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2004-04-27, 10:38 PM
[Sorry but we wrote these before the new mayhem was put up so we could have something to pass the time with but even we ran into problems and were waiting on some things. But since we didn’t want to do all this work and let it go to waste we re-tooled a few things and I am posting it now. Sorry if this ticks off the admin but I could let it go to waste]

A highlights package rolls recapping the events from Archivemania and Mayhem. We see Viewind head hand the bat to Ghostal only to take it back and smash it into his head. Divebomb, P? and Tempest trying to interview Ghostal at mayhem. Ghostal interrupting the World title match between TC and Viewfind. Then it suts to Xille walking around the corner to find Ghostal on the shower floor with a bottle of pills.

The credits roll, the pyros hit and we are live from the Staples center in Los Angeles.

JFA: “Hello everybody and welcome to Warzone. We are coming to you live from the Staples center in Los Angeles.”
JHA: “Oh yeah. We got a great show lined up for you tonight.”
JFA: “Yes we do. We got a very exciting match when Xille takes on Amarant Odinson.”
JHA: “Yeah, yeah. We also get to see The NWA take on Compufire in a special challenge match.”
JFA: “Don’t forget, we also get to see two of the men at the front line of the recent events here in the AWF as Viewfind takes on Morpheus.”
JHA: “I was getting to that.”
JFA: “Yeah anyways lets get down to ring side for the opening match.”

Auros v. Bombshell

JFA – Coming off of an exciting Archivemania, we now bring two wrestlers that everyone loves to hate, Auros and Bombshell!
JHA – I don’t know who to root for! They’re both excellent examples of AWF wrestling!
JFA – Is there a foundation I can donate money to in order to find out what is wrong with you?

RA: Making his way from British Columbia, Bombshell!

Powerman’s music hits as the Canadian saunters his way down to the ring in preparation for Auros’ entrance.

JHA – Look at him! He’s pumped and ready for this!
JFA – And Auros’ music hits, and look at the smug bastard coming down now! Wait! Bombshell isn’t waiting a moment! Bombshell runs out of the ring and the two begin brawling on the entrance ramp!
JHA – Wow, the match hasn’t even started yet and we’re getting our money’s worth!
JFA – Money’s worth? You didn’t pay a dime to see this match!
JHA – Exactly!

Auros and Bombshell trade punches when Auros finally gets the upper hand, and with a strong punch, knocks Bombshell to the ground.

JFA – Auros in control of this match…Bombshell looking a bit woozy already…something isn’t right…low blow! Bombshell playing possum and Auros fell for it!
JHA – Ha!
JFA – Auros is in pain, and Bombshell sets him up for the DDT…
JHA – This is gonna be painful!
JFA – Bombshell hits the DDT on Auros on the entrance ramp! Auros is on the ground in pain…Bombshell leans over…wait, look on Bombshell’s hand, brass knuckles!
JHA – What are you talking about?
JFA – Auros getting up and Bombshell decks Auros with the brass knuckles! Auros is busted open! This is horrible! The ref was too far away to see anything!
JHA – There was nothing to see! Bombshell just knows what to do, that’s all.
JFA – Bombshell guiding the dazed Auros to the ring…

Bombshell hides the knuckles on his person, while the two wrestlers enter the ring, and the ref then signals the timekeeper to officially start the match. Auros, still dazed and bleeding, stumbles about trying to prevent himself from falling. Bombshell smirks and rushes in for a clothesline, however Auros manages to counter with a desperation clothesline of his own, knocking both men down!

JFA – Auros won’t give up, but I don’t see how he can keep this up for long! Bombshell is up first and angry as hell that Auros is still able to fight! Bombshell grabs Auros, lifts him to his feet and whips him into a corner and follows it up with a series of punches to Auros chest!
JHA – Good heavens will Bombshell just end this already? I’m bored…
JFA – And stupid. Bombshell basking in his inevitable will…and doesn’t see Auros come flying out of the corner! Auros bulldogs Bombshell to the ground, quickly picks him up and gives him 3 suplexes in a row! How is he doing it?
JHA – Finally, some action!

Auros, looking quite pale at the loss of blood, but fueled by rage, manages to pick Bombshell up and toss him into nearest turnbuckle.

JFA – Auros is setting Bombshell up on the turnbuckle for a Frankensteiner…this could seal the match in an improbably turn around for Auros…No! Bombshell counters tossing Auros off the turnbuckle! Bombshell picks up the clearly hurting Auros and sets him up for the Jackknife Powerbomb!
JHA – Get your cameras ready! Auros is about to get hurt big time!
JFA – Powerbomb to Auros! Auros is motionless on the ground! Bombshell goes for the pin, 1…2…AUROS GOT AN ARM UP!?!?
JHA – What?! How?
JFA – Bombshell is shocked! He comes back to attempt another pin…but Auros, on his back, manages to punch Bombshell in the gut…Huh? Bombshell is down! That must have been one hell of a punch!
JHA – Auros, with barely enough strength to go for the pin…
JFA – 1…2…3! Auros wins! In a bizarre turn around, Auros has beaten Bombshell! Wait, look on Auros’ hand! The brass knuckles! Auros must have taken them from Bombshell when Bombshell went for the pin earlier! That sneaky bastard!
JHA – Get the ref! Auros cheated!
JFA – Sounds like Bombshell got his just desserts to me.
JHA – Bah.


