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2004-03-27, 06:06 AM
The pyro explodes bringing another edition of Mayhem on the air, live from the Conseco Field House, in Indianapolis, Indiana as the road to Archivemania continues.


Reilly: I don’t really care what you say…OR what you think, you are half of the tag team champions of the world…you will go out there and defend your title. He did nothing whatsoever to interfere, now quit your whining and get out of my office…

HBK: Oh…I’ll go out there all right…

*The camera cuts back to show a smiling HBK as the Mayhem theme plays*

Joey: Welcome to Conseco Fieldhouse as the clock keeps ticking to Archivemania.

Camera again cuts backstage…to show TC

Cyberstrike: Well if it isn’t the AWF Chumpion, TC…

TC: I’m sorry, I thought I heard a hen…oh wait…no it’s just Cyberd*ck and his brainless sidekick…haven’t you losers left here yet?

Cyberstrike: Losers? Hell no…Reilly still owes me!

TC: Yeah…come to think of it, you do spend a lot of time under his desk…

Cyberstrike: Listen punk…tonight…that title is on the line and I’m the one who gets to take it from you…so kiss it goodbye…

TC: Yo…cyber, I have a question for you…What did the five fingers say to the face?


Flec: I love that joke!

*The camera cuts back to the ring as TC walks away from Cyberstrike.*

Amarant Odinson v Brave Maxx

The lights cut out as Evanesance's "Haunted" plays over the loudspeakers in the area. The crowd rises to its feet to catch a glimpse of the AWF phenom through the pyrotechnics.

RA: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring is the challenger, Brave Maxx!

JFA: We're seeing a decent crowd reaction for Brave Maxx. They seem to be taking a liking to the hard hitting, never quit monster.

JHA: Never quit? This man tapped to a total hack at Redemption. Look, as far as I'm concerned, if you tap to The Fat Man over the TV title, it's off to mid-card hell for you? forever.

JFA: Not a forgiving man, are we?

JHA: Heck no. I have nothing but contempt for this guy.

JFA: Never mind that he fought The Mat Man in an excellent match? Never mind that it took nmat's all to put him away?

JHA: Never mind that he jobbed to a hack! Ha ha. Take that, chump. Here's the champ I'm proud of. A real fighter.

As the cheers die out, they are swiftly replaced by boos as White Zombie's "More Human than Human" fills the area. Amarant Odinson appears at the top of the ramp, his IC title hung over his left shoulder like a form of body armor. He glances at the booing crowd with indifference, and strides towards the ring, eyes locked with his opponent's.

RA: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Toronto, Canada, he is your AWF Intercontinental Champion?. Amarant Odinson!

JFA: Exactly why do you like this guy?

JHA: Because he gets the job done. It's not enough for him to pin people; he likes to hear them tap. They submit, quit on their own because the pain is too much to bear. He breaks people in that ring.

JFA: You're one sick BLEEP, you know that? Oops, good thing we have that 7 second delay.

JHA: You're wife's one sick BLEEP too.

As the bell rings, AO slips in, ducks a right from Brave Maxx, and he slips behind the bigger man. He reaches around and locks his hands around Brave Maxx's waist, but he's unable to complete the take down and pull Brave Maxx from his feet. Brave Maxx breaks the hold, spins, and shoves AO backwards into the ropes. Stumbling off, the IC champ is caught by Brave Maxx and gets planted with a sidewalk slam. The quick cover only gets a one count as AO shows surprising power in kicking out of the cover. Showing his speed, AO grabs an arm, and applies a step over armbar.

JHA: It was only a matter of time. Amarant knows nmathew attacked that arm only a few weeks ago, and it cannot be at 100%. He knows what he's doing. He'll find any weakness then exploit it like the wolverine he is. He's crafty, he's cunning, he's..

JFA: He's getting lifted off the mat as Brave Maxx is rising to his feet.

Despite AO clinging to the arm, Brave Maxx rises to his feet, pulls the held arm to shoulder height, and he slams AO down hard on the canvas. AO refuses to break the hold, however, and he simply puts a foot into Brave Maxx's armpit to gain more leverage. Unable to shake the mat tactician from his arm, Brave Maxx again straightens up and begins to spin.

JHA: This isn't ballet! Stop being boring.

JFA: That's not what he's trying. Why do I even try to explain stuff to you? Brave Maxx is inching over to the corner.

Too late, AO sees where Brave Maxx is headed. He tries to move, but there's too much momentum, and Brave Maxx sends him slamming against the turnbuckle. The hold breaks, and he bounces off the ropes like a rock skipping across a pond to lie in a heap outside the ring. Seeing his opponent stunned, Brave Maxx steps over the top rope and drops to the outside of the ring

JFA: This might be a quick reversal in the way this match was headed. AO's not moving, and I think Brave Maxx is closing on for the kill.

JHA: I can't believe I just saw that. That was total and complete disregard for his opponent Brave Maxx just showed. It resulted in carnage, and I must say? I like it.

JFA: Brave Maxx is showing raw strength. He just lifted the limp IC champ, and he's got him posed for a delayed vertical suplex. Normally, the opponent is set up so that the blood rushes to the brain with this move. It increases the chance for a blackout, but I don't think that's an issue here. Half turn by the challenger, and he just laid AO out on the security rail!

JHA: He just broke mamma Odinson's baby boy in half!

JFA: That's my line!

JHA: For once, it was appropriate.

Brave Maxx pulls Amarant up, shoves him under the bottom rope, and breaks the ref's count at 8 by rolling himself into the ring. He goes for a lateral press, and it gets the full three count, but the ref notices that AO's foot is resting on the bottom rope. Brave Maxx tries to plead his case, but the ref refuses to hear any of it, and sticks firmly by his decision. Convinced he won't get anywhere with the ref, Brave Maxx pulls AO to his feet, and sends him to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Amarant manages to hold onto the ropes, and slides to the outside. Clearly expecting to land a massive, finishing blow, Brave Maxx appears caught off guard. A moment of indecision gives Amarant some much needed time outside the ring to collect his breath and wits.

JFA: This was clearly unexpected. Amarant is being manhandled out here. No one would argue that he could match raw strength with Brave Maxx, but the big man's been in complete control of this match, and it shows little sign of reversing.

JHA: You speak wrongly, as usual. Amarant is outside the ring, and Brave Maxx cannot win the belt with a count out. He has to go after AO, and AO's the quicker man.

JFA: Good point, but we'll see if it holds up. Brave Maxx is now outside the ring, and he's going after Amarant. Drop Toe hold from the champ fails to knock the challenger off his feet. Irish Whip from Brave Maxx is reversed by AO, and Brave Maxx just collided against the steel steps!

JHA: Not just any part of his either. That's his lame arm too. I just love to see the look of shock on his face.

JFA: Shock? I guess it is. Anyone else would show a grimace of pain, but this monster just looks surprised that the move was reversed. He's to his feet, holding the damaged arm. AO steps in and connects with some vicious chops that send the big man rocking back on his heels. The offense is cut short by a knee to the midsection. With AO doubled over, Brave Maxx connects with a hard right hand and he forces the champ into the ring.

JHA: Ha! As Brave Maxx climbed into the ring, AO just dropped him to his knees with a low drop kick. My fighting champ still has some fight left in him. Another armbar is in place, this time it looks like a Crucifix armbar. Brave Maxx is in trouble, and he's going to have to tap soon.

Suddenly, the sounds of a clock ticking are heard throughout the area and AC/DC's "Back in Black" begins. As the crowd cheers, The Mat Man waves to his fans and jogs down to the announcer's table.

JHA: What on earth are you doing out here? If you dare interfere in that match I'll?

Mat Man: You'll do what? You call me the "fat man", when you're the one wearing 56 inch jeans? Sit down and shut up. I'm simple here for one reason.

JFA: Umm, what's that.

Mat Man: One sec.

With that, The Mat Man retrieves the IC title from the time keeper and begins to inspect it. After a few adjustments, he tries it on, and smiles

JFA: Um, Mat man?

MM: Oh, nothing. I'm just making sure everything's in working order, you know? It wouldn't do to win the belt only to find out something was wrong with it and I couldn't wear it. The public wouldn't have it. How does it look?

JFA: You look dashing.

JHA: You look like I feel. Sick.

JFA: Mat Man, I think you should take it off. AO doesn't appear happy. He's yelling, and even from here I can hear him asking you to take it off.

MM: Asking? I hear cursing and demands. Maybe he shouldn't have let up his hold on Brave Maxx. If there's anything I learned fighting that beast, it's to never, ever give up an advantage. Well, I'm satisfied. JHA, give my regards to your mistress, will you?

With that, the Mat Man removes the belt, tosses it to the time keeper, and leaves, waving to the fans the whole time. As AO watches him go in anger, Brave Maxx slips behind him, grabs a leg, and tries for a rollup. AO slips out at a long two, leaps to his feet, and prepares his next wave of offense against the challenger.

JFA: I'm not quite sure why nmat was out here, unless he just wanted to mess with AO's head before going to AM III. In any case, AO looks like he's trying to get Brave Maxx to give him an opening. He clearly wants to take the big man off his feet again. The big man attacks with a flurry of right blows. A few find their mark, but AO's avoiding most. Wow, quick step in by AO, again slipping behind his opponent. He can't be trying what I think he is.

