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2004-05-08, 09:56 PM
The pyro ignites, lighting up the Savemart Center in Fresno, California…

It’s time to play the game…IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!!...

Failed to see,
How destructive we can be.
Taking without giving back,
'Til the damage can be seen,
Can you see?
Can you see?

The more you take,
The more you blame,
But everything still feels the same.
The more you hurt,
The more you strain,
The price you pay to play the game,
Then all you see,
And all you gain,
And all you step on with no shame,
There are no rules,
No one to blame,
The price to pay to play the game

JFA: Standing ovation as the Game starts out here, and the Fresno crowd is loving it!

The Game stands atop the second turnbuckle, right fist raised in the air, basking in the applause and cheers of his fans.

Game: Finally, the GAME HAS COME BACK TO...
The Mat Man: Fresno, California!!!
JHA: Hey...it's Mat Man! Suddenly I don't mind this guy so much...especially if he's interrupting the Game.
MM: You're probably the kind of guy who's never even been here, Game. What do you mean by "coming back" to my home town, the beautiful Fresno, CA?
Game: Who...in the blue hell are you?
MM: Me? I'm the Inter...

crowd laughs

JFA: Not really sure what nmat is thinking here antagonizing the Game
MM: *smirking* Well, "The Game," an Archivemania win, my adoring fans, and this championship belt says otherwise... Hey, where's your belt?

The Game smiles and adjusts his shades

Game: My belt? Right now a guy named TC is keeping it warm for me...see, the Game has been busy resolving some issues over the past few months.
JFA: Referring of course to his feud with Sean O'Con
JHA: Nothing gets past you, does it slick?
MM: Of course, of course. I know all about that, or have you already forgotten I was part of our victorious Team Mayhem?
Game: Oh yeah...the Game remembers you. Little guy, brought the Game coffee...right!

nmat jerks his head in shock while the crowd laughs

MM: Hey. Lets get one thing straight. Around here, I've been kicking ass, taking names, and chewing bubble gum. But I ran out of gum, I lost my pen, so I've had to make it up by kicking extra ass

Noises of approval from the crowd & The Game smirks

Game: Allright...since you have managed to wonder your monkey ass out here and interrupt the Game on the Game's show in front of the millions
Game: of the Game's fans...why don't you get to the point of what your candy ass wants
MM: Nice one Pavlov. Rung the bell and all the dogs barked on command.

crowd is stunned silent at nmat's comment

MM: What The Mat Man wants? The best technical wrestler in the AWF today, almost certainly ever? Hell, probably the world, perhaps even the galaxy? The Mat Man just wanted to say hi to his home crowd. You see, now they finally have something to be proud of when they say, "I'm from Fresno."

Crowd grows more hostile, stirs, and a few boos crop up

Game: Whoa whoa whoa...wait a minute, let the Game see if he is perfectly clear...you're saying that the fans here in Fresno have something to be proud of, because you are from here?

MM: *looking up as if directing his comments to the crowd in the stands* Oh please! You know it's true!
Game: Well, from where the Game is sitting, the Game would say that these people have something to be proud of IN SPITE of the fact that your Candy Ass is from here

The Mat Man stutters in anger.

The Game smiles as the crowd laughs
The Mat Man glances about, clearly upset that the crowd is turning on him.

MM Look. I'm a bona fide hero here! I bet it's just a matter of time before I get the keys to he city...

In directing a comment to the crowd

Let him know how proud you are of your hometown hero!

a mixed response unnerves nmat even more

Game: The only key your about to get is the one to room 91, as the Game will proceed to check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel on the corner of 'Know your role BLVD' and Shut the Hell up Avenue
MM: You know something I never noticed before Game? You sure do like to hear yourself talk.
Game: Oh really? You know what the Game likes more than that?
MM: What's that?
Game: Taking titles off of half wit, backstage jabbronies who defecate on their home towns!

Crowd pops

MM: What? You want to.. You're challenging me in Fresno? Did he just call me out?

crowd pops again

MM: But there is no way in hel that you're weasling a title shot out of me.

crowd boos

MM: Is that what you people want? The Game challenging The Mat Man for the IC title here in Fresno?

Crowd pops a third time

MM: Fine Game. I deliver what the people want... but trust me when I say this.... You're Not Ready!

Game: So...tonight...The Mat Man...goes one on one with the great one and when all is said and done, standing here, in the people's ring, the people's champion the Game will walk out of here the Intercontinental Champion...

MM: Game, by the end of tonight, you and all of Fresno will smell what The Mat Man is cooking! wooo!

Game raises an eyebrow and removes shades

Game: No one...and the GAME MEANS NO ONE mocks the Game, nmat, you come out here, you run your mouth, you talk about keys to the city, well tonight the Game is going to take the key to all of Fresno that he got when he got off the plane, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass...and if you don't like that there are two things you can do about it...nothing (crowd) AND LIKE IT!

JFA: The Game…Mat Man…IC Title on the line and that is TONIGHT!

Hardcore title match: Auros© v. OP2005

JFA: You know what J?
JHA: What are you talking to me again?
JFA: Yeah, just wanted you to know that its time for some hardcore action.
JHA: Dude, are you allowed to say that on TV?
JFA: What? What are you talking about? Oh no I meant its time for the hardcore title match.
JHA: Are you going red? You are. Oh did you go and embarrass yourself?
JFA: Oh leave me alone. Let’s get to ring side for the official announcement.

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Hardcore Title.

Suddenly “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machines kicks in and OP2005 walks out through the curtains.

JRA: Introducing first, coming to us from Glasgow, Scotland…..OP2005!

