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2004-04-26, 03:57 AM
Joey Voiceover: Archivemania…it is a place where legends are born…where scores are settled…where dreams are attained and shattered. But now…as the dust settles…as the smoke clears…all that remains will be the Fallout!

*The pyro ignites to bring the Pond in Anaheim to life as Mayhem returns to the airwaves!*

Joey Styles: We are live from the Pond in Anaheim, home of the Mighty Ducks!

Flec: Yeah…they certainly weren’t using it! HA HA!

Joey: Making a reference to the fact that the Ducks are NOT in the playoffs one year removed from their Stanley Cup Finals appearance will not adhere you to this Anaheim crowd!

Flec: So what…these sunbaked morons wouldn’t know talent if they saw it…most of them are fans of the Game!

Joey: Right…let’s get right to it here folks! First up we've got the Hardcore title on the line. Auros is going to defend the title he won at Archivemania III against the former champion Xille. Frankly, I have to give the edge to the champ. Xille's got heart, but he's outsized in this match. Hardcore rules suit Auros's brawling style far too well.

Flec: You're forgetting that Xille has been chewing through the big men in this fed since he's shown up. Still, it's an up hill battle. Rumor has it that the kid doesn't really want this match anyway.

Joey: What are you saying?

Flec: He's prepping himself to go after the GPA. Suicide, I know...

Bleed out all empathy
For this soul has no spirit
Left to hold on to
Lies I've lived in full

Xille's music hits, the spotlights shine upon the entrance way, but Xille's not to be seen.

Joey: What gives?

Flec: Maybe he grew a brain? Got me. All I know is that he's missing out on his time in the spotlight.

Eventually, the music and the crowd die down, and the sound of Oasis kicks in. The Hardcore champion Auros slowly walks form the backstage area, looking about, clearly concerned that his opponent isn't waiting for him in the ring.

Joey: Auros is doing the smart thing and being cautious. No knowing where Xille is hiding, or what he has planned.

Flec: Not that it would do him much good. El Chingador is one hell of a hot sauce drinking, taco eating machine.

Joey: That made little to no sense.

Flec: Thank you. Auros now at the top of the ramp, looking into the crowd in a search for his opponent.

As Auros begins to walk down the ramp, a dark figure appears at the top of the Archivetron.

Flec: What the...?

Suddenly, the figure leaps into the air. As it passes by the Archivetron, Auros's video provides enough illumination to reveal Xille holding a chair. Never expecting such a suicidal move, Auros glances about the arena, alerted by the crowd's gasp of shock. Auros continues to sweep is gaze about up to the point Xille collides with him. The sickening thump of metal on skin echoes about the arena for a split second before the crowd erupts in cheers, showing their approval of the daring move.

Joey: I can't believe it! Xille must have fallen 20-30 feet with that. Auros is a crumpled mess, and Xille's not much better.

Flec: I'm stunned. No one could have guessed that Xille had the cantaloupes to pull that off. Holy hell, is he trying to get a cover?

Joey: Yes he is Flec. But the ref's still in the ring, looking as flabbergasted as everyone else. Xille didn't have his own referee hiding nearby.

Flec: Rookie mistake. He'll learn, or die in the process.... That's an easy 5 count if only a ref was around. Now our ref is sprinting towards the ramp, but Auros has certainly had a chance to recover a little by now?

Joey: We'll have a chance to see. 1...2... NO! Shoulder did come up. Now Auros is rolling Xille over, and he's covering the challenger.

Flec: Another near two count. That fall clearly hurt Xille as well. Both men are just laying on the steel trying to catch their breath, and they've been down for about half a minute now.

Xille eventually rolls Auros off him, and manages to rise to a knee. Auros reaches out a hand and grabs the top of Xille's boot in a effort to pull himself up, but Xille weakly slaps the hand away and rises to his feet. Pulling Auros up, Xille applies a side headlock and firmly leads the champion backstage.

As the two gladiators enter the backstage area, they briefly move out of any camera angles. After a few seconds of an empty entrance rampway, the scene cuts to a backstage camera with Xille chopping away at Auros's chest.

Joey: About time we got a feed. It looks like Xille's really laying into Auros with those chops.

Flec: Poor Auros is propped against the wall, and he's just going to be forced to endure those shots. Still, with his build, it's possible that Xille's hand will give way before his chest does. A few more chops, but Auros does manage to break the flow of Xille's attack with the good old thumb to the eye. One of the staples in my moveset.

Joey: The choice of low lifes everywhere...

Flec: What was that?

Joey: Nothing you don't already know, trust me. Auros now with a high knee.

As Xille rocks back from the attack, Auros grabs him by the shoulder and throws him back against the wall. Xille groans in obvious pain as his head smacks against the wall, but he has no time to recover as Auros follows the attack with a splash and a Russian legsweep.

Flec: Auros has his second wind.

Joey: He didn't have much of a first one. The champion appears in control of the match here, and he's bouncing Xille off the walls, going further and further backstage.

Rounding a corner, Xille latches onto a fire extinguisher. Ripping out the pin, Xille aims the hose at Auros and fires.

Joey: Clearly a type A extinguisher. Too bad we can't see what's going on for all the white crap in the air.

Flec: Then shut up and listen.

As the announcers pause their ranting briefly, the unmistakable sound of steel against bone is heard, and Auros appears stumbling from the white fog. He collides with the cameraman, and the feed dies.

Flec: Dammit, we lost that camera. Stupid static.

Joey: Don't worry. Cameramen come a dime a dozen. I am worried about the camera though. Those things are expensive.

Flec: There we go, yet another foolish piece of cannon fodder, er... a brave cameraman.

Joey: Something we can agree on.

As the white cloud clears, Xille is seen standing triumphantly over Auros, the fire extinguisher held over head. As he begins to bring it down on Auros's head, Auros hits a desperate elbow to Xille's ribs. Caught off guard, Xille stumbles back, and Auros follows with more shots to the midsection. He eventually grabs Xille by the throat with both hands, lifts the smaller man off his feet, and slams him against a wall.

Flec: Amazing show of strength from the champion there. He has the potential to hold this title for a very long time. Still, he should be finishing off Xille instead of buying tacos from one of the vendors.

Joey: We're in Southern California. Lets face it, the guy can't get a decent taco at 90% of our venues. This is his chance!

Flec: You're beginning to sound a lot like me, Styles...

Joey: Umm, not really. Consider it a momentary lapse of good judgment. Who's that?

Flec: I think that's new guy Axer... He must be looking to snipe the HC belt!

Joey: Yeah, 24-7 rule, even during a match.

Axer charges from behind Auros and he connects with a hard shot across the champion's shoulders. His newly bought tacos fall to the concrete floor, and Auros stares at them dumbfounded, shocked that anyone would want to ruin three perfectly good tacos. Axer knocks him off his feet with a kick to the knee. Before Axer can continue the assault, Xille is back to his feet and looking pissed off.

Flec: Why would Xille look to help out Auros?

Joey: Because if Axer pins Auros, he'll have to deal with a fresher opponent to reclaim the belt, that's why.

Flec: Oh, must be that strategy thing I've heard about.

Joey: Something like that.

Xille runs up behind Axer, leaps and executes a tornado face buster. Axer's head collides with the concrete floor with a sickening thud, and blood splatters from underneath. Having regained his composure, Auros stares at Xille confused, but the young challenger orders him to stand on the food counter. Seeing the plan, Auros grins wickedly, and complies.

Flec: This is going to be great!

Joey: This is going to be painful! Xille hoisting Axer up to Auros, and now Auros is holding the newcomer by his feet.

Flec: Atomic piledriver! Atomic piledriver to the floor!

Looking at their handiwork, the two gladiators nod at each other, then Xille sprints off down a corridor with Auros in hot pursuit. Rounding a corner, Xille grabs an electronics cart he no doubt stashed for this occasion. As Auros comes about, Xille slams the cart into his legs, knocking the champ down. Xille follows with a bulldog, then he stands and scans the room for other weapons. Finally deciding on a copy machine, Xille kicks Auros in the head, an leads his opponent across the room. Finally at the copy machine, Xille lifts the cover, then slams Auros's face into the glass underneath. The glass holds, and Xille turns the machine on. Repeatedly, Xille slams the cover onto Auros's exposed head, all the while making copies of Auros's face. The camera zooms onto the copes, each showing Auros's face in a different grimace of pain.

Flec: That's hideous! Ugly!

Joey: He's getting his head crushed. I dare say even Arcee wouldn't look so great under those conditions.

Flec: Blasphemy!

Joey: Looks like Xille's satisfied. He throws Auros to the ground and he's going for a cover. 1..2.. Kick out yet again by the champ! Xille's frustrated, and he's milling about the room for another weapon. Auros is trying to pull himself up by the copy machine, but it's slow going.

Flec: Who the hell keeps a kendo stick in an office room? Oh well, I like their style. Xille with is new weapon is advancing on the champ, but Auros is nearly to his feet now.

In a desperation move, Auros rips the paper tray from the copier and hurls it at Xille. Paper flies about the room, and Xille's close proximity to Auros prevents him from getting his arms up to block the attack. The tray strikes him upside the head, dropping him to the floor. Down on his hands and knees, he feels about for the kendo stick, but Auros lifts him off the ground with a brutal kick to the chest. Xille lands in a heap next to the copy machine, still reaching around trying to find a weapon.

Joey: Auros is looking to end his. Xille's on his back dazed, and Auros is moving to the far side of the copy machine.

Putting his should to the machine, Auros tips it over onto Xille, pinning the challenger under it. Happy, Auros jumps onto the copier and instructs the ref to count. His arms and shoulders trapped under the combined weight of the copier and Auros, Xille can't do anything but watch the ref count the one, two, three. As Auros grabs his belt and runs to beat the fans to the taco stand, Xille has no choice but to wait for the AWF officials to lift the copier from his chest.

After the match, cameras shift backstage and find Keith Kincaid standing outside Vin Ghostal's locker room.

KK: "I'm outside the locker room of V.3. Vin Ghostal. I was hoping to get some comments about his ArchiveMania loss at the hands of Morpheus, as well as that shocking betrayal by the GPA that took place at the conclusion of that match. Unfortunately, Ghostal has not answered his door all night, and it looks like...grahhh!"

Out of nowhere, Divebomb, Tempest and P swoop into the frame and P nails Kincaid over the head with his Tag Team Championship belt! Tempest picks up the microphone from underneath Kincaid's prone carcass and grins, staring into the camera.

Tempest: "Enough of that punkass. This is GPA Mayhem, baby. Yo yo yo, lemme speak on this. It's time for an exclusive GPA interview with the biggest loser around, Vin Ghostal. Let's see what the trick's got to say."

Tempest pushes open the locker room door, and lights are off inside. Tempest flicks on the light switch, and the camera follows the three gangsters in and finds Vin Ghostal sitting in the corner of the room in street clothes, his hair dripping and hanging in front of his eyes. He is silent and motionless, looking distraught as he stares at the floor. The three GPA men surround the former World Heavyweight Champion and stand over him.

P: "W'sup, son? You still in shock?"

Divebomb: "He must be. Listen up, sucka. Yo, anybody home?"

