edit: never mind

2004-01-29, 04:56 PM
OOC: A great show wish I was in it though

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-29, 05:56 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
Here's a newsflash for the AWF booking committee:
Don't look to the past there are done and over with!

Here's another newsflash Cyberstrike sucks, he's a whinging little bitch cos he knows he'll never be able to build a good run in the AWF. Why don't you just do us all a favour and crawl back under whatever goddamn rock you came out from...no-one likes you, you're a pain in the ass with your '17 cage, 3rd one on fire, double referee, hardcore, first-blood, last-man standing' match ****.

2004-01-30, 12:14 AM
D-Ex: I dont know why I am about to say, might be the alcohol in my body overflowing. But Skywarp...I CAN DRINK TO THAT STATEMENT! :D *chugs another morphweiser*

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-30, 02:31 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Here's another newsflash Cyberstrike sucks, he's a whinging little bitch cos he knows he'll never be able to build a good run in the AWF. Why don't you just do us all a favour and crawl back under whatever goddamn rock you came out from...no-one likes you, you're a pain in the ass with your '17 cage, 3rd one on fire, double referee, hardcore, first-blood, last-man standing' match ****.

Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: I dont know why I am about to say, might be the alcohol in my body overflowing. But Skywarp...I CAN DRINK TO THAT STATEMENT! :D *chugs another morphweiser*

IC: Guys get a room.
Now if you think need weapons to take of two drunken reprobates like you two think again.
You know Skybitch maybe I've haven't gotten a good run here so how about I start a run that begins by beating you and your
new boyfriend in a Handicap match. No cages, ladders, tables,
hell I won't even bring my razor wire and barbed wire wrapped nTo kendo stick.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-30, 02:56 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
hell I won't even bring my razor wire and barbed wire wrapped nTo kendo stick.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the prosecution rests.

Aren't you sick of getting your ass kicked by me yet? Whilst the offer to do it again is tempting, I wouldn't team up with D-EX again if you paid me, in beer, for a lifetime.

Sir Auros
2004-01-30, 04:46 PM
I didn't win, but damn, I publically humiliated Blaster...not that he doesn't do that himself...

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-30, 06:19 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Ladies and Gentlemen, the prosecution rests.

Aren't you sick of getting your ass kicked by me yet? Whilst the offer to do it again is tempting, I wouldn't team up with D-EX again if you paid me, in beer, for a lifetime.

IC: Oh it takes a lot skill to swing a chair into a ladder that was damaged. What's the matter are you scared that I might cripple
you and end your pathic excuse of a life.

2004-01-30, 07:21 PM
Please ladies, please settle down, no need to fight...

Right whatever, listen Cyberstrike, you want skywarp? Go back in line. I have to face him and I will face him, and nobody will stop me. I don't care if you ever were lovers, I don't care if you shared the same bed. I am facing the loser they call Skywarp and none of your jack-a** stunts will stop me. So go and jump to your death in your triple cage thats on fire hole.

Now on to bigger matters. Skywarp, have you already forgoten or are you just scared of facing the most terrifing person in the ring, the most talented, the most perfect CloudStrifer? Are you scared just as when we raided you pathiec island? I think you need your diaper changed, I can smell you fear and your stink from over here.

Patheic, all of you are just patheic......

2004-01-30, 07:41 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Xille why don't you go cry to your mommy then.

The world is a dark place and I only decided to be how the world is.

If you don't like it then maybe you should go clean toliets.

Ravage, I don't talk to my mom anymore. That woman stopped calling me her son a long time ago. And anyway, I don't need to use my mom as a crutch anymore. I am a grown man, and I stand up for myself and often by myself to fix my own problems. I don't need my mom, Ravage. Now your momma, that's a woman I need. Yummy.

The world isn't a dark place. It's filled with people like me, who go to their jobs everyday and fight to make it even better than it already is. Jerks like you who claim that the world is a dark place are the ones who distract people from all of the good. You're the ones who support the already biased media, and you're usually the ones at the root of the problems anyway.

