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2004-03-29, 12:36 AM
*This match was taped on Thursday, March 25 at a houseshow in Green Bay, Wisconsin*

D-Extreme v The Mat Man

A pyrotechnic falls down to the stage and explodes followed by FIRST WE GONNA ROCK! THEN WE GONNA ROLL, THEN WE LET IT POP, GO LET IT GO!

*X gonna give it to you* by DMX blasts the audience

JHA: And here comes the Extreme one.
JFA: Making his way down to the ring.
JHA: Facing off that idiot goodie-goodie The Mat Man.

Back in Black by AC/DC erupts from the speakers

JFA: And the former T.V. Champion is making his way down to the ring after his loss to Strafe last week.
JHA: Strafe was crafty enough to get in a low blow and grabs the tights while the refs was knocked out and scored the pin fall.
AO: And yet his 1000 moves still didn't help him.
JFA: And we are joined by Amarant Odinson,
JHA: The best damn technical wrestler alive.
AO: Always has and always will.
JFA: Careful Amarant.
AO: I'm not afraid of you!
JHA: He's talking about the Mat Man, he's seen you.
AO: I'm not afraid of him either.

While Amarant smirks and locks eyes with Nmat, D-Ex goes underneath Nmat and goes for the low blow and a roll up.

JFA: And the ref is calling for the bell!
AO: HAHA, yeah to start the match so he can count Nmat.
JHA: Close there, up at two.
AO: Don't worry, Nmat knows what he?s doing, he?ll probably open his book and find a move that will help him.
JFA: What about last week when he helped you out.
Growls AO: I had Tempest beaten, no matter what he did. I made him put up or shut up and he tapped.
JHA: That he did.
JFA: But Nmat stopped OP2005 coming into the ring with a chair.
AO: Listen, I don't care, Tempest tapped, and so is Nmat in a second, because D-Ex just put him in the Boston Crab, now if you did your job you'd be calling the match instead of making me look good.
JHA: D-Ex is holding on with that Boston Crab.
JFA: But Nmat made his way to the ropes.
JHA: And what power! Nmat just got D-Ex into a belly to belly suplex and threw him from one side of the ring to the other.
JFA: And D-Ex just folded up like an accordion!
AO: And Nmat has won this one, but not if I can help it.

Amarant gets up from the Announcers Table and is making his way to the ring, with IC Title in hand.

JFA: I can't believe he's doing this.
JHA: What? He's doing what he thinks is best.
JFA: Yeah, that's the point.

While the ref is checking up on D-Ex, Amarant slides under the bottom rope and makes his way to Nmat.

JHA: Here it comes, Amarant with a tap on the shoulder and he?s smiling.
JFA: Nmat knows better and does for a mule kick!
JHA: And Amarant is down like a sack of bricks.
JFA: Don't you mean sh...
JHA: You really don't like him do you?!

The Mat Man turns around to find that Amarant has fallen out of the ring and disappeared. Not really sure what's going he turns back to his opponent going in for the pin.

JFA: Close call there, but D-Ex has still got a little bit of gas left.
JHA: Yeah but where Amarant?

With this a female member of the crowd shrieks out as she human hands come out from the bottom of the ring.

JFA: Its look you?'e just seen a ghost J?
pale faced JHA: You can't see what's happening?
JFA: I see what's going on, Amarant is reaching out for his I.C. Belt ready to knock the stuffing out of the Mat Man.
*JHA Turns to see that Amarant is crawling out from under the ring with his belt in hand*
JHA: And so it is.

While this is going on Nmat takes D-Ex to town and locks in the Boston Crab.

JFA: and The Mat Man has it locked in.
JHA: And D-Ex is going for the ropes but no!
JFA: Nmat drags himself and D-Ex to the other side of the ring.

Amarant sees Nmat coming and grabs a steel chair and lobs it over the top rope past the Nmat, D-Ex's and the refs head.

JHA: What is he doing?
JFA: The ref's back is turned ? OH MY GOD!!
JHA: Good shot I say.

While the ref has getting rid of the chair Amarant came up and completely knocked Nmat out with the I.C. Belt.

JFA: It shouldn't end like this.
JHA: But it has, 1 ... 2...3! D-Ex got the pin fall but Amarant got the win!
JFA: This is wrong, oh so very wrong.
JHA: Yeah but Amarant isn't done yet.

As the Ref helps D-Ex out the ring, Amarant pushes the ref out and makes his way over to Nmat.

JFA: This is not for the weak of heart.
JHA: And Nmat is up, he's busted open and he turns to face Amarant.
JFA: Nmat is fighting Amarant! He's fighting for his life here people.
JHA: It doesn't mean that to much to him then. Look.

Nmat did the best he could to fight off Amarant but he is worn down from the match with D-Ex.

