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AWF Mayhem
2004-02-25, 05:09 AM
JFA: “Tempest out of the ring… Viewfind and HBK brawling up the ramp. Referee finally away from them… sees the two bodies in the ring… back in now… one… two… no, not like this… three! There it is! It’s over!”
JHA: “I don’t believe it…”

The sound of the bell ringing distracts the HeartBrend Kid long enough for Viewfind to send him headfirst into the steel barrier, knocking him out. Smiling at a job well done, the GPA congregate on the ramp and head back to the locker room.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this bout… and NEW AWF Tag Team Champions: The Game, Erik Summers… The HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con… D-Generation Next!”

later that night…

Joey: “Bombshell… grabbing the bell… Y3B’s up… oh my good god! And Y3B’s straight back down again!

Blood from the Champion’s forehead splatters the mat even before the young man lands on the canvas. Hurling the bell out of the ring, Bombshell hauls Blaster back up and sets him up for a powerbomb.

‘Flec: “This has taken a turn for the worrying, Joe…”
Joey: “Arcee now… back across to King and the referee… pulling the former Champion away… motioning into the ring. Referee’s attention turned back to the match, now… this is unbelievable.”
‘Flec: “It’s like a bad dream…”
Joey: “Bombshell setting it up… powerbomb! And Blaster just driven hard into the mat. Hook of the leg… one… two… three… I don’t believe it…”
‘Flec: “Tell me this is a bad dream…”

Drop the Bombshell blares again as the Maple Ridge resident leaps to his feet in ecstacy. Arcee grabs the title belt from ringside and dives into the ring, leaping up to embrace her man as she holds the belt aloft for all to see.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and NEW Archive Wrestling Federation Champion… Bombshell!”

*The pyro ignites and 12 Stone’s Back up sounds through the arena*

Joey: On the eve of Redemption, and on the heels of not one, but TWO shocking title changes, Mayhem comes to you live from the Saviss Center in St. Louis, MO.

Flec: Shocking! Unbelievable! A huge what the bloody hell moment in the AWF!

Joey: Exactly…and right here…tonight…

Its time to play the Game…its time to play the game!!! Mwa-hahahaha…

I know what darkness means
(and the void you learned from me)
The isolation steams
(So I think it wants to bleed)
The echoes in my brain
(All the things you said to me)
You took my everything
Now I'm coming for you!

I won't back down
I will not bow
I've come to bring you hell
I can’t forget
Things you did
I've come to bring you hell

The Game arrives in the ring donning a new black t-shirt with the phrase “Don’t Hunt What you Can’t Kill” and in his D-Next green and black tights.

Joey: The Game in the ring with his newly won AWF Tag Team Championship belt around his shoulder with a microphone in that taped left fist.

Flec: Brilliant deduction Watson…

Erik Summers: (Smirk on his face) You know…I always said that Degeneration NeXt’s Tag Team title run ended well before its time…and here I am with the chance to have a great run as Tag Champions…

*The Crowd cheers*

Summers: Too bad that doesn’t seem to be the way its going to happen. All week, the Game has heard people bitching and moaning and taking shots at me. First you have Zarak…understandably upset over losing his belt…but then he goes about bitchin’ how DN got played by Reilly. Well Zarak…the bottom line is the Game never says no to any type of fight…if you watched the replay and heard my tag team partner’s (coughs) commentary…the Game won’t quit, he won’t back down…its about having the dignity and the honor to compete week in and week out. I don’t make the matches, I don’t pick the fights, I JUST FINISH THEM!

*The crowd erupts*

Summers: Then…we have Xille & Strafe…the Ozzie and Harriot of the AWF…the cutest little couple to come along. On one hand you have Strafe who eliminated the Game from the Rumble…but…if the Game remembers correctly, that was a follow up from a rather powerful shot from whom? Oh yeah…my tag team partner. So Strafe…you’ve never beaten the Game on your own…Xille…you’re out of your damn league…you’re in the ring with the Main Event…you’re in the ring with the Cerebral Assassin…you’re in the ring with the Damn Show Stopper!

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow. Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow. If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day. You want me to play you best bring your brain, you best bring your money. Make me a superstar.

Joey: I think as our friend JFA would say, business has just picked up…

Flec: Look at the Game! He’s smiling ear to ear!
Sean O’Con: Now hold on just a damn minute there Erik. I think all the beatings you’ve been taking over the past few weeks has finally knocked that last bit of sense out of your skull! See, you may be right about a number of things, but you dare call yourself the Show Stopper…you dare…

Summers: Hold it right there Sean…before you go into one of your tangents about how great you are, and start babbling on about backstage nonsense, and go boasting about how you own me, about how you’ve won the game…let me just point out…it took one phrase to bring your ass out here.

*HBK is shown seething in the realization that his former friend is correct*

Summers: You know I’m right Sean…I can tell by your expression…so let’s just finish this…Redemption…HBK…the Game…one more time…the winner will boast that he is the Icon…that he is the Main Event…that he is the DAMN SHOW STOPPER!

Sean O’Con You want me? YOU WANT ME?!? YOU…

I’m Back!

Flec: OH NO!

Mr. Reilly: Now dust a damn minute you two! You two are the tag team champions! You’re D-NeXt and you two have forgotten one simple fact! I MAKE THE MATCHES! And I will announce the matches for the Pay Per View…and I WILL ANNOUNCE THE MATCHES IN MY OWN DUE TIME! My concern is for ratings…and my concern is tonight! And tonight…in this very ring…in the main event…Degeneration NeXt will face Strafe and Xille.

HBK: Bloody brilliant deduction you half wit...one problem, He and I can’t be in the same ring together…I have a restraining order against him!

Mr. Reilly: Oh…yes…yes you do…but see…I hold your contract…which like your restraining order is a legally binding contract…and we both know you have a pretty air tight deal…except for one little…tiny area…see…I may not be able to fire you, but should you ever fail to not compete or fulfill your contractual obligations, I can hit you the one place it will hurt…in you’re pocket book! So, either you defend those tag team titles tonight and you do something more than merely call the match from the sidelines OR you can work from now until Archivemania without pay due to fines.

*HBK is shown blasting Reilly, incensed while the Game is laughing in the ring*

Reilly: AND YOU! Mr. Summers…will be on your best behavior and be a model citizen in that ring, or not only will I suspend you, but you will never…EVER get another shot at this man right here…do I make myself clear boys? Good!

*Reilly’s theme music plays as the tag team champions glare hatefully towards one another.*

On the Couch with Auntie Slag

The lights flare, funky screen overlays er... overlay! and a lovely jazz-fusion mix of Nirvana’s ‘Tourettes’ plays to an appreciative audience. As ever, the gorgeous Auntie appears from stage right bedecked in the finest materials from the toppermost names of the fashion circuit.

Auntie: “Hello my pretties”!

He glides gracefully along the set, blowing kisses and waving politely, a miniscule handbag rests in his left hand adorned with De Bere’s diamonds. The music reaches a crescendo, and then stops abruptly. The audience quietens.

Auntie: “Thank you so much for meeting me in St. Louis”!


Auntie *muttering angrily*: “Oh you f***ing dregs of lobotomised monkey sputum, you’re all dead from the brain up”.

A tumbleweed rolls by.

Auntie: *sighs* “OK... tonight's guest has cast a veritable blaze of glory since his arrival on the AWF circuit. He’s a young gun, a hot tamale, baaaad medicine. He’s keeping the faith by living on a prayer and someday he’ll be Saturday night. Yes, we’ve raised the couch and lowered the mikes so please put your flippers together for..... Xille!!!

The house band sets to work on a furious jazz/funk/house/acid/speed garage/MOR/light opera rendition of ‘Boysetsfire’ and the little Lancastrian bounds onto the set.
With fire in his belly and spit in his eye, Xille climbs onto the couch. He points to his head scar and smirks to suggest that Ravage will have to do a lot better than that to keep him down!

Auntie: “Xille welcome to my lovely show. It is lovely isn’t it”?

Xille: “Oh, it definitely is, Auntie. I love what you've done with the place. I can hardly sense the stench left by Vinny G last week”.

Auntie: “And shiny too. Don’t you think it’s shiny?

Xille: “Oh, most definitely so. But I think the shiny part is wasted on me. You might try it on dumber competitors, like Tempest or Ravage”.

Auntie: “Meow! Do you like what we did with the faux marbleised flooring?

Xille: “The what? The floor? Oh, it's cool, I guess. I'll have to try to get some for my apartment. I just hope I can actually spell it when it comes time to order”.

Auntie: “Excellent, now to business. *Picks up magazine and opens it to a glossy double-page spread, then presents it to Camera*. Check this out ladies & germs; this is the March edition of the AWF Magazine, and this article entitled ‘Big Xillie Style’ is all about the man of the moment right here”.

The camera goes into extreme close up showing a large photo of Xille performing an incredible Hurricanrana on GPA Leader Viewfind.

Auntie: “That really was an amazing match, many of us are still talking about it, but I won’t go into the Ravage situation because we’ve all seen your press releases regarding him. Instead, I want to talk about yourself and Sixswitch. You gelled together so well. Did you train with the Welsh Wonder or spar/hang out with him before that battle”?

Xille: “You know, I've been asked that question a lot, Auntie. And the answer is no, we really didn't train, or anything much before the fight. Having similar styles helped, but our main motivation to perform so well in that match was the desire to whoop some GPA ass. We went in knowing we were going to win, and we made it happen”.

Auntie: “And next you’ll be paired with Strafe, a man of hardcore proportions. Prior to his amazing return, he had a troubled time with Op2005 as his tag partner. How do you think you’ll fare, and do you see yourself becoming part of a tag team in the future”?

Xille: “I don't know Strafe well enough yet to know how I'll fare with him, but as long as he shows respect and works as hard as I do, I've got no problem teaming with him. I mean, any guy that can eliminate the Game from the Rumble is quite a competitor in my book. I'm ready to go in and gel as well with him as I did with Double S and take those tag titles. If that goes well, I've got no problem staying with him for a long title run”.

Auntie: “What’s your opinion of Morpheus? I wasn’t aware you even knew the guy until you burst onto my show last week to stop him doing something illegal. Is it because of your shared hatred of all things Ghostal”?

Xille: “It's like I've always said, Auntie, anyone who's anti-GPA is cool in my book. Heck, my respect for HBK grows every time he puts "GPA" and "suck" in the same sentence. Morpheus and I hate the same man, and I think we've bonded a little because of it. I know what he's going through. I've worked my entire life to stop guys like Ghostal from coming in and destroying everything that people have worked for and dreamed about. Ghostal killed Morpheus' dream in the Rumble without thinking twice about it. I've been where Morpheus probably is now, and I didn't want to see him ruin his life because of one overflowing moment of hatred. He might not care what I think, but what he really needs to do now is focus that hatred into something positive, like getting a shot at Ghostal in the ring. Now, I don't know if Morpheus is going to get a shot at him first, and frankly, I don't care. I just want my chance”.

Auntie: “You mentioned that people had lost faith in you over the years.... an unhappy past... care to elaborate on that for the growing horde of Xille fans”?

Xille: “Not a problem Auntie, as I'd do just about anything for my fellow eXiles. I'm not going to go into too much detail, as the wounds haven't fully healed yet. What I can tell you is that my past is the reason I stopped Morpheus. I've been there, and I've felt the hatred, it was just directed toward someone a little closer to me. My father is a large man, Auntie, and as you can see, I'm not. One of the main disappointments in his life was that he had to call a "whiny little baby" like me his son. The gap between us grew and grew until it finally tore apart after a... less... than pleasant ending a few years back. But I used that hatred to get where I am today. I focused it, I worked hard, and I think the fans realise something that my dad never did: Great things come in small packages”.

