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2004-02-18, 12:56 PM
Ok, as anybody whose ever seen an episode of G1 TF's will know, there are HUNDREDS of cock-ups - be it, colouring mistakes or characters in the wrong place....but, (and yes, slightly off-topic lol, i'm doing this whilst thinking of how to get Menasor into the RGP heh) which ones made you laugh the most or just came across as plain weird to you?

Personally, my favourite has to be during the Five Faces of Darkness - Pt 1.

Near the end, after Cyclonus, Scourge & the Sweeps return from Unicron, Cyclonus informs them they will go find Galvatron. When the camera switches to the Decepticons cheering, and panning up to see Hot Rod & Grimlock - Look to the left of the Screen, who is cheering the order to find Galvatron? why, Galvatron himself of course! D'OH!


2004-02-18, 02:51 PM
LOL - thatīs great.

Maybe it was his twin brother?

2004-02-19, 02:16 AM
:D and maby Hound went to Char and was fu**ing with the cons by flashing holograms of galvatron and a green shockwave to mess with what was left of ther minds