JFA: Is that? It is, he’s still got that barbwire bat he used on Divebomb.
JHA: They should suspend him for using that.
JFA: Well they did get disqualified for using it.
JHA: Not good enough. You never use something like that against one of the NWA.
JFA: Maybe they shouldn’t be in the ring if they can’t take it.
JHA: Oh they can take it but all it’s going to do is tick them off and then OP2005 will have to watch his back.

OP2005 makes his way into the ring and raises the bat high into the air as the crowd gives a fair response. Then the music changes to “******* in the bushes” by Oasis which signals the arrival of the hardcore champ himself.

JRA: Introducing next, the AWF Hardcore champion…AUROS!

Auros slowly makes his way out through the curtains while he is looking up to the top of the Archivetron.

JFA: Auros seeming a little cautious after what happened last week.
JHA: Hell you would be too if you had a guy drop of there and hit you in the head with a steel chair.

Auros finally notices OP2K5 in the ring and straightens up. He walks back through the curtains and then comes back out with a shopping cart full of trash cans, chairs, a couple of kendo sticks and a few other miscellaneous items and makes his way to the ring lipping off the crowd as they begin to boo.

JFA: He doesn’t seem to be getting a very good response from the crowd here.
JHA: I don’t know why not. He is the hardcore champ after all.

Auros tosses a trash can and a few other things into the ring then slowly climbs in while OP2005 stands there holding the bat staring at him. The bell rings and the match gets under way.

JFA: Auros and OP sizing each other up here as neither one wants to make a mistake early in this one.
JHA: True but one of them will. One of them always does.

Suddenly OP lunges forward and swings the barbwire bat as hard as he can but Auros dodges it and nails OP with a hard punch to the side of his head that causes OP to drop the bat. Auros lines him up again and nails him with another punch and follows that by whipping OP into the ropes and hitting him with a huge back body drop.

JFA: Auros getting energized here early.
JHA: He’s just lucky OP missed with the bat.

Auros picks OP up and whips him into the corner then picks up the kendo stick that he threw into the ring at the beginning of the match. He turns to face OP when all of a sudden OP flys out of the corner and drops Auros with a stiff clothesline followed closely by a heavy elbow drop.

JHA: Wow, that was a quick momentum change.
JFA: Yeah OP just dropped Auros with a huge clothesline.

OP picks up Auros and throws him into the corner then slowly walks over to him and drives a series of big knee lifts into Auros’s stomach. OP then picks Auros up like he’s going for a body slam then places Auros into the corner in a tree of woe.

JFA: Oh this isn’t going to be good for Auros. OP looking around the audience.
JHA: Look at that, Auros gave him a good idea.
JFA: He’s not going to use that kendo stick on him now is he?
JHA: Oh yeah he is.

OP picks up the kendo stick and slams it hard into the gut of Auros. Auros screams in pain as OP does it again and again. Finally the ref gets in there and forces OP to back away as Auros drops from the ropes holding his gut. OP climbs out of the ring and reaches into the shopping cart and grabs a steel chair then climbs back in and begins to set up the chair in the center of the ring.

JFA: Oh whats he going to do now.
JHA: What do you think? It’s not like he’s going to sit down and take a brake.

OP walks over and picks up Auros who is still holding his gut. He drags him back to the center of the ring then hoists him high into the air over his head and taunts the crowd. Suddenly Auros opens his eyes and a sneaky grin comes to his face. He starts squirming. Finally OP can’t hold on any longer and he tries to drop Auros but instead of Auros crashing hard to the mat he spins and grabs on to OP’s head and drives him down hard through the steel chair and busts him wide open.

JFA: What a reversal. He just turned that body press into a DDT through the steel chair.
JHA: That looked like it really hurt and that’s what makes it so funny. Look he’s bleeding.

Auros slowly gets to his feet as OP begins stir. Auros drops down and goes for the pin. The ref drops and starts counting,1….2…Kick out. Auros then jumps back to his feet yelling at the ref saying it was three. While Auros is pleading his case OP gets to his feet and picks up the bent chair. He turns and swings trying to hit Auros but at the last second Auros jumps out of the way and drops OP2005 with a chop block then quickly reaches over and grabs the barbwire bat. He gets to his feet and looks at the thing he just picked up and another grin comes to his face. He quickly jumps out of the ring and reaches under the ring and grabs a can of lighter fluid and begins to drench the bat with it. He then asks a member of the crowd for a lighter and lights the bat on fire.

JHA: Oh yeah. There it is. The flaming barbwire bat.
JFA: I thought you hated that thing.
JHA: Only when it is getting used against the NWA. But since he is going to use it against OP2005 I don’t really mind it.

Auros tosses another steel chair into the ring and then slides back in with the bat. He gets up and slowly starts stalking OP laughing OP is getting to his feet. Auros winds up and swings but OP manages to get out of the way and drop Auros with The Shining.

JFA: What a devastating kick to the head of Auros and now OP is picking up the bat.
JHA: Oh damn. Just when I thought OP was going to get what was coming to him.
JFA: I guess you will just have to wait.

OP grabs the bat and winds up but Auros reaches back and grabs a trash can and throws it into the gut of OP then rips the bat out of his hands and swings it into the shoulder of OP. He drops to one knee and clutches his should as Auros gets to his feet and swings again. This time Auros connects with the back of OP and drops him to the mat as OP strains to fight off the pain. Auros throws the bat out of the ring and positions the steel chair he threw in earlier in the center of the ring.

