View Full Version : RiD to be released on DVD in the UK

2004-04-01, 08:53 PM
It looks like there will be a release of the RiD epidodes on DVD in the UK. I found the articlehere (http://www.seibertron.com/news/index.php)
Here's the full article

RUMORS: TheTransformers.net are reporting that DVD publisher Maximum Entertainment (who have recently won the exclusive rights to release several Fox Kids TV shows in the UK) have announced that they will be releasing RiD on DVD in the UK! The first disc will be released on July 26th and contain the first 5 episodes of the series, with a second disc likely to follow in October.

2004-04-01, 09:24 PM
Nice one!

2004-04-01, 09:49 PM
good news indeed.... i read about this earlier on TheTransformers.net

King Fargo
2004-04-04, 02:19 AM
I'm definately gonna have to import that. I only hope that it gets R2/4 encoding. If not, I might just have to buy a multiregion player.