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2004-05-08, 03:07 PM
(The arena goes dark, the fans silent, suddenly the fans to begin to hear the beats of Sparkys theme music and bang go the pyros!)

Sparky walks down to the ring the fans going crazy chanting *Sparky , Sparky* .He slides in the ring *Fans all standing up wondering what his answer will be*. He grabs the mic in tommy's hand and says " Sure Thing! "

Sparky - Since i have been in the Awf something has been bothering me GPA!!!!!!!! * Fans Boo !*. I could do with a partner and a friend to kick the GPA's ass. I think we should issue a challenge to GPA'S members Divebomb and P? for a shot at the tag titles in a match of their choice with no interferance from other members of their faction.

Bring it on!!!!!!

2004-05-08, 03:18 PM
(Tommy looks at Sparky with a smile)

Tommy - Great. And yeah i totally agree! We may be new, we may not have proven our selves yet but we sure as hell can kick alot of ass! So GPA, bring it on!!

(Tommy drops the mic, shakes Spary's hand and heads to the back.)

2004-05-08, 03:31 PM
Alrighty. The X likes this, as we seem to be running low on tag teams around here. I don't know if you should be tackling the GPA just yet, but if you want to go at it, have fun. The X respects bravery, and you two don't seem to be lacking any of it.

Best of luck to the both of you.

[ooc: Next time, just reply to Tommy's thread. In my opinion, it makes things look a lot less cluttered. ;)]

2004-05-08, 03:39 PM
(OOC: Yeah he tried but made a mistake :p )

2004-05-08, 05:18 PM
<Judge Death watches the events in the ring through the medium of a small TV. A sneer plays about his face as he talks, a scathing voice covering barely-concealed revulsion.>

"Ahh, a new team hasss been created tonight. Oh, deary, deary me. I deffeccate mysselff in a sshow of terror...Psshaw!"

<Death whirls around on one foot, grabbing the camera guy by the throat as he stares straight down the lens.>

"The only thing you havve going ffor you, Sssparky and...Tommy...heh...iss the sslight boosst in intellect which comesss ass a ressult of your joining fforcesss. And unffortunately, that combination of brain cellss - both of them - iss about a half-wit at best. You havvve no bright future, which iss the one thing that makesss you ssimilar to the other, ah, 'Talentsss' in thiss organisssation...but you two won't havve quite asss long to wait for your inevvitable end ass the resst of them will. You are all guilty..."

<Death plunges his hand straight through the chest of the camera guy, clutching and squeezing his heart. With an anguished cry, the camera falls to the floor. All this angle shows is Death's feet as he walks away, his sibilant voice calling back...>

"The ssentencce iss DEATH!"