And for some reason, Ravage, you make it sound as though cleaning toilets is a bad job to have in life. You make it sound as though you look down upon the blue collar working class, who give their nine to five or five to two or two to nine everyday of their lives to make sure that you have a clean toilet to sit your dirty ass upon. These people are the ones who come to see you wrestle, who pay for the pay per views, and who buy your precious GPA shirt from the dealers in the lobby. They are your paycheck, Ravage, and you should be thanking them, not insulting them.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-30, 11:52 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Now on to bigger matters. Skywarp, have you already forgoten or are you just scared of facing the most terrifing person in the ring, the most talented, the most perfect CloudStrifer?

Haven't forgotten, I'm just sick and tired of hearing you rabbit on and on and on about completely stupid ****, no-one gives a ****. Get that into your scrawny, puny little brain and maybe -- JUST MAYBE StoneCold will get back to you. Y'know what, you are perfect as something, you're a perfect ****...only thing that's terrifying about you is your more than apparent idiocy and delusions of grandeur.

Cyberstrike : :yawn:

2004-01-31, 12:44 AM
You know I feel a little bit of rap coming on.

*Clears throat*

You know Xille, you need to peel

When I get in the ring, you best bring all you can bring

As when I am done with you, your gonna be blue

You skills are a joke, your about as talented as an mule in a yoke

You think since you made me go over a rope you have some hope

Well I am tried of the games, since the whole locker room knows your lame

And worse of all in the shower we all know at best your really two inches tall.

So come on boy, you are not really that coy

You think you're are a hurricane thats fine cuz I will put you in pain!

GPA in the House! Now get out of my sight you pathic little mouse!

2004-01-31, 01:05 AM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Ladies and Gentlemen, the prosecution rests.

Aren't you sick of getting your ass kicked by me yet? Whilst the offer to do it again is tempting, I wouldn't team up with D-EX again if you paid me, in beer, for a lifetime.

D-Ex: I concur man. You aint gonna get ME in the ring with this redneck drunkard! Not even for the good cause of shutting your lid Cyberdope! Not even if you pay me back all those money you owe me! Hell as drunk as I am Cyberdope..I challenge you to a one-on-one match. Oh and.....no other stips...dont even BOTHER of thinking anything cause its either you face me in a normal one-on-one match or you can just drop dead and get a bitchslapping from yo MOMMA!!!

2004-01-31, 03:08 AM
ooc: There's either some confusion to how the name is pronounced or I missed something (sorry if I did). It's pronounced "exile". I hope that helps some people.

Those are big words from a big man.
But Ravvy, you should shut your can.
You're not really all of that.
I'll pin you, take 3 seconds, flat.
I don't know why you be starin'
at my junk 'stead 'a what I'm wearin'
Cause I be stylin' while i'm rhymin'.
While you're in the corner cryin'.

You got no skill in the ring.
Skill on the mic's another thing.
Sure you can rap, don't mean ****.
But you still make claims that you can snap
Me like a twig, like a doll
You don't know that you're gonna fall.
The X is next, his time is comin'
I'll warn you now, you best be runnin'
So before you next spit a rhyme at me,
Try beating me alone 1 2 3.

Don't even try to battle me, son.

The X is next, my time is coming.

2004-01-31, 04:05 AM
I understand Skywarp, its nothing to be ashamed about. Just kiss my boot and I will accpet that yellow stripe that runs on your back. After all thats the only thing you know to do right?

After all why are you considered even a legend? Maybe a legend of cowardice? Of being drunk? Of being a loser british person with bad teeth and a yellow stripe? Hell I don't know why your even here. After all this is a place where you fight right? Or am I in cowardvile?

I don't really care what your personal problems or your personal comments on me. All I care is that you will get beat by me, and your freaking yellow stripe will be shown. This I promise you...

2004-01-31, 05:14 AM
Thats who you are Xille!

I think I heard those lyrics off a Vanilla Ice album and I bet your about his height too!

