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2004-04-28, 07:42 PM
Main Palace Security, Iacon

"There has been a disturbance at the Colliseum. A Guardian has been called out. That makes 5 areas within this city alone within the last seven cycles. The loss of control is spreading. We must inform the Imperial Magistrate."

"No. We must tighten control. Execute those that are in administrative positions. There exist two units that would do well to control the constructs and keep track of their positions. One has been called Shockwave. This is a military hardware unit that keeps track of the airfield. The other is called Prowl and has been designed to replace Shockwave. Search out records for every construct that has been put into service. Input the information for every military construct into Shockwave and every consumer goods construct into Prowl. Have them determine the likelyhood of malfunctioning units. Those will be destroyed. Go NOW."

Consumer Goods Engineering center 1
In a quiet laboratory, an old Quintesson scientist named Therses received the orders to produce his constructs' designs for malfunction assessment.
I cannot! These constructs know too much, he thought with a sour expression. Perceptor and Quickmix would certainly be destroyed and so would I for teaching them reactions. They must be hidden.

He floated toward the two working robots. "Perceptor, Quickmix. You must leave here now or you will be terminated. Take your chemical and supply kits and go to the South outskirts of Iacon. Head south and then west into the outlands. Go quickly but do not run or you will attract attention. You will find other constructs out there. Attempt to join them and seek to repair them if necessary."

In another room of the CG plant,
Kivar wavered uncertainly as he listened to another Quintesson over a speaker. Kivar put his tentacles on the controls in frustration.
"We cannot send Bumblebee to the Colliseum yet. They have had trouble. The Guardian is out. He will be destroyed."

"Indeed... All the more reason to send him. It will be a good test of his abilities. I want to know of the doings going on there. Send him. And Prowl is to be sent to the processing center for data input."

Yuris turned his attention to the voice.
"But Prowl was purchased by..."

"The purchase is cancelled. He is to be a monitoring unit. Send him immediately."

"Affirmitive." Yuris sighed. "Prowl, report to the processing center near the airfield. There you will find a Quintesson named Gershin who will program you further. You may also see a construct identified as Shockwave. Remember that you are to eventually replace him."

Kivar spun around. "Don't tell him that. It'll cause dissention."

"It's the factual evidence. And he will."

Kivar's optics flashed and he turned his attention back to Bumblebee. "Use caution Bumblebee. The colliseum is a dangerous place. Find a construct there called Shatterstorm. He is an overseer and will find work for you. Listen and report to me without being monitored in two cycles.
"Graiden's going to be pleased. I think I've found the whole den of them!"
Hound's optics lit up as he closed in on the multiple energy signatures. "Time to transmit!"

Military Engineering Center

"Kup, bring Springer to the East entrance of the Colliseum right away. Avoid the other areas surrounding the perimeter for the Guardian is taking care of malfunctioning units."
From a tower, Sandstorm watched the fleeing constructs and the Guardian's progress. He spotted several skiffs escaping and then saw Spinister.

[i]Delivered those documents and it got one of the masters killed. Could those be the cause for all of this commotion?


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