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2004-05-19, 05:37 AM
When last we left our heroes (in Ch3 Battle scars)...

The Autobots were fortifying their ranks and making preparations.
The transformers had all retreated from Cybertron as Quintessons and a hate plague took over, and they fled to Earth. Upon arrival, the Decepticons established a base in Carbombya and the Autobots established their base in the mountains of Colorado. The Decepticons attacked and retreated, having done and received a great amount of damage. The Autobot scout Hound followed them back, and subsequently fell to an explosion and was captured. The Decepticons reprogramed him and rebuilt him. Eventually he made his way back to the Autobots with Buzzsaw in an effort to follow Galvatron's orders and spy on the Autobots, but Hound was recaptured and a group of Autobots led by Red Alert is still in pursuit of Buzzsaw.

Both factions began searching for other methods to gain energy, with their focus on the eventual retake of Cybertron. The Decepticons made an alliance with the human leader Fakkadi of Carbombya, while the Autobots sent Smokescreen to ease the mistrust among the humans that felt the Autobots had abandoned the Earth to the Decepticons (long ago). The Decepticons sought to prevent the alliance, and captured Smokescreen in order to gain his abilities for their own use.

Optimus Prime meanwhile, has sent a small group of Autobots (called the Wreckers*2) on a mission to Japan to recover Hound's original memory chips, which had been removed by the Decepticon Hook and sent to a technology plant for decoding.

Other areas of action... In/ near medbay, Minerva, Crosshairs, Windslice, Trailbreaker and Ironhide are making preparations for Quick Switch's impending arrival. Springer and Hound are currently unconscious there.

Other small groups are busy making final repairs remaining from the battle, and increasing the security of the Autobot bases. One group has a captured human in custody. The human had been setting radio jamming devices around the Autobot base (see begining of Ch3). All the jammers have now been eliminated.

Nightbeat and his partner have headed to an airport on a tip and will be retrieving Spike from Chip's plant.

If I missed any major points, at some point very soon either someone else or myself will do a synopsis in the Starting Gate- history section, or else send it to me in a PM and I'll edit it in.

2004-05-19, 07:18 AM
ooc: might as well kick off this new thread :) I'll keep it short for now

In a different part of the Rocky Mountains(what's left of them anyway), we see Talon, the purple gargoyle Minicon working diligently with his friend Rock and the others to repair their house and lab that were destroyed and damaged during the fallout from the recent Autobot/Decepticon battle.

Talon paused a moment to look across the horizon, to where he knew the Autobot base was.

Soon, I'll be joining them again. Soon, we'll take the fight to the Quintessons. Soon, I'll have my revenge...

He quickly returned to his work, eager to finish it and prepare for the battles that would be in his future.

2004-05-19, 01:16 PM
Scattershot waved his arms at Prowl he had been trying to get prowls attention for over an hour know. It was like he was a goast.

Meanwhile the other four techies took up Beachcomber's request. Afterburner, Nosecone and Strafe when to go help and Lightspeed stayed behind to wait for [/b]Scattershot[/b]

2004-05-19, 06:51 PM
"Thanks," Beachcomber said to the three Technobots that followed him. "I appreciate it."

He led the way towards the cargo bay. "Sssso, where have you guys been? I haven't seen you around for a while."

Warpath chimed in, "WHAM! Niether have I!"

2004-05-20, 03:38 AM
Cargo Area, Denver International Airport:

Muzzle: -using the enhanced scan mode on the goggles, scanning crates as he walks slowly through the cavernous room- "No....... no......... Huh, so that's what happened to Jimmy Hoffa....... no......... Hmm?" -scans the crate more closely, pushes goggles up, reads the shipping labels on the crate, the seven crates next to it, and the open shipping container on the end of the row, all addressed to Carbombya- "Well, that was easier than I thought it would be..... you'd think they'd have sent a guard." -activates commlink as he starts trying to pry one of the crates open- "I think we struck gold."

Nightbeat: "Really? That was quick. Any guards?"

Muzzle: -finally gets lid off of crate, looks around again- "Don't see any. Probably weren't counting on Hound talking." -looks into crate- "Yup. We have motherload."

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop next to the cargo container as Muzzle opens the rest of the crates- "What's here?"

Muzzle: "A few crates of energon chips, a few crates of what look like those jamming devices that were fouling our comm systems...... and this." -pulls out of the first crate a small box, opens it- "A disk, a couple of computer chips....." -pulls out a note, opens it- "And a bunch of scribbling."

Nightbeat: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Muzzle: -looks at the pallets the crates are sitting on, grins- "I think so, bubba." -grabs a pallette cart, loads the crates into the cargo container, puts the box with the computerchips and disk on Nightbeat's passenger seat and a case of energon chips and one of the jammer control untis in Nightbeat's trunk, closes and locks cargo container, and reroutes the ship to address to the Autobot base-

Nightbeat: -chuckles as Muzzle gets in and closes the driver's door- "Won't Prime and the others be surprised."

Muzzle: -nods- as he pulls out the note and looks at it again- "What do you think?" -holds it up to the optical scanner on Nightbeat's dashboard-

Nightbeat: -scans note- "It looks like Farsi. Roughly translated, it says 'Translation done, Lord. First two on disk', and it's signed by somebody named Xhen Chiu."

Muzzle: "You get the feeling this just got a whole lot bigger?"

Nightbeat: "Yup."

2004-05-20, 05:15 AM
Sorry Cyborg. Somehow I missed all that.

Prowl caught some movement behind him and to the side. Since Ultra Magnus seemed to be deliberating over what he had said, Prowl turned to Scattershot and motioned him forward. "What assistance can we aid you with?"

Trailbreaker listened and nodded to Ironhide. "Sure thing Ironhide. You call the shots- I'll help."


Mirage wondered briefly if he was really making a lot of noise. He stopped in his tracks and studied the layout ahead. He crouched down and brought his rifle up. Quietly, he responded over his radio. "I'm ready and in position Red Alert."

2004-05-20, 05:25 AM
Forest, outside Fort Max

Red Alert slowed his pace and raised his wrist communicator to his mouth. "Acknowledged, Mirage. Keep your optics open."

2004-05-20, 05:27 AM
Command Center

"You're right, Prowl," Mangus replied, then chuckled. "I should have know it, though. You're always right, aren't you. Now, I suppose that I should stop worrying about what's happened before and begin to work towards the future."

Turning now to face Scattershot, he said, "Speak up, soldier."

2004-05-20, 09:41 PM
Corridor outside of Medbay:

Ironhide: "Awlrahght, Trailbreaker, get inta medbay an' get yer forcefield generator hooked inta base power. Make sure there ain't no way ta get in there until we're sure a what Quick Switch is intendin'."

Exit lane, Denver International Airport:

Muzzle: "Any idea what a Chip Chase is?"

Nightbeat: "Beats me. Sounds like a flavor of ice cream or something."

2004-05-20, 10:36 PM
Scattershot sad in a calm voice. "We where currently assissting Humans in there techno indever. But receaved word of assisstance being needed. We are returning to the fight and will help by any means necessary. The Technobot team is at your disposale."

The three techies followed Beachcomber. "So what is the big task at hand?", Asked Strafe

2004-05-20, 10:58 PM
Beachcomber smiled. "It's not really that big, Strafe," he said. Arriving at the cargo bay, he walked through the automatic doors and gestured at two large crates near the entrance. "I need to get those down to Science Lab Three. They've got some specialized geological sensor modules in there that I need. Bbbbut it's a two-'Bot job to move those big crates, and my second 'Bot's not all that useful."

Warpath, oblivious to the insult he'd just received, agreed. "BLAM! Can't carry things around with this stickin' outta my chest!" He tapped his cannon barrel lovingly.

Beachcomber walked over to one of the crates. "Nnnnosecone, you want to help me with this? Strafe and Afterburner, can you handle the other one?"

2004-05-20, 11:27 PM
Nosecone lifted one side of the crate while Stafe and Afterburner lifted the others. "I can see we its a two bot job.", joked Nosecone

"Lets get a move one it!" Afterburner Impatent as ever yeled out.

2004-05-21, 05:13 PM
Prowl was very pleased to hear of the help the Technobots were giving the humans, but in his typical fashion all pleasantries were put aside for a disturbing question that suddenly came up.

He got a concerned expression.
"What fight Scattershot?"


Trailbreaker walked back in to medbay, shrugged with a grin and tried to lighten the mood.
"Ironhide told me ta come back in here and put up a forcefield. Funny that... I didn't think the gas I had earlier was that bad."


"Hello? Come in... Smokescreen to Autobot base..."

2004-05-21, 06:44 PM
Cargo Bay, Fort Max

Beachcomber heaved on his side of the crate.
"OK, Techies. Wwwwe've gotta go out the door, turn left, and go straight past four cross-corridors." The scientist frowned. "Warpath, you lead the way, OK?"

"ZAP! Sure!" The irritating warrior waved at the others. "Follow me!"

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs frowned. "I thought you said you didn't think a forcefield would help?"

2004-05-22, 01:52 AM
Security Center, Fort Max:

Siren: -feet up on console, sound asleep-

Nightbeat: -LOUD crackle of static- "Autobot Base, do you read me?"

Siren: "WAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" -arms and legs fly out as he pitches over backwards in his chair, crashing to the decking, head and shoulders first- "Oooowwwwwwwwww....."

Nightbeat: "I repeat, Autobot Base, do you read me? This is Nightbeat."

Siren: -lurches to knees, left optic squinted shut as he rubs his aching head, hits key on console- "What?"

Nightbeat: "Siren? Why'd they put you in the comm center?"

Siren: "I'm not. It routed in through here for some unknown reason. What do you want?"

Nightbeat: -chuckles- "Woke you from a nap, did I?"

Siren: -growls-

Nightbeat: "I'm calling to let you know that you should be recieving a shipment of energon chips and jammers that were going to Carbombya. And I've got something that we should have examined when I get back. Forward it to Prime, would you?"

Siren: "Can't you tell him in person?"

Nightbeat: "I have to pick up something called a ChipChase first."

Siren: "Yeah, yeah. You get to have all the fun, and I'm stuck here in snoozeville. Don't even have a window to look out of. I'll forward the info to Prime...... Hang on, got another message coming in." -puts Nightbeat on hold, taps key- "Hello, Autobase."


"Hello? Come in... Smokescreen to Autobot base..."

Siren: "Smokescreen, this is Siren! Where are you?!?!?"

(Fixed 5/22/04, 6:22 pm according to the clock on the computer.)

2004-05-22, 03:09 AM
Sorry Quick, we need to move your characters.

All other thoughts forgotten, Quick Switch focused on one thing. He pushed bruskly through the door and forcefully made his way toward medbay, muttering under his breath.

"I'm coming Hound. I'm coming!"

The director was much like a locomotive on its track, but one thing seemed to be set on getting in his way.

Quick Switch fixed on the Medbay door - fully intending to ignore Ironhide as he approached.

Trailbreaker shrugged again and smiled. "I'm just followin' orders. I have my doubts as ta whether it'll work."

He bent down and plugged a cable from his arm into a base receptacle.