2004-01-31, 05:26 AM
Yo Xille why you gotta copy are style like a VCR.

2004-01-31, 05:36 AM
Yeah god damn Xille, Man oh man your pissing me off.

Why you gotta rip us off liek that. Yo boys the next time one of us fights this junior, I'm gonna break one of his legs.

Lets see you try to kick my ass then boy.

2004-01-31, 05:55 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Yo Xille why you gotta copy are style like a VCR.

Because you're talentless assclowns who rhyme. Dr.Suess style is for people with no style. And you wonder why you guys never win any major titles for extended periods.

2004-01-31, 06:03 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Thats who you are Xille!

I think I heard those lyrics off a Vanilla Ice album and I bet your about his height too!

Hey, better to be Vanilla Ice than Fat Joe.

Originally posted by Viewfind
Yo Xille why you gotta copy are style like a VCR.

Hey, at least now I know how to piss the entire faction off.
Oh, and for those of you who can't understand him (I've had to check my dictionary about 15 times already), he said:

Hey, Xille, why do you have to copy our style the same way a VCR does?

Just thought that I'd help clear up any confusion. I don't want anyone out there suffering from migranes.

Originally posted by Tempest
Yeah god damn Xille, Man oh man your pissing me off.

Why you gotta rip us off liek that. Yo boys the next time one of us fights this junior, I'm gonna break one of his legs.

Lets see you try to kick my ass then boy.

Hey! I was wondering when the most worthless member of the faction would show up! Beaten up any kittens recently, Tempest?

Rip you off, baby? No. The coherence and thought behind my words was not getting the message through your amazing thick skulls, so I thought I might try speaking your language. It's just too bad that I'm so much better at it.

Were my words too big for you, GPA?

So Tempest is going to break one of my legs and Ravage is going to break my jaw. Yet some more quotes to add to the continually growing page of BS lines from the GPA. Big words, no action. You GPA are all the same. Only Viewfind seems to be able to get anything done by himself. You see, Viewfind has some class. He has charisma. He worked his way up to where he is. I have respect for a man like Viewfind. His lackeys, on the other hand, I have no respect for. You all use him to propel yourself into the spotlight, earning nothing for yourselves. And I despise that.

And Tempest, don't spew out your "I was LOTM 2003" and "I won that by myself" garbage. I've already proved you wrong there. I don't want to hear it again. Heck, even I eliminated more people in the rumble than you did, and I've been here for a month. What do you say to that, hoss?

Better yet, what do you say to that, GPA?
Or are you hosses too busy being gay?
Sucking a member like it's a toy.
Hey, it's Viewfind and his two altar boys!

2004-01-31, 06:11 AM
What who are you again?

Sorry I forgot. Didn't you were at Mc. Donalds just the other day?

2004-01-31, 06:15 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
What who are you again?

Sorry I forgot. Didn't you were at Mc. Donalds just the other day?

So that was you behind the mountain of Big Macs? Geez.

Try taking smaller bites next time. Wouldn't want you choking on anything but Viewfind, after all.

2004-01-31, 06:36 AM
At least there would be something there too choke on, chuckles.

2004-01-31, 06:51 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
Because you're talentless assclowns who rhyme. Dr.Suess style is for people with no style. And you wonder why you guys never win any major titles for extended periods.

*Looks back to his IC title run*

Yo blasterd you got some salt on yo shoulder?
let me push it off with my bat sucka

2004-01-31, 08:53 AM
Originally posted by xille
Oh, and for those of you who can't understand him (I've had to check my dictionary about 15 times already), he said:

Hey, Xille, why do you have to copy our style the same way a VCR does?

Just thought that I'd help clear up any confusion. I don't want anyone out there suffering from migranes.

Ok Xille, I have sat back and let you spew your cr@p for awhile now but why is it that you think you need to translate for everybody? Could it be because you can't do anything else or is it that you are just trying to be more important than you are. Now I know people think some of the members talk like idiots but nobody ever complains that they can't understand what we mean, unless they are just trying to be an annoyance like you.

