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2004-05-14, 05:16 AM
JFA: “Welcome, we are back with another edition of AWF Warzone. We are coming to you live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. JHA, good to be here again with you.”
JHA: “Same to you. Boy we have a good show tonight and then I get to go to the casino and play some games. Its going to be a great night.”
JFA: “Just remember to leave yourself some money to make it to LA for Fallout.”
JHA: “Come on now. Give me some credit; I do have a little self control.”
JFA: “Yeah, we’ll see about that when its time for Fallout.”

D-Extreme v. Hellraiser

JFA: “Well it time for the first match of the night and it will be D-Extreme taking on the newcomer, Hellraiser.”
JHA: “You know I’ve seen this new guy and I have gotta say he’s not too bad.”
JFA: “And where have you seen him before?”
JHA: “I just meant I have seen him practicing. He has got some skill and tonight he gets to show the world what he’s got.”
JFA: “And on that note let’s get to JRA for the official announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another edition of AWF Warzone. Tonights first match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his AWF in ring debut …….HELLRAISER!”

The lights dim and a fog starts rolling over the stage as we hear a little girls voice start talking:

“People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow could bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.”

Just as the voice finishes a bell tolls and a shadowed figure makes his way to the top of the entrance way and stops with his head down and his hair covering his face. The crowd sits in stunned silence as the bell continues to toll. Finally the bell tolls for the thirteenth time and he suddenly looks up staring at the ring as flames shot out of the stage and “Slow Chemical” begins to play. The pyros die out and the lights go completely black. After a few seconds the lights come back on and we see Hellraiser in the ring crouched on the top ropes. He looks out among the crowd then steps off the turnbuckle and waits for his first opponent.

JRA: “Introducing next, your resident extremist……D-EXTREME!”

A pyrotechnic falls down to the stage and explodes. Then we hear the following words:

First we gonna rock!,
Then we gonna roll,
Then we let it POP,

“X gonna give it to you” begins to play and D-Extreme makes his way through the curtains and down to the ring as the fans cheer. He climbs in and the ref rings the bell.

JFA: “Wow, what an entrance by Hellraiser.”
JHA: “Yeah but you and I both know it takes more than just a good entrance to be successful in the AWF.”
JFA: “Yeah I know that but you gotta admit it was pretty damn good.”
JHA: “Ok it was pretty cool. But let’s get to the fight.”

The two warriors start to circle the ring as they size each other up then suddenly Hellraiser lunges forward and nails D-Ex with a throat thrust then another and another until finally D-Ex is backed into the ropes. He grabs D-Ex’s arm and whips him to the other side. D-Ex bounces off the ropes and runs right into a standing side kick by Hellraiser. Hellraiser drags D-Ex to his feet and levels him with a devastating uppercut that send D-Ex into the air and then down hard onto the mat.

JFA: “Good start here by Hellraiser.”
JHA: “You’re telling me. Did you just see that uppercut?”
JFA: “It was mighty viscous.”

Hellraiser climbs the turnbuckle and waits for D-Ex to get to his feet. D-Ex gets to his feet and Hellraiser leaps off the top and nails him with a missile dropkick. Hellraiser drags him to his feet again and slams him to the mat with a huge spinebuster. Hellraiser calmly stands back up and looks around the crowd surveying everybody in attendance. Finally he turns his attention back to D-Ex and walks in for the kill.

JFA: “I might be speculating here, but it looked like Hellraiser might have just got a little nervous as he looked around the crowd.”
JHA: “I doubt it and even if he did you would never know it. I mean he doesn’t show any expression at all.”
JFA: “Well I don’t know, but that’s what it looked like to me.”

Hellraiser drags D-Ex to his feet but this time D-Ex shrugs off Hellraiser and nails him with a haymaker. Hellraiser stumbles back a few steps and D-Ex lunges in again with a haymaker. D-Ex then bounces off the ropes and drops the mysterious newcomer with a clothesline. Feeling some momentum D-Ex quickly stomps on the head of Hellraiser then drags him to his feet and slams him down with a snap suplex. He follows that by locking in a camel clutch.

JHA: “Look at this, D-Ex has turned the tables and now has Hellraiser locked in a camel clutch.”
JFA: “A good veteran move. He’s grounding the newcomer in a big way.”

Hellraiser screams in pain as D-Ex pulls back on his head but he slowly starts making his way to the ropes. Finally Hellraiser makes it to the ropes and D-Ex breaks the hold. He gets up and poses for the crowd and then signals for the X-Ocution. He drags Hellraiser to his feet, kicks him in the gut and grabs onto his head but just as he is going for the move Hellraiser pulls away and whips D-Ex into the ropes and then picks him straight up over his head.

