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AWF Mayhem
2004-03-18, 02:32 AM
The night opens with stills from the Iron Gauntlet: It was a night where 6 men battled it out, under brutal conditions, leaving each man battered, bloodied and beaten…but in the end, in spite of tremendous competition, the Heart Brend Kid, Sean O’Con captured gold once more in the Windy City, but as Mayhem opens here in Chicago once more…the question remains, can he hold on to it?

*The pyro blasts as Mayhem come to the airwaves.

JFA: We are live once again from the SOLD OUT United Center in Chicago Illinois, where just one week ago, the Heart Brend Kid reclaimed the AWF World title…but tonight he MUST defend that against the last man left in the cage with him, TC!
JHA: Yeah…cause that moron the Game gave up his spot, what was he thinking?
JFA: Its called doing the right thing J, something you would not be very familiar with…

RA: Our opening match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Intercontinental Championship. Now making his way to the ring, hailing from Glasgow Scotland, he is the Highlander from hell...OP2005!

As The Waste crashes about the Chicago arena, OP2005 runs down the ramp to the ring and begins checking the ropes.

JFA: Greetings all. We've got OP2005 first out in this triple threat match. I'm JFA and my "color" commentator is JHA.

JHA: In the flesh.

JFA: We're being accompanied by The Mat Man as a guest commentator.

Mat Man: Always great to be here, JFA. It's a privilege to be sitting here with you.

JHA: What about me?

nmat glares at JHA

JHA: Umm, well, ok then.

RA: His opponent, hailing from Mandurah Australia, a member of the GPA, the Human Bulldozer, Tempest!

JFA: I'd like to remind our viewers that Tempest and OP2005 fought to a draw at the last PPV, setting up this three way match.

MM: Yeap. They assaulted a ref, then were rewarded with both getting a title shot. Despicable. I don't know what Reilly was thinking.

JHA: It was clever. Brilliant what those two did. Amarant doesn't have much of a champion's advantage. He won't have to be pinned to lose the belt.

MM: That was kind of my pint. I may not think much of AO, but I'll admit that he's a fighting champion, as I am. Lets face it, I've got a match with Strafe later tonight. If I was forced to face Strafe and Morpheus, I wouldn't be happy about it. The whole point of a #1 contender's match is to create a number 1 contender. Not two jobbers.

JFA: Well put.

JHA: Well put, if you mean foot in mouth.

MM: Just shut up and call the match. As, there's out "valiant" champion now.

RA: And their opponent... He is the "best damn technical wrestler" in the AWF

MM: What he hell? He pay that wench off?

RA: He is the AWF Intercontinental champion, Amarant Odinson!

MM: You know, I used to like White Zombie...

JHA: What's the crowd's problem? They boo this man?

JFA: He did defeat their hometown gal, Scout recently... in this very arena.

MM: With a belt.

JHA: It was an accident.

MM: Sure.

*Once all three men are in the ring, they size each other up. Amarant assumes a grappling pose, and prepares himself for a bullrush from either opponent. As the ref rings the bell, Tempest and OP charge each other, both men dropping from a double clothesline.*

JFA: One hell of a collision there! Both men are a bit slow getting to their feet, and I can hardly blame them.

MM: AO's doing the smart thing by leaving them alone. These two hate the other enough to rip themselves apart. He might pick up a fairly easy win out of this.

JHA: That's not his style. He'll crush them both.

JFA: Yeah, that's why he's just watching them right now.

*As AO steps back, the big men tie up, each trying to assert physical dominance over the other. Neither budges as they face off in the center of the ring. OP tries to lower himself for added leverage, but Tempest just shoves back even harder. As the men fight back and forth, the crowd begins to make a few boring cat calls.*

JHA: Boring! Boring! Boring!

JFA: You need help, you know that? Wow, AO just entered the match. I guess he was bored to.

*AO charges the other men. He knocks Tempest flat on his back with a kick to the back of the leg. OP fall forward with the sudden lack of an opponent, and AO leaps up, grabs his head, and delivers a tornado DDT to leave both challengers on the mat. With a quick glance at Tempest, AO tries to cover OP. He gets a two count, off before Tempest grabs his ankle, and pulls him off.*

MM: Nice move by AO. He took that exposed arm of Temp, and just slipped on an arm bar. As much as I hate to admit it, he knows his was around a wrestling ring.

JHA: If we're lucky, he'll make one of these men tap... fast.

JFA: These other men came to fight, and it'll be hard to get hurt so badly that he won't be there to breakup a submission hold or a pinfall attempt.

*OP gets to his feet, shakes the cobwebs from his head, and delivers a stunning kick to AO's skull. AO breaks the hold, and rolls away from OP in an attempt to avoid any further punishment. OP pulls Tempest to his feet and drops him immediately with a hard clothesline. He follows with a standing leg drop, and goes for a lateral press cover. The ref gets to one as AO sneaks behind OP, and slips on a double chicken wing.*

JFA: Looks like he's stolen a move from your playbook there, Mat Man!

frowningMat Man: Yeah, no kidding. What's he up to.

JHA: I think I know!

*As OP tries to free himself from the hold, Amarant looks straight at the announcer's booth and hells out.*

AO: Hey Mat Man, this move sucks! He wouldn't tap in an hour!

*The Mat Man rises to his feet, but is restrained by a hand on his arm from JFA*

JFA: Sit back down son. He's trying to get you involved so he'll win by DQ. Don't fall for it.

JHA: You called him son! ha ha You have one ugly kid.

JFA: Figure of speech.

MM: OK. I see his game now.

*AO keeps OP in the hold for a few seconds longer before he releases the hold in disgust. As he stands to ponder his next move, Tempest hits him from behind with a clubbing blow. He follows up with a Pendulum Backbreaker, and AO rolls away holding his back in pain. Lifting OP, Tempest shows a great feat of strength by lifting the big man and gorilla pressing him. Falling chest first to the mat, OP clutches his midsection in pain and feebly tries to roll out of the ring. Tempest stomps him the rest of the way out.*

JHA: Ha! The human bulldozer just cleaned house! He's standing tall, and everyone else is a wreck.

JFA: I thought you were an AOP fan?

JHA: I'm a fan of the winner!

*Tempest approaches the ropes, and gets surprised by OP. Op jumps to his feet, grabs Tempest's head and delivers a massive guillotine. As Tempest rebounds off the ropes, OP grabs his feet, knocks Tempt to his back, and pull him from the ring. OP grabs Tempest, lifts him, and throws him like a javelin into the ring post.*

MM: You were saying? Wow, Temp's cut. OP's got full control of the GPA man, and AO's more than happy to sit back and watch.

JFA: I can't believe OP managed that. It was brutal, crushing, and it followed an total ass kicking
AO and Temp delivered to him.

*OP grabs Tempest by the hair and lifts him to his feet. The ref demands that they get back into the ring, but he's ignored. OP puts Tempest up, grabs his wrist, and applies a wrist lock while hammering away at Tempest's face. Tempest tries to fight back with a few elbows, but the hold is actually broken by Amarant. Running from the far side of the, Amarant uses the top rope to catapult himself to the outside, delivering an axe handle blow to Tempest's held arm. The collision knocks all three men down, but AO quickly leaps to his feet and throws OP back into the ring.*

MM: Interesting choice. I would have taken the bleeding man, but that's just me.

JHA: A chump?

MM: Keep it up, keep it up.

JFA: Guys, lets just call the match. Mat Man, what the hell kind of hold is that?

MM: It's well, it's. I don't know. Amarant appears to have OP in some kind of sharpshooter, camel clutch derivative. I'll be honest, and admit that I've never even heard of this thing before.

JHA: That's because you're a fool.

MM: You care to tell me what it is then?

JHA: No, I don't.

MM: I guess it doesn't matter much. OP has a hand on the ropes. The ref's breaking the hold.

*The ref begins the five count, and Amarant releases a bit early at three. As OP lets go of the ropes, Amarant follows was a bare choke hold. The ref pleads for him to break the hold as OP pulls himself up by the ropes. Suddenly, OP leaps back, knocking the ref to the mat, and landing on AO. Tempest pulls himself off the ground outside the ring, looks through a mask of blood at the carnage in the ring, and grins.*

JHA: I like that look.

JFA: Yeah, but the crowd doesn't. Is that P? coming down the ramp.

MM: Excuse me, but there is no way in hell I'm allowing that clown to settle this match.

*The Mat Man gets to his feet, folds his chair, and leaves to confront P? on the ramp*

JFA: What the hell was that about?

JHA: He's had one to many chair shots, that one. He's got P? stopped on the ramp, and I can't blame
P? for not wanting to press the issue. nmat learned to swing a decent chair in his hardcore days.

JFA: Yeah, but I think P?'s just a diversion. Divebomb's just come trough the crowd. He just hit OP with a snap powerbomb, and he's setting AO up for The End. There it is, massive Samoan neckbreaker on the IC champ. He's hurt in a big way. OP back to his feet, and he connects with a massive boot to the face of Divebomb. Divebomb prone on the mat, but Tempest is back in the ring, and he just blindsided OP with a short spear. Tempest tossing Divebomb under the bottom rope, kicking the ref awake, and he's covering AO.

JHA: New IC champ here.1....2...kick out!

MM: What did I miss?

JFA: Divebomb cleaned house while you were gone.

JHA: You fell for the diversion, moron.

MM: That so? I assume P? would have just sat back and let Divebomb do all the work if left alone?
Temp looks upset. His plan not work?

JFA: AO just kicked out of a crushing shot from Divebomb.

MM: That doesn't make sense. Divebomb being the crusher, not the crushie?

*Tempest bellows in rage and frustration. He sees OP trying to get back to his feet, and backdrops him to the outside. Walking over to AO, he connects with a knee to the side of the head to send AO sprawling. Pulling AO to his feet by the hair, he sets the smaller man over his shoulder and ramps him into the turnbuckle.*

MM: If this keeps up, our match won't include the IC title at AM III.

JFA: Tempest is showing tenacity in this attack. He's not giving AO an inch, and he's wearing down the IC champ.

JHA: That's how you win a match, fools. You beat the hell out of your opponents.

*Tempest sets AO on the top turnbuckle, and pulls himself up to deliver a superplex. AO hooks a foot under the top rope to stop the suplex attempt, and fights back with several right hands. As Temp wobbles on the top, AO follows with a European uppercut that knocks Tempest back. As he falls, Amarant grabs his arm, hooks his toe into the joint, and delivers The House of Pain*

JFA: Impressive counter by AO! He's laid Tempest out on the mat, but he's too hurt to cover quickly. OP's back to life on the outside, but he won't be able to reach AO in time.

JHA: AO crawls over to Temp, covers, but kickout! How did Temp kickout with that much blood loss?

MM: It's easier when you have two goons fight for you. Predictable move from Amarant now.
Sharpshooter locked in. Tempest is trying to get to the ropes, but he landed a long ways away after his fall from the top rope. What the hell does OP2005 think he's doing?

JHA: He's got a chair and headed for the ring.

MM: Do I have to enforce every damn rule around here? Excuse me again.

JFA: The Mat Man's up and approaching OP. Tempest is screaming, reaching for the ropes, and OP is on the ring apron with a chair ready to charge into the ring and break that up.

JHA: Not anymore. That idiot Mat Man just stopped a perfect chair shot attempt by pulling him from the apron. He avoid a big right from the winded OP, and he just picked up the chair and is coming back to the desk.

JFA: OP is torn between attacking nmat and breaking the hold Amarant is applying. Greed wins out over pride as OP jumps into the ring.

*OP charges AO and Tempest, but he's too late as Tempest eventually taps to the sharpshooter.*

RA: Your winner, and still AWF IC champion, Amarant Odinson!

JFA: Amarant retains, while making Tempest tap. The two had exchanged words in weeks past, and I guess AO just put a period on that... with a little help from The Mat Man. nmat, why did you help him out?

Mat Man: Help him? I just kept things clean. Nothing more. If AO doesn't like it, too damn bad.

*As Amarant is presented with his belt, he stares at nmat with what looks like confusion at first, but it quickly changes to anger*.

JHA: He didn't want any help.

MM: He needed it. Amarant, lose it before I can take it.


Cyberstrike is shown walking around.
Mr. Reilly: Didn’t you quit?
Cyberstrike: Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t…maybe I realized you still owed me a thing or two…
Mr. Reilly: What exactly does that mean?

*Cyberstrike hands Reilly a sheet of paper*

Cyberstrike: Have a nice day loser…
Mr. Reilly: Oh…*smiles at the fine print* indeed I will…

Reilly then sees Amarant Odinson

*Reilly steps in front of Amarant and yells at him.*

Reilly: What the hell were you thinking? Booking a batch at MY Archivemania III? 60 minutes for titles? Who the hell do you think you are?

AO: I'm the best technical wrestler in the business. Get out of my face Reilly. You want to yell at someone, yell at The Mat Man. I simply responded to his challenge. Besides, don't tell me you can't run the numbers..

Reilly: What do you mean?

