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2002-01-20, 05:17 AM
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Scanners across the globe of Cybertron would have spotted it long before any optical units picked it up. An Anomaly. A big Anomaly. And it was getting stronger....

************Alternate Dimension**********************

"C'mon Big Guy! We're almost clear!" the wounded hummanoid rasped as he staggered, trying to pull his larger companion by the hand out the door, where starts twinkled with mocking peacefulness and brightness.. Chains on his wrists rattled loudly, easily picked up by the approaching guards "Come on... don't quit on me now, Garry!"

There's a groan as the large mech dropped to his feet, and the next time thing the hummanoid saw was a huge Dropship sitting there. He darted for the airlock even as the persuer's missiles bombarded the vessel, cries of pain ringing out as the small mechanoid dropped unconcious into the airlock, thrown against the back wall as the ship blasted out of the space station, mission complete.

The Space station exploded... then imploded, queerious energy flooding the area and tackling the ship head on, a pair of agonized screaming being lost in space as it was pulled, ripped apart and put back together by the time-space anomaly caused by the alien spacestation's generator... Crossing hte void of time and space, to seek and find another place... unrecognised on one's homeland face...

**************Back in this universe*****************

The anomaly shimmered and brightened violently, strange, tingling lightning the smell of ozone filling the air around it. Something big was going down.

2002-01-20, 06:31 PM
The Anomaly flared again... pulsing in the sky, a bright star in the heavens of eerie light and eerier radiation. Then it gave one massive BURST of power, lightning crackling along the ground for miles around before it stopped... and dissapeared... a single, small, reddish-yellow light descending rapidly towards the ground... like some sort of comet or... Ship.

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Orion Magnus
2002-01-20, 11:25 PM
"What the hell.......... This is just my day ain't it. What is it anyway a ship, comet, weather baloon with gas traped in it reflecting the light of Venus." said Orion Magnus. She sighed. "I better check it out" she said anoyed.
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2002-01-21, 04:20 AM
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"Big Guy! We're out of control! Pull up!"

"Big Guy?"

The flash of light slams into the surface of the planet, sending a sudden blast of shockwaves through the air... nothing damaging unless you were at ground zero. Mild earthquakes also are felt for miles around befoe they fade too, a glow of fire coming from the crater.

2002-01-22, 06:44 PM
The crater continues to burn brightly, smoke boiling up into the sky from spilt energon fuel on the ground... it was obviously a ship.

*taptaps on Orion. You there?*

2002-01-24, 04:15 AM
Pain.......systems out...... jets are so much mangled metal.... spinning out of control....... no time to think..... only time to die..........

2002-01-24, 04:41 AM
(OOC - I guess so, although its not really Cybertron Orbit, but Cybertron Planetside... it wouldn't let me change the thread's name :P. Join in though!)

The crater continued to burn brightly...

2002-01-24, 06:27 AM
-There are certain stresses anythng, fro a Cybertronian to a fighter jet, should not be subjected to. Being ground zero at an explosion that was designed to trigger a planet's destruction is one of them. Just ask Brainstorm. But wait until after he deals with his current situation-

Brainstorm: -trickles back to awareness, groans- Fortress should give us hazard pay for this kind of work...... -flips a couple of switches on the cockpit control console- Come to think of it, Fortress should pay us, period..... -flips switches again- What... -flips them a few more times, but gets no response- Okay, it's not completely bad..... -looks out of cockpit canopy, sees something odd, then realizes that it's the nose of the fighter, bent, twisted, and wrenched back over the cockpit canopy- Then again, maybe it's worse....

2002-01-25, 02:24 AM
Brainstorm: Just great.... I'm in a mangled hunk of metal, tumbling out of control through Cybertronian airspace...... I hope I'm in orbit... -pops panel on cockpit contol console open, pulls out device, puts it ito a compartment on his arm- At least the portal key is safe. -sighs- Now how the heck do I get out o here?

2002-01-25, 06:22 AM
Brainstorm: -checks comm console- Wha Spike said is true. When they break, they let all the black smoke out. -wipes soot off of console- Only one thing left I can try...... -starts to meditate and reach out with his mind- ........Chromedome........... Can you hear me....... Help me.......

2002-01-25, 07:39 AM
In the crater, a massive explosion bursts into the sky as the near-total energon in the thing ignited... it was a fuel tank. But from what?

The answre to that question appears underneath Brainstorm's tumbling form, moving up rapidly to slam into him, if possible, and 'cradle' his descent to the ground. A large, heavily damaged ship the rough shape of a brick with engines left a long trail of smoke as it balanced carefully, faltering every now and then, but not allowing the Autobot to fall to his death as it streaks at a shallow angle for the ground...

2002-01-26, 05:33 PM
Lockpick's hovercar form raced across the land uncertainly. She was only following a dot on her scanner towards the crater made by Sky Garry's ex-fueltank, but her attention is taken by the streak of fire through the sky as the mech himself continues to plummet, straining every inch of the way to slow down to nonlethal speeds.

2002-01-26, 10:46 PM
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The hovercraft slows as the heat begins to become visible in the area from the crater, and she floats there, wondering what to do next...

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 04:03 AM
Quick Switch sighted the ship hovering over the crater.

He punched his internal comm, hoping to home in on the ship's frequency.

"Unidentified space vessel, (OOC: KODA) this is Autobot Quick Switch. Identify yourself!"

The Hexa Changer looked up...