JHA: “Here it comes.”
JFA: “Here what comes?”
JHA: “He calls it Hellfire and Brimstone. It’s his finisher. He countered D-Ex and now he’s going for a finisher.”

Hellraiser looks around the crowd and goes for the chokeslam but as D-ex is coming down he lands on his feet, pushes Hellraiser's arms away, kicks him in the gut and drops him with the X-Ocution.

JHA: “What the hell just happened?”
JFA: “Well it looks like Hellraiser isn’t the only one that can counter things around here. D-Ex with the cover here. 1….2….3! And there it is, D-Ex picks up the win.”
JHA: “That’s too bad; I really thought he had him there.”

“X gonna give it to you” starts again as D-Ex gets to his feet and poses for the crowd.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner…..D-EXTREME!”

The crowd gets to their feet and cheer as D-Ex makes his way to the back.

*Commercial break*

OP2005 and Brave Maximus v. Auros and Amarant Odinson

JFA: “Were back and it looks like its time for our tag team match of the night.”
JHA: “Yeah, I hope Auros and Amarant beat these guys bad.”
JFA: “Ah you’re just upset that they used that weapon on the NWA.”
JHA: “Damn straight, he shouldn’t be using that in a tag title fight. I hope they never get another shot at the gold because it would be a shame to see them both get permanently injured.”
JFA: “I don’t know if it would happen quite like that but they are a very formidable team and shouldn’t be taken lightly.”
JHA: “Ah I hope they lose.”
JFA: “Let’s get to ring side for the beginning of the match.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the rabid wolverine…..AMARANT ODINSON!

“In the hall of the Mountain King” by Apocalyptica begins to play as AO walks through the curtain and makes his way to the ring taunting the crowd the whole way there. He gets in the ring and the music changes to “****ing in the Bushes” by Oasis as Auros walks through the curtain.

JRA: “Introducing next his tag team partner, the AWF Hardcore Champion……..AUROS!”

Auros gets in the ring and they both taunt the crowd as the crowd boos. The music quiets down and changes to “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machines

JRA: “Now introducing their opponents. First, making his way to the ring……OP2005!”

OP2005 makes his way out through the curtains and down to the ring stopping at ring side to wait for his partner as the music again changes to “Haunted” by Evanescence.

JRA: “And introducing his tag team partner……….BRAVE MAXIMUS!”

Brave Maximus walks through the curtains and down to ring side and stops to have a quick word with OP when suddenly they lunge under the bottom ropes and begin throwing punches at their opponents. Brave Max quickly sends Auros over the tope rope and out to the floor as OP whips Amarant into the ropes and drops him to the mat with a back body drop. Amarant rolls under the ropes and to the floor as OP and Brave Max pose for the crowd.

JFA: “Whoa, a quick start here for OP and Maximus as they send both of their opponents to the outside in a hurry.”
JHA: “Damn them, at least he didn’t bring that damn bat to the ring this time.”
JFA: “You never know, you might still see it before the end of the match.”
JHA: “I don’t want to see it unless Auros is beating OP over the head with it.”

AO and Auros regroup on the outside while the ref forces Brave Max out to the apron. Finally AO climbs in the ring as Auros takes his position on the apron and the ref signals for the bell.

JFA: “It looks like this match is finally going to get underway here with OP2005 and Amarant starting in the ring.”
JHA: “Let’s go Amarant.”
JFA: “The two tie up in the center of the ring and Amarant whips OP into the ropes and both men hit in the center of the ring. Neither one giving even an inch here. They tie up again and again Amarant whips OP into the ropes. Oh look at this Amarant just jumped over OP and he hits him with a hip toss.”
JHA: “Come on, keep on him.”

OP gets up and again Amarant hip tosses him and this time follows up with an arm bar. Amarant twists OP’s arm but OP reverses it by whipping Amarant into the ropes and hits him with a hip toss of his own. Amarant gets up slowly studying OP the whole time. OP charges for a tie up but Amarant thinking quickly ducks under it and drop kicks OP in the back and sends him into the turnbuckle head first right beside Auros. Amarant taunts Maximus who takes exception and tries to get in the ring. But seeing this, the ref runs over and starts talking to him. With the ref distracted Auros climbs into the ring and both he and AO begin putting the boots to OP. Finally the ref gets Maximus back out and runs over to break up the attack and forces AO to the outside after they said they made the tag.

JHA: “That was some good team work there by Amarant and Auros. Distracting the ref like that and then changing participants. Yup good team skills there.”
JFA: “Cheating is what it is. Just plain old cheating.”
JHA: “I guess you could look at it that way.”

