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2004-05-07, 11:22 PM

Its Sparky here!! The new kid on the block!!

Well i am the new wrestler in this town and i hope to fill my expectations.

As you can see i have a good finisher set with the excellent Sparkshooter (Sharpshooter) and the Sparks out ( The Pedigree ) which could keep anybody down for the three count.

Just to tell you i have come to this company to whoop ass, so bring it on!!

2004-05-07, 11:26 PM
OP2005: Your... the new kid... on the block eh? Have Fun while one of us rips your sorry ass to shreds!

OOC: Welcome Marc, it's good you made it.

2004-05-07, 11:38 PM
Sparky, calm down... down boy.

The X has heard of you. It's a shame that throughout all of our repspective time in the indies we never ran across each other. The X has heard people compare you to the Show Stoppa himself, Shawn Michaels. You know what the X says about this? What out for HBK Sean O'Con, that's what.

You know, with all of this new blood spilling everywhere recently, I feel that we would be well suited to have a new blood battle royal. Virus, Hellraiser, Sparky, Judge Death, hell, even throw that Queer Eye wannabe Axer in there and make it a five post elimination match. Should be lots of fun.

All I have to say, Sparky, is that you are either with the X, or you're with the GPA. And if you're with the GPA, you're in the short line to a fast trip to Painseville, SC. Just ask Auros or Ravage what the hell I can do. There's a reason I'm a former hardcore champ.

Remember that.

[ooc: Welcome to the fed. Glad to know I'm not the new guy anymore. :)]

2004-05-07, 11:45 PM
X dude i'm with u !

i mean why do i want to waste my time with a bunch of assclowns like Virus, Hellraiser and Judge Death.

I accept your offer but on one condition we include Dr Evil!!!!!

Oh and this GPA guy who is this he sounds crap!!

Sparky fears nobody!!

2004-05-07, 11:51 PM
ooc: in this my chars name is OP2005


OP2005: Bah. I need not waste my time with the likes of you ... vermin. I work alone... that.... and now with..... brave maxxx....

The GPA is a faction not a person

And you should fear only fear, himself.

Thy Worst Nightmare!

2004-05-07, 11:53 PM
Glad to hear it. The X feels you.

The GPA. The biggest bunch of idiot hosses this federation has ever seen. You might want to watch what you say right now, though, as they don't take kindly to people talking smack about them. I've been there. Just know that if you are going to give them hell, keep it up. Oh, and say "Hi" to Ravage for me if you run into him.

Good luck to you all the same.

2004-05-08, 12:36 AM
Oh come on now X. We don't mind people talkin trash about us. You just gotta understand that when you do we will be there to talk back.

Now as the first member of the GPA to welcome you to the fed, I will give you a greeting from all of us.

Your the new guy. You mean nothing and the GPA has no use for someone like you. So stay out of our way. But we are also the most decorated faction this fed has seen. Our leader is a former World champ. Me and P? are the reigning Tag team champs and the list gos on. But I will give you fair warning. Don't piss off Tempest or Ravage, because they will give you a welcome that you will never forget. Just ask Axer.

So on behalf of the GPA. Get Dead!

Now have a good day.

2004-05-08, 12:22 PM
Woah Woah Woah ... the 'X'? What are you now ... some cheap porno star now with this guys momma? Not to mention Op's dadda?

Sparky eh? Your gonna see some sparks soon ...
I'll kick your ass and send you to the ER, were you can see your doom.
I got one thing to say to you newcomer,
Don't be like Axer, he may be like you, mabye a little bit more dumber.

The GPA own this fed, we been kick ass since who knows when ...
Ravage and me are the powerhouses with class, then
You have P? and Divebomb ... there the Tag Men,
Then you have Viewfind, your be walking into the lions den.

Each one of us can kick yo ass one handed punk
with the other one we could be watching TV or getting drunk ...
Remeber this one line bitch ...
GPA ARE FO LIFE!! You cross us, you'll be lying dead in a ditch.

2004-05-08, 02:32 PM
GPA !!!

There faction sounds like a cheap hand held gaming device!!!

They say they own the AWF ( HAHA ) and are forever. Well its time for a reality check!!!!!!!!

Nothing is forever!!!!!!!

I am not afraid of a faction nor am i afraid of any superstar!!!

2004-05-08, 05:05 PM
Originally posted by Sparky
i mean why do i want to waste my time with a bunch of assclowns like Virus, Hellraiser and Judge Death.

Why, you insssufferable insssect! You dare to mock that which you cannot fathom?!

It sshall give me great pleassure to watch your undessserving liffe be cut sshort by my hand, sssinner...

(OOC: I was gonna hold off posting until I had my in-ring debut, but someone took a shot at me, so obviosuly I'm gonna have to reciprocate. I'm Judge Death, BTW.)