JHA: Oh he is, and he can. Sie Germans! One? Two? Three? Darn, he only went for three of them. AO, lifting the big man to his feet and sending him to the ropes with an Irish whip.

As Brave Maxx rebounds off the ropes, Tempest appears to materialize in the ring and he explodes with a crushing spear into Brave Maxx. Brave Maxx appears to hang in midair for a split second before the force of the blow crashes him into the mat.

JFA: What the hell was that? Tempest is laying into Brave Maxx with right hands, AO's been DQed, but he'll keep the belt. What's going on here?

JHA: I don't know, but Amarant doesn't look pleased. He's got his belt, and he's headed up the ramp in disgust.

Finished with is assault on Brave Maxx, Tempest signals for a mic

Tempest: Before the show tonight, I was talking with Viewfind. We both agreed that I had lost some momentum from earlier victories. I had slowed my march to the top of the AWF. Well, I'm back on track. I wanted to send everyone a message. I needed to send a statement. I just delivered. Look at him! I just left one of the AWF's strongest competitors prone in a pile of his own blood!

With that, Brave Maxx suddenly sits up, looks at Tempest, and begins to rise to his feet. Tempest's eyes widen briefly, but then he delivers a brutal kick to the side of Brave Maxx's head. Lifting the other man, Tempest presses him above his head and connects with the Thunder Press. Satisfied, he leaves the ring and marches backstage, never thinking to look back. If he had, he would have seen Brave Maxx again sit up, look his way, and grin demonically.

*The sounds of “Clocks” plays as a promo is shown for Archivemania*

Commissioner Reilly’s office

Zarak: ‘So we lost without being pinned or made to submit and you’re denying us a shot at the belts’’

Reilly: ‘Yes you seem to have grasped the concept rather well. The NWA are the number one contenders’ they get the shot tonight. You can wait for your turn.’

Wolfang: ‘Give us an idea when that might be’’

Reilly: ‘The same day Satan uses ice skates to get to work.’

Zarak: ‘What is your problem with us’’

Reilly: ‘You were the tag team champions for close to seven months’ in that period, you defended the belts on seven occasions’ roughly once a month.’
Wolfang: Ain’t our fault you can’t book a show’ hell, I’d be surprised if you could book a holiday’’

Reilly: ‘Just keep talking Wolfang. See how long it takes you to piss me off enough to’’

There is a knock at the office door

Reilly: ‘COME IN!’

Computron and Jetfire enter the room, wearing white, red and gold tights and jackets. They push past Blood & Thunder and Computron places his clenched fists on the desk and leans forward. Jetfire sneers at Blood & Thunder before folding his arms and facing Reilly.

Computron: ‘We want a title shot.’

Jetfire: ‘Yeah’ Archivemania is drawing nearer, and we don’t want to deprive your audience of seeing the greatest tag team in AWF history compete.’

Zarak: ‘But they are gonna see us.’

Jetfire turns to the Mancunian.

Jetfire: ‘Your point being’’

Zarak: ‘I haven’t seen you guys and I use that term in the loosest possible sense’ around here in a while. Hell the last time we fought was about April last year’’

Computron: ‘So We’ve been doing important stuff’ like getting laid and getting plastered which is more than you and that freak can manage’’

Wolfang: ‘We get by that is, he gets laid and I do my best to get plastered’’

Computron: ‘Whatever do we get a shot or what’’

Reilly: ‘Fine. You get the shot at Archivemania.’

Zarak and Wolfang stare at each other in disbelief.

Zarak: ‘So they walk in here’ after Lord knows how long an absence and you let them have the shot’’

Jetfire: ‘Deal with it, guys’’

Wolfang clobbers Jetfire with a right cross before Zarak restrains him and Computron tends to Jetfire.

Computron: ‘You should keep that thing on a leash’’

Wolfang grits his teeth and stares at Reilly.

Wolfang: ‘Them against us number one contenders match for Archivemania.’

Reilly: ‘And tell me why should I do that’’

Zarak: ‘Because if you don’t, we’ll make your life the kind of hell D-Next wouldn’t inflict on you.’

Reilly: ‘HA!’

Reilly stares at Blood & Thunder, who simply stare right back at him. Their expressions show no sign of emotion whatsoever. It makes playing poker against them a rather suicidal and debt-ridden pursuit. Reilly almost swallows his Adam’s apple.

Reilly: ‘Number one contenders match’ tonight’’

Computron: ‘WHAT’ What right have they got’’

Zarak: ‘We’ve been here the last eight months’ tag champions for about seven of those’ and we’ve busted our humps every time we’ve gotten into the ring.’

Jetfire: ‘Which isn’t even a quarter as often as we did, as it happens’’
Wolfang: ‘It ain’t our fault this jackass can’t book a show’’

Jetfire: ‘Oh’ and you’re so upset about that, aren’t you’ We fought the nTo’ the Mav’ricks D-Next Lock & King nmat & Quick Switch’ and who have you fought The NWA and the nTo-X’’

Wolfang: ‘Yeah well it ain’t my fault we don’t have any competition...’

Reilly: ‘Well you bloody will tonight, sunshine CompuFire Vs. Blood & Thunder for the number one contendership at Archivemania’ you’ve got fifteen minutes to get ready’ so get the hell out of my office!’

Blood & Thunder leave first. Wolfang doesn’t take his eyes off CompuFire as he closes the door behind him. The Epsom avenger and his Cardiff colleague stare at Reilly for a few seconds, and then leave slamming the door behind them.

AWF Tag Team Championship Number One Contendership Match: CompuFire Vs. Blood & Thunder

JRA: ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall’ and the winners will be THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS at ARCHIVEMANIA III!’

As ‘Dare’ begins to sound, Computron and Jetfire are met with a strangely chilly reception from the fans. They stroll to the ring, blowing kisses and waving as they pose for the photographers in their almost-matching outfits. Jetfire wears white tights and wrist tape with red boots and ‘CompuFire’ in gold letters on the left leg. Computron wears red tights and wrist tape with white boots and ‘CompuFire’ down the right leg in gold. They both wear white leather jackets with ‘CompuFire’ on the back in gold. They stand on adjacent turnbuckles and hold up their arms as if seeking approval from the crowd. Some is forthcoming, but the crowd aren’t fully behind them.

JRA: ‘First’ from Cardiff, Wales and the depths Of Epsom, England, respectively’ Computron’ Jetfire’ COMPUFIRE!’

JFA: ‘Another big match tonight on the road to Archivemania III’ for anyone who missed it earlier, CompuFire stormed into Reilly’s office whilst Blood & Thunder were conferring with the commissioner about their rights to the tag title contendership. CompuFire strolled in’ and Reilly handed them the shot. After protests from Blood & Thunder, not to mention Wolfang smacking Jetfire in the kisser, Reilly made this match.’
JHA: ‘Now’ as unusual as it sounds’ I don’t have anything bad to say about that’’
JFA: ‘Really’ You’re not gonna take a pot shot at Blood & Thunder’’
JHA: ‘Lesser of two goods right now’’

As ‘Dare’ fades out, and CompuFire hand their jackets to a ringside assistant, red mist starts to flow down the entrance ramp. The lights go down, and ‘Smoke On The Water’ heralds the arrival of Blood & Thunder. The former tag team champions stride to the ring wearing their trademark sleeveless black leather trenchcoats. Zarak wears black tights and wristbands with dark green boots and ‘Zarak’ in dark green on the right leg. Wolfang wears green tights and elbow pad with ‘Wolfang’ on the left leg in black. Their sights are fixed firmly on their adversaries, until they slide under the bottom rope and stand on opposite turnbuckles to salute the crowd. The cheers are thunderous as the opponents stare each other down.

JRA: ‘And their opponents’ from Failsworth, Manchester and St. Helens, Merseyside, respectively’ Black Zarak’ Wolfang’ BLOOD & THUNDER!’

No sooner has the ring announcer finished than Wolfang throws off his trenchcoat. Zarak stands with his back to CompuFire, and Wolfang sprints towards his partner’ who back drops Wolfang over the top rope for a corkscrew plancha onto CompuFire! The crowd roar approval as the bell rings.

JFA: ‘Things literally off to a flying start there’ Zarak back dropping Wolfang a good fourteen feet above the arena for Wolfang to hit their opponents with a stunning corkscrew plancha.’
JHA: ‘That’s the type of move CompuFire might normally use. Do you think that’s why Wolfang did it’’
JFA: ‘Could well be’ Wolfang throwing Computron into the ring now’ follows him’ and immediately sets to work on the legs. Slams the knee of Computron into the mat’ twice for good measure’ and follows that up with an elbow to the leg’ and gets kicked in the face by Computron right after.’

Computron quickly rolls backwards to get to his feet. Wolfang rushes him, and is on the receiving end of a drop toehold which sends him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Computron quickly follows up with a dropkick to the back of ‘Fang’s head to keep the momentum going for his team, and tags Jetfire in. CompuFire drag Wolfang up from the mat, and hit him with a double back suplex that drives his head into the mat with some force.