2002-01-27, 04:55 PM
(OOC - Oops! Sorry Switchy... shoulda told you. Lockie's hovering out there by her own. The ship was left at base cause i t took too much damage. Thta's ok though)

Lockpick jumped as her radio crackled, and she stammers back into it "Uyh.... this is Lockpick... Autobot mmm... warrior." she guessed out of the blue. Then she states "Identify YOURself."

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 05:07 PM
Quick Switch harrumphed.

"I am Quick Switch, Autobot Assault Warrior, here on the orders of Optimus Prime. My intentions are friendly."

He waited for a response.

She's smart, that's for sure The Hexa Changer mused.

2002-01-27, 05:54 PM
Lockpick sighs slightly in releif and tilts a wing, swinging towards the sixchanger "Pleased to meet you. I'm here on the same orders." she responds as her scarred red body pulls up beside the sixchanger's "From what I Can tell, whatever was in the crater blew up..."

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 06:22 PM
Quick Switch glances down at the battered form of the fembot.

"Yes," turning back to the crater.

"But whatever it was disturbed Prime enough to detach so many of us out here to investigate."

2002-01-27, 07:02 PM
Brainstorm: -feels energy surge catch his tumbling(and, if you looked at it from the outside, twisted into a crumpled, partially melted ball of metal) transector,slowing his descent- Chromedome..... something's caught me..... easing me to a safer landing........ I hope.......

2002-01-28, 01:52 AM
Lockpick hovers there, tilting a wing as she replies "I... I wouldnt know. I haven't seen Optimus in about six million years." she then moves towarsd the crater "But it seemed like a good idea... wahtever hit was MASSIVELY loaded with fuel.. Hey, what's that?" she tilts a wing, pointing towarsds a flash of light in the sky, dropping with mock slowness to the ground.

Whatever held Brainstorm up was definitely no energon surge... an engine roared weakly as they continued their descent, now going more straight down than sideways... finally, though, the engines just give out completely, a sudden silence filling the air before...


The dropship slams into the ground two miles from the crater, including Brainstorm.

2002-01-28, 08:27 PM
Lockpick transmits a message over the radio as she turns towards the new crash site, watching a few minutes before tilting towards Sixer "Shall we then?"

Quick Switch
2002-01-28, 09:07 PM
The Hexa Changer nods.

"Yes, lets."

They move toward the crater...

2002-01-29, 02:46 AM
A huge ship, burning, lays in the middle of the crater below. Its once-white armour crackled and black from charr, the landing skids bent out of shape from the rough landing. Nearby, the unconcious form of Brainstorm lays, safe frm the fire fortunately. Lockpick gasps a little bit as she crests the crater's edge.

"Oh man... that's gotta hurt... we gotta put that fire out somehow!"

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 04:43 AM
Quick Switch scratched his head.

"You're right...but I'm afraid I don't have any extinguishing equipment on me..."

Quick Switch transforms to drill tank mode, and moves toward the space ship.

Angling downward, the Hexa Changer activates the drill feature on the tank, and in moments a large gouge is carved out of the steel ground.

The force of the digging causes the space ship to slide into the lower elevation, scattering up bits of steel and shrapnel.

The sudden inertia helps to dampen the flames.

Transforming to robot mode, Quick Switch moves over to Brainstorm.

"That's all we can do for now. Let's check on him, eh?"

2002-01-29, 05:22 AM
Lockpick transforms, watching. As the debris flies, she tosses huge handfuls onto the fire to smother it, puffing as she works without complaint. THen the femme hops out of the way as the ship slides.

Turning her scarred face to Sixer, she nods and approaches carefully "Yeah... That looked like a painful crash... you can take the big ship, I'll check on him." she points to Brainstorm.

2002-01-29, 05:45 AM
Brainstorm: -groans weakly, shakes head- I've landed.... -checks himself over- And I'm still alive! WOOHOO!!!! -looks around cockpit, shrugs, starts beating on the canopy, yelling for help-

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 03:24 PM
Quick Switch moves over to inspect the ship.

"Wow, some impact," he muses, crouching down to look into the cockpit.

"Don't see anything of import," the Hexa Changer calls, hopping down from the scorched vessel, and walking over to Lockpick and the prone Brainstorm.

2002-01-29, 03:52 PM
Lockpick neeled besice the cockpit part of Brianstorm's transector, frowning in concern. She pulls out several tools again, including a laser-cutter and starts slicing away at the metal "Hold on! We'll get you out!" she calls.

As Quick Switch walked away from the behemoth ship, it... groaned! "Wait... help... g-grammercy.." a weak voice emitted from the speakers, hardly audible through the static of the damaged vocalizers. "Q-quick... death... n-no... torture..."

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 03:59 PM
Quick Switch turned as he heard...a vocoder?

"Hold on!" the Hexa Changer ran back to the ship.

Jumping back up to the cockpit, the Hexa Changer, with some effort, manages to rip off the extermly battered cockpit.

Quick Switch drops the useless hulk of metal into the crater, and peers in.

"Who are you?"

2002-01-29, 04:01 PM
Brainstorm: sags back into seat, relieved- Gotta contact Chomedome. -starts meditating again- Chromedome....... I'm where..... Lockpick is..... she's cutting me free.....

2002-01-29, 04:01 PM
There's another groan as the cockpit is ripped off... inside lay a human-sized robot, unconcious between two fo the seats there. The equipment was in shambles, dark and burnt... and the robot glanced up, weak blue optics attempting to focus on Quick Switch's form, a glint of fear tricklign into them at the unrecogniseable visage of the Autobot.