*The camera comes on as we see Reilly sitting in his office behind his desk reading as Axer walks through the door*

Axer: “(Looking around the room)Oh no this won’t do at all. Its so bland. I know you could throw on a different color of paint, add some paintings, maybe a few throw pillows.”

Reilly: “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my office?”

Axer: “Who am I? What do you mean who am I?(a look of shock and hurt come across his face) I am Axer. Your new recruit and I will do whatever you say big boy.”

Reilly: “What the hell are you doing? Get off my desk and don’t touch me, you freak.”

Axer: “Oh, now you know name calling won’t get you anywhere. You don’t need to be so mean.”

Reilly: “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t want anything to do with you. Why are you in my office and what the hell can I do to make you leave.”

Axer: “Well first of all you could higher an interior decorater to fix this place up alittle. It is a little drab after all. Then you can give me a match….”

*Just then Tempest and Ravage storm through the door looking as mad as ever*

Tempest: “Reilly…..”

*Ravage cuts him off*

Ravage: “Let me handle this big man. Reilly we want a match tonight. You made us leave the party and come all the way down here and when we got here they told us we didn’t have a match scheduled for tonight. What the hell is going on here and why in the hell does he keep staring at me?(points to Axer)”

Axer: “Who me?”

Reilly: “You do have a match tonight just go get ready for it while I figure out who your opponent is.”

Ravage: “Reilly, you better not piss us off tonight or I will let…. What the hell are you doing? Don’t touch me. Tempest lets get out of here, this freak is starting to scare me.”

Tempest: “Alright, but Reilly remember if you tick me off I will be coming back and you won’t like what happens then.”

*Tempest and Ravage exit the room as Axer stares at them*

Reilly: “What are you still doing here?”

Axer: “Well before I was so rudely interrupted I was going to say I was here to request a match for tonight, seeings how its my first night and all. By the way, who was that guy? He was kind of cute.”

Reilly: “Oh you want a match do you? And you think he was cute do you? Fine then, I will make you his problem for tonight.”

Axer: “Excuse me.”

Reilly: “You got a match tonight. Its you versus Ravage…”

Axer: “Alright, I’ll get down on the mat with him.”

Reilly: “You didn’t let me finish. It will be Axer versus Ravage……and Tempest in a handicap match and its next. Now get out of my sight you sick freak.”

*The camera cuts out as we get a glimpse of Axer with an expression of shock and worry on his face*

*Commercial Break*

Two-on-One Handicap match: Tempest and Ravage v. Axer

The announcer yells into the microphone to start the next match.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is a two on one handicap match!” The announcer yells to the packed crowd’s approval.

JFA- “This is so not fair, all Axer did was be in the wrong place and wrong time when those two GPA goons Tempest and Ravage wanted to speak to Reilly. Axer was there and these two didn’t take to it well.”
JHA- “Well JFA, is you didn’t notice Axer was acting kind of how I shall say, queer. I don’t think Tempest or Ravage liked that very much”
JFA- “You can’t say that on TV JHA!”
JHA- “Yeah I can, and if Queer Eye for the Straight Guy can say queer can I can too.”
JFA- “Oh brother, let’s just get on with the match.

JRA: “Introducing first, from somewhere over the rainbow and weighting 250 pounds, AXER!”

With that I Feel Pretty blasts through the speakers as Axer prances to the ring. Wearing what appears to be a bright pink bodysuit to the ring. He dances and gyrates in front of the fans, some of which cheer him on some laugh and some really have no idea what to make of him.

JHA- “I’ll tell you one thing JFA, he won’t feel pretty after this match is over.”
JFA- “Of course not this is just going to be a GPA beat down he so does not deserve this!”
JHA- “Would you like some cheese to go with that whine JFA?”

Axer reaches the ring and sets provocatively on the top turnbuckle.

JRA: “And now introducing the first of two opponents.” Suddenly Pistol Grip Pump thunders out of the AWF sound system. “The human bulldozer! Representing the GPA, TEMPEST!”

Tempest walks down to the ring, with only one thought on his mind smashing the foe sitting on the top rope, he gets to the outside of the ring and waits flexing his muscles and pumping himself up, for his partner in this match.

Suddenly Putitania by Dimmu Borgir screams from the sound system.

JRA: “Axer’s other opponent for this match; also representing the GPA his is RAVAGE!”

With that Ravage bursts through the back walking slowly and methodically he tosses off his leather trench coat on his way to the ring and stands near Tempest. The both look at each other and nod then jump into the ring attacking Axer before the bell even sounds.

JFA- “What the? They are not even waiting for the bell!”
JHA- “Who cares? The sooner this match is over the less we have to see of this Axer freak.”
JFA- “Looks like Ravage and Tempest are letting Tempest get to his feet.”
JHA- “Yeah like he will be on his feet for long.”
JFA- “Looks like Ravage and Tempest lining up for the attack, Ravage goes in, Ravage down low blow by Axer!”

JHA- “That’s not right! The ref should DQ Axer right now!”
JFA- “How would you like that cheese JHA?”
JHA- “Shut up!”

Axer’s stoppage of the coming onslaught is short lived as Tempest hammers Axer with a massive running clothesline sending him up and over his arm.