JFA: ‘Not bad strategy from CompuFire’’
JHA: ‘Are you kidding’ If you’re gonna work on one area of Wolfang, the head is not the place to aim.’
JFA: ‘Why not’’
JHA: ‘Where there’s no sense’’
JFA: ‘Nice’’

Jetfire follows up the double back suplex with a leg drop to the back of the head before locking in a headlock. Wolfang reverses into a hammerlock, which results in a forward roll and a kip up from Jetfire to reverse into an arm ringer, into a quick Irish whip attempt from the Epsom avenger which is quickly reversed into a Russian leg sweep by Wolfang. Wolfang quickly kips up to a cheer from the crowd, and starts to haul Jetfire to a vertical base until Jetfire punches him in the joy department. With Wolfang hunched over, Jetfire quickly takes the chance to hit a powerbomb on the Merseyside marauder. He covers Wolfang for a two-count before Wolfang kicks out.

JFA: ‘Good continuity from CompuFire’ Jets makes the tag to Compy’ and they hit Wolfang with a modified 3D! 1’ 2’ and Zarak’s boot makes sure no three happens. The referee admonishing Zarak for coming into the ring’ and look at that! Jetfire taking the opportunity to throttle Wolfang with the tag rope’ while Compy stomps on him!’
JHA: ‘CompuFire may be my new favourite tag team’’
JFA: ‘What’ You were rooting for Blood & Thunder about three minutes ago!’
JHA: ‘A lot can happen in three minutes’’
JFA: ‘Unless you venture to a KFC in England’’
JHA: ‘You’d know, wouldn’t you’’

Computron drags Wolfang upright and throws him to a neutral corner. He ascends to the middle turnbuckle and rains down a series of right hands on Wolfang’s masked face. He then monkey flips the smaller half of Blood & Thunder into the centre of the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He dives off with an elbow’ and fails to connect as Wolfang rolls out of the way!

JFA: ‘The crowd solidly behind Blood & Thunder at this point’ Wolfang reaching for the tag’ those few feet must feel like a mile’ and Jetfire distracted the referee! Wolfang made the tag to Zarak’ who clobbered Computron’ and now Joe Mamma is shoving Zarak out of the ring because Jetfire distracted him!’

As Zarak yells at the referee first to proclaim the tag was made and then to tell him to do his job, CompuFire are once again double teaming Wolfang with stomps into his rib area. The legal man, Computron, gets out of the ring as Jetfire continues the assault. Joe Mamma asks about the tag, which Computron claims was made, as Jetfire Irish whips Wolfang across the ring. As Wolfang rebounds, he ducks a clothesline, hits the rope, ducks an attempted reverse elbow, hits the rope again’ and downs Jetfire with a spear!

JFA: ‘SPEAR! SPEAR! Wolfang hit that spear’ the Grey Hunter’ and knocked the wind out of Jetfire, by God’’

Wolfang and Jetfire lie motionless for a few moments as Joe Mamma initiates his ten-count. The two are closer to the corner of CompuFire than the corner of Blood & Thunder. Wolfang is the first to move. He reaches out for the tag to Zarak, and crawls on his elbows and belly towards his corner. As Wolfang gets to about three-and-a-half feet from his corner, Computron runs into the ring and blasts Zarak with a forearm smash. Zarak is taken by surprise and falls to the arena floor as Computron drags Wolfang back to CompuFire’s corner.

JFA: ‘This is pathetic! CompuFire is turning Wolfang into a pi񡴡’ and Zarak is being admonished for trying to help his tag team partner and best friend! This is not right!’
JHA: ‘All’s fair in war and war’’
JFA: ‘Shut up’’

As Zarak argues with the referee, Jetfire tags Computron back into the ring and the two deliver a flip Senton and leg drop combination to the pride of Merseyside. Computron goes for the cover and gets two before Wolfang kicks out and rolls over onto his stomach.

JFA: ‘Good strategy by Wolfang’ turning onto his front so that he can’t be pinned’ but that doesn’t stop Computron locking in a sleeper’ notice again, that CompuFire are focused on the head and neck area of Wolfang’ Joe Mamma raises Wolfang’s arm’ and it falls’ raised again’ and once again falls’ if it goes down once more, this match is over’’

As Wolfang’s right arm slumps towards the mat for the third time, Wolfang catches it with his left hand and starts shaking as he stands up. Computron still has the sleeper locked in, but as Wolfang gets to his feet, Computron ends up standing on the right hand side of his adversary as opposed to being behind him. Wolfang continues to shake and begins stamping his feet rapidly. He elbows Computron in the ribs twice to break the sleeper and darts towards the ropes he can see ahead of him. He rebounds from the strands to hit a clothesline, which knocks down Computron. He hits the adjacent ropes as the Cardiff commando gets to his feet, and hits his opponent with a running DDT. To the shock of everyone in the arena, Wolfang kips upright and points to Zarak. He hauls Computron up and whips him to Blood & Thunder’s corner and’ backed by a thundering ovation’ makes the tag to Zarak.

JFA: ‘Looks like turnabout is gonna be fair play’ Zarak lifts Computron onto his shoulders’ oh yeah; the crowd knows what’s coming’ Wolfang up top’ AND THERE’S RAGNAROK! Zarak with the electric chair drop’ Wolfang accompanies it with a rocker drop’ and Computron might well be out cold from that’ and Joe Mamma isn’t counting! He’s admonishing Wolfang now! What the hell is this’’
JHA: ‘Looks like Mr. Reilly might have exerted some ‘executive influence’ over the official in this match’’
JFA: ‘You might well be right about that’ Zarak gets up’ Jetfire runs to hit with a cross body’ and Zarak caught him! Zarak caught him in mid-air’ and slams him to the mat with authority! Turns around’ into a boot to the abs from Computron’ who locks him up for a DDT’ Zarak pushes him back to the turnbuckles to break the hold’ and he’s putting Computron on the top rope. What is he doing’’

Zarak places Computron on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd. He smashes Computron in the back of the head a couple of times and climbs up the outside of the pads to the top. As he does so, Jetfire rushes in to help his tag team partner’ and is met with a Hurricanranna from Wolfang!

JFA: ‘Hold on’ Jetfire down in the ring’ Zarak has Computron’s arms hooked’ he’s looking at the crowd’ the noise is unbelievable’ and here we go’CRIMSON SHADOW! The Crimson Shadow by Zarak’ from the top rope! He dropped Computron right onto Jetfire’ he rolls Jetfire out of the way’ here’s the cover’ 1’ 2’ and Computron kicked out! I’m not sure whether it was down to Computron’s endurance, Zarak’s execution, Jetfire’s interference or some more slovenly officiating’ but Computron kicked out from that! My god! How bad do these guys want to win’’

Zarak is shocked, as is Wolfang. Jetfire is getting to his feet on the outside as Zarak pulls up Computron and sets him up for a vertical suplex. The mighty Mancunian holds Computron in the air for about fourteen seconds before he delivers the suplex. He floats over into a cover for a two-count. As he gets up again, he turns around into a missile dropkick from Jetfire, and is caught in a schoolboy pin by Computron.

JFA: ‘Roll up by Computron’ 1’ 2’ and Wolfang breaks it up! Joe Mamma admonishing Wolfang again’ this is absurd’ CRIMSON TWILIGHT! Wolfang just hit Joe Mamma with the Crimson Twilight!’
JHA: ‘I think he was fed up with that officiating stuff’’
JFA: ‘Wolfang just shrugs’ the crowd roar their approval’ as Jetfire rushes towards ‘Fang’ and both men fly out over the top rope’ Zarak and Computron are still both legal, I think’ Irish whip by Zarak’ reversal from Computron’ Zarak into the ropes’ and into a powerslam from Computron! But there’s no referee! Here comes referee Noah Ordak’ into the ring’ 1’ 2’ and Zarak gets the shoulder up!’

Computron picks up Zarak again, and goes for a suplex of his own. Zarak blocks the move. Twice. And pushes Computron away into the ropes. Computron rushes back, straight into a boot to the face from Zarak. Zarak holds up his right fist, and slowly twists and lowers his arm with the thumb distending downwards. The crowd cheers as Wolfang and Jetfire continue to pound each other on the outside, and Zarak places Computron’s head between his thighs’ flips him up’ and brings him crashing to the mat with the Sting In The Tail as Jetfire slams Wolfang’s head into the steel ring steps with a drop toehold.

JFA: ‘The Sting In The Tail! Blood & Thunder are going to Archivemania! 1’ 2’ and Jetfire breaks it up again! Referee Noah Ordak escorting Jetfire out of the ring’ where he goes back to Wolfang’ picks up ‘Fang for a scoop slam’ wait, ‘Fang’s out’ SHADOW STORM! Wolfang drilled Jetfire with the Shadow Storm’ back in the ring; Zarak has Computron again’ setting him up for the Wild Stinger, his version of the Dominator’ Computron up’ escape’ and there’s the Compu-Kick! Compu-Kick from Computron’ and Wolfang drags the Cardiff crusader out of the ring! ‘Fang and Compy exchanging rights and lefts’ Jetfire’s getting back up’ sees the fray’ and CompuFire are pounding Wolfang now’ and here comes Zarak’ with a flying body press over the top rope! Good God! What a move by Black Zarak’ everyone is down on the outside now’ and Noah Ordak starts counting them out’’
JHA: ‘Hey! There’s Mr. Reilly! What’s he doing out here’’
JFA: ‘Reilly approaching Noah Ordak’ shows him a piece of paper which, I’ll assume, is a contract for this match’ Ordak stopping the count’ conferring with the ring announcer’ here comes the announcement’’

JRA: ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ the referee informs me that, as a result of a ruling by Commissioner Reilly’ this match will now be contested under STREET FIGHT rules!’