"Sh-shotbomber..." he manages to rasp, voice greatly different than the one that spoke before. He struggles to sit up... chains dragging from his wrists. "B-but help.. Garry..."

Lockpick finally finishes with the cockpit, and with a lot of effort, manages to pull it up enough for Brainstorm to wriggle out - or be dragged out. She pants, optics narrowed slightly from the exertion as she checks Brainstorm for any obvious damage "First day back and I'm already saving the planet, investigating a crime scene, and rescuing a friend." she jokes weakly.

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 04:06 PM
Quick Switch started.

"Great Maximus," he whispered.

Such a small creature. And chains! A Quintesson slave who escaped?

Gently extending his hands, the Autobot broke the chains that bound the small robot, and lifted him up and out of the ship.

"You are safe now," he said quitely, setting the small robot down on the ship's superstructure. Quick Switch looks up.

"Lockpick! You might want to see this!"

2002-01-29, 04:10 PM
Lockpick calls over "Give me a few minutes... this guy's a bit beat up..." she says, roughly tying off any loose fluid tubes in Brainstorm so he didn't bleed to death.

The small robot sags a little bit, and he puts one hand, palm down, fingers spread against teh charred surface of the ship. "Garry... Wake up..." he whispers, then says louder "We can't leave... without Garry..."

The ship shifted, all on its own... and a small light starts to flash on a ruined console within, followed by a few more as the ship started up on its own.

(OOC - I gotta go to work now guys, so the little guy will be passing out and stuff. I'll be back in a few hours... not sure when, it depends on how sick I feel and how buisy it is at the Zoo. See ya soon!)

2002-01-30, 05:52 AM
Brainstorm: -keeps beating on cockpit canopy-

2002-01-30, 06:18 AM
Lockpick manages to pull Brainstorm out carefully... "You okay?" she asks, then holds up some fingers "How many fingers?"

2002-01-30, 06:29 PM
Brainstorm Four fingers and a thumb. -looks back at crumpled remains of his transector- Wow..... I hope it's repairable........

2002-01-31, 03:49 AM
Lockpick eyes the transector as she drops her hand "Close enough. and I can't really tell... repairs like that're beyond me. How ya feeling?" she asks as she does some quick first aid.

The ship under Quick Switch shakes again.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:59 AM
Quick Switch hops off the ship as it rocks back and forth.

"By the Matrix! What is going on here?"

2002-01-31, 04:01 AM
Shotbomber stirrs as the ship rocks and his optics flicker "Garry... calm down... he's a friend..." he states quietly, the ship settling down with a visible shudder again. The little micron, freed of his bonds, pulls himself upright and moves towrads the ship "Man you're messed up... an' all cause of me."

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 04:03 AM
Quick Switch looks back and forth at the small robot and the ship.

"That ship is sentient? Who are you? And what is...it?"

The Hexa Changer points at the now quiet vessel.

2002-01-31, 04:08 AM
The small bot limped along the side of the ship, seracing for a panel. Opening it, he reaches in, adjusting something and the sound of a releived sigh comes from the ship itself. He then slumps to the ground beside it, exhausted from that short walk "I... I'm shotbomber..." he touches the ship "This is Sky Garry... my partner... we were both... on the run from... destrons..." he says, voice becoming weak again.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 04:16 AM
Quick Switch knelt at Shotbomber's side.

"I am Quick Switch," he placed one hand over his torso. "Autobot Assault Warrior. I apologize to the damage incurred on your friend, Shotbomber. I will repair Sky Garry myself if I am able."

He frowned.

"Destrons, did you say? You mean, Decepticons? Well, as you are probably we aware, we Autobots have been fighting those warmongers for eons."

2002-01-31, 04:30 AM
Shotbomber looked up at Quick Swtich and nods gratefully "I... I accept your help... I can only do so much fer Garry..." he coughs and pulls his knees up "D-Destrons are here? Where is here anyways? Autobots?" he says, confused.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 04:37 AM
Quick Switch smiled slightly.

"You are on the glorious planet of Cybertron, homeworld of my race, the Transformers."

The Hexa Changer frowns.

"It seems to me your 'destrons' are not quite the same as Decepticons. Eons ago, a powerful race known as the Quintessons created my ancestors as slave labor for profit and pleasure. There were two groups created: worker robots, and warrior robots. Over time, the Quintessons became complacent...arrogant. My race learned the technique of 'transforming,' that is, altering our basic robot shapes into different forms: vehicles, weapons, creatures, what have you. A revolt ocurred, and the Quintessons were forever banished from Cybertron."

Quick Switch pauses.

"The warrior robots, known as Decepticons, attempted to control Cybertron soon after the defeat of the Quintessons. My ancestors, the Autobots, resisted, proclaming themselves defenders of Cybertron against the tyranny of Decepticon rule. We have been fighting a war for the control of Cybertron, and that of the entire universe."

Quick Switch looks down at Shotbomber.

"While destrons may not be present...Decepticon are on Cybertron. This area is not safe. We must go. Lockpick!"

The Hexa Changer rose.

"Your assistance would be appreciated! I have survivors!"

2002-01-31, 04:42 AM
Lockpick nods as she lifts Brainstorm "So do I." she calls back. Shotbomber blinks during all of this, not sure what to make of it. He idly wondered how Sky Garry's huge body was going to move... the little guy was definitely not going without his friend.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 04:47 AM
Quick Switch looked down at Shotbomber.