Divebomb lifts his boot and shoves Ghostal a bit, but the usually talkative superstar remains motionless.

Divebomb: "Oh, we gettin' the silent treatment. Well let me tell you something, punk. We're playing by new rules around here now. When the GPA tells you to jump, your ass jumps. When the GPA tells you to pack the bowl, you ask how tight. And when the GPA says it's time for an interview, you better damn sure bet your ass is gonna start talking. Now tell me, and tell me now, what's it feel like to get embarassed in front of 160 countries at the biggest show of all time?"

Ghostal remains silent and motionless, not even training his eyes on his enemies.

P: "Doesn't look like he wantsta talk, gangsta. I say we punk his ass out and put him in the dumpster out back."

Tempest: "Not without Viewfind here. He wouldn't miss that sh*t. You lucky Homeslice ain't come with us, punk, or your ass be takin' a permanent vacay. So long, fool."

With that, Tempest spits in Ghostal's hair, and the three GPA men leave the locker room. The camera remains trained on Ghostal as he begins to sob and cry as he slumps to the floor.


AWF Tag Team Championship Match
The NWA (C) Vs. OP2005 and Brave Maximus

JFA: And we are now expecting the arrival of the Tag Champs, so they can start the match.

OP2005 and Brave Maxx are waiting in the ring, waiting for the champs.

JHA: Well this isn’t going to be pretty.
JFA: Well OP2005 and waiting in the ring, but at either side.
JHA: It looks as if they just want the match to be over and done with.

P.I.M.P. NWA Remix blasts the audience.

RA: Representing the GPA, they are the AWF Tag Team Champions ---- Divebomb and Prowl? The NWA!!

JHA: And here come the boys now! HAHAHA
JFA: I wonder were they stole that from.

Prowl? Has driven into the arena with a Low Rider, while Divebomb stands on the top and has a go at the audience.

JHA: They didn’t steal that, they just earn more then you and me. They might have put the money together to get that beast.

With that the Low Rider goes up and down while Divebomb struggles to stay on.

JFA: And I don’t think that was the best of ideas.
JHA: The NWA can do anything J, they are the Tag Champs and unstoppable.
JFA: Well that maybe the case, but OP2005 and Maxx, theirs something about them. They remind me of a pair of brothers. Brothers of destruction.
JHA: Well were going to find out because here come the champs.

Divebomb and P? slide in under the bottom and get to there feet with speed only to be clothes lined by OP2005 and Brave Maxx.

JFA: And what a show of power their. The NWA were almost beheaded there.
JHA: I don’t believe it. OP2005 and Brave Maxx are smiling in unison!!
JFA: Well this is eerie and the Big boys are picking the NWA up throwing them around like rag dolls.
JHA: Brave Maxx for the choke slam but Prowl? Got out of OP2005s reach and saved his team mate.
JFA: And both run away to the outside.
JHA: Hey they are just following the rules. The ref has to get either OP or Maxx on the outside to start the match.
JFA: The match has started!!

The ref forces Brave Maxx into the corner and tells him to get out, he complies but after the ref starts to count to ten.

JHA: And Prowl? is going to start this one off.
JFA: Here we go.
JHA: And Prowl? is measuring Brave Maxx up. He goes for the collar and tie. But Maxx is too powerful.
JFA: And with aggression Maxx shoves Prowl? into the ground.
JHA: Prowl? gets up and goes around the ring. He’s looking for an option. He’s heading over to OP.

While Prowl? is not looking OP tries to grab Prowl? from behind, but Prowl? moves out of the way while Divebomb jumps the ropes and runs into Brave Maxx, hurling him into OP.

JFA: And the NWA are up to no good tricks again.
JHA: Whadda ya mean? OP went after Prowl?, Divebomb was only looking out for his partner.
JFA: Yeah but Divebomb should get back to his corner and not help Prowl? drag Brave Max back to their corner.
JHA: Well if OP was doing the right thing then the Ref would be able to see but OP is arguing with the ref.

Prowl? goes over and jumps OP2005 and the ref tries to break them up. Meanwhile Divebomb hits Brave Maximus with The End, his own version of the Samoan Neck Breaker.

JFA: and the ref sees Divebomb on the top ropes, and he tells him to get down and out.
JHA: Well the damage has been done. Brave Maxx is getting to his feet but he’s feeling groggy.
JFA: And Prowl? goes for the block chop. He’s trying to keep the big man down.
JHA: That’s tactics for you. The NWA have this one in the bag. Prowl? tags in Divebomb, both of them pick Brave Maxx up and go for the Double Spine buster.
JFA: And OP2005 hasn’t seen any action yet in the ring.
JHA: But he’s itching for it.

Prowl? and Divebomb exchange a high five as Prowl? makes his way to the apron. But before he goes he gives a boot to the face of Brave Maxx as Divebomb distracts the referee.

JFA: And Brave Maxx has been busted open here.
JHA: Good boys, now finish the job. Another boot to the face by Divebomb.
JFA: He’s going up, here comes The Bomb! WAIT!!
JHA: Oh My God!!! Brave Maxx just sat up.
JFA: Can you fell that?

With that, the arena goes dark. Just then a lightning bolt comes down and hits Brave Maxx, and all of a sudden Brave Maxx is standing up, laughing at Divebomb.

JHA: Divebomb is frozen. He’s absolutely frozen. He can’t move. BAIL DIVEBOMB! BAIL!!
JFA: And OP2005 jumps into the ring and goes for Prowl? Wow, they were thinking the same thing but OP2005 got the Shining in before Prowl? could attack.
JHA: Divebomb is still frozen on that turnbuckle.
JFA: Brave Maxx is picking Divebomb up by the neck and throws him across the ring.

OP2005 puts Prowl? down with the GraveDigger, he heads outside. He’s looking under the ring.

JHA: What is that maniac doing? *goes quiet*
JFA: Now what is wrong with you?
JHA: OP2005 has a lighter, and the Barb Wire baseball bat.

With that OP2005 smiles again and sets the Bat alight. He goes into the ring with it looking for blood.

JFA: This could get nasty.
JHA: REF! Do something! Get it out of his hands.
JFA: OP2005 Attempts to hit the Ref with it but he jumps back with force.
JHA: Prowl? has gotten up using the ropes, he’s turning around to find OP2005 holding the burning Barbwire bat.
JFA: And that face says it all, pure terror.
JHA: Divebomb goes for a last ditch attempt attack on Brave Maxx, but OP2005 hits him with that damn barbwire bat. COME ON REF!!

With that the Ref rings the bell. And the Ring Announcer gets up and makes an announcement.

RA: The referee has just informed me that OP2005 has used an illegal weapon in this match, and that the team of OP2005 and Brave Maximus have been disqualified, meaning that the winners and still AWF Tag Team Champions, THE NWA!!

P.I.M.P. NWA Remix oozes out if the speakers.

JFA: And the boys from the NWA get off on a technicality.
JHA: TECHNICALITY?! OP2005 used a Burning Barbwire Baseball bat!!

*Backstage we see a still shaking Vin Ghostal…looking lost and distraught*

AWF Title: TC (c) vs. Viewfind

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
up in here, up in here

Joey: In the first of two main events, TC defending his title the first time after the match against Sixswitch at Archivemania, and immediately he's going against a tough opponent.

Flec: Damn right. Viewfind has been on a roll lately. First he defeated Bombshell and King and then claimed his place as the only true leader of the GPA!

Joey: I know I wasn't the only one surprised by Viewfind's actions at Archivemania, although no one was as surprised as Ghostal. And Viewfind seems to be quite satisfied with his actions that night, and with what happened earlier tonight.

Flec: And what would be a better way to rub it in on Ghostal than taking the one thing Ghostal wants, the AWF title.

Joey: But Viewfind, who is already in the ring, has one big obstacle, the AWF champion, TC.

As on cue, Worms of the Earth begins to play and the crowd gets on their feet waiting for the arrival of TC. Soon, the AWF champion appears on the top of the ramp and starts to make his way towards the ring. He is interrupted, however, as Viewfind slides out from the ring to meet TC on the ramp.

Joey: Viewfind isn't on a waiting mood and charges TC before he even gets to the ring. Exchanging blows, Viewfind with a knee to the midsection and whips TC against the security railing!

Flec: Viewfind has the very early advantage. He's dragging TC down the ramp beating him up along the way. Viewfind hits his head on the steel steps!!

Joey: Viewfind taking the advantage here, knowing full well that bell hasn't rung yet and there is nothing the referee can do! Viewfind bashes TC's head on the ring post, and proceeds to whip him again against the railing!

Flec: Finally he slides TC into the ring and the referee signals for the bell.

Joey: Viewfind with the cover! One, two, and TC got the shoulder up!

Flec: Viewfind did all he could to TC on the outside but it wasn't enough! But you have to ask in what condition is TC after the beating!

Viewfind picks TC up and after a couple of right hands he whips TC to the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Before TC can try to get up he grabs the leg and puts TC in a leg lock. He keeps the hold twisting TC's leg even more before TC manages to kick Viewfind off and break the hold. TC gets up but is immediately dropped back down with a clothesline by Viewfind. Viewfind goes to the ropes and hits an elbow drop on the prone TC. he goes for the cover but TC is able to kick out before the three count. Viewfind doesn't waste time and picks TC up. He whips to the ropes and hits a drop toe hold and follows quickly with a half crab.

Joey: Viewfind obviously trying to ground the high flier.

Viewfind: Very sound strategy by Viewfind here. TC relies mostly on his deadly kicks and high flying moves in his offense, and without the use of his legs, there isn't much he can do.

Joey: Even if Viewfind would be successful in taking those legs out, he would be wise to not underestimate the champion. TC has gone through a lot to regain the title and he will do anything to keep it.

Flec: TC struggles for the ropes and grabs them!

Joey: Viewfind doesn't release the hold however, referee is counting and Viewfind lets go just before the count of five. He was very close to get himself disqualified here.

Flec: Viewfind isn't stupid. He knows what he can do to inflict the maximum amount of pain to TC without getting dq'd..

Joey: Viewfind drags TC to the middle of the ring by his leg, and smashes the knee on the canvas! TC rolling around in pain and Viewfind is once again on the prey.

Flec: Grabs the legs, Boston crab maybe? No, he slingshots TC on the ropes and TC's throat went right against the top rope!

Viewfind spends a couple of seconds taunting the crowd before he turns his attention once again to TC. He tries to hit TC with the right hand but TC blocks it and whips Viewfind to the ropes. Viewfind is ready however and connects with a knee lift on his way back. Viewfind climbs to the second rope and hits a knee drop on the injured leg of TC. He cherishes the crowd's boos and cat calls for a while before once again turning his sights on TC. The moment's rest was all TC needed however, and as Viewfind picks him up, TC retaliates with a right hand, whips him to the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick. Viewfind gets quickly up but is met with a series of punches and kicks by TC.

Joey: TC forcing the challenger back but he doesn't seem to have as much power behind those kicks as he would like. Viewfind swings, TC ducks and hits a back drop.

Flec: Viewfind is down and TC is trying to get some feeling back to the left leg. Viewfind is getting up but TC is waiting for him.