JFA: Auros picking up OP2005 and signaling for his finisher.
JHA: All right. I don’t even care if he wins anymore. As long as I get to see a replay of him hitting him with that bat later.

Auros picks OP up and drops him hard with an atomic piledriver and goes for the cover.

JFA: That’s it. The Atomic Piledriver and a cover. 1…..2…..3. And this one is over; Auros picks up the victory and retains his hard core title.
JHA: Now let’s see the replay.
JFA: Later. Now to ring side.

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and STILL your AWF Hardcore Champion………AUROS!

The crowd with a mixed reaction as Auros grabs the belt and makes his way to the back before anyone else can come out to fight him.


After the match, cameras cut backstage and find a 2000 silver Mustang with a license plate that reads "LITESPD" pulling into the parking lot. The engine and lights shut off, and Vin Ghostal, dressed in black leather pants and a shimmering gold top, steps out of the car without an athletic bag. Even in the bowels of the arena, deafening boos can be heard from the crowd.

JFA: Vin Ghostal! He's here!
JHA: Thank Jeebus V.3. is all right!
JFA: I thought we might have seen the last of him last week when Xille found him in that shower with an empty bottle of pills.
JHA: It just goes to show you that nothing can keep a great man like Ghostal down!
JFA: Except Morpheus...and Sixswitch...
JHA: When did you get a Ph.D in Ancient History?

AWF World Title Number 1 Contender's Match: Sixswitch v Viewfind

Joey: “Viewfind in the ring now, awaiting the arrival of Sixswitch.”

‘Flec: “What? What’s he doing here?”

Joey: “He’s coming out to face Viewfind for the number one contender’s spot for TC’s World Title.”

‘Flec: “So? Six had his time. Give that title shot to the Philly man. We don’t need Sixswitch turning into a carbon copy of Triple H.”

Joey: “Watch what you say there, ‘Flec. And here comes the Welsh Wonder, to the sounds of Mauro Picotto’s “Like This Like That.”

‘Flec: “And there goes Viewfind, to the sounds of wicked ass kicking on Sixswitch coming his way.”

Joey: “Right you are, ‘Flec. Viewfind going out to meet the Double S…and getting swiftly knocked on his back for his trouble, as Sixswitch delivers a devastating spear to Philly’s pride and joy!”

‘Flec: “Hey! He can’t do that! This match hasn’t started yet!”

Joey: “Actually, he can do that, because the match hasn’t started yet.”

‘Flec: “Exactly…what?”

Joey: “And now Six dragging Viewfind to his feet, landing down a couple of blows to make sure he’s knocked out…dragging him to the ring…and tossing him inside. Six getting inside now…and delivering a series of swift kicks to Viewfind’s prone form.”

‘Flec: “Hey! No fair kicking a man while he’s down! Disqualify him!”

Joey: “You know what they say, ‘Flec.”

‘Flec: “Um…of course I do, but explain it to everyone out there.”

Joey: “If it gets the job done, who cares how you do it.”

‘Flec: “You sure that’s what they say? I could have sworn that they say that…ALL RIGHT, ‘FIND!”

Joey: Viewfind grabbing Sixswitch’s leg, and kicking his other one out from underneath him, and now getting back to his feet, hoping to get some small measure of payback.”

‘Flec: “If I was Viewfind, I’d do more than gain a small measure of payback.

Joey: “If you were Viewfind, this match would already be over.”

‘Flec: “What?”

Joey: “Viewfind laying the boots to Sixswitch now…picking him up…and a snap suplex. Cover…only a two count. Viewfind picking up Six now, trying for another suplex…Six blocking…and delivering a suplex of his own!”

‘Flec: “As much as it pains me to say it, I’m impressed with the Welsh Wonder right now. Not a lot of people can stake a claim to giving the pride of Philly.”

Joey: “Yeah, it’s kinda hard to gain an advantage over Viewfind when he has his own personal hit squad to take care of his business.”

‘Flec: “That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

Joey: “Yeah, whatever. And now Six heading for the ropes now…looking to pull off some death defying move. Six at the top…is he going for the Sixshooter? No…just an regular elbow drop…which connects! Cover…and another two count. Six arguing with the ref now, saying that he delivered a slow count. You can tell that he’s beginning to get a little frustrated now. Just take a look at the expression on his face.

‘Flec: “Yeah. I have the same expression whenever I’m…”

Joey: “I don’t think anyone wants to hear that, ‘Flec.”

‘Flec: “Well, too bad. I’m going to tell them. Y’see, that’s the kind of expression that I usually haven whenever…”

Joey: “And Viewfind going for a clothesline… Six ducking the attempt…and Viewfind knocking the ref out! Viewfind just took out the referee!”

‘Flec: “We have refs now?”

Joey: “Yeah, and one of them is laid out in the ring, as Six and Viewfind tumble out onto the mats. Now they’re exchanging lefts and rights. This has disintegrated into a slugfest rather quickly, folks.”

‘Flec: “But wait! Look whose come to save the day! YIPEE!”

Joey: “Yeah, here comes the GPA right on time to save their dear leader in crime.”

‘Flec: “I know you’re being sarcastic, but yeah! GO GPA!”

Joey: “Divebomb and Prowl heading for the ring, Ravage and Tempest heading for the slugfest…Sixswitch knocking down Viewfind…and now beset by Tempest. Exchanging lefts and rights…And there’s Ravage from behind with a chair…Six ducks…and Ravage hits Tempest! Tempest goes down! And a superkick by Sixswitch to Ravage, driving the chair directly into Big Daddy Rav’s face. Ravage down!