JHA: ‘Good God’ we should start writing eulogies’’
JFA: ‘You might be right about that’ just a quick reminder for you’ Street Fight rules means No Holds Barred’ but the pin or submission must take place in the middle of the ring’ and this could be bad news for everyone in this bout’ it’s good news for whoever the tag team champions are at ‘mania’ but it’s not good news for CompuFire or Blood & Thunder’’
JHA: ‘Hey wait’ all four of the guys are just now stirring from their little nap here in front of our announce table’ I don’t think they heard the announcement’’
JFA: ‘I don’t think we should allow them near anything that can be used as a weapon’ that’s just asking for trouble’ especially considering the way we’ve seen them try to kill each other already’’

All four men (or rather, all three men and whatever Wolfang is) finally manage to drag themselves to their feet. Operating on instinct alone, Wolfang tries to throttle the life out of Computron, while Jetfire rains down a shower of right hands to Zarak’s temple. Wolfang looks at Computron, then at his friend, and he makes a decision. He hurls Compy aside, and charges towards Jetfire’ hitting the Epsom avenger with a clothesline to free Zarak.

JFA: ‘Wolfang helps Zarak to his feet’ Blood & Thunder looking marginally less thrashed than CompuFire at this moment in time’ Compy shakes out the cobwebs’ and smashes Wolfang face-first into the ring post! Wolfang down now’ I think he may be busted open after that’ Zarak on the receiving end of a low blow from Jetfire’’
JHA: ‘I heard Jetfire’s quite proficient at delivering blows to guys’’

As Zarak crumples to the floor like a house of cards, and Wolfang lies in a rapidly expanding pool of his own blood, Computron and Jetfire discuss what to do with their opponents. They appear to reach a decision, and Computron walks over to Zarak and throws him back into the ring as Jetfire turns his attentions to Wolfang.

JFA: ‘CompuFire now’ some strategy formulated’ wait’ Compy’s sticking a figure four on Zarak’ and Jetfire has the ankle lock on Wolfang! CompuFire don’t just want to win’ they wanna humiliate Blood & Thunder by making them tap! That might be easier said than done, though’’

Zarak grits his teeth and snarls. His face reddens as he fights the pain of the figure four. He raises a hand, calling for the support of the fans in the Conceco Field House. The fans respond with vigorous cheering for the Failsworth native, as he manages to turn onto his stomach and reverse the pressure onto Computron! Meanwhile, Wolfang is hitting himself in the face, biting his own hand and even tugging at his hair to take his attention away from the pain. He slaps his hand on the arena floor, and glares into space. He howls. The crowd goes nuts as ‘Fang twists into the move, dragging Jetfire towards him and driving his size 12 right into the jaw of the Epsom avenger, sending Jetfire sailing backwards into the ring steps.

JFA: ‘Well’ it looks like that plan went awry’’
JHA: ‘Do you think Jetfire will need his jaw wired after that’’
JFA: ‘It’s a possibility, I guess’’
JHA: ‘There truly is a god’’

Zarak and Computron are back up in the ring. Both are unsteady on their feet after the figure four and subsequent reversal, and both are weary from the battle. Computron charges at Zarak, who side steps and pushes him into the turnbuckles. Compy hits with force, and stumbles out backwards from the turnbuckles and into a standing rear chinlock from Zarak. No sooner is the hold locked’

JFA: ‘POISON BITE! Zarak’s version of the reverse DDT! 1’ 2’ 3! THEY DID IT! BLOOD & THUNDER ARE GOING TO ARCHIVEMANIA!’

As the bell rings, Wolfang looks up from turning Jetfire into a doormat and wipes the blood from his eyes. He raises his fists in the air and yells some for of affirmative utterance that no one can quite understand despite the fact that it might register on the Rictor scale. He jumps into the ring and helps Zarak up. The two raise their arms in the air. Noah Ordak just shrugs as ‘Mexicola’ kicks in.

JRA: ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ the winners of the match’ AND THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS’ BLOOD & THUNDER!’

The crowd yell their approval at Wolfang and Zarak, as the owners of the Monkey Bar stroll backstage smiling and slapping high fives.

JFA: ‘Well’ we know who the number one contenders are’ we’ll find out who Blood & Thunder will face at Archivemania later on, when the NWA take on D-Next for the Tag Team Championship. Coming up next!
A promo for the new Vin Ghostal DVD ‘Larger than Life’ is shown

2004-03-27, 06:07 AM
AWF Tag Team Titles: DNeXt v The NWA

P.I.M.P. blasts throughout the arena as the NWA make their way to the ring…

JFA: Here come the challengers for the AWF Tag Team titles…an honor they won at Redemption!
JHA: The world’s greatest tag team…right here folks!
JFA: I think a number of teams would disagree with you!
JHA: Like they count…

Are you ready?

*The ever familiar DN theme breaks way for “Won’t Back Down” as the Game comes to the ring all smiles, Tag Team belt across his right shoulder.

JFA: And here he comes, a proud champion…a fighting champion…a man who has never backed down from anyone or anything, he is the People’s Champion J…
JHA: I feel ill…stop…

*Superstar takes over as HBK begins his walk to the ring*

JFA: And his partner…the former World Champion…week in and week out we have asked how these two would function…and its especially poignant now…
JHA: They won’t…
JFA: Both DN members in the ring, giving each other looks…its obvious that HBK harbors some ill will towards the Game, blaming him for his loss last week to TC. But nonetheless giving the Game a little pat on the back…bell has sounded and HBK offering to let the Game start…and DEAR LORD!
JHA: Guess he’s REALLY holding a grudge.
JFA: Heart Brend Kick to the back of the head of the Game…the NWA moving in quickly to hook the Game into the Doomsday Device…like this is necessary…he’s already out…HBK smiling on his way to the back…cover by P? 1…2…3! The NWA are the new tag team champions!

JRA: Here are your winners and NEW AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…P? and Divebomb…the NWA!

JFA: This is sick…HBK just set up and laid out his partner…for what?
JHA: HELLO! Cost the title…
JFA: He did nothing of the sort…he just showed up to watch the match…damn him! DAMN HBK AND HIS BLACK HEART!


Reilly is shown furious: What the hell is that?
HBK: Paybacks…you know something Reilly…the Game wanted me so bad? Fine…he’s got me…Archivemania…my terms! 3 Falls match…Fall 1, straight wrestling, Fall 2, submission match…and Fall 3, Last Man Standing…this ends at Archivemania…he wants to screw me out of my title…fine…I’ll just have to end his career and put him out of all of our misery…

Flec: Holy hell…HBK v The Game at Archivemania…BEST OF THREE FALLS! WOW!

AWF Number One Contenders Match for the Hardcore Title: Auros v Gruff v Cane

‘Flec: ‘So, Styles, what do we got coming up next’’

Joey: ‘How about a triple threat match for the number on contendership to the AWF Hardcore title’’

‘Flec: ‘Sounds great. So who are we sacrificing’’

Joey: ‘We’re setting this one up between Cane and Gruff’’

‘Flec: ‘Won’t be sorry to see them go’’

Joey: ‘‘and Auros.’

‘Flec: ‘Hey, what did he ever do to anyone’’

Joey: ‘Well, there is that vicious attack that he perpetrated on Gruff last week’’

‘Flec: ‘What are you talking about’ Gruff destroyed a collectable! He should have been sent to jail! Or beaten on by some rabid fans! Or some other punishment that keeps him off the TV!’

Joey: ‘And there’s ‘Deadly Game’, signaling the arrival of Cane’who barely makes five steps off the ramp before Gruff is on him’looking to expel some of that pent up rage he’s been feeling ever since his brutal attack last week.’

‘Flec: ‘Dude, just a nudie mag and a private room like everyone else does.’

Joey: ‘And now Gruff slamming Cane into the steel steps’grabbing Cane by the hair’tossing him into the ring’Gruff moving into the ring’WAIT! Someone’s coming out of the crowd! Cyberstrike’! What’s he doing out here’!’

‘Flec: ‘Yeah! That’s what I wanna know! Who unlocked the damn cage’!’

Joey: ‘And Cyberstrike heading off Gruff at the pass’massive shot to the head! And now laying down the boots to Gruff’Cane getting back onto his feet now’Cyberstrike doesn’t see him coming’and Cane dropkicks Cyberstrike into the side of the ring, his head slamming into the top turnbuckle.’

‘Flec: ‘Glad to see that nothing serious got damaged.’

Joey: ‘And now Cane bringing Gruff to his feet’looking for a powerbomb attempt’and a low blow by Gruff to Cane! It’s all perfectly legal here, folks. That’s why the match didn’t end when Cyberstrike made his presence known.

‘Flec: ‘That’s a shock. Most things involving Cyberstrike tend to end rather quickly.

Joey: ‘And now Gruff trying to gain some measure of advantage over Cane’a series of quick punches’followed by a clothesline’and a massive back body drop. Gruff now turning his attention to Cyberstrike’who isn’t even in the match, folks!’

‘Flec: ‘And speaking of people who aren’t in the match, where’s Auros’ Shouldn’t he be out here kicking the ass of all these talentless nobodies’’

Joey: ‘I don’t know, ‘Flec. But here comes someone else who shouldn’t be in this match’’

‘Flec: ‘Ravage’! What is he doing down here’!’