Joey: Monkey flip by TC and a spinning leg drop! TC is grimacing with pain but he's sucking it up. He picks Viewfind up and throws him to the corner. Shoulder thrust by TC, another, a third, back flip and one shoulder thrust more. Viewfind is sitting in the corner in pain, TC backs up, and a low dropkick to the face of the challenger!

Flec: He's slightly limping with that left leg but he's still gaining the advantage. Viewfind trying to get up, charges to TC, TC ducks and drops Viewfind with a stiff side kick!

Joey: Rolling Thunder with an injured leg, it connects! Cover! One, two...

Flec: And Viewfind kicks out!

Joey: Viewfind slowly getting to his feet, TC is ready, northern lights suplex! That move put Sixswitch down!!

Flec: One, two, and Viewfind gets the shoulder up!!

Joey: Two times now TC was close to victory but Viewfind shows his resiliency.

Flec: TC is arguing with the referee, not apparently satisfied with the referee's call.

Joey: Not much you can do afterwards. Viewfind is up, and he clips TC's legs! For a few seconds TC's attention was somewhere else and that's all it took for Viewfind to get back to those legs.

Flec: Dropping his knee on the left knee of TC, and another leg lock!

Joey: TC again has to get to the ropes, and by the look on his face, the pain is unbearable. Inc by inch, TC drags himself forward, and grabs the ropes!

Viewfind is forced to release the hold but he gives a couple of stiff kicks to the knee of TC. TC tries to use the ropes to get himself up but Viewfind is immediately there and kicks TC's left leg from under him and drops the champion back to his back. Viewfind grabs TC by the hair and forces him back to his feet only to hit him with a scoop slam. Viewfind runs to the ropes and hits a running dropkick to the knee of TC who was struggling to get up. Viewfind picks TC up, kicks him to the stomach and lifts him up to his shoulders.

Joey: Viewfind is going for Philly Pimp Drop!

Flec: This is it, he's winning this!

Joey: No, TC landed on his feet, he goes to the ropes but his feet gave under!!

Flec: TC had the opportunity to get back to the match but his feet failed him. And now Viewfind is back in control. He throws TC to the corner, clothesline... TC ducked the clothesline attempt and Viewfind went facefirst against the top turnbuckle, TC is behind him, school boy roll up!!

Joey: One, two, and Viewfind got out! TC with a step over spinning heel kick and Viewfind is down! And TC is going to the top rope!

Flec: He's looking to finish this with the five star frog splash!

Joey: He's getting slowly up, his feet must still be in pain. He's there, but Viewfind is also up and he goes for the ropes.

Flec: TC loses balance and is straddling the turnbuckle now. That must hurt!

Joey: A couple of those and you're ready to join the boy choir. Viewfind grabs TC's head, what is he up to?

Flec: A DDT! DDT and TC was up on the top rope!

Joey: Viewfind drills TC's head on the canvas. This must be it. Cover! One, two...

Flec: No! TC got the shoulder up! How did he do it?!

Joey: I can't believe it, and neither can Viewfind. He's arguing with the referee while TC wisely rolls out from the ring.

TC lands on the floor trying to get his act together. Viewfind doesn't notice him as he is busy trying to get the referee to change his decision. He's pleads and threats are going to deaf ears as the referee stays adamant. Despite that Viewfind continues to plead his case, when suddenly:

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can’t be stopped

Joey: It's Ghostal! Vin Ghostal is here!

Flec: Obviously to get back to Viewfind for what has transpired between himself and the GPA!

Viewfind is in shock as Vin Ghostal makes his way to the ring pointing at Viewfind and threatening him with various ways of torture, physical and mental. The referee is leaning over the apron trying to tell Ghostal not to come into the ring. Vin Ghostal doesn't listen to him and jumps to the apron still looking at Viewfind who is backing down. The referee argues with Ghostal and finally seems to make him understand there is no way he's getting in the ring. He doesn't seem disappointed however as his look of anger turns into a small smirk.

Joey: The referee is busy with Ghostal, Viewfind is on his guard, but behind him, TC with a steel chair!!

Flec: Where'd he get that?!

Joey: From ringside apparently. Viewfind turns around, TC throws him the chair. Lifetime Enlightenment!! TC hits the Lifetime Enlightenment!!

Flec: And the referee didn't see a thing!!

Joey: TC throws the chair outside, removing the evidence. Ghostal backs away, apparently satisfied with what happened, but still showing himself to be quite distraught and nearly numb. TC climbs the top rope, Viewfind is still down!

Flec: Five star frog splash! And it connects!!

Joey: TC covers! One, two, three!! TC wins! TC retains the title!!

The referee hands TC the title and TC slides out from the ring. Limping he walks up the ramp, holding his title high above his head and taking in the cheers of the crowd.

After the match, the broadcast finds Xille walking through the backstage area. He comes to a locker room door with a placard that reads "V.3." He knocks on the door and heads inside. He hears the shower running around the corner and stops by the lockers.

Xille: "Hey, hey Ghostal. I saw what happened earlier with the GPA boys. I have no idea what's going through your mind right now. In fact, I have no idea what's going through my mind. Part of me wants to point and laugh and say "well, you deserved it", but the other part... the other part respects you too much and hates the GPA just enough to stop me from doing so. I know what it's like to be hurt by someone you trusted. So Ghostal, I know we may never see eye to eye, but you've got an ally. You can count on the X if you need him. Ghostal?"

Having not received a response, Xille inches closer to the shower, finally peering around the corner.

Xille: "Holy sh*t!"

The camera rushes around the corner and finds Xille standing over Ghostal, still dressed in street clothes, lying face-down on the floor of the shower as the water pours over him. An open bottle of pills is in his right hand, its contents spilled on the shower floor.

Xille: "Somebody call a doctor!"


When the broadcast returns to the air, we find a team of medics gathered around Ghostal, with Xille standing in the background. The medics strap Ghostal up and wheel him away, and Xille is left in the locker room, a concerned look on his face.

JFA: Well folks…we saw Vin Ghostal get involved in Viewfind’s match…and we’ve seen what has since happened, it is believed that Ghostal went straight from the match, to his locker room…and well you’ve seen what has transpired…no word on the condition of Vin Ghostal just yet…but Mr. Reilly is ordering us to push on and as such, we must do that…our thoughts though are with Vin Ghostal, whether you like him or not…no one deserves to go through the pain he is right now! Now then…we'll take a look at the main event at Archivemania III. There have been some rumours that the ending wasn't as clear as we thought.

JHA: I told you, TC's shoulders were also down.

JFA: So you have been telling me since then. We've received some e-mails also from the fans who attended the event who also think they saw something there. Sadly, we did not get a replay during the event but we will take a look at it now and see what actually happened.

The clip shows TC grabbing Sixswitch by the waist, ready for the northern lights suplex. As TC lifts Sixswitch up, his ankle, which was injured earlier in the match, gives away and TC's grasp slips. As he slams Sixswitch down, his own shoulders also touch the canvas. The referee doesn't notice it, counts to three and signals that TC has won the match

JFA: There you have it folks. TC's shoulders were indeed down during the count. You've gotta wonder how will this affect both men.

JHA: It doesn't change a thing. The referee's word is final and if he announced TC as the winner, then TC is the winner. And besides, even if the ref had counted TC too, he would've retained the title.

JFA: Good point. The only change really is that TC didn't actually beat Sixswitch, the match should've been a draw. But the result is official. The only place this will make a change is inside TC's and Sixswitch's heads.

JHA: There is so little there to begin with that even a fly could make a change there.

JFA: Time will only tell how this will affect TC and Sixswitch. They fought a hard match and even though it didn't end like they thought, the end result is final. Now then let’s take you backstage to Morpheus with RJI!

RJI: Morpheus. You and Strafe will match up tonight for the TV title. At Redemption, you had a match against him for the #1 contendership for that same title, and Strafe won. What do you think will happen now?

Morpheus: Happen? Nothing that hasn't happened before. He will fight, I will maim, someone will possibly bleed. What will this do to me?! I want to release my pain but it will only take me further away. Strafe can not take it, he would break. And I would be lost.

RJI: Also, there have been rumours that you are not satisfied with the outcome of your match against Ghostal at Archivemania.

Morpheus: Yes. I wanted to make him like me. I wanted to show everyone... he was just like me.Then, the GPA attacked him. Abandoned him. Made him an outcast.

RJI: And?

Morpheus: He's hated by his peers. Dumped by his friends. Alone. After the match, he became excatly like me! And for some reason, that gives me no joy. At first, I was satisfied. I thought everything went well. But now, I am still empty. Ghostal is now a monster, and it did nothing to me! It didn't help with my redemption! It didn't get me any nearer!

RJI: Your redemption? What do you mean?

Morpheus: He's still out there, alone, injured. I have too much pain inside me to help him! Like this, I can do nothing!

...but I have a plan...

*The camera fades to black and a commercial break takes over*

AWF Intercontinental Championship match: The Mat Man[c] v. Cloudstrifer

JFA: Well the next match is looking to be a promising one as we get to see the new Intercontinental champion NMat takes on the resident viking warrior Cloudstrifer.
JHA: Damn there gos the ratings again.
JFA: Well see, he might put on a good show.
JHA: When does he ever put on a good show.
JFA: Mabye its his time. Anyways lets go down to the announcer for tonights match up.

JRA: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Intercontinental Championship.

Just then Motorheads "Built for Speed" begins to blare over the PA system and Cloudstrifer walks through the curtians.

JRA: Introducing first, the challenger. Hailing from Norway. The viking warrior, CLOUDSTRIFER.

The fans begin to boo as Cloud walks down the aisle and steps into the ring. Just as he steps through the ropes the music changes

and AC/DC's "Back in Black" starts as the fans jump to their feet and erupt in cheer for the new IC champion.

JRA: Introducing next, the new AWF Intercontinental Champion hailing from Fresno, California....nmathew...THE MAT MAN.

NMat walks through the curtians looking very pleased with himself as he shows the fans his title then continues to the ring.

JFA: The fans on their feet here as NMat makes his way to the ring.

NMat climbs into the ring takes off his belt and hoists it high above his head as the fans continue to cheer before handing it to the ref.

JHA: Come on lets get this match started already
JFA: It almost sounds as if you want to see this match.
JHA: Well the faster it get started the faster it ends and then mabye we will get to see one of the homies from the GPA
JFA: Oh shut up. They aren't even out here and you are already kissing up.
JHA: I would never do such a thing.
JFA: Lets get back to the action.

The ref signals for the bell and the match gets underway as Cloud and NMat size each other up. They lock up in the center of the ring

and Cloud forces NMat into the corner. The ref steps in and breaks the hold. Cloud takes a few steps back as NMat slowly gets out of

the corner.

JFA: Cloud showing some strength as he forces NMat into the corner

They lock up again but this time NMat manages to whip Cloud into the ropes and delivers a hip toss. Cloud quickly back to his feet

only to be hit with another hip toss.

JFA: Two quick hip tosses delivered by NMat here.
JHA: Boring

Cloud gets back to his feet as NMat comes in with a series of punches that force Cloud into the corner. NMat whips Cloud into the

opposite corner then rushes across the ring going for a clothesline but at the last second Cloud counters with a boot to the face

followed by a clothesline of his own the sends NMat crashing hard to the mat. Cloud picks him back up and whips him into the ropes

and hits him with a back body drop followed by a leg drop.

JFA: Cloud in control here with that big leg drop on the champ.
JHA: Bah its just a leg drop

Cloud locks in a camel clutch as the champ begins to scream in pain.

JFA: Oh this is not good. NMat is just coming off a brutal submission match at Archivemania III and hes can't be at 100%.
JHA: Hurt him, show me the pain. Make him scream.
JFA: Are you kidding me hurt could get injured if he doesn't tap out.
JHA: Hell it might make it interesting.
JFA: You never cease to amaze me you know that.

NMat visibly in alot of pain as he makes his way to the bottom rope and grabs on. The ref tries to break the hold then begins to count.

At 4 Cloud releases the hold and picks NMat up and delivers a devastating piledriver. Cloud gets back to his feet and taunts the crowd

as they begin to chant Cloud Sucks before picks up NMat again and hits him with a huge powerbomb.

JFA: Cloud is in charge here and he seems to be signaling that its time to end it here
JHA: Bout time. I really don't care as long as someone ends this.
JFA: Oh come on, it hasn't been that bad.
JHA: Maybe not to you.

Cloud sets up in the corner and waits for NMat to get up. Nmat gets to his feet and turns as Cloudstrifer charges out of the corner

going for Odin's spear but at the last second NMat drops out of the way and Cloud crashes hard into the ring post. NMAt gets to his

feet visibly hurt as he tries to stretch out his back before heading over to Cloud. He gets to Cloud and grabs him around the waist and

delivers a release german suplex then locks in an ankle lock as Cloud tries to get to the ropes.

JFA: NMat with an ankle lock here on Cloud.
JHA: Yippee, more submissions. Didn't you get enough of those at Archivemania.
JFA: It is a very good move and seems to be doing the job very well against Cloud.
JHA: Yeah well its not fast enough for me.

Cloud yells in pain as he slowly gets to and grabs the ropes. NMat releases the hold and picks Cloud up a hits him with a snap

suplex. NMat gets up and signals to the crowd.

JFA: NMat signals that its time for Death's Kiss
JHA: Good lets see this

NMat walks over and picks up Cloud and whips him into the corner and follows in with a stiff clothesline. He then lifts Cloud onto the

tope ropes and slowly climbs the turnbuckle and sets up for the brainbuster. Just as he is about to lift Cloud, Cloud counters the

move and throws NMat of the ropes, positions himself and then jumps off the top turnbuckle going for a flying elbow drop.

JFA: Cloud going for a flying elbow drop.
JHA: Oh NMat just rolled out of the way. Hahahaha, Cloud should have thought that through a little better.
JFA: He barely missed.
JHA: Mabye but he still missed.

NMat quickly jumps to his feet and picks up Cloud and hits him with Death's Kiss as the fans go crazy.

JFA: Look at that, NMat jumped to his feet a delivered a deadly brain buster.
JHA: Damn I don't think I have ever seen him move that fast.
JFA: NMat going for the cover. 1....2...3 and its over NMat has retained his title.
JHA: Finally its over.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of this bout.....and STILL THE AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…The Mat Man…


The ref hands NMat his title and raises his arm in victory as NMat holds the title high as the fans continue to cheer.

JFA: Well he migh not have been at 100% but he still managed to find a way to win even though Cloud gave him a good beating
JHA: Cloud did better than I thought he would
JFA: Did better than you thought he would, he almost won.

NMat makes his way into the back as Cloud slowly crawls out of the ring…just then…

The Archivetron cuts away to a new feed. Slowly the words

This is a Public Service Announcement from your Intercontinental Champion

scrolls across the screen, huge white letters on a black background.

JHA: What the hell is this?

JFA: Got me, it's not scheduled.

The Archivetron shows The Mat Man, nmat, sitting on a couch, one arm still tightly bandaged

The Mat Man: Greetings So Cal! I can't tell you how much I enjoy being back here. The weather's great, the women are better. I just don't miss the traffic very much.

With the final line, the crowd stops its cheering and chuckles knowingly.

MM: Still, that's not what I'm here for. I'm sure all my loyal fans bought Archivemania III, and cheered along with the thousands in attendance when I brought home this guy.

With his good arm, The Mat Man lifts the IC title, holding it up to the camera.

MM: But that wasn't the greatest prize, oh no. I crushed the former champ. He tapped to me, and now I get to call myself the undisputed greatest technical wrestler in the AWF today. Perhaps the world, or the even universe.

JHA: Oh, it's true!

JFA: Frankly, I think he's getting ahead of himself. It's true he beat Amarant fair and square, but it wasn't as lopsided as he says. If Amarant knew he only had a few more seconds left in the match, he may not have tapped that final time.

JHA: So?

JFA: So the match would have ended in a draw, and Amarant would still be holding that title. I have little doubt that The Mat Man and Amarant still have a few things to settle.

MM: Through all this, I just wanted to thank all of you people. It's my fans, my supporting cast, who made this possible. Lets face it, the victories I win are victories you experience vicariously through me. By being my fans, you too have a chance to know what greatness is.

JFA: That doesn't sound like the Mat Man I know...

JHA: Give the guy a break! He had a rough match, and he's just gloating a bit. Everyone does it, even me.

JFA: Not the most comforting thought.

As the crowd mutters, confused, nmat continues.

MM: So, thank you all. It's your cheers that motivate and drive me to succeed. It's great to know that with every single win I get, I bring a little joy into your lives. I've got to take off and beat the traffic now. I've got a long drive ahead of me, because next week, Mayhem is being held for the first time in my home town of Fresno, CA! See you there!

JFA: Obviously that was taped prior to tonight’s show…but…but I don’t get where any of that is coming from!!!

*The California crowd is silent as Mayhem cuts to commercial*

As Mayhem returns“Drop the Bombshell” starts up as the crowd begins to boo. The Canadian big man appears at the top of the stage on his hog with Arcee sitting behind him. He drives down to ring side under the raining boos. He drives the bike around the ring once before he stops it and they both get off the bike and climb into the ring. Arcess yells at the fans to get them to shut up as Bombshell gets a mike.

JFA: We have been joined by Bombshell in the ring, he no doubt has something to say about the loss at Archivemania.
JHA: He didn’t lose! King did!
JFA: Either way you put it Bombshell didn’t win that match.
JHA: But he should of.

The Camera focuses in on Bombshell who now has a microphone.

Bombshell: Will you idiots shut up! I have something to say and when the Mad Bomber speak you idiots listen! Got it!?

The crowd boos louder in response to Bombshell’s words.

Bombshell: I said shut up! I have something to say! And anyone as smart as me and Arcee knows what it is! I never lost that match! I was screwed by seedy rules and bad officiating!

Arcee nods to her man as the crowd keeps booing.

JHA: See I am smart! Bombshell says so!
JFA: All a matter of opinion.
JHA: Your opinion doesn’t matter, cause you’re stupid. Bombshell even said so.
JFA: Ugh, where is Joey?

Bombshell: We all know that if it was elimination style I would have beat that loser Viewfind! Everyone in their right mind knows that I had that match won if it is one on one! So you know what I want a rematch and I am not leaving this ring until Veiwfind gets out here so I can prove that I am BETTER!

The odd boo can be heard as the Camera switches between Bombshell and the Entrance way.

JFA: Well Bombshell has made it very apparent he doesn’t intend to leave unless he gets Viewfind who does have a match tonight.
JHA: Bombshell has every right! He never lost that match!

Bombshell: Come on Viewfind I know you’re back the....

Bombshell is cut off by the dimming lights as the countdown timer starts up.
JHA: Oh no it isn’t...
JFA: I think it is!



JHA: Didn’t King kill him!?





The pyros explode and he starting to Default’s slow me hits as Blaster Stands at the top of the stage with his back turned and arms in the crucifix position. He spins around to the cheers of the crowd as he starts walking down the ramp way.

Y3B: I think I stand for everyone in this building, everyone watching at home, everyone reading a transcript and for your evolved monkey Arcee over there when I say: Will you be please SHUT! THE HELL! UP!

Y3B keeps walking towards the ring and steps up it slowly a knee brace on his right knee as he climbs into the ring.

Y3B: You lost the match deal with it. You didn’t deserve to win. You never deserve to win. Now hit the bricks junior it’s time for King of the World to address his court and you ain’t nothing but an un-funny jester that no one cares about. And I bet we all know what pair of clown shoes I’m gonna talk about. That’s right King. Attacks from behind on my knee.

Bombshell: Hey this is my time!

Blaster turns and looks at Bombshell

Y3B: Someone cut the feed to Sparky’s mike? Thanks! Anyways where was I! Oh yeah talking how when I get my hands on King I intend to take him and like I did at the Rumble... And I am going to beat him. Not only am I going to beat him. I am going to put him on the shelf like he did me.

Bombshell obviously irate behind Blaster yelling at him and then calling to Arcee who throws a pair of Brass knucks into the ring. Bombshell puts them on and then moves behind Blaster tapping him on the shoulder. He turns but ducks the punch and grabs Bombshell’s legs flipping him up so he’s on his back.

JFA: UhOh! That attack may have back fired on Bombshell! Blaster is turning it into the Walls of Blaster! He has it!
JHA: This isn’t cool! What is that little punk doing back anyways!
JFA: Bombshell is tapping but there is nothing to tape to! Wait Arcee with a Chair! Right over Blaster’s head! That jezebel!
JHA: She was protecting her man! Plus he called her a Monkey.

After Bombshell gets up he and Arcee begin to stomp on Blaster before Bombshell picks Blaster up and delivers an Atom Bomb then he picks up the mike.

Bombshell: After that stunt you little puke before you face anyone else you’re gonna face me and I guarentee I’ll be the last person you ever face! I’ll prove to everyone once and for all I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

Bombshell throws the mike down on Blasters head as his music hits and him and Arcee quickly leave the ring as Blaster slowly starts to regain consciousness.


HBK Sean O'Con v Zarak

Joey: And we are back to find Zarak already in the ring…what an opportunity for Zarak out here alone to face one of the best…the Heart Brend Kid, Sean O’Con!

Flec: This should take all of about 2 minutes…

Superstar by Saliva begins to play to a surprisingly warmer than normal response from the crowd for HBK.

Joey: Listen to this…actual cheers for HBK as he slides into the ring, fresh of his war with the Game…and dare I say the rift between the two may be mended?

Flec: Only if you want me to punch you out!

Joey: Right…match underway here now…and HBK showing some bumps and cuts and bruises still from his match with the Game, starts with a lock up, duck under go behind and a reverse take down puts Zarak down on the mat. Now with a hammerlock HBK controlling the right arm…pulling him up with it only to send him back down with a dragon screw arm whip.

Flec: Why doesn’t he just HDD him and be done with it, we both know Zarak can’t run with HBK.

Joey: I would never rule an athlete the caliber of Zarak out!

Flec: So many things wrong with that statement…so little time!

Joey: Ha ha…back to the match, HBK sending Zarak into the ropes, and bouncing himself off them…going for that running HDD here…and Zarak blocks! Zarak grasping HBK with a german release suplex and HBK rolls to the outside!