Auros picks OP up and out of the corner then drops him hard to the mat with a body slam before bouncing off the ropes and dropping hard onto the neck of OP with a leg drop. Auros then grabs OP’s arm and tries to lock in an arm bar but OP scrambles quickly and grabs the bottom rope and the ref forces Auros to break the hold. Auros stomps hard on the back of OP then walks over and tags in Amarant. Amarant climbs through the ropes and goes straight for OP but suddenly OP jumps up and drives a hard right hand into the side of Amarant's face. The two begin exchanging blows in the center of the ring but finally OP gets the upper hand and whips AO into the ropes and throws him high into the air with a back body drop before he drops to the mat.

JFA: “OP with a huge back body drop there but it looks like it took all he had just to do it. I don’t know if he will be able to make it to the ropes to tag in Brave Maximus.”
JHA: “I hope he doesn’t. I hope Amarant tags in Auros and then they beat the hell out of him.”
JFA: “Come on now, you can’t hate him that much for that one little thing.”
JHA: “You wanna bet.”

Both men crawl their way to their corners but Amarant gets to Auros first and the hardcore champ jumps quickly into the ring going for OP. But unfortunately for him OP manages to tag in Brave Max who rushes into the ring and levels Auros with a clothesline and then another and then Amarant gets back to his feet and lunges at Max who drops him to the mat with a big boot to the face then one to the head of Auros. OP gets back to his feet and clotheslines Amarant over the tope ropes and both men fall to the floor on the outside as BM picks up Auros and then powerbombs him hard to the mat. As this is going on Amarant gets to his feet on the outside and tries to whip OP into the steel steps but OP reverses it and send Amarant flying into and over the steps then reaches under the ring and pulls out his barb-wire bat.

JFA: “Oh here comes the barb-wire bat. I told you we would see it tonight.”
JHA: “Damn it, ref look outside. Come one he’s gotta see this.”
JFA: “I don’t know, Maximus and Auros are keeping him pretty distracted in the ring.”

With the ref distracted on the inside of the ring OP walks around the ring and drives the barb-wire bat hard into the leg of Amarant and then into his back. He drops the bat and climbs into the ring with Maximus and both men look at each other then signal to the crowd for their respective finishers.

JFA: “OP and Brave Maximus are going for it here.”
JHA: “Oh damn it. Why don’t they just lose?”
JFA: “It’s not what they are paid to do.”

OP picks up Auros and sets him for a powerbomb of his own but instead he picks him up and drops him hard to the mat with the Gravedigger then poses to the crowd as Brave Max stands over the fallen hardcore champ. He picks him up and drops him hard to the mat with his finisher.

JFA: “This should be just routine here after OP hit Auros with the Gravedigger and then Maximus goes and drops him with The Final Darkness. The ref making the count 1….2….3. And there it is. OP2005 and Brave Maximus pick up a tag team win here over Auros and Amarant Odinson.”
JHA: “Bah. Bad ending. It wouldn’t have happened if OP didn’t use that damn barb-wire bat on Amarant.”
JFA: “I don’t know they looked like they had pretty good control over the match at that point.”
JHA: “They still should have been disqualified.”

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this bout……..OP2005 and BRAVE MAXIMUS!”

The two begin to pose as the crowd showers them with cheers and the cameras cut to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

HBK Sean O’Con v. Tempest

JFA: Were back and it looks like its time for our next match.
JHA: Yeah we get a preview of what’s going to happen to HBK when he steps into the ring with Ravage at Fallout.
JFA: That remains to be seen but tonight he’s got his hands full with Tempest.
JHA: Yeah and he’s going to lose to Tempest tonight.
JFA: Well let’s just find out now as we go to ring side to get the official announcement.

JRA: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

“Pistol Grip Pump” by Rage Against The Machines begins to play as Tempest emerges from the curtains followed closely by fellow GPA member Ravage while the crowd boos them relentlessly.

JRA: “Introducing first, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Ravage. The Human Bulldozer……TEMPEST!

Tempest and Ravage climb into the ring and begin to taunt the crowd as the music quiets down and changes to the familiar sounds of “Superstar” by Saliva, signaling the entrance of HBK. The crowd starts to cheer as they show just who they are hoping for.

JRA: “Introducing next, From Southampton, England. Brendino Heat……SEAN O’CON!

HBK casually makes his way to the ring not worrying that both Tempest and Ravage are still in the ring. He climbs in and poses to the crowd as the ref signals for the bell and Ravage makes his way to the outside.

JFA: “Well the crowds showing a little cheer here for HBK tonight.”
JHA: “Yeah but its going to take more than that for him to beat Tempest.”
JFA: “Tempest making his way to the center of the ring now and trash talking HBK who seems to be taking it quite lightly.”

Tempest turns his head to look at Ravage when all of a sudden HBK lunges and nails Tempest with a devastating Heartbrend Kick to the Jaw of the big man.