JFA- “Wow, that clothes line by Tempest might have snapped Axer’s head!”
JHA- “Yeah and Ravage is getting up and doesn’t look too happy.”
JFA- “Ravage stomping Axer hard, the ref telling him to ease up and Tempest shoving the ref to the side and telling Ravage to stop.”
JHA- “The hell? Tempest being nice to Axer something is wrong here.”
JFA- “No not at all, Tempest just yelled that’s not how you do it to Ravage and just ran and field goal kicked Axer straight in the face.”
JHA- “Oh yeah, three points!”
JFA- “That’s not funny, he may have broken Axer’s jaw and nose with that move, look at the blood coming out of his mouth and nose.”
JHA- “Aww, maybe Axer should have been friendlier to Tempest and Ravage.”
JFA- “Great and here goes begins the slaughter, Tempest picking up Axer and huge full nelson slam, I would say he makes it look easy but given the semi-conscious state of Axer it probably is.”
JHA- “Would have been easy for Tempest even if Axer knew where he was anyway.”
JFA- “Now Ravage picking up Axer, mother of God! He just power bombed Axer into the top turnbuckle!”
JHA- “Well if Tempest didn’t snap his neck on that clothesline it is now.”
JFA- “Axer in a heap, he doesn’t deserve this, no man does.”
JHA- “I’d question if he was a man JFA.”
JFA- “And I am sure you would know too JHA.”
JHA- “Umm I hey!”
JFA- “I thought so, now back to the slaughter. Ravage picking up Axer and Tempest resting Axer’s head on his shoulder, both jumping and Tempest falling to his knees, Axer just popped out of the move due to the force of the maneuver! By God they are trying to end his career before it even starts!”
JHA- “So?”
JFA- “Tempest tossing Axer outside the ring near our table.”
JHA- “Hey GPA what’s up?”
JFA- “You stop that!”

Suddenly Tempest grabs Axer and launches him into the Thunder Press smashing Axer through the table, wood and metal splinter mixed with blood as JFA and JHA jump away.

JHA- “Wow even for GPA standards that was pretty vicious!”
JFA- “Tempest is laughing, this, this is sick. Now what’s he doing, oh no, not this. Tempest just tossed a steel chair into the ring and slid Axer under the robes. He may already be seriously injured not this.”
JHA- “No do it, do it! Hit him again, hit him again, harder, harder!”
JFA- “You are a sick man JHA.”
JHA- “I know.”
JFA- “Please no, not this, Ravage setting the chair up. Tempest back in the ring setting Axer on his shoulder. Don’t do it!”
JHA- “I think someone is going to be hung over tomorrow!”

Ravage jumps into the Hangover smashing Axer across the top of the chair, the sound of crunching metal and bones can be heard around the arena.

JFA- “No! A massive hangover on the chair! Dear God, Axer maybe dead, get the EMTs out here now!”
JHA- “Man how many times can you say Dear God?”
JFA- “Tempest and Ravage laughing, this is sick, why are we even letting this match continue, both place their feet on Axer’s possibly broken chest, referee down one, two three. Thank God it’s over.”
JHA- “I don’t think so yet JFA!”
JFA- “No not again he’s already finished leave him be!”

Ravage laughs tosses Axer’s body to Tempest who is near the outside of the ring, he then helps Tempest raise Axer up.

JFA- “They need to get fines or something for this! The bell ringing wildly someone needs to stop this, anyone!”

Tempest has Axer up and Ravage holds Axer’s chest and neck as they both send him into a massive Thunder Driver onto the floor. They use so much force that Axer misses the mat’s and lands on the hard floor awkwardly on the top of his head. A sick thud rings louder than the fan’s boos and cheers

JFA- “NO! They may have just killed Axer get the EMTs out here look at those two freaks, pointing and laughing Axer may be permanently injured or worse!”
JHA- “So what? It’s just one less freak to worry about in the AWF.

Pistol Grip Pump blasts out the sound system, as EMTs run to work on Axer, Tempest and Ravage walk to the back striding tall both stop and push the EMTs and referees aside and stomp on Axer some more.

JFA- “That’s enough, get security out here to take those two monsters to the back.”

Ravage says something about this being the true human bulldozer while pointing at Tempest and Tempest says something about Ravage being big both laugh and head to the back. They leave as EMTs and referees strap Axer onto a stretcher and rush him to the back.

JFA- “That was just obscene that, was not necessary.”
JHA- “Bah I think it was pretty cool, I mean did you see that landing?”
JFA- “Oh shut up.”


JI: Well we are backstage right now in front of the NWA locker room and I am going to see if I can get a few words with the tag champs themselves.

*Knocks on the door and Divebomb answers*

DB: Yeah what do you want? Oh hell no. Hey P? look at this scrony little punk they sent us this time.

JI: High Champs. How are you guys doing tonight?

DB: Can’t you see. We are doing fine. We got the money. We got the Women. We got the beer and most of all we got the Titles. Life doesn’t get much better.

JI: So Divebomb, how did it feel to beat Blood and Thunder at AM III?

DB: What kind of idiotic question is that? How do you think it felt? It was great. We went into the match as champs and told the world that we would walk out as champs and that’s just what we did. They had lost before they even got to the ring, they just didn’t know it.

JI: So P? you guys successfully defended your titles at AM III and now you have to face Compufire in a non-title match tonight. What do you think about having to face one of the greatest teams in AWF history?