Joey: Zarak moving to the outside, punch blocked by HBK who dropkicks Zarak in the knee. HBK, now shoving Zarak back into the ring…and climbing to the top elbow drop! Right into the heart of Zarak…cover…1…2…and kickout by Zarak. HBK pulling Zarak back up…slightly frustrated…now hoisting Zarak up and Stun Gun…Zarak flopping backwards, HBK clutching him into a reverse ddt. Cover again…and another near fall.

Flec: Who told Zarak to compete here?

Joey: Zarak being drug back up to his feet, brain buster attempt by HBK…blocked by Zarak, again…again the block and a quick reversal into a ddt by Zarak and both men are down! Referee putting the count on…Zarak crawling back to his feet…5…6…7…and HBK still down…and HBK with the kip up! Going for the Heart Brend Kick…ducked under by Zarak who goes for a roll up…1…2…3! HE DID IT!

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: Zarak did it! He pulled out a victory with a roll up and HBK can’t believe it!


Joey: Zarak just scored a pinfall over the most decorated superstar in the AWF. HBK back to his feet looking hard at Zarak…and…extending his hand!

Flec: Oh…I feel ill!

Joey: The two men in the ring shaking hands now…as HBK hoists Zarak’s hand high in the ring…and folks amazing display of sportsmanship here…and we’ll be right back!


*Returns from commercial backstage*

Ravage walks past HBK

Ravage: Nice match loser…

HBK: Excuse me?

Ravage: I think you heard me there…loser.

HBK: *Looks around* Listen junior, I don’t know who you are talking to…cause the only person I see in here that fits that description is your sorry ass, mate!

Ravage: Really? Funny…cause I’m looking at a guy who got his ass handed to him by the Game…and just got punked out by Zarak…and doesn’t seem to mind all that much that he ain’t got it anymore.

HBK: Really? You think I haven’t got it anymore? Well, here’s what we’ll do you braindead wanker…Fallout…you, big dummy Rav and me, the Brendinio Heat, The living legend, the Heart Brend Kid…we’ll go one and on and I’ll show you just how much I’ve lost.

Ravage: You’re on…

*HBK turns to walk away…only to get blindsided by Ravage and Tempest*

JFA: What the hell? Where did Tempest come from?

JHA: Who cares? Where did HE come from?

*Suddenly Stone Cold Skywarp appears on the scene punching away at Tempest…the two fight their way off camera leaving Ravage alone with HBK. Moving quickly, Rav drops HBK on the concrete with a massive power bomb.

Ravage: See you at Fallout…LOSER!

*Elsewhere, Lisa Lovelace is with Auros*

Lisa Lovelace: I'm here with AWF Hardcore Champion, Auros...Auros, impressive victory at Archivemania, but do you have any remorseful feelings over what you did to Cyberstrike, especially given that it appears you have ended his career with a serious back and neck injury?

Auros: Chica, I didn't end hees career. That pendejo ended hees own career way befour our match. Hee wuz a perdedor on hees way down...I just maid shure hee'd stay down.

Lisa: I see...well Auros, how does it feel to finally come out and win a huge match such as the first ever Hardcore TLC match you were a part of?

Auros: Oh main, duz eet feel good. Espeshally seens my last shot I wuz cheeted out of buy esa culero Bombshell.

*Suddenly D-Extreme walks in*

D-Extreme: Cheated? You half wit! You want to talk about CHEATED, you screwed me!

Auros: No maricon, I screwed your madre

D-Ex: Where did you learn to speak you ignorant wretch? Listen taco juan...and listen good. I want a title shot against you at Fallout...and let's try making it a hardcore ladder match...just to make it really EXTREME!

Auros: Pshh! I'll take on a looser como you aynyday [expletive deleted] and I'll beet you like I beet my women. Hard and teel you're bloody.

D-Extreme: Then I'll see your (CENSORED) ass at Fallout!

Auros: No maricon, you'll see YOUR chigado ass at Fallout...throo your teeth!

Lisa: There you have it…Auros v D-Extreme at Fallout in a Hardcore Ladder match! Guys, back to you!

TV Title: Strafe v Morpheus

JRA: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Television Title!

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata starts as the arena darkens Morpheus appears at the top of the stage from the back and slowly starts to walk down the ramp way.

JHA: Every time I see this guy he scares the crap out of me. I think he’s gonna run over here and kill us!
JFA: You’re scared of little kids on halloween.
JHA: I was traumatized dammit! The little bastard had a real knife!
JFA: It was rubber you sissy

Morpheus climbs into the ring in all his demented grace and starts to walk around the ring as he waits for the champion.

JRA: And the Champion from Chicago Illinois! Strafe!

Korn’s Here to stay starts and the TV Champion walks out hugging the TV title close to his chest as he walks down to the ring staring a hole in Morpheus.

JFA: Now if we want to talk about Scary, how Strafe has been acting recently is definitely moving in on crazy.
JHA: No he just realizes what it takes to retain a title in this business, sometimes it takes more than what you your self can give.

Strafe slides into the ring as the two men stare eachother down and as the referee goes to get the title from Strafe he lunges at Morpheus title in hand trying to take his head off but Morpheus ducks and than shoves Strafe into the turnbuckle causing him to drop the title. The referee signals for the bell and Morpheus is quickly back onto the attack delivering an avalanche in the corner on Strafe. Strafe falls to a sitting position and Morpheus begins laying boots into the chest of Strafe who was obviously not ready for this. He pulls Strafe up and than picks him up carrying him to the center of the ring delivering an body slam dropping the TV champ on the mat followed by a falling elbow to the chest. Morpheus gets back up again and this time throws Strafe into the ropes and goes for a clothes line but Strafe ducks and bounces off the ropes on the other side but is met by the bottom of Morphues’ boot.

JFA: Morpheus really taking it too Strafe here. He’s just laying punches into the side of his head now.
JHA: The damn psycho

Morpheus hits a DDT near the corner on Strafe and quickly goes for the cover but only gets a two count but he doesn’t relent he quickly goes to the top rope and jumps off going for an elbow drop but Strafe with what energy he has rolls out of the ring and on to the floor belowm quickly going under the ring.
JFA: Where did he go? He is truly afraid of Morpheus.
JHA: He’s regrouping!
JFA: Well in any case Morpheus has collected himself in the ring and he is down there too now. He is under the apron he has Strafe and...He just fell back... Morpheus is busted open!
JHA: The power of the punch!
JFA: No the power of a large monkey wrench! Strafe is going at Morpheus with the monkey wrench! The referee is calling for the bell but I don’t think Strafe is going to stop. Morpheus is bleeding and I doubt he is awake! Strafe throwing him back into the ring and moving around and grabbing a chair.
JHA: Survival of the fittest!
JFA: Survival of the sickest I’d say. Strafe laying into Morpheus with the chair now. Shots across the back.

The bell is continuously rung as Strafe continues to lay into Morpheus.

JFA: This is disgusting. Someone needs to stop this. We have countless referees out here and they are all being warded off by the chair Strafe has.
JHA: Oh no what’s he doing here!
JFA: I get my wish! here comes the Game! He’s into the ring! Strafe misses with the chair! GAME OVER! Strafe just got hit by the Game Over onto that Wrench! Strafe is out cold!
JHA: Damn the Game! No one wanted him out here!
JFA: The Game helping Morpheus up now and... What the hell! Kick to the stomach on the Game by Morpheus! Anesthesis onto the steel chair!! What the hell is going on here!?
JHA: I told you he was a psycho and he just took out your pretty boy The Game!
JFA: That makes no sense! Morpheus continuing his assault here…SOMEONE GET OUT HERE AND STOP THIS! Folks we are out of time…we’ll see you next week from Fresno! SO LONG!

Sir Auros
2004-04-26, 04:16 AM
OOC - Damn do Xille and I kick ass...

IC - Oh main, eet's gonna be fun keeping theese title from joo loosers. I'll keep doin' eet tho and seens eet's the hardcore title, I'll hafta beet joo all hardcore weeth maximum pain.

2004-04-26, 04:30 AM
*Camera enters the locker room where Strafe is holding several bandages and ice packs together against his body*

Strafe - "Ha ha ha! Oh "The Game" thought he was doing the right thing? He was going to be the hero, and come down to the ring, bathe in the support of his fans, while vanquisihing the villain. Oh how it pains me to do this, but it's time to burst the bubble that the Game has around him."

*Strafe hits the play button on a nearby VCR/TV set which shows the Game getting attacked by Morpheus after he tried to help him. Strafe sets the VCR to play the scene over and over again and heads back to his chair*

Strafe - "Now how is that for irony? The man you tried to help, ends up hurting you the most! Now do you understand why I do things the way I do? I used to be like you. I tried to do the "Right thing". But I found out the hard way that the "right thing" isn't always the best thing. That's a lesson you should learn soon Erik. That's why I'm heading towards the top, while you are beginning your long, slow descent to mediocrity. First StoneCold, and now you. It's a shame you old-timers fall so easily..."

Sir Auros
2004-04-26, 04:33 AM
Main Strafe, joor a reel ******. Joo talk like a [expletive deleted], are you a [expletive deleted]?

2004-04-26, 06:52 AM
Yo Yo Yo.

Ghostal has finally been laid to rest. Bout time to that lazy boy.

With that, the GPA has claimed war on Mayhem, wait let me say that again, the GPA's Mayhem. We're incontrol now and we're running the damn show. You mess with one of use you mess with all of use.

Now onto the more serious matter.

Skywarp, you got involved in something that you shouldn't of, you got involved with the GPA, even more important, you got involved with me.

Why'd you go and have to try and stop me? Your nothing but a has-been in this federation. Hell you might be a legend, but I'm the damn Lengendary Killa, sucka. I got yo number and I'm coming for you boy. You can't stop me cause I'm that damn good, and you've passed yout time.


2004-04-26, 07:40 AM
D-Ex: You have cheated me of my destiny....just like the others Auros, you will pay! You will suffer XTREMELY for the sole fact that you hold that AWF Hardcore title. On fallout, you will fall down to me. Cause I am The Xtreme...D-Extreme!!!

OOC: Cool Mayhem dudes. Good to see its back.

Lord Zarak
2004-04-26, 09:47 AM
HBK, thank you for the match, and thank you for your hand. Shame some people, like Ravage, don't have respect for their fellow competitors.

The Monkey Bar is open to you anytime you want to bring a party round.

Oh, if Ravage plays dirty, I've got your back.

2004-04-26, 03:10 PM
IC: I thought HBK was the party...

Yes, it's me folks. Just here to let you all know that (much as some of you might wish I were) I am not dead. But the surgery on my knee won't allow me to be back in the ring until late May or early June. Until then, Yours truly will just be hanging around at the Monkey Bar. If anybody wants to come visit, make sure you bring tangerines, apples, grapes, nectarines or apricots. Mmmm.... fruit salad...

2004-04-26, 04:15 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
OOC - Damn do Xille and I kick ass...

OOC: Damn straight we do.

Originally posted by a dumbass
Ghostal has finally been laid to rest. Bout time to that lazy boy.

Damn you, Tempest. DAMN YOU AND YOUR MONKEY ASS STRAIGHT TO HELL! You have absolutely no right to talk about another human being that way, let alone one like V.3. You know what? Forget hell, because you're already damned. You chose to mess with a rattlesnake. May the good lord help your soul. SCSW, if you don't mind, give him an extra kick or two for me. That would be appreciated.

