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2004-04-06, 11:37 PM
Hey! I was just curious as to who's character has changed or evolved over the years in the AWF and how. And I'm not talking about moving from face to heel. For example, has Viewfind always been the John Cena-style rapper?

Oh, and if anyone wanted to take the time to fill me in on some of the past characters, that would be awesome as well.


2004-04-06, 11:48 PM

I was a Reaper, then some sort of a Sayjin and then I came to the Viking part. Oh, I had an interveiw I will post it when I find it in this site.

Vin Ghostal
2004-04-06, 11:59 PM
I started out as Commissioner Vaccaro's right hand man. Planted firmly against D-Next, I formed the Foundation to battle them and the GPA on occasion. At Heat Wave 2002, however, I turned on Redstreak and became a guy dressed in all gold who's obsessed with the world championship and, more importantly, is convinced that he was the one true guy destined to run the federation after Vaccaro's disappearance.

Sir Auros
2004-04-07, 12:13 AM
I started out as just some random, vanilla character. Then I decided it would be established that my character was a Mexican and recently I've started typing in really crappy Spanglish.

2004-04-07, 12:14 AM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
I started out as just some random, vanilla character. Then I decided it would be established that my character was a Mexican and recently I've started typing in really crappy Spanglish.

That's the best kind! It's also a lot of fun to try to figure out.

2004-04-07, 12:22 AM
I've always been the same character. Cocky, sure of his own abilities, mocking, sarcastic, likes to have a good time... Although I started out much more reserved than I am now. I think the character's gotten more confident and outspoken in paralel to my own confidence with posting on the board.

I joined the AWF within two weeks of my joining the boards as a whole, so it's only natural that I'd have started out a bit quieter.


2004-04-07, 01:26 AM
I started out as a face...then just before the first PPV turned on Skywarp and pulled a fast one with Brend to form Degeneration NeXt. We were uber heels around this place, known for mischief, chaos and destruction. Then after being jacked for our shots at singles gold we turned tweener against the CWO...which lead to us becoming full faces. I really became a full face at Archivemania 2, when I had what remains one of my most brutal matches agains TC.

As for characters, I started out as a HHH character here. However, my disgust with the real HHH, coupled with the return of Shawn Michaels to the WWE and my chronic missing of the Rock prompted me to shift, first to a more Michaels like character to a more Rock/HBK character.

2004-04-07, 01:59 AM
Debut: I was just a random wrestling hoss (Test in his face days?)
NOD days: I was still like the debut stage
nTo(1st) days: Before injury I started to be a face hating extremist who likes to do hardcore stuff (mike awesome)
post-injury/nTo(2nd): Well......just an extremist and started to do some funny antics. Like that time I rolled off the hill from my bike due to being drunk
cWo/nTo era: I was still a heel obviously. And 3rd in command of the faction..guess who the first 2 were and I give you a..prize. And yes even though I was supposed to be evil. I became the concience of the faction (RVD of the alliance?)

Face days: I was free from factions. Though I had a clinging affiliation with pulp faction as the supplier of fun stuff. Still the whacky D-Extreme who does whacky stuff. A bit dumb still..(Mick Foley).

Currently: I am just an extremist who like to get punishment and likes to dish out punishment as well (Tommy Dreamer) No longer the fun loving dumbass drunk. Just a violent drunk with a kendo stick who gained a few IQ points since last year.(....sandman?)

2004-04-07, 02:15 AM
Wow. It seems like you guys've got a lot of stories. Keep them coming. I love reading this stuff.

Silly Cow
2004-04-07, 06:29 AM
Originally Silly Cow was a faceless jobber nobody heel. I got soon tired of that, he turned face and became "the dancer, the prancer, the ladies romancer". He went on for several months wooing ladies all over the land, winning matches (that was a refreshing experience :D ) and basically having fun. He joined Pulp Faction with Windcharger, Strafe, Quick Switch and nmathew on fall 2002.

But then, the evil that is GPA heniously attacked him on mass at Edge of Survival 2003 and he had to leave to recover. But to everyone's surprise, a mysterious masked man who called himself Morpheus appeared at Redemption and attacked Unicron of the GPA. After getting revenge on those who attacked Silly Cow, he turned on them who failed to protect them, Pulp Faction. Pulp Faction soon disbanded due to roster split and Morpheus has kept on hating everyone. Lately, however, he's come to realize that his hate might be the one thing that stops Silly Cow from returning.

