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2004-03-26, 05:45 PM
Continuing the Autobot team's activities in the aftermath of the attack from the Decepticons: Repair of their cities, preparation for any more Decepticon attacks, and the preparation for the retake of Cybertron from the Quintessons.

2004-03-26, 06:21 PM
(OOC: Do you smell what the Rock is cookin'? :eyebrow: )

Blaster sat within the communication center of Fortress Maximus his legs kicked up on the control panel and crossed as he awaited the call for Metroplex to be up and running again.

"Baby close your eyes and listen to the music Drifting through a summer breeze It's a groovy night and I can show you how to use it Come along with me and put your mind at ease. A little less conversation a little more action please all this aggrivation ain't satisfaction in me"

The snapping of Blaster's fingers gave of a ping because they were metal. He had his optics closed and his head was nodding to the beat. "Been a long while since anyone got any downtime like this". No fighting, no urgency, no work. Just some R&R with the music. Yep things were going great.


Windslice sat in the room crosslegged on the regeneration station, or bed depending what you wanted to call it. He had apparently missed his shuttle and was now being observed in this room. He didn't mind, he just watched the door, he had expected something to happen again soon, he'd make another go at escaping and getting back to where his shuttle crashed in the location referred to as this planet's middle east. He slowly uncrossed his legs and began to stand looking around the room.

"Interesting" he said to himself looking at the radio, it was inferior to things he'd seen while around the galaxy. He reached his grey hand out to the radio picking it up and looking it over examining the dials. "Hmmmmm" he muttered as he set it back down. He was surprised they hadn't done any checks on his schematics, they could find out who he was, that was the only thing that worried him.


The fire erupted into a small mushroom cloud leaving only black smoke and burning tree tops afterwards. Sunstreaker watched this from ontop the outpost. His blue optics went wide and he stood up.

"Anyone else picking that explosion up?" he asked as he dropped down from the roof of the outpost and in mid air transformed and landed and immediately flew forward as he drove towards the area the smoke was billowing out from as he awaited a response from anyone.


Bluestreak was sitting in a chair in a corner of the outpost infront of the computer. He had a look of shock on it's face. He turned quickly as he heard mirage his ion gun out and pointing at him. "Oh... Mirage.... is... is it over?" He asked as he slowly started to get to his feet. "Is everyone alright?"

2004-03-26, 06:26 PM
Jazz glanced over at Trailbreaker and Wreck-Gar. He wore his usual smirk, despite the confusing suspense inherent in the situation.

"Good to see ya, boys! The Micros here are gonna watch our little trouble-maker until we get this situation figured out. What's the scoop?"

God Jinrai
2004-03-27, 03:57 AM
Prime recieved prowl's comm... after a moment of thought, and checking his tracking screens in his quarters, he replied...

"Roger that, Prowl. It seems Ironhide, at the least, is en-route to intercept... keep an eye on the situation, and keep in contact with ironhide... if things get hairy, inform me ASAP, and we'll BOTH head out to see what in primus' name is going on. Optimus out."

Prime cut his comm, and began poring over several datatraks in his desktop computer...

2004-03-27, 06:20 AM
A single tap of a key sent a communication message to the Protectobots and Inferno.
"Go extinguish forest fire SE of base 9.3 miles."
Inferno got the relayed message from Prowl and stood up as he read it.

A moment later he was rushing out of security and heading as fast as he could go towards the given coordinates.


Smoke and Fire! The forest!
Hound eased himself down the slanting slope and jumped the narrow gap to the other side. He climbed back up and over the edge and glanced at the fire on the other side. A wave of fear and horror washed over him. For the first time since the encounter had begun, he was afraid, but not for himself.

These Autobots will destroy this planet... Commander Astrotrain spoke the truth. I have to do something... and there are more of them coming this way. No chance now except to record their data. Maybe get around the other side of the bases while they're distracted...

Figures and movements became visible in the glare and bright contrast of the fire as compared to the night that had arrived.

2004-03-27, 06:40 AM
Wreck Gar looked at Jazz, then broke out into a chuckle.

"Nuttun much, Jazzy boy. Just kickin' it up old school with all my homies over on the east side, for shizzle ma nizzle."

2004-03-27, 06:48 AM
Ironhide: -rolls to a stop and transforms, seeing both Sixwing and the fire, narrows optics- "Figgers it'd be you doin' this. Hard 'nuff ta try ta protect this planet from th' 'Cons, don't need you tryin' ta...." -trails off as movement pings on his sensors, looks over, sees Hound- "Hound?"

The Autobot knows my name? Uncertain, the Decepticon scout took a step backwards.
His name... ..."Ironhide".
The thought was finished aloud, and the mention of the name by his own vocoder took Hound offguard. He glanced quickly once between Ironhide, Sixwing and the fire. In an instant, he backed away into the trees and covered himself with a hologram. Gotta get some space...
Ironhide: -starts to follow- "Hound! Come back! What'd they do to ya?"

2004-03-28, 06:17 PM
Sunstreaker flipped up and transformed as he hit the revine not wanting to dent his rims or lower portion of the car. He started sliding downwards catching a glimpse of Ironhide running into the trees then he looked to Sixwing and the fire.

"Lovely, target practice gone awry?" He asked aloud as he slowed the speed he was sliding at and started to walk towards the burning trees thinking of a way to put a damper on them. Ironhide could do that but he apparently had something else in mind.


Windslice heard the explosion off in the distance, it sounded like a dull thud but he heard it. He quickly got up and went to the door opening them and stepping through. He quickly started following the path he was led in by to get out.

2004-03-28, 08:49 PM
Jazz laughed heartily with Wreck-Gar's usual prattle.

"Good to see you too, buddy. But I'm still a little concerned about--"

Was that smoke? Jazz looked over his shoulder and caught sight of the cloud in the distance.

"Holy Toledo!"

He sheathed his rifle and glanced around the circle of others present.

"I think you Micros just might be suited for this job. Wreck-Gar, hang on to the little guy till we get back. Autobots, let's roll!"

Jazz dove on his face, transforming mid-air in his usual debonaire fashion, and landed speeding off toward the blaze.

(OOC: That "let's roll!" applies to Trailbreaker too. Couldn't think of a concise IC way to be more clear about that. :) )

Hyper Prime
2004-03-28, 09:56 PM
Stakeout heard what Jazz had said, "Were with you Jazz! Rescue Patrol, move out!" Stakeout transformed quickly into a police car, wiht the others transforming into their own emergency vehicle modes. They all took off after Jazz. "Redhot, I think your talents would usually fall in this kind of stituation. Take the lead!" Stakeout ordered.
"Alright, time to hose things down!" Redhot said as he lifted up his hose nozzle, adjusting it to launch fire retardent foam when ready, and charged in front of Stakeout and ride next to Jazz.

Lord Zarak
2004-03-29, 06:54 PM
Catilla and Chainclaw moved inside of MEtroplex to their respective quarters.

Amarant Odinson
2004-03-29, 07:52 PM
Meanwhile, Outside of the U.N. Building.

"What the hell is taking Muzzle so long?" Stepper asked as he was starting to get impaitent.

Artfire answered back. "What makes you think I know? Those humans probably have a lot of questions for him. Most of them have never seen a 40 foot tall robot before."

"And even fewer have seen something like car or truck turn into one before either. They're curious and scared. Humans have a tendency to be like that or so Optimus says anyway.." Dropshot added.

"I guess so, but we're a sniper unit. This whole thing down here has a big waste of our time and abilities. I say we go back and leave Ultra Magnus and Nightbeat. They're big bots. They can take after themselves." Stepper said. And with that, he started to rev up his engine. "I don't care what you two do, but I'm leaving and you got about a mintue to decide if you're coming with me or not."

Artfire sighed and said to Dropshot. "Well, he's got a point. I'm sure they can handle it from here. We might as well head back and see if they got something else for us. What do you think?"

You don't want to know what I think. But it's about time to tell our "great leader" about a couple "issues" that I have. "I think it's time to go home. Let's go." ordered Dropshot.

So Artfire (with Dropshot still strapped on) and Stepper headed out of New York City. They decided not to tramnsform and fly back until they were far enough away as to not attract to much attention. As they started off, Dropshot radioed back to Ultra Magnus. "Listen up, Magnus. We heading back to Fortress Maximus. We're not going to to waste our time with this search and rescue stuff anymore. Tell Optimus that we're going to talk to him when we get back....whether he likes it or not. Dropshot out."

Dropshot thought to himself as they headed home. It's time for someone to remind the "Great Optimus Prime" that we're still at war.

Brave Maximus
2004-03-31, 10:58 PM
OOC: Sorry about the absense - Comp seems to be working now. BTW - there are PMs coming to some people.

In the forest, a few moments ago

The explosion rocked the forest, sending billowing clouds into the sky. It was all Sixwing could do to hold his position in the trees. It took a moment for his sensors to adjust after the explosion. He'd lost track of his quarry. His sensors came back online, but now they were regestering other signals, including an Enegon Z, which ment they weren't more tricks from his opponent. Movement out of the corner of his optics attracted his attention, and he spotted Hound. He lept from his perch and landed on the other side of the fleaing robot. Pointing his blaster at the head of the TF, he got a good look at Hound for the first time. He was so puzzled by the Robots actions and his wearing an Autobot symbol that he missed Ironhide and the others showing up.

He then stood back and watched as Hound recoiled in almost fear from the Red vetran, ignoring the comments from Ironhide about him.

This bot went toe to toe with me, even under heavy fire, and didn't fry a circut. Why then, is he recoiling from these robots. He's afraid. Why?

Just then, Hound tried to move away, slowly at first, then turning. With out hesitation, Sixwing raised his Ion blaster and fired a round into Hounds knee. Energized particles flooded into the Autobot scouts knee, shorting out circutry with an audiable pop. Hound drops to the ground........

Following Ironhide as requested

Skyfall watched in horror as Hound was shot from behind. Hound had been the first Transformer he had met in this reality, and one of the few who didn't judge him on his size. Hound crumpled to the ground and Skyfall transfromed and activated his blasters in a heartbeat.

"Drop your weapon and Stand DOWN! NOW!!!"

Sixwing stood for a moment, then lowered his weapon, not letting go of it though.

"He was trying to escape. Why was he battling me to begin with? He attacked, never identified himself and now just tried to escape, yet you accuse me?"

"All we saw," Explained Skyfall " was you assaulting our friend. What would you do? Ironhide, how's Hound doing?"

2004-04-01, 01:41 AM
Ironhide: -kneels next to Hound, checking him over, scowling- "Looks lahke it's just his knee...." -looks over at Sixwing, narrowing optics- "An' that's th' least'a th' problems this punk's gonna have when Ah'm done with him." -leaps at Sixwing, trying to tackle him-

Assembly Hall, UN Building:

Muzzle: "Any more questions?"

-general hush falls over the room, the Carbombyian delegation having been asked to leave-

German delegate: -stands, clears throat- "One last question. Why did you bring your car in with you?"

Muzzle: -taps armor on his chest- "Nightbeat's not my car-" -initiates transform sequence, leaps into the air, transforming to Nightbeat's head-

Nightbeat: -transforms to robot mode, Muzzle locking into position on his shoulders, smirks- "-anymore than Muzzle is my human." -bows- "Thank you, and goodnight." -exits amidst stunned silence through whatever doors Smokescreen used, stops- "Maybe I should've been an actor......" -shakes head- "Nah. California's too tectonically unstable." -leaves UN Building, stops in front of Ultra Magnus, shrugs- "Ready to go?"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-01, 02:12 AM
Sixwing didn't flinch - his free arm raised and caught Ironhide by the throat. Pulling the grizzled vetran to his face, a smile crossed the faceplate of the micromaster combiner.

"What did you think that would accomplish? I took out his knee to prevent his flight. If you attack me again, I'll do much worse to you......." Sixwing tightened his grip around the throat of Ironhide, just slightly.

"Back down Sixwing!" Skyfall cried. "I don't know what's going on here. But it's hard to believe you're innocent while you're attacking one of our fellow Autobots."

Sixwing just smiled and squeezed Ironhide a little tighter. Skyfall raised his wrist blasters and began to target the hand of Sixwing. After a second of concentrated fire, the combiners hand exploded, the back panel shooting sparks and then it released Ironhides throat.

"You ok Sir?!?" Skyfall called as Sixwing raised his Ion Rifle towards him.

2004-04-01, 02:39 AM
Ironhide: -smiles- "Ah'm fahne, kid. Take a lot more'n this hopped-up tinkertoy ta do anything ta me." -glaring at Sixwing, deploys gun, points it at Sixwing's head- "Now drop th' gun b'fore Ah hurt ya..... Better yet, don't. Ah ain't beat th' slag outta anybody fer at least a hour."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-01, 02:59 AM
Sixwing walked up to Ironhide and placed his chin on Ironhides weapon, smiling the whole time. His left hand screamed every time he flexed it.

"Then do it! Right here, Fire! I have faced the oblivion of nothing, stared into the pit and had my very being ripped out from me. You think you scare me? I know what fear is, and before this day is out, I will make you know too!"

Skyfall looked between the two robots, not sure of what to do. His loyalty to the Autobots told him one thing, but this combiner, how ever mad - was a connection to his home. That was not something he wanted to give up.

2004-04-01, 03:31 AM
Ironhide: -snarls- "Ah got you beat. 'Til a couple'a days ago, Ah was dead." -pulls gun back, flips it up so it's side on, swings at Sixwing's head-

2004-04-01, 03:41 AM
ooc: This is a very good learning point example for new players, and a good reminder for some of the veterans so I'm going to note it here too. Controlling the actions of another player's character is strictly taboo in this rpg game. An example of that just happened with Hound- but I'm going to roll with it. One other example of something that shouldn't be done is to say a shot actually hit. Remember the key would be "aims and attempts to shoot X..." The player controlling the target character decides if their character was hit and how much damage that character takes. For desired outcomes, the two players involved should work it through via PMs, IM or emails ahead of time.
Inferno arrived at the fire and started dousing flames.


Hound stopped short as Sixwing cut off his retreat. Moments passed in a flurry of sounds, smells and then a bright flash followed instantly with searing pain.

Gritting his teeth, Hound took a chance while the group was distracted. He scrambled into the bushes, blending perfectly with the darkness---pulled out his high-powered rifle and aimed it toward the combiner.

It was then he noted the commotion. Autobots were arriving, going after the combining Autobot... some were putting out the fire.
And then too, there was that Ironhide. He got between that monstrosity and me. I must be missing something here. Hmmm.

Darkened blue optics narrowed and Hound focused the rifle in again at the combining Autobot's back, right below the neck and his finger eased onto the trigger- ready to shoot but did not fire. A strange thought of a disk hidden awy in his subspace compartment revived and he paused as he considered it.
Mirage nodded at Bluestreak and lowered his rifle.
"It's over Bluestreak. The Decepticons are gone and the bases are under repair. You're okay. Come on... let's go back to Metroplex. You'll feel better after a rest and a recharge.

Brave Maximus
2004-04-01, 03:48 AM
Sixwing moves his head aside, the butt of the weapon just glancing the side. As he moves, Sixwing pivots on his feet and brings his fist up into the chest section of Ironhide. At the same time, he raises his rifle and aims at Skyfall.

Skyfall noticed the movement and opened up with everything he had. Blaster bolts pinging off the combiners armoured hide, barely even scratching the serface.

2004-04-01, 03:59 AM
Up in Fort Max's security room, Prowl frowned at the flame glow in the distance. He picked up his communicator.

"Ironhide, what's the status out there?"

"Even the Autobots don't like that guy! He's gotta be like Starscream. Better dead." Hound hissed under his breath. He locked his scope and pulled the trigger.


Trailbreaker whistled as they approached the flames and saw the firefight going on. "Yo Stakeout, Jazz- we shoulda brought marshmallows and Billy Grahm Crackers!"

2004-04-01, 04:04 AM
Ironhide: -stumbles back a couple of steps, brings left arm up, retracting the hand and deploying the liquid nitrogen sprayer, sprays supercooled liquid nitrogen at Sixwing's gun and gun hand as he brings his right arm up, retracting the hand and deploying the spray nozzle for the napalm sprayer, spraying napalm at Sixwing's head- "Skyfall, get outta th' way!"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-01, 04:12 AM
The shot came as a surprise to Sixwing, he had been focusing on Ironhide he had forgotten about his previous prey, having left him, theoretically, disabled.

The shot took him in the back of the head, forcing the combiner to split. The shock left Missle Run stunned for a moment. Before his head could clear, Ironhides blast of Napalm took his full force, spinning him off, right into Skyfall's blaster bolts.

The napalm had softened up Missle Run's armour allowing the bolts to punch through and hit vital systems. Missle Run shifted into stasis lock and hit the ground, the other five memebers of the team droping with him, motionless.

"What in the Pit happened?!?" Skyfall asked, looked at the bodies on the ground.

He looked around, and not seeing Hound called out:

"Hound, he's disabled, You can come out now!"

2004-04-01, 04:26 AM
Inferno moved onto another section of burning ground scrub and then saw Sunstreaker. He called over to him. "Thanks for the help Sunstreaker!"

As Spike would put it... "Over my dead body." Hound scowled and secured his rifle again.

[i]Wait here for them to leave or try to get back to Buzzsaw? Hound looked at his damaged knee and squelched a snarl. "Wait here it is."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-01, 05:21 AM
Skyfall waited a moment, but nothing happened. He looked to Ironhide and shrugged. He opened up his comm-link to Metroplex.

"This is Skyfall to Autobot communications central(Blaster):
We have a fire out of control about a mile south of Autobase, as well as a combiner in need of repairs as well as detention. Oh and we've somehow lost Hound. Do you think you could get the message out that we need some help down here?"

Looking around Skyfall said:
"I wonder how long it'll take before the humans notice this?"

2004-04-01, 06:38 AM
"A fire? Man I guess things are heating up and I'm stuck in here" .

He leaned forward to the main console turning his music off and than opened up the loud speakers outside FortMax and the internal PA system that went through the outposts, Metroplex and Fort Max.

"This is Blaster sending at you from communication central inside Fort Max and we got a problem. We got a combiner down and fire kicking around. Both a mile south from here so who ever's around get it in gear and move down on the double."


Sunstreaker nodded to inferno as he layed down a line of fire with his electron gun creating a fire line where the burning had nothing left to burn.

"No problem. Better than standing around and waiting for something to happen."


Bluestreak stood up straight and just gave a small smile to Mirage.

"Well that is some good news" he said with a shakey tired voice. "Yeah... some rest sounds good right now" He said taking slow small steps towards Mirage and the exit.

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-01, 08:44 AM
Outside of New York City.

"Ah, we're not going to drive all the back, are we?" Stepper asked as Artfire came up beside him.

Dropshot then transformered into robot mode and shouted. "NOPE" and with that said, he jumped into the air and flew off.

"I hate when he just jumps off like that." Artfire said as he too transformed and flew off.

Stepper shouted at them as he followed. " Guys. Hey!! Wait for me."

A few hours later, they arrived at Fortress Maximus. They all saw the smoke in the distance but they didn't care. Dropshot just walked inside with Stepper and Artfire following closely behind him. He started walking towards the main control room.

Optimus better be in here because I'm not going doing some stupid "search and rescue" operation to find him either. Dropshot thought to himself as he walked up to the door. As they all stepped inside, he looked around and asked "Where's Prime???"

2004-04-01, 08:49 AM
Ironhide: -shrugs- "Beats me. C'mon, let's pick up th' pieces."

Hyper Prime
2004-04-01, 12:37 PM
Stakeout replied to Trailbreaker, "Yeah, but we don't have time for snacks now. Redhot, blast it!"

"You got it boss man." Redhot then launched fire retardent foam from his nozzle and covered the flames, quickly dousing them out.

Seawatch quired, "Wonder what caused this fire in the first place?"

"Worry about that later, we need to put out these flames. And I know a great way! Hey Trailbreaker! Can you give us a hand? We've got get some dirt and gravel to throw on these flames!" Then, Stakeout, Fixit, and Seawatch transformed, letting Redhot go and spray on the flames. They then began to rip up the grass and pull out the clumps of raw earth and began to run around, dumping it on flames wherever they found them.

2004-04-01, 03:37 PM
Jazz spun through a transformation into his robot mode and pulled his rifle, though he had no immediate intention of firing it.

"Awright, Autobots, tame them flames!"

Jazz, unable to do much about the inferno situation himself (he figured the flamethrower probably wouldn't help...) jogged over to Ironhide, a puzzled look on his face.

"What's goin' on here, man?"

Random Sweep
2004-04-01, 03:57 PM
Watching the fight below Sureshot was glad that they contained the combiner but had seen hound retreat even from Ironhide, making his way down the slopes Sureshot addressed his partner.

"I don't fully understand what is going on Spoilsport but their is something wrong about hound, adjust your power to a low yield, we can try and stun him so that he can be checked over"

"copy that Sureshot "replied Spoilsport.

when he reached maximum firing distance Sureshot took aim.

Sorry about this hound good buddy but it is for your own good

then fired a stun blast at Hounds back....

2004-04-02, 06:22 PM
"Sure thing Stakeout!" Trailbreaker grinned as he jogged over and began to help. He glanced over at Redhot as flames hissed into steam. "Smokin'!"

"Errch..." The shot hit Hound cleanly in the back and the ripple effect fizzled through his systems. He leaned forward and collapsed on his side as his systems shut down and began the rebooting process.

Prowl frowned as Blaster's message echoed through the PA. Ironhide hadn't answered and the news was not good. He tapped the controls for Fortress Max's cameras and zeroed in on the area as best they could.

"They're fighting a fire- I see the combiner - no lazer fire. Hmmm."

The security advisor turned his attention to other camera angles showing other aspects around the city. It's not logical to have a single attack. There must be something that caused Sixwing to attack."

Mirage glanced over at Bluestreak as Blaster's message rang through. "Sounds like they could use a hand with a fire. You want to come or head back to the city?"

2004-04-02, 07:44 PM
UN Building

Magnus sighed as Atrfire and Stepper headed off. Someone needed to teach them that violence was not the only way to solve problems.

His thoughts were interrupted as Nightbeat and Muzzle returned outside.

"I guess so," he sighed. "Did you accomplish anything?"
Med Bay

Wrek-Gar nodded as Jazz and the others headed off.

Random Sweep
2004-04-03, 01:38 PM
As Hound hit the ground, Sureshot moved in to check on the fallen autobots condition. On seeing that there was no permanant effect from the blast he contacted Ironhide

"Sir I have contained Hound with a stun blast, he will be ok but there is definately something wrong with him, please send assistance so we can get him to medbay."

Sureshot then keeps Spoilsport trained on hound incase he was playing possum.

2004-04-03, 05:29 PM
Bluestreak nodded to Mirage as he got into the door frame and peered out onto the land trying to find the fire.

"And aslong as there is no Decepticons or anything like that I think I can kill a fire but after that I need a rest"

He nodded assuringly stepping out of Mirage's way and into the sunlight.


Well Windslice didn't expect much of a fight not that he thought they would do much to stop him. He hasn't been threatening or tried to harm anyone so it is not unusual for the Autobots to not take any action beyond maybe a light interrogation. He heard the call about the fire.

Perhaps now is a good time to take my leave. He thought as he stepped out of Fort Max watching all the Autobots moving towards the fire, smoke billowing out from the distance. He started to walk to the fire not sure why but he was going.


Sunstreaker groaned as a gust of wind blew a plume of smoke and ashes into his face. He ducked down to avoid it but was still engulfed by it.

"Ah hell, these ashes are going to stick to my finish, Hey Inferno Douse me!"