A few sniffles from some audience members.

Auntie: “Whoa that’s deep, are we allowed three dimensional characters here? did anyone tell Cyberstrike? Um, anyway... There’s some real heat going on in the AWF and you are certainly in the thick of it. The NWA want tag gold, they want you on a platter, G91 is ready to destroy you, Blood & Thunder see you as a potential threat, Big Daddy Rav busted you open, and Ghostal is the murderous pen pal you never had. Of course I’m getting all this from the handy little chart of ‘Xilles' Enemies’ in this article. Now asides from the Ravster, who else is on your hit list”?

Xille: “Wow, is the list that long already? Well, I'd have to say that the only competitor on my mind right now besides old Ravvy is V.3, Vinny G, the man with the golden bat, Vin Ghostal. He's been doing nothing but try to screw with me ever since he came back and like I've said, I'm not going to stand there and take it. If he wants a piece of the X, he can come get it”.

Auntie: “So, Blood & Thunder v. The entire GPA. Your prediction please”?

Xille: “Blood & Thunder. They're going to break some GPA ass and laugh the whole time. Even with blood running down their faces, their ribs possibly cracked, and their bodies aching from all of the cheap shots, Blood and Thunder will win that match. That's how much the tag team titles mean to them”.

Auntie: “Britney or Christina”?

Xille: “I'm going to have to lean toward Britney, just because I don't want that many venereal diseases this early in my life”.

Auntie: “Affleck or Damon?

Xille: “Affleck. Simply because he was the BOMB in Phantoms”.

Auntie: “Jennifer Lopez or someone who isn’t a commercial whore”?

Xille: “Someone who isn't a commercial whore. Someone like Auntie Slag”.

Auntie *to the audience*: “Oh wow! did we get that on tape? Superb! Xille you are an absolute star and a legend in the making. May victory, wealth health and good times escort you to the very heights of everything in the entire universe ever! and I’m not suddenly biased either (coughs). Oh look at me I’m blushing; I’m all of a tither!
Well that about wraps it up layabouts and germs; stay tuned for more hi adrenaline entertainment pummelations courtesy of our very own AWF superstars, who are all equally great.... although Xille is greater. Thank you and goodnight”!

The lights dim, muzak plays and the end credits roll as Auntie hurriedly scribbles his phone number on a piece of paper. Xille tugs at his shirt collar and tries his best not to look nervous.

Legends have been made…Icons established…its what defines greatness in our industry…it is what every superstar fights for…what they bleed for…what they aspire towards…on March 28, 2004 from the Big House…Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan…in front of over 110,000 fans live and millions around the world…the AWF will present Archivemania III!

JFA: That’s right folks…Archivemania III…coming to you from the Big House…home of the Wolverines…

Flec: Speaking of Wolverine’s J…Amarant Odinson is up next!

AWF IC title match: Amarant Odinson (c) vs. OP2005

RA: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Intercontinental title. Approaching the ring the challenger, from Glasgow, Scotland, OP2005!

Joey: And here we go. Amarant Odinson has to defend the title against OP2005.
Flec: Tell me, what has he done to get a title shot?
Joey: Perhaps Reilly felt that OP2005 deserved a small reward for waiting so patiently in the sidelines for the past couple of weeks.
Flec: A small reward? The guy gets to wrestle for the second most coveted singles title in the AWF. I'd say that's a pretty big reward.
Joey: Anyway, OP2005 has the title shot and I don't think he'll let this one slip easily. But despite his size advantage, he must be considered the underdog in this one.

OP2005 enters the ring looking quite confident. He flexes a bit before his opponent makes his entrance.

RA: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing at 230 pounds, he is the Archive Wrestling Federation Intercontinental champion, the Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson!

Flec: And here he is, the most dominating IC champion we've had for some time now.
Joey: How? It's not like he's been the champion that long.
Flec: Just look at the man. He oozes intensity. He's worked hard to get that title and there's no way he'll drop it to a hack like OP2005.
Joey: You just might be right. Amarant has an impressive record here in the AWF. Almost so impressive that people easily forget he could still be considered a rookie.
Flec: I remember when he came here, talking and acting tough. I thought he'd get nowhere.
Joey: And now he is a former TV champion and the current IC champion. This guy has gained so much in so short time it's almost scary. But that's neither here or now. What is though, is the match for the IC title. Both men are already in the ring, and neither of them looks even a bit intimidated. The timekeeper rings the bell and we're underway. A tie-up, OP forcing Amarant in the corner but the referee forces him to break the hold. Shoulder thrust by OP, and another and an irish whip to the opposite corner. OP goes for a clothesline...
Flec: But runs straight into Amarant's boot. OP is staggering and Amarant retaliates by clipping the legs!

As OP2005 falls down Amarant runs to the ropes for momentum and connects with an elbow drop. OP2005 tries to get back up but Amarant kicks him in the head several times slowing the big man down. He whips OP into the ropes and drops him with a drop toe hold and goes immediatly for a leg lock.

Joey: Amarant in control here but you can't count OP2005 out yet. He may be the underdog but he's a powerhouse, a real hoss, if you will. He can change the tide with a single blow.
Flec: Admitted, but against Amarant he might never get the chance to get that blow through.
Joey: OP2005 succeeds in kicking Amarant off from the leg lock but the chmapion looks determined. He's hitting OP2005 with several blows to the back of the head, grabs a hold and delivers a snap suplex. Goes for the cover!
Flec: OP2005 powers out before the two count. Way too early, and Amarant should've known that.
Joey: Maybe he did. It seems the champion doesn't waste a single motion and getting out of the pinning predicament took some streght from OP2005. Both men up, OP charges but Amarant counters with an arm drag followed by armbar. OP looks to be in pain but can esily get to the ropes using his weight.
Flec: Nevertheless, a warning to OP2005. Amarant showed him he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and there's nothing the big man can do about it.
Joey: He should be careful to not get too confident.
Flec: How can he be against this guy?

Amarant picks OP2005 up and throws him in to the corner. He whitdraws his arm and hits a solid knife edge chop after another bringing OP2005 down to his knees. He picks OP up and tries to whip him to the opposite corner but OP counters and sends Amarant to the corner instead. OP rushes but Amarant ducks and OP runs straight against the ring post. Amarant meanwhile runs again to the ropes and clips OP2005's legs sending him crashing down. Focusing his attack on the legs he drops the knee right down against the kneecap of his opponent. Grabbing the hair he forces OP2005 back to his feet, kicks him in the midsection and connects with a fisherman suplex pin, getting a two count. Without a hint of frustration Amarant picks OP2005 up again and tries to whip him to the corner. Again OP2005 counters and sends Amarant crashing against the turnbuckle and follows up with a huge clothesline dropping Amarant immediatly.

Joey: A devastating clothesline by OP2005 and Amarant looks like he's been shot!
Flec: OP2005 tries to shake off the cobwebs, and goes for the cover. One, two, NO!
Joey: Amarant gets a shoulder up in the nick of time! I don't know if it's from the pain or the shock but he almost lost this one. OP2005 showing why he shouldn't be underestimated here. Picks Amarant up and a scoop slam, followed by a leg drop.
Flec: Amarant slowly up, irish whip to the ropes and a powerslam by OP2005. Cover! One, two, and Amarant kicks out!
Joey: But it doesn't look like OP is slowing down. He picks Amarant up and connects with a short arm clothesline. Amarant slowly to his feet but OP2005 with a suplex. OP2005 is really bringing it to the champion, I bet Amarant never estimated it would be this tough.
Flec: Neither did I but we're not done yet. Irish whip sends Amarant to the corner and OP comes in... Yes!
Joey: Amarant ducked and slid under the bottom rope and OP2005 went crashing against the turnbuckle. Amarant grabs the legs and trips OP. What is he doing?
Flec: Figure Four around the ring post! Pure genious!
Joey: OP in pain and grabbing the ropes, but no good. This is an illegal hold abd Amarant has to the five count to keep OP in that Figure Four.
Flec: Very good gameplan by Amarant. He punished those legs earlier and now he's just continuing. OP2005 can't hit him with the big boot if he can't run. OP2005 won't be able to powerbomb him if he can't stand.
Joey: Finally Amarant releases the hold but it might've been enough. OP2005 rolling around in pain.

With newfound confident Amarant grabs OP2005's left leg and starts twisting it. After a while he lets go but is ready and waiting as OP gets slowly to his feet. Amarant wraps his arms around OP's waist and connects with a german suplex. Keeping a tight grip he picks OP up and delivers another german. And immediatly afterwards a third. Not letting his opponent catch his breath, Amarant picks him up and hits him with a shin breaker. Continuing the assault on the legs he grabs OP's leg and puts him in a half boston crab.

Joey: OP2005 screaming in pain, I'm not sure how long he can take this. Amarant's been on his legs for the whole match and this half boston crab must be tearing the fight out of him.
Flec: But he's slowly dragging himself towards the ropes. Just a couple of inches more, and he's there. Amarant releases the hold but OP2005 is in bad shape here.
Joey: And Amarant sees this. He's singalling for the end. He grabs OP2005's legs... but OP kicks him away, straight against the turnbuckle. OP quickly on his feet and drops Amarant with a clothesline!
Flec: How is he even able to stand?
Joey: I don't know. But Amarant is up only to meet a kick to the midsection that doubles Amarant down. OP2005 now, setting up for the powerbomb!
Flec: GraveDigger coming up!
Joey: No! His knees buckled, he couldn't get Amarant all hte way up. OP is down holding his legs.
Flec: Amarant's plan worked! He brought the big man down to his size, and even smaller!
Joey: Amarant sees an opportunity... Indian death lock! Amarant pulls a new page out of his book and puts OP2005 in an Indian death lock.
Flec: Ring the bell, this one is over!
Joey: OP2005 trying to reach the ropes but he's in the middle of the ring and can't get anywhere! He's tapping! OP2005 submitted!

The bell rings but Amarant doesn't release the hold but keeps it on for a couple of seconds more for good measure. He snaps the IC title from the referee's hands and taunts the booing crowd.

Joey: Amarant with an impressive victory. OP2005 has nothing to be ashamed about either. He fought a good fight but when Amarant puts you in a submission in the middle of the ring, there's not much you can do.
Flec. Another victory for our dominating IC champion!

AWF Mayhem
2004-02-25, 05:11 AM

Mr Reilly strolls through the corridors towards his office. Upon reaching the door, he finds Viewfind waiting for him.

Reilly: “What do you want?”
Viewfind: “You owe me, dawg.”
Reilly: “I owe lots of people.”
Viewfind: “We dids yo a favor last weeks. Now I come to get me reward, yo. Shot at the big bling! Get back what’s mine.”
Reilly: “Favor? Sorry. I don’t do tit-for-tat. You helped me, you keep your job.”

As the AWF owner goes to open his door, the GPA man’s arm shoots across the doorway, blocking the entrance.

Viewfind: “You owe me. I gets whats mine, yo? Else you gets whats coming to you. BLING.”

Looking to the ceiling and sighing, Reilly pushes his way through, slamming the door behind him.

Reilly: “How’s my number one contender?”

King gets up from his seat in the office.

King: “I feel good! I got my belt off that loser Blaster, now I’m getting my title shot at Redemption. And as he never gave me a rematch, I hope you won’t be affording him the same privelage…”

Reilly: “Ha. Yeah, about that… I know I said you would get a title shot on the PPV, but, uhm… it appears I’ve made some minor miscalculations.”
King: “What?”
Reilly: “Oh, no – don’t worry. You’ll get what I promised… it just seems that I’ve got some other people banging on the door. Conflicting commitments. It’ll be sorted later tonight.”
King: “It better be.”
Reilly: “Don’t worry. All in hand.”

