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2004-04-05, 06:34 PM
Due to some unforeseen circumstances with a couple of the writers, Archivemania has been obviously delayed. Because of this, I have enlisted the help of a former staff member and he and I will be finishing the show and will have it posted ASAP. I apologize for the delay once again.

I am currently in the process of shuffling staff. This should help us get back on track. Also, this month is the winding down point for the semester so that has caused some delays. I assure you that we will make every effort to not only put out a great Archivemania, but also to get things back up to speed here.


2004-04-05, 06:45 PM
No worries G. It happens. Plus its Archivemania and it just adds to the anticipation.

I am sure it will be good no matter when it gets done.

2004-04-05, 06:45 PM
Cool cool. Take your time, G-man. We've all got lives, and of course those are always going to take precedence over the show. I'm sure it's going to be a great Archivemania.

As long as I win.

:p ;)

2004-04-05, 06:49 PM
It's all cool, G.

Who do I ban? I'm itching to see me kick your ass!

2004-04-05, 07:04 PM
No worries. :)

2004-04-06, 02:48 AM
God no, no AM3 I can't take it!


No worries God forbid you should have lives :)