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AWF Press Office
2004-03-08, 06:00 AM
JFA Voiceover as Master of Puppets by Metallica plays: Redemption…it’s defined as the act of redeeming…of reclaiming past glory…of mending past wrongs…of finding one’s way back from the darkness…

*Images show the elimination of such AWF stars from the Rumble as Strafe, Morpheus, Vin Ghostal, The Game & HBK…*

For some…dreams have been redeemed, while others still struggle to stake their claim at glory, while others look for the path to lead them back to greatness…tonight…regardless of the situation, regardless of the cost…each and every AWF star seeks…REDEMPTION!

*The pyro ignites the United Center*

Joey: We are live from the SOLD OUT United Center here in Chicago, IL and this is AWF Redemption! Tonight, we bring you 4 title matches, including the ever deadly, Iron Gauntlet for the AWF Title…but first, let’s send this over to our colleague, Auntie Slag…

Flec: Must we?

Outside Chicago’s United Center sits a small, yet perfectly formed TV studio. The audience are packed in like Sardines and their eyes widen as the lights on the cameras switch from red to green. The studio lights come up and we are presented with a cut-down house band who kicks things off with a sparse, staccato beat. It is a moderate rhythm, almost Egyptian sounding. Suddenly Auntie appears in a belly-dancing outfit!

The crowd cheer as he wobbles in time toward the mike. Pouting, he grabs it firmly by the shaft and declares:

Auntie: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and that’s why its better than yours, damn right, its better than yours, I could teach you, but I’d have to charge”.

Raucous clapping and wolf whistles ensue.


Lots of obnoxious hooting and hollering. Auntie quells them with a wave of his mighty (and hairy) hand, the band grinds to a halt.

Auntie: “Redemption! Can you smell the fear boys and girls? Isn’t it lovely? I’ll tell you what isn’t lovely, and that’s tonight's guest; the Boss of the Archive Wrestling Federation Mr. Reilly”!

Reilly swaggers in from stage right to a conflab of boos and jeers. He flicks them off and seats himself gruffly on the couch.

Auntie: “Of all the nights in all the world on all the imaginary TV shows of all the Internet, you had to walk into our server”.

Reilly: “Quiet you hack. Don’t forget who funds this dismal charade of yours”.

Auntie: “Were but it the devil himself. At least I could get some haute couture for my soul”.

Reilly: “Just ask me the damn questions, I’ve got matches to rig”.

Auntie: “Fine. Mr. Reilly, how much do you suck”?

Reilly: “I'm not here to be insulted Slag... you're just lucky that Vaccaro and the Game pulled that fast one with all the contracts so you have a job. I don't normally hire on cross dressing freaks...”

Auntie: “Was it your idea to split the AWF into two shows? Why isn’t there a board of Directors to fire your incompetent ass”?

Reilly: “Why? I'll tell you why! Because I own the stock and I choose not to have one. That's why! This is my company... this is my show! I RUN THINGS”!!!

Auntie: “Do you keep in touch with AWF stars who have long since got real jobs? Do you ever try to get them back? I’m thinking of people like Brawn, Omega Denmad, Dead Pool, Reflector, Shrapnel, Wildfire Herald, Ravishing Rage Rude...”

Reilly: “Considering you are still employed here, I'd watch what you refer to as a real job, Slag. Reflector shortened his name to Flec and still works as one of our color commentators...the rest of those has been's, who cares”?

Auntie: “How much do you get paid”?

Reilly: “I'm not one to gloat about my financial situation... but I do just fine”.

Auntie: “Aren’t you tired of D-Next kicking your ass”?

*Shows visible anger*

Reilly: “I hate the Game... and I hate HBK... and there's nothing I love more than the fact that I know right now... they hate each other. I know how much torture it is for them to hold the belts together. For too long, they've ruined my dreams... for TOO LONG I have suffered because of them. But the time is coming where's it's Reilly's time... D-NeXt is dead... I KILLED THEM! I drove the stake through their hearts! ME DAMNIT! ME! I FORCED THEM INTO THE MATCH THAT DROVE THEM APART... I CAUSED THE RESENTMENT! I PLAYED THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER”!

*Mr. Reilly is now red faced, veins bulging in his neck and temples, frothing at the mouth*

Auntie: “You vs. Commissioner Vaccaro. Who would win”?

Reilly: *Adjusts his hair and straightens his tie* “I think I've already won... I own his company, don't I”?

Auntie: “Did you know that your fly is undone”?

*Looks down and then looks up in a panic*


*Reilly storm off amidst a cloud of hate*

Auntie: “Wasn’t he a peach?

The house music kicks in again, AS stands up.

Auntie: “Well that about wraps it up for this segment laramies and squirms. Next up we have a shot-kicker of a match for the TV Title. Can the Mat Man retain? Watch if you’re smart. Goodnight”!

The end credits roll, this time accompanied with a voiceover

VO: “On the Couch was brought to you by ‘Cyberdick’, the Cyberstrike shaped condom available in lemon and aniseed flavour. Make your member a member of the nTo today (extra small only)”.

Back in Black hits as The Mat Man bursts from behind the curtain and makes his way down the ramp. As the crowd cheers, he pauses to pose for a picture with a young boy. Once finally in the ring, nmat climbs each turnbuckle in turn and holds the TV title high, giving everyone a chance to take their own snapshot. Satisfied, nmathew drapes the TV title over his shoulder, motions for a mic, and addresses the Chicago crowd.

The Mat Man: Man, I love Chicago!

*cheap pop from the crowd*

Mat Man: That's right, I love visiting this great city. Unfortunately, The Mat Man isn't out here for pleasantries. I have something to address. Amarant Odinson has demanded a his rematch. He's already trying to line up title shots because he knows Scout's going to rip that IC title from his waist faster that P?'s mom puts out.

Amarant, I have an undead monster to deal with tonight. I'll dismantle him. Then Dumb to the Extreme has once again shown up, and he wants a piece of me. I'll give him that piece, and leave him broken in the ring.

While we all know that The Mat Man, the best technical wrestler in the business today, has plenty of people who are begging to feel the dreaded double chicken wing, he's left a special spot open for you, Amarant. It's sitting and waiting for you to fill it, because we will finally settle who is the better technical wrestler. We will finally settle who is faster, stronger, and outright better.

The spot I've saved is who is going to make me three and oh.

*crowd begins to stir

Yes! Three and oh on the stage of Archivemania! That's right Amarant, I'm calling you out to the greatest stage in the wrestling world.

*crowd roars with Mat Man chants. The Man Man pauses to bask in them for awhile.

JFA: My Gawd! The Mat Man just called Amarant out! I can't imagine AO not responding to this. This is certianly a gutsy move by nmat tonight. He's got a match next.

JHA: You mean it's a stupid move. Amarant would chew this guy up and spit him out.

Mat Man: There Amarant, in front of the world, we will see who is the better man. There will be millions watching from home on PPV, thousands of screaming Mat Man fans crowd pops again in attendance, the entire roster will be frantically taking notes backstage, the three people who actually paid money to watch you will be there, and we can't forget your mamma sitting at home praying that The Mat Man doesn't hurt her little boy too badly!

But that's not all Amarant. I won't just be opening a can of whoop-ass; I won't be tapping a keg of it. Oh no... It's going to be a whole freight train of it! Can you hear it Amarant? I can hear it, the stage crew can hear it, the roster can hear it, and I damn well know that Chicago can hear it! at the mention of Chicago, again the crowd pops It's the Pain Train barreling down on you! The question is if you have the grapefruits to step in front of it! If you're willing to take that challenge Amarant, you better get to the gym and start working out, because if you're going to face the best technical wrestler in the world today on the greatest stage of them all... Tell him Chicago!!!

*The crowd screams along


*As Mat Man finishes those last words, More Human Than Human begin to blast throughout the arena and the I.C. Champion walks through the curtain with a mic in hand. He's met with a loud chorus of boos.*

JHA: Well, well. It looks as if business just picked up! Finally, we get some class out here.

JFA: Always the suck up?

JHA: Only to people who aren't card carrying members of the Goody-Goody club!

A.O.: I'm not ready???? I'M NOT READY??? Boy, I was born ready. I don't give a crap what any of these peons think. I mean let's face it, the only thing that's more pathatic then you trying to beat me, is the Cub's trying to get to the World Series.

*The fan boo Amarant even louder as he pats his I.C. Title around his waist.*

A.O.: But if you want me that badly. If you think that you have a chance against me, then you're on.

The crowd starts cheering again.

A.O.: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a sec. You're on. But I have one condition. We're going to settle this thing once and for all. Title for Title, Both reputations on the line. It's everything or nothing. The winner gets both titles and the right to call themselves THE BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER IN THE AWF TODAY. And it will be at the biggest stage of them, Archivemania 3....in a 60 minute Iron Man Submission Match. You see Mat Man, you did beat me at Edge of Survival but you've never made me tap out. And you never will either because you know it, these retards know it and everyone in the back knows that.....YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

The crowd quickly turns on Amarant again and boos him so loud that it almost deafening.

JFA: Amarant just accepted the challenge! We've got two AWF superstarts booking an Archivemania match here at Redemption! Still, as much as I hate it, AO just added terms that are in his favor. nmat's wrestling is technically sound, but he may not be the submission master AO is!

JHA: AO just booked nmat's early retirement is all. Brilliant move on his part.

A.O. If you're half the man you say you are, you give these people what they want. You'll say yes and at Archivemania 3, the world will finally find out who the better wrestler is. They will see you tap out over and over again. I will walk out of that ring with both I.C. and T.V. Titles. I will show everyone at home that I am the BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. And will show you Mat Man, once and for all why you will NEVER.....EVER....PROVE ME WRONG.

At first, nmat seems shocked at the stipulations. As he glances around, the crowd slowly builds into an all out cheer

nmat: Is that what you want? To see us in an Iron Man Submission Match?

*The crowd roars in approval*

nmat: Well, if the people want it, the people get it. Amarant, I'm going to prove once again that you're wrong about being ready to face The Mat Man!

At that, AO smirks, drops the mic, and heads backstage

JFA: We've already got our first AV III match, and Redemption's just started!

JHA: Reilly's going to be pissed that they didn't consult him first...

AWF TV Title Match: The Mat Man (c) v Brave Maxx

JFA: The first of this evening's four title matches is about to begin. The Mat Man defends his title against Brave Maximus, who won the triple threat match last week to get this opportunity. And later on, we will see who will face the winner of this match as Morpheus and Strafe meet up to see which one of them will be the #1 contender for the TV title.
JHA: This match is going to be so one-sided it's not even funny.
JFA: Admitted, the Mat Man seems to have a major disadvantage in this one.

With the sounds of Evanescence's "Haunted" Brave Maximus appears at the top of the ramp and starts walking slowly towards the ring. With the crowd cheering Brave Maximus steps over the top rope and enters the ring. Not showing any emotion on his face he starts waiting his opponent, the TV champion, Mat Man. He doesn't have to wait for long as the opening riffs of "Back to Black" fill the arena and the Mat Man enters.

JFA: The Mat Man full of confidence before the PPV, but he doesn't look all that confident now.
JHA: I'd say he looks a bit scared.
JFA: Who can blame him?
JHA: I can.
JFA: The Mat Man is as good as anyone in the catch-as-catch-can type of wrestling, but that may be of little use to NMathew against the raw power of Brave Max.

Mat Man enters the ring and gives his TV title to the official and the match begins. Mat Man goes immediatly behind Brave Max and goes for a takedown but Brave Maximus counters and a stiff elbow to the face sends Mat Man reeling back. Mat Man doesn't waste a moment and tries to get a single leg takedown. The big man, however, is able to keep his ground and after a couple of stunning blows to the back of Mat Man picks him up and hits a scoop slam.

JFA: Mat Man is trying everything but Brave Maximus hasn't even budged!
JHA: He's going to have to come up with some new tactics. His bouts with Amarant Odinson were classics but he can't win Brave Maximus by wrestling the same way. If he's going to go purely on mat wrestling, Brave Maximus will pummel him to the ground.
JFA: I can't disagree with that. Brave Max now, picking Mat Man up, sends to the ropes and a HUGE clothesline! Mat Man quickly up, pondering his alternatives. Runs to the ropes, ducks a clothesline by Brave Max, jumps from the ropes, a cross body! And Brave Max cathes him! A fall-away slam on Mat Man, and he rolls out of the ring!
JHA: A wise decision. Brave Maximus was throwing him around like a rag doll, he needs to gather his thoughts and come up with a game plan.
JFA: Mat Man slides back into the ring and Brave Max is waiting. A collar tie up, Brave Max forces Mat Man to the corner, releases the hold, but Mat Man ducked his clothesline attempt, sending Brave Max straight against the turnbuckle. A drop kick by Mat Man sends Max's face again to hte post, Brave Max staggering back, school boy! No, Mat Man didn't go for the pin but got in a leg lock!
JHA: Good strategy, taking the vertical base from Brave Max.
JFA: Brave Maximus kicks Mat Man out, but Mat Man is right back on him, running neckbreaker! And now a shoulder lock!

Brave Maximus forces his way back up despite Mat Man hanging on to his arm. With exceptional strenght he lifts Mat Man up with one arm and slams him hard down to the canvas. That doesn't make Mat Man release his hold, though, as he only changes it a bit to an arm bar. Only after a stern kick to head by Brave Max is he forced to break the hold. Brave Max drops an elbow on Mat Man and goes for the cover, but gets barely a two count. Brave Max then picks nmathew back up, connects with a couple of kicks to the midsection before he hits a suplex.

JFA: Mat Man down and Brave Max doesn't waste a moment! He grabs Mat Man by the hair, picks him up and starts picking him apart with knife edge chops. Whip to the ropes and a big boot!
JHA: Cover! One, two, and nmat gets a shoulder up!
JFA: Both men back up, right hands by Brave Max, Mat Man ducks and a dropkick to the knee sends the big man on his knees. Nmathew running to the ropes, and a bulldog! Nmathew not wating this opportunity, locks in a half boston crab. Brave Max trying to get to the ropes, and finally does. Mat Man breaks the hold but goes immediatly for an albow frop before locking in the arm bar. Brave Max is too close to the ropes so Mat Man gets only a few seconds to inflict damage with that submission move.
JHA: He's really tearing up on Brave Max's shoulders and legs.
JFA: That's what he has to do to survive this. He knows it'll almost impossible to hit Brave Max with the Death's Kiss, so he'll have to concentrate on the shoulders making it easier when he locks in the Death's Caress. Also, at the same time he must try to prevent Brave Max from standing, because if Brave is standing, he'll beat you to next tuesday.

Brave Maximus tries to get up but Nmathew clips the legs from under him and locks in the arm bar again. This time Brave Max is ready however, and grabs Nmathew by the throat and pushes him across the ring. Nmathew notices that Brave Max is a bit slow on getting to his feet and charges but a clothesline by Brave Max drops him down. Brave Maximus picks Nmathew up and throws him to the corner. He connects with two shoulder blocks but Nmathew ducks the third and Maximus hits his shoulder against hte turnbuckle. The Mat Man quickly on the prey, hitting Brave Max with a series of right hands before whipping him across the ring to the opposite corner. As Brave Max hits the corner Nmathew charges in for the kill but a stiff clothesline by Brave Max stops him.

JFA: Brave Max with a thunderous clothesline, but I believe it was with a injured arm. He's holding it but if you look at his face, there's no sign of pain there.
JHA: The question is, can Nmathew make someone who seems to be above pain tap?
JFA: That's a very good question. Brave Max gos for Nmathew, but he was playing opposum, and locks the arm bar again. He's resentless on punishing that arm and shoulder of Brave Max! Brave Max is falling down on his knees as Mat Mat gets up. Finally Nmathew releases the hold, gives a couple of elbows on the shoulder for good measure. A stiff kick to the midsection srops Brave Max on his back and Nmathew drops the leg on that shoulder!
JHA: If he doesn't stop soon, Brave Max will be a one armed man. And you know what happens to one armed men in ass-kicking contests.
JFA: Ummm, what excatly happens to one armed men in ass-kicking contests?
JHA: They, well, you see... Hey look! Nmathew with a shoulder lock!
JFA: He doesn't give Brave Max a break and continues to punish that shoulder. Brave Maximus succeeds in shoving Nmathew away from him, but Nmathew doesn't wait a second and charges Brave Max.

Quickly Brave Maximus turns and drops Nmathew with his good shoulder. Nmathew gets quickly on his feet but Brave Max is ready and delivers a sidewalk slam. Brave Max cathes his breath as Nmathew struggles to get back up. Both men up, Brave Max whips Nmathew to the ropes but misses with a clothesline. Nmathew senses an opportunity, runs to the ropes for some momentum and tries to go for a clothesline of his own but before he connect Brave Max hits a powerslam. Another cover gets only a two count. Showing no signs of frustration Brave Max lifts Nmathew back to his feet, connects with an elbow and hits a snapmare.

JFA: Brave Max with a sleeper hold, although some could argue that MAx's sleeper starts to resemble a choke hold.
JHA: No matter, the Mat Man is fading!
JFA: So he is, the life beginning to fade from his eyes, the fight from his limbs. Referee checks the arm, it falls straight back down. Another try, again the arm falls. One more time, and Brave Max is the new TC champion!
JHA: It went down!
JFA: No! Nmathew got the arm up in the nick of time! He's still in this! Trying to get up, delivering elbows to the ribs of Brave Max, finally getting off. Nmathew with an adrenaline rush, runs to the ropes, but Brave Max stops him with the clothesline!
JHA: It seems that whatever Nmathew does, Brave Maximus is only a single blow away from gaining the momentum.
JFA: Brave Max grabs the arm and twists it, dragging Nmathew with him. He ascends to the top turnbuckle.
JHA: Old school?
JFA: No, not old school. This is different. Still has the hold on the hand, Brave Max walks the ropes, and pulls back landing on the floor!
JHA: Ouch! Nmathew's arm just landed on the top rope like you break a board against your knee.
JFA: You ever done that?
JHA: Tried once, hurt like hell.
JFA: I bet Nmathew's arm is also hurting like hell. Brave Max climbs back to the ring, Mat Man slowly getting on his feet, staggering towards Brave Max who hits a samoan drop! Cover!
JHA: 1, 2,
JFA: And Nmathew gets a shoulder up! Brave Max picks Mat Man up, but Nmathew retaliates with a right hand. And another. A series of right hands send the big man staggering back, but a kick to the midesction by Brave Max stops what could've been Nmathew last stand.
JHA: Sets up the powerbomb. And it connects!
JFA: Brave Maximus sends Nmathew crashing down on the canvas! Brave Max isn't going for the cover, though. He lifts Nmathew back to his feet, another powerbomb?
JHA: He just took the fight out of Nmathew. And now he might take the life out of him also.
JFA: The Mat Man high up in the air, and thesecond powerbomb connects!! Nmathew is out!
JHA: But why isn't Brave Max doing anything?

Brae Maximus doesn't go for the cover. In fact, he is not doing anything. He looks at the crowd. He is cheered but he's also getting some boos from the Nmathew fan club -row. He looks at Nmathew and seems to think heavily.

JHA: What is he doing?!
JFA: As we heard just before the PPV, Brave Maximus is a man with a mission. And Nmathew isn't his primary mission. Maybe he feels sorry for his opponent, knowing that he didn't deserve what's coming.
JHA: That's just stupid!
JFA: Some of us would call it human.
JHA: Potatos, potatoes. All the same.
JFA: Brave Maximus finally seems to be back in the match. He singals for Rest in Peace, and I don't think the Mat Man can survive that.
JHA: Damn right. If Brave hits the Rest in Peace, this match is over!
JFA: Brave Maximus grabs Nmathew... Mat Man played opposum again, he locks in an armbar. And he's not letting go!
JHA: Brave Max delayed too long and Nmathew got the chance to get back in this match!
JFA: The armbar is still locked in, Brave Max can't shake Nmathew off. Elbow to the shoulder forces the big man on his knees. Nmathew sees the opportunity and climbs to the top turnbuckle.
JHA: Double ax handle on the injured shoulder!
JFA: Brave Max's shoulder must be killing him! In the beginning of thr match Nmathew focused on the shoulder and the legs but it seems he realized it would be stupid to divide his attention and has after then punished the shoulder of Brave Max. And it seems to be working.
JHA: Brave Max is down and Mat Man is delviering heavy kicks to that shoulder. Brave Max trying to get up, and Nmathew hits a shoulder lock. you know, this getting to be a bit boring.
JFA: I don't think Nmathew cares about that. He has an efficient gameplan and it's working. Brave Max trying to power out, and succeeds! Nmathew is forced a couple of steps back but Brave Max is in pain. He's holding that shoulder, and I'm not even sure if he can move that hand.
JHA: Nmathew goes for the attack, but Brave Max grabs him!
JFA: Chokeslam with the injured arm?! Can he do it.

As JFA suspects, Brave Max's powers are gone and he can barely lift Nmathew off the ground with the arm that has been the object of Nmathew's attacks for the whole match. Brave Maximus is forced to let Nmathew go as he holds his arm in pain. Nmathew quickly on the opportunity, slides behind Brave Max, grabs the arms and gets the Deaths' Kiss, his own version of the double chickenwing.

JFA: The Mat Man has the Death's Kiss! He's forcing Brave Max down to the canvas where he can get even more leverage on the move!
JHA: And it doesn't look like Brave Max can get out, his other arm doesn't seem to have any power left!
JFA: Referee is position, asking Brave Max if he wants to quit, and I don't know if Brave Max has any alternatives!
JHA: He's hanging on, trying to break free, to get to the ropes, anything!
JFA: No use! He gives up! Nmathew wins!
JHA: Brave Max looked so strong during the whole match but the punishment his arm got was too much.
JFA: If a mat technician like Nmathew decided to focus on a single part of your body, you're lucky to escape the match with that part intact. And the Mat Man conquered the odds and brought the big man to his level. The whole match he went after the arm and shoulder and in the end it payed off! He did what I thought was an impossible task and retained his title!
JHA: I have to admit it was an ipressive display of submission moves.
JFA: That's what Nmathew does best. And I bet he's ready to utilize that skill against anyone who wants to get his hands on the TV title!


Blaster is seen taping his wrists for the Iron Gauntlet which will take place in a few hours when he is approached by King.
King: Well, well, well…if it isn’t the former champ…
Y3B: That’s funny stuff there jerkey treat…I was about to call you the same thing…now assclown…I don’t have time for you…some of us have a shot at winning this match…
*Y3B turns to leave and as he does, King pulls a lead pipe out of his coat and cracks Blaster on his still injured knee. Y3B collapses in pain…and King starts to stomp away at the knee. Mr. Reilly shows up…
Reilly: What do you think you are doing? I need him for the main event!
King: I simply returned a favor…you have a problem with that?
Reilly: Damn it! Don’t you ever think? What am I supposed to do? I need 6 men for the Iron Gauntlet…
King: That’s not my problem…
*King strolls away*
Reilly: Oh its not, is it?

OP2005 v Tempest: Winner gets a shot at the AWF IC Title

‘Flec: “God! Who was the bozo who cooked up this?”

Joey: “Why are you complaining? This is yet another match showcasing two of the AWF’s most talented superstars.

‘Flec: “That excuse didn’t work the first ten billion times you used it, Styles. It sure isn’t going to work now.”

“The Waste” is heard, announcing the arrival of OP2005. The big man lumbers down to the ring, as Rage Against The Machines’ “Pistol Grip Pump” signals the arrival of Tempest.

‘Flec: “Boy, haven’t we seen this before?”

Joey: “Yeah. Two up and comers showcasing their talents on the eve of one of our biggest PPV’s ever. You gotta believe that Reilly is back there watching, seeing which of these two should be a part of that show.”

‘Flec: “You do know that’s not what I meant, right?”

Joey: “Of course. But I’m choosing to see it this way. And now OP is heading out to meet Tempest…looks like OP’s in a hurry to get this over with.”

‘Flec: “He’s not the only one, believe me.”
Joey: “And the two of them getting into a bare knuckle fistfight on the ramp…exchanging lefts and rights…going up the ramp now…the ref’s going out of the ring Going to try to get these two men back into the ring…”

‘Flec: “I always hated those no good referees. Never could be counted on to do what was rignt.

Joey: “The ref trying to tell OP and Tempest to get into the ring…but their probably ignoring him.”

‘Flec: “Or maybe their brains can’t comprehend basic phrases. In fact, I’m surprised they’re able to walk, what with their complete lack of gray matter…”

Joey: “You’re one to talk…and OP and Tempest each knock out the ref! I can’t believe what I’ve just seen here! Both men have just taken out the official! And now they’re getting into the backstage area…Tempest grabbing OP…slamming his head into the wall…now he’s slamming it into a table…man, that’s gotta cause some massive brain damage.”

‘Flec: “You’re assuming that OP has a brain to damage…of course Tempest doesn’t have a lot upstairs, either…”

Joey: “And now Tempest taking OP further down into the bowels of the arena…slamming him against the random wall or object that happens to be in his way…and there appears to be lots of them out there, folks.

‘Flec: “Nice use of target practice there by OP. ‘Course, I’d rather use a shotgun or some other kind of blunt instrument…hey, wait…we’re talking about OP, aren’t we?”

Joey: “Let’s not even go there, thank you. And now they’re getting into the parking lot…Tempest slamming OP into the hood of one of the parked cars…doing it again…trying for a third time…OP blocking…Tempest trying again…OP getting his arms out again…Tempest trying a third time…OP blocking…and slamming Tempest’s head into the hood! Looks like OP’s getting his second wind.

‘Flec: “Someone’s gotta let the guy who owns that car what’s going on.

Joey: “Why? Cause of the massive damage to it?”

‘Flec: “Not really. He’s gonna want to get it disinfected.”

Joey: “I dunno about the car, but I’m sure that Tempest is going to need to have some aspirin nearby to clear the cobwebs.”

‘Flec: “Not to mention some penicillin in order to clear up that rash.”

Joey: “And Tempest backing into the side of a 18 wheeler…OP locking up with him…and whipping him into the side of the truck’s trailer. That’s gonna cause some damage.”

‘Flec: “Not to worry. It’s just Tempest. We can get a six pack of that down at the crackhouse.”

Joey: “Oh, will you stop it already? OP heading after the stumbling Tempest, whose trying desperately to get away from OP and the vicious beating he’s about to get…”

‘Flec; “Whoops. Too late.”

Joey: “OP grabbing a head full of hair…bringing Tempest to his feet rather forcefully…and…looks like they’re heading back to the ring, ‘Flec.”


Joey: “And now OP bringing Tempest back to the ring…and Tempest is out of it, folks. He’s been soundly tossed around the arena by OP. Likewise with Op himself, folks. Both of these men have taken a sound beating tonight.”

‘Flec: “So why aren’t the two of them on the ground, bleeding from every orifice, and crying to their mommas?”

Joey: “Cause that’s not what tough competitors do, ‘Flec. It’s not what smart people do, either.”

‘Flec: “I’d hardly lump OP and Tempest into either one of those categories.

Joey: “And that’s why you’re stuck here with me. And now OP bringing Tempest down the ramp to the ring…guess we’re finally going to get to see the start of this match up, everybody.

‘Flec: “Guess not, Styles. Looks like OP still wants to cause some chaos.”

Joey: “Guess you’re right, ‘Flec. Op tossing Tempest into the stairs, knocking them down…and now Tempest clutching his arm in pain…looks like he took that full in the arm.”

‘Flec: “Oh, look at me and how much I care…”

Joey: “And now OP is getting in some free shots…and now he’s laughing, ‘Flec. Can you believe this, ‘Flec? The man is causing serious bodily harm to another human being, and he’s laughing. What kind of sick, twisted human being would do such a thing?”

‘Flec: “Why is it that everyone is always giving OP titles he doesn’t deserve?”

Joey: “And now OP grabbing Tempest…and shoving him into the ring. OP following him inside…and the match is finally underway…except that we don’t have a referee out here…”

‘Flec: “Oh, when has that ever mattered?”

Joey: “OP tossing Tempest into the corner…and he’s still laughing. I really cannot believe what this man is doing…and WAIT A MINUTE! TEMPEST EXPLODING OUT OF THE CORNER! DELIVERING A THUNDERING SPEAR TO OP! OP’S DOWN!”


Joey: “Tempest is wailing away on OP…gotta wonder how that’s affecting his damaged arm…and now getting up…and it looks like he wants to end the match…OP stumbling to his feet…Tempest getting ahold of him now…and the Thunder Press! Tempest covers…but there’s no ref!”

‘Flec: “Nope, but there is Reilly!”

Joey: “Here comes the owner of the company down to the ring…what’s he up to now?”

Reilly: “Excuse me! Excuse me for just a second, everyone! I have just come from the backstage area, where referee Pete Zahut has just informed me, that due to the actions taken against him by both OP and Tempest, that they have both been disqualified! Therefore, this match is now over! Timekeeper, ring the bell!

Joey: “WHAT?! He can’t do that! We don’t have a winner!”

‘Flec: “Yes, we do! The fans have won this match, because now we don’t have to be subjected to it anymore. Let it be said that Brendan Reilly never has the fans best interest at heart.”
Camera shot shows Jon Couchman nervously glancing about next to Strafe in a well lit room

Jon Couchman: Sorry Strafe, it's just that the last time I interviewed you, well, I got taken out hard. You made an impact at the AWF Rumble, but you came up a bit short. You've been forced to put off your AWF champion dreams for a bit, but you have been given a chance to compete for another title, the TV title. Are you disappointed?

*Strafe stares at JC for a good 10 seconds until Couchman takes an involuntary step back*

Strafe: Disappointed? No, if anything this is a win win situation for me. You see Couchman, there are those in power who think that by throwing me this title match, that they may keep me sated and away from their precious AWF heavyweight title matches. But they are dead wrong.

Tell me JC, do you know why they shoot animals that have bitten humans? It's because once they have the taste of human flesh, they only grow more and more desiring of it. Well guess what? With the chance to eventually win this title, they are giving me a taste for the main AWF title, and that's only going to make me want it all the more.

Disappointed? No JC, this is only fueling my drive.

JC: Tonight, you have your #1 contenders match against none other than Morpheus, the freak formally known as Silly Cow. Long time AWF viewers will remember how you and Silly Cow ran together in Pulp Faction. You guys had good success there until, well, we all know what. Now you're going to be going 1 on 1 with for former teammate, and we all know he's not going to be pulling any punches. Your thoughts on your situation?

Strafe: Simple. He's in my way, and anything in my way...I go through!

There will be no compassion, no empathy, and definitely no mercy.

JC: Should you pull off a win tonight, you'll be facing yet another former Pulp Faction memeber, nmathew. If I'm not mistaken, you and The Mat Man are still friends. I believe I saw you hitting on chicks at a bar together last week. Wuold such a face off damage your friendship?

Strafe: Should I pull off a win?

*Stafe pushes JC against the wall while speaking to him*

Let me tell you something, there is no mere "possibility" of me winning. It is a certainty.

*Strafe releases his grip on JC*

Yes, NMat and I are friends, but don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm going to play "nice". He knows what he's in for.
Keith Kincaid: "I've managed to catch up with Sean O'Con. O'Con, you and The Game may share the tag titles, but I doubt anyone could say that you've mended your falling out. What's your top priority, beating The Game, or getting the AWF title?"

HBK: "O'Con? That's Mr O'Con, to you. And "falling out"? That's so quaint. I almost feel sorry for you. What's my top priority? Right now, getting through this interview without falling asleep. Everybody knows I can beat the Game. Everybody saw it. Everybody accepts it. Well, maybe not him, but everbody that matters. The reason I'm out here tonight is to get back my gold. Restore some prestige to a belt that's been worn by people like Viewfind and Blaster since it was screwed out of my grasp by Reilly and his stupid little masterplan. So, in short - your question is a dumb one."

KK: "A match like The Iron Gauntlet can often be a simple endurance test. Have you taken any special training precautions going into this match?"

HBK: "Yeahhhhh... because I've never been in a cage before. I've never taken on two guys at once before. Okay, sure, I much prefer it when I take on two girls at once, but enough about my private life. So, no - nothing more than I'd normally do. I've been there, I've done that. It's just another day at work for the Brendinio Heat."

KK: "Who do you think poses the biggest threat to you in the match?"

HBK: "Aah, an interesting question at last. Well, let’s have a run through the opposition.

"First off, we’ve got the man who – astoundingly – is our reigning champion: Bombshell. The Mad Bomber. A guy so insecure in his ability to get over that he needs to ride a motorcycle to the ring. Can you say phallic symbolism? Come on, the whole biker thing was stale even before the DOA mangled it.

"Then there’s The King. The King? Excuse me, but I thought Elvis had left the building. Permanently. The only thing he's got going for him is Reilly... who last time I checked wasn't in the match.

"So we’ve got a reigning champion who wants to be Crush, somebody who thinks he’s a popstar who died on the lavvy, a game that I’ve already played and won this year.

"Then who? The tapedeck? Last I saw, he was on his way to the emergency ward with his knee being held together by sellotape and super glue. Whilst Viewfind will amaze us all if he even remembers he’s got a match. I saw him earlier, guy was so stoned that he was trying to score a hit off Styles. Everybody knows our Joey don’t give out merchandise once we reach the arena.

So, in short... there's only gonna be one winner tonight. And it ain't the other guys."

The HeartBrend Kid moves to leave, but Kincaid stops him.

KK: "I know you've got places to go and people to beat, but is there a special message you'd like delivered to The Game before your match tonight?"

HBK: "Oh, I've got a special message for him. But I'll deliver it in person if needs be. Though there is a message you can deliver to somebody else for me. Tell Lovelace I said 'Hi'."

AWF Hardcore Fourway: TC (c) v Xille v Auros v Ravage
Joey : Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match promises to be something truly special...
Flec : Just like your momma's pie!
Joey : *clears throat* Coming up next : The Fatal 4-way match for the Hardcore Belt. TC's gonna have his work cut out for him...
Flec : Mr Pay Per View himself?
Joey : Yup, he's gonna have to watch everyone, remember guys, he doesn't need to be pinned to lose the belt!
Flec : What?! No fair, time-out...where's my towel?

JRA : Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for ONE fall! Making his way to the ring, from the mean streets of Vermont : RAVAGE!

Ravage walks through the curtain and down the ramp, confident strides all the way, he reaches the ring as "****ing in the bushes" starts and Sir Auros makes his way out and down, Auros and Ravage stare each other out as Xille's music hits and he runs to the ring.

Joey : Three men in the ring now, waiting the champion.

JRA : And finally, making his way to the ring hailing from Chicago, Illinois, your AWF HARDCORE CHAMPION, MR PAY PER VIEW -- THUNDERCRACKER!

"Worms of the Earth" errupts into the arena as the crowd pops, TC appears at the curtain dragging a shopping cart of weapons in his wake.

Joey : Looks like TC's coming out here meaning business
Flec : He should set up shop somewhere else...
Joey : This is a hardcore match Flec...
Flec : Then I want my cut of that action...HEY TC - 15% of all sales!! Ha-ha!

TC leaves the shopping cart as ringside and enters the ring, the four man stand and stare at each other, Big Daddy Rav, Sir Auros and TC all with great experience, great stature in the AWF and Xille, a relative newcomer to the fold, easily out sized by his opponents, totally un-fazed by it all runs at Ravage and attacks him, rocking him backwars to the turnbuckle TC catches Auros un-awares and clotheslines him over the top rope. Auros bounces off the ring mat and manages to land on his feet, just in time for TC to pop over the top rope and drop Auros with a cross-body splash. Auros reels backwards, his head bouncing off the guard wall next to the crowd, TC is up quickly and begins stamping on the prone Auros.

Xille is still getting the upper hand on Ravage, stood on the second rope the crowd chants with the blows "5...6...OHHHHHH!" Ravage shoves Xille down to the mat hard and gathers himself Xille charges in and Xille runs straight into the turnbuckle. Xille gasps for breath but turns and runs back at Ravage - straight into a sidewalk slam.

Joey : Ravage with the quick cover here...
Flec : Rav could take the title from TC!
Joey : Oh, kick out at two, Rav's furious with the referee

TC picks up Auros from the guard wall and tries to whip him into the steel steps, Auros reverses and TC crashes knees first into the steps and flys over them, Rav slides to the outside and blindsides Auros. Auros battles back and whips Rav, headfirst, into the ring post, then grabs Rav's head and clatters it against the post again. The referee over now telling Auros to go easy, Auros just yells at the referee as Xille sprints across the ring and sends Auros flying with a baseball slide through the referee's legs!

Joey : That kid's got guts! He's got spirit...
Flec : And Rav's got him!

Ravage grabs Xille's legs and drags him, crotch first, into the ring post. Xille rolls back into the ring clutching his groin area, the referee checks on him as Ravage stalks around the ring to where TC is. TC throws a chair at Ravage, who stands bemused for a second...

Joey : TC's up -- LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT on the outside!
Flec : and let's be honest, Rav needs it!
Joey : TC with the cover, but the referee's still with Xille in the ring!
Flec : thank heavens for small mercies I say...

TC gets up and yells at the referee, then covers Rav again, only managing a two count. TC picks up Rav and throws a right hand, blocked by Rav who returns the favour, the two exchanging blows as Xille charges across the ring and dives over the middle rope into the pair sending the three men sprawling, TC reels backwards knocking over the shopping cart, Rav collides with the ring steps and Xille rolls up the entryway. Auros drags himself round the outside to see the carnage and grabs a kendo stick, waiting for Xille to stand up Auros swings back and lets fly with the kendo stick to Xille's stomach, the little man's feet coming off the ground due to the force of the strike. Xille drops to his knees clutching his stomach, coughing and wheezing heavily, Auros over quickly and snaps the kendo stick over Xille's back, dropping the up-and-comer to the floor, Auros then turns his attention to the rising Ravage over quickly, Auros tries to lift the ring steps as a weapon, but Ravage is up and grabs Auros slamming his head into the steel. Auros falls backwards as a small wound above his eye begins to seep blood Ravage laughs and lifts the steel steps, TC rushes over and hits a spinning heel kick on Ravage sending him, and the steel steps, over the guard rail into the crowd. TC hops up onto the guard rail and lands a stiff flying kick on Ravage sending the big man further into the crowd.

Joey : This can't be good for Ravage
Flec : This can't be good for any of them, it's carnage Joe!
Joey : The night is young, I don't think this is gonna get any prettier

Ravage gets up quickly beckoning TC to come at him, TC obligues only for Ravage to sidestep and throw TC into the wall behind him, TC slumps down landing hard on the base of his neck Ravage walks over and sticks more boots into the gut of TC.

Joey : Looks like Xille's coming to
Flec : And looking for something to even the score
Joey : Xille's in the shopping basket here folks, dragging out a stop sign!

Xille lifts the sign up and clatters it over Sir Auros' back, Auros lifts himself up to a kneeling postion, pleading with Xille not to hit him again. Xille looks out to the crowd and lifts the stop sign high before buckling it over Auros' head! The cut above Auros' eye lengthens and blood begins to drop down his face faster than before. Ravage with the cover on TC! Only manages a two count.

Flec : We need more referee's out here!
Joey : TC got lucky there, that was easily a five-count!

Xille makes his way over the guard rail towards Ravage and Thundercracker, stop sign (covered in Auros' blood) still in hand. Ravage picks up TC and whips him at Xille.

Flec : I need a sick bag...
Joey : Xille just damn near took TCracker's head clean off with that shot!
Flec : Can we see it again...
Joey : Xille's definitely out here with a point to prove
Flec : Big Daddy Rav doesn't look too impressed though

Xille charges at Ravage, who lifts him boot just in time to hit the stop sign and ricochet it off Xille's head! The crowd gasp in awe as Ravage covers Xille. 1...2...

Joey : ROLLING THUNDER! TC's still in this!
Flec : I swear he was out cold...blood..ugh
Joey : That's Auros' off the stop sign
Flec : ah, that's okay then...

TC breaks up the count and goes to work on Ravage, snap suplex on the concrete followed by a standing moonsault. TC heads over to the guard rail to find a weapon, Xille climbs to his feet and charges at TC who turns and uses Xille's own momentum to throw him over the guard rail and onto a trash can, TC climbs the barracade and leaps towards Xille, only to be met by a hellatious chair shot from Sir Auros!

Joey : If that didn't clean his clock...
Flec : Is he breathing? No, really...I'm concerned...
Joey : Yeah, you're a regular mother teresa
Flec : Don't talk about my momma...
Joey : I think, yes, TC's been busted wide open! Auros over, cover and a two count.
Flec : How's your mom?
Joey : What does that have to do with the damn match?
Flec : Nothin' just thought I'd ask
Joey : Auros now, lifts Xille into the ring, Xille desperately trying to form any sort of offensive against Auros here.
Flec : Auros' too fresh! He's been sitting alone for a while! What a gameplan.

Auros whips Xille to the rope looking for the patented 'Atomic Clothesline' but Xille ducks under, shoves Auros to the ropes. Roll up with the bridge gets a two count, Xille up quickly scurrying up to the tope rope.

Joey : Xille looking to lobotomise Auros here!
Flec : Doesn't look too steady up there...

Xille falls to the mat hard as Auros runs into the ropes to knock him further off balance, Auros gathers his wits and drops the elbow hard across Xille's back, Auros picks up Xille and whips him to the ropes, bouncing of those behind him Ravage appears behind Xille and drops the top rope sending the lightweight flying to the mat below! Auros over quickly, Ravage hangs up up with a guillotine on the top rope, then grabs his legs and drops him to the mat. Ravage drags Auros out of the ring and lays him on his back with a stiff right hand, over to the RA seating area Ravage rips the ring bell from the table ...

Joey : Did you hear that?!
Flec : Ding ding! Auros' is out!
Joey : That was sickening! Ravage just clocked Auros right between the eyes with the ring bell!

Auros rocks backwards onto the announcer's table as Xille climbs, gingerly, to his feet Ravage turns round rocks the bell backwards, but Xille ducks under, turns quickly and takes out Ravage's knee! The ring bell drops and land on Ravage's head, a red mist sprays into the air as Rav lets out an almight roar of pain, blood running down his face. Xille lifts Ravage's head and reigns down right handers, Xille with the cover on Rav only gets a two count. Xille looks around and grabs the ring bell, he lies it across Rav's face and signals for the labotomy! Xille slides into the ring and begins to climb the ropes...

Joey : He can't ... it's suicide!
Flec : He might not get the chance...!
Joey : TC's up and in the ring!

Thundercracker staggers over to the corner where Xille is and shoves him off, flying into the guard rail below Xille slumps into a heap, TC grabs the ropes and leaps to the top turn-buckle.

Joey : He's not gonna do this...
Flec : He might just...
Joey : A 5-Star Frog Splash on Rav? He's nuts!
Flec : He's also the hardcore champion, of which he's very proud.

TC stands atop the rope trying to gain his balance, his composure and sucking in the atmosphere of the crowd. He crouches and leaps into the air, flashbulbs from the crowd illuminate the air as TC leaps through the air...

Joey : OH MY GOD!!
Flec : He's gotta be dead...
Joey : Ladies and Gentlemen, TC -- the WHOLE F'n SHOW just leaped 15ft through the air and Frog-splashed SIR AUROS THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE!
Flec : That was incredible Joe, can we get a replay?!

*replay show TC leaping through the air, over Ravage and connecting with Sir Auros as the table crumples underneath the two*

Joey : We gotta get EMTs down here now!
Flec : But the match...it's still going!

TC lays an arm across the broken body of Sir Auros, referee over 1...2....RAVAGE BREAKS UP THE COUNT! Ravage stands yelling at TC, all the bad blood between the two overflowing into a verbal tirade, Xille over with a quick schoolboy pin on Ravage 1...2...3!

