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2004-02-12, 01:57 AM
This is the situation. You can pick one moment in [fictional] Transformers history, and change it. Why do you want to pick that moment? What consequences would it have?

For example, you could have Prime survive in TF:TM. But would he be a match for Galvatron? Would he have left Autobot City? Would he have been able to tackle Unicron? Would the likes of Hot Rod have matured into a useful warrior?

Or maybe Straxus is successful in possessing Megatron, and that's all we hear from him? What would that mean for the Decepticons, let alone things like the Time Wars?

2004-02-12, 02:09 AM
i wouldn't change megs for galvatron, and keep him sane, a sane leader would've been nice
also being sane he could've eliminated an unexperienced and doubtful leader like Rodimus.

2004-02-12, 02:57 AM
I would've had Galvatron (now sane thansk to the Matrix) actually declare peace with the Autobots after the events of RoOp rather than the year of ceasefire (going by Japanese continuity).

Then Scorponok and his band of Headmaster renegades from Planet Master show up with Fortress and the Autobot Headmasters. Scorponok witht he power of the Mega Zarak and his legion of ewcruits from all across the galaxy attempt to retake Cybertron and possibly Charr as well. At that point Galvatron, Optimus and Fortress team up to fight their common foe.

The scene at the end of RoOP where Galvatron regains his sanity and expresses his respect for Optimus has always been one of my favorites and it bothered me that they just went back to being bitter rivals in Headmasters. In fact, I always liked it when Optimus and Megatron teamed up in the cartoon and in the comics. Both Japanese and American G2 comics ended in that fashion and the images of the two former enemies standing side by side gave a good sense of change.

The Headmasters we got just seemed like more of the same. The changes they DID make were either too radical (destroy Cybertron?) or didn't last long enough (Soundwave's awesome death scene was sort of ruined by his return two episodes later). And then a few of the events from 2010 didn't seem to stick in Headmasters. The Quintessons got no send-off. All we were told was that they went into hiding in another galaxy. They were such a big plot element from 2010, like them or hate them they still needed closure on their story arc. Then there's the renegade triple changers. Blitzwing got banished from the Decepticon army in 2010 but shows up fighting for them again in Headmasters. Same thing for Octane who defected to the Autobots.

Scorponok and the Headmasters always worked as rogues against Galvatron, it would've been better had they done it on a grander scale. It also would be interesting to see which Decepticons on Charr would choose to side with Scorponok, the new guy with all the heavy artillery, or Galvatron, the guy who's had a losing streak for 9 million years.

2004-02-12, 04:46 AM
I'd have kept Prime alive in the comic instead of letting him kill himself over a video game. Think of the effects of that one!

The horrors of Grimlock's first tenure as Autobot leader would have been averted
Goldbug likely never would have ended up a fugitive, so wouldn't have sent a distress call after the Ark departed Earth [US#37]. Thus, Fortress Maximus and Scorponok (and their crews) would have never came to be on Earth. Either the fight would have continued on Nebulos, or they would have eventually returned to Cybertron. (In the latter case, Thunderwing might have never risen to power; Scorpie would have opposed him)
Since Goldbug was never a fugitive, the events leading to Buster Witwicky's capture would have been averted, changing or even eliminating the Underbase Saga
The disasterous Matrix Quest would have been averted
Primus may not have been awoken early
Galvatron would have had more stiff opposition when he time-jumped the second time; the events of Time Wars may well have been averted

And that's just for starters.

2004-02-12, 06:27 PM
I pick the cartoon and I choose to give all the characters personalities that make them more interesting...

Think about it:
Starscream would still be the backstabbing second-in-command, but he'd be an actual threat to Megatron's leadership.
Megatron would be a charasmatic and ruthless villian, something more along the lines of his BW counterpart.
The Dinobots would in no way be comedy relief
Rodimus wouldn't be a whiny bitch
Ultra Magnus wouldn't be a bumbling idiot in the movie
Shockwave wouldn't be Megatron's little toadie
Neither would Soundwave
The ramifications are boundless

Hell it might even make for a few good stories.

That's what I'd change... :eyebrow: