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AWF Press Office
2004-04-07, 08:01 PM
*The piano introduction of Coldplay’s Clocks begins to play to black and white shots of TC and Sixswitch…then to the Game and HBK and finally to Vin Ghostal and Morpheus…

Lights go out and I can't be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Have put me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and pleed, SINGING

*The Images shift to show Sixswitch winning the Rumble at Edge of Survival…to TC defeating Sean O’Con to win the AWF World Title…

Come out of THE things unsaid
Shoot an apple off my head
And a, trouble that can't be named
a Tiger's waiting to be tamed, singing

*We now see Sean O’Con superkicking the Game, leaving him at the mercy of the NWA…the images then shift to the post match where the Game pulls himself up and glares towards the back…we then see Vin Ghostal eliminating Morpheus at Edge of Survival.*

You are
You are

Confusion THAT never stops
Closing walls and ticking clocks, gonna
Come back and take you home
I could not stop that you now know, SINGING

*We now see Strafe and Stone Cold going at each other…and the images shift to show Tempest planting Brave Maxx and Maxx sitting up…from here images fix on The NWA hoisting the Tag Team Gold and morph into Blood and Thunder standing victorious over Compufire…*

Come out upon my seas
Cursed MISSED opportunities
Am I A PART of the cure?
Or am I part of the disease?, singing

You are
You are
You are
You are

You are
You are

*The video cuts back to black and white as D-Extreme, Auros, Ravage, OP2005, Cane, Cyberstrike, Cloudstrifer, the Gruff and the AWF Hardcore Champion Xille are all shown in slow motion…each rising from a brutal match, each with visual pain on their faces…some bloodied, others bruised…as the shot fades a title hanging high in the air is shown…

AND Nothing else compares
OH! Nothing else compares
AND Nothing else compares

*Color returns as the pace of the song picks up to match a rapid firing of highlights from the growing and intense feud between The Mat Man and Amarant Odinson…then to a fast paced clipping of the Iron Gauntlet featuring Bombshell, Viewfind and the King*

You are
You are

Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go

*As the song comes to a close, Mr. Reilly is shown looking out from the middle of the ring…staring off into the Big House of Michigan Stadium, almost in awe of the sheer size of the venue, knowing that soon it will be a buzz with activity…

Suddenly the camera shifts live to the Big House and the pyro ignites around the Archivetron, which is almost dwarfed in comparison to the massive open air stadium.

JFA: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the Michigan Stadium… the Big House… In Ann Arbor, Michigan… and welcome to ARCHIVEMANIA III! Four titles on the line tonight… the big one, the AWF Championship, will be contested by Sixswitch and TC later tonight… the Hardcore title will be on the line in a ladder match battle royal… the Tag Team titles are up for grabs… and some personal vendettas will be settled here, tonight. It’s gonna be a night to remember folks…”

JHA: “Who cares about your opinion? Let’s get this motor moving! ARCHIVEMANIA IS HERE!”

AWF Intercontinental Championship: 30-Minute Time Limit Ultimate Submission Match: The Mat Man Vs. Amarant Odinson [c]

JFA: “Alright folks… our first match tonight is going to be a battle of wits… a battle of wills… and a battle for the Intercontinental Championship. Let’s take a look at how this came about…”

Edge Of Survival: January 27th, 2003

with a series of right hands…backing Amarant into a corner…Amarant with a boot…and a bionic elbow…Mat Man crumbling…Amarant dragging Mat Man away…

Amarant taking Mat Man by the hair…dragging Mat Man to his feet…a quick whip into the ropes…Mat Man ducking the clothesline attempt…and now taking to the air…knocking Amarant off his feet…

Mat bringing Amarant to his feet…kick to the gut…hooking the arm under the head…and a suplex attempt…blocked by Amarant…another attempt…another block…can the third time’s the charm… Mat Man sending Amarant down…
Amarant shoving Mat Man away…following up with a clothesline…Mat ducking out of the way…grabbing Amarant from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX! Mat holding on…and another German suplex! Amarant struggling to get free…and a third German suplex!

Taking Mat Man over to the ropes now…looking to perform the House of Pain…Amarant’s climbing the top rope now…looking to get the House of Pain locked in…but Mat Man shoves him off…Amarant tries to regain his composure…and the Death’s Kiss! Mat Man with the Death’s Kiss! Cover…and we got a new TV champ!
And Scout heading for the ring now. You gotta believe that she’s heading into a disadvantage here, ‘Flec. She’s heading into a situation when one champion has just lost his belt, and would be looking to reclaim it, while the other just won a belt, and would be looking forward to adding another piece of gold to his waist…

And now Amarant and Mat Man exchanging words…seems the two of them are arguing over whose going to get the pin fall… ref coming over now…Amarant and Mat Man still arguing…and Amarant spitting in Mat Man’s face…and Mat Man throws a punch…and HITS THE REF! MAT MAN HIT THE REF!”

’Flec: “That’s a blatant DQ right there!”

Joey: “You’re right about that, ‘Flec. And now the ref’s ordering Mat Man out of the ring! Mat Man taking exception to this, arguing with the Amarant…who laughs in his face, taunting him. Mat Man going to gut punch Amarant…only to get intercepted by Scout. Several hard right punches…and an Irish whip…into the ref, who was still talking to Amarant in the corner, who wisely got out of the way in time!”

And Scout with a dropkick to Mat Man’s back…sending the new TV champ to the outside…and now going over to check on the ref…but Amarant dragging her away to the opposite corner, going to try to get the House of Pain again…but Scout with the Tornado kick as he reaches the corner! Amarant slams into the corner…and falls flat on his face.

And now Scout drags him to the centre of the ring…and a pin…but the ref still knocked out…1…2…3…Scout should have won the match, but the ref’s still knocked out. Scout going over to get the ref back to his feet…and now Amarant sliding to the outside…grabbing the Intercontinental title. What he’s getting at? That’s not his property!”

‘Flec: “Not yet, anyways. Come on, Scout!”

Joey: “And Amarant sliding back inside of the ring…as Scout gets up…turns around…and ducks the shot! Amarant still has the belt…Scout attempts a superkick…Amarant grabs onto her foot…spins her around…and slams the belt straight into her face!”

And now Amarant with the cover…the ref coming to…making the count…and we have a new Intercontinental Champion!

Redemption: February 29th, 2004

JFA: The Mat Man has the Death's Kiss! He's forcing Brave Max down to the canvas where he can get even more leverage on the move!
JHA: And it doesn't look like Brave Max can get out, his other arm doesn't seem to have any power left!
JFA: Referee is position, asking Brave Max if he wants to quit, and I don't know if Brave Max has any alternatives!
JHA: He's hanging on, trying to break free, to get to the ropes, anything!
JFA: No use! He gives up! Nmathew wins!
In excruciating pain, Scout finally tells the ref that she wants to submit. Despite the bell ringing, AO keeps the hold for a good extra 5 seconds before releasing Scout.
RA: The winner, and still AWF Intercontinental Champion... Amarant Odinson!

Mayhem: March 3rd, 2004

JFA: Amarant retains, while making Tempest tap. The two had exchanged words in weeks past, and I guess AO just put a period on that... with a little help from The Mat Man. nmat, why did you help him out?

Mat Man: Help him? I just kept things clean. Nothing more. If AO doesn't like it, too damn bad.

*As Amarant is presented with his belt, he stares at nmat with what looks like confusion at first, but it quickly changes to anger*.

JHA: He didn't want any help.
MM: He needed it. Amarant… lose it before I can take it…
Reilly: You're not getting a 60-minute Iron Man submission match. I have too many matches to book. I'm cutting it to 30 minutes.
AO: But, that'll hardly …
Reilly: I've made my decision, so just clam it. You're still getting that match you wanted. Next time, maybe you'll clear things with me first.

Voiceover: Amarant… Mat Man… Ultimate Submission match… Sunday, March 28th… at ARCHIVEMANIA III….

JRA: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall; and it is the 30-minute Ultimate Submission match for the AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!”

‘Back In Black’ starts to blare over the Archivetron as the crowd starts to cheer for the challenger.

JRA: “First, the challenger… from Fresno, California… nmathew… THE MAT MAN!”

As the Mat Man makes his way to the ring, the arena erupts with cheers for the resident of Fresno. The Wisconsin-born wonder strolls to the ring and flips over the top rope, taking in the applause from the centre of the ring as he awaits his opponent.

JRA: “And his opponent…”

‘More Human Than Human’ blasts over the Archivetron as Amarant Odinson makes his way to the ring. He walks purposefully to the ring, with his 88 ounces of gold ornamenting his shoulder. All the while, he never takes his eyes off the Mat Man.

RA: “And his opponent… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… the reigning AWF Intercontinental Champion… the Rabid Wolverine…AMARANT ODINSON!”

There is a lot of crowd response to the Rabid Wolverine. Unfortunately, none of it is particularly positive. Amarant pays no heed to the booing and catcalls. He continues to walk to the ring, eyes all the time fixed on nmat.

JHA: “Wait a sec… do you hear something?”
JFA: “No… aside from the crowd’s response to Amarant…”
JHA: “That’s what I’m talking about! They love losers like Xille and the Mat Man, but they don’t cheer our great Intercontinental champion.”
JFA: “I can’t really dispute that Amarant is a great wrestler… but the manner in which he won the Intercontinental championship speaks volumes of what depths he will sink to in order to get what he wants.”
JHA: “Now I know that’s a… hello! Jeez… SECURITY! Get me that girl’s phone number!” *points at a brunette in a ‘Blood & Thunder: Our Way Or The Highway’ T-Shirt at the back of the crowd *. Wait… what’s that she’s wearing?”
JFA: “I believe she might be a fan of British beef… that’s a Blood & Thunder t-shirt.”
JHA: “Wait… so… Blood & Thunder actually do have fans?”
JFA: “Just shut up and call the damned match.”

Amarant hands his belt to the official for the match, Brock Wurst, who holds up the Intercontinental Championship for the audience to see. All the while, nmat and Amarant merely stand stock-still, staring at each other with an intensity that could cut through granite. Each is tensed, every muscle ready to move into action at a nanosecond’s notice.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the rules are as follows… the time limit will be set at thirty minutes. When a submission occurs, a thirty-second rest period will occur before the match continues. The man with the most submissions at the end of the time limit will be declared the winner.”

The bell rings and Amarant and nmat leap towards each other, looking to get the advantage.

JFA: “And here we go folks. Amarant and nmat lock up in the middle of the ring. Amarant gets the better and locks nmat in a headlock… the Mat Man backs him into the ropes… the Wolverine comes back… grabs nmat in a rear waistlock… nmat reverses it… Amarant reverses into a hammerlock… nmat reverses into an arm-ringer… Amarant rolls forward… kick-up… backwards flip… reverses into an arm-ringer and into a Cobra Clutch… but nmat finds the ropes and the hold is broken.”
JHA: “YAY! Go!”
JFA: “What are you babbling about?”
JHA: “If you’d let me finish, I was going to say ‘go home! This is boring!’”
JFA: “Oh, shut up, please. Back to the action now… nmat runs at Amarant… baseball slide leg trip take down by the challenger... Amarant trying to get back up… nmat gabs him with a side headlock… Amarant rolls through… nmat’s shoulders are down… Amarant hooks a leg… twists through… into a leg stretch… and nmat finds the rope to break the hold. Amarant to his feet… nmat on one knee, staring at his adversary… and Amarant takes a bow! The Mat Man definitely not liking that… charges the Wolverine…”
JHA: “With GBH, once this match is over…”
JFA: “Amarant takes down nmat with a Japanese arm drag… tries to follow with a reverse painkiller… nmat escapes… both men to their feet… Amarant ducks a clothesline… into a waistlock… goes for the German suplex… escape by nmat… into a single leg crab! Amarant caught with that… and just got to the rope. That makes it one apiece for submission attempts… no actual submissions yet… both back up… nmat runs at Amarant… ducks a forearm… grabs the Wolverine with a hammerlock… reversal by the Intercontinental champion… goes for a bodyslam… keeping that arm hooked up… and drives a knee into the shoulder for good measure! And with just over three minutes gone… neither wrestler has a clear-cut advantage…”
JHA: “Amarant does… he doesn’t have to beat nmat… the Mat Man has to beat him…”
JFA: “That’s a good point folks… if this match finishes at a draw, Amarant will retain the Intercontinental title by default. Both men back to the fray… collar and elbow tie-up… nmat gets another headlock strapped to the Wolverine… Amarant counters with a belly-to-back suplex… drops the Mat Man right on his head… to his feet… and drops a knee right into the left shoulder of nmathew! Looks like he might be going for a cross arm breaker… spins round… flips over… slams nmat over… into the middle of the ring! The Mat Man was trying to keep his hands clasped together to alleviate the pressure… but Amarant managed to flip him to the centre of the ring… and nmat taps! It’s one-nil to Amarant. And now they get a break of thirty seconds…”
JHA: “And maybe an arm in the case of nmat…”
JFA: “We’re down to 25:57 on the clock, with Amarant taking the early lead, one to nothing. And here we go apace once more… nmat makes the run… Irish whips Amarant… waits on him… back drop attempt… Amarant rolls off the Mat Man’s back… continues to run the ropes… nmat turns round… narrowly avoids a clothesline… and a schoolboy roll-up by nmat… into the Death’s Caress! Amarant stuck in the middle of the ring… and he taps! Nmat levels the playing field… one submission each now… and another brief respite for these two men kicking off Archivemania III. Both men back up again… 23:31 on the clock… nmat grabs Amarant in a front facelock… takes him down to the mat… and Amarant reverses into a hammerlock. Trying to keep nmat down here… but nmat is up and Amarant still has that hammerlock on… but not for long as nmat reverses into a top wristlock… putting the pressure on… Amarant has his shoulders on the mat… Brock there to see what’s happening… nmat going for a modified painkiller… and Amarant bridges up… and reverses into another arm ringer… and another Cobra Clutch! Nmat’s caught in that move… but he kicks away from the second turnbuckle… into a roll-up… Amarant still has that hold in… but the Mat Man rolling into the pressure… and rolls to the ropes! A good escape by nmathew on that exchange…”

JHA: “Come on! I want to see pain!”
JFA: “What kind of human being are you?”
JHA: “I don’t know… in your opinion, the worst kind…”
JFA: “Right on…”
JHA: “Well pardon me for breathing, jackass.”
JFA: “Shut up, you degenerate scumbag… nmat back on the attack… runs into an arm drag… both men up… Amarant runs into a Japanese arm drag… both men up again… side headlock takedown by nmat… Amarant counters with a head scissor lock… Amarant kicks up… both men back up… Amarant looking for a dragon sleeper… and nmat counters with a shoulder breaker! Nmat going for another arm breaker… no, hand on the rope by Amarant… nmat back up… Amarant back up now… takes a run… hip toss by nmat… and Amarant counters with a shoulder stunner! Amarant goes back to that arm… magistral arm breaker… and another counter by nmat, into a sleeper hold! Amarant reaches for the ropes… lashes out with an elbow to try and break the hold… nmat keeps tight hold with that sleeper… and Amarant taps again! That makes it two-to-one, advantage nmat.”

JHA: “And its evident Amarant detests having to tap out.”

JFA: “Maybe so… but there isn’t really an alternative. With 19:42 left now, neither one can afford for their opponent to gain an advantage by injuring them. Amarant back up now… nmat ties up again… looks as if he might be setting up for another front facelock … but wait! What the heck? Nmat had Amarant set up in what looked to be a front facelock… and Amarant just span him off to the side to turn the set-up into a dragon screw arm wrench! What a manoeuvre by Amarant! And there’s a painkiller! Painkiller from the Wolverine… and nmat taps! That makes the score two-all… and another brief rest for these two technical titans.”

JHA: “Enough alliteration already!”

JFA: “Fine… just approaching the halfway mark in this match… 16:19 left on the clock… Amarant picking up nmat from the canvas again… going for a bodyslam on the arm… nmat out over the top … and nmat scores with a chop block! Shakes that left arm… grabs Amarant’s left ankle… and boots him in the hamstring! Nmat setting up for an STF… makes the attempt…Amarant reverses the set-up… into a crossface… and nmat gets a hand through to block the crossface… spins around… and into a Boston Crab! Amarant caught in that move… but grabs the bottom rope. Both men right back up… another run by nmat… and into a powerslam… right on that left shoulder! Amarant grabs nmat’s arm… pulls nmat vertical… arm ringer… and an elbow to the shoulder! Amarant picks him up again… Irish whip to the corner… plants nmat with a jumping arm breaker… going to the middle rope… and comes off onto that left elbow joint! Nmat in some serious trouble right now… Amarant eyeing up that left arm…must be thinking of all the different ways he could break it… Amarant picking the Mat Man up again… setting up for a Tombstone… nmat reverses… and turns the move into an inverted shoulder breaker! Amarant down… nmat holding the left arm of the Wolverine across the canvas… and brings a knee down onto the elbow joint! He takes a run at the ropes… and comes off with a snap elbow into the elbow joint and bicep area of Amarant’s left arm… into a crossface chicken wing… and Amarant finds the rope again. Both men back to a vertical base… 11:54 remaining… Irish whip by nmat… Amarant to the ‘buckles… nmat runs in to follow it up… and Amarant avoids at the last minute, nmat going chest-first into the turnbuckles… Amarant moves back round… off the ropes… and hits that shoulder again! Amarant running and setting up as if for a bulldog… and just slammed the Mat Man’s shoulder into his knee! Nmat down… Amarant winces… holding his left arm… slumps towards the Mat Man… holds the arm… and utilises a figure-four arm lock! And nmat… just finds the ropes!”

JHA: “Close call… again…”

JFA: “Exactly right, J… Amarant with a couple of knife-edge chops… arm ringer… into a hammerlock… and into a belly-to-back suplex… with that arm still wrapped in a hammerlock! What a sadistic move from the Wolverine… and there’s an inverted shoulder whip! Damn… that was a vicious move from the IC champ… nmat clutches his arm in pain… Amarant with a wrapped leg shoulder breaker… pours on the pressure… and the Mat Man’s tapping! That makes it three-to-two in the advantage of the champion… 9:03 remaining… and another short rest for these two tremendous athletes.”

JHA: “Like I said earlier, I can’t believe I’m enjoying a match with these two idiots in it. But this really is great. You’re right, J, I don’t think either has a clear-cut advantage. They’re about the same height… same weight… very similar styles… they’re just too evenly matched. This could go on a while.”

JFA: “Was that sound and impartial tactical analysis? From you, J?”
JHA: “Don’t start me with that. This isn’t Christmas and, unfortunately, there are no spirits involved.”

JFA: “I’ll take your word for that. And both men back up… Amarant whips nmat across… doormat… nmat steps over… Amarant up… leap frog by the champion… turns back around with a clothesline… nmat ducks… and comes running back with a spinning neckbreaker… kicks up… running start… Amarant back up… nmat back at him… and Amarant uses the Mat Man’s momentum to throw him over in a hip toss… wait… reversal… lucha libre am drag takeover by nmat… Amarant up… greeted with a dropkick… both men quickly up… and nmat with a drop toehold takedown… into that STF once more! And Amarant taps! Tied at three apiece… less than five minutes remaining, including the rest period…”

JHA: “Whoever gets the next submission has to be the favourite to win.”

JFA: “That could have gone without saying…”

JHA: “That’s why they hired me.”

JFA: “Sounds about right… both men vertical once more… Amarant going right back to that left arm of nmat… nmat counters the arm ringer with one of his own… into a top wristlock… forces Amarant onto his back… bridge up by Amarant… roll through… kip up… Amarant drags nmat in… shoulder to the mid-section… nmat doubled over… Amarant rolls across his back… looking for another arm breaker… nmat clasps his hands together to counter the pressure… rolls through for a schoolboy… into a leg grapevine… and Amarant finds the rope to break the hold. Both men back up… Irish whip attempt by the Mat Man… reversed by Amarant… sends nmat shoulder first to the turnbuckles. Amarant applying an arm wrench… using the top rope as an assist to pour on more pressure. Wurst sees it… and gets Amarant to break the hold. Amarant now… a couple of knife-edge chops to the chest and shoulder area of nmat… and now lifting him to the top rope… the end is near here folks… Amarant going up for the House of Pain, I reckon… about thirty seconds left here… both men tired… Amarant’s going for it… Wait! A reversal by the Mat Man! He turned it into a dragon screw… and now to that STF… ten seconds left… Amarant’s caught… no way out… he can’t reach the rope… he can’t reverse it… three seconds… AND AMARANT’S TAPPING OUT! There’s the bell! Ladies and gentlemen… that was one hell of a match… and nmat has earned the right to call himself the Intercontinental Champion! Well done to you, Mat Man.”

‘Back In Black’ booms to life in the Big House as Brock Wurst hands nmat the AWF Intercontinental Championship. Nmat is on his knees, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat, as he holds up his newly won title for the audience to see. Amarant stands on the arena floor, hands clutching his knees, lambasting himself for tapping out at the last second. He looks up at the Mat Man, shakes his head and storms towards the locker room area.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner… with a score of four-to-three… and NEW AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… The Mat Man… NMATHEW!”

JFA: “Well… that’s gonna be a tough act to follow…”

JHA: “But if anybody can, my homies in the NWA… P? and Divebomb can…”

JFA: “We’ll see about that folks… coming up next… the AWF Tag Team Champions… the NWA… will take on the number one contenders… Wolfang and Zarak… Blood & Thunder…let’s go backstage with Jonathan Couchman who is with the Champs!”


Jonathan Couchman here with AWF Tag Team Champs...the NWA...gentlemen, tonight you two face Blood and Thunder once again, any thoughts?

Divebomb: Yeah its going to be another hell of a match and this time we don't plan on losing.

JC: Divebomb, how do you feel about the manner in which you won the titles? Do you feel you have more to prove tonight as HBK did give you a big assist?

DB: Oh hell yeah. Me and P? both know that we could have taken them even if he didn't kick G91 in the chops. I guess I should say thanks but it didn't change what the results would have been anyways but there is always going to be people out there who think we don't deserve them and well tonight we are going to show the world just how deserving we are.

JC: Any closing thoughts gentlemen?

DB: "Sure, Blood and Thunder bring your A game tonight because when the bell rings there is going to be No Holding Back and No Regrets."

P?: "Thats right, you don't have to respect it, you just have to accept it. HOLLA!"

JC: Thanks champs...best of luck tonight!

AWF Tag Team Title Match: The NWA v Blood and Thunder

JFA: What a matchup this promises to be, Jay. Two of the premier tag teams in the world today meeting at the biggest event in the world to decide who will walk away with the Tag Team Championship.

JHA: You say this as if the finish isn’t predetermined. This is the NWA’s day!

JFA: They have done well by themselves since upsetting D-Generation Next for the Tag Team Championship on March 17.

JHA: I didn’t consider that an upset. Those idiots have been ready to tear each other apart forever.

JFA: We’ll see that later…for now, he comes the NWA!

NWA’s remix of “P.I.M.P” hits and billowing smoke begins to engulf the massive entrance area as Divebomb and P slide through, hoisting their championship belts. The crowd erupts in boos as the champions stroll to the ring. Then “Mexicola” hits and the former champions emerge through and take in the crowd’s cheers.

JFA: Here come Blood and Thunder…let’s not forget that these two men put together the longest tag title run in AWF history at nearly six months.

JHA: Ancient history!

JFA: It ended in February.

JHA: Like I said!

Moving to their respective corners, Divebomb and Zarak lock up to start the match. Zarak locks in a headlock and gets pushed into the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and immediately picks Divebomb up for the tombstone! Divebomb slips out of it, however, and turns it into a reverse DDT! Bouncing off the ropes, Divebomb times Zarak’s recovery perfectly and kicks him right in the chest as he sits up! Dropping to the mat, Divebomb locks in a headlock and absorbs the moment. Zarak pushes it back to a vertical base, sends Divebomb into the ropes, and tries for a big boot that misses, then catches Divebomb with a flying clothesline as he comes back around. Zarak quickly goes for a cover but only gets 1. Divebomb recovers to the corner and tags in P, who looks a little stoned as he goes for the lockup. The stronger of the two by a bit, Zarak goes around for a waistlock, trips P to the mat, and drives an elbow into his back. When Zarak hits the ropes, however, P bounces up and floors him with a clothesline. P sends him into the ropes again, hoists him into a fireman’s carry, and scores with his version of the F-U! P hooks the leg, but Zarak gets out at two. P scores with a scoop slam, then goes to the ropes. Coming off the second rope, P tries for a diving tackle, but Zarak catches him just right and turns it into a devastating Dark Rising, his implant DDT! P looks to be dead as Zarak goes for the cover, but P somehow gets a shoulder up at 2. Zarak crawls and gets the tag to Wolfang, who comes in quickly, ducks a wild swing by P, and scores with a dropkick to the face.

JFA: Blood and Thunder looking very crisp here at ArchiveMania.
JHA: Just give the NWA time, baby.
JFA: Don’t call me baby.

JFA: Back to the action. P sent into the corner…avoids a running clothesline…rolls him up…1….2….kickout. P…going for the Sharpshooter! He’s got it! Got it locked in! Wolfang fighting it…he’s reversed it into a Sharpshooter of his own! P reaching for the ropes…he can’t get there…and Divebomb breaks it up with a kick to the back of the head!

As the referee admonishes Divebomb, P stumbles to his feet and drags Wolfang over to their corner. P hits the ropes, comes off, and drops a vicious punch to the back of Wolfang’s head. P tags Divebomb back in, and the former Hardcore Champion picks Wolfang’s knee up and slams it into the mat once, then twice, then three times. Sending Wolfang into the ropes, Divebomb catches him as he’s running and scores with a powerslam! Dragging Wolfang into the middle of the ring, Divebomb softens up Wolfang’s knee some more, then locks in a figure four! As the referee checks Wolfang, Divebomb reaches up and grabs P’s hand for extra leverage. Zarak sees this and rushes across the ring and kicks P off the apron, but the referee intervenes. As the referee tries to push the furious Zarak back to his corner, P wisely steals the timekeeper’s chair, slides it in to Divebomb, and watches with glee as Divebomb, still in the figure four, raises the chair and slams it into Wolfang’s knee! The crowd groans at the sickening thud of steel against knee as Divebomb slides the chair out of the ring.

Screaming in pain, Wolfang looks as though he might tap until Zarak rushes the ring and kicks Divebomb square in the face! The hold is broken until Divebomb makes the tag to P, who immediately locks Wolfang into the Sharpshooter! Screaming in pain because of his knee, Wolfang looks like he’s going to tap again, but as the crowd’s cheers fill his mind, he begins fighting the move, dragging his opponent to the corner! Screaming at the top of his lungs, Wolfang drags P halfway across the ring and makes the tag! P keeps the hold in place until Zarak climbs the ropes and comes off with a thunderous bulldog! Divebomb rushes in but gets a big boot in the face for his trouble! P gets back up, and Zarak catches him with a brutal overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends him under the ropes and out to the floor! Divebomb catches Zarak by surprise and sets him up for his Brainbuster Suplex, but Zarak slips out of it and sends Divebomb into the Wild Stinger!

With Divebomb down, Zarak signals for the Devastation Device and makes the tag to Wolfang. Zarak lifts Divebomb onto his shoulders and Wolfang climbs the ropes, but before he can execute the move, his knee gives out and he topples all the way to the floor! As the referee goes to put the count on Wolfang, P rolls back in the ring and nails Zarak with a low blow! Zarak crumbles to the mat in pain, and Divebomb rolls to the floor on the other side, going after Wolfang. Hobbling to his feet, Wolfang somehow guts through the pain and grabs Divebomb as he rushes forward, scoring with a spinebuster on the floor!

Referee: 3…

In the ring, P sets Zarak up for a powerbomb, but Zarak slips out of it and scores with a Test Drive! On the floor, Divebomb reaches under the apron for something, and as Wolfang tries to get back into the ring, Divebomb pulls out Vin Ghostal’s gold bat and nails Wolfang in the knee!!! Wolfang collapses to the floor, and Divebomb hides the bat, rolls back into the ring and floors Zarak with a clothesline! The referee continues to count Wolfang as Divebomb and P set Zarak up for the 3D. When they send him into the ropes, however, Zarak waffles Divebomb with a clothesline, catches P in midair, and chokeslams him over the top rope and down to the floor!

Referee: …7…

Zarak turns to Divebomb, pulls him up, and scores with the Crimson Shadow, his tigerbomb! Zarak hooks the leg, but the referee ignores the pinfall and calls for the bell! The crowd, cheering mightily only moments before, falls into a stunned silence as the referee confers with the ring announcer. Having had Divebomb down for an easy 3 count, Zarak leans over the ropes and screams at the referee as his partner rolls around on the floor on the opposite side, holding his knee.

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. I have been informed by the referee that Wolfang was, in fact, the legal man in this contest, and that he was not able to answer the ten count before returning to the ring. The pinfall in the ring was not valid. Therefore, the winners of this bout as a result of a countout and STILL your Archive Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions…Divebomb and P, the N.W.A.!!!

JFA: You have to be kidding! Divebomb and P have stolen this one!
JHA: What are you talking about?!? Wolfang was the legal man!
JFA: He would have been back in the ring if not for that golden bat shot!
JHA: All speculation! All hail the tag team champions!!!

Battered and bruised, the tag team champions grab their belts and head backstage, hoisting their titles for a furious crowd to see.


Keith Kincaid: I'm Keith Kincaid, backstage with AWF TV Champion Strafe. Champ...tonight...you...Stone Cold...the issue is about to be settled, but Strafe, what prompted you to attack the Rattlesnake in the first place?

Strafe: Keith, you simply do not understand how the AWF works. You've worked here for who knows how long and yet, you haven't picked up on just how things work.

Skywarp is a legend. The man who simply dominates the AWF. If you want to be taken seriously in the AWF, then eventually you need to fight Skywarp.

I don't plan on fighting Skywarp however.

I plan on replacing him.

This is why others have failed. They did not have the true...vision...necessary for victory. I do. I will break him and replace him, ensuring my reign as top dog.
Keith Kincaid: I see...but the Rattlesnake isn't one who seems to be wanting to be replaced. Any strategies for this match?

Strafe: Again, you simply don't get it yet, do you Keith.

My strategy is simple.

Whatever it takes to win, I'll do it.

KK: That's quite a departure from the Strafe that the fans adored...the one that was a member of the great Pulp Faction...

*Strafe shoves Keith against a wall*

Strafe: Don't mention those...failures...those lapses of judgment again. Pulp Faction was a mistake, trying to garner the support of the fans was a mistake. They handicapped me with their "ideals" and "honor".

No Keith, I have been renewed with a clarity of purpose. Unfortunately I still make mistakes, such as wasting time talking to you.

*Strafe throws Keith into a nearby pile of stage equipment, knocking out the poor interviewer*

JFA: Wow…what a tough guy…

AWF Press Office
2004-04-07, 08:08 PM
Tempest v Brave Maxx

The familiar sounds of Rage Againsts the Machines' "Pistol Grip Pump" start playing as we see the GPA member walk out through to the entrance.

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first,
Approaching the ring hailing from Mandurah, Australia. A member of The GPA. Tempest.

JHA: Oh here we go this will be good.
JFA: You are just saying that so they will invite you to the GPA afterparty.
JHA: No way, hes one of the homies. Represent.
JFA: You are such a fool. Anyways the big man slowly making his way to the ring now.

Tempest climbs up into the ring as the crowd boos relentlessly. The music fades as the lights go out and Evanescences' "Haunted" begins to play. All of a sudden two lightening bolts strike the stage and the lights come back on as we see Brave Maximus walk out from the back and slowly make his way to the ring.

JRA: Next, introducing his opponent hailing from Parts Unknown. Brave Maximus.

JFA: Look at that. Theres no emotion at all on his face. Nothing.
JHA: Thats because hes stupid.
JFA: Oh you know hes not stupid.
JHA: He could be, how often do you hear him talk.
JFA: Oh never mind.

Brave Maximus steps through the ropes and the referee signals for the bell.

JFA: The match is now officially underway here.
JHA: Now its time for Tempest to beat this guy silly. When will he learn
that he shouldn't mess with the GPA.
JFA: There is quite a history between him and the GPA thats for sure. But
they can't keep him down.
JHA: I think thats about to change tonight.

Tempest and Brave Max size each other up then lunge into a collar and elbow
tie up. Both trying to gain the upper hand in the match. Finally both men
push each other apart with no results.

JFA: Both men are fairly evenly matched here in the strength department.
JHA: Don't worry Tempest can do it.
JFA: Well just see about that.

Both men lunge forward again and tie each other up and push with all their
strength but again neither can gain an advantage as they separate. Angrily
Tempest shoves Brave Max and Max responds quickly with a hard right punch
that staggers Tempest. Brave Max punches again and again until Tempest is
forced into the corner. Brave Max lines him up and drills him with a solid
elbow followed by another. He takes a few steps back and then charges in
with a final third elbow strike before setting him up for an irish whip.

JFA: Brave Max setting him up here for an irish whip.
JHA: This is nothing, Tempest can take it.

Brave Max sending him into the opposite corner then rushes in hard with a clothesline. Brave Max whips him again and goes for another clothesline but this time Tempest gets his boot up into the face of Maximus sending him back a few steps. Maximus gos for it again and again Tempest gets the boot up on him.

JFA: Brave Max staggered here.
JHA: Yeah this is great.

Tempest rushes out of the corner and nails Brave Max with a clothesline that send him hard to the floor. Tempest picks him up and nails him with a scoopslam before he bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. Tempest looks around and yells at the audience then picks him up again and delivers a release german suplex then locks in a half crab submission hold.

JFA: Tempest with a half crab here.
JHA: That’s good, keep on the pressure.
JFA: Brave Maxx now slowly getting to the ropes.

Brave Max presses up off the mat and slowly crawls over and grabs on to the ropes.

JFA: The ref breaking the hold here.
JHA: Do it again Tempest. Do it again.
JFA: You do know he isn't paying attention to you, don't you?
JHA: What are you talking about.

Tempest drags Max away from the ropes and delivers another leg drop closely followed by a blatant choke. The ref counts to four and Tempest is forced to break the hold.

JFA: Tempest taunting the crowd now after that blatant choke.
JHA: He wasn't choking him. It was pressure points. Yeah that’s it pressure
JFA: Do you really expect me to believe that?
JHA: Why not? Its true, your eyes are just playing tricks on you.

Just then Brave Max sits straight up and looks at Tempest.

JHA: Oh no Tempest. Turn around, turn around.

Tempest turns to see Maximus sitting there looking right at him and he
quickly hits him with a hard stomp that has no effect. Brave Max starts
getting up as Tempest continues to stomp on him.

JFA: Maximus to his feet now.
JHA: Tempest get him. Now.

Tempest kicks him in the gut but Brave Max responds with a devastating boot
to the face followed by a huge elbow drop. Brave Max walks back to him and
locks in a camel clutch as we hear Tempest scream in pain. We see Tempest
screaming in pain as he tries to get to the ropes but his energy is slowly
fading. The ref then notices him stop and signals goes to drop the hand of
Tempest. He picks it up and drops it but at the very last second Tempest
comes to and struggles to get to the ropes.

JFA: Tempest in a lot of trouble here.
JHA: Come on Tempest you can do it.
JFA: He might be out here. Only inches from the ropes.
JHA: There he goes he made it to the ropes.
JFA: Brave Max lets go of the hold and picks him up setting him for a
chokeslam. Brave Max grabs Tempest around the neck and hoists him high into the air before leveling him with a devastating chokeslam followed by another elbow drop. Brave Max slowly gets to his feet staring at Tempest the whole time.

JFA: Brave Max is looking very intense right now. He won't take his eyes off Tempest.
JHA: Come on Tempest, you can beat him you just gotta get up.

Brave Max is shown standing against the ropes waiting for Tempest to get up

JFA: Tempest slowly getting to his feet now.
JHA: There you go

Tempest gets up and starts to turn as Maximus bounces off the ropes and goes
for a clothesline but at the last second Tempest grabs the referee and pulls
him in the way and Brave Max connects with the ref.

JFA: Oh what a cheap move. Tempest just pulled the ref in the way.
JHA: What are you talking about that, Brave Max just intentionally
clotheslined the ref. Dozer would never do such a thing.
JFA: Dozer? Is that your new pet name for him.
JHA: No, What? No that just what we call him. Dozer.
JFA: Yeah, ok.

Brave Max shakes off the hit and goes straight for Tempest. He sets him in
the corner and starts punching with the lefts and rights then whips him off
the ropes and hits him hard with a powerslam. He gets to his feet then
slowly drags Tempest to his feet and wrenchs on his arm.

JFA: Brave Max dragging Tempest towards the ropes now.
JHA: Come on Tempest hit him. Do something.

Brave Max climbs backwards up the ropes while still holding on to Tempest's
arm and walks out to the center of the top rope. He looks around the
audience then jumps backwards out of the ring and wrenches Tempest's arm
over the tope ropes.He climbs back into the ring quickly and boots Tempest
in the face then signals to the audience that its time to end it.

JFA: Brave Max picks Tempest up and here we go. A devestating backbreaker, followed by another one and now for the side slam. He did it he just nailed the REST IN PEACE.
JHA: Yeah but theres no ref and hes going for the pin.

Brave Max notices the ref still out on the floor and releases the pin and picks Tempest back up to his feet and sets him up for The Final Darkness. Just then P? and Divebomb come through the crowd as the fans begin to boo.

JFA: Oh no here we go The NWA are out here to help their fellow GPA member.
JHA: Damn straight. Come on guys take that fool out.

P? into the ring first and Brave Max quickly gos for a clothesline that is ducked by P? and Divebomb follows up with a dropkick to the face of Brave Max which sends him back a few steps and right into a waiting P? who nails him with The Mark. P? picks Max up off the floor and hoist him on to his shoulders as Divebomb quickly climbs the ropes.

JHA: Oh yeah. Hes gonna get it now.
JFA: The NWA setting him up for the Doomsday Device.

Divebomb flys off the ropes and nails Brave Max with a clothesline as he flips off the shoulders of Prowl?.

JHA: Thats it. Its over, call an ambulance. Hes done for.

All of a sudden Brave Max sits up and Divebomb quickly hurries out of the
ring and grabs a couple of steel chairs and gets back in as he hands one to

JFA: No not this. Not after the Doomsday device.
JHA: Come on boys. Take him out.

Brave Max slowly to his feet and P? and Divebomb line him up and swing as
hard as they can. Brave Max crumples and collapses to the mat after a
devastating con-Chair-to.

JFA: Oh thats awful. The NWA with a con-chair-to to the head of Brave

Just then Tempest gets up and sees his fellow GPA members.

JFA: Oh look at this. Their shaking hands in the ring.
JHA: As well they should. Their a team afterall.

The NWA leave the ring and walk up the ramp as Tempest shakes the ref awake
and gos back for Brave Max. He walks over to Brave Max and picks up his limp
body and hits a viscious Thunder Press.

JFA: Oh now that was uncalled for. Hes already out from the con-Chair-to.
Did he really need to hit him with a Thunder Press.
JHA: Short answer. Yes.

Tempest with the pin as the ref slowly crawls over to them and makes the count while Tempest counts along. 1...2....3! and the ref signals for the bell.

"Pistol Grip Pump" begins as Tempest makes his way up the entrance to celebrate with The NWA.

JFA: And this ones over as Tempest picks up a win over Brave Maximus with some help from The NWA.
JHA: Oh come on, they knew Tempest would win but they just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. He could have done it by himself.
JFA: That remains to be seen. But anyways the bottom line is he picks up a win.
JHA: I told you he could do it.

Tempest gives one final taunt to the crowd before going backstage.


Keith Kincaid: Morpheus, in just a matter of hours you will face off against Vin Ghostal at the biggest stage of them all, Archivemania III. Vin Ghostal is familiar with big matches at big events, how would you rate your chances against him?

Morpheus: To me, this isn't about Archivemania. This isn't about winning or losing. When you really think about it, this isn't even about Vin Ghostal. This is about ME! This is about all the things I've ever wanted, all the things I've needed taken away from me! The royal rumble was important to me, I wanted to show everyone what I could be. I reached for the heavens... and then I fell back down. I was dropped.

KK: Alright then, what do you thin...

Morpheus: I NEEDED TO GET UP THERE!! Reaching my goal, that would've shown everyone what I'm worth. Would've shown Silly Cow what I'm worth. Winning the royal rumble could have shown him that deep down, I am not the monster I became. That I am something good, that I really could bring him back! After winning the rumble, he could've come back, proud of me and what I had accomplished.

I guess, Edge of Survival really showed what I'm worth.

KK: You and Vin Ghostal have been at each other's throats ever since Edge of Survival. The two of you interfered in each other's matches at Redemption and just last week your match against Viewfind never came to be as you were ambushed by Vin Ghostal backstage. Do you think there's any chance that your match will stay civil?

Morpheus: Civil? His only goal seems to be to hurt me. I can't say my plans are any different. A battle between a monster and a monster who hides behind a mask of a man, how can it be civil?

KK: We're almost out of time. I'd just want to repeat my earlier question, what are your chances of beating Vin Ghostal this sunday at Archivemania III?

Morpheus: He's defeated TC. He's defeated the Game. He's defeated O'Con. I think at one point or another, he's defeated them all. What does that tell of my chances? How can I, a man who can only wallow in self-pity and pain, possibly beat a two time AWF champion? If you ask me, I'd say I can't. But what I can do is break him! I can give him more pain than he's ever experienced! I can break every bone he has in his body! I can squeeze the life out of him! I can take away everything he has ever dreamed of, just like he did to me!

After that, winning doesn't seem so important.

A nervous Kincaid is shown…

KK: Let’s get back to the action…

Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the Hardcore Title: Xille (c) v Auros v Ravage v D-Extreme v Cloudstrifer v Gruff v Cyberstrike v Cane v OP2005

Incubus’s Megalomaniac is blasting throughout the arena as we cut back to see the AWF Hardcore Title hanging high above the ring and Mr. Reilly standing proudly in the center.

Reilly: Ladies and gentlemen…I am pleased to bring you an AWF first. This is a 9 man TLC match for the AWF Hardcore Title. The only way to win the Hardcore Title will be to claim it from the wire suspended high above the ring. Here are the combatants: First the AWF Hardcore Champion…Xille…next…Auros…now, representing the nTo Cane & Cyberstrike, now on his way out, representing the GPA, big Daddy Rav, RAVAGE! Next up…the king of Extreme…D-Extreme! And now…the resident Viking warrior of the AWF…Cloudstrifer….and finally, the self professed future of the AWF…the Gruff and finally…OP2005!

*With all 9 men in the ring, Reilly bails out…content with the mayhem he has invented, knowing what is about to come!

Joey: And here we go folks, an AWF first here…AN EXCLUSIVE! Nine men…TLC! And Auros starting things out fast and furious…clobbering Cane over the top rope…D-Extreme living up to his name with a high cross body over the top rope, into Cane and OP2003 sending them crashing into the barricade.

Flec: Ravage has been sent over the top by Xille and Cloud and Gruff working together to put the boots to Cyberstrike! What a damn shame! HA HA!

*Auros makes his way over to assist, leaving all three stomping away at Cyberstrike, meanwhile Ravage and Xille battle their way up the ramp, all the way to the base of the Archivetron. On the outside, D-Extreme has battered Cane bloody with a chair. Moving quickly, D-Ex hits Cane with a Russian leg sweep into the back of the announcer’s table. OP2005 follows up with a nasty hip buster into Cane’s face, before D-Extreme blasts him with a ddt into the steel steps, busting him open above his eye.

Flec: And Cane a bloody mess…that’s going to leave a mark! At least the table is ok!

Joey: Which more than we can say for Cane, clutching that neck and D-Ex all smiles on the outside. Meanwhile Cyberstrike has slid to the outside to help his partner. Gruff and Cloud turning on Auros…sending him to the ropes, double boot and double powerbomb! You know…Gruff and Cloud could make a hell of a team here.

Flec: Yeah…jobber inc.

Joey: Har…D-Ex back in the ring, chair in hand, winding up and sending Gruff over the top rope. Cloud meanwhile countering with a huge spear sending both of them to the floor. Cyberstrike checking his partner…and now throwing two massive ladders in the ring that were stationed outside the ring area…now sliding several tables in as well.

*Auros sees this and begins to dig under the ring for a chair, meanwhile in the ring Cyberstrike sets up the two ladders and calls Cane in the ring to help him carry the table to the top. With the ladders set up and the table spread across, Auros springs into the ring, pulling the nTo members off the ladders. Now Auros winding up, with the chair, crashing it over Cane’s head and sending him to the outside.

Meanwhile, we see Xille hit Ravage with a tornado ddt on the stage. Placing Ravage on a table, Xille begins to climb up the Archivetron.
Flec: What the hell is that nutter doing?

Joey: I don’t think we want to know…

*With that said, Xille looks out at the crowd, before diving off the Archivetron, and driving an elbow into Ravage, the production table where Ravage was resting explodes around them, engulfing the superstars in wires, monitors and sparks fly.

Joey: OH MY GOD!


Flec: What they said! WOW!

Joey: I know there has been bad blood…but MY GOD! Xille with a suicide dive, right through the heart of Ravage! Both men are laying in a heap! GET SOME HELP OUT THERE!

*Meanwhile in the ring, Cyberstrike has hit a ddt on the re-emerging D-Extreme. Meanwhile a grinning pair in Cloudstrifer and Gruff have seized Cane and drug him to the Archivetron stage…seeing the pile of debris, the gruesome twosome seem to gleam with joy…and mutter a few words to one another.

Flec: Plotting is afoot here!

Joey: Indeed! And the two with a double suplex into the steel base…now…looking down below…they smile at each other again…and hoist Cane up…DOUBLE POWER BOMB OFF THE STAGE INTO THE SOUND EQUIPMENT! SPARKS EVERYWHERE! Cane just got powerbombed off the stage and down into the sound equipment…I don’t know if we are on right now…

Flec: We’re on…that was the back up…my God…is that burnt flesh I smell?

Joey: I don’t know…but Cane has been sent straight to hell! D-Extreme setting up a table in the ring, now Auros setting another on top of that…and asking for a third..Cyberstrike making his way up the ladder. D-Extreme helping Auros get the third table up there…now pointing at Cyberstrike, Auros telling him no problem…D-Extreme turning to get Cyberstrike who is still slow…Auros leveling D-Extreme with a chair to the back of the skull…hitting him so hard he leaves a blood splatter on the back of the chair! Now quickly moving to the top of the ladder, table platform, reaching it about the same time as the wounded Cyberstrike. Cyberstrike with a punch, ducked by Auros, counter with a kick, now clutching Cyberstrike and POWERBOMB BY AUROS! Release powerbomb from the table into the three stacked tables! Cyberstrike has been broken in half!

Flec: And Auros is going to get the title!

Joey: He is! Gruff and Cloud racing to the ring after disposing of Cane…but I don’t think they are going to make it…NO! AUROS HAS THE BELT! AUROS IS THE NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION!

RA: The winner of the match…and NEW AWF HARDCORE CHAMPION! AUROS!!!

Joey: Auros, able to survive the carnage…able to withstand it all…and he IS the AWF HC Champion! AMAZING!

Flec: Look at Gruff and Cloud…they’re stunned…but hey, at least they got rid of Cane! HA HA!

Joey: Cyberstrike hasn’t moved, D-Extreme is still clutching the back of his skull from that vile chair shot…OP2005 has finally gotten back to his feet and is shown seething in anger, blood pouring from above his right eye…is finally stirring as is Xille, but Cane remains motionless as the AWF officials strap him to the gurney to carry him out.

Flec: I don’t think OP2005 thinks this is over!

Joey: No he doesn’t and he’s going right after D-Extreme! Hammering away with those fists on the back of the head…OP2005 has snapped here! AWF officials pouncing on him…Auros leaving the ring all smirks…folks its carnage out here, we’ll be right back.


Lisa Lovelace is shown with the Game…

LL: Game, any thoughts on tonight’s match with your former best friend and partner, Sean O’Con?

*The Game says nothing, looks down at Lisa, raises a single eyebrow and walks away…

LL: Ok…back to you J?

AWF TV Title Match: Strafe v Stone Cold

JHA: Ready for some violence J?

JFA: This isn’t going to be pretty AT ALL!

RA: Hailing from Carlisle, England. He is STONE COLD SKYWARP

Step Up by Drowning Pool hits the speakers as the audience jumps to their feet.

JFA: And the crowd is going wild for the challenger, facing his third Archivemania appearance.

RA: Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He is your AWF TV Champion -- STRAFE!

Korn’s Here To Stay blasts the Big House.

JHA: And here comes the AWF TV Champion!
JFA: and this is going to be a slobber knocker.
JHA: And Warp isn’t waiting until Strafe gets to the ring either, he’s going all out!

Warp goes under the bottom rope and meets Strafe on the ramp and starts laying into him with furious lefts and rights.

JFA: And the ref wants this match in the ring or it’s all over.
JHA: Warp has Strafe by the hair and drags him to ring.
JFA: Strafe rolls to the other corner and gets up before he gets kicked back down.
JHA: And Warp is on him like a redneck on a dog!
JFA: Strafe fights back and gets to his feet.

Strafe expects Stone cold to charge but he stands there with a smile on his face. Strafe stands up, and looks at the crowd.

JHA: And Stone Cold is giving him a chance to breath but why?
JFA: More important … where’s the ref?

The ref is seen at the time keepers both having a cold one.

JHA: I don’t believe this!
JFA: The match hasn’t officially started yet and the ref is having a beer, probably on Stone Cold.
JHA: This isn’t fair, there out there to have a match.
JFA: the ref jumping in the ring now, 1 … 2 … 3 … NO!

With a little bit of energy Strafe lifts his shoulders and Warp looks shocked.

JHA: And Stone cold is having words with the ref.
JFA: Said that the match just started

*Bell rings*

JHA: Stone colds ploy had failed, and Strafe is starting to stir.
JFA: And Strafe charges and goes for a chest chop, Warp ducks and Strafe goes for the ropes, turning around and catching Stone Cold off guard with a flying clothesline.
JHA: Warp gets back up and goes for a German suplex but Strafe counters, goes behind stone cold pushes into the ropes, rolls back and goes for a short spear to Warps gut.

As this goes on, a second ref comes to the ring and picks up were the other ref left off.

JFA: And Warp is matching up to Strafe now, pure power in a bull fight.
JHA: Both of them have got to win this, it’s vital.
JFA: And Warp is gaining ground.
JHA: The champ is going for more ground as well but goes for the Jaw breaker instead. The easy way out.
JFA: Strafe rebounds off the ropes and goes for a striking blow to the back of Warps knee.

Warp falls to the ground and holds his knee in agony and rolls around on the mat in pain and goes towards the ropes.

JHA: Strafe is going in for the kill, he grabs Warp by the hair …
JFA: and Warp goes for the Inside Cradle. 1 … 2 … 3!!

RA: And your winner of the match AND THE NEW AWF TV CHAMPION … STONE COLD SKYWARP!!

Step Up by Drowning Pool hits the audience as Warp emerges from the ring raising his arms in pride.

JHA: And Strafe is appealing to the ref for some reason.
JFA: The first ref is up and talking to the timekeeper.
JHA: And … WHAT?! The ring announcer is going back into the ring.

RA: The appointed referee has informed me that Strafe had his foot on the bottom rope, meaning that the pin is not legal and the match shall continue.

JFA: And can you see Warps face, pure heartbreak.
JHA: Strafe has a huge smile on his face. He’s got his second chance.
JFA: and warp is going back into the ring with the TV title still in his hands.
JHA: And Strafe goes under the ropes and Stone Cold is quick on his heels, with belt still in hand.

Strafe runs straight past the ref and trips him up, and heads into the ring.

JFA: And the ref is down, Stone Cold is in the ring with a weapon and Strafe has a smile on his face.
JHA: Warp attacks Strafe with the belt and he ducks. LOW BLOW!
JFA: and Strafe is going for the Ivory tower, the second ref didn’t see it and the first one is still on the ground!
JHA: Strafe goes for the Strafing Run and goes for the pin. 1, 2, 3!

RA: And your winner of the match and still AWF TV Champion – STRAFE!!

JHA: Warp has been cheated again …
JFA: This isn’t right … Warp has been screwed at Archivemania!

*Linkin Park's In the end starts up, and the screen shifts to ginrai's gravesite* In the end... some things... DO matter...

*flashback to Ginrai Vs Ghostal...*

Sometimes... Even the grave can't keep a man down....

*return to the tombstone, closing in... lightning strikes the blade, shattering it* *standing before the tombstone is a man more monsterous than Ginrai... *

"Now... Know my name... and fear it... Grand Convoy... has arrived... and business...

*cut to the win over ghostal*

Is about to pick up...

*fist slams into palm, white light engulfs the screen, dissipating, and again the tombstone crumbles....

Flec: Oh lord…what was that?

Joey: Bad news for Bombshell…not that he needs any more bad news, he’s got The King and Viewfind…coming up next!

AWF Press Office
2004-04-07, 08:24 PM
Falls Count Anywhere: Bombshell v Viewfind v The King

Joey: This promises to be a brutal match. Bombshell, King and Viewfind are soon about to meet each other in a very hardcore environment, in which falls count anywhere.

Flec: It's not like any of these three are known to pull their punches, and now that anything goes, this will not be for the weak of heart.

Joey: There will no no disqualifications. No holds are barred. You can use whatever weapon you like to finish the match. You finish the match where ever you want. In the ring, backstage, parking hall, the shopping mall across the street. Anywhere. And I have to say, I'd be pretty surprised if this match will stay in the ring.

Flec: I give them three minutes max before the fight spreads outside.

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
up in here, up in here

Joey: And here's the AWF's own gangsta, Viewfind, and you can be sure he's ready for this match.

Flec: As a four-time hardcore champion, this match will be nothing new to him. I could even say he's my favourite in this match.

Joey: Viewfind making his way to the ring, a somewhat mixed reaction from the crowd. They obviously aren't satisfied with Viewfind's actions but seem to think he's the lesser evil in this match.

Flec: Lesser evil? What in the hell are you talking about? This match is full of talent and great wrestlers.

Joey: And lousy attitudes.

As Viewfind makes his way to the ring, DMX's Party Up in Here is replaced by Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails and The King appears on the ramp.

Joey: King is the next one to come out and you might say he has a bit of a disadvantage here. Viewfind is a veteran in hardcore matches and Bombshell has proved his prowess in street fights, table matches and falls count right here matches. King, on the other hand, has mainly been focused on traditional wrestling matches and that's may prove to be his undoing.

Flec: Again you're talking like your brains aren't in it. King is an excellent wrestler and I have no doubt he'll prove his worth here. If not for Viewfind, he might be my favourite.

Joey: King and Viewfind in the ring, eying each other, but still waiting for the final entrant of this match. And that's Bombshell who's making his way to the ring as we speak. And he doesn't want to wait.

Flec: He slid straight into the ring and went for Viewfind and the King!

Joey: Right hands by Bombshell send Viewfind staggering back and now Bombshell is on King's case. More right hands, irish whip to the corner and a clothesline to follow! Viewfind tries to charge but Bombshell sidesteps and sends Viewfind over the top rope. Bombshell starting with authority here.

Flec: With authoritAA!!

Joey: Please. Bombshell and King again, trading punches, Bombshell seems to gain the advantage, irish whip to the corner again, but this time King was awake and Bombshell ran straight to the boot of King, and King flattens Bombshell with a stiff clothesline!

Flec: Bombshell a bit over zealous there and it cost him. King picks him up, whip to the ropes and a spinebuster!

Joey: Bombshell started well but King seems to have stopped Bombshell's momentum. He picks Bombshell up, going for the Tantrum already?

Flec: He wants to end this quickly!

Joey: He hoists Bombshell up, but Viewfind comes in and clips King's legs! Both Bombshell and King come crashing down.

Flec: I was wondering where Viewfind was.

Joey: Bombshell threw him out from the ring a while ago but he's back Stern kicks to the both of his adversaries, picks King up and delivers a ddt! Not wasting a moment, he grabs Bombshell, whip to the ropes, a shoulder block! And a leg drop!

Viewfind stops for a second, trying to decide should he continue punishing Bombshell or turn to King. Finally he makes up his mind and delivers a sliding dropkick to the King who was trying to get up. He picks King up by the hair and connects with a side suplex. Before King can even think of getting up he grabs a rear naked chin lock.

Joey: Viewfind with the hold, it could almost be a choke hold.

Flec: So what? It's not like Viewfind could be disqualified. Keep at it, 'Find! Win this for me!

Joey: Viewfind not paying attention to Bombshell and here he comes with a big boot to the head! Viewfind drops like he's been shot! Bombshell gives a couple of kicks to Viewfind to add it, and then goes for King. King, who has already suffered the choke hold by Viewfind is really in trouble here. Bombshell doesn't wait for King to recover but hits him with clubbing blows to the back, King, up to his feet, trying to block the shots, Bombshell whips him to the ropes, and a big boot to the King.

Flec: Bombshell is the king of the mountain at the moment! King tries to get up but Bombshell stops him with a scoop slam!

Satisfied with his work Bombshell turns around to Viewfind only to get a flying elbow to the face by the Philly gangsta. Bombshell gets quickly up but Viewfind drops him back down with a clothesline. Viewfind picks Bombshell up and starts smacking him with a series of right hands, forcing the big man back. After forcing Bombshell to the ropes Viewfind runs across the ring to gain some momentum and clotheslines Bombshell and himself over the top rope to the floor.

Joey: Four minutes and 51 seconds.

Flec: Damn.

Joey: Viewfind and Bombshell battling on the floor now, exchanging punches. Wait a minute, what's King doing?

Flec: He's climbing to the top turnbuckle!

Joey: Divebomb from the top turnbuckle!! King flew and knocked both of his opponents down!

Flec: He just eliminated Viewfind and Bombshell but must've took something out of him too!

Joey: If it did, he's not showing it. He grabs Viewfind and sends him shoulder first to the steel stairs! Now his with Bombshell, King just throws Bombshell against the guard railing! Viewfind is trying to get back up and King with a full nelson slam! He's just picking these men apart! Bombshell is back up, charges but King hits a powerslam. First cover of the match! One, two...

Flec: Bombshell was able to kick out!

King doesn't let that slow him down and grabs Bombshell by the hair. He picks him up and whips him again against the guard railing and follows up with punches to Bombshell's head. By that time Viewfind had already recovered and has picked up a steel chair. King continues the punishment to Bombshell and doesn't see Viewfind getting behind him. Without a warning Viewfind hits King in the back with the chair, doubling the Californian over. Sensing an opportunity Viewfind draws the chair back and tries to hit Bombshell who is still leaning against the railing. In the last second Bombshell ducks and Viewfind hits the railing instead, which forces him to drop the chair. Bombshell doesn't let the opportunity slide and hits Viewfind with a clothesline. Quickly he lifts Viewfind ups and throws him over the guard railing before going for the chair.

Joey: Bombshell's got the chair and he means business! Bombshell steps over the railing and Viewfind sees him, and the chair!

Flec: He's backing down. Smart strategy!

Joey: Bombshell closes down, but King comes from the behind. He takes Bombshell by surprise! Bombshell drops the chair as King keeps pounding him. Viewfind gets closer, he grabs the chair. King turns around and Viewfind smashes his brains inside out with the chair. Viewfind picks up King and starts pounding him while they're heading up the way through the crowd towards backstage.

Flec: They're out of our sight!

Joey: True. Now we have to rely on our monitors and hope they get a cameraman backstage asap.

Flec: Hey, production crew! We're blind here! Some support please!

Joey: Finally, live feed! Viewfind and King still battling out in the corridors. Viewfind whips King to the wall but Bombshell is right behind him with a lead pipe! Viewfind turns and Bombshell hits with the pipe! Bombshell throws the pipe away, picks up Viewfind, whose face is already covered in blood, and hits a sidewalk slam, on the cement floor!

Flec: That hurts even in the ring, let alone on an unprotected surface.

Joey: King is back up, Razorclaw! Razorclaw on Bombshell, he's choking Bombshell out.

Flec: Bombshell must be unconscious already! Can the referee stop this kind of match?

Joey: Honestly, I do not know.

Flec: Much good you are.

Joey: Bombshell is in lala-land and King breaks the choke. He picks Bombshell up and whips him... Right through the locker room door!!! King must be out cold!

Flec: There's no way he's getting back to the match after that one!

Joey: And King is relentless. He's going to Viewfind now, but the Philadelphian is no easy prey. Viewfind gets a couple of punches in and smashes King's head on a packing crate. What are those things doing in corridors anyway?

Flec: Making good weapons to our wrestlers, if nothing else.

Joey: Viewfind drags King along the corridors with a side head lock, hitting his head on walls along the way. King tries to power out with punches to the midsection of Viewfind. He succeeds, a kick to the stomach!

Flec: Rampage!!

Joey: Pumphandle slam on another crate. Viewfind's back could be broken!

Flec: But the King doesn't seem to care. He pummels Viewfind with elbows before dragging him of the crate and nonchalantly throws him on the floor. Cover!

Joey: This could be it! One, two, thr... no! Viewfind gets the shoulder up! Somehow Viewfind got the shoulder up!

Flec: King can't believe it. But he's not stopping!

Joey: King drags Viewfind to his feet, a kick to the midsection, irish whip to the wall and a clothesline! Another cover! One, two...

Flec: Viewfind kicks out!

Joey: Viewfind is as resilient as they come! Holding his back, Viewfind is trying to get up but King is still on him. Viewfind retaliates with a kick to the midsection, a double arm ddt on the cement floor!

Flec: King is in pain but what is Viewfind doing?

Joey: Hoists King up, on his shoulders. Viewfind's back must be killing him, but he's got him on his shoulders.

Flec: PPD!!

Joey: Philly Pimp Drop by Viewfind! He's going to win this!

Flec: No, look!

Joey: Bombshell! Bombshell attacked Viewfind and now they're brawling through the corridors!

Flec: How can Bombshell even be standing, let alone brawling with Viewfind?!

Joey: I don't know, but he just saved the match up for himself. I don't think King would've been able to kick out of the Philly Pimp Drop!

Bombshell and Viewfind continue to battle making their way through the arena. Finally Bombshell seems to get the upper hand and kicks Viewfind to the stomach. Viewfind doubles over and gives Bombshell the opportunity to go for a powerbomb. Viewfind manages to squirm out of it and lands on his feet behind Bombshell. Quickly Viewfind turns around and pushes Bombshell against the wall. Viewfind grabs Bombshell and starts hitting him with a series of punches.

Flec: That place looks familiar. They're close to the entrance way!

Joey: Viewfind grabs Bombshell and throws him through the curtains! They're on the ramp!

Flec: Finally! Soon we don't have to rely on our monitors. Those stupid cameramen weren't up to their job!

Joey: Viewfind still hammering on Bombshell, whips him against the railing!

Flec: They're getting closer to the ring!

Joey: Viewfind keeps throwing Bombshell against the railing while talking smack! They're at ringside now. View find whips, Bombshell counters and throws Viewfind in turn against the steel steps!! Remember, Viewfind was already slammed on a metal crate, he's back must be killing him by now.

Flec: Viewfind tries to get up, but Bombshell drops him with a stiff right hand. Viewfind back up, with some help by Bombshell, and Bombshell throws him against the corner post!

Joey: Bombshell throws Viewfind in the ring, looking to finish this. Wait a minute, what's this?

Flec: The crowd is reacting but I can't see. They're on the other side of the ring!

Joey: It's the King!! It's the King with a Rampage on Bombshell! King just cut Bombshell in half with that spear!!

Flec: Wasn't he supposed to be lying in a heap backstage?!

Joey: Apparently King didn't like that screenplay and now he's back in this. He still seems to be a bit shaken from the Philly Pimp Drop he got earlier but out of the three men in the match, he looks the freshest. Cover by King, One...

Flec: Two!

Joey: And Bombshell kicks out!! And King is clearly frustrated. He slides into the ring, where Viewfind is just slowly getting to his feet. Viewfind charges, King ducks! Kick to the midsection, and a powerbomb!! King delivers the Tantrum and this might be over.

Flec: King signals for the PPC! He picks Viewfind up, grabs the throat, and the PPC connects!!

Joey: Cover! No! King goes for the Lock & Load, his version of the sharpshooter! And Viewfind has nowhere to go. His back has been hit against crates, steel steps and ring posts and now the sharpshooter!! I don't think he'll be able to get out of this!!

Flec: He's screaming in pain, he's got to tap!

Joey: He's almost ready, he lifts the hand, but Bombshell intervenes! Big boot by Bombshell drops King and Viewfind's agony is stopped momentarily. But Bombshell covers Viewfind!! One, two, King interrupts the count!! And Viewfind rolls out from the ring!

Frustrated by King's interruption Bombshell turns his anger towards King and starts pummeling him. Bombshell whips King to the corner and follows with a clothesline. While King is groggy Bombshell hits a sidewalk slam and goes for the cover. Referee is ready for the count but King is able to kick out before the count of three. Bombshell picks King back up and starts showering him with right and left hands. King tries to block them and finally succeeds in pushing Bombshell away. Bombshell charges again but King sidesteps him and sends Bombshell over the top rope.

Joey: Bombshell is outside and the King is smash mouthing him. But Viewfind is in the ring, and he's got a sledgehammer! Where did he get that?

Flec: From under the ring, would be my guess.

Joey: King turns around, and Viewfind hits him in the middle of his eyes, King staggers back, and another hit sends King also over the top rope! Now King is a bloody mess!

Flec: Viewfind climbs the top rope! What are you doing? You're not a high flier! Come back down! I beg of you!

Joey: He's not listening. King is getting slowly to his feet... Flying cross body by Viewfind!! Viewfind just killed King with that flying cross body from the top turnbuckle!!

Flec: Cover him 'Find!! You'll win this!!

Joey: I'm not sure Viewfind knows where he is. He's getting up and is met a kick to midsection by Bombshell! Bombshell is back in the game!!

Flec: He lifts Viewfind up, Atom Bomb! COVER HIM DON'T TAUNT THE CROWD!

Joey: Cover by the Bug Man...1...2...thr...BOMB...NO! By some miracle the shoulder barely comes up!!

King finally pulls himself back in the ring. King then charges Bombshell and the match resumes after the near win by Bombshell. King with a swift take down on Bombshell, clubbing lefts and rights. Bombshell tries his best to block them, but some get through. Referee over to break it up, as King stands, Viewfind pulls himself up and rushes over and baseball slides Bombshell to the outside. King drops an elbow across Viewfind's back, before grabbing him by the hair and lifting him to his feet. King throws a right, blocked by Viewfind, who returns the favour & rocks King with a left-right combo of which Ali would be proud. Viewfind off the ropes, but Bombshell grabs his leg and Viewfind hits the mat hard, dragged to the outside Bombshell unleashes a right-hander with a chain and knocks Viewfind out clean. Bombshell gets spun around by King and drops the chain, King shoulder charges Bombshell back into the ring apron then whips him to the barracades before lifting him up and dropping Bombshell's neck across the barracades. Bombshell rocks backwards, King grabs his arm and whips him towards the ring-steps.

Joey : Reversal by Bombshell there and King just careered into those steps!
Flec : Can we get a replay?!
Joey : King's knees just collided with those steps, I'll be amazed if he can stand...
Flec : *watches replay* wheee...!
Joey : You're really a child aren't you.

Bombshell makes his way around the steps and grabs King's head, bouncing it off an announcer's table he stumbles off as Bombshell grabs the ring-bell and charges at King. King gathers his wits and gets his boot in Bombshell's face as the BC resident hits the ground and the bell lands to one side. King with the quick pin, but only manages a two count. King lifts up Bombshell and whips him at the barracades, Bombshell slumps over to the crowd side and crawls away. King over quickly, again grabbing Bombshell's hair and tights, throws him head first into some wooden palattes. King starts dragging off the debris, but Bombshell clatters him over the head with a shattered piece of wood and gets back to his feet, collar & elbow tie up results in King being suplexed to the concrete.

Joey : Bombshell picking King to his feet, the two men battling through the crowd
Flec : Viewfind's still out Joe, that chain shot by Bombshell had the desired effect
Joey : EMTs here now checking on 'Find, looks like he's out of it Flec
Flec : Yup
Joey : EMTs taking him away now, damn that bombshell

King and Bombshell battle through the crowd to the stage area at the top of the entrance ramp, the two men exchanging rights and lefts, Bombshell lands a scoop slam on King, only manages a two count. Bombshell grabs King's hair, but King hits Bombshell with a low blow! King now with the upper hand, lifting Bombshell up he lines up and drops Bombshell with a stiff right hander, King grabs Bombshell's legs and turns him to face the video wall, King rolls backwards and slingshots Bombshell headfirst into the video wall. Bombshell collapses to the ground as a cut above his right eye slowly begins to seep.

Joey : Bombshell with a small cut above his eye
Flec : Can't imagine that'll stay small for too long
Joey : King now picking up Bombshell, taking him backstage

Bombshell throws a lack-lustre right hand into the midriff of King, but King keeps walking him through the backstage. King with the Irish whip sends Bombshell rolling up the hood of a car, King over quickly lifts Bombshell to his feet and grabs his throat.

Joey : Good god almighty no!
Flec : He's gonna chokeslam him on the hood of the car!
Joey : Bombshell fighting it, elbow to King's head, and another! King to a knee, bombshell now, boot to the side of King's head, King slides off the hood of the car.

King falls to the ground and crawls away, Bombshell over and kicks King in the ribs rolling him onto his back, Bombshell drops a leg across King's neck and gets a two count. Bombshell drags King back to a standing position then lifts him to his shoulder, he looks around the parking lot, then charges King headfirst into a parked ambulance. Bombshell looks around and spots a chair propped against a wall, he makes his way over, but the ambulance door flies open and smashes Bombshell square in the face!

Joey : Flec, it's VIEWFIND!
Flec : Oh, joy...

Viewfind jumps out of the ambulance, despite the EMT's best efforts Viewfind goes to work on Bombshell stomping away. Viewfind with the cover, only gets a two count as King dives in to break the cover. Viewfind drags Bombshell up to his feet and throws him in the back of the ambulance, slams the doors shut and hammers the side as the driver starts the engine, Bombshell can be seen hammering the back window. Viewfind stands and waves as the ambulance pulls away.

Joey : Who in the hell ?
Flec : That's genius! DIVEBOMB was driving the ambulance
Joey : And I suppose the EMTs..
Flec : P? Ravage and Tempest!!

Viewfind over to King now, kick to the gut and lands the Philly Pimp Drop! Referee over...1....2...3 !! Viewfind takes the win!

Flec: Holy bloody hell...

Joey: That sums it up well!

Morpheus v Vin Ghostal

*The video cuts from the ring to air the Morpheus promotional piece…
*Morpheus nailing Sixswitch with a double arm ddt
The Game hitting the Game Over on Morpheus
Lock slamming the cage door on Morpheus' face
Morpheus strangling UPF with the Bad Dreams
Vin Ghostal connecting on Morpheus with a Cutting Edge*[i]

*I don't care if it hurts
UPF slams Morpheus with a steel chair
JHA: "I bet he didn't even feel that."

*I want to have control
Morpheus tearing up the announcers' table

*I want a perfect body
Morphues slams his own head repeatetly against the steel cage

*I want a perfect soul
Morpheus trying to attack Vin Ghostal with Xille stopping him
JHA: Frrrrreak!

*I want you to notice when I'm not around
The fans backing away from the guard railing as Morpheus walks to the ring
JFA: It may just be that Morpheus enjoys causing people suffering.

*You're so f***ing special
Morpheus choking Sixswitch

*I wish I was special
Morpheus gives Vin Ghostal the Mandible Claw at EoS
Flec: "That’s one sick little monkey you guys have there."

*But I'm a creep
Morpheus sitting alone in a dark room
Morpheus: "I am not a freak!!

*I'm a weirdo
Morpheus ripping his hair off

*What the hell am I doing here?
Morpheus climbing a steel cage
Morpheus: "Why can I never do it right?!"

*I don't belong here
Vin Ghostal eliminates Morpheus from the Royal Rumble

*I don't belong here
A close-up of Morpheus's mask
Morpheus: "I am not... a freak" (sob)

-where dreams will be realized - and others will be broken-

*The stadium lights flicker briefly before Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata begins.*

JHA: And now we have to deal with one of the largest creeps in the AWF. This guy really weirds me out!

JFA: Morpheus is out, now making his way to the ring. He's holding his head, almost like the crowds' cheers are bothering him. This does not bode well, because he's going to have to be at the top of his game if he's going to overcome Ghostal here tonight. He's got a slow, methodical plod going, and I think he's muttering to himself. JHA, one thing is for certain; Morpheus has undergone a major change since he first joined the federation.

JHA: Ha, no kidding. Remember this guy's losing streak? It's still a record!

JFA: My broadcasting partner is of course referring to the streak of bad luck Silly Cow had when he first joined the AWF.

JHA: Bad luck! Bad Luck! He stunk the ring up. He used a cattle prod to win his first match.

JFA: And I'll be the first to admit that is still one of my favorite AWF memories. Morpheus, while distracted by the noise the crowd is making, appears to be in a more or less lucid state. He's actually bothering to inspect the ring while allowing the ref to check him for weapons. The ref's time would be better spent putting the Camden Crusader's bat under lock and key.

JHA: Shut up, here's my favorite part!

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can't be stopped

JHA: There he is! The Ectoplasmic Wonder! V3! Vinny G! Vin Ghostal himself!

JFA: Forget any [/sarcasm]

JHA: You already covered Camden Crusader, thanks.

Ghostal is met with a chorus of boos that fall upon him like rain in the Amazon Basin. Unfazed, Ghostal shrugs off the yells of the inferior proletariat, walks half way down the ramp, and begins to strike a few poses with his golden bat. Pointing at Morpheus, he takes a few swings, then taps his head with the bat.

JHA: Ghostal's letting that freak know that if he tries to cheat, he'll get his just deserts.

JFA: Do you ever listen to yourself?

JHA: All the time. I have a collections of tapes of my announcing. I'd taken the liberty of editing out your annoying voice, naturally.

JFA: Naturally. Morpheus is ready to start the match now. He's trying to leave the ring and attack Ghostal, but the ref is restraining him. Ghostal is certainly enjoying his time in the spotlight.

JHA: As he should. Morpheus cost that man his main event slot. He should be headlining this show, but no... Morpheus had to attack him.

JFA: Payback. It's a bitch, or did you forget Ghostal's little “incident” in the Morpheus/Strafe match?

JHA: He should have let it go. He holds long grudges. It's not good for your health.

Ghostal circles the ring, his golden bat resting on his shoulder. Tired of taunting Morpheus, he walks to the timekeeper and hands the bat over. Giving instructions as to its safekeeping, Ghostal is caught flatfooted as Morpheus finally slips past the referee and attacks him from behind.

JHA: That no good cheat!

JFA: As you would point out, the match hasn't started yet. Morpheus with forearm shots across the back and neck of Vinny G. Ghostal's reeling form the blows, trying to fight back with some right hands. I don't' think I've ever seen Morpheus move that fast. He ducked a right cross and used Ghostal's momentum to get behind the Ectoplasmic Wonder. Damn. Back suplex, and Ghostal hit the guard railing on the way down. He's hurt bad, and this match isn't even underway yet.

JHA: As I said, a cheat. Poor Ghostal! Come on Vinny G, get up.

Ripping his gold vest form his body, Morpheus pulls Vin Ghostal to his feet and whips him against the steel steps. Ghostal manages to take the impact against the flat of his back, but even the people suffering from nose bleeds could hear the collision's force. As Ghostal grimaces in pain, Morpheus advances and delivers a hard stomp to the midsection. Manhandling Ghostal by the back of the neck, Morpheus forces him into the ring. Clearly pleased with himself, Morpheus even pauses briefly to wave at the crowd as they cheer in approval.

JFA: Morpheus in the ring, and the ref officially starts the match.

JHA: Ghostal is fighting this match under protest! That was clearly an unfair, unprovoked attack!

JFA: What planet do you live on? Ghostal is doing his best to crawl away from Morpheus. He's on his knees, pleading for no more. It's a sad sight

JHA: Say it ain't so Vin! That's right, get to your feet.

JFA: Ghostal may be standing, but he's still asking for the beatings to stop. Huh? Ghostal's yelling at pointing at the entrance ramp, but I don't see anything.

JHA: And neither did the ref.

JFA: Huh?

JHA: Lets just say that since you can't grow muscles over your eyes, they are vulnerable.

JFA: Meaning that Ghostal distracted the ref and put his thumb into poor Morpheus's eye?

JHA: The ref never saw it, so it never happened. Ghostal is pressing his legit advantage with a nice standing drop kick. Morpheus must have something in his eye. He's still holding onto it.

JFA: Yeah, it's called Ectoplasmic finger. Ghostal pulling Morpheus to his feet, but he sends the man back down to the canvas with authority with a short arm clothesline. Ghostal may have been hurt early on, but he's firmly in control right now.

JHA: It's called conditioning. Besides, saying that Ghostal is better than Morpheus is like saying California's governor could beat the hell out of Ghandi. Snap suplex, and our charismatic Camden Crusader goes for a cover.

JFA: Kickout at two. While I'm sure Ghostal would like little more than to finish this match quickly, Morpheus isn't going to roll over and play dead like that.

JHA: If he doesn't watch himself, he won't be playing.

JFA: What does that mean?

JHA: Lets just say I had a chat with Viewfind over a smoke before the show.

JFA: Tobacco?

JHA: What else could it be? Where's the peanut vender? I've got the munches?

Frustrated by the two count, Ghostal stands and delivers a knee across Morpheus's skull. Not satisfied, Ghostal grabs Morpheus's head, places his boot against his mask, and quickly jerks. As the sole of his boot scrapes against flesh, Morpheus lets out a muffled scream of pain and rage. Vinny G connects with several quick elbow drops to the chest, but the lateral press only nets another near fall. With a snarl at the ref, Ghostal begins a flurry of mounted punches. The ref pleads for him to open the clenched fist, but Ghostal only stops after a four count. Rising, Ghostal shrugs at the ref, and he begins choking Morpheus by placing his boot across the throat of the prone man.

JFA: Things are not looking good for Morpheus.

JHA: Do things ever look good if Morpheus is involved?

JFA: Ghostal is wearing down his opponent with some questionable tactics, but they appear to be effective.

JHA: That wasn't a rhetorical question I asked.

JFA: huh?

JHA: Do things ever look good if Morpheus is involved? I'd have to say no.

JFA: Of course you would.

With a final kick, Ghostal turns and begins climbing to the top turnbuckle. Mocking the crowd, he pats his elbow to let them know what's coming

JHA: He's lets everyone know what part of his body he'll be using to destroy Morpheus. Here it comes, the atomic elbow!

JFA: No one home! Morpheus rolled away at the last minute. Now he's to his feet with fire in his eyes and spital on his lips. Ghostal's still stunned after the fall from the top rope, and he's being hit with everything Morpheus can think to throw at him. Kicks, knees, stomps. Ghostal is sent to the ropes, rebound, but he gets caught with a wicked elbow. School boy rollup, but Ghostal evades the pin! Both men are back to their feet, exchanging blows in the middle of the ring!

JHA: No Vinny! This isn't your game. Do something devious!

Ghostal begins to give ground, and he realizes that he's going to be on the loosing end of the exchange. He runs back and uses the ropes to build momentum. His attack is cut short, however, as Morpheus manages to grapple him and slip on a buffalo sleeper hold. Doing his best to break the hold fast, Ghostal repeatedly strikes Morpheus's midsection with elbows. Gripping his left fist in his right hand, he uses both arms to power the strikes, and eventually Morpheus breaks the hold. Again, Ghostal uses the ropes, but this time he connects with a low drop kick to Morpheus's shin. The other man staggers back, and Ghostal charges with a clothesline. The blow connects, but it fails to knock Morpheus from his feet, and he puts Ghostal in yet another sleeperhold.

JFA: Things are looking bad for Ghostal. He's stranded a long way form the ropes, and Morpheus has that hold locked in tight. Ghostal is desperately trying to get a hold of Morpheus, a piece of clothing, anything that will give him the leverage to break free, but he can't get a grip on anything. He's fading, and his attempts to break the hard are becoming weaker and more frantic.

JHA: Umm, this isn't good. I'm only 99% sure he's going to win right now. Something isn't right. The ref's actually checking to see if Ghostal is conscious?

The ref steps up, and lifts an arm to watch it fall back limp to Ghostal's side. A second check results in the same.

JHA: No way! Ghostal's playing possum, yeah, that must be it.

JFA: You look nervous.

JHA: Me? No way. He's, it's.. it must be a trick.

[i]As the ref checks a third time, Ghostal grabs the ref's shirt, and refuses to let go. Shocked, the ref tries to break the iron grip Ghostal has on his clothing. Ghostal takes that opportunity and kicks backwards. Morpheus crumples in a heap, and Ghostal drops to one knee and tries t recover.

JHA: Can't grow muscles there either.

JFA: Do you honestly condone that?

JHA: Of course. It worked, didn't it? The Phantasmal Force is back in action! Hey, that's a new one!

After a brief breather where he let the blood flow return to his brain, Ghostal rises to his feet, yanks Morpheus up by his hair, and dumps him unceremoniously through the second and third ropes to the outside. Ignoring the ref's feeble attempts to keep him in the ring, Vin Ghostal pursues his quarry to the outside. Slipping on a firm side headlock, Ghostal looks about and finally rests his eyes on the Guam announcer's table. Approaching, he rolls Morpheus onto it, but is met by two chair wielding announcers.

JHA: Ungrateful louts!

JFA: Sorry, but the Guamites wont put up with that ****.

JHA: Isn't it Guamanians?

JFA: Guamers?

JHA: Guammy bears?

JFA: I like that one. Guam bats?

JHA: Not bad. In any case, those fools won't let his use a perfectly legal part of the arena!

JFA: Legal? This isn't hardcore.

JHA: No, but announcer's tables should be fair game. Hey Ghostal, use this one!

JFA: Dammit. I don't want to stand for the rest of this broadcast. Who'd capitulate and let Ghostal drive that poor Morpheus through their table?

JHA JFA, looking at one another: The Spanish table!

Sure enough, upon spotting the Spanish announcer's table, it only took a hard stare from Ghostal to send the announcer's scampering away for cover, leaving a white cloth behind. Again directing Morpheus with a side head lock, Ghostal lifts the man and deposits him on the table with a scoop slam. The table shakes under the impact, but holds.

JHA: That table has more backbone that anything else in the entire country of...

JFA: Just knock it off ok? Ghostal is now on the table as well. Oh no... Ghostal's fetched a ladder form under the ring. He's set it up on the table, and he's pulling Morpheus and himself to the top of it. He's lifting poor Morpheus up. Delayed vertical suplex? He's got Morpheus suspended above the table.

JHA: No, it's the Cutting Edge! Massive sit down powerbomb! The table's a wreck. Morpheus is a wreck. Everything's a wreck but the Ectoplasmic Wonder, grinning from ear to ear! He's won the match. He just has to get the broken remains of Morpheus back into the ring.

JFA: By Gawd! Vin Ghostal just broke Morph's mother's little boy in half! What? I'm contractually obligated to say a minimum of one blatant redneck statement per match.

Ghostal methodically untangles himself from the cables in the wreckage, and he pulls the comatose Morpheus into a sitting position. Gripping his hands together, he acts like he's swinging a baseball bat at Morpheus's head. Shrugging off the boos the action received, he rolls Morpheus back into the ring.

JFA: A cover, hooks the leg, and that'll be all folks. Morpheus but up a good fight, but in the end. Kickout!?!

JHA: No way! I didn't see a thing.

JFA: The ref claims Morpheus got a shoulder up. I didn't see it, but he's got a better view than anyone here, that's for sure. Ghostal is a veteran, and he knows that there's no use arguing with the ref over that. He's back to the offensive. He's over Morpheus and he... Mandible Claw! Mandible Claw from Morpheus! It's locked in, and there's no way he'll let go. Ghostal is trying to get away, but Morpheus is sticking close, backing him into a corner. Finally, the ref forces the hold to be broken because Ghostal was against the ropes.

JHA: About time too. That hold should be banned, banned I say! Come on Ghostal, move. Oh, I can't watch!

JFA: Morpheus with a running start and a running knee into Ghostal! Pulls Ghostal up, and he mounts the ropes and delivers hard rights to Ghostal's skull.

JHA: Closed fist! Stop it ref!

The crowd counts each blow, and on the tenth, Morpheus lets Ghostal out of the corner, where the former AWF champion stumbles a few steps before collapsing near midring. Morpheus stands in the corner, measuring up Ghostal as he slowly rises back to his vertical base

JHA: Don't do it Ghost! Turn around!

Morpheus charges at Ghostal, looking for a clothesline. Though battered, Ghostal had the ring presence to side step the rush and trip up Morpheus as he ran by.

JFA: Ouch! Morpheus and the ref just collided. I think they hit heads. Ghostal with the cover, but the ref is out. Now Ghostal is just resting on his knees. He's exhausted, and there's little more he can do until the ref comes to.

JHA: Wanna bet?

JFA: What do you mean?

JHA: Look over there.

JFA: Those slime.

JHA: Be careful. Those are my homeboys you're speaking about. Why if it isn't Blingzilla and Tempest... Business just picked up.

As the crowd shouts its disproval, Ghostal smiles with renewed energy. Crawling to the ropes, he pulls himself up with them, and points Viewfind over to his gold plated bat. As Viewfind retrieves the bat from the timekeeper, Tempest jumps up on the ring apron and does his best to get the attention of the groggy ref.

JFA: Vultures!

JHA: Earning their keep. That's all. Insurance is paying up.

Viewfind stops briefly to admire the bat, feeling it's heft. Using the middle rope for support, Ghostal reaches through the ropes towards Viewfind, asking for the bat to put away Morpheus for good. Viewfind walks over to Ghostal and extends the handle of the bat towards the outstretched hand. Smiling at his longtime friend, Ghostal gets his hand on the handle, only to suddenly have Viewfind rip it away and deliver a blow to Ghostal's neck.

JHA: Blingzilla! Say it ain't so!

JFA: What just happened?

Unsatisfied with a single strike, Viewfind follows the blow with several swift strikes, using the small end of the bat like a spear against Ghostal's knee. Pausing briefly to admire his handiwork, Viewfind motions to Tempest, and the two meet up at the base of the ramp to exchange high fives. The crowd watches in stunned silence as the two GPA members leave, with Ghostal's bat slung over Viewfind's right shoulder like a rifle.

JHA: But... how...it.. ugg..now...

JFA: I don't believe it. I think we just witnessed one of the AWF's longest standing alliances break apart. Viewfind's got Ghostal's bat and some of his blood no doubt. Morpheus is moving in on the downed egomaniac Camden Crusader, and he connects with the Anesthesis! The impact from the DDT flips Ghostal 10 feet! I think that was just icing on the cake after the bat. He makes the cover, and the ref's kind of awake.

JHA: no....No.....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

JFA: Morpheus just did the near impossible. He's managed to defeat Vin Ghostal! Is that a smile? Is he actually happy?

JHA: No way. No way Ghostal lost to that freak! I can't stand it. I need to leave and throw up for a bit.

JFA: You're seeing this correctly folks. Morpheus is triumphant, and he's actually enjoying himself. The noise that bothered him earlier doesn't, he's got a smile on his face, and he's even managed a shy wave to the crowd.

AWF Press Office
2004-04-07, 08:28 PM
“Rebels. Outcasts. Thrown together into an alliance by respect and friendship.”

Footage plays of D-Generation Next’s early days, while Nickelback’s Someday plays in the background:

How the hell did we wind up like this?
Why weren't we able, to see the signs that we missed
And try turn the tables

I wish you'd unclench your fists, and unpack your suitcase
Lately there's been too much of this
But don't think it's too late

Nothing's wrong, just as long as
You know that someday I will

The Game and the HeartBrend Kid tussling Skywarp and the Phantom Foundation. We see the Game lifting the AWF Title, and the HeartBrend Kid strutting to ringside whilst Sixshot followed, European title belt over her shoulder.

“They showed no regard for the rules and respect for nobody but each other. They dominated the AWF, never once caring that the fans were against them.”

We see the two men embracing, and gesturing at the crowd.

“But sometimes, the rebels become the respected. For fans can be convinced, and the enemy of mine enemy deserves my applause.”

Someday, somehow
I'm gonna make it all right but not right now
I know you're wondering when
(You're the only one who knows that)
Someday, somehow
I'm gonna make it all right but not right now
I know you're wondering when

Well I'd hope that since we're here anyway
That we could end up saying
Things we've always needed to say
So we could end up staying
Now the story's played out like this
Just like a paperback novel
Let's rewrite an ending that fits
Instead of a Hollywood horror

Footage of D-Next telling Mr Reilly where to put the Corporate World Order, and the fans exploding with delight.

“And sometimes the adulation of the fans can change a man. And when backs are against the wall, alliances can be strained to breaking point.”

A clip plays of War Games from 2003, with the HeartBrend Kid levelling the Game with a sledgehammer.

Footage rolls into images of recent months – HBK costing the Game the AWF Title; the match from Edge of Survival and the Rumble eliminations; and the Game costing HBK the title.

Soundbites accompany the images, overcuttung the song. The HeartBrend Kid railing against the Game, accusing him of pandering to the fans whilst leaving him to rot after being retired. The Game accusing HBK of being blinkered and selfish. HBK saying that the Game’s lost his edge, that he’s lost HBK’s respect, that the old Game never gave a damn what the fans thought.

The package ends with each man proclaiming that they’re better than the other, segueing into the comments they made in unison to Mr Reilly all that time ago:

“If you ain’t down with that… you can do two things: Nothing”
The fans respond “and like it”[/quote]

Best Two out of Three Falls:
“The Game” Erik Summers vs. “The Brendinio Heat” Sean O’Con

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for the best two out of three falls.”

Joey: “Here we go, then.”
Flec: “Now THIS is gonna be fun!”

“There will be no count-outs. There will be no disqualifications. There is no time limit. The only manner in which the first fall can be decided is via pinfall. The second fall can only be decided via submission. And, if required, the third and decisive fall will be awarded to the last man standing.”

Joey: “Those are the rules of our game. The rule’s of Sean O’Con’s game. Specifically laid out by him. This will be no ordinary wrestling match, that’s for sure.”
Flec: “Oh, you’re damn right, for once in your life. Don’t expect collar and elbow tie-ups, Greco-Roman toe-locks or any of that other prissy technical crap – this is gonna be mayhem, carnage and chaos. And I for one can’t wait!”
Joey: “This issue has gone so far beyond pride now… I can’t even put into words how much emotional investment each man has in this match.”
Flec: “I so hope that means you’re not gonna try…”
Joey: “I’m not.”
Flec: “Thank Allah.”

“Introducing first…”

The ring announcer pauses, letting the suspence eat away at the crowd, sending them into a frenzy of anticipation.

The guitar riff hits as the Michigan crowd explode into a surprisedly mixed reaction.

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow
Toast the champion ‘cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow
If it feels good then it feels good
And I do it all day
You want me to play
You best bring your brain, you best bring your money

“From Southampton, England… Brendinio Heat, Sean O’Con!”

The HeartBrend Kid marches purposefully down the aisle, a burning look of intensity on his face. He doesn’t stop to pose, nor to taunt the fans.

Joey: “And listen to that reaction from the hundred and ten thousand jam packed in here tonight! They’re split straight down the middle! I’ve never heard anything like it… I’m utterly awestruck…”
Flec: “Oh, like it’s a surprise – hell, even I’m rooting for the guy.”
Joey: “I thought you hated him?”
Flec: “I do! But come on – he makes a valid point… the Game is stale. He’s old news. All that pandering to the fans he does… it makes me sick. And that crowd reaction makes me think that I’m not the only one with that viewpoint. He’s gone soft in his old age.”
Joey: “Well, many would find evidence to back that up… Summers is definitely a different person to the guy we saw before his neck injury. Some would say he’s lost his edge… this match may help determine that once and for all. The old Game would have relished in this environment… now… well, let’s say a lot of things are open for debate.”
Flec: “The Game’s onto a loser here, Joey. Face it. O’Con kicked his ass at Edge of Survival – and that was in a match where the Heat DIDN’T set the rules. The Game may well be over permanently tonight.”
Joey: “Or maybe the crowd reaction stems from people being excited about the upcoming match.”
Flec: “Yeah… or maybe they’re just happy that you’re at ringside. The applause is for the Heat and don’t you forget it!”

The lights come back up as HBK walks purposefully around the ring and throws the timekeeper out of his chair.

Flec: “Oh, looks like there’s a plan in operation already.”
Joey: “Brendinio Heat taking that steel chair. Looks like he’s going to set the pace right from the outset. What’s that on his t-shirt?”
Flec: “I’m not sure. On the front it says ‘Stop…’ whilst on the back it says ‘… carry on.’ I don’t get it.”
Joey: “Well, I’m sure somebody in the back can… wait a second… the producer’s just telling me… apparantly it’s a tribute to two tosspot radio DJs who finished a barely-listened-to national program this past Friday.”
Flec: “Different strokes to move the world.”

Rolling into the ring, armed with the chair, O’Con is quickly confronted by the match referee.

Joey: “And the official calling him on that chair. I don’t think he really approves of it…”
Flec: “Yeah, right. What’s he gonna do? Disqualify him?”
Joey: “A bit of a shouting match going on in the middle of the ring… the referee trying to physically take the chair off him now. Oh good god.”
Flec: “That’ll teach ya!”
Joey: “Sean O’Con just levelling the referee with that steel chair! And the official is busted open… he’s out cold and bleeding profusely. And the match hasn’t even begun yet!”

Looking down angrily, the HeartBrend Kid spits on the prone body of the referee and turns to face up the aisle, raising the chair in both hands, poised to strike whatever comes at him.

The lights dim.

“And his opponent… from St Paul, Minnesota… The Game… Erik Summers!”


I know what darkness means
And the point to run from me
The isolation stings
So thick it wants to bleed
The echoes in my brain
All the things you said to me
You took my everything
Now I'm coming for you

I won't back down
I will not bow
I've come to bring you hell)
And I can't forget
The things you did
I've come to bring you hell

Joey: “And listen to THAT ovation! So much for the crowd are bored with the Game, Flec.”
Flec: “Eh, it’s just a sympathy pop.”
Joey: “There is not a man, woman or child in this arena who is not on their feet awaiting the entrance of Erik Summers.”
Flec: “Except me. And you. And the unconscious referee. And the guy in the wheelchair in the front row. The timekeeper would be sat down if O’Con hadn’t stolen his chair. You really should stop exaggerating, Styles – it’s not a good quality in a commentator. You’re supposed to stay impartial.”
Joey: “Lectures on impartiality coming from you?”
Flec: “I’m the model of professionalism, and don’t you forget it. And, just out of interest… where the hell is Summers?”

The crowd remain on their feet, roaring in approval of the former three-time AWF Champion’s entrance music, but the Game doesn’t appear.

Sean O’Con remains poised in the ring, coiled like a spring, ready to unload a chairshot on his opponent.

Flec: “He’s chickened out! The Game is a no-show!”
Joey: “Oh, I don’t know about that!”

As his opponent continues looking up the ramp, Erik Summers jumps the barricade out of the crowd. Sneaking up slowly to the ring, he slips under the bottom rope and rushes O’Con from behind.

Joey: “Erik Summers… out of the crowd… oh my good god!”
Flec: “Home run, baby!”
Joey: “Sean O’Con… just spun around at the last moment and smashed that chair straight across the Game’s face! I don’t understand it…”
Flec: “Oh, I got it – the ArchiveTron! The producers picked up the Game coming out of the crowd and the idiots put it on the big screens so the humanoids could follow it from the stands! Haha! O’Con must have spotted it too!”

Backing up, HBK watches as his former friend staggers back to his feet, dazed and caught off-guard. Lining up another shot, O’Con brings the chair down hard on the top of the Game’s head.

Flec: “Summers thought he had the element of surprise, Joe. Never try and be sneaky unless you can get away with it.”
Joey: “Sean O’Con… lining it up again… Summers didn’t go down from that last shot… there’s another! And the Game just falls back into the ropes. Oh no…”
Flec: “Oh hell yeah! He’s caught in there!”
Joey: “And look at the smile on the face of the HeartBrend Kid. Erik Summers just falling backwards into the ropes… collapsed into them… and now he’s trapped with his arms in between the top and middle strands. Sean O’Con lining up that chair again… and brings it down hard across the head of the Game.”

The crowd falls deathly silent in shock as the Brendinio Heat brings the chair down across his trapped opponent’s skull a second time.

Joey: “This is heinous. Utterly uncalled for. The Game is trapped… nowhere to go… bleeding already…”
Flec: “Hey, he knew what he was signing on for. He’s got nobody to blame but himself.”
Joey: “It’s Erik’s fault that he’s trapped in the ropes and being assaulted with a steel chair?!”
Flec: “That’s what I said. If he’s got a problem with it, he should never have put himself in that position.”
Joey: “The match not even officially started yet. The referee still out cold on the canvas… O’Con lining up another shot… no! The Game with the boot!”

A roar of delight rips through the fans as Summers gets his right foot up and kicks the chair backwards into his assailant’s face. Lifting himself up, he manages to untangle himself from the ropes. The Game brings his hand upto his face, wiping the trickle of blood away from his eyes, and lunges at the HeartBrend Kid.

Joey: “The Game unloading now! Right hand! And another… jabbing away at the jaw of the Heat! The chair dropped now! Another hard right hand! O’Con is reeling… the Game back into the ropes. Clothesline… ducked by O’Con. The Game off the other side now…”
Flec: “Haha! Fantastic counter!”
Joey: “And Sean O’Con catching the Game with a drop-toehold on the pass-by… and Summers just landing facefirst on that steel chair that was discarded in the ring.”

The HeartBrend Kid sits in the middle of the ring, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs. Realising that his opponent was driven into the steel, he quickly turns him over and makes the cover.

Joey: “O’Con with the pin. No referee, though. And that’s his own fault, certainly.”
Flec: “Well, how long ago was the old one knocked out? Surely they’ve had time to send a second down. And it’s not the Brendinio Heat’s fault that the first one hasn’t got a decent enough constitution to have recovered by now!”

After a few moments, a replacement official charges down the aisle and dives into the ring. He quickly signals for the bell and slides into position.

Joey: “Now the bell rings and we’re officially underway! Makes the count! One. Two.”
Flec: “Oh, hell.”
Joey: “Shoulder comes up from the Game! O’Con unhappy with the referee.”
Flec: “Well can you blame him? It took him an eternity to get down here… and that was the slowest count I’ve seen since your kid was learning to count.”
Joey: “When did you see my kid learning to count?”
Flec: “I thought you knew about me and your wife.”
Joey: “I’ll ignore that remark. O’Con confronting the referee now. Pointing at his wrist as if indicating the time taken… really tearing into the referee.”
Flec: “He’s got a valid case. That was a three count and everybody here knows it.”

Frustrated with the referee, the HeartBrend Kid turns away from him and back to his opponent, before quickly sliding back across and levelling the official with a superkick.