RA : Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner -- AND NEW AWF HARDCORE CHAMPION -- XILLE!

Joey : Xille has done it!
Flec : fluke
Joey : Who cares, the kid's got smarts, high-tailing it outta there.
Flec : Yeah, cos if Rav'd got his hands on him after that...
Joey : EMT's down to the ring now, checking on all the competitors... TC lying, a bloody heap surround by bits of the table and cabling, Sir Auros lying amidst the table barely moving there Flec!
Flec : And a dazed, confused and battered Ravage wondering how he's not the champion.
A black limo pulls up to United Center and Cyberstrike and Cane Deathscream walk out and enter the building.

Cyberstrike and Cane are just chatting about this and that.
Cyberstrike sees a production assisant with a clipboard and goes to talk to him.

Cs: "Hey man do you know what match we're in?"

The production assisant looks puzzeled.

PA: "I thought Mr. Reilly told you."

Cs: "Look if we knew we wouldn't be asking you now would we?"

PA: "Look Cyberstrik, Cane if this is a joke..."

Cane grabs the production assisant by the throat and slams him agaist the wall causing the production assisant to drop the clip board and Cane yells:


PA: "It's...on...the...clip...board!"

Cyberstrike picks up the clip board and begins to read some of the matches as Cane drops the production asssisant on the floor who begins to gasp for breath.

Cs: "AWF Hardcore fatal four way match Xille, Ravage, Auros, and TC and an AWF Iron Ganulet Bombshell, Game, Brendocon, blah,blah,blah. Ah here we go Steel Cage match nTo-X vs NWA vs Blood and Thunder number one's contendership for the AWF Tag-team titles?! What the hell?!"

Cyberstrike gets into the PA's face and starts talking very loudly.


PA: "Go...talk..Reilly..in...office...down......the hall!"

Cs: "Come on Cane we have to talk to Mr. Reilly about this outrage!"

An ad for AWF: The Magazine comes on to the Archivetron

Cane and Cyberstrike walk into Reilly offices and Reilly is at his desk reading contracts and doesn't even notice that both Cyberstrike and Cane are even in the room.

Cs: "Reilly why the **** are we in some damn cage match for contendership to the AWF Tag-team titles?"

Reilly hands Cyberstrike an envelope. Cyberstrike opens the envelop and looks at the content and Reilly begins to speak:

BR: "This should take care of our business deals now go and try to make yourselves usefull for a change."

Cs: "Reilly remember this: Power flows to the one who knows use it desire alone is not enough and that time makes all things possible I can wait."

Reilly stares at Cyberstrike


As Cyberstrike and Cane leaves his office Cane asks:

CD: "Man what did you mean about that Power and time stuff you said back there?"

Cyberstrike grins and replys

Cs: "You'll see after Archivemania 3 if all goes according to my plan.

AWF Press Office
2004-03-08, 06:02 AM
AWF Television Championship Number One Contendership Match: Morpheus Vs. Strafe

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and the winner will be the Number One Contender to the AWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!”

As ‘Here To Stay’ begins to ring in the ears of the fans in the United Centre, Strafe bounds to the ring, hopping the top rope and psyching up the crowd.

JRA: “Introducing first… from Chicago, Illinois… STRAFE!”

JFA: “Strafe here looking for an opportunity at some more gold… in his eyes, he was cheated out of the win at Edge of Survival by Sixswitch… he came up short this past Mayhem, also, when he and the hot young rookie Xille lost a Tag Team Championship match to the newly revived D-Generation Next… now, he’s looking for a shot at the TV Title…”

JHA: “The only problem being the guy he has to go through to get the shot…”

‘Here To Stay’ stops abruptly, and the arena falls into darkness. Blue lights illuminate the entranceway as Morpheus makes his way to the ring. His silvery mask almost blinds fans as he looks around the arena. Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ is a chilling accompaniment to the presence of the Lord of nightmares.

JRA: “And his opponent… from the minds of innocent children… MORPHEUS!”

JFA: “Man… that is one warped individual right there…”
JHA: “You mean there’s another kind?”

As Morpheus gets to about twelve feet from the ring, the frame of Strafe suddenly rains down on him from above with an astonishing corkscrew plancha, which sends both men crashing to the floor. The only difference between the two men is that Strafe kips to his feet and salutes the crowd while Morpheus reels from the move. The bell sounds, and Strafe officially begins the match with a series of stiff punches to the head of Morpheus.

JFA: “Strafe really ready to get it on here… a few stiff rights… pulls up Morpheus… and slams him to the floor… and follows it up with a standing flip Senton. Nice combination there by the Illinois native… and I’m sure your buddy V-Flea or whatever he goes by these days is watching this with interest…”

JHA: “You think Vin Ghostal needs a wrestling lesson from Strafe? Please…”

JFA: “Regardless… Strafe pulls up Morpheus again… sets him up for a suplex… attempt blocked by Morpheus… a second time… and Strafe gets hit with a hard suplex onto the concrete. Morpheus up… there’s an elbow drop… two… and a third for good measure. Picks up his opponent… and slams his head against the guardrail before throwing Strafe into the ring.”

As Strafe rolls to a stop about halfway across the ring, Morpheus drops an elbow across the back of his neck. The Lord of nightmares then proceeds to grab the head of his adversary and smash his face against the canvas seven times before even acknowledging the presence of the official. He looks around at referee Thomas Jackson, stands up as if to confront the ref and then drops a leg across Strafe’s neck.

JFA: “Well… we have a pretty good idea of what Morpheus is intending to do to Strafe in this match… pretty much every move executed thus far by the Lord of nightmares has been aimed at the head and neck area on the Chicago resident.”
JHA: “Is he gonna break his neck? Oh… I’ll never make another joke about that idiot if he does…”
JFA: “Yeah… I’m sure…”

Morpheus locks in a move that looks like the offspring of a surfboard and a Camel Clutch but with far less finesse. Pressing one knee into the centre of Strafe’s back, he locks his hands underneath Strafe’s chin and wrenches back, keeping all the pressure on the head and neck area. Luckily for Strafe, the rope is not out of reach. Jackson calls for the break, and Morpheus obliges… after a four-count. Morpheus half-stalks and half-limps around the ring, gazing at the audience who mock him as Strafe gets to his feet. He merely shakes his head and turns back to be greeted by a size 11boot spinning into his jaw, with the rest of Strafe attached to it.

JFA: “Nice comeback from Strafe… follows up with a fast leg drop… and climbs to the top turnbuckle… waiting on Morpheus… and scoring with a missile dropkick! 1… 2… and only a two-count on that exchange for the fly-boy from Illinois…”
JHA: “Ain’t nuthin fly bout dat white guy, biznitch…”
JFA: “Any more of that, and I’ll demonstrate some tricks that some of our British contingent taught me involving a bottle of ginger ale, three razorblades, handcuffs and diluted sulphuric acid…”
JHA: “I always knew those guys were into that kinda stuff…”
JFA: “Torture? Hell yeah… they probably could’ve taught the Spanish Inquisition a thing or two…”
JHA: “I’ll make you a deal; I don’t speak gangsta if you don’t speak Rattlesnake. Deal?”
JFA: “Not on your life…”

As J and J argue, Strafe drags Morpheus from the mat and into a corner. He takes a run, and hits his opponent with a devastating tornado DDT. Strafe moves quickly to the apron and leaps the top rope in front of him, hitting the adjacent strand legs-first and coming off with a modified moonsault. This combination earns him another two-count, and a free flying lesson as Morpheus pushes him off his chest and sends him out between the ropes. Morpheus sits up, sways backwards and forwards a few times and rolls to the outside over the bottom rope.

JFA: “Morpheus back on the offensive… picks up Strafe… and drapes him over the guardrail.”
JHA: “Those chicks in the front row seem okay with that…”
JFA: “Morpheus now… a Russian leg sweep taking down Strafe… climbs back into the ring… breaking the ten-count by Jackson… climbs back to the apron… and comes off with a Cannonball onto Strafe! Morpheus punches himself in the head a few times…”
JHA: “To relocate those remaining brain cells… all four of ‘em…”
JFA: “Puts Strafe back into the ring… scales the turnbuckles… hey wait… what is he doing out here?”

J’s response is to the presence of one V3, a.k.a. Vin Ghostal, a.k.a. the Camden Crusader, a.k.a. the biggest pain in the ass Morpheus has ever encountered aside from that bout of gastroenteritis on the AWF Japanese tour. Morpheus sees the Ectoplasmic Wonder, and suddenly loses interest in his opponent; his quarry becomes far more important. He hops down from the turnbuckle, and runs towards the wielder of the golden baseball bat.

Ghostal takes a swing at Morpheus, who ducks the metallic phallic and drops Ghostal with a belly-to-back suplex on the steel stage. Not satisfied, he hauls Ghostal upright and kicks him in the phantom regions before hitting him with the Anesthesis. He charges back into the ring before Thomas Jackson makes a count of nine.

Morpheus is so enraged by the mere presence of the spectral scumbag that he fails to notice Strafe climbing the turnbuckles until he turns around into a hurricanranna from the airborne avenger. The move grants Strafe another two-count, but fails to finish the match as he had hoped.

JHA: “Do you think Ghostal was here to help Strafe?”
JFA: “More likely he was here to hinder Morpheus… the ill-feeling between these two has been escalating since Ghostal’s return.”
JHA: “Morpheus is just jealous of everything Vin Ghostal has accomplished…”
JFA: “Whatever you say, jackass…”

As the discussion between J & J continues, Strafe sets up Morpheus for the Ivory Tower. He hooks in the front facelock… hauls him vertical… and gets the move reversed into a devastating neckbreaker from the Lord of Nightmares. Strafe clutches his neck as Morpheus gets to his feet and checks on the progress of Vin Ghostal; who appears to be recovering from the effects of the Anesthesis. He turns back to Strafe, hooks his arms and sends him over with a double arm suplex.

JFA: “Morpheus trying his own brand of psychological warfare on the crowd now… everybody thought he’d be venturing for the Anesthesis on that occasion… instead he took over Strafe with that double arm suplex… again, dropping the Illinois native on his head and neck. Ghostal getting back to his feet also… Morpheus sees him… and just drops a fist into Strafe’s neck as a response.”
JHA: “Ghostal bringing his best friend to the ring to cheer on Morpheus… and this is what Morpheus does in response…”
JFA: “You should cut down on the fibre, J…”
JHA: “Why’s that?”
JFA: “Maybe then you wouldn’t talk as much ****…”

Morpheus grabs his opponent in a headlock position on the mat; wrenching the neck of Strafe even more as he twists his hands around each other and pulls his arms closer into his sides. Strafe manages to get his feet on the ropes, and Morpheus reluctantly relinquishes his hold on the neck of the Illinois native. Ghostal keeps watch from about halfway down the aisle.

As Strafe struggles to a vertical base, clutching his neck, Morpheus grabs hold of his head and, with a swift kick to the stomach, doubles over the Chicago resident and drops him with a fast piledriver; again making sure as much impact as possible affects the neck. He rolls over the nigh-helpless Strafe and hooks a leg as Ghostal starts moving closer to the ring. As Jackson reaches two, Ghostal places Strafe’s foot on the bottom rope to prevent the three. Morpheus stoops as if to lift Strafe from the canvas, but instead drops the unconscious Illinoisan back down and stalks over to where Ghostal is staring innocently at the crowd.

Morpheus slides out of the ring under the bottom rope and right behind V3, to the complete ignorance of Vin Ghostal. The Ectoplasmic Wonder turns around, and gets levelled with a right hand, draping him rather unceremoniously over the guardrail. As a follow up, Morpheus drops the phantom menace with an overhead press onto the steel steps and a powerbomb on the arena floor. He climbs back into the ring, and is immediately caught in a small package attempt from Strafe. Yet again, the three-count evades the Chicago resident.

JHA: “I don’t know for certain as this point… but Ghostal appears to be working in collusion with Strafe…”
JFA: “V3 would never stoop to working with trash like Strafe…”
JHA: “Not after the sorry state of affairs with Redstreak, of course…”

Morpheus gets up, and is met with an arm drag takeover from Strafe, who rolls through the move to meet the Lord of nightmares with a quick DDT when he gets to his feet. Having planted Morpheus like a potato, Strafe makes a staggered climb to the top turnbuckle and comes off with the Strafing Run onto his opponent.

JFA: “THERE’S A STRAFING RUN! 1… 2… AND MORPHEUS KICKS OUT! Strafe hit his patented moonsault on his opponent… and Morpheus just shrugged it off! I can’t believe this!”

Strafe rolls to his side and gets to his feet, rubbing his neck. Morpheus sits up and shakes his head before punching himself in the head twice and standing up ready to continue the match. The two combatants lock arms in a traditional collar-and-elbow tie-up, and Strafe manages to take the advantage and pushes Morpheus into a corner. He hits Morpheus with a trio of knife-edge chops before attempting an Irish whip, which Morpheus reverses into a Russian leg sweep.

JFA: “Nice reversal by Morpheus… continuing to work on the head and neck of Strafe… turning over his opponent… and drops a leg onto the neck again before backing towards the ropes…”

As Thomas Jackson checks on Strafe, Ghostal pulls on Morpheus’ ankles underneath the bottom strand to send Morpheus face-first to the mat. The move goes unnoticed by the referee, who just sees both men down and starts the mandatory ten-count.

1… 2…

JFA: “Jackson counting down both competitors… don’t get me wrong folks, I’ll admit I’m not Morpheus’ biggest fan, but if this count does happen, it’ll be Vin Ghostal who is responsible for his loss…”

At the count of four, Morpheus rolls sideways and sits up. He stares directly at Vin Ghostal, who waves his golden baseball bat in the direction of the Lord of nightmares. Morpheus ignores the posturing of the spectral knight and picks up Strafe from the mat at the count of seven and gets him in position for a body slam. As he turns around, holding aloft the Illinois native, Ghostal drags the legs out from underneath his adversary; causing Strafe to land atop Morpheus in a pinning predicament. The situation warrants another two-count, as Ghostal is only able to hold onto one of Morpheus’ feet.

JFA: “Damn that cheating phantom! Referee… get that ectoplasmic annoyance out of here, would you?”

JHA: “But that’s Vin Ghostal! V3… the Ectoplasmic Wonder… the Camden Crusader…”

JFA: “The Phantom Menace…”

Strafe pulls Morpheus upright and drops him with a snap suplex. He suddenly realises his neck is protesting against the use of the move. Nonetheless, the airborne avenger climbs back to his feet once again and signals for the coup de grace.

JFA: “Could be the Ivory Tower coming up here, folks…”

Strafe picks up the slightly dazed Morpheus and locks in the front facelock, again, ready to hit the Ivory Tower on the Lord of nightmares. At that moment, Vin Ghostal hops onto the ring apron and starts mouthing off at the former Hardcore champion. Strafe drops Morpheus to the canvas, and heads towards the antagonist with clear intent to shut his mouth. The baseball bat suddenly swings round and catches Strafe a blow on the nose before Ghostal gets into the ring and begins pounding the Illinoisan. Thomas Jackson calls for the bell as Morpheus stands up.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this bout… as the result of a disqualification… STRAFE!”

Morpheus looks at Jackson, and then suddenly belts him with a DDT. As Ghostal continues to dish out punishment to the fallen Strafe, he again fails to notice Morpheus advancing on him… and turns around into another Anesthesis, much to the delight of the crowd.

JFA: “Well… Morpheus may not have won the match, but he’s gotten to exact some revenge on that supernatural scumbag… hell, I think I saw him smirk just then…”

Morpheus looks down at the fallen Vin Ghostal, and then turns his attention to the form of Strafe struggling upright. His eyes remain fixed on the former Hardcore champion until he rolls under the bottom rope, and then he watches V3 intently before making his way to the back. As ‘Here to Stay’ plays over the Archivetron, the EMTs rush to help the victor as Ghostal walks out clutching his head and his bat.

JFA: “Don’t forget folks… Vin Ghostal will be in action later tonight against the number one contender to the AWF Championship… the Welsh Wonder, Sixswitch… but coming up next… the Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson, defends his title against former champion, Scout… gold and pride on the line… we’ll be back after these messages…”


Cyberstrike and Cane are walking down the hall to their locker room they find the nTo-X's locker room and Keith Kincaid stops
them before they enter the room and begins to try and tell them something.

KK: "Guys wait!"

Cs: "Kincaid I thought I told you never to bother me or any member of the nTo again now piss off!"

KK: "I know but there is something I think you should REALLY know about!"

CD: "Like what?! That we're being screwed again by being forced
to compete in a match that we don't want to be in for a title shot that we don't want! Get out of our way!"

KK: "Look every since Reilly hired Auntie Slag I can't get any good
interveiwes anymore and I'm on the verge of losing my job!"

Cyberstrike, Cane, and Kincaid are near the locker room door
and Cyberstrike puts the key in the lock.

Cs: "Well I hope you do better in some other business than you did here!"

KK: "Cyberstrike Auntie Slag has a said that she/he/it has a huge..."

Cyberstrike opens the door and sees a NAKED Auntie Slag standing in front of him! Cyberstrike stares with a look of disgust on his face!"

AS: "Hi, Cyberstrike!"

Cyberstrike grabs Auntie Slag and throws s/he out the lockerroom cussing Auntie Slag out!

Finally after a minute or so of a screaming Cyberstrike sees Kincaid

Cs: "What does this thing have on me?!"

KK: "A huge crush!"

Cyberstrike kicks Kincaid in the gut and nails him with a Skyboom
Drop on the floor!

Security guards and EMTs pull the nTo-X off of Kincaid and begin to check on him.

Cane and Cyberstrike pick up there gear and enter their locker room and slam the door so hard that the "nTo-X" sign on the door falls off and the sign under it says "Janitor" we then cut inside the room where Cane drops his gear and says

CD: "Well if my day couldn't get any worse..."

Cs: "Reilly you had better hope that after Archivemania I'm dead because..."

The rest of Cyberstrike's vow is drowned out by steam pipes releasing a lot of steam."

Elsewhere backstage

Lisa Lovelace: Via The Game's personal request, I'm here to interview him. Erik, you recaptured AWF gold by winning the tag titles, and tonight you have a shot at the AWF championship. In place of the boring, "how does that make you feel" question, I'd like to know why it's taken you this log to get another shot at the AWF title.

Game: I think we both know why exactly Lisa. You see the Game...the jabbronie beating, pie eating *Game raises his eyebrows at Lisa and she blushes*, trail-blazing, eye raising, show stopping, jaw dropping icon of the AWF has been so focused on gaining that measure of revenge against Sean that he's lost sight of what matter...that being the people, and moreover being the people's champion. You see Lisa, not only has the Game lost his focus on what matters most...but the Game has allowed himself to be placed on the wrong path...well tonight...in front of the millions...


of the game's fans, the Game will show why he is the very best in the AWF...

LL: I see. Would you say that chasing after O'Con has damaged your AWF career in the short term?

Game: Like the Game said a moment ago Lisa...his obsession with making this situation right has blinded the Game...but rest assured, the Cerebral Assassin is cocked, locked and ready to rock the federation once again.

LL: Do you plan on giving Blood & Thunder a rematch shot for the tag titles, and can you and O'Con put aside your differences long enough to beat them cleanly?

Game: Lisa, the Game has nothing but respect for Blood & Thunder and whether they win the Number One contenders match or not, the Game would consider it an honor to face them once again...as for Sean...well...Sean's always known how the differences could be set aside...he's just chosen not to take that way...

AWF IC Title Match: Amarant Odinson (c) v Scout

Flec: Oh, boy! I can hardly wait for our next match. We've got my favorite AWF lady, Scout, up against Amarant Odinson. I must admit, I enjoy all of AO's matches.

Joey: What the hell? Did he slip you a fifty to say that?

Flec: I plead the fifth!

RA: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and it's for the AWF Intercontinental Championship! Making her way to the ring, hailing from this very city, CHICAGO, is the challenger.... Scout!

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
A silent prayer for the faith-departed
I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud

As the first verse ends, Scout erupts from behind the curtain to a massive ovation from her hometown crowd.

Joey: Absolutely no question who the fans are going to be behind in this match. Scout's looking for payback in addition to regaining the IC title. For new fans, Amarant used the IC belt against Scout when he took the title from her.

Flec: And the time they met before that... For a technical wrestler, AO really knows how to swing a weapon!

Joey: You say that like it's a good thing.

Flec: It isn't? What I like about AO is that he's all business. He won't waste our time like Scout is by slapping high fives with the crowd.

Joey: Pandering to the people who pay our bills is a bad thing? In any case, Amarant wouldn't be able to get near the crowd. They'd maul him before he got to the match.

Flec: There aren't enough people here to pull that off...

As Scout reaches the ring, she begins to strike a pose for the crowd, only to be interrupted by AO's music

Yeah, I am the astro-creep,
A demolition style hell American freak - yeah
I am the crawling dead,
A phantom in a box, shadow in your head - say
Acid suicide - freedom of the blast,
Read the ****er lies - yeah
Scratch off the broken skin,
Tear into my heart,
Make me do it again

RA: And her opponent, from Toronto, Canada; he is your AWF IC champion! Amarant Odinson!

Joey: Wow! The crowd clearly didn't like that. I can hardly hear White Zombie for the boos, and that's an achievement.

Flec: They don't know talent when they see it. Here he comes, the best damn technical wrestler in the world today; the holder of the second most coveted title in professional wrestling; the greatest...

Joey: belt wielder in AWF history? Yeah, shut up. Just zip it Flec. AO's now in the ring, and the crowd is still on their feet booing. He had to expect negative reaction, but there's no way a man could be mentally prepared for this response. He looks a bit distracted handing the IC belt over to the ref.

Flec: It's an act, I'm sure. Ref's holding the belt high. Why do they do that? It's not like the fans don't know it's for the belt... Yeah, give it to the timekeeper, and I hope our timekeeper keeps a good watch on the belt. We wouldn't want Scout using it against AO.