AO: Please. Think of your international buy rates. Half of Japan will buy AM III just to watch our great technical match, and the other half with buy to watch that chump tap. I've still got a name in Europe, and nmat, somehow, has a strong following in Australia. Think of your bottom line, and don't you dare tell me it's not looking better with us.

Reilly: Hmm, I see your point. Still, I'm going to exert some control here. You're not getting a 60 minute Iron Man submission match. I have too many matches to book. I'm cutting it to 30 minutes.

AO: But, that'll hardly …

Reilly: I've made my decision, so just clam it. You're still getting that match you wanted. Next time, maybe you'll clear things with me first.

Joey Styles: And now…let’s go to a special expose filmed earlier this week care of Auntie Slag Productions!

Fancy hip graphics invade the screen to announce the latest rip-off innovation... AWF: Cribs!

Jerky camera movements immediately close-up on the beaming face of Auntie Slag:

Auntie : “Hello good people of Earth! Today instead of the usual ‘On the Couch’ show; I bring you a one-off special so that you can experience first hand the life of an AWF superstar off camera”.

Auntie presents a jar of home-made preserve with a prosthetic ear attached to one side.

Auntie: “Defjam! geddit? And that poor reference can only mean I’m standing outside the palatial mansion of the bling bling king, the one, the only VIEWFIND”!!!!

The GPA leader walks into view, adorned with a hockey top, pounds of silver and gold, a cap on backwards, and an iPod on his hip.

Viewfind: “S’up bra, man dis siiit is wACK”!

Auntie: “Hello homie bitch, how is it hanging my deaf friend”?

Viewfind: “Aaaiiii”.

Auntie: “Er.....”

Viewfind: “F’real”

Auntie: “What? oh yes, um.... its all about negroes and money, smack my bitch up, P.I.M.P. Police killer, put a pop gun in your arse and so on”!

Viewfind: “Ice”.

Auntie: “Indeed, now it may surprise the people at home to know that you don’t talk like this all the time”.

Viewfind *coughs, clears throat*: “Yes that’s quite right, its merely my ‘stage persona’, good isn’t it”?

Auntie: “Incredible, and I understood all of that”!

Viewfind: “Would you like a tour of my humble abode”?

Auntie: “Yes please”.

Viewfind: “This way then, and don’t forget to wipe your feet. Masta P was here the other day and he trod dirt all over my persian rug”.

With the press of a button, the large wrought iron gates swing open, and the trio walk into the sumptuous gardens outside the home. Flowers, hedgerows, fountains and sculptures (of Viewfind) adorn the area. They arrive at the front door only to have it opened by Divebomb!

Divebomb: “S’up bra? maan dis sit is.. -”

Viewfind: “Chill Bomb, this is fo’ Cribs real. Put the safety on”.

Divebomb: “Oh I see, well come on in then and don’t forget to wipe your feet. We had Masta -”

Viewfind: “Yes I’ve explained that one”.

The foyer is an expanse of marbleised chequer tiling, and large oil paintings of Snoop, Dre and Wildfire Herald hang on the walls.
Viewfind takes them to his kitchen.

Viewfind: "Yo Auntie dis is where the magic happens. I got mah nizzle Prowl? up in my kitchen, he about to bust his special ghetto flava and hook us up with them grits.......YO P? how long?"

Prowl?: "Yo kid i'm ready to link shots non-stop until i see your monkey-ass drop"

Viewfind: "Oh about 20 mins?"

Prowl?: "YAYI YAY"

Viewfind: "Very good, lets check out my refrigerator".

Just then Viewfind steps out of view and the big stainless steel door's open to show nothing more then a few bottle's of Cristal

Viewfind: "Yo at $150-a-bottle i know dat makes yo mouf's dry, don't it Auntie?

Auntie:*cough* *cough* "2 Legit 2 Quit, what is all this smoke"?

Viewfind: "Muthafuggas....Dbomb i told yo ass you can't blaze up no philly blunt with the cameras here"

Divebomb: "Yo blingzilla, i don't got no blunt yo, dats Prowl? he straight trying to burn yo s*** down".

Smoke fills the kitchen and Prowl and Divebomb scramble to try and put out the fire

Viewfind: "Come on guys can you please try and not burn down my house today, Let go Auntie i wanna show you my pool”

Auntie: "Scarface fo life"

The trio venture out into the back yard which is a wide expanse of rich greenery and uplights, bass woofers are concealed in bushes to bust a shout out with the lights go out. Viewfind introduces them to his outdoor cooking implements:

Viewfind: “Aaiii, now you all see what’s really up in my grill”.

He opens the super deluxe Bar-B-Que to reveal a delicious selection of pork products sizzling away. Just then D-Extreme shows up with a can in one hand and an oven mitt with spatula in the other:

D-Extreme: “How’s about them burgers Auntie? Yo Viewfind, check this...”

The ex-TV Champ starts to grind and beatbox around.

D-Extreme: “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m just, I’m just handy with a glock”!

Viewfind: “Yo yo yo hold up Lil’ X, step off”.

D-Extreme: “Dammit, I thought that was good”.

Viewfind *whispers to Auntie*: “There’s like, mad lyrics and then there’s plain mad, know what I’m sayin’?

Auntie: “dog”.

D-Extreme continues cooking and rapping whilst Tempest facepalms in the background. Viewfind leads Auntie and the cameraman across the length of the custom made jewel encrusted swimming pool sparkling bright in the Philly sunshine. In the pool are Xille and Ravage playing NHL Hockey via remote controllers on a widescreen TV recessed into a nearby extra large outdoor drinks cabinet. A blow up tray rests between them bearing nachos and beer, around them are a collection of hookaz cheering girlishly. The GPA gang lord smiles, and then takes Auntie into the lounge area of the house.

Viewfind: “Yo dis the last place I can legally show yo. Dis my chill pit”.

Automated blacked out panel doors slide open to reveal a plush inside area consisting almost entirely of leather; with the biggest couches, the widest expanse of mirrored ceiling and the coolest pool table known to man.
In the very centre, seated before a massive screen sits Vin Ghostal watching Goldmember. Totally incensed he leaps up, ejects the disc from the player and sets to work smashing it to death with his bat. Auntie and Viewfind back away to the pool.

Viewfind: “That’s just what he does. Every week I buy a new copy of that flick so he can bust it up. Saves us a fortune in court fees alone, and it makes him happy”.

Auntie: “Well I can’t say I blame him”.

Viewfind: “Mad play. That’s it Auntie, YO NIGGAZ come around”!

All the wrestlers and ho’z enter into camera shot around Viewfind. He spins his medallion cooly and flicks the screen.

Viewfind: “Dis fo’ Cribs. You seen my house, you seen my life. I gots it all and I gots yo wife. She wuz good and I lay the smack down. Think you can stand up to the GPA? chill the **** out lil’ guy, you ain’t happenin. We are. Fo’ life”

He pulls out a concealed glock and cocks it.

Viewfind: “Piece ya”!

Everyone: “HOLLAAAAAAAAA”!!!

The end credits roll as Prowl? and Divebomb break out the cris and spray the crowd. They are quickly piled upon and thrown into the pool to the tune of: Whose house? John’s house!

AWF Mayhem
2004-03-18, 02:35 AM
AWF Hardcore Title Match: Xille (C) v Cloudstrifer

*The camera cuts back to show Flec with a shock and awe look on his face*

Joey : Ummmm…ok Flec wake up. Looks like Reilly's out here with a purpose...
Flec : That's MR Reilly J...
Joey : That's MR J, Flec...
Flec : Ah, touché

Reilly stands in the middle of the ring, the crowds chants of 'asshole' ring through the arena as the looks of disgust on the owner's face become greatly apparent.

Reilly : Yes, you all have one and I suggest sitting on it before I KNOCK you on it...
Crowd : BOOO!!
Reilly : Thank you. Now then, many of you might be wondering why I'm out here now...
Joey : It sure ain't for the pleasentries
Reilly : ...but after the events that transpired at Redemption I felt I had to act, that the time to act was now, right here in Chicago!
Crowd : *cheers*

Reilly : See, at Redemption things went wrong, badly wrong, maybe even EXTREMELY wrong...went that little pile of puke Xille won the Hardcore championship from TC, but not long after Xille gave a little interview and mentioned something, something which, as amazing as it sounds, was a good idea! Yeah, I know -- I was shocked too.. that little punk had a good idea...

Bleed out all empathy this vessel has no spirit left to hold on to lies I’ve lived in full
How long can I hold tight with every movement
Tension binds and denies my true nature
The Balance has shifted warped sick and twisted
Grabbing at angels when I fall
Because I am more than this idol endless recital
For all my demons to applaud
I am free

Joey : And Xille's heard enough Flec
Flec : Look at that title! It's ruined!
Joey : It's the Hardcore belt Flec...
Flec : I know that, but look who it's with, it's ruined!

Xille marches down to the ring, a big beaming smile across his face, Hardcore title draped over his shoulder, he slides into the ring under the bottom rope as Reilly stands, distinctly unimpressed by the up-and-comer.

Xille bounces down from the middle rope to face Reilly.
Reilly : See Xille, that's the Hardcore belt and with that belt comes responsibilities, extreme challenges, bouts of un-imaginable pain and just because I like you Xille, you and your little paranoias...you get to live the most extreme Hardcore reign of all. 24 / 7 !
Joey : Xille's stunned, all his worst fears have come true...
Flec : He's gotta run Joe, he can't watch his back here 24/7 !!
Joey : He's got a match tonight against Cloudstrifer!

Xille stands in the ring, visibly shook, his worst dreams have come true, a 24/7 ruling on the HC title, Xille grabs Reilly by the arm as he makes his way from the ring. Reilly steps back into the ring and stares at his arm, Xille lets go and Reilly turns to leave again, pauses and lashes out with a stiff right-hand knocking Xille out!

Flec : What a punch Joey, you see that!
Joey : Don't cross the boss huh
Flec : And here comes Cloud with a referee!

Cloudstrifer rushes from the backstage area, past Reilly and into the ring, making the quick pin but Xille throws his shoulder up at 2 ! Cloud jumps up to his feet and backs to the corner opposite Xille, beckoning Xille to get up... Xille stumbles back to the corner, oblivious to Cloud opposite. Xille staggers round as Cloud charges across the ring and hits an awesome Odin's Spear!

Joey : Flec, I think Xille might be broken in half...
Flec : You're just full of cliches tonight ain'tcha!
Joey : Oh my god, it's BIG DADDY RAV! Rav down to the ring here, pulling Cloud to the outside, the two exchanging blows back and forth, Ravage getting the upper hand and just whipped Cloud into the ring steps...
Flec : Xille better get outta there Joey, Rav's not happy with the way he lost at Redemption.
Joey : Might not matter Flec, here comes the cavalry!

Strafe bursts through the curtain and runs down to the ramp, sliding into the ring he chop blocks Ravage and drops the big man to the canvas, quickly up to the turnbuckle, he leaps through the air and lands the Strafing Run on Ravage. Xille picks himself up in the corner, watching Strafe take out Ravage. Xille stumbling forward, extending the hand of friendship to Strafe.

Flec : Awww, it's like a regular re-union
Joey : Yeah, on Jerry Springer! Strafe looking at the hand, what a display of good sportsmanship, shaking Xille's ... HEY!
Flec : It was all a set-up!
Joey : What a heinous assault by Strafe on his former tag partner here.
Flec : Do you smell...booze?
Joey : It's STONECOLD, STONECOLD's out here Flec, you can only imagine he's got one thing on his mind...
Flec : Beer?
Joey : Revenge is possibly sweeter, Strafe setting up Xille for the The Ivory Tower, hasn't seen the rattlesnake yet...
Flec : Don't turn round Strafe, don't do it!!

Ravage picks himself up groggily from the corner, StoneCold marching round the ring, playing to the crowd. Ravage with a kick to the gut, tries a stunner, StoneCold shoves him away, Ravage explodes off the ropes with a tremendous clothesline. Ravage picks up StoneCold, hoists him to his shoulders.

Flec : StoneCold's gotta be use to this...
Joey : That's a different kind of hangover Flec...
Flec : Oh...
Joey : StoneCold's unconscious, Cloud writhing in agony on the outside...Strafe, well, I'll be amazed if he knows what day of the week it is, this is utter carnage Flec
Flec : That's all well and good Joey but where's Xille?!

Xille runs round to the RA's table and grabs his belt, then vaults the crowd barrier and runs for his life, Ravage stands tall in the ring yelling that he's not safe...whereever he goes.

Joey : Xille's gotta be alert now -- 24/7 in effect.
Flec : Anytime, anywhere, anyhow...Rav's gonna be after his blood.


Keith Kincaid: I am here with the 2 time AWF Champion, Sean O’Con…Sean…
HBK: Whoa…now…how many times do we have to go over this Heath?
KK: That’s Keith…
HBK: Like it matters…listen loser…I never gave you permission to call me Sean. As such…I feel no need to speak to you, so hit the bricks!