2004-04-04, 02:35 AM
Exterior, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -takes cyclone cannon from Aero Blade, looks it over, turns it on, aims at a spar of rock protruding from one of the destroyed mountains- "What's this gun do exactly, anyway?" -fires-


Ironhide: -shrugs as his hands replace the spray nozzles- "Ain't entirely sure, Jazz. Ah think somebody's been messin' with Hound's mahnd-" -points at the pile of unconscious micromasters- "-an' that gestalt team trahed ta blow him up." -nods- "Awlrahght. Skyfall, Sunstreaker, an' Jazz, pick up Sixwing's components an' toss 'em into Metroplex's brig." -walks over to Hound, transforms, opens the back hatch of his van body- "Sureshot, load Hound in. Ah'll take him ta Fort Max's medbay."

Outside UN Building, NYC:

Nightbeat: "Well, they didn't ask use to pack up and leave. I think they were going into executive session to decide."

Random Sweep
2004-04-04, 03:51 AM
Sureshot loads Hound into Ironhide

"sir this could be caused by the 'cons, I'll resume my patrol just in case."

Hyper Prime
2004-04-04, 04:11 PM

Stakeout saw as Ironhide transformed into his truck mode and Sureshot loading Hound's body into his back. He and Fixit then transformed into their vehicle modes. "Need any help. We'd be glad. Seawatch, Redhot, stay behind and continue to put out these flames. Me and Fixit will go with Ironhide."

"Alright boss." said Seawatch. He then tossed more dirt onto the raging flames as Redhot continued to blast foam over the fire. He then came up wiht an idea. "Hey Jazz, mind if Redhot and I come along with you? You may need some back up and the best kind comes in really small packages."
"Yeah!" Redhot cheered, "Sounds like fun! I've been wanting some action lately."

2004-04-05, 01:30 AM

Ironhide: "Sounds lahke a plan, Sureshot. Ah ain't sure what they did ta Hound, but if there are any 'Cons 'round here, Ah bet they could tell us." -shifts into gear- "Stakeout, Fixit, thanks for th' escort." -floors it, heading for Fort Max-

Hyper Prime
2004-04-05, 08:03 PM

"Hey wait for us!" Stakeout and Fixit then took off at their top speeds catching up with Ironhide.

Command Deck

Countdown picked up Ironhide and two more Autobots coming towards Metroplex. He sent Ironhide a message, "Hey Ironhide, this Countdown. I've got two Autobot signals around you. If I miss my guess that would be two of the Micros I usually lead, right?"

2004-04-05, 09:51 PM
Ironhide: -over commlink- "Yeah, Countdown, Ah'm guessin' theyr'e yer guys. Stakeout an' Fixit."

2004-04-05, 11:19 PM
Jazz chuckled at the Micromasters' enthusiasm, shrugging as he smoothly sheathed his rifle.

"No problem-o, boys. Follow me!"

In his usual fashion, Jazz dove through a transformation and hit the grass driving, tearing up chunks of earth under his tires. All for show, of course (in that Jazzy way of his), as the trip was fairly short. He powerslid to a halt next to Missile Run and Chain Gun, throwing tufts of dirt and dust into the air. His doors swung open fluidly.

"Load 'em in, fellas. One on the front seat, one on the back. Careful with 'em too, they're pretty banged up."

Hyper Prime
2004-04-06, 09:10 PM
Command Deck:

Countdown received Ironhide's message, "Oh those guys. Part of the Rescue Patrol. They do good work, and fast. Make sure they stay out of trouble Ironhide ol' buddy."


Redhot and Seawatch continue to blow out the flames. Seawatch came up to Jazz, "What happened to these guys Jazz, they look really dinged up?"

Redhot then transformed, "And where are these Decepticon Micros? I want to show them what a really Micromaster can do!" He punched his fists togethers and smirked.

Brave Maximus
2004-04-08, 04:53 AM

After loading the reminats of Sixwing into the rescue Autobots, Skyfall stood in the forest and thought for a moment. In his time, while most of the planet was covered in cities, roads and Energon generating stations (via Geothermic, Wind, Solar or Tidal energy) there were still preserves like this. One of his favorites was not that far from where they were actually - though it would not look like it did in this time. Still, just being out in the forest, away from the City-Bots, the repairs, the battles and the other Transformers, Skyfall could think.

He had never known Cybertron - it had been destroyed by the mad emperor of Destruction over a hundred years before he was brought online. He had only been to Zone and Master a handful of times. Earth was his home - he had sworn to protect it his very first year and nothing that had happened since (including his multipul trips through the Reality Barrier) had dimmed that resolve. The Decepticons of this time would continue to hammer at the Autobots until they were nothing more, and in the mean time, while the Autobots would rebuild and repair, the Earth would pay the price. The humans he would befriend long after these "Legendary" Warriors had gone to rejoin the matrix would be in jepordey. Everything that is to come hangs on the decisions made here.

After along while, Skyfall made his decision. He was going to prevent disaster anyway he could - the only way he could.

He transformed and rocketed to Fortress Maximus on full afterburners. With in a few moments he arrived at the detention levels and sought out Ironhide. Spotting him, Skyfall transformed and hovered at head level to the red Autobot.

"Ironhide, Sir. I've made a decision - and I'd like to talk with you about it - since we have a moment of peace right now."

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-08, 11:11 PM
OOC: Sorry about that God Jinrai. I had 3 other people tell me that you were still in Metroplex. Let's try this again, shall we?

Main Control Room inside Fortress Maximus:

"Computer. Locate Optimus Prime."

"Optimus Prime is located inside his personal quarters within Fortress Maximus."

"Good. Boys, Let's go." Dropshot said as he walked out of the Main Control Room. Artfire and Stepper followed him out as they all took off towards Prime's whereabouts. As they neared the door to his personal quarters, Dropshot turned to the other and said " You two just wait outside. This will only take a few mintues."

Artfire answered back. "If you needs us, then you know where we are."

Stepper nodded in agreement as Dropshot knocked on the door.

2004-04-13, 01:57 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -drops Hound off-

Minerva: -looks up from checking Springer over- "Hound? What happened to him?"

Ironhide: "Beats me. Ah know Sureshot knocked him out, an' that new gestalt we fished outta th' lake shot him."

Minerva: "After Sureshot knocked him out?"

Ironhide: "Before." -sighs- "Ah say anything else falls in that lake, we let it rust." -stalks out of medbay, heading for the brig-

Brig, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -getting the seperate cells for each of Sixwing's components- "What's yer idea, Skyfall?"

2004-04-13, 04:18 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs watched, appalled, as Minerva looked over Hound. Then as Ironhide walked out, something the old Autobot has said moments ago took on a new significance.

The gestalt we fished out of the lake shot him...with weapons that I supplied!


Enraged, the Targetmaster pounded his fist into the Medbay wall. His optics fell from the huge dent he'd created, and he found himself staring at the deck. Crosshairs gave his head a shake, trying to put his thoughts back in order.

2004-04-13, 04:29 AM
UN Building

"Guess we did accomplish something," Magnus admitted to Nightbeat. "All we have to do now is see if it did anything good."
Autobot Base

Wreck-Gar began to pace, wondering how long Jazz and the others were going to be gone.

"Shunned by his friends," he muttered. "Ignored by his loved ones. Abandoned by those he trusted the most."

Of course, he really didn't feel that way. He knew that they had a job to do. He could just not figure out any other appropriate TV quote to explain the situation.

2004-04-14, 02:27 PM
Trailbreaker stepped back as smoke drifted up in front of him. Inferno was putting out the last of the flames near him and things seemed to be under control. He called over to Redhot, "Hey Redhot! You got everything just about wrapped up over there? Think we should check for any unexploded ammo?"
Inferno glanced over to Jazz and Seawatch as they loaded in the micromasters. Those guys did a heck of a job out here. Wonder what caused them to cause all this damage?
As his auditory systems rebooted, Hound heard voices around him. The synapsis relays of the nerve connections in his damaged leg reminded him quickly of the encounter with Sixwing. Images of the combiner flashed in his memory, sending a chilling feeling through his mind and then were replaced with the red autobot. The scout stayed completely still as his visual systems cleared and began processing the new image data around.

Tools... A torture area. Two Autobots here, I can hear another not far. I must be in their base.... perfect.

Hound remained still and waited for the female to be distracted. As soon as he had a chance, he would attempt a punch to knock her out.

2004-04-14, 04:17 PM
Jazz revved his engine as the last of the Micromasters was loaded onto his back seat.

"Beats me, Seawatch." He slammed his doors and nailed the gas, tearing back toward Autobot City. "But we'll find out soon!"

Hyper Prime
2004-04-14, 08:25 PM
Seawatch quickly transformed and sped after Jazz, "Hey wait for me!"

Redhot replied to Trailbreaker, "If it means we get to see some action, I'm game." He then transformed into his tiny fire truck mode and reved up his engine, "Lets roll!"

Comand Deck, Fort Max:

Stakeout and Fixit had arrived in the command deck and met up with Countdown. "Hey there boss." Countdown cheerfully replied, "Hi guys. HOw are things with the others?" Stakeout said, "Ironhide escorted the Sixwing's components to brig and Redhot and Stakeout are taking care of the situation outside. Other than that, were pretty inactive."

God Jinrai
2004-04-16, 12:48 AM
OOC: thanks, amarant.


Prime let out an exaserbated sigh... it was more frustrating than ever to go over the recent events... and now, with things on the fringe here on earth... trying to re-establish relations wiht the humans, and then managing to hold the decepticons off... while worrying about retaking cybertron... that... that was more unnerving than anything...

bowing his head, his optics dimmed... and he held his head up with one massive hand, resting his forehead in the spread between his thumb and index finger...

"This is getting nowhere... and unless we act soon.. Cybertron may be a lost cause as well...."

hearing the knock, prime raised his head, took a deep breath, and rose to his feet...

"Come in, Dropshot"

Prime had seen the trio of targetmasters arrive at his door as he glanced at the security panel on his desk... this wasn't totally unexpected either.

2004-04-16, 01:55 AM

Nightbeat: -shrugs- "Either way, we might as well go back." -transforms to vehicle mode-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -starts working on Hound's leg-

Brave Maximus
2004-04-16, 05:43 AM
Skyfall looked at the Micromaster combiner and wondered what had gone wrong - supposidly Landcross was more stable than any other combiner in history, let alone the later models (which he assumed that Sixwing was). Still - he was a good fighter, and he wondered why Sixwing would allow himself to get surrounded and like that, and not use the Missle launcher. Perhaps things were not as they appeared. Wouldn't be the first time "Friends" were more than meets the eye.(OOC: sorry guys, I really couldn't resist the joke)

Skyfall tore his gaze away from the cells after a moment and looked at Ironhide. He made a motion like drawing in a breath - something he had seen humans do before they said something they knew was a gamble. And that's what he was about to do.

"Ironhide sir, You are from Cybertron. Most of the bots here were originally from Cybertron. I am not. I was "born" on earth as part of the Zone expansion. As such I am having a hard time sitting idlely by as the Decpticons pillage the planet and gain a foot hold. Each day that passes allows them to cement their position and gives them a steady power base. Too many good Autobots have given their sparks to allow this to happen.

At this Autobase, there are a good number of combat units who are just sitting around and getting into trouble - our Combiner friend here is an example. That fight in the forrest was too easy - we shouldn't have been able to beat him like that. And why did Hound run? Too many questions left unawnsered. But that's for the leaders like You and Optimus and Magnus to awnser. What I propose to do will solve two problems: Harrass the Decepticons, preventing them from getting two comfortable and keep the purely Combat units from going stir crazy and causeing problems."

Over the next 45 minutes Skyfall explained his plan to use a gorilla squad to keep the Decepticons off guard.

"I have a small group in mind - the units that don't seem to fit in, mostly the ones from the future or alternate timelines. I have a good idea for a base too - not that far from here. The only thing we'd need is the occasional tech support, some reloads of ammo to start and a few canisters of Wheeljacks Miricle spray. Beyond that - I'm hopeing to "borrow" what we need from our Destron friends. If you agree - we'll still officially be under your command and, should you run into any problems - just call and we'll come running. But, as we're at a seperate base, the Decepticons won't know where to track us too right off the bat.

This seems to be the best plan to solve a few of our problems."

Skyfall then floated in the air, his mind whirring at the speed of light, trying to anticipate any objections Ironhide might come up with. He'd planned this carefully and he really did feel that it was the best solution for everyone - but not everyone might see it that way. So, he hovered at eye level with the Red Bot, waiting for a response.

A few feet away, behind the energon bars

Hummmm. This little bot isn't as dumb as he looks, as hard as that is to believe. I want to understand Why 'Hound' wasn't afraid until he saw someone he recognized or recognized him. Beyond that, there are enemies to fight, and perhaps with this 'Skyfall' I can fight them. I need to feel fear ooze out with the life fluid of a victem - it would be a shame to waste good allies - but I feel the need rising within me - the temptation to loose control, to go berserk, is almost overwhelming. But patience. If I follow this young one, perhaps I can hurt the ancestors of those who cut me, tore me apart and held me prisoner. Perhaps I can even make it that those who did it to me never exist. They wished to play with time, and that would be the sweetest revenge.........

2004-04-16, 06:40 AM
Analyzing the data feed running through the security computers, Prowl frowned. Interferance is still likely, but he should be responding. I'll try again.
He clicked to one channel of his communicator.
"Ironhide, this is Prowl. What is the status of the situation with Sixwing?"

The strategist glanced at the information readings on the monitors around him as he ciphered the output from the cities.
Repairs 87.9% and continuing internally and externally. Decepticon activity in the monitored areas is minimal. Supplies have been granted in limited amounts from the humans, with more likely forthcoming. Raw metals... yes, electrical energy forms... yes. Medical entry unknown presence detected...? Multitasking, Prowl hit some buttons and brought up visuals of the medical bay as he waited and switched to a second channel.
"Blaster, call up all communications points and check reception to those areas ASAP. If we have failures in any area, I need to know."

Using his other hand, Prowl typed in digits on a computer and paused after a moment, hand hovering over the keys and optics watching between a pair of monitor screens as he waited for the responses.
Trailbreaker laughed and transformed, turning on his brights to light up the undergrowth as he and Redhot drove through the brush. "Some action sounds good, buddy. Let's see if we can prevent some damage!"

Finally getting to the fire area now only smoking, Mirage turned to Bluestreak and shrugged. "Looks like we missed the action Bluestreak." A humming set of motors suddenly caught his attention and he looked around. "Hey- there's Redhot and Trailbreaker."

2004-04-16, 06:43 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs glanced for a moment at Minerva, greatful that she hadn't questioned his outburst. Leaving the medic to her work, the Targetmaster stepped out into the corridor. A few steps away from the Medbay doors he slid down into a sitting position, lost in thought.
(OOC: Just assume this happened before Hound went violent, OK? Make enough noise and I'm sure he'll come back in...)

Crypt, Fort Max

Data flooded in. Visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory sensors hemoraged information into his processors at an impossible-to-match rate. Pain shot through his brain module as it attempted with futility to keep up with the flow. Finally, after a few seconds of agony, his sensory subprocessor managed to assume control of the sensors and regulate the flow to a managable level.

His newly-functional systems stable, Red Alert rolled off of the slab he had occupied, coming to his feet. He looked around the small room that he was in, noting as he did so that the only illumination came from his sky-blue optics. However, the silence of the room, combined with the faint but unmistakable smell of deactivation, left no doubt as to where he was.

What happened to me? The security officer shook his head, trying to clear out the cobwebs (both literal and metophorical; he had been lying there for a long time, after all...).

Once he was sure that his feet could carry him, he walked slowly to the door of the crypt and stepped out. The bright light of the hallway hit his optics, setting off another flare of agony in Red Alert's brain. He slumped against the nearest wall, waiting for his optics to adjust and the pain to fade.

Hyper Prime
2004-04-16, 11:35 AM
Redhot transformed and waved to Mirage and Bluestreak, "Hey guys!" He ran over toward them, "Where have you been? You missed all the good stuff. Now all we have to do is find the last of these...." Just out of the corner of his optics, Redhot could see what looked like a jamming box. "Found it!" He walked over to it and picked it up, "Good thing you ahve a small guy like me or otherwise..." He then noticed something lying on the ground that was next to it. He picked it up and said, "What could human cigar be doing here? And its got Carbomya insignias on it. This mean anything to you guys?"

Aero Blade
2004-04-16, 12:55 PM
((ooc: Sorry for the delay, we're gearing up for finals over here and I got a tone of little projects to finish before then))

Aero Blade's visor slid over his optics as Roadbuster fired off the weapon, just in case any debris made it back towards their direction. The Cyclone cannon easily destroyed the rock spire that Roadbuster had aimed for, but almost immediately after the weapon had powered down from the shot, Aero had openned it up again and was examining the weapon.

"Not supposed to do that. Should blow holes in things, not blow things up..." He was more or less muttering to himself as he continued to examine the weapon while Roadbuster was still holding onto it. After adjusting a few of the devices inside, he closed up the weapon again. "Alright, give it another try," he told Roadbuster.

2004-04-16, 06:08 PM
ooc: no trouble Warcry.. edited up :)

Hound listened hard as he heard Crosshairs leave the room. A slight squeak on the wall caught his attention and he noted a camera mount pivot and continue scanning. His fist was balled tightly but the femme wasn't causing him pain. she seemed to be making repairs and the interrogator that left the dent in the wall seemed to have left.

This makes no sense at all. Maybe they think I'm still out and can't give them any information. Even so, why would this one be making repairs? I don't have her in my memory banks, strange. They haven't disabled my communications equipment. And some of those others were trying to put out the fire. Buzzsaw- I should send him my recorded data... in a couple Earth minutes.

Hound's curiosity built and he sat up slowly, eyeing Minerva cautiously.

"Why are you repairing me?"

2004-04-16, 07:22 PM
Corridors, Fort Max

Slowly, ever so slowly, Red Alert’s optic sensors adjusted to the hall’s bright light. As the agony receded, he slowly straightened his posture and moved away from the wall. Hoping that he could keep on his feet for the next few minutes, he began to process the flood of sensory information feeding into his mind.

Definitely real, he decided, not a hologram. Not a Decepticon-built installation, either. There’d be ‘Con emblems splashed all over the walls if that were the case.

He tilted his head, concentrating on the audio data flow for a moment. It doesn’t sound like a normal building, either. Too many systems going in the background, behind the walls and under the flooring. It has to be a city-bot, then. He shifted his focus back to visual data. Not Metroplex, though. The corridor design isn’t right. It seems more like a humanoid-designed installation, scaled up for our use. And that means it’s one of the Maximi. A nasty thought crossed his mind. That, or Scorponok. Only one way to find out, I suppose.

Red Alert activated one of his less common sub-systems. It was a system that had been added when he had been first elevated to Security Director, years ago. It allowed him to activate an internal alarm on any Autobot within range of his transmitter, but that wasn’t what he used it for now. The system also included a receiver, one which alerted him to any security alarms triggered within a properly-equipped Autobot base. City-bots certainly qualified on that count, and while Red doubted there would be any active alarms at that particular moment, there should be a carrier signal, one that signified that the base was safe and under Autobot control.

And there is, Red noted. His fuel pump began to beat at a slightly slower rate as he realized he was on friendly ground. The security officer began to walk down the corridor, looking for one of the public-assess computer terminals that lined the halls of Maximus-class Autobots.

He found one quickly, and stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do.

I should find Prime, he thought, get back on duty. But another thought overrode that one. But I don’t know if Optimus is even alive, or if we have another leader. What I need is someone who can give me a good rundown of the current situation, someone who knows everything about everything.

His memory circuits returned the names of seven Autobots who met those criteria. He queried the console’s location finder, but the first name he input returned a ‘location unknown’ reply. The second, a reply of ‘deceased’. The third query returned a set of three numbers; a location within the city: level, corridor and room. The next query returned the location of the console that Red was using, as well as directions to his quarry’s location.

Red Alert set off at a pace just short of a run, heading towards the interior of the city. The booming of his footfalls set off a new flare of pain in his head, but it was overshadowed by the hope that he would soon have an idea of what was going on.

2004-04-16, 07:41 PM
Jazz leaned against the corner, his arms folded over his chest and one foot over the other. He listened in carefully on Skyfall's long proposition to Ironhide, having come in to drop off the last of the damaged Micromasters part-way into the delivery. As Skyfall finished his proposal, Jazz frowned approvinglyand nodded sideways, as though to say 'Can't argue with that.'

"I know I'm not the one bein' asked," Jazz chimed in while Ironhide contemplated his response. "But it sounds like a good idea to me. I like the way you think, kid."

2004-04-16, 09:57 PM
Fort Max, Brig:

Ironhide: -looking with narrowed optics at the gestalt team members in the seperate cells(remembering the Menasor problem years ago), looks back at Skyfall- "It is a good ahdea, kid. But do ya think ya c'n keep this punk with th' itchy trigger finger under control? Last thing ya need is ta have this guy goin' rogue."

Outside, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "What's wrong with blowing stuff up?" -raises cyclone cannon again, aims at a section of mountain, fires-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -stops, looks Hound in the optics- "Shouldn't I be repairing you? You're injured, aren't you? I'm a medic, and fixing the injured is what I do." -smirks- "What do I look like, anyway? A member of the Spanish Inquisition?" -goes back to repairing Hound's leg, whistling the 'Inquisition Rag' from Mel Brooks' History of the World, part 1-

2004-04-17, 02:25 AM
Surprise and shock registered--- firstly at half being told off, secondly that she was indeed repairing him and thirdly at the fact that the spunky femme seemed to know human lore.
Absently, Hound rubbed the back of his hand across the burned area on his back where the stun blast had hit as he puzzled over Minerva.

Finally the baffled scout broke into a laugh. "No, and nor do I think you'd want to. It's better to be the king I suppose... or at least look like him." Lord Galvatron certainly cuts an impressive figure.

Hound paused a moment and then grinned.
"Actually, you'd look better as a Decepticon. And you'd be really appreciated too. If you like to patch things up and make repairs, I can't understand why you're working with these guys. Commander Astrotrain would be very pleased to have you working with us, and there are a lot of the crew that need repairs back at base. What's your name?"

2004-04-17, 03:56 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

After a few minutes of jogging, Red Alert found himself at the door number that the city's main computer had provided him with. He listened there for a moment, registering the sound of computer keys typing in the background, the faint buzz of functioning monitors. The faint but undeniable odour of fuel exhaust leaking through the door told Red that there was someone in the room, though there was only one way to determine who it was.

Here goes, Red thought, opening the door. His optics quickly located his quarry.

"P-p-p..." his vocal units, unused for untold years as he lay in the tomb, protested at their sudden reactivation. "P-Prowl. We need to talk."

2004-04-17, 04:23 AM
Fort Max, Brig:

Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Ah read ya, Prowl. That combiner we fished outta th' lake found Hound, an trahed ta kill him. Hound's okay, but Ah think there's somethin' wrong with him. We got Sixwing in th' brig."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -stops working on Hound, staring at him, slack jawed- "What?"

2004-04-17, 04:50 AM
Prowl turned his head over his shoulder and gave Red Alert a smile and motioned with the hovering hand to a chair in the security room. "Of course Red Alert. Come in and have a seat- I've been expecting you. It's good to see you with us again."

Prowl turned his attention briefly to his communicator as Ironhide's voice came over. He listened carefully and then nodded slightly as he calculated a response. His demeanor chilled to factual tones.

"Ironhide, it is known that Hound has been in Decepticon custody. I understand from an incoming report that he's being repaired right now by Minerva. It would be advisable and I feel is necessary for base security to post a guard with him until she finishes. I also suggest a full scan and debriefing to be done. Are you available to handle the duties or to see to them?"


Hound leaned back slightly and tilted his head, under the impression that perhaps Minerva had been lost in thought. "I asked your name- either your original Cybertron or your common name. Mine's Hound."
"Hey! Great find Redhot! I hope that's the last of these troublesome crates."

