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Brave Maximus
2004-03-05, 08:39 AM
From the darkness it came, howling and screaming: It's throat horse from the effort. Racing through the aether it split the darkness and shattered it for a moment. For one perfect moment there was no darkness. Everything was bathed in the light and nothing was hidden. All sins, all fear, hopes, dreams and secrets were bared before all. But the light gave way, and the ever enveloping darkness surrounded all once again. But now, in the darkness, upon the ropes that circled the battle ground there was a form. Cloaked in the darkness, holding it around itself like armour. But deep with in was a face as pale as the light with eyes that remembered what was seen in that perfect moment.

The form never moved an inch, yet a voice came from it, a voice like thunder escaping from a grave. Deep and haunted, by what it had done and what it has yet to do. The voice rumbled around the arena, around the countryside and around the world, until it found the ears that were ment to hear it.

"Vengance. That is what I must claim. But my vengance must be put on hold, diverted, waiting for the moments to strike. But I have wronged everyone. I was blinded by my own quest. I could not see what was going on. There are things in the AWF I cannot stand for. People abusing their power, keeping good people down and hurting the ones that would help. I sat idly by last week and did not help Blood and Thunder. I knew in every fiber of my being that I should - but I was lost in my own concerns. I did not care about my match last week, and was content to lay it aside. Then an injustice was done, and because of that, I now know what I must do. I should thank each of you. Where it not for your ...... intervention, my purpose would have been lost. And I will thank you, personally. Stone Cold Skywarp and Cyberstrike - I will seek my vengance and visit it upon thee any way I can. The shadows are no longer safe for you, and the night hold terror. We shall be seeing each other soon."

The voice fills with saddness now, and a great weight seems to be pressed upon its shoulders.

"Mat Man. We are destined to meet at Redemption. And for this I am sorry. The title you carry is a key. A key to my vengance - both against those who wronged me. In your heart you are not evil, but you have wronged in the past. And for your Redepmtion I will let you feel the embrace of the Final Darkness and wash your sins away. And with that I will take your title. I am sorry, but it must happen."

Three drops fall from the hood of the darkend form. Each hitting the mat as a hand would, counting one, two, three. Each an appology for what must happen. Brave Maximus will take the title away from Mat Man, another sin to be carried upon his shoulders.

2004-03-05, 11:19 PM
IC: Hey... no sweat, Maxx. Blood & Thunder accredit the airborne avenger known as Strafe and the rookie known as Xille with the assist. We know you woulda helped if you'd been focused on it. But we know that you, like everyone else, have other things to focus on. There is no need for an apology.

As for being held down... well... let's just say that we intend to rectify that situation. We'll make Reilly wish he hadn't crossed us... I assure you of that.

2004-03-06, 04:36 AM
nmathew is show in his dressing room watching the end of Brave Maxx's promo.

Jon Couchman: Er, Mat Man. Your thoughts on this?

The Mat Man stands form his couch and turns towards Couchman, the TV title clutched to his chest

Mat Man: What do I think? I think Reilly's insane for letting that man compete. I think Cyberstrike's an idiot for attacking StoneCold. I think D-Extreme should have been paying attention to his competition and not StoneCold so that he wouldn't have gotten choke slammed. I think I've got to deal with an undead freak that seems to think he needs to clense me of my sins!

Couchman: You're saying your scared?

Mat Man: Scared? No, not scared exactly, but certainly unsettled. Brave Maxx, if you want to settle a few sins, how about you chase after the people who hit me with hundreds of illegal chair shots over my career? The people who cost me a few months of my career because my spinal column was a mess.

If it's the TV title you're after. The "key" as you call it. My title... You're in for the fight of your unlife Brave Maxx, because I'm not going to part with it easily. So get to the gym, or the morgue, or the cemetary. Where ever it is to work out, go there, because if you think you're just going to walk in and strip the Mat Man of his title, you're not ready!