2004-05-22, 03:14 AM
Corridor outside Medbay:

Ironhide: -steps forward, optics narrowed- "Can't let ya go no further, Quick Switch. We got word you ain't jus' comin' down ta make a social cawl. Ah ain't lettin' you go in there if yer gonna bust th' place up."

2004-05-22, 03:33 AM
Quick Switch's optics blazed.
"Nothing and no one is going to stop me from seeing Hound, Ironhide. That's what I came for."

His vocoder lowered to a menacing tone.
"Now get out of my way."

2004-05-22, 03:52 AM
Ironhide: -activates commlink, subvocal- "Turn it on, Trailbreaker. He ain't come down ta be all nice an' friendly." -deactivates commlink, optics flare as his sensors do an active sweep of Quick Switch, clenches fists- "Ah think that answered mah question. An' Ah ain't movin."

2004-05-22, 04:24 AM
Trailbreaker shot a nervous glance toward the door and turned on his forcefield. "I shure don't know about this."
Out in the hall, Quick Switch scowled and attempted to walk past Ironhide.

2004-05-22, 04:30 AM
Ironhide: -moves to block Quick Switch- "No."

2004-05-22, 04:44 AM
Quick Switch's fists closed in a mix of anger and frustration.
"This is your last warning Ironhide. I'm going to see Hound. Get out of my way. That is an order."

2004-05-22, 04:52 AM
Ironhide: "If you wanna get in there, yer gonna have ta go through me. Hound ain't in no condition ta have you go crashin' in there bustin' up th' place." -scowls-

2004-05-22, 05:01 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs stared at Trailbreaker. "That doesn't look too safe..."

Outside Medbay, Fort Max

All of a sudden, an orange hand landed on Quick Switch's right shoulder. Seconds later, a similar hand landed on Ironhide's left shoulder.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Hot Rod's voice was slightly higher than usual. "Cool it, both of you!" He glared at Ironhide. "Quick's not going to smash anything," his blue optics flicked over to the Sixchanger, "are you? It'll just hurt your buddy in there." He looked back to Ironhide. "I'm sure he just wants to see how his friend is doing."

2004-05-22, 06:55 AM
OOC- Apparently the Autobots have a new communications officer so Blaster is useless. So I'll just write him off as dead or something :). Guess that means Raindance isn't around either, not that it matters since Dai hasn't posted.

Windslice just stood over Hound not moving just watching him as he listened to the arguement between the two autobots comparing it to something you would hear between two Decepticon's though not about something so compassionate. The Autobot wasn't worth infighting he would be better dead before he could do anymore damage if he had done any at all. Apart from a scarred forest Windslice hadn't seen much.


Bluestreak lay recharging still


Sunstreaker is still with Inferno.

2004-05-22, 02:45 PM
Scattershot looked at Prowl awkward. "I guess it was a cummunication error." he shrugged a bit.

The three others walkeed with Beachcomber and follwed Warcry through Fortress Maximus. Lightspeed waited patently outsidee were Scatershot and Prowl were talking.

2004-05-22, 05:44 PM
ooc: Blaster, you were aware the exact moment that communication post was made, and you chose not to post yesterday for your characters. So please stop the dramatics (ie. writing him off as dead).
Siren is in the security room, not the communications room, and the message would've come through on both as it's on a general frequency. Heinrad's post is fine. Nothing is stopping Blaster from also picking it up, which would be useful. Additionally, if your character is stuck waiting on someone, please post it in the proper place where I directed you yesterday. It would also be okay for Raindance to locate Buzzsaw in visual sight to move that along as Dai will be required to be away from next Monday through Friday.

Trailbreaker looked across at Crosshairs and Windslice with a less-than-hidden nervous expression. "No explosions yet. That's gotta be a good thing."
Inferno stretched and started for the door. "You're clean Sunstreaker, and so'm I. What do ya say to going to help out with the last repairs in security?"
Prowl nodded to Scattershot and then turned to Ultra Magnus.
"Magnus, I must go to report to Optimus soon. As we speak, there is a unit in pursuit of Buzzsaw. The decepticon must not escape. It came here with Hound and I think it is probable that it would hold valueable data on both the Decepticon base and also the location where Hound's memory chips are being held. Additionally, I want to verify what their intention was for coming here.

We have limited ranks, but we must get many things done very rapidly. If the Decpticons have managed to decode Hound's memory chips, we are in grave danger. We must immediately reprogram the security center and the base controls. If we were yet on Cybertron, the situation would have been critical. The Decepticons may be aware of our hidden reserves and outposts there. They may also be aware now of how much- and how little- we know about their faction and security. Buzzsaw's capture could be key to gaining an equal hand in intelligence. We must also recover Smokescreen- or if he has turned, we may find we need to destroy him. Prime believes, and I concur, that Galavtron seeks to use him to aid their faction in relations with the humans.

We must look to cutting off some of the Decepticon resources. Before he was captured, Hound notified us that the Decpticons had built a solar generator. We should assemble a team to take it out.

Once I can relieve Crosshairs, he will need to confer with our engineers and technicians to fortify our weapons. Optimus must be informed of the dangers we are facing, but also of the good news. Several human countries have pledged their support, and therefore we have enough resources to finish repairs, fortify our citybots and begin development of more weapons.
These are the priorities at the moment."

2004-05-22, 06:20 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs shrugged. "You mean out there or in here?"


Hallways, Fort Max

Beachcomber struggled under the wieght of the crate he was helping carry.

Warpath pointed to a nearby door. "WHAM! In there, Nosecone!"

2004-05-22, 06:28 PM
Originally posted by Scout
[SIZE=1]ooc: Blaster, you were aware the exact moment that communication post was made, and you chose not to post yesterday for your characters. So please stop the dramatics (ie. writing him off as dead).

OOC- I told you I would post later. So sorry for having other things to do. As for Blaster picking it up there is no point if it has already been answered.

Oh and read Heinrad's post, he says Comm-room. So obviously Blaster has vanished. If I am not going to be given a chance to post why should I bother trying to play him? You give Dai weeks at a time to post, I don't get 15 hours. Speaking of Dai you said you would say something to him and I did already note I saw Buzzsaw and fired at him.

2004-05-22, 10:37 PM
(OOC: Sorry, just trying to get Siren back into action. And I fixed the post, so Blaster can respond if he wants to as well.)

Corridor outside of Medbay:

Ironhide: -glare taking in both Hot Rod and Quick Switch- "Seein' Hound better be awl he's plannin' ta do."

En route to Chip Chase's place:

Muzzle: -scratching chin thoughtfully- "Maybe Chip is a nickname."

Nightbeat: "Could be. Chase is a common human surname, after all."

Muzzle: "Yeah. I knew a kid named Chase when I was in grade school. Never knew anybody named Chip, though."

2004-05-23, 05:00 AM
ooc: Blaster has declined the opportunity that was opened to his character Blaster, so we are moving on.
Dai additionally has the sasser thing in his computer, so it may be some time before he can return. Until then, I will be playing his chars.
Quick Switch fumed but held his temper- barely- only because he was so taken off-guard by having Hot Rod show up. His temper shifted to a bitter sarcasm as his optics flashed angrily.
"What do you expect me to do Ironhide- blow up Minerva, Ratchet and all of Medbay? Of course I'm only going to see Hound. Or maybe I oughtta knock some sense into you. Now move."

Buzzsaw made a loud squawk and barely avoided the shot. He made a frantic hopping move and attempted to take off.

2004-05-23, 05:34 AM
Outside Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod smiled nervously at Ironhide. "See? He only wants to check on his friend. Now'll you let 'em through?" His voice was part hopeful, part irritated.

Forest, outside Fort Max

Red Alert was a good distance away from Buzzsaw, but his superb senses detected the enemy's alarmed vocalization. He activated his comm unit.

"The quarry's onto us! Raindance, if you can force him above the treetops we can get him in a crossfire. If you can't, use your best judgement about how to bring him down. Mirage, if your cloak's not up yet, turn it on. If you've got a rocket launcher, be prepared to use it."

2004-05-23, 05:51 AM
Corridor outside of Medbay:

Ironhide: -glare now focused on Quick Switch- "Any tahme ya think ya c'n take me, give it yer best shot. Jus' make sure you ain't drunk when ya want ta try it." -activates commlink, subvocal- "Awlrahght, Trailbreaker, we're comin' in."

2004-05-23, 06:19 AM
Quick Switch scoffed under his breath and headed for the medbay door.

Inside, Trailbreaker got Ironhide's message and took down the forcefield.

He looked at Crosshairs.

"They're coming in."

2004-05-23, 06:29 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs shook his head, but he refrained from raising Pinpointer. "Great. Just great."

Hot Rod shot an annoyed glance at Ironhide, then followed Quick Switch towards the door.

2004-05-23, 06:34 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -still monitoring Hound- "Lovely." -wishing desperately that Springer would wake up, having the sinking feeling that this isn't going to go well at all-

2004-05-23, 07:05 AM
IC- Windslice wasn't the type to take chances with any Autobot who other Autobots were afraid of; much like the Monsterbots whom Windslice did his best to avoid back on Cybertron aswell. He reached his hand over his back grabbing onto one of the rotor blades as the shoulder mounted gun swivled and aimed for the door.

"If he is crazed why is he coming in? You already have two liabilities in this room. Me and this one," he nodded towards Hound "Would bringing a third into an area be so wise?"

He didn't ask either of the two directly he just put the question out there hoping that the answer was something better than 'we don't know'.


"I can get you one better Red Alert! Steeljaw, get this turkey out of the trees!" The blue jet slowed up and pulled out of the tree tops skimming over them.

The yellow lion growled as it swiled the missle launchers on it's hind legs upwards and fired his own missiles off towards the underbelly of the deception cassette trying to force him upwards.


Blaster listened in carefully to the communication going on between Siren and Smokescreen. He had to do two things: One, make sure that this was actuall Smokescreen by analyzing the vocalizers. Unless it was Soundwave doing the voice mimicing he'd catch it no problem. And two, get a bead on the location the transmission was coming from.

"Prowl? You there? This is Blaster. Siren has just picked up a communication on an Autobot frequency. From what I can tell it is Smokescreen and he is near the Carbombia border"

2004-05-23, 07:20 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

"I don't know," Crosshairs said in response to Windslice's question, "I just hope Ironhide knows what he's doing." He shrugged. "Besides, how am I supposed to know if you're a liability? There are a lot of Autobots around here that I've never met before."

2004-05-23, 08:13 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -pulls her heavy stun blaster, sets it on table next to Hound- "I think he does...... Trailbreaker, can you hook in over here? In case Ironhide's wrong about Quick Swith being calm. If stuff starts flying around in here, I want a forcefield put up to keep Hound and Springer safe."


Ironhide: -glares back at Hot Rod, with a look telling him how he feels about this whole situation-

2004-05-24, 02:39 AM
"Whoa!" Trailbreaker's attention diverted immediately from the door to the drawn weapons Windslice had trained on the entrance.
I've walked an assassin straight in here.
His optics flared in a rare menacing fashion as he brought out his own weapons and aimed them toward Windslice. Trailbreaker bristled at the armed transformer.