Trailbreaker shook his head as he looked over the box and cigar. "As for that... that's trouble. Carbombya huh? I think that's where the 'Cons are right now. Humans and Cons shouldn't mix. We oughtta get this stuff to Prime or Quick Switch."
"Hey Sunstreaker! Thanks for the help buddy!" Inferno called over to the yellow Autobot and flashed a smile. "What do ya say to gettin' back to base and getting cleaned up along with a recharge?"

2004-04-17, 05:20 AM
Security Office, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded, then sat in the chair that Prowl had indicated. However, he waited until Prowl had finished replying to Ironhide before he began to speak.

"It seems that I missed a lot during my deactivation. Things that I'll need to know before I can carry out my duties. You...you're logical, observant. If anyone can fill me in what's going on, it would be you. And..." His voice trailed off as something Prowl had said previously caught his attention. "How did you know to expect me?" he asked with an edge in his voice. He sat up a bit straighter in his chair.

The security officer swept the room with his senses once more, trying to assure himself that Prowl wasn't a Decepticon-made facimile, and that there were no assassins hiding behind the bulkheads. He quickly confirmed that Prowl was, indeed, Prowl, and that they were alone. However, his posture didn't quite relax.

Hyper Prime
2004-04-17, 07:33 AM
Redhot smiled, "No problem. I'll phone Countdown, he should be working the commuincations also." The micromaster then pushed a button on his arm and activated his radio transmitter, "Redhot calling Countdown, do you read me?"

Countdown in vehicle mode recieved his comrade's message, "This Countdown Redhot. What is it?"

"Trailbreaker, Mirage, Bluestreak and me found the last of the jamming boxes. The last one had a Carbomya cigar lying near it too. We figure thats where the cons are probably hiding at."

"Understood, I'll radio Prime." Countdown then disconnected his message with Redhot and began to send a message to, "Optimus Prime, this is Countdown in the command deck. Bluestreak, Mirage, Redhot and Trailbreaker have found the last of the jamming boxes outside and a Carbomya cigar around there. They figure its where the Decepticons are probably hiding here on Earth."

2004-04-18, 02:29 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -still staring slack jawed at Hound- "I'm..... Minerva." -blinks a couple of times- "Um...... Have you been hit in the head recently?"

Fort Max, Brig:

Ironhide: -over communicator- "Be better if ya sent somebody else. Ah c'n get there, but it'll take me a bit."

2004-04-18, 03:20 AM
"Acknowleged Ironhide. I will transfer the orders."
Prowl signed off and tapped a few buttons, sending the text orders for guard duty to Crosshairs.
I'll debrief him myself as soon as I'm finished.

Prowl paused a moment and then turned his attention to Red Alert. He gave a smile and tapped a monitor.

"This is how I knew I would be getting company. It registered your movement exiting out of the morgue. A short while ago, Prime used the matrix to call some of our brethern back."

A moment of hesitation went by as Prowl flicked a glance to a monitor and then back.

"You've been gone a long time Red Alert. The Autobot situation has reached a critical turn. The Quintessons have driven all of our race from Cybertron. Most Cybertronians have taken refuge on the outer planets, but the core groups of Autobots and Decepticons have returned here to Earth. You're back on Earth now. Prime is in command and Quick Switch is the leading security director. We are in control of Fortress Maximus and Metroplex and are just completing repairs after a recent attack by Trypticon, Scorponok and the rest of the Decepticons here. It would appear... that Galvatron is now head of the Decepticons."

Hound blinked and then shook his head.
"Head? Nope. Just the leg- and the back--- apparently. But I thought I'd extend the invite anyhow. You don't seem like the typical autobot Minerva. I'm positive we could use a mech with your skills- and that's one of the few things I've been sure about lately. Are you up for getting outta here?"

2004-04-18, 03:59 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -convinced that there's something seriously wrong with Hound- "I don't think that would work so well. I'm actually a human."

2004-04-18, 04:04 AM
Corridor Outside of Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs' thoughts were interrupted by a beeping on his comm unit. Flicking it active with irritation, he read the short text orders that appeared there.

Proceed to Medbay. Act as guard for Hound until further notice.

At least I don't have very far to go, he mused. But I'd better whistle up some help.

The Targetmaster activated his comm unit, signalling the armoury. "Pinpointer," he said, "meet me at the Medbay. We're on guard duty."

The Nebulan's voice came back, "But who's going to watch the armoury?"

"I don't think anyone's going to walk off with our entire stock if you step out for a few minutes," Crosshairs replied as he stepped into the Medbay.

"Okay. I'll be there in two minutes," Pinpointer signed off.

Crosshairs then turned his attention to Minerva. "So how's the patient doing? Healing up nicely?"

Security Office, Fort Max

Quick's in charge of Security now? Red Alert wondered. Hard to imagine he's developed into officer material. I wonder how he got the job...

"It seems I've been gone a bit longer than I'd reckoned. We're back on Earth, eh?" He surpressed a shiver, then continued to bombard Prowl with questions. "But we only have Fort Max and Metroplex? What happened to Grand Maximus? Or Omega Supreme, for that matter?" This time he couldn't surpress the shiver. "And Galvatron...he's back? Again? What of Teratron, then?"

Aero Blade
2004-04-18, 04:25 AM
"Oh there's nothing wrong with that," Aero Blade started, keeping a 'professional' tone in his voice, causing a hint of sarcasam. "Just that if a weapon isn't working the way it's supposed to, there's this unimportant chance that it could blow up and take out a few of your allies instead of a few enemies, but I supposed that's not a very big deal..."

This time when the weapon was fired, the rock target was left with a clean circular hole in it due to the concentraited energy.
Aero Blade seemed relieved at this, as now he could do his best to avoid any weapon making. He turned back to Roadbuster.

"I did a little reworking with the weapon. You can tell Nightbeat it'll get 6 shots with a 10 minute recharge, but I wasn't able to get a hold of a better damper relay, so it'll take about 20 minutes to fully cool off. It can be used without waiting for the full cooldown time, but if he does it too many times in a row, some of the internal mechanisms will likely fuse and it'll backfire on him..." Aero Blade warned. "Not sure how long that'd take without proper testing, but I'd say don't go over 5 firing-recharging cycles without a proper cooldown."

2004-04-18, 07:29 AM
Hound's optics widened in surprise. A human! They're keeping her as a prisoner then. Diabolical.

His thoughts were interrupted as Crosshairs entered. He glanced cooly at the Autobot, attempting to recall the identity.

Process data. Nonexistant file. Sector scan, corrupted data. Error. Data quotient depletion. Run self-diagnostic. Weapons online. Communications online. Energy reserves 61.78%. Memory functions 97.642%... 85.345%...63.422%...31.240% end scan.
The reboot and diagnostic had reactivated closed memory segments, but still there was no information available on either of these Autobots, and now Hound realized the full extent of his memory loss.

He gripped the sides of the medical table as he wondered silently about the two Autobots - and then a brief snapshot of two humans flashed through his memory circuits. Memory is stored by making many connections to small bits of information, and Hound was a master of details. Though the information about the Autobot counterparts was gone, the linking information to the humans remained- as did the now very fresh frustration factor.
He sat on the table quietly, staring at Crosshairs with a frown while he tried to process the data.
"Grand Maximus and Omega are keeping the peace on the outer planets currently. There has been no sign of Teratron for a while, but we must not let down our guard. Hound had gone to gather data on the status of the Decepticon ranks, but was captured. He has only just been recovered and when we finish, I will go to debrief him before I meet with Optimus. The only thing we know for certain right now is that Galvatron is indeed the acting lead commander for the Decepticons. He led an attack on us only days ago and the retreat that followed as well."

Prowl paused and swiveled his chair to a monitor and tapped a few buttons before turning back. A new set of pictures came up and two data messages began to transfer.

Wreck-Gar, Mirage... begin patrol of Fortress Maximus. Keep watch for unusual activity and address any encountered Autobot ranks for vocoder comparisons.

2004-04-18, 07:46 AM
Security Office, Fort Max

Red Alert frowned, absorbing the data Prowl was giving him.

"That is incredibly bad," he concluded at last, with a sigh.

"Perhaps we should recall forces from the outer planets to increase our security here." He frowned. "And speaking of that, what is the status of our security? It must be lax, if Galvatron was able to carry out an attack with sufficient force that repairs are just completing now." His eyes flicked from side to side, as if to assure himself that the two of them were still alone in the room. "Is Quick Switch executing his duties adequately, or does some of the blame for the attack fall on his shoulders?"

2004-04-18, 05:11 PM
Blustreak nodded to both Mirage and Red Hot slowly. As he servayed the fire scorched forest just thinking about what caused it.

"Y....yeah... all the action" He said walking forward he was shaking somewhat. He just wanted to go into Fort Max and rest. He didn't want to have to fight again today. It was all beginning to become too much on his shoulders. This is where Prime usually talked him down but Prime wasn't here right now.


"Any time Inferno, it's better than patroling a battle damaged outpost anyday. It's atleast fighting something" He looked around and blinked as he couldn't find any of the parts to Sixwing. "And it beats hauling around some ugly combiner. It's bad enough my coat is going to be char black from all this ash"

He reached a hand up and dusted his shoulder off grumbling.


Blaster started going through every Autobot channel, secret, command only , emergency only and normal frequencies.

"All-Channels are A-Okay Prowl. Only static I'm getting is caused by all the mountains around us" The communications officer replied to Prowl.


Windslice had slipped out of the main hatch at Fort Max and moved to where the fire was reported. He spotted Trailbreaker who he knew from earliar. He was quiet and slow about moving towards the scorched forest. He wondered what did this, were there still small Decepticon raiding parties? Or did something else happen? A malfunction of some sort maybe. He crept closer, he wanted to find out and he wasn't going to get that standing back and not asking questions.

2004-04-18, 05:25 PM
Jazz nodded along with Ironhide's question. It would be important to keep the troops under control... He wanted to see how Skyfall would handle it, but suddenly he recalled - the human! He pushed himself away from the wall, transforming as he headed for the exit.

"C'mon, Seawatch. Gotta go talk to somebody."

2004-04-18, 07:03 PM
Prowl's optics darkened. "Quick Switch has been performing his duties exactly as specified. It is to his credit that we still have Optimus in functional condition. He kept the ranks in line during the evacuation of Cybertron and if I had heeded his ideals sooner, it is a 96.43% probablilty that we would have avoided the massive attack by the Decepticons from within Fortress Maximus and thereby the damage from the Decepticons would have been significantly reduced. The damage and losses must fall in my responsibilities.

Security has been lax to the extent that I allowed disagreeing ideals to take precedence and thereby endangered our ranks and our very existance. I was unable to allow the outright termination of surrendered prisoners and instead permitted the medics to begin the removal of the prisoners' personality components for incarceration. It was at this point when security was alerted to the Decepticon departure from Carbombya and the forthcoming assualt. The external attack could not have been prevented, but with the warning from Hound and the outpost crews' reactions, we were able to make some immediate tactical responses. Regretfully, one of our medics was subdued by an affliction of his mental processes while he worked inside on the prisoners, which resulted in their escape along with a simultaneous assault from within. Fortunately, there were no terminations resulting from the attack.

Weaponry is at a minimal level, however some of the human countries have recently decided to allocate to us several needed resources for the production of the reinforced metals for our weapons. Not all of the Earthlings are favorable to us, and this is an important gap we are trying to patch before the Decepticons can take full advantage of the weakness. Smokescreen was sent to confer with the human delegates at an International conference, but was taken by the Decepticons after he delivered the majority of our request.

Therefore, the current Autobot security status is tenuous but stabilizing. Our ranks are growing slowly, repairs are continuing and we are fortifying our armoury and working to find native allies to assist us."

Prowl tapped a finger on the arm of his chair absently in thought as he watched Red Alert.

2004-04-18, 07:54 PM
Security Office, Fort Max

Red Alert listened intently to Prowl's description of events. He took a few moments to process the data after Prowl stopped talking, then he nodded. He ignored the booming of Prowl's fingers tapping on his chair arm as he formulated a response.

"I see. You may have been partly responsable for the disaster, but it appears you've learned from your mistakes; that's good.

"About the weapons situation, is Crosshairs functioning as armoury officer here? If he is, maybe we should talk to him and find out what supplies he needs to upgrade our firepower. A great deal of them could probably be supplied by our human allies, as you suggested.

"And speaking of native allies, I doubt Prime would ever allow humans to become active in our conflict. All the time I spent with him on Earth, he dedicated his life to protecting them from the war; no matter how desperate we are now, when it comes down to combat we can't count on Prime utilizing any human forces that are willing to align with us.

"As well, if any humans choose to align themselves with the Decepticons and carry out an attack on us, we will be hard-pressed to stop them. Optimus would never allow us to deactivate humans, even hostile ones. He'd abandon the planet first." He paused, then glanced around the room once more. "It might become necessary for us to take steps to deal with the human problem without involving Optimus. In that case, we'll need to have several contingency plans in place to deal with potential disasters. As well, we would need the co-operation of other highly-placed Autobots to protect Prime from any fallout that might occur."

2004-04-18, 11:27 PM
Nodding to Red Alert, Prowl turned his attention to his communicator as Blaster replied. "Excellent Blaster. For the next 110 Earth minutes, monitor all incoming and outgoing communication frequencies. It is likely we may have Decepticons remaining in the area. At the end of the time period, you may leave your post and recharge. I will have Trailbreaker, Countdown or Jazz relieve you."

Prowl turned back to Red Alert. "Crosshairs has charge of the armory. The supplies the humans are willing to provide are a start. According to Smokescreen, it was logical to make smaller requests to begin with to reestablish the trust that we had lost. Apparently the humans do not like large quantity requests and term them "pork".

As to the matter of the human involvement, I concur with you on all points. To clarify, the humans are only needed insofar as we do not wish to use their resources without their permission. The Autobots left Earth in the hands of the Decepticons once before, in order to return to Cybertron and defeat Unicron. While we were successful, the Decepticons broke the terms of Optimus' agreement and caused massive slaughters of the humans on this planet while we were away. We returned here a very short time ago to learn of their trechory.

Many of the humans are now rightly embittered with the Autobots. Others fear the Decepticons and desire to serve them so as to escape termination. In both cases as well as others, we have no choice except to involve them. It would take little indeed for the natives of this planet to overrun us with sheer numbers. Bringing more of our kind here isn't the best solution. We must keep their favor in order to protect them, but at the same time, we cannot allow them to fight the Decepticons themselves, for that would involve multiple human countries *Prowl points to a world map*, which would inevitably result in the entire destruction of their species."

Prowl stopped tapping his fingers as a thought raced through his processors. He leaned forward and stared at the map before looking back at Red Alert.

"You are likely very correct that significant fallout could occur and there is the remote possibility existant that in certain instances we would need to act without Optimus.

We need to recover Smokescreen, and I need to speak with Hound and Prime. Dirge might also prove useful in preparations... for he has sought refuge from the Decepticons with us.

Why don't you accompany me to the medical bay- Crosshairs is there and you can see to the armory while I speak with Hound."


Inferno chuckled lightly as they headed for base. "What're we waiting for then? I'd race ya Sunstreaker, but you'd win easily. Let's get cleaned up and then I'll bet I can beat you at arm wrestling..."
Mirage received Prowl's communication and shook his head with a half smile. "It's been fun, but I've just been sorted to patrol duty. Bluestreak, why don't you walk back to the city with me and then take a rest?"

Trailbreaker nodded as Mirage turned to leave and then looked around with a puzzled expression. He didn't see anything but it felt like he was being watched. A moment later, he shrugged it off.
"Sure is quiet now. I think I'll just take a wander around out here for a while and take advantage of the peace."

2004-04-19, 03:23 AM
"Gaah cleaning up alone won't clear this. I am going to need a new paint job, was job. If this stuff stains my metal I am going to be more than angry" He grumbled as he walked with the autobot fire engine scoffing at his being able to win an arm wrestle.
"In your dreams big red" He smirked "I'd beat ya in both."


Blaster sighed as he leaned back in his chair.
"Roger-Wilco Prowl, I ain't goin no where fast though sitting here for another two hours listening to static won't be a blast either"


Windslice crept up behind the large black Autobot, unsure of those around him. Only knowing this one since he did shoot him.

"Trailbreaker yes.... can you tell me what happened here?"

2004-04-19, 03:39 AM
"Hah! We'll just have to see about that Sunstreaker!" Inferno flashed a mischievious grin. "Don't know if you can beat me as easily as ya did the fire... but you can give it your best shot. And don't worry about the soot- that'll come off in the wash. On the other hand, your olfactory sensors'll be picking up smoke smell for the next few days."

Inferno chuckled and climbed into the showering area, pressing the power button as he went. Hoses and sprays began squirting liquid and suds around.

He stepped out to get blown dry and splashed some extra water at Sunstreaker as he passed.

Trailbreaker jumped and brought out his rifle in a smooth arc from reflex action. Seeing Windslice he frowned and holstered it again as quickly. "I thought I left you back in the city in a quartering room with orders to stay there. How did you get out under the security cameras?"

2004-04-19, 03:55 AM
Windslice gave a sly grin to Trailbreaker as he looked less than pleased to see him. "I'd love to say I stealthly snuck out and tested my abilities and the Autobot defense systems sadly all I did was push my door open and walk out. I'd hate to think of what would have happened if I was actually still a Decepticon"

He reached a finger up rubbing under his robotic nose with the back on his index finger.

"So you going to tell me what happened to keep scowling at me?"


"Hey watch it! That water can cause rusting. Do we have to use water?" He asked like a disgruntled feline about to get a flea bathe.

He turned the water on and sighed as it began to wash the ash off.

"I am going to need a new pain and wax job... after that, I'll beat you at arm wrestling" He said to Inferno.

2004-04-19, 05:12 AM
Security Office, Fort Max

Red Alert got to his feet, ready to follow Prowl. "That sounds acceptable," he answered. "I need to head to the armoury anyway to replace my weapons. I can easily get the current weapons supply status while I'm there.

"Now, returning to the topic of the humans...do we have sufficient security to prevent rogue attacks? When I was last on Earth, certain nations were developing a fondness for suicide bombings. If even a single human managed to enter the base and carry out such an attack, it would be a catastrophe. Furthermore..."

He stopped in his tracks. "Dirge is here? Alive? Unguarded?"

Hyper Prime
2004-04-19, 11:43 AM
Redhot took the cigar in his hand and placed in a compartment in his chest. "And I'll go to Metroplex and give this to the chief." He then transformed into his fire truck mode and sped off out of the forest. "Later guys!"


Seawatch quickly transformed and sped off behind Jazz. "Whoa, wait for me Jazz! What's the rush?"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-19, 05:11 PM
Skyfall leaned back for a moment, while hovering in the air. The events he witnessed making sense for the first time. Hound was not just attacked by Sixwing, he was part of the fight. Skyfall didn't know who started the fight - but with the way this Combiner seemed - if Hound had done something like run with out identifying himself, it might have set him off. Not that he knew (or would know until the combiner woke up) and he doubted he could convince the others of that. Hell, he wasn't sure of it himself. Still, Hound had been acting really strange. Another reason to take the fight to the Decepticons.

On the other hand, Ironhide did have a point. He wasn't sure what would happen if Sixwing turned on them. With Omega, he might be able to survive, and with the whole team, they should be able to take him down. But, Skyfall hoped that giving the unit a target for his anger and emotional problems would be enough to keep him on the side of the angels.

"Ironhide, You're right, I think Sixwing is a risk. But, if we give him a focus and a purpose, perhaps he'll stay on this side. And with the whole team around, we could probably take him down if we needed to. We managed to do it before.

"Besides, we now have a reason to take it to the Decepticons. They've hurt Hound, they've taken over a Human country and who knows what they're plans are. With your permission, I'll gather the team and set up a preliminary base. We'll scout out the Decepticon position and report our findings back."

Skyfall then turned to Jazz, in the back of his processor, he had been considering Jazz's offer to join the team. From his data tracks, Skyfall knew that Jazz had been Prime's right hand bot on earth and a master of earthen culture (well 20th C culture anyway, Skyfall was pretty current in his own time). He would be useful, IF the other Autobots didn't need him. But before he could say anything, Jazz said something about a human and sped off. Perhaps the question of Jazz would just work itself out in time.

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-20, 03:30 AM
Optimus Prime's quarters inside Fortress Maximus:

Dropshot walked through the door and looked around the room. There were various display panels giving Prime updates on various things that were going on. He looked over at Optimus Prime and just started at him. Prime was one of the few bots that he respected. Actually, Optimus Prime was one of the few bots that he could tolerate.

" You and I need to talk. I don't know if you've forgotten this or not but Stepper, Artfire and myself, we're a sniper unit. You should know this. It's why you called us down here, is it not? To take out Decepticons?? But what do have us do? You get us to go sight seeing around New York City with Ultra Magnus. No offence, but that not exactly the best use of one's resources."

Dropshot paused for a moment to see what type of reaction he was getting from "the Great Optimus Prime" but Prime just seem to stand there and listen to what he was saying.

"Now I'm sorry but I know that we're not exactly popular with some of the other bots around here and that's fine. We're not here to make friends. We're here to do one thing and one thing only. We trained long and hard to be the best at what we do and right now it seems that our skills are being wasted and if that's the case then we'll just go back to Cybertron where our services are a little more appreciated."

Dropshot stopped again. He wasn't finsihed yet but he also wanted to give Prime a chance to address some of his concerns. He owed him that much at least.

2004-04-20, 04:31 AM
Hound glanced back to Minerva and flicked half a smile. "That'd be no trouble at all. You don't have to stay here when you could have your freedom again. What do you say?"

2004-04-20, 05:13 AM
OOC: Heiny, we're gonna pick it up here.

Fort Max

"Jawhol, mein commandant!" Wreck Gar replied, heading off to try and find Mirage. However, before he got too far, he spotted two incoming objects.

"What the deuce?!" he said, focusing in on who was coming, quickly opening a commlink to Prowl. "Hey, yo. We got two bogies coming in on the four o' clock tangent. Starsky and Hutch with all cylinders firing at Jeff Gordon speed."

2004-04-20, 05:39 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -noticing now the differences in Hound, deciding to play along for the moment, activates commlink, send only- "Um...... how can we get away and back to Decepticon HQ without being noticed, Hound??"


Nightbeat: -vehicle mode, commlink chimes, activates commlink- "Hello?"

Minerva: "Um...... how can we get away and back to Decepticon HQ without being noticed, Hound?"

Muzzle: -rolls down window, leans out- "Hey, Magnus, what's going on with Hound? Why's he trying to kidnap my sister?"

Exterior, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -takes note of the information- "I get the feeling he's only going after one target with this." -shrugs- "Mind you, I think he'd want all the firepower he can get when we go back to Cybertron."

Brig, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Awlrahght, get it set up. But don't do nothin' just yet. Gotta fahnd out what they're plannin' first. Better let Prahme know what's goin' on b'fore ya go, though."

2004-04-20, 06:02 AM
OOC: Um...Heiny, we're at Maximus now.

Outside Max

Magnus transformed, running past a puzzled Wreck Gar.

"I don't know. Let's go find out."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-20, 06:02 AM
"Not a problem, Ironhide. It'll take me a little while to round everyone up. I'll tell Prime first though and then leave a comm frequnecy with Communications. Then I need to find Wheeljack. Once all that's done, I'll check in before we head to the Ark. And I'll pick him up last." Skyfall nodded his head towards Missle Run, sitting deactivated in the cell.

A heartbeat later, Skyfall transformed into jetmode and flew off towards Primes quarters, barrelrolling all the way.

2004-04-20, 06:13 AM
Trailbreaker tilted his head to one side as he regarded Windslice. "Well, I'll find out how you got out here later. Yeah- I could and probably will tell you what happened here, but I don't even know your name. Dude, do you have a name that I can at least refer to ya by?"