*With that HBK shoves Keith Kincaid out of his dressing room and slams the door*

Auros v Gruff

Joey: What a classy champion…

“Nightmare” by Brain Bug is heard, as cameras cut backstage to show the incoming Gruff.

‘Flec: “This guy again? Didn’t he get taken out in the Great Roster Wipe Out?

Joey: “Nah. This guy’s climbing up the ladder of talent in this company.”

‘Flec: “You sure? I’m pretty sure that he was one of the casualties…”

Joey: “And Gruff heading out now to take on Auros…Gruff turning around suddenly…and moving out of the way…as a Ford Torino speeds past him!”

‘Flec: “What the hell?! Whose drunk enough to do something that smar…I meant ridiculous?! Oh, wait. It’s Auros. Figures. He’s the only one who’d drive that kind of backwards universe vehicle.”

Joey: “And Gruff jumping on the opportunity afforded him, opening the driver’s door…and is greeted by a swift shot to the head as Auros climbs out of the car, holding a length of chain…which he’s now wrapping around Gruff’s neck…trying to choke the life out of Gruff…

‘Flec: “What life?”

Joey: “And now Auros slamming Gruff into the wall…Gruff’s neck still caught in that chain…Auros slamming him into the wall again…and now tossing him in the other direction…Gruff collapsing to the floor, trying to catch his breath.”

‘Flec: “If you ask me, he’s better off catching a few other things, too. Like soap…and a razor…and a big can of…”

Joey: ”Gruff trying to crawl away from Auros…who comes in again, grabbing that length of chain, and using it to drag Gruff to his feet…now he’s dragging him back to the car…slamming Gruff’s head into the trunk…now Aruos is getting onto the car…moving to the roof…dragging Gruff with him…setting him up for the Atomic Piledriver…oh, no! He couldn’t do that! Not on the roof! ATOMIC PILEDRIVER ON THE CAR! I can’t believe this! Auros has just killed Gruff! He’s KILLED HIM!”

‘Flec: “He just became my best friend.”

Joey: “You’re a sick freak, you know? And…what’s Auros doing now? He’s dragging Gruff off the wreckage of the vehicle that Auros used to get here…looks like he’s coming to the ring…but why bother? Gruff’s out of it, there’s no real reason to have the match now.”

‘Flec: “Stop pointing out the obvious, Joey. Who knows what Auros has got up his sleeve?”

Joey: “That’s true, but after knocking Gruff for a loop…you gotta wonder what else Auros can do to him…and now Auros tossing him into the ring…Auros climbing in after him…bringing Gruff’s unconscious body into the center of the ring…oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!”


Joey: “Auros just planted Gruff again with the Atomic Piledriver! Come on! Once was enough, damnit! Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me! Not again! A third Atomic Piledriver in the center of the ring! Auros is being a sadistic, vindictive little runt bastard here tonight, folks!”

‘Flec: “I know. Isn’t it fun?”


‘Flec: “You say tomato, you say…”

Joey: “And here comes more referees from the back, desperate to stop this carnage…Auros deciding to take the hint, and letting Gruff fall to the mat…wait a sec…now he’s covering him…oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Now he wants one of the refs to make the count. Referee Pete Zahut doing that now…and Auros finally brings this chaos to an end.

‘Flec: “Wow. That sure didn’t take too long.”

Joey: “How idiotic are you? No, wait…I don’t think I wanna hear the answer that. And EMT’s coming out to take care of Gruff as Auros makes his way backstage…passing the car that he used to get here…and the rather large dent in the roof.”

Auros: “Damn. Snoop Dogg’s gonna be pissed.”

‘Flec: “I got it!”

Joey: “What now?”

‘Flec: “I just realized where that car’s from. That’s the Starsky and Hutch car. I wonder if that car is featured in the new movie. I’ve gotta remember to go see that.”

Joey: “Dude, prioritize. What’s more important? A human life or where you’ve seen a car?”

‘Flec: “I’ll get back to you on that.”
Joey: And…wait…Gruff…he’s fighting the EMT’s! He doesn’t want to go out on the stretcher!!!
Flec: Further showing his stupidity…just lay down, wheel out of here and collect the disability check you have coming…
Joey: He may be beaten to a pulp, thanks to a no good, sneak attack…but Gruff is going to struggle to the back on his own free will!


Lisa Lovelace: I’m here with the Game and TC…you two seemed to have come to some sort of agreement…care to share?
Game: *Pauses to look out as the crowd starts chanting both their names* You know something Lisa, the Game has heard all week about how doing the right thing shows that the Game has gone soft, that the Game is not what he once was…but let me ask you something Lisa Lovelace…is not the Game, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment?
Lisa: He is…
Game: And is not the Game, the Icon? The Main Event…The Whole F’N…wait…no…that’s you, isn’t it?
TC: Damn right dude…
Game: Well, the Game is still the Icon…the Main Event, correct Lisa?
Lisa: I would say so…
Game: And is the bottom line not that the Game is still the most important champion…namely, the People’s Champion?
Lisa: I would say Chicago agrees with that!
Game: Than how is it exactly that the Game has changed? The Game screwed up. TC beat me, 1, 2, 3…right in the middle of the ring. The Game can own up to that…and the Game cost TC his shot at being the Champion. But you see Lisa, the Game respects TC…and the Game wasn’t about to take his shot at Sean O’Con just because Reilly said so…oh no…the Game wants Sean O’Con on the biggest stage of them all, ARCHIVEMANIA! So the Game says this…he goes to TC, offers his spot on one condition…
Lisa: And the condition…
TC: That the Whole F’N Show, kicks HBK’s ass…takes the title off him and frees him up for Archivemania…which I have every intention of doing…but right now dude…I have to go get prepped for my match…I was running a little late, had to show some local Chi-town ladies the real reason why I’m the whole f’n show! Later!
Lisa: So tonight Game…you have Bombshell…
Game: Who?
Lisa: Bomb…
Game: It doesn’t matter who the Game has tonight Lisa! All that matters is that the jabbronie beating, pie eating, show stopping, jaw dropping people’s champ goes out there and lays the smack down on whatever candy ass he faces…and then after the match Lisa…the Game can sample a little…pie…

*The Game raises an eyebrow and Lisa starts to blush*

Lisa: Guys…back to you…

AWF TV title match: Nmathew (c) vs. Strafe

JHA: If he means what I think he means…HE JUST BECAME MY CHAMP TOO! PIE!!

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF TV title! Approaching the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, Strafe!
JFA: Nmathew defends the title against Strafe only a bit over a week after the very hard match he had against Brave Maxx.
JHA: That's what the TV title is all about. You defend it every single week. That's why only a true athlete can hold it for a long time.
JFA: I take it you're not including the Mat Man in your list of "true athletes"?
JHA: Of course not! Now Amarant Odinson was a true TV champion. And I have no doubt that Strafe will also be a good champion.
JFA: That remains to be seen. Strafe got this opportunity by beating Morpheus by disqualification.
JHA: I think it was very low of Morpheus to hire Vin Ghostal to eliminate Strafe and get the easy victory. I'm glad the plan backfired on that freak and he got disqualified.
JFA: Your babbling makes less sense by the week. Vin Ghostal wasn't out there because of Strafe. He wanted to destroy Morpheus's chances of getting this shot at the TV title. When he couldn't put him down, he attacked Strafe causing Morpheus to be disqualified.
JHA: That's a nice theory, I'll give you that.
JFA: Anyway, Strafe is in the ring now. He may have a good chance here. After the newly found attitude he's been on a roll lately. Not that I think his attitude adjustment was a change to the better.
JHA: What do you mean? The old Strafe was boring but I'm beginning to like this new Strafe.
JFA: You would.

JRA: From Madison, Wisconsin, he is the Archive Wrestling Federation TV champion, the Mat Man, Nmathew!

JFA: A huge ovation for our TV champion! Nmathew climbed a huge mountain on Redemption and retained the title against Brave Maxx. And apparently our fans saw that too and were very pleased with Nmathew's performance!
JHA: All right, it was a good victory. But this is a new day, a new challenger. And I have a feeling he won't do so well tonight.

Nmathew takes a moment to greet the fans before he climbs to the ring. Before handing the title over to the official, he parades with it in the ring, to the audience's delight. Finally the referee gats the title, shows it to Strafe and then holds it up in the air, letting the crowd know what's at stake. The bell rings and the two wrestlers immediately go for a collar tie up. Strafe manages to force Nmathew a few steps back, but with a quick motion Nmathew sidesteps and gets behind Strafe, locks the hands around Strafe's waist and slams him down. Strafe gets quickly up but a clothesline by Nmathew drops him back down. Nmathew follows with an elbow drop before lifting Strafe back to his feet and connecting with a snap suplex. Nmathew goes for the cover but gets only a two count.

JFA: The Mat Man in control here, Irish whip to the corner. Follows up with a series of right hands. Irish whip to the opposite corner, a clothesline attempt... but Nmathew runs straight into Strafe's boot. Nmathew dazed and Strafe scores with a swinging neckbreaker.
JHA: Strafe is on a roll and he's not quitting. Leg drop, and a cover.
JFA: But Nmathew gets the shoulder before the count of three!
JHA: Lucky...
JFA: Strafe continues with the attack, a couple of right hands, whips him to the ropes and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Nmathew slowly getting up, Strafe runs to the ropes, and a running dropkick! Cover! One, two...
JHA: Nmathew kicked out! Strafe again to the ropes but Nmathew hits a belly to belly suplex!
JFA: Great counter by the Mat Man! Nmathew on the assault now, right hands to the temple and a side suplex. Strafe on the ground and Nmathew locks in a leg lock.
JHA: Too close to the ropes, Strafe grabs the bottom rope!
JFA: Nmathew breaks the hold and Strafe pulls himself back up. Irish whip but Strafe counters and sends Nmat to the ropes instead. Strafe misses with a clothesline, Nmathew from the ropes again, rolls Strafe, shoulders are down!
JHA: Two count! two count!
JFA: Strafe got himself out in the nick of time! Strafe charges but an arm drag by the Mat Man sends him down. Strafe tries it again but Nmathew ducks him, gets behind him, and a release german suplex! The challenger in trouble here.
JHA: He's just a bit unorientated. It's hard when you first fight an unorthodox weirdo like Morpheus and then a pure technical wrestler like Nmathew.
JFA: May be. Strafe trying to get back up, with the help of the ropes. Nmathew charges.. Strafe ducks and Nmathew goes crashing over the top rope!
JHA: That's what I'm talking about! Nmathew almost to his feet outside but a springboard cross body takes care of that!
JFA: But that hurt Strafe too. Both men lying outside of the ring. Referee utilises the ten count.

As the referee gets to five Strafe begins to get on his feet. He slides momentarily into the ring ot break the count and again back out to do some more damage to Nmathew. He lifts the Mat Man up delivering clubbing blows to the back of his adversary's head while doing it. He picks Nmathew up and drops him on the security railing and the TV champion drops down in pain. Strafe doesn't give him a chance to recover though with stern kicks. The referee who's began his count again has reached seven so Strafe decided to take it in the ring. He picks Nmathew up and rolls him into the ring.

JFA: Nmathew down in the ring and Strafe is going to the top turnbuckle. He may want to end this here.
JHA: Not a moment too soon. I bet he's anxious to get that TV belt around his waist.
JFA: Nmathew isn't moving, and Strafe connects with a leg drop from the top turnbuckle! This must be over! One, two,
JHA: Thr... what!?
JFA: Nmathew kicked out! Showing the heart of a champion, Nmathew kicked out after the leg drop by Strafe! And Strafe is furious, he can't believe it.
JHA: Of course he can't believe it. It's impossible. The referee is favouring Nmathew!
JFA: He's doing no such thing! Strafe should be more worried about Nmathew than the referee.
JHA: Oh no, Nmathew is getting up and poor Strafe is still trying to get that crooked referee to return to the lighter side.
JFA: What?
JHA: Nmathew is up and he running at Strafe! Drop toe hold!
JFA: Incredible mat sense by Strafe! Somehow he saw Nmathew coming and stopped him with a drop toe hold! Runs to the ropes and a running swanton on Nmathew!

Immediately after the swanton Strafe goes for the cover but again gets only a two count. He picks Nmat up by the hair and whips him to the corner. Strafe follows up with a shoulder block making Nmat enough dazed to give Strafe hte chance to hit a facecrusher. Signalling for the end, Strafe climbs to the top turnbuckle.

JFA: This might be it, Strafe is going for the Strafing Run!
JHA: If he hits this he will be the new champion.
JFA: Strafe is in the air! Crashed and burned!!
JHA: Nmathew rolled out of the way!
JFA: Strafe ate nothing but canvas on that occasion!