"Can your friend transform? None of my alternate modes will accomodate him, although you will not be a problem."

2002-01-31, 04:58 AM
Shotbomber shook his head "No... He took too much damage..." he sighs, looking pained "I... I won't leave him here." he finally states, putting his back against Garry's hull. The ship-mech says quietly "Go... Who'd want an old wreck like me? " Shotbomber shook his head "No way... "

God Jinrai
2002-01-31, 05:20 PM
Jinrai rolled up to the group, with muzzle not far behind...

"Well... I might be able to assist you in that matter, shotbomber... "

Activating his comm, he raidioed iacon... "Grand...we're going to need you here... we've a rather LARGE transformer that requires transport to iacon for repairs... and a maximus class cruiser barely seems large enough to handle the load. Get here asap. Jinrai out."

Returning his attention to the small bot, he spoke again...

"Hopefully...he'll be comming with us... A friend of mine should be capable of transporting him back to iacon... the two of you...seem familiar somehow... but.. I don't recall just how..."

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 06:42 PM
Quick Switch saluted.

"Thank you for your assistance, Jinrai. I've tried to bring up Shotbomber and Sky Garry to speed on the current situation of the war, as well as give them history 101. They understand the situation now sir."

2002-01-31, 09:26 PM
Nigtbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hoseheadm CHromedome and Hardhead: -transform-

Nightbeat: Minerva, take Siren and Hosehead and check out that big Autobot in the crater. Chromedome....

Chromedome and Hardhead -running over to Brainstorm and Lockpick-

Nightbeat: -sighs- Just keep on keeping on.....

Minerva: -starts scanning Gary's injuries-

Siren and Hosehead: -work on putting the fires out-

2002-02-01, 01:19 AM
Lockpick moved out of the way as the others tended to brainstorm.

The slightly damaged optics of Shotbomber widened as Jinrai came into view and he struggles to try and stand "Jinrai... Y-You're alive... And... we're on Cybertron? But..." he shakes his head, confused. "Understanding the situation's an understatement." he mutters to Garry.

Behind him, Sky Garry gave another sigh of releif as the last of the fires were extinguished on his huge form. He too, turned his sensors to Jinrai "Commander... its good to see you again..." he says, voice heavy and tired.

2002-02-01, 03:24 AM
Minerva: -starts working on Sky Garry-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -checking over the wreckage of Brainstorm's transector-

Hardhead: Ouch.

Chromedome: I'm not even sure we can salvage parts, let alone repair. Have to have Minerva check the damage.

Brainstorm: A small price to pay to save the planet......

2002-02-01, 12:47 PM
"I will need help," Grand, who was currently stationed near Iacon spoke out over the radio transmitters.
"We'll go," said Vanguard to the Autobot currently in command of the control room of Iacon, where they found themselves. The temporary commander nodded his agreement. The Cosmobots quickly left the room.

Stepping outside, they looked at the large form of the starship on front of them.
"This is 'Grand'?" asked Thorr.
"No," their radios crackled into life, "I am inside. Come aboard."

A doorway in the side of the craft slid open, and they quickly boarded. The lift on the other side of the door took them to the bridge of the ship, where a large grey and white robot sat in the command chair.

"Greetings, I am Grand. Commander of this ship, and Autobot headmaster.
"Headmaster?" enquired Apollo. The Cosmobots had been roaming through space for the last several million years, and had missed out on a lot of recent development.
"Yes, I have a partner, named Gran, who resides here," he tapped his head, "hence the name Headmaster."
"Amazing," said Vanguard, "humanoid operators inside an Autobot body."
"Quite," replied Grand, "Now gentlemen, we have a mission to complete. A rather large crash, I believe."
"Then lets be on our way."
"Just what I was about to suggest."

Manipulating a few controls on the arm of his chair, the ship took off, and headed for the co-ordinates radio'd in by Jinrai. Shortly, they arrived at the site, and Grand landed his ship at the edge of the crater. The six Autobots on board stepped outside.

"Commander." Grand looked at Jinrai, "How may we be of assistance?

2002-02-01, 04:03 PM
Sky Garry doesn't say much as his repairs are begun. Shotbomber hugs his knees, rubbing at chafed wrists as the huge Grand ship glides into view, his optics widening. "Woah... that's bigger than you Garry." he says quietly.

Lockpick glances up, blinks, then chirps in surprise at the ship, standing from where she had been investigating debris "Uh... wow..."

2002-02-01, 05:12 PM
Chromedome: -looks at approaching ship- Fortress is here!

Hardhead: The Commander's here? How?

Brainstorm: Maybe somebody else built a portal key.

2002-02-02, 03:02 AM
Nightbeat: Guys, that's not the Maximus . Colors are wrong.

Brainstorm: -sighs- Then I hope there's enough salvagable here to put my transector back together...

Nightbeat: If It's fixable, Minerva can fix it.

Siren: -chuckles- This isn't always true......

Hosehead: -whispers- Siren, don't go there......

Sien: Why not? It's not my fault she can't cook.

Minerva: -still working on Sky Garry- I heard that.

2002-02-02, 03:49 AM
Lockpick just stays out of the way... Shotbomber watdches the huge ship... then looks back at Jinrai "Sir... what's going on? Why're you alive again... and why's Cybertron back in one peice?" he asks, confused.

2002-02-02, 12:49 PM
The Cosmobots move over to the prone form of the ship Sky Gary. Let us take him back to Iacon aboard Grand Maximus," Mercury spoke to Shotbomber, "We will be able to better repair him there."