*A promo shows for Redemption*

AWF TV Title Number One Contender’s Match: Brave Maxx v D-Extreme v The Gruff

JFA: Greetings folks. Once again, we're broadcasting live from the Saviss Center in St. Louis. For some reason we're required to plug the local venue 3 times a show, minimum. Up next we've got a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for The Mat Man's AWF TV title. Earlier this week he made D-Extreme his pick as the winner.

JHA: Please, just let this thing end. nmat picks up one fluke win, and suddenly people care what he thinks? Lets get Brave Maxx out here and wreck some carnage!

“Nightmare” by Brain Bug blares over the sound system. Gruff, having drawn the short straw, is forced to come out first. Boos rain upon him, but he shrugs them off and climbs into the ring, striking a pose for those able to utilize flash photography.

JHA: What problem do they have with him? He's been making Stone Cold's life hell, and I love it! How can these morons have such a love for a drunk?

JFA: Umm, at AWF shows, beers sales are generally 36% higher than for other shows in the same arena. It's in the fans' blood. Must be those mind control devices from CobraCo.

JHA: Sure...

The lights cut as lightning appears to cut across the stage. Evanesance's "Haunted" begins and Brave Maximus appears out of the shadows.

JFA: This is one freakishly scary monster. Lets face it, he claims to be beyond pain and death, and after the PPV match with Viewfind, I have to agree.

"First we gonna rock!"
"Then we gonna roll!"
"Then we let it POP"
JFA: D-Extreme's out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Brave Maxx and Gruff are staring holes in each other in the ring. They're waiting for D-Extreme to arrive before starting the match though. I guess D-Extreme won't have an easy start. He had probably hoped that those two would begin without him.

JHA: With the way Gruff and D-Extreme went after each other last Mayhem, I don't think they'll be working together here. It's a shame, because if they don't, Brave Maxx will just eat them alive.

JFA: I'm shocked that you would care.

JHA: It's more entertaining if they bleed longer.

JFA: I see... The match is officially underway, and Gruff and D-Extreme just charged each other. I have to question that decision. It looks like an elbow tie up. Neither man is giving ground here, but Brave Maxx is coming over.

Brave Maxx grabs both men and rips them apart. Turning towards Gruff, he connects with several knife edge chops and forces the other smaller man back. Gruff drops prone and rolls out of the ring. Thinking his opponent isn't looking, D-Extreme charges Brave Maxx.

JHA: I hope he has dental! Big boot from Brave Maxx, and now D-Extreme is rolling out of the ring.

JFA: It looks like Gruff and D-Extreme are having a bit of a pow-wow outside the ring. I guess they're back on the same page for now, because they're shaking hands.

JHA: Bad move D-Extreme; verbal contracts are hard to enforce.

JFA: Do you expect him to draft a written contract on the spot?

JHA: No. Back in my day, I used to hide three or four legal contracts in my tights. You never know when you need some protection or a tag team partner.

JFA: And he calls me odd.

JHA: You are. D-Extreme and Gruff are back in the ring and encircling Maxx. This could prove bad for my pick in the match. Still, I just know we're going to see some blood! Pretend he's Stone Cold and rip him apart!

Stone Cold Skywarp: Someone say my name?

JFA: SCS, wow. I didn't expect you out here. Please, take a seat.

SCS rips the headset off of JHA, and he puts it on.

SCS: Thanks for the headset. As you were saying, JHA?

JHA: I need a headset. Give me that. Idiot intern... Stone Cold, I wasn't saying anything.

SCS: Sure you weren't... Looks like we've got a two on one, doesn't it?

JFA: It looks that way. D-Extreme just ate a hard right had from Brave Maxx, but Gruff slipped in behind the big man and just connected with two German suplexes. Bridge for a cover only gets 1.

SCS: I'd go down there and even the odds, but we wouldn't want to cost Maxx a title shot, would we?

JHA: Last I checked, you didn't care about rules...

SCS: I don't, but there's no sense in screwing with a guy's future like that.

JFA: Gruff would argue you've been holding him back and toying with his future.

SCS: The only thing holding the kid back is himself. I've given him his shots, and I've left him looking at the rafters wondering what country he's in. Good use of the double team. D-Extreme with the savate kick and Gruff with the super kick. I didn't think he could lift his leg that high.

Brave Maxx hits the canvas hard, and D-extreme immediately tries for a cover. Gruff pulls him off by his legs, and goes for his own cover. Maxx kicks out at two, and Gruff jumps up in disgust.

JFA: D-Extreme in Gruff's face. Looks like their alliance might be breaking. Neither man sees Brave Maxx pulling himself to his feet. Quick boot to the midsection is followed by a DDT by D-Extreme. He's stomping a mud hold in Gruff!

SCS: One of my personal hobbies... I must admit, D-Extreme's doing a good job there, but I'm afraid I toughened Gruff's gut up a bit too much the last month or so.

As Stone Cold finishes his sentence, Cyberstrike emerges from the crowd behind the announcers table and lays into Stone Cold Skywarp with a chair shot.

JHA: Great, SCS just went flying over our table! Hit him once for me Cyber! I knew he couldn't be all bad...

JFA: We have a major turn of events here. Cyberstrike is chasing after SCS with a chair. Stone Cold is trying to get away, and it looks like he's headed for the ring. D-Extreme appears to be letting Gruff get to his feet to confront SCS.

JHA: SCS's running from a lion straight into a pride! I love it.

As SCS reaching the ring apron, he connects with a guillotine on D-Extreme. Gruff steps back and allows him to slide under the bottom rope before laying into him with stomps. As Cyberstrike approaches the ring, Gruff lists SCS up and attempts a stunner of his own.

JFA: Gruff going for a Stone Cold Stunner! No, SCS shoves him away and Gruff collides with Cyberstrike. Cyberstrike just went careening off the ring apron, and SCS just turned around and was met by Brave Maxx!

Brave Maxx reaches out and grabs SCS by the throat. Clearly going for a choke slam, Maxx pulls SCS closer, but gets hit with a boot to the midsection followed by a stunner.

JFA: Stunner! Stunner on Brave Maxx. Cyberstrike's back in the ring yelling at Gruff. D-Extreme is fighting SCS! The ref has completely lost control.

JHA: Yeah, but our ratings just doubled! We've got raw carnage, as only the AWF can produce.

JFA: SCS's getting a slight edge on D-Extreme. He's forcing him back towards Gruff and Cyberstrike. A quick snap suplex from SCS to D-Extreme lays the young star out on the mat. A reverse elbow on Cyberstrike sends him reeling backwards. Gruff just got taken down by a Russian leg sweep. Now SCS is standing in the ring, begging the three AWF stars to attack him. They're climbing to their feet and trying to encircle Stone Cold. Cyberstrike just went for a backhand chair shot on SCS, but he ducked and Gruff got laid out. My Gawd! Brave Maxx just sat up behind D-Extreme and SCS! It's like the stunner had no effect what so ever. He's up behind the two competitors, and DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM! It's a slobberknocker! SCS was choke slammed out of the ring. Cyberstrike's headed for the crowd and he's running like a scolded pup!

JHA: Just full of the tired old sayings, aren't we? Poor Gruff never saw that chair shot coming. He's out cold and Brave Maxx is picking up the win. D-Extreme can't make it over to break up the count. Looks like nmat has his hands full during his title defense!
Keith Kincaid: We're backstage with nmat, who was watching the previous match via closed circuit TV. Mat Man, what thoughts do you have about the #1 contender?

nmat appears visibly shaken, and slightly pale.

nmat: What do I think? He's not human. He's, he's a freaking monster. That's what I think. It took a freaking car to stop him last time, remember? A car!

KK: But last week you claimed that the winner of the match didn't matter, you'd turn any of them into a pretzel. Are you retreating from that statement?

nmat: Retreating... No, it's just that... He's a machine. How do you stop a machine?

KK: Are you suggesting you might abdicate the TV title as opposed to defending it?

That suggestion seems to shake The Mat Man out of his daze

nmat: Give up the title? What? You're joking right? I earned this thing with blood, sweat, and tears! I ripped it from Amarant's fingers, and I'll be dammed if anyone doesn't have to do the same to me to get it. I just figured out how you defeat a machine...

nmat looks directly at the camera

nmat: You dismantle it. You rip it apart piece by piece until there's nothing left but spare parts. Brave Maxx, you may have managed to overcome the mental midget duo of D-Extreme and Gruff, but you're yet to face a mat tactician like myself. So get back to the gym or the graveyard, or the mortuary, or... well, wherever the hell it is you train. It doesn't matter if you're human, monster, machine, smurf, P?'s daddy or Viewfind's momma, wait, wait! I'm sorry. Those last two are the same creature. Dammit, now I have to start over. Screw it. Brave Maxx, you're not taking the title because YOU'RE NOT READY!!!

As the crowd's follow along yell dies away, nmat turns from the camera and heads back into his locker room, winking at an attractive intern on the way/

Cyberstrike is shown, focused and intense…trying to regain his focus after his confrontation with Stone Cold et all…

Joey: And there’s the AWF Hardcore challenger…the leader and founder of the nTo…and he’s up to face one of the most dominant Hardcore Champions in AWF History…TC! AND IT’S NEXT!

*A Promo for the new…Vin Ghostal DVD is shown*
Hardcore Championship Match
Cyberstrike v TC (c)

Immortal by Adema hits, and Cyberstrike walks out to the St. Louis crowd, getting nothing but jeers from them. Cyberstrike merely tells them all to f*ck off and continues into the ring. As he gets there, his music cuts and the opening bars of Worms of the Earth start. TC makes his way onto the entrance rampway and the crowd pops big.

Joey: Here comes the man that is arguably the greatest hardcore champion this federation has ever seen. TC defends that belt every single week, and is yet to lose it.
Flec: Gotta give the man credit J, he’s as tough as nails to be able to hold onto the belt for over 120 days now.
Joey: Very true, but it remains to be seen if TC’s run with the belt will end tonight
Flec: Are you serious? He’s fighting Cyberstrike, you know he’ll win

TC gets to the ring and hands his hardcore belt over to the referee. Cyberstrike meets TC in the middle of the ring, and barks some words at him, claiming the fans love him and not the hardcore champ. Cyberstrike goes to prove it by posing for the crowd who just boo him. After that TC points to himself with his thumbs and the crowd screams for the hardcore champion. Angered by this Cyberstrike takes advantage and nails the champion from behind with a crackdown. Thinking it would be enough right there, Cyberstrike makes the cover, but only gets a one count. Cyberstrike not happy with the count picks TC up and drops him back down with a powerslam, and quickly follows that up with an elbow drop to the throat.

Joey: Cyberstrike starting things off quickly in this bout, now going to the outside and under the ring. Whats he got ther?
Flec: Looks like a pair of kendo sticks, a chair, a stop sign, and a fire extinguisher.
Joey: Cyberstrike now throwing all of those items into the ring except the chair. Looking to go back into the ring, and oh, that had to hurt. TC just drop kicking the chair into the face of Cyberstrike through the ring ropes. TC going to work on Cyberstrike on the outside of the ring here. Laying in with punches and kicks to the nTo leader.