Joey: “Looks like you’re going to get your wish. Divebomb on the turnbuckle now, looking to go for a high risk maneuver. Going off the turnbuckle…and landing directly into a gut punch by Sixswitch! But Prowl coming in from behind with the chair that Ravage had…and slams it right across Six’s back! Now the entire GPA going to work on Sixswitch! This is complete and total chaos, folks!”

‘Flec: “I know! Isn’t it fun?! And the best part is that the ref is…OH, NO! OH, NO!”

Joey: “Oh, yes! The ref’s coming to! He sees the commotion outside…and he’s calling for the bell!”

‘Flec: “WHAT?! He can’t do that!”

Joey: “Why not? Because that robs the GPA of a chance to destroy a promising young superstar?”

‘Flec: “Well…yeah, but it also means that we have no number one contender for the AWF title!”

Joey: “You’re right about that. And now the GPA heading up the ramp, laughing at Sixswitch, still knocked out on the floor. But what they don’t know is that by screwing Sixswitch, they screwed their own leader.”

‘Flec: “Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure that strings will be pulled backstage to give the shot to the one who deserves it more.”

We are taken to a graveyard, lightning crashes and a thick fog rolls through the scene.

“All the flaws…all the imperfections…the Ghosts of the past, now laid to rest. I should hate you Bombshell…but instead, I cannot.”

More lighting strikes, this time hitting a headstone, shattering it to pieces

“An ending…a beginning…all in one fail swoop…and very soon…all shall know the name…Grand Convoy!”


The GPA is greeted by a seething Brendan Reilly.

Reilly: YOU MORONS! How dare you interrupt my number one contender’s match. NO! Not one word from any of you…if you value your careers you will keep your damn mouths shut. So…since no clear Number One contender has been established, the path seems pretty clear to me…Fallout…Triple Threat Match…TC defends against Sixswitch and Viewfind…now GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!

The GPA skulk away, smiling at Viewfind’s gain, but weary about the boss’s mood.

*Commercial Break*

AWF Mayhem goes back after they showed some few commercials. In the ring we see a ladder placed in the middle of it before the camera pans over to the announce table with JFA and JHA.

JFA: "Welcome back folks and if your wondering why a ladder is there, the AWF staff put it there during the break for some reason"

JHA: "I know we dont have a ladder match scheduled tonight but why the hell is it doing there J?"

JFA: "The hell should I know."

"X gonna give it to ya" plays as D-Extreme enters the stage with a singapore cane on his hand. He stops and raises it on stage as the pyros shoot up. The fans cheer for the xtreme one as he makes his way down the aisle with the beer on his hand and the cane on the other. D-Extreme enters the ring and goes to a corner. He drops the cane and opens the beer can to gulp it down. He throws the can to the outside before getting the mic from the referee and goes down the turnbuckle.

JHA: "The hell is wrong with this guy gettin in the ring and such"

The fans cheer his name as he breifly looks at the ladder infront of him. He finally addresses the crowd as he turns up his mic.

D-Ex: "If everybody is wondering why this ladder is here, then wonder no more. Cause on Fallout I will face Auros in the Hardcore Ladder Match and you bet that D-Extreme shall be the victor."

JHA: "If I was a betting man his chances are slim to none"
JFA: "Cut him some slack. One year of verbal lashings for you is enough for one AWF superstar J"

D-Ex: "You see, it has been my destiny to be the AWF Hardcore Champion since I came here as D-Extreme. Though there has been a lot that sidelined me, my injury, my short lived Tag Team Title Riegn and my time with factions such as the nTo or the cWo. When I was new here I didnt look out for myself, I had to look out for either the leader of the pack of my stable or my tag team partner. Hell I had to hold back my dream of becoming a hardcore champ just to win the TV Title to be the first AWF Television Champion. I had to keep myself from showing my sadistic side and rather make myself look like a harmless and fun loving giant. But where the hell did that get me?! In the locker room I've been seen as a harmless big guy whos IQ is just equal of that of a monkey in a petting zoo!"

JHA: "It is true"

D-Ex: "But no longer do they say that. Since this year I stopped holding back my anger. I stopped holding back the rage. I stopped holding back the desire to rip my opponents into shreds! You see NOTHING is the thing you shall get for being nice. I tried being nice and it led it nothing!!! NOTHING!!! Its just like my life is symbolized in this ladder you see infront of me. I slowly took one step before, but because of me trying to be mr. nice guy and mr. fun loving each and every step up made me go 2 steps down the ladder. But ever since this year, ever since I displayed to the AWF that I am to be taken serious off, I've just been climbing step by step by step to the Hardcore division and the title. At AM 3 I was in the locker room praying, hoping that I will finally get the title I desire. The title that was destined to me. A title belt that was designed and crafted and should be worn in my waist. But one man stood in the way. One man cheated me out of the match. One man took the cheaters way out and dooped me just to steal my destiny! AUROS! ITS YOU! AND YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THAT! On Fallout I will not hold back anymore of my anger. I will not hold back anymore my desire to TEAR YOU APAAAAARRRRRTTTT!!!"

D-Extreme is seen with an angered look while the crowd cheers wildly.

D-Ex: "Auros, mark my words Taco Juan...on Fallout...blood will be spilled. Blood will poured down and made into a pool in this ring. And that blood will be yours and yours alone. Cause on Fallout, It will be me standing tall in the peak step of the ladder while your on your back bleeding in defeat. Cause make no doubt that I Xtreme. I am destined for the title and I will.......DESTROY THE OPPOSITION!!!"