Flec: “Oh, that’ll cost him. Two referees down! Somebody send another one. Faster this time, or lord knows what’ll happen to the next!”
Joey: “The match is of course officially underway now… the second referee did get that much done. O’Con turning back to the Game again. Summers is on his knees, trying to get back up to a vertical base.”
Flec: “And the Heat is dragging him up. Oh, come on, Erik – I know you can stand.”
Joey: “The Game slumping back down to his knees again. O’Con frustrated. OH MY.”
Flec: “Oh, that’s gonna sting in the morning…”
Joey: “Summers with a low blow on the HeartBrend Kid… upto his feet now – he was playing possom… double-arm DDT! And the Brendinio Heat was just driven right down into the mat skull-first. And we’ve got another referee on his way down to the ring now.”
Flec: “Looks like they learnt their lesson.”
Joey: “HBK rolling across the canvas… trying to pull himself back up using the ropes. The Game on him, though. Hard right hands… backs him into the corner. Irish whip out.”

Sent hard across the ring by the momentum, the HeartBrend Kid flips over as he reaches the far corner, landing upsidedown and driving his back into the turnbuckles. Falling back down, he lands on his feet in the ring and staggers backwards, only to be met by a flying forearm from his opponent.

Joey: “Superb from the Game! Erik Summers is back in the match in spectacular style. The referee disposing of that chair, now. Also we’ve got some medical aid down here for the other two referees… a stretcher for the first one. Second official seems able to walk out okay, but looks to be pretty dazed.”
Flec: “Wimps. I’ve taken shots like that to the head more times than I can count.”
Joey: “And suddenly a lot more about you is explained. The Game. Picking up O’Con… Brendino Heat with a swing of the right hand, ducked by Summers and a waistlock cinched in. German suplex!”
Flec: “Oh no… not this.”
Joey: “The Game keeping it locked in… rolls up to his feet… and a second one! Two German suplexes from the Game. Drags O’Con back up… and a third! There’s the hat-trick. But no – still with the waistlock… dragging the HeartBrend Kid up again… reverse elbow from O’Con finds nothing but air… and that’s number four!”
Flec: “This hurts just watching it.”
Joey: “The Game with four German suplexes on the HeartBrend Kid. And he’s up again! Still with the hold locked in… a fifth! Five rolling German suplexes… only at ArchiveMania 3 would you see something like this!”
Flec: “… right… whatever you say, Joey.”
Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid has to be fading out of consciousness… this sort of thing can result in a serious concussion. As can the volley of chairshots he unleashed on the Game earlier, so maybe this is poetic justice. Back to their feet again… I don’t believe what I’m seeing. Number six! A sixth consecutive rolling German suplex from the Game! And finally he releases the waistlock. Heading to the ropes now… out to the apron and he’s going up top! The crowd are on their feet!”
Flec: “Again, apart from the guy in the front row with the wheelchair. So many lies.”

Reaching the top rope, Erik Summers glances around the arena before leaping off the turnbuckle in a swandive.

Joey: “Diving headbutt… No! O’Con just rolling out of the way! Incredible presence of mind from the Brendinio Heat… especially after taking six German suplexes.”
Flec: “But the Game’s up again quickly… no surprise there – landing on his head’s hardly ever gonna slow him down. No brains to damage.”
Joey: “O’Con crawling back to his feet… the Game up as well… poised ready to unload. HBK up… staggers backwards. YES! Game Over coming right up!”
Flec: “Oh no…”

Catching his opponent in position, Erik Summers sets him up, but O’Con somehow manages to get his arm back and hooks it under the throat of the Game, gaining some leverage of his own. Lifted high, the HeartBrend Kid twists in mid-air, shifting his weight and allowing Summers to fall forward, but instead of connecting with his own version of the Rock Bottom, the Game ends up planted headfirst in a modified DDT.

Flec: “Oh, superb!”
Joey: “Incredible mid-air counter from the HeartBrend Kid! Driving the Game down into the mat… but I don’t think he managed to completely deflect the Game Over… HBK still driven into the canvas, himself… his back absorbed a lot of impact there.”
Flec: “Yeah, but nowhere near as much as he might have done. The Game can’t hit that sort of move on the Brendinio Heat. He’s far too hot to handle.”
Joey: “Talk to him nicely, he may make you his publicist. The Game, still bleeding from earlier on, lying facedown on the mat… twice in quick succession he’s landed on his face… the first time the adrenaline gave him a quick burst back up… this second time he looks to be out.”
Flec: “Crying shame. Come on, O’Con!”
Joey: “Have you got money on him again, by any chance?”
Flec: “Uhm. That’s none of your business!”
Joey: “I’ll take that as a yes. Sean O’Con… rolling across the ring now. Where’s he going?”

Reaching the edge of the apron, the HeartBrend Kid slides down to the floor and starts rummaging under the ring.

Flec: “Toys? Toys? Fun!”
Joey: “Oh no… Sean O’Con… under the ring… and comes out with that sledgehammer.”
Flec: “The Game’s sledgehammer! His favorite toy, no less! This is gonna be fun.”
Joey: “O’Con back into the ring now. The Game struggling back to his feet. HBK… lines it up…”

The HeartBrend Kid rushes at his former friend, aiming the sledge as he goes, but Summers ducks at the last minute and spins around behind his opponent. O’Con stops and turns around quickly, only to be caught around the waist.

Joey: “Spinebuster! Huge spinebuster from the Game! The sledge goes spinning across the mat… and the HeartBrend Kid has just been taken out completely!”
Flec: “Nonono… not good at all…”
Joey: “The Game… lining it up now…”

Hopping quickly back to his feet, Erik Summers stands at the shoulders of his fallen opponent, looking around the crowd for approval. He pulls of his elbowpad and throws it into the fans.

Flec: “Oh, how contrived can this get.”
Joey: “The Game… People’s Elbow coming right up… hits the ropes one side… off the other side…”
Flec: “Kick up!”
Joey: “The Game back off the ropes… and levelled with the HeartBrend Kick!”
Flec: “It’s all over! First fall to the Brendinio Heat!”
Joey: “O’Con falls across the Game! Referee in place… one! Two!”
Flec: “Three!”
Joey: “Two and a half! The Game with his shoulder up! O’Con up and glaring at the referee!”
Flec: “And are we about to lose another?”
Joey: “O’Con livid with the official. Certain that was a three-count… and the Game! Up from behind! Roll-up! One! Two! Oh, the HeartBrend Kid kicks out just in time.”

As both men scramble back to their feet, Sean O’Con swings wildly at the Game, but Summers ducks and locks in a full-nelson.

Joey: “Full nelson from the Game… no submissions, so that means only one thing… Dragon Suplex!! Referee’s in place! One! Two! No! O’Con somehow slipping out the back!”
Flec: “He’s too hot to handle, Styles – I already told you that!”

Back to his feet first, the Brendinio Heat barely waits to see the Game regain his footing before he jumps onto the second rope, turning in mid-air as he rebounds off it and levels his opponent with a perfectly placed dropkick.

Joey: “Springboard dropkick by O’Con! Lateral press! One! Two! The Game just kicks out. Near falls coming thick and fast right now.”
Flec: “Yep – Summers is thick, O’Con is fast!”
Joey: “And I wonder what Tony Schiavone’s number is. The HeartBrend Kid up fast to his feet… into the corner and poised… waiting…”
Flec: “He’s tuning up that band, Styles. And don’t you worry about us resorting to Schiavone – I’ve got a direct line to Bobby Heenan. You want to take a break so badly, we can have you replaced in no time.”
Joey: “Erik Summers… back to his feet… O’Con poised… HeartBrend Kick – No! Ducked by the Game… and he’s caught him… GAME OVER!! Erik Summers connects with the Game Over! No cover, though… Summers thoroughly exhausted by now, I must think. Crawls across… throws an arm across the HeartBrend Kid. One! Two!”
Flec: “Two! Shoulder came up!”
Joey: “The Game leaving it too late after the Game Over before making the cover. Clambering back up now. Dragging O’Con with him. Sets him up for another…”
Flec: “No! Elbow to the side of the head by the Heat!”
Joey: “O’Con with the counter… blocking the Game Over… Slips around the back, now – Full nelson… Attitude Adjuster! Full-nelson facebuster by the HeartBrend Kid… and just drops himself across the Game… both men running on fumes, I’m thinking… referee in place, this must be it!”
Flec: “First fall to HBK!”
Joey: “One! Two! No! The Game somehow with a shoulder up! The Game somehow surviving… and the match still to continue. Sean O’Con cannot believe it…”
Flec: “Nor can I!”
Joey: “O’Con… crawling back up to his feet again… how many times have I said that this match? The Game following suit. O’Con poised… looking to deliver another superkick… hoping to connect with this one…”
Flec: “The band are tuning up… HeartBrend Kick… special delivery…”
Joey: “The Game’s up… O’Con… Superkick… ducked! Boot to the gut by the Game! Double underhook… PEDIGREE!! Out of nowhere, the pedigree from the Game! That’s got to be it! First fall to the Game! Turns him over… one… two…”
Flec: “YES!!”
Joey: “TWO! The shoulder comes up! The Game in absolute disbelief… the pedigree didn’t do it! That modified piledriver has put away so many opponents over the years… but here… at ArchiveMania 3… in Ann Arbor, Michigan… in front of a hundred and ten thousand… it couldn’t put away the HeartBrend Kid!”
Flec: “Because the Game has LOST it. He’s lost the edge that made him who he was!”
Joey: “He’ll tell you himself he’s not who he was… he’ll tell you he’s a new and improved Game… but the question now to be asked is how true that is…”

Looking around in amazement, Summers climbs back up and drags the HeartBrend Kid up again, setting him up for a second pedigree.

Joey: “And the Game will try again… sets it up… no! Double leg takedown by the HeartBrend Kid! Roll-over into a pinning combination – One! Two! Oh, the Game just gets his shoulder up in time!”
Flec: “Oh, so close.”
Joey: “The Game back to his feet now… O’Con crawling up, too… the Game in control, still. Sends him to the ropes… clothesline… ducked by O’Con – HBK off the far side… spinning heel kick! No – caught by the Game! Summers with incredible strength… catching him in mid-air… and an overhead throw! Just falling backwards and tossing the HeartBrend Kid over his head and back onto the canvas!”
Flec: “Ouch…”

Signalling to the crowd, Summers hauls his opponent up again and sets him up for the pedigree.

Joey: “And he’ll try again… second time lucky for the pedigree.”
Flec: “Second pedigree? Or second try at the second try?”
Joey: “Whichever you want… hooks the arms… and delivers! The Game with the pedigree again. That’s got to be it for the HeartBrend Kid and the first fall. Turns him over. Hooks the leg… one… two… NO!”
Flec: “Oh… hell… yeah!”
Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid kicking out of the second pedigree! And I don’t think there’s anybody in this arena who can believe what they’ve just seen.”
Flec: “I can.”
Joey: “Quelle surprise.”

Frustrated, The Game stands up and looks around the ring before spotting the sledgehammer, still discarded in the corner from where the HeartBrend Kid brought it into play.

Flec: “Oh no…”
Joey: “And it looks like Erik has come up with a plan B.”
Flec: “I like this plan less than I liked plan A.”
Joey: “The Game… twirling that sledgehammer… waiting for O’Con to get to his feet. The HeartBrend Kid crawling back up… the Game… lines it up…”
Flec: “Oh, come on, Sean… I’ll give you a cut of my winnings!”
Joey: “The Game… with the swing! No – ducked by HBK – and a kick to the groin! The HeartBrend Kid with a heinous low blow!”
Flec: “It’s just payback for earlier!”
Joey: “The Game dropping the sledge… HBK with a double leg takedown… setting the Game up now… turning so his own back faces the turnbuckles… slingshot!”

Catapulted forward into the corner, Summers clears the turnbuckles and smacks his forehead against the ringpost. As he staggers backwards, Sean O’Con spins away, grabs the sledgehammer from the mat and drives it hard into the back of the Game’s left knee.

Joey: “O’Con with the sledge… oh, my word… a vicious shot to the back of the knee… the Game clutching the leg now… doubled over…”
Flec: “And there’s the Hotstuff!”
Joey: “The Game doubled over, and Sean O’Con just dropping his leg across the back of the head… driving the Game facefirst into the mat…”
Flec: “That move can break necks, Styles – how do you reckon Summers feels after that?”
Joey: “And, surprisingly, the HeartBrend Kid not moving in for the kill. The Game taking three hard knocks in quick succession, from the ringpost, the sledge and then the Hotstuff. But no cover.”
Flec: “Oh… oh… is he doing what I think he’s doing?”
Joey: “Sean O’Con dragging the Game into the middle of the ring… laying him out. And… oh, no.”

Standing at the Game’s shoulders, the Brendinio Heat salutes the crowd, revelling in the combination of cheers and boos.

Flec: “What is it about this move that makes people pop, no matter who the hell’s performing it?”

Pulling off his elbow pad, O’Con throws it in the referee’s face, before hitting the ropes. He passes back, hitting the ropes on the other side and reaches the Game again. At his opponent, he twists as if to deliver an elbow drop, but stops at the last moment, instead performing a crotch chop and spitting on the prone body of the Game.

Joey: “Now that’s uncalled for!”
Flec: “Oh, I dunno… I think it’s pretty funny! The people’s spittoon!”
Joey: “A wasted opportunity for a cover as well, one might say. The HeartBrend Kid pulling the Game up, now… setting him up… HDD!”
Flec: “That’s got it.”
Joey: “HDD delivered by Sean O’Con. Lateral press. One. Two. Three!”
Flec: “And the first fall goes the way of the HeartBrend Kid!”
Joey: “Wait a second… no – the Game’s foot was on the bottom rope!”
Flec: “After the count of three.”
Joey: “No, the referee saying before.”
Flec: “Bull. His hand hit the mat first. Yeah, Sean – you tell him!”
Joey: “Referee saying no… and O’Con trying to intimidate the official yet again.”
Flec: “Heh. This boy’s got a real problem with authority figures today, hasn’t he?”

Turning back away from the referee, the HeartBrend Kid scoops up the Game again, before setting him up for a suplex.

Flec: “That’s it. Focus on the match at hand… kick the daylights out of the referee after he’s counted the pin, then we can get a new one out here for the second fall.”
Joey: “You’d condone that, wouldn’t you?”
Flec: “Hell yeah.”
Joey: “HBK setting it up… and a snap suplex takes the Game over. Not letting go, though, twisting back up to his feet… and pulling the Game with him… and another suplex! Taking a leaf out of the Game’s book, it seems, but vertical suplexes instead of the Germans.”
Flec: “Go, Heaty. I’m actually going to Haiti soon. Short holiday after this show.”
Joey: “What?”
Flec: “Never mind.”
Joey: “O’Con up again… looking for a third… but no – the Game resisting it… trying to counter with a suplex of his own… no – he can’t, the knee still damaged from that earlier sledge shot. But Summers still able to block O’Con’s suplex… neckbreaker! The Game countering with a spinning neckbreaker.”
Flec: “Come on, Sean… get up and kick the snot out of the punk!”
Joey: “Both men flat out… maybe they’ve both given it too much too early… adrenaline becoming an issue for both of them. The Game… the HeartBrend Kid… both out on their backs… neither man able to move, it seems. The referee unable to count – there’s no count-outs in this fall. Pinfall the only way to end it.”

Seconds pass feeling like hours as both men lie motionless on the canvas. Then, as if taking their cue from some higher purpose, they both roll up onto their shoulders and kick up to a vertical base at the same time.

Flec: “Holy…”
Joey: “Stereo Kip-ups! And Ann Arbor explodes! Both men at each other with right hands, now – going toe-to-toe! The Game with the upper hand… sends O’Con to the ropes… high knee! The Game levelling the HeartBrend Kid with a knee-lift. Still struggling with that knee injury, though… may have aggravated it on the landing. Not letting it effect him, though – heading out of the ring… going to the third floor.”
Flec: “Move, Sean!”
Joey: “We’ve seen this so many times from both men – this time it’s the Game about to fly… elbow drop! Right into the sternum of the HeartBrend Kid. No cover, though. The Game backing up into the corner… he’s making it obvious what he’s about to do. Sweet chin music coming up.”
Flec: “Get out of there, Heaty!”
Joey: “Isn’t that a country?”
Flec: “Call the damn match before I have you removed!”
Joey: “Sean O’Con… staggering back to his feet… the Game coiled like a spring… here it comes… Sweet chin musi- no! Caught by HBK! He caught the kick… ENZIGURI! The Game with a perfectly placed enziguri! And the HeartBrend Kid just got turned inside out!”
Flec: “Shades of Marty Jannetty… but he’s back up!”
Joey: “O’Con back up to his feet, though… though barely… he probably doesn’t know where he is or what day it is! The Game sneaking in quickly – inside cradle! One! Two! Three! He got it!!”
Flec: “NO!”
Joey: “The Game got it! Erik Summers takes the first fall! Now it’s the first man to gain a submission… and the Game has never tapped out in his career!”
Flec: “But nor has the HeartBrend Kid, let’s not forget! This next fall could go on even longer than the first one! Do China Palace deliver out here?”

Backing up to catch his breath, the Game allows the referee to raise his hand, whilst the ring announcer informs the crowd of his victory in the first fall.

Flec: “Yeah, because all of three people didn’t twig before he told them.”
Joey: “No rest periods as such in this match. Just the understanding that the hold must be broken and both men back to their feet before we resume. O’Con’s back up now… and pretty livid from the looks of it. Charges the Game… dodged by Summers and the Endgame!! He caught him! Summers looking for the submission early and this match may well be over already!”
Flec: “No no no no no!”
Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid… reaching for the ropes… and he’s there! Sean O’Con grabbing hold of that bottom rope. The referee asking for the hold to be broken… but Summers hanging on! Brendinio Heat screaming in pain, but the hold must be broken. Referee trying to convince the Game to let go.”
Flec: “Disqualify him!”
Joey: “Can’t happen, Flec. No disqualifications, remember.”
Flec: “Well that’s ridiculous! What the hell is the referee meant to do?”

Realising that his orders are falling on deaf ears, the referee grabs Erik Summers by the hair and forcibly removes him from the crossface.

Joey: “That’ll work. And the Game angry with the referee now – really squaring up to him.”
Flec: “Oh, just what we need. Another referee about to be sent packing… this is getting stale, now.”
Joey: “And the Game… just levelled the official with a hard right hand. Seeing how he likes being thrown around. But there’s no need for that, Erik – he’s just doing his job.”
Flec: “Speaking of jobs – Summers should keep his mind on the job at hand, because HBK is up!”
Joey: “Indeed he is. The Game’s not seen him yet… still focussing his attention on the referee… O’Con from behind… and a vicious chop-block! He just took the Game’s knee right out from under him!”
Flec: “Smart move. Taking advantage of the situation. He knows that knee’s still in bad shape from earlier on – hell, that’s probably the reason he took that shot earlier on – to give him something to work on now.”
Joey: “All part of a larger plan or not, the HeartBrend Kid is a fall down here – he loses this next one and he’s lost his own game!”
Flec: “Oh, don’t worry that. He’s got the advantage already – this is the second time he’s gone a three fall match at ArchiveMania. He knows what’s required.”
Joey: “Didn’t he lose the previous time?”
Flec: “So he knows what’s required of him. Stop splitting hairs!”

Attacking like a rabid dog, the HeartBrend Kid grabs the Game’s leg as he lies on his back and wrenches it toward his opponent’s head, stretching the hamstring.

Joey: “And HBK really trying to do a number on the left leg of Erik Summers. Stomping away at it, now. Dragging him into the corner. Drapes the ankle on the second rope.”
Flec: “Oh, this is fun.”
Joey: “And using the top rope for leverage, just drops his own knee across the Game’s. Taking him apart here.”
Flec: “And you know what he’s softening him up for, right?”
Joey: “Pretty much anything, knowing O’Con. He loves to work over the legs… he’s got a whole repertoire reserved exclusively for destroying knees.”
Flec: “Good point. Though the correct answer was cloverleaf.”

As the Game tries to crawl across the ring and back to his feet, O’Con grabs his ankle and raises it high, before driving the kneecap down into the canvas. Still holding onto the ankle, the HeartBrend Kid drags him back to the ropes, before dropping to his knees and sliding out beneath the bottom strand.

Joey: “O’Con headed to the outside now… dragging the Game to the edge of the ring. What’s he looking for? Oh, just lifting the leg up and slamming it down hard on the ring apron.”
Flec: “Taking him apart. I love watching this, it’s like a science.”
Joey: “Now dragging him into the corner of the ring. The Game grimacing like never before… his knee has to be in considerable pain. He could have hyperextended the joint… he could have torn ligaments… a fractured patella… ruptured the fluid sacks in his knee… there’s no way of telling the damage that could have been done.”
Flec: “Great, huh? And now there’s some more coming up!”
Joey: “Oh, the HeartBrend Kid just wrapping the Game’s knee around that steel ringpost.”
Flec: “Have we got another referee out here yet?”
Joey: “Not yet.”
Flec: “Well what’s taking them so long?”
Joey: “Would you be in a hurry to officiate after what happened to the last few? Trying to control these two was never a promising assignment, even allowing for the lack of rules.”
Flec: “Yeah, exactly – no rules. All the referee needs to do is preside over the falls. It’s just that these idiots haven’t been able to even do that properly.”
Joey: “Do you want to do it?”
Flec: “Hell, I’d referee like a shot if I wasn’t needed here.”
Joey: “What makes you think you’re needed here? I can cope without you – go officiate.”
Flec: “Yeah, you’d do a great job without me. And I’m sure that Mr Reilly would thank us for losing all the viewers. I’ll stay here.”

Setting the Game up to smash his knee into the post again, the HeartBrend Kid goes to grab the ankle, but instead catches a kick to the face. Trying again, he is struck by another boot to the jaw. The Game drags himself away from the ringpost and crawls out under the bottom rope to the floor.

Joey: “The Game mounting a comeback. Out on the floor now, but having a great deal of difficulty putting any weight on that leg. Right hand makes contact with HBK. Goes for another, but the Heat dodges… and just hurls the Game hard into the steel ringsteps.”
Flec: “Gotta love that clattering noise.”
Joey: “HBK pulling him up now… side suplex, perhaps? No… knee breaker… right onto the steps! And the Game flat out on the arena floor, clutching that leg in agony.”
Flec: “Sweet, sweet joy. This is a sight to remember.”
Joey: “And the HeartBrend Kid coming across now… and grabbing the ring announcer… and he just threw him to the floor as well and took his chair.”
Flec: “Not a good day for the ringside crew. You think it’s a good idea for us to be down here, Styles?”
Joey: “It’s never a good idea for us to be anywhere together, Flec. O’Con with that steel chair, now… the Game trying to haul himself up… and a shot to the knee from the HeartBrend Kid.”

Levelled by the smash on the side of his leg, the Game falls forward onto his belly, allowing O’Con to drive the top of the chair down into the back of his knee. Summers arches back in pain, turning over to a seated position, before his opponent brings the chair down hard onto his skull.

Joey: “And O’Con smiling now. And what a sick smile it is. Throwing that chair over the top rope and into the ring. Now picking up the Game and hurling him under the bottom rope.”
Flec: “Is it me, or is the Game all but out of it?”
Joey: “I think you may be right. Erik Summers has taken so much punishment to that leg… the pain has got to be excruciating… and that last chairshot to the head won’t have helped matters.”
Flec: “But will the son of a bitch have the brains to give up?”
Joey: “He’s got too much heart to give up, Flec.”
Flec: “So this could go on indefinitely? Where’s my popcorn? I love it.”

Clambering up onto the apron, the HeartBrend Kid watches as his opponent rolls into the centre of the ring and lies all-but-unconscious.

Joey: “And Sean O’Con is headed to the top rope. Looks like we could be about to see the Brendinio Heat fly as only he can.”
Flec: “And our in-flight movie today…”
Joey: “O’Con… knee drop! Right into the side of the Game’s knee!”
Flec: “That’s gotta hoit!”
Joey: “Sean O’Con backing up now… letting the Game try and crawl up… grabbing that chair again… and brings it down hard across the Game’s back.”
Flec: “Is it me, or has the Game barely gotten out of the blocks this second fall?”
Joey: “He hasn’t – he got the crossface on early, but allowed himself to be drawn by the referee. O’Con capitalised and since then, it’s been all about the HeartBrend Kid working the knee.”
Flec: “And we’ve still got no referee.”

Dropping the chair again, the HeartBrend Kid scoops up the Game and dumps him upside down in the corner, tying him into a tree of woe.

Joey: “And this doesn’t look much better for the Game. O’Con with that chair… and just brings it down hard across the Game’s knee. And again.”
Flec: “There’s number three! I love this. Four! Four chairshots to the knee… and the Game is tied upside down – he can’t do a damn thing about it. Five! I love it!”
Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid finally backing away now. Discarding the chair. And it looks like the current referee is coming around again… which is just as well, as none of the other officials seem to want to get involved anymore. Oh no…”
Flec: “Oh yes! The sledge!”
Joey: “Sean O’Con with the sledgehammer… and just drives it hard into the side of the Game’s knee! There’s no way the Game’s getting out of this match without having serious surgery needed on that leg…”
Flec: “Hey, if that means we won’t see him for a few days, I’m all for it!”