HBK, sorry I can't keep my problems in check, but maybe you'll be able to do something that I was never able to do: Shut Ravage the hell up. But Zarak, there was a little bit of irony in your comment:

if Ravage plays dirty

Now, I think everyone knows that the GPA uses a different dictionary than everyone else. "Dirty" to them implies the use of a gat, a knife, or maybe a car. "Clean" involves the use of everything else. So, to you and me, you can rest assured that Ravage will play dirty. Be ready. I don't know if HBK will necessarily need any help, but I think we should be ready to give it in any case.

Auros, you truly are a deserving champion. Anyone who can survive what I tried to do to you is a tough man in my book. Congrats. Just watch out for the swarm of other competitors that're going to be on your ass soon.

D-Ex... I softened him up a bit for ya, ok? Just watch that you don't hurt his tacos... he gets pissed and starts dropping office equipment on people. Copiers are heavy.

'Fang, bro, get better quickly, baby. I need Blood and Thunder here to keep the NWA in check. I'll be sure to stop by the bar and see you, though.

Now, onto the most serious event of the night... Ghostal. Viewfind, he gave you exactly what you deserved... but what he gave himself... he didn't deserve that. I don't care if you people like him or not, Ghostal is a legend in this business, and damn it, he did not deserve the treatment he received from you GPA bushes. I have yet to get the phonecall about his condition, but rest assured, with Ghostal here or not, I am going to hunt some GPA ass for this. I've said it time and time again: I fight the good fight, and I do my best to overcome every obstacle. You, Viewfind... you drove him to this. Now, I don't know when Ghostal is going to get his piece of you or not, but know this: I plan on fighting the good fight against your ghetto ass in his name until he returns. Remember that.

2004-04-26, 10:22 PM
Awww did "V.3" fall down in the bath tub? you getting old yo
maybe its time for da Nursing Home?

Well son just like the Flyers took out da Punk ass NJ Devils im'a do the samething only this time yo ass isn't going to be back next year.

Yo GPA........HOLLA!!

2004-04-26, 11:33 PM
Yo, Xille, shut up before I pick you up by yo neck and throw your small punk ass into a ditch. I'd kill you but I got better thins to do.

V.3 ain't no former perosm he's done things to others that are going to be as worse as the treatment I give to SCSW. Why'd you care? He punked you out once as well? You just playing suck up to a former legend, well baby, I'm da Legendary Killa, the Human Bulldozer and part of the GPA. That gives me da right to hold some gold, but yo punk ass got it first.

2004-04-27, 01:16 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
Yo, Xille, shut up before I pick you up by yo neck and throw your small punk ass into a ditch. I'd kill you but I got better thins to do.

V.3 ain't no former perosm he's done things to others that are going to be as worse as the treatment I give to SCSW. Why'd you care? He punked you out once as well? You just playing suck up to a former legend, well baby, I'm da Legendary Killa, the Human Bulldozer and part of the GPA. That gives me da right to hold some gold, but yo punk ass got it first.

Tempest, I've taken on guys with ten times as much talent and charisma than you'll ever have. You don't impress me at all, "Dozer". That's a good nickname, anyway. You put me straight to sleep. You've seen what I've done to Ravage and Auros, right? Now, those guys are about four times as tough as you are, so what do you think your chances of walking away are?

Sure, V.3's done some bad stuff in the past, but people change, Tempest. I think I know that more than anyone. But you say I'm a suck up? It's called "respect". Do you know what that is, Tempest? It's kinda like what you give to Viewfind, but it doesn't require your asshole.

And now you're whining that I got some gold before you? That's because I'm the X, baby! I'm the opium of the masses! The mid card miracle! The red hot rookie! I am the future, baby! And I do believe you've had more chances at gold than I've had matches here in the AWF. What does that say about you, Tempest? I think it says that you have as much success with title matches as you do with women. Oh, and Ravage's momma doesn't count.

Don't mention Ghostal's name in a negative tone again, Tempest. You'll be sorry you did. Remember that.

2004-04-27, 01:34 AM
Respect ... RESPECT FOR V.3?! Why the heal does that has-been hack deserve, he deserves a boot in the stomach, be hit with a sack of doorknobs and buried alive in a coffin with loser all over it.

Hey thats a good idea.

*gets out phone and calls Divebomb*

T: Hey, Divebomb, I got an idea for Ghostal ... we kick da s*it outta him. Beat him up more with a sack of doorknobs then bury him alive in a coffin with loser all over it. You reckon? Excellent, see ya next Mayhem.

*Hangs up phone*

Anyway back to the small fry. So you believe in people changing eh? I was like you once. I stood up for the good in this palce. I was on fire, I could hold my head high ... and walk around with a care in the world. Then something happened ... no matter what I did the fans they didn't cheer me on, so I thought hell ... I could do better. I swotched to the GPA and boy oh boy I've made my mark. Sonner or later Xille, there gonna stop cheering you on ... you'll sink faster then you can swim. but you'll pop backup for air again. Just depends on whose side your on to determine if you'll stay afloat.

2004-04-27, 01:38 AM
D-Ex: Yeah I'll take note of that little buddy. Dont worry I've been hit with worse stuff than a copier...a frying pan. So Auros time for you to get a beatin. Cause its gonna be you in the end who will kabeso mi asno senoir!

And Tempest, you better watch who your calling a punk. Cause you dont dare diss my boy x cause your not messing with one guy but 2 instead. And you know what Tempest, he might be the man with a bigger future than you will have in your credentials. So dont be so hating the x man...just ENVY!

Xille..you know I got your back if the GPA got his back.

2004-04-27, 02:36 AM
*The camera comes on as we see Divebomb sitting on a couch in the GPA locker room*

DB: "Well folks, Welcome to another installment of GPA Mayhem. I am here in the GPA locker room with a few beautiful ladies and an ice cold beer and figured I should tell the world what I thought of what transpired today during Mayhem."

(takes a drink of his beer)

DB: "It all started off nice as the GPA once again took control of the camera and went to get an interview with the man that people like to feel sorry for, Vin Ghostal. Things were going great and he was trying to act tough, but by The End he couldn't handle it and he started crying. Again people started to feel sorry for him."

Girls: "Thats so sad."

DB: "Yeah, sure. Then we thought we had left all that behind us and The NWA went down to the ring on the lowrider and were all prepared for a good old fashioned tag match but those two fools, OP2005 and Brave Maxx, decided to try and be big men and resorted to using a flaming barb-wire bat. They lost and we kept the titles. Too bad for them."

Girls: "Yeah thats too bad."

DB: "After all that we got to Viewfind v. TC for the world title. The match was going good and it looked like Viewfind was on his way to another title reign but you know, Ghostal decided to show his face and well you saw what happened. Everyone thought Ghostal had gotten a little revenge and he would start to feel better. Well guess what? Hell no. Buddy couldn't handle the pressure and he went and did something stupid. So you wanna know what my thoughts are on tonights events?"

Girls: "Yeah, tell them."

DB: "Well some people call me a cheater. Some people call me evil. Hell some people even call me a jackass and thats why my thoughts of tonights events shouldn't surprise people in the slightest. OP2005 and Brave Maxx, you done messed up now. You attacked me with a flaming barb-wire bat. What do you think I thought about that? You will get whats coming to you in due time."

Girls: "What about Ghostal?"

(takes another drink)

DB: "Now for Ghostal. What can I say? He might not have seen the turning on him coming, but he should have known that it was going to happen one day. So he should have been at least a little prepared. But what he apparently did at Mayhem. Well thats another matter. You see in The End some people just react better to heartbreak better than others. Now am I sad to see it happen this way, yeah. But am I going to shead any tears or lose any sleep over it, No. We've split ways with Ghostal and on the biggest stage the AWF has to offer. What better way to kick off the war on the AWF. But I guess Ghostal just couldn't hack it. Too bad for him. Oh well, time to get back to my women. See you later."

*The camera turns off as we see Divebomb take another drink then continue talking to the women*

2004-04-27, 03:48 AM
You know something all you jobbers that are not in the GPA need to understand and get through those hard heads of yours.

I don't care what any of you think.

HBK, sure you were a great wrestler you had talent, but now you're in that same boat as Ghostal. You're a dinosaur ready to die off.

You had that killer instinct, the heart of a hero and a champion. But look in your eyes. It's not there anymore. The fire is all gone and you are nothing.

Come Fallout I will break you and toss the ashes aside. So get ready, I am mad, I am angry and I am out for blood all in the name of the GPA.

And Xille, Zarak and whoever else. I play dirty, I cheat to win, do I care? Hell no! I will do what I need to do to put the GPA and myself ahead.

If you don't like it well then step up. I am sure there are more than enough EMT's in the back to drive your useless corpses to the hospital afterwards.

So come one, come all, step up to the biggest man in the AWF. It's all one great GPA party, but be ready for an hangover you will never forget.

2004-04-27, 04:54 AM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: Yeah I'll take note of that little buddy. Dont worry I've been hit with worse stuff than a copier...a frying pan. So Auros time for you to get a beatin. Cause its gonna be you in the end who will kabeso mi asno senoir!

And Tempest, you better watch who your calling a punk. Cause you dont dare diss my boy x cause your not messing with one guy but 2 instead. And you know what Tempest, he might be the man with a bigger future than you will have in your credentials. So dont be so hating the x man...just ENVY!

Xille..you know I got your back if the GPA got his back.

HAHAHA ... That of a small man, Xille + that of a guy that hasn't got the brains or the muscles to back him up as man, D-Ex.

What does that equal? A joke of a tag team. You couldn't possibly stand up against me together together, let alone, I'll take one of you out and bring pain down yo punk ass.


2004-04-27, 11:15 AM
D-Ex: ...since when did you have the balls or brains to say were tagging now you oximoron?! Were friends...theres a difference, get that through your head Tempest. So when I get the hardcore title, I get to say in your face I have yet another AWF title so credible enough the only thing you won is that stinkin trophy from summer of 2003!

2004-04-27, 01:05 PM
HA! even if you were a Tag Team, I'd beat you is what I ment fool.

And that trophy will always be mine, it will aways have my name on it and I rightfully deserve it. That Hardcore belt ahs been passed around nearly as much times as yo momma.

2004-04-27, 03:48 PM
Well, Cloud is back after a long and deserving break from AWF. Back from Norway, the land of the Vikings.

Anyway, on to business. So Mat Man you eluided my grasp. You tought you could beat me and that was it? Oh no my friend, it is not over and it won't be for long. I defeated you as you defeated me, so now none of us have the edge on the other. It is the way I like it. The playing field is leveled and I can just imagine the belt on my waist. So you keep up polishing this belt, and soon I will come to take what is mine.

Its on, NMat, its on and there is no way you can stop it.

Believe The Hype, Fear the Pain!

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-27, 04:53 PM
Backstage, we see a very pised off Amarant Odinson pacing back and forth. As the cameraman walks in for the interview, the former I.C. champion turns and grab the camera so that his face is almost pressed up against it.