D-Extreme's music plays as he raises his singapore cain into the air. He leaves the ring with it as the fans cheer.

JFA: "It seems to me like D-Extreme is gonna be all bussiness at Fallout J"
JHA: "Yeah and it creeps me out."

AWF IC Number One Contender’s Match: Cloudstrifer v Bombshell
Built for Speed by Motorhead emits from the speakers.

RA: Hailing from The Land of Viking’s, Norway --- CLOUDSTRIFER!!

JFA: Well Cloudstrifer is up against Bombshell in this Number 1 contenders match for the IC Championship.
JHA: Well … this should be a good match.
JFA: Where are you going?
JHA: I’m going to need some sleep before I go out tonight.
*JHA makes his way back stage only to be caught by Bombshell*
JFA: Well well …
*Bombshell walks JHA back over to his seat and grabs the microphone*
B: J, I don’t want to be here either, I deserve this no.1 contender spot just for showing up. Cloudstrifer, lets not waste anyone’s time, lie down and I’ll get the 1 … 2 … 3.
JHA: Good – o, this just picked up.
JFA: And Bombshell making his way down to the ring now, and Cloudstrifer is looking around at the crowd.
JHA: Lie down you fool, let Bombers get the pin.

With that, Cloudstrifer shrugs his shoulders and lies down on the mat just as Bombshell makes his way onto the apron.

JFA: I don’t believe it, Cloud is just lying down on the mat!
JHA: Well, looks like tonight is going to be alright, another couple of those and I can leave early.
JFA: And Bombshell is telling the ref to start the match and he rings the bell.
JHA: Bombshell is going for the cover 1, 2, and 3 … no wait! Cloudstrifer got his arm up!!
JFA: He’s stretching his arms, bombshell looks shell shocked.

Cloudstrifer claims he was stretching his arms and tells Bombshell to pin him again.

JHA: That’s better, 1 … 2 … and the kick out.
JFA: and Cloudstrifer is saying that he had a leg cramp! He’s saying one more time.
JHA: Excuses excuses … Bombshell go for the pin one more time and … wooahhhh.

Cloudstrifer gets out of the pin before the ref could get to 2 and starts to wail on Bombshell. Bombshell goes under the bottom rope to escape but Cloudstrifer is hot on his trail.

JFA: Well Cloudstrifer has had enough of playing games. He’s after Bombshell like a drunken redneck after a dog.
JHA: This can’t be good, run Bombshell … RUN!!

Bombshell goes under the ring and comes out the other side with a pouch in his right hand, he jumps back into the ring just as Cloudstrifer comes out from under the ring were bombshell just was.

JFA: And Cloudstrifer sees bombers, but Bombshell has that pouch behind his back.
JHA: Both men are at a stand still. But bombshell is opening the pouch, can we get a camera man there?

The camera man goes behind bombshell to find the pouch fool of a green powder.

JFA: I wonder what that is for?
JHA: Well it looks like were going to find out.
JFA: Cloudstrifer is going for Bombers, but he side steps, with his other hand he reaches into the pouch and throws the green powder at Cloud’s eyes just as he turns around.
JHA: Well how bout that, I would of never have though of that!
JFA: Yeah well, Cloud is down on the mat, he’s kicking away for all his life. He can’t tell where he is.

Bombshell is approached by the ref and seizes the bag off Bombshell.

JHA: Doesn’t like that one bit, he grabs the back off the ref.
JFA: And now the refs grabbed it back off Bombshell, now the bombers has it back.
JHA: Ref …
JFA: Bombshell …
JHA: Ref
JFA: Bombshell
JFA: Ref
JHA: Bombshell
JFA: Ref
JHA: Blaster
JFA: What?!

While bombshell and the ref were bickering in the ring Blaster came down to the ring an poured water in Cloudstrifer’s eyes.

JHA: Now what is he up too?
JFA: I dunno, but Cloudstrifer just blind sighted Bombshell from behind, knocking him into the ref.
JHA: And Blaster has grabbed the pouch from the ref, got into the ring and blind sighted both Cloudstrifer and Bombshell, he grabs them both by the arms and swings them together making a heads on collsion.
JFA: Wow, I head that a country mile away.

Blaster places bombshell on his back and Cloudstrifer with an arm over his chest.

JFA: Blaster on the ropes and goes for the Soundsault, both men are out.
JHA: Blaster cleans the eyes of the ref and points him in the right direction.
JFA: Ref goes for the slow count ... 1 … 2 … 3! Cloudstrifer wins!!
JHA: And I fear, things have got worse between Bombshell and Blaster …
JFA: And suddenly it doesn’t look like this match is over…OP2005 AND Amarant Odinson have come out here and gone right after Cloudstrifer…an entourage of AWF officials is following them to the ring to break up the altercation.
JHA: And where were they when Bombers was getting screwed? HUH?
*The officials tackle both OP2005 and Amarant, both arguing they should be given a shot at the gold. Suddenly Mr. Reilly appears on the Archivetron.
Reilly: Now THAT is initiative…that is charisma…that is what I WANT TO SEE. So it is my decision that at Fallout the IC Champion, whoever that may be will defend against Cloudstrifer, OP2005 & Amarant Odinson…in a FOUR CORNERS MATCH! I’m A GENIUS! Oh yes…and Bombshell, you will get Blaster, one on one…and maybe we’ll get to see who really drove the Canucks! Have fun!
Backstage the camera shows Xille wandering the halls in jeans and a white t-shirt that reads, "The Power of X". He knocks on an unlabeled door, opens it, and finds Vin Ghostal sitting in a corner, silent.

Xille: So....