I personally don't want anything to do with you because no matter what you say or do I will always think of you as just another annoying punk who wants to be a star without going through some pain. But every once in awhile you do say something that just gets under my skin. Like the comment that Viewfind is the only one that has worked his way to the top and that we all use him to propel ourselves to the spotlight. Now I will agree that Viewfind has worked his way to the top and deserves to be there but me and P? have been with the GPA for over a year and a half now and we have seen people come and go and the faction change in many ways but the one thing that always remains is that we three always stay. We are the core of the GPA and we will be for along time. Sure me and P? have had help from Viewfind to get to where we are but when it came down to it we took what was rightfully ours without the help of Viewfind.

There is a reason that we were voted the top faction of the year and it has alot to do with the fact that we have put our time in and we have lived, breathed and bleed AWF. Sure we hunt in packs and we terrorize the AWF on a regular basis but on any given day we are more than capable of defeating anybody one on one.

But hell enough of the serious talk. Now I get to the fun part. You two-bit, cr@p spewin, drama school drop out. I have told you before you should step back and think about what you are doing before you wind up in a stretcher. Now before either Tempest or Ravage have a chance to kick your ass you should find someone else to fight. You gotta realise that too use you are just a green skin piss ant and we wont hesitate to cripple you.

Just think about it...

2004-01-31, 09:20 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
*Looks back to his IC title run*

Major titles you moron.

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-31, 10:23 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
Major titles you moron.

*pats his I.C. Title*
Watch yourself Tapedeck.

2004-01-31, 02:06 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Now before either Tempest or Ravage have a chance to kick your ass you should find someone else to fight. You gotta realise that too use you are just a green skin piss ant and we wont hesitate to cripple you.

Just think about it...

Well said Divebomb. I don't know If I could of put it better myself.

YO YO YO! Xille, your starting to piss off all of the GPA son, and hell that means 2 things. Your a dumbass, and your a deadman.

2004-01-31, 02:23 PM
OOC: I'm not sure who to go after so I'll just go after TC again.

IC: TC I'm so sick of you wearing the AWF Hardcore title and thinking that you're a big player.
Yeah, you did beat me last time but it was luck and a lot interferce
so how about me and you in Cage match?

2004-01-31, 03:06 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Ok Xille, I have sat back and let you spew your cr@p for awhile now but why is it that you think you need to translate for everybody? Could it be because you can't do anything else or is it that you are just trying to be more important than you are. Now I know people think some of the members talk like idiots but nobody ever complains that they can't understand what we mean, unless they are just trying to be an annoyance like you.

(OOC) Ouch. That was a joke, so no actual offense was meant, but point well taken, Divebomb. That was supposed to be strictly "IC". I have no problem with the way anyone types here. My apologies if you were offended, Find.

I personally don't want anything to do with you because no matter what you say or do I will always think of you as just another annoying punk who wants to be a star without going through some pain.

(OOC) And I'm not offering up almost every member of the GPA to give it to me? You claim that you went through pain when you first got here, but who gave it to you? Another newbie that you could crack on? They gave me Ravage, and while I've been working with him you other GPA members have managed to get in a comment or two (I have honestly been trying to keep this between him and myself-except obviously for my first post-, if I haven't, my mistake, I will in the future), which I feel should validate a response from me. I'm not going to hear you say "I'm going to kick your ass" and say "Oh, alright, let me bend over" back to you. That's not how I work and I don't think it's how the AWF works. If I'm wrong and I'm supposed to lie down and take every threat, please let me know.

But every once in awhile you do say something that just gets under my skin. Like the comment that Viewfind is the only one that has worked his way to the top and that we all use him to propel ourselves to the spotlight. Now I will agree that Viewfind has worked his way to the top and deserves to be there but me and P? have been with the GPA for over a year and a half now and we have seen people come and go and the faction change in many ways but the one thing that always remains is that we three always stay. We are the core of the GPA and we will be for along time. Sure me and P? have had help from Viewfind to get to where we are but when it came down to it we took what was rightfully ours without the help of Viewfind.

