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2004-01-28, 07:10 AM
Darkfire, beloved of Skywarp

A/N: This fic is inspired by the purple Seeker you can see in MTMTE. I know it's just an animation error, but I thought it would be fun to pretend that it was a real character and invent a story about it (or, as I decided, her).

My name is Darkfire, and I'm a Decepticon. My shape is that of a fighter jet, swift and deadly; and my color is purple, like the markings on the wings of Skywarp, like his hands. Skywarp... but more of him later.

I wasn't always shaped like a jet, though. I remember when we Seekers, the rulers of the skies, were flying pyramids that rained terror onto the Autobots. Millions of years ago, before we crashed on Earth and lay there offline for a long time.

Even that long ago, we were warriors. Even that long ago, Skywarp was - special to me, and I to him. Not that we ever said many words about it. The love of Decepticons is not like that of the flesh creatures, all flowers and chocolates, or even like that of the Autobots. No Decepticon would want a femme who cannot stand at his side in battle, and no Decepticon lady would want anything else. We aren't sentimental creatures.

But we were in love. Me and my Skywarp, loyal warrior, teleporting prankster, proud creature of the skies. But once on Earth, we didn't get to spend much time together. Starscream insisted on keeping us apart - either out of envy, or because he believed that my presence would distract Skywarp too much - and insisted that he'd fly at the side of Thundercracker instead, while I was often sent on scouting missions that took me all around the globe. I enjoyed the solitude of the open skies, but I missed Skywarp often. Nevertheless, I always obeyed Starscream's orders. He was our Air Commander, the one that Megatron had instated as our leader, and I'd never have questioned Megatron's decisions. Humans may believe in democracy, but we Decepticons know about the need for a clear chain of command.


Times changed. We Decepticons reconquered Cybertron. I was among those who were ordered to stay there, which is why - as cruel fate would have it - I wasn't at Skywarp's side when he died. I could only patch together the story from words that were spoken among my fellow Decepticons. He had been wounded in battle on Earth. Maybe he could have been repaired, I'll never know; but Starscream - that accursed traitor! - had him thrown out of Astrotrain and left him to die in space.

I hated him so much that day, hated him for not bringing the others home, the ones who had been his comrades and his leader, the ones who had fought by his side. But all the other Decepticons seemed willing to follow him, so I kept quiet, even attended that farce of a coronation.

And then and there, as I stood in the crowd, struggling to hide my disdain for our so-called new leader, they came in. A sleek, beautiful space jet; and the one he carried. The one who would kill that usurper Starscream.

Cyclonus and Galvatron were their names; but I only learned that a moment later. I remember feeling a faint stirring of recognition as I first saw Cyclonus, as if I'd known him before somewhere; but I didn't pay it much heed. I remember the jubilant cry that rang from my vocal unit as I watched Starscream crumble into dust. Avenged!

At that moment, I knew that I would follow Galvatron forever, that I would be willing to die for him.


The times that followed were hard. The Autobots, under their new leader Rodimus Prime - cursed be his name! - had driven us from Cybertron, as well as from Earth. I remember fighting over scraps of Energon, fighting for survival.

Galvatron, our leader, has fallen to madness. We all know it, but we still follow him. I will always follow him. Him, and Cyclonus.

Cyclonus... he appreciates me as a warrior devoted to the cause, and sometimes, he looks at me as if the sight of me made him remember something that was once important to him. But we aren't close. We never will be. We are too different in physique alone - he is an elegant space jet, I'm just a decades-old model Earth jet. An anacronism, you could say.

But I am a Decepticon. My name is Darkfire.

2004-01-28, 08:09 AM
Interesting. Well-written, but maybe it could use a bit more detail.

Oh, and Sunstorm is still the best genaric seeker :p