While Strafe is rolling around in the ring in pain, Nmathew is trying to shake of the cobwebs. Finally managing to get his head straight Nmathew goes for Strafe who is slowly trying to get on his feet. Nmathew gives a couple of stiff chops before sending Strafe to the ropes. Strafe however jumps of the ropes and drops Nmathew with a flying elbow. He picks Nmathew up and scores with a right hand. That sends Nmathew staggering back a few steps but as Strafe tries to connect with another right hand Nmathew ducks and kicks Strafe to the abdomen. Strafe doubles over which gives Nmathew a chance to hit him with a Fisherman's suplex. Referee is ready for the count but Strafe manages to kick off before the count of three. Both men are back up quite quickly but Nmathew levels Strafe with a shoulder block. He lifts Strafe up and whips him to the corner.

JFA: Strafe in the corner, and Nmathew is lifting him up on the top rope. What is he doing?
JHA: I don't know but he's going up there as well.
JFA: He lifts Strafe on his shoulders... oh no...
JHA: A fireman's carry brainbuster? From the top rope? He's going to kill Strafe!!
JFA: Nmathew ready to execute the Death's Kiss. But wait! Strafe countered! Strafe countered the Death's Kiss into a DDT!! And both men are down.
JHA: Get up Strafe! Pin him!
JFA: Referee's up to four now and Strafe is finally beginning to move.
JHA: He's crawling towards Nmathew. He drapes the arm over Nmathew!
JFA: Here's the pin! One, two, ans Nmathew kicked out!
JHA: Not again!!
JFA: Nmathew kicked out after the DDT from the top rope! I can't believe how resiliant the champion is!!

Strafe is beginning to be frustrated for not being able to put his opponent down. He picks Nmathew up and goes for a desperate clothesline. Nmathew ducks however, gets behind Strafe and locks in the Death's Caress. Strafe didn't get a lot of punishment on his arms during the match so the pain is not undurable, but it is getting worse by the second. He tries to shake Nmathew off but the Mat Man has the hold tightly locked in. In a move of desperation Strafe pulls all his weight suddenly to the left, hitting the referee who was checking in on Strafe.

JFA: Referee down, but Nmathew still has the Death's Caress locked in on Strafe. What now... a low blow! A low blow by Strafe and the referee was distracted because of the collision he had with Strafe!
JHA: The clumsy referee stopped Strafe from getting out of the Death's Caress just seconds ago but now he helped Strafe get out of it.
JFA: Nmathew is forced to break the hold, Strafe with a roll-up, he's got the tights!!
JHA: One, two, three!! Strafe wins!!
JFA: The referee counts to three and indeed Strafe is the winner! Referee never saw the low blow by Strafe, or Strafe grabbing a handful of tights when he was pinning Nmathew. And now Strafe is the new TV champion.

The referee hands Strafe the belt and Strafe, still a bit sore in the arms, lifts the title up in the air grimacing in pain. He neglects the boos and jeers of the crowd as he exits the stage holding his TV title proudly.


Xille is shown looking around when suddenly he is jumped by Cyberstrike and Cane!

JFA: Obviously those two trying to get the Hardcore title…
Flec: What was your first clue…no wonder J drinks so much…
*Suddenly, Auros appears on the scene and also attacks, quickly joined by Cloudstrifer and Ravage!
JFA: Chaos! Pure chaos backstage…every man fighting for the hardcore belt…and MEANWHILE XILLE SLIPPING OUT OF THE PACK and mocking the AWF superstars as he jumps in his car and speeds out of the arena!

Morpheus v Viewfind

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

“Party Up” by DMX starts up and the crowd break into a mixture of boos and cheers for Homeslice himself. Viewfind struts to the ring in a purple fur coat and matching hat, white trousers, purple-tinted shades and enough gold to make Midas roll in his grave. He spreads his arms to take in the noise from the crowd. The motion causes several people to have epileptic fits as he spins on the stage and struts down the ramp.

JRA: “First… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… representing the GPA… VIEWFIND!”

Joey: “’Find can’t be on top of his game after the crushing loss against Bombshell at Redemption… for our fans who missed out on the Iron Gauntlet, or indeed any other match on the pay-per-view, you can catch replays every night at 7, 9 or 11 pm on TFA-per-view.”
‘Flec: “Or alternatively, wait until it comes out on DVD so you can skip though anything with Cyberstrike and Deathscream in it…”
Joey: “Even them and Blood & Thunder losing to the NWA?”
‘Flec: “Well… that’s worth watching a few times over…”

Viewfind flexes his muscles for the arena whilst awaiting the arrival of the Lord of nightmares. Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” suddenly drowns out “Party Up”, and the lights die. After about 30 seconds, there is no sign of Morpheus.

Joey: “We apologise for this folks… Morpheus is here in the building, according to all available information… but there’s no indication of exactly where he is at this moment.”
‘Flec: “You don’t think he was spooked by Homeslice, do you?”
Joey: “I suspect a spook had something to do with it… but I don’t think it was Homeslice…”

Another minute passes, and referee Noah Ordak consults the ring announcer.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the referee has informed me that if Morpheus does not appear in the next ten seconds, he will forfeit the match…”

Viewfind grabs his hat, coat and shades. He successfully completes his transformation back into a purple warrior, and stands awaiting the referee’s decision.

Joey: “Does Viewfind know something we don’t?”
‘Flec: “Hell… you make that sound like it’s a feat…”

The bell rings, and as the ring announcer declares Viewfind the winner, the Archivetron flickers into life to show Morpheus and Vin Ghostal beating ten shades of red out of each other in the backstage area. Morpheus breaks a curtain rail across the head of the Camden crusader, who retaliates with a wild swing that catches the former Silly Cow on the butt of the jaw and knocks him down. As Ghostal raises the infamous golden bat, he receives a vicious headbutt to his ghouls. He folds up like a newspaper in a strong breeze and crumples to the floor.

Morpheus drags V3 towards the canteen by his feet, making sure to bang his head as often as possible against convenient walls and miscellaneous equipment. As Morpheus reaches the cafeteria area, he hauls Ghostal upright, punches him twice in the temple and slams him through a table, showering nearby AWF employees with splinters of wood. He ventures toward the actual food preparation area and grabs a trolley complete with a coffee urn. He stacks two cookie sheets, a meat tenderiser, a grill pan, a steel mixing bowl and a cooking pot onto the trolley and starts back towards where he deposited Ghostal.

He seems perplexed as he reaches his destination, as the pieces of table still litter the floor; yet there is no sign of Ghostal.

Joey: “Sorry about this folks… seems we’re having a few technical difficulties…”
‘Flec: “I’m sorry… I didn’t know that was an off switch… honest…”
Joey: “It seems Ghostal attacked Morpheus in the backstage area… and now Ghostal has apparently lived up to his name and vanished… Viewfind picks up the win… but Morpheus may have scored a moral victory over the man known as V3… stay tuned folks…”


Joey: And there in one screen you see the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today…the Game and in the other, the mad bomber, Bombshell with Arcee…the Game…Bombshell…NEXT!!!

*Coldplay’s Clocks begins to play to black and white slow motion images of AWF Champion, HBK, TC, Sixswitch, The Game, The King, Viewfind, Stone Cold Skywarp and Bombshell…

On March 28, 2004…from Ann Arbor, Michigan…history will be made…

*The images shift to Vin Ghostal, Morpheus, the NWA, Blood & Thunder, Xille, OP2003, The Mat Man, Strafe and continue to run through the entire AWF roster showing each and every superstar reflecting, preparing and pondering…

What these men bleed for…what these men train for…what they risk everything for…one night…one moment…and chance at IMMORTALITY…ARCHIVEMANIA III!

*The image flashes back to Brendan Reilly in the center of the massive open air stadium…quiet and empty as he looks in the seats…

Reilly: Its time to make our own history…be a part of it at Archivemania!

AWF Mayhem
2004-03-18, 03:08 AM
The Game Erik Summers v The Mad Bomber Bombshell with Arcee

JFA: Well…I’d say its time for a…
Flec: Let me guess…slobbernocker…
JFA: Righto…
Flec: No talent hack…

Powerman 5000’s Drop the Bombshell begins to play as Bombshell’s new video intro plays on the Archivetron…

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Accompanied to the ring by Arcee and hailing from Maple Ridge, British Columbia Canada, here is the Mad Bomber…BOMBSHELL!

*A chorus of boo’s resound throughout the arena as Bombshell and Arcee ride to the ring on Bombshell’s new 2004 edition Harley Davidson Softtail Classic. As Bombers parks it and dismounts, he and Arcee make their way into the ring, he holds the ropes so she can enter first then steps over the top rope and pumps his first, in the middle of the ring, removing his shades and bandana.

Won’t back down takes over and the crowd at the United Center leaps to its feet.

RA: And his opponent, from St. Paul Minnesota, he is the Game, Erik Summers!
JFA: The man who eliminated Bombshell from the Iron Gauntlet…
Flec: With SOME help…
JFA: Very true…and a man who did a stand up thing and now an old score about to be settled right here for us in the first half of our double main event here tonight!

*The Game climbs in the ring and climbs the second turnbuckle, raises a single fist into the air and stares out at the cheering fans before jumping down and staring at Bombers, looking on unimpressed.*

JFA: Quite a matchup here…strength v speed, power v style, brawling v technical skills, what’s going to win out?
Flec: You forgot brain v brawn…gotta give the edge to the game over the incredible bug…
JFA: Must pain you to say that…
Flec: It does…you have no idea!
JFA: Bell sounds, lock up and Bombshell tosses the Game into the corner like a toy…then mocks the Game, the Game leaps to his feet and answers Bombers with a flurry of punches, backing Bombshell into the ropes, chop, punch, chop, punch…and…spit punch sends Bombshell over the top rope on his feet to the outside.
Flec: the dreaded spit punch…
JFA: Bombshell sliding back in now, and the Game rocking him back with another punch, before going into a single leg take down into a half crab…Bombshell using his strength to pull himself back to the rope and ref breaks the hold. Game pops up smiling at Bombshell, which only irritates the Mad Bomber.
Flec: Yeah…like that’s tough to do…
JFA: He does have a rather short fuse. Bombshell staring the Game down, now Arcee on the apron catching the Game’s attention as Bombshell plants the Game down with a massive boot to the face. Now, grabbing the Game, dropping him back down with a sidewalk slam, cover…but a kickout after one.
Flec: Rather optimistic there isn’t the old sport?
JFA: Gotta take a chance when you’re in there with the Game. Bombshell hoisting the Game up and with a choke…choke slam…and NO! The Game reverses and drives him into the End Game…Bombshell fighting his way to the ropes and slides to the outside…and just like that, the Game can end this!
Flec: I’m actually impressed that Bombers has been able to stay out of any submission situations and not lose his cool, which would play right into the Cerebral Assassin’s hands…
JFA: Great point Flec, pretty even thus far as bombers slides back in the ring…this time with a hard charge and clubbing blows…soup bone like shots rocking the Game back into the corner, now working over the People’s Champ with those big soup bones…body shots and blasts to the face, rocking the Game’s head back, breaking open the stitches and the Game now bleeding from the wounds he gained at the Iron Gauntlet.
Flec: The Game about to become a bloody mess? Doesn’t that happen on a weekly basis? It means nothing…
JFA: You have money on this don’t you…
Flec: Not at liberty to comment on that…
JFA: Regardless of the situation, the Game in trouble, bleeding badly and Bombers clotheslines him to the outside, now distracting the referee as Arcee with a drop kick, right to the face of the Game, and the force sends the Game into the steps. Bombers now on his way out…and…I think we better move…

*Bombers removes the monitors from JFA’s & Flec’s announcers table and tosses the equipment out of his way…then pulls The Game over hoisting the Game up for a powerbomb, which the Game punches his way out of, drops to his feet and delivers a sweet chin music that knocks Bombshell backwards, driving himself through the announcer’s table. The ref slides to the outside as the Game staggers back and topples to the mat on the floor. Bombshell is shown woozy and starry eyed as the bloodied Game slowly pulls himself back in the ring. Arcee seeing the referee’s count is at 8 jumps in the ring and starts to argue with the ref, breaking the count.

JFA: Are we on?
Flec: I think so…
JFA: Well, Bombshell finally starting to crawl back in the ring, the Game back to his feet to greet him with those hard punches to his face as Arcee slides back to the floor. Bombshell firing back, then delivering a massive diving clothesline. Both men are down, but Bombers is pulling himself up. Highly physical matchup here…as each of these men leaving nothing to chance, throwing whatever they can at the other…and Bombshell moving to the top rope…waiting for the Game to rise to his feet and reaper clothesline sends the Game back down to the mat. Bombshell signaling that he’s looking end this…
Flec: What…
JFA: Under the Archivetron…its Viewfind!
Flec: Yeah…but look at the other side…it’s the King!
JFA: King and Viewfind on opposite ends of the Archivetron, both men robbed to the AWF title by Bombshell and both glaring a cold long stare down at him and Bombshell glaring back…and meanwhile the Game just kipped up to his feet and he’s coiled…Arcee screaming…the Game begging for Bombers to turn…and he does, right into the Game Over! Game over…and now…
Flec: Oh hell…
JFA: Lining him up for…the…most…electrifying move in sports entertainment…the People’s Elbow! Dropped hard into the chest of Bombshell! Cover…1…2…3! And the Game wins!