Grand returned to the city/ship, and powered it up, ready for manouvering over the crater. They awaited Shotbomber's response.

2002-02-02, 03:20 PM
Shotbomber blinks as his questions went ignored,b ut Sky Garry needed help, and so the micron nods, climbing up onto the form of his best friend... he wasn't going to leave Garry now. "Okay... let's go."

2002-02-02, 03:32 PM
Vanguard contacted Grand over the radio, and the huge ship moved over the crater, casting an ominous shadow on the Transformers below. Quickly, everyone stepped clear of Sky Gary, and a hazy blue light flickered out from the underside of Maximus.
"Tractor beam," Apollo said tersely.

Then, the bulky form of Sky Gary rose up out of the crater, and into the cavernous maw of Grand Maximus's cargo bay. Slowly, the doors closed once more.

"There, we'll be able to get him some proper help in Iacon."
Vanguard walked over to Hardhead.
"How is Brainstorm? Will he need transportation too? Or can you manage that?"

2002-02-02, 04:03 PM
Lockpick watched in awe as the ship form of Sky Garry was lifted into the cargo bay. THen the femme gave a shudder... for what reason, its hard to tell, but she tears her optics from the Maximus vessel and looks to the others instead, looking quite happy to leave then.

Quick Switch
2002-02-02, 05:34 PM
Quick Switch stood, arms crossed, watching Lockpick and the repair processes toward the other robots.

He too, stayed out of the way.

2002-02-03, 12:17 AM
Brainstorm: Well, guys?

Hardhead: Better lug it back in the ship. Towing that transector that far might not be good for the ground.

2002-02-04, 05:26 AM
Lockpick rejoins the others a moment later, helping to lift the transector for loading "Well, let's get back to base shall we?" she says brightly.

Quick Switch
2002-02-04, 12:00 PM
Quick Switch nods.

"Agreed," he notes.

Transforming to jet fighter mode, the Hexa Changer jets toward the Autobot base...

2002-02-04, 12:11 PM
(OOC Note: I've been using Grand as an NPC. He's currently untaken)

"All damaged bots are on board," Vanguard reported.
"Very well. I shall meet you back at Iacon," replied Grand as his thrusters kicked into life, and he took off toward the Autobot HQ.
"Cosmobots, lets go," ordered Vanguard and the five warriors took off, heading for HQ.

God Jinrai
2002-02-04, 01:49 PM
Jinrai snapped out of his daze just as the group was set to leave... he'd heard shotbomber's questions...but for some reason couldn't give an answer... boarding grand maximus before it jetted off for iacon, he headed for the control center... but came across shotbomber before he arrived...

"Shotbomber... I'm..sorry, but I'm...not the jinrai you know. As for this cybertron still being intact... you;re not in the dimension you came from... this is the prime universe, the root from which all other possibilities expanded off from... Yet...somehow, you do seem familiar to me. Tell me. Was your partner, sky garry , at any point, possibly going to be a unit of its own? without a partner unit?"

2002-02-04, 02:50 PM
Minerva: -to Shotbomber-
"I've got the fuel leaks stopped, and his autorepair systems should be able to keep him stable until he gets back to base."
-looks at Brainstorm-
"Your turn."
-starts checking and repairing Brainstorm-

Brainstorm: "I'm fine. Really."

Nightbeat: "Not to put any pressure on people, but there are Decepticons around, and we are out in the open here....."

2002-02-04, 03:57 PM
Shotbomber lookked incredibly releived at Minerva's words and he even smiled a little bit. "Thank you. We both appreciate it..." then Jinrai calld his attention,and the micron thought that over...oO(But how...?) Then he blinks and nods "Oh yeah. We weren't paired up together till after basic training on Planet Victory. He's still his own mech, remember. We just work together." he explains, leaning against the burnt hull of his buddy to reassure the mech.

Sky Garry remains quiet during all of this, although a speaker near Minerva, before she walked away, murmured "I thank you madame for helping me. I hope to repay the favour someday."

2002-02-04, 05:39 PM
Minerva: "Well, Brainstorm, you check out fine. No appreciable damage. Haven't checked out your transector yet."

Brainstorm: "I could have told you that."

Nightbeat: "Minerva, better follow whichever Maximus -class battleship that happens to be. Both Sky Garry and Brainstorm's body need serious repairs."

Minerva: "I'm on it, big brother."
-transforms, dropping Brainstorm into her passenger seat-
"Belt in, smart guy!"
-floors accelerator, burns rubber away from crash sites twards Iacon-

Brainstorm: -trying to fasten seat bet-
"I thought you were kidding!!!!!!!"

Nightbeat: Chromedome, Hardhead, go with her.

Chromedome and Hardhead: -transform, roar off after Minerva-

Chromedome: We're on it, big brother!
-starts chuckling-

Siren and Hosehead: -tring not to laugh..... very unsuccessfully-

Nightbeat: -sighs-

2002-02-04, 10:58 PM
Lockpick flies after Minerva towards IAcon, not knowing the way very well as she matches speeds with the other transformer. "Uh, Who WAS That? He looked like Prime."

Shotbomber nods at Minerva again and leans against Sky Garry once they were secure, optics flickering as he shut off.

2002-02-06, 11:39 PM
Minerva: -rolls down window, lets her hair stream out behind her- "He said his name's Jinrai. He's a Powermaster..... but not one like I've ever seen before."