Hound nodded slightly and leaned forward to whisper to Minerva. "You get your supplies together- quickly, and then I'll cover our exit out of here. We'll head for the human city called Denver and then we'll board a plane that leaves soon. The Autobots'll never find you once we're out of here and you're in the city. If there are any other humans they're keeping, we can help them too."


Inferno waited for Sunstreaker and sat down at a table. When the yellow Autobot emerged, he gave a grin and pushed a glass of energon toward Sunstreaker, then put out an arm.
"Let's have a go-round buddy!"

2004-04-20, 06:19 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs watched in confused interest as Hound, apparently ingoring his presence entirely, tried to recruit Minerva...to the Decepticons?

This, the Targetmaster decided, is bad. Very bad.

Before he could say anything, though, the Medbay doors slid open and admitted Pinpointer. The Nebulan had obviously been running, and he was panting as he entered the room. Crosshairs gently picked him up off the floor, and the Nebulan perched on his shoulder.

"So..." Pinpointer panted, removing his helmet and mopping sweat from his dark green hair, "what's so...so important that I had to hurry here?"

"Not so important that you had to run," Crosshairs told him. "You're going to give yourself a heart attack if you exert yourself too much in that heavy armour."

"Didn't...didn't want you to get shot while your gun was a few corridors away..." Pinpointer replied. "So what's...our job?"

"We're supposed to keep Hound company until Prowl can debrief him. And speaking of that..." Crosshairs walked deeper into the Medbay, coming closer to the 'Bot he was supposed to guard. "How are you feeling, Hound?"

2004-04-20, 06:20 AM
"And that's why you're not going anywhere," came a voice from behind Hound. In the doorway stood Magnus, Wreck-Gar and Nightbeat, their weapons trained on the Autobot, making sure that they didn't point them at Minerva.

"What are you up to, Hound?" Magnus asked.

2004-04-20, 06:29 AM
Prowl nodded to Red Alert. "It is an extended explaination, however Dirge has been helpful to our faction and he took me for repairs as well during the attack by the Decepticons. He is currently with Chip Chase and the Witwicky family. We also have an additional individual here near the base who remains unidentified. However, the mech seems to pose no outright threat to our cause. They are far from being unmonitored though. I have assigned Fort Max's security computers to monitor their positions within the confines of the city. They are free to go at the current time, but I have calculated the risks and the threat from them is slim.

As for the humans, a perimeter fence has now been set and a patrol has been assigned to that duty. At the current time, this is the most we can do."

Prowl paused with a slightly confused look as Wreck-Gar's communication came through.
"Describe the two individuals Wreck-Gar. Do they seem hostile? Do you require assistance?"


2004-04-20, 06:36 AM
OOC: I was wondering what you meant by that.......

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -deciding that right now, she was probably the only one who could keep the situation from blowing up, decides to play along for the moment- "We'll have to get my brother out, too. But I can see a hole in your plan: We're all at least 30 feet tall. How will we fit in?"


Ironhide: -heading towards medbay-

Exterior, Fort Max:

-opposite side to Roadbuster's location-

Nightbeat: -transforms to robot mode- "What's at Denver airport?"

2004-04-20, 06:39 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Dirge, an ally? This is incomprehensible! Red Alert shook his head, trying to clear it.

"Very well," he told Prowl. "I will yield to your judgement in the Dirge matter, for the moment. However, if he steps out of line for even a moment, I will terminate him."

He paused for a moment. "However, there is something else we could do about the humans. They are incredably succeptable to nuclear radiation, if I recall correctly. Since we recently had a battle here, we could tell the humans that the area around our base is now dangerously radioactive. All sane humans would avoid it, and any who approached could be catigorized as enemies and dealt with as such."

2004-04-20, 07:01 AM
Hound blinked once at Minerva and looked over his shoulder at Crosshairs, fixing a puzzled and somewhat shocked expression as the Autobot picked up Pinpointer.
The human went to him? Willingly?

The sliding door caught his attention and Hound turned with a start as he heard the click of weapons being armed. He moved slightly so his legs were over the opposite side of the table from the door entrance.

Out of time. How in the slag do they all know me?! The blue optics narrowed with a scowl.
Files aquired. Ultra Magnus, Nightbeat, Wreck-Gar.

Hound looked briefly at Crosshairs and Pinpointer again with a somewhat aggressive tone mixed with a puzzled expression. "Confused- and ready to leave I think- with--- or without the humans."

I can't put them in danger though. Which way to get out? Hound slid off the table still facing the three Autobots near the door but looking around for options. The greenish-black coating of his reworked paint job glinted under the black soot from the fire as he moved.

2004-04-20, 07:12 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs frowned as Hound slid off the table. "I'm afraid you can't go just yet; Prowl wants to talk to you, but after that you'll be free to go wherever you want."

If he manages to figure out what's wrong with you, anyway. Otherwise you'll be in a cell; either way, I won't let any more Autobots get hurt over this. Not anyone else, and not you, either.

The Targetmaster turned to face Magnus, Wreck-Gar and Nightbeat. "Lower your weapons. Please. Hound isn't going to hurt any of us." Crosshairs turned to the demented Autobot. "Are you?"

2004-04-20, 02:26 PM
They've all gone crackers.

Hound took a step backward and faltered on the half-repaired leg as he thought through.

I'm only a scout. I have no intentions of 'hurting' any of you outright. But gathering info so that Commander Astrotrain and Lord Galvatron can run all of you off the planet to protect the humans- that I can do.

He shook his head slightly. "I'm a scout, and also a soldier. It's my job function to protect this world as well as our homeworld from all of you and your destruction."

He looked at Ultra Magnus and frowned. A somewhat monotone response occured as recorded data asserted itself.
"You especially. How many have perished because of your commands? How many by the hands of your esteemed leader? Autobots care nothing for life. Even in your own ranks. Your leader killed his own warriors."
He paused and got a somewhat saddened look as he turned his attention back to Crosshairs. "It would be nice if you'd all just realize how much damage you're doing, and how much damage you're all causing us to return in trying to stop you. I came here seeking information, and all I'm finding thus far are normal and expected answers- except for the humans you keep captive and the violent Autobot your own ranks attacked outside."

2004-04-20, 04:42 PM
Jazz hit the angled edge at the top of the Maximus' main ramp at top speed. The wind was just right; his engine roared as he rocketed over the Autobots driving in below him, his aileron guiding him to a gentle landing on the steel street below. He slammed the brakes as he hit, screeching to a sideways halt, and transformed.

"Wreck-Gar? Where the heck..."

His optics glowed as he activated his long-range scanners, and his right hand served as a visor while his optics panned the landscape. He stopped as he caught sight of something tiny and immobile nearby, and zoomed in... a shoe.


Jazz stomped his left foot on the tarmac and frowned. After another moment, he kneeled down to be more level with Seawatch.

"Do me a favor? Go find your buddy Countdown and tell him to get his sensors on the lookout for a human runnin' around outside the city. If he finds the little guy, tell him to bring him to Prowl or Ironhide or somebody for a talkin'-to."

He stood up and began into a ran back up the ramp, transforming back to his car mode midway.

"Me? I gotta talk to Prime!"

2004-04-20, 04:46 PM
Fort Max Medbay

"Nothing to worry about, boss," Wreck-Gar radioed to Prowl. "Just Joe Friday and his second best man. But this is a recording, since I'm busy at the moment dealing with an after school special in the sickbay. If you leave a message at the bleep, he'll get back to you. Bleep."

He then shut off his comlink, hoping that Prowl got the gist of what he was saying. He was concerned what Nightbeat and Magnus were up to, so he followed them. And it looked as if he had walked into a rerun of All My Children.

Magnus, meanwhile, turned to Crosshairs. "I have no intention of hurting anyone, Crosshairs. I merely wish to know what Hound is up to, especially if it concerns the Decpeticons."

He was about to continue when Hound's comments registered in his processor. And they hurt. He realized that he wasn't a perfect leader. There was no such thing. He was, after all, more comfortable following orders than giving them.

"Hound," he began. "I have no idea what's going on, but I'd be willing to help you. That is, if you can tell me what you're doing."

Aero Blade
2004-04-20, 08:25 PM
"Well I don't know what Nightbeat's target might be, but you can let him know I said good luck and to be careful," Aero Blade told Roadbuster. "I need to get back to helping Wheeljack with repairs. Good luck to you as well," he finished, and then headed back over to the other tech to aid him in finishing patching Fort Max's armor.

2004-04-21, 03:34 AM
Fort Max, Medbay:

Minerva: -having realized that it's now too late to try to shoo everybody away from the doorway, sighs-

Nightbeat: "Look, guys, I think we're getting off track here." -points at Hound- "All right short, green, and soot covered, what the heck are you trying to do to my sister?"

Ironhide: -hits the edge of the crowd gathered in the medbay doorway, stops- "What's goin' on here, anyway?"

Exterior, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -nods after Aero Blade, heads into Fort Max, looking for Nightbeat-

2004-04-21, 03:44 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs shook his head mournfully.

What's happened to you, Hound? What did they do to you?

"If answers are what you're looking for, Hound, then you should have no objection to talking to Prowl. I'm sure he'll be able to answer any questions you have." Crosshairs paused, taking in Hound's later comments. He sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly. "I know we sometimes hurt the humans accidentally, but we do our best to protect them. If we didn't-"

Pinpointer cut into the conversation. "If they didn't, I and my fellow Nebulans would have abandoned them years ago. Crosshairs and his fellow Autobots helped us liberate our homeworld from the Hive, but gratitude for that wouldn't have kept me at the side of an evil person."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-21, 03:53 AM
Not really paying attention to where he's going, Sklyfall continues to fly through Maximus' interior. But when this particular coridor breaks up with windows, he know's that he's pretty far from his destination. Trying to work through the layout of Fortress Maximus (and not willing to stop and ask the computer for directions to Optimus Prime's quarters) Skyfall misses a robot entering the City.

Instincts take over first, Skyfall hits the afterburners and pulls up hard and to the left. Unfortunatly, while designed for Giant Robots, Maximus' interior does not allow for such manuvers. Skyfall transforms in an attempt to dodge the ceiling, but fails miserably. He shoulder blocks it and is sent spiraling to the ground. He just manages to get his feet under him and ignite the thrusters enough to stop him from smashing into the floor.

Skyfall looks back at the Heavily armed, Orange and Green Transformer that he just about hit.

"Sorry about that - Did I hit you?"

2004-04-21, 04:35 AM
Prowl looked puzzled and a bit as if he had the equivalent of a headache as he tried to process and make sense of Wreck-Gar's message. Finally he shook his head and focused on one word= sickbay.

"That would not be an acceptable option, for the humans would blame us for the contamination of their planet. There's trouble in medbay Red Alert. We need to hurry."

Prowl started jogging down the hall as they neared the medical bay.
Hound shifted uneasily to lean against the corner wall of the medbay room. The crowd around the only exit was begining to make him nervous.
A few Autobots I can deal with... but I feel like I'm on display now.
He became quiet as he looked back and forth from Ultra Magnus to Crosshairs and then Nightbeat. For a moment, Hound narrowed his optics at Nightbeat, and the thought of clocking the blue and yellow Autobot ran through his processor. But he turned his attention quickly back to the others.

"You protected the humans and the Nebulons? How can that be?"

2004-04-21, 04:58 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Red Alert tilted his head for a moment, listening to the barely audible (to most Transformers; to him they were relatively clear) sounds coming from the Medbay. "You're right; we do."

He transformed and tore off down the hallway, sirens silent but lights flashing. He flew through the doors to the Medbay moments later. Mindful that he was still unarmed, he transformed to robot mode and stood near the back of the crowd.

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs frowned slightly. "We protect them because most of us are just like you; we don't want to hurt anyone. We just want to live our lives in peace, but we can't because of the endless cycle of war our species is locked in.

"We have a few bad apples, I won't deny that." He paused, surprised at himself for using the earthen phrase. "But the rest of us do our best to keep them under control, to keep them from hurting anyone."

2004-04-21, 05:44 AM
Prowl frowned as he reached the very crowded entrance. He spotted a frustrated-looking Minerva and squeezed in behind the crowd with a determined look.

"Minerva, what is going on in here?"


Hound pressed himself farther into the corner, uncomfortable with the ongoings. He ran a hand across the back of his head as he considered everything. He glanced back at the large group accumulated and then to Crosshairs. He fidgeted once and then promptly cast a hologram of a large-screen television over himself and slid to a sitting position on the floor.

2004-04-21, 05:58 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

As the hologram appeared, Red Alert took up a combat stance and attempted to draw his rifle from subspace. After a few moments he realized that he didn't have a rifle, so he reluctantly returned to his observation position.
Crosshairs shook his head in frustration, then cast a glance towards the back of the room. "Prowl, I think you'll have a hard time getting any information out of Hound. He seems a bit...confused."

2004-04-21, 06:19 AM
How can this be right? Nothing here is making sense!

Hound looked around from inside the hologram and saw the fast movement. He closed his optics, put an arm over his head and waited for the blasts.


In another part of the city, a small human made his way carefully and slowly down the corridors. The sudden departure of the giant talking car had been a relief to him and he had begun slowly walking down the hall in hopes of finding his way out.

Rounding a corner, he heard heavy footfalls and froze in his tracks.

2004-04-21, 06:20 AM
Med Bay

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you," Magnus said, stepping foward towards Hound. "But I'm going to find out what's wrong with him."

2004-04-21, 06:38 AM
"Hold up there Ultra Magnus." Prowl stepped forward and held up a hand.

"This room needs to be cleared. Magnus, Crosshairs, Minerva- you three stay. Red Alert, take hall guard. Ironhide, security room duty-- tab on for unmarked figures 1 and 2. One is a human, one is an unnamed ally. They should be being tracked. Wreck-Gar, go report 739.B to Optimus and then find Artfire, Redhot and Inferno and tell them to report to the staffing office. Red Alert is going to be their direct head as well as the Protectobots."

Prowl paused and waited for the orders to be acknowledged and carried out.

2004-04-21, 06:46 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert frowned slightly at the mention of Inferno. Recovering quickly, he nodded, sketched a lazy salute, then walked out of the room and took up a postion just outside the door. He then cranked up the gain on his audio sensors, making sure he could hear everything that went on in the Medbay.
Crosshairs nodded, then turned his attention back to the hologram that shrouded Hound. It could have been his imagination, but for a moment he could have sworn that he could make out the mentally damaged Autobot cringing in terror in the centre of the projection. He shook his head, ignoring what must have been an optical illusion.

2004-04-21, 06:48 AM
"Does my name mean that much to you Autobot? Would knowing my name make you recharge happy at night? Or do you fear what you do not know?" He scoffed slightly towards Trailbreaker. "My name..... is Windslice now what in the name of Primus happened here?"


Sunstreaker glared at Inferno as he sat down as if he expected him to actually do that at a time where his outer coat was in such need of help.

"There are more important matters at hand Inferno" he put his hand flat out and on it's side on the bottom of his chest showing where there were faint, almost invisible marking from some of the ash. "I will waste my time beating you later, don't worry about that. For now I need to deal with his. I need to find my touch up paint"

2004-04-21, 07:13 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer saw the same thing Crosshairs did, but unlike his counterpart he didn't write it off as a trick of light.

Something is really, seriously wrong with that guy, the Nebulan decided. And he's not going to listen to a thing we say. He frowned a bit, then looked at the assembled Autobots. Or, at least, a thing they say...

With that thought in mind, he jumped off of Crosshairs' shoulder, landing in a crouch at the Autobot's feet. He started to walk towards the large hologram.

"Where do you think you're going?" Crosshairs asked.

Ignoring his partner, Pinpointer walked into the hologram and slowly approached Hound. "What are you hiding from?" he asked bluntly, but with a kind, mild tone of voice.

2004-04-21, 07:24 AM
Hound looked up, somewhat alarmed at the presence of the Nebulon. "It'll be better if they don't have to watch when they shoot me. Autobots always enjoy slaughtering our kind. And if they don't shoot me, I think Commander Astrotrain might anyway when... or if... I return. But I don't want you to get damaged. You'd best go back to Crosshairs."


Trailbreaker nodded. "Okay Windslice. Hound's back. Near as we can tell, he got attacked or got into a fight with one of our combiners named Sixwing. They're both in medbay as far as I know, and that's about all I know at the moment."

2004-04-21, 07:34 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Your kind? Pinpointer wondered. What kind is that, Hound?

He thought knew, though; it was becoming obvious now what had happened to the scout. The only question now is, can we help him come back from the brainwashing?

Pinpointer smiled sadly. "Not all Autobots enjoy killing. Other than the Dinobots and Roadbuster, most of the rank-and-file soldiers are more like you than you'd like to think." His smile faded a bit. "And don't worry about me; Crosshairs is a good friend, even if we disagree from time to time about how to do our job."

2004-04-21, 07:44 AM
"Like me? How is that possible Pinpointer?" Hound leaned forward slightly with a curious expression. "The data I have records horrible things they've done, but I don't have the images to go with the facts. How is it possible to have eons of information on their murders, thefts and all sorts of terrible deeds... if they didn't do them? I'm not like that. All I want is peace. Commander Astrotrain and Lord Galvatron are working to build an empire of peace, but the Autobots don't want that. Can you explain?"

2004-04-21, 07:59 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer looked Hound square in the eyes. "Many of those things probably did happen," he concieded. "Not everyone who's fought under the Autobot banner over the last four million years has been good, and even some of the good ones have made terrible mistakes. Some of the historical records I've been through talk of times when both Autobots and Decepticons were no more than bandits and murderers, killing and robbing for profit and hiding it in the cloak of patriotism."

He sighed. "But I've spent years with these Autobots, on Nebulos, Cybertron and now Earth. And these Autobots are good people. They don't strive to build any empires, be they of peace or tyranny. All they want is freedom, for all sentient beings."

Hyper Prime
2004-04-21, 08:54 PM
Seawatch transformed and smiled, "No problem Jazz, I'll phone him." Seawatch then opened his commuincator and called Countdown, "Hey boss, we got a problem. There is a human on the run needed for questioning. Jazz wants you to use Metroplex's scanners ot find him."

Countdown recieved Seawatch's message, "Okay, stand by for quardents." He then interfaced through Metroplex's scanners and began to spin his radar dish around, sending invisible signals through out the area. He then replied, "Got him. I've got one small human signal. He's trying to make a run for the forest, probably to use the trees for cover." He said to Seawatch and then turned to Stakeout and Fixit, "Guys, you better get a head start on the guy."
"Roger doger." Stakeout said as he and Fixit transformed and sped out of the command deck.
Seawatch got his commander's message and said, "Hey Jazz, the human is nearing the forest and Stakeout and Fixit are probably heading they're right now."

God Jinrai
2004-04-21, 11:55 PM
his optics flared as he rose from his seat.... the lights kicked on, and prime seemed taller than usual. gazing down, just slightly, at dropshot, his tone grew almost menacing...

" I suggest you reconsider your position, dropshot. for as angry as you may be, I can make your life a LOT more miserable."

Optimus sighed, turning his back on dropshot, which, normally would have been a very bad thing to do...

"...But it happens that, despite the fact that at present, I have no open use for a sniper unit... I can very easily think of someone who does. "

Prime turned to face dropshot again, and handed him a datapad... "Find roadbuster... tell him that it's time to get down and dirty again.... Wreck.... and Rule."

Prime spoke his last words very slowly... their meaning was very important, and so dropshot needed to fully understand the magnitude of those three words...

2004-04-22, 12:13 AM
OOC: Jinrai...have you been reading my mind or something? I wanted to have Magnus be the one who reforms the Wreckers, but got sidelined by my trip to New York! What are the odds, eh? :p

Wreck-Gar didn't want to leave a friend in a situation in which the enemy could gang up on him, but he knew what happened to those on the force who didn't follow the orders they were given, so he nodded at Prowl and left, heading down towards where Optimus was, arriving shortly thereafter to find him in a conversation with Dropshot.

"Mr. President, the secretary of defense told me to come and tell you that directive 739.B needs to be implemented in order to halt a nuclear attack against our enemies. He also told me to round up the voulenteer firefighters and get them all into one place so that they can save a man at 742 Evergreen Terrace."
"Listen to him," Magnus told Hound. "Myself and Nightbeat just recently went down to New York in order to bring about some measure of peace and control. If we acted the way you think we do, would we not have rendered the entire city ablaze?"

2004-04-22, 12:13 AM
Jazz heard Seawatch's call, but was applying enough power to his motor that he wouldn't be able to be heard responding. Instead, he just honked back twice as he entered the city...



Jazz transformed at the end of the long hall and stepped slowly into Optimus Prime's chamber. Things seemed different here, but his caution was more attributed to his overhearing Prime's last three words to Dropshot. He gazed at the Autobot commander quizically, but before he could ask for an elaboration, Wreck-Gar interrupted.

"What're you on about, man? Somebody in trouble?"

2004-04-22, 12:39 AM
Wreck-Gar looked at Jazz. "'ell if I know, Jazz man. All I know is that Hound is acting like he took a trip to the Quick Stop and got some off of Jay and Silent Bob. Colin Powell down there now with Worf and security guys trying to talk some sense in him, but none of them Deanna Troi, so Powell send Lassie to go tell Timmy what's going on in the well."

2004-04-22, 12:57 AM
Hound quivered slightly at the sound of Ultra Magnus' voice.
They aren't leaving and there's no way out of this room. Through the wall maybe? Not likely. I could take out one if I have to. I should've kept to my duties. Why did I follow that combiner in the first place? Why can't I remember any visuals?

"I... don't remember, Pinpointer. I can't even recall how I got onto Earth in the first place. All that I remember is it was caused by an Autobot attack. There were great wars on Cybertron. But don't you see that the Autobots only want to control the humans? That they will use the resources of this planet until there's nothing... nothing... left."

Hound's voice trailed off as vague images popped up through his recall centers. An oil rig on fire, a golden substance in a pond with Autobots in it, a fight at a dam between the factions--- and then a human friend.

Hound settled his head on his knees as he thought hard. New York has many symbols that mean freedom to the United States humans. Freedom- yes, that is most important for everyone.

He looked back at the Nebulon and the blue optics flashed sharply as a thought hit him.

"Most humans don't want or need empires, do they Pinpointer? They want to exist. Most want freedom. Commander Astrotrain was wrong, but it is Lord Galvatron's dream to build a great empire. That would harm this planet. I can't do that, but I don't know what to do now."

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-22, 01:33 AM
Dropshot just started at Prime. He was almost surprized by his reaction. Prime hadn't spoken to him like that in years. But more importantly, he couldn't believe what he had just heard. Wreck and Rule? Is he thinking of starting up....

"Well, it's about time you realized that there's a war going on."
He looked over the datapad in his hand and smiled a little as he turned and walked out. As he left, he turned his head and said "Good to see you havn't wussed out in your old age Prime."

He walked out to meet Artfire and Stepper. "Let's go boys, time to go find Roadbuster."

Stepper asked "Why? What's going on?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll tell you when we get there."

2004-04-22, 01:40 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "No, you didn't run into me, Skyfall. Just looking for Nightbeat. Have you seen him?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "Hound, you're an Autobot. I think the Decepticons brainwashed you."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-22, 01:55 AM
Skyfall checked himself over, no outer damage besides getting some paint scraped onto him. Nothing to worry about. He turned and looked at Roadbuster. This was obviously a bot designed for combat. Standing as tall as Prime (from what he could guess) and heavily armed and armoured. Unfortunatly, Skyfalls vocorder started before his brain could catch up.

"You're primarily a combat bot aren't you? Do you have any pressing responsiblilities at this base?"

Skyfall paused for a moment. He'd taken the leap, no turning back now, just keep going with the flow and make the best of it. What's the worst that could happen - this guy ignores him and he moves on.

"I'm asking because I've gotten permission to form a strike force. Primarily heavy combat units. We're going to perform hit and run and Gorilla stikes against Decepticon positions and personell. So, I guess what I'm saying is...... Do you want to join?"