JFA: And Amarant is beating down on the Mat Man with that belt.
JHA: Well Nmat did interfere with Amarant?s match before.
JFA: Yeah but he didn?t beat the hell out of him afterwards.
JHA: Still he interfered!
JFA: That doesn?t matter much now, Nmat has been busted open and widely. He?s on the mat now, looking up at Amarant with pure hate.

With this, Amarant goes to the side and asks for a microphone.

AO: Mat Man, you and me. One on One. Head to Head. Toe to Toe. Archivemania III. 30 Minutes of hell, and I?m the bus driver.

With that Amarant locks in the Sharpshooter, and Nmat passes out after several minutes of pure torture...

JHA: Maybe a preview of things to come?

*Elsewhere backstage*

Stone Cold is show drinking a beer when Strafe strolls in with his TV Title in hand.

Strafe: Well, well...well...if it isn't Stoned Old...the toughest SOB in the AWF...more like the drunkest...so who did you have to blow to get the shot at me old timer?

Stone Cold: AHEM...what?

Strafe: I said...

Stone Cold: What?

Strafe: I

Stone Cold: What? What? What? Shut up...you come back here, while I'm drinking beer...you run your mouth like you know something, like you're something special...well son, come Sunday, shine that belt up real nice for old Stone Cold, Cause Skywarp 3:17 I'm about to whup your ass...and that's the bottom line...

*Irritated, Strafe tries to punch out SCSW, but Stone Cold blocks and fires back with piston like punches...stunning Strafe...before hitting the TV Champion with a Stunner out of no where. Without giving it a second thought, Stone Cold grabs another beer and walks out.

JFA: I think Strafe may have picked a fight with the wrong Rattlesnake...the answer to that question and more...AT ARCHIVEMANIA!!!

2004-03-29, 08:18 AM

I dunno why ... but that was the best Warzone ever ... I wonder why that is G-Man?

Short but Sweet.

2004-03-29, 10:21 AM
D-Ex: OH YEAH! The Xtreme one makes his return to his home, WARZONE and you know what? He gets the victory as well. I know it was a bit tainted but a win is a win is a win. So NMat you and I took each other to hell and back tonight but the better man won. I bid you good luck on AM 3...dont worry about me Mat....cause I'll be the NEW Hardcore Champ after AM 3 is done and over with.

2004-03-29, 12:19 PM
Laugh it up Skywarp...you'll get yours at Archivemania...you just wait...

*nurses wounds and leaves interviewing camera crew*

Sir Auros
2004-03-29, 12:26 PM
Ay Dios, thees guy ees running hees mouth all over the place. You ain't gonna win sheet cabrĂ³n, I can't garantee I'll be the one taking you down, but somone will and it'll be long before you get any title.

2004-03-29, 12:39 PM
D-Ex: But the question is Mon Senoir Auros is will I STAY down? All answers point to one answer...NO! So dont even count that you will win. Since the time I came here at the AWF, the Hardcore title has been one of my goals and titles that I want to attain. On AM 3 not you or even the other 6 men will stop me. Last year I got short handed since 2 men held the belt. Now its jsut one....hell this year my chances have just widened up. Yours however...lets just say its either you live to fight another day or your gonna be int he permanent injury list. Cause I am the Xtreme..>D-EXTREME!

Amarant Odinson
2004-03-29, 07:12 PM
Mat Man, tonight was just sample of what I'm going to you to you at Archivemania 3. I beat you down to within an inch of your pathetic life and I'm going to finish the damn job at AM3. Our match is going to be the longest 30 minutes of your career.

At Archivemainia, the biggest stage of them all, I'll show you why I am the AWF Intercontinental Champion, why I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business and why you will never, on your best day.....PROVE ME WRONG.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-29, 10:55 PM
Originally posted by Strafe
Laugh it up Skywarp...you'll get yours at Archivemania...you just wait...

Yeah, and I'll get his, and his and maybe his too, and you're damn right I'll get mine. I'll get my hands on you, I'll whup your sorry ass from one corner of the ring to the other, and when's all said and done I'll get my hands on a beer, two beers, several GOD DAMN BEERS and toast myself as the NEW AWF TV CHAMPION!


2004-03-30, 02:39 AM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Yeah, and I'll get his, and his and maybe his too, and you're damn right I'll get mine. I'll get my hands on you, I'll whup your sorry ass from one corner of the ring to the other, and when's all said and done I'll get my hands on a beer, two beers, several GOD DAMN BEERS and toast myself as the NEW AWF TV CHAMPION!


You will not do such a thing! Not now! I've suffered long enough under the petty egos of the AWF for too long to be stopped by a narcissitic neanderthal such as yourself. You may have the more...illustrious record, but you seem to be underestimating my new abilities. And make no mistake, I'm not just going to win, I'm going to break you. I will not hold back one iota and when all is said and done, I'm going to be the one with the title, while you lay motionless in your broken body.

You will not take what is mine! No one will! I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way...whatever it takes to win...