TC the takes the stairs into his hands and hits Cyberstrike with them. Dropping the steps onto the ground, TC whips Cyberstrike into the guardrail on the outside, and follows it in with a monkey flip, tossing Cyberstrike right onto the steps with his back. TC picks up Cyberstrike and rolls him into the ring, following right behind and grabbing the kendo sticks on the way in. TC goes to lay in with the kendo sticks on Cyberstrike, but Cyber was ready and leveled TC with the steel chair to the head as TC made his way over. Cyberstrike then got to his feet, and began to nail TC with the chair half a dozen times before dropping the chair and going for a cover.

Joey: New hardcore champion here? No, only a two count. The ever resilient hardcore champion, not about to give up his title yet.
Flec: It takes a lot more than just some chair shots to knock out TC. This man has been in every type of hellish match we’ve had here.
Joey: You’re right about that one Flec, TC has been through a lot in his almost three years here. So Cyberstrike is gonna have to be on top game tonight to pull out a win. Cyberstrike raising TC to his feet now, front face lock looking for a vertical suplex. TC blocks it. Nice reversal into a northern lights suplex, rolling over still got it locked in, another northern lights, and a third.
Flec: One more for good measure, and its right onto that chair. Here we go, TC retaining…no Cyber managed to kick out, damn him.

Getting back to his feet quickly after the failed pin attempt, TC drags Cyberstrike up, and drops him back down with a short arm clothesline. Then he drapes the chair across Cyberstrike’s chest. TC then runs to the opposite side and sits on the top turnbuckle, he then leaps, rolling in mid air and across the mat, and nailing a super rolling thunder onto Cyberstrike with the chair. The chair had an adverse affect on TC as well though, and it stalled the champion from making a cover. Both men struggled to their feet, each feeling the effects of the move. The two began trading heavy punches in the center of the squared circle, but Cyberstrike managed to gain advantage and started laying into TC. He then irish whipped the hardcore champion into the ropes, and caught him on the way back in with a drop toe hold onto the steel chair, which he quickly followed up with by applying the STF submission onto TC.

Joey: Nice move by Cyberstrike there, really putting pressure onto TC with that hold. Can the hardcore champion hold out though?
Flec: Of course he can, he’s the best ever, there is no way TC would give up his title by tapping, let alone to Cyberstrike
Joey: Referee asking TC if he will quit, but TC refuses to give up. Cyberstrike releasing the hold now, frustrated that TC won’t give up.
Flec: I’m telling you Joey, TC will not lose this match. He is the greatest hardcore champ we’ve ever had. That’s a prime example right there, TC just reversed a vertical suplex attempt into a thundering ddt.
Joey: A good counter indeed by TC, going for the cover, but only getting a two count. TC now, going to the corner, split legged moonsault connects.

After the moonsault, TC grabs the pair of kendo sticks in the ring and does a little showboating of his martial arts skills with them as Cyberstrike rises to his feet. When he gets to a vertical base, TC begins to just lay into him with hard hits on both sides of the body. Cyberstrike then dropped to his knees, and TC brought the kendo sticks crashing to the side of his head, splintering both with the impact. Feeling the victory in his hands, TC went and slingshotted himself up onto the top turnbuckle. Taking a moment to soak in the energy from the crowd, TC leapt a good 8 extra feet in the air from the turnbuckle, and traveled three quarters of the length of the ring, nailing Cyberstrike with the five star frog splash. But TC didn’t go for the cover, instead he brought a pretty much out of it Cyberstrike to his feet.

Joey: What is TC doing, he could have the match won right now if he went for the pin?
Flec: Watch and learn Styles, watch and learn
Joey: TC, whips Cyberstrike into the ropes, catches him on the way back in. Rolls back through it, and he’s got the GSF locked in on Cyberstrike.
Flec: And you thought he was costing himself the match.
Joey: It seemed like he might, we’ve seen it happen many a times before. TC really applying the pressure of that hold there, and there it is Cyberstrike is tapping out.
Flec: See Styles, I told you at the beginning of this match the title would be going nowhere, and as usual I was right.
Sixswitch v Cloudstrifer

Joey: “Sixswitch to take on Cloudstrifer in our next match.”

‘Flec: “Wow. Cloudstrifer tonight, Bombshell at Archivemania. What is it with Sixswitch and having to face off against the dummies of this fed?”

“Like This Like That” by Mauro Picotto plays as the number 1 contender for the AWF title makes his way down to the ring. MotorHead’s “Built For Speed” blares several seconds later, signaling the arrival of the self proclaimed Norseman Cloudstrifer, who gets a rather negative welcome from the fans.

Joey: “Cloudstrifer not getting a very good reception here, ‘Flec.”

‘Flec: “Oh, really. You think?”

Joey: “More than you ever have. And now Cloud getting into the ring…and getting tossed out immediately, as Sixers delivers a thundering clothesline to the big man, sending him flying outside to the mat below.”

‘Flec: “I never thought I’d say this, but Sixswitch is actually doing the world a favor.”

Joey: “I’ll say. Cloudstrifer is one of the many up and comers in the AWF, and it’s nice of a veteran like the Welsh Wonder to show him what it takes to make a great champion.”

‘Flec: “That’s not what I meant.”

Joey: “It’s not?”

‘Flec: “No. I mean that Sixswitch is doing the world a favor by keeping Cloud from getting into the ring. The guys like Triple H: Whenever he shows up, our ratings go down the toilet.”

Joey: “That’s a debatable statement…at least some of it is…and Cloud now trying to get back into the ring…Sixswitch trying to block it…Cloud driving his elbow into Six’s gut…and Cloud leaping over the ropes…sunset flip…and a two count before Six kicks out.”

‘Flec: “Damnit. I wanted to have a quickie ending.”

Joey: “I’m sure all of your girlfriends would disagree.”

‘Flec: “Thanks…what?”

Joey: “And Sixswitch trying to get on the offensive…ducking a clothesline by Cloud…boot the gut… underhook powerbomb...cover…and a kick out at 2. Picking up Cloud now…slamming him into the turnbuckle…twice…three times. Cloud stumbling backwards…and falling flat on his back.”

‘Flec: “A position he likely been on more than one occasion…and I’m not talking in that way.”

Joey: “Funny. That’s all you seem to talk about. Sixers going for the cover…and a quick count out. Not even a one.”

‘Flec: “I guess Cloud’s got some life in him yet. Guess I lose the bet.”

Joey: “Yeah. I gotta check in later to collect.”

‘Flec: “You what?”

Joey: “And ‘Switch letting Cloud get to his feet. This could be a mistake by Six, here. By letting Cloud get back on his feet, he’s allowing the Norseman to come up with a strategy to come from behind and manage to pull an upset.”

‘Flec: “The only thing that Cloud can manage to pull after coming from behind is a…”

Joey: “Let’s just stop right there, thank you. Cloud getting to his feet now…Sixswitch just standing there, watching as his opponent gets to his feet. You have to wonder what kind of strategy the Welsh Wonder is planning here, folks.”

‘Flec: “The only thing I have to wonder about is why this is still going on? Isn’t there something more interesting we can do?

Joey: “There is, but it kinda involves not paying attention to the action in the ring right now…something I think is right up your alley.”

‘Flec: “Hey! I pay attention! I just tend to be selective about what it is I’m paying attention to.”

Joey: “You only pay close attention whenever Scout’s nearby.”

‘Flec: “And why not? She deserves to have so much attention paid to her.”

Joey: “And now Sixswitch closing in, landing some punches down on his opponent…but he doesn’t look like he wants to cause too much damage. Cloud backing into the turnbuckle…Sixswitch continuing to lay down the punches…Cloud back against the turnbuckle now…slumped up against it…Sixswitch backing up now…Cloud taking a few cautious steps…Sixswitch running towards Cloud…looks like he wants to spear Cloud…but Cloud dodges, and sends Sixswitch straight into the ring post!”

‘Flec: “Sixers should have seen that coming! He’s the number one contender! How does he expect to beat Bombers at Archivemania if he can fall for such a cheap trick like that?!”

Joey: “I dunno, ‘Flec, but it appears that Sixers attempt to catch Cloud off guard kinda backfired. Now Cloud is the one going on the offensive, dragging Sixers out of the corner and laying down the punches. Following up with a kick to the midsection…and a power bomb. Cover…and a kick out at two. Looks like Cloud is getting his second wind here, folks.”

‘Flec: “I was wondering what was stinking up the place…”

Joey: “And Cloud whipping Sixswitch into the ropes…clothesline attempt…Sixers ducks it…Sixers bouncing off the ropes…and a spinning heel kick, taking Cloud down. That move came out of nowhere.”

‘Flec: “So much for the comeback, then. Stick a fork in it, folks. This thing is done.”

Joey: “Sixswitch dragging Cloud over to the ropes…I think you’re right, ‘Flec. This match is heading outta the oven now. Climbing the ropes now…a pause…and The Technophobic! Sixswitch hits Cloud with the Technophobic! Cover…and it’s over! Sixswitch has beaten Cloudstrifer!”

‘Flec: “So has everyone else in this fed, Joey. It’s not like he’s a member of any exclusive club or anything.”

Joey: “And Sixswitch taking in the roar of the crowd…but I don’t think he’s seeing Cloudstrifer, folks. He’s seeing Bombshell, the current AWF champion. They’re gonna face each other at Archivemania III.”

‘Flec: “If there’s anything left of Sixswitch after Redemption, that is.”
The Camera follows Sixswitch backstage as Lisa Lovelace tries to get a word with the Welsh Wonder…
Lisa: Six…the road to Archivemania is right there before you…you are the number one contender…any thoughts…
Vin Ghostal: Thoughts? You think the whelp wonder has a thought in that skull of his? That’s…just…crazy…
Sixswitch: You know…you…Strafe…what is it with the has been club coming back? You couldn’t stand the kudos your boy Viewfind was getting because he was top dawg around here while you were back home, polishing your nob?
*Six points at Ghostal’s bat, but the innuendo is not lost on the former 3 time AWF Champ…Ghostal looks like he’s about to walk away, only to reel back and suddenly nail Sixswitch in the rib cage!*
Flec: Batter up!
Ghostal: “Has been? Boy…coming from a never was, I’ll show you what a has been I am…Redemption…you…me…and let’s make if for that pretty little number one contendership…bitch!”
Joey: Ghostal, laying down the gauntlet…Sixswitch needs some attention here! DAMN THAT GHOSTAL! DAMN HIM!
*Camera cuts back to Styles and Flec*
Grudge Match: Handicapped Style: Blood & Thunder v the GPA
Joey : Well Flec, the next match promises to be nothing short of brutal
Flec : Yay...*yawns*
Joey : Coming off of last weeks loss at the hands of the re-formed DeGeneration neXt, Blood and Thunder are looking to take out their frustraitions on the GPA.
Flec : Muppets...
Joey : Indeed, Blood and Thunder are taking on all five members of the GPA in a No Holds Barred Handicap match
Flec : And my sources tell me the match is already under way!

The camera flits to backstage, just outside the main arena hall where Blood & Thunder have already jumped Ravage & Tempest and began the assault early.

Joey : This match already under way folks, with Wolfang & Black Zarak getting the upper-hand against the two GPA members.
Flec : *picks up mobile*
Joey : It's the wrong time for calls...
Flec : Not to the GPA it isn't!!
Joey : Wolfang just threw Ravage through the curtain and down the ramp, they're battling down towards the ring, Flec; what's going on backstage?
Flec : I can't get a signal!! Uhm, Tempest's still standing...or was...damn phone!
Joey : Ravage now, hoisted high by Wolfang -- OH MY GOD, Ravage hung up on the guard rail!
Flec : Looks like Z and and Tempest are heading out here now.
Joey : Zarak's got Tempest in a side head-lock and's marching him down to the ring, Wolfang dragging Ravage by his legs! HEY! Where are you going?!
Flec : *backstage*
Joey : Looks like I'm on my own out here... Zarak rolling Tempest into the ring, goes to work on the legs of Tempest. Wolfang looking under the ring for som...NO! NO! NO! Wolfang just found a 2-by-4 wrapped in barbed wire!! FOR THE LOVE OF PETE NO!
Flec : Who's pete..?
Joey : Where have you been?
Flec : SOMEONE had to let the others know...