2004-04-22, 02:08 AM
An Autobot.
A disgusted feeling hit Hound right in the combustion chamber like he had gotten stuck with a watered-down batch of unleaded petrol.
I've heard that before.
Carefully and slowly, he reached to the side of his leg and pulled out a tape as he waited for the Nebulon to answer. Glad for the cover, he quietly inserted the small component into a slot in his chest and flicked his attention back and forth between the group outside the hologram, the Nebulon and the info that was running through his circuits.

Prowl nodded slightly at Minerva's diagnosis. "How difficult is it to check for cerebro shells or other mind-controlling devices Minerva?"

2004-04-22, 02:11 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -looming over Skyfall- "You're looking at the only surviving member of the Wreckers. And I haven't killed anything in about ......" -checks chrono on HUD- "...an hour."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -nods, starts scanning Hound- "It depends on how thorough they were."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-22, 02:26 AM
Skyfall ignited his thrusters and floated up to eye level. He wasn't going to be intimidated by this bot. Skyfall had heard of the Wreckers in history class. A legendary group of warriors who upheld the Autobot cause by doing what was nessiary. But to be honnest - That didn't impress Skyfall. It was Fortress Maximus and the Headmasters who broke the Destron forces. God Ginrai who forced them back into the farthest reaches of the universe and Victory Saber who destroyed their ultimate weapon. This "Roadbuster" was not going to look down on him.

"That's nice. And your skills would be a welcome asset. But this will be my team, under my command. Fight with me, and we can cause the Decepticons no end of trouble. Stay here and fight major battles, it's your choice. I'd like you on the team - the Wreckers are legends where I come from. It's up to you."

2004-04-22, 04:33 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer smiled a bit. "Most humans don't have any use for empires, I think. They don't really have any use for governments at all, a lot of the time. On Nebulos, before the Hive took over we didn't have a strong government at all..." His smile collapsed. "But that's what doomed us, in the end. When Lord Zarak's Hive started taking over, we didn't have any real military, no way to stop them. When the Autobots came, they helped us; without them, we may never have gotten rid of the Hive."

He paused for a moment, wondering what Hound was doing with the tape he took, and wishing that Minerva had kept her mouth shut for just a moment longer.

Hound really wasn't ready to hear that yet...

"Earth, now, is a lot like Nebulos was before the Hive took over. Galvatron's empire is threatening it, and the humans have no way to stop them. They need outside help to keep their freedom, and there aren't many sources of help for them to choose from. Basically, it's the Autobots, or it's no one."

2004-04-22, 04:31 PM
Images downloaded from the tape and Saber's information ran through the scout's circuits. Clashing perspectives on the information that had been left in his mind seemed to mesh with the visual recordings of imagery that were on the tape. And the group of Autobots that Hound was seeing from the tape visuals included some of those in front of him, as well as an Autobot who looked much like himself- only in a lighter form of green.

His head felt hot from the amount of information he was trying to process, connect and recall amidst errors, missing files and to his dismay- locked files. Through the processing, a deeper and darker voice ran through his mind and he answered it in a mumble.

They will try to tell you that you are an Autobot. It is a lie. You are a loyal Decepticon. You have given your oath freely.
*Hound pulled the Autobot decal off to check*
"I did- I have the brand. I am loyal, but I can't harm the humans. Those are Commander Astrotrains orders as well."

Take the Nebulon hostage. They will let you leave with him.

"No. I will not put him in danger."

He is an Autobot sympathizer. He helps them to harm the other humans and he is bonded to an Autobot. Transmit your data to Buzzsaw.

An image of Sunstreaker shooting at him came up prominently in his mind.

Hound ignored it an instead looked at Pinpointer, studying the Nebulon carefully.
"I cannot be an Autobot, and I now am betraying the Decepticons.

I'm... lost."


Prowl watched the television hologram with a steely expression and waited for Minerva's diagnosis, even though it was now becoming clear that this was no case like Mirage's cerebro shell had been.

On his internal communicator, he clicked over to Optimus Prime's frequency.

"Sir, this is Prowl. Hound has been recovered, but his memory has been tampered with in some form. The Decepticons have done exterior work on him-- and judging from the weaponry, interior rewiring work as well. I am awaiting Minerva's diagnosis, and I will be delayed slightly longer until this is secured."


2004-04-22, 07:08 PM
Pinpointer frowned at Hound, unsure of what to say. Finally something clicked in his mind, and he hoped Hound would listen, that his programming would let him listen.

He forced a smile for the deranged mech. "Don't tell yourself that you're lost; you still have your morals. You still know what's right and what's wrong. If the Decepticons are doing something that you feel is wrong, you have to try to stop them.

"The Decepticons promised you that they'd take care of the humans, correct? But they don't. If you leave them, you aren't betraying them; they have already betrayed you."

God Jinrai
2004-04-22, 07:40 PM
Prime recieved the comm from his desk panel, and his optics narrowed...

"Dropshot, you're dismissed. If you've any more problems, deal with them. You're a "grown bot" anyway... "

Prime stepped past dropshot, out into the hall...

"Artfire, Stepper, I hope you two are prepared for what your friend has just gotten you into... time to prove what you're truly made of."

and with that, prime started down the corridor, heading for the medbay... hound... was recovered, but as he'd feared, the decepticons had yet again done the unthinkable... violated a living being's mind, re-conditoned it to serve their whims...and worst of all... it was one of his closest friends... and confidants....

nearly to the medbay, prime stoped, and almost slumped over... leaning against the wall, he set his hand against his face, wiping away tears.. coolant, really, but prime had felt himself to be more comfortable with human terminology now than ever before.... and not an instant after wiping them away, he slammed his fist into the hallway's wall... there was a slight dent, and cog came rushing down the hall, in a seeming panic...

Seeing optimus, however the unit quickly understood the reason for the dent. prime had been under immense pressure, both externally and from within. a strained, false peace... his friend, kidnapped and re-programmed.... and cybertron was still under quintesson rule... cog allowed prime his moment alone, and as prime started down the hall, cog patched up the dent, and muttered silently....

"Of all the autobots to live... he... must truly live the most painful life of all."

2004-04-23, 12:35 AM
But neither side is right and both are destructive, even according to Saber's own tape.

Hound looked around at the Autobots still in the room and noted they were still pointing their rifles at him. He tensed and hovered a hand above his rifle momentarily as he considered.

They address me as if they know me... call me an Autobot..... and still look to shoot at me. But I am Decepticon, aren't I? And if so, why do I remember the terrain here in imagery and description while I do not remember the terrain of Carbombya? They think I am afraid of them, but I am afraid only of myself and for this planet. I am missing my self-control. Need to remember my patience.

Hound closed his optics as he pondered, and then put a hand down to Pinpointer. "I believe I understand. I am not a Decepticon- as Spike would say- at heart... but what am I required to do now? I need more information."

2004-04-23, 03:45 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -scowling at readings as they come up-

Ironhide: -shoulders way to front of crowd- "Hound?"

2004-04-23, 04:15 AM
Red Alert heard a familiar footfall pattern coming down the hallway, and so he was quite surprised when the sounds that he'd attributed to Prime suddenly stopped, and was replaced by a loud bang. The security officer almost ran to his commander's side to see what the problem was, but when the sound didn't repeat itself he decided it would be wiser to stay at his post.

Whatever Prime's doing...he certainly won't want my interference.
Pinpointer almost smiled. "What are you required to do now? Only what your conscience requires of you. I can't make that choice for you." His eyes widened a bit, as he had an epiphany. "But there is someone who might be able to help you...this 'Spike' you talk about...you mean Spike Witwicky, don't you?"

2004-04-23, 04:25 AM
Hound flicked a glance toward the crowd as he heard Ironhide call his name. A brief moment of annoyance and frustration passed and he answered, "Yes- Ironhide." Then Hound muttered, "Who else would it be? Everyone here seems to think they know me.", before returning his attention to Pinpointer.

"Yes, Spike is a friend of mine Pinpointer. Do you know him?"

2004-04-23, 04:32 AM
"I've met Spike before," Pinpointer replied to Hound. "He and his son were on Nebulos during the liberation. He is a good man. Since you call him a friend, I take it you think so too, and that you trust him. If you need more information to make your choice, why don't you ask him?"

2004-04-23, 04:47 AM
"Yes, Daniel and Spike are both good friends. But I doubt these Autobots are going to let me leave. They look like they'd rather fillet me."
Prowl listened intently to the conversation and calculated options.
He put a hand on Ironhide's shoulder.
"Ironhide, it is impossible for him to recognise you as an ally. He barely has acknowledged any presence other than Crosshairs' bonded Nebulon. Perhaps it would be advantageous to request Spike's presence here, but we should be cautious in doing so. The damage to his memory seems to have been confined to identification and cognition of our species. It would appear that the humans have been more or less- overlooked."

Prowl turned to Crosshairs. "It is evident that Hound means no harm to your partner, however, are you at ease with Pinpointer's close proximity?"

2004-04-23, 04:56 AM
Crosshairs shook his head. "Of course not, Prowl." He sighed. "But it's not as if we have a choice...Pinpointer's the only one he's listening to. Besides, he turns into a gun; he could defend himself if he had to."
Pinpionter frowned. "I don't think they're going to hurt you; they're just not sure what to make of you. You're hardly acting the way they were taught Decepticons act, after all."

2004-04-23, 05:13 AM
Prowl nodded slightly to Crosshairs. What I don't see yet is the reason for their interest in both Hound and Smokescreen. Several possibilities exist, but why those two- and why the methods used here? And will Smokescreen come back to us in the same status?

Prowl mulled over his thoughts and then he noticed the medic's face. He frowned in return. "Minerva, what do you see?"


Hound's optics widened slightly and he nodded. "Yes, you're right. They would see Decepticons as their enemies. And I should be. I came to get information. But the more I get, the more questions I have."

He shifted his damaged leg slightly as the unrepaired area started to give pain signals, and then he looked again at the Nebulon.
"They are nervous that you're here. Maybe you should go back to Crosshairs and let them finish."

2004-04-23, 05:19 AM
Pinpointer frowned. "You keep saying that," he noted. "I'm almost starting to think that you're hoping that they'll shoot you so you don't have to sort out this situation."

2004-04-23, 05:31 AM
Hound couldn't help but laugh. "It might make things easier until the poor medic has to clean up. But no- I will face them if that's what is required."

The smile faded and he got a pained expression as he balanced to stand up, using the corner of the walls as a support. He let the hologram vanish and looked at Crosshairs with a mixed look of caution and respect.

"You're fortunate, Crosshairs."

2004-04-23, 05:41 AM
Crosshairs stared at Hound for a moment, returning the same type of look, before replying. "For Pinpointer?" he asked. "Yes, I am. He's a good friend, and I'm lucky to have him."

Pinpointer smiled a bit; his partner didn't usually say things like that. He looked up at Hound's leg. "That doesn't look too good. Will you let Minerva finish repairing you now?"

Hyper Prime
2004-04-23, 11:43 AM
Seawatch had joined Stakeout and Fixit, "Sorry I'm late boss."
"No problem," replied Stakeout, "I was just about to call for back up." Stakeout then activated his long range commuincation dash board and scroll down a list of Autobots in the city. He saw the name Prowl and remembered he is an Autobot that reports to Prime a lot. He chose his name and said, "Hello, Prowl? This is Autobot Micromaster Stakeout. Me and some of the members of my team are in hot pursuit of a human that is needed for questioning. He is headed for the forest to escape. We need some back up to catch this guy. Stakeout over and out." Stakeout and his two comrades transformed inot vehicle mode and sped out of the main exit of Metroplex.

2004-04-23, 03:10 PM
Bluestreak had wandered to far forward into the scorched forest to really hear what Mirage had said. Not only was he so far forward he couldn't really hear him but he was off in his own world with his jaw open and eyes wide as everything poured through his processors almost to fast for him too process.


"Hound" Windslice repeated the name. He had heard it before. Was he the one that was in the Decepticon base? He turned his back to Trailbreaker and started walking back towards Fort Max. He had to find out.

God Jinrai
2004-04-23, 04:22 PM
Finally arriving at the medbay, prime decided not to enter just yet... rather, opening an internal comm, he radioed ironhide and prowl...

"Prowl, Ironhide, I'm waiting outside medbay. We need to talk... It concerns smokescreen and Hound..."

2004-04-23, 05:11 PM
"Bluestreak?" Mirage noticed the silvery blue Autobot disappearing into the trees and quickly followed.

The autobot seemed in a daze and not particularly focusing on anything.
Poor kid. He's going to fry his circuits if he doesn't get a rest soon.
Mirage walked a bit closer and called again in a quieter voice, not wanting to startle him. "Hey Bluestreak, comeon buddy- let's go back to base."


"Hey Windslice- where are you going?"
Trailbreaker cocked his head to one side as he got confused from the strange reaction.
Why the interest in the fight out here?

Inferno chuckled. He knew he could outwrestle Sunstreaker just as surely as the yellow speedster could outrun him. "Yeah, okay pal. Let's get those marks off of your paint before they stain."

Inferno grabbed a polishing kit from a shelf and walked over with a flourish to a chair. "Have a seat."

2004-04-23, 11:52 PM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -narrows green optic band to a mere slit at Skyfall's words- "Let me get this straight. You want to round up a band of Autobot misfits and highly aggressive types to act as a commando raiding unit against the Decepticons." -starts to chuckle- "Oh, I'll join you. I get the feeling you kids are going to need somebody who's done this before." -moves close enough so all Skyfall will be able to see is his(Roadbuster's) face- "Just make sure that you recruit the right ones, the ones who are willing to kill at a moment's notice, the ones who will show no mercy, the ones who will fight on, no matter how damaged they are, no matter how desperate the situation, even if you know that death is the best you can hope for. It took the destruction of a fallen god and the unleashing of the power of the Matrix to whittle us down to just me."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -activates commlink, secure channel to Prowl- "They messed with his head. Seriously. His baseline EEG is way off."

Nightbeat: -holsters plasma blaster- "Okay, Hound...... What say we do this, then. We take you to see Spike and Daniel."

Ironhide: -steps out of medbay, walks over to Prime- "What's goin' on?"

2004-04-24, 02:08 AM
Prowl ran through various situations that would likely occur and then glanced around. Back internally, he responded.

"Minerva, do what you can to repair his leg and find out the extent of the Decepticon methods involved in this. I think he'll be docile enough for you to work on as long as Hound is certain you're a human. His personality component would appear to have been left intact. I will leave you protection just in case there is a distubance."

Prowl turned to Nightbeat. "Nightbeat, I will request Spike's presence here. Hound is damaged and Minerva will repair him. I would ask that you stay and help assist with anything that is required. After that, Crosshairs and Pinpointer will accompany him while he recovers. Any information he requests is to be provided- from the Earth television channels to written publications to our stored general database. Ultra Magnus, please see to accumulation of the resources and assist them if the need arises. I will trust to your judgement on his weaponry Magnus."

With that, Prowl turned to follow Ironhide.
And I will ensure communication is secured myself.
He clicked onto his communicator. "Blaster, secure communications on all channels within the confines of the city. All are to be monitored closely. If you need assistance, you may call on any Autobots on active duty.[/i]
Prowl walked out into the hallway, letting the door close behind him, and walked up to Optimus and Ironhide.
"Yes Optimus?"

2004-04-24, 07:08 AM
The closer proximity of Mirage pulled Bluestreak out of his stress and worry induced trance.

"Huh? Wha? Yeah... go back" He mumbled turning around to face him again.


"You have my name, you want to know where I'm going. Next you'll be issuing a recharge time for me when I must be back here and wanting to know anyone I've spoken with" Windslice called as he walked away from Trailbreaker. Autobots and their need to know everything about everyone at anytime. It made the Decepticon's appealing in the sense he could do what ever he wanted. He slipped back into the door he slipped out of.

Brave Maximus
2004-04-24, 08:19 AM
Skyfall looked at Roadbuster and considered what he had said.
"For what we are going to do, I hope they are too. They seem to be a good group, all battle tested warriors. But this will be their first time working togeather as a group. I'm hopeing that you and the other legendary warrior I'm recruiting will be able to pull them togeather. I'll be looking to you two for advice and support, and to you for heavy firepower. You and me are going to be the big guns of this group."

With that last line Skyfall smiled. Few of the Autobots here had seen him battle with Sixshot, and they thought him just a micromaster.

"We'll rondevue at the Omega Shuttle in 1 earth hour. It's just outside of the Maximus and there should be some Minicons inside. Don't mind them, they're........ odd. Our first order of business is to set up a base. We need to scavenge what's in it and then make a list of what we need to ........ borrow from the enemies. Meet you then, I'm off to find the rest of the crew, I suggest you pick up any personal equipment and make a stop by the armories for any extra ammo or weapons."

Skyfall then transformed and flew away from Roadbuster - heading up to Prime's Quarters. The first Bot he ran into was Jazz.

"Jazz, do you have a moment? I was going to take you up on your offer about joining the combat squad."

2004-04-24, 08:46 AM
Mirage wasn't much for settled emotions, but he gave Bluestreak an easy smile. "Yeah... back." He paused and glanced around once- moving slowly to make certain that Bluestreak was following him. "Even if the night is nice and peaceful. Kinda reminds me of the outer borderlands of Iacon."

Mirage's optics glowed brightly in the darkness as he thought of his home. He caught himself and chuckled as he pulled out a couple of small energon chips and offered one to Bluestreak.


Hound nodded slightly to Pinpointer and watched as Ironhide and Prowl left the room. Uncertain about the weapons still pointed at him or the implications of the ongoings, the scout moved back toward the table slowly and looked towards Minerva.
"If you're willing to finish the repairs on my leg, I'd really appreciate your help."

God Jinrai
2004-04-24, 08:47 PM
Looking at his two security officers, prime let out something of a sigh...

"The reason for smokescreen being abducted hit me not long ago. The decepticons were planning to use him as means of propaganda, either forcing him to make false statements about us, or possibly worse...

and as for hound... It's not absurd to surmise that they had every intent of using him as their OWN personal scout... it would account for his memory alterations and the weapons system alterations..."

2004-04-24, 10:26 PM
Before Jazz had a chance to speak, the world had run past him. Prime vanished from the room almost too quickly to be noticed, and Jazz was left with the audio residue of something about the Wreckers. He frowned and thought on it for a minute, but decided he didn't know enough. With a shrug, he sauntered out into the hall, but was quickly stopped by the little guy he saw in the brig.

"Woah, slow down there, man! What's shakin'?"

He listened carefully to Skyfall's words, and responded with a smile.

"Heh. You can count me in! I love adventure..."

He thumbed over his shoulder with an accompanying nod, toward Prime's quarters.

"But if you're lookin' to talk it over with the big guy, you're goin' the wrong way. He's gone down to the infirmary to straighten up somethin' with our buddy Hound. 'Least, I think so..."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-25, 05:32 AM
Skyfall followed Jazz's motion into Primes chamber and shrugged a little. He wanted to talk to Prime, but he could always relay a message, or Ironhide could inform him - it wasn't a big thing. He really didn't need to disturb Optimus Prime with the information that he was leaving.

"Jazz, we're going to meet outside of Maximus at the Omega Shuttle in a little less than one hour. Gather your personal equipment and we'll meet you there. I do have a mission for you though. We're going to be relocating to the Ark as our base of opperations. It needs alot of repair. I was wondering if you could find Wheeljack and see if you can get him to make a few, like 15 or so, cans of that miricle spray armour of his? And possibly enough of the heavy stuff for the outer armour plating? I'll brief you on the rest when we meet at Omega."

Skyfall paused for a moment, almost turning away. But he turned back and looked at Jazz.

"Jazz, I don't know how to say this, but...... You're one of 2 legendary warriors on the team, and you have leadership experience. While Roadbuster can bring them togeather - but I need a second in command. Right now, I'm offering the job to you. I'll need you to keep the troops in line and work with Roadbuster on merging them into a fighting unit."

2004-04-25, 05:55 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer smiled a bit as Hound talked to Minerva. The Nebulan climbed back onto Crosshairs' shoulder, then whispered to his partner, "Looks like he's coming to his senses; that wasn't so hard."

Crosshairs looked at his Nebulan with amusement. "Don't be modest; you did a good job." He frowned. "But don't make a habit of heroics like that. I'd hate to see you get killed."

The two of them moved a bit closer to the operating table so Hound would have a clear view of the Nebulan he seemed to have befriended.

2004-04-25, 10:13 AM
Prowl nodded as he continued to process the data.

"I came to that conclusion also with regards to Smokescreen. Optimus, it would be indicative from the evidence that the Decepticons are aiming to control the rest of the humans through charisma. They control some already by threat of force and others by fear from past encounters. But the United countries as a whole cannot be taken except through their willful agreement. That would certainly be the reasoning for the interruption of the UN conference and the abduction. Smokescreen is more than capable of producing the required desirable responses from the humans. Smokescreen's human verbal skills would be a tremendous asset to the Decepticon ranks. The question therein lies with what condition they have kept him in.

However Hound is another matter. A great deal of redesigning on him occured. His body form has stayed much the same, while color and type would indicate the intentions of direct espionage. His new weaponry would entail the redirection of numerous stealth systems for muffled attachments. However, his memory banks are directed towards the welfare of the humans."

Prowl glanced back briefly at the medical doors and then continued.

"It would appear that he can only identify those of us that do not have human counterparts. Further, he has been led to believe that we have performed the same actions as the Decepticons. Had he wanted to walk into either Fortress Maximus or Metroplex, he would have been able to. His Autobot energy registry is still intact. *Prowl paused and fixed on Optimus* But he didn't. I don't believe he remembers his function, which would indicate missing memory banks. I am awaiting Minerva's complete diagnosis.

I believe now Sir, that they intended for Hound to provide imagery to help assist Smokescreen in convincing the humans of the Decepticon's word. After that, they would probably have used him as a spy or terminated him. I don't believe they were through with Hound, and I don't believe they would have sent him here in this condition after going through so much effort. He must have wandered off or escaped, but I have not had an opportunity yet to ask him. Further, it appears he would prefer to answer only to the Nebulons. If indeed some of his memory banks have been removed, there would exist the possibility that the Decepticons kept them intact to see if they could extract the data.

However, there remains the question of how to deal with him. He appears amiable enough, but I've left Crosshairs and his partner as a guard in case of trouble. Additionally, he seems to display inquisitiveness about the true nature of the factions and I've requested materials for him. But the fact remains he has been altered and does pose a security risk. Shall I order Minerva to shut him down?"

2004-04-25, 06:25 PM
Jazz chuckled to Skyfall's request and replied with a tilt of the head and a snap of the fingers, in his usual gregarious fashion.

"Yeah, Roadbuster's a good fella, but he can get a little war-crazy. I'll take the job, but I think you and I're gonna need to talk about some things on the way out to the Ark..."

He grinned and leaped through a transformation into his Porsche mode, slapping Skyfall on the back as he fell to the floor. His tires screeched and smoked against the metal, and he peeled off for where he'd last heard Wheeljack was...


Fortress Maximus: Inner Hull

Jazz scanned left and right, his engine chugging loudly as he coasted to the end of the hall. He could have sworn Wheeljack was in here, performing repairs on the city... He stopped at the end and transformed, taking a moment to ponder. A muffled voice entered his audials, and he pressed his head against the wall to examine it.

"Movin' fast, buddy."

Jazz tapped a button on the console on the side wall, and the access hatch at the end of the hall slid away. Jazz grabbed a handle on the outer hull and swung his body half-way out of the hall, the other hand cupped over his mouth to yell down to Wheeljack's lab.

"Wheeeeeljaaaack! You got a minute?"

(OOC: Edited because I misguessed Wheeljack's location...)