P?: pfff.... we already beat those suckas down. We aint gots nothin to prove when we get in the ring this time. And whats this you be talking about them being the 'greatest teams in AWF history'? wigga, do you know who da %$# you be talking to? We are da NWA! WE are the greatest team that the AWF has EVA seen. But, ya'll asked a question, so heres the big 'marks answer. DA BOMB is gonna chew them up, beat them down, and not break a sweat doin' it.... and P? is gonna mack his hoes, roll a big fattie and give jetfire's momma a ring, then we are gonna get our gold, get our crystal, get our groupies, and get the hell outta there, back to the hotel and teh afterparty.

JI: Alright. Now how about what went down at AM III between Viewfind and Vin Ghostal. What are your thoughts of the big split?

P?: Ghostal, yeah we had some good times in da past.... but thats just what it be....da past.... the GPA is the present and da future, and if that fart-vapor lookin motha luva wanna step up to the plate against big blingzilla.... he better be stepping big or not at all, cause P? and da NWA gonna be right wit hommie slice till the end.

DB: That’s right, we knew it was coming and it was only a matter of time before View took the step and jumped out in front. We are the GPA and Ghostal just got to the point where he thought he was responsible for making us what we are and that’s just something we can tolerate. I mean we are where we are today because of what we have done and not because he got us here. Friendship aside, this is business.

JI: Strong words. Any final thoughts before your big match tonight?

P?: ya....I gotta message for any snot nosed punk teams with stars in their eyes, or old wasted up bastards with aspirations for tha past, and wanna have a little nostalgia trip..... the NWA is da real deal. We be ballin', shot callin' till the grim reaper come callin'. Ain't NO ONE gonna take this bling again. We are the ONLY 3 time tag champs, the team that has stuck wit it no matter what and we aint gonna be fadin out like bitches.... ya'll gonna have to go 187 on our ass to get these belts, cause thats the only way we be letting go.

JFA: “Well the NWA sounding as strong as ever”
JHA: “Damn straight. That’s why they are the champs.”
JFA: “Anyways after the break Xille takes on Amarant Odinson”

*Commercial Break*

Xille v. Amarant Odinson

JFA: The next match should be a good one. We get to see two of the AWF’s rising stars go at it with Xille taking on Amarant Odinson.
JHA: Damn straight. I think Amarant is going to walk all over that shrimp.
JFA: You are going to start this already.
JHA: Start what? Amarant is the better wrestler.
JFA: Well that remains to be seen. Anyways let’s go down to ring side for the official announcement.

JRA: The next match is scheduled for one fall.

Bleed out all empathy
For this soul has no spirit
Left to hold on to
Lies I've lived in full

Just then “High Wire Escape Artist” by Boysetsfire starts blaring and we see Xille walk through the curtains as the crowd starts to cheer. He stops and poses to the crowd then continues to the ring.

JRA: Introducing first from Lancaster, OH. XILLE!

Xille climbs into the ring and poses some more as the music fades.

JRA: Introducing next from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. AMARANT ODINSON!

“In The Hall Of The Mountain King” by Apocalyptica starts playing and Amarant Odinson walks through the curtains as the crowd’s cheers turn into boos.

JHA: There we go. The winner has arrived.
JFA: I don’t know, I think Xille has a very good chance in this match.
JHA: Come off it. He’s facing the best technical wrestler this business has to offer.
JFA: That he may be but Xille has some tricks of his own.

Amarant walks through the ropes and taunts the crowd as the bell rings. Both men slow circle the ring as they size each other up. Both men tie up in the center of the ring but AO quickly gains the upper hand and throws Xille across the ring then taunts Xille as he gets to his feet. Xille shakes it off and both men quickly tie up again. AO forces Xille into the corner and the ref comes in to break the hold. Just as the ref breaks the hold AO kicks Xille in the gut and follows that with a quick European uppercut.

JFA: Amarant in control here with a vicious European uppercut.
JHA: See he’s walking all over Xille here.

AO whips Xille hard into the opposite corner and follows in with a big clothesline. Xille falls to the ground and AO locks in a camel clutch. Xille quickly scrambles and grabs the bottom rope as the ref tells AO to release the hold. AO lets go, gets up and drags Xille to his feet then hits a quick snap suplex.

JFA: Amarant yelling at the crowd now.
JHA: Amarant, what are you doing? You’re wasting time. Make him tap.

Amarant, almost as if he heard JHA, turns and walks over to Xille. He grabs Xille’s legs and hooks in a sharpshooter. Xille begins to scream as the ref moves in and asks if he wants to quit.

JHA: There you go make him tap.
JFA: Oh he’s got the sharpshooter locked in good. This might be it.
JHA: Might be, he can’t handle it. This one is over.

Xille tries to drag himself to the ropes but AO drags him back to the center of the ring. Just then Xille reaches back and grabs AO’s foot and pulls him down and reverses the hold but quickly AO kicks out.

JFA: Xille just reversed the sharpshooter but Amarant was just too strong for him.

AO slowly gets to his feet while studying his opponent who is down on the mat holding his back. AO looks around and walks to the corner and takes the padding off the turnbuckle as the ref was checking on Xille.

JFA: Oh no, Amarant just took the padding off the turnbuckle.
JHA: Alright, now not only do we get to see Xille tap but we are going to get to see him bleed.
JFA: That’s not something to be happy about.
JHA: Why not?

AO drags Xille to his feet and goes for the irish whip but at the last second Xille counters and hits a drop toe hold that sends AO’s face crashing hard into the exposed steel of the turnbuckle and immediately busts him wide open.