JFA: “Oh my god! Did you see that? Tempest took his eyes off of HBK for just a second and boom, HBK drops him with the Heartbrend Kick.”
JHA: “No, Tempest get up, GET UP! Ravage do something.”

Like it was on cue, Ravage jump up to the apron just as HBK was going for the cover. The ref heads over and begins yelling at Ravage to get off the apron as HBK casually gets up and starts trash talking Ravage. Finally Tempest begins to move and the Ref forces Ravage off the apron.

JHA: “Yes, I knew Ravage would let him get away with that.”
JFA: “Well he did run just the right amount of interference.”

HBK slowly makes his way back to Tempest and drags him to his feet before bouncing off the ropes and dropping him back to the mat with a flying forearm. HBK gets back to his feet and walks around and grabs Tempest’s feet as he sets up for a figure four leglock.
Again Ravage jumps up to the apron and begins taunting HBK. HBK drops the legs and quickly turns and takes a swing at Ravage, who dropped off the apron just in time, and starts yelling at him to get in the ring. While this is going on Tempest groggily gets to his feet and clears his head.

JFA: “GPA’s up to their old tricks as Ravage is distracting HBK here.”
JHA: “Yeah and Tempest just got to his feet. I think it’s about to get fun.”
JFA: “Can’t they ever just have a match without the interference.”
JHA: “What are you talking about? It’s not their fault that HBK can’t keep focused on what he’s supposed to do.”

Finally HBK finishes yelling at Ravage and turns around to get back to work on Tempest but instead of him finding Tempest still out on the ground, Tempest gives HBK a Heartbrend kick of his own as he drives a big boot to the face of HBK that drops him to the ground and Tempest follows that with a quick sledgehammer drop. He gets back to his feet and picks up HBK and drops him back down with a high angle scoop slam that knocks the wind out of him.

JFA: “Oh look at this. Tempest hits HBK with three moves and he’s already taunting the crowd.”
JHA: “He’s just showing them who’s in control because we all know HBK can’t combat the pure power of Tempest.”
JFA: “Are you kidding me? You do realize that this is HBK your talking about don’t you?”
JHA: “Yeah but its Tempest. The Human Bulldozer.”
JFA: “Whatever. Just watch the fight.”

Tempest walks back over to HBK and gives him a hard stomp before he picks him up and nails him with a viscous release german suplex as Ravage cheers on the outside. Tempest then picks him up and whips him into the corner and follows that in with a running clothesline. Tempest starts putting the boots to him as the ref begins the count.

JHA: “Oh look at this, Tempest is decimating HBK here tonight.”
JFA: “Well I don’t know if I would go that far, but he is in control.”
JHA: “Oh come on, look at him. He's out in the corner.”

Tempest steps back to stop the count then backs to the other corner. He looks around the crowd as Ravage yells at him to attack and then rushes across the ring but at the last second HBK side steps the clothesline from Tempest as the big man goes chest first into the top turn buckle. Tempest stumbles back out of the corner and out of nowhere HBK lunges towards him and drop him with a devastating HDD.

JFA: “Whoa where did that come from. HBK with the HDD to Tempest.”
JHA: “No Tempest, get up. Ravage do something. Don’t let him win.”

Sensing that HBK was going to win Ravage jumps in the ring and charges at HBK going for a clothesline of his own but HBK ducks and nails Ravage with a Heartbrend Kick that send him through the ropes and out of the ring.

JHA: “No Ravage what were you thinking. Tempest get up, come on.”
JFA: “Well HBK just ducked the clothesline from Ravage and then sent him out of the ring with the Heartbrend Kick. He’s not wasting any time here going for the cover. 1….2….3! And it’s over.”
JHA: “No, Tempest you had him on the ropes.”
JFA: “Maybe next time.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this bout, Brendino Heat……SEAN O’CON!”

HBK rolls out of the ring and casually walks back out the entrance way looking at Ravage the whole time and mouthing the words “See you at Fallout” then begins to laugh at Ravage as he walks through the curtains.

Backstage with The Game

JI: “Game... Game can I get a few words with you about your match with Morpheus at Fallout?”

Game: “*The Game turns and raises his eyebrow* Sure...”

JI: “Ok...um well first of all. You have been having a hard time with him lately and I guess my first question is. How does it feel to have him cost you the AWF IC title?”

Game: “Well, fair enough place to start...you see the Game was about to win the IC Title...something the Game has never done...and out of the back comes that no good, backstage...freak of nature Morpheus to cost the Game the title.”

JI: “Ok. Now this all started when you came out to help him as Strafe was literally beating the hell out of him using a steel chair. Were you expecting him to react the way he did after that?”