God Jinrai
2004-04-25, 10:42 PM
Stirring from his extended nap, wheeljack's optics came online...

*uuuuugh "Man, I musta been out longer than I thought... replating alla fortress took more outta me than I thought..."

Wheeljack rose up, sticking his head out the door of his lab, and shouted back...


Prime wasn't surprised by what prowl had to say... but the last matter bothered him... "a security risk.... " he muttered.

"Prowl... I know I can trust your judgement... but this is one time... that I have to say we may not agree on this one. I feel we should leave him online... at least until minerva finishes the diagnosis. Making an attempt to send him offline would likely cause him to retaliate either in a viloent manner, which would be VERY unlike him... even if the cons HAVE done reprogramming.... or worse, he ends up escaping, and we're back to square one... with him missing again. Regardless of tracking devices... we can't storm the decepticons' base of operations... not yet. "

2004-04-25, 10:57 PM
(OOC: Hm. Research tells me that Wheeljack was last outside fixing Max's hull... Ah well, I'll edit that to make it more fitting.)

Jazz laughed loudly and strode into Wheeljack's lab. He raised his right hand to Wheeljack, awaiting a high-five.

"You gotta lighten up, man. But hey, listen. Me and some o' the guys are headin' over to Hilary, gonna patch up the Ark, dig? And we need some of your magic spray stuff to do the job. Can you spot me a coupl'a cans?"

He paused to recall the other part of Skyfall's request.

"Oh yeah, and I need a couple more of extra strength for the outside of the she-bang, you know?"

Aero Blade
2004-04-25, 11:41 PM
(OOC: That's what I thought too, Reflector. Aw well, being part of an RP means being able to adapt to situations :) )

Aero Blade looked around for a little bit, but he didn't find any traces of Wheeljack outside. It seemed repairs were finished on the outside, so he probably had gone back to his lab while Aero had been distracted with Roadbuster and the Cyclone Cannon. He was still a bit antsy at wanting something to repair, so he headed back towards Wheeljack's lab to see if the other tech could direct him to anything that needed work.

As he made his way back towards the lab, he spotted Wheeljack and yet another unfamiliar Autobot. He didn't hesitate this time, though, and went towards them, picking up on the conversation. "Are you going to be repairing something?" Aero Blade asked, approaching Jazz. "If you need an extra hand, I'd be happy to help," he offered.

Brave Maximus
2004-04-26, 12:03 AM
Skyfall was just about sent flying with Jazz's enthusiastic back slap, it took the Micromaster a moment to right himself with his thrusters. By the time everything was right, Jazz was long gone.

Ah well, at least he's excited about the job. That's two down, four to go, not counting talking to Sixwing. Who's next?

Walking over to a computer access pannel and activated it.

"Computer current location of units designated Dropshot, Artfire and Stepper?"

The computer then brought up an internal map of Fortress Maximus, displaying that Dropshot and Co were only a few hallways away. Not bothering to Transform, Skyfall hit his thrusters and headed over to them, where Dropshot was muttering something to his companions.

"Hey, Dropshot. What is your team currently doing?"

2004-04-26, 01:21 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -shrugs, heads for Medbay- "The kid's motivated. I just hope he knows what he's getting himself into."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -leans against a counter, thinking-

Minerva: -still scanning Hound- "I can repair your leg, Hound, but the damage is pretty severe. Would it be okay with you if I put you under for the repair procedure?"

Nightbeat: -straightens- "I'll leave you to it, Minerva. I need to check on something." -walks out of medbay, saying quietly to Crosshairs- "I'm counting on you to keep her safe, bubba." -leaves medbay-

Outside Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Then Ah say we go get Smokescreen back. Be better'n lettin' him get his brain scrambled."


Roadbuster: "Hey, Nightbeat!"

Nightbeat: -looks around- "Huh?"

Roadbuster: "Happy Hollow Days, or something." -tosses Nightbeat the cyclone cannon and a datapadd- "Threw in a users manual. And next time, run your own errands."

Nightbeat: -catches cyclone cannon, scans the users manual- "Thanks. This should do nicely." -slings cannon- "Are you doing anything?"

Roadbuster: "Getting ready to help one of the Micromasters try to reform the Wreckers. I can't wait to see what he comes up with."

Nightbeat: "Good grief." -sighs- "All right. Let me know how it goes." -heads for the entrance ramp- "I'll be back."

2004-04-26, 01:55 AM
The scout closed his optics briefly and then glanced again at Crosshairs and Pinpointer. He carefully eased up onto the table and studied the shot to the leg.

Messy, painful, but is it that bad? They could take out my weaponry, or lock me up- or for that matter remove my personality component. But they didn't fire at me- and Nightbeat said they might take me to Spike- or bring him here. Prowl said they'd allow me information and then left. Would they have done all that if they were going to take me out? Hmmm. To do my job, I have to take risks... trust her... but I should tell Buzzsaw to go.

"All right Minerva. If you think that would be advisable."
Hound laid back on the table and clicked onto his internal communicator to a Decepticon frequency.
Very bluntly, he stated, "Buzzsaw, return home," and then clicked off.

Hyper Prime
2004-04-26, 01:58 AM
Outside Medbay, Fort Max:

Redhot was running outside of the medbay when he accidentally ran into Ironhide's leg. He looked up and said, "Oh hey Ironhide, can't talk for long. We got a situation outside. Stakeout reports that a human needed for questioning is trying to escape to the forest and they need some help. On my way there now!" Redhot then transformed into his fire truck mode and sped off, his siren blasting away.

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Countdown said over his radio to Stakeout, "He's reached the forest and is headed for the east. Redhot is about to join you guys. Seawatch, break away to left and cut him off. Fixit, Stakeout, trail him. We don't want him escaping."

Forest outside:

"Gotcha Countdown." Stakeout replied. "You heard him, go guys!" Stakeout and the other two micros transformed and sped off into the forest, Seawatch breaking away from the group and heading off on his own while the other two trailed the human far away from him.

2004-04-26, 02:42 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -shuts Hound down, starts repairing his leg-

Exterior, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -transforms, starts off for Denver, tires squealing-

Outside Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Gotcha, Red Hot. Jus' remember, don' hurt him."

2004-04-26, 03:28 AM
After listening to Ironhide, Prowl gave Optimus a nod. "I'll tell Minerva to leave him online and just to repair the injury. And I concur with Ironhide. We do need to locate Smokescreen and recover him. The warriors are nearly repaired now and our ranks are recovering well. Base functions are at 78.275% and climbing."

Prowl clicked onto his internal frequency. "Minerva, Hound should not be taken offline for your safety and for security. I will be in again shortly to question him. I need that complete data report on his status as soon as possible."

"Hey Windslice! Wait up!" Trailbreaker followed the strange transformer as fast as he could. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

2004-04-26, 03:48 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -sighs- "I think you need to have your timing looked at, Prowl. It sucks." -finishes repairing Hound's leg, opens panel on his head- "And I think you'd better get in here. Whoever was in his head last did a lot of unneccessary component removal."

2004-04-26, 03:57 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Bubba? Crosshairs gave Nightbeat a strange look as he walked out of the room. What the slag is a 'bubba'?

Pinpointer leaned forward from his perch on Crosshairs' shoulder and told Minerva, "Be sure to put everything back in there when you're done, OK? He won't be happy if he wakes up to find brain componants scattered across the room."


Outside Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert continued to stand guard at his assigned post. He had his sensor arrays set to full power, and he wondered idly if Prime & co. realized that he could hear their conversation as clearly as he would have if they were standing a metre away from his face yelling at one another.

Of course, he made no motion that would let on that he was listening in, but he continued to process all that they said. It wouldn't do for a security officer to ignore a conversation about a potential threat, even if he wasn't intended to be a party to the conversation.

2004-04-26, 04:03 AM
Prowl blinked in confusion. Suck? How can timing suck? It is impossible for it to have that feature. The act of attachment or inhalation... oh wait... this is human teenager language.

He looked up as he turned to go back into medbay. "Excuse me for just a moment...Optimus, Ironhide. Minerva requires my presence for her diagnostics."

2004-04-26, 05:48 AM
"Iacon" Bluestreak whispered as he slowly followed behind Mirage. "Do you think we will ever see it again?" He asked looking up into the sky studying it trying to pinpoint where Cybetron was at that given time "What if we can never get it back? Not just Iacon but the whole planet. What if we are forced to stay here and keep destroying this planet?" He looked back down as he started to speed up how fast he walked to keep pace with her.


Windslice groaned as he heard Trailbreaker's voice again. "I am going to the Infirmary so while you're here you may aswell lead the way." He knew where it was but he knew bots like Trailbreaker needed purpose to live.


Sunstreaker sat down and watched Inferno. He didn't much trust Inferno with the job of polishing his chassiss. It may have been the chipping paint or all stains on his lower body near where his wheels were but he really didn't really see him as a hygenic robot in the sense of keeping fresh and clean.

"Don't miss any spots either or I'll be enforced to emberass you ten times more than I normally would later"


Blaster sat back as all the communications passed back and forth between Autobots. A lot of it about Hound, some of it about other things but he was hearing it all. There was nothing out of the ordinary until...

"That isn't an Autobot frequency!" He quickly sat up and intercepted and started pointing out the location. "Prowl come in this is Blaster. I just picked off an out going transmission on a Decepticon Frequency from Hound... Apparently Buzzsaw is kicking around out there somewhere. Permission to send RainDance out to apprehend him"

2004-04-26, 07:59 AM
"Yeah. Yeah Bluestreak- I do think so." Mirage sighed as he looked up into the starry night sky. "Optimus wouldn't just let the Quintessons take over Cybertron. We just need to recover. Then I'm sure he'll lead us home. At least - this is an okay place to visit."

Mirage motioned for the door hatch to open. "Come on. Let's go get you rested and recharged."

Trailbreaker tilted his head to one side as he motioned for Windslice to follow him. "You don't look like you're hurt Windslice, but I suppose everyone needs a - wait, does this have something to do with the fight outside?"

"Can't have any missed spots." Inferno smiled a bit as he worked on polishing Sunstreaker. "High gloss finishes are such a pain to keep clean."

Inferno paused remembering how injured he had been in the last battle and then continued with a smile.
"Hey Sunstreaker, what do ya say next time we see those Decepticons, we put some holes in their exterior finishes that'll never get repaired?"

Prowl's attention snapped to Blaster and his optics narrowed as he froze in place. "He held up a hand to Optimus and Ironhide as he switched the communicator to his external.
"Affirmative Blaster. Dispatch Raindance immediately to locate and capture Buzzsaw. Have the cities go to maximum security until further notice. *Prowl shot a meaningful glance towards Red.* Red Alert will join him outside, as will Mirage. Do you know the content of the communicae and were there any answers?"

2004-04-26, 08:49 AM
Red Alert met Prowl's glance. "Not that I'd ever turn down a chance to play hide-and-seek with someone who's trying to breach the perimeter, but I'm still unarmed. With your permission, I'll head down to the armoury, then link up with the other persuers."

Of course, the request for permission was only a formality. Before Prowl could answer, Red was in vehicle mode, tearing off towards the armoury with his siren blaring.

God Jinrai
2004-04-26, 02:34 PM
"Prowl, while you attend to buzzsaw, I'll head into med bay and see what the situation is with hound..."

Prime turned from prowl, and nodded to ironhide signaling for him to come as well...

Prime approached the med-table where minerva stood, and hound lay unconscious..

"Alright, Minerva, let's hear the full rundown."

2004-04-26, 03:08 PM
"You said Hound was in a fight. Hound was the one I saw at that Decepticon Base in the middle-eastern area of this planet. Atleast I think he is. Green in colour right?" Windslice asked as he followed him. "He is where I got that Autobrand I showed you after you decided to shoot me. I had intended to go back and get him out but if he is here he is too late. Of what I did see though...."


Blaster stood up and the compartment in his chest opened up and both Raindance and Steeljaw ejected out.

"Go get that metal pigeon. Keep him functioning though he has stuff we want to know" Blaster spoke

"Will do!" Replied Raindance and Steeljaw just growled as they hopped out of the crows nest heading towards where the transmission went.

"Nothing big Prowl, Hound was telling him to high tail it out of here" Blaster replies to the question asked by the Autobot officer.

He sat back down in his chair and pressed a few buttons on a panel as he opened up all the Autobot frequencies and the PA systems in both cities and all remaining outposts.

"Hey autobuddies, we got a Decepticon prescence in the are so keep on your toes for our purple wearing foes!"


Sunstreaker shook his head to Inferno "What would you know about a high polish finish? You probably haven't had that since you stepped off the assembly line" he than grinend about the comment of shooting Decepticons "You don't even have to ask me to do that. I tend to just do it.


Bluestreak just kept following Mirage the joy of getting to recharge was looking very good right now.

Hyper Prime
2004-04-26, 08:37 PM

Stakeout and Fixit were gaining on the human and yelled, "Halt, in the name of the law!"
"What law?" Coming up from behind them was Redhot, sireens blaring full blast.
"Its just a human expression Redhot, now cut the jokes and transform!" And as he said, all three micros changed into their robot modes and ran behind the human.

It seemed he would lose them as he slid underneath a large, fallen tree trunk. The micros tried to blast through, but it was taking a little too much time. The human gleefully ran and looked back, that is until he ran into something cold and hard. He was then grabbed from behind by Seawatch, doing as they had planned so. As the other micros blasted through, they saw their comrade and patted him on the shoulder.
"Nice work Seawatch."
"Thanks Stakeout, this sure was easy." Seawatch replied. He then set the human down. Stakeout then pulled out a pair of laser power hand-cuffs and immoblized his hands. He then activated his commuincator and said, "Hey Jazz, we've got that human you were talking about safely in custody. Were bringing him back to base. If there is anything else we can do, let us know." He then ended transmission and pulled out his gun. The other micros did as well and looked to the human. "Walk." Stakeout said, "We don't want any trouble." So, the group headed for base, Seawatch and Stakeout taking the lead with the human behind them and Redhot and Fixit bringing up the rear not too far behind.

2004-04-27, 12:47 AM
Blue optics flickered as Prowl processed the activity.

"Blaster, continue to monitor all frequencies for the time being. I will send you a replacement as soon as I am able."

Prowl clicked off and sent a text message to Mirage to follow Red Alert.

So he wasn't alone. But how much data did they gather? And how much data could the Decepticons gather from the missing memory chips?

The strategist stiffened as he thought over the complete implications. Then fixed on two robots coming towards medbay.


"Yeah- he's green- except not green as in green green. But he looked pretty dirty when Ironhide took him away- really black actually."
Trailbreaker paused, looked at his own paint job and then chuckled before getting a more serious expression.
"Medbay's just up there- by Prowl. What do you mean 'he's too late'? And what did you see?"

Trailbreaker glanced at Windslice and then heard Blaster's announcement and frowned.
Mirage clapped Bluestreak on the shoulder as they reached the recharge room and stopped in his tracks. "I just got orders Bluestreak. You stay here and get some rest- take it easy. I'll see you later after I'm done."

2004-04-27, 01:16 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -twirling laser probe between her fingers- "When they did their brainwashing, they didn't just hypnotize or magnafoozle his brain, they did some selective surgery. There's chips from his main memory core missing. They also rewired what they left behind, installed some new components...... To be honest, whoever did such a sloppy job deserves to have his kneecaps broken. It's nothing short of miraculous that Hound's central processing array didn't fuse."

On the Open road:

Nightbeat: -still heading toward Denver-

God Jinrai
2004-04-27, 01:47 AM
Prime's optics narrowed... and then he spoke the name of the one who likely had done the operation...


Slamming his fist against the wall, it was obvious prime was virtually enraged...it was at this point he started out of the medbay... he knew what had to be done... and he was set to find the bots for the job... and tell them... personally.

2004-04-27, 01:48 AM
"I'm wounded Sunstreaker!" Inferno made a semi- dramatic clutch at his chest.

"I keep myself in the best tip top condition possible! Or just maybe... you'd like to show me how it's done with the polish!" A mischievious glint flashed in Inferno's optics as he grinned and offered the tools to Sunstreaker. "I do have a hard time reachin' my back shoulders after all."


Prowl watched Trailbreaker and Windslice approach with a touch of curiousity masked by his cool expression.

Such a strange transformer. First though- Nightbeat.
He radioed Nightbeat over his internal communicator.

"Nightbeat. Your idea with Spike was a good one. I will leave it to you to retrieve him, but for safety, do not allow the rest of the Witwicky family to return just yet. Dirge should still be guarding them at Chip's plant."

2004-04-27, 02:33 AM
On the road to Denver:

Muzzle: -calling up the location of Chip's factory- "He's got to be kidding."

Nightbeat: "You know Prowl. He can't kid. If he did, his head would explode."

Muzzle: -chuckles- "Good point." -grabs commlink handset, pushes talk button- "We read you, Prowl. We'll be back...... whenever we get back. This is going to take a few hours." -deactivates commlink-

Nightbeat: "Here's hoping we're in any condition to bring him back."

Muzzle: -presses Auto Cruise button on Nightbeat's dash, leans driver's seat back, closes eyes- "Since when did you become so worried about a situation like this? We haven't done this in at least a year!"

Nightbeat: "That's my point. We're out of practice."

Muzzle: -shrugs, settles in- "It's like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how, you never forget."

Nightbeat: "True. Very, very true."

2004-04-27, 02:54 AM
Blaster sat back as he listened in on the communications flying around. He had also opened up every non-secure Decepticon channel just to make sure nothing else slipped past him. He was working on getting a few-secure channels open aswell.


"What ever the Decepticon's did to him is probably not reversable atleast not without those Future Technology Factors components. Odd thing to call new technology, I also never knew we labeled components like that anymore" He nodded to Trailbreaker and walked into the Medbay peering inwards getting a glimpse of Hound. It was indeed him and he was definately a different colour.

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-27, 03:52 AM
Dropshot, Stepper and Artfire stopped asSkyfall approached them asked them what they was doing.

"We're on our way to find Roadbuster actually. It appears Optimus Prime might have something important for us to do besides following that scrap heap Ultra Magnus around."

Artfire spoke up. "Why? What do you need Skyfall?

Stepper mumbled. "It better be quick whatever it is."

Dropshot turned and smacked Stepper upside the head.

OUCH!!! "WHAT WAS THAT FOR??" Stepper asked as he held his the beack of his head.

"Sorry about that." Dropshot replied back to Skyfall. Despite what his absent minded friend might have thought, Skyfall had earned the team's respect. He knew not to mess with any bot that could take a beating and still go toe to toe with Sixshot. " You were saying Skyfall?"

2004-04-27, 04:23 AM
Armoury, Fort Max

Red Alert transformed as he tore through the armoury doorway. He cast a look around, and his expression became disapproving as he noted that there were no Autobots in attendence.

A Decepticon could just walk in here and subspace our entire weapons supply, he thought grimly. I really must speak to Crosshairs about tightening his security.

The security officer quickly located a wall covered with rifles and picked a particle beam unit off of the appropriate rack. He noted as he did so a small tag affixed to the rifle that stated it was in proper operating condition. Ripping the tag off, he subspaced the rifle. Picking up several nearby powerpacks, he subspaced them as well.

Striding across the huge room, he managed to find a rocket launcher with the proper shoulder-mounting bracket. He clipped the launcher in place, then slipped a rocket into the barrel. Finally, he tossed a few spare rockets into his subspace pocket.

Satisfied with his weapons, Red Alert transformed. He tore out of the armoury, sped out the nearest exit, then headed for Buzzsaw's last known position. As he drove, he activated his communicator and opened a secure channel.

"Raindance, give me a status report on the search."

2004-04-27, 06:31 AM
Buzzsaw was mid-report with Soundwave when his sensors started to scream in his metallic ears.


"Soundwave...situation compromised. Post abandoned and retreating. Out"

With that he broke the transmission to the communications officer and quickly swept the area. Autobots were coming.

he allowed himself to fall from the branch on which he was sitting and then proceeded to gingerly make his way through the trees...

Brave Maximus
2004-04-27, 07:06 AM
Skyfall watched the interaction between Dropshot and Stepper and tried to surpress a smile (which was pretty easy behind a face plate). But it only took a moment for Dropshot's comments to register.

"Why are you guys going to see Roadbuster? I might be here about the same thing. I'm forming a combat squad, primarly to cause alot of problems for the Decepticons. I'd really like your sniper squad to join, as we could you your skills. Our first task is going to be the fixing up of our new base, then we'll start "borrowing things" from Decepticon bases."

Skyfall paused for a moment and looked at them:

"So what do you say? Feel like doing what you were designed to?"

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-27, 04:19 PM
Dropshot looked back at the other two and they all nodded in agreement. They knew what Skyfall was talking about. It was what Primus himself had destined them all for since they came online. The Wreckers were about to be reborn and Dropshot was about to finally have some fun since coming here to Earth. He faced Skyfall again, smiled a little and held his fist out for Skyfall.

"Wreck and Rule?"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-27, 07:39 PM
Skyfall took pause for a moment, if he had of had a jaw (that was visible), it would have dropped to the ground. As it was, his face plate did a pretty good impression of it.

"Ummmm, well, no..... I would never presume to..... not im my wildest dream........" Skyfall stammered before finally collecting himself.

"While you have given me a great compliment, no, this is not the Wreckers - though we do have one or two old memebers. No, this is just an assault\ covert opperations squad. I wouldn't want to insult Roadbuster and the like by calling it the Wreckers, though we will try to live up to that Legendary Status."

Skyfall then floated to each of them saying "Welcome to the team", then floated back a little, looking at Dropshot

"We're RVing at the Omega shuttle, which is just outside of Fortress Maximus and in base mode, in 45 earth Minutes. But before you arrive, you need to get all your personal gear and equipment. Our base is in pretty bad shape and we won't have alot of comforts to start. I also have a small mission for you to perform - Head to Fort Max's Armoury and draw out enough ammo and energy clips to keeps us in business until we can set up a refueling station. Oh, and if you guys see anything you like there, for example to provide basic security for our base, then feel free to pick it up. Thanks, meet you back at Omega."

With that, Skyfall flew a distance down the hall, so he could collect his thoughts for a moment, with out the troops seeing it.

[I] The Wreckers?!?! That would be amazing, but this rag-tag group of Autobots isn't worthy of that name. Especially if they're lead by me. I can lead them into combat, we can give the Decepticons a black eye and buy the Autobots time and information - but we are not legends like the Wreckers........
Anyway - enough thinking on what never will be - who do I have left to recruit? Oh right!"

Stopping off at a wall terminal again, Skyfall activated the interface with the computer:

"Computer, current location of Autobot Countdown?"
The computer paused for a moment, displaying an 'accessing sensor systems' message, before finally showing that Countdown was currently residing in Metroplex's communications centre and that his base was attached to Metroplex.

Before Skyfall could transform though, he heard the voices of Optimus Prime and Ironhide just down the hall, and what sounded like Prowl on comm. Under his breath Skyfall muttered:
"Sorry Countdown, you're going to have to wait a little longer, I'm going to have to talk with the big guy".

Skyfall stayed in robot mode and headed down the hall to talk to Optimus Prime about his little group, as Ironhide suggested. He hoped it would be a little easier with Ironhide there, as he was behind the idea. Taking a deep "breath", Skyfall flew infront of the two command units and said:

"Excuse me Sirs, Do you have a quick moment?"

2004-04-28, 11:55 PM
"I've just detected movement in the forest. I am reading metal under the tree-tops. Me and Steeljaw are moving in to investigate" The reconnisance cassette replied.


Bluestreak just nodded to Mirage as he stepped into the CR chamber to recharge.


"Wounded and a terrible actor Inferno" Sunstreaker snidely responded with a smirk. "The only way I can make you look good getting you a new chassiss"

God Jinrai
2004-04-29, 12:25 AM
Prime's head turned, to skyfall...

"Ah, Skyfall. What can I do for you?"