Joey: Please, just stop... Please. Ref signals for the bell, and this title match is officially underway. Scout starts off with a quick charge, but AO counters with an arm drag takedown. Scout's quick to get to her feet though, and it looks like she' going to press AO early.

Flec: The gal needs to keep up a fast pace, and not let it get into a slow wrestling match. That's AO's game, and there's no way anyone can beat him at that. AO goes for another arm drag, but Scout blocks it and follows with a nice knee to the gut.

Joey: Wow, Scout continues the offense with a bulldog. Now she's using the ropes for leverage to choke Amarant with the keel of her boot. I'd have to say that the challenger is in full control during the outset of this match.

Flec: That's not legal! Chokes aren't allowed.

Joey: That's got to be the first time I've heard you complain about that. What's your normal response? She has until the count of five.

*Scout releases the choke before the five count. She grabs a fistful of hair, and jerks Amarant to his feet. She plants her feet, and tries to throw Amarant towards the far ropes, but the Irish Whip is reversed, and Scout finds herself bouncing off the ropes.

Joey: Scout ducks AO's clothesline attempt, and she rebounds off the ropes again. Flying elbow! AO's down, and Scout's scrambling to get the cover. Lateral press. 1..2..

Flec: Kickout! Seriously, did anyone think that AO would go down to so little? He's a fighting champion... Not some paper tiger... Wow, Scout's really laying into him with this kicks isn't she?

Joey: Indeed Flec. Scout's keeping AO on the mat with a viscous flurry of kicks and stomps. We're someway into this matchup, and AO's yet to get any offense going.

Flec: There he goes! Scout got a bit careless with those stomps, and AO just grabbed her leg and slipped on an ankle lock! He's a master mat tactician.

Joey: Are you his agent?

Flec: No, not yet anyway. Scout's reaching for the ropes, but they're just out of reach. Amarant's got the hold locked on tight. I hope he doesn't do any damage to Scout's lovely leg here. That would be a shame.

Joey: The ref is asking Scout if she wants to continue, but there's no way she'll give up with the rope only 2 feet away.

*As Scout continues to reach for the ropes, Amarant stands for more leverage. As he bends down to apply more pressure, Scout places her free foot in the center of his chest, and breaks the hold, knocking AO to his back.

Flec: I'll have to admit, it takes a lot of skill to break free of an AO hold. Scout's using the ropes to pull herself up. I wonder just how much damage was done by AO here. If Scout's been slowed up, that would give a massive advantage to AO.

Joey: Wow, I have to agree with you on something. I hope the devil has enough wood in hell to build a fire for warmth.

*Scout stares down the IC champ as he jumps to his feet. As he approaches, Scout holds the ropes in an effort to keep her weight off her injured ankle as she kicks out with her good leg. She collects with a few kicks, but without her full range of motion, Amarant eventually manages to close with her and know her off her feet. Pressing his advantage, AO follows up with some brutal kicks to the midsection.

Joey: Wow, AO's given up his normal fluid offense for shear impact. Scout's taking a beating, and she's having trouble breaking contact with only one good leg. Now Amarant's pulling her up by her hair. That was blatant and gets an admonishment from the ref and a series of boos from the crowd. A series of knife edge chops sends Scout back against the ropes. Irish Whip from Amarant, but Scout's leg just gave out after 2 steps.

Flec: Scout's wisely rolling out of the ring. Come over here baby! Flec can kiss it to make it all better.

Joey: Have you been hanging out with JHA?

Flec: Yeah, why?

Joey: No reason. Scout's now hobbling about on the outside of the ring trying to use this time to recover. It looks like AO has other plans. He just slipped past the ref, and he's headed to the outside as well.

*Scout sees AO approach, and does her best to keep her distance, but AO has no trouble closing the gap between himself and the limping challenger. As Amarant charges for a clothesline, Scout deftly sidesteps and trips him with a drop toe hold. Falling, Amarant puts his hands out to absorb some of the impact his face has with the steel stairs.

Joey: Wow, it looks like Scout was faking the injury. The champ took a bad fall into those steps. Now it's Scout on the offensive by planting AO into the ground with a scoop slam. There's a drop elbow into AO's chest, and now Scout's heading back into the ring.

Flec: I don't get it. Scout can't win the belt on a count out. She should be dragging Amarant back into the ring and try pinning him... not that it would work. Uht oh. Scout is going up top. The ref doesn't like this much. Come on Scout, listen to the ref!

Joey: I don't think she cares. This is about payback. She's perched up there surveying the crowd.

*As the crowd roars in support, Scout gives them a brief salute and leaps from the top turnbuckle with a corkscrew moonsault. Amarant sees the move coming, and he tries to roll away, but he's not fast enough. Scout connects with a sickening thud and both competitors lie in a heap outside the ring. As the crowd screams, the re begins the long ten count

Joey: Wow, Scout just destroyed herself with AO there. The ref's up to 6, and there's no motion from either person.

Flec: Not true, Amarant just twitched! And Scout pulled herself to a knee. She just lifted AO and unceremoniously shoved him into the ring. She's following, and it's a great view.

Joey: JHA is a bad influence my friend. Scout is now lifting AO against, and collects with a neckbreaker for good measure. She hooks the leg...1...2...3 New Champ!

Flec: No, she isn't. Even the normally blind ref saw that AO had his hand on the bottom rope. That's a flat out tactical error on Scout's part. I think she would have had him if it wasn't for that. Oh well, live and learn. Scout's frustrated with herself. I never heard such ugly words coming from such a pretty mouth before.

Joey: Scout measuring the champ here. He's slow to get to his feet, and I don't blame him. Spinning roundhouse knocks him back to the mat, and the cover gets a long two count again.

As Scout releases AO after the failed pin attempt, Amarant scissors her head with his legs, flips her in front of him, and quickly applies a reverse chin lock.

Flec: As, signs of life from our IC champ! I knew he had it in him. This is a great idea. Scout's going to have trouble breathing, and he'll have plenty of time to catch his own breath.

Joey: I hate to admit it, but you have a point. AO's in a clam sitting position, and he's trying to screw Scout's poor head right off. She's trying to find the leverage to fight back, but it's hard to break this hold while on the mat. Amarant's recovering by the moment, and Scout's fading likewise. It looks like she's trying to fight back with some elbows, but they're having little affect on Amarant.

Flec: Yeah, not much for Amarant to worry about. Ouch, except for that! Ref, call the bell!

Joey: One of Scout's elbows hit Amarant right in the family jewels. The ref's going to allow it since it was clearly incidental.

Flec: I bet!

Joey: Are you accusing Scout of cheating?

Flec: Everyone cheats, it's just a matter of getting caught. Scout, now with a knee to the head of AO. He's taken a beating here, but Scout's windpipe is probably half crushed. Scout lifting Amarant to his feet. Probably going to look for another kick, nope. AO just shoved her away.

Joey: Right into the ref, and you can 't tell me that was incidental. Scout's getting to her feet, but Amarant's already on the outside. He's looking for something, and guess what he found? The IC belt. Big surprise.

Flec: He just wants to make sure that it's safe. Nothing more.

Joey: Sure he does. Scout's in pursuit, but the poor gal has no idea Amarant's armed. The ref's still down, the pansy. Amarant swings the IC belt, but Scout avoids it. Fireman's takedown caught AO but surprise, but he rolled though with it and now he's applying a high armbar. Scout breaks the hold with a side kick, and she's trying to fire back with a few forearm shots.

Flec: Yeah, but AO's too good. He just ducked a shot, and now he's set up for sie Germans!

Joey: Amarant with three rolling Germans on the outside of the ring. I think Scout came down on the IC belt after the second one. That's not going to help her cause any.

Flec: They pay you for lines like that? It's obvious that it's not going to help her any.

Joey: I was commenting for the fans who didn't catch it. I know the ref didn't... AO now, pulling Scout into the ring. Northernlights suplex, followed by a bridge. 1...2... kickout!

Flec: Wow! I can't believe she kicked out. The fans are screaming like mad.. SHUT UP ALREADY! AO can't believe it either. He's pissed off, and there it is. The sharpshooter. The move The Mat Man's going to tap to more times than Blingzilla has gold chains!

Joey: I can't believe this. For the ref to missed the attempted belt shot is one thing, but I can't believe he missed the German suplex onto the belt.

Flec: Incidental, remember?

Joey: Yeah, sure. Scout's bleeding form the back of the head; she probably barely knows where she's at. The ref's asking if she wants to give up, but she's refusing. AO's just leaning into the hold more and more.

Flec: Scout's about 5 feet form the ropes, but she's doing her best to get to them. She's a warrior, I'll give her that.

Joey: Somehow Scout had the reserves to get to the ropes. AO's not breaking the hold.

Flec: He has a five count. Never mind, Scout just let go of the ropes.

Joey: You mean that AO just pulled Scout from the ropes instead of breaking the hold and has reapplied it?

Flec: If you want to put it that way, then yes. Scout's stranded in the middle of the ring, but she's still going for the ropes.

Joey: Great determination. The ref's asking if she wants to tap, but she's till refusing. Long way to the ropes though. She's inching along. She must be feeding off of this Chicago crowd.

Flec: She's been feeding off something, cause the girl's put on some weight.

Joey: You insensitive pig!

Flec: What? Wow, Scout again is at the ropes. The ref is counting, and it's a mighty fast count at that.

Joey: Yeah, I really feel for Amarant... Not. Damn, yet again he's pulled Scout to the center of the ring. Oh, that's just too much for her.

In excruciating pain, Scout finally tells the ref that she wants to submit. Despite the bell ringing, AO keeps the hold for a good extra 5 seconds before releasing Scout.

RA: The winner, and still AWF Intercontinental Champion... Amarant Odinson!

Joey: While a slightly tainted win, I'm not sure he aimed for the belt with that second German suplex.

Flec: Who cares? It doesn't matter now, AO retains the title via submission. That's how the official results will read, and that's all people will remember in 4 months.

A camera in the parking lot shows a truck pull up and StoneCold Skywarp jump out. The crowd roars as he begins to make his way backstage to his dressing room.

*A running Lisa Lovelace is seen frantically trying to get is attention.*

Lisa Lovelace: Mr. Skywarp! StoneCold, a moment please!

Stonecold turns and allows the winded interviewer to approach

LL: StoneCold, tonight you're in the very first ever elimination handicaped match, and you're facing off against who some describe as the AWF's three Stooges. Now, we all know that that distinction truly goes to the original nTo. Nevertheless, you're at a disadvantage. How are you going to eliminate an opponent without someone breaking up a pinfall?

SCSW: Interesting question Lisa, how's the Game...? StoneCold's coming to that ring with a whole lotta fire burnin'. See, I've been running with these jackasses -- 'The Three Stooges' (as you put it) for far too damn long. StoneCold's gonna march down to that ring on a mission, to prove to the stupid sacks of crap exactly WHY StoneCold Skywarp is THE TOUGHEST SOB in the AWF, and prove to the entire roster here that I'm on the up and coming list. See, StoneCold's been running around with these jobbers for too long, makin' 'em look good, so the way I see it is this. StoneCold's gonna come to the ring and whup a whole lotta ass, drink a whole lotta beer then march his way through the AWF.

LL: I know that the rattlesnake is a busy man, but is there anything else you'd like to say to the fans before you go?

SCSW: To the fans? What? You want me to say something to the fans? Okay. StoneCold's here, StoneCold's back, StoneCold's gonna run his damn mouth how he likes, he's gonna whup a whole lotta ass, and he's gonna drink a whole lotta beer doin' it.

And THAT's the bottom line, Cos SKYWARP said so!

AWF Press Office
2004-03-08, 06:06 AM
No.1 Contendership for the Tag Team Titles
Blood n Thunder vs. NWA vs. nTo

Smoke on the Water fills the United Center as a red mist rolls down the ramp.

JFA: “And the former Champs making their way down here first.”
JHA: “Key word, former ”
JFA: “Well what ever you say, I still believe that they should be the champions if it wasn’t for the GPA.”

As Zarak and Wolfang make their way down to the ramp, Zarak sees a fan wearing a GPA shirt and spits at the ground.

P.I.M.P. NWA Remix blasts the audience.

JHA: “Well here come my favourites for the night.”
JFA: “Your just saying that because they offered for you too come clubbing with them tonight.”
JHA: “Damn strai … how did you know?”
JFA: “I know … and where are the NWA?”

As Blood n Thunder look at the Archivetron the NWA come out of the coward with smiles on their faces.

JHA: “And Divebomb is going straight for the door.”
JFA: “While Prowl? climbs over the top with a chair in hand.”
JHA: “I told you they were going to win.”
JFA: “By cheating …”

As Prowl? surprises Zarak from behind, Divebomb goes on the attack with Wolfang and the nTo come out with kendo sticks in hand ready to knock the stuffing out of both teams.

JHA: “And Deathscream just swung that kendo stick down on Divebomb’s head while Cyberstrike went for Wolfang.”
JFA: “And the refs just stole the kendo sticks out of the nTo’s hands and closed the cage in on the three teams, with Prowl? the only man with a weapon.”
JHA: “And he swings ... and misses, caught by Zarak and a short arm clothesline by Zarak.”

Divebomb moves towards his partner but is stopped by Wolfang and Zarak with a devastating flapjack.

JFA: “And Divebomb down here folks.”
JHA: “Don’t worry he’ll shrug it off.”
JFA: “And the nTo face off against Blood n Thunder.
JHA: “Zarak with the chair, stinking cheater.”
JFA: “HA, that’s funny coming from you.”
JHA: “Whats so funny, Deathscream just got clobbered by Zarak … HAHAHA.”

Wolfang hits Cyberstrike with furious lefts and rights while Zarak connects again with the chair. As they do so the NWA rise and measure up Wolfang before they unleash a deadly wave of kicks followed by a Double Powerbomb.

JHA: Wolfang’s gonna feel that in the morning.
JFA: Cyberstrike charges at Divebomb and Divebomb nails Cyberstrike with a Powerslam.
JHA: And Prowl? facing off against Zarak while Divebomb goes for Deathscream.
JFA: Remember people the only way to win the match are if you climb over the top of the cage or escape through the door, pinfalls or submission.

Zarak and Prowl? take blows at each other with lefts and rights while Deathscream and Divebomb are playing a test of strength.

JHA: And Wolfang and Cyberstrike are up and their eyes meet with deep anger and hate.
JFA: They’ve got a bit history behind these two … Oh my god!

Cyberstrike and Wolfang take a small run and an exactly same time make a jump towards each other, colliding in mid-air and begin fighting on the mat trying to get the upper hand. Both Zarak and Deathscream look away towards their partners for the NWA to take advantage.

JHA: That was good, the NWA with simultaneously low blows.
JFA: This isn’t right, both Divebomb and Prowl? just nailed Cyberstrike and Wolfang.
JHA: Smart move boys, now go for the door, you can get back your gold.
JFA: This is no way to win a match, the nTo and Blood n Thunder are moving but not quick enough.

Prowl? jumps out of the cage but turns around back to Divebomb and puts a hand on his chest to stop him stepping out the cage.

JHA: What the hell is he doing?
JFA: The honorable thing?

Divebomb looks at Prowl? and they both smile as Divebomb heads back to their opponents while Prowl? goes under the ring. Prowl? comes out with 4 trash cans and lids, 2 tables and a chair. Divebomb stops wailing on Wolfang and helps Prowl? with the swag that Prowl? has got for him.

JFA: This is disgusting, the NWA are going to butcher the nTo and Blood n Thunder.
JHA: And they invited me to go clubbing with them tonight.
JFA: Wolfang is stirring, he sees the chair, but not quick enough. Divebomb swag it straight into his face.
JHA: That’s some new teeth their too.

As the NWA set up the table Deathscream raises his head, smiles and jumps up with quick speed and spears Divebomb.

JFA: And the Deathstrike their folks, Deathscream must have been playing possum.
JHA: You idiots, you could have had this won.
JFA: That’s the way the cookie crumbles, J.
JHA: *Mumbles something too quiet for the microphone*.

Cyberstrike and Zarak on their feet, and in unison they attack Prowl? with a sudden surge of power. Prowl? overbalanced and landed on the table, just holding under the strain.

JFA: And Wolfang is moving, he spits out some blood and smiles as he looks at where Prowl? is and where Zarak is standing
JHA: Oh no … not this …

Wolfang stands up just in time to catch Prowl? and hands him over to Zarak, who sets him up for a powerbomb while Wolfang goes up top ready for the Edge-O-Matic.

JFA: The Highway!
JHA: Damn it! Damn it! Highway through the table!!

Divebomb looking over to his partner sees the table explode with splinters and is kicked in the head by Cyberstrike.

JHA: Divebomb … get out the door, if you can make it, you will win the match.
JFA: Cause Prowl? isn’t moving.
JHA: Shut up you, and Zarak collapsing on Prowl?
JFA: And the Ref jumps through the door, I didn’t notice that …
JHA: Notice that the ref wasn’t there? … Nah he left as soon as the match started.
JFA: Ref goes down, 1 … 2 … and NO, Prowl? manages to get an arm up.

Zarak and Wolfang look at each other with jaws dropped as they see Prowl? move away from the broken table. Divebomb manages to get up and give Deathscream a DDT.

JHA: And Cyberstrike is getting the hell outta dodge, kicking Wolfang and started climbing the cage.
JFA: And Wolfang is giving chase too.
JHA: Not if Deathscream can help it, he puts a trash can over Wolfang’s head and pulls him down.

Deathscream is waiting for Wolfang to get to his feet and doesn’t see Zarak come up behind him and give him a devastating low blow.

JFA: Wolfang removes the trash can from over his head to see a smile on Zarak’s face and a thumbs up.
JHA: Prowl? is just starting to move, but only just.
JFA: And Wolfang isn’t quick enough, Cyberstrike got over the top and down. So Wolfang is doing the same!
JHA: We have Wolfang and Cyberstrike brawling outside. We have Prowl? and Divebomb on a face off and Deathscream is on his hands and knees trying to get a breath and sees Prowl? down and out.

In unison Zarak and Divebomb try to make it to the door but they meet each other half way and start pounding at each other. Deathscream drops down and starts moving over to Prowl? like a caterpillar. Prowl? is using the ropes as a support trying to get up.

JFA: And Divebomb got the upper hand over Zarak and delivers a thumb to the eye and catches Zarak with a Samoan Neckbreaker and makes a jump to the door and starts crawling.
JHA: Wolfang has seen him and makes a break for him and give him a running bulldog while Divebomb was down.
JFA: I think he might of broken his neck here folks.
JHA: Divebomb!!

Wolfang gets up to finish Divebomb but Cyberstrike gets Crackdown down in and he collapses there.

JHA: I think everyone is outta gas.
JFA: Prowl? looks up and around to find Deathscream laying on his stomach and goes for the pin.
JHA: It’s a trap! Run Prowl? RUN!!

As Prowl? rolls Deathscream onto his side he rolls on his accord and stands face off against Prowl?

JFA: Deathscream is at full strength while Prowl? still might be suffering from the Highway before.
JHA: And here we go …a right hook from Prowl? A hard right from Deathscream. Another right hook from Prowl? Deathscream ducks, a kick to the Midsection and … No!
JFA: I don’t believe it, he’s setting Prowl? up for the Deathknell!

Just as Deathscream goes up for the Deathknell, Zarak jumps in and pushes Deathscream and he overbalances and shifts the weight for an inverted samoan drop.

JHA: Cyberstrike is down, Wolfang is down, Prowl? is dead in the water … Deathscream is starting to stir and Divebomb … he’s closing the door?
JFA: Whats that he’s got in his hands?
JHA: He’s got the good old steel chair.

Deathscream looks around at the carnage around him. He sense in on Divebomb and is ready for the kill when …

JFA: and Divebomb just threw the chair at Deathscream … and PROWL?!!
JHA: That’s it … that’s it … low blow and here come the ref …
JFA: Divebomb sees Zarak but brings the chair down on top of him and Prowl? drags an arm across Deathscream … 1 … 2 … 3!!

P.I.M.P. NWA Remix hits the United Centre.

JHA: Prowl? got the pin, and the NWA get the shot at the gold.


A fade in from black reveals a close up of the AWF title. The crowd roars as the camera pulls back to reveal the reigning AWF champion, Bombshell

J Couchman: I have the honor and privilege to be standing backstage with the AWF champ, Bombshell. Bombshell, you're fresh off your victory over Y3 Blaster, you just had your first title defense, and now you're forced to defend your title again at this PPV. And instead of a normal match, you're in The Iron Gauntlet against 5 other AWF superstars. All are former AWF champions, and all are going to be shooting for your gold. What kind of game plan can you carry into a match like this?

Bombshell: “Well, K, I had originally planned to sit back and wait for everyone to beat themselves silly, then head in to clean up. Unfortunately, Erik brought up a good point. Why shouldn’t I head into the match first and prove that I truly deserve to have the belt? I hate to admit this, but he does have a good point. So I figured I’d head into the match hoping that I’m not the first one gone.

JC: Assuming you do manage to pull out a win tonight, who would you rather face at Archivemania III, Vin Ghostal or Sixswitch?

BS: Assuming? ASSUMING?! I don’t need to ASSUME anything, Kincaid! I AM going to win this match. But that’s not the point. The question is, which schmuck am I gonna be facing at Archivemania? Well, Sixswitch did earn his shot by winning the Rumble, but that’s only because my girl wasn’t in it. Now, I got no problem about facing him, but I just hope that he has his medical insurance all paid up. As for Ghostal…dude, I gotta give you props, but if you face me, you’re gonna wish you never came back.

JC: Any special reason you don't want to face Ghostal?

BS: Aren’t you listening, Couchboy? Got some waxy buildup in there? I said that I really don’t care who I end up facing, since he’s going to be spending the night in the hospital instead of the hotel..

JC: Thanks for you time champ. Any closing remarks?

BS: Yeah. Tell whoever it was that sent you here that if he sends you here again, I’ll personally drop the bomb on his ass.


TC is shown about to leave the arena, dejected and disappointed.