V.3.: ....

Xille: So, I....I...how you feelin?

V.3.: ...

Xille: Look, man, I don't want to take up any more of your time than I have to. I just felt like I should tell you what I told you last week...when you couldn't hear me...

V.3.: ...

Xille: Right...like I said before. I know you've been through a lot since ArchiveMania. I can tell how hard it hit you, what the GPA did. What Viewfind did. Point is, you and I may not be the best of friends. Hell, we haven't seen eye to eye since the day you came back. We may never be on the same page, except in one way. I know how much you want to get back at the GPA and at Viewfind. Believe me, I've been on a mission to rub that scum out of the AWF since day one. I can help you. We can...

Out of nowhere, Ghostal awakes from his trance, leaps to his feet, and wraps a hand around Xille's throat, pushing him against a white concrete wall.

V.3.: Help me? You want to HELP ME?!? No one can help me, especially not some no-name dime-store punk like you. You think you understand what I've been through? Trust me, kid, you have no...idea...

Frowning, Ghostal releases his grip on Xille, and the rookie superstar adjusts himself and heads for the door.

Xille: You know where I stand...Vin...

With that, Xille turns and leaves, and Ghostal frowns and places his hands on his hips, staring at the ground. In the distance a moment later, however, he hears noises in the hall. Grabbing a chair, Ghostal slowly opens his locker room door and peers around the corner, only to see Divebomb and P? laying waste to Xille with kicks and punches! As the Tag Team Champions beat the daylights out of the rookie, Ghostal grins evilly and goes to duck back into his locker room. As Xille releases a scream of agony after a low blow, however, Ghostal frowns and brings his hand to his face. Pulling on his own hair, he growls and lunges out of the locker room, rushes down the hall, and dents the chair on Divebomb's head! As he goes to level P with the chair, a horde of AWF officials arrives on the scene! One snatches the chair, and the officials pull the two men apart as they scream threats at one another! Suddenly Mr. Reilly appears clapping his hands.
Reilly: Well, well, well…what have we here? The most unlikely of pairings…fighting it out against the GPA? Why Ghostal, I had no idea you could recover so quickly and stick it to your former hired thugs! And since it seems you have found yourself a little tag along…tag…hmmm…I’ve got an idea…how about this…Fallout…Xille teaming with Vin Ghostal faces the NWA…and let’s make it for the AWF Tag Team Titles…I’M A GENIUS!
The cameras show the stunned expressions on all the participants’ faces as Mayhem cuts to commercial.

AWF IC Title Match: The Mat Man Nmathew (C) v The Game Erik Summers

Price to Play by Staind begins to play throughout the arena as the crowd leaps to its collective feet.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event and it is for the AWF Intercontinental Championship. Making his way to the ring area, hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota…he is the Game, Erik Summers!
Joey: He is a former 3 time AWF Champion and a 2 time AWF Tag Team Champion, he has been voted the AWF Superstar of the Year, there are so many ways he can beat you and I firmly believe he could very well be the best in this business. He is the People’s Champion and come the end of this evening, he could be the IC Champion.
Flec: Yep…the Game, the People’s Champion…shows how little the people know…

Back in Black takes over and a mixed reaction comes from the crowd…unsure of how to respond to the Mat Man.