Game: “What the hell do you think monkey ass? You know...you try to do the right thing around here and what do you get out of it? Leveled by a steel chair in front of the millions and millions of the Game's fans...but, simple fact is this...Morpheus here in the AWF you reap what you sow.”

JI: “So you challenged him to a Hell in a Cell match. We all know you are the Game and one of the best this business has ever seen. But do you really think that going into a match like this with Morpheus is that good of an idea? I mean he does seem to like pain.”

Game: “Really? That's great, cause the Game likes to dish out pain. Perfect environment then, wouldn't you agree? You see the Game has been in this match before...the Game has been in War Games...Hell In A Cell...the Iron Gauntlet...you name it and the Game has played it...so I ask this...how much does Morpheus like the pain? Because he's about to meet a whole new world of pain...”

JI: “Strong words. But you have been in some very brutal matches lately, like your match with O'Con at AM III, do you really think your body can handle another match as brutal as this.”

Game: “The last person that questioned the Game's ability to win the big one...to face the wars ended up losing a best of three falls match. Nobody...and the Game means NOBODY...can run with the Game in a big match...brutal or not...”

JI: “True. So I guess I will let you get back to what you were doing but do you have any final comments for Morpheus, then fans, the critics, or anyone before we go?”

Game: “Fallout...Morpheus...you and the Game one on one...and you'll see why I am the Game...why I am that damn good...and if you have a problem with that Morpheus...you can do two things...nothing and like it!”

*Commercial Break*

Offsite at the Hardrock with the GPA and Howard Stern

The broadcast cuts to the Hardrock casino as we see Howard Stern standing by a craps table with Viewfind, Divebomb, and Prowl?.

HS: “Hey this is Howard Stern here taking over the broadcast controls of Warzone for awhile here as me and the GPA play a little craps. So how are you guys tonight.”

VF: “Oh you know how it is. We got the money, the women and the drinks. All we needs for a good night.”

Dealer: “Place your bets.”

VF: “Oh damn, (Viewfind places some money) come on P? win me some cash.”
P?: “Oh hellz yeah. (P? tosses the dice)”

Dealer: “Seven”

VF: “Damn straight.”

HS: “So Viewfind, you have a big match at Fallout for the AWF World title. How you going to handle that?”

VF: “Oh you know how it goes. I get in the ring, I beat the fools silly and I walk out with the bling.”
DB: “You know it. Blingzilla gonna bring home the gold and the GPA gonna be ridin' high.”
VF: “Yeah yeah. It’s all about the bling.”

HS: “It’s all about the bling. Now Divebomb, you and P? have a title defense against Xille and Vin Ghostal don’t you? What’s your thoughts on that?”

Dealer: “Place your bets.”

DB: “Hey View, toss some cash for me. Well you see we are gonna win and that’s all there is too it.”
P?: “Damn straight. We are gonna kill them. (He looks at the women beside him) Hey blow on these baby.”
Women: “Alright. (blows)”
(P? rolls the dice)

Dealer: “Seven”

DB: “Hell yeah. See we can’t lose, I’m winning money and P?’s on a roll. It’s a sure thing. Now when the hell are you gonna throw some money out here.”

HS: “Me, alright. (Grabs his wallet) Toss down this for me.”

DB: “That’s the way to do it. Roll’em P?”

Dealer: “Seven”

DB: “You see. We can’t lose.”

HS: “Let it roll.”

P?: “Yeah baby. (Looks at the women again) Blow’em again”

Dealer: “Seven”

VF: “Hey P? hand’em over”
P?: “Roll’em View.”
VF: “(looks at the women) Well you don’t have to blow the dice but you can blow this. (Grabs his crotch) Yeah baby.”
(Rolls the dice)

Dealer: “Seven”

DB: “Oh yeah, its gonna be a GPA kinda night.”

HS: “Alright one last question. What brings you to the Hardrock tonight when Warzone is at the MGM Grand?”

DB: “What? You mean you can’t see. Look at the women, look at the money and look at the drinks. Cash us out. Its time for the party. You coming Howard?”

HS: “Hell yeah, I wouldn’t miss it.”

P?: “Alright then, grab some cash, grabs a ho and get up to the penthouse.”
DB: “No better way to spend time before Fallout then this.”

HS: “Alright, looks like that’s all from us. We now send you back to Warzone.”

*The broadcast changes back to the MGM Grand as we see Viewfind, the NWA, and Howard Stern heading for the elevators in the Hardrock hotel*

JFA: “What the hell was that?”
JHA: “That was the GPA showing us a glimpse of the good life.”
JFA: “What do you mean the good life?”
JHA: “Gambling, drinking, women, and they are hanging out with Howard Stern.”
JFA: “Yeah, ok. So that’s the good life. If you say so. Let’s just get to the next match.”

