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2002-01-20, 12:28 AM
Brilliant light blinds, the universe ends, the universe awakens...only to end again. All time exists as one here...it collapses and folds into itself. Worlds explode, civilizations rise and fall...here chaos is in charge...and the Decepticon known as Jhiaxus is a god.

Weerily, the other Decepticons begin to come around. Sixshot, Scorponok, Cryhavoc, Adeara, Squawktalk and Beastbox all begin to look up at their smiling leader.

jhiaxus: "welcome back my friends...welcome to a place where all time exists at once...a time where we will re-write history, starting with my dorman friend here!"

Taking out the crystal in his storage unit, Jhiaxus opens the stasis unit containing the dormant Gigatron. Placing the crystal into the chest compartment, a spark begins to glow...the optics flare.

Jhiaxus: "Now my friend...help me usher in a new era, once again!"

2002-01-20, 01:29 AM
Squawtalk drifted back to conciousness. The place around him was foreign, confusing, strange... He loved it. So many comments to make, so much to say. In a moment's time, he righted himself and perched on Jhiaxus' shoulder.

"Tonight on the evening news, this just in! Jhiaxus takes universe by storm! Cybertron cowers as Decepticons on the rise, stock up twenty-five points! Getcher lives while you can folks, they won't last! All this and the end of the world, tonight on 'Decepticon of the Decade: Jhiaxus'!"

Aloof, Beastbox plopped down on his hind, complacently and silently observing his surroundings.

But the focus was on Gigatron. Still in his pod, his functions slowly began to resume. Deafening static suddenly roared through his audio sensors, then slowly faded and made way for the Decepticons' sounds. Optic sensors went through a similar process, but with light. As his scanners adjusted to the surroundings, he could see Jhiaxus hovering over him. He tried to look around, but he found his relays still defunct. Then suddenly, arms, legs, neck, and wings all jerked. His first instinct was to reach out and scream, "Megatron!" but the urge was quickly subdued, as he deemed it residual memory left in the body. He'd felt it all before... Gigatron lived again. His eyes floated about him. He was exactly where he did not want to be.

Oh no, no, no, no. Not after my sacrifice. He couldn't have... He did. Well then, why the slag did I bother?!

Slowly, Gigatron sat up. He flexed his fingers, feeling already that, though temporarily stiff, his joints were not nearly as worn as those of his former body. He could also feel a certain amount of strength in him that he had not previously possessed. Perhaps it was his Cybertonium level...

Well, perhaps it wasn't a total waste. No, what am I saying? It will be if I let him destroy my universe! But... this may work. If something were to go wrong, it certainly should have by now. Besides, I'd do best not to get on Jhiaxus' bad side, especially with all these goons about.

Equally slowly, Gigatron pulled himself out of the pod and stood next to Jhiaxus. He examined the crew of Decepticons. All strangers... but Gigatron knew them. So, these would be Jhiaxus' governors of his universe. How embarrassing... Gigatron's eyes set on Jhiaxus. His face was emotionless.

"You do realize the danger, don't you?"

2002-01-21, 06:50 PM
Adeara blinked as she saw time flow around them. She knew that time, as others knew it, did not really exsist. Each moment lasted forever, and they stacked upon each other, like the pages of a flipbook. Time, for a Ta'Kaalen, simply had no meaning. They never really died, they just.....vanished, or remained trapped in one form once they became too old to sustain their true shape.

Adeara listened to Jhiaxus' words, and watched as he brought Gigatron out of suspension. All around them, events that had happened showed themselves. One event that stood out in her view was the sun of her home going nova, and a hundred vessels trying to flee the explosion. They all failed. So...They tried to flee against the High Praetor's command. Cowards. But was I not a coward? I fled, but I was ordered to. Orders that would have recreated our race only to rebuild out creator. What a horror that would have been. Adeara sighed, then looked to Jhiaxus. "What's the plan?"