Since when does Cloudy the Viking get a title shot before me. I was the best Intercontinental Champion that this company has ever seen. I deserve a rematch. NO! wait, I DEMAND A REMATCH. It's my right as the former IC Champ to get a shot before any of these other peons have a chance to disgrace that title with thier grubby hands.

Mat Man, you and I both know that you won by the skin of your ass. I want my rematch for my I.C. title and don't care who I have to go through to get it. If I have to make every single one of these morons in the back tap out to me again, then so be it. But I will promise you this. I WILL GET WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!! I will get my I.C. Title and I will make you tap once and for all.

And once I get the Intercontinental title back around my waist, there will only be one thing left for me to do. That is the AWF World Heavyweight Title. It makes no difference to me who has it when come for it. The result will always be the same no matter who it is. The champ will walk in, I'll make him submit, take his title, he will go down as another statistic of punk and wannabes that I broke in half and I will become the greatest AWF World Champion of all time.

That is the future. That is reality. That is a fact. And that is the constant that will remain in the AWF as long as I am here. If anyone doesn't agree with me and my vision, then the challenge is always there for someone... for anyone to come down to my ring.... and PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-04-27, 05:42 PM
Oi Viewfind, muzzle yer bitch, or I'll do it for you. Gimp Protection Agency in control? Kid, you can't even control your bowels. Divebomb has a name for people like you.

Anyway. Onto more important matters. TC. You saw that video. You saw what happened. You saw that it wasn't clean. So the Double S wants a rematch. He's calling in the offer you made after Mania, and he's ready to put on another show stopper of a match. The Welsh Wonder's ready. Are you?

(OOC: Awesome show folks)

Silly Cow
2004-04-27, 07:20 PM
Should have been thankful, should have been grateful.

Too far, too gone. It really isn't his fault, this is my only chance.

2004-04-27, 07:57 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Some stuff... I'm not sure what. I kinda lost interest about halfway through and took a toilet break instead.

Dinosaur, huh? Interesting. Because, as far as I can remember - you've been here just as long as me. Both been here since the beginning. I look at the two of us, I see a few things.

On the "me" side, we've got the most decorated man in AWF history. And I don't call myself that just because it sounds fantastic. It's because, well, you know... fact.

You, on the other hand... you're... what? The guy who tapped out in the first War Games match? And... what else? I'm having trouble remembering.

And now you're hanging with the GPA. What's that about? Surround yourself with fools in the hope that it'll make you look better? Not really working for ya. You think you're D-12. Newsflash - you're Blazin' Squad.

We've both been around since the dawn, here, bud - I've evolved into the walking wonder; you've stagnated.

And hey, even if I am a dinosaur who's had his day - you're still a little rodent. And, you know, triceratops versus gerbil? Not really hard to predict a winner.

Come alone if you think you can cut it. Bring along Blazin' Squad if you don't. Bring whoever you want, whatever you got. Never be enough - the Heat is all-consuming, and you're gonna get burnt.

2004-04-27, 09:10 PM
Yeah you right yo, da GPA's stock is "Blazin" right to da top in the AWF.

And you, you just on yo way down if you keep running yo lips about the GPA!

You all can sing it, say it, but none of you can BRING IT!

2004-04-27, 09:37 PM
Originally posted by Viewfind
You all can sing it, say it, but none of you can BRING IT!

You know, Viewfind, I think my win/loss record with the GPA is pretty damn even... so I'm awfully sure that I've already brought it, dick. The question is: are you going to take it?

You know, you GPA hosses always seem to talk about how everyone "talks to much", but you seem to be doing the same amount of talking. You also talk about how no one "brings it", but then we don't play like the GPA. We often fight alone, not in a pack. When you GPA "bring it" you bring everyone. I think the NWA are the most credible two of you five, mainly because they can often back up their talk with a clean win. It seems to me that the last time I saw any of the rest of you in a fair fight, you lost.

But now all you're going to say is "I don't fight fair or alone? BOO-HOO." or "So what? I don't care what you think." Thus cementing yourself even further as an asshole.

Remember that.

2004-04-27, 09:43 PM
Another interesting factoid, the NO ONE CARES TRAIN is right on time to pick up passengers at the XILLE STATION!

2004-04-27, 10:00 PM
Or how about the little back-of-Xille's hand bi-plane, ready to make it's final descent on the side of Viewfind's face?

2004-04-28, 12:18 AM
You know Xille you talk about how DJ Caucasian Ghost vinny G himself doesn't deserve what da GPA done to him, but do you truly know him?

Do you know how yo new butt buddy got hooked up with da GPA in the first place?

Now if i was yo ass, i'd listen to blingzilla and just throw dat piece of trash away cuz you never know when his ego will just take over!

2004-04-28, 02:25 AM
D-Ex: Hey tempest! Dont be so rude and tell the whole world that YO MOMMA is a crack whore! Damn man, dont you say stuff about you weird and miserable life outside the ring. So its been high time I do a damn rap. I hope daddy-o-view is gonna be proud of his little boy tod......I mean...check this out everybody...:glance: ....

What the hell you been sayin man? all your talk is whack!
You say your a bulldozer, man your just not believable
Cause the only thing I see bulldozed is your big fat ass crack.
As far as the ladies are concerened I'm the sexual Brhama Bull
You cant even sweet talk them 5 cent hoes on the damn street
Hell man thats so dumb and incredible
Cause if I'm concerned they all flock to me like I'm an 'all you can eat'
But man I know you been on them strip clubs and then some
Hell but you can only last a minute in a one night stand
Hey I know your slogan is; every ugly ho welcome
Dawg I can even see you makin love to the singer at the mariachi band!...OK! OK!
Damn, sure looks like Tempest in smoking on coke
It seems like he aint gettin enough pleasure on the trophy
Stop trying to swallow all your words cause you gonna choke
If you cant take the damn pressure off boy...you can just BLOW ME!

OOC: .....:wall: thats for making a lousy rap attempt. If this is insulting then sorry Tempy, its just all IC ya know. Besides this rap is lame....I'll do a better one next time..if there will be any ;)

2004-04-28, 08:05 AM
IC: HAHAHAHAHA ... what you trying to make a fool of yourself again? WTF?! was that?! I can do better in my sleep .. hell I can do one better now.

I am better then D-Ex,
It's going to be like superman beating Lex.
Man yuor bad at rapping, you can't do this right,
You got no talent, go back to whacking off people in the night.

OOC: I gave it a 7/10. Not bad, not bad, just to let you know, I don't think I canrap either but ehhh.

2004-04-28, 08:09 PM
Originally posted by Viewfind
You know Xille you talk about how DJ Caucasian Ghost vinny G himself doesn't deserve what da GPA done to him, but do you truly know him?

Do you know how yo new butt buddy got hooked up with da GPA in the first place?

Now if i was yo ass, i'd listen to blingzilla and just throw dat piece of trash away cuz you never know when his ego will just take over!

And I'm sure you're proud of all the things you've done in life, Viewfind?

Yes, Ghostal has had a complicated past. But some people can change. They can repent. They can start anew. Your attack might just have expediated Ghostal's redemption. He might be reborn because of your selfish ways. His strength will return. I don't think you'll be on your high horse then. You will fall, Viewfind.

Remember that.

God Jinrai
2004-04-29, 12:32 AM
Xille... I suggest that for once.. you take viewfind's advice... Ghostal... is as bad as they get.

I know. He sent my former self into a state of near maddness for what atrocities he commited... And even now..he's still quite high on my personal hitlist... I suggest if you wish to retain your own neck... you stay out of MY way.

2004-04-29, 12:38 AM
Look who's come back to play. Well, I'm sorry Jinrai, but I'm not moving. My better judgement may be screaming at me to back down, but my gut... it's telling me to stay, and right now, I'm trusting my gut. I'm sorry that we don't see eye to eye on this, but if Ghostal is on your hitlist, I guess I am, too. But don't worry, I'll be sure to give you one hell of a fight should you choose to act on that fact.

Remember that.

2004-04-29, 05:15 AM
D-Ex: Man...and to think I wonder why they let you hook up with the GPA. You cant even put up a damn 4 liner rap to save your ass. You got lucky View saw your credentials as LOTM...if not then you might not be so cocky and all high and mighty like you are right now. Cause sooner or later boy its either me or someone from your jobber level putting you in your place!

And Xille...I dunno what to say about your affiliation with Ghostal. But as far as the word 'weasel' goes..hes in that category. I respect your judgement little buddy...but I'm tellin you be careful...be very careful man.

2004-04-29, 05:38 AM
The Mat Man, the very best technical wrestler in the AWF today feels the need to set a few things straight.

First, Cloud. Your win over me involved a non-American object in the ring. My win over you was pure ass whoopage.

Second, Amarant. Do you actually fear I would lose the belt to Cloud before I got to beat you again? Please kid, just settle down. Lets face it, I'm off on my way to being the best IC champ this company has ever seen. That rematch against you is a formality, pure and simple. So heal up while I bust though a few jobbers, and don't forget to take a few notes in the process.

God Jinrai
2004-04-30, 01:59 AM
...Xille... Jinrai... died that fateful night following the inferno match. The beast you're regrettably going to have to face now... is GRAND CONVOY.... Stay out of my way... and you've nothing to worry about.

Ah... and that reminds me... BOMBSHELL... You and I... will have words... But to the matters at hand... To my left I see the GPA... seemingly bursting with gold, and as cocky as ever. Once I'm through with Ghostal... Tempest, You're next. We'll see how the "Human Bulldozer" handles a physical beating that equates to the destructive power of an atomic bomb....

*smashes fist into open palm*

It's go time... so watch your back, ghostal. The one-time hunter... is now.. THE HUNTED.

2004-04-30, 02:12 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
...Xille... Jinrai... died that fateful night following the inferno match. The beast you're regrettably going to have to face now... is GRAND CONVOY.... Stay out of my way... and you've nothing to worry about.

*smashes fist into open palm*

It's go time... so watch your back, ghostal. The one-time hunter... is now.. THE HUNTED.

Look, Convoy, calm down... this is not the time to be upset at Ghostal... why not have your words with Bombshell first? Heh... I mean, he's the one who caused you to change, right? Right? Go pound him into the ground. That'd be fun. No one really likes him, anyway. You can vent, release all the anger, or do whatever else to him instead. Just... do it to him, not Ghostal.

You see, I told Ghostal that I've got his back, so if you're hunting him... you're hunting us. I can't go back on my word. Not now, not ever. So, like I said before, I'm not getting out of your way. I might need to have someone call the EMTs for me, too, but that's a big chance I'll have to take. I'm not backing down, no matter how worried I might be.

Remember that.

2004-04-30, 03:55 AM
*We see Ravage in a darken locker room.*

So HBK, the Showstopper the so called icon of the AWF.

You know, you might just be that. But it's not from hard work or little else.

You know what I am talking about don't you? And it hurts.

Your a no talent hack, you got where you are in this company by power plays and keeping the true talent want work horses in this company down. You kept us in the dark, all so you could try to prove who has the bigger manhood.

You made alliances, became friends with all the "big" players in the fed and never took the time of day to address those of us you considered to be the little people.

*Suddenly, the lights turn on. Ravage is in the GPA locker room the gold amassed by the faction around him*

But thats whats funny isn't it. I am no longer a little boy kept in the dark anymore.

