View Full Version : The Slightly Odd G1/2 - 5-a-Side Soccer Thread...

2004-02-20, 01:06 PM
Ok, Maybe not the correct place to post this thread, but nadda.

The G1/G2 'Bots & 'Cons have stopped fighting during one christmas day, and have decided to have a Soccer match - For no apprant reason.

Simply, who'd you pick for your 5-man team? And they can be anybody who was in the G1-G2 Series (Gestalts, humans, Quints etc)

You'll need

1 - Goalie
2 - Defenders
2 - Attackers
(oh and a manager to bark orders!)

You never know, i might find a way to get a game outta this.

(yes i know its off-topic really, but it seemed a good idea when i thought it up!)

Personnally, i'd take:

Goalie: Metroplex :)
Defenders: Sideswipe & Sunstreaker
Attackers: Talon & Falcon
Manager: Megatron! ("Kick the Ball you fool!" "If you dont defend, i'll have you melted down" etc)

Ok, not a good idea really... :wall:
*walks off*

2004-02-20, 05:15 PM
Goalie - Defensor

Defenders - Kickback and Bombshell

Attackers - Fastlane and Blur

Manager - Galvatron "Win or die Autobots!"

2004-02-20, 07:22 PM
What a fantastic decade.

Goalie - Grandus. If you've never heard of him, imagine a giant brick with a small golf ball on top, and a $600 price-tag.

Defenders - Guzzle & Roadbuster

Attackers - Springer & Skywarp

Manager - Prowl.

2004-02-21, 05:58 PM
..is there anywhere in the regulations that states that it doesnt matter what the bal is ?

if so il choose the quintessons or daniel as the bal

goalie brave max he wil just stand there and follow orders blindly

defenders : smoke screen and star convoy ( another brick former )

attackers : springer and blur

manager either movie ultra magnus ( i cant take this any more springer you manage the team as well)
or bw megatron with complicated tactics nobody can follow anyway