Reilly: Going somewhere champ?

TC: Home you moron…did you miss the part where I lost the HC title? Wait…no…I’m sure that’s one thing you watched over and over…best part was…I didn’t get pinned, bet that makes you happy!

Reilly: Actually, no…much as I may hate you…like the Game and HBK you bring in ratings. So I can hate you all I want…but the fact is you put butts in the seats…and you aren’t quite done working just yet tonight…

JHA: What does that mean?

Sixswitch vs. Vin Ghostal for the Archivemania title shot

JFA: For these two men the road to Archivemania goes through Chicago! After the travesty we saw last Mayhem we have a match between Sixswitch and Vin Ghostal for a spot on the main event at Archivemania.
JHA: You say 'travesty', I say 'justice'.
JFA: Exactly how? Sixswitch won the Rumble fair and square, he shouldn't even be in this damn match! And he wouldn't if that Vin Ghostal could accept that someone is actually higher on the pecking list than he is.
JHA: Come on. When a man is as talented as Vinnie G you just can't watch inferior wrestlers take your spot.
JFA: How is Sixswitch the inferior wrestler? He lasted over 40 minutes in the Rumble eliminating five other guys. He deserved to get to Archivemania. Only thing Vin Ghostal deserves is an ass-whooping from the Welsh Wonder!
JHA: Gee, you're just full of impartiality tonight, aren't you?
JFA: I have to apologize to our viewers. Yes, normally I try to call it as it is but this guy just gets under my skin. He returns from a long absence and bullies everyone and expects everyone to just bow to him.
JHA: Don't force me to repeat my statement about inferior wrestlers.

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can’t be stopped

With the sounds of P. Diddy Vin Ghostal appears at the top of the ramp holding his golden bat taunting the crowd which is booing and jeering. That seems to have no effect to Vin Ghostal as he makes his way to the ring.

JFA: Look at him. All smug and full of himself! I bet he's real proud too of what he did to Morpheus earlier tonight!
JHA: You say it like he did something wrong. Morpheus has been in his face all the time. You just don't do that to Ghostal without repercussions.
JFA: It seems like when Ghostal can take time off from his full time job, which is stealing other people's glory, all he does is torment Morpheus.
JHA: Between you and me, I think the freak likes it.
JFA: Stop it.

Vin Ghostal continues to taunt the crowd swinging with his bat in slow motion as if in a baseball game. His imaginary homeruns are cut short though, as Like This Like That by Mauro Picotto starts blazing from the numerous speakers around the arena marking the arrival of one Sixswitch.

JFA: The crowd on their feet for the winner of the Royal Rumble! And deservingly so, he's set the AWF on fire recently and aims to end his run at Archivemania by winning the AWF title!
JHA: But there's one thing standing in the way, and you don't easily get by him.
JFA: And that one thing is Vin Ghostal, the man waiting for Sixswitch in the ring.

After posing to the crowd Sixswitch enters the ring and circles his opponent. Vin Ghostal puts away his bat and removes his golden vest and the timekeeper rings the bell.

JFA: We're off! Two men circling each other, a tie-up and Sixswitch quickly gets behind Ghostal and pushes him to the ropes.
JHA: Ghostal is furious!
JFA: Sixswitch toying a bit with his opponent. Not possibly the wisest move, considering the opposition.
JHA: Damn right. Ghostal scares me when he's happy, I don't want to meet him when he's angry.
JFA: Ghostal threatening Sixswitch not to do it again, doubt that'll stop Sixswitch.
JHA: It better, if he knows what's good for him.
JFA: Another tie-up, Ghostal pushing Sixswitch in to the corner, referee forces Ghostal to break the hold... and Ghostal with a hard chop! Ghostal whips Sixswitch to the opposite corner and Sixswitch goes crashing against the turnbuckle!
JHA: Vin Ghostal is on the top of his game! Sixswitch doesn't stand a chance.
JFA: Maybe, just maybe too early for that kind of predictions. Ghostal picks Sixswitch up, and SS retaliates with a right hand. Two more and Ghostal is stepping back. Sixswitch bounces off the ropes, ducks Ghostal's clothesline and hits a cross body! Cover! One, two, and Ghostal kicks out!

Not giving his opponent time to catch his breath Sixswitch bounces off the ropes again and connects with a dropkick to the shoulder of Ghostal who was almost back to his feet. Going by instincts alone Sixswitch continues the assault with a spinning leg drop on Ghostal. He goes immediately for a cover but gets only a two count. He picks Ghostal up and tries to hit with a right hand but Ghostal blocks it and connects with a right hand of his own. Ghostal sends Sixswitch to the ropes and hits with a spinebuster. Ghostal tries to shake off the cobwebs as Sixswitch gets slowly to his feet. But before SS can get back to his game Ghostal is on him connecting with a right hand after right hand. He grabs a hold and hits Sixswitch with a side suplex. Ghostal taunts the crowd for a second before going for a cover. Sixswitch kicks out before the two count.

JFA: This one is going back and forth with neither man getting the advantage. Ghostal goes for a suplex, but Sixswitch manages to get free and lands on his feet behind Ghostal. School boy, two count! Ghostal tries a clothesline but Sixswitch ducks, and a painful kick straight to the midsection! Ghostal doubles over, roll up by Sixswitch and another two count. Ghostal really in trouble now!
JHA: He's just giving Sixswitch a false sense of security before he finishes him. Right Vin G?
JFA: Your hero doesn't seem to fair very well at the moment. Ghostal tries to get up but Sixswitch right on him with a bulldog. Sixswitch, not wasting a moment, picks Ghostal up but Ghostal with an eye rake. Sixswitch is stunned momentarily and Ghostal capitalizes with a back suplex!
JHA: Ha!
JFA: Ghostal with a kick on the downed Sixswitch. Ghostal picks him up and slams his face on the top turnbuckle. Hurries across the ring and bang! Sixswitch's face goes against another turnbuckle. Sixswitch falls down as Ghostal taunts the crowd.

Not really caring about the boos Ghostal goes again for Sixswitch. He picks up the Welsh wrestler from the hair delivering elbows to the back. He whips Sixswitch to the ropes and hits a shoulder block dropping Sixswitch to his back. A stiff elbow frop and a cover get him a two count. Trying not to get frustrated he mounts Sixswitch and starts delivering punches to his opponent's face. Only until the referee gets to a count of four he stops and steps looking like he's never done anything wrong in his entire life. Leaning against the ropes he waits patiently for Sixswitch to get back to his feet before dropping him down again by a kick to the low shin area. With a wide grin on his face Ghostal picks Sixswitch up and throws him in the corner. Sixswitch is unable to protect himself as Ghostal hits two shoulder thrusts, drags Sixswitch away from the corner and hits a scoop slam.

JFA: Ghostal ascends to the second rope, pats his elbow...
JHA: He's showing us what part of him is going to do Sixswitch in!
JFA: Elbow drop from the second rope connects! Ghostal covers, One, two, thr... no! Sixswitch kicked out! He's still in this!
JHA: I am quite certain that was a three count.
JFA: You and Vin Ghostal seem to be the only ones. Ghostal protesting the decision but to no avail. He picks Sixswitch up, and a short arm clothesline.
JHA: He's picking Sixswitch apart here, what he does best.

Ghostal lifts Sixswitch to his feet and hits a right hand. Sixswitch immediatly retaliates with a right hand of his own, followed by a quick another, which sends Ghostal reeling back. Sixswitch tries to gain some momentum and bounces off the ropes but Ghostal is ready and hits a knee to the abdomen and Sixswitch is down again.

JFA: Ghostal picks Sixswitch up, what the hell?
JHA: Sixswitch pushed Ghostal away!
JFA: No he didn't, Ghostal backed away by himself against the referee, Sixswith is still out, why on earth would... a low blow. I should've guessed!
JHA: Sixswitch tried to get Ghostal disqualified by pushing him against the referee but it backfired!
JFA: Sixswitch didn't push Ghostal. Ghostal distracted the referee and possibly took away the last shreds of fight there was in Sixswitch. I begin to doubt more and more than we are not watching the same match.
JHA: If you are watching a match where Sixswitch has any chance of winning, then we are definitely not watching the same match.

Seemingly satisfied by himself Ghostal gives Sixswitch a couple of stiff kicks before locking in a half crab. Sixswitch tries to crawl towards to the ropes but Ghostal makes sure they stay put. Realizing that there would be no way he'd get to the ropes Sixswitch decided to try a different strategy. Utilizing the last bits of energy he has he pushes himself back and manages to get Vin Ghostal off his feet and break the hold. Sixswitch gets up slightly limping but Ghostal was distracted only for a moment and is quick to drop the Welsh Wonder back down with a clothesline. Bouncing off the ropes Ghostal hits a leg drop and makes the cover. The referee's hand is almost down for the three count before Sixswitch is able to get a shoulder up. Ghostal quick on the assault as he grabs Sixswitch's legs and catapults him against the top turnbuckle. As Sixswitch staggers back Ghostal grabs his head and hits a neckbreaker.

JFA: Ghostal in firm control. Cover! One, two, Sixswitch got the foot on the rope. But it doesn't look good for the Welshman. Ghostal up with Sixswitch, whips Sixswitch face first in the corner... Ghostal's going for the Cutting Edge!
JHA: Vinnie G is going to Archivemania!
JFA: He has Sixswitch in the position, he moves to the center... Sixswitch countered it into a backslide!
JHA: One, two, oh my god how close was that?
JFA: Ghostal got out of it in the nick of time. Somehow Sixswitch got the weight on his side and countered the Cutting Edge into a backslide. And he almost won with it! And Ghostal can't believe it! He charges but Sixswitch with a drop toe hold. Ghostal struggling to get on his feet, Sixswitch off the ropes and connects with a swinging neckbreaker!
JHA: Where did Sixswitch get all this energy from? He must be on drugs! I demand a test for him after the match!
JFA: The only things Sixswitch is on are adrenaline and guts. And he's got a lot of both! Sixswitch charges, ducks a clothesline by Ghostal and hits a spinning heel kick! Cover! 1, 2, Ghostal kicked out!
JHA: For a second there I was a little bit less sure that Ghostal was going to win this match.
JFA: Both men up, Sixswitch a bit faster on his feet. Gets some momentum from the ropes and, oh my!
JHA: Sixswitch hit the referee! Disqualification!!
JFA: Sixswitch went for a cross body but Ghostal ducked and Sixswitch collided with the referee, This could get ugly real soon! Sixswitch is still distracted by the collision, Irish whip by Ghostal but Sixswitch jumps on the top turnbuckle, Hurricanrana! Ghostal rolls all the way to the floor. And he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get back in the ring.
JHA: He can take his time. No rush.
JFA: Ghostal trying to regain his composure while the referee is counting and Sixswitch strides around the ring impatiently. Now Ghostal goes back in the ring, no, he just broke the count and went back out.
JHA: Good strategy, that is. Sixswitch was on a roll so he decided to slow down.
JFA: Admitted, a good strategy. It has only a small flaw, Sixswitch doesn't want to wait. He jumps on the ropes, Asai Moonsault! Asai Moonsault on Ghostal and both men are down outside the ring!
JHA: I have to admit one thing: I didn't see much sense in that move. It took almost as much from Sixswitch as it did from Ghostal.
JFA: You can't analyze these things when you're in the ring. You have to go on instincts and this time Sixswitch's instincts said to throw caution to the wind. And so he did, with success. Sixswitch rolls Ghostal back in to the ring and climbs on the top turnbuckle. He's ready and waiting as Ghostal gets slowly to his feet, not aware that Sixswitch is stalking him. Ghostal's up, and a missile dropkick by Sixswitch. Ghostal is down and Sixswitch climbs again to the top turnbuckle. Could this be the Technophobic?! Yes! Sixswitch flies, and misses!
JHA: Ghostal rolled away! Sixswitch landed on nothing but canvas!
JFA: Ghostal dragging himself to Sixswitch, drapes an arm on him. Referee slowly on the count. One, two, Sixswitch got the shoulder up! Sixswitch got the shoulder up!
JHA: Un-freakin'- believable!
JFA: The referee is still dazed from the hit by Sixswitch. And Ghostal is furious. He was sure the match would've been over right there. Ghostal goes outside, he's got the golden bat! This is bad!
JHA: Think that's bad? That's worse!

As Vin Ghostal enters the ring with the bat in hand the crowd's attention is suddenly divided as Morpheus steps from behind the curtains to the ramp. He gazes at Vin Ghostal for a few seconds before slowly approaching the ring.

JFA: Morpheus is here, obviously to get some payback for what Ghostal did to him earlier! And Ghostal hasn't seen him!
JHA: Vinnie, look out! Behind you!
JFA: Referee is getting on his feet, and Ghostal just nailed him from behind with the bat! The ref is down and Ghostal has the baseball bat! Sixswitch is in trouble!
JHA: And that dumbass is getting up!
JFA: Sixswitch to his feet, and Ghostal hits him in the abdomen with the bat! And another shot to the back of the head! Sixswitch is down!!

As Sixswitch falls Ghostal is taunting the crowd. He knows he can do to Sixswitch whatever he wants as long as he keeps an eye on the referee. Swinging the bat around he taunts Sixswitch, telling him to get back up so he can hit him again. Suddenly, as the adrenaline rush begins to fade, Vin Ghostal starts to realize something is wrong. The crowd isn't booing furiously as they normally would. In fact, it is almost silent in the arena, as if they are waiting for something. As the black, heavy lump drops to the bottom of his stomach, Ghostal slowly turns around to see Morpheus standing only five feet away from him. His first reaction is to run away and Ghostal starts to look for a way out. Slowly he begins to realize Morpheus isn't advancing, and he still has the baseball bat. Ghostal begins to grin as he pulls the bat back ready for a swing.

JFA: Ghostal's going to hit Morpheus with the bat and Morpheus isn't moving!
JHA: Ghostal will hit the last remaining brain cell out of that idiot's skull!
JFA: Vin Ghostal swings... and Morpheus caught the bat! He caught the bat in midswing! He pulls it from Ghostal's grip and throws it away. Vin Ghostal is unarmed and he's facing a very angry Morpheus. And suddenly he's not that confident anymore. Is that a look of fear I see?
JHA: Of course he's afraid that Morpheus might've damaged the golden bat handling it that carelessly.
JFA: Ghostal backing away, he slides under the bottom rope. And Morpheus is after him!
JHA: Run Vinnie! I know you're faster than that freak!
JFA: Ghostal runs around the ring and slides back in, grabbing the bat on his way in. He runs to the ropes, Morpheus in the ring also, and Ghostal just hit Morpheus in the head with the baseball bat!!
JHA: That'll show him not to mess in Ghostal's business anymore!
JFA: Morpheus is down and Ghostal is kneeling before him taunting! "How's that for Redemption!" he's yelling at Morpheus. That's just low! But wait, mandible claw! The mandible claw from out of nowhere!
JHA: Where did that come from?!
JFA: As I said, from out of nowhere, Morpheus has the Mandible Claw locked in and Ghostal is fading! Ghostal is fading! And a low blow! Low blow by Ghostal!
JHA: I bet he didn't even feel that.
JFA: How can you not feel a kick to the groin?! Morpheus is down, Ghostal is groggy, and Sixswitch is back up!! Ghostal turns around, and a dropkick by Sixswitch!! Ghostal is down!! Sixshooter! Sixswitch nails the Sixshooter!! Cover, referee has awoken! One! Two! THREE!! Sixswitch wins!!
JHA: This was a damn set-up! Vin Ghostal would've been the winner without Morpheus!
JFA: But not without his trusty golden bat! But that is irrelevant! Sixswitch is the winner and his dream has come true! Sixswitch will headline Archivemania III!!


Lisa Lovelace: I'm here with former AWF champion and GPA leader Viewfind. Viewfind, may I call you blushes Blingzilla?

Viewfind: Girl! With legs and a ass like dat you can call homeslice what ever you want ......HOLLA!

LL: grinning Very Well.. Blingzilla, you're going to face off against 5 other AWF stars in an Iron Gauntlet match. While it certianly sounds like your kind of match, aren't you the least worried that it's going to be difficult to emerge from this match as the AWF champion?

Viewfind: No Doubt! Why you think us 5 are there anyways? we da best of da best, we all got mad skillz that pay da bills, but in a match like this son you gotta play yo game smart don't try and be no hero and take on da world.

LL: Do you have any plans to turn the AWF tag champions against each other so that you'll only have three other AWF stars to contend with?

Viewfind: Yo my names not john madden, i don't try to set there and brake down my game, im'a just got out there and rap battle them fool's

LL: Last time at a PPV, you promised to defeat Brave Maxx and you did. Can you guarantee another victory tonight?

Viewfind: Yo girl it all comes down to fate,and lets hope fate is a black man......HOLLA!

AWF Press Office
2004-03-08, 06:08 AM
Handicapped Match: Stone Cold Skywarp v The Gruff, Cloudstrifer & D-Extreme

As the camera cuts back to the arena, Cloudstrifer, The Gruff and D-Extreme are already in the ring, each all but salivating at what they are about to receive…

Glass Shatters

Joey: And an interesting match here, requested by none other than Stone Cold himself…the Rattlesnake declaring that he wanted once and for all to be done with these three men…and that he was going to do it all at once.

Flec: He’s drunk…

Joey: I don’t know…I think he’s betting on the fact that these three will have a tremendously tough time getting along! And here he comes…black garb and all! The Rattlesnake charging the ring…piston like punches staggering the opponents…ref ordering the bell to ring and calling on D-Ex and Cloud to get out of the ring!

Flec: Here comes the mud-hole stomping…

Joey: Stone Cold sending Gruff into the corner so hard that he knocks Cloudstrifer off the apron…and Cloud not happy at all with that. Cloud climbing back on the apron glaring at Gruff. D-Extreme jawing at Cloud…and Cloud just popped D-Extreme…

Flec: Wait a minute…Stone Cold had this planned all along…

Joey: I think you are getting it now…meanwhile Gruff distracted by the melee on the outside…Lou Theiz press by Stone Cold! Punches to the face…now off the rope…middle finger and elbow drop! Stone Cold dominant thanks to the fact that Gruff’s partners providing little help and actually a hindrance!

*On the outside, Cloudstrifer has just wrapped a chair around the side of D-Extreme’s face. D-Extreme is busted open, but refuses to go down from the blow, which infuriates Cloud. In fact, D-Ex is waving him on to do it again…so Cloud busts him across the top of the head, finally sending D-Ex down to the ground.
Joey: …That was the most sickening thud I believe I have ever heard. D-Extreme busted wide open by that chair shot…and I think he’s out cold…and…

Flec: Loser Incorporated…12:00 high…

Joey: The nTo, bandaged up after their war with B & T and the NWA coming out of the crowd…Cyberstrike with a kendo stick and he just whacked Cloudstrifer across the back of the head! Cane grabbing him now…and POWERBOMB into the steel steps! What the hell is the nTo doing out here?

Flec: Well Cyber is in the ring!

Joey: Indeed he is…swinging that kendo stick at Stone Cold…missing…but hitting the staggering Gruff…who I really think his partners…and I use that term loosely…took out of his game plan right off the bat…Stone Cold now with a boot to Cyberstrike…STUNNER! The nTo leader bouncing off the mat and toppling to the outside! Stone Cold now waiting for Gruff, waving him up…begging him up…now taunting…boot to Gruff and STUNNER! A Stunner by Stone Cold sends Gruff down hard to the mat. Cover…1…2…3! Stone Cold wins…he had the plan all along…he knew they wouldn’t function as a unit…and the nTo coming out here just gave him an even bigger advantage…

Flec: But Styles…notice…the nTo went after Cloud…they went after Warp…they nailed Gruff by default…but they haven’t touched D-Extreme!

Joey: You…you’re right Flec…Cane in the ring now looking at Cyberstrike who is down on the outside…charging Stone Cold from behind! Clubbing blows rock Stone Cold back into the corner…and HEY! Gruff…groggy…but he just whacked Cane with Cyberstrike’s kendo stick! Cane turning and clotheslining Gruff, but he turned his back…and STUNNER TO CANE! Cane is down!

Flec: What the hell is going on out here?!?

Joey: Its Mayhem Flec…and its not even Wednesday! Cyberstrike down on the outside, along with a bleeding D-Extreme. Cloud still draped across the steel steps where he was powerbombed…Cane face first on the mat and Gruff trying to pull himself up…

*Stone Cold calls for a couple beers to be tossed into the ring*

Joey: Stone Cold calling for a couple cold ones…and…he hands one to Gruff! Gruff reluctant but he…accepts…Stone Cold saying that’s for the assist I think…

Flec: You left out a few words…

Joey: You can get the gist of the conversation! Gruff downing his beer, tipping it to Stone Cold and making his way out of the ring, giving Cyberstrike a good kick on his way out. Stone Cold now also on his way out, stopping under the Archivetron to offer a brew to the crowd!

Flec: Holy Crap!!!

Joey: Now…what the hell is this? Out of no where, Strafe just blasting the Rattlesnake with a chair! What is this about? The man had his back turned and from the back here comes the new and not so improved Strafe with a vicious chair shot!

Flec: D.T.A Styles…isn’t that Stone Cold’s motto?

Joey: It is…but this is uncalled for! Strafe now pulling Stone Cold up…and Ivory Tower! An Ivory Tower onto the cold hard steel of the archive Stage…AWF officials from the back…this is sick…let’s go to the promo for the Iron Gauntlet…disgusting!

Last week on Mayhem…

Mr. Reilly is on his way out here!

I’m back. And badder than ever.

Mr Reilly appears through the curtain onto the stage, microphone in hand. He struts confidently down the ramp and saunters into the ring.

Reilly: “Thank you, thank you. Always nice to see you boo the person who brought you the entertainment. You really shouldn’t. No, really… I insist – save your gratitude. Oh, wait – you did.”

Glaring at the crowd, Reilly takes a moment to smirk to himself.