2004-04-07, 07:59 AM

Start: I was just some random face, but at the Archivebowl I was teamed up with G91 and we beat the hell outta Divebomb with help from Wolfang. After that I disappeared for a month. Then before LotM I was in charge and I went to the PPV and went through three men to get the crown.

After that was the 1st Iron Gaunlet where I rose to mid card and had some great matches. From there on I was in the main event for the next 3 PPV.

GPA: After the survivour series match I joined sides with the GPA and not to long after so did Ravage. Once I did that I once in a blue moon come on the net and did a little bit of smack talk but not enough, eh. Randomly I would come on and make a rap up.

And through-out this whole thing the only time I held the belt was when I beat up G91, Thundercracker, Redstreak, Grimlock and Predaking in the ring and I held the belt around my waist, this was the Warzone before Syxx Feet Under. Good memory no?

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-04-07, 01:44 PM
StoneCold from the start, StoneCold in the middle, StoneCold through the end...

I fear change...;)

2004-04-07, 03:19 PM
Originally i was from the TWF?, i think that what it was called and i was just some jobber i lost to the best of them like weridwolf :wall:
But then i got the idea for rapper from vin ghostal when he gave me a name for my finishing move "Philly pimp drop" and things took off.

And now that punk Cena took my idea and is getting rich off it :(

2004-04-07, 05:36 PM
Hey View... i know how it feels for WWE to copy ideas. They've done it too much to me its creepy,

Well I started as a random heel and ended up being a random heel.

I came into this as a Heel. Became a "Reaper" and formed the tag-team The Reapers with Cloud.
The Team did break up....
Big One Man battle against the nTo ending in a fight for leadership of the nTo. I failed... alone.

Somewhere in between I became Dr.Evil, then got bored with the gimmick and went back to OP2005.

Oh yeah... and funnily enough OP died and came back to life (a little like myself but thats another story) after a buried alive match with Cloud.

And thats the end of that chapter (Homer Simpson voice)

Auntie Slag
2004-04-15, 12:29 PM
I started out as a little guy called Windcharger (as per my old screen name) and joined at the beginning when the first AWF Royal Rumble aired in January 2002. Windy’s gimmick was his subspace pants, from which he could pull almost anything to aid him in battle.

At some point after the Rumble, Windy joined ‘The Phantom Foundation’ which consisted of Reflector, Cosmotron and Starscreams Ghost. Later recruits were Redstreak, Blaster, Scout (part time) and previous enemies Grimlock and Predaking.

One day S-Ghost flipped out after a series of headaches and turned on the Foundation, blaming them for his condition and the state of things in general. He vowed to take down each member. With this transformation he also took the name ‘Vin Ghostal’, clothing himself in gold and separated from the team. Windy was distraught at the time because he thought he knew the Ghost well enough to know when something was wrong.

Ghostal’s slamming words hurt him more than their match, where Windy’s diminutive stature cost him against a patented Ghost sleeper hold. Reflector left the AWF of his own accord just prior, and later came back to commentate alongside Joey Styles. Cosmotron was not so lucky; his career, and very nearly his life, ended with his match against the Ghost.

Nevertheless the Foundation continued, but Windy felt disheartened and bowed out. He had a few matches by himself as a solo act, but craved for something more. He began to study the other AWF wrestlers more and more, then he and some others started making plans. In November 2002 Hollywood star Edward Norton appeared on Mayhem to usher in the new team known as ‘Pulp Faction’, consisting of Windcharger, Strafe, Silly Cow, Nmat and Quick Switch. They fought for truth and justice and a slice of the damn pie, believing that the good fight was just that. The AWF had become polluted by the likes of the GPA and their foul cheating tactics.

During this time Windy was intensely happy. All the team members got on well and there were many successes, we were frequently mobbed by Silly Cow’s adoring fans. Apart from a strong rivalry with the GPA, Windy made good friends with Scout and D-Extreme (whom he bought a Gamecube for). He also regularly frequented Zarak and Wolfang's bar, where he would make sweet drunken love to a favourite bar stool. Pulp Faction also had an unofficial team mascot in the Comedy Rhino who would fart occasionally at comedic moments. Plasmodium joined the team later on.