"Put your weapons away Windslice! Now!"
ooc: Quick was online this afternoon. It sounded as if he would post for his character tomorrow, so I'm going to hold off on bringing QS into medbay.

Buzzsaw shrieked and flapped his heavy metal wings frantically as an explosion blew him upside down and backwards into a tree. He slid down with a crash and rolled to his feet to face the oncoming jet. His red optics glowed brightly and he launched his missiles toward Raindance.
Smokescreen looked around and laughed somewhat nervously.
"I don't know Siren. I'm knee deep in a sand dune somewhere on the border of Carbombya. There's a funny-looking Earth tree to my left and a really big ocean and the sun on my right. Does that help?"

2004-05-24, 03:22 AM
"Very well," Magnus replied. "I'll get a team together and try to track down Buzzsaw."

2004-05-24, 03:37 AM
Security Center, Fort Max:

Siren: "Uh.... not a whole lot, Smokescreen. That whole part of this planet's known for sand, shoreline, and funny looking trees. Let's see...." -taps a few more keys on console, whacks the console a couple of times, gets a rough coordinate fix- "Got it. I'll see if I can round up somebody to go get you." -puts Smokescreen on hold, taps another key-

Nightbeat and Muzzle: -singing along with the hold music- "IiiiiiiiiIIIiiiiIIIII ain't got no BOD-day!"

Siren: -hands clapped over audio receptors, optics wide in horror, mouth open in a silent(for the moment) scream-"GAH! NO!!! NOT THAT!!!"

Nightbeat: "This is why you don't put David Lee Roth's greatest hits in for your hold music. What's up?"

Siren: "Sorry, boss. Hit the wrong key." -puts Nightbeat back on hold, drums fingers- "Who should I call......."

2004-05-24, 04:05 AM
Prowl paused in consideration. "Actually Ultra Magnus, I fully expect Red Alert, Raindance and Mirage to bring Buzzsaw in. However, the security repairs have not been fully completed. Your assistance with providing a detailed guard...

*Prowl's radio beeped in an urgent frequency and he held up a hand*

Prowl? You there? This is Blaster. Siren has just picked up a communication on an Autobot frequency. From what I can tell it is Smokescreen and he is near the Carbombia border"

"I hear you Blaster. Switching to three-way now... Blaster- boost that signal through.

Siren- When Blaster amps that signal- see if you can you get an exact fix on Smokescreen's location."

2004-05-24, 04:11 AM
"In that case," Magnus said. "I'll round up all our available forces and draw up a guard schedule."

2004-05-24, 04:16 AM
Siren: -over commlink- "Okay, Prowl. Let me know when you're ready."

Closing in on Chip's location-

Muzzle: -smiling at the music coming out over Nightbeat's commlink- "Sammy Haggar?"

Nightbeat: "Better than Hagar the Horrible."

2004-05-24, 04:23 AM
Prowl shook his head. "No Magnus. I think you'll be needed for a rescue very shortly. Call Inferno and Sunstreaker and get them into the security wing to assist with repairs and guard duty."

2004-05-24, 04:34 AM
Chip Chase's Plant:

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop in front of the building-

Muzzle: -gets out- "We're here."

Nightbeat: "Go get him and we'll head back to base. At the rate Siren's going, whatever section they put him in will fall out of the ship before we get back."

Muzzle: "Right, right. And keep your scanners peeled. The Decepticons figure out what's happened to their little care package, we could have problems." -heads into the plant-

2004-05-24, 04:53 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs' optics flashed warily from Trailbreaker to Windslice. He subconsciously raised Pinpointer a little bit higher, in case trouble should arise.

Hot Rod read Ironhide's glare accurately, and his return look would show his own uncertainty about the whole thing.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, we can't have those two duking it out in the hallway. It's bad for morale, or one of those other things that Magnus was always warning me about when I had the Matrix.

Forest, outside Fort Max

Buzzsaw's screech and the subsequent crash were not missed by Red Alert. He picked up his pace and ran towards the origin of the noise.

"Move it, Mirage! Someone's down!" He raised his wrist and shouted into his comlink, "Raindance, report!"

2004-05-24, 04:58 AM
Magnus activated his comm unit.

"Inferno, Sunstreaker, report to the security wing at once."

2004-05-24, 09:02 AM
Windslice shook his head to Trailbreaker. "I'd love to put them away, really I would but if you would notice the gun is on my shoulder," his voice was quiet, "I can't put it away and my swords are on my back; again making it hard to put 'away'."

He could understand the dis-comfort of having someone you don't trust with a gun at the ready to fire standing beside you, but Windslice had an instinct of survival that he had no intentions of passing up now.

"If everything stays peaceful my gun stays silent." He released the hilt of his sword and the gun slowly drifted back to it's centered position though he was ready to get both back into firing position in a split second.


Blaster got a strong lock on the signal being emitted from Smokscreen. Alone he would be to far out of range for Blaster to be able to amplify but with the help for Fort Max. Blaster transformed and the chair connected to him; giving him control and a direct connection to all the satellites and communication arrays on Fortress Maximus allowing Blaster to amplify the siginal strengthening it.

"Rockin' and ready Prowl"


The sudden turn by the vulture caught the survaillence cassette off gaurd. He barrel rolled to the left but the tail of one missle caught the wing sending Raindance spiraling into the trees again.

"Just fiIiIiIiInE rEd!" his voice was distorted by the spinning. The communication turned off after a loud thud most likely caused by the inevitable crash.

Though on the ground was one place Buzzsaw should not have been. Steeljaw quickly pounced out of the tree downwards directly above the orange vulture.

2004-05-24, 04:40 PM
Security Center, Fort Max:

Siren: "Running trace......" -taps a few keys, plotting it out on the grid- "There he is!" -looks at the rough coordinates he pulled- "Well, well..... so that's where Formosa is......" -activates commlink- "I've got Somescreen's location, Prowl. Sending coordiantes now." -sends them to Prowl-

Chip Chase's Plant:

Muzzle: -walks up to the front desk, looks down at the receptionist- "Hi, I'm here to see Chip Chase."

2004-05-24, 05:27 PM
Prowl ran through his data banks and frowned.
Too easy. We know he was picked up. Why go through so much effort and release him? If he had escaped, they'd have tracked him down by that area.

"Good work.

Blaster, suvey all signals in the area around Smokescreen within 800 miles. Siren, stand by.

Magnus, I think this is a trap, but we need to go get Smokescreen."

*Prowl glanced around as he contemplated possibilities and likely occurances.*

The beep from the door sounded to indicate it was opening and Trailbreaker made a split second decision.
Can't let there be trouble.
He put away his weapons and put up an invisible forcefield just a handful of Cybertronian-sized feet in front of the door.


"Already on my way Ultra Magnus." Inferno responded quickly.
"What would ya like done?"


The receptionist blinked slightly and then he nodded. "May I ask who's here to see him?"

2004-05-24, 05:55 PM
Arcee was standing in the corridor leading to the med bay. She had come there with the intention to check on Springer and Hound, but because of the commotion with Quickswitch, she'd found it wise to remain outside. She stood there, alert and somewhat tense.

(OOC: Feel free to call her away from there, and/or talk to her.)

(OOC: Sorry, couldn't think of a more elegant way to insert her, so we'll just have to assume she's been hanging around in the background somewhere on Fort Max all the while.)

2004-05-24, 06:52 PM
Forest, outside Fort Max

Red Alert was less than pleased with the reply he got from Raindance.

Hopefully he's not injured too badly...

After a few more seconds of running, he had the fight within visual range. Seeing Steeljaw leap at Buzzsaw, he brought his rifle to bear on the Decepticon but held his fire.

"Surrender, Decepticon! There's no escape!"

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs saw the forcefield appear, and his tension increased ten-fold.

Hot Rod noticed Arcee standing nearby and made a gesture that suggested she should follow them into the Medbay.

2004-05-24, 07:00 PM
Arcee saw Hot Rod's gesture and followed him.

2004-05-24, 10:38 PM
Chip Chase's Plant:

Muzzle: "The Autobots have sent me to bring him back to base. I think we need his help." -shrugs- "All Prowl said was to come and get him."

2004-05-25, 11:31 PM
"Prowl, if i may mack a small suggestion. Let us go and retreive Smokescreen. We can get there and back in a microsecond. Plus if it is a trap we can handle it."

The techies put there boxies were they had to go. "Beachcomber, not to help and run but we need to go and cheek up on scattershot. Please take us to were Prowl is.", Nosecone said calmly.

2004-05-26, 04:02 AM
Beachcomber looked back at Nosecone. "Wwwwell, I've gotta set this stuff up, but..." his voice got a bit more chipper, "Warpath can take you there."

"BAM! ZAP! I sure can!" Warpath chimed in, then started out the door. "This way!"

Brave Maximus
2004-05-26, 09:18 PM
Skyfall grew tired of waiting for an objection to his plan. With a mental command, the holographic image dissolved and then turned to the assembled Autobots before him.

"Right, as no one has an objection - lets get this show on the road..."

"About bloody time." Muttered Sixwing from the back of the shuttle.

Ignoreing the smart assed remarks, Skyfall turned to his Minicon companions: "Starlight, you and the boy take command of the ship and take us to the first drop point for Dropshot and Stepper."

The minicons nodded, growing grim with the thought of the upcomming combat. They really did distain it, but this was one of those times where it was inevitable.

Skyfall then turned to the first of the two snipers: "Alright, you two ready? Once both sniper teams are in position, this is going to happen very fast."

Taking a moment he turned to the rest of the team.

"You guys are the best at what you do. You all know your roles (OOC: Back in the previous thread ) and what you must do. Lets hit them hard and fast. Our primary mission is to retrieve those chips. Beyond that, I want this group to remain an Autobot secret. ANY decepticon that lays their optics on us, is not to be given the chance to report back. This is to save lives, the less people that know about us, the greater the chance for survival. They will know of our presance later, but right now, we make each and every Decepticon there regret the moment they came online.

"Are you ready?"

With that the Omega Shuttle began it's decent towards the outlying hills around the lab.

2004-05-26, 10:23 PM
Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -checking weapons, thinks to self- "Little guy might be able to make this work. Just hope he's willing to back up what he says. And knows the team he's picked." -racks slide on his rapid fire assualt rifle- "I'm ready. This is gonna be a walk in the park."

2004-05-26, 10:55 PM
The three techies followed warpath to were Scattershot was.

Scattershot was waiting for Prowls desision.

2004-05-26, 11:59 PM
"Just assist with the repairs, then guard until further notice," Magnus told Inferno before turning to Prowl. "All right."

2004-05-27, 03:08 AM
Prowl shook his head at Scattershot.

"I would prefer to send your team Scattershot, but Computron's expertise will be needed more here. A great deal of damage was done to at least one Autobot and perhaps two. Hound's memory chips have been removed- maybe Smokescreen's as well. I must insist that the Technobots report to Minerva in Medbay, and work to design a machine of our own to decode memory chips and repair them if necessary. Hook is the likely culprit who removed them, and he's a very precise operator, but my estimates of our current repair staff and machines point to inadequacies in the ability to properly replace them. To combine Computron's precision with Minerva's technical repair expertise and Aero Blade's construction prowess should reduce failire or further damage of the memory chips during evaluation and reinstallation. There must be no further incidents."