2004-04-29, 03:53 AM
Forest, Nearby Fort Max

Red Alert was just approaching the tree line when Raindance's report came in.

"Excellent," he replied. "Be on the lookout for more enemies. If the Decepticons figured out that we got Hound, they could have scrambled support troops and set a trap. Try to take at least one of them alive if reasonably possible."

Red switched channels. "Mirage, the target is moving. Proceed towards the forest, activate your cloak, and attempt to trap our quarry. But be careful; he may have friends."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-29, 03:57 AM
"Well, Sir" Skyfall said, nodding towards Ironhide, "I don't know if you've been informed, but I've been trying to track you down. I've been given permission by Ironhide to form a gorilla Assault unit. Primarily concerned with causing lots of problems for the Decepticons. We'll be operating autonomously from the rest of the Autobots, so I thought I'd let you know who was joining up."

Skyfall took a moment to try and read the Autobot leaders expression, but was having a difficult time of it, and decided to plunge ahead.

"So far, Sir, I have Jazz as my second in command, Roadbuster, Dropshot, Stepper and Artfire. The minicon team I rescued on the moon will also be coming with us of course, if they wish. I'll be asking Countdown to join and finally the Micromaster combiner Sixwing to round off the teams capability. I'll leave a secure comm channel with Blaster before we go of course, and we'll help out any time you need it, and pass on any Intel we find.

"So, just letting you know Sir. Is there anything you need?"

Skyfall began to float away a little, obviously eager to finish rounding up his team and to be off. There was alot that needed to be done, and deep in the back of his mind, a desire to strike one back for Hound.......

2004-04-29, 06:55 AM
Mirage quickly turned and jogged outside, picking up his communicator.

"Red Alert, Mirage here. I received my assignment. I'm on my way."

He disappeared from view and started making his way toward the location he had been given.

Just by the medbay door, Trailbreaker stared darkly at Windslice and then at Hound.

"We can't jus' leave him like that. Hound's one of us. Can't ya put him back tagether Minerva- or do you need these technology whats-its?"

"And even with a new one I'd still pale in comparison to you. Heck you attract all the attention no matter what shape you're in, Sunstreaker! Those human cops sure do like chasing after you... *Inferno smirked* just to look at you of course."

Inferno stood up and grinned. "Come on- let's go see what's up in security."

Prowl closed his optics as he listened to Blaster and the discussion behind him. Reopening them, he walked past Trailbreaker putting a hand lightly on his shoulder and pushing him to the side slightly. He took a good look at Hound and then turned to Minerva.

"It appears he's going to be a minimal security risk, amazingly enough. It's almost... illogical.

However, you have permission to bring him back online when you've finished as many of the repairs as you can manage. From there, Crosshairs and Pinpointer can take guard duty."

He turned to Crosshairs with a bemused expression.

"Crosshairs, Nightbeat should be back in a few hours with Spike. I would advise staying to the inner part of the city: library, video area, etc., just in case you have a reaction. He's curious by programming type, so if you keep giving him information, I doubt you'll have trouble. Keep Pinpointer with you."

He turned to Windslice.

"Give me as much information in detail as you can remember from what you saw. What is this about Future Technology Factors?"

2004-04-29, 07:23 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded in acceptance of his orders, then gave Prowl a curious look. "Sir, do you have any security officers that I could keep close in case of emergency?" He shot a look at the unconscious Hound. "I don't think he'll be a problem...but I'm not sure I want to wager the lives of my fellow Autobots on it, either. If he got away, he could cause a lot of damage."

Forest, Outside Fort Max

Red Alert transformed to robot mode as the trees got too thick around him. Within moments his rifle was in hand. He smiled when he got Mirage's transmission.

Good ol' Mirage...still one of our most efficient troops, I see. Let's just hope he doesn't have any unfortunate collisions with cerebro-shells in the next few minutes...

"Acknowledged." Red replied quietly. He then moved silently into the forest (well, as close to silently as a 30-foot tall robot can manage in a forest, anyway).

God Jinrai
2004-04-29, 12:51 PM
"Actually, skyfall, there IS something you can do for me. First off, since you've run into dropshot, I presume you hear him utter those famous words... Wreck and Rule. We NEED a new elite strike unit... so consider yourself the leader of the newest edition of the Wreckers. "

Prime waited a moment, then continued.

"As for the job that needs done... I was just moments ago made aware that parts of hound's memory are missing... data storage units and memory chips were completely removed. We've got one lead. I want you and your crew to head to japan... There were signs that the chips will be taken to japan's biggest computer memory producer for analysis. Expect at least a small group of decepticons. This may seem like a cakewalk, but let me assure you. It won't be. Those pieces need brought back in one piece. ALL OF THEM. anything less, and the mission is a failure. Now get moving. Gather your team, and get to japan... you've got one shot at this. Avoid collateral damage as much as possible, and moreso, do all you can to avoid unnecessary contact with the humans."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-29, 06:47 PM
"Sir, I'm not sure about calling them the "Wreckers". But, we will attempt to be worthy of the name.

"As for the mission - We accept sir. We'll need what ever Intel you have to plan it out. Other than that, we'll retrive those chips, ALL of them."

Skyfall then waited a respectful distance back, waiting for Prime to tell him where to find the intel, or who to talk to about it. Then something Optimus had said clicked in.

He's calling us the Wreckers, with the history of that group - he wants us to Minimize collateral Damage?!? This should be interesting with Sixwing around. Hopefully he can keep the Decepticons occupied while we collect the chips and any doccumentation on what the humans were doing with them.

God Jinrai
2004-04-29, 08:08 PM
"Minerva's still finishing things up, but she's probably your best bet considering she was the one to discover the additional mechanisms that were discovered in hound's braincase. "

Back at the lab,

" Alright, I think... *rustles around his lab, small explosion ensues* Ah slag it, you weren't supposed to DO THAT! Just another minute, Jazz! " *moments later, a soot covered wheeljack emerges from his lab with a large container holding the compound he used to patch maximus, and not long after that, another barrel of the "heavy duty" mix.

Wheeljack's attention shifted to aeroblade's...

"Actually, if jazz doesn't need ya, I got another project that I could use some help with... ya remember that molecular restructuring gun that I came up with? I wana try and set it up on a bigger scale... problem is, I can't figure out the blasted ratio of power output for the most used settings. every time I try to convert something from a solid into a harmless gas, oxygen for instance, the thing goes and blows up on me! "

Brave Maximus
2004-04-29, 09:08 PM
"Thank you Sir. I'll check in with her on my way back through, when I pick up Sixwing. Right now, I need to pick up the last..... Stable memeber of my team."

Skyfall snapped off a salute and transformed into jet and took off down the hall way. He managed to wait until he was a good distance away before he hit his afterburners and headed out of Fortress Maximus. The air was clear and crisp and as he approched his top speed, it echoed around Autobase. He transformed and headed into the command section of Metroplex.

He wandered around for a moment, looking at the bots gathered there. It would be to long before he saw a (to him) familiar face. It felt good to Skyfall to look eye to eye with another transformer and no have his thrusters on.

He Smiled and called out to Countdown:
"Hey! Countdown! You got a minute?"

Hyper Prime
2004-04-29, 09:10 PM
As Countdown was in vehicle mode and linked up to the radar sweep of his base and Metroplex, he heard a familar voice. He then disconnected and transformed and saw the smiling face of...
"Skyfall! Its been a while hasn't it? Sure, what do you need?"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-29, 09:24 PM
Skyfall smiled and almost laughed at what the micromaster had said, there was no way he could know about the reality hopping he had done since they had last talked. Back then Countdown had been a high ranking member of the Zone force, but now, it was refreshing to see a familiar face, and not one that came out of a history book.

"Good to see you too! It's been longer than you know. Actually, I'm here to recruit you. I'm forming a squad of autobots to cause problems for the Decepticons. I'd like your help. Your experiance and technical expertise will help out greatly.

"We even have our first mission, which we will be leaving for in about half an earth hour. What do you say?"

Hyper Prime
2004-04-29, 09:47 PM
Countdown smiled. The last he was ever on a mission with Skyfall was when he commanded the Micromasters in the Zone Force. He was excited to be offered a chance to go on a mission with him... but he was also worried about his Micros here. "Sounds good. But I'm worried about my Micros here. I'd have to tell them where I'm going."

"Where are you going?" Stakeout hollered. He, Fixit, Seawatch and Redhot had returned from the forest with the human they had captured with them. "We just got back from our mission and we decided to stop by." Stakeout then looked over towards, "Oh, hey Skyfall, long time no see!" The rescue Patrol also had worked along side the Autobot in the Zone Force as well.

"Well... I think Skyfall could probably fill in the details. He's offered me a postion on a commando squad of Autobots to mess with the Decepticons." Countdown said.

Redhot smiled widely, "Oh, like the Wreckers huh? Meet them and get wrecked! Ha ha ha ha! Wish I could go. I'd love to whup out a can of whup butt on the Decepticreeps! Its too boring here! I'm stuck with hairless monkeys..." He then pointed his gun at the head of the human they had captured, "like this slime ball."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-29, 10:09 PM
Skyfall smilled, old friends gathered around. It almost felt like old times. No other "Big Bots" in sight, back in an Autobot city. But time was against him, and as much as he'd like to, he couldn't take them all.

"I'd love to have all of you join up, but Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Prowl would have my head if I steal all their personnel. But, from what I hear, the Decepticons are starting to cause problems, and they're going to need the rescue team soon. Take that human to Prowl, and he might have some other things to do. Sorry about this guys, I really wish I could."

Skyfall looked at Countdown and his smile diminshed a little.

"I hate to do this, but we need to get ready. The mission we have is to try and repair some of the damage the Decepticons have done to a good friend. Could you have your base ready to move in half an hour? I want to stay more, and there will be time for catching up later, but I have to get our last member out of Jail, and this is going to be interesting. With him around, doing the mission will be like brain surgery with a sledgehammer."

Hyper Prime
2004-04-29, 10:25 PM
Stakeout nodded, "Sounds like a good idea. Okay guys, lets move." They then began to walk out and towards Fort Max.

Countdown stood to attention and said, "Sure thing." He then pressed a button on his arm and his base began to deconnect from Metroplex and transformed back into a rocket base carrier. It then began to move outward. "Where should I meet you? Outside near my base."

The Rescue Patrol walked into the base with Optimus Prime and Prowl in it.

Stakeout yelled, "Hey Prowl, Prime, We've got the human you wanted for questioning!"

"Yeah, and I bet he's also behind laying the jamming boxes all over the forest! You shouldn't have left your cygar lying around..." Redhot said as he pointed his gun in the human's back and placed his cygar in his mouth, "... someone's gonna find it!"

Stakeout asked, "What should we do with him? Do you want to question him sirs?"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-29, 10:38 PM
Skyfall nodded to the Rescue Team as they departed then turned his attention to Countdown. It was wierd seeing some one that used to be his supperior officer stand to attention for him. He wanted to try and keep his team relaxed and at ease, but things like that were bound to happen, Skyfall had better get used to him.

"Countdown, If you can send your base to the position of the Ark, and leave it under cover, that's fine. Or, if you need to pilot it yourself, we can swing back to pick it up on our way back from Japan. We're going to do our planning for this mission in the Omega Shuttle En Route. If you can meet us at the Omega Shuttle in Half an hour, we'll get ready. Bring any supplies you think you might need. I don't expect this opperation to last more than 2 solar days, but you never know.

"I'm off, have to meet with a Medic and then have a conversation with one of the more interesting bots I've ever met."

Skyfall transfromed and headed out of Metroplex. This time taking his time as he flew through the air between the two citybots. He knew that Minerva was in the medbay working on Hound. The Micromaster didn't relish seeing the first bot he made friends with in this reality in such a bad shape. That's why Skyfall would do anything he could to get those chips back.

Navigating through Maximus, Skyfall avoided most of the bots and transformed just outside of Medbay and paused a moment before entering.

"Minerva, Do you have a minute? I need some information. My crew and I are going to get Hounds memory chips back. I just need to know what to look for, and perhaps any information on the facility they're being held in".

Hyper Prime
2004-04-29, 10:50 PM
Countdown smiled, "Sounds good. I know what I'll do. I'll have my rocket fly towards the Ark and keep it there. Then I'll drive the other half of my base to the Omega Shuttle and load it there. I'll meet you in a while!" Countdown then pressed several more buttons on his arm.

Outside, Countdown's base rocket launched off the pad and took off into the distance, headed for the Ark. Countdown had to run until he made it to his launch pad. He then hopped into the cockpit and began to drive it towards the Omega Shuttle. He checked the supplies in his cargo bay; a few solar day's worth of energon, some extra weapons and a medical cit. "Looks like I'm ready. Hope Skyfall is."

2004-04-30, 04:09 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looks over at Trailbreaker- "Wouldn't be a good idea right now. If I pulled out all of those modifications without having his original components to replace them with, he'd have the memory of a goldfish." -grabs a datapadd, downloads some information into it, hands it to Skyfall- "These are the components. But as to the facility that they're at, I've got no clue."

Closer to Denver:

Muzzle: -sleeping-

Nightbeat: -hoping the highway patrol doesn't notice-

2004-04-30, 04:33 AM
Jazz nodded rhythmically as Wheeljack set the canisters on the floor between them, watching casually.

"Awright, Wheeljack!"

In one quick motion, Jazz kneeled, pulled the canisters under his arms, and righted himself with a hoomph. He looked over to Aero Blade with a smirk as he shifted one can to his shoulder.

"We could always use a good doc on the crew. Puttin' back together the most sophisticated ship the Autobots ever made ain't gonna be easy..."

2004-04-30, 04:44 AM
Wreck-Gar led Prime's office shortly after telling the Autobot leader what Prowl had told him to, and now wandered back to the communications room, looking to tap into the latest television broadcasts and catch up on the latest programs.
Ultra Magnus had left the Med Bay shortly after dealing with Hound, and was headed towards the Command Center, worried about the confrontation with the jeep Autobot. There were things said during that exchange that he found disturbing, and he couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards what he though, whether or not it was all an act.

He needed to think. And there was only one person who could probably understand what he was thinking.

He activated his commlink. "Prowl, can I talk to you when you have a moment?"

Brave Maximus
2004-04-30, 08:12 AM
Skyfall took the data pad from Minerva and nodded his head.

"Thanks for the help, guess we'll just have to do some old fashioned reccon to figure out where they are and how to get them out. Thanks again."

He ignited his thrusters and flew out of medbay, trying hard not to look at the condition of his friend. He read Minerva's report about the memory chips and what they look like and such. There was also a breif intelligence report about the approxomate location of the lab. All this was a mild destraction though, for his direction belied his true intent. Skyfall was headed to the Brig, it was time to awaken Sixwing.

It took only a couple of minutes to arrive at the brig, which was thankfully deserted at the moment, and Skyfall quickly found the cell which contianed Missle Run (who, as far as Skyfall could tell, was the only sentient member of the combiner).

He approached the cell and rapped on the solid energon bars. Dispite all the damage he had taken at the hands of Ironhide, Hound and himself, Missle Run looked to be completely repaired, though in a deactivated state. After rapping a few more times, Skyfall became impatient and shouted into the cell:

"Hey, Missle Run! WAKE UP! I don't have the time, nor the inclination to wait around while you pretend to be asleep. I need your help and skills, but right now, I don't have the time to wait. So wake up or you can rot in here until I get back."

This tough guy shtick was a little awkward for Skyfall, though he hoped it didn't show through too much. It worked better when he was doing it to someone his own size. Thinking about trying it on someone like Stepper, Jazz or Roadbuster almost caused him to laugh. Maybe with Omega he could do it. He felt .... tougher when he was combined with his transector.

He had waited long enough, Missle Run was either actually deactivated or he didn't care. Skyfall had a mission to plan for, and it looked like he would have to do it with out the combiner. As he flew away from the cell, he noticed something wierd, the other members of the team were standing in there cells, almost against the energon bars, looking at him. They're sparkless eyes disturbing in their stare. He tried to ignore it and kept moving until a deep rasp came from the cell behind him:

"And what kind of mission do you need me for?"

Skyfall stopped and turned around, trying desperatly to ignore the optical sensors attempting to bore a whole in him. He walked back to the cell, not quickly enough to make him think he was eager or afraid.

"I ask again, what do you need me for."

Skyfall paused a moment, trying to gauge the expression of Missile Run, but the bot's face gave nothing away. It was creepy and disturbing behind the bars. His optics flashed a violent purple, something he had never seen in an Autobot. But, with his strength and power, his team would be almost unbeatable - he hoped.

"I'm forming a strike team," Skyfall said in a flat voice. "Our first mission is to rescue some components of a friend that were stolen by the Decepticons...."

"Do you think I care about parts, or some other Robot? No, this does not concern me."

"Fine, I offered you a chance to get out. I offered you a chance to deal real damage to the Decepticon army instead of some brainwashed Autobot scout. But if you prefer fighting the weak and the defenseless, then you're better off here."

Missle Run smiled in a sick, twisted way. His eyes flareing. If he had a tounge, Skyfall would have sworn he would have flicked it out, in the style of an old movie villian.

"Your attempts to shame me and badger me into helping you are almost laughable. But, let me ask, were I to join your 'team', would I be able to kill Decepticons? Punish them for what they've done to me? Possibly stop what is going to happen?"

What was going to happen? Skyfall wanted to question Sixwing about this statement, but decided against it - he had him now, and he wasn't going to give it up.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, there will be Decepticons on the first mission, and we will need a distraction. So, are you going to fight with us?"

Missle Run paused for just a moment and smiled:
"On my word, I swear to fight for you, as long as you hold up your end of the bargan. Now release us, so I can be whole."

Skyfall hesitated at the controls to the cells. Not sure if this was the right thing to do. But deep down, something told him that Sixwing could be trusted.

"Comm Link open: This is Skyfall to Ironhide:
I've just released Sixwing from the cells. He's agreed to join my team, and I take full responsiblilty for him."

With that, Skyfall keyed in the code and opended the cell. From the corner of the brig, the combiner jet rumbled and flew towards him. The six Micromasters flew into the air, and combined with the jet. With in a heartbeat, standing infront of Skyfall was their combined form, Sixwing. His Ion rifle in one hand and his missle launcher in the other. The gold Autobot symbol on his chest almost glowing.

"I am Whole once again! Now, where do we go from here?" Sixwing's faceplate curling a little into a saddistic grin.

Skyfall, not blinking:

"Now we meet the rest of the team. Try and play nice and get along."

With Fifteen minutes left till the meeting, Skyfall and Sixwing headed to the Exit and towards the Omega Shuttle and to the gathering.

Hyper Prime
2004-04-30, 11:33 AM
Redhot was pretty tired of doing work around the base and didn't wanted to stick around. He thought to himself, I'm tired of sticking around here. Maybe I can hitch a ride with Skyfall and his band of mechanical squad. He then turned to Stakeout and said, "Uh, I got to go to the infirmary. Need to see if they need any help." He then transformed and drove out o fthe room.

Stakeout said, "What was that all about?"


Redhot had made it to the Omega Shuttle hangar and saw Countdown loading half of his base inside. He thought to himself, How the heck am I gonna get in there? Then he saw his chance. He quickly ran behind the base out of Countdown's sight and opened up the cargo panel. He then hopped in and close the door. He chuckled to himself, "Hehehehehehe!"

Aero Blade
2004-04-30, 01:20 PM
Aero Blade was at a small delimma. The device Wheeljack had mentioned sounded incredably interesting, but from what he knew of him so far, likely it was a very complicated device that would take quite awhile to work with. On the other hand, the Cons had been rather quiet, and that usually meant they were gearing up for something nasy, and it'd be best to have as much equipment to deal with them as possible ready, which could be done by helping out with repairing the Arc.

"I think I'll go with Jazz for now," Aero Blade decided. "If the Cons attack, we'll need as many ships and bases working and ready as possible. Once that's done, I'll come back and help you with that device," he told Wheeljack, then turned back towards Jazz. "So where do we go? And do you need any help with those?" He asked, offering to carry one.

2004-04-30, 03:08 PM
"It is never fun to think a friend may not be able to be saved but in war even friends can be casualties. You'd think someone who had been in this war as long as you would know that"

Windslice stepped further into the medbay his optics locked onto Hound. He watched the unconcsious Autobot thinking about what Prowl had asked him.

"Constructicons were operating on him, torturing him while they worked. The components they were using were called Future Technology Factors I guess. I have never heard of it before. If you can get your hands on the sniveling Mixmaster I am sure you could find out where his original parts are if you need those"


"The human's can catch me?" He asked rhetoically as he stood up to follow the larger autobot.

2004-04-30, 03:57 PM
Jazz smiled pleasantly at Aero Blade's decision. He didn't want to tell him that he needed to come along, but he also wanted a medic around all the roughnecks... He swung his left arm forward, tossing the canister of regular-strength sealant to Aero Blade, and nodded over his shoulder.

"Now we gotta go get together with the boys at the Omega shuttle. If you got any personals you wanna bring, better hurry up and grab 'em. Time's-a-runnin'."

Jazz tossed the other canister into the air and transformed, leaving his roof open for a moment to catch the keg. As he hit the gas, he yelled back.

"Don't worry, Wheeljack, I'll send him back as soon as I can!"

2004-04-30, 04:40 PM
Prowl knew exactly what FTF was and where. What he was searching for were other indicators from the strange robot. He listened and monitored the tone in Windslice's vocoder and watched his body posture and expression.
Prowl concluded that he needed more information from the strange robot to determine whether he was a threat.

He nodded slightly to Windslice and then turned to Crosshairs. "Trailbreaker and ---our new friend--- can stay with you. His forcefield will provide protection if necessary. And Crosshairs... nothing should be mentioned in the aspect of negativity to the Decepticons. Simply give him the informational resources we have and let him figure it out himself."

Internally, he received Ultra Magnus' message as he headed out the door.
"Certainly Ultra Magnus. Where shall I meet you?"

2004-04-30, 04:42 PM
"At the Command Center," Magnus replied to Prowl.

2004-04-30, 04:58 PM
"On my way." Prowl replied and picked up his pace.

Mirage closed in on the location Red Alert had described. He could see the security officer up ahead and to the side. Over his communicator, he clicked onto Red's frequency. "Red Alert, I am behind you a quarter mile and to your right. I'll stay this distance in an arc to flank you."

Aero Blade
2004-04-30, 05:05 PM
Aero Blade caught the canister Jazz tossed to him and listened as he said where they were to head to. He didn't quite know where to go at first, but shortly he remembered Skyfall had mentioned a ship called the Omega Shuttle.

"Well I guess if I find Skyfall, I'll find the Omega shuttle," Aero decied outloud, starting off and heading outside. There wasn't anything personal he needed to grab, as he didn't have anything really with him. But he did wonder where Stratus had gotten to...

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-30, 05:21 PM
Armoury, Inside Fotress Maximus:

Dropshot and Stepper were throwing stuff at Artfire. Mostly ammo and energy clips for the up coming mission. But they had also found a couple of Ion cannons that were just big enough so they could carry and possibly provide some defence for wherever they were going.

As Stepper loaded one of the guns onto Artfire, he asked "So do you think this Skyfall guy has what it takes to bring this whole thing together or what?"

"Who knows? But he seems to one of the only bots around here willing to take a chance on anything these days. Besides, at we don't have to be around most of the other bots now. Most of them don't like us anyway." Artfire said as he grunted. " I think that's all I can carry."

Dropshot answered back. " Well, we never signed for this stuff to be popular in the first place. We do a job. It's one that I'd like to think that we're very good at. But it's also a job that doesn't have alot of perks. You two knew this when I picked you to be on my team and now someone else thinks that we're good enough to part of the Wreckers. Fine by me. As long as we get to take out some Decepticons, then we're happy, right?"

"Right." They both replied back.