P? & Divebomb burst through the curtain and run down the ramp, Divebomb collides with Wolfang, the 2-by-4 landing a few feet away. Zarak throws Tempest out of the ring over the middle rope and beckons P? in. P? slides into the ring under the bottom rope & Zarak is quick with boots to his back.

Flec : OH IT'S ON NOW!!
Joey : But where's Viewfind...?
Flec : He, uh, had some "business" to take care of...
Joey : That's disgusting! P? up to his feet now exchanging rights and lefts with Zarak, neither man giving up and it looks like Divebomb's got the better of Wolfang.
Flec : Hey, where'd that 2-by-4 come from?
Joey : You really don't pay attention do ya? Wolfang reaching for the weapon he brought into the fray...
Flec : Divebomb! LOOK OUT!

Wolfang's fingers wrap around the wood of the 2-by-4 and bring it forward, colliding with the forehead of Divebomb busting him wide open. Divebomb reels backwards off of Wolfang, clutching his face as blood drips between his fingers. Wolfang raises the wood again, but Ravage climbs to his knees and drops Wolfang with a low blow. Divebomb lowers his hands from his face, looking at the blood.

Joey : Is he.... smiling?
Flec : Could be...!

Ravage looks at Divebomb and begins to laugh, he then picks up the 2-by-4 and grabs a cameraman. "IT'S FAKE!!" Yells Ravage as he proceeds to hit himself in the head "IT'S PLASTIC!" Meanwhile, un-awares of what's happening on the outside, Zarak is getting the better of P? A quick grapple results in an irish whip, P? back off the ropes into a side-walk slam! Zarak drops the leg on P? for nothing but good measure then takes the time to look outside at Divebomb and Ravage staring back at him. Wolfang's still laid out on the floor & Tempest using the barrier as a makeshift crutch.

Joey : I think Zarak's just realised he's in too deep...
Flec : Oh, that's what the smell is? I thought it was you.
Joey : Classy Flec, real classy.

Divebomb and Ravage slide into the ring, Zarak over stamps on Ravage's back, but Divebomb's up quick and take Zarak by surprise, reeling the big man back into the corner. P? up now, alternating stomps in the corner with Divebomb, taking Zarak down.

Joey : This isn't a wrestling match! This is a massacre!
Flec : No-one said it was gonna be pretty...

Tempest into the ring now, opposite corner to Zarak, runs across the ring and drives his knee hard into the face of Zarak. P? and Divebomb lift Zarak out of the corner, P? rolls out of the ring and set up a table on the outside. Divebomb whips Zarak to Tempest who scoops him up onto his shoulders into a powerbomb position.

Joey : Oh god! No, Tempest don't do it!

Tempest powerbombs Zarak over the top rope and clean through the table on the outside, the table splinters in all directions as the crowd chants "HOLY ****" Ravage rolls back to the outside and lifts Wolfang to his feet and rolls him into the ring, the GPA doing a massive number on Blood & Thunder. All of a sudden Viewfind hurtles through the entrance curtain and down the ramp, his clothes torn and face covered in blood!

Joey : What in the world?
Flec : EMTs!! REFEREE!!
Joey : Huh? No Holds Barred Flec, anything goes!

Strafe and Xille come through the curtain next, Xille carrying the REAL 2-by-4 with shreds of clothing attached, Strafe walks past Viewfind and kicks him in the gut for good measure as EMTs rush down the ramp. Strafe and Xille down to the ring, both sliding in. The GPA turn their attention from Blood and Thunder and to the pairing of Strafe and Xille. Strafe getting the upper hand against Divebomb and P?

Joey : Looks like Xille's in the wrong place...
Flec : and definitely at the wrong time!

Tempest turns and grabs Xille by the throat, hoisting him into the air, choking the life out of the up-and-coming star. Ravage exits the ring & returns with a steel chair then launches three hellatious chair shots into Xille's back, all the while Tempest still holds him in the air. Ravage drops the chair to the mat and Tempest chokeslams Xille down hard onto the steel. Ravage looks back to Wolfang, only to be met by a stiff right hander and launched clean over the top rope.

Joey : Ravage landed hard there! Tempest with his back to Wolfang, turns and...

Tempest blocks the right-hand, kick to the gut from Wolfang connects. Wolfang up on the turnbuckle, leaps and takes down Tempest with a missile dropkick! Wolfang rolls through and goes to work on P? as Strafe continues his assault on Divebomb. The crowd pops massively as the beatings continue, the unlikely alliance of Strafe, Xille and Blood & Thunder proving a crowd favourite over the GPA.

Flec : Here comes the cavalry!
Joey : No! It can't be...
Flec : Oh but it can!

Vin Ghostal leaps the barricade, gold baseball bat in hand and slides into the ring, he places a hand on Strafe's shoulder then rams the hilt of said bat into his gut. V3 reels the bat back and then launches it full-swing into Wolfang's gut, Wolfang rolls backwards into the ropes, hooking his arm around the bottom one, his head lifts and a drop of blood rolls from the corner of his mouth. Wolfang grabs his stomach and coughs up a pool of blood before collapsing down.

Joey : This has gone from bad to worse Flec, there's bodies everywhere! V3 is standing proud in the ring helping out Divebomb and P?. Xille's outside the ring, he could be broken in half after that chokeslam! Strafe may be on the internal bleeding list with Wolfang. Tempest's up to his feet now, but looking groggy...Ravage on the outside too, took a nasty spill over the top rope. The referee doesn't know what to do here...

Amidst all the confusion Zarak grabs the two-by-four and slides into the ring, he charges at V3, Divebomb & P? Scattering them, Zarak gets up close to Tempest and slams the two-by-four into his head, Tempest hits the ground hard, his forehead bleeds slowly across his furrowed brow and down his face. Zarak drops to the canvas and drapes an arm over Tempest as the referee manouveres about the pools of blood and counts to three.

Joey: Someone call in the MO National Guard…cause they’re going to be needed to clean this mess up…folks, Mr. Reilly is on his way out here!

I’m back. And badder than ever.

Mr Reilly appears through the curtain onto the stage, microphone in hand. He struts confidently down the ramp and saunters into the ring.

Reilly: “Thank you, thank you. Always nice to see you boo the person who brought you the entertainment. You really shouldn’t. No, really… I insist – save your gratitude. Oh, wait – you did.”

Glaring at the crowd, Reilly takes a moment to smirk to himself.

Reilly: “Now. I want to take this moment to congratulate our new AWF Champion – the Mad Bomber. Well done. I know you couldn’t have done it without my boy King’s help, so I’m pleased to announce that Redemption will see an AWF Title Match, featuring Bombshell defending against the man who helped him get there – the King!”

Several choruses of jeers fill the air, along with chants in favor of Blaster.

Reilly: “What? Oh yes. The Canuck. Now, contractually he is entitled to a rematch. I’m aware of this. But, you see I have a problem – I kind of already booked some other people to receive title shots. Viewfind ran a few errands for me last week… so he’ll be getting a fair crack. Also, I promised the HeartBrend Kid, worthless layabout that he is, a shot at the gold. But I also booked him for a match at Redemption with the Game.”

He pauses angrily as a chant goes up in favour of Erik Summers.

Reilly: “Anyway. As I was saying. Now, I’m in no doubt that I’m the greatest man to ever run this company, but I have to admit there are certain things that loser Vaccaro did right. One of them is going to solve all my problems at once. It’s called the Iron Gauntlet match. Six men – The Mad Bomber, Blaster, The King, Viewfind, The HeartBrend Kid and the Game. A Triple Threat in a Cell. When one man’s eliminated, the next is called, until there’s only one man standing – the AWF Champion.”

The owner lets the news sink into the fans.

Reilly: “I know, I know. I’m a genius. A sheer genius. Blaster gets his rematch. King gets his shot. HBK gets a crack. The Game gets HBK. I get the highest ratings for a February pay-per-view in AWF history. Everyone’s a winner.”


AWF Mayhem
2004-02-25, 05:47 AM
AWF Title Match: Bombshell (C) with Arcee v Auros

F**king in the Bushes by Oasis hits blares through the arena as Auros makes his way out to the ring area.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen…the following match is for the AWF World Championship and it is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring hailing from Mexico, the challenger…AUROS!

JFA: Mixed response from the St. Louis crowd here…neither of these competitors here anywhere near fan favorites. Auros telling the crowd exactly what he thinks of them as we await the arrival of the champion…

*The lights dim…and Powerman 5000’s Drop the Bombshell takes over*

JHA: And here comes the Underbiker!

JRA: And his opponent, hailing from British Columbia, Canada, accompanied to the ring by Arcee…he is the AWF World Champion…BOMBSHELL!

JFA: Bombshell and Arcee on their way out here and Auros wasting no time what so ever…meeting Bombers half way up the ramp. These two brawlers now slugging it out! Heavy fists rocking each man…Bombers with a wild punch that is ducked by Auros…Auros going downstairs with a low blow! Auros clubbing Bombshell all the way to the back and I understand that Mr. Reilly has decreed that this match will have a winner and he’s decided that in the interest of ratings this match will be falls count anywhere!

JHA: SEE?!? Once again, Mr. Reilly giving these ungrateful morons what they want! What an owner!

JFA: Yeah…not serving his own interests at all. Auros bouncing Bombers head off the rail now tossing him up the ramp! Now Arcee jumping into the mix catching Auros from behind with a dragon screw leg whip! Auros actually rolling up the rump, his knee in obvious pain after that maneuver. Bombshell shaking the cobwebs off, grabbing the challenger by the hair and dragging him up the ramp and too the back.

JHA: Where the hell are they going?

JFA: Backstage would be my best guess…hard to believe that just a few weeks back these two were competing together for a shot at Tag Team Gold…now they are on the verge of destroying one another. Bombshell now whipping Auros hard into the lower base of the ARCHIVETRON before sending him through the opening down the gorilla position!

JHA: Much to the shock of the wrestlers!

JFA: Indeed…Xille and Strafe back their prepping for their match…rather shocked to find Auros explode through the curtain! Auros now getting his balance…

JHA: that’s not all Auros is getting…

JFA: Auros…with a pipe…just crashing it against Bombshell’s skull…a pvc pipe to the side sends Bombers teetering back…this isn’t a match, this is a street brawl! No order…no control…what is Mr. Reilly thinking by allowing this?

JHA: Ratings you fool!

JFA: Of course…ratings…Bombshell staggering backwards and Auros just levels him with a massive clothesline. Bombshell now with his skull bouncing off the concrete backstage. Auros now grabbing a chair…Arcee arriving backstage as well and she charges hard…drop kicking Auros, sending him through one of the locker room doors and…


JFA: Auros just driven hard into TC. TC not reacting to it all that well…Lifetime Enlightenment onto Auros…and following it up with the points of the thumbs. Bombers now on his way in…staggering with a trickle of blood running down his face…seeing the damage done by TC…collecting the unconscious Auros…ATOM BOMB! Bombshell with the the ATOM BOMB on the vulnerable Auros! And Bombshell collapsing on with a cover…1…2…3!

JHA: Bombers retains!