Prowl then turned his head toward Ultra Magnus and showed traces of a concerned expression.

"Magnus, take Blaster, the tapes and Siren- and also Jetfire. Go get Smokescreen quickly, but be aware that he very well could be a Decepticon in the same manner that Hound is. Be very careful- it's likely a trap. We know he's been in Decepticon custody. It's not likely he would be able to escape on his own power and wind up so far from Metrotitan.

Do either of you require any additional information?"


Mirage rushed forward, plowing through the trees as he ran.
Up ahead, he spotted Red Alert closing in on where the yell had come from.

Buzzsaw hit the ground hard as Steeljaw pounced on him. The cassetticon's optics flashed angrily and he struggled, but to no avail. His beak snapped angrily, but his neck wasn't made to bend- so all he could really do was utter furious growls and make snapping noises.


Inferno sighed as he got to the security wing. Crates of materials lay just to the side of the entrance. He picked up a set of tools and opened a case of sheet metal, then started working his way down the hall soldering the panels on.

ooc: sorry Quick- need to move your character.
Quick Switch walked through the door of Medbay and spotted Hound.

Simultaneously, Trailbreaker sidestepped so that the forcefield, Windslice and his own body were all on the far side of the very large and squat director.

Horror, concern, and anger combined. In two steps, Quick Switch was standing next to the table. Whether it was the shock of the sight, the mix from the rampage of personas or the overflow of excess energon in his system, Quick Switch amazingly stood silently and still while he tried to work through everything.

2004-05-27, 04:07 AM
Near Prowl's location

Warpath smiled to the three Technobots. "WHAM! You guys should be able to find him here! I gotta run!"

He did just that, turning around and dashing off the way he came.


Red Alert heard Mirage moving behind him, but ignored him for now.

Had Steeljaw not been on top of Buzzsaw, Red would have simply blasted the 'Con until he lost consciousness. As that wasn't an option, he raised his rifle and fired a shot into the ground a few feet in front of the Decepticon's beak. He then slowly shifted his focus to Buzzsaw's head.

"I said surrender, Decepticon slime!"

Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod walked in behind Quick Switch. He charged his wrist lasers, but hoped very much that he wouldn't have to use them. Out of the corner of his optic, he checked to be sure that Arcee was safely away from Quick should he go off.

Crosshairs watched the security director warily, but made no move that could be percieved as threatening.

2004-05-27, 06:02 AM
Magnus did indeed have a question that needed to be asked. But he was hesitant to ask it, knowing that the answer, no matter what it would be, would not bring about any form of closure.

But he had to ask it. It needed to be asked.

"Prowl, if I'm unable to bring in Smokescreen peacefully, am I allowed to use...lethal force?"

2004-05-27, 09:43 AM
Arcee walked in with Hot Rod. Silently and still very alert, she glanced at Hound, then back at Quick Switch. She discreetly held one hand behind her back, ready to pull her gun from subspace should Quick Switch try anything, but hoping it wouldn't come to that.

2004-05-27, 06:04 PM
Sunstreaker followed up behind Inferno and looked aroun the damaged area that he was working in.

"What trying to avoid me? Afraid of losing?" He asked as he stepped up beside the taller Autobot and picked up a piece of the metal paneling retracting his hand and letting a welder come out.

Quick Switch
2004-05-27, 10:46 PM
Quick Switch felt a flux of emotions, and disgust at more than a few of faction-mates at their panic of what he might do. They might as well have been telegraphing it.


"I want the bay cleared, now!" His vocoder was thick, brought on by the energy brew, which was admittedly sub-standard, even consumed in packs. Like he would ever consider swilling Energon.

Quick's photon blasters materialized in his hands, which were, at the moment, at his sides. He was tired. Tired of mindless talk and prattle, and above all, resistance and restment from the other faction members. Weak enough to actually wonder about their Security Director's sanity.

Disgrace. Disgrace!

If they don't get out of Medical Bay so I can talk to my dearest friend, I'm going to roll their heads myself! Decepticon scum-suckers! What have they done to-

"There will be no discussion or debate," Quick said, optics blazing and leaking at the same time, "and the first unit who says otherwise is going to think about their insubordiation in the Brig." He didn't even bother to glance at the other Autobots, except for Hound.

At that, Quick's fingers tightened on the blaster triggers.

Brave Maximus
2004-05-31, 06:14 PM
The Omega Shuttle dropped with a stomach turning lurch as it headed towards the hills to the outskirts of the lab. A higher pitched female voice shouted an appology followed by a long string in minicon. The deep voice of Ark bleeped out what sounded like an appology as the shuttle stablized.

With in a few moments the Omega shuttle hovered at a location just outside of visual range of the lab. Skyfall turned to Dropshot and Stepper and with a mental command the troop door slide open.

"Sorry, this is as close as we can get you, you'll have to walk the rest of the way. Remeber, your job is to provide cover fire for the Autobots on the ground, not assault the lab itself. Take shots at what ever Decepticons are around. But not before Roadbuster, Aeroblade, Countdown and I enter the lab.

"Jazz, You, Redhot, and Sixwing get to provide distractions. We'll fly in low and let you guys out before we get out. Starlight and the boys will then take the Omega Shuttle up and provide missile support only if we absolutly need it."

Skyfall walked up to his second in command and handed him a small call device.

"Use this to call for a strike. All right bots, lets get to work." Skyfall yelled, then waited for the first sniper team to exit.

OOC: Once Dropshot, Stepper and Artfire are in position, we'll turn this over to the Decepticon thread. I'll put an OOC when we do it.

2004-05-31, 07:00 PM
Arcee stared at Quick Switch the way one would stare at a bomb that's about to go off. She didn't expect him to be in any state to listen to reason, but she didn't leave just yet - maybe she was just too shocked to move, shocked at seeing him pull his guns at other Autobots.

"You don't need to do this," she said, surprised that her voice didn't fail her. "We're Autobots...friends!"

2004-05-31, 07:14 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs just sputtered incoherently, his optics fixed on Quick Switch. Unconsciously he tightened his grip on Pinpointer's handle.

Hot Rod shot a quick glance to Ironhide, hoping the old 'Bot wasn't going to blame this on him. He then looked back at the security director.

"Uh...Quick...maybe you want to put away your blasters?" He set his jaw and stepped closer to the sixchanger. "Unless you're planning on using them on your fellow Autobots, that is."

God Jinrai
2004-05-31, 11:47 PM
Having gone through the recent events one time too many, Optimus found himself in a holo-deck aboard fortress... squaring off against, of all opponents, his former self. His form while still on cybertron, before the trip to earth. and with the safety locks off, it was, quite litterally, a fight for his life. His former self, while sharing all of his combat prowess, tactical ability and strength and power, was programmed for nothing but combat. and the entire fight, Prime had found himself having his every attack dodged, parried, blocked and/or reversed against himself.

taking a breath, he spoke silently to himself... "Your only barrier to reaching past your limits... is yourself. Defeat yourself... overcome who you are, and only then will you attain the true heights that only the wielder of the matrix can achieve."

Prime's optics dimmed, then suddenly burst into a bright light. rushing his mirror image, he activated his energon axe, swinging it in an arc, tearing his mirror's right tire, and causing the distraction he needed. Optimus followed with a strong blow to the chest from his left arm, retracted his energon axe, struck again with his right fist, again with his left, and it continued on for several more strikes. his opponent was so off balance from the first movement, he wasn't able to recover in time to stop Optimus from launching him skyward with an uppercut. rocketing up after him, prime smashed his fist into his opponent's gut, took hold of his prone body, and flung it groundward. diving down, smashing his fist into the ground beside his past self's head. he'd stopped himself again. from slipping into what megatron had become. muttering softly, he spoke... "Freedom...is the right of all sentient beings... and life is a precious gift... to take it so recklessly... is no better than being a tyrant."

Prime rose to his feet, and the program ended. touching a comm. panel on the wall, he sent out a transmission on all autobot bands...

"All ranking autobot staff, report to fortress maximus' meeting chambers. A security meeting will begin in precisely two earth hours. That's all."

Prime ended his transmission, and started out for the conference chambers.

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-31, 11:50 PM
Dropshot and Stepper hopped out of the Omega Shuttle with their orders. Dropshot turned, gave Skyfall a thumbs up and shouted. "WE'LL SEE YOU BOYS IN A BIT."

As the Omega Shuttle took off, Stepper was already scouting out a decent position. He found somewhere that was well hidden from view but gave them a great look of the whole area. "This spot should do. I doubt they'll see us from here."

"Double check everything and and get into position. We need to be ready for what happens." And with that, Dropshot transformed into rifle mode. Stepper then laid down, grabbed Dropshot and started to look through the scope down towards the lab area. He just started to a general sweep of the area as he waited.

2004-06-01, 12:04 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -narrows optics, flicks a brief(albeit somewhat understanding) glare at Hot Rod, opens mouth to say something-

Minerva: -beats him to the punch, glaring at Quick Switch- "Look, Zippy, you might be able to boss everybody else around, but standing in the medical bay, guns in hand, ready to pull the trigger isn't exactly what I call a fit for duty status. Put the guns away before I revoke your active duty status and bench you as medically unfit for duty!" -changes to a more receptive stance- "Now, if you put your guns away-" -glares at everybody in the room- "ALL of you-" -returns a steady gaze at Quick Switch- "We might be persuaded to give you a few minutes alone, if you ask nicely."

2004-06-01, 12:47 AM
Arcee threw a brief grateful glance at Minerva, hoping that her (M.'s) speech would defuse the situation. She let her hands drop to her sides, palms open, to show that she wasn't holding a gun.

Brave Maximus
2004-06-01, 02:19 AM
Skyfall nodded as the first of the sniper groups exited the shuttle. He turned and raised his voice so that the command cockpit could hear him:

"Alright Starlight, next landing zone!"

The shuttle closed it's door and circled around in a great arc, still managing to keep out of range of the lab. After a few moments, Starlight called down that they had come as close as they could to the second sniper position and the troop door opened once again. Skyfall looked at Artfire:

"It's just you and your Target master partner out there. If you come under heavy fire, leave the area and call for support. More than likely Omega will fire off some missiles - It would be bad to be where they land. Good luck and come back in one piece."

Skyfall waited by the door for the second sniper to exit.

2004-06-01, 04:12 AM
Trailbreaker looked around in dismay. If he could've been sweating, he would've been. He knew the six-changer's temperment better than any of the others, and knew it could turn from demanding to dangerous in the flash of a nanosecond. Unpredictability was Quick Switch's nature, and provoking him was not Trailbreaker's idea of wise.
He resorted to his typical antics to break the anxiety.
With a thunk, he heaved open a medical door leading to a medical lounge and motioned for the others to follow.

"At'sa right me Zippy compadre!!! Gladlock say ya better surrender to da posse and stay the quiet side while you're stuck in da medicine cabinet, lest the fruitcakes invade!