Finally backing off, HBK discards the sledgehammer and unties the Game’s legs, allowing him to drop limply to the mat.

Flec: “And here we go.”
Joey: “O’Con dragging his opponent into the middle of the ring, now. Summers has got to be in an indescribable amount of pain here. He’s lost a lot of blood from that gash on his head… and his knee’s been all but destroyed. Yet for all of that, he’s still one to nothing up and has never given up on anything in his life.”
Flec: “Oh, spare me the bleeding heart monologues. Just call the match straight down the middle like I do. Come on, Sean!”
Joey: “O’Con tying up the legs now… looks like we’re about to see what Flec called earlier – the cloverleaf. There it is! Right in the middle of the ring. Incredible pressure being put on the knees, along with the lower back, which certainly won’t be helped from Erik’s point of view by that neck injury he picked up all that time ago.”

On the verge of unconsciousness, the Game reaches desperately for the ropes, somehow mustering enough strength to drag himself and his adversary across to the side of the ring.

Joey: “I don’t believe it! The Game… miraculously… he’s there! The Game reaches the bottom rope! And the referee telling O’Con to break the hold!”
Flec: “This’ll be fun, after what happened when he told the Game to do that.”
Joey: “And O’Con breaks! The HeartBrend Kid does exactly as the referee asks him to.”
Flec: “I feel cheated!”
Joey: “O’Con dragging the Game back into the corner of the ring now. Grabbing the legs again… but the Game just kicking out at him! Erik not as far out of it as we thought… getting a burst of energy from somewhere… a boot right into O’Con’s face sends him reeling. And Summers crawling back to the ropes… dragging himself up the turnbuckles.”
Flec: “How can he even stand?!”
Joey: “I’ve no idea, but he is! The Game… hobbling… the one-legged man… swings wildly out of the corner… dodged by O’Con! Catches him… Side effect! Side effet by the HeartBrend Kid!”
Flec: “That’s the Burn, Styles! Get it right!”
Joey: “All the air must have just been driven out of the Game’s lungs. Sean O’Con dragging the Game back to the centre of the ring now… what’s he looking for? Tying the legs up… I don’t…”
Flec: “Indian deathlock, Joey! Excellent choice of move. He can see exactly where the Game is and counter accordingly if he tries to escape. Superb.”
Joey: “Indeed it is… Indian deathlock applied to perfection. The Game’s leg must be killing him as it is. Very little he can do to counter this move… he’s lost a lot of blood… trapped right in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go.”
Flec: “Just tap already, you stubborn idiot.”
Joey: “Referee asking him, but the Game shaking his head. He’s a fall up, he can afford to sacrifice this one… although how well he’d fare in a last man standing match is open to debate.”
Flec: “He wouldn’t. But he should worry about that later – he should just tap now and be done with it.”
Joey: “I don’t think ‘quit’ is in his vocabulary.”
Flec: “Neither’s ‘bathe’, but they’re both still things he needs to do!”

Several minutes pass and the Game still refuses to give up. However his protestations get weaker by the moment as he loses strength. Where once his head was shaking rigorously, now it barely registers as he says tells the referee ‘no.’

Flec: “Is it me, or is he fading?”
Joey: “I wish it were you fading, but indeed the Game’s strength appears to be slowly ebbing away. The crowd really getting behind him, but it doesn’t seem to be making much difference.”
Flec: “He’s passed out, I think. I’m sure he’s already gone. This can’t be good? Can he give up if he’s unconscious?”
Joey: “Not himself… but the referee can declare it a technical submission if he deems that the Game is unable to continue.”
Flec: “Ohhhh… cool!”
Joey: “Referee checking his vitals. No sign of reaction at all, it seems. Raising the arm… and it drops swiftly to the ground. A second time… and again it drops… once more and I’m sure he’ll award the fall the way of the HeartBrend Kid. Arm raised… and it falls. That’s it. Referee signalling for the bell. And we’re tied at one a piece.”
Flec: “Go Seany, go Seany.”
Joey: “The Game’s body gave up on him, although he never gave up himself.”
Flec: “I think I’m going to be ill.”

As the ring announcer informs the crowd of the referee’s decision, several members of the crowd start to throw their rubbish into the ring.

Joey: “Sean O’Con breaking the hold now. Referee raising his arm to signify that the second fall’s gone his way. We’re under last man standing rules now.”
Flec: “So why isn’t the referee counting? O’Con’s standing, the Game isn’t!”
Joey: “As I said earlier – the fall can’t commence until both men regain their footing. It was the same for the second fall, so it stands now.”
Flec: “Well that’s ridiculous – in case you hadn’t noticed, the Game isn’t gonna be getting up any time soon.”
Joey: “O’Con arguing the point with the referee. Official having none of it though.”
Flec: “Haha! That’s brilliant!”
Joey: “And the HeartBrend Kid dragging the Game up to his feet… and letting go of him. The Game sunk back down and now O’Con telling the referee to count. But still no. Evidently not good enough for him.”

A face like thunder, the HeartBrend Kid grabs the referee by the scruff of the neck and hurls him over the top rope and to the floor.

Flec: “Next referee, please!”
Joey: “I think that the Brendinio Heat is going to be in quite a bit of hot water with Mr Reilly at the conclusion of this match.”
Flec: “Oh, like he cares.”
Joey: “HBK picking up the Game, now… dragging him across to the corner. Lifting a lot of dead weight, there.”
Flec: “Oh, the jokes I could make about the Game being dead weight, and how O’Con’s been carrying him for years. But I won’t.”
Joey: “How noble of you. O’Con lifting him… and dumps the Game on the top turnbuckle.”
Flec: “Superplex coming up?”
Joey: “It looks likely. The HeartBrend Kid… clambering up after him… sets it up… dragging him up into a suplex position. But wait – the Game with a right hand to the gut. He’s not entirely out of it… being moved must have just stirred him enough. Fighting back now…”
Flec: “This isn’t good…”
Joey: “O’Con fighting for the superplex… up onto the top rope now, but the Game struggling… he’s broken it! HBK stood on the top… the Game grabbing him and… OH MY GOD…”
Flec: “Owwwww…”
Joey: “The Game… with what basically amounts to a hip-toss off the top turnbuckle and through the French announce table… Sean O’Con just sent headlong into the commentary team… and the table is utterly destroyed.”

Still sitting on the top turnbuckle, the Game takes a moment to compose himself before swinging down onto the apron. Hobbling along, with no weight at all being put on his left knee, he moves along the apron and measures the distance between himself and his fallen opponent, hidden amidst the wreckage of the French announce table.

Flec: “What’s he? Oh no…”
Joey: “The Game with a flying elbow right into the debris! Incredible distance travelled! Especially from a man on one leg… and just driving the elbow hard into the sternum of the HeartBrend Kid.”

As both men lay out in the rubble, another referee slowly makes the walk down the ramp to oversee the match.

Flec: “Ah, new referee. Can he count both men out here?”
Joey: “If he sees fit, I don’t see why not. Checking on them both. And begins his count. One. Two. The Game starting to stir… up onto his knees… referee on four, now. And the Game back to his feet. Or his foot, at any rate… still unable to put that left leg down on the ground, it seems.”
Flec: “O’Con sure did a number on it, don’t you reckon?”
Joey: “Summers speaking to the referee now… seemingly confused as to why he was counting him… now having it explained that we’re in the third fall.”
Flec: “He didn’t even know that he’d given up! Fantastic! I wish I could be there to break it to him. Whoa… speaking of breaking…”
Joey: “And the Game seemingly ready to dispatch another referee after being told that. Deciding against it, though. Thankfully for us.”
Flec: “I’m sure we’ve broken the record for most officials in one match already. I’ve lost count…”

Turning back to O’Con, Summers sees that his opponent has already started crawling back to his feet. He moves quickly, grabbing O’Con and hurling him facefirst into the steel guardrail.

Joey: “The Game really going to town on O’Con, now. Spurred on by the revelation that we’re tied one a piece. Pulling him up again… and throws him hard into the steel ringpost! O’Con busted open now… his forehead just splitting on contact with the steel.”
Flec: “Never good to see your own blood.”
Joey: “I think these two are used to it by now, Flec. The Game… coming across to us, now. Where’s he? Going to the timekeeper…”
Flec: “He’s got the bell! Oh no… get out of there, Sean!”
Joey: “O’Con hasn’t seen it yet… the Game with the ring bell… and just levels the HeartBrend Kid! HBK flat out on the arena floor! The referee counting already… but the Game telling him no!”
Flec: “Idiot! What’s he doing that for?”
Joey: “He’s not finished yet! Summers picking up O’Con… and drives him backwards into the ring apron. Kidneys first.”
Flec: “Ouch ouch ouch.”

Backing up so that his opponent can stagger forward, Erik Summers unleashes with a hard right hand, dropping O’Con down onto the padded floor.

Flec: “Not the face!”
Joey: “It’s not like it’s your face, Flec.”
Flec: “Sorry – it’s a reflex.”
Joey: “The Game… picking up O’Con again, and rolling him up onto the ring apron. Summers up there too, now. Running on adrenaline… doing his best stood on one leg.”
Flec: “I’m tempted to poke out his eye and buy him a parrot.”
Joey: “Will you stop? The Game… dragging HBK up… a look of sheer hatred and determination in his eyes. Looking to exact revenge for months of torment. Lifting him up… and sets him on the top turnbuckle.”
Flec: “What’s he playing at? What on earth can he think he’s going to do from there?”
Joey: “O’Con… sat on the outside of the top turnbuckle, facing us… the Game… following him up… he’s signalling for it… the Frankengamer! He’s going for the Frankengamer to the floor! He hits this and it’s all over… YES!!!”

The crowd explode as Erik Summers executes a modified huracanrana from the top turnbuckle to the floor, landing perfectly on his knees as the HeartBrend Kid is driven backfirst into the arena floor.

Flec: “Oh, that’s not good – looks like that genius forgot his dodgy knee!”
Joey: “The Game sacrificing his body to drive O’Con into the ground… but landed right on his injured knee… both men down…”
Flec: “Yes, thank you, we can see that.”

Overseeing the situation, the referee starts to count both men. The Game starts to crawl across the floor, pulling himself up by the guardrail, whilst HBK somehow finds the strength to roll onto his stomach and inch back towards the ring, climbing up the apron and hauling himself in under the bottom rope.

Joey: “The Game up to his feet now. HBK in the ring… Summers clambering up the steps… O’Con crawling across the mat… I’ve no idea where he thinks he’s going.”
Flec: “Oh no… the Game’s got the ring bell again.”
Joey: “Erik Summers… carrying the bell… into the ring now and brings it down hard across O’Con’s back. HBK falling back onto his knees now… Summers circling… and just smashes it over his head, again!”
Flec: “This isn’t good…”
Joey: “And he’s seen the sledgehammer! The Game throwing away the bell and going for the sledge! And listen to that reaction from the hundred and ten thousand in attendance! Ann Arbor want to see the Game reunited with the sledgehammer!”
Flec: “They saw that earlier when O’Con buried it in his kneecap!”

Allowing the HeartBrend Kid to crawl slowly to his feet, the Game circles, sledgehammer in hand, ready to swing.

Flec: “Oh no… come on, Sean… you’re wiley… you can avoid it…”
Joey: “No he can’t! The Game makes contact! And the HeartBrend Kid just dropped with that sledge. A firm shot right between the eyes. HBK is busted wide open… lying in a pool of his own blood!”
Flec: “Oh, yeah. Now you can drop the sledge.”
Joey: “The Game throwing away the sledgehammer. Dragging O’Con up by that bleached blond hair… the guy looked like Spike when he came out earlier, well now he’s a lot more like William the Bloody…”
Flec: “A bad poet?”
Joey: “The Game setting him up for the ride, now… are we about to see the vertibreaker?”
Flec: “God I hope not.”
Joey: “Here it goes… no! He can’t get him up… the knee gave out from under him! Sean O’Con back to his feet… HDD!! Out of nowhere, Sean O’Con with the HDD! And both men are flat out on the canvas!”
Flec: “You likened O’Con to Spike just now… well if he’s Spike, then that must make the Game Angel. You know – dull, boring, painfully obsessed with doing the right thing. Self-involved miserable git out to ruin everyone’s fun in the name of the greater good. Stupid haircut. Suddenly everything make’s a lot more sense.”
Joey: “The referee counting both men… very deliberate count. Upto three now. I thought you used to like the Game.”
Flec: “Yeah... well maybe the Game I used to like is the Angelus of our little metaphor… a cold sadistic bastard locked away inside Mr Boring. And O’Con’s just trying to set him free.”
Joey: “Upto four now. Well, Angelus did pretty much make Spike what he is… as you could argue that the Game made O’Con what he is…”
Flec: “And then changed himself… O’Con’s just trying to access the demon inside Summers by beating the boring guy into submission.”
Joey: “Referee on six. Psychology through Buffyverse metaphor. You really need a life.”
Flec: “Yeah, but you still understand every word I’m saying.”

As the official reaches seven, both men start to drag themselves to their feet.

Joey: “Upto eight now. And both men are up. The Game lunging forward – ducked by O’Con and into a full nelson.”
Flec: “Attitude Adjuster!”
Joey: “No – broken by the Game… slips back around and into a waistlock… can’t get enough on it on one leg, though… staggering backwards…”

Tied up in the Game’s waistlock, HBK staggers towards the ropes, throwing himself over the top in an attempt to break the hold, but only succeeding in taking the Game with him.

Joey: “Both men to the outside now! The Game still with that waistlock in tight… O’Con unable to shake it… German suplex! The Game with a German suplex on the outside… O’Con, bloodied and battered… not released, though! The Game back upto his feet… a second!”
Flec: “Oh no… they’re headed up the ramp!”
Joey: “The Game… a third German suplex… all delivered on one leg… this is incredible. Rolling through again, taking O’Con further up the ramp… a fourth German! And finally released! Both men laying exausted on the ramp. The Game still bleeding from earlier in the match, it seems like a lifetime ago. O’Con folded up like an accordian. The referee counting, but the Game up and pushes him away. Picking up the HeartBrend Kid… looking for the Game Over…”
Flec: “Oh no, not on the ramp… that’s just… oh no…”
Joey: “Erik Summers… setting it up… no! HBK blocking with an elbow to the side of the head… grabs the Game… HDD! No!! The Game blocked it and O’Con just sent himself hurtling off the side of the ramp and down to the floor!”
Flec: “I don’t believe this…”

Staring down off the ramp, the Game slowly lowers himself to the floor and hauls O’Con up to his feet again, dragging him back towards the ring.

Flec: “What’s he doing? He could have left him there and won the match!”
Joey: “He doesn’t want to win the match – he wants to beat him!”
Flec: “Then he’s an idiot!”
Joey: “I’ll let you tell him that. The Game, limping badly, throws O’Con back into the ring. Now where’s he going? He’s going third floor! One one leg, the Game slowly ascending the turnbuckles… The HeartBrend Kid lying prone in the middle of the ring.”
Flec: “Oh no… not that…”
Joey: “The Game… shooting star press!”
Flec: “Moved! HBK rolled out of the way!!”
Joey: “And the Game facefirst into the canvas! Sean O’Con showing incredible resiliance to move out of the way… sliding out under the bottom rope now. On his feet again… the referee counting the Game in the ring. Upto two now… Summers I think bleeding from the mouth… he may have bitten his tongue on that landing.”
Flec: “If that means we don’t have to hear him talk, I’m all in favour.”
Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid… blood pouring down his face… pulling away that protective mat from ringside. Exposing the hard concrete underneath.”
Flec: “I like this.”

As the referee reaches four, the Brendinio Heat clambers back into the ring and picks the Game up. Backing him into the corner, HBK lands a hard European uppercut, sending blood spilling out of the Game’s mouth and over the ropes to the floor below.

Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid… lifting the Game. Setting him up on that top turnbuckle again. The concrete floor exposed below them. Clambering through the ropes now… on the apron and climbing up the turnbuckles himself.”
Flec: “Here we go… HDD to the concrete. Settle it once and for all. Put him down for good.”
Joey: “Sean O’Con… setting it up… no! The Game with an elbow… breaks it up… Game Over… GAME OVER!!! From the top turnbuckle to the concrete!”
Flec: “Oh NO!”
Joey: “The Game! Countered the HDD and hit the Game Over right off the top rope! I can’t believe it. The crowd are on their feet!”
Flec: “Apart from the guy in the wheelchair in the front row.”
Joey: “The referee down to the outside now. Counting both men. One. Two. Three.”
Flec: “I don’t believe what I just saw…”
Joey: “Incredible action before us here tonight!”
Flec: “What? No, not that. There was a sign in the crowd saying that you’re a better announcer than me. They let any idiots in to this event!”
Joey: “The people have spoken, Flec! Upto six now! The Game slowly crawling across the floor… O’Con flat on his back, struggling to move…”
Flec: “This referee counts awfully fast.”
Joey: “Well perhaps we should have kept the first one. Seven and the Game has reached the security railings. Eight. O’Con still struggling onto his stomach. Nine. The Game is up! Ten!!”
Flec: “Oh ****”

Fuel’s Won’t Back Down fills the Ann Arbour Arena as the referee rushes to the Game’s side and raises his hand in victory.

Joey: “It’s all over! The Game has won it! Erik Summers rose to the challenge set by Sean O’Con and filled it! He dug deep and proved that he still is the Game!”
Flec: “Oh, save it for Hallmark. I’m in need of serious financial aid right now! I had a lot riding on this match!”
Joey: “Never discount the Game, Flec. Never discount the Game.”

Struggling to sit up on the concrete floor, Sean O’Con wipes the blood away from his face whilst looking around in shock and disbelief. The Game embraces the fans in the front row, including the guy in the wheelchair, as he glances over to smugly watch the reaction of his beaten opponent.

Twisting around to face the Game, O’Con falls back on his haunches and looks up with scorn.

Joey: “And that’s a moment to treasure – if looks could kill, I think the Game would be six feet under by now. Sean O’Con, defeated on his own terms.”
Flec: “I feel sick.”

As the two foes stare at each other, the music stops as the crowd wait for the inevitable continuation. Instead, the HeartBrend Kid merely claps.

Flec: “What the?!”
Joey: “Sean O’Con… applauding the Game! Smiling now… giving his victorious opponent a good round of applause.”
Flec: “Oh how very British. Somebody get me a bucket. I can’t watch this… not after everything they’ve been through…”
Joey: “The HeartBrend Kid… acknowledging in the most gracious way imaginable that Summers beat him at his own Game.”

Smiling back, the Game reaches out a hand to the Brendinio Heat. O’Con pauses for a moment, glancing around, before reaching up and taking it. Summers hauls his opponent back up to his feet, before releasing him.

Flec: “If these two are going to kiss and make up, I’m resigning right here and now.”
Joey: “Now that would be a dream scenario, the return of D-Next and the disappearance of the Flec. Sadly, I don’t think we’re that lucky. This is about respect, Flec. It’s always been about respect between these two. This whole bitter rivalry can be traced back to matters of respect. And I think each man has earnt the other’s tonight.”

The two competitors stand a few feet away from each other, looking the other up and down, smirking. O’Con points at the Game’s knee and chuckles, whilst Summers nods knowingly before pointing to HBK’s forehead and the sea of red pouring out of it.

The two carry on their staredown for a moment, before O’Con claps the Game one last time, gives him a thumbs up and turns to struggle up the ramp, clutching his back as he goes.

Flec: “Oh, this is depressing. First I lose my bet… then… oh my god. I feel sick just thinking about what I just witnessed. Nothing can make this night any worse.”
Joey: “The Game celebrating with his fans at ringside. Victorious. Having proven to the HeartBrend Kid that he may not be the old Game, but he can still get the job done. Respect deservedly earnt on both sides… and the fans giving both men a standing ovation. Patting the HeartBrend Kid on the back as he makes his way back to the locker room.”
Flec: “I want to cry.”
Joey: “It’s been quite a night – but there’s still one more match to come. AWF Championship. Thundercracker vs. Sixswitch.”
Flec: “Oh, great. It gets worse…”

AWF Press Office
2004-04-07, 08:29 PM
AWF Title: TC (c) vs. Sixswitch

*A highlight package begins to roll, illustrating the road to the Championship match…

Joey: Strafe just eliminated the Game with a bit of an assist to the now departing HBK… but Sixswitch is still in this too…Strafe…turn around!

Flec: Too late!

Joey: Sixswitch clotheslines Strafe to the outside, Strafe grabbing on to Six, Six grabbing the ropes, dangling…Strafe drops to the floor…Six able to hold on and slide back under…SIX WINS!

JRA: The winner of this bout…and the Number One Contender for the AWF Title at Archivemania III…The Welsh Wonder…Sixswitch!

Joey: Sixswitch is going to Archivemania! Sixswitch has outlasted the best in this company and he’s going to AM III!


Ghostal: “Has been? Boy…coming from a never was, I’ll show you what a has been I am… Redemption… you… me… and let’s make if for that pretty little number one contendership… bitch!”


JFA: Morpheus is down, Ghostal is groggy, and Sixswitch is back up!! Ghostal turns around, and a dropkick by Sixswitch!! Ghostal is down!! Sixshooter! Sixswitch nails the Sixshooter!! Cover, referee has awoken! One! Two! THREE!! Sixswitch wins!!
JHA: This was a damn set-up! Vin Ghostal would've been the winner without Morpheus!
JFA: But not without his trusty golden bat! But that is irrelevant! Sixswitch is the winner and his dream has come true! Sixswitch will headline Archivemania III!!


Joey: The Game pointing at TC, HBK shouting more words at the Game, now turning back to TC, only to receive a LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT! TC now springing to the ropes…coming off…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! Cover by TC…1…2…3! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

*As Worms of the Earth begins to play the crowd goes absolutely berserk. The Game smiling, gets up from his seat and makes his way out of the arena, giving TC a nod before leaving.

RA: Here is your winner…and NEW AWF World Champion…your very own, TC!

Joey: TC has defeated HBK! TC is the World Champion…TC is going to Archivemania…


TC: So once again history will repeat itself, and it will be just another mark in the win column for me. And thats all because I am the best there is in this business today.

Sixswitch: So how about I raise two digits of my own, and at 'Mania, The Welsh Wonder and Mr Pay Per View will collide. Two of a kind. One will survive. Who will it be? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who.

TC: And not only am I going to beat you Six...I think the best thing...is I'm going to make you tap out. And the crowd will got wild because, over the speakers they will hear that the winner once again is me, it'll be me, it'll be TC

Sixswitch: So at 'Mania TC, you bring your title, and you bring your best, because I guaran-damn-tee you TC that the Double S will be bringing his. At 'Mania, we will see if you're ready for the Double S, because I know that I'm damn sure ready to be the next AWF Champion.

JFA: This is it folks. The second half of our double main event. The moment we've all been waiting for.

JHA: And how? Everything that's happened from Edge of survival has been leading to this match. The biggest match of the night and quite possibly the biggest match of the year.

JFA: And most definitely the biggest match of either of these men's career. This is what all the wrestlers fight for, the pinnacle of their career. To main event Archivemania. Neither of these men have had much success in past Archivemanias. At the very first Archivemania Sixswitch was defeated by Computron and TC fought Blaster to a no contest in a Hell in a Cell. And last year TC was forced to submit to the Game and Sixswitch lost to Viewfind by a count out for the IC championship. But for one of these two men, that luck will change tonight.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Main Event, and it is for the AWF championship. First, the challenger, from Swansea Wales, Sixswitch!

As "Like This, Like That" begins to play Sixswitch appears on the top of the ramp to a huge ovation. He walks to the ring looking determined and ready to challenge the champion. He slides in under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle to greet the fans.

JFA: This capacity crowd on their feet for Sixswitch, and deservingly. Sixswitch had to give everything he's got to be in this match tonight. He won the royal rumble lasting over 40 minutes and then, at Redemption, he had to face Vin Ghostal for this spot. But now he's in the main event and you can be sure he won't let this opportunity slide.

JHA: That's for sure. He's going to do everything he can to win, but that just might not be enough, because he's facing the man who's definitely on a roll here in the AWF.

JRA: From Chicago, Illinois, he is the Archive Wrestling Federation champion, TC!

TC comes out, to a possibly even a bigger ovation from the crowd. He holds his championship belt high up in the air as he walks towards the ring. In ring, he reluctantly gives the title to the referee who raises it up in the air.

JFA: That's what it's all for. The AWF championship. TC won the title only a few weeks ago and he would damn sure like to keep it for a long time.

JHA: You know what, I have a feeling he will keep it. This is TC's night, he's going to walk out from Archivemania as the champion.

JFA: Is this one of those things you know but can't tell me?

JHA: No, just a gut feeling.

JFA: I think you just ate too many hot dogs. The referee signals for the bell and we are under way. Both competitors circling another, starting this very carefully.