Sure you might bitch that I sold out to the GPA. But you know what? I never did, the offered me a way out of the mediocrity created by so-called icons like yourself.

So don't worry HBK, Sean O Con or whatever your called today. At Fallout all you need to worry about is this one problem. I will run over you and I will take out the years of aggression and being held back in this fed all on you and on one night.

*Suddenly the lights go back out and all that can be heard is this*

Sleep well.

2004-04-30, 04:14 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
BOMBSHELL... You and I... will have words...

Yeah. You'll spout some incredibly boring religious sounding crap, followed by me telling you to f*ck off and sending you back to the hole you managed to crawl out of.

Do me and the rest of the world a favor, Jinrai, and save us the trouble.

Amarant Odinson
2004-04-30, 06:36 AM
First off Mat Man, the only thing that you're off to is one of the shortest title reigns in AWF history. You can keep lying to yourself and the rest of those loyal peons that you call "fans" out there about how you think that you're "the very best technical wrestler" But we all know that's a lie.

Secondly, I don't need to waste any time on healing up. I'm ready right now to take back what is rightfully mine. I understand that you're scared. You got lucky at Archivemania III. You know it. I know it and those retarded peons that you love so much know it. I know for a fact that you're doubting yourself. You're wondering about how long this little fantasy of yours of being the I.C. Champion is going to last. And once again, just like AMIII, the clock is ticking, it's winding down. But this time, it's going to you who will give up, you will be the one to submit, you will be the one that who won't be able to hold out. Not me.

So go ahead and beat up on the "vikings" and "bulldozers" and "tapedecks" all you damn well please. Because it makes no difference who I beat to get my I.C. title back. The result will always be the same. I will make them all tap out and show the world that I truly am the BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER in the history of the business. I am perfection and these ham and eggers will finally realize that no one on this earth can ever.... PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-04-30, 02:25 PM
What the ... who is this ... God ... God Jinrai? Who the hell are you ... some ... er ... I don't even want to know what you are.

All I know is that Warp has been hailing down on my parade and that I've got sort things out with him before the old legend gets outta hand. The Legendary Killa has got a date with the Has-Been.

2004-04-30, 03:00 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Yeah. You'll spout some incredibly boring religious sounding crap, followed by me telling you to f*ck off and sending you back to the hole you managed to crawl out of.

Do me and the rest of the world a favor, Jinrai, and save us the trouble.

Bombshell, are you feeling ok? In other words... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

This man... well, I'm not quite sure if that's the way to put it, but anyway... this thing shoved a freaking sword through his stomach, and not only did he apparently survive, he FREAKING CAME BACK! Reincarnated, reborn, retooled, refreshed, reset, re-whatever, he's back. Apparently that doesn't mean much to you, but to those of us with half of a brain, it means that he could be damn near unstoppable. And yes, that worries me a bit.

So go ahead, Bombshell. Tell him to "f*ck off". Then try to do it when they're attempting to piece your jaw back together.

2004-05-01, 02:06 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Oi Viewfind, muzzle yer bitch, or I'll do it for you. Gimp Protection Agency in control? Kid, you can't even control your bowels. Divebomb has a name for people like you.

Anyway. Onto more important matters. TC. You saw that video. You saw what happened. You saw that it wasn't clean. So the Double S wants a rematch. He's calling in the offer you made after Mania, and he's ready to put on another show stopper of a match. The Welsh Wonder's ready. Are you?

(OOC: Awesome show folks)

OOC: Little late with the response...finishing up this semester of school so i've had other things take preference

IC: As much as that tape doesn't matter in the end, because it will forever be known that I got the victory and kept the belt at Archivemania. But like I said then, you want a rematch, then Mr. PPV is ready to deliver. So once again, at Fallout...the main event will be The Welsh Wonder Sixswitch vs The Whole F*cking Show TC...and once again the winner will be me, yes it'll be me, it will be TC

God Jinrai
2004-05-01, 03:26 PM
Meh... I wanted to thank you, bombshell... forcing me to purge myself of the weakness that my former self held, you've helped to create comissioner reily's worst nightmare... ME.

Xille... you won't need to worry... yet... about me going after your..partner. I've just re-assesed my priorities.

2004-05-02, 04:23 AM
Ah, Mat Man, Mat Man when will you ever learn?

So you defeated me once, big deal. I defeated you twice, yes count that, twice. It doesn't matter if I used a weapon or no. All that matters in the end is that I beat you.

That belt will be mine. I have done some more training and have figured out some new moves. You just tasted some in this match NMat, and you will taste it some more. So here is the deal.

One on One for the belt. Me agianst You for the IC Belt. And learn my words well, for if you ever anger me, you will fear the wrath of Tyr's Bear [OOC: Camel Clutch]!

The Legend Has Been Awakened, Believe the Hype!

2004-05-03, 10:02 PM
ooc:nice mayhem, even though i lost... again.

IC: A message was proven. We may not have took the titles, but we proved one thing damnly. You Dare not mess with OP2005 or Brave Maxx, or it shall result in dire consequences.

2004-05-03, 10:25 PM
Listen OP. You didn't prove anything except that you couldn't get these titles off of us without resorting to cheating. Damn listen to me trying to get mad at someone for cheating. Oh well, I've got no argument that would be taken seriously so all I can say is you couldn't do it you never will.

2004-05-03, 10:29 PM
ooc: i'm beginning to agree with you lol


OP2005: Then it should never have been a normal match, especially when their occupiers aren't extremely... normal.

2004-05-05, 11:47 PM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
Xille... you won't need to worry... yet... about me going after your..partner. I've just re-assesed my priorities.

Sweet. I'll be ready when and if the time comes, Convoy.

You know, the X is getting sick of all of these people suddenly calling Ghostal a "weasel", calling him evil, and saying that he's done all of these horrible things... now that he's gone. You cowards all know that you can't stop him, so you wait for him to hurt himself before you let the insults fly. I didn't hear any of this coming out when he was up and swinging.

But now that I'm the only one around that still realizes how great he was and how great he will continue to be, you all feel fine about taking your cheap shots. You call him out, you criticise his past without mentioning the horrible things you've done, and you all sit back and laugh at his misfortune.

Well, now the X is telling you all to stop. I'm not here to defend the things he has done, his honor, or some other typical fairytale bull. I'm here to support a man who is sick and needs help. You all want to curse Vin Ghostal? You have to go through the X first. And you'll find that I'm still up and swinging.

Remember that.

[edit: ooc: Boo for finals. They slow down my promos. ;)]

2004-05-06, 06:08 AM
D-Ex: Well...ok then Xille whatever you say. But it seems you forgot something. Havent we mentioned he had an accidental lobotmy during 2002? Just want to let you know that. In other news, Auros the time is ticking and taco juan, I'm gonna make mince meat outta you at Fallout! So much that they will serve you up as taco fillings with extra salsa to the hobo sitting in the dumpster! I said it before and I'll say it again, you cannot stop my destiny Auros. My destiny is to destroy you and get what is rightfully mine...THE AWF HARDCORE TITLE! If it so much that I will pry it out of your cold and lifeless hands during the match then so be it. Prepare for punishment set to the XTREME!!!!

2004-05-06, 10:49 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: Well...ok then Xille whatever you say. But it seems you forgot something. Havent we mentioned he had an accidental lobotmy during 2002? Just want to let you know that.

Whatever. All I'm saying is, y'all need to step back before I start giving out some Lobotomies of my own.

Remember that.

Vin Ghostal
2004-05-08, 04:31 PM
Every single one of you naysayers can keep your mouths shut. The grand return of Vin Ghostal is coming. He may be young, but Xille is smart enough to see what all of you idiots can't, and what the GPA doesn't realize. The best place to be in this world is on the side of V.3. The GPA made the biggest collective mistake in the history of this federation when they turned their backs on me at ArchiveMania, and for that, every single one of them will suffer, starting with the NWA. When I was AWF Champion, having a belt meant something. These two clowns used to job weekly on Warzone...now they're Tag Team Champions? Give me a break. Come Fallout, Vin Ghostal is going to teach the two of you what it means to be a champion and what it means to be a pretender.

As for you, Xille. You're not my favorite person in the world. Not even close. I can't guarantee that one of these days I won't get the urge to beat a lesson into your skull. But at Fallout, none of that matters. Don't listen to Convoy. Don't listen to Morpheus. Don't listen to the GPA. They turned their backs on ME. I never turned my back on them. You ready to give them the beating they deserve, and maybe take those Tag Team Championships?

2004-05-08, 07:32 PM
Wow, the X has got quite the offer on his plate. The problem is, it also comes with a side of uncertainty. Does the X trust the man, the myth, the legend himself, Vin Ghostal?

Hell yes he does.

Well, he does for now, at least. The X will do almost anything to get a shot at the NWA, including a deal with the devil himself. Besides all my fellow eXiles have been dying to see gold around my waist again. That Hardcore title spoiled them all.

So, I get the NWA. You know what that means? I get Divebomb. Finally. I get to step into the ring with the man who put me in my place so many times when I first started out. The singles match I wanted for weeks but never got. This is going to be fun. The X can't wait.

Vinny G, I guess the answer to your question is "Yes, I would love to." And now my question is this: Did you really need to ask?

2004-05-08, 09:31 PM
What a dissappointment, the hardcore match between Auros and Xille . Neither of you took the match to its possible limits . I mean Xille you made a good entrance but what else did you do ? Both of you are a disgrace to the hardcore title. I am the real deal in the hardcore division and nobody can stop me!I will be the next hardcore champion, that is a promise!

2004-05-08, 09:41 PM
God damn boy. you are jumping around the different divisions like a Jack Rabbit. I mean seriously, pick one and stick with it.

First you say you and timmy are going to beat the NWA to be the next tag champs and now you say you are going to be the next Hardcore champ. You haven't even had a match. You know I just realised who you remind me of, Cyberstrike. You do nothing and just assume that you deserve a shot at gold. Next thing we know you are going to be going around challenging everyone to a barb-wire bat on a pole on top of a hell in a cell inferno match. How about you and timmy just worry about getting a match and actually winning it. Then mabye people will take you seriously. Till then piss off and quit thinking you are the best around.

You know what. I think G91 and O'Con should give these two the same kind of welcome that they gave me when I first started. But since they won't mabye the GPA will. After we are done with more important things.

2004-05-08, 09:55 PM

What i am trying to do is get a match since you and your partner P? are to scared to face Tommy and I in a match of your choice!!

I have been getting impatient waiting for you and your partner to accept a more than reasonable offer! You are cowards and you know it!!

2004-05-08, 10:18 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
You know what. I think G91 and O'Con should give these two the same kind of welcome that they gave me when I first started. But since they won't mabye the GPA will. After we are done with more important things.

Who knows...maybe O'Con and I can pull together a revival...I mean it has gotten old beating the hell out of each other for the past few months and we haven't punked anyone out for a while...

now then..the Game has just one question for Morpheus...what in the blue hell are you thinking?

2004-05-09, 12:27 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
now then..the Game has just one question for Morpheus...what in the blue hell are you thinking?
OOC: Morpheus thinks about what he's doing? News to me...