Now, apples and peaches don't mix and neither do the trifles. He's got rank, and he's made an order. Let's go- but only for a bit. After all, they are still Minerva's patients Chief. That's her job- she has to be looking after them."
Prowl delayed his response for only an instant. It was logical after all to answer with the immediate answer that went through his processor, but he fought off the inclination and decided to go with the odds.

"No. If a withdrawl is required for the saftey of the group, do so, but we will seek another method of bringing him back. Our numbers are dwindling. If he has been corrupted, perhaps he can yet be repaired. Go quickly Magnus. If by some chance he did escape, every instant counts."

I must go to meet with Optimus. Stay in contact and call for backup if needed."

2004-06-01, 06:26 AM
He won't live long enough to get off more then one shot if he does was all Windslice thought as he stood on an edge of being at ease and being ready to attack Quick Switch if either blaster became active.

2004-06-01, 07:33 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs looked warily from Minerva to Quick Switch, before his gaze settled with bemusement on Trailbreaker. With a heavy sigh, he lowered Pinpointer and moved towards the lounge.

Hot Rod gave Ironhide a slight nod, then chuckled despite himself at Trailbreaker's clowning. He quickly forced himself to become serious, however.

"We don't go anywhere," he said. "Not until Quick puts away the guns."

He crossed his arms and assumed what he hoped was a commanding pose, hoping that no one remembered that he didn't have any real authority anymore.

2004-06-01, 09:25 AM
Arcee gave Quick Switch a 'please trust us' look.

2004-06-01, 06:29 PM
Magnus nodded.


2004-06-01, 10:22 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -standing, glaring with a look that is decidedly hostile, mentally running through his non laser options-

Minerva: -looking Quick Switch straight in the optics, waiting for a response-


Siren: -walks up to Prowl- "Alright, I'm here. Are we going or what?"

Amarant Odinson
2004-06-03, 10:58 PM
Artfire and his partner Nightstick waved back as the Omega Shuttle took off. He looked down and said " Well, little buddy? You ready for this?"

Nightstick shook his head yes before walking off to scout for a good position to setup. He found a spot that well hidden by trees and motioned for Artfire to follow him.

Artfire looked around and said "Good work. It looks like we won't be disturbed from here. Let's setup here and wait for those Decepticons." And with that Nightstick transformed as Artfire started to use him to scout the area they were ment to cover. No matter how many times he had done this before. The waiting was always the part Artfire hated the most.

I wonder how Stepper and Dropshot are making out? He thought.

2004-06-04, 01:30 AM
Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: "So when do we get to get out? I've got an itchy trigger finger to scratch."

Quick Switch
2004-06-04, 01:59 AM
Quick's central processor became more brittle at the frantic salvos of verbiage by the units present. Out of nowhere, it seemed, the security briefing was announced by Prime.

He stared at each in turn, towering over every unit present.

As always, it seemed, many of them showed looks of fear, anger, confusion...and yet, a few it seemed were compassionate.

He looked at Minerva stolidly, and once again completely failed to undertand the mindset and mentality of the Autobot medical corps- in truth, many of the units who were present, some who were not.

Quick Switch realized-again- how unlike most of his faction he actually was, and loathed it. And fought down maddening levels of contempt and wrath and bafflement and frustration because of it.

The energy brew still pumped through his valves and he felt himself tensing, unbelievably distraught at apparently believing that a brutally direct approach would allow him time alone with one of his few friends. Apologize? Unthinkable. Not to a roomfull of subordinates.

He straightened, focused on the path ahead, and left without a word, blasters still in hand, though after a few hundred yards he replaced them in the subspace ether that was his own.

There was a security meeting to report to.

2004-06-04, 02:50 AM
Arcee visibly relaxed when Quick Switch left. No one had pulled a trigger on anyone, that was a good thing.

(OOC: I guess she wouldn't go to the meeting because she's not that high ranking a 'Bot?)

2004-06-04, 03:25 AM
Jazz grabbed the hand rail running the ceiling and maneuvered his way toward the drop door. He grinned and shrugged to Roadbuster as he passed.

"Me first, man!"

He held one hand out to Skyfall, waiting for a low-five, while the other hand stuffed the communicator into his glove compartment.

"Sixwing, Red Hot, get those rears in gear! We're next out!"

2004-06-04, 03:57 AM
(OOC @ Arcee: I'm not really sure who's supposed to go, actually...but I'm fairly certain Arcee doesn't have to attend)

Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod's body seemed to droop slightly as the Quick Switch-induced tension drained away. To cover the relief he felt, he quickly straightened and shot a cocky grin at Arcee.

"That went well."

Crosshairs shook his head, trying to clear out the confusion that Quick's actions had brought. He perched on the edge of an empty surgical table and put Pinpointer down beside him.

The Nebulan transformed, then looked over at Minerva. "So, how's Hound doing?"

2004-06-04, 10:10 AM
"It could have gone different, too," Arcee said to Hot Rod, but her mouth curled into a small smile.

"Yes, how is he?" she added after hearing Pinpointer's question, glancing at Hound, then looking over to Minerva.

2004-06-04, 07:53 PM
Scattershot nodded and left to find the other techies. Withen minutes he found the rest and led them to the medbay. There he told Minerva about Prowls idea and began working on a machine so complex it took all five of them to construct it.

Soundwave online
2004-06-04, 09:12 PM
Scattershot felt a hand on his shoulder he looked up to see a smiling Perceptor "need any help with that my friend" he said with a reassuring smile.

2004-06-04, 09:21 PM
OOC: um um um *looks at the previous post* oh what the hay i dont care as long as i dont get hurt.

IC: Scattershot stoped doing some soddering and looked up "Shur Perceptor, You can help with the Nano-circritry."

Soundwave online
2004-06-04, 09:28 PM
(OOC sorry about moving your character Cyborg i was getting desperate for a place to enter)

IC:"That is good you look like you need all the help you can get in these troubled times"

Percepter helped his friends to build the machine

2004-06-04, 10:46 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -sags visibly, puts a shaking hand on the medtable- "He's stable." -looks over at Ironhide- "And you weren't any help. He's mentally unstable at the best of times. What were you gonna do, anyway?"

Ironhide: "Stop him."

Minerva: "Stop him? Stop him?!?!? In the middle of a medical bay?!?!?!? You're as bad as he is!"

Ironhide: "No, Ah ain't." -scowl deepens, accent thickens as well- "Whut Ah am is sick'a that punk rubbin' mah face in it. Ah'm sick'a this whole slaggin' war....." -voice takes on an angry growl- "... An' Ah'm sick'a not bein' able ta figger out whut th' frack Ah come back for!" -spins on heel, stalks out, heading for the meeting-

Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -flips Jazz a thumbs up- "Wreck and Rule! And kill every Decepticon you can."

Soundwave online
2004-06-04, 11:14 PM
Kup is walking down a coridoor minding his own business before accidentally bumping into an angry looking Ironhide.

"Hey sorry Ironhide.....whats the matter you look like you want to smash something"

2004-06-05, 04:10 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -stalks by, growling at Kup- "Ah am."

2004-06-05, 07:16 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

"Could've, but didn't." Hot Rod stepped a bit closer to Arcee. "You came to check on Springer, I guess." His voice carried an edge of ever-so-slight disappointment.

Pinpointer nodded. "That's good."

"Shouldn't we...report this to Prime?" Crosshairs asked the other Autobots.

Soundwave online
2004-06-05, 01:14 PM
Kup decided to tag along with Ironhide to see what was up

"Its okay kid you can tell me ive heard it all before"

2004-06-05, 04:18 PM
The four techies worked very had on there project. Soon there was a shap to the machine and it was in its testing stages. Their work was fast and remarkably accurate. Scattershot held up the large ccomponents as Nosecone and Strafe Weilded. Afterburner and Lightspeed delt with the power supply.

Soundwave online
2004-06-05, 07:14 PM
Perceptor was also working very hard on the nano circuitry

"It looks like our work here is almost finished"

2004-06-06, 01:07 PM
"Yes," said Arcee, a bit defensively, looking into Hot Rod's optics.

2004-06-06, 06:13 PM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -bristling slightly at being called 'kid'- "Awlrahght, pops. Mebbe you can. Ya ever been dead?"

2004-06-06, 07:45 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod forced a shrug. "Don't let me stop you, then."

Soundwave online
2004-06-07, 01:28 PM
"Dead" said Kup with a look of confusion on his face

"well no not fully but i have come close i remember once on the planet virgil sixteens when i was locked in a battle with a tyrannian sand warrior on virgil sixteen fateful dunes of despair.We fought for six days straight before i finally killed him with his own weapon. well i collapsed out on those dunes but i was found 4 hours later by my allies who had classed me as dead at first but they later noticed i was just hanging on and they managed to bring me back from the brink of death.........so i guess i have been dead before......why did you ask"

2004-06-07, 07:05 PM
Scattershot and the rest of the crew steped back to veiw there new work, aonlg with percepter. There was one final component that they could not figure out. "There seems to be a problem.", Lightspeed said with a rather unhappy tone.

"Wat is it lightspeed?", Scattershot looked at his comrade concerned.

"Well, The code for breaking the memory chips. Ummmmm We cant seem to figure it out."

"Hmmmm, There is only one way to process it but it might take a while." Scattershot seemed worried. He didn't know what the time span was but it had to be done, no matter how long it takes.

2004-06-07, 07:49 PM
Arcee gave Hot Rod a wordless gaze, then walked over to where Springer was lying on a surgical table. She looked at his motionless form, and her optics darkened a little.

"He's offline...?" she said, her voice thick with sadness.

Lord Zarak
2004-06-08, 12:03 AM
Catilla and Chainclaw opened up a general communications frequency to try and get involved.

"This is catilla and chainclaw here ready and willing to be deployed to any area of the Autobot Army where we are requiered."

2004-06-08, 12:14 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod stood still, not sure whether he should try to comfort Arcee or leave her alone.

Crosshairs gave Arcee a sympathetic look. “He should be repairable,” he told her. “He was badly damaged when he came out of the crypt, but I’m sure Minerva will be able to patch him up.”

2004-06-08, 02:33 AM
Corridors heading for Meeting Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -stops, twitches- "Nnn." -turns, optics narrowed, fixing Kup with a gimlet stare- "Lemme try again. Ya ever had yer head blowed off by Megatron, gone ta th' afterlahfe, spent a few years catchin' up with awl yer ol' buddies, then come back ta th' real world, thinkin' that ya c'n still make a difference, only ta fahnd out ya ain't really needed? Got anythin' lahke that in yer vast experience, lad?"


Siren: -looking back and forth from Prowl to Blaster and Magnus- "We are going, right? It's not like Smokescreen can surf back here, right?"

Brave Maximus
2004-06-08, 10:17 PM
OOC: Well, I'm in the Yukon - things should settle down in a few days

Skyfall held his hand out and smiled a little, the thrill of battle begining to well up inside. In the main part of his spark, he wanted this to be a quick and simple as they could make it, minimal damage and the like. But deep down, at the very core, he longed for the challenge of facing the legendary Decepticons in battle. To fire his missiles and land his axe deep in their..... but that is what he felt with Omega......

"Starlight!" The micromaster commander shouted to the control deck, "Take us in and prepair for battle!"