Zarak v. King

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, or next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Failsworth, Manchester…….ZARAK!”

“Mexicola” by Queens of the Stone Age begins to play as Zarak makes his way through the curtains and down to the ring. The crowd cheers as he steps through the ropes and poses for the crowd. The music changes to “Head like a Hole” by NIN as the crowd’s reaction changes from cheers to boos. King makes his way through the curtains and down to the ring.

JRA: “Introducing next. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA……….THE KING!”

He steps through the ropes and taunts the crowd as the ref signals for the bell and the two tie up in the center of the ring. After a few seconds they split and the two eye each other up and lunge into another tie-up. This time King throws a knee into the gut of Zarak and then slams him hard to the mat with a body slam. He taunts the crowd as Zarak slowly makes his way to the ropes and then to his feet. King follows Zarak into the corner and throws a heavy punch but at the last second Zarak dodges it and spins King into the corner and begins to unload a series of knife edge chops then whips King into the opposite corner and nails him with a running clothesline that sends him to the mat.

JFA: “After a quick start by King, Zarak has managed to come back and take control of the match.”
JHA: “Bah, he won’t be able to beat King tonight.”
JFA: “I wouldn’t say that quite yet. He is in control here.”

He drags King to his feet and quickly puts him on the top ropes. Zarak climbs up after him and sets for a superplex. Just as Zarak is about to lift him, King throws a few punches to Zarak's gut and shoves him hard off the top rope. Zarak hits the mat hard and slowly makes it to his feet. He turns around to see King flying off the top.

JHA: “He just nailed Zarak with the Divebomb.”
JFA: “A devastating flying clothesline there by King and just like that he seems to have all the momentum back.”

King quickly capitalizing on his momentum drags Zarak to his feet and levels the former tag team champion with the Tantrum. He drags Zarak back to his feet and whips him into the ropes and locks in the Razorclaw. The ref quickly comes in and begins to count. King is forced to break the hold and he begins to taunt the crowd again.

JHA: “There you go. King your beating him senseless.”
JFA: “King is definitely showing skill tonight but I wouldn’t count Zarak out so quickly.”

King finishes taunting the crowd, while they boo relentlessly, and makes his way back to the fallen Zarak. He drags him to his feet and whips him into the ropes again. This time however he side steps and locks in an abdominal stretch. The ref quickly comes in to check on Zarak. As the ref checks on him King reaches back and grabs onto the ropes for more leverage causing Zarak to scream in pain. The ref checks again but still Zarak refuses to quit. King reaches back again and grabs the ropes but this time the ref notices and kicks King’s arm off the ropes. Zarak quickly counter the abdominal stretch with a hip toss and collapses to the mat.

JFA: “King trying to use the ropes for extra leverage but the ref didn’t fall for it this time and Zarak was able to get out.”
JHA: “Damn ref. He shouldn’t be able to kick a fighter like that.”
JFA: “Why not? He used to ropes to inflict more pain on Zarak so the ref should be able to kick the arm of King to even it out.”
JHA: “Whatever. The ref shouldn’t be allowed to kick people and that’s the way it is.”

King gets to his feet first and watches as Zarak slowly uses the ropes to climb to his feet. Just as Zarak manages to get to his feet King grabs a hold of him and slams him hard to the mat with a Rampage then backs into the opposite corner and set up for a headstrong.

JFA: “It looks like King is going to try and end it right now as he crouches in the corner.”
JHA: “Oh Hell Yeah. Spear that jackass.”
JFA: “Oh shut up. You’re just cheering for him because you don’t like Zarak.”
JHA: “So I cheer for the lesser of two evils. Is there something wrong with that?”
JFA: “Yeah, but lets just watch what happens.”

Zarak gets to his feet using the turnbuckles and turns to see King charging at him head first. Just before King would have made contact Zarak jumps put of the way and King crashes into the corner hitting his shoulder on the steel ring post.

JFA: “King missed. I don’t believe it, he missed and now I would have to say that Zarak might be getting some of the momentum back.”
JHA: “Damn it. King why did you have to go and miss?”

Zarak gets to his feet, walks up behind King, pulls him out of the corner and slams him to the mat with a half-nelson suplex. He climbs the ropes and jumps off nailing King with a Manchester Jam. He gets to his feet and poses for the crowd and signals for the Venom Blade. He drags King to his feet but just as he is going to go for the move King whips him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline but Zarak ducks it and bounces off the ropes, comes back and kicks King in the gut and drives him hard into the mat.

JFA: “There it is. He just hit King with the Venom Blade. I can’t believe it.”
JHA: “Oh damn. King you blew it.”
JFA: “Zarak with the cover now. 1…2….3! And it’s now in the history books. Zarak has beaten King.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match……..ZARAK!”