Won’t Back Down begins to play as the Game basks in the adoration of the crowd, meanwhile a smiling Viewfind returns to the back, content on what he sees…King stares Bombers down for a few seconds more, before smirking and making his way to the back.

JFA: All it took was a moment…just one moment and the Game struck. Bombers distracted by the appearance of the purple clad Viewfind and the King…two men with scores to settle…and that gave the Game the break he needed to hit the Game Over, a people’s elbow and a win…and the Game has made his way to the back and we can see Bombers seething with anger as he tries to pull himself up…


The camera has followed the Game to the back as Mr. Reilly approaches him.
Mr. Reilly: Well, well, well…the People’s Champ…
Game: What in the blue hell do you want?
Mr. Reilly: Simple champ…ratings…which means I want a clean title match…which means I want you…out of here!
Game: Or what?
Mr. Reilly: Now now now…we don’t have to do it this way…look, take my limo…take some spending money and go enjoy the fine Chicago entertainment…seriously…we don’t need to fight about this, right champ?
Game: Right…Chicago’s entertainment eh?

*Reilly’s private security point towards the door and hand the Game several hundred dollars.*

Game: Chicago’s entertainment…cool…guess I’ll take in a show…


Flec: Hell…if the Game gets to the strip club first there won’t be any ladies left for me…errrr…I mean…
JFA: Didn’t he have a date to go have pie with Lisa Lovelace?
Flec: You really are a red neck, clueless rube aren’t you?

AWF World Title Match: HBK Sean O’Con (c) v TC

Worms of the Earth begins to play and the Chicago crowd explodes for the hometown hero.

RA: The following contest is for the AWF World Title…making his way to the ring from Chicago…here is TC!
Joey: Quite an ovation for TC…
JHA: That wouldn’t have anything to do with this being his home town now would it Styles…someone get me Flec out here so I can work with a professional…

Superstar takes over and a mixed response also rains down from the crowd.

RA: And his opponent, hailing from Southampton, England, he is the AWF World Champion, the Brendinio Heat, Sean O’Con!

Joey: Very mixed reaction for the Champion…and we should note that the Game has been escorted out of here…
JHA: Yeah…Reilly paid and the Game went to play! I would have done the same thing myself…
Joey: I’m sure you would…HBK handing the belt over to the announcer…HBK in Black with white lettering, TC in his swirling gray, green & black singlet, with kick guards over his boots…bell sounds and these two meet in the center…HBK talking a little trash, which gets greeted by one of the educated feet of TC!
JHA: …
Joey: What?
Joey: Just came to me…
JHA: Well, let it leave, its bad enough J says that…
Joey: HBK staggers back off the ropes and responds with a flying fore arm with rocks TC hard and sends him down to the mat. HBK wasting no time, hoisting him up and suplexing him back down to the mat, followed by a hard elbow to the chest, then working it into the chin and cheek, referee calling for a break and gets one. HBK pulling TC up and sending him hard into the corner…so hard in fact that TC flips up, enableing HBK to lock him in a tree of woe!
JHA: This won’t be good!
Joey: No it won’t. HBK backing up and running for a baseball slide to the face, BUT TC doing a sit up, pulls out of the way and HBK slides in a rather unfavorable position into the post!
JHA: OH NO! The Champ’s jewels! What about the heat?!?
Joey: I don’t think there will be a lot of heat given off tonight. TC pulling himself out of the tree and sliding to the outside…with the prone HBK and…FIGURE FOUR AROUND THE POST! TC locking in a figure four around the post. HBK writhing in agony as the referee to the outside ordering the hold be broken…finally at four TC complies and slides back into the ring, dragging O’Con to the center, before dropping a guillotine leg drop from the standing position…cover…1…2…and kickout by the champion.
JHA: This isn’t going at all according to the plan…the HEEEEEAT’s in trouble!
Joey: Indeed he is…TC pulling the champion up, but with the referee screened HBK able to get a low blow in.
JHA: Turnabout is fair play!
Joey: How do you figure, it wasn’t TC’s fault that O’Con slid into the post.
JHA: Yeah it is…he should have stayed put…right where he was and taken the slide to the face!
Joey: Right…O’Con pulling himself to his feet now as TC lays on the mat in obvious pain…O’Con moving quickly as he can on the bad knee to the top ropes…and fist drop from the top rope, right to the challenger’s face. O’Con now in control, picking TC up…hoisting him up…and brain buster coming…and DELIVERED! Hard to the mat. Cover…1…2…and NO! TC able to get his foot on the bottom rope!
JHA: Just get this over with champ!
Joey: Getting nervous J? Now the champ with TC scooping him up and stun gun! Stun Gun across the top rope and sharp kick to bring the challenger to the flat of his back in the middle of the ring. Another cover…and a kick out after 2…and the champion showing his frustrations…not able to put TC away inspite of dominating the past few moments.
JHA: He’ll do it…I know he will!
Joey: Well, he must be beyond frustrated cause he’s gone outside to get a chair…
JHA: He’s just tired…kicking TC’s butt has wore him out…
Joey: Crowd reacting to something…can’t quite make out what it is…
JHA: NO! What’s he doing here?
Joey: It’s the Game…and he’s making his way to the front row…sporting a ticket…I guess he is taking in a local show…looking for some local entertainment!
JHA: Shouldn’t he be drunk yet? Off at some strip club or other place picking up ladies? What is he doing here?
Joey: He’s taking in a show J…an AWF show! For the world title no less…and HBK with the chair in his hand, back in the ring and he’s just seen the Game! Holding the chair in that striking position he’s glaring at the Game, sitting in the front row, waving at him…HBK livid and he’s shouting something! Meanwhile, TC is back on his feet…
Joey: The Game pointing at TC, HBK shouting more words at the Game, now turning back to TC, only to receive a LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT! TC now springing to the ropes…coming off…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! Cover by TC…1…2…3! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

*As Worms of the Earth begins to play the crowd goes absolutely berserk. The Game smiling, gets up from his seat and makes his way out of the arena, giving TC a nod before leaving.

RA: Here is your winner…and NEW AWF World Champion…your very own, TC!

Joey: TC has defeated HBK! TC is the World Champion…TC is going to Archivemania…and HBK won’t be pleased about this…folks we are desperately out of time, TC is the new AWF World Champion…we’ll see you next week on the Road to Archivemania!

2004-03-18, 03:14 AM
Buh bye, suckas!


Oh, and TC! Nice upgrade on the title! Hardcore to Heavyweight how quickly?


2004-03-18, 03:21 AM
The Game is shown backstage with Lisa Lovelace about to get into his car when Reilly storms up to him in a rage.

Reilly: What the hell did you just do? You...YOU...

The Game: Whoa whoa whoa...before you pop a vein what's the matter with you...getting all twitchy...look like that fat head of yours is about to burst! The Game didn't do anything but what you wanted...the Game went out...and the Game saw a show...he saw Mayhem...the best show in town...got a fan to even sell me his front row ticket...thought that was nice of him...signed an autograph for him...


Game: How? The Game just went down...had some popcorn...sat down to enjoy the show! The Game didn't touch HBK, I just waved at him from the crowd to say hi to my tag team partner...really don't know what you are so upset about...well as you're starting to get annoying the Game has other things to attend to...such...ahem...some pie that needs sampling...

*The Game slams his car door and drives away with Lisa Lovelace, leaving Mr. Reilly seething.

Sir Auros
2004-03-18, 03:38 AM
Ooooh, did that feel good. Made me remember why I came into this [expletive deleted]fest in the first place. To hurt people as much and as often as possible. My only regret was that I damage a great coche. Gruff, that'll make you piense twice before even thinking about entering a match conmigo after some culero's cheated me out of a win.

Almost makes up for me being cheated out of the title against the Mad Bum[expletive deleted]er and his dumb [female anatomy deleted] to see him get the mierda kicked outta his sorry, talentless hide by the Game. I didn't think the viejo had it in him, but then the Bum[expletive deleted]er isn't much of a contenter anyway.

It's a testicle (is that the word I'm looking for?) to the corruption and bribes abounding in this organism that a talentless pendejo como esa maricon was able to keep a title as long as he did. I'm still going to cripple him in the ring won of these days.

2004-03-18, 03:42 AM
*Keith Kincaid makes his way into the locker room area, where he finds Bombshell and Arcee*

KK: "Bomber...Bomber...you just had a very intense match against the Game, probably the best match that you've had in your career. What do you have to tell the viewers at home?"

*Bombshell turns around slowly, making Kincaid extremely nervous*

BS: "What do I have to say? Well, I'll tell you what I have to say, Kincaid. Yeah. I got my ass planted by Erik again. And it was a great match, just like the Iron Gauntlet match at Redemption. But you know something, Kincaid? There's something about both of those matches that are similar. You know what they are?"

*Kincaid nods his head nervously*

BS: "Well, allow me to explain to the intellectually challenged. Both matches saw me get pinned by Erik on account of the interference of some s*it faced retard who just wants his life to end so badly that he's gotta go and piss me off. At Redemption, it was the Brendinio Heat. Tonight, it was the John Cena clone Viewfind, and the who who says that he "helped" me win the AWF title, the King. All three of them will get what's coming to them soon enough. But since Brend got pwned tonight, I figure I'd go easy on him. King and Viewfind are a different story. Next week I'm gonna give an announcement that will have both of them crapping their pants from now till Archivemania."

*Arcee slinks close to Kincaid, looking to plant a kiss on his lips. Just before she does, however, she delivers a swift knee to the backstage announcer's groin*

BS: "Now get the hell out of here and go tell them that come Archivemania, they'd better have a burial plot all drawn up."

2004-03-18, 05:00 AM
Well well well.

Sorry I had to nail your ass Warp, as they say it's nothing personal.

Now Xille, as you can see I am going to hunt you. I really don't exactly care about getting your title. But I consider it extra sweeting on the deal for when I do get my hands on you.

So now that you've seen what I can do, get ready as well sometime your not going get away.

2004-03-18, 07:54 AM
*Tempest is seen in the backstage area with yet another bandage around his head.*

T: Damn him ... DAMN HIM TO HELL!!

*Tempest grabs a nearby chair and starts destroying the walls around him with uncontrollable anger.*

T: ... Amarant ... you may have won now, but trust me, this won't be the last you see of me. Mat Man ... you interferred with the match, you COST me the match ... OP2005, you are a dead man. I SHOULD BE THE IC CHAMPION.

*With this Tempest spears the door near and him and watches it explode and turn to splinters*

T: Amarant. Mat Man. OP2005. You will regret this day.

*Sees secruity come down the passage way and makes a break for it.*

2004-03-18, 09:19 AM
OOC; nice mayhem. But I just had a recent gimmik change. From a 'cooky and funny extremist' I am now a uhm..'take no prisioners extremist'. That means I dont do no more jokes here or there that much anymore. But then again I like that segment....hehehe I CAN picture myself doing just that *raps while grilling a porkchop on the griller*


D-Ex: Man those nTo losers tried to get Xille's title. Hey Xille good for you man. They were LOSERS and not only do they suck but they BLOW! But then again beware when you hold that title cause sometimes you carry the XTREMENESS of the AWF with that Hardcore belt of yours. So dont think that I wont try to lay you out backstage and pin you. Cause you know what.....Xille I respect you a lot but when it comes to having that title...its every man for himself. Good for you though, you learned that quickly.

2004-03-18, 02:39 PM
OOC: Another GREAT Mayhem. Thankyou. Now with edits.

The Darkened Room...

OP2005: Matman. You ever interfere in one my amtches again, and your head... will be Severed! Just a friendly warning.
Divebomb... you interfere again and the same thing will happen to you and ALL of your GPA buddies!

But on to more pressing matters. Tempest!
Ha ha! Tempest, you really are a weak minded fool. You tapped out! Ha. Yeah shows just really how much of a "Human Bulldozer zzzz" you were there.
I may not have won the IC title, but i sure got one injury over you.
Why? Cause I said before, i am Thy Worst Nightmare!


Oh and BTW, hows the forehead...
I hope you had a bloody hell

2004-03-18, 02:43 PM
Well, Well.

I had the title in my hand, then that idiot Rav came and stopped me. It was my title, I had earned it, and I had it. But then you came, and stopped me. You touched Odin's Messenger, The Thunder of The Gods and by all means, you will pay.

Xille, the little wimp ran away. He should hold the title in the first place if he runs away. Weakling. You felt Odin 's Spear, you felt the Gods power in me and you will feel it agian. That belt will be mine, and nothing and noone will stop me,.

Rav and Xille, Your Next!

2004-03-18, 02:49 PM
Oh hey there Stone Cold. See this? That's right, I have a title.

What do you have exactly?


That's what I thought.

At last...my star is rising, and no one can stop me.

2004-03-18, 03:18 PM
OOC: Yeah, D-Ex, I wouldn't worry about that sketch too much. I mean, Ravage and I were playing NHL Hockey together, which you know I kicked his ass at. ;) It was a fun sketch, though.