With the troop door still open, the Omega shuttle swung around and it's main engines roared to life, taking the wayward band of Autobots to their target. Skyfall's eyebrow rose at the "Wreck and Rule" line from Roadbuster:

"True, but remember, just take out the Destr..... Decepticons. Don't hurt the humans. And above all, come back alive, That's an Order!"


Sixwing had been sitting at the back, absorbing all that was going on. This young whelp was nothing like his last commander. Not nearly as seasoned, but he was..... clearer. With out a word, the micromaster combiner stood and moved to the door. Removing his Ion Blaster from Subspace (Better to save the big guns for when they can do the most damage), he stood ready, covering their landing zone.

In his hoarse whisper - almost to quite to hear over the engines, Sixwing let lose with his own battle cry:
"Cry havok.... and let slip the dogs of war........"

(OOC:Flec, Heinrad, Amarant, Aero Blade and Hyper Prime We're moving over to the Decepticon thread for combat - Wreck and Rule!)

2004-06-09, 12:33 AM
Arcee gave Crosshairs a small look back, her optics brightening a bit again.

2004-06-10, 04:42 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -activates commlink- Chainclaw, Catilla, stay with Metroplex fer rahght now. Ah think you two're th' only ones over there. Keep th' base at yellow alert, an' see if ya c'n round up th' rest of th' crew."

2004-06-10, 06:52 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod sidled up to Arcee. "See? He'll be alright after all."

2004-06-10, 06:57 AM
Originally posted by Heinrad

Siren: -looking back and forth from Prowl to Blaster and Magnus- "We are going, right? It's not like Smokescreen can surf back here, right?"

"Well he can try and hang ten back here but I don't like his chances" Blaster joked to Siren as he waited for Ultra Magnus to get this mission in gear.


Windslice just stood silently observing the Autobots odd way of grieving a fallen friend; acting as if there is still a chance to save him not acknowledging his death. It was almost sad.

2004-06-10, 07:10 AM
"Cut the jokes, everybody," Magnus replied. "We're going to get him. But if he causes trouble, I'll deal with him."

He glanced at Siren and Blaster. "Have a problem with that?"

Soundwave online
2004-06-10, 08:30 AM
Kup stares in a confused way at ironhide "um...er...im not the guy for this lad you should speak to the techies or something all i can help you on is how to fight"

Lord Zarak
2004-06-10, 12:13 PM
Catilla looked at Chainclaw as Ironhide spoke.
"Recieved Ironhide, will do. We'll keep himprepped up." He turned the deactivated the comm link.

"I'll start by looking for Grapple, I'm sure he's in here somewhere. You go to the control room and make sure Metroplex's defence systems are all on line."

"OK. I can also monitor energy readings which could be other Autobots. And it'll be the safest place." finished Chainclaw- his hypochondria was common knowledge.

They both went their separate ways.

2004-06-11, 01:34 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -clenches fists, spins on heel, stalks towards meeting room- "Ah awlready know how ta do that."


Siren: "As long as we're going, let's go already."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -moves over to Springer, starts checking him over- "I'll do what I can for him."

Soundwave online
2004-06-11, 01:03 PM

Kup decides to walk with Ironhide to the meeting whether he liked it or not as Ironhide was the only Autobot Kup considered to be as experienced as himself he thought the least that they could do is have a good conversation

"Dont act like im doubting your abilitys lad i know the amount of wars youve won for us yours is the only experience that matches mine so lets get to the meeting and afterward we can talk about how many deceptibums we are gonna pummel together"

Kup smiled as he walked alongside his friend it had been a long time since Kup had a war veteran as stubborn as himself to talk to.

"Hey Kup wait up"shouted Recoil as he came running down the coridoor as fast as he could

"dont think your going to that meeting without me" he demanded as he ran up alongside his partner completely out of breath

"Ha ha ha i wouldnt dream of it" laughed Kup

2004-06-12, 12:49 PM
Arcee put one hand on Hot Rod's shoulder with a small hopefull smile.

2004-06-12, 03:53 PM
Scattershot calls over the rest of the techies. "Guys we need to use our full potential and combine to crack these codes in the amount of time we have. The rest of them nodded, it was a long shot but with the combinded skill and tech of Computron the task would be done.

The five techs trasformed in to their alternitive mode. Scatershot turned in to the torso while the others turned in to their various forms. Lightspeed and Nosecone become the Right and Left leg. They attach to Scattershot as two feet appear. Afterburner and Strafe attached to Scatershot and become the Right and Left arms. Hands form on in their respective places. A helmet covers Scatershots head to form Computrons head and compleating the combination.

"Percepter, please go tell Prowl the machine will soon be completed." Computron said in a cool, calculating voice. Then in his eyes were complex calculations, equations and code. He was Decifering the code that ws designed looooong ago.

2004-06-12, 10:30 PM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Ah hear ya there, Kup. Awl these kids're thinkin' they're hot stuff."

Reception, Chip Chase's plant:

Muzzle: -waiting patiently-

2004-06-13, 04:16 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod returned Arcee's smile, both unnerved and slightly excited by the physical contact she had made.

Didn't I have somewhere else to be? he asked himself ruefully. Ah, yeah...that meeting. I should get going. In a bit.

"You gonna stay here for a while?" he asked Arcee.

Lord Zarak
2004-06-13, 03:06 PM
Chainclaw entered the control room of Metroplex. He sat down in the command chair and punched a few buttons, enabling the security system- nobody could enter without his direct permission. He sat back for a second, relieved. Nobody could enter and hurt him.


Chainclaw transformed into his tiger mode, and brought his shell out of subspace, minus his weapon and shell helmet. He began stalking around the interior of Metroplex walking from subsection to subsection, carefully taking in all information...which was that Metroplex wasn't bustling with activity.

Catilla passed near to a canteen. Looking in he saw Grapple nursing a can of energon, looking dispondant. Catilla walked in, dispensed with his shell, transformed and got himself a can of energon.


"Catilla" replied Grapple. "Here to cheer me up?"

"No. I'm here to get you, and anyone else who is around. Ironhide wants Metroplex prepped up to yellow alert. So far its me, you and Chainclaw."

"Ah. So, no matter what I do, what anyone does, its never going to last."

"Don't get philosophical. When the war is over, you can do all the philosophising you want. We need everyone focused" He drained his container. "That includes you.

Grapple did the same. "Looks like destruction is our calling." He got up, Catilla followed suit. "Lets find us some troops".

God Jinrai
2004-06-13, 03:59 PM
Sitting in silence in Fortress Maximus' conference hall, Prime rested his head against his right hand. he was afraid this would happen. this meeting reall COULDN'T wait... plans had to be made to deal with the Decepticons, not to mention further fortification and locating a stable energy supply... without imposing upon the humans for aid ...

Soundwave online
2004-06-13, 06:44 PM
(OOC im dropping Perceptor because he is too boring to play as so this is the last post i shall make with him)

"At once Scattershot" Replied Perceptor as he left to inform Prowl before being called up to help elsewhere.

2004-06-14, 11:22 AM
Meeting Hall, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -walks in, sits down next to Prime, looks around the empty room- "This mean we're it?"

Soundwave online
2004-06-14, 11:26 AM
Kup and Recoil also enter the meeting room as Kup sits next to Ironhide he turns to face Prime.

"Prime do you mind if Recoil tags along i cant seem to get rid of him"

Kup looked at Recoil with a look that seemed to suggest if he says no dont blame me

"Hey what are you talking about Kup i got as much right to be here as you"

The Nebulon folded his arms and sat in a sulky position.

2004-06-14, 01:29 PM
"Yes, I don't need to go anywhere right now," Arcee replied to Hot Rod's question. His smile was comforting, but it also made her a bit nervous at the same time.

God Jinrai
2004-06-14, 03:59 PM
"I wouldn't count on it, Ironhide. Because if this is ALL that we're getting from all of the troops still stationed here, and at metroplex... we're even worse off than I'd imagined."

glancing over at Kup, prime shruged, almost indifferently..."His input is as valid as yours, Kup. A different point of view may come in handy here... if we can get the rest of the blasted staff here!"

Prime tapped a sequence on the comm pad on the conference table, speaking aloud over fortress and metroplex's speakers...

"All ranking staff, report to the Maximus' conference room IMMEDIEATELY. This meeting CAN'T wait, people!"

Internally, prime had become somewhat frustrated... in this, the first ten minutes since he'd called the meeting, only Ironhide and Kup had seen it as wise to get tot he hall as quickly as they could.

Soundwave online
2004-06-14, 04:16 PM
"Ya see Kup i told ya so" Recoil beamed "Its just a pity none of my other Nebulon brothers are around to help out" he said with dissapointment

"I hear you Recoil i just wanted that on paper"

Kup turned to face Prime

"Prime let me use that comm pad i guarantee ill get those lazy kids butts up here faster than Blurr on an energy rush"

2004-06-14, 06:52 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

"That's g-" Hot Rod was about to reply to Arcee when Prime's announcement came over the intercom.

Slag it!

He sighed. "I've gotta run. I'll catch up with you later, I guess."

Hot Rod ducked out the door and headed towards the conference room at a dead run.

2004-06-14, 11:01 PM
Siren: -waiting impatiently for the mission to start so they can rescue Smokescreen-

Meeting Hall, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -still cheezed off, drumming fingers on the tabletop-

Chip Chase's Plant:

Muzzle: -sighing- "Look, it's not that I mean to be impolite, but I have something that I need to get back to the Autobot base ASAP. If Chase doesn't want to come with me, I'll go back and have them call him. He doesn't know me from a hole in the ground, so if that bothers him, it's okay. But keeping me hanging here is not a good thing."

Soundwave online
2004-06-15, 01:14 PM
The silence is horrible noone is saying a word so Kup tries some small talk just to keep peoples spirits high

"So...er....Prime......how are things with you.....other than the meeting"

Recoil shoots an icy glance at Kup

"Come on Kup i know its an awkward moment but you just made it even more awkward"

Kup sighs

"Your probably right Recoil i just wish those darn kids would get there acts together i feel like im in the society for grizzled old autobots at the minute"

Recoil puts his head in his hands trying desperately not to laugh.

2004-06-16, 12:02 AM
Command Center

Magnus turned to look at Siren and Blaster.

"Let's get going," he said. "And remember. Excercise restraint when capturing Smokescreen. Use extreme force only if necessary."
Wreck-Gar had been channel surfing for a long time now, and he was incredibly bored. Cartoons, infomercials, weather updates, nothing that could be useful to the Autobots.

He activated his commlink and signaled Prowl. "Hey, buddy, I'm gettin' a bit bored waitin' for the new Fall season to start. Any chance of seeing some action during Summer sweeps?"

2004-06-16, 04:14 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Hot Rod caught the tail end of Kup's last remark as he dashed into the room. "Well, that's not something you have to worry about anymore, I guess."

He slipped into a chair close to Kup and his Nebulan, then shot an apologetic look at Prime. "Sorry I took so long. I had...something I had to do."

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs heard a soft chuckle coming from beside him. He looked down and saw that it was coming from Pinpointer. "What's so funny?"

The Nebulan glanced briefly at Arcee, then out the door Hot Rod had left through. Finally, he shook his head. "You wouldn't understand."