JHA: Although this is possibly the most important match of their career, normal rules apply. You CAN lose the match because of a stupid mistake. And with this kind of match, you don't want to lose because of a stupid mistake. Believe me, that will haunt you for years to come.

JFA: Are you still talking about that non-existent wrestling career of yours?

JHA: To let you know, I was a two-time WTODL champion.

JFA: No such thing. A collar tie up. Both me looking to gain advantage but neither of them is budging. Finally, TC is able to push Sixswitch back, but only a few steps. Sixswitch gets behind TC and a stiff kick to the back. And another. TC ducks the third one and connects with an arm drag. Sixswitch quickly back up, rushes to TC but TC drops him with a drop toe hold. TC grabs the head, tries to go for a head lock, Sixswitch forces himself up, throws TC to the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick. TC is down and Sixswitch takes a second to catch his breath.

JHA: A second too long. TC is already getting up.

JFA: Sixswitch goes for a clothesline, TC ducks, and a kick to the midsection. Sixswitch doubles over, TC runs to the ropes, rolls Sixswitch up, shoulders are down! Sixswitch gets out after the count of one. This wasn't even close to three count but I think it woke Sixswitch up.

JHA: He should've been awake from the get go.

JFA: True. But this IS Sixswitch's first match of this caliber. Sure, he's been the top dog in the tag team and IC divisions but this is his first time this high up. He's got the talent to be there but it takes some time to adjust mentally.

JHA: When I had my first main even....

JFA: Stop right there. Both men back up, Sixswitch a quick kick to the side of the leg, TC unbalanced and Sixswitch hits a DDT. Sixswitch runs to the ropes and a dropkick to the head of TC who was just getting up. Sixswitch picks TC back to his feet, a couple of blows to the head...

JHA: Closed fist, closed fist!

JFA: Irish whip to the ropes, TC holds on to the ropes and Sixswitch's another dropkick attempt ends up with a bucket full of nothing. TC grabs the legs and an innovative pin attempt! One, two,

JHA: Sixswitch kicked out!

TC follows up with a series of punched before he whips Sixswitch to the corner. He tries to hit a clothesline but Sixswitch blocks with an elbow. TC staggers back and Sixswitch connects with a clothesline of his own. Sixwitch continues with the assault, picks TC up and hits a suplex. Not wasting a moment he hits a leg drop on the prone TC. Sixswitch picks TC back up again, goes for an irish whip but TC counters and sends Sixswitcg to the ropes instead. Sixswitch, not dazed out of this, jumps from the ropes and hits a hurricanrana sending TC rolling across the ring. Sixswitch charges but TC manages to back drop him off the ring. Sixswitch however lands on the apron an ducks TC's swing and headbutts him into the stomach. Quickly Sixswitch hops on the top turnbuckle and as TC turns around Sixswitch hits a missile dropkick. Sixswitch immediately goes for the cover but gets only a two count.

JFA: Sixswitch was close there but TC got the shoulder up. TC back up, Sixswitch with a series of punches, irish whip to the ropes and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! TC in trouble as Sixswitch locks in a leg lock.

JHA: He's trying to ground the high flying TC. But will it work?

JFA: We'll see. Sixswitch apparently not happy with the leg lock picks TC up, but TC counters with a kick to the midsection, goes to the ropes, ducks Sixswitch's clothesline attempt and a cross body by TC! TC's not going for the cover, stalks Sixswitch and as soon as Sixswitch gets up, TC scores with a spinning heel kick! And a spinning leg drop to boot.

JHA: Sixswitch is trying to get up but TC is back on him with a series of quick punches and kicks, forcing Sixswitch back to the corner.

JFA: Irish whip by TC, Sixswitch counters and TC goes straight against the corner post. Sixswitch chargers, and TC ducks!!

JHA: Sixswitch went shoulder first against the ring post! And now TC grabs Sixswitch and rams his shoulder again to the ring post. I think TC just found the opening he was looking for.

JFA: Sure looks so. Sixswitch trying to get up and TC hits a stiff kick to the injured right shoulder. TC grabs the hand of Sixswitch and goes for an arm wringer. Sixswitch in pain as TC keeps the hold and continues to torment Sixswitch's shoulder. Sixswitch tries to get off but TC stops him with a side kick to the head. Sixswitch on the ground and TC hits a leg drop right on that shoulder.

JHA: Sixswitch struggling to get up, TC is waiting for him and drops him with a facecrusher. Sixswitch is down in the center of the ring, TC looks at the top turnbuckle.

JFA: I think he's planning for the five star frog splash! If he nails it, this match is over! He climbs to the top rope, but Sixswitch with an act of desperation throws himself on the ropes knocking TC off balance. TC, straddled on the top turnbuckle, Sixswitch climbs up there too, going for a superplex perhaps.

JHA: TC is fighting him.

JFA: TC manages to lock his feet and he pushes Sixswitch off. TC turns around... split legged moonsault! A split legged moonsault off the top rope. TC covers! One, two... And Sixswitch kicked out! He just won't quit! TC drags Sixswitch back up by the hair, a couple of right hands, Sixswitch counters the irish whip attempt, TC off the ropes with a flying elbow! Sixswitch is down! TC now... a standing moonsault! Cover! One, two...

JHA: Sixswitch kicked out!

TC is beginning to show some signs of frustration as he can't put his opponent away. Not letting it distract him, he picks Sixswitch up but is met with a boot to the stomach. Sixswitch tries to get his head straight but TC immediately retaliates with a step over spinning heel kick. As Sixswitch tries to get back to his feet, TC runs to the ropes and drops his opponent back down with a swinging neckbreaker.

JFA: TC in control here. Sixswitch is down and TC now going for Sixswitch..roll up!

JHA: Sixswitch was playing opossum!

JFA: One, two, and a kick out! TC maybe took a little too much time and Sixswitch was able to get back. Both men up, and TC scores with a dropkick!

JHA: TC goes for the top turnbuckle! Maybe another attempt for the fiva star frog splash coming up! But Sixswitch is back up!

JFA: Sixswitch just pushed TC off the top turnbuckle and TC crashed down right in front of us!

JHA: Look, he might've hurt his ankle!

As JHA said, TC holds his ankle in pain. The referee tries to keep Sixswitch in the ring but the Swansean has none of it. He slides under the bottom rope and starts delivering kicks to the TC's injured ankle. After a while, he stops and picks TC up, only to whip him against the security railing. TC holds his back as Sixswitch continues the assault with stiff right hands. He picks TC up and tries to whip him again, but TC counters and sends Sixswitch shoulder first to the steel steps. Sixswitch grabs his shoulder in pain and tries to get up but TC stops him with a stern kick to the shoulder. TC picks Sixswitch up and sets him against the ring post. An elbow to the head keeps Sixswitch at bay as TC back up and starts hitting Sixswitch with a series of shoulder thrusts against the ring post. After four thrusts, he does a backflip and delivers yet another sending Sixswitch down holding his stomach and back. TC won't let him go, however and drags him to a more clearer spot and places his head between his legs.

JHA: What is he... a powerbomb on the floor!

JFA: There's nothing but a thin mat between them and the cement floor! Don't do it TC! It's not worth it!

JHA: Sixswitch blocked with a back drop! TC is sent back first against the floor!

JFA: The referee being very lenient in this match. He hasn't even started to count either of these men. And what we've seen happening outside the ring could've caused a disqualification.

JHA: The referee knows what's at stake here. He knows no one in this arena wants to see this end with a disqualification or a count out. This the Archivemania main event, damn it. We need a clear winner.

JFA: Sixswitch staggering about, trying to get to his senses and TC is struggling to get up. He's on his knees now and Sixswitch has spotted him. A clothesline sends TC crashing down again. Sixswitch picks him up... what the hell?

JHA: Sixswitch just rolled him on our announcing table! This doesn't look good!

JFA: TC is on his back on our table trying to get up but an elbow by Sixswitch sends him to la la land.

JHA: I'm getting out of here.

JFA: Sixswitch greets the crows and they are on their feet, dying to see what's going to happen! Sixswitch rolls into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle ignoring the referee who is trying to get Sixswitch to stay in the ring. Sixswitch up there, looking at TC.

JHA: Hey Jay, I believe this a good time to not be here!

JFA: Good point. Sixswitch is up in the air. OH MY GOD! Sixswitch just hit the Technophobic on the our table!! TC must be broken in half!! God Almighty, have mercy on these poor men's souls!!

JHA: TC isn't moving! And I think the only movement Sixswitch is making is some involuntary jerking.

JFA: TC is a bloody mess and Sixswitch could have broken bones after that move! And the referee doesn't know what to do! By all rules, he should be counting these men out and I have a feeling if he did that, there would no winner.

JHA: Look, Sixswitch is moving!

JFA: I don't how he does it, but Sixswitch is getting up! He doesn't seem to where or when he is, but he's getting up! He grabs TC with him, who still hasn't moved and rolls him into the ring and slowly crawls after him. A cover! One, two,

JHA: Three!

JFA: No! TC got the shoulder up! The champion got the shoulder up!!

JHA: How did he do that?

JFA: Just goes to show you how much the AWF championship means to these two men. Sixswitch was willing to sacrifice his body and TC came back from the brink of unconsiousness and got the shoulder up!! Sixswitch can't believe it, the fans can't believe it, and by the looks of it, even TC can't believe he got out of that pinning predicament. TC is getting to his feet, but VERY slowly. Sixswitch is lying in the corner and the look on his face tells it all. What does it take to beat him?

JHA: What indeed?

JFA: Sixswitch up as is TC. Sixswitch with newfound determination charges at TC.. and TC rolls under!!


JFA: TC locks in the GSF, his own version of the single leg crab. He has Sixswitch in the middle of the ring in the GSF!

JHA: With all the punishment Sixswitch has been getting, there's no way he's going get out of that!

JFA: But his trying! Sixswitch shows his determination and heart and he is trying!

JHA: I can't believe it! He's crawling towards the ropes and he's actually getting closer!

JFA: Inch by inch the challenger is getting closer to the ropes but the pain must be unbearable! He's getting closer, only a few inches more! And TC drags him back to the middle! All that effort was for naught and TC has him in the GSF in the middle of the ring!

JHA: He's got the tap! He can't survive it much longer!

Having used all his energy trying to get to the ropes Sixswitch doesn't seem to be able to anything. He raises his hand on top of the mat ready to submit. As a last effort, he swings his hand back, trying to grab something to get leverage. He succeeds in grabbing TC's injured ankle, which gives away from the pressure forcing TC to break the hold. Both men lie down exhausted with TC trying to get to his feet a bit sooner.

JFA: Both men up and they start to exchange punches. After such a grueling competition, neither man seem to have a lot of power behind those punches. TC seems to get the upper hand, irish whip to the ropes and a shoulder block drops Sixswitch down. TC takes a couple of seconds to catch his breath, and a rolling thunder! Cover! One, two...

JHA: Sixswitch kicked out! Sixswitch struggling to get to his feet, TC is ready and waiting. A side kick, but Sixswitch grabs the leg. TC goes for an enzuigiri, Sixswitch ducks but doesn't duck the second one! TC crawling towards the corner.

JFA: TC climbs to the top turnbuckle! Two times he's tried the five star frog splash and two times Sixswitch has been able to stop him. But Sixswitch is still down, it doesn't seem like he'll be able to do it this time. And there it goes, five star frog splash!!

JHA: And it connects!!

JFA: The five star frog splash connects but it took a lot out of already battered TC too. He's lost a lot of blood and that move hurts even when you're in mint condition!

JHA :He's slowly crawling to Sixswitch. Cover! One! Two!

JFA: Thr... No! Sixswitch got the shoulder up! He's still in this! He's still in this! The champion is clearly frustrated and I can't blame him! TC trying to tell the referee it was three, but to no avail! It was two and TC just has to accept it.

TC finally stops arguing with the referee and goes for Sixswitch. The break was all Sixswitch needed though, as he connects with a hard chop on the chest of TC who was trying to pick Sixswitch up. Sixswitch keeps delivering hard knife edge chops on TC before he whips him to the corner. He gives TC a couple of kicks to the ribs before picking him up and placing him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs after him and grabs a hold. Before TC can do anything to block or counter it, Sixswitch hits TC with a huge superplex. Not wasting a moment he covers TC and hooks the leg. The referee's hand goes down once, twice, and TC gets a shoulder up. Sixswitch doesn't waste time to argue with the referee and climbs the top turnbuckle as fast as he can.

JFA: Sixswitch is going up high again, but the fatigue is too much. TC is already getting to his feet. Sixswitch dives and...

JHA: What in the hell was that?!

JFA: A hurracanrana into a fameasser!! TC lands face first! I've never seen anything like that!! Not by Sixswitch, not by anyone!! Sixswitch covers, one! Two!

JHA: TC kicked out!

JFA: Sixswitch pulling a whole new page out of his book but still TC kicked out! The resilience of the champion, there is no quit in him! Sixswitch pulls the champion up, a right hand to the temple, Sixswitch to the ropes, clothesline ducked by TC, Sixswitch turns around, kick by TC, he's going for the northern lights suplex!

JHA: His angle gave out! He's grasp slipped!

JFA: Not enough! It connected!! Shoulders down!! One!

JHA: TC's shoulders are also down!

JFA: Two! Three! TC wins!! TC wins the Archivemania III main event and retains the championship!

JHA: I tell you, I think TC's shoulders were also down!

JFA: I didn't see it!

JHA: The camera showed the angle for just a second. I think his shoulders were also down.

JFA: The referee didn't see it that way, and at the end of the night, that's really all that matters. The referee hands TC the AWF championship belt and the crowd are on their feet!! TC has climbed the mountain, he has fought against all the odds and he has won this match!! For years to come he will remember as the man who won the main event at Archivemania III! This match alone will make him a legend in this business! He is TC and he is our AWF champion! This was JFA and JHA, for Joey Styles, Keith Kincaid, Lisa Lovelace and everyone here at the AWF we wish you good night!

*The Show closes with Clocks playing once more to highlights from the show.

2004-04-07, 09:11 PM
OOC: Awesome job as always guys. :)

Oh Skywarp, poor poor Skywarp. I give you credit for your little gambit at the beginning. However, in the end, I was willing to push things just a little further, fight just a little longer and desire victory just a little bit more than you.

If it's any consolation I'm sure that there are plenty of other wrestlers that you'll be able to beat up upon, but leave the upper echelons of the AWF to people like me. People who win.

2004-04-07, 09:18 PM
sheeeit niggah

Vinny G don't look all shocked, you knew this day would come.
I mean you like some fat girl at wendys, i be trying to kick it and get some gold and yo fat ass eat all the mother****ing pieces!

I'm sick of baby sitting yo ass, its about time people find out you was just a puppet and yo, I"M DA MASTER!
So dont hate tha playah, bizzatachacetaaactch. Man, you tricks be played out, hear?

Bombshell, King you got in my way and now you just a casualtie of war, the GPA'S war on da AWF and yo IT STARTS NOW!

Silly Cow
2004-04-07, 09:56 PM
RJI approaches Morpheus, who is sitting rocking back and forth and staring vividly at a TV screen showing what is happening in the ring.

Morpheus: *mumbling to himself* he takes everything... everything he gives... he takes... everything I give... he could take...

RJI: Umm, Morpheus?

Morpheus turns quickly to RJI, as if I just woke up from a trance, staring a hole through RJI.

RJI: With the help from the GPA, you emerged victorious against Vin Ghostal. How do you feel about this somewhat tainted victory?

Morpheus: *almost whispering* worthless... what did it accomplish... I'm no better than I was... No better!! Nothing gained!! Nothing lost!!

RJI: Okay, you obviously want to be alone, and you should be.

RJI leaves Morpheus who turns back to the TV screen.

Morpheus: everything....

Sir Auros
2004-04-07, 10:17 PM
Sheet, now that's how to do eet hardcore mother[expletive deleted]ers. I set a nou standard for how to do eet hardcore I beeleeve. Eef their ain't sangre, wat's the poynt een watching eet?

I new I wasn't and I told you pendejos that I wasn't gonna loose, but no, you egostatical culeros thot you was better than mee. Well, you mujeres thot wrong, and I crushed you. Excerpt for Rav and Xille, those pendejos deed eet to themselfs.

Soy el victor, el chingador, y el ojete más violento en todo la organización. Solamente puedo a subir de aqu_ pinche cabrones!

OOC: So many upsets in this Archivemania too... Stupefying and teh awesome también.

2004-04-07, 10:50 PM
Hehe, you know it's funny, Xille as always needs the help of another person to get me into a position to **** me up.

Thats great boyo but you see, the problem is you still didn't kill me. I was out to help my boys the GPA later on in the night and well frankly now you really have managed to not only piss me off but now I have my sights on simply ending not just your career but your life.

So yeah you did a nice little move and screwed me up for a bit but thats ok. I am still here.

Soon you and I will get into the ring 1 on 1 and I will make sure I punish you for everything you have done and cost me.

So don't waste too much time talking Xille since you don't have that much left. Just bring it to the ring.

2004-04-07, 11:32 PM
*The camera comes on as we see RJI standing outside the locker room of the GPA*

RJI: "Well we are here outside the door to the GPA locker room where it sounds as if the after party has started already. Lets just see if we can get a few words from the Tag Champs."

(RJI knocks on the door and Tempest answers)

Tempest: "Yeah what do you want, can't you see we are celebrating."

RJI: "Well I was hoping I could get a few words with the Tag Champs."

Tempest: "I don't know, P? looks like hes a little busy with a few of the ladies in here and well I'll see if I can get Divebomb for you."

(Tempest closes the door and we hear him calling Divebomb to the door)

DB: "(Opens the door and walks out with a beautiful woman on one arm and a beer in the other hand) Yeah what do you want? Can't you see you are interupting the pre-After party party."

RJI: "Well I just wanted to ask you about your match tonight. Any thoughts on how the match was won. I mean it was a countout and you didn't actually pin one of them."

DB: "Look kid, I know it wasn't the way everyone wanted it to finish but hell a wins a win. We beat the hell out of each other and in The End the NWA came out as the winners. What else is there to say."

RJI: "What about the use of the golden bat to make sure wolfang couldn't make it back in?"

DB: "Oh yeah that. Well lets just say that good old Vinny G's bat came in handy more than once tonight."

RJI: "You don't feel bad about cheating to win a match?"

DB: "Come on now, we all know that out on the battlefield in a war such as the one that the NWA and Blood and Thunder have had, that there is no such thing as cheating. Think about it, both teams are concerned with nothing else but the titles and both teams will do anything to get their hands them. Just tonight The NWA wanted them more and we did what we had to do to keep them. Simple really."

RJI: "Fair enough, so I guess my next question is what did you think about Viewfind turning on Vin Ghostal?"

DB: "That.....That was along time coming. There was only so long that Vinny could hold View back and tonight he did what he had to do. What else is there to say. We got View's back and anything he does to try to get revenge will be stopped by extreme force."

RJI: "Alright, any final thoughts before I leave?"

DB: "Yeah. We've already heard from Big View about this and its just like he said. The War on the AWF starts now! Just accept it."

(Divebomb opens the door to the locker room and clouds of smoke start to escape the room)

DB: "Dammit boys, I said don't start without me. How many times do I have to say it."

(Divebomb takes a drink of his beer and slaps the woman's rear end as he walks back into the room)

RJI: "Look at that. Get a closer view."

(The camera zooms in and we see a dozen or so scantily clad women all over the room and the GPA members relaxing on couches with women on each arm while their puffin on some blunts)

P?: "Damn man close the door. Your ruining the hot box."

DB: "Yeah, yeah. Thats what you get for starting without me."

*The camera gos black as Divebomb closes the door*

2004-04-07, 11:40 PM
AM 3, what a delight in the fact that It was I who destoryed Cane and caused him to leave the AWF. This shall be another record on the wall!

But alas, the belt was not mine, not mine at all. It when to that idiot Auros. This will not go unpunished, my dear friend oh no it won't. I shall come get that belt one way or the other. I shall go thorugh a hundered warrior or one, I shall receive the belt and I shall be the new champion. This will not go unpunished, Auros its on!

You know as well as I do, that the belt is mine, and I destoryed more guys with out using weapons than you did in your whole life. I am the Chosen One, Odin's messenger, and no matter what I shall get the belt.

Believe The Hype, Fear The Power!

2004-04-08, 05:53 AM
OOC: F***ing amazing show guys...best. show. ever

IC: *TC is shown iceing his ankle in the back when Sixswitch walks by. Six stops and TC stands up, the two men stare at each other, and then shake hands.*

TC: You put on a good match man, you've got my respect.

SS: Same to you man, but just no, I'll be back against you again to get that title.

TC: Anytime man. Anytime.

*Six walks away after giving a nod, and TC sits down and continues to ice his ankle.*

2004-04-08, 08:40 AM

We see D-Ex slowly making his way to the locker room area but is stopped bu Keith Kincard.

KK: D-Extreme, tonight almost everybody in this arena thought you were gonna win. But one time that you turned your back on Auros...it was all over. Any thoughts about tonight's match?

D-Ex: I will say this once Kincard. Auros...you outsmarted me. You actually outsmarted me. I give you that my chicano friend. You can go on and say about your glorious victory tonight. But since there might be that 24/7 rule in that belt. Dont even think that you can walk around backstage safe with that thing. Another Arhivemania Keith...another loss....for the same title. But that does not mean I shall stop until I get what is mine. I shall not stop until I get that hardcore title Keith...make no mistake...NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT!

*D-Extreme pauses and wipes off the blood at the back of his head. He licks it as KK just looks in disgust*

KK: We saw that post match thing with OP2005...and I wa..

D-Ex: OP2005 couldnt take it. But then again I felt insulted about that cowardly attack by him. Op2005...if your listening to this oh highlander of hell...you shall pay for your attack on me after the match. You brought this thing to yourself once you snapped.....on MAYHEM(OOC: or any show that maybe me and him can fight?) I shall show you the meaning of 'internal hemorage'. You will dare not to oppose me next time OP2005...cause you will know the bitter consequences. I am D-Extreme and I will...DESTROY THE OPPOSITION!!!

OOC: Archivemania kicked major ass!!! YEAH BABY! Now taht is worth waiting for...no doubt..it was a rocketbusta[/tazz]

2004-04-08, 09:06 AM
OOC: OMG ... that was unbelievable. Best card ever!

IC: The war has begun. Things have changed. Viewfind is the true Blingzilla in command not that foney ass, Vin B*tchal. I told you not to corss paths with me boy and now you know why.

B*tch Maxx!! I beat yo down just like I said I would and boy it felt good to be back in business.


Divebomb: Tempest get the door.

Raven Darkstorm
2004-04-08, 12:42 PM
OOC: Nice show. But after reading that me and my brother Vanth
Dreadstar (yes he's my real brother!) have decided that we not
going to compete in the AWF for the forseeable future.

Right now our real lives are in a state of major choas right now and our time is extremely limited. There's not enough time for us to do much here. Hopefully once our lives settle down we can come back. Maybe there will be more tag-teams around too.

2004-04-08, 01:36 PM
(OOC: Glad you like it Raven. The writers put in a ton of work for us, and we all enjoying playing the game too. Come back whenever ya feel ready.)

(OOC Again: Great show folks. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Our match especially.)

The camera cuts to a sumptious room, lined with big comfy chairs, glass tables and a huge bar stretching across one wall. The Double S is sitting in one of the chairs, feet kicked up on the table, and evaporating frost coming off the ice cold beer held easily in one hand.

Ss: So. I lost. Bloodied, battered, and thrilled beyond measure. The Double S and Mr PPV put on a show for the ages at 'Mania, and in the end, after a match like that, the result isn't that important. The roar of the crowd. The flash of the lights. The beat of the music. The thrill of putting on one of the greatest shows on Earth. That's what this match is, on reflection. Once my bumps and bruises heal, once I've sunk this beer, and once I've paid a visit to the Cavern Club right here in Ann Arbor... Oh, and dropped in to the After-Mania AWF party, the Double S will be right back in the hunt.

If I've proved one thing tonight, it's that I really am ready. Ready to take the next step up. Ready to play on the main stage, and ready to be the AWF Champion. To some, losing is defeat. To the Double S, losing is but another step in the learning progress. So, if anyone wants to see exactly what the Double S learned tonight, you're more than welcome to Come Get Some!

2004-04-08, 04:22 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: OP2005 couldnt take it. But then again I felt insulted about that cowardly attack by him. Op2005...if your listening to this oh highlander of hell...you shall pay for your attack on me after the match. You brought this thing to yourself once you snapped.....on MAYHEM(OOC: or any show that maybe me and him can fight?) I shall show you the meaning of 'internal hemorage'. You will dare not to oppose me next time OP2005...cause you will know the bitter consequences. I am D-Extreme and I will...DESTROY THE OPPOSITION!!!

The Darkened Room....