Reilly: “Now. I want to take this moment to congratulate our new AWF Champion – the Mad Bomber. Well done. I know you couldn’t have done it without my boy King’s help, so I’m pleased to announce that Redemption will see an AWF Title Match, featuring Bombshell defending against the man who helped him get there – the King!”

Several choruses of jeers fill the air, along with chants in favor of Blaster.

Reilly: “What? Oh yes. The Canuck. Now, contractually he is entitled to a rematch. I’m aware of this. But, you see I have a problem – I kind of already booked some other people to receive title shots. Viewfind ran a few errands for me last week… so he’ll be getting a fair crack. Also, I promised the HeartBrend Kid, worthless layabout that he is, a shot at the gold. But I also booked him for a match at Redemption with the Game.”

He pauses angrily as a chant goes up in favour of Erik Summers.

Reilly: “Anyway. As I was saying. Now, I’m in no doubt that I’m the greatest man to ever run this company, but I have to admit there are certain things that loser Vaccaro did right. One of them is going to solve all my problems at once. It’s called the Iron Gauntlet match. Six men – The Mad Bomber, Blaster, The King, Viewfind, The HeartBrend Kid and the Game. A Triple Threat in a Cell. When one man’s eliminated, the next is called, until there’s only one man standing – the AWF Champion.”

The owner lets the news sink into the fans.

Reilly: “I know, I know. I’m a genius. A sheer genius. Blaster gets his rematch. King gets his shot. HBK gets a crack. The Game gets HBK. I get the highest ratings for a February pay-per-view in AWF history. Everyone’s a winner.”

JFA: Well folks during that break, the AWF officials removed Strafe…and I am pleased to say that Stone Cold Skywarp, refused the stretcher…and refused assistance from the medical staff, insisting on walking out of here under his own power!

Flec: Considering how drunk he was…that is quite an accomplishment.

The Iron Gauntlet Match for the AWF World Championship: Bombshell (c) v Viewfind v The King v The Game Erik Summers v The Brendinio Heat Sean O’Con v ???

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen…

Flec: So few of those here in Chi-town…

JFA: Stop…

JRA: This is the Iron Gauntlet Match!

*The crowd erupts in cheers*

JRA: First, please allow me to explain the rules. There are six competitors involved in the match. Earlier tonight, a random drawing determined their order of entry. The match will commence with three men inside the Cell, under Triple Threat Elimination Rules. When one man has been eliminated, either by pinfall or by submission, he will leave the cell and be replaced by the next man in the order of entry, until all six men have entered. At the point where the sixth man enters, the match will proceed as a standard elimination Triple Threat, with the last man remaining being declared the Archive Wrestling Federation Champion.”

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow. Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow. If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day. You want me to play you best bring your brain; you best bring your money. Make me a superstar. No matter who you are.

JRA: On his way to the ring area, entry number one…he hails from Southampton, England…he is the Brendinio Heat, Sean O’Con!

JFA: O’Con on his way out, number one…taking a long look at the cold steel…a cell he has been in before. He is no stranger to big matches or dangerous situations…

Get up, get up, get up, drop the bombshell
Get up, get up, this is out of control
Get up, get up, get up, drop the bombshell
Get up, get up, (get gone)

Now look who’s coming, yeah, look who’s back
Quick, drop the bombshell straight to the track
21st century killing machine
Burnt on the inside, a five-headed team
Now I’m not the same because you’re not the same
And you’re not the same because I’m not the same
And we’re not the same this could never be the same
And we just want to survive

JRA: From Maple Ridge, British Columbia Canada…he is the AWF World Champion, Bombshell!

Flec: What a warm response from the Chi-town jackasses…

JFA: A chorus of jeers greeting our AWF Champion, who is out here number two…

god money i'll do anything for you.
god money just tell me what you want me to.
god money nail me up against the wall.
god money don't want everything he wants it all.
no you can't take it
no you can't take it
no you can't take that away from me
no you can't take it
no you can't take it
no you can't take that away from me

JRA: And contestant number 3…he hails from Los Angeles, California, here is the King!

JFA: The man who sent Blaster to the hospital earlier this evening…the man who helped Bombshell get the title…the man who has become Mr. Reilly’s boy and one of the most loathed figures in the AWF…the King on his way out here right now!

Flec: Loathed? How can you say that about a former champion?

JFA: Very easily…The cage door has shut, the bell has sounded and we are under way…Bombers and King looking at each other…making some negotiations…

Flec: I think that HBK is the odd man out here…

JFA: Judging by the meeting in the ring and the crowd’s hostility towards Bombshell and King, I think you are correct. And Bombshell and King now cornering the Heat…Bombshell strikes first, HBK ducking the clothesline and rocking Bombers with a punch, now answering King’s advance in the same manner. The punches keeping the duo at bay…but for how long?

Flec: Not long enough would be my guess…

JFA: Looks as though you guessed correctly, as Bombshell just catching a clubbing blow on HBK! Now King sending HBK hard into the corner…HBK staggering out, clutching his back and King spears him hard to the mat. That headstrong spear so lethal…so deadly! And HBK in trouble early on!

Flec: You’re not really all that concerned are you…you’d love it for these guys to kill each other and the Game to waltz out here the last man in and clean house on whoever is left.

JFA: I’ll admit the thought of the Game as a 4 time champion appeals greatly to me, since he never lost the title fairly. He didn’t complain and whine about it though…he got up and went back to work…not like King who’s actions earlier tonight were sickening.

Flec: We still don’t know who the mystery participant is…

JFA: No…we don’t all we know is that Blaster had drawn number 6 and that Mr. Reilly stated that whoever he chose to take his spot would have that number 6 slot. King now pulling hbk up and with an irish whip sending him hard into the ropes, Bombshell coming off with a huge flying clothesline! O’Con nearly decapitated by that one.

Flec: Bet HBK wishes he had a friend right now…

JFA: In the past I would have said he’d be looking to get a boost from his DN teammate, now that man will come out here and be just another person trying to eliminate him. Now together, Bombshell and King hoisting HBK up and…LIKE A DART sending him into the cell and HBK slides down the side of the cage to the floor.

Flec: Well, guess we know who is the first man out don’t we…

JFA: Don’t count HBK out…the crowd starting to really get on Bombers and King for their double team tactics…and HBK now laying on the floor bleeding as Bombers goes to the outside and drives the face of HBK into the steel a few times before whipping him into the ring for King. King hoisting him up…Tantrum coming and planting The Heat down hard.

Flec: Bombshell sliding back in the ring…with a chair he pulled from under the ring…

JFA: Now what the hell…don’t they check for those things?

Flec: That’s what you get when you don’t hire union…

JFA: And that sadist King, telling the champion to let HBK have it…Bombers all smiles here, full of glee…winding up over HBK and…

Flec: HOLY SH*T!!!

JFA: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Bombshell about to crack open HBK…and HBK with a shove sends King into the swing and Bombshell just dropped the King. Bombshell pausing for a moment…now looking down at the prone King…wait…

Flec: So much for that union…

JFA: Bombshell turning on King…dropping the chair on the mat…hoisting King up…ATOM BOMB! Bombers with an Atom Bomb on the chair…King out…Bombshell with a cover…what a screw job…1…2…3!

Flec: Did…did the bug just pull a fast one on King?

JFA: Well, he certainly seized an opportunity that was presented to him. One can’t argue that…maybe in some small way King got what he deserved, but one has to assume when he comes around he’s going to have a big target painted on Bombshell.

Flec: I can’t believe Bombshell pulled that off!

JFA: What I assume started out as an accident, turned into an opportunity for Bombshell who just got rid of one person after his title…and that’s the name of the game here…survival!

Uhh.. UH! .. WHOO!

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool up in here, up in here
Flec: And here comes John Cena’s role model…the poster boy for white rappers the world over!

JFA: A man who has shot himself straight to the top of the AWF through pure grit and determination out here, giving King a good laugh over getting “punked” out by Bombshell…now dashing into the ring. Bombshell trying to talk to Homeslice pointing to HBK…Homeslice a bit reluctant after what we witnessed with King, but also knowing there’s a good shot that together they can get rid of O’Con quickly.

Flec: Homeslice is gangsta though…he won’t turn his back on the bug!

JFA: You may be correct…Viewfind now with a boot to the face of the blood covered, rising HBK, sending HBK back down to the mat hard. Now hoisting HBK up, Viewfind with that patented tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, O’Con’s back folding up like an accordion.

Flec: Bombshell right there as well with a knee drop to the small of the back…starting to work over that lower back. Viewfind locking in a camel clutch, while Bombshell levies some punches, further opening that gaping wound on the brow of one HBK.

JFA: Official checking if HBK wants to quit…no chance of that.

Flec: Not smart enough…

JFA: And the crowd now, de facto behind HBK, who is crawling to the ropes, the referee calling for the hold to be broken. In spite of the pain O’Con’s now trying to pull himself up…now to his feet, only to be met by a big boot to the face by Bombshell and sent to the outside. Bombers to the outside, Viewfind waiting on the inside, Bombers bouncing HBK face first off the steel before sending him hard back first into the steel steps. HBK a bloody, crumpled mess as he just hit the steps with the full force of Bombshell’s strength! Bombshell now, tossing him back into the ring.

Flec: Right to the Homeslice!

JFA: And the homeslice answers with a pull up into a spiked ddt. From minute one…O’Con has been attacked…he’s been double teamed, he was broken open and he’s been pummeled now for the better part of the last 20 minutes. Now the question is simply, how much does he have left? How much can he take?

Flec: Homeslice looks like he’s about to answer that…

JFA: That he does…he’s got O’Con on his shoulders…Philly Pimp Drop! And a blood stain left square where HBK’s head landed on the mat. Viewfind with a cover…and…Bombshell breaking it up?!?

Flec: You knew his temper would get the best of him…he wants to make the cover himself!

*Bombshell and Viewfind are seen arguing in the ring as HBK is slowly pulling himself into the corner*

JFA: Bombshell trying to cool Viewfind down…he keeps saying ‘my bad’ finally extending a hand shake…which VF accepts…OR DOES HE! From the handshake Viewfind with a short clothesline. Now pulling Bombers up into a double arm ddt! Bombshell rolling out of the ring. Viewfind now turning to HBK…who explodes onto Viewfind with an HDD! AND HDD ON VIEWFIND and the crowd erupts…HBK with the cover…1…2…3! And Viewfind has been eliminated!

Flec: You know…technically, Bombshell did cause that as well…

JFA: He may have had a part in it…but don’t discount what HBK has done…he’s undergone a tremendous amount of punishment here for 25 minutes and we’ve had two men eliminated, but he’s still out here.

I know what darkness means
(and the void you learned from me)
The isolation steams
(So I think it wants to bleed)
The echoes in my brain
(All the things you said to me)
You took my everything
Now I'm coming for you!

I won't back down
I will not bow
I've come to bring you hell
I can’t forget
Things you did
I've come to bring you hell[/i]

JFA: And HBK just looks like he’s seen a ghost…

Flec: No, he was out here earlier getting screwed by Morpheus…

JFA: Hardly…more like having a disgusting act repaid in kind. But HBK, who up until this point had some solid support from but that’s about to change as the Game has just stepped out from the back!

Flec: And O’Con looks like he has new life!

JFA: And he’s using that new life to scramble out the opened cage door and to the top of the cage. The Game now full speed to the ring, not able to catch O’Con, but gives chase to the top as well.

Flec: And Bombshell looks like he’s still got his brain scrambled from Viewfind a few minutes back.

JFA: Can’t say that I blame Viewfind in the least…The Game now nearly to the top and HBK, blood soaked and all doesn’t look like he’s feeling all that friendly right now. In fact, he looks a bit panicked. The crowd going absolutely crazy here…this is what they wanted to see!

Flec: I don’t think that HBK wanted to see this!

JFA: I agree…HBK now trying to stomp the Game’s hands, but the Game able to hold on to the cage with one hand and sweep Brendinio Heat’s legs out from under him with the spare. The Game now on the cage as O’Con rolls back up to his feet. The two former best friends…the current tag team champions…they were once the most dominant force in all of professional wrestling…now so much mistrust and anger…so much bitter resentment…and here they are…face to face…20 some feet in the air atop a steel cell…the AWF title on the line…The King and Viewfind have been eliminated…Bombshell still dazed on the floor below them…one mystery participant left…and two of the biggest icons in our sport stand now…

Flec: Game moves towards O’Con and O’Con backs away…not going to be much room for that!

JFA: Indeed, there will not…and O’Con realizes it…the Game now charges hard! Take Down! TAKE DOWN BY THE GAME…fury of punches! Now ramming the back of HBK’s head off the top of that cell…now the Game pulling O’Con up, O’Con with a punch, duck under by the Game…and T-Bone suplex! The Game signaling…for…no! DON’T DO IT!

Flec: Shades of the War Games…

JFA: A move that not only almost killed his opponent…namely Redstreak, but himself as well! The Game setting up for a pedigree on the top…and there’s no promise that top will hold! Neither of these men two of our larger athletes, but that’s not a ring up there…that’s chain link fence…and its not meant to be walked upon or pedigreed on. The Game pulling HBK to his knees and setting up…NO!

Flec: The great equalizer and I guess the Show just got stopped huh?

JFA: Low blow by O’Con…both men perilously close to the edge and…wait…what…

Flec: HOLY ****!!!


*Looking out towards the crowd, HBK suddenly rushes the wounded Game and leaps from the cage, carrying the Game with him, performing the HDD, sending both men down through from the cell through the Spanish announcers table!*


Flec: Who killed who?!?

JFA: With God as my witness…the Heart Brend Kid has just broken the Game in half!

*Crowd begins chanting HOLY SH*T!*

JFA: HBK just launched that HDD right off the top of the cell…both men careening down through the Spanish Announcers table…and…folks…I swear neither man has moved an inch since landing.

Flec: J…that table just exploded around them…this…this is insane. I knew there was hatred there…but…how can two guys be so…

JFA: I don’t know Flec…remember that the Game had that neck injury and he went face first through the announce table…HBK going back first…neither man has moved…there is debris everywhere…and let’s…I don’t want to, but I’m being told we have to look at it again…

*Several camera angles show the impact…then the launching and the impact while AWF medical personal examine both men…several minutes passes while this occurs*

JFA: I’m…simply shocked…folk, we apologize for the delay, even Mr. Reilly is out here checking on these two…checking to see if the match can continue…

Flec: And Bombshell is telling the referee to count them out…and the referee is saying he can’t! Bombshell clearly angered here…shoving the referee out of his way…

JFA: Now what in the hell is that barbarian doing?

Flec: Trying to win would be my guess!

JFA: Bombshell shoving the medical personal out of his way and dragging the Game back into the ring…now back to the outside, through the cage door and over to HBK…dragging him in the cage as well…he wants to be rid of them both right here and right now. Rolling HBK into the ring right next to the Game…now Bombshell taking his sweet time, posturing to the crowd.

Flec: Two guys you really shouldn’t be posing over right there in the ring…

JFA: Normally I would agree, but I don’t think they are in the position to do anything to stop…OR MAYBE…WHAT THE!


JFA: The sudden burst from the blood soaked Degeneration NeXt founders and former best friends! Bombshell turning and…

Flec: Lights out!

JFA: STEREO SUPERKICKS! Sweet Chin Music from the Game, Heart Brend Kick from Sean O’Con and Bombshell collapses straight back. The Game collapses on top of Bombshell, while HBK collapses into the corner…cover by the Game…one…two…three! BOMBSHELL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Flec: Maybe he should have just…

JFA: I can’t believe what we have just witnessed…these two men…crashing down off the cage…but as the prospect of elimination closed in…the survival instinct takes over and these two know how to survive…that’s why they are two of the best and Bombshell’s reign as champion in the AWF comes to an abrupt halt…that may have been all these two man had left, but it was enough to end Bombers run…but take nothing away from him…he came into this match and played so many cards right…but now…who’s next?

Worms of the earth, rise in numbers
A silent night brings them upon us
Rising from the soil to torment the living
Torment the living

Gentlemen, our faith is wounded
And yes, we are wounded too
They’ve come out from the swamp
But we, we stand on both legs

Flec: WHAT?!?

JFA: It’s TC! TC is the 6th man in the Gauntlet…and both blood soaked faces of the Game and HBK looking towards the Archivetron in disbelief!

Flec: They aren’t the only ones!

JFA: TC bolting his way down into the ring, sliding in and meeting both of the staggering Tag Champs with a series of the trademarked kicks from his educated feet…

Flec: I can’t believe you just said that…

JFA: Believe it or not, I did…and now spinning heel kick to HBK…and a leg sweep to the Game…TC pushing them both together…bouncing off the ropes and ROLLING THUNDER! Rolling thunder across both HBK & The Game!

Flec: Yeah, but that move phased him too…and he’s already had a match too! I doubt he’s in much better condition than these two!

JFA: Yes…but he didn’t just take a nosedive off the top of the cell! TC showing the effects on his mid section…pulling the Game up for a suplex, blocked by the Game, who has spent the last several minutes of the match bleeding heavily. TC tries again, and again the move is blocked by the Game, and the Game counters with a belly to belly suplex!

Flec: Ocon up too!

JFA: Arm drag take over by the Game whips O’Con out of the ring! Game back up to his feet…TC charging hard at him, but the Game counters and uses TC’s own momentum to carry him out of the ring! The Game staggers back in the corner to catch a breather…HBK pulling himself back into the ring…he’s in a daze as well still…and right into the Game Over! The Game’s version of a rock bottom plants HBK flat in the middle of the ring…and…

Flec: What the hell is he doing?

JFA: The Game kicking O’Con’s arms in…tearing off that protective elbow pad from his right elbow…and…

Flec: I can’t believe he’s doing this!!!

JFA: Neither can the crowd…they are going nuts! The most electrifying move in sports entertainment today…off one rope…off the other…and pair of DN chops…and THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW!!!

Flec: I…

JFA: That’s the best thing you have said all night! The Game with the people’s elbow right into the heart of the Heart Brend Kid…and now TC back in and he and the Game exchanging shots…

Flec: HBK is going to be fuming when he sees the replay…

JFA: TC able to land a kick to the forehead, reopening that wound…and the blood pouring freely now as the Game bounces off the ropes from the impact and gets planted on the mat by a spinebuster! Guillotine leg drop to follow, but the Game rolls out of the way!

Flec: Oh…that is going to hurt…

JFA: All three of these men have taken some major bumps here tonight…and the Game says its time to end this thing…tuning up the band!


Flec: I hate it when he does this…

JFA: Its almost time…for a little Sweet Chin Music…TC…here it comes! TC ducking though and HOLY!

Flec: Lights out!

JFA: Out of no where the Game going for Sweet Chin Music on TC, TC ducked and HBK delivered a Heart Brend Kick to the Game…TC springing up to the top rope for a five star frog splash! Cover by TC…1…2…3! TC eliminates the Game! Split second miss for the Game costs him in this match here…and one has to wonder…has Sean O’Con really played the head games with the Game to the point where he can no longer focus?

Flec: OF course he has…did you not see what happened here? The Game is off his rocker! He didn’t even think to look for Sean O’Con and he got a superkick, a five star and an elimination to show for it!

JFA: Now we are down to two…the Game pulling himself up to the cheers of the crowd…and O’Con mockingly applauding his performance as well. Summers with some choice words for HBK, which silences Sean O’Con!

Flec: The Game doesn’t look like he’s leaving in a hurry…

JFA: No, in fact he’s sliding back in the ring! The Game talking smack to O’Con, meanwhile TC back to his feet…the crowd is going nuts, Sean O’Con is surrounded! The Game going for the Chin Music, HBK ducking out of the way and TC RUSHES RIGHT INTO THE SUPER KICK, the Game is livid! HBK clotheslining the Game to the outside, scooping TC up…HDD! Cover…1…2…3!

Flec: Brendinio Heat wins!

Superstar begins to play throughout the arena.

JRA: Here is your winner…and NEW AWF Champion…the Brendinio Heat…Sean O’Con!

JFA: He outlasted everyone else and took advantage of a misplaced Sweet Chin Music to score a win, but HBK is again the AWF Champion and TC is still out…the Game rubbing the blood from his face in disbelief…HBK able to sneak his way to the title…and he’s out of the cage, clutching the belt in victory! Battered…a bloody mess…beaten to a nearly unrecognizable pulp…but a champion nonetheless! Folks that’s all for tonight…we’ll see you on Mayhem! THANKS FOR TUNING IN!

Brave Maximus
2004-03-08, 06:18 AM
Originally posted by AWF Press Office
AWF TV Title Match: The Mat Man (c) v Brave Maxx


Blaster is seen taping his wrists for the Iron Gauntlet which will take place in a few hours when he is approached by King.
King: Well, well, well…if it isn’t the former champ…
Y3B: That’s funny stuff there jerkey treat…I was about to call you the same thing… [/B]

Hate to say it guys - but, unless I'm reading it wrong - you missed something in there.

2004-03-08, 06:21 AM
OOC: it has been edited...the match is included now.

Brave Maximus
2004-03-08, 06:31 AM
Worth the wait - who ever wrote it has the idea behind how a technical wrestler takes out the big man.
Good job on that match guys.

2004-03-08, 06:33 AM
IC: Reilly ... you screwed me over from my match with Amarant. you know sure as hell that I deserve that shot!

OP ... your gonna pay for trying to stop me.

Amarant ... I'll see you soon.


2004-03-08, 06:39 AM
Well, I may have lost the title, but at least I beat King. Oh, waitasec. That's not much of an accomplishment. I mean, I was at the bar a while back, and I know of at least a dozen other people who can stake a claim to that...and I'm pretty sure that a few of them didn't mean in that way.

Now, onto more important matters. Yeah, like I said, I lost the title, but at least I'll have the pleasure of seeing SixB*tch beat the living piss outta him. Not that I got a real problem with SixB*tch, but having him as the champ sounds a lot better than letting Brend have the strap. And who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky, and he'll rough him up so bad that he'll never be able to walk again. Would save me the trouble, since if he doesn't, I'll end up doing it.

But not before I take care of someone else.