JFA: What a move by Xille to counter AO.
JHA: Amarant what did you do?
JFA: Xille getting to his feet here and just noticing that Amarant is down.

Xille picks AO up and puts him in the corner and hits a hard chop, then another one and finally whips AO into the opposite corner and follows that with a flying body splash. AO falls to the mat and Xille poses to the crowd before quickly climbing to the top ropes. He looks around the crowd then launches himself off the ropes and crashes hard to the mat with a flipping leg drop.

JFA: Xille with the Lobotomy. This might be it.
JHA: No, Amarant. You almost had him.
JFA: Xille with the cover. 1…..2…… THR…No a kick out by Amarant.
JHA: Yes, yes. Come on now get up.

AO gets to his feet as Xille jumps up to hit a hurricanrana but AO counters and goes for the boston crab but Xille scrambles to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. AO picks up Xille and puts him in the corner. AO lifts him to the top ropes going for a superplex. He hooks it in but at the last possible second Xille counters with a few punches and forces AO back to the ground. He hooks the head and jumps. They spin around and Xille drops AO with a hard face buster.

JFA: There it is. Xille just hit the Tornado Face Buster.
JHA: No. No. No. This can’t be.

Xille rolls him over and makes the cover. 1…..2…….3.

JFA: There it is. Xille gets the upset victory over the former IC Champion.
JHA: Amarant, what happened?

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match……XILLE!

Xille climbs the ropes and poses to the crowd as they get to their feet and cheer.

*Commercial Break*

Non-Title match: Compufire v. The NWA

JFA: We’re back and our next match is going to be a good grudge match. We get to see one of the great teams of the AWF, Compufire, take on your friends, the AWF Tag Team Champions, The NWA.
JHA: Oh hell yeah. NWA in da house.
JFA: Quit sucking up.
JHA: You’re just upset that you aren’t down with the champs.
JFA: Let’s get down to ring side.

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and will be a non-title match.

“Sacrifice” by Creed begins as the crowd gets to their feet and cheers while Compufire walk through the curtains and pose to the crowd.

JRA: Introducing first, hailing from Epson, England and Cardiff respectively. The team of Jetfire and Computron, COMPUFIRE!

Compufire get in the ring and start to warm up as the music fades and then turns into “P.I.M.P.” the NWA Remix. Quickly the crowd’s reaction changes from cheers to boos.

JRA: Next, the AWF Tag Team Champions. The team of Prowl? and Divebomb, THE NWA!

P? and Divebomb walk through the curtains as the crowd begins to boo furiously. The stop at the entrance and show off their Tag Team Titles then make their way to the ring.

JFA: The NWA not getting a very polite welcome here tonight.
JHA: That because these fans don’t know true greatness when they see it.
JFA: They seem to like Compufire enough.
JHA: Now you see my point.

The NWA climb in the ring and show off their titles as the bell rings. The ref takes the titles while P? and Jetfire climb on to the apron.

JFA: Well it looks like Divebomb and Computron are going to start off the match tonight.
JHA: Computron is out matched right now. He doesn’t stand a chance.
JFA: Well see.

Computron and Divebomb begin to circle the ring when all of a sudden Computron lunges forward for a tie up but Divebomb counters it with a kick to the gut and a heavy knee lift that sends Computron hard to the mat.

JHA: There you go. That’s how the NWA does things.

Divebomb picks up Computron and whips him into the ropes then hits him with a big dropkick. Divebomb gets up and drags him into the NWA corner and tags P?. P? climbs in and kicks Computron hard in the side while Divebomb holds his arm. The ref forces Divebomb to the apron as Prowl? hits Computron with a snap suplex and quickly goes for the pin. 1…..tw...kick out by Computron.

JFA: P? going for the quick win here.
JHA: He almost had him.
JFA: He kicked out at one.
JHA: He only needed two more.

Prowl? picks him up and throws a hard right punch but it gets blocked by Computron and he counters it with a hard right of his own. P? throws another but this one gets blocked too and again Computron counters with a hard right. Computron feeling the adrenaline start pumping throws another right punch followed by another then rushes off the ropes and lands a swift flying clothesline that send P? hard to the floor.

JFA: Both men down here. Who will make it to their feet first?
JHA: Come on P? get to the corner.

P? gets up and makes the tag to Divebomb, but just as he steps through the ropes Computron reaches up and tags in Jetfire. Divebomb throws and quick punch but gets blocked by Jetfire who counters with a stiff clothesline then another to P? who was coming back in. Divebomb up again but Jetfire hits him with another clothesline then whips P? off the ropes and hits a huge powerslam. Computron comes back in and goes after P? while Jetfire v-lines for Divebomb. P? and Computron scramble to the outside and continue the fighting.

JFA: Things are starting to get out of hand here. P? and Computron are fighting on the outside while Jetfire and Divebomb are going at it in the ring.
JHA: This is great. Look at all the action. You know somebody is going to get hurt.
JFA: For their sakes I hope not.

Jetfire picks up Divebomb and drops him to the mat with a big body slam. Jetfire signals to the crowd that its time for The Exploder. He drags Divebomb to his feet and sets him for the move. All of a sudden Divebomb throws a punch to the gut of Jetfire followed by another then quickly hoists Jetfire up into a firemans carry.

JFA: Divebomb just reversed The Exploder and it looks like its time for The End.
JHA: Do it. Take his head off.