OP is looking at one of the monitors

[i]OP2005 couldnt take it. But then again I felt insulted about that cowardly attack by him. Op2005...if your listening to this oh highlander of hell...you shall pay for your attack on me after the match. You brought this thing to yourself once you snapped.....on MAYHEM I shall show you the meaning of 'internal hemorage'. You will dare not to oppose me next time OP2005...cause you will know the bitter consequences. I am D-Extreme and I will...DESTROY THE OPPOSITION!!![/B]

OP smiles

OP2005: You want to know something D-Extreme. I don't care what you're feelings are about me. You're doing all this high and mighty $hit, "I am D-Extreme and I will SHUTTUP".... week in week out we listen to you whine and whine and whine well its time The Highlander From Hell did something about it. If you think you've felt pain.... its nothing compared to what I can do to you. You may have made me bleed.... but there are worse things I can do than make you bleed.

Understand This. OP2005 accepts your little match proposal... if they can book it. Even if they can't i'll fight you anywere.... it don't have to be in a ring... I can destroy you anytime. Why? Cause I am Thy Worst Nightmare!

2004-04-09, 12:52 AM
D-Ex: Then take this pop quiz for a while OP2005...the last time we met one on one. Let me ask you...who was standing and who was down on the mat? Thats right...YOU are the one down. So the next time we meet..remember that. Cause your petty threats are nothing. You see this scar on my back *points to the bleeding back part of his head*...you DIDNT make that tonight. What you did make is my anger. Anger that will spew the vile venom of violence when we meet. Anger that will be injected to your system and tear you limb from limb when we meet. So if you think you can destroy me Highlander from hell.....you just failed. You just failed tonight in proving that. Cause I'm still standing......bloodied head and all. So bring in the pain...cause I like it if you havent known that just yet...*laughs*...then that is just too bad.

2004-04-09, 02:16 AM
Viewfind, you and the Gimp People Association did something that you shall regret for the remainder of your pathetic lives.

You've gotten the Bomber angry. No one who does that lives.

You've been a thorn in the ass of the AWF for a long time. It's about time someone got around to removing it.

2004-04-09, 02:36 AM
Bombshell, Just Bring It!

2004-04-09, 02:39 AM
Bombshell, your all talk. The GPA is on the War Path and they ain't a dang thing you can do about it. Go home, put the strap-on on and make a losuy attempt at trying to please that 'female' you got going for yo punk ass.


2004-04-09, 03:16 AM

Bombers you stupid douche.

If it's true what you said I'd be dead. Well looks like I am still alive chuckles.

So why don't you shut up before I prove to you.

I am Big Daddy Ravage bitch.

2004-04-09, 03:30 AM
I just realized this, that Auros can not in under any condition win a fair fight. Well, first of all of course, this 9 or 8 man battle royal was not fair, of course it wasn't. But thats not the case here is it now?

The case is simple. With the 24/7 rule now in place or not, I have become a contendor to that belt. I waited long enough and won over some of the stars. Its time to me to move up, and claim my rightful place among the AWF. Too long have I been inactive in the hunt, and so with Auros winning it The hunt has began. And this hunt, I shall take a great deal of pleasure from. Handling your broken and worthless body to the wolves while I take the thing that is rightingfully mine, the AWF title.

I will have it Auros, yes I will. Watch your back for the Hunt is on!

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2004-04-09, 04:46 AM
OOC: Awesome show! http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/icons/icon14.gif

2004-04-09, 05:02 AM
Divebomb: Wow. Such an intelligent conversation. And here I was thinking that you were one of the few Canadians that have actually managed to not make an ass of themselves in the entertainment community. Dude, you're the next Bill Shatner. As a matter of fact, I heard that "Enterprise" is looking for big dumb idiots to play the red shirt types. Well, by being a part of the GPA, you obviously have a history of taking it in the back, so I'd suggest you head over there and show them what you got.

Tempest: Ah, look. It's that Tempest guy. You know, I heard he had actually done something important here in the company. Now what was it? Hmm...what was it? Oh, yeah. Didn't you use to be the Lord Of The Mat? Well, looks to me like you're Lord Of The Bitches now. I'd say "Oh, how the mighty have fallen", but then again you'd have to have had some shred of "might" to begin with.

Ravage: That's funny coming from you. Especially here, of all places. Cause I seem to recall that it was exactly one year ago that I wiped the mat with your sorry ass. Then the custodian guys had to come clean and fumigate it cause of all the s*it stains that it had. I hear they had to burn it after cause they couldn't get your brown nugget remains out of it.

Long story short, you already tried to prove it to me...and you f*cked it up bad. So may I suggest that you and the rest of your gang bang buddes prepare for some pain, cause in the coming days, you're going to screaming in pain instead of screaming from sticking your d*cks in each other asses.

OOC: DAMN! :eek: I didn't think I could write such good stuff.

2004-04-09, 08:00 AM
OP2005: Dex, that was then this is now. You say you like pain.... good... cause so do I. More than you. You don't know what pain is, when flesh tears deep inside your own pitiful body that isn't pain, when your writhing in anger that isn't pain. Pain is put simply, a meeting with Hell's Highlander, OP2005.

2004-04-09, 09:00 AM
D-Ex: That was then and this is now eh OP2005? Lets see who will say that once I put you back into your place yet again. Cause you cant prove anything OP2005...not then..not now..not ever. You'll just be remembered as a part of this **** tag team that clashed due to their egos. And as much as I hate the later, I'll just help myself beat the hell outta you when we meet. Face it, pain is what I feed off my energy to dish out pain. You? Well if its Hell you want, hell you shall recieve...in an XTREME fashion.

2004-04-09, 09:09 AM
OP2005: Yeah maybe so.... and all you'll be remembered for is just a stupid kid from the old nTo.
Maybe this won't prove anything... maybe I'll lose the match... but in the end I will still be victorius!

Xtreme Fashion? Heh? Seems like a poor style that won't hit the market.

2004-04-09, 10:33 AM
Bombers. you just don't know when to shut up do you?

I mean now you've got me pissed off but also the GPA. Lets face it man your nothing but a bitch and sooner or later that will be proven to you.

Yeah you beat me once by a lucky fluke but thats ok because sometime I will beat you over and over and over again.

Vin Ghostal
2004-04-09, 02:13 PM
OOC: I know firsthand how much work it takes to put together a show of this magnitude. Absolutely spectacular job. Now then...

*We find Vin Ghostal sitting in his locker room. His gold vest is gone. His gold pants and elbow pads, lying on the chair next to him, are spattered with blood, and he wears only boxer briefs above the bags of ice wrapped on both knees. Staring solemnly past the camera, he pulls his wet, curly hair back out of his face.*

Keith Kincaid, from off-camera: How are you feeling right now?

V.3.: Terrible. I bruised my tailbone pretty badly on that powerbomb through the table. They tell me I might have a concussion from that last DDT. My knee's in bad shape, and my neck is all swollen in the back.

K: How long do you expect to be out of action?

V: Not long. Two weeks should give my body the break it needs.

K: What hurts the most?

V: Not my tailbone, I'll tell you that much. Not my knee. Not my neck. Not my head. M...m.....my.....my heart.

K: Your heart?

V: We had something special. You've been around here long enough to know that, Keith.

K: Who is we?

V: Don't play dumb, Kincaid. You know just who I'm talking about. I don't give a damn about that punk Tempest. He's nothing to me. I'll deal with him in due time. Any other person in this federation. Hell, any other person in this world, my reaction would have been exactly the same, a beatdown. I'm...I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this, Keith. I'm in too much pain to think straight right now. I just feel so...I though this...this was something I would never, ever see.

*The camera rolls around to a TV in front of Ghostal with a paused image of Morpheus raising his hands in victory*

V: This hurts me in ways I can't even describe, Keith. I should not have lost to that man. There's something that hurts more, though. Much more.

*V.3. rewinds the tape and pauses it on Viewfind's evil grin just as he nails V.3. with the gold bat*

V: He and I were like brothers. Closer than brothers. I've spent more time on the road with him than anyone. Tonight, on one of the biggest nights of my life, he....he.....

*Tears begin to well up in Ghostal's eyes as he burns a stare into the TV. He averts his eyes, pulls his hair, and lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Leaping up from his chair despite the pain, he grabs the TV and heaves it across the room, shattering it! He then manhandles the cameraman and shatters the camera! He slumps against his locker and buries his head in his hands, whimpering to himself.

Outside, a figure lurks in the doorway. The masked man watches Ghostal's anguish and comes as close to smiling as he ever does.*

Morpheus: I told you...

2004-04-09, 02:15 PM
(OOC: Darn. But oh well. On to other things. Great PPV! I finally made the crowd say HOLY SH*T!)


*Xille is shown backstage, his elbow wrapped and his back against a wall*

Well guys, we did it. We made history tonight. And Auros, if I could, I would applaude you. You alone kept your word, and you should be damn proud of that. Hold onto that title and have one of the most extreme runs ever. I don't want a rematch. I'll let the other guys fight it out for that. Right now I have to focus on bigger, but not necessarily better, things.

The GPA. More specifically Ravage, but I'll get to him in a second. First, Bombshell. I know what you're going through. And like I've said time and time again, anyone who is anti-GPA is cool with me. You've got some help if you ever want or need it. I'm sure Blood and Thunder would more than likely be happy to help out as well. So until we all get our shots at the GPA, keep giving them hell. I'll be right there beside you.

Next, Ghostal. I have no idea what's going through your mind right now. In fact, I have no idea what's going through my mind. Part of me wants to point and laugh and say "well, you deserved it", but the other part... the other part respects you too much and hates the GPA just enough to stop me from doing so. I know what it's like to be hurt by someone you trusted. So Ghostal, I know we may never see eye to eye, but you've got an ally. You can count on the X if you need him. Remember that.

Finally, Ravage. Heh... I am so God-forsaken sick of you. I have beaten EVERYTHING that has opposed me in my life. I have jumped EVERY hurdle, broken EVERY boundary, and beaten EVERY chance. In our last two OFFICAL encounters before Archivemania, I pinned you. TWO TIMES IN A ROW. But you didn't stop. You decided to attack me. Again. And again. So I decided to do something drastic. I lept from the freaking ARCHIVETRON onto your body! *Xille motions to the wrapped elbow that hit Ravage* You should have been DEAD!

But no, like a little freaking cancer, you decide to come back. But this time, you decide to hurt other people. So now my problem is causing other people harm. Well, that was just f***ing great. So now that you've decided to attack the entire AWF, I feel that it's time I put a stop to you. I don't care when it is, I don't care how it is. I don't care if I'm lying the hospital bed next to you. I will take you down, Ravage. I'm not going to become some enraged man bent on revenge, however. I'm still here to have fun, and I'm still here to kick some ass. Specifically yours. Remember that.

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-09, 02:46 PM
*The camera crew catches up to Amarant Odinson backstage in the locker room. Amarant is just sitting there, deep in thought as Lisa Loveless approches him for an interveiw.*

L.L: So much for being the "Best Damn Technical Wrestler in the AWF", eh Amarant?

A.O.: If you hold any value in that pitiful thing you call an existance, you'll stay out of my way.

L.L.: And why's that?

A.O.: Because you should know better than most what it feels like to piss off a rabid wolverine. *He pushes Lisa aside and speaks into the camera* Mat Man. You beat me. I won't deny that. You did what few men have ever done. You're the I.C. Champion now and you earned it. You and I stole the show.

But that doesn't mean that I'll forget. You proved me wrong once. But no one can do it twice. I'll be back Mat Man. I'll be coming for you and I'll be taking my I.C. Title back. And the next time we meet, I WILL BE READY.

*And with that, he pushes the cameraman down and walks out.*

OOC: Good job on the PPV and to whoever wrote my match, excellent build up throughout the match. The finish was good (even though I lost) but it made both guys look good and that's all I'm ever worried about.

2004-04-09, 04:37 PM

I'm sorry "V.3" i didn't mean to make you cry yo.
Someone get this little baby some pampers i think he is about to s*** his pants.

Sir Auros
2004-04-09, 04:42 PM
Now all I need ees for someone weeth talent two trie two take my tittle...

I weel hold onto thees as long as I can tho...

2004-04-09, 08:58 PM
You know every so often I feel the urge to rap come on so here I go.

Xille, you act tough and speak big and bad
But you little bitch your days are had

Sure you got the better of me tonight
But you can't sleep at night from fright

Now you know the GPA is on the way
So mark that calender and start marking those days

Sooner or later your bitch ass and mine will be in that ring
And the only sound you will hear is ching

After that bell rings many times as I hangover your ass
One more time.

Bombers, don't think I forgot about you
Your smell and looks make me want to spew

Sure you beat me once I give you that
But next time, you will be the one laying flat

And onto your girl Arcee, she's like a 7/11 and a merry go round rolled into one!
Open 24-7 and not that much fun!

But she must be your type
Dumb with a big yellow stripe

So now that I pissed you boy do something about it
Falls count right here, steel cage or whatever, just get in that ring and I'll make sure you feel the sting.

Now I know the rest of the AWF is probably freaking
Since now the GPA is no longer sneaking

So everyone polish up those boots and crack those knuckles
Because all you mofo's are going to be saying uncle

I've said it before and I'll say it again, GPA in the house
We are the cats the AWF the mouse

So all you bitches get ready to bring the pain
And get ready so begins the reign of the G P A!


2004-04-09, 09:39 PM
The Game sits back stage, getting stiched up once more. A replay shows of his match with Sean O'Con. The Game actually grimaces at some of the more painful moments. Suddenly a voice is heard...

I always knew you were still the one...the one who could free me...the one I fear...the one I hate...

The Game pulls himself up and walks to his door. Looking around he doesn't see anyone there so he walks into the hall just in time to see Morpheus turning the corner.

Game: What in the blue hell did that freak want? Oh well, who cares, he beat Vin Ghostal...and the Game has no problems with anyone that shuts Vinnie Casper up for a night. The Game walks back to his locker room and passes Sean O'Con, the two give each other a respectful nod, but speak no words.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-04-09, 10:17 PM
Originally posted by Strafe
Oh Skywarp, poor poor Skywarp. I give you credit for your little gambit at the beginning. However, in the end, I was willing to push things just a little further, fight just a little longer and desire victory just a little bit more than you.

Just cos you got that damn mickey mouse, wooden spoon, piece of crap title round your waist you thing you're the mutts nuts huh. Lemme tell you something, you ain't all that, you're nuthin and when the dust is settled, StoneCold's still gonna be kickin' ass when you're in the retirement home for piss-ant, flash-in-the-pan, moment of glory, has-been wrestlers.

2004-04-10, 01:24 AM
Originally posted by DrEvil
OP2005: Yeah maybe so.... and all you'll be remembered for is just a stupid kid from the old nTo.
Maybe this won't prove anything... maybe I'll lose the match... but in the end I will still be victorius!

Xtreme Fashion? Heh? Seems like a poor style that won't hit the market.

D-Ex: Only that OP2005? Did you forget I am one of the FIRST men to be in the falls count right here match? Did you forget I BEAT the 3 former time AWF Champ Blaster in a hockey on a pole match? DId you forget that I was the first TV Champ here? Hell you forget a lot of things.......hence why you will fade out unlike me. Face it, like some people here you cant top those list of accomplishments I have.

So before you say anything Op2005...dont hate...JUST ENVY!

Xille..I hope you got those get well soon cards I gave ya. Man tough break man. You can make a come back kid...you always do. I believe in you man.

2004-04-10, 02:56 AM
You know what Auros, you can ignore me as long as you like, but I am getting the title one way or another. You my friend have a big bounty on your head, abnd I will be the one to collect on it. Let the management grant this reequest, and I shall remeber thier good name.

Of course, getting a fair match is never your style of play is it? Well good, name your type and you place. I shall be waiting for what is mine. Oh and book anything you would like Auros, cause CloudStrifer and play at any field you like, and still kick your butt.

Believe The Hype, Fear His Wrath!

OOC: May have no siad this before , but awsome match and writting styles! If I could, I would get you all coffees. Props!

OOC: Auros if you want, I could do this angle with you, if not, just say the word and I will go looking elsewhere. No Pressure.:)

2004-04-10, 03:16 AM
Ohhh ... Poor Ghostal ... you been crying like a little baby. Remember how I told you to stay outta my way and stop calling me a damn punk ,well you got yours back in the end didn't ya?

Don't be messing around the GPA, fool.

2004-04-10, 09:15 AM
OP2005: Yeah you've had one great career. Too bad it'll end soon enough. I don't care what you've done or who you've faced... or what you've even faced in...
You say i'll fade out.. truth is I might. It's just a good thing I don't believe in truth!

2004-04-10, 06:52 PM
Bombshell, you talk a big game, but when you say that you are going to remove the GPA from the AWF all that comes to mind is all the people and factions that have said that in the past.

The GPA is the longest running faction in the AWF for one reason. You can't take us down. We have out lasted Pulp Faction, the Foundation, hell the GPA has been united longer than D-Next. So what in the blue hell makes you think, or anyone think for that matter, that you are gonna be the savior....the one.....the person that will finally get the job done. Think about this for a minute, with all the talent that we have outlasted and all the talent that has stepped up to take us out, what chance do you have. Your a crying little baby that lost a match and now thinks hes got what it takes to beat all of us. You lost to one member of the GPA and you still think you can take out all five. You must be sniffing those markers again boy.

You say I'm like the next Bill Shatner and you say I'm just another canadian thats made an ass out of himself in the entertainment industry. Well I just got to ask you a few questions. Why should I waist my time with you? Do you have a title that I want? Actually do you have a title period? No, you don't but you see I do. Make an ass out of myself....mabye, doing better than you....most definately.

So call me names, talk trash, hell you could even come here and sing church songs for all I care, but you still aint got what it takes to remove the GPA from the AWF. But have fun trying.

We are the GPA and we have got a reputation for cheating to win and attacking in groups. Well if you hated it before thats just too bad. The AWF is our playground and its finally time that we cleared out the trash, so get ready. The war is just beginning.

2004-04-11, 12:28 AM
Damn it... I am getting so sick of being rapped at. I swear, if someone comes up and battles one more time... I'll be forced to show you all up. And it's gonna be pretty.

But Ravage, you were right. I hate to admit it, but you were right. My "little bitch" days are over. Now it's time for my wise-crackin', stereo-blastin', hard headed, continually dreaded, tenacious teenage years, baby. And those are going to be even prettier.

And you're right, I do stay awake at night, and yes, part of it is from fear. I mean, I'm one guy. One very small guy. But week in and week out, I do my damndest to piss off five other men? Who the hell do I think I am? These guys could kill me! So, you're right, Ravage, deep down, there is a part of me that knows the GPA could end my career this coming Mayhem... or the next Mayhem... or the next PPV... but it isn't going to stop me. Fear or no fear, I will continue to fight you all. Not only because I believe it is right, but because I need to show everyone out there that there is at least one person in the world who will stand against you, no matter the odds. I don't care if it's a five on one slaughter. Just my standing against you sends a message to the back. They might call me an idiot, but they'll call me a brave idiot. There are some of us that might be afraid of what you can do, but we shouldn't let it stop us from fighting.

But fear isn't the only thing keeping me awake at night, Ravage. Frustration is there, too. Divebomb made the comment that the GPA has outlasted every "hero" that has made a stand against it. What does that say for me? Am I really better than everyone else that has stood against the cancer known simply as the "GPA"? I would love to think so, but I have this sinking feeling that I'm kidding myself. I hate you GPA bastards more than anyone else right now, and I'm starting to be unsure of whether or not I can stop you. Do I just accept it?

No. Hell no.

I don't accept anything. I'm the X, damn it. I might not be able to go toe to toe with you strength-wise, but I've got it where it counts. I'm crazy brave, after all. I lept off of the freaking Archivetron just to inflict some pain in a GPA member. That manuever not only cost me my title, but it's cost me partial use of my elbow.

But that's not going to stop me.

Fear, frustration, injury... I have to accept those as part of the load that I bear as an enemy of the GPA. But they won't slow me down, I promise you that. Elbow or no elbow, the X has quite a lot to give to this fed and quite a lot of time left here, and you can bet that a few ass kickings from the GPA aren't going to slow him down. Especially when, overall, he's tied with them, two to two.

Remember that.

2004-04-11, 01:06 AM
Hey X, Divebomb may have made that comment, but Divebomb would have been wrong. Just like he's always wrong. He's Proffessor of Wrong at Wrong university. Hell, he's chairman of the International Comittee of Wrong.

Yes, that's right. The Double S outlasted the GPA. The Double S spent his days taking names and kicking arse. Then what? Then the GPA did a runner to Warzone at the roster split, that's what? And why? Because the Double S is the high flying, ass kicking, butt whipping, Sixshooting, most exciting superstar in the AWF. And the GPA are not ready for that. Got it? Good.

So any time YOU fancy getting a degree in Wrong, Divebomb's the man to see.

2004-04-11, 02:32 AM
Six there you go again making an @ss out of your self and xille get your quotes straight. I said the GPA has out lasted every faction and outlasted every attempt to get rid of us.

Now six if I'm not mistaken you took a crack at taking us down but it didn't work now did it. For the most exciting superstar in the AWF you really don't have that much brains.

Put it this way jackasses. The GPA is here to stay and for all you morons that are trying to take us out, you don't stand a chance.

Everyone and they moms have tried to declarfe war on us and its about time that the GPA turns the tables. This is a war and we will not lose.

2004-04-11, 12:30 PM
Wrong again, Captain Wrong.

The Double S had a crack at beating the tar out of any GPA fool who got up his nose. And what happened the last time the Double S crossed paths with the GPA? That's right. Mark another tick in the win column for the Welsh Wonder. That's the way it is, that's the way it always will be.

(OOC: Interesting fact. During the time I was feuding with the GPA, I only had two singles matches against you guys - A loss to Viewfind and a win against the Ghostal.)

Vin Ghostal
2004-04-11, 09:46 PM
OOC: Not that I was ever in the GPA, but...

Xille, check your PM's, sucka.

2004-04-11, 10:35 PM
Originally posted by Vin Ghostal
OOC: Not that I was ever in the GPA, but...

Xille, check your PM's, sucka.

OOC: I know, but they wuz yer bitches for a while, so I counted you. :)

2004-04-11, 10:36 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
OOC: I know, but they wuz yer bitches for a while, so I counted you. :)


2004-04-14, 12:05 AM
OOC: Man, I stop with the hyper smack talking and everyone slows down. ;) :p And what the hell was that with "Axer"?

IC: Six, thank you for the backup. You've shown time and time again that you've got my back, and I appreciate it. Good luck in the title hunt. The X is rooting for you.

Divebomb, I don't care how I quote something, I said what I said and I meant it. Frankly, I'm sick of the GPA and all the stress it's caused me and the rest of this fed, and now I'm planning on doing something about it. Was that simple enough for you? No? How about this: bite me. I think that gets my point across.

The X is going against you, Db, and it doesn't matter if he does it alone or with the rest of the fed. He will perservere. Remember that.

2004-04-14, 01:22 AM
Good, no you are showing some spirit. Bring your best, that way it is more fun when the GPA gets to lay the beat down on you.

OOC: Oh and Axer was pissed off that day and wanted to make an ass out of himself. Just so you guys know he only posted that to see what kind of response he would get.

2004-04-14, 04:37 AM
IC: Yo yo yo ... Xille you been trying to take on the GPA since we booted yo ass when Ravage joined da ranks. We cost you, your first match in the AWF. And for some wird reason you ain't gonna let it go. Fool, let sleeping dogs lie. Forget about it dog, if you don't we a gonna kill you. You've cause enough trouble man.

That or you can tango with me? You mess with one of us you mess with all of us. GPA FOR LIFE SUCKA!!

OOC: Axer is just on some Crack. Don't worry, we have a special place to put him.

2004-04-15, 01:47 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
IC: Yo yo yo ... Xille you been trying to take on the GPA since we booted yo ass when Ravage joined da ranks. We cost you, your first match in the AWF. And for some wird reason you ain't gonna let it go. Fool, let sleeping dogs lie. Forget about it dog, if you don't we a gonna kill you. You've cause enough trouble man.

That or you can tango with me? You mess with one of us you mess with all of us. GPA FOR LIFE SUCKA!!

OOC: Axer is just on some Crack. Don't worry, we have a special place to put him.

Tempest... well... at least you didn't try to rap at me this time. The thing is, I'm not still on you guys because you cost me my first match. I'm past that. I'm going against the greatest faction in AWF history because I need to. I need to prove to myself that I can do this.

And Tempest, I'm not so good at tangoing. Break-dancing, on the other hand, I'm great at. I'd love to break you sometime.

2004-04-15, 03:28 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
OOC: Axer is just on some Crack. Don't worry, we have a special place to put him.

yeah, its called the "no longer able to view or post in the forum" list.

2004-04-15, 05:42 AM
Gotta love that list.

2004-11-04, 06:46 AM

2004-11-04, 11:11 AM
OOC: Ahhh that was a good card. Back then I still hadn't learned to spell properly on the board. Interesting.

I wonder what happened to Axer ...

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-11-19, 06:01 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
OOC: Ahhh that was a good card. Back then I still hadn't learned to spell properly on the board. Interesting.

Urge to make easy joke: rising.