2002-02-07, 12:28 AM
Lockpick watches the hair, fascinated. "Oh... I've never seen him before, or heard of him." she admits as she follows. "I'm called Lockpick... you? And uh, no offense, but what are you?"

2002-02-07, 02:55 AM
Minerva: -pulls off helmet, one handed, hands it to Brainstorm- "I'm a human. My name's Minerva. I'm a Headmaster.... or, as my brother calls it, a junior Headmaster."

2002-02-07, 07:09 PM
Lockpick ahs. "I see. I admit I've never even heard of humans before." she chuckles a little bit. "I've been WAY out of the loop you could say."

2002-02-08, 03:02 AM
Minerva: -takes both hands off of steering wheel to run fingers through her long blonde hair, as Brainstorm makes a frenzied grab for the wheel- "And I've had that helmet on way too long. I could use a shower."

Brainstorm: "Worry about the shower later!!!!!" -trying to steer from passenger seat-

Minerva: -takes wheel- "Relax, Brainstorm. I've got everything under control."

Brainstorm: "You have no idea how many times I've heard Chromedome say that......"

2002-02-08, 06:27 AM
Lockpick chuckles and swerves to avoid a collision. THen sudddenly she slows down a bit. "Sory... " she apologises "Frame's a little weak still." indeed, one of the scarred wings was at a noticeable angle.

2002-02-08, 03:54 PM
Minerva: "More patients, more patinets......" -grins- "At this rate, I'll be able to afford those golf lessons."

Brainstorm: "You doctors and golf..... What about malpractice insurance?"

Minerva: "No lawyers yet in Autobot society."

2002-02-09, 01:08 AM
Lockpick nearly spun out into an old lamp post in surprise "What? You mean you guys got rid of lawers?" she asks incredudously "Well, things certainly HAVE changed." she chuckles.

2002-02-09, 01:32 AM
Minerva: "Well, there aren't any that I know of....."

Brainstorm: "This isn't our home timeline, don't forget. There may well be lawyers here."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -driving rearguard-

Chromedome: "If there are any, they're probaby Decepticons."

Hardhead: -chuckles-

Hosehead: "Fires're out, boss."

Siren: -covered in soot- "I don't get it, Hosehead. You're a fire engine, I'm a patrol car. You have the heat resistant armor, I don't. So why do I have to take the extnguisher bombs into the fires?"

Hosehead: -shrugs- "I just toss 'em into the fire. It's not that hard."

Siren: -sighs-

Nightbeat: -scanning the horizon- "Okay, guys. We're done here. Back to base." -looks at Jinrai- "Jinrai? You coming?"

2002-02-09, 03:42 AM
Lockpick chuckled again as she tagged along.oO(Man, it was good to be home again) "Some of them could very well pass for cons I admit. So you're not from around here? Wherabouts then?" she asks.

God Jinrai
2002-02-09, 04:48 AM
Sighing to himself, Jinrai transformed... "I'll... be with you in a moment, nightbeat."

Silently, he approached the crater in which skygarry was once lodged in... running a quick sensory sweep, he discovered what he feared he would... "It's...as I feared... It's no longer specific spots in time which the rifts are appearing... such as in mine... when the battle with black zarak was finished... that WOULD have caused a significant uproar in quantum energies... but... now.. these gates open completely at random... and at this rate... we may end up with more visitors... or worse... several UNWELCOME ones..."
He shuddered to think of the chaosbringer of another time arriving at this cybertron... and holding no power to fight him...

Transforming, he rolled up to nightbeat, hosehead and siren..

"Alright boys. roll for home!"

Nailing his accelerator, he took off for iacon... in the distance he could see lockpick and minerva... and not much further ahead of them, grand maximus...

2002-02-09, 04:18 PM
Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -transform and roll towards the base-

Lug: --activates commlink- "Hey, Muzzle! Think we'll ever get home?"

Muzzle: -over commlink- "Beats me. Brainstorm was only able to exploit the time-current eddies of the Quantum Flux Whatchamahoozits..... Cybertron's not going to go kaflooie now, hopefully. The price may well be that we can't go home."

Lug: -over commlink- "Small price to pay to save all those lives, I guess......."

Quig: -over commlink, quietly- "Better than dying, anway.... Although I've heard that death is a quiet thing..... Blissful silence..... No brash loudmouth yelling in your mind......"

Muzzle: -over commlink- "I hate to break this to you, bubba.... But Siren's gotten a lot queter since you came on board."

Quig: -sighs-

2002-02-13, 04:26 PM
Slowly, the Micron known as Shotbomber awakens again. Sore, stiff, but... alive! He was alive... and free. And he knew who to thank for that. Slowly, he sits up, in the medicalbay of the Maximus ship no doubt as he looks aroudn... then frowns "Where's Sky Garry?" he asks, grasping for a nearby medic walking by "where's the ship I arrived in?!?"

2002-02-15, 08:08 PM
Minerva: -sighs, sets down laser scalpel- "Ya know, Sky Garry.... It's lucky for you I don't charge by the hour."

Brainstorm: "I know I'm glad you don't. This rebuild could take a week."

2002-02-15, 10:36 PM
OOC - HEh. Not sure where we are. In Maximus ship I think :>

Sky Garry emits a weak chuckle from a nearby speaker before whispering "I am in your debt, milady. I will restitute you when I'm more able to do so.

2002-02-16, 12:01 AM
Minerva: -smiles- "No worries. I can always bill your insurance provider." -hooks Sky Garry up to an energon feed- "There. Now all we need is to replace those damaged body panels and reconnect the appropriate sensors, and you should be back to normal."