Erik Summers. The Game. Well, I did what you said. I went in as one of the first people. And I got rid of King. And I would have gotten rid of both you and Brend had I not been stupid enough to let the fans know the obvious. I can deal with Brend later.

But right now, I wanna take a trip back to earlier this month. I had just won the title. I had what you wanted. And I wanted to play a few rounds of the Game. Well, I may not have the title, I may not have what you want, but I do have all the reason in the world to have you lying next to Jinrai in a cemetery somewhere.

I set up the board. I put down the pieces.

Erik Summers, you wanna play?

2004-03-08, 06:44 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Erik Summers, you wanna play?

The Game is shown backstage, getting stiched up, a huge gash above his eye.

Game: Well Sean...you did it. You beat us all...feels great doesn't it? Well congratulations...you're going to Archivemania aren't you...or are you? Hmmmm...there's a lot of time between now and then and so many things can happen along the way. TC...you lost because of me...pure and simple...the Game will make sure to put things right...

As for the Bug...just...bring it!

2004-03-08, 07:00 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
As for the Bug...just...bring it!

Hmm...you might wanna look into hiring the London Sympthony Orchestra, Erik. You're gonna want to have a good group of music people play "Taps" as they haul your carcass next to Jinrai's.

Silly Cow
2004-03-08, 07:54 AM
As hard as it was for me to accept, I am not the only one with dreams. And as fragile as my dreams are, other people's dreams can be broken just as well. Vin Ghostal, your dream was to headline Archivemania III. Your dream was to come back and capture the AWF title once more. Vin Ghostal, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!

When I'm awake, I dream of a man I should be. I dream of heroics, cheering fans and important victories. But at nights, when I'm asleep, I dream of what I really am. I dream of darkness, agony and violence. And god help me, sometimes those dreams seem more comforting. Some day, Vin Ghostal, I will make you live through my dream. Which one... that I do not know.

Amarant Odinson
2004-03-08, 08:26 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
IC: Reilly ... you screwed me over from my match with Amarant. you know sure as hell that I deserve that shot!

OP ... your gonna pay for trying to stop me.

Amarant ... I'll see you soon.


You got no one to blame but yourself for your own stupidity. Just remember Tempest, I'm never hard to find. You want a piece of me that badly, then you know where to find me. I'll be in that ring waiting for you. You want to try and beat me so bad, then come on down. But you and I both know Tempest that I'll MAKE YOU TAP. Just like all the rest, you'll find out first hand why I'm the I.C. champ, why you will never take it away from me. Because Tempest as we all know.....YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2004-03-08, 09:32 AM
Lisa Lovelace: Hey, Sixswitch. Can I get a moment?
Ss: Hey, must be my lucky day. Normally I get Couchman or Kincaid interviewing me. I've moved up in the world.
LL: Well, you did just win your number one contendership match, and are now going on to Archivemania as the Number 1 contender.
Ss: You know, hearing that never gets old.
LL: I'd imagine not. Could I get a few words about your match?

Ss: Sure Lisa. The Double S said that he'd be walking out of Redemption the number one contender, and the Double S is indeed walking out of Redemption the number one contender. What can I say? I'm a man of my word.

LL: Well, you did it alright. How do you feel about Morpheus's interference?

Ss: Well, I'm not pissed off with Morpheus. Much as I dislike tainted victories, Ghostal went and brought his golden penis extension into the match, so I suppose it would have been tainted anyway. That guy's got enough problems without me adding to 'em. Besides, everyone hates Ghostal.

LL: Well, Morpheus sure does at the moment. How do you feel about your currently scheduled 'Mania opponent.

Ss: O'Con? I've said it before, and I'll say it now. If that match comes off, it'll be a stellar event, well worthy of headlining an Archivemania. O'Con likes to think that he's some sort of teacher to me, but that's bull****. The Double S worked his way up the ranks on his own. Sure, he's had a little help from some folks now and again, but it was my own blood, and my own sweat that got me here. If O'Con thinks otherwise, then he's wrong. Very wrong.

And even if it were true, I think that by now, the student has outgrown the so called 'master' anyway. Meltdown, the Rumble... The Double S is on a roll baby, and the hill's just getting steeper.

LL: Good points well made from our number one contender there. Once again Sixswitch, congratulations.
Ss: Thanks Lisa.

2004-03-08, 10:13 AM
D-Ex: Ha, Gruff...the guy who told me not to mess things up in the match ended up messing it for the 3 of us! Well now that this limbo of me getting my ass stuck on your ass, on Cloud's ass...on Skywarp's ass is over, I would like to address this statement.

We see D-Extreme sitting down on a chair. His head is busted open and still is bleeding hard. We see a couple of medics enter the room and open a medkit.

D-Ex: Archivemania is nearing and there is no doubt about that. nTo-x...I dunno what games your trying to play now. But it seems like you didnt attack me in that match. Now one has to wonder why, oh wait no...you FEAR me nTo...you 2 bumbling morons FEAR me. Cause the only thing you took was the 'X 'from D-Extreme to add to the nTo..nothing more. Its just the letter...but letters dont make you Xtreme. Its the intestinal fortitude that makes you Xtreme. Its the guts that makes one Xtreme..its the desire for pain that makes you XTREME! Not only did I prove that I cannot be taken out by a measly chairshot..you need 2 to take this man down. But was I taken down on a stretcher? Was I put on the emergency room tonight? NO! I am here in the dressing room with a gash of crimson blood flowing down my forehead...and not giving a damn about it. The pain is only temporary.

The medics finally patch D-Extreme up and leave. D-Extreme gets a can of beer and opens it. He gulps it down before he continues

D-Ex: The times are changing AWF.....the times are changing. No longer do we see a happy go lucky silly cow dancing his way to the ring....cause these days he is now known as a crazy lunatic who cant seem to get his sanity intact. Our former heroes fall back into the pits of homosexuality...a fine example of this is Auntie Slag. From a former European Champ into a cross dressing talk show host who wants to grope Cyberstrike. nTo-x a once three stooges stable now adding and forgering the 'x' that they stole my name have changed..there just 2....but the thing that hasnt change is their talent. Now yet another transisition is about to be made in the AWF. No longer shall you all look down on me as another fun loving drunk. Infact I am so sick and tired of being such a stepping stone for all of you rookies. I am so sick and tired of you AWF veterans holding me down. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...AND I CANNOT!!! *smacks himself on the forehead with the beer can* CANNOT! *smacks himself again* CANNOT! *smacks himself for the 3rd time and the patched up forehead starts to bleed again as D-Ex throws the can tot he ground* TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! AWF Superstars...be warned for a new D-Extreme has sufficed.......100% pure anger....100% pure energy and most of all 100% pure added XTREME!!!! You all shall heed my words now and watch as strating tonight a new wave of destruction is about to be at hand..........a new wave of XTREME suffering is about to be delivered....cause I am D-Extreme.

D-Extreme stops as he gets up and grabs a nearby kendo stick and raises it into the air.

D-Ex: And I am...the INNOVATOR OF THE XTREME!!!!

OOC: cool ppv guys!!! I give it 2 thumbs up...... or maybe a smilie!


Auntie Slag
2004-03-08, 01:16 PM
Originally posted by AWF Press Office

the biggest pain in the ass Morpheus has ever encountered aside from that bout of gastro-enteritis on the AWF Japanese tour.

WooT! Bush ref anyone? that was excellent! Superb match too:)

Originally posted by AWF Press Office

Cyberstrike opens the door and sees a NAKED Auntie Slag standing in front of him! Cyberstrike stares with a look of disgust on his face!"

What can I say? I’ll do anything for ****s and giggles, and more importantly money! Everyone knows I like my men with charisma, charm, style, humour, good win/loss ratios, integrity. Anyone see warty old Cyberstrike in those categories? Exactly. Still, the look on his face was worth it.

Originally posted by D-Extreme

Our former heroes fall back into the pits of homosexuality...a fine example of this is Auntie Slag. From a former European Champ into a cross dressing talk show host who wants to grope Cyberstrike.

OOC: I’d just like to mention that there is no connection between Windy and Auntie Slag. They are two entirely separate characters. Windy’s still in Hollywood shooting something on Cameron Diaz’s face, whilst Auntie is hawking he/she/its wares across you screens on Mayhem. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to come back as a new character after my name change to Auntie Slag. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the AWF at all.

Only way Windy’s coming back is if I get my screen name changed back. I realise this isn’t really fair that I get the chance to play two people, but if Windy’s effectively on-ice as far as the AWF is concerned, then I am in fact only playing the one person.

I do miss being Windcharger though. I had great times in the ring and of course working with Pulp Faction, and bantering with all the other wrestling superstars such as yourself, Big Z, SGhost etc.:/

2004-03-08, 02:12 PM
*The Room is dark, there is nobody in sight. Then you see a glimier of chain mail on Cloud's legs, and know he is there.*

CS: This...day...was not over.

This day that nTo attacked me, was not over, This day that Gruff in all his idiotic sided with Skywarp, was not over. This day we I, CloudStrifer, The Messenger of Odin, got powerbombed by someone who shouldn't have been there was not over.

It is over. The time has come to stop my antics. The time has come to send everybody away. The time to do what I must do, I must have Vengence. That is the only true way of handling things.

Cane, You overstepped your boundry as well as touched the might Cloud, when he gave you width to do as you pleased. Cyberstrike, I over looked you as I had no beef with you.

Yet, you pull this...this travesty of a interfearance, and attack me. Well, it won't go without its repercions. I will have my revenge on the next mayhem, the next mayhem after that, or the next mayhem after that, I will goo on until I extract my revenge for you mis-doing. I shall get my revenge and I won't be stopped. I don't care if you have the belts or are trying to get the belts, you messed with me, I will pay you ten-times over, till I feel that its finnished. Mark my words, The Vikings are comming, and its your ass on the line.

2004-03-08, 02:41 PM
OOC: So does that mean it was wrong of me to imagine Auntie Slag as looking like Windcharger (I mean, the real you, as you look like on your photo) with a wig and in a dress? Aw.

OOC: Cool PPV! :)

Vin Ghostal
2004-03-08, 03:09 PM
*After the show, we find Vin Ghostal sitting in his locker room, staring at the gold baseball bat placed in the seat across from him*

V.3.: Why? Why have you failed me? The plan was flawless. The execution was pristine. I was going to ArchiveMania. Every bit of glory and gold was within my grasp.

the bat: ...

V.3.: I don't want to hear that! This isn't Morpheus' fault!

the bat: ...

V.3.: Maybe...maybe you're right. Maybe I can still get every bit of glory out of ArchiveMania that I deserve. The gold will come, but for now, I'll find my glory in the pain I can draw out of that masked freak.

*As V.3. gets to his feet, his longtime NJWA friend Dark Agna enters the room and says hi. V.3. immediately grabs him and slams him headfirst through a table across the room. Furious, he turns to the bat, picks it up, and drops it on Dark Agna*

V.3.: But I'm doing it without you. One day, maybe, we'll be together again. But you've failed me too many times. Too many times.

*V.3. grabs his athletic bag and leaves the bat behind, switching off the lights as he leaves*

2004-03-08, 03:57 PM
Well Xille what else can I say.

You are nothing but a punk coward. You got me with my back turned. So to your credit you are smart enough to attack a man that can kill you from behind.

But you see this is where you are not that same. You did nothing but annoy me before with your constant whining and pointless trash talk.

Now you've just pissed me off. Archivemania, you and me, strecher match for your title. Have the EMT's right there becuase someone is going to the hospital and if I can help it I'll make your title reign a memorable one, as your last.

Auntie Slag
2004-03-08, 04:35 PM
Originally posted by Arcee

OOC: So does that mean it was wrong of me to imagine Auntie Slag as looking like Windcharger (I mean, the real you, as you look like on your photo) with a wig and in a dress? Aw.

Eeek! Yes most definitely, well you can if you like, but I digress:laugh:
Auntie Slag is a behemoth of a man with muscles till Tuesday, and sports all over body hair. He believes himself to be a master of disguise when it comes to looking like an effeminate woman, but instead ends up looking like a hairy meatball in a dress. Imagine Big Show trying to look like a woman. That’s Auntie.

Windcharger of the AWF is the little guy who bounds around beating up larger people, wears subspace pants and occasionally rides the oft-farting comedy rhino. Windy is about the size of Michael J. Fox, but he fights like Bjork at a photographer’s convention.

Sir Auros
2004-03-08, 07:48 PM
Oh, I've lost again and been used as a plot device...yay...

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-03-08, 07:58 PM
OOC: G91 check your pms.

IC: Why did the nTo-X beat up Gruff and Cloud?
Listen to me and listen well for I'm going to say this just one time:
That's all you need to know.

2004-03-08, 08:25 PM
*Still in the dark, a voice booms*

So, Cyberstrike thinks he can just come up and beat down on anybody?


Then by all means, you shall have the consequences of your idiotic stand little man, and the consequences will be great. Let battle commence!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-08, 10:01 PM
So that's the way this is gonna go down Strafe huh, you attack StoneCold from behind, when he ain't lookin' with a damn steel chair.

Well, I've tried to warn all you sorry sons of bitches before -- don't pull crap like that with the Rattlesnake or be on the wrong end of a severe ass-whuppin'

Least you got something to look forward to in your POS little life...

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-03-08, 10:13 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
*Still in the dark*

IC: No wonder your called Cloud since you're blind as a bat!

2004-03-08, 10:18 PM
The Darkened Room

OP: Tempest... Redemption... Redemtion was carried out on thee Tempest. Only in your mind you think you won but HA did you... NO. I beat you to a pulp and i was just getting started when Reily made his appearance so i ask you this:

Did you feel the pain of the sickening blood as it ran down your forehead. Do you something Tempest. I enjoyed it. And when we meet again OP2005, The Highlander From Hell, will proceed to kick your ass AGAIN. Why? Cause i am thy worst nightmare!

2004-03-08, 11:44 PM
IC: *claps* "We're the nTo-X... we do what we want, when we want". Yeah well... if what you wanna do is lose, you picked the right place to start. I'll give the NWA their due... well done. We'll meet again another time, I have no doubt.

As for the nTo-X, well... whatta you want me to say? I never guaranteed victory for Blood & Thunder. I did, however, state that we would be not be the ones taking a dive. We didn't. I wasn't pinned. Zarak wasn't pinned. Who was? The big dumb blue bastard who was partnered with the sputum-filled hair-brained egomaniacal bitchboy who suffers from delusions of grandeur.

Y'know... the nTo-X don't want the tag team titles because they know there's no way in hell they can compete with Blood & Thunder and the NWA. See... it took 'The Game', the HeartBrend Kid and the entire GPA to take those titles from us. What are the nTo-X compared to that? What they always will be.


2004-03-09, 12:05 AM

*Xille is seen backstage running around and shouting loudly*


*He sits on a chair, noticably out of breath, and hugs his title*

Whew... what a match. I mean, come on! Not only did I get to piss off a member of the GPA, but it was Big Daddy Rav! And I got a freaking title for it! Geez, I hope all of my title matches are this much fun. And that shot against Auros? POW! You could hear the crowd, too, they were screaming for it! That's why I'm the opium of the masses, baby! They can't get through their day without a little bit 'o X!

*Footsteps are heard in the background, and Xille's face suddenly has a look of shock*

Oh, crap! Is there a 24/7 rule on this belt?

*Xille looks around nervously and puts up his fisticuffs when an intern walks by*

Maybe not... but oh well. A title! And it's all mine! To think, I would've had to share that tag title with that jerk Strafe. Whatever. A single star's life for me!

*Xille notices the camera for the first time*

What? Why the hell don't you people tell me when you're freaking rolling?

*He stands up, dusts himself off, and puts on a smile, his title draped over his shoulder*

TC, what can I say, man? I didn't want the title. Well, at first, that is. But then I could feel it. The crowd could feel it. Could the red hot rookie snag this huge win? Could he do it?

*He pats the Hardcore belt and his smile grows wider*

You're damn straight he could. Now, TC, you were an amazing hardcore champ and I can only hope to live up to the legacy you've left this belt with. I think I've started things out the right way, though. A fourway dance to pick it up? Now, even V.3 has to admit, that's an impressive victory. Auros... well, I hope your head's going to be okay. I had to take the shot, baby. You know how it is.

*Xille's expression grows a little more serious*

Big daddy Rav. The man I pinned to gain this fabulous belt. What's your problem with the way that I gained it? Isn't that the GPA way to play? A "W" is a "W", right? What's the big deal? Hmm? Oh, I see. The rules only work one way. You're like the big bully in the sandbox, who gets to take any toy he wants, but when someone takes it from him... WAAAAH! WAAAAH! WHERE'S MY MOMMY? I WANT A COOKIE! WAAAaaaa.... shut up, Ravage. I won. You got a problem with that? Fine, we can settle it. You wanted a stretcher match, right? Sounds like a plan. But you want my belt to be on the line, too? My, aren't we a greedy little boy? I'll tell you what, Ravage. This can be for my belt on one condition. If you win, you get the belt. But if I win, Ravvy, well... you've got something a little more humiliating to do.

*Xille grabs a shirt out of his bag*

Listen and listen good, hoss. I'm only going to say this once. When you lose, you're going to come down to the ring on the next Mayhem with your lovely GPA shirt on. Then you're going to rip it off, tearing it apart in the process. Then, big buddy, you're going to put one of these fantastic, new "I'm high on X" t-shirts and pose for the crowd. They're avaliable now, kiddies. 10% of all sales will be donated to Short Glass, making sure that short kids everywhere get plenty of milk.

Sound good to you, Ravage? My belt against your pride. It's up to you now, big guy.

*Xille begins to walk away, then turns back to the camera, his expression uncharacteristically serious. He takes envelope out of his bag*

One more thing, my loyal eXiles. You see this? This is a ticket to Archivemania III, obviously in an envelope. You know who it's addressed to? My dad. Have a nice night, everyone.

2004-03-09, 12:14 AM

Mah nizzle
What you all seen tonight was blingzilla get played like mac
in punchout and that s*** was wack, see i had dat match in the bizag but punk ass bombshell gotz a mad ego son and he tried and play blingzilla and he still lost his bling.

But im'a be busy dis monday with da AWF crew cuz they wanna stop by my hizhouse and check out all my fly s*** so anyways
Glavatron how about i hit you up with 50 G notes if you take out that fool bitchshell? thats right...you down?

holla back.

2004-03-09, 02:52 AM
Lisa Lovelace approaches the Game:

LL: Game...have you heard...Viewfind is offering 50 G Notes to take out Bombshell...what do you think?

Game: G Notes? Let the Game break this down for you...the Game won't take Viewfind's money...but the Game would be more than happy to lay the smack down on that candy ass Bombshell, not just for Viewfind, but for the Game...and the Millions...


Game: ... of the Game's fans! So Bombshell...come Mayhem...just Bring it! Shut your mouth...know your roll...and JUST BRING IT!

2004-03-09, 03:02 AM
I always knew that Erik was a no talentless hack, and now I've got proof positive of that fact. I mean, he's got no talent or charisma of his own, so he feels the need to steal it from more popular guys.

But I guess that Erik and the Rock have a lot in common. Like how neither of them are going to be around the wrestling circuit come next week. The only difference of course being that the Rock will leave to go get some movies shot, while Erik will leave to get some X-Rays shot.

2004-03-09, 03:17 AM

How about the 50 G Notes now? :smokin:

2004-03-09, 03:22 AM
*A bandaged King is seen leaving the arena when Random Jobber Interviewer stops him*

RJI: What's your feeling on tonight's match?

King: What do I think? What else could I be thinking except making sure that Bug gonna eat his meals through a straw after he faces me in the ring. Yea that's right I am calling his weak pathetic little behind out for a real match. One where I will rearrange his ugly face and dislocate his limbs. One where he's not gonna feel his legs for weeks afterward. Yea so he wants to play The Game now? Figures, since he knows I will be after him and he knows his chance is better against G91. Well guess what? I am not going anywhere until I have his head on a platter. So Bug... make sure you are medically insured before you step in the ring again. No telling when you gonna need it.

*The King then storms off*

2004-03-09, 04:08 AM
Originally posted by -Predaking-
Figures, since he knows I will be after him and he knows his chance is better against G91.

WHOA...WHOA WHOA! Jabbronie! Better chance? Let the Game walk your candy ass down memory lane there. On one occasion King, you were able to put the Game down...but King, you have you forgotten? Reilly the ref? HBK? Any of that ring a bell...

Look, the Game understands that you're a little bitter. Hell, if the Game had gone as long as you have with his only dates being with Rosey Palm and her Five Sisters...the Game would be a little down to. But rest assured King the Game may hate your monkey ass, but he respects you...and he respects Viewfind...as such...he's going to leave a little bit of Bombshell left for the two of you!

As for Bombshell, you have a problem with the way the Game talks? You have a problem with the way I act? Boy...The Game has seen more charisma coming from one of the motorcycles you drive...hell...if you didn't have Arcee with you in the ring when you two cut a promo there wouldn't be a pulse...so Mayhem...the Game...the Bug...one on one...

oh...and Sean...after I get done with the bug...I'll be sure to come watch you and TC...

2004-03-09, 05:38 AM
You know Xille whatever you want.

Oh I might recommend not having your dad at Archivemania. Or I can't be held responsible if two people get put on strechers.

2004-03-09, 09:53 AM
Originally posted by Auntie Slag
OOC: I’d just like to mention that there is no connection between Windy and Auntie Slag. They are two entirely separate characters. Windy’s still in Hollywood shooting something on Cameron Diaz’s face, whilst Auntie is hawking he/she/its wares across you screens on Mayhem. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to come back as a new character after my name change to Auntie Slag. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the AWF at all.

Only way Windy’s coming back is if I get my screen name changed back. I realise this isn’t really fair that I get the chance to play two people, but if Windy’s effectively on-ice as far as the AWF is concerned, then I am in fact only playing the one person.