Joey: ‘Beats me, but he’s looking to get him some of Xille! The current Hardcore champ! Xille came in from the crowd to cut off Cyberstrike , who was trying to take out Cane, by clocking him in the head with the Hardcore belt. You know that he wants to have a hand in choosing his next opponent. Now Gruff moving in to cut off Ravage, Xille taking on Cyberstrike and Cane just lying back against the turnbuckle and watching everything go down.’

‘Flec: ‘I see he’s not doing anything to break out of character.’

Joey: ‘But wait! Here comes D-Extreme! And Cloudstrifer! And they’re heading right for Cane! Now the three of them getting it on And now it’s total chaos in the ring, as seven men duke it out in the ring. Five of them aren’t even supposed to be in this match, and one of the people who is supposed to be here isn’t. I don’t think that there’s any way this can get even more confusing.’

Kids are running around naked f*ckin’ in the bushes
Kids are running around naked f*ckin’ in the bushes
Kids are running around naked f*ckin’ in the bushes
Kids are running around naked f*ckin’ in the bushes

‘Flec: ‘You just had to say it didn’t you, Styles’!’

Joey: ‘And I guess Auros is coming down ’better late than never’ hey, wait! He’s driving’’

‘Flec: ‘Yeah! He’s driving that 1974 Ford Torino that he was driving last week! And it’s still damaged after Auros drove Gruff’s head into it. I guess Auros decided to take more from the ‘Starsky and Hutch’ set rather than a case of doughnuts.’

Joey: ‘And Auros heading for the ring now getting out of the car running for the ring Cloudstrifer moving to intercept him’and he gets an Atomic Clothesline for his trouble and now being sent outside of the ring D-Extreme and Xille moving to try to stop him and a double Atomic Clothesline! Auros picking up Xille’going to try for the Atomic Piledriver but Cane and Cyberstrike manage to knock Auros down the ref trying to maintain order here Ravage getting in his face now and a kick to the gut and the Hangover! RAVAGE JUST GAVE THE REFEREE THE HANGOVER! What’s going on here’! The ref’s knocked out, so there’s no one to give the three count!

‘Flec: ‘Man, this match has quickly gone downhill. I mean, yeah, it’s no holds barred, but that doesn’t give five jerkwads the right to come out and screw around in something that doesn’t involve them.’

Joey: ‘And things have just gone off the deep end, folks. Cloud trying to get back into the ring, only to meet a superkick from Xille off the top turnbuckle...both men down on the outside Cane and Cyberstrike teaming up to take out Auros but the big man managing to deal with both of them easily. D-Extreme and Ravage now going at it Ravage going to try the Hangover on D but Gruff catches Ravage in the chin with a super kick, sending both him and D-Extreme falling to the mat D-Extreme falling right onto Ravage...and Gruff moving his attention to Auros who knocks Cane out of the ring’’

‘Flec: ‘Chaos, mayhem and destruction! Don’t you just love it, folks!’


Joey: ‘And now we’re graced with the presence of Mr. Brendan Reilly. I wonder what he’s doing down here.’

‘Flec: ‘I’ll tell you what he’s doing! He’s gonna ruin the fun! KILLJOY!’

Reilly: ‘All right! All right! I’m an advocate of mindless carnage as much as the next guy, but we’ve got better things to do tonight than watch seven talentless nobodies and Auros continue to stink up my ratings! So I’m gonna tell you what. You eight want to kill yourselves, fine by me. But how about you save it for Archivemania, where the eight of you will compete for the Hardcore title in a TLC match!’

‘Flec: ‘He’s gotta be kidding me! Joey, tell me he’s kidding!’

Joey: ‘‘Fraid not, Flec. He’s sending these three into a match where tables, ladders and chairs will play an integral role in the outcome of the match. And with it being a Hardcore match, you can be sure that everything and the kitchen sink will find a way to get involved.’

‘Flec: ‘I seem to remember that happening one time. I think it was when…’’

Reilly: ‘That way, everyone gets what they want: Auros gets to win his title and hurt some people, you get to watch seven talentless hacks get sent to the hospital, I get the pleasure of writing some pink slips. Aren’t I great’ Now all of you get in the back before I get security out here. Oh, and Auros, I’ve got a notice from Warner Bros., saying that they want this thing back on the lot by the weekend. And from the look of things, you’re going to need to hire the world’s best auto shop mechanics unless you happen to have tons of cash handy.’

‘Flec: ‘Ah, man! Auros is gonna be pissed off.’

Joey: At least he’ll be able to use that rage in the TLC match at Archivemania which means we got one hell of a match on the way, folks.


TC is shown getting ready, when a battered Cane and Cyberstrike walk by…TC starts to snicker…
Flec: Hey! That’s the champion…
Joey: Cane and Cyberstrike attacking TC…TC holding his own it seems and WAIT! Sixswitch out backstage to help TC…clubbing blows to Cane by the educated feet of TC and Sixswitch chopping Cyberstrike! The nTo choosing to leave the scene…thanks in part to security escorting them out the door! Now TC turning around and not sure who is behind him shoves Sixswitch! The Archivemania Title match could happen backstage as the challenger shoves back! Now security instantly pouncing this…Reilly not about to allow it to happen and he’s ejecting both Sixswitch and TC!
Flec: WHAT?!? Does that mean we DON’T get to see TC crush Cyberstrike?!?
Joey: Guess not…Reilly ordering both Six and TC out of the building…Reilly trying to save one half of his AM main event…we’ll be right back!


The music: An edited Radiohead: Creep
The picture: Slow motion clips in black & white


*Morpheus nailing Sixswitch with a double arm ddt
The Game hitting the Game Over on Morpheus
Lock slamming the cage door on Morpheus' face
Morpheus strangling UPF with the Bad Dreams
Vin Ghostal connecting on Morpheus with a Cutting Edge*

Edit into the 2nd verse

I don't care if it hurts
UPF slams Morpheus with a steel chair
JHA: "I bet he didn't even feel that."

I want to have control
Morpheus tearing up the announcers' table

I want a perfect body
Morphues slams his own head repeatetly against the steel cage

I want a perfect soul
Morpheus trying to attack Vin Ghostal with Xille stopping him
JHA: Frrrrreak!

I want you to notice when I'm not around
The fans backing away from the guard railing as Morpheus walks to the ring
JFA: It may just be that Morpheus enjoys causing people suffering.

You're so f***ing special
Morpheus choking Sixswitch

I wish I was special
Morpheus gives Vin Ghostal the Mandible Claw at EoS
Flec: "That’s one sick little monkey you guys have there."

Edit to the final chorus

But I'm a creep
Morpheus sitting alone in a dark room
Morpheus: "I am not a freak!!

I'm a weirdo
Morpheus ripping his hair off

What the hell am I doing here?
Morpheus climbing a steel cage
Morpheus: "Why can I never do it right?!"

I don't belong here
Vin Ghostal eliminates Morpheus from the Royal Rumble

I don't belong here
A close-up of Morpheus's mask
Morpheus: "I am not... a freak" (sob)

-where dreams will be realized - and others will be broken-

*Cameras cut backstage to Lisa Lovelace, who is standing with Bombshell and Arcee*

LL: ‘Bombers, last week Viewfind challenged both you and the King to a three way dance at Archivemania. And last week you said that you had an announcement for the two of them. Could you give us your thoughts on this’’

BS: ‘Well, Lovelace, for starters, I gotta wonder what’s been going through ‘Find’s mind lately. I mean, I know that his favorite pastime is to stand in the Circle and toke up with the rest of the GPA and imagine what it would be like to be Vin Ghostal’s b*tches, oh, wait. They are. But that’s another story. The story for tonight is that ‘Find wants me and King at Archivemania. Well, he must have been able to see through the clouds of all that third rate mari-ju-ana, cause that’s exactly what I was going to tell the world tonight. I want King and ‘Find at Archivemania.’

LL: ‘Well, I guess that we can look forward to seeing you, Viewfind and King at Archivemania, won’t we’’

BS: ‘You’re damn right, Lisa. But this ain’t going to be any normal Triple Threat match. Y’see, something else that ‘Find said struck a cord with me. He also said that there are a bunch of people out there who are saying that the three of us are the future of the AWF, and he’s right. All three of us have held a major title at one time or another, and the three of us have held the World championship within the last five months. And there’s going to be a time in the near future when the three of us will take the place of Erik Summers, the Brendino Heat and Vin Ghostal. And that day is coming soon. But I can rest assure you, Lovelace, that ‘Find and King will not live to see it. Because like I said before, our match at Archivemania isn’t going to be any old Triple Threat. No. Three of us will go in, but only one will walk away. And that’s because’we’re going hardcore. Falls count anywhere. Everything and the kitchen sink is legal.’

Joey: ‘WHAT’! He’s challenging Viewfind and King to a Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore match at Archivemania’! Is this kid nuts or something’!

‘Flec: ‘Do you want me answering that’’

BS: ‘And I know what you’re all thinking: What am I thinking’ Am I completely out of my mind’ Well, you may be right but let’s flash back. Archivemania I: Me and Shrappers took on Cosmotron and Angloconvoy. We didn’t win the match, but we did break Algo’s knee. And when was the last time you saw either of them around’ Flash forward to Archivemania II, when I kicked Ravage’s ass all over the place in his own match, not to mention got a few shots in on JHA for s*its and giggles. Now, at Archivemania III, it’ll be the same all over again. Just replace Ravage and JHA with Viewfind and King, and prepare yourselves for the ride of your life.’
Lisa: Sounds like the ante has been upped…back to you guys!