(OOC) I thought about that about an hour or so after I posted my comment, but I was too tired to go back and fix it. Sorry about that. Those comments were not directed toward the NWA. I have read most of the back PPVs and I have a lot of respect for what you have done. I have respect for the rest of the GPA as well, but don't let them know that. ;)

There is a reason that we were voted the top faction of the year and it has alot to do with the fact that we have put our time in and we have lived, breathed and bleed AWF.

(OOC) Which is exactly what I'm trying to start doing. People are always coming in and for some reason berating me for trying my best at delivering promos and "smack talk". Am I too "young" to tell someone that I'm going to whoop on them and that I think their momma's hot?

Sure we hunt in packs and we terrorize the AWF on a regular basis but on any given day we are more than capable of defeating anybody one on one.

(OOC) Um, huzzah? Congrats on being able to take someone one-on-one. I hope that when "my time finally comes" I'm as able as you are.

But hell enough of the serious talk. Now I get to the fun part. You two-bit, cr@p spewin, drama school drop out. I have told you before you should step back and think about what you are doing before you wind up in a stretcher. Now before either Tempest or Ravage have a chance to kick your ass you should find someone else to fight. You gotta realise that too use you are just a green skin piss ant and we wont hesitate to cripple you.

Just think about it...

(IC) Hey! It's the one with the sense of dignity! We never got to have our "fair fight". That kinda disappointed me, especially since you and the rest of the GPA jumped Maxx and I backstage the week we wanted to have it. Now, Divebomb, I know that you want to put me in my place and you're welcome to do so, just get in the line behind Ravage. I have to have some words with him first.

Originally posted by Tempest
Well said Divebomb. I don't know If I could of put it better myself.

YO YO YO! Xille, your starting to piss off all of the GPA son, and hell that means 2 things. Your a dumbass, and your a deadman.

(IC) When you get one, you get them all, right? I think "me pissing off the GPA" has already happened, Mr. T. I think it started when I began running my mouth after my debut.

As for being a dumbass, I'm not the one who's been pissing off the winner of the rumble, Double S, the Welsh Wonder in recent weeks. I think you need to have words with him before you "bother" with me.

As for being a deadman, there're more who dislike you GPA, Tempest. There are those who share my hate. It is my hope that they will soon make themselves known and share this burden of taking on all five (ooc: Well, really four. P? hasn't really bitten my head off yet- but I'm ready for it.) of you GPA assclowns. This "exile" is bound to find some friends.

Originally posted by Ravage
At least there would be something there too choke on, chuckles.

(IC) Naw, man. Naw. Don't say things like that, you put images of you two in my head. Never again. Aww.

But just phone your momma, Ravvy... like I've always said, she knows it's there.

Originally posted by Blaster
Because you're talentless assclowns who rhyme. Dr.Suess style is for people with no style. And you wonder why you guys never win any major titles for extended periods.

(IC) Finally. I needed to hear someone else say it.

2004-01-31, 04:48 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
*pats his I.C. Title*
Watch yourself Tapedeck.

I made you tap, you watch yourself!

2004-01-31, 05:57 PM
Blah blah blah. Pissing you off... Faction of the Year... Rookie of the year... Meh meh meh meh... How about you take your shut the hell up pills?

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there were five dwarves, who lived together in a trailer park. Their names were Stonehead, Dozey, Dumb, Dumber and Grunty. One day, they were happily sitting out back, getting drunk on wine gums and high on sellotape, when Stonehead said the following:
"Hey yo motha****ers. What we doing today dawgs?"
"How about we go out and shout about how good we is brova!" Dumb said, jumping up and waving his toy gun around.
"Naw bud, dem fools won't listen. They know we suck to much for dat!" Stonehead replied.
"I wanna suck!" Dozey shouted in his best ghetto voice.
"You already do, and very well too," Dumber pointed out.
"Og Og Og!" yelled Grunty.