JFA: In something resembling a train wreck more than a match…Bombshell gets a knock out blow courtesy of reigning hardcore champion TC…to get the pinfall and retain his title!

JHA: The crowd is going wild!

JFA: I wouldn’t go that far! We’ll be right back!

*Commercial Break*

AWF Tag Team Title Match: Degeneration NeXt: HBK Sean O’Con & The Game Erik Summers (C) v Strafe & Xille

Joey: Well folks we’ve had some bombs dropped here tonight…the Iron Gauntlet broken out once again, Blaster, HBK, The Game, King and Viewfind all will take their shot at taking out Bombshell in that match. Plus we’ve just found out…Blood & Thunder, the NWA and the nTo will meet in a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contendership for the Tag Team Titles. TC will defend his Hardcore Title against Auros. I’m told there will be other matches announced at a special Pre-Redemption Preview Show sometime this week!

Here to Stay by Korn begins to play in the arena…

Joey: And here we go…the main event here tonight, we already know that the Tag Team Champions will be involved in a match at Redemption…the Iron Gauntlet match to be exact. But tonight…each man is to be on his best behavior…each man is to play nicely…

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is for the AWF Tag Team Titles…making their way to the ring area…first from Chicago, IL Strafe! And his Tag Team partner from Lancaster, Ohio…Xille!

Flec: The odd couple of the AWF…

Joey: I’d hardly call them the odd couple, but they aren’t exactly what I would define a run of the mill team.

Saliva’s Superstar plays as the lights dim in the arena…

JRA: And now making their way to the ring area…the champions, representing Degeneration NeXt…first from Southampton, England…he is the Heart Brend Kid…Sean O’Con!

Joey: One of the most disgusting backstabbers I have ever had the misfortune of being in the presence of…

Flec: Hey…come on! Xille isn’t that bad to be around!

Joey: You know damn well that I’m referring to HBK…

Are you Ready?

The Official Degeneration NeXt theme song begins to play much to the disgust of one Sean O’Con…

JRA: And his tag team partner…hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota…he is the Game, Erik Summers!

Joey: The Game out here to a tremendous ovation...there has been so much talk, so much said between the participants in this match. That time is over and now its time for the match. The Game posing to the igniting pyro, very much in the same manner that his mentor, the incomparable Shawn Michaels starts off his matches.

Flec: And Mr. O'Con looks less than impressed...

Joey: Indeed, and in fact he looks to be making no effort to hide that...and as expected not really showing an active interest in the match...he's ringside so that's a good sign. The Game starting out with the newcomer Xille...Xille in his first match up against either HBK or the Game. And we're off, Xille, forcing the lock up...

Flec: Dumb rookie move number one...

Joey: Could be right Flec, the Game works his way out of that hold and ducks under into the waste lock, lifting Xille off his feet and slamming him down hard on the mat...from the waste he works into an ankle lock of sorts then slams the knee hard into the canvass...so just like that, the Game trying to take out the wheels of one of his opponents. Strafe already calling for the tag Xille however in no position to make one as the Game showing the technical side of his abilities right now cinching on the knee.

Flec: How is DN going to function here Styles? They hate each other!

Joey: I don't know...but Strafe looking less than patient there in the corner, calling for the tag, but The Game shoots a smirk his way then scoops Xille up and tosses him into DN's corner...The Game offering a tag to Sean O'Con...which Sean...ACCEPTS?!?

Flec: I feel a thaw coming...

Joey: Maybe you are correct...O'Con whipping Xille hard into the corner, which shakes Strafe up...O'Con following in and knocks Strafe off the apron...Strafe cracking his jaw and he's irrate...he's screaming at Xille...and Strafe...what the...STRAFE IS WALKING OUT!

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: Strafe on his way out of the ring area...HBK mocking him as he locks in a dragon sleeper on Xille who is now fighting for his very existance against two of the finest in the AWF EVER!

*A Camera follows Strafe to the back where he is met by Morpheus*

Strafe: Oh Christ...

Morpheus: What exactly are you doing? Have you gone mad? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MOMMY? AND WHERE THE HELL IS FLUFFY?

Strafe puts his arm around his former Pulp Faction team mate...offering him some comfort then suddenly flattens him with a short clothesline...collecting the rubble...he finishes Morpheus off with an Ivory Tower, before spitting on him and walking out.

Flec: What the hell was that?!?

Joey: Strafe has lost it...meanwhile...while Morpheus is being tended too...Xille has not had a good night. By some miracle DN is functioning and HBK willingly tagged the Game back in! The Game now dragging Xille to his feet, who connects with a few weak punches to the ribs of the Game...not really phasing the former 3 time AWF Champion all that much...the Game instead sending him hard into the ropes, Xille comes off and Game Over! The Game Over by Summers on to Xille and the Game could very well be over here...cover...one...two...and NO! Xille shoots his shoulder up...Summers now going to the top rope...HBK making the blind tag on Summers, Summers delivers his elbow drop and HBK following in from behind with a fist drop from the top rope. The Game looking less than thrilled about the tag, which amounts to little more than a slap.

Flec: Hold that thought on the thaw I mentioned...

Joey: I think you are right...icey stares being shared in the ring at this time. HBK with Xille now, scooping him up and Stun Gun in the corner! Stun Gun and Xille really looks to be out...cover...1...2...and NO! Foot goes on the bottom rope.

Flec: Kid...just stay down...I may not like these guys, but they are the best...seriously, stay down!

Joey: Flec trying to be the voice of reason too this young athlete before he gets himself killed. HBK now bouncing off the ropes...blind tag now by Summers...HBK with the face plant bull down on Xille who was trying to get up and Summers in now with the collection of what's left!

Flec; You know what is coming...

Joey: Arms hooked...Pedigree...a Pedigree by the Game...cover...1...2...and...HBK pulls Summers off! HBK just pulled Summers off! And he goes for the cover! Summers can't do anything while the match is going on...remember model citizen in this match...HBK locking in the Cloverleaf of all things...and the referee is calling for the bell...Xille not even able to answer the referee...HBK with it locked in still...

RA: Here are your winners and STILL AWF Tag Team Champions, Degeneration NeXt, HBK Sean O'Con and The Game Erik Summers!

Joey: HBK with the hold still on...the Game receiving his belt...now SWEET CHIN MUSIC! The Game with some Sweet Chin Music!

Flec: Well...he made it through the match...that's all Reilly asked for!

Joey: Indeed, HBK is flattened by the Game who with a broad smile is muttering that he'll see him Sunday...now as the referee is looking over Xille, the Game giving the young man a pat on the back, before gazing out towards the crowd! We are out of time folks we'll see you for the PPV Preview this week before Redemption on Sunday, SO LONG!

*Won't Back Down continues to play as the Game walks up ramp and looks back at the ring smirking as HBK is coming around...*

2004-02-25, 05:59 AM
*The Game is all smiles backstage*

Reilly: What...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?

Game: What? I played nicely! We won the match...you never said anything about us needing to get along right after the match and once I left the ring the restraining order would kick back in right? So...I improved a little...now the Game suggests that you take your monkey ass...out of his face...before the band gets tuned again...

In a panic, Reilly dashes out of his way.

Game: Loser...Xille...you've got no reason to hang your head. You were out there by yourself against the best...and I even had Sean O'Con out there with me...you fought hard and you got my respect...which is alot more than I can say about our current champion...Bungshell...but...Sunday...finally...the Game will come back to Chicago...and once the Game arrives in Chicago...its onto the Iron Gauntlet where the Game will run through the King, Homeslice, the Tapedeck...the Bomber...and that will leave....just you and I Sean...inside a cage...no where to go...no help...no cronies...just you and I...and we'll get the chance to see who is the Show Stopper. One more time Sean, the best in the business...see you Sunday!

2004-02-25, 06:06 AM
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on just a second, Reilly! I mean, I know how desperate you are to get your money's worth out of your new AWF champ, but you gotta be kidding me. An Iron Gauntlet match? Against five of the most talentless hacks this company has to offer?! What the hell were you smokin' backstage when you had this bright idea?!

I mean, you gave me Auros, fer chrissakes! I'll admit, that wasn't exactly the smartest idea you've ever had. Then again, that's like saying you wanna find a specific needle in a cactus patch. But, as usual, I took care of the situation.

And what do I get in reward? Money? Beer? A free lap dance from my lady? No! I get five other dumb schmucks that I gotta beat at the PPV. I mean, I beat Blaster square in the ring. Brend, despite being God of his own little head, isn't that much better than the rest of you. King seems to think that his "help" got me the title, and Viewfind's just some dumbass thrown in just because he said we'd get sued by the entire population of Philly if we didn't. And do I really need to go into why Erik shouldn't be in this match? I think it's pretty f*cking obvious.

Ah, well. If you wanna send those guys to an early grave, that's fine by me. Happy to do the job. But this time, I wanna get ten million dollars and all of Hawaii outta the deal.

Except Molakai. You can give that to the losers. They'll feel right at home.

(OOC: I think this is one of my best promos ever.)

2004-02-25, 06:15 AM
*Strafe angrily makes his way to the locker room, but is interrupted by an AWF camera crew*

Jobber Interviewer - Strafe! Care to explain just what the hell happened out there?

*Strafe glares at the interviewer before slamming him against the wall, and throwing him aside*

Strafe - All of you listen very carefully. I am not here for your amusement, for your entertainment. No. Not anymore. I made that mistake when I started, thinking that the crowd and I could work together, to make the AWF the best it could be. To that end I joined Pulp Faction, and we had a hell of a run.

But you know what I realized?

The AWF has no place for the "Nice-Guy". It has no place for honor, courage, and the other niceities that I used to believe.

I spent months with Pulp Faction, and during that entire period I won the Hardcore title once. One time. For all my effort, for all my blood, sweat and tears, I won just once. Every other time, those who were willing to do what it took, those who were willing to break every rule, those who were willing to do anything in their power to win, came out on top.

To that end I left. Perhaps at the time I knew inside what would eventually happen, but I thought that perhaps, if I truly recommitted myself to the good fight, I could come out on top.

Who was I joking?

I came back to the AWF just in time for the Rumble, fighting and clawing my way to the end, when it all came crashing down. In the end a fair fight was impossible, and trickery and deceit once again won the day.

And now tonight with Xille. The moment he did not tag me in, I knew that I could not take this any longer. I was not about to let my fate rest in the hands of another who was blatantly not up for the task.

So I left to...turn over a new leaf as the saying goes. Now of course Morpheus, the mentally challenged freak that he is, had to say just the wrong thing. Well he paid for it. Before I would have boldly challenged him to an honorable match in the ring to settle our differences.

Well, why waste an opportunity when life grants one? So Morpheus became the first victim of my new outlook on life. I'm sure he'll recover in time.

Now as for those who currently hold power in the AWF, I'm coming, and this time I'm not playing nice. So the fans can just **** off. Pulp Faction can **** off. Everyone can just **** off. I have one goal in mind, and I'm willing to do anything to get it.

Now see to it that your interviewer friend here gets some medical attention.

*Strafe snickers and enters his locker room*

Sir Auros
2004-02-25, 06:16 AM
Que mal suerte!:rant:

2004-02-25, 08:13 AM

*Tempest is seen, hours afterwards in the back with head covered in bandades and rolled up to stop the bleeding.*

Ravage: Yo ... man where have you been ... Viewfinds wants to talk to you about the match ... and the Iron Gaunlet.

*Tempest holds up one hand and keeps his head low*

T: Tell him ... I'm sorry about the match ... tell the NWA I let them down ...