AWF TV Title: Strafe v Cloudstrifer

RA : Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the AWF TV TITLE!

*Glass Shatters*

Flec : What the hell!?
Joey : The Rattlesnake's here!
Flec : He's got no damn business out here!
Joey : No Flec, Strafe's in the next match and we've got company
Flec : Hello StoneCold, er, sir...
SCSW : Gimme that damn headset
Flec : It's great to see you StoneCold
Joey : Why you snivelling little rat!
SCSW : What?
Flec : I was just commenting on how great you are!
Joey : He's scared you're gonna whup his ass
SCSW : Damn straight, let's get this match on

RA : Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He is your AWF TV Champion -- STRAFE!

Korn's "Here to Stay" blasts into the arena as Strafe makes his way from backstage, the TV Title draped over his shoulder, visibly annoyed by the presence of StoneCold Skywarp. He gets to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope, makes his way to the ring and starts shouting at StoneCold.

SCSW : You any idea what he's sayin?
Flec : I can read lips! He's saying "Joey, how's your mom?!"
Joey : He did not say that.
Flec : Can you read lips?
Joey : No
Flec : Then that's what he said.

RA : And the challenger, Cloudstrifer!

Cloudstrifer makes his way through the curtain as "Built for Speed" builds up, as the guitar kicks in he makes his way to the ring, the crowd boo him as he climbs the turnbuckle. Strafe turns back to the ring as the referee signals for the match to begin.

SCSW : If I fall asleep, wake me up.
Flec : Shouldn't that be when?
Joey : You spiking people's drinks again?
SCSW : He better not be

The two men in the ring circle each other before coming together in a collar and elbow tie up, Cloud shoves Strafe back to the corner and laughs as the crowd boos him. Strafe picks himself up for another collar and elbow tie up, Cloud shoves Strafe back to the mat again. Strafe up quickly, another collar and elbow tie up, but Strafe drops to the mat and hits a jawbreaker on Cloud! Cloud staggered backwards, Strafe quickly off the ropes, clothesline by Cloud, Strafe ducks under back off the ropes opposite leaps through the air and the flying forearm connects.

Joey : Cloud down hard there
Flec : Something I'm sure he's used to
SCSW : Stop flappin yer gums
Joey : Strafe picking up Cloud here, forearms back him into corner, Strafe with the Irish whip across to the opposite turnbuckle, across now and OH!
Flec : He almost took his head off!
Joey : Strafe just ran straight into that big boot from Cloud, quick cover gets the two count
SCSW : There ain't enough ass whuppin in this match...BORING! BORING!

Cloud over to the ropes where the announcer's table is, verbally abusing StoneCold, Strafe up quickly tries a roll-up but only manages a 2-count. Strafe to his feet, stomping on Cloud, lifts him up. The two hook up in another collar & elbow tie-up. Side head-lock by Strafe, back to the ropes Cloud pushes Strafe to the ropes opposite, clothesline attempt, duck under Strafe back off opposite straight into a huge sidewalk slam by Cloud!

Joey : Cloudstrifer with the advantage now, but he's gotta build on it

Cloud up off the ropes, drops the elbow into a nonchalant pin gaining nothing but a two count and more heckling from the crowd. Cloud stands up and backs off to the corner opposite, signalling for Odin's Spear. Strafe wearily gets up to his feet, turning as Cloud runs across the ring, drop toe hold!

Joey : Cloud's head just bounced off the bottom turnbuckle!
SCSW : Might knock some sense into the stupid sonnuvabitch
Flec : You tell him StoneCold!

Strafe grabs Cloudstrifer's leg and drags him away from the corner, lying him prone Strafe climbs the turnbuckle and leaps into the air, but misses the Strafing Run as Cloud rolls out of the way, pin by Cloud 1....2....

Joey : FOOT ON THE ROPES! Great presence of mind by Strafe.
Flec : That was three!
SCSW : That was dumb luck.

Cloud up to his feet, dragging Strafe to a standing position who throws a lacklustre right hand, Cloud blocks it and knees Strafe in the gut, hoisting him high into the air Cloud signals for Heimdall's Stand. Strafe hits the mat hard as the finishing move does the damage, pin by Cloud 1...2...

Joey : Kick out!
Flec : NO!
Joey : Strafe got the shoulder up...
SCSW : Don't send a jackass to do a man's job...
Flec : Hey StoneCold...where ya goin!? StoneCold?
Joey : StoneCold's seen enough, into the ring here.

StoneCold rolls into the ring as Cloudstrifer gets to his feet, boot to the gut STUNNER! SKYWARP STUNNER lays Cloud out flat as the referee calls for the bell and goes to talk to the RA Strafe gets in StoneCold's face.

Joey : It's all gonna explode here!

RA : Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this bout, via disqualification, Cloudstrifer! However as the title can not change hands via a disqualification, Strafe will retain the title

Joey : Strafe looks pretty pissed with the Rattlesnake for costing him the victory
Flec : Strafe would do well to back down here, Skywarp's been hot on his heels since Redemption
Joey : Too late Flec...

Strafe throws a right-hand, blocked by the Rattlesnake who hits back with piston-like right-handers of his own. Strafe rocked, onto the back foot, boot to the gut and Skywarp plants Strafe with a Stunner!

Joey : StoneCold just stunned the hell outta Strafe!
Flec : Doctors? EMTs? GOD?!
Joey : God won't help Strafe now, he just got Stunnered straight to hell!

StoneCold climbs the second turnbuckle and StoneCold salutes the crowd as cans of Skyweiser hurtle through the air, StoneCold catches two, smashes them together and pours them down his throat, more beers and Skywarp climbs the opposite turnbuckle, again guzzling the beers. Two more through the air, Skywarp calls for another and cracks it open, leaving it by Cloudstrifer as he rolls out of the ring and makes his way backstage.

Joey: Folks…absolute chaos has ensued here…we’re out of time…we’ll see you for a short pre-ppv Mayhem then its off to Ann Arbor for Archivemania! GOOD NIGHT!

2004-03-27, 06:28 AM
OOC: good Mayhem guys :D cant wait till archivemania 3


We see D-Extreme in a dark room. The only source of light is the light bulb hanging behind D-Extreme. D-Ex is seen with his forehead busted open and bleeding. In his hand we see a crushed beer can, it seems like he used it to bust himself open. He has a singapore cane on his other hand as his eyes are opened wide and focuses on the camera

D-Ex: Archivemania 3.....the 8-man TLC Match for the AWF Hardcore Title. No doubt that D-Extreme will win. Tonight I came, I saw and I kicked some asses. Auros you determined to beat up the other 7 men including me on AM3? Well compadre gimme your best shot cause before you could strike...your mexicali ass will be dropped down faced to the ground once I eXecute you with the X-Ocution. You other 6 saps shall be ready cause this time The Xtreme One shall not hold back. On AM3 I will go Xtreme like I never did before and once all the smoke clears, when all the blood have been spilled in the ring, when almost all of the bones are broken down in the ring. D-Extreme will walk out of that ring with the AWF Hardcore Championship. The rest of you 7 men....*huge grin and short laughter*.....you all shall be beaten down till you bleed for the pain. On Archivemania 3...D-Extreme will finally put the Xtreme on the AWF Hardcore Title and before the night is over I shall be the new AWF Hardcore champ......

D-Extreme pauses as he breifly looks down at the floor. After a while he looks at the camera yet again with a glare and raises the singapore cane

D-Ex:................SO SAYS THE XTREME....D-EXTREME!!!

Sir Auros
2004-03-27, 12:45 PM
Pendejo please. You bunch of talentless [expletive deleted]ers don't have a gringo's chance een Oaxaca of coming out of thees match alive or at leest not woonded in sum way.

I'll flatten you culeros like tortillas and serve you up to the uther perdedors in thees organism. It's a sad day eendeed when sumone like me has to fight a pack of huevones like ustedes.

I have to pay to feex the car ween that maricon Gruff chingabalo een the first place! Idiota mujer!

Voy a chingar ustedes tan mal...

2004-03-27, 02:32 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
I'll flatten you culeros like tortillas and serve you up to the uther perdedors in thees organism. It's a sad day eendeed when sumone like me has to fight a pack of huevones like ustedes.

D-Ex: You gonna flatten me like some fallen chips of tortillas and serve me to the people? Well now sernior Auros why dont you just shove that mouth of yours into your head before I MAKE you shove it at Archivemania. Believe me Auros I can party understand your speeches but believe this...do not even THINK that I will be that easy to be defeated. Cause the more you guys want to take me down..the more I wont STAY down!

So you and the other 'gringos' that you say come on to AM3 and be on their A-Game. Cause The Xtreme one shall be ready. So dont think that I'll be easy to chew before I let you and the others taste a sarswela de ca macho nasa listo el decato sa gulpihan de con todo!

Well good luck in fixing your car too dude cause the only thing your gonna fix after we meet in that 8 man TLC match will be yourself at the nearby hospital! Cause I am The Xtreme...D-EXTREME!!!