"Sure, fine, whatever dawg. Hey, I know, we're gonna go cripple us some little white guy," Stonehead said.
"Hey yea dawg. Hey, aint we whiteboys too?" Dumb pointed out.
"Naw dawg, we black as sheep **** brotha," Dozey replied.
"Yea, dat's right. We spent all day rollin' round in it yesterday foo'!", Stonehead exclaimed angrily.
"Ugh!" Grunty shouted.
"He's right you know. This is going to be The End for all the fools who oppose us. Doomsday is coming," Dumber said in a dull, boring, droning, sad voice.
"Hey, you aint soundin' gangsta man," Dozey replied.
"Yo yo yo!" Stonehead cried over the arguement that was about to brew up.
"That be OK. He don't like havin' no sheep **** on him bro'. We cool wid dat."
"So we gonna find us some little white guy and ravage him?" Dumb asked serenely.
"Yeah bro'. We go do it now," Stonehead said.

And with that, they marched over to their pickup truck, hoped in, and drove off.

*The picture fades out, to show a figure lounging in an armchair, a brown leather book in his hands.*

Sixswitch: And that, my friends, was the story of the five trailer park dwarves. Hope you enjoyed listening to my tale, and have a good night.

2004-01-31, 06:41 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Ok Xille, I have sat back and let you spew your cr@p for awhile now but why is it that you think you need to translate for everybody? Could it be because you can't do anything else or is it that you are just trying to be more important than you are. Now I know people think some of the members talk like idiots but nobody ever complains that they can't understand what we mean, unless they are just trying to be an annoyance like you.

I personally don't want anything to do with you because no matter what you say or do I will always think of you as just another annoying punk who wants to be a star without going through some pain. But every once in awhile you do say something that just gets under my skin. Like the comment that Viewfind is the only one that has worked his way to the top and that we all use him to propel ourselves to the spotlight. Now I will agree that Viewfind has worked his way to the top and deserves to be there but me and P? have been with the GPA for over a year and a half now and we have seen people come and go and the faction change in many ways but the one thing that always remains is that we three always stay. We are the core of the GPA and we will be for along time. Sure me and P? have had help from Viewfind to get to where we are but when it came down to it we took what was rightfully ours without the help of Viewfind.

There is a reason that we were voted the top faction of the year and it has alot to do with the fact that we have put our time in and we have lived, breathed and bleed AWF. Sure we hunt in packs and we terrorize the AWF on a regular basis but on any given day we are more than capable of defeating anybody one on one.

But hell enough of the serious talk. Now I get to the fun part. You two-bit, cr@p spewin, drama school drop out. I have told you before you should step back and think about what you are doing before you wind up in a stretcher. Now before either Tempest or Ravage have a chance to kick your ass you should find someone else to fight. You gotta realise that too use you are just a green skin piss ant and we wont hesitate to cripple you.

Just think about it...

Not much more i can add to that....but Divebomb is right.

2004-01-31, 07:05 PM
OOC: Actually Xille when I first showed up I got stuck in the ring with G91 and Sean O'con alot and needless to say they kicked my ass really quick. But now just for the record all my comments earlier were IC so you should look at it as smack talk and my character just trying to shut you up. Especially that whole part of the way Viewfind talks. I just had nothing else to start with.

2004-01-31, 07:08 PM
(OOC: Divebomb doesn't do gangsta talk. Instead, he's... intense.)

2004-01-31, 09:17 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
(OOC: Divebomb doesn't do gangsta talk. Instead, he's... intense.)

ooc: I've noticed. But thanks for the reassurance, Bomb.

2004-01-31, 11:04 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
OOC: Actually Xille when I first showed up I got stuck in the ring with G91 and Sean O'con alot and needless to say they kicked my ass really quick.