2002-01-21, 06:58 PM
Jhiaxus: "Of course my old friend...but wouldn't you agree that the risk is justified? In your world have we not already defeated? Have not I along with all the great generals like Lord Galvatron already perished? I have the key to the future...remember, you exist now in this time...this is your time now, your future starts here. Now is the time to find Lord Galvatron, to undo the legacy of shame and defeat...to spare our brothers from the humiliation of a thousand retreats?"

Jhiaxus offered his hand to his oldest friend...

Jhiaxus: "All I am asking for is for you to trust me once again. To trust that in this time things will be different."

2002-01-21, 07:28 PM
Cryhavoc stared at his surroundings, confused by everything that had happened him within the few passed moments. A shadowy figure approached Cryhavoc from the void that swirled around him... an Autobot? An Autobot general he had crushed during the city wars...

The massive Decepticon warrior reached out in attempt to grab the Autobot into the crushing grip of his claws... he caught nothing but air... the spectre looked at him with sorrow in his optics and pulled away... back to the void.

Cryhavoc turned to look at Jhiaxus, his optic band glowing soft red light... The light got stronger and Cryhavoc pointed his claw towards Jhiaxus, in attempt of silent scream. Though his optics Cryhavoc saw the Chaos Bringer... Unicron reaching his enormous hand from the void towards Jhiaxus... and then disappearing...

Cryhavoc turned away, placing his claws againt his head... in attempt to force his thoughts to get acquinted with the chaotic surroundings that he couldn't understand.

2002-01-21, 08:42 PM
Gigatron looked down. His optics gently flashed off (OOC: eyes closed, get it?), and he sighed. Jhiaxus was right. Undeniably, absolutely correct. Gigatron disliked it... He didn't know why. By all rights, this should be nothing short of the greatest glory. But he disliked it just the same.

"You speak true, Jhiaxus. My time is now one with this. I realized the same during my time on Earth. That is why," Gigatron said, thumping the crystal in his chest, "I asked you to change this for me. I am no longer a Destron... I am Decepticon! I will not return to my future ruler, as I had planned. But perhaps, I will not need to. Your mission... is precisely what I would have done, were I not so confident that we would win the universe just the same in time. But, so long as we're here..."

Gigatron thrust his hand into Jhiaxus', and turned his head up to meet his eyes.

"I trust you."

"Aw, love is in the air!" Squawktalk commented from Jhiaxus' shoulder. Gigatron glared at him, and, without moving, zapped the bird with a quick blast from his forehead. Squawktalk frantically fluttered away and set himself next to Beastbox.

"What a revoltin' development..."

2002-01-25, 09:55 PM
Adeara looked to Cryhavoc, and saw the trouble he was having. "Do not focus on what you see. It will only cause you pain. Instead, focus on Jhiaxus, and the group. Then you will not be lost within the stream. Trust me. I've been in a place like this before." The shape-shifter smiled then, turning back to Jhiaxus. "Is there even a plan, Lord Jhiaxus?

2002-01-26, 06:03 PM
Cryhavoc lowered his claws and tried to follow Adeara's example. He focused fully to look at Jhiaxus, ignoring the shapes that tried to reach him from the rift. Slowly it began to help and Cryhavoc felt much better now as he understood that the creatures from the rift could not do anything to him.

2002-01-26, 08:40 PM
It was a system designed by Wheeljack, a safeguard of sorts. It was the only reason his cloak didn't lift while he was unconscious. But the cloak was only capable of lasting so long in any circumstance. It was at that moment--just as he began to awaken--that a section of space-time began to glow and waver, fluctuate on its own against the surroundings.

Then, Mirage appeared within the ranks of Decepticons...

2002-01-26, 10:17 PM
Jhiaxus was oblivous to all around him...his focus was squared at finding the one piece he waited for, the one window that would give them the time they sought...the time when the future could be forever altered. He waited, watching history of countless worlds unfold...then he came to it...Cybertron! Now all he needed to do was wait and watch...

