View Full Version : Blood on the sidewalk...........

Brave Maximus
2004-01-27, 12:33 PM
A sewer: Broken light filters down from a grate up above. The fetted water ripples as something drips into it.
A grave site, fresh and open - the stench of death fills the air

The camera pans up, showing the viewers that what is dripping into the waste is dark red, and thick.
A broken man flying through the air, landing in the grave - then all is quiet

The dripping continues to ring through the hollow sewer, as the camera follows the red trail up to the grate
Dirt - a thousand thousand planets worth falling through the air, filling the grave, leaving who ever was in there to end his existance

The camera breaks through the sewer and finds a river of blood, deep and red, cutting through the earth
*Superimposed over the image* A cage, sealed on all sides

It follows the river up and along as it twists it's way through the dirt
A man falling. Falling from grace, falling from life, falling from hope

The river leads to a hand, floating in blood and holding a torn piece of soft cloth.
Another man ontop of the first man. A three count

As the camera pans up, the river of blood started from the body of a man, lying on his back
The fallen man sits up

Finally the camera comes to rest on the face of the man. His eyes are closed and blood is dripping from his mouth
JFA - A chair shot! Brave Maximus is down!

The sky begins to darken, wind whipping tree branches around - a storm is coming
JHA - Maxx is up again! He sat right back up!

Lightning flashes in the background and rain begins to wash it all away - but in the flashes of light - we can still see the motionless face
JFA - Another chairshot, But Maximus sits right back up again

Again lightning streaks across the sky, illuminating the grizzly scene
Maxx Sits up! Maxx SITS UP! MAXX SITS UP!

Lightning seers the audiences eyes, and just before it subsides - the fallen mans eyes open.
A black car slams into the fallen man. Insult and injury laid at his feet. Another 3 count - the other man walks away. But as he is left for dead - the Fallen man SITS UP!

The camera moves to the feet of the dead man - lightning flashes across the sky and Evanesences "Haunted" blares with "Calling Me, Fearing me, I won't let you hold me down!"
The Man SITS UP!

Brave Maximus looks at the camera with his dead eyes, staring into one particular soul.
"I am beyond injury, I am beyond pain. I am beyond Death itself! No matter what you do, no matter how hard you fight, run or hide - you WILL NOT make me stop! I am coming for you, and no matter what: I will get up to find you again!"

The AWF Logo flashes across the screen, with a still image of Brave Maximus surrounded by lightning and the announcer comes on:
"Canada - Come see Brave Maximus in his search for vengance when the AWF comes live to your home town!"