JRA: And his opponent, originally from Fresno California, now residing in Madison, Wisconsin, he is the AWF Intercontinental Champion…the Mat Man, Nmathew!
Joey: Like the Game, the Mat Man was involved in a fierce battle at Archivemania, and like the Game, he came out a winner. As such…he is the AWF IC Champion, but tonight could be the biggest matches of his life…he’s stepping there with an icon, a legend in his own time…this should be an instant classic and you can only see it right here on Mayhem!
Flec: Quit your yacking Styles, there’s violence afoot!
Joey: Bell has sounded and the two men staring each other down in the ring. The Game, the Mat Man…Mat Man doing some talking…
Flec: Isn’t that the Game’s calling card?
Joey: He does like to talk to get in his opponent’s head, that is true, and NMat just got his mouth shut with a hard knife edge chop to the chest, courtesy of the Game. We are off and running here, lock up, Game with the armbar, go behind, locking in the reverse hammer lock, adding the crossface, now dragging the Mat Man down with a Greco-Roman take down. The Game holding control of that right arm, moving it to a reverse, wristlock, the Mat Man showing how much that hold hurts, wincing in pain.
Flec: Extremely painful hold and one that can break a wrist in a matter of seconds. Great strategy by the challenger here.
Joey: Indeed Flec, the Champion meanwhile, trying to roll through the move, now to his feet and lunging at the ropes, to order the break. The Game releasing the hold and smirking at the Champion, the Champion looking frustrated and shocked by the quick attack by the Game. Shaking his wrist, Mat Man, goes for a lock up, but ducks under and dropkicks the lower back of the Game!
Flec: What a counter…go behind and drop kick to the back!
Joey: Moving quickly, the Mat Man hitting the Game with a german suplex, holding on for the cover…1…2…and the Game with the kick out. The challenger wincing now, holding his lower back. Now pulling himself up, but Mat Man with a chop block…unusual to see MM go for a maneuver like that. The Champion going to work from there, grabbing the Game and locking in a Boston Crab. The Game though working hard and rolling through the move after having it applied to him, some affect, but not what Mat Man would have liked.
Flec: You know, the Mat Man and Amarant Odinson are always going on about how they are the best technical wrestlers, but I think the Game may be able to argue himself in that category too. Textbook escape there by the Game!
Joey: Indeed, an all American and an NCAA National Champion as a Freshmen in college while at the University of Minnesota. The Game also trained with the Legendary Hart family and also the great Shawn Michaels…he knows so many ways to attack…so many ways to win and Mat Man showing that frustration. Picking the Game up…sending him to the ropes…Game ducks the clothesline, puts on the brakes…Mat Man turning around…GAME OVER! The Game hitting the Game Over and both me are down.
Flec: You sure about that Styles?
Joey: Kip up by the Game! And the Game looking out towards the crowd, lining the Mat Man up…bouncing off one rope…the other…mocking the Champion and driving the People’s Elbow into the chest!
Flec: The most electrifying move in sports entertainment…and one I don’t believe he ever has or ever will win a match with!
Joey: Cover…one…two…and the champion able to shoot his shoulder up. The Game glaring at the referee, asking about a slow count…and meanwhile, referee distracted, the Game gets dropped by a low blow by the Mat Man!
Flec: Suddenly this guy is getting interesting!
Joey: I can’t believe I just saw that! The Game falling to the mat due to the low blow by NMathew. Pulling the challenger up and sending him back to the mat with a suplex. Mat Man is going up to the top…moonsault, nailing the Game with the Moonsault! Cover…1…2…thr…NO! Kickout! And Nmat is furious with the official…meanwhile the Game getting back to his feet, pulling himself up…lining up for a clothesline, charging in and NMat pushes the referee in the way!
Flec: Holy crap…now he is really interesting me!
Joey: The ref is down, but the Game turns and SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Just like that a little Sweet Chin Music played by the Game and Mat Man is out like a light…the Game shaking the referee…but HEY! HERE COMES MORPHEUS!
Flec: And there goes the Game’s shot at the title!
Joey: Morpheus leveling the Game with a steel chair, then as if that isn’t enough dropping him with a ddt onto the chair…tossing the chair to the outside…now pulling NMathew across the Game…dragging the referee into position…1…2…3! NMat retains…but give the assist to Morpheus! Damnit…the Game should be the IC Champion right now!
Flec: Should of, could of, would of Styles…NMat ain’t so bad anymore if you ask me.
Joey: Nmat grabbing his title and quickly making his way out of the ring…staggering up the ramp, happy to have his title, though not really clear as to what is going on, at least I hope he doesn’t know…Morpheus meanwhile crawling back into the ring…pulling the Game up…but HEY! The Game with the Game Over, drops Morpheus to the mat! The Game with a sudden burst…now staggering back and he wants the mic.
Game: Mat man…your candy assed former Pulp Faction buddy may have saved your title…but he just wrote a check his body can’t cash. Morpheus, you go on and on about pain and misery…Fallout…you…the Game…one on one in front of the millions of the Game’s fans…oh yeah…and if you want pain, you’ve got it…cause it’s going to be Hell in a Cell!
Joey: WHAT!?!
Flec: The Game’s lost it…
Joey: And Morpheus…smiling in the ring as the bloodied Game makes his way to the back…Fallout, the Game v Morpheus, Hell in a Cell, TC will take on Sixswitch and Viewfind…what a card…we’ll see you there, we’re out of time, good night!

2004-05-08, 11:16 PM
aiight nigga back the hell up the nigga Viewfind gonna take care of this s*** here

I got my finger on the trigger and im fittin to bust, i gots these niggas on a lockdown cause they bitchin too much f*** the hoe's who dont know me or know where i come so imma tell straight up PHILLY OR BUST!


Now TC, Sixbitch
Ya'z best be gaurdin yo grills imma go fo da knockout
moves like little mac in punchout,bitch yaz just got knocked out.

2004-05-08, 11:48 PM
So... Let me get this straight. The Double S beats Viewfind in a Number 1 contenders match, but Viewfind still gets to be in my match? Reilly. You suck.

But not as much as the GPA. Five on one, and you bitches only just managed to get the one up on the Double S. Ravage beating Tempest with a chair. The Double S slams Ravage with a chair. Come on guys. If it takes five of you suckas to fight me, and you STILL can't get the win for your pimp, what does that say about you? It says that you suck. It says that you can't stack up to the Double S, and it says that at Fallout, the Double S is gonna kick some sense into your little leader.

So, the Double S got two words for ya Viewfind. Bring it.

2004-05-09, 12:31 AM
OOC: A most excellent show, considering its comparitive shortness. Keep up the good work, you anonymous writer people...

2004-05-09, 01:50 AM
Hey Six remember way back when you and that other jobber had Tag gold?

I am sure you can't remember the name of the girl you were with last night, oh thats right you don't have any girls.

But anyway I degress, thats right Six, you lost your gold to TC and myself.

But hey you know something, I am sure View can kick your ass without the GPA's help. So come Fallout you just remember what you said about 5 of us beating you when one man does.

2004-05-09, 02:07 AM
D-Ex: You better be enjoying your victory Auros. You better be savoring every taste of it tonight cause on Fallout it will be all over for you as the Hardcore Champ. A new era will soon unfold in the AWF after Fallout....I'll show you...YOU'LL SEE!

OOC: Good Mayhem...damn Ghostal is giving Xille the cold shoulder I see ;)

2004-05-09, 02:51 AM
Well, Well looks like Cloudstrifer has once agian beaten that pip squeek of a man they call Bombshell. Hey how does it feel to lose to one better than you?

Yes, Yes I know you want to moan and shout how Blaster beat you up and interfeared with the match or whatever, up the result ends up the same. For the second time, I CloudStrifer, The Norse Thunder, The Chosen One has once agian beaten Bombshell. Now get out of my sight you patheic excuse for a man.