2002-02-16, 01:48 AM
A weak chuckle comes from the ship as he states "I insist. I wish to be a... burdon on anyone. Shotbomber... are you okay?" he asks then, his small companion shifting on his nearby bed, having the worst of the two damage, really "Y-YEah. Bit stiff, but these docs are good."

2002-02-16, 04:42 PM
Lockpick explored the base quietly, oblivious to the stares her scarred appearance brought her in doing so..oO(Where's Prime? I need to talk to him...) she thought, peering in any open doors to see what was there.

2002-02-17, 03:26 AM
Chromedome: -holding a datapadd-

Hardhead: -holding a large stack of equipment and spare parts crates- "We almost done? This is getting heavy......"

Chromedome: -looks at padd- "We're about halfway through this parts list." -thinks for a second- "You know,there's almost enough parts on this list to completely rebuild Brainstorm's body."

Hardhead: -trying to keep knees from buckling- "It feels like it....."

Chromedome: -sees Lockpick coming down hallway- "Hey, Lockpick."

2002-02-17, 06:44 AM
Lockpick looked up, a hand going shyly to cover half the scar that divided her faceplate in half diagonally. THen she moved to help Hardhead with the crate, grunting a little as she lifts "H... Hello, Uh, Chromedome, right?" she says on her way over.

2002-02-18, 05:03 AM
Chromedome: -grabs the upper half of the stack of crates that Hardhead is carrying- "I've made an impression."

Hardhead: -able to keep he stack much more stable now, chuckles- "Great. The galactic Casanova's made an impression."

Chromedome: -chuckles- "Thanks for the support, 'Captain Karaoke.' " -turns to Lockpick- "Need any help?"

2002-02-18, 08:25 AM
The femme chuckles as she lifts her own crate easily "Nah. Its all in the balance." she explains, easilly hefting the weight, getting used to the *masters. "And I'm used to lifting and stuff." she tries to avoid facing the others, feeling self-concious with her ruined faceplate.

2002-02-18, 03:35 PM
Chromedome: "Brainstorm gave us a list of parts he needs. Might as well lug this half of the order back." -starts leading way back to medbay- "After we get the rest of this stuff to Brainstorm, think you could show a couple of visiting Cybertronians around?"

2002-02-18, 05:58 PM
Lockpick grabs another crate to follow him, swinging it up to balance on her shoulder. Then she blinks "Who me?" She then laughs a little bit "I've been MIA for over nine million years. I know probably as much as you do, Chromedome."

2002-02-20, 02:46 AM
Chromedome: -chuckles- "Well, nothing like getting lost with-" -commlink buzzes. Chromedome sighs, activates commlink-

Nightbeat: "Chromedome, come in."

Chromedome: "Chromedome here commander. What's up?"

Nightbeat: "You and Hardhead busy?"

Chromdome: "Just getting parts for Brainstorm....."-looks at Lockpick- "And chatting with the locals."

Nightbeat: "Well, if the mad scientist and the locals can spare you two for a few minutes..... or maybe longer.... I could use you two up here."

Chromedome: "What's up?"

Nightbeat: "Probably saving the world again. Megatron's looking for people to help him fight the Decepticons."

Chromedome: "Huh?"

Nightbeat: "That's pretty much my thought. Get up here as fast as you can. I think it's going to get interesting."

Chromdome: "Right. Chromedome out." -deactivates comlink- "Sadly, madam, duty calls. We better get this stuff to Brainstorm and then go see what's going on. Megatron's lookng for backup. Autobot backup."

God Jinrai
2002-02-20, 04:16 AM
Jinrai overheard the conversation as he approached... "Hardhead...Chromedome.. did Nightbeat just say what I thought he just said?"

Turning his head ot lockpick, he reverted to vehicle mode...

"Load me up.. saves you folks the trouble of lugging that junk by hand..."

Returning his attention to the two headmasters, he questioned again...

"Please tell me he's NOT seriously considering assisting megatron..."

2002-02-20, 04:31 AM
Chromedome: "That's what it sounds like. Although knowing the commander, I think he's figuring on finding out what's going on and then throwing a spanner in the works."

Hardhead: "Why do I have the feeling that we're going to be the spanner?"

Chromedome: "It beats being a screwdriver."

Hardhead: "You've been hanging out with Siren too much......"

2002-02-20, 05:05 AM
Lockpick blinks at all the sudden scurryings, then nods to Jinrai. "Got it." then she swings a crate, using the momentum to lift it ito the traile rand send it sliding harmlessly towards the depest part. Then she looks to the others "Bucket brigade style?" she asks.

2002-02-20, 05:31 AM
Sky Garry's bulk was carefully pulled into a large repair bay at Iacon (or wherever) slowly, to not jar the unconcious megamech. Shotbomber was on top of him, already workinga way despite his own painful wounds, welding and carefully setting peices back together in the ruined cockpit.

2002-02-21, 12:53 AM
Chromedome and Hardhead: -loading Jinrai's trailer with the rest of the items on Brainstorm's "shopping list"-

Chromedome: "Almost done." -commlink chimes- "Again?" -activates commlink- "Chromedome here."

Nightbeat: "One more thing before you come up. Tell the others what's going on."

Chromedome: "Afraid we'll have all he fun?"

Nightbeat: "I'm more worried that we might need backup. If need be, we're going to be the spanner that jam up the works. We get backup, we can then blow up the machinery."

Chromedome: "I like your thinking, commander."