*The screen shakes as though it is a hand-held camera. The image settles, and Xille walks into frame*

Howdy, AWFers! Welcome to the first installment of the X-Cam! This will allow you to see just what I do as I run from all you jerks trying to take my lovely, lovely title.

Today I come to you from a small town just outside of Chicago called Wonder Lake. I'm almost to Wisconsin's border, if anyone cares to know.

Now, to business. Reilly, I was going to give you a chance, but I see now that you really are a pompous ass. A 24/7 rule on my title? Alright, that's fine. Yes, you all heard me correctly. As paranoid as I am, I'm okay with this. Why? Because it shows exactly how resiliant, clever, and basically better I am than all the people who try to take it from me. Especially Ravage.

Who'd we have try to take it from me? First, Cloudstrifer, who tries to take the win after a cheap shot from Reilly. Now, he's a man after the GPA's heart. Next, Ravage came in. I think we all know what I think about him. Then Strafe decided to show his face. Y'know, I hope he's calmed down now that he's got himself some gold... but he did get what he deserved. Thanks for the save, SCSW. Then we had the "nTo-X", the "X-nTo", the "not as good as the X"s, ah geez, I can never remember what they call themselves. Whatever. The point is, all you hosses tried, but it just wasn't good enough.

Do you all see? This shows you all what has now become my long term plan here in the AWF. You all know our new champion, TC, right? What belt did he hold right before getting the heavyweight championship? That's right, this belt draped over my very shoulder. Except there's one thing that will make my run better and more legendary than his: the 24/7 seven rule. I get to prove that I'm smarter, better, and more worthy of the top championship 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just think, people, in a couple of months you might see this lovely face hopping all around the next Iron Gauntlet.

D-Ex... thank you for all of the support recently. You want a shot at this belt? Take it whenever you feel like... if you can catch me. I'll be ready for you.

Ravage... I'll see you next week... and the week after that... all the way to Archivemania III.

*Xille notices someone walking by and, after a brief panic, collects himself and the camera and walks up to the man*

Xille: Howdy, partner!
Man: Boy, where in the blue hell do you think you are?
Xille: Appalacia?
Man: I ought to slap you for that comment, son.
Xille: Heh... sorry... so is there, uh, anything fun to do here in Wonder Lake, Illinois?
Man: You seen the lake?
Xille: You mean the huge one that I'm currently standing next to?
Man: That's the one.
Xille: *sigh* Then, yes. Anything else?
Man: No.
Xille: ...
Man: What the...? Are you recording this? Turn that off!
Xille: Hey---

*The man reaches for the camera and the screen goes black*

2004-03-18, 05:15 PM
Well, well, well. HBK, The History-Maker and Record-Breaker, Living Legend, Human Highlight Reel. I just proved to you why I am The Whole F*cking Show. I beat you 1,2,3 in the center of the squared circle and am once again the AWF World Champion. Now you can complain that it was Erik's fault...but really it was none but your own. You lost your concentration and it cost you

Now, enough about what happened ten minutes ago in the past, onto the future...and Archivemania 3. This, this will be the biggest Archivemania yet. Why is that? Because, I, Mr. Pay Per View himself is headlining in the main event. And who am I headlining with? Does it really matter? Of course not, for you see no matter what, I will be walking out of Ann Arbor, Michigan with the world strap still around my waist. But of course Sixswitch is going to try to take it from me.

Keyword there is try. He will try, and I'm sure he will put up a good fight, and he has my respect as an athlete. But that won't meant two $#!+$ when we get in the ring. I've beaten him on multiple times in the past, both in singles and tag team matches. Hell, it was me who took the tag team gold away from him way back in the days of the NAO and the Mav'ricks. So once again history will repeat itself, and it will be just another mark in the win column for me. And thats all because I am the best there is in this business today, I am...

*points thumbs to himself*

2004-03-18, 05:21 PM
Man bombshell you smell that??? i think its all dat shizzil you be talking about the purple pimp!

so look here dung beetle why don't you take all that s*** roll it all up into a nice big ball yo
and just bust yo ass out of here cuz i got my eyes locked on you son!


Lord Zarak
2004-03-18, 05:23 PM
So, TC thinks he's it does he? Well, he may be the World Champion, but that means nothing. If he holds onto the belt for as long as B&T did the Tag belts, then I'll consider otherwise.

*Turns to Wolfang*

Hey, Wolfy, are we gonna gate crash AMIII, or are we gonna have another lock in?

2004-03-18, 05:37 PM
So the Double S was wrong. TC did manage to beat O'Tool for the title. Hey, that suits me fine. Finally I get to wrestle someone who likes to play my game. I get to wrestle someone who's almost as good as me at what I do. But not quite. Let's not forget TC, that it was a long, long time since you and Ravage beat Deadpool and me for the tag titles. And lets not forget just how much better I've gotten since O'Tool was good enough to stop projecting his aura of sucktitude onto me in DN. Let's not forget that the Double S is on fire at the moment, and lets not forget that I'm the most exciting superstar in the AWF today.

So how about I raise two digits of my own, and at 'Mania, The Welsh Wonder and Mr Pay Per View will collide. Two of a kind. One will survive. Who will it be? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who.


(OOC: A cookie to the man(or woman) who figures out which song lyric I paraphrased in that post)

2004-03-18, 07:27 PM
Well, Well the little man calls Odin's Messenger a part of GPA trash.

Well, here is the low-down. I am not, GPA and will never be. You boy need to lift that idiotic GPA veil that you got on you and look at the light. Not everybody is the GPA, and least of all me. Of course, since your new you wouldn't understand that, but let me tell a little about myself.

I am a Viking, and as such, they take what they see and use it to thier advantage. I used your bi***-slap your recieve from the commisioner, and I used it. Its called advantage. I have been chose by the Norse Gods, Odin, Thor, Hemdall, Skadi and others to be the ultimate warrior man-kind had ever seen. I have been in other feds, destroyed them, and came here. This place is interesting as it has the most worthless talent there is including yourself. Here people cheat and lie, and backstab. Here is where I use my un-canny warrior leverage to fight. Of course, when you use cheap attacks from the back, or weapons or whatever you do, you face the wrath of CloudStrifer The Warrior Chosen of Odin.

I have beaten many and have been beaten by many. Each battle, wheater won or lost is an experience for me, for I grow stronger in battle. One day I will destory this fed and move on. Untill then I fight.

You keep my belt nice and shinny and warm. For once I get it. I will never leave it. Never. So enjoy your little ride, boy, for once I am finnished with all these pretenders to the belt, I will come for you and I will be victorious!

2004-03-18, 07:59 PM
You know, Cloudie, I've often wondered what I would say to you if our paths ever crossed.

I mean, on one hand, you've got me, the red hot rookie, the opium of the masses, the mid-card miracle, the man everyone is wanting to get high on, the X.

On the other hand, you've got someone who probably is on ex, mainly because he hallucinates about talking to Odin.

I think it would go something like this:

Go... the hell... away...

But if you insist on staying, O B**** of Odin, then listen up and listen good. I'll put it in words even a hoss like you can understand: You. Will. Not. Take. This. Belt. From. Me.


You call it an "advantage", Cloudstrifer? And why is it that Odin's messanger only calls it a sneak attack when it's from the back? Have you ever heard of a sucker punch, hoss? If not, I'll explain it to you. That's what happened to me. Reilly hit me with the cheap shot and you tried to capitalize on it. Sounds like a really brave move from the Norseman.

You think the level of talent around here is low, you one-eyed wonder weasel? I'll tell you something: I don't think a lot of the talent in the back would appreciate a comment like that. I don't know who you think you're trying to fool, but I haven't seen you win much at all since I've been here. Who was in these other feds that you apparently destroyed? There weren't workers there going by the names of Dipsy and La-La, were there? Maybe one of them was big, purple, and lived millions of years ago? Tell you what, if you had so much success there, why don't you head back to your Purposefully Boring Superstars club and join the rest of your weekday morning cartoon friends?

You want this belt? You think you're going to be the one standing when all is said and done? Then you really need to stop it with that habit of yours, baby, because everyone knows that the X is going to have a looooong title run and be the most extreme hardcore champion this fed has ever seen! Wooooo! (ooc: sorry, had to get that out of my system. :D )

I'll give you some advice, Cloudstrifer. You claim that losing gives you experience? Step between me and Ravage again. I'll give you plenty of experience.

2004-03-18, 10:05 PM
You know what you little idiotic loser?

Claim all you want oh how Reilly hit you, but he did and you dropped out of it. It your aown damn fault that your a patheic weakling that isn't supposed to hold the Belt. If you can't stand a punch from that weakling, your nothing. Runnign away was a good touch too. I saw how "man" you are. It supprised me, really it did. Wait....

No it didn't! Cause I knew your a b**** and that you will always run and hide. Complain all you want from that attack, but it won't solve anything. I hit you and you fell. You are Weak. I am Strong. Get that in your patheic brain or do I have to beat it into you like some stupid Dane?

Talk all you want about me losing, but I always came and did my share on what I could. OP2005 felt my wrath, Bombshell felt my wrath, Mat Man felt my wrath, as well as others. But I am not going to list all of them for you, as some idiot slave of yours. No I need not persent myself to the likes of you. All I need to do is to walk in, make you feel the Wrath of Odin and the Norse Gods, and get the Belt. I am not here to talk about my accomplishments nor to dilly-dally with the likes of you.

Frankly, I don't care what others in the Fed thinks. I have my mission from Odin, and I will do it, no matter if you, G91, Skywarp or some other 2-bit Hack comes in my way. I will all blow them away to Hel.

So you want to Challenge The Norse Thunder, The Messenger of Odin, The Last Human standing at Ragnarok? Then Bring it and Stop running. Rav or no Rav that belt will be mine!

You Better Believe The Hype!

2004-03-18, 10:40 PM
The Mat Man's hurt, The Mat Man's battered, and The Mat Man is pissed off.

Strafe, to cheat against a friend and former warrior at arms, you've shown your true colors. You're little more than a coward and a 2 bit thief.

AO, It looks like it won't be a title vs title match. If you want to use this as your excuse to back down from our AM match, use it.

D-Extreme, I still need a great opponent to sharpen my skills against going into AM III. Still care to dance?

xille, give them hell kid, give them hell.

2004-03-18, 10:52 PM
You know, Cs, you claim to be "all that". You're the messanger of Odin, the chosen one, nay, the MAN! But you know what? All I hear is talkie while seeing no walkie. All you've basically told me is what everyone else here that I've faced has: You're small. You lose.

You all couldn't be more wrong.

I AM THE HARDCORE CHAMPION. YOU ARE NOT. You know why I'm the hardcore champion? Because I am one of the most resiliant and smartest wrestlers in this fed. Hell, my music would be "Won't Back Down" if the Game hadn't already taken it. ( ;) ) I haven't stepped down from a fair fight yet, Cloudstrifer. Now, do you call three or four on one a fair fight? I hope not. I hope you realize that I found out that this belt was 24/7 about 30 seconds before you attacked me. You've got to have a game plan for this sort of thing. You need backup... like a chair, or something. An all-out brawl was not the way I wanted to start my title run, so I left.

And why the hell shouldn't I have run, Cloudie? So I could have the living hell continually beaten out of me by up to four men while none of them got the pinfall? Do you think you could've taken me, Ravage, Strafe, Stone Cold, Cyberstrike, and Deathscream on and won if you were the champion? You're lying if you say "yes". You do realize, even with that amazingly thick head of yours, that you probably wouldn't have even gotten this belt, right? Even if I had stayed, Ravage had already kicked your ass and taken you out of the match. You might've speared me, but he destroyed you.

You see, Cloudstrifer, I'm currently focused on one thing: the possibility of a stretcher match with Ravage at Archivemania III. I plan on taking this title with me to that PPV and walking away with this belt after that PPV. I don't care what obstacles come into my path before then, either. It could be the new TV Champion, it could be the man who i'll meet in that match, who wants to rip me limb from limb, or it could be the "messanger of Odin", complete with viking hat and delusions of grandeur!

Trouble with all of this is, Cloudie-baby, is that you're never going to get me in a one-on-one fight while this belt is around my waist. There's always someone gunning for me, and you'll have to fight them off me before you get little ol' me alone.

Geez, I am so pissed off right now that I'm tempted to ask Ravage if he wants to help me kick your ass! I think I've been "Hungover" too many times...

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-19, 12:46 AM
Strafe, I couldn't give two damns if you have a title, I don't give a crap about 'em.

What you don't seem to understand is that you took it upon yourself to attack me and what you don't seem to have grasped the concept of is that StoneCold's gonna hunt you down and whup your ass every damn chance I get and there's nothin' and no-one gonna stop me...

2004-03-19, 01:11 AM
Yo i hear what people be saying, they say me, dungshell and Queen are the future of the AWF.
the new era of superstars but i'm greedy yo.
I want it all I'M THE FUTURE!!!!

