View Full Version : Updated News Regarding Upcoming Palisades Ultra Magnus Statue

2004-02-27, 05:42 AM
tfw2005 had the following to report on the issue.

It was reported at Toy Fair 2004 that Palisades, creators of the popular Dreamwave-inspired G1 Transformers statues, would be making an exclusive statue to be sold at the Official Transformers Collectors Convention coming this July.

There was some confusion on the matter and the confusion has since been cleared up.

The 6-inch Palisades Ultra Magnus statue will not be sold at the convention, but will be sold only to OTFCC Fan Club Members through the official OTFCC store.

At $70.00 for the statue with $35 Fan Club registration with $5 shipping and handling, the Ultra Magnus statue can be yours for a grand total of $110.

Special thanks to the AllSpark and to Altered States Magazine for the heads up and clarification on this issue.

And Here's A Pic (http://www.tfw2005.com/modules.php?name=IndyNews&MediaOp=show&idMediaAss=s1561&MediaName=otfcc-magnus.jpg&MediaNum=1)