Zarak gets to his feet and poses for the crowd as “Mexicola” by Queens of the Stone Age blares throughout the arena.

JFA: “Well it time for our last commercial break. But coming up after the break we will have our main event. A non-title triple threat match between TC, Strafe, and Morpheus.”

*Commercial Break*

Non-Title Triple Threat: TC v. Strafe v. Morpheus

JFA: “Welcome back and here we go. Its time for tonight’s main event.”
JHA: “Yes it is. This is going to be a good match. I can just feel it.”
JFA: “I don’t doubt it one bit. Just look at the participants in the match.”
JHA: “Yeah we got Strafe, Morpheus and our champ TC.”
JFA: “And on that note let’s get to JRA for the official announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for tonight’s main event. It will be a non-title triple threat match. Introducing first, coming to you from Chicago, Illinois. The AWF TV Champion……..STRAFE!”

Korn’s “Here to stay” begins and the TV champ himself walks through the curtains and down to the ring. He gets in and poses for the crowd as the music fades and changes into Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” signaling the entrance of Morpheus.

JRA: “Introducing next, making his way to the ring……MORPHEUS!”

JFA: “Morpheus making his way to the ring now to join Strafe already in the ring.”
JHA: “Yeah both of these men have been doing rather well as of late with Strafe being the TV champ and Morpheus picking up victories over Viewfind and Vin Ghostal.”
JFA: “A little bit tainted victories, but victories none the less. But just think what would happen if either of them could manage to get a pin fall victory over TC.”
JHA: “They would be able to have a good claim on the number one spot for the title.”
JFA: “That they would. Morpheus in the ring now and we are awaiting the entrance of our AWF World Champion, TC.”

Just then “Trigger” by In Flames begins to blast over the PA system and the AWF world champion walks out onto the ramp and holds up his title for the crowd to see then continues to walk to the ring.

JFA: “And there he is, our World Champion.”
JHA: “He’s looking in fine form tonight. I can’t wait to see this one start.”
JFA: “TC climbs into the ring and hands his belt over to the ref and the bell sounds to start this one off.”

The three men stand on opposite sides of the ring and carefully size each other up then all of a sudden Strafe lunges across the ring and throws a punch at TC, but TC saw it coming and ducked and the two began exchanging punches while Morpheus just watched. Finally TC kicks Strafe in the gut and whips him into the ropes then drops him down to the mat with a back body drop that sends Strafe rolling to the outside to collect himself. TC then looks up and sees Morpheus starring at him. The two get face to face and begin to trash talk each other before tying up in the center of the ring. TC quickly slides around to the back of Morpheus and locks in a hammerlock.

JFA: “TC with the hammer lock applied to Morpheus.”
JHA: “And here comes Strafe with a deadly clothesline to the back of TC’s head.”

TC lets go of Morpheus and falls to the mat. Then Strafe and Morpheus look at each other and begin laying the boots to TC. Morpheus then picks up TC and whips him into the ropes. On his way back Strafe and Morpheus knock him down with a double clothesline then pick him back up and slam him down with a double suplex.

JFA: “Good team work here by Strafe and Morpheus. Too bad this is a triple threat and only one man can win.”
JHA: “Yeah that’s too bad. They pick him up again and this time they clothesline him over the top ropes and to the outside.”

Quickly Strafe takes advantage of the situation and boots Morpheus in the gut then whips him into the corner. He charges in and jumps into Morpheus with a body splash. He backs up again and does another one then throws Morpheus over the top ropes to the floor right beside TC. The two of them start to stand up as we see Strafe leaning against the opposite ropes. The moment the two of them got to their feet Strafe charges and flys over the ropes with a cross body. Just before the collision happens TC jumps out of the way and all of Strafe’s weight come crashing down on Morpheus. TC looks at the crowd and smiles then heads over to the two fallen competitors and drags Strafe to his feet. He then whips the TV champ into the steel steps and follows that by throwing Morpheus into the ring. Before he climbs back into the ring he walks over and picks up Strafe and body slams him on the floor.

JFA: “TC with a smart move to get out of the way of the suicide dive, but now he’s body slamming Strafe on the floor.”
JHA: “He’s just trying to even the odds here. I mean come on, Strafe and Morpheus were double teaming him so it’s all fair.”
JFA: “Well whether it’s fair or not, it seems to be working.”

TC climbs back in the ring as Morpheus is getting to his feet. TC kicks Morpheus in the gut and sets for a northern lights suplex but Morpheus blocks it. TC tries again but again Morpheus blocks it and this time Morpheus throws TC’s arm around his neck and delivers a suplex of his own. Morpheus gets up and climbs to the second rope and jumps off with a fist drop to TC. He picks up TC and gives him a backbreaker then poses to the crowd.