I do miss being Windcharger though. I had great times in the ring and of course working with Pulp Faction, and bantering with all the other wrestling superstars such as yourself, Big Z, SGhost etc.:/ [/B]

OOC: sorry bout that. I'll note that....damn and I thought you are still windy with a new gimmik. Sorry bout that mistake again my bad :sweatdrop

2004-03-09, 01:48 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
You know Xille whatever you want.

Oh I might recommend not having your dad at Archivemania. Or I can't be held responsible if two people get put on strechers.

IC: Rav why don't you shut up! I'm not asking for a shot I'M demanding it and if I have go to you and Xille to get well too bad for you!!

2004-03-09, 02:00 PM
Originally posted by Deathscream
IC: Rav why don't you shut up! I'm not asking for a shot I'M demanding it and if I have go to you and Xille to get well too bad for you!!

Rav, do you want to slap him, or should I?

You can probably reach him better than I can.

2004-03-09, 07:26 PM
Deathscream who the hell are you? Oh thats right! I broke you and you went away, what did the welfare checks stop coming in or something?

2004-03-10, 05:42 AM
*The camera comes on as we see Divebomb sitting in his locker room with a bag of ice on his forehead*

DB: "(he sees the cameraman)What do you want?"

CM: "I was told to get your reaction to the win."

DB: "I see you remembered not to bring that dork that was here the last time."

CM: "Yeah he didn't want to come."

DB: "Good well my reaction to the win? Ok I think its about time we get finally got back on track but as you can see it came at a cost. I can't see straight yet and my neck is killing me but we won, so it makes up for it. Next question."

CM: "How does it feel to get a win over Blood and Thunder."

DB: "It feels good, but if you noticed we didn't pin one of them so just like Wolfang said, I'm sure our paths will cross again. But you know what the rivalry between Blood and Thunder and the NWA has been like and its not like its going to go away anytime soon. So I will be looking forward to the next time we meet. Any more questions."

CM: "One more then I'll let you get back to icing your neck. Your thoughts on cyberstrike and the nTo-X."

DB: "Oh god you really are trying to open a can of worms with that one aren't you. Well ok, the nTo-X is a joke and I really can't see what has changed about them since they were just the nTo, which by the way was and still is a running joke in the AWF, so as a faction they are worthless. Now as for Deathscream, I couldn't care less. I never paid any attention to him before and after tonight I still have no reason to pay attention to him so hes just another jobber to me. Then there is the so called leader of the nTo in cyberstrike. What can you say about him? Hes a useless, talentless, ugly, delusional piss ant that thinks the nTo is the all-time greatest faction. He's just another pansy panty wearing freak. He thinks hes hardcore because he wrestles else were and wins but doesn't seem to realise that the calibre of competition is nowhere near what it is here. Hell he even thought that the nTo could get better looking women and that they had more money than the GPA. Dude you've seen the women and the money what would you say?"

CM: "Yeah I remeber him saying that. Did you see the girl he was with tonight. Hell you couldn't pay me to be anywhere hear them."

DB: "No I didn't see them and by the sounds of it I am glad I didn't. But I can't think of what else to say about him and to tell you the truth I don't want to waste another breath talking about him."

CM: "Any final thoughts before I go?"

DB: "Yeah, Blood and Thunder, any time you guys want another match just ask. I know we have had our problems in the past but it like I said, I enjoy the rivalry we have because it results in some very good matches. Then there is D-Next, you all know I have alot of respect for them and what they have both accomplished but we are getting a shot at the Tag Team Gold and no matter how much respect I have for them I will not hold back in that match. So even though I don't have to tell you to bring your best I am still going to do it, Bring your best. I want this to be a match for the ages and win or lose I want to face the best opponents the AWF has to offer. So thats it, I've got nothing left to say except See You in the Ring."

CM: "Thanks man, cya later."

DB: "Yeah cya."

*The camera gos black as we see Divebomb put the ice back on his neck*

2004-03-10, 07:30 PM
The HeartBrend Kid limps out of his locker room, stitches across his forehead, Tag Team Championship belt around his waist, the AWF Championship slung across his shoulder, and a grin as wide as the Solent across his face.

Keith Kincaid catches him as he looks to leave the arena.

KK: "Sean! Sean! AWF Champion again... thanks to a huge assist from the Game. But a staggering feat of endurance, nonetheless... do you have anything to say?"

The Heat: "Keith... Keith. You know that normally I'd have to pummel you into dust for calling me Sean, but I'm in a staggeringly good mood, so I'll let it slide.

"Do I have anything to say? Oddly enough, yeah. Because you know I'm usually so reserved. First off - first man into the Gauntlet - last man out. I said before I went in that I'd come out with the gold, and once again the Brendinio Heat makes good on his promises.

"The gold is back where it belongs. Where it always should have been, and where not even Reilly's masterplans can stop it from gravitating back toward. This strap knows its place. And that place is where The Heat is.

"But really, I've got a few people to thank. First off, Brendan Reilly. Because it must eat him up to see me with two of his precious championships.

"And secondly... Erik. The Game. Buddy. Really, I appreciate the help. Honestly don't think I could have done it without you. Thanks, G! You're the man. Really. It's all down to you!

"Now, onto the place I belong - the main event at ArchiveMania. To take on the guy who grew leaps and bounds under my guidance... but still managed to suck harder than Erik's mother - Siznitch.

"I'm sure that the Welsh Waste-o-space has had plenty to say on the matter... but I dare say nobody managed to stay awake long enough to hear the end of what he said. I know I never can. So I'll just assume it's the same tired old claptrap he usually spouts about being better than he really is and I'm feeling sleepy just thinking about it. ArchiveMania, Siznitch - you think you deserve this belt? Come get it.

"Have no doubt, kids - I'm the champ, and you're just chumps. And the HeartBrend Kid has left the building."

[OOC: Big-up congrats to xille!]

2004-03-10, 08:16 PM
*Cloud is now seen in his room agian, but this time its has a few candles burning, and from the looks of it, there as been a brawl*

Now, Its time to end this. For long I have been taken out because of stupidity like Cyberstrike and his idiotic friend Cane. Because of those 2 bozos, I couldn't get into the ring with Skywarp, and because of those 2, I couldn't win over him like last time. True, he never beat me, and I did pin him, I suppose I would grant him leave, while he does his things and I do mine.

My Business in this fed is simple. I fight, I win, and I regin supreme. But has this come to be? No, Instead some one I defeated, Me, CloudStrifer, The Chosen of the Norse Gods, kick his ass and won, has been given the belt. The TV Title Belt, which shouldn't have been his in the first place. Do I get considered for it? No I don't. And That makes Cloud mad as Odin, and when he gets mad, he does something about it. I will do something about it too. I will take names, kick ass and win the belt. This I CloudStrifer, Messenger of Odin, give a blood oath!

*Cloud Pulls a knife and puts the knife in his fist and pulls it extracting blodd from it, which he puts it on his chest, leaving a bloody mark*

I Have taken an oath, and I will complete it, wheater people like it or not. I have been stalled long enough. So listen up, Cyberstrike and Cane, You and me, in Mayhem a Handicaped Match, 2 on 1. No Weapons, 2 Refs. The First to pin, wins.

Do you chicken out or do you fight? Even if you reject, I shall be out for your blood, as I have a bone to pick with you. After I am done kick your patheic butt, I shall come to NMat and take what is mine, and that is the Belt. So keep it warm and perpare to lose it agian.

CyberStrike and Cane Your Next!

2004-03-10, 08:24 PM
One all O'Con. One all. And at 'Mania, it'll be two-one to the Welsh Wonder. You know it, I know it. Fact.

You suck, I don't. Fact.

You think you're better than you are. Fact.

Face it, when you step into that ring with the Welsh Wonder, you're in for the match of your life, and the Double S fully intends to win. So yeah Sean. I want the belt, and I'm gonna get it.


2004-03-11, 01:18 AM
Hell ya sucka!

the NWA came out swingin' and the rest of those fools went down faster than a toothless crack wh0re lookin for some green to score her next hit. As long as we be preachin dat, yo 'strike, tell yo' momma to stop knocking on my door, P? may be blingin', but when it comes to yo momma, that way he ain't swingin'.....

Now, peep this, da NWA told ya that we gonna be the ones walking out of redemption with the #1 contender spot, and we got it..... The NWA told ya'll that we were gonna win the titles when no one gave us a chance against compufire.... And the NWA told ya that we were gonna knock Lock & King off their high horse, and we did it, even when their noses were as high as my big dawg Viewfind when he be puffin on some BC bud, and let me tell ya, that sucka almost neva comes down.....And now big P? is tellin' all ya foo's that D-Next is gonna lose those belts around their waists when they get enough balls to step in the ring with me and DA bomb.

The NWA is the tag team that always wins da big one. We never back down when the cards are on the table. We are the tag team that has always stuck together, never putting either one of us first. We have seen tag teams like The Mav's, The new age outlaws, Lock and King and Compufire come and go, but the NWA is for eva. We have outlasted them, and we gonna outlast D-N, and then the whole world will know that the NWA, not any other team, is the best team that the AWF has ever seen, and ever will see, until the day of the apocaplyse, when the NWA gets stacked up against the gods of Valhalla, and we truely find out who the REAL Norsemen with attitude are.....

Until that day, all you can do is stand in our way, and nurse your wounds when we run you over......


2004-03-11, 08:46 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
One all...

:yawn: :zzz:

*startles awake*

I'm sorry, I must have tuned out for a moment there. You did finish talking, right?

Lemme guess - "blah blah blah... I'm a Welsh, inadequate loser, everybody knows it and I cover it by talking way too much." That was the basic gist, right?

2004-03-12, 04:10 AM
Originally posted by Brendocon
:yawn: :zzz:

Oh...I see you are doing your impressions of me watching you in the ring again...how cute Sean, still impersonating me after all this time...touching.

And don't think that me giving a title shot is anything more than paying a favor back to a friend...a concept you are entirely unfamiliar with...and don't get to cozy with that AM slot either...after Mayhem...I have a feeling you'll be available come March 28.

2004-03-13, 01:53 PM

Gruff is shown backstage alone still clutching the beer given to him by Stone Cold Skywarp.

Gruff: you are one craft SOB Skywarp, perhaps all those years of experience of yours helped pull it off. I knew those bumbling couldnt get along and listen, listen to the future and see exactly how it was. I turned my back for an instant and got a stunner for it. Kudos then to doink the viking and dxtremly stupid for costing us the match. But then someone else dserves a congrats for giving 'Warp the victory.
The NTO again cost me a victory. Strike 2 boys, your out!

The Gruff has new targets in his sights and thats you boys! Both together or individually, Cane and Cybertstrike your going down faster than Auntie Slag when i get my hands on you!

Where and how doesnt matter, bring yourselves to the dance, bring your precious NTO shirts, bring your sick little tranny fanny Auntie Slag pompoms and all. Just Bring It! The future is is right here and i will burn you down and bag your ashes!

I am the future of this company and i will make you believe it!

2004-03-13, 04:06 PM

They aren't in the Fed anymore. And another thing, do you always chose those who I call out first? :p ;)

2004-03-14, 12:00 AM
Yeah, keep on blubbering O'Tool. Assuming you can make it to 'Mania with the belt intact, which you probably will, since all you have to face is TC to get there, I still wouldn't carry that belt around with you... You're gonna need to get used to its absence after Mania, when it changes hands, and goes to someone more skilled, charismatic, smart, and just generally better than you. And there's nothing you can do about that.

2004-03-14, 04:20 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer

They aren't in the Fed anymore. And another thing, do you always chose those who I call out first? :p ;)


hadnt realised they'd left when i'd posted that!

and normally its u on my coat tails! :eyebrow: :smokin: :angel: :p

2004-03-15, 12:11 AM
OOC: Sorry bout the late reply, was on Spring break all last week...

IC:Just as I had thought. By not playing by the rules...I am advancing in status and power in the AWF. The titles are but a short match away, finally cementing my position as one of the top dogs in the AWF...

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-15, 01:31 AM
Only problem Strafe is that the one thing standing between you, your dreams of fame, fortune, women... titles, is me.


2004-03-15, 05:06 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Only problem Strafe is that the one thing standing between you, your dreams of fame, fortune, women... titles, is me.


Perhaps, at one time you could have stood between me and my goals, but not anymore.

Now step out of my way and leave your chest thumping back in the local bar. You don't want any part of this. That is your only warning.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-15, 06:22 PM
Originally posted by Strafe
Perhaps, at one time you could have stood between me and my goals, but not anymore.

Now step out of my way and leave your chest thumping back in the local bar. You don't want any part of this. That is your only warning.

N'ah Strafe, you don't seem to understand, see you thought it was neccessary to come out and stick your damn nose into business it don't belong in, YOU made this personal, YOU are the one that's gonna get the ass whuppin' of a lifetime, YOU are the one that's warned.


2004-03-15, 08:21 PM
Y'know, the X is a bit excited for this next Mayhem. We've lost people, we might've gained a new guy, and all in all, I still get a slight bit of glee knowing that I'm walking in with this *pats title* and Big Daddy Ravage isn't.

You know, it kinda makes me sad that Cs and Ds are gone. TC always had them as good warm-up matches and now I've got no one. Well, I guess that's not true. There's always Ravage, or maybe that dick, Strafe. I can't wait to see him have his ass kicked by G91.

Archivemania III is coming. Mayhem is coming. I know who's getting a little high on X at Archivemania, and that's Ravvy. Stretcher match with my title and his pride on the line. But next Mayhem... that's a different story. Someone wants a shot at this title? Whatever. They'll get "stop"ped just like Auros and TC. I'm still waiting to break someone's knees, too...

[edit]: *Thinks he figured "Raven Darkstorm" out... lets out a grunt of understanding*

2004-03-16, 04:03 AM
Oh don't worry Xille, I'd just be glad you have that title enjoy it while you can. At Archivemania III I'll make sure the EMTS are ready to fix you and your old man up.

2004-03-16, 02:53 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
At Archivemania III I'll make sure the EMTS are ready to fix you and your old man up.

Oh... no, Ravage... do whatever you want to the geezer. Don't worry about the EMTs. He'll only show if he really wants to see me "get my ass kicked".

But here's the surprise for him: I'm going to break your knees. I going to show him that I can beat a man like him. And I'm not just talking about pinning you, either. I'm going to put you onto that stretcher piece... by piece.

So, to summarize for ya, big man, do what you want to my dad. Doesn't matter to me. You'll just be hurting one of your only fans.

2004-03-16, 03:03 PM
Xille maybe you didn't realise this but **** the fans.

I mean really when have they been there for me, never.

So just to make the fans happy I am going to break you in front of everyone.

Auntie Slag
2004-03-16, 03:11 PM
Ravage, it would be better if you went up to Xille and said that in a dodgy Russian accent like Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV. Go on, do the voice, it would be great!

I must braik yu

Then go for the blonde buzzcut for maximum authenticity. You do have fans and your history is well documented with glossy photo's in the AWF Coffee Table Accompaniment© and they would dig that.:smokin:

2004-03-16, 03:20 PM
Originally posted by Auntie Slag
I must braik yu

You see, Ravage? That intimidated me.

But you say **** the fans? Then I say **** you. You wouldn't even have the chance to walk out here show after show and beat up little punks like me if it weren't for those fans. I guess that's someone else I'm kicking your ass for at Archivemania, then. The fans want to slap you for such an ignorant comment. And all those people that get high on X night after night, those fellow eXiles, can't wait to see that happen.

And Auntie, you're absolutely right about him and his fans. Their existence, that is... I don't know about their taste. I mean, even Tempest has some fans.

Auntie Slag
2004-03-16, 03:38 PM
Originally posted by xille
And Auntie, you're absolutely right about him and his fans. Their existence, that is... I don't know about their taste. I mean, even Tempest has some fans.

Well that's the thing. Before I got my 'On the couch' slot, I used to work as part of the regular crew behind the scenes, liggers they called us; you know, liasing with venue officials, helping with set up rigging and scaffolding etc.

Sometimes a bunch of us would go out into whatever place we were in that week and hire local help, and you would meet all sorts of fans while doing that. We were regularly accosted simply because we wore 'AWF crew' T-Shirts. Did you know for instance that the highest concentration of Cyberstrike fans are in Alabama?

Bert and Elmer, they run a Newt farm. Man, I bet they're pissed now he's gone.

2004-03-16, 03:40 PM
But Auntie, if I did that I'd look like Brock Lesnar! You know that guy that couldn't take the sport.

And don't worry Xille, I'll make sure I send the fans regards over your final match.

Auntie Slag
2004-03-16, 03:43 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
But Auntie, if I did that I'd look like Brock Lesnar! You know that guy that couldn't take the sport.

Good point. Whatever happened to him? is he still in the WWE? I don't watch it, but I know who Lesnar is and I know he beat the Rock and the Undertaker and became WWE Champion. Has he left wrestling now? He always looked to me like there was simply too many muscles packed into his relatively short frame. I thought he was going to spontaneously combust if his heart rate rose above a certain level.

Exploding Lesnar, America's secret weapon. Drop him from a bomber plane over hostile territory and cause a crater over a mile wide.

2004-03-16, 04:03 PM
Originally posted by Auntie Slag
Good point. Whatever happened to him? is he still in the WWE? I don't watch it, but I know who Lesnar is and I know he beat the Rock and the Undertaker and became WWE Champion. Has he left wrestling now?

He's gone. He "couldn't take the business anymore" and quit after wrestlemania XX. The fans booed both him and Goldberg during their match. It was great. He flicked off the crowd right before getting a Stone Cold Stunner.

Originally posted by Auntie Slag
Did you know for instance that the highest concentration of Cyberstrike fans are in Alabama?

That makes sense. You know, I would love to see some kind of "Before the Couch: The Real Auntie Slag story" show. Maybe an "Auntie Slag: This is your life" segment.

IC: Ravage... you mean you're not Brock Lesnar already? I mean, I thought you were the little b**** who ran around, complained about the fans, and beat up on other wrestlers while expecting to have title runs or better matches. You say **** the fans, right? Isn't that exactly what your idol Lesnar did? Seems to me that you are the wuss that went home crying.

Auntie Slag
2004-03-16, 04:52 PM
Originally posted by xille
I would love to see some kind of "Before the Couch: The Real Auntie Slag story" show. Maybe an "Auntie Slag: This is your life" segment.

Nah, I don't think my character's been around long enough to warrant that, and besides, that kind of thing should be reserved for the actual Wrestlers.

about half a year ago people used to post here with a thread devoted to their character's history before joining the AWF. Those were pretty good I thought. There was lots of them, and then it trickled off, perhaps because there's only so many of us. But if you look back a few pages on this forum you'll find them.

2004-03-16, 07:40 PM
Originally posted by Auntie Slag
Nah, I don't think my character's been around long enough to warrant that, and besides, that kind of thing should be reserved for the actual Wrestlers.

about half a year ago people used to post here with a thread devoted to their character's history before joining the AWF. Those were pretty good I thought. There was lots of them, and then it trickled off, perhaps because there's only so many of us. But if you look back a few pages on this forum you'll find them.

Ah, oh well. I guess it's something to look forward to, then. ;)

I can't seem to find that thread that you're talking about, but "oh well". It really isn't that important (not that it isn't interesting, mind). As long as everyone is here and ready to try to get a little high on X, the opium of the masses, the reigning Hardcore champion.

Oh, and just because I miss saying it... Ravage? Your momma.

Silly Cow
2004-03-16, 07:53 PM
Originally posted by xille
I can't seem to find that thread that you're talking about, but "oh well".
It wasn't actually one thread, most of the "Confidental" bits had their own threads. We lost almost all of them though, in the Great Blackout.

Some of them were only written after it, so they're safe.

AWF Uncovered: D-Extreme (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12581)

AWF Uncovered: Silly Cow (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12510)
You're so new you don't really know Silly Cow, but still.

2004-03-17, 04:00 AM
Xille why don't you speak the truth? You are an opium the opium of the dumbasses.

Let's face it I don't need the fans anymore. They don't fight my battles and they don't care if I get injured or not so slag them.

And Xille, I'd stop worrying about the fans and worry about you.

2004-03-17, 10:07 AM
D-Ex: Well Ravage I see your point. You dont need to care about 'YOUR' fans. And you know why big rav...cause they left you once you came back to your band wagon jumpin way. So why dont you just shut it before this D-EX will join The X and beat the hell outta you and your GPA home boyz! Dig?!

2004-03-17, 01:25 PM
You know D why don't you keep your nose out of others business before it gets broken.

2004-03-17, 01:31 PM
I told him that once but he wouldn't listen Ravage. He's that stupid he couldn't take good advice.

Hey D-Ex how the eyes?

2004-03-17, 08:49 PM
Originally posted by Tempest
He's that stupid he couldn't take good advice.

Tempest... is calling someone stupid?


Boy, you have less brain cells than I have pounds of weight.

2004-03-17, 10:36 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: Well Ravage I see your point. You dont need to care about 'YOUR' fans. And you know why big rav...cause they left you once you came back to your band wagon jumpin way. So why dont you just shut it before this D-EX will join The X and beat the hell outta you and your GPA home boyz! Dig?!

Yo D i'm damn sure you don't want to get on my bad side kid, i mean right now we cool.


let your homie X know who done it, cause when it comes to that gangsta ****


2004-03-18, 09:12 AM
D-Ex: Look daddy......i mean..daddy-o(view)....I aint having a problem with you. I am just having a problem with your 2 lapdogs Rav and Tempest. You I can respect...those 2 I cant stomach. So Ravage I dont care if my nose gets broken...I dont care if it bleeds and needs constructive surgery....just as long as I beat your ass up along with the human bulls****er to a bloody pulp I'll be happy with that broken nose. Cause nobody messes with The X while D-Ex is around. You betta believe that!

2004-03-18, 01:31 PM
Look you blubbering moron.

I know your still in shock over your other two running mates leaving the fed since they just couldn;t take it.

So why do you stop writing checks with your mouth that you know your body can't cash.

I am giving you the chance to keep your body in one whole piece, not one fleshbag with many broken pieces.