*Tempest looks up with a single tear in his eye.*

T: ... Tell ... Tell Blood n' Thunder ...

*Tempest with a single bound, his face changes to one hell of a pissed off guy and steps right up to Ravage*

T: I will have my revenge.

*Tempest is seen leaving the arena while Ravage wonders what the hell is going on.*

2004-02-25, 08:42 AM
Short memory, huh, G? The phrase "you can't touch me" ring any bells?

Enjoy your time preparing for Redemption, Erik. You'll be spending it in jail.

2004-02-25, 09:14 AM
D-Ex: Another year...another day...another match that D-Extreme gets screwed out of. Brave Maxx you have stolen the spot which was reserved for me! Not only did you steal a victory from me your necro-homo loser, you STOLE it on my birthday! Like a kid getting his b-day present stolen by some punk kid, I will make you pay for your insolence Brave Maxx. And NMat your ass got saved this time cause if it were me who won that match, you'll be praying that you will atleast make it out alive when we meet. We shall cross paths soon NMat...you should believe that!

Now Cyberstrike, this is yet another match you reared your ugly butt in my way. One day o former friend...one day..it will take just one day for me to destroy you in the AWF ring and show you NEVER get in the way of the XTREME!

OOC; cool mayhem. Cant wait to see the next one :D

2004-02-25, 12:06 PM
Y'see CrapStriker? That's what happens when you run your mouth. That's what happens when you dis the Welsh Wonder, when you dis the Welsh Wonder's fans, and when you dis the Welsh Wonder's homeland. What happens? The quickest victory since I beat Starscreamer. A victory quicker than when your Huskies... No, as Joey said, let's stop right there, but I think everyone knows what I mean, hmmmm?


Anyway, Ghostal. You want to go one on one with the Welsh Wonder at Redemption? You really think you're ready? You think you're kinda cool, hitting on me with your nob? But that's OK. Gay's the new black. I'm sure you can pull it off. What you can't pull off is a victory against the Double S. You can't stop me going to Archivemania, and fulfilling my destiny. You can't stop me tearing apart your soul and... WOah, excuse me. I came out in a Strangely Horrid Inhibitted Tosser Syndrome there. Which is conveniently abbrieviate to ****S.

Anyway, point is that you bring your gold-clothed ass and your penis extension. I'll bring the beating. Then I'll beat you all over the arena, because you really aren't ready for the Double S. Capiche?


(Great show this week folks. Congrats to the writers)

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-02-25, 12:17 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
Now Cyberstrike, this is yet another match you reared your ugly butt in my way. One day o former friend...one day..it will take just one day for me to destroy you in the AWF ring and show you NEVER get in the way of the XTREME!

IC: Get your facts straight you lost because of Stoned Crap Skyfart stuck his big nose in the match.

OOC: An ok show not the best not worst either.

2004-02-25, 02:24 PM
You know what S***Switch? One match doesn't matter. Your victory didn't matter either. You know why you idiot? Cause I am still standing here, infront of you. Thats right for all of you "skill" you couldn't finnish me off. Thats right you punk a** b**** your nothing.

Wait, Wait, I should call you that, thats just impolitle. I think I shall call you the idiot wonder who lives in I surrend Welsh land, and whos people are idiots, and quitters.

You proved nothing, nothing. You victory is empty, for Odin's messenger is still here. You lost.

Amarant Odinson
2004-02-25, 02:47 PM
Backstage: We see the I.C. Champion hunched over on a bench, towel over his head and the I.C. Title over his lap. Still in his gear, he wipes some sweat off with the towel as he looks up to see Lisa Loveless and a cameraman. And he grins slightly as he begin to say something to her.

A.O: Ms. Loveless, to what do I owe the pleasure??

L.L: Hesitantly, she starts to talk. I just waited to get some of your thoughts about tonight and the upcoming PPV.

A.O: Fair enough, where would you like to start??

L.L: Almost surprized by his response, she continues. Umm... How about first, we start with your victory over OP2005?

A.O. Pretty simple really. He gave it his best shot but as per usual, it just wasn't good enough. OP2005 tonight became just another statistic. A statistic that just keeps raising with every match that I have. I made him TAP OUT. He put forth a good effort, but when you face a man of my caliber, your best just isn't good enough.

L.L: What about your upcoming title defense against the former champion, Scout at Redemption?

A.O: Once again, pretty straight forward. I kicked her ass at Meltdown. I kicked her ass and won the I.C. Title at Edge of Survival and at Redemption, I kick her ass again. You see Lisa, I have no problems giving Scout a rematch for the I.C. Title. Unlike Mat Man, who seems to be running scared because he won't give me a rematch for the T.V. Title. As former the T.V.champ, I deserve that rematch. Not some undead freak. But it doesn't matter. I'll get my rematch for the T.V. Title against Mat Man or Brave Maximus. I don't care which one it is because at the end of the day, there'll become like all the rest before them. Another statistic, another wrestler that I made TAP OUT, another wrestler who took on the BEST DAMN TECHNICAL I.C. CHAMPION, another wrestler who will never.....ever..... PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-02-25, 03:16 PM
Ahh Xille, look at him being a good little boy playing with the Game.

Isn't that ****ing special.

Make friends now cuz your going to need saving when we finally get in the ring together.

2004-02-25, 04:57 PM
OOC: Great Mayhem and also a great match for me. Thankyou to the writers....

OP is sitting in a, yet again, darkened room looking at his legs then towards a camera...

OP: Yes... Amarant... You did what you had to do to retain your title. And yes once again you weren't proved wrong... but let me tell you something, I am not JUST another statistic I am Thy Worst Nightmare, The Highlander From Hell OP2005 and yes you may have wrestled well... TECHNICALLY ...but not everything in this world bac be fought on the Technical side. Remember that for when we meet again...

2004-02-25, 05:45 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer

You proved nothing, nothing. You victory is empty, for Odin's messenger is still here. You lost.

What would you have me do? End your life? Tear your head off and feed it to the dogs? Nah buddy, that's just not me. I'm no psycho. I'm the man, the mutt's nuts, the Welsh Wonder. I don't need to end anyone's life, nor do I think I could. Besides, why would I want to?

Humiliating my opponents is much more satisfying. I've proven all I want to prove with you - that you're a little bitch, always have been, always will be. My second quickest victory ever. Not only did I mop the floor with your sorry ass, I polished the windows, washed the curtains and dusted the fireplace too. So next time, think a little more. Maybe consider that I got precisely what I wanted out of this match. Consider that the Double S kicked your sorry ass all over the arena, and consider that the Double S is revelling in his victory. You can say what you like about my lack of skill, but at the end of the day, it was me who beat you - not the other way around.

2004-02-25, 09:02 PM
*EDIT* OOC: I always forget to put this in. I guess I'm too into my promos or something to remember, but whatever. GREAT MAYHEM! Good times for 'ol X! *EDIT*

Originally posted by Ravage
Ahh Xille, look at him being a good little boy playing with the Game.

Isn't that ****ing special.

Make friends now cuz your going to need saving when we finally get in the ring together.

What? Ravage is telling me that I need help? The guy who's in a stable with four other hosses? Does anyone's else head hurt because of that statement?

I have the respect of the Game. Can you say that? I wouldn't think so. That's yet another reason why I'm better than you, Ravage. Here's another: I'm the X. The up-and-comer. The bluechipper. The current mid-card miracle. Hell, I'm the freaking opium of the masses!

Do you feel that when you come through the curtain, Ravage? That high as the crowd screams your name? If anyone has my back in this match, it's them. The people who pay my salary. The people who show up week in and week out to watch me slowly become their high-flying hero. I'm the underdog, Ravvy, and the people love underdogs. So, every time you knock me down, Ravage, they'll pick me up. Every time my shoulders are on the mat, they'll give me the energy to kip-up one last time. They'll get me through this, Ravage. The masses and I will break you.

2004-02-25, 09:47 PM
Originally posted by Brendocon
Short memory, huh, G? The phrase "you can't touch me" ring any bells?

Enjoy your time preparing for Redemption, Erik. You'll be spending it in jail.

Oh really? You think so...Funny thing is...when you touched me for the blind tag you negated your own restraining order...you initiated contact with me...as such, as long as I was in that ring, what I did was fine...also...The Game here did some checking and it seems that St. Louis has Good Samaritan laws, where in, an individual will not face reprecussions from their actions if they are acting in a way to assist another individual and keep them from harm.

Sorry Sean, you're little legal bullsh*t won't help you tonight...you screwed yourself over there bro!

2004-02-25, 10:10 PM
OOC: Bah bad show! It was a bad show because I wasn't on it!
J/K :D

2004-02-26, 12:54 AM

Once mo homeslice gets a shot at his BLING.
Now look who i gotta rap battle

Sean O'Con I beat that fool in da past to get da IC bling
Da King Beat his punk ass for da world BLING
The Game Beat his ass
Blasterd...ugh NEXT!!
and last BOMBSHELL i beat da fool mo times them my owen meat....AND DATS ALOT!!

2004-02-26, 03:02 AM
You know Xille you make me sick.

I use to care about the fan's their cheers their concerns. But you know what **** them they are not in the ring. They are not the ones getting punished and going through hell day in and day out. They are nobodies. Just like you.

And someday I am going to prove that you are nothing. Once I get you alone in the ring I am going to make all of your so called fan's cry and scream as they watch me punish you for every one of their screams of joy.

Keep that in mind.

2004-02-26, 03:10 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind

and last BOMBSHELL i beat da fool mo times them my owen meat....AND DATS ALOT!!

We don't need to know THAT, 'Find...although I think it will make for some good blackmail material for the peeps back in Philly, don't ya think?

2004-02-27, 12:28 AM
Nah yo.

But maybe dis tape.
See me and acree we had a good old time, just ask the rest of da boyz, ravage,Tempest, P? and Dbomb....hell even Deathscream got a turn and we got it all on tape....maybe this will be better blackmail?

2004-02-27, 02:57 AM
Humiliating? You call that patheic use of your skill Humiliating? I laugh at your direction. You and your patheic crying about how good you are, and how good you will be. Face it your Welsh, and not one Welsh was or will be good.

You got, what you wanted big deal, I am still standing here already on my next match and you will still be here standing. Thats all you do, stand and do nothing. Its a wonder that they brought in hick like you into this fed.

Here a skirt, wear it and loudly proclaim that you beat The best warrior in this fed, Odin messenger, The Lord of Destruction without ever even doing any permenant damage to him. Proclaim how your a weak punk a** b**** that does nothing cause he's to scared of blood. You have no balls, and you never will.

Gloat all you want, for your still stuck as a worthless loser, and I am the biggest and most upcomming person on this fed.

Face it, The IdiotWelshLoser, you lost, and you lost big. Cloud is still here, and all battles are neither won nor loss without blood. All you did was prove how worthless you are.

2004-02-27, 03:02 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind

But maybe dis tape.
See me and acree we had a good old time, just ask the rest of da boyz, ravage,Tempest, P? and Dbomb....hell even Deathscream got a turn and we got it all on tape....maybe this will be better blackmail?

Say...did you get that at the same place where they're handing out that Paris Hilton video? I heard they're very reliable. ;)

2004-02-27, 03:29 AM
Nah we got it from the same place we got your mum on video ... and we got plenty fo copies of that ...

2004-02-27, 03:37 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
Nah we got it from the same place we got your mum on video ... and we got plenty fo copies of that ...

Oh, then by all means, hand them out. I'm sure that your mom would like that. ;)

2004-02-27, 03:50 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind

The Game Beat his ass

Whoa whoa whoa...listen you half baked twit...you even dream of beating the Game, your "bling bling" monkey ass better call me and apologize!

