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2004-05-03, 05:48 PM

*the camera roams across the seating area of an empty arena and come across a lonely figure sat looking at the ring crew setting up for the next event, dressed in street clothes the camera looks at Gruff from the side on*

Gruff: well i've been quiet, i havent moaned, i havent bitched and i havent cried. I've been in tag matches, cage matches and at Archivemania i was in the first ever 9 man TLC match. Win lose or draw i've battled on against some of the top competitors in this industry and its take an tequila swigging scum bag called Auros to put me on the shelf!
Several weeks ago you Atomic Pile Drived me 3 times, one of them on the roof of a car. I was knocked down but i still got up. At Archivemania in that TLC match i got knocked down again and slowly i got back up but it wasnt right. I went and saw a doctor and he x-rayed me and he MRI'd me and he showed me the damage to my neck, damage that you did Auros!
In a weeks time i go under the knife for fusion surgery where i'm gonna be made better, where i'm gonna be made right.
And then when i'm ready, i'm gonna come back here and make things right which means taking you out of action permanently Auros!

The future of this industry is on hold, but unlike Auros i have a future!


hey guys, been some stellar shows put on, i havent been able to access the Archive for ages, also been to busy to post when i have gotten in here and just read mainly new toy releases and info like that. thanks for the patience peeps have put in my character. i will be back!

2004-05-08, 09:43 PM
Good for you Gruff. I believe that Auros is a disgrace to the hardcore division . What has he done to deserve that title? He only has luck on his side. I will teach him a lesson about hardcore and he will remember the day his spark went out!