The most significant event occurred at the 2003 Royal Rumble. During that show Silly Cow was set upon by the entire GPA, receiving a particularly vicious pummelling from Unicron. The rest of Pulp Faction were not around at the time, and when Silly Cow regained consciousness, he blamed the team for not being there for him, Windcharger especially.

Although he never admitted it to anyone, Windy felt crushed. Silly Cow became Morpheus and vowed to destroy the team. It was all happening again. Then Plas defected. Quick Switch and Nmat became very quiet and Strafe was busy battling against Viewfind (once on top of the Chrysler building for the Hardcore Title)!
Then came the roster split.

Despite assurances that each team would remain together as Mayhem and Warzone were placed under separate management, Pulp Faction were split. Windy was gutted. He took to hanging around more with his Hollywood actor friends until the derision from his good pal (now ex-Cow) made him depart for good. Although Windy knew he wasn’t really to blame for Morpheus’ condition, the similarity to the Ghost predicament was too much.

Nmat and Quick Switch were a great double act, and he felt no doubt that they would move onto great things, but upon leaving Windy felt especially sorry for Strafe, whom he effectively ditched for no good reason, and Morpheus who refused to see the truth.

Now Windcharger lives happily in Hollywood, where he makes a very healthy living in films playing stunt butts for movie great's. He still watches the AWF and tapes matches that his friends are in, and cheers them. Every Christmas Morpheus receives an Christmas card, unsigned, and containing an annoyingly rude and humorous message.

Strafe receives an assortment of movie star signatures and goodies once in a while, and was left with a framed certificate of adoption for the comedy Rhino, who now lives in a monkey enclosure somewhere off the coast of Texas, farting at Bonobo’s.

Windy’s notable enemies:

- Vin Ghostal (for obvious reasons)
- Viewfind (for more obvious reasons)
- Divebomb
- Mirage
- Lord Zarak (they had a massive rivalry until they became friends)

He was also good friends with the likes of Computron and Sixswitch.

In 2004 Auntie Slag (an entirely new character, because of my new screen name) joined up, and was commissioned to cover a new angle for the AWF called ‘On The Couch’. Auntie is a behemoth of a man (think of Big Show in a dress), with a penchant for designer dresses and accessories. When doing the show he acts like a polite and charming woman (unless he’s interviewing Mr. Reilly). However, when enraged his speech drops down into sub-Neanderthal mode and he starts acting like the Hulk (but in a dress).

He was having a wonderful time doing the show until outside commitments interfered, and has taken leave for a little while.

Auntie’s favourites:

- Vin Ghostal
- Xille
- Ravage
- D-Extreme

2004-04-15, 10:36 PM
Stated out as pretty much any other jobber. Got a few lucky shots and big matches, but failed spectacularly or just came up with nothing at almost everything. My debut match had me getting my handed to me after being drenched with hot coffee. I missed out on a match against HBK thanks to the cWo. I was operating as a tweener at the time. Won the European title frtom Windcharger for about three days, before losing it to Lord Zarak and turning face.

Fought Zarak in a series of matches which culminated in him turning face at EoS 2003, leaving the cWo and forming Blood & Thunder with me. We were both still embroiled in singles competition as there was no shortage of tag teams to compete for the twin straps. Loomed in the curtain-jerkers and mid-card for a while before Blood & Thunder took over the tag team title hunt.

As far as characters, it's been small adjustments here and there rather than full personality overhauls. Although I'm sure people will disagree with that analysis.

2004-04-18, 05:25 AM
I haven't changed the most, but here's my story.

Well, I started as a generic face, then I became a generic face in a tag team, then I was a generic face in Pulp Faction with a few awsome promos, then I was a generic face with the HC title in a tag team.... At some point one of the writers refered to my character as The Mat Man, and I latched onto that. I owe that writer a beer or 12.

Then I left for a few months and came back to take my rightful title as the AWF's best technical wrestler. I don't think of myself as a generic face anymore, since I'm doing a few more promos that make my character come across with some attitude, even if he acts goofy at times. What does the future hold for The Mat Man? Tune into next week's Mayhem ;)