2004-04-01, 04:09 AM
The Mat Man is seen propped up against a locker as the AWF doctor stitches the large gash on his forehead closed. His unfocused eyes wander the room until they stop and rest upon Jon Couchman. As Couchman approaches the former TV champion, the steel blue eyes slowly recover from their glazed look back into their normal peircing gaze.

speaking softly
JC: Uhh, nmat?

nmathew: *sigh* What do you want, Couchman? I'm kind of busy letting this butcher sew my head back together.

JC: Yeah, well, Reilly wanted me to...

nmathew: He wanted you to come down here and ask stupid questions over a man who got his ass whooped tonight? Damn Doc! I thought you were supposed ot be putting it back together, not ripping it apart.

With that, the doctor grumbles, but continues his work

nmat: Ask your petty questions.

JC: What kind of shape are you going to be in for your submission match at AV III?

The Mat Man: Semibroken. Wounded; fighting hurt. Still good enough to tie that pretender into a human pretzel then break him into pieces. Then I'm going to take those pieces and grind him into dust. Look, D-Extreme put up a great fight tonight, and if there is anything I've learned in this fed, it's that you take every win. I'll give him that. Still, I wouldn't mind a rematch, and I'd prefer that rematch had the IC title on the line.

Amarant, I thought you were different. I thought you would face me like a man, different from the other low lifes who attacked me from the shadows. I was wrong. Sure I "interfered" in your matches. Lets see, I stopped a freak from charging you with a steel chair. Next time I'll put one in his hands and point him towards you.

We won't be facing off as equals. You're the champion, and I'm just a challenger. You're going to see that I'm worthy of the title challenger Amarant. I'm going to give you the fight of your life. And like it or not... Come AV III you'll come to realize what the entire world already knows. You're...just..not..ready.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-04-01, 11:07 AM
Originally posted by Strafe
You will not take what is mine! No one will! I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way...whatever it takes to win...

Then you better start prayin' son, cos nothing short of a damn miracle is gonna help you beat me...

2004-04-02, 01:14 AM
*The crowd is still in their seats when suddenly the familiar sounds of Won't Back Down blasts through the arena. The Game appears under the Archivetron and the fans begin to chant his name. Full of confidence he makes his way to the ring area climbs to the middle turnbuckle and raises one fist into the air, basking in the respect offered to him by the crowd. Finally he draws down, removes his shades and takes a mike.

Game: Finally...the Game...

*crowd begins to chant "has come back..."

Game: No no no...not tonight...tonight isn't the night for fancy rhymes and catch phrases...tonight is about business...tonight is about setting the record straight...about undoing something that should have been fixed before it ever became a problem. Sean O'Con...

*The crowd begins to boo at the mention of the Brendinio Heat's name*

Game: You see...a few years back...there were two buddies...two guys who had several things in common...the love of beautiful women...especially those who aren't wearing a whole lot...the love of mischief and chaos...a disregard for rules and regulations...and mostly...the desire to do what we want...when we wanted! Now none of those things have changed...but it seems that the two men responsible for all that have. It seems that the Game here is the reason for everything that is wrong in the life of one Sean O'Con...

*does a mockingly high, whiney HBK voice*

Game: Oh...Game...you sold out...you're not the man you used to be...you're a hack...you didn't put me over enough...you didn't do this...(back to normal voice) SHUT THE HELL UP!

*Crowd erupts in laughter and cheers*

Game: O'Con, you want to run your mouth and go on and on to the point of making all the people and most of all the People's Champion ill? You prattle on about how the Game brought you back to make himself look good? Sean...you of all people should know better than that. Degeneration NeXt wasn't about me looking good...and it sure as hell wasn't about you looking good...it was about US looking good...kicking monkey ass all over the ring, then leading the high flying, limo riding, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing high life, with a girl for each arm and a party that never ends. Sean, The Game brought you back for that...so we could dominate the ring by day and clubs by night.

*The Game pauses to look at a fine looking lady in the front row*

Game: See...she knows what the Game is talking about...the bottom line Sean is that the Game has had enough of hearing you whine and complain and blame me for everything that has gone wrong in your life. The Game has had enough of you taking out every single ill on me...attacking people I care about, costing me matches...and the bottom line is this Sean...one way or the other it ends at Archivemania...before 110,000 fans live...and millions...


of the Game's fans watching at home...in one corner...The Heart Brend Kid...the Brendinio Heat...the walking wonder...the human highlight reel...the living legend...and in the other corner...the People's Champion...the Icon...the Show Stopper...The Cerebral Assassin...Sean O'Con...Erik Summers...best of three falls match...Sean...you claim the Game isn't what he was...come Archivemania...you'll be wishing I wasn't half the man I am, because that's still twice what you are...

*The Game drops the mic and makes his way to the back*

2004-04-02, 07:41 AM
Backstage, the HeartBrend Kid sits slumped in front of a monitor.

A road-agent nudges him awake.

HBK: "Hwu? Oh... damn. Erik was talking again, wasn't he? Well, on the upside I caught up on some sleep!"