2002-01-26, 10:28 PM
Mirage was lucky, no one had spotted him yet. They were paying too much attention to....

Mirage wasn't sure. He was seeing images of everything at once, everything the universe had ever witnessed, was going to witness. He saw Cybertron, in its golden era, rapidly moving along the timestream to later eras.

Jhiaxus watched it intently. Mirage wasn't sure what was going on. But he remembered some of what Wheeljack had told them. That time was some kind of mess, that certain elements were bleeding into each other. It was the reason he and Dark Prime's group were here on this Cybertron.

These Decepticons seemed to know about it as well. Possibly--no, definitely--using it to their advantage. What would Jhiaxus do? Was Mirage seeing images of the past, or was this a physical timestream one could join into at any given...


Mirage drew his weapon, not thinking what consequences firing in this mess would cause. The consequence on his mind came to front.

"Don't you dare!" he growled, then he fired.

2002-01-27, 04:55 PM
Cryhavoc had noticed Mirage's arrival but he had thought that the Autobot was just one ghost more from the spinning void around them. But then his audio sensors registered the screaming and blaster fire. Was this still some tricks by the void? Or was the Autobot real... The massive Decepticon decided to try out.

The twin sonic cannons mounted to his shoulders turned towards Mirage and surprisingly managed to take target lock. He must be real... He can ruin everything... "He dies!" Cryhavoc roared and opened fire.

2002-01-28, 05:09 AM
Jhiaxus spun around as he realized the words had come from his mouth.

Jhiaxus: "Kill him...kill him at once!"

Jhiaxus watched...waiting for the moment to approach, then he saw it.

Jhiaxus: "At long last...Decepticons...it has arrived! It is time!"

Pressing his hand into seemingly nothingness a window opened and the Decepticons could see the golden era unfold before them...and one of the first meetings of what would one day become a council of Autobot elders...

Jhiaxus: "There...now its time our little game unfolds!"

Without saying a word or issueing a command, Jhiaxus with Squawktalk still perched on his shoulder lept into the window and appeared in the Golden Age of Cybertron.

2002-01-29, 03:49 AM
Gigatron watched as well, but he was not quite as pleased as his accosiate, Jhiaxus.

"Cryhavoc, you fool, desist at once! You'll destroy everything!"

But then, he saw it. He watched Jhiaxus disappear into it, and nothing else mattered. His head turned to give Cryahvoc another order, but he hesitated. What point in waiting on that oaf? Greedily, Gigatron dove after his friend.

"My goodness..." he commented. "Paradise!"

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2002-01-29, 08:48 AM
Mirage ducked out of the way as Cryhavoc opened up at him with his weapons. One of the shots blasted against his right shoulder. Mirage landed on one knee, turned partially up to shoot back.

Everyone started walking through the section of space that had appeared. Without thinking, as the last of them ducked through, Mirage made a quick leap into the imagery of Cybertron long ago.

The chaotic swirl of space-time slipped away, as a single plain appeared...

2002-01-29, 06:36 PM
Cryhavoc heard Gigatron's screams but didn't care he had clear order to kill the intruder and what would the shots even do to anything? Then Mirage dived after the Decepticons through the portal and Cryhavoc followed.

2002-01-30, 07:32 PM
Adeara stared at the doorway Jhiaxus had opened. It should not be possible! her logical mind screamed. But there it was. Time was going to change. And she would have a hand in it. As Cryhavoc blasted at the Autobot and the Autobot then jumped towards the opening, Adeara turned and jumped through the opening herself. Once there, Adeara's eyes widened. "Amazing. Simply amazing." The Ta'Kaalen gazed around, wondering why her people had never achieved this.....beauty. Breaking her train of thought, she looked to Jhiaxus. "Now what, my Lord?" Few got that title from her. Galvtron had been one. Jhiaxus was another. Only those who earned her respect would be called 'Lord.'