2004-02-27, 03:53 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
Whoa whoa whoa...listen you half baked twit...you even dream of beating the Game, your "bling bling" monkey ass better call me and apologize!

Whoo hoo hoo! And here I was thinking that I was gonna have a problem.

2004-02-27, 04:17 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Whoo hoo hoo! And here I was thinking that I was gonna have a problem.

You are going to have a problem...you'll have a problem trying to eat your meals through a straw after the Game gets done laying the smack down on your candy ass.

2004-02-27, 04:31 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
You are going to have a problem...you'll have a problem trying to eat your meals through a straw after the Game gets done laying the smack down on your candy ass.

And I would be worried...if it was just you. And for once, the fact that there are four other jokers in this match actually turns out to be in my favor.

Think about it, Erik. The five of you could beat yourselves s*itless for god only knows how long, and then have me come in to get the easiest win of my whole career.

Of course, I highly doubt that Brend would actually take this opportunity to screw you over...again. If I recall correctly, it was in exactly this kind of match that he turned on your sorry ass.

I'm beginning to wonder if history will repeat itself in a few days...

2004-02-27, 04:50 AM
Oh really Bombers...well imagine if you're number 1, I'm 2 and tapedeck is 3. You know Tapedeck wants a piece of your candy ass, and so do I. You could be the first one eliminated from the entire thing as I march on my way to my 4th AWF Title Run, then on to Archivemania where the Game will meet Sixswitch...who will run through Ghostal just like the Game will run through 4 useless hacks and The King in the Gauntlet!

2004-02-27, 05:12 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
Oh really Bombers...well imagine if you're number 1, I'm 2 and tapedeck is 3. You know Tapedeck wants a piece of your candy ass, and so do I. You could be the first one eliminated from the entire thing as I march on my way to my 4th AWF Title Run, then on to Archivemania where the Game will meet Sixswitch...who will run through Ghostal just like the Game will run through 4 useless hacks and The King in the Gauntlet!

First off, you gotta remember who it is that's in charge of this company, Erik. Brendan Reilly. He's the guy who set this all up in the first place. Y'know, at first, I thought the guy was hopped up on medicinal mari-ju-ana, but then I got around to thinking that he knows what the fans want. And they want to see two things: me remain the champ, and see everyone else in that match unable to walk for the rest of their lives.

So he sets up this thing: The Iron Gauntlet. Six men enter, one man leaves.

But here's a question, Erik. Do you really think he wants anyone else in that match to be the champ? ESPECIALLY you and Brend?!



He realizes that out of the six guys in this match, the only one who hasn't pissed him off on a regular basis is me. And thus, I am very high up on his "friends" list. So what he does is make it so that the rest of you go ahead first, beat the piss outta each other, then sends me in to finish the job that you so kindly started for me.

Second of all, Ghostal is your God, and should be treated as such by all. But Vinnie, go easy on Sixb*tch, will ya? There's gotta be some of him left for me to beat at ArchiveMania.

2004-02-27, 05:45 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
So he sets up this thing: The Iron Gauntlet. Six men enter, one man leaves.

Have you ever even seen the Iron Gauntlet? 3 enter, and its a triple threat elimination where new members replace the disposed members...you know...like you. So let me break it down for you bug boy...say you, Tapedeck and the Game start out...well, seeing how Reilly does rather like you, I'd say its safe that you'll be the target...once your toasted one of the other lesser wrestlers will make their way out.

Oh and I wouldn't get too cocky and start using the term "friend" with a guy who looks at you as human cattle...that he can prod for ratings. He hates Sean and I for one simple reason, we do what we want...but at the same time, he loves us cause he knows the people tune in to see us. And by the way...the order of entry is random...if you were half the champion that the rest of us who held that title...and yes all of us in this match are former champions...then you would simply demand to be first in...to prove your worth!

2004-02-27, 05:45 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
the Game will run through 4 useless hacks and The King in the Gauntlet!

You ran through 4 useless hacks?

I went through 2 of them ... King got rid of Thundercracker and you only just managed to beat King. Hell boy ... the only reason I left that becasue the chicken s*it bastard King had to bring in a chair. You brang in a sledge as well, and I still put you in your place. In that Gaunlet I was unstoppable, I should be in their and not you you missrebale piece of s*it.

2004-02-27, 05:49 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
You ran through 4 useless hacks?

I went through 2 of them ... King got rid of Thundercracker and you only just managed to beat King. Hell boy ... the only reason I left that becasue the chicken s*it bastard King had to bring in a chair. You brang in a sledge as well, and I still put you in your place. In that Gaunlet I was unstoppable, I should be in their and not you you missrebale piece of s*it.

Clean the wax out of your ears you half witted mid card jabbronie! Will = future tense...hence I'm referring to the match coming up on Sunday...if you need me to beat some more sense into you, I'm not tough to find.

2004-02-27, 05:54 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
And by the way...the order of entry is random...if you were half the champion that the rest of us who held that title...and yes all of us in this match are former champions...then you would simply demand to be first in...to prove your worth!

All right then! If it's the only way that I can be assured that I won't have to listen to you bitch and whine, why not?! Sure! Put me in first! First, third, fifth, six millionth, it's just a number.

But hey, Erik. There's two names you gotta remember. Chris Benoit. Shawn Michaels. They entered a elimination match as #1, and they came out the winner. Guess I'll be sitting among the greats very soon.

Originally posted by Galvatron91
I'm not tough to find.

Yeah. Just look for the beaten up corpse...or maybe you're better off looking for the most beat up one, cause after Sunday, there's gonna be a few of those around here.

2004-02-27, 05:55 AM
I need some sense beaten into moi?

With the way O'Cons going you'd think that you'd have enough sense to stay outta my way. I'm not someoen to be messed with.

I should of had that damn title around my waist at Syxx Feet Under but you and King sought out to destroy me ... I'll return the favour, one day, I promise you that.

2004-02-27, 06:05 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
I need some sense beaten into moi?

I think that's the smartest thing you've ever said.

2004-02-27, 04:01 PM
You want me to wear a skirt? Maybe you'd like me to add a little makeup? Buy two balloons and stick them inside a bra and wear that too? Get lost you sick freak. And sad though it is, even if the Double S were to do all that ****, I'd still be twice the man you could ever dream to me.

And since the concept of victory is so hard for you to grasp, let's consult the Idiot's Guide to Wrestling.


*skims the pages*

How not to have a stupid delusion of adequacy... Appropriate for you, but not part of the discussion.

How not to be a whiny punk-arse bitch... Ditto.

Ah, here we go. How to win a wrestling match.

"The victor in a standard wrestling match is decided by pinfall, submission, countout or KO. In a pinfall situation, victory is decided when the winner - that's me - pins the stupid, idiotic, pathetic, delluded loser's (that's you) shoulders to the mat for a period of three seconds, as determined by the referee."

There we go. Not that complex is it? I won, you lost. Keep telling yourself otherwise if it gives you that 'funny feeling'. Hey, maybe you'll actually meet a real life girl one day to give it to you instead. That'll stop you bothering the huskies at least. Ha! Yeah right. I win, you lose. You suck, I rock. I am the most exciting wrestler in the AWF today. You are a nothing. A nobody. A peon. You reek of sucktitude, and that's all that really matters. Now go crawl back to your buddy Carl and ask him to kiss you better. Leave the real wrestling to the real wrestlers. I walked into the ring, I beat your ass for your lip, and that's all there is to say about that. I'm done with you. You're no longer worthy of my time, so run along, there's a good bitch.

Now, on to more important matters. Maybe you need your ears cleaned out Bitchshell. Maybe you missed the stipulation in our match. Mine and Ghostal's match is for the Numer 1 title shot at Archivemania. So if he beats me(which he won't) and if you survive the Gauntlet(which you won't), you'll face Ghostal at Archivemania, not the Double S.

But that's irrelevent really, because the Welsh Wonder has no intention of losing to Vin Rouge. Yup, Red Wine - that's our Ghostal. Smooth, sophisticated, classy... Yet lacks that kick that makes him truly great. When you meet the Rougeman, you can't help leaving feeling somewhat... cheated. But don't worry, at Redemption, I won't get cheated. The Double S will walk in as the Number 1 contender, and walk out as the Number 1 contender. In fact, there's no real point me even showing up in terms of the AWF title, but I like competing. The thrill of the music, the roar of the crowd, the kicking of the ass. It's all good for me, and once again at Redemption, the Welsh Wonder gets to do what he loves best.

You Want Some?
Come Get Some!

2004-02-27, 10:14 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
I think that's the smartest thing you've ever said.

Holy Sh*t...the Game and the bug finally agree on something!

2004-02-27, 10:35 PM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
Holy Sh*t...the Game and the bug finally agree on something!

*looks out the nearest window to see fire, explosions and four guys on horseback killing random people*

Yup. The Apocalyspe is here, all right.

2004-02-28, 12:52 AM
Ok lets get da game in CHECK!

G-man i don't wanna start shizzel with you dogg, i mean you did help me keep my job....

You know who da **** i am and last time i got in da ring wit you yo punk ass was on yo back like dat hoz arcee.....1.....2....3 BAM G-man just got SHOT!

2004-02-28, 05:36 AM
Whoa Whoa Whoa.. what's going on here? What's with all this useless bickering about who's gonna beat up who and what and how and other bullsh*t! There's only one thing you will all learn at Iron Gauntlet. The King is King for one reason and one reason only: He will beat the royal living daylights out of all of you Jobbers. Bug: You only won because of my help in the ring. Mano y mano you will go down faster than a fly that just got sprayed by Raid. Viewfind: I owned you not once but twice in the ring already and I'll make it three times at the PPV. Y3B: Blah.... you are nothing, might as well not show up at all and save yourself more humiliation. Brend: You and I haven't met in the ring yet but guess what you'll find out that The Game is easy compare to me. You'll get yourself another restraining order after the match so you can avoid any more defeats at my hands. Game: You and I have unfinished business. You are the one I want to face in the ring the most, if only to make you stop talking about how great you are and blah blah blah other nonesenses you feed to the public each and every week. Once and for all I will show you I am that DAMN GOOD. I have beatened you once I will do it again.

2004-02-28, 06:06 AM
Originally posted by -Predaking-
Bug: You only won because of my help in the ring. Mano y mano you will go down faster than a fly that just got sprayed by Raid.




OOC: Man! I never knew how good this fourm could be for expelling pent up rage! :D!

2004-02-28, 07:56 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
OOC: Man! I never knew how good this fourm could be for expelling pent up rage! :D!

OOC: It's what its here for.

2004-02-28, 07:51 PM

*Gruff is shown backstage recieving stitches to the gash across his forehead*

Gruff: for someone who refuses to face me in a rematch Skywarp you sure do have a nasty tendancy to get into my business. Your drinking ability is outshined only by your cowardice and hypocrosy.

I can feel it now, the satisfaction i'll get when i lay your stinking carcass out to rot with the garbage when i get my revenge at the aptly named Redemption. Your not worth the breath any more Skywarp, stay in your bar and drink a cool one on me but after the ppv your gonna look real stupid eating corn on the cob with no f*cking teeth!!

Gruff: As for that triple threat match, well when you showed your booze faced self out there maybe things do happen for a reason heh heh heh. Needless to say Brave Maxx you needed a chair shot from left field as the yanks say to put me down. Next time you wont be so lucky and it will be the Ibrox Drop you feel instead of the beer gut stunner.
TV title now withstanding, Amarant i'm glad you answered my challenge, i'll see you on Mayhem for the IC title.