"Good, Now I think that's all for now. According to Skyfall, we're going to "borrowing" the rest from the Decepticons. Let's head back to the Omega Shuttle." And with that, the three of them headed for the Exit and the Omega Shuttle. It was time to meet the rest of the Wreckers.

2004-04-30, 05:40 PM
Ultra Magnus arrived at the command center and waited for Prowl to arrive.

Brave Maximus
2004-04-30, 06:15 PM
Skyfall arrived at the Omega Shuttle just as Countdown had finished loading the rest of his base into the hold, and his jaw dropped in amazement. Thank Primus for subspace I guess. That old Autobot seemed to know what he was doing when he built the thing. I just hope I don't grab the base when I reach for the Planet Crush.

Sixwing seemed content to wait outside, sitting crosslegged with the rifles across his lap, begining to disassemble and clean them, almost giggling to himself.

Skyfall entered the shuttle to see most of the energon Z equipment running and Starlight discussing it's properties with another minicon. Skyfall had seen him before, working with Aero Blade. Ark and Nemesis were somewhere else in the shuttle, either beating on eachother, repairing something or playing a video game. Skyfall didn't hear any sounds of fighting and Starlight didn't seemed worried - so he hoped it was one of the latter.

"Morning Starlight." Skyfall said with a smile.

The little minicon turned to him and seemed almost excited.

"We\I\we have been discussing ways of making a solid state Energon Shield. Don't think it can be applied to the Omega Shuttle, but perhaps a larger, non-moving base. It has almost sentinal potential."

She seemed excited and what she was talking about was interesting, perhaps they can work on it with the Ark. But, now he needed to ask them. They were free thinking beings, and Skyfall just couldn't order them on this team.

"Starlight, I'm forming a team to fight the Decepticons. I need all the help that I can get, and I'd like you to join. You guys would be a great asset to the team, with your technical experties."

Starlight tried to smile with her strange Minicon face: "Solar Cry would also be a big help. But I\We thank you for not thinking of us as just a weapon. Of course We\I will help, Skyfall couldn't maintain shuttle with out us. Plus, need to prevent Megatron from doing what he did to us to any more Minicons or other Transformers!"

Skyfall smiled "I don't think THAT Megatron is in this reality, but I apreciate your thoughts. Thank you for joining. We just need the rest of them to arrive."

Heading down into the main troop carrier Skyfall spotted Countdown.

"Countdown, glad you made it. Make yourself at home. It looks like almost everyone else is here. If you need to, there are refueling centres over there."

Skyfall walked out of cargobay and looked out. Jazz was almost at Omega, and he was riding pretty low to the ground, so he assumed that he was able to get some canisters of goo from Wheeljack. They'd also need to be put in the hold, as they had a mission first. He also noticed what looked like Aero Blade following Jazz. Just behind them came Dropshot, Stepper and a VERY heavily loaded Artfire. Good, more stuff for the hold. [I wonder how much in can hold..... We might need to stop by the Ark just to drop some stuff off....

"Hail Hail, the Gang's all here" Came the raspy voice of Sixwing, not even looking up from his partially reassembled Ion Rifle. "I wonder how many of them will survive he he he."

Skyfall just shook his head and waited for the others to actually arrive. This was going to be interesting.......

Aero Blade
2004-04-30, 06:28 PM
Aero Blade's earlier assumption seemed to have been right, as he found both Skyfall and the Omega shuttle at the same time. He went over towards him, still carrying the canister he'd recieved. "I heard you were getting ready to do a repair job, figured you could probably use and extra tech," Aero said as he went over to Skyfall, setting the cansiter down for a moment. "You haven't seen Stratus around either, have you? He took of some time ago. Not sure where he's gotten to now..."

Brave Maximus
2004-04-30, 06:47 PM
Skyfall looked up at Aeroblade and smiled.

"Considering who we have on the team, I think a tech would be ALOT of help. But, we're heading out on a mission in short order. You're welcome to come along.

"As for Stratus - A minicon, about this high (holding his hand up) and hanging around with the only other minicons I've seen around here? Yeah, he's in the command deck. You'll have to call to him from the cargo hold, as the command deck is built for someone my size."

2004-04-30, 07:02 PM
Outside Fortress Maximus to inside Fort Max:

A Several robots Approch The great entrace to the fortress. The "Leader" of the bunch approched walked in side and through the halls. His autobot signature was brodcasted, turning off the alarms. Scattershot was the leader of the Technobots from cybertron and a part of the Wise Computron. He walked promptly through the halls of Fort max till he found Prowl. "I see you might be in need of Assistance."

Outside Fortress Maximus:

The other 4 Technobots (Afterburner, Nosecone, Strafe, and Lightspeed) Were waiting for there leader to return with good or bad news.

2004-04-30, 07:45 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded in acknowledgement to Prowl's instructions. "Of course, of course." He turned to Trailbreaker. "Good to be working with you again. I only wish it could be under better circumstances." He nodded to Windslice. "Who's that?"

Pinpointer, meanwhile, continued to watch Minerva opperate on Hound.

Forest, Outside Fort Max

Red Alert listened carefully to the sounds of the forest around him. Aside from the normal sounds of arboreal life, he heard the thrum of jet engines, the low hiss of mechanical breathing, and, far in the distance, the sound of something metal cutting through the treetops.

He chuckled as Mirage contacted him. "No need to transmit, Mirage. I can hear you just fine at this distance." He paused in thought for a moment. "Stay at that distance as we move deeper into the forest. I'll try to drive any enemies towards you, and you can take them out quietly."

He switched channels. "Raindance, Steeljaw, you two are better equiped and configured for searching this environment than I am. Drive any enemies you encounter in my direction. Mirage and I will deal with them while you continue scouring the forest."

Hyper Prime
2004-04-30, 08:23 PM
Countdown heared Skyfall as he exited the cockpit of his base and said, "Okay, thanks Skyfall! I have all my needed equipment in the cargo hold of my base!"

Redhot also heard what was happeing outside and giggled, "this is going to be sweet!"

Stakeout came up with an idea and this time shouted to Prowl so he could be heared, "Hey Prowl, would be alright if we escort this human to the brig until you want to question him?"

2004-04-30, 10:18 PM
Armory, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -loaded up with all of the APEX ammo he could scrounge that would fit his assualt rifle, spare belts draped in an X pattern across his torso, all of the energy clips he could find for his laser rifle and linear blaster cannon, a bandoleer pouch full of grenades, and three full linked belts of ammo for his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon loaded into his backpack hopper, turns on heel, strides out, heading for the Omega Shuttle- "I wonder what the little guy was able to scrape up......."

Approaching Denver Airport:

Nightbeat and Muzzle: -singing, slightly off key, along with Warren Zevon's "Things to do in Denver when you're dead" on the radio-

Aero Blade
2004-04-30, 11:11 PM
"That's alright, I'm fine just knowing where he is," Aero Blade responded to Skyfall, picking up the canister again. "He'll come find me whenever he's needs me or gets bored," Aero mused outloud, carrying the canister and setting it back down once it was secured in the cargo bay.

After that he returned outside to observe the other arriving transformers. He glanced at Sixwing for a moment, but tne turned away to look at others. That one guy seemed a bit creepy for an Autobot....

2004-05-02, 12:07 AM
"I am no one you need to worry about, believe me" Windslice mumbled to Crosshairs as he stepped closer to Hound looking him over from a closer stand point.


Raindance dipped downwards under the tree-line following the heat trail left behind by the fleeing Decepticon vulture. Steeljaw was moving quickly along the ground.

"I think I can see him. I am going to try and move up beside him" Raindance spoke as he was gaining on Buzzsaw.

2004-05-02, 03:22 AM
Like the flash he always needs to be, Jazz roared along the slightly cut path up to the Omega shuttle. As the distance between his headlights and the ship closed, he slammed his hand brake, skidding his back tires violently out to the side. Just as his sleek automotive self began to tumble into the air from the inertia shift, Jazz transformed, rolling across the ground and catching the canister gracefully on one hand. He finished the last few yards to the spacecraft on foot, and grinned.

"We all here yet?" he inquired of Skyfall as he loaded the canister into the hold.

2004-05-02, 03:45 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs gave Windslice a strange look for a moment, then muttered, "If you say so..." The Targetmaster then shot Trailbreaker a sidelong glance, as if to ask why are you hanging around with this guy?


Forest, Outside Fort Max

Red Alert recieved Raindance's update. He didn't reply, trusting that the cassette would do his job better if he wasn't being micromanaged. However, Red began walking slightly faster and he concentrated slightly more on the distant noises made by the three cassettes.

2004-05-02, 06:39 AM
Exterior, Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -walks up, clanking slightly from all the ammo, sees Sixwing- "I hope you're bringing more than that rifle."

2004-05-02, 05:15 PM
Outside Fort Max:

Afterburner: "How long does it take to report in." Afterburner tapped his foot on the ground impatiently. He was not one to be kept waiting.

Nosecone: "Afterburner you need to calm down, Scattershot said to wait here till we have clearance." Nose placed his hand on his brothers shoulder. As lightspeed turned around to them.

Lightspeed: "Nosecone is right, we were given orders. Once Scattershot returns we can go and join the action once again." He looked at Strafe who was sitting quitely on a boulder. He was huming to himself and seemed to be a bit nervous, there was a sense in the back of his mind that there was decepticons around. "Strafe? What is wrong?"

Strafe:"I dont know nosecone, I just have this feeling that something is not right. Like if we are not alone." He twitches his rifle against the rock in discomfort."

Lightspeed: "Strafe you always thing there is something behind everything."

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-03, 04:14 AM
Dropshot headed over to Skyfall as Stepper and Artfire drove up just behind him.

He looked around to see Jazz, a very heavly armed Roadbuster and few other bots that he had never met before. he nodded a hello to them and said to Skyfall " Sorry if we're late Skyfall. Artfire had a hell of a time carrying those ion cannons that we brought for the base."

He looked at the Omega Shuttle and chuckled a bit to himself. "Are you sure that all of this stuff will fit in there?"

Brave Maximus
2004-05-03, 08:27 PM
Sixwing sat on the ground, ignoring the comments from Roadbuster. He finshed assembling the Ion rifle, giving it a quick rub down and then subspaced it over his shoulder. From his far side he brought up the tri-barreled missile launcher and began a quick check the action and magazine. Quietly the micromaster combiner laughed under his breath.

Skyfall looked around, his team was all present and it was time to get to work. He looked at Jazz and Artfire for a moment:

"Guys, if you can load that into the hold, we can get going. And yes Dropshot, He should be able to hold everything. The guy who built it equiped it with a subspace pocket in the hold. I'm just wondering if I'll be able to grab my battle axe, if I need it. Never had this much stuff in the hold before....."

Looking around to the collected group, Skyfall took a deep breath and raised his voice to that everyone could hear him.

"Team! We've been given our first mission, and it hits close to home. You may or may not know that one of our own, Hound, was captured by the Decepticons. They tortured him, brainwashed him and then REMOVED his memory chips. They left him a shell of his former self, unable to distiguish his friends from enemies. Optimus Prime has asked us to retrive ALL of these chips, undamaged, from the Human company that currently has them. We are also going to retrive what ever data and prototypes they have produced, so that the other Autobots can decern what the Decepticons are trying to do with Hounds Memory Chips.

"There will be Decepticon forces present, though we do not know how many. I am confidant though, that this team can handle what ever the Decepticons throw at us.

"Lets mount up. We'll discuss deployment along the way and as we do a recconisance flight. We have limited intel, and we'll have to do everything from High Orbit before we deploy for attack."

Skyfall opened the door to the troop compartment with a mental command and then walked in. Starlight, Ark, Nemesis and Stratus were in the command deck, but Skyfall began issuing orders:

"Seats and harnesses are here along the wall. I suggest locking in, I'm going to take Omega up fast. Each seat has a refueling port with Energon or Energon Z as the case may be, I suggest everyone refuel. Jazz, let me know when everyone is in, I need to Prep Omega for launch. Lets show the everyone why we ARE the best the Autobot forces have to offer!"

With that Skyfall climbed the ladder to the smaller command deck and entered the cockpit. The door slid closed behind him, and he looked at the Minicon Stratus.

"Your friend Aero Blade is down there. He's joined the team. I don't know what your partnership is, but if you want to join, I don't have a problem."

With out a word, Starlight, Ark and Nemesis took their positions and began to activate the Energon flows and began to bring the engines, anti-grav thrusters and offensive\Defensive systems online. Skyfall slumped into his chair and took a moment before giving the mental commands to bring the Omega shuttle to flight status.

I can't believe I just did that! Man, I even sounded like I knew what I was doing! God, we have no intel, no idea what Decepticons could be there - I would hate to run into Devistator or Leokaiser - and I sound like this is going to be a walk in the park. I'm scared half to death. I wonder if Dai Atlas ever felt like this......

Aero Blade
2004-05-03, 08:57 PM
((ooc: Actually, the minicon's name is Stratus ;) ))

Aero Blade was stunned for a moment listening to Skyfall. Hound had been captured? He'd never even heard. He hadn't even known that this group was going into a potential combat situation - he'd come on to work repairs - but now that he had heard what had happened to Hound, the first person that he'd ever considered as a friend here, there was nothing that'd pull him out of the mission now.

Now knowing what they were about to head off to do, Aero went into the troop compartment to get himself secured and ready for the mission.

On the command deck, Stratus nodded to Skyfall. "If Aero's decided that he wants to join up, then I'll be joining up as well," he told the micromaster. "I'm gonna go see how he's doing. Call me if you need me," Stratus said, taking off to go find his partner.

2004-05-04, 03:16 AM
Jazz hurriedly finished loading the canisters (as well as his other "personals", consistent of only a few spare munitions he'd thought to grab from the armory on his way), then stood beside Skyfall with arms crossed during the mission statement. He nodded along, and followed Skyfall up the ramp.

"Right on, boss," he replied to Skyfall's request. "Everybody in! Let's move!"

Jazz stood at the top of the ramp, escorting the Wreckers into the Omega shuttle with one waving hand and waiting for all to get aboard...

Quick Switch
2004-05-04, 04:24 PM

The calm vocoder seemed to clamp onto the other units audial receptors like a vice.

Go away.

Cerebros shifted, uncertain. The reserved brains of Fortress Maximus had taken a risk in coming here, he knew- because the present units nerves (literally) wererather onedge.

Director, Im sorry, but I just cant do that. Youre needed.

Ill believe that when I see it! Is that why Red Alert suddenly re-appeared? Look, Cerebros, I understand just fine. First Ironhide shows back up, and now Red Alert. The units strong vocoder was noticeably slurred. Cans of energy brew littered the desk. And the floor. And....pretty much everywhere.

Cerebros kicked one, which skittered slightly.

Director, I know this must be difficult for you. I know you admired both units quite highly. The fact that they were- Cerebros struggled for the right word, then decided on the obvious- deaddoes not help matters. I know you loathe the Matrix but it can serve a useful purpose.

Brought back from death, wheres the honor in that? Optimus was denied his true death. Of course, hes only a dockworker so weve been following a sham all these years. How am I going to interact with them? Do they want my job? Is that it? Im no longer needed? Does the dockworker not have confidence in me anymore? The vocoders voice alternated between awful despair and terrifying wrath, shaking the office. Cerebros noticeably flinched, even though the person residing in the chair was turned away from him.

Red Alert and Ironhide remember how much you have done for the faction, Cerebros offered. They will be honored to have you as their Director. And Optimus fixed you. Your mind-

My mind, the unit said menacingly, and Cerebros stopped. Was invaded by the Matrix and put back together. My whole existence has been a lie, a propaganda campaign by the Elders, he said the word with utter and complete rage. The unit turned.

It was truly a sobering sight. His optics were barely lit, and his frame was stained with energy brew residue. Even now, he clutched two cans in his massive fists.

Youredrunk, Cerebros said uncertainly. Optimus believes in you, Director. Even though he was not the warrior always you idealized for so long- he is our leader. He is flawed, like every other Transformer. Do not forsake him now.

I wont, I wont, the unit slurred, hurling another energy can. But he never TOLD! Never told us

Director, Cerebros said softly. The unit paid no attention.

The unit began swigging another energy can.

Hound has been found, Director.

The incoherent mumbling ceased, and the massive, squat unit rose.

What did you say, Cerebrum?

If Cerebros hadnt been terrified out of his central processor, he would have corrected the mangled name.

Hound- hes been found. In the medical bay- Cerebros was whacked in the head as the remaining energy can sailed into his braincase and the other unit ran from the office.

Hound? Is it true? Im coming Hound! Im coming!

Cerebros unsteadily patched a message into the medical bay.

Ahem. All personnel presently stationed in the Medical Bay. Director Quick Switch is on the wayand I suggest you prepare for a hasty exit.

2004-05-04, 08:54 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looks up from monitoring Hound, smacks the palm of her hand against the nearby comm panel- "Keep that hotheaded maniac out of here, Cerebros! Hound's my patient, and I won't have him disturbed!" -punches comm panel switch again- "Ironhide, Crosshairs!"

Ironhide: -looks in from corridor- "What?"

Minerva: "Quick Switch is coming, and I get the impression from Cerebros that he's not bringing a decorative floral arrangement!"

Ironhide: "Great." -moves into doorway to block it, crosses arms- "Get ready ta back me up, Crosshairs. Ah get th' feelin' this ain't gonna be easy."

Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -boards, finds a seat- "Any idea what the inflight movie is?"

Hyper Prime
2004-05-04, 09:57 PM
Countdown closed up the doors of the cargo hold with his base inside and then made his way past Jazz, "Alright. As they say in those old, human westerns, lets head 'em up and move 'em out!" He then walked into the doors of the Omega Shuttle and made his way towards the radar system of the ship.

Redhot opened up the hatch of the micromaster base he was in. He then tried to move his way through the darkness and then found a way out of the hold. He walked up to a side of the wall he was thought would lead him to the hall way and brought out his gun. He then began to fire at the door, attempting to melt through it rather than blast it.

Brave Maximus
2004-05-05, 01:21 AM
Skyfall blanked his optic circuts for a moment and shut down his audio receptors. He reached out through his link to the Omega shuttle, felt the world through it's sensors and systems. Energon was flowing into the engines, prepairing to roar to life. Anti-grav thrusters hummed and prepaired to lift the shuttle up and guide it in it's journey. Missile banks were prepped and the warheads loaded - ready for battle. Internal systems registared the loading of Countdown, Roadbuster and Aero Blade while Jazz still stood at the door, waiting for Artfire to finish loading the equipment and Dropshot, Stepper and Artfire (as well as their target master parters) to enter the shuttle.

Then another sensation entered his mind through the link. It could almost be called pain, as the transformers feel it. Something was hurting him. Something was burning inside.
We are in danger. Some one is trying to destroy Me\Us

Skyfall snapped back awake. and jumped out of his seat. Before he could move another inch or say anything Starlight shouted, in a very concered voice:

"Skyfall, I\We are detecting a massive ......"

Skyfall cut her off before she could continue:
"Heat souce in the hold! The energy clips could be trying to breach!"

With out a word, Skyfall ran from the command centre and out the door. As his feet hit the open air, his thrusters ignited and he flew through the air, ignorning the other transfromers in the troop section. His optics were just begining to see a heat spot on the access hatch to the cargo hold. A quick mental command and the hatch sild open, revieling a red Micromaster with what looked like a cutting blaster held at the door.

It took everything that Skyfall had not to punch the bot with everything he had. Instead his fists were balled at his sides, optics almost cracking with fury:

"Can you tell me why you are trying to cut into ME!?!!
Beyond that - what the hell are you doing here!?!!! This mission is for my team only! I do not take kindly to people sneaking around and I DO NOT LIKE people trying to cut through my hull! Do you know how bloody dangerous that was? That hold contains a subspace pocket and these walls are part of the contianment for it. IF you had of cut through with out me knowing, it would have ruptured and that would have been VERY BAD!!!!"

Skyfall turned around with out waiting for an awnser and looked instead to his troops.

"Countdown, he's one of yours. You and Jazz work out what to do with him. If need be, get Roadbuster to help you out. And please, for the love of Primus, stop him from cutting any more parts of me up, it doesn't feel good."

Skyfall paused for a moment, almost turning around and appologizing to Redhot. He didn't like getting angery, but getting cut like that pissed him off more than it hurt. And besides, he had never seen Dai Atlas or Victory Saber appologize for yelling at a troop for doing something wrong. Jazz, Countdown and Roadbuster will handle it with the dicipline and compassion nessisary. Well, Roadbuster can handle the dicipline anyway.....

Skyfall headed back up the ladder to the command centre. The Omega shuttle was almost ready to launch. As soon as Dropshot and Co. were aboard, they'd launch for the mission.

Hyper Prime
2004-05-05, 01:51 AM
Redhot was really surpised to have someone find him, and almost killing him. "What? But... huh? You lost me at the beginning." he replied in surprise.

Countdown had heard what Skyfall said and quickly ran back into the cargo hold. When he saw Redhot, he sighed. "Redhot.... mind telling me what you're doing?"

Redhot saw his commander and looked really nervous, "Uh... trying my best not to get in trouble?"

Countdown put his hand to his forehead in a "Why Primus, why?" He then said, "Well if you had known, Skyfall and the Omega Shuttle are connected. Whatever pain you cause the ship, he feels it! SO don't do it again. And another thing, why are you here?"

"Well, things were just really boring here, so I thought I could sneak a ride with you guys and on this mission that you're going on." he said meekly.

"I see. Why didn't I see this coming?" Countdown looked to Roadbuster and Jazz, "Well, what should we do? Were about to take off soon and we can't escort him back."

2004-05-05, 03:43 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Oh, bleeding slag, that's all we needed.

Crosshairs turned to Ironhide. "I've got a better idea." His optics flicked to Trailbreaker. "Can you block the door with your forcefield? The last thing we need is Quick going off on us in here and spooking our patient."

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-05, 04:02 AM
Stepper and Artfire finished loading the last of the equipment that they had brought with them from the armory as Dropshot checked thier equipment.

" I think we're all set, boys. Let get this show on the road." he yelled at them.

"Nightstick and I are ready" Artfire answered back.

"Same here Dropshot." Stepper said as him and his partner, Nebulon loaded up into the Omega Shuttle.

"Alright then" And with that, they all loaded up with Skyfall and the others. "Skyfall, we're ready when you are."

Brave Maximus
2004-05-06, 01:38 AM
Skyfall heard Dropshot's comments through the the comm system of Omega and his voice was pipped into the troop compartment:

"Roger that Dropshot. All troops better grab a seat, we're leaving!"

With a mental command, the entry ramp and doors of the shuttle closed and sealed with a hiss. It took only a moment to make sure the shuttle was pressurized and the Anti-grav thrusters hummed to life.

Pushing the ground away, the Omega shuttle rose into the sky, orientating itself. Skyfall asked Ark to open a communications channel to Autobot control:

"This is Skyfall aboard the Omega shuttle. Leaving Autobase on a course for Japan. Call us if you need us!"

The Shuttle then tilted up at a 45 degree angle and the main engines roared to life. With in seconds the shuttle had reached the upper atmosphere and headed for Japan and the aproximate location of facility holding Hounds Memory chips.

2004-05-06, 04:04 AM
With a look of surprise across his face, Jazz hurriedly backtracked into the cabin as the door slammed in front of him. He slid into a seat a row ahead of Roadbuster, and after buckling in for launch, turned halfway around with one arm on the back of his chair.

"I asked Skyfall to show Blood Guts Bullets And Octane, but it looks like we got a dramedy instead..."

Jazz fell quiet during the few minutes of the shuttle's launch sequence, knowing that communication would be tough (and his head would best face forward lest he lose it). As the Omega achieved suborbit and calmed down, Jazz ejected a communicator from the side of his face and called back to Countdown in the hold.

"I think it's a little late to be taking him back... He got any medical experience? We're sure gonna need it."