OOC: Yeah! That was hella fun! Every week we came up with new ways to pulp you! ;) What newbies have to remember in the AWF is if the old guard takes notice of you and you start getting pummelled by them, then you must be doing something right.

IC: The Game sits outside the hospital, released and treated, knowing he has to move on. He rubs his newly clean shaven face as the snow falls around him. He thinks to himself...

Most would quit...right now, they would walk away. Who do you have left to beat? What do you have left to prove? NOTHING! You've beaten them all...you've done it all...you have nothing to prove to anyone...

The Game looks up at the sky and allows the snow to tingle off his face.

Game: Yeah...I do have something to prove...and its time...

He takes one last look up at the window where he just said his goodbyes, fights back a tear, then suddenly feels a tug at his heart, as if an old friend is telling him that its ok...

Game: Alright then...it's on...tie game Sean...time to see who the clutch player is...

2004-02-01, 04:47 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
OOC: Yeah! That was hella fun! Every week we came up with new ways to pulp you! ;) What newbies have to remember in the AWF is if the old guard takes notice of you and you start getting pummelled by them, then you must be doing something right.

OOC: yeah i remeber coming here every week just kind of expecting to see me getting the sweet chin music and getting my a$$ kicked. But it was all in good fun cause then i would go and run my mouth and get my a$$ kicked again.

2004-02-01, 04:49 AM
Originally posted by Divebomb
OOC: yeah i remeber coming here every week just kind of expecting to see me getting the sweet chin music and getting my a$$ kicked. But it was all in good fun cause then i would go and run my mouth and get my a$$ kicked again.

OOC: how many chairs did you get hit with when we were breaking you in? ;)

2004-02-01, 04:51 AM
OOC: Oh hell I can't even remember, but I got beat down somethin fierce. But what else could I expect when all I did was try to piss you and O'Con off.

2004-02-01, 06:58 AM
Shot to The Mat Man, with his TV title hung over his shoulder.

Amarant, Amarant, Amarant. Of course we're not done. I guess the main question is: who gets the rematches for the titles, and in what order? I think Scout should go first, because it would just be a shame if we had a match first and I took that IC title from you as well...

I will give you some credit. You've admitted to a loss. It's, well, it's far more than I ever expected from you. I thought there would be some excuse like your bra strap slipping and preventing you from kicking out.

Here's how it's going to be. We're going to face off again. We're going to battle it out. You're going to tap, tap, TAP!!! And I'm coming away with the IC gold. Then it's off to the AWF World title, and once I get that baby, I'll be the first AWF superstar to have held every active belt.

Amarant, it's possible I won't be able to make you tap, but that doesn't make the following a lie. You need to get to the gym, start working out, because when it comes to reclaiming your TV title, You're Not Ready!

Amarant Odinson
2004-02-02, 06:10 AM
Why should Scout go first, Mat man???? You need a woman to do your dirty work for you?? You need that skank of a former I.C. Champ to try and soften me up?? Why is that??? It figures that you would want to send in a woman to do a man's job. If Scout wants a rematch, that's fine with me. If anyone else want to go one on one with me and try to take my I.C. Championship belt, then come and get it. I'll defend this belt even better than I did the T.V. Title.

And when I'm done with all of these other posers, I'll come right for you. I will get my T.V. Title back, I will MAKE YOU TAP and I will show you why I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler to ever set foot in that ring. Mat Man, things are just getting started between you and I.


2004-02-02, 09:28 AM
AO, for the amount you ran your mouth when Scout was the IC champ, and for the amount you run it now, you'd think that you could manage to defeat her without the use of a foreign object...

You're forgetting one thing when you make your "beat me if you can" challenge, Amarant. I have, and it's because You're Not Ready!

Amarant Odinson
2004-02-02, 09:32 AM
Boy, I'm ready to kick your ass anytime, anywhere. There's is now way in hell that you'll ever beat me again Because Mat Man....YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2004-02-02, 09:51 AM
You talk the talk. We'll see how well you walk the walk soon enough. Until then, polish that IC belt to a high shine for me. It took me hours to get the luster I wanted on the TV belt.