MM, I shall get that belt. Its a good thing you kept it or else, I would have been very off at you giving away something of mine.

Yes, all is falling into place, I shall be the new IC champion and none can stop me!

Fear the Pain, Believe The Hype!

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-09, 06:56 AM
I know someone who can stop you, you little piss ant. You're looking at him. The TRUE best damn technical wrestler in the AWF today. The only man that truly deserves that number one contendership for what is rightfully mine.

And the great thing about it, is that I don't care what type of match it is? The fact still remains the same. I've each one of you peons tap out once before and I can will do it again. I've gone to far to now and no one can stop me from getting MY I.C. Title back around my waist. Not some viking, not some daydream and not some hack who could wrestle his way out of a wet nutsack. I know Mat Man has been hiding from me. He knew that he couldn't beat me one on one again. That's why this match was made. So that Mat Man could have a chance in hell of surviving me. If this is the only way that I get my rematch, then so be it. But it won't work. Nothing can save any of you from The Rabid Wolverine.

At Fallout, I will regain the Intercontinental Title and restore it back to it's former glory. I will MAKE YOU ALL TAP on my way to victory and I will show that world once again exactly why none of you will ever....PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-05-09, 10:32 AM
Hey, unlike you, Bitch Daddy Rav, the Double S doesn't need to find a girl every night to stop his dick withering up, and to avoid talking in a squeaky high pitched voice. Looking at you, it's obvious that you don't get girls every night either.

As for you and TC beating me and Deadpool for the titles. Ancient history. You want to talk about beatings? What happened the last time that you and Viewfind stepped into the ring with the Double S? That's right, xille and I beat your asses. So come Fallout, Bitch Daddy Rav. When the Double S is standing victorious as the new AWF Champion. Remember that history is just repeating itself.

You want some?
Come get some!

2004-05-09, 02:30 PM
The Darkened Boiler Room

The shadowy figure of OP2005 sits looking at his burns enjoying the moments of pain...

OP2005: Injured and Beaten with my own weapon! Bah! Slip Up we did Yes. Not again. We will not let it get in the way, no. We will take what is ours. We will take what is ours.


Demonic Laughs as the the whole area darkens out completely....

2004-05-09, 08:27 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
OOC: Good Mayhem...damn Ghostal is giving Xille the cold shoulder I see ;)

ooc: Geez, why didn't anyone warn me that he was so mean? ;)


Well, Ghostal, like it or not, I guess we're stuck together. Not that it isn't going to be kick-ass, right, baby? I mean it's you and me, against the NWA. Who hates the NWA more than us? Nobody, baby, nobody.

The X has waited so long to get his hands on the NWA. I still haven't forgotten that initial DDT, and I sure as hell haven't forgotten my recent beating in the hallway. Divebomb, we will finally meet, and I'll finally get to show you why I deserve to be here.

I've said it once, but I'll say it again: y'all are about to feel the combined power of V.3, Vinny G, the Man with Golden Bat, Vin Ghostal, and the red hot rookie, the mid-card miracle, the man everyone wants to get high on, the X, Xille.

Hear this, Divebomb: You NWA better hope the GPA isn't MIA when we hit Clai-four-ni-ay, or else your titles are gonna be coming my way.

Remember that.

2004-05-09, 09:33 PM
The double S should stand for Simply Stupid.

You want to get in the ring with me little man go ahead. I will have no problems making you regret ever running your mouth to the GPA.

Oh thats right though, View is going to do that at Fallout.

Looks like I will just have to finish the scraps.

Sir Auros
2004-05-11, 06:11 AM
Black leather paints and a sheemering top!? Joor such a maricon Ghostal...Joor the rey de las mariposas...

OP2005, why joo theenk joo gonna take my title? I ain't givin' eet up and I'm gonna put a hardcore-style hurt on anyone who theenks they can take eet from me. Pendejo.

OOC - A bit of advice for whoever wrote my match, it's more natural in English to say something like "Auros' head" or "OP2005's neck" instead of "the head of Auros" or "the neck of OP2005." I know Spanish at least prefers stuff like "la cabeza de Auros" and that style of syntax, so I know where you're coming from.

2004-05-11, 11:06 AM
You think the Double S is scared of Big Bad Ravage. Oh no. Y'see, you might be good at putting the frighteners on little kids, and newcomers, but the Double S is neither. The Double S has been kicking ass in the AWF just as long as you. Only difference is that the Double S is better at it.

Considering that I just beat Viewfind despite your interference, I'm not too worried about Viewfind at Fallout. Oh, and a bit of advice for you, Viewfind. Leave your goons in the back at Fallout. They'll only screw things up for you like they did this time.

So, you want to make me regret running my mouth about the GPA? You choose now to do it? Well the Double S has been running his mouth about the GPA for a very long time, and not one of you ho's have been able to stop me.

But the Double S enjoys a chance to show why he's the most exciting superstar in the AWF today, so Ravage...

You want some?
Come get some!

2004-05-11, 03:06 PM
Six you see the problem with you is you stand here and say "Want some come get some!".

Almost like you think you have a chance.

Your right you have been here as long as I have. But I would not say you have been that much better.

So you want to go around running your mouth to me? Well after I make HBK realise the punk he is. I will gladly stuff my size 18 so far up your ass, you'll know what Nike tastes like.

So in the famous words of the Road Warriors, you want to chase me like a dog does are car? Well what the hell are you going to do when you get to me?

And you know your problem Small S, you got to me.

So clear your dance card bitch and I will gladly teach you about pain.