JFA: “Morpheus with a good reversal there. He looks like he is seting up for the Anesthesis.”
JHA: “Yes he is. It looks like this one might be over pretty soon.”

He drags TC to his feet and hooks both arms but just before he can drop Strafe jumps back in the ring and drop kicks Morpheus in the back of the head and then nails TC with the Ivory Tower.

JHA: “Holy cr@p. Did you see that, Strafe just came out of nowhere and drop kicked Morpheus and hit TC with the Ivory Tower?”
JFA: “Quick thinking here by Strafe who’s going for the cover. 1…..2…..TH!”
JHA: “No Morpheus got back in tie to break up the count.”

Morpheus picks up Strafe and the two begin to trade punches. Back and forth they go until finally Strafe gets the upper hand and whips Morpheus into the ropes. Morpheus bounces back and ducks the clothesline from Strafe. He bounces off the other side and then nails Strafe with a clothesline of his own. Strafe bounces back up and again gets nailed with a clothesline. This time Strafe gets to his feet a little slower. As soon as he gets to his feet Morpheus kicks him in the gut and drops him with the Anesthesis.

JFA: “And there it is. The Anesthesis. He just laid out Strafe.”
JHA: “He’s going for the cover. 1…2.....THR!”
JFA: “No TC just got to his feet and broke up the cover with the rolling thunder.”

He gets to his feet and signals to the crowd. Just then Morpheus slowly makes it to his feet. TC turns around runs over, jumps up and drops him back down with a running enziguri. He looks at the corner, runs over, jumps up to the top, turns around and flys.

JFA: “Oh here it is. The Five Star Frog Splash.”
JHA: “He just landed on Strafe.”
JFA: “The ref with the count. 1…2….3! And he’s done it. TC has won the match.”
JHA: “I told you this was going to be a good match.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match. You’re AWF World Champion……TC!”

The ref hand him his belt and TC celebrates before heading to the back leaving both men down in the ring.

JFA: “Well that’s it. D-Extreme got a win over the newcomer, Hellraiser. OP and Brave Max pick up a tag team win. Zarak beat King. HBK picked up a win over Tempest.”
JHA: “And TC picked up a win in the triple threat.”
JFA: “Well from all of us here on Warzone live from Las Vegas to all of you out there, Good Night and see you next time.”

*The Warzone credits roll as the program goes off the air*

2004-05-14, 10:26 AM
The Darkned Boiler Room

OP2005: Darkness engulfs your light. The power of darkness flows through these veins. Auros and Odinson....

We told you not to mess with us. You disagreed. Suffer the same fate at fallout Odinson.. and Auros always fear for a Nightmare will be here......

And to the others, Cloudstrifer and Mat Man... you both will feel my pain the pain of Thy Worst Nightmare!

2004-05-14, 11:29 AM
OOC: Multiple throat thrusts? :eyebrow: o.O that's alittle harsh since it'd likely cave someone's throat in, but oh well it is wrestling

2004-05-14, 11:35 AM
OOC: I dunno as well but I do know Taker used to do those multiple throat thrusts during the day.

D-Ex: Well new comer, tough luck but it seems like D-Extreme wont be your stepping stone. Make no doubt that you did your all Hellraiser but it was not enough cause it only took one moment for you get x-ocutioned to your doom! Auros, let that be the proof that your gonna loose. Let the proof that even a man of Op2005 calibre can demolish you with one simple move. Taco Juan your days are numbered! Face facts it wont be a good mexican standoff Auros, in reality it will look like a fatal accident in our match on Fallout. Your time of being Hardcore Champion is over Auros....its damn over.

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-14, 05:32 PM
I.C: I team up with some punk like Auros and this is what happens. This man is supposed a champion? And not only that, I then get blindsided by OP2005 with a barbed wire bat. I probably would've done better by myself and made both of those freaks tap out.

When I get my I.C. Title back, it'll be I who gets the last laugh. OP2005, you think that your my worst nightmare? We'll see about that. We'll see who's crying themselves to sleep when I make you tap out. When I make them all tap out. And then once again, I'll show the world that a daydream, mental patient who thinks he's a viking and a man who has about as much wrestling talent as the Ultimate Warrior cannot stand up to the Rabid Wolverine. They are nothing compared to the BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER in the AWF today. Compared to them I AM PERFECTION and once the belt is back around my waist where it belongs, those peons in the stands will finally understand that no one on the face of this earth ....will ever .... PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-05-14, 07:41 PM

Now all you mark ass tricks see how we roll, dat there was just a little taste of the good life, the life you have when you roll with the GPA!

Cash money, hoes.

handle it.