Nightbeat: "And whatever you do, don't let Minerva come after us."

Chromedome: "Want me to restore peace to the universe while I'm at it?"

Nightbeat: "Do it first if you think it'll be easier."

Chromedome "Aye, commander. Chromedome out." -looks at Jinrai and Lockpick- "Want to come along?"

2002-02-23, 02:25 AM
Brainstorm: "What's taking them so long?"

Minerva: -connecting last of replacement panels to Sky Garry- "You gave them a pretty long list, Brainstorm. It's not like they have anything to haul them back in."

Brainstorm: "They don't have to bring everything back at once........ "-stiffens- "Oh, no........"

Minerva: "What? What is it?"

Brainstorm: "I just got a message from Chromedome......." -looks at Minerva- "... but..... erm...... It's nothing. Nothing at all."

Minerva: "Now I know something's up."

Brainstorm: "No... Really... It's nothing.... I swear, it's nothing."

Minerva: -looming over Brainstorm- "Tell. Me. NOW!!!"

Brainstorm: "Eep......"

2002-02-24, 06:04 PM
There's a polite cough from atop of Sky Garry, where Shotbomber sat on his cockpit. He offers a slght smile "Not to interrupt, ma'am and sir... " he says "But, I'm not sure exactly where everything is in this place... could you help me find the parts to fix Sky Garry?

2002-02-25, 03:59 PM
Minerva: -looks up at Shotbomber- "Don't know if we've got what you'll need for console parts. Heck, I'm not even sure ths body'll fit inside Sky Garry." -commlink chimes- "Hang on a sec, I got a call." -activates commlink-

Nightbeat: "Minerva! Iacon's under attack! Either get out of there, or find something the Decepticons can't breach very easily!"

Minerva: "But I've got patients....."

Nightbeat: "Aren't the repairs to Sky Garry finished yet?"

Minerva: "Most of what's left for repairs is internal stuff. Control consoles, lights, things like that. Haven't really looked at his engines yet. But he should be able to transform, and if his power systems haven't recharged by now, they should be nearly there." -looks at Sky Garry- "Do you have enough storage space for two transectors, a human, and Brainstorm?"

2002-02-26, 05:43 AM
Sky Garry warily starts up his massive engines, a dull roar filling the bay slowly. Shotbomber looks startled... "Garry... you're missing a lot of parts still. "

But he was interrupted by the knight's tight voice "I can manage... if I'm careful, and I have more than enough room, Lady Minerva.... Load up." he says, dropping his ramp with a loud CLANG and a few bits falling off "and mind the mess. And keep strapped in till a new cockpit glass is made."

2002-02-28, 07:25 PM
Minerva: -in Sky Garry's engine room- "Brainstorm, I'm gonna mother hen these engines. I think they're gonna need it."

Brainstorm: "But I'm theengineer. I should do this."

Minerva: "You might be the engineer, but I don't know how to run a weapons console. Mechanicals I can repair."

Brainstorm: "You don't mean......"

Minerva: "What if we have to fight out way out?"

Brainstorm: "I'll be in the cockpit." -runs out of engine room, leaving Minerva to work on the engines-

2002-03-01, 12:39 AM
Sky Garry's engines weren't as highly technological as just poorly maintained. Shotbomber had managed to jury-rig them good, but even so, the ship strained slightly as it started to hover out of the hangar again, his tight voice emitting inside: "What are the coordinates of our destination?"

Shotbomber looks worried as consoles spark and sizzle, and he keeps a fire extinguisher handy just in case, his own battered form working on getting the scanner console up and running so he could help out Sky Garry.

Lockpick helps Convoy carry the supplies to the medical bay, unloaidng it again there without complaint.

2002-03-01, 03:22 AM
Brainstorm: -working on the weapons console- "Look at all this damage.... What happened to you guys, anyway?"

Minerva: -working on Sky Garry's engines, trying to get them up to spec as fast as possible- "We need to get to Nightbeat. "

2002-03-01, 03:46 AM
Shotbomber works on the console next to Brianstorm, his face frowning "We were on recon and were attacked over Australia... I fell off board and was... captured." he rubs at a half-healed scar on a wrist "They took me to a new, prototype space station for... questioning and holding. Sky garry finally came to rescue me on his own, unable to leave me in their hands for long. The station was blowing up as we left... and we came here."

The massive ship's speaker next to Minerva asks agian patiently "Coordinates? I can't tell where he is from his name alone, you know." he explains patiently.

2002-03-01, 04:17 PM
Minerva: "He must be outside the city somewhere." -actiates commlink- "Nightbeat? Where are you?"

Nightbeat: "I'm between a battlestation and a really big dent in Iacon's wall."

Minerva: "What kind of coordinates are those?"

Nightbeat: "Oh, no......... No, no, no.... Don't come out here! It's not safe! Just get ot of Iacon and as far away as you can!"

Minerva: "What was that? Tran..... ing up." -making hissing, crackling noises, deactivates commlink- "Well? A battlestation and a big dent. Does that help?"

2002-03-01, 04:30 PM
Sky Garry grunted as he took off laborously, smoke still pouring from his backend as he lifted up into the sky "Iacon... I, I've never been there... but it should not be hard to miss."

He starts to slowly circle Iacon till the btatlestation came into view...

(OOC - wich thread?)

2002-03-01, 05:13 PM
Minerva: -still mother henning the engines- "I need duct tape.... Lots and lots of duct tape......"

(OOC: Aftermath)