God Jinrai
2002-01-30, 09:29 PM
Prime reverted to vehicle mode, nailing the throttle, headed for the source of these fluxuations... arriving at the massive tunnel, he charged headlong in, managing to slip through most of the defenses relatively undetected... he finally arrived at the main chamber... there stood the combaticons... crashticons... aerialcons... the breastforce, dezaras, and hatemunger...

"Great. that's about 30 to 1 odds. I've faced worse... like planet eating monsters out to kill off my race... but stealth is more useful here than firepower..."

Prime silently transformed, creeping to the chamber... the doors slid open, and several destrons turned... prime activated the key again, and the plasma drain began... once inside, he could see the gateway... and a strange device... which he quickly figured out nullified the effects of the plasma energy inside the chamber... charging through the warp, he found himself in the ripple of timespace that cryhavoc, stormweaver and the others remained in... Spotting a fluxuating image, he quickly realized what jhiaxus was up to... abandoning caution, he charged past the others present... diving through the ripple... finding himself on that fateful dock at the powerplant so many eons ago... He could see his former self working with his friends... and in the distance... two ominous forms... Prime knew he had to act fast... he headed for the center of iacon... the home of what would be the elite autobot warriors... entering the great hall, he spotted alpha trion... and another of his predecessors... Prime Nova. Optimus silently approached... and the two turned to him... Alpha Trion, startled, and Nova not at all surprised. Nova was the bearer of the matrix at the time, and as such, it had warned him of possible disasters on the front... of a warrior resembling himself...comming to stop a cataclysm... Prime spoke quickly to nova, and nova alone... alpha trion had to know nothing of what was to come to pass... the duo parted, and nova summoned a group of his best warriors and asked alpha trion to return to his lab, and not allow anyone entry until it was said that a gravely wounded transformer needed his aid.

The two primes departed iacon... prime in rig mode... nova in a jet fighter mode... the two arrived at the power plant, and went into hiding... each taking a post that would allow for solid observation of orion pax... so long as he was able to be taken to alpha trion.

The two sat, hidden in the shadows... and waited...

2002-02-01, 04:20 AM
(OOC: Cryhavoc...could you continue to play Scorponok?)

jhiaxus looked down at Adeara.

Jhiaxus: "Now my dear...we unleash hell!"

Jhiaxus looked at the rift as it began to dissolve.

Jhiaxus: "Gigatron, take Sixshot and Scorponok...find the Liege Maximo and bring him this! I will take Adeara and the cassettes and find Orion Pax..."

Cryhavoc remain in teh rift, destroy the Autobot and do not leave your area...you are our only means back!

jhiaxus: "let's move..."

2002-02-01, 08:52 PM
Cryhavoc heard Jhiaxus' message in his head and stopped approaching the rift.

"I will stay to guard the rift my lord... but I hate to tell that Mirage was able to follow you into the Golden Age of Cybertron. You need to deal with him yourselves." The large Decepticon said through his mental-link to Jhiaxus.


Scorponok glanced at Gigatron. "What are we waiting for?"

2002-02-01, 10:25 PM
Adeara looked at Jhiaxus. "And what shall we do with this.....Orion Pax? Kill him?" Adeara moved to follow Jhiaxus to where he willed. This would be a very new thing for one of her race. None had ever moved through time or altered it. She felt rather proud of this.

2002-02-02, 08:51 AM
Mirage peered out at Cybertron from the building he hid behind. His shoulder wound bothered him, but it wasn't the worst damage he'd experienced. His cloak activated just long enough after he jumped through the rift to hide him while ran for cover. It deactivated the moment he found it.

He peered out at the age of Cybertron he had never seen before. Workers moving about with no worries. And it was all going to be ruined. Have to warn these people they're in danger. Mirage sighed. What good can I do? These people are workers! They aren't even military trained. Even if I could get the word out, what good would it do against Jhiaxus? Mirage turned and looked at the landscape behind him. There's got to be a way. Have to find a way...

With that, Mirage moved in stealth away from the area. He never noticed as Optimus Prime appeared in the location he had just been...

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