Which AWF superstar is setting up to face me in my first title defense?

2004-02-02, 11:48 PM
IC: Okay... seeing as I'm not prejudiced in any way against the new kid, I'll speak his defence. Yes... he eliminated me from the Rumble. Partly my own stupid fault for trying a powerbomb... but I'll give the kid his due, he's got the intelligence to get out of it. Which is far more intelligence than I accredit you pack of bitchboys with.

Let's see... Viewfind. Former holder of the IC and AWF Titles. Casper's little bitch. The assmonkey that was so scared of facing me in a tag match that... shock of shocks... he got the NWA to pulp me so he and Unicron could beat Bombshell. Big man. You don't much trying your luck when it's a fair fight, but you're good when it's two on one. I'm sure there's probably one of your patented 'yo mamma' jokes in that somewhere... but it ain't like I really care.

Ravage. A man, at one time, I would have been happy to call my friend. That went quick. I respected Ravage after he got out the cWo. They tried to hold him down... but he didn't let it stop him. He ventured off on his own, hated by tyhe rest of the roster for being part of that debacle and by the cWo for losing the War Games match. That kind of resolve is to be commended. So what does he do? He throws in with another bunch of low-lifes who have an IQ combined which is less than my boot size.

Tempest. The guy turns up outta nowhere... and he's virtually walked through the AWF picking up title shots, the LOTM title, the rookie of the year award... those days are gone. The minute you joined up with those jackals, you became a target.

And finally, my least favourite human beings... and I use that term in the loosest sense possible... the NWA. The same gruesome twosome who... a long while back... held the Tag Team Championship. The reason they don't any more? Blood & Thunder. End of the day guys, in a fair fight we'll kick your asses ten times outta ten. That's not saying we'll win every time... but you'll feel the sting even if we lose.

So, to reiterate, I ain't fighting the kid's battle for him. He can take care of himself. But if he ever feels that he wants someone to watch his back to save one of you monkey-whores stabbing him in it, he can give me and Z a call. We like you even less than he does; I assure you.

2004-02-03, 01:16 AM
Originally posted by Wolfang
IC:Tempest. The guy turns up outta nowhere... and he's virtually walked through the AWF picking up title shots, the LOTM title, the rookie of the year award...

IC: Cause I'm that damn good, and nobody here can stop me.

I am the Human Bulldozer that stands in everyones way and does give a damn for anybody not GPA!

2004-02-03, 02:23 AM
Originally posted by Wolfang
IC: Okay... seeing as I'm not prejudiced in any way against the new kid, I'll speak his defence. Yes... he eliminated me from the Rumble. Partly my own stupid fault for trying a powerbomb... but I'll give the kid his due, he's got the intelligence to get out of it. Which is far more intelligence than I accredit you pack of bitchboys with.

So, to reiterate, I ain't fighting the kid's battle for him. He can take care of himself. But if he ever feels that he wants someone to watch his back to save one of you monkey-whores stabbing him in it, he can give me and Z a call. We like you even less than he does; I assure you.

Thanks a lot, Wolfang. I can definitely say the same to you. I have a lot of respect for Blood and Thunder and everything you've accomplished. Like I've said before, call me if you need me in your handicap match.

ooc: You know what I want to see? Five on five. Think about this:

Viewfind, Divebomb, Prowl?, Tempest, and Ravage
Sixswitch, Wolfang, Black Zarak, Brave Maxx, and Xille

You know that'd be one hell of a match.

2004-02-03, 04:56 AM
Your right Xille it will be one hell of a match and one hell of a GPA asskicking.

Five punks in one night ain't no thing for the GPA.

2004-02-08, 02:46 AM
OOC: Ravage he said that match outta character ... so a IC comment isn't really worth while their ... unless it was an OOC ... which would be true, GPA will have a major ass kicking to hand out yeah!

*Tempest and Ravage headbutt each other*