Thats why at Archivemania III.

Viewfind VS Bombshell VS The King.

3 way dance to see just who is the Future and who's punk ass im'a leave in da past.

2004-03-19, 02:31 AM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak
So, TC thinks he's it does he? Well, he may be the World Champion, but that means nothing. If he holds onto the belt for as long as B&T did the Tag belts, then I'll consider otherwise.

*Turns to Wolfang*

Hey, Wolfy, are we gonna gate crash AMIII, or are we gonna have another lock in?

IC: Are you ****ting me or what? We'll do both. I don't care who the tag team champions are at ArchiveMania III. Blood & Thunder are gonna be there to contest their right to those belts. And right after that, everyone in the AWF is coming back to the Monkey Bar for a week long drinking binge.

Win, lose or draw... after ArchiveMania III no-one is ever going to forget who we are. the only people who might contest our right to the title are the nTo or *shudders* CompuFire. And as neither are particularly welcome in these parts, I'd hazard a guess that it's either us Vs. the NWA or the NWA Vs. D-Next at AM.

Remember ArchiveMania II? Remember how Cyberstrike and myself beat the sh*t out of each other inside... what the hell was it called... Hell's Chamber? I don't care what match it is... I don't care who we face... I don't care where, when or why... Blood & Thunder are going to be featured on the card for ArchiveMania III. And there isn't a damn thing anyone... even Reilly... can do about it.

So... we issue a challenge to whoever the Tag Team Champions are after the next Mayhem. Be it G91 and the HeartBrend Kid... be it P? & Divebomb... be it whoever... Blood & Thunder issue you a challenge. As I said... the event is ArchiveMania III. The rest is up to you....

2004-03-19, 02:55 AM
I was going to comment on old Cloudy, but I believe Xille said something smart for once.

Get in my way again you viking spewing putz and I will send you to Vahalla permently.

Amarant Odinson
2004-03-19, 03:20 AM
IC: It appears that even with the help of your GPA cronnies, Tempest just couldn't get the job done. Remember the lesson that you learned tonight, towelboy. I want the feeeling of pain and the humiliation of you tapping out burned in your memory. Remember them well and maybe you'll think twice before you run your mouth.

Since that annoyance is done and over with, I now need to focus my attention on the FORMER T.V. Champion. Mat Man, there is no way I'm backing out of this challenge now. Especially now that it just got a whole lot more interesting. With this new time limit set by that peon of an owner Reily and the fact now that you have nothing to lose, this match just got went up a notch. You see Mat Man. I was expecting a decent out of you. But now, you're going to coming at me a little harder, you're going to want this more than ever now.

But not to worry. I'll still be ready. I'll still be waiting for you in my ring. Waiting for you to try at take my I.C. Title. Waiting for you to attempt one of those moves that you use and never work. Waiting to show you and the world exactly why I am the Best Damn Technical Wreslter, Waiting to make you TAP OUT.

I'm waiting Mat Man. Lets see if you can do what so many before have tried and failed to do. Let's see if you have what it takes to take on the Rabid Wolverine. At Archivemania 3, you finally get your chance to do what Tempest couldn't do tonight. You get your chance to see if you are the one who will take my I.C. Title and PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-03-19, 03:36 AM
Well its about time you showed up wolfang.

Just remember what I said, when we get the titles from D-Next the NWA will be waiting for you two. We have far too much unfinished business for me or P? to trun you guys down. So if we don't get our shot before AMIII then you will get us after.

But just picture it wolf. Blood and Thunder V. The NWA at Archivemania III. What a better stage to take care of some unfinished business. If we get our title shot at the next Mayhem then we'll see you at AMIII.

2004-03-19, 12:47 PM
IC: *Runs back into GPA locker room, with secruity guards on his tail.*

SG: Alright, we got you now Tempest, you gonna have to answer to Reily for that mess.

Viewfind: I don think so homez.

*Viewfind is standing behind the Security guards with a Glock pointed at their heads*

Divebomb: I'd make yourself scarce, before Viewfind busts a cap in yo @ss's.

*Secruity slowly back away fomr the room.*

Viewf: GPA for life man.

DB: What you do this time son?

T: Nothing big except I broke down a door, man I'm angry, that Amarant was running his mouth and he beat me.

DB: Yeah that kinda sucks, if Nmat didn't get involved you woulda won.

T: That reminds me, didn't I ask you boys not to come down to the ring?

DB: Yeah ... but me and Prowl? got bored ...

Smirks T: Ok, sounds fair.

Ravage: Yo Tempest, Amarant is running his mouth again, you gonna sort it out.

T: Ehh ... I'll deal with him later. You on the other hand have got a small problem.

R: Heh heh heh, Xille is a fast litle guy but I'll get him.

T: And so you shall dog, man it would of been good if I got the gold, we would of been dynomite, View the Heavyweight, the NWA Tag Champs, Rav you the Hardcore and me the IC.

DB: Things are soon to kick up, you'll get the gold soon, I can tell. You got the skills.

View: Enough of this b!tch'n an moaning, we gotta hit the clubs.

T: My treat tonight boys, I gotta get my spirits high.

P?: Thats not the only thing thats gonna get you high, I got the stuff here.

*With that the GPA in mass force leave the room.*

2004-03-19, 11:13 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Well its about time you showed up Wolfang.

IC: Beer barrels are like babies in that they can't change themselves, Divebomb. Which leaves me and Z to do that. Sorry, but we do have to keep our customers happy.

Just remember what I said, when we get the titles from D-Next the NWA will be waiting for you two. We have far too much unfinished business for me or P? to trun you guys down. So if we don't get our shot before AMIII then you will get us after.

Well, just because it was you, your GPA buddies and D-Next that took those belts off us, don't believe for one second you can beat them that easily. I'm sue you'll get the win... just don't expect it to be forthcoming very quickly.

But just picture it wolf. Blood and Thunder V. The NWA at Archivemania III. What a better stage to take care of some unfinished business. If we get our title shot at the next Mayhem then we'll see you at AMIII.

It is a rare occasion indeed when you and me should agree on anything, Divebomb. But you've gotta admit... for every time the AWF audiences see The NWA Vs. Blood & Thunder on Mayhem, they keep paying to watch us kill each other on PPV. And we all know that Archivemania is the biggest stage of all. So why the hell not?

2004-03-20, 06:15 AM
Originally posted by nmathew
D-Extreme, I still need a great opponent to sharpen my skills against going into AM III. Still care to dance?

D-Ex: You need a great opponent? And you say that I am that? Wow whats going on in this world after days of my rebirth? Now one-half of one of AWF's best Tag Teams want to challenge me at Archivemania 3? Am I supposed to be flattered by your challenge? Well I aint! Cause finally you are taking me seriously boy. Yeah I do care to dance. Sure I can still recall our short feud when we still had our tag team partners. But I do dare to face you this time one-on-one.

So hear my response Mat man(OOC: and I hope the AWF booker also sees this cause man this would be a cool match).............YOURE ON!!!!!

Sir Auros
2004-03-20, 07:38 PM
Ay, the Mad Bum[expletive deleted]er's ignoring my witey insults again. Stupid pendejo cheekin. That's what you are mane. A cheekin. You're also an ugly maricon.

What I want to no is why is this pinche douchebag Xille suddenly caulk-o-the-wok, to borrow a frase from the British, when he's nothin' but a culero who got lucky? This guy's more overhyped than the doble es over there.

2004-03-20, 07:48 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
Ay, the Mad Bum[expletive deleted]er's ignoring my witey insults again. Stupid pendejo cheekin. That's what you are mane. A cheekin. You're also an ugly maricon.

Um...no. The reason I'm ignoring your insults is because I've come to realize that I don't really need to acknowledge the existence of lower life forms.

Sir Auros
2004-03-20, 07:55 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Um...no. The reason I'm ignoring your insults is because I've come to realize that I don't really need to acknowledge the existence of lower life forms.

Psssh. Yeah, I'm lower how? You kept that title for less time than your mom kept her virginity. You were never meant to have that title and you no it, you're not good enuff. Sheet, I may not have held a title like you (for all of too seconds), but at least the crowd recognyzes me and loves to hate me. What do they do for you? Watch your boring matches and probaby hope someone kills you or your beech in the ring.

2004-03-20, 08:56 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
What I want to no is why is this pinche douchebag Xille suddenly caulk-o-the-wok, to borrow a frase from the British, when he's nothin' but a culero who got lucky? This guy's more overhyped than the doble es over there.

The only luck that was involved in my victory was that TC was there to take care of you while I took care of Ravage. I don't know how well I could've dealt with two assholes alone in the same match.

Well, I'm sorry if you're mad that I won the Hardcore title and that all the fans are currently getting high on X, Auros, but I guess them's the breaks. You're completely welcome to try and fight the opium of the masses, but I wouldn't recommend it, as I've already got at least two other guys who want a piece. I think you'll have to get through them first to get to me. You know who they are, right? Cloudstrifer and Ravage. Buena suerte, amigo.

If you're looking for me, Auros... if you want to find out what the hype is about... then just follow the crowd. I'll be waiting for you.

2004-03-20, 09:50 PM
You know what ravage, I learnt this much about you. That you are no contest when your face to face with a person. So you like to attack people in the back. Not a bad tatic, but for you, it weakens.

Why you ask? Cause your a loser, plain and simple. When you lost to him, whats the count anyway? A 100?, you lost any creadability that you had, which was low anyway. And now your going to attack agian which will still be unsucessful. How boring.

Yes Boring because you offer no challenges, no real warrior spirit. Nah, you haven't got the spark that it takes to make a champion. So here is an idea. Get out of my way and stay way. It would be better for your health if you never met the Norse Thunder, Odin's Chosen Messenger.

So here it is slowly. Get.Out.My.Way.Or.Be.Killed. Do you understand you little maggot?

You Better Believe the Hype!

2004-03-20, 10:21 PM
Look Viking boy. First off I am bigger than you and second I am better than you. So why don't you look for some maidens in need of entertainment with that small member of yours.

Now onto Xille, funny how first think you can beat me, then you think you can beat Auros. I think you must smoke some form of illegal drugs to keep that tiny mind of yours running.

Let's face it in a match where you can't run away and I don't have to worry about other people in our way I will crush you.

And if Viking asswipe wants to get into my way let him. I can give more than enough hangovers than you all would ever want.

2004-03-20, 11:48 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Now onto Xille, funny how first think you can beat me, then you think you can beat Auros. I think you must smoke some form of illegal drugs to keep that tiny mind of yours running.

Let's face it in a match where you can't run away and I don't have to worry about other people in our way I will crush you.

Now, Ravage, are you honestly going to sit there and tell me that there are wrestlers here you think you can't beat? Of course I think I beat Auros. Now, I'll be the first to admit that think does not always equal can, but I believe "I think I can" is a better way to start a match than "there's no way in hell".

And didn't my "think" change into "can" when it came down to facing you, hoss?

Now, I'm more than willing to take you on in a match where there will be no outside interference or running away, but how likely is that to happen, Ravage?

First, I've got this belt around my waist. You'd have to first beat the living crap out of everyone else who wanted it to make sure they didn't interfere. Then you'd have to make sure the GPA stayed backstage. Then you'd have to beat me with the hardcore rules in effect. You got all of this, Ravvy? If you want us to have the fight you want, you've got some work to do.

I really hope you kick all of their asses, too. I'm rooting for you. Seriously.

2004-03-21, 01:19 AM
The problem is Xille your all talk and walk.

Your little else. You didn't fight me to get the title you rolled me up. Then when I came for you, you ran away.

Notice I came for you without the GPA.

So stop acting like your all badass when you know deep in your heart your nothing but a coward.

2004-03-21, 04:59 AM
Ravage, I am sick and tired of you calling me a coward.

You stole a win from me with some help from your GPA buddies. Then you helped in my loss to Viewfind. You were up by two at that point. What happened then, Ravage? I teamed with Double S and took a win from you. Then I took another one from the four way dance at Redemption. I haven't stolen any win from you that you haven't taken from me first. Don't say I'm nothing but talk and walk.

And you still have the nerve to call me a coward, Ravage? Like I have been saying to all these other hosses, I have yet to step down from a fair fight. Heck, I even tried my best against D-neXt in a freaking handicap match.

I am getting tired of repeating my history here everytime you jerks call me a coward. Yes, I ran from all of you. How in the hell am I supposed to win a match like that? With the 24/7 rule in effect, my title run will last longer because I'm able to run, not because I pinned a lot of guys. In fact, pinning people does nothing for me! It's not like there's a rule that says you aren't allowed to hit me for 24 hours or whatever if I pin you. You attack me relentlessly, and I run. I HAD NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO STAY IN THAT RING. GET OVER IT AND TRY HARDER NEXT TIME.

Ravage, I have accepted your challenge at Archivemania III. If Reilly allows it, I say EVERYONE is banned from ringside. We fight until someone, namely YOU, has to be taken out on a stretcher. Then my pops sees what a great man I am and I get to spit on his face and yours.