Divebomb throws out Jetfire’s legs and drops into a stunner. Jetfire’s neck lands squarely on Divebomb’s shoulder and then lands hard on the mat.

JFA: I think he’s out.
JHA: Pin him. Pin him now.

Divebomb looks around just in time to see Computron nail P? with the Compukick on the outside. Divebomb rushes at the ropes and jumps over the top with a flying body splash that connects with Computron and both men hit hard on the floor.

JFA: All four men are down here and the ref is making the count.
JHA: No Divebomb, why’d you have to go and do that. Compufire is going to win because of a count out.

1…….2……..3…….4….Divebomb and Computron start to get up…5……6….Divebomb gets to his feet and starts kicking Computron .7……8……9….Divebomb notices the count and quickly jumps back in the ring as P? starts to get to his feet.

JFA: That was very close. The NWA almost lost the match because Divebomb got careless.
JHA: Oh there was no worry. Divebomb was just trying to make it interesting.
JFA: Yeah right.

P? looks around and fingers the crowd, which gets them all to their feet booing, then walks over and drags Computron to his feet and drives him hard to the mat with his finishing move.

JFA: Oh my god. P? just hit Computron with The Mark on the outside.
JHA: That a boy P?. Take him out.

P? climbs back in the ring to join Divebomb who is just looking at the downed Jetfire. The two look at each other, nod their heads and Divebomb heads for the corner while P? walks over and picks up Jetfire.

JHA: Oh here we go. You know what is coming next?
JFA: Yeah I’m afraid I do.
JHA: That’s right. Its time for the Doomsday Device.

P? hoists Jetfire up onto his shoulders while Divebomb climbs to the top rope. They give each other on final nod of the head then Divebomb flys off the top rope and nails Jetfire with a clothesline that sends him off of P?’s shoulders and hard to the mat.

JHA: They hit it. They really hit it.
JFA: And P? with the cover now.1….2….3 and this one is over.

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your winners. The team of Prowl? and Divebomb, THE NWA!

The crowd boos relentlessly as the ref hands P? and Divebomb their title belts. The two leave the ring and start to head up the ramp when all of a sudden Divebomb stops and looks at the fallen Computron who is just starting to move. He looks at P? then drops his belt and heads to the ring. He lifts the cover and grabs two steel chairs and walks back to P?. P? smiles and takes one of the chairs just as Computron gets to his feet. They smile and swing as hard as they can.

JFA: Oh no. We need some medical attention out here. The NWA just nailed Computron with a devastating Con-Chair-To to the head.
JHA: I can’t believe they did that. That was awesome.
JFA: What are you talking about?
JHA: It was great.

The two champions drop the chairs and pick up their belts then continue to the back as the crowd sits in a stunned silence.

JFA: “Well we have to take our final commercial break that will be immediately followed by our main event.”
JHA: “That’s right Homeslice takes on and takes out Morpheus.”
JFA: “We’ll be right back.”

*Commercial Break*

JFA: “We’re back and here we go.”

Viewfind v. Morpheus

Party Up by DMX blasts the audience.

JHA: Here comes Blingzilla, the man’s man on the GPA.

RA: Hailing from Philadelphia, he is a member of the GPA --- VIEWFIND!!

JFA: And Blingzilla is not a crowd favorite here.
JHA: Who cares what these peons think, Viewfind is a member of the GPA.
JFA: Where are they taking you tonight?
JHA: How’d you know that were going clubbing?
JFA: Just a guess.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata oozes out from the speakers.

RA: Hailing from the minds of innocent children *crowd looks weirdly at the Ring Announcer* --- MORPHEUS!!

JHA: And here comes nobody … Finish him quickly View, I wanna blow this joint.
JFA: You’re here till the end of the night, no matter what?
JHA: … Damn … ahh well, hope I don’t lose them like last week.
JFA: What do you mean?
JHA: Last week I found them, I said I’d be right back, next moment they were gone and so was there limo.
JFA: You know what that means?
JHA: Yeah, it meant that some dumb bastards tried to kidnap the GPA and they only way they could get out of there is if they left me behind, I understand.
JFA: *on the verge of breaking down in laughter* Right-o then.

Morpheus slowly makes his way up to the ring, climbs in the ring and waits for Viewfind.

JFA: Well, this match is now under way, theirs the bell and let’s gets this one going.
JHA: And Viewfind is now … he’s going to sleep on the turnbuckle?
JFA: Well this is showing no respect for his opponent.
JHA: Viewfind doesn’t have to show respect to anyone that doesn’t deserve it, in Blingzilla’s eyes, Morpheus don’t have it.

Puzzled on what is going on Morpheus advances on Viewfind, Viewfind stays still.

JFA: What is he doing?

Morpheus jumps Viewfind but at the last second, Viewfind jumps over the turn buckle, lands with both feet on the steps and simple walks down them to grab a microphone.

View: Youse think you has gots a chance against Blingzilla fool? I’ll bust a cap in you ugly ass before that ever happens.

With that Morpheus goes under the bottom rope and chases Viewfind. Viewfind turns around and swings at Morpheus, who narrowly misses it by ducking. While he was doing so Viewfind jumps back into the ring.

JHA: And view is messing with his head. He’s the master I tell you!
JFA: Well he likes to play around but Morpheus doesn’t because here he comes now.
JHA: Only to get a boot in the back by View.
JFA: And Morpheus to his feet to try and stop the attack but Viewfind is not stopping, his launching lefts and rights, his letting it all go.
JHA: Is it me, or has Viewfind snapped?
JFA: Viewfind is still pounding down on Morpheus, non-stop, but he has a smile on his face. Not that of laughter, but a smile of joy. A DDT folks, Viewfind is in control.

Morpheus falls to the ground, Viewfind smiles and looks around. He makes his way under the ropes and goes under the ring. He emerges with Vin Ghostal’s golden bat.

JHA: And there it is, J, The Golden Bat.
JFA: It’s amazing, I’m torn between the fact that Viewfind turned on his friend for life and what he did to Vin Ghostal.
JHA: Well don’t worry bout it … and Morpheus, what the hell?!
JFA: And Morpheus went for the spring board going on the attack. He’s going all out; the ref wants him back in the ring.
JHA: Morpheus has Viewfind, and launches him into the steel stairs. Morpheus again, picks up Viewfind, and rams him head first into the ring post. And again. And again. Viewfind has been busted open.
JFA: Morpheus still on the attack launches Viewfind into the apron.
JHA: Come on ref, stop the match!! Viewfind needs medical attention.
JFA: And Morpheus is not done yet, it’s got to be over after this. A piledriver on the outside. Viewfind’s neck must be in a world of pain here folks.

The ref is on the verge of counting both men out when Morpheus picks up Viewfind and throws him in the ring and closely follows.

JHA: Viewfind is motionless. Someone come out and help him!
JFA: Your call is falling on deaf ears, Reilly said that before the match that no member of the GPA is allowed out here or every single member will be suspended.
JHA: That’s not fair.
JFA: Well it wouldn’t matter, Morpheus goes for the 1, 2, … no, wait, Viewfind kicks out!
JHA: Blingzilla still lives? He can pull this one out still!
JFA: Well he’s going to a need a miracle.

Viewfind starts to get up and staggers around as Morpheus sits on the top turn buckle. He waits till Viewfind can see him and smiles.

JFA: Well, isn’t that funny? Fate has turned back on View.
JHA: Shaddup!

Morpheus waits still Viewfind can get close before standing tall. He waits till Viewfind looks up and delivers a dropping elbow.

JFA: And Viewfind is down, but Morpheus is rolling around the mat?

The screen goes to a replay of the last move in slow motion. Morpheus delivers the elbow but not before Viewfind could punch him in the stomach with a pair of knuckle dusters.

JHA: Amazing, did you see how quick he did that? He put them on when the ref was looking at Morpheus, quickly used them then fell to the ground on his stomach and put them away.
JFA: He’s nothing but a rotten cheater, who should be disqualified from this match.
JHA: Well you can’t do anything now, the ref doesn’t see I he can’t call it, and View is master of hiding things.
JFA: You mean cheating.
JHA: Potato, Patato.

Viewfind gets up and starts laying into Morpheus but gives him a break, He goes out to get Vin Ghostal’s golden bat and brings it into the ring.

JFA: And theirs that damn bat Golden Bat.
JHA: Careful View, you don’t wanna get disqualified.
JFA: I don’t know, he looks like he is going to snap anyway.

Viewfind brings the bat up above his head as Morpheus gets up on his knees. He looks up then looks down, ready to accept the punishment.

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can't be stopped

Viewfind looks towards the Archivetron in shock.

JFA: And that’s Ghostal’s music people. The last time we saw him he was face down in a shower.
JHA: Oh this can’t be good for Viewfind. Now what the hell us the ref doing, he’s going outside to meet Ghostal. But...Do you really think he’s here?
JFA: I don’t know. This is really strange.

Viewfind goes to the turnbuckle and starts laughing, shouting things like ‘he’s a coward’ and the such. All of a sudden Morpheus gets up and low blows Viewfind from behind. Viewfind drops the bat and then is suplexed to the mat.

JHA: And that damn Ref!! He heard the bat then saw the suplex but not the low blow! Morpheus you cheating mother f …
JFA: Keep it to a civil level. Morpheus going for the Anesthesis and gets it. 1 … 2 … 3!! Morpheus wins it!!
JHA: This is a disgrace. Viewfind had this one stolen from him by Vin Ghostal!
JFA: But he didn’t do a damn thing. We don’t even know if he was here.
JHA: Still his fault.

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this bout……MORPHEUS!

JFA: Well Morpheus takes the win after a strange turn of events. But you gotta be wondering if it was really him.
JHA: I don’t know but if it wasn’t for his damn music Viewfind would have won this match.
JFA: Well it did look like he had it won, but this whole Vin Ghostal situation is getting really weird. Well that’s all we have for you tonight, join us next time as we come to you live on Mayhem from fresno. Good night.

2004-04-28, 04:42 AM
OOC: Good job. I thoroughly enjoyed the GPA show (I kid, I kid).

IC: Amarant, what can I say? Even the new guy gets lucky sometimes. But you felt the full power of what I can do. My Tornado Face Buster (ooc: geez that thing needs a name...) is not to be taken lightly. Good job, though. It was a commendable effort on both our parts. Good luck in your title hunt against that Mat Man. I can't wait until our paths cross again.

2004-04-28, 04:48 AM
ooc: yeah sorry about the whole gpa show but there was supposed to be more to the show. It just happened that I didn't want to wait anymore. But I thought there was at least one funny moment in it and some good matches.

2004-04-28, 11:53 AM
ooc: Oh, no, I enjoyed it a lot. I just thought it was ironic. You did a really good job.

2004-04-29, 10:25 AM

Now do you see it people?

Now do you see why they call me the human bulldozer? I can defeat anyone of you crumb bums that are on this roster. You think you can actually stand up to me? Look at that FREAK Axer. He didn't stand a chance? Why? Because I'm the Legendary Killer, The Human Bulldozer

And Warp ...

YOUR .... NEXT!!

2004-04-29, 08:44 PM
DO i see? All I see is two big guys beating up one new guy. Sure, you may be the Human Bulldozer, but you're going no where, coz the gear stick's too small to make the treads move.

The reason Axer didn't stand a chance was not because there were two of you. It was not because he was in awe of your in ring skills. Oh no, the reason he lost was because he was embarassed to be in the ring with women. Fact.

2004-04-30, 03:48 AM
Strange how you can talk about women Switch. I mean you would have to have acutally seen one in more than some cheesy porno mag to know what they are.

2004-04-30, 06:49 AM
Speaking of porno's, I heard from a reliable source that you guys were in one of your very own. Pimp Daddy and the Four Bitches. Apparently it was a total flop, in more ways than one. Iiiif you get my meaning.

2004-04-30, 02:03 PM
Let me guess the four bitches were: You, Xille, HBK and Ghostal with talent like that I wonder why.

2004-04-30, 02:47 PM
Geez, I can't keep it in anymore!


... ... ...

Who the hell am I kidding? Ravage, we all know your mom's a dime-store, dropout, do-whatever-you-want drilling, but I mean, c'mon, the X has better taste than that.

Now, onto something a little more serious. Ravage, what makes you think you stand any chance against HBK when you can't even beat me? I mean, I know I'm getting better day by day, but c'mon, baby, you've got to be kidding. He's HBK. I don't get you sometimes. But... good luck anyway, Ravage. I hope you still have all your teeth left when you're through.

Oh, and you and me? We're not done. We'll meet up again one day.

Remember that.

2004-04-30, 03:46 PM
Geezus. Maybe I need to break out the blackboard and chalk and take you back to school.

Viewfind = Pimp Daddy
Ravage + Tempest + Prowl? + Divebomb = Four Bitches

It's hardly a difficult concept. But hey, then again, you have gotten hit in the head a lot.

2004-04-30, 08:56 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Viewfind = Pimp Daddy
Ravage + Tempest + Prowl? + Divebomb = Four Bitches

Sixswitch, you should know by now that the GPA can't do simple math. I mean if they don't even realize that:

( Viewfind + Ravage + Tempest + Prowl? + Divebomb ) < ( HBK + Ghostal + Sixswitch + Xille )

How in the world are they going to figure out your problem?

2004-04-30, 09:39 PM
Originally posted by xille

( Viewfind + Ravage + Tempest + Prowl? + Divebomb ) < ( HBK + Ghostal + Sixswitch + Xille )

HBK + Ghostal + Sixswitch + Xille= FOR MORE DEAD WHITES BOYS THATS ALL.

Yo Check it.

2004-04-30, 10:20 PM
Yo dawg. You think the Double S is dead? Really... That aint what your old lady said last night. In fact, she thought the Double S was very. much. alive.

2004-04-30, 10:22 PM
Maybe you alive still, but when it comes time to "do" yo thing with the ladys you just can't "hang"

2004-04-30, 11:35 PM
What would you know about hanging? Only thing I've ever seen you hang is your streaky Y-Fronts after the last time you stepped into the arena with the Double S. Yup, that's right. You got beat. You can't stop the Double S. You can't beat the Double S. You can't be the Double S. Fact.

2004-05-01, 01:23 AM
The next question would be. Does anyone actually want to be the panty wearin', prissy walkin', stank smellin', no game havin', girly talkin', pansy @ss, green skin piss ant that calls himself Double S?

And the answer is......OH HELLZ NO!

So keep talkin' and trying to tell yourself that people actually look up to you but the truth of the matter is that no one cares about you no matter how much you want them too.

2004-05-01, 04:19 AM
Xille Xille Xille, you see it's actions like this that will leave you dead on some street somewhere.

Your nothing, I will play with you like a cat does a mouse and finish you off whenever I want.

But HBK your mine. All the BS all the titles I could have had but somehow I was never worthy you will feel all the pain I felt in one night.

And don't worry Xille, when you finally grow up and if your still cross about how terrible your life and career is come find me and we will settle it.

2004-05-01, 11:20 AM
Yeah, yeah whatever Divebomb. Keep on talking. We know that the only person you look up to is Viewfind, and only then when you're on your knees in front of him, giving him the benefits of your "experience".

Face it Divebomb, I've got more fans, more respecters, more supporters than you will ever have in your whole and entire life. Face it Divebomb. You suck, I don't. Face it Divebomb, the Double S is twice the wrestler you are, or that you'll ever be. And face it Divebomb, there is nothing - And the Double S means nothing you can do about that.

2004-05-01, 04:11 PM
Six do you honestly think I care what the fans think. I've got the tag team gold around my waist and thats all that matters to me. I don't need people to respect me, I don't need people to support me, and I sure as hell don't any fans. I have never claimed to be a man of the people and more than likely I never will. So claim whatever you want, but I don't need it.

2004-05-01, 04:11 PM
Edit: Posted twice. So ignore it.