OOC:...sorry about that 'sarswela de...' stuff. I have been listening to WAY too many of my countrys local rap songs. In rough translation it meant 'You will taste a footwear that has atleathes foot of List el Decato in a beat down that you cant comprehend to outlast' .....yeah very rough translation but then again I aint too keen on my native tounge so lets just say it translates to "I WILL RULE YOU!" ;)

2004-03-27, 02:57 PM
So this is the patheic holder of the Tv Title Belt? My, how worthless they have gotten. Listen up, once I am done with Xille and have gotten his belt, I am comming to get what NMat owned me, the TV Title Belt. So keep it warm and don't let Skywarp even touch it.

You See Xille and Ravage? You see the pain and the distruction I cause Strafe? You See how I damaged him? Yes Thats right, a win by DQ. A win is still a win.

But By Odin, Xille and Ravage, I shall send you to the depts of worst nightmare. You are facing, Odin's Messenger, The Norse Thunder and once I am done with you, all you will ever be is a former shell of yourself.

As to the rest of you, You Dare face CloudStrifer, The Odin's Messenger, The Norse Thunder? Well your in for the rie of your life, because I will be the one winning this belt, like it or not!

You Better Believe The Hype!

2004-03-27, 03:00 PM

The march has slowed down ...

Images are shown of the Survivors Series match

I was beaten by the Welsh One.

More Images are shown at the Royal Rumble

Again ... the Welsh one got to me.

Tempest is shown beaten by Scout
I didn't win ... I didn't lose.

Images are shown, of Tempest tapping out to Amarant.

But now ... the Human Bulldozer is taking the fight to new heights.

Marylin Manson's This is the new s*it kicks in, along with a video package with a voice over from Tempest.

'For those who have stood in my way, have fallen to the most utter degree of pain.'

We see images of the 1st Iron Gaunlet, Redstreak was defeated and pinned. Grimlock was busted, ear to ear and is shown being carried out of the cage. We see Galvatron91 holding on to a sledge hammer as he stares straight at Tempest, hoping he makes it out of the cell alive.

'No matter who you are, what the circumstances, you can not stop me.'

We see more images, this time of the War Games. Tempest and G91 fighting on the top of the Cell. The king with a 10 chair shots, repeatedly to the skull of Tempest, then with a devastating blow, breaking the handle off the sledgehammer on Tempests head only to be chokeslammed for his efforts. We see Blaster on the top of the cell risk his body with a shooting star press through Redstreak, a table, Tempest and another table, only to see Tempest emerge from the shattered mess. We see Tempest destroy the Welsh one to go onto another person. Tempest grabbing G91 and throwing through the cell.

'You can not stop what you fear.'

We see images of Brave Maximus staring down his oppenants and watch them back away.

'But I hold no place for fear.'

We see final images of Tempest beating down on Brave Maximus.

'Rest. In. Peace.'

We see a lightning strike and Tempest pulls out a gun, pulls the trigger and disappears in the smoke.

2004-03-27, 10:03 PM
Yawns I see Cloud talking but all I hear is "Blah blah blah, I am a jobber and oh yeah go Odin." Anyone else hear that?

Well not quite the match I wanted at Archivemania, as well I wanted to end Xille's career there. But hey whatever.

So instead it's two people with actual talent in the from of Auros and moi, with other jobbers in the ring with one that got his belt by pure luck.

Well now looking at my new competition here is my analysis.

Xille (c)- A lucky no talent hack, that somehow managed to get a belt. All I can say is I hope you are a Jar Jar Binks fan, cuz youza gonna die.

Auros- Only other person in this match with some talent, guess we will have to carry this match from being the most boing event on the card.

Cloudstrier- Thou thou thou, three words viking boy, Thou suck hard.

The Gruff- Who? I missed something here. I've been in the fed 3 years and never heard of him! Oh wait ok I know who you are and your nobody.

OP2005- You really are clue to being the third person in this match that doesn't suck but sorry not quite.

Cane- Didn't he quit? Oh well come this match I injured him once doing it a second time will be twice as fun.

Cyberstrike- Same as whiney jobber numero uno above. But again just another victim for the Hangover.

And lastly,

D-Extreme- You're not that eXcellent the only thing that you will eXacute will be your ass when I kick it.

So there you have it, this will be a great match as I plan on trying to end at least 1 or 2 careers there.

Oh and Bombers don't worry keep running your mouth and just like your bitch Arcee I'll have something to stick in it.

Big Daddy Rav and the GPA im the house and if you don't like it well sucks to be you don't it.

2004-03-27, 11:48 PM
OP2005: Your opions Rav, not completely mine. I got a lot of respect for you man but When Archivemania begins we will all suffer, bones will be broken, titles Will Be Turned. We all have talent.

Now The Highlander From Hell's got something to say.

(was gonna start into the angle song from originals but nah

ArchiveMania 3. 8 man TLC match for the Hardcore Title. Nothings gonna stand in my way (not tonight).
So lets see who i'll truely have to use my power against in this match.

That's right. NO ONE. They might have talent but not enough to stop OP2005 from destroying them all and taking the belt. Why? Cause I AM THY WORST NIGHTMARE and I am not so easily defeated.

2004-03-28, 01:43 AM

Wait bombshell you want a hardcore match with me, BLINGZILLA?!?!

Why don't you just but a Uzi in my hand and call da cops cuz dat right there is MERDER!!!

2004-03-28, 01:51 AM
IC: Well, well, well... it looks like Blood & Thunder and the NWA get their wish. The biggest stage in this industry... Archivemania III... the Big House... March 28th... P? & Divebomb taking on Zarak and myself. Don't get me wrong... we'd have happily had the match against D-NeXt... but deep down, every AWF fan out there wants to see what happens when two of the greatest tag teams in existence... who, by strange coincidence, hat each other's guts... meet in mortal combat at Archivemania. I personally can't wait to find out...

2004-03-28, 04:00 AM
Well let the games begin. Just so you know, even if you guys manage to beat us you are still invited to the afterparty, because after that match I don't plan on holding any grudges. No holding back and no regrets. But it will be a fun match. Good luck.

2004-03-28, 04:39 AM
ooc: This'll teach me to read the Mayhem before I post in the preview thread... oh, and Ravage... hilarious.


*Xille is showing leaning up against a wall backstage, staring at his title*

Eight... men...


Eight... hosses...


Eight... giants...

What... am I going to do? I don't want to lose you. You're my ticket to the big time, my "Advance token to Boardwalk" card, my fast pass at Disney World, my... gold. My title. Yes. MY title. Not Ravage's. Not Strifer's. Not Auros's. You don't belong to Cyberstrike, Cane, D-eX, or OP. You're... mine. I don't care what anyone else says, either. I earned you. I fought, I got the three. No one else did. And I got through that Mayhem from hell following my big win at Redemption and the verbal hell after it. YOU. ARE. MINE.

All the nay-sayers, everyone that said that the title didn't belong to me... they can all go to hell. No... I'll send them there at Archivemania. They'll see me, the X, the red hot rookie, the mid-card miracle, the man EVERYONE is trying to get high on, fight the battle of my life... and win. And I know... the odds are against me. History has not been terribly kind to Hardcore champions who defend their titles in multiple man matches. Hell, look at the way I won. But we're talking seven other men... each of them with a table... or a ladder... or a chair.

But that's not going to stop me. Ravage and I aren't having our stretcher match, and that's fine, for now. But I don't care if I have to be taken out on a stretcher after this fight, as long as this title goes with me. Give me a twenty foot ladder. I'll jump off of it to keep my title. Give me a chair. I'll bend it over anyone's head or knee in order to keep my title. Give me a table. I'll be glad to set someone on it and then jump onto them in order to keep my title.

So hear me now, believe me later, you magnificent-ly overrated seven, this title BELONGS to the X. He will walk into Archivemania... his fellow eXiles on their feet... "High Wire Escape Artist" blasting the lyrics "Bleed out all empathy"... the hardcore belt strapped firmly to his waist... and the X will walk out of Archivemania with that belt still wrapped around his waist.

I'm Xille. I'm the Hardcore champion. I'm here... to play.

2004-03-28, 04:42 AM
Xille the only belt you are going to leave AM3 with is going to be the straps around your waist as they put you on a back board and wheel you out of the arena.

2004-03-28, 08:35 AM
D-Ex: So the big bad Rav wants to kick my ass at Archivemania 3? Well then fine by me, cause it will take you and the others all the luck in the world to try and beat me in that match

And Xille you are right! The Hardcore Title belongs to the X indeed. But let me make this clear....its NOT X]ille but its actually D-Ex. I got nothing against you biggie shorty, infact your cool in my book. But on AM 3 its nothing personal cause I am aiming for that Hardcore title, and if I have to beat the hell outta you if your the last man standing in my way.....I will do just that, no second thoughts. Remember that Xille...REMEMBER THAT!

2004-03-28, 09:55 AM
The Game is shown backstage, icepack on the back of his head when he is approached by Lisa Lovelace.

Lisa: Game...in case you hadn't heard...

*Suddenly Mr. Reilly appears*

Reilly: Yeah champ...in case you hadn't heard your buddy just asked me to draw up a contract for your match at Archivemania.

*Without even flinching the Game grabs the contract, scans the fine print signs it and shoves it in Reilly's face.

Lisa: Erik...you know its a Three Falls match, right?

Game: Perfect...

The Game tosses the ice pack in Reilly's face as well and grabs his bag and walks out of the arena.