Don't call me a coward, Ravage. I'll break your knees.

2004-03-21, 10:28 AM
D-Ex: Man this is funny...a big man who calls a small man a coward. Hell Ravage seeing your history I dont think you should call him a coward. Know what you should call yourself the COWARD. Hell lets see you joined the cWo to save your hide and now at the year 2004 you joining the GPA for your own protection from what a small man with a big heart? Hell YOU BETTER BE HIDING FOR PROTECTION AGAINST THE X. How many times have I told you, you mess with one X you mess with all of the X's including D-Ex

You claim a man is coward for taking a beating at your hands but still is in one piece right now? You claim that the man is coward cause he is small and is the holder of the hardcore title? Man you got a lot of false claims then Rav. Well I will be looking forward to that match. Xille vs Ravage. You bet I'll be wathin and Xille dont worry cause D-Ex got your back. You might be new but hell you just earned my upmost respects within less than a month.

And speaking of Matches hey Mat Man...I'll be waiting at the booking comitte office and see to it that our match WILL HAPPEN ON ARCHIVE MANIA 3! Unless your backing out that is.

2004-03-21, 06:00 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
And speaking of Matches hey Mat Man...I'll be waiting at the booking comitte office and see to it that our match WILL HAPPEN ON ARCHIVE MANIA 3! Unless your backing out that is. [/B]

Are you looking to pick up an easy win after my 30 minute Iron Man Submission match against AO?:eyebrow:

2004-03-21, 09:10 PM
First off, D-Ex why don't you join your buddy Cyberdick and get the hell out before I put you in the hospital again.

Second, Xille I will call you a: coward, punk and a little bitch whenever I want. You are nothing, you still are nothing, you run from fights and you shake in your boots probably being that walking corpse of a father of yours to come save you from the back bad Ravage.

So shut up boyo, becuase you are about to get ran the hell over.

2004-03-22, 02:30 AM
Alright, Ravage, call me what you want, but now everyone else knows that you are completely wrong. Just know that I now reserve the right to call you an asshole, a dick, and a fat ass whenever I please.

One more point, Ravage... don't think for a second that I need help from my dad. I would as soon break his knees as I would yours. I don't know if you've been paying attention, frankly I would think that you haven't been since practically any shiny object distracts you, but my dad and I aren't on the best of terms. He'd rather hand you a chair than hit you.

Just know that even if he is at ringside, nothing will distract me from giving everything I have into destroying you.

2004-03-22, 04:39 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
So the Double S was wrong. TC did manage to beat O'Tool for the title. Hey, that suits me fine. Finally I get to wrestle someone who likes to play my game. I get to wrestle someone who's almost as good as me at what I do. But not quite. Let's not forget TC, that it was a long, long time since you and Ravage beat Deadpool and me for the tag titles. And lets not forget just how much better I've gotten since O'Tool was good enough to stop projecting his aura of sucktitude onto me in DN. Let's not forget that the Double S is on fire at the moment, and lets not forget that I'm the most exciting superstar in the AWF today.

So how about I raise two digits of my own, and at 'Mania, The Welsh Wonder and Mr Pay Per View will collide. Two of a kind. One will survive. Who will it be? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who.


That may be true that it has been a long time since we beat you and took the tag belts, and maybe you've gotten better over that period of time, but you must realize that so have I. Ive gotten to a new level of greatness, and that is how I regained my world title. Now, you may be on fire all you want, and you can claim to be the most exciting superstar in the AWF, but you gotta realize that I am best right now. Two nights in a row, I beat the two men who are considered to be the best superstars in the wrestling business today. And not only did I beat them, but I pinned them both.

See Six...you've never really been to the big dance like this. Sure you've been at PPVs, and even Archivemania...but you've never main evented. You're inexperienced and that will be part of your downfall. You're nerves will be going crazy and you won't be able to concentrate. And not only am I going to beat you Six...I think the best thing...is I'm going to make you tap out. And the crowd will got wild because, over the speakers they will hear that the winner once again is me, it'll be me, it'll be TC

2004-03-22, 04:42 AM
Well at least your father is willing to try to attempt to fix the mistake he created.

2004-03-22, 09:15 AM
Originally posted by nmathew
Are you looking to pick up an easy win after my 30 minute Iron Man Submission match against AO?:eyebrow:

D-Ex: Yeah. Whats the matter Mat Man you got something against that?! Cause your petty excuse of you still recovering from a recent match is nothing to me. You better start adjusting to be a real AWF singles wrestler cause your no longer in the tag team division. You should have seen this coming Mat Man...and you should have seen your fatal mistake coming as well. I will still be waiting for the confirmation as to wheter or not we shall face. And if we do, then good luck. You really need it

And Ravage I wont leave, infact I say this. You JOIN Cyberstrike. Cause to me it seems like your replacing my former running buddy by taking his former job here in the AWF. And that is the 'wrestler who talks a lot of crap that is so untrue'. Get your facts straight biggie, it was ZARAK and not YOU who sent me to the hospital! Man the smarter I get..the dumber you guys get. This is such an upside down world


2004-03-22, 03:45 PM
What? So you want Xille all to yourself? No way buddy boy. I want a peice of him to. Make it a 3 way match, and I will be there.

Like it or not Ravage, I will stand in your way, and it will not be me that has I hangover, it will be you being crushed like the coward you are. I take up whatever the hell challenge you want, cause in the end, it will be The Chosen Messenger of Odin, The Norse Thunder, That will remain.

I haven't seen Ravage fight without his GPA buddies, so he is a weakling, just because he can't handle real men, he has to team up with weakling like himself at the GPA.

As your your joke about my member, its best to keep that information confidential. I wouldn't want to upstage you now would I? After all Vikings are better at everything else than your can ever be.

2004-03-22, 06:24 PM
You know TC, you're absolutely right. The Double S has never headlined Archivemania. The Double S has never challenged for the title on the biggest stage of them all. So in that respect, the Double S is indeed inexperienced.

But let's run through the things that I have done. I've been European, Tag and IC Champ. I've been a part of the greatest matches the AWF has ever seen. The two greatest wrestlers in the AWF? I've beat 'em too. OK, so you're running hot. You've won your second AWF title. So you may be ready to join the Double S on stage. Maybe.

At Archivemania, the energy will be tangible. The excitement will be bouncing off the walls. My nerves will be running hot, but you know what? That's the way I live. When the Wonder's music hits, and the fans begin to roar... That's when I feel alive. That's when my blood really begins to boil, and that's when the Double S is at his best.

So at 'Mania TC, you bring your title, and you bring your best, because I guaran-damn-tee you TC that the Double S will be bringing his. At 'Mania, we will see if you're ready for the Double S, because I know that I'm damn sure ready to be the next AWF Champion.

2004-03-23, 02:11 AM
Strifer wants a three way match?


In fact, there's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.

But of course, now that I've said that Reilly will make it happen. But here's the thing, Cloudstrifer: Ravage and I have been at each other's throats since I debuted just after New Year's. Now you just want to cut in? No.

You know what, I would love nothing better than Reilly would suspend the 24/7 rule for one Mayhem... because then... and this is hard to say... I would ask Ravage if he wanted to team up and help me kick your ass.

That's right, Strifer, I think I can speak for Ravage when I say that we both want to kick your ass... but it's not going to happen during our match. I say if you want a piece of both of us, you try and take it from both of us at the same time.

Or is that too much for the nancy-boy norseman?

2004-03-23, 04:44 AM
You see Cloud you are as dumb as your namesakes.

Notice how the Vikings got weak and disappeared, their heritage nothing more than books, myths and legends. Something my boy you will never be.

I will give you this warning, I don't care if you show up when I am going after Xille. But if you do get in my way, if he does not break your head open to fix that tiny little mind of yours, I will.

So thou this and thou that but get in my way and you will be ran over.

Sir Auros
2004-03-24, 02:27 AM
Har! Nobuddy likes that pendejo Strifer, do they?

Ravage, you know I how I hate that over-hypped culero Xille, so if you ever want sumone to beet his ass with a pipe in or out off the ring...

2004-03-24, 03:00 AM
Sorry Auros, but I do appreacate the offer. Xilles hide is mine, if he somehow survives that he's all yours.

You should use that pipe on viking boy maybe it will help him.

2004-03-25, 08:50 AM
TC, you're opportunistic scum. You're also ****ing talented. Those are the two reasons I like you so much. If anybody other than me deserves to be champion, it's you.

I want you take that belt, go to ArchiveMania, put on the best damn show you've got in you, and prove that you deserve to be there. Oh, and kick the snot out of Siznitch whilst you're there.

Erik. You've done a hell of a lot since I got back from the exile you condemned me to.

You've given me some hellishly great laughs, a great big pay-per-view win over you... oh, and the AWF Championship. But let me guess, what the Game giveth, the Game taketh away, right?

You've done a lot for me lately. But this... this is new. What you've done now... you've actually managed to piss me off.

You may think you're the Game - but we're still playing by my rules. You've taken one of my titles, but I've still got another. There's a hell of a lot left to play for. And guess what, Summers?

It's my move.

2004-03-26, 06:45 AM

Bomber Bomber Bomber.. always in denial to the very end. You thought you didn't need my help to get the belt? You thought you can double cross me and get away with it? You think you can survive against me in a match??? Well you can kiss the next month goodbye cuz once I am finished with you you will spend weeks lying on the bed looking like a mummy with all the bandages wrap around you. You won't feel your arms and legs and your precious Arcee will ditch you and find a better man to be with. Yes I am aiming for you Bug. You better not get yourself hurt before the main event I want you to be healthy and fit when you face me. I will enjoy rearranging your already ugly face and twisting your limbs into unnatural positions.

As for you 'Find I will deal with you as well... just that you weren't much of a challenge for me then and you definitely aren't a challenge for me now. Better find a nice place to hide during our three way match and you may escape my notice for a while. Just know that I will come after your ass after I am finished with the Bug.


Man.. those 2 trade shows and MMORPG really took up most of my time but I still like to read this AWF and I intend to participate as much as I possibly can. Good job as always writers.

2004-03-26, 05:16 PM
Yo queen i'm not hard to find kid, how about we skip all this and just rap battle now yo.

2004-03-27, 04:24 AM
You know what? Both of you got Guts standing here calling The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger names.

But Guts isn't all it takes. Do you have my cunning that I used to defeat NMat twice? What about Stamina that I used to defeat Bombshell? Or the Quickness and Savagery that allowed me to put OP2005 into the grave? Or the Agility to allow me to pin Skywarp for the win?

It takes alot more than Guts, and one thing I can tell you is this. I have all of these attributed said. I have the Will Power, the Strenght and the Mind to help me. So you can call Cloud, The Might of Odin, names. Go ahead. Call him names, but in the End it will be me standing in the ring and you benith my feet. I will be left standing as I always have. I no matter if I am defeated or have won, I will always stand. I whom the Norse Gods, Wise Odin, Mighty Thor, Skadi, Tyr's, Hemdall, Baldr, Forseti, Freyja, Njord, Hel and Bragi have chosen to be thier warrior.

You may call them dead, history, but I am here standing in front of you, proof that the Norse Gods still seek thier vengence, and someone to do their bidding. I have these marks of the Gods, which glow light blue to show that thier power flows through me.

Call me names, but remember, it is always I that will remain standing and it will be me victorious! For I am The Chosen One, The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger!

You Better Believe The Hype!

2004-03-27, 05:29 AM

It's the X-Cam!

Heeeeeeeeeeeello, my fellow eXiles, and welcome to another edition of the X-Cam! Today I'm coming to you from my living room in good 'ol Lancaster, Ohio, home of many mullets and the very late General Sherman.

I just wanted to pop in and make a couple of comments before Mayhem, Archivemania, or whatever else comes up and surprises me.

Ravage, I think we've said almost all that needs to be said. I hate you, you hate me, yadda freaking yadda. All I've got to say is "let the smarter man win". Which, by default, is me.

Strifer, Auros... I know you both are trying to get high on X, but I've gotta tell you, until Ravage and I solve our differences, there's a small possibility that that'll happen.

Hey... I have an idea! Why don't you two beat the crap out of each other and the winner can face the winner of me versus Ravvy... er... me, that is. Sounds like a good idea, eh? Just leave me alone until then.

If not... I'll break your knees. You feel me, hosses?

2004-03-27, 10:11 PM
Going to break knees how? With what your midget powers?

Sadly, for you, this is the real world legs and knee's don't just break by pure luck.

And looking at the Archivemania card we don't get to tear each other apart. No no, how I get to tear you and 7 other posers apart as well.

Honestly, what more could I ask for. I can end as many careers as Xille uses high chairs to get himself over the counter at Mc Donald's to order a happy meal pack of Chicken Mcnuggets.

So bring it small fry. See you at AM3.

2004-03-27, 10:30 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Honestly, what more could I ask for. I can end as many careers as Xille uses high chairs to get himself over the counter at Mc Donald's to order a happy meal pack of Chicken Mcnuggets.

ooc: :laugh: