View Full Version : Tommy is here!!

2004-05-08, 02:48 PM
(The arena goes dark, the fans silence, suddenly red & green ptro explode from the stage. Deftones - Root hits and the fans go mad. Tommy appears from behind the curtain and taunts the fans for a minute. He then heads to the ring and gets a mic.)

Tommy - Well im sure youve heard so many debut speeces that you know what im gonna say! Im here to kick ass and become the best in the AWF! Now there are people that doubt my ability, people that say im not "good" enough to compete here in AWF. *Fans Boo* Well all i have to say to you guys is screw you all!

Walking through the back earlier everyone stared at me, whispering to each other, laughing, though there was one guy that i liked, he came and said hello, the only one! He came to me and welcomed me to AWF, he is new himself and also comes from scotland, we have many simalarities and i would like to ask him to tag with me! together we can become the best, ive seen the competition and laughed myself. So, Sparky *Fans go wild* i want to team with you, what do you say we take AWF by storm!

(Tommy waits in the ring for Sparky's response.)