2004-03-28, 02:29 PM

It just never ends, does it? Everyone wants to try to get high on the X, and everyone is going to fail. You hear it, right? There's Ravage... "Ug. Me big. Me break bones", there's Strifer... "Thou shalt feel the wrath of my imagination!", Auros... "Hey, chico! Estara' tomar su championship, ese", then OP2005... "I am thy worst hemeroid", then Cane and Cyberstrike... "We will break you Xille I mean come on look at us we're twice the size you are and you are small so youll lose we'll beat you and take your hardcore title with no trouble we just hope you survive the beating that we will give you at archivemania!", there's the Gruff... "I, unfortunately, am the future of this fed", and finally, D-eX... who is cool in my book. He is the one man of these seven I could possibly see passing this title onto.

So you see, my seven stooges, this title is not going anywhere come Archivemania. I, unlike most of you, have something to prove. I have a reason to hold on to this belt. With it, I'm able to take the respect I deserve. You might see it as an accessory, like a shiny Rolex or some other form of "bling", but to me... it's my future. And there's no way in hell I'm going to let you take that from me.

Lord Zarak
2004-03-28, 07:03 PM
As Reilly and Compufire found out, to quote Christina Aguilera (god help me), you cant hold us down.

I forsee the best tag team match ever to grace the AWF will occur at Archivamania the third. Closely followed by the greatest aftershow party. Ever. In the World.

It will see all four combatants beaten, broken, and knocked senseless. Teeth will be chipped, nails broken, and brain cells killed.

But whicever team stands tall and victorious at the end.....it is their obligation to get the first drinks in!

2004-03-28, 08:18 PM
Zarak, I know we don't see eye-to-eye very often, but I'll go with you on that one. Winner gets first drinks.

2004-03-28, 11:19 PM
IC: Sod first drinks... if Zarak and I win, everybody gets free drinks all night at the Monkey Bar. Provided Blingzilla brings tha honeyz 2 our crib, yo...

2004-03-29, 03:22 AM
You know the problem with the hardcore division?

You all talk too much, I said what I need to now it will be said in the ring.

So at AM3 get ready because I am riding with the GPA now and plenty of jobber bitches are going to die there.

2004-03-29, 03:37 AM
You know what Ravage, we will find out at AM3 how you stack up to those Jobers that banded togeather, The GPA.

I realized this today, that no matter what happens, The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger will always come on top, Always. So say a little prayer to whoever you pray to and ask them forgiveness for ever crossing paths with The Chosen One and keeping his belt.

All I need to know is this, that Odin and The Norse Gods support me and that I will always prevail with thier help. For I am The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger, The Chosen One The One who will be the only one to survive Ragnarok! Victory will be mine!

Believe The Hype!

Sir Auros
2004-03-29, 03:53 AM
Both of you X-[expletive deleted]ers are so full of sheet. All that comes frum your mouths is hot air and steeming mierda.

Amazing that all thees culeros think they have a chanse against me...

2004-03-29, 05:00 AM
Cloud, you might want to stop and think about what you just said.

Calling the GPA jobbers is like saying you have talent and are not suffering from delusions of greatness. I mean we have a former World Champ, former Intercontinental Champ, and former Hardcore Champ in Viewfind. A Lord of the Mat winner in Tempest. Former AWF Tag Team Champ and former Hardcore Champ in Ravage and The Current AWF Tag Team Champions in The NWA.

Now What have you done? Well lets see.....Oh thats right, NOTHING. You have been beaten down by the GPA more times than you can count. I think......it was either you or some other useless little jobber. So stop and think about who you insult before you start calling us jobbers, you useless little piss ant.

2004-03-29, 05:14 AM
You know Divebomb your right, but there are some times where it's not worth arguing.

You see Cloud is what we would call a moron. He keeps getting in the ring and getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter. I mean he has to have taken more hits to the head than would not cause brain damage as he calls the GPA no talent hacks.

Not to mention, you say your keeping your belt. Retard, look around, Xille has the belt. Granted soon it will be me with the belt, but hey thats ok.

So Cloud do the AWF a favor, get in that little ship of yours and drown somewhere. Besides, that will be less painful that what your going to get at AM3.

2004-03-29, 08:05 AM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
Both of you X-[expletive deleted]ers are so full of sheet. All that comes frum your mouths is hot air and steeming mierda.

Amazing that all thees culeros think they have a chanse against me...

D-Ex: SHEET?! WHO YOU CCALLIN A SHEET OF PAPER TACO BOY?! You have NO idea who the hell you will be up against you son of a bottom feeding donkey lover! Call me flat yet again senoir auros and I'll send your ass back to your home country inside a pan filled with paella!

OOC: mmmmmm...paella...*drools* :glance:

2004-03-29, 01:23 PM
Ah! Hit a nerve have I?

You know what, your wrong. Lets see, I have never faced a GPA member before, except for now, that is Ravage. All I got to say to the rest of your idiotic team is this, go back to the circus clowns, cause you all are just of has-beens and wash ups. Do us all a favor and go do your little clown act somewhere else. I am certainly not threatened by it. So you have a problem bring it. I know Ravage will, amd I more than happy to teach his sorry little ass, what Odin has in store for losers and cowards like your little buddy over there.

So, in short, I won't go die, I won't leave. I am here for My Belt and you sorry pathiec asses all can just do die somewhere in a ditch for all I care. I would you rather, after all we wouldn't want Odin to know that he has such crappy members on the Human side now would we?

You know what, all this talk of how your going to beat Xille, has come to, lets say, a stop. How many times have you beaten him, let me think. Oh wait, you haven't you sorry excuse for a human. And neither have any of the GPA. So here is an idea. So up to your buddy there Divebomb and fall off a bridge. Cause your all worthless.

For I am The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger and The Chosen One, and I will never give up. Ever.

Believe The Hype!

2004-03-29, 01:28 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
So this is the patheic holder of the Tv Title Belt? My, how worthless they have gotten. Listen up, once I am done with Xille and have gotten his belt, I am comming to get what NMat owned me, the TV Title Belt.

Just who the hell do you think you are boy? Run along and be thankful you weren't hurt badly while competing with the men.

So keep it warm and don't let Skywarp even touch it.

Oh I'm quite aware of what I need to do thank you very much.

Auntie Slag
2004-03-29, 03:33 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
I realized this today, that no matter what happens, The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger will always come on top.

On top of what?

Please complete this sentence, because I am hosting an adult Oil Painting class for Archive Mania III, and this mental image has raised a substantial amount of interest.

2004-03-29, 04:32 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
You know what, all this talk of how your going to beat Xille, has come to, lets say, a stop. How many times have you beaten him, let me think. Oh wait, you haven't you sorry excuse for a human. And neither have any of the GPA.

Uh... Stifer, baby... they've handed me my ass a number of times. I have been on a proverbial roll lately, though. And it ain't gonna stop at Archivemania.

2004-03-29, 04:35 PM
Originally posted by Auntie Slag
On top of what?

Please complete this sentence, because I am hosting an adult Oil Painting class for Archive Mania III, and this mental image has raised a substantial amount of interest.

OOC: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

2004-03-29, 11:36 PM
Yeah yeah yeah!!!

Thats right!!

Da NWA be the ONLY tag team that be tha THREE TIME, THREE TIME, THREE TIME champs!

We have beaten EVERYONE.

No fools can stand tall against us, cause DA bomb will just knock their punk asses down while the big P? laughs, macks the b!tches and hits the 'mark to seal da deal.

Flood and blunder may as well lay the %$@# down right now, cause there aint no way that the NWA is eva gonna give these up!

and there's nothing you can do but respect this......

2004-03-30, 12:23 AM
IC: Is that really what you think, P? We'll see about that at Archivemania, playa...

2004-03-30, 05:36 AM
From Cloudstrifer I realized this today, that no matter what happens, The Norse Thunder, Odin's Messenger will always come on top.

Ok look none of us want to know what you do with blonde men in your free time. Thats your own bedrooom and we don't care about who comes on top. Well Auntie Slag does but I am sure that purely business.

Lord Zarak
2004-03-30, 12:34 PM
P?, the one thing you are going to respect after AM3 is the beating you are going to recieve.

2004-03-31, 02:47 AM
Ravage, did you ever notice how Strifer talks to the both of us at the same time, almost as though he's talking to a tag team? And you think that I'm nuts. This guy not only talks to "Odin", a probable street name for his crack dealer, but he thinks that he's going to win at Archivemania!

Strafe, don't worry too much about Strifer coming for your belt, as he more than likely won't survive the match at Archivemania, what with pissing off both Auros and Ravage, and all... oh... wait... whatever. Now, don't rule little 'ol me out, as I still owe you a couple of cheap shots, baby.

Auros... I had no problem denting a stop sign over your head at Redemption. Don't think I won't do the same with a steel chair. You claim to be the best man in this match, yet you've already lost to me once. Now, granted, I didn't pin you but my name is on this title that I won in a match you were a part of, so technically, I beat you. And, of course, it was only one time, and I'm all for trying again, but c'mon, Auros... do you think you're going to survive an eight way TLC match, let alone win it? I don't think that you're resiliant enough. I mean, the X has gone up against D-neXt alone and survived. This TLC stuff is nothing. I will leave the arena with this belt in my hand.

D-eX... we'll just see who the better X is, baby.

I'm the X. The champ. The red hot rookie. The mid-card miracle. And I'm taking my win at Archivemania.