Soundwave online
2004-06-16, 04:01 PM
"Ha ha ha i bet there was lad was the something you had to do named Arcee"

Kup and Recoil laughed out loud

"Relax kid i could tell you a thousand love storys that this old war dogs been part of and im willing to bet Prime and Ironhide could too".

Recoil turned to face Hotrod

"so wheres firebolt been recently i havent seen him around".
He asked nervously

2004-06-16, 04:12 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell

"Let's get going," he said. "And remember. Excercise restraint when capturing Smokescreen. Use extreme force only if necessary."

Blaster shook his head to Magnus "Don't worry man, I don't even want to hurt him if it is necessary. He's a friend and I like hurtting them a helluvalot less then I like smashing Decepti-creeps" He followed Ultra Magnus.

2004-06-16, 06:23 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max

If Hot Rod had been a human, he would have been blushing after Kup's comment.


But when Recoil's question regestered with him, his embaressment was forgotten. His optics dimmed slightly and he stared down at the table. "Firebolt's dead," he said very softly. "The Sharkticons got him during the evacuation."

2004-06-16, 10:49 PM
Siren: -checking charge in his blaster, switches it to stun, heads after Magnus- "Should be an easy pickup, right?"

Meeting Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -having been in medbay, figures what Hot Rod is refering to, then wonders who Firebolt is......-

God Jinrai
2004-06-17, 01:36 AM
seeing the quizzical look on ironhide's face, prime spoke up...

"Firebolt...was Hot Rod's Targetmaster partner, Ironhide. Just as Recoil is Kup's partner. "

Under his voice, prime let out a slight chuckle...

"Not necessarily, Kup. Elita was...." Prime suddenly felt himself visibly sinking into his seat...

his own mentioning of his now deceased love already began to tear at his spark...

Gazing back up at HotRod, prime spoke solemnly...

"Hotrod... if you do nothing else the rest of your life... watch...over her. You will never know... how much any given person means to you...until they are gone..."

2004-06-17, 02:36 AM
Meeting Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -puts a comforting hand on Prime's shoulder, looks over at Hot Rod, thinking about Chromia- "Prahme's rahght, kid. Trust me on this one."

God Jinrai
2004-06-17, 02:51 AM
Prime's head bowed, and his right hand rose up to wipe away what would be qualified as tears by human standards... the hand then balled into a tight fist... which came crashing down into the table, leaving a fair sized dent...

"He took her... and then tore any chance of avenging her away from me... " Optimus was now visibly angry... his balled fist shook in nigh-rage... there were few things that could bring out the "ugly" side of Prime... but this was the one thing that did it quickest, and most painfully

2004-06-17, 03:27 AM
Chip Chase's Plant:

Chip: -rolls out, stops next to front desk, looks at Muzzle- "The Autobots sent Don Johnson to get me?"

Muzzle: -sighs- "No, bubba, they didn't. I just look like him." -holds hand out- "Name's Muzzle. The Autobots sent me to get you."

Meeting Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -nods sadly-

2004-06-17, 03:52 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Hot Rod stared at Optimus, baffled. This was a side of his leader that he'd never seen before. Even after the years he'd spent as Rodimus Prime, he'd had no idea that Optimus could crumble like this.

Maybe...maybe the two of us aren't as different as I've always thought. He's just better at pretending than I am.

"I...will, Optimus." Again, more firmly, "I will." His pronouncement hung in the air for a moment, then he added, "I don't know if it'll mean much to you, but...I'm sorry you lost Elita."

Hot Rod wondered who the 'he' Prime had mentioned was, but thought better of asking.

Soundwave online
2004-06-17, 02:54 PM
"B b b but Firebolt cant be dead" Recoil said dimly

"He was the most courageous Nebulan among us does.....does this mean that i could be the only Nebulan left what news is there of the others".

Kup put a comforting hand on Recoils back

"Dont worry Prime we will get that scumbag for what he did he will pay".

God Jinrai
2004-06-17, 03:49 PM
"I'm afraid HE... is beyond any of our reach now, Kup. He, Hotrod... was Megatron. Previous to the 2005 incident... he took her hostageand murdered her before my own optics. you all may think that the battle for autobot city resolved that matter. It didn't. Megatron survived. I...however. Did not. And during my time in the Matrix, I saw what became of him... Starscream's treachery knows no bounds... he cast him into space, to be found by our now disposed of chaos--bringer...Unicron. Megatron was reformatted. The result was the original Galvatron. But the Galvatron that now leads the decepticons is not this re-created megatron. Of that I can assure you all. I don't understand it myself... but... the Galvatron we faced in this most recent battle, despite the bout of madness, is a product of something far more than mere reformatting."

2004-06-17, 08:40 PM
Withen computrons optics his uber advanced intellect was hard at work decoading the chips. Soon his optics shut-off like a when you turn off a t.v. A couple minutes later they come back on. A message is sent to prowl. "Please come to the med bay, we have competed the anaylisis and decoding of transformer memery blocks."

2004-06-18, 12:34 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Hot Rod smiled a bit at Recoil. "I saw Pinpointer a few minutes ago, so you're not the only one left. I think Peacemaker and Spoilsport are still around too."

He listened to Optimus' comments about Galvatron. "I think I might understand it." The young Autobot's voice betrayed a little tinge of excitement. "We don't know exactly what Unicron did to Galvatron's mind when he made him. But Unicron is gone for good now...who knows what effect that had on Galvatron?"

2004-06-18, 01:00 AM
Arcee gazed at Hot Rod's back as he dashed out the door, then looked at Pinpointer as she heard him chuckle. She cocked her head with a "what's so funny?" expression, but she wasn't angry at the Nebulan - it would be hard for her to get angry at a little flesh creature.

2004-06-18, 04:19 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer noticed Arcee's gaze. The look on her face sent him into another fit of laughter. "Sorry," he said once he managed to bring himself under control.

Hyper Prime
2004-06-18, 02:52 PM
(OOC: Uh, someone's going to interrogate the guy who was planting the jammers outside right? He's an NPC and if anyone wants him I've got him in the Detention Center.)

Detention Center:

In a small jail cell sat a normal human, who dealt with the wrong Micromasters.

"Come on, when are you going to let me out?"

Stakeout retorted, "Quit whining. You'll get out when you tell the boss what he wants to know."

Fixit said to his leader, "As much as I enjoy watching you back talk this guy, I'm going to head for the med bay. Just want to give some people a hand."

"Yeah, sure. Go ahead Fixit."

The medic then transformed into his ambulance mode and sped away.

Stakeout turned to Seawatch," Seawatch, I don't like it. Redhot's been gone a real long while. Go see if you can find him, kay?"

"Sure thing!" He said cheerfully as he ran out of the room.

2004-06-19, 10:18 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
"Should be an easy pickup, right?"

"Siren, ain't nothing ever easy inside Decepticon territory. Let's just hope there's no one waiting around for us." Blaster said as he readied his electro-scrambler.


Suntreaker was still helping Inferno with repairs.


Bluestreak's optics flashed back to glowing status as he stumbled out of the energon CR tank looking around.

"Good to be awake and recharged!" He said cheerily as he stepped out of his room withing Fortress Maximus looking around for someone to talk to.

2004-06-20, 05:59 AM
"Blaster, we're heading deep into Deception held territory," Magnus replied. "If they don't know we're coming already, they're bound to leap at us the second they find out."

2004-06-20, 07:32 PM
Siren: "Then we should get in there as fast as we can, and get out even faster."

Meeting Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Ah bet it weren't nothin' good, whatever it was." -scowls- "Ah also don't think we're gonna figger it out. Best way ta deal with Galvatron'd be not ta trust him. Ain't none of us dumb enough ta think he ain't gonna turn on us as soon as we kick th' Quints offa Cybertron, 'cause as soon's that happens, it'll be war all over again.""

2004-06-21, 05:39 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Hot Rod nodded. "Of course it is. No matter how much Galvatron's changed, he's still evil. I'm kinda surprised he hasn't tried to finish us off while we're on Earth, actually. That first attack banged us up pretty bad."

Soundwave online
2004-06-21, 02:00 PM
"I could'nt care if he did turn good id still kick his tail theres no way he can be aloud to get away with what he did"

Recoil nodded in agreeance with Kup

"Yeah if it werent for him pushing us into this position Recoil would still be alive"

2004-06-22, 01:55 PM
Ironhide: -looks over at Hot Rod- "They ain't got th' numbers they'd need ta kick th' Quints offa Cybertron. Tryin' ta wahpe us out'd do 'em no good at all."

2004-06-22, 01:58 PM
Cliffjumper drove up to one of Metroplex's many entrances, mumbling to himself.

"Decepticons in Japan, Optimus and the others at Fort Max, and where am I? Slaggin' Metroplex, away from it all."

The minibot transformed and went to enter the great white robot.

"Hey, anybody home? Don't tell me Prime's got me here by myself!"

2004-06-22, 10:13 PM
Upper works, Metroplex:

Tracks: -relaxing, enjoying the sun, sees Cliffjumper drive up- "Hey, Cliffjumper." -goes back to sunning himself-

2004-06-22, 10:40 PM

From out of a shadow the little minimot Bumble Bee appeared. His blue optics showing warmth and friendliness.

A smile crossed his face.


2004-06-23, 12:05 AM
Cliffjumper managed a weak smile as he saw Bumblebee come up.

"Hey, 'Bee. Hey, Tracks. So what's going on? I was told that we might be understaffed. You two not working hard enough? Well, I don't think I really need to ask you, Tracks."

2004-06-23, 03:04 AM
"I know nobody have seen me in six months, but don't I deserve a greeting too.....?"

Cosmos's unique echo like voice calls from high above in flying saucer mode, heat shield still glowing from re-entering earth's atmosphere.

2004-06-23, 03:11 AM
ooc: Hey- I'm back now! Four stitches, one Botcon and seven viruses out of a now clean and protected laptop. Yay! Really very sorry about all the troubles- should be done now.

After watching Ultra Magnus, Siren and Blaster depart to rescue Smokescreen, Prowl sighed silently as he heard Optimus' call for the urgent meeting. His radio hummed with waiting signals that needed to be answered. The strategist and security advisor was fatigued from the long stretch of duty with no rest, but wasn't about to shirk what needed to be done.

"Wreck-Gar, report to Metroplex. Catilla has come onto duty, as have Cliffjumper and Chainclaw. Tracks and Bumblebee should be available as well. See to it that they are recharged and ready for battle. You all may be needed as a backup team. Ironhide is currently involved in a meeting, but will return with orders for the crew. Until then, you must all be ready for any incidents. "

He switched signals and began a steady run toward the meeting after receiving the message from Perceptor.
"Affirmative Computron. I will report to medbay as soon as possible. I have one more assignment for you of the utmost urgency. You must reprogram and reset the security systems of both Fortress Maximus and Metroplex and divert security access to the master codex in both citybots. This needs to be completed as quickly as possible for a security breach is currently inevitable if the Decepticons have successfully decoded the chips."

Arriving at the doorway to the meeting room, Prowl slowed to a jog and then a smooth walk as he entered the room silently.

"I think these panels and bars'll hold Unicron himself!" Inferno commented with a smile as he welded the last of the fittings into place in the security hall. Can't see how anything short of a backfire is gonna get through this new mesh stuff. How're ya doin' over there Sunstreaker?"


Stable... Minerva's words nailed the status. Hound was stable and his internal repair systems registered the fact. While seemingly most of the watchers diverted to Springer and Arcee, the scout's optics began to dimly glow as his backup systems began to reactivate.

Trailbreaker meanwhile had headed for the doorway. He was relieved that Quick Switch had left so easily, but he wanted to be near to the entrance.

Buzzsaw let out a rattling clacking avian growl at Red Alert who had his rifle trained on the Decepticon and then obiediently transformed into a cassette tape underneath Steeljaw.


2004-06-23, 04:25 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Hot Rod nodded in agreement to Kup and Recoil. "I know what you mean..."

He turned to Ironhide. "Yeah, but he's already attacked us once since we got here. He's gotta have something up his sleeve." The young Autobot shook his head in frustration. "But I have no idea what."

Forest, Outside Fort Max

Red Alert glowered down at the seemingly unthreatening Buzzsaw.

"Take him to the cells," he told the nearby Mirage. "I'll have someone come by to interrogate him later. Cassettes, return to Blaster." He transformed to vehicle mode. "I'll report the capture to Optimus in person, just in case the Decepticons are monitoring our communications."

The security officer sped off towards Fort Max.

2004-06-23, 09:26 AM
Mirage quickly moved in and removed Laserbeak from underneath Steeljaw. Hastily he made his way back towards the base after securing the Decepticon condor.

Jump time!!!
Jetfire boarded Ultra Magnus, Siren and Blaster and set out for Carbombya.

=>>>> Rescue party move to Decepticon thread.

2004-06-23, 04:17 PM
Cosmos, a bit disoriented from his violent re-entry into Earth's atmosphere slowly wobbles towards the entrance of Metroplex.
It feels strange and even uncomfortable to be in robot mode and in the clutches of earth's gravity as the mini bot walks a bit disoriented and clumsily through the main entrance after going through the nessasary security screening.

Cosmos notices that Metroplex seems to be desperately under manned and wonders where is the bulk of the Autobot forces. Being so distant from his autobot allies, often being gone for months at a time, Cosmos wonders if he can find some one who can fill him in on what's going on.

Perhaps some one in the repair bay can fill him in as Cosmos is long overdue for an annual standard diagnostic update report.

Lord Zarak
2004-06-23, 07:04 PM
In the control room, Chainclaw saw that two energy signals had become active: Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. He opened a comm frequency to them both:

"Bumblebee, Cliffjumper this is Chainclaw. Catilla and Grapple are just entering the living quarters of Metroplex. If you want to, you can make your way towards them."

2004-06-23, 08:10 PM

Bumblebee nodded his small yellow head at Catilla's request.

"Well... I'll be off. See you later Tracks"

Bumblebee transformed and then sped off for the living quarters.

2004-06-23, 08:14 PM

"Haha! Race you there!" Cliffjumper yelled as he transformed and raced after Bumblebee.

2004-06-23, 08:16 PM

Bumblebee sped up faster.

"Hey Cliffy, it's red versus yellow and its obvious I'm the brighter of the two"

He let out a laugh to himself before speeding up again.

Quick Switch
2004-06-23, 09:15 PM
Quick Switch entered the conference room silently and sat, regarding the other occupants impassively. Some of the energy brew fervor had faded from his systems, but he was still somewhat agitated by the whole confrontation a few minutes earlier.

2004-06-23, 09:52 PM

Cliffjumper laughed at Bumblebee's comment.

"You won't seem so bright when you see my finish beat you to the finish!"

With that, Cliffjumper hit the accelerator and raced on.

2004-06-23, 11:12 PM
"Pleasure Muzzle." Chip smiled warmly as he put out a hand.
"I'll be happy to go with you."

"Count me in!" Spike called from a side room.

"Me too!" Daniel yelled from nearby. The teen started over but was caught by his collar. Sparkplug shook his head and let him go. "Not this time kiddo. We're stayin' right here with Dirge until we're called for."

"No way Gramps! This is the coolest..."

Daniel's voice faded from hearing as Spike shut the door behind himself.

Chip grinned. "Got room for two, Muzzle?"

2004-06-23, 11:24 PM
Parking Lot, Chip Chase's plant:

Muzzle: "Probably. Might be a little cramped in the back seat, whoever rides back there."

Nightbeat: -pops trunk lid open and opens doors- "I happen to like this vehicle mode, thank you very much."

Meeting Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Galvatron ain't exactly firin' on awl thruster on a good day, kid. Prob'ly didn't think about it b'fore orderin' th' attack."

Exterior, Metroplex:

Tracks: -chuckles- "I'm looking my best, Cliffjumper. That's job enough for anybody." -sees Cosmos- "Long time no see, but now that you're back, you'll no longer be deprived of..... my......." watches Cosmos walk into Metroplex, shrugs- "Probably busy."

2004-06-23, 11:34 PM
Spike settled Chip in the back seat and stowed the wheelchair in Nightbeat's trunk before climbing in the back seat. "No problem Muzzle. We can stand some squishing."

After a moment, Spike leaned forward. "Any idea what's up? Last I knew, we were being sent off for safety. Are the Decepticons gone now?"

2004-06-23, 11:54 PM
Muzzle: -climbs into driver's seat- "The Decepticons are gone. A few things have come up, though. We were checking something in Denver and they sent us to get you."

2004-06-24, 12:16 AM
Spike and Chip looked at each other and shrugged.
Chip chuckled.
"Fair enough. Guess we'll get the full briefing when we get back."
Spike nodded as he settled in for the remainder of the ride.
"How about a good driving station?"

2004-06-24, 12:27 AM
Nightbeat: "As long as it's not rap or country, take your pick."

2004-06-24, 01:01 AM
Entrance Ramp, Fort Max

Red Alert zoomed into the city, his sirens blaring to warn his fellow Autobots that they should get out of his way. He sped towards the meeting room at a breakneck pace.

Conference Room, Fort Max

Hot Rod shrugged. “You don’t know Galvatron like I do, Ironhide. You were dead most of the time he’s been alive. He might be crazy, but he’s not stupid. Not like Megatron was.” He shook his head. “Galvatron’s cooperated with us before, when he didn’t have any other choice. If he’s taking shots at us now, it means he’s got something planned.”

Red Alert killed his sirens and transformed as he approached the meeting room. As he stepped through the door, he tossed a friendly (as friendly as Red ever got, anyway) nod to Prowl, who likewise seemed to have just arrived.

“Mission accomplished,” he reported with a bit of pride in his voice. His optics shifted to take in the rest of the Autobots in the room, and Prime in specific. “Mirage is conducting Buzzsaw to the brig as we speak. No sign of other Decepticon activities in the forest.”

The security officer slipped into a seat as far away from the others as he could get, then proceeded to eye Quick Switch with a mixture of nervousness and ever-so-slight dislike.

Taking orders from him will take a bit of getting used to...

God Jinrai
2004-06-24, 01:09 AM
Prime steepled his fingers as the sixchanger took a seat. The only one remaining right now was prowl, as magnus had gone on the mission to retrieve smokescreen...

"Good of you to join us, Quickswitch. I was afraid some harm had come to you... I haven't heard from you in some time... and as you might expect... it worried me."

Prime went silent... waiting for the maximus' security chief to reply

2004-06-24, 02:47 AM
Cosmos, weary from his six month mission of patroling deep space for Decepticon activity and obserbing potential worlds for autobot colinization wobbles his way into Metroplex's repair bay.

He hopes he can get a few minor glitches patched which interferes with the transmission information from his onboard CPU as he beams his encrypted messages back to teletran two to be viewed by the higher ups in the autobot hierarchy at their convient leisure.

Cosmos is starting to question his value to the autobot cause and self worth. He feels so detached from the autobots in which he has allied with. "Have they all forgotten about me?" Cosmos ponders. Just then, he finds someone or something lurking with in the repair bay.

Quick Switch
2004-06-24, 05:13 AM
"Had to sort some things out," Quick replied simply, with a small, tight smile. "Reporting as ordered."

2004-06-24, 05:17 AM
Prowl gave a hint of a business-type smile to Red Alert and took a seat next to him in the meeting room. Very quietly he stated with the smile, "Well done Red Alert."
However, his reserved demeanor couldn't belie the fact that he was extremely pleased and a bit relieved to hear that Buzzsaw had been captured successfully.

He looked attentively towards Optimus and Quick Switch.

2004-06-24, 05:42 AM
Repair Bay, Metroplex

Hoist walked into the room with a datapad in his hand.

So many people dodging their checkup appointments... he mused. I should talk to Prime about this, but he's one of the worst offenders!

He was so focused on the data he was leafing through that he almost didn't see the small Autobot that was looking around the room.

"Cosmos? Are you here for your 500,000 mile checkup?" He scrolled through the list on his pad, then chuckled. "It looks like you're overdue, by about six months."

Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert shifted his gaze over to Prowl and returned the other's smile with a small, self-satisfied one of his own. "Thanks. It feels good to get back in the thick of things right off the bat." His optics narrowed and the smile vanished. "I'm surprised we didn't find any more Decepticons out there, though...it makes no sense to just send the one."

2004-06-24, 10:19 AM
Outside Living Quarters, Metroplex

Bumblebee gave a final boost forward before he began to slow down.

His gleaming yellow vehicle transformed into the child-like image of little Bumblebee.

"Yeah. You still got it!" he shouted into the air.

He then went inside.

Soundwave online
2004-06-24, 12:27 PM
"Well at least the room is starting to fill up now" Kup smiled

2004-06-24, 01:40 PM

Cliffjumper transformed and walked in after Bumblebee.

"Yeah, yeah. Gloat all you want. I gave you a head start."

He headed off toward Catilla and Grapple's position.

2004-06-24, 04:37 PM
After months of communicating through the vast regions of space via encryptic messages, electronic feeds, and coded signals, it was good once again to hear the sound of a familiar voice.

"HOIST believe me, it feels like I'm six months overdue.
Forget about the nasty glitch in my onboard tele-caster for a moment. How are things going down here? And where is everybody? I never seen Metroplex so empty!"

Cosmos says as he makes his way towards HOIST having a slight limp most likely developed from his violent re-entry into earth's atmosphere.

2004-06-24, 04:48 PM
Just one.

As Optimus was still talking with Quick Switch, Prowl mulled over Red Alert's observation, then quietly replied,
"No Red. They did send two. We were only meant to find one though."

A message or a test of their new techniques- whichever it was- Buzzsaw was observing and he'd report back to Soundwave. Soundwave was responsible for the reprogramming of the data banks, false imagery. Working with the Constructicons? Not something in his usual line since the Constructicons don't trust him. Why would they allow him another puppet? There has to be more here.
As he thought silently through the data he'd accumulated and tried to draw more conclusions, Prowl's expression turned stoney.

Mirage worked his way back to Fortress Maximus and up to the security wing where Inferno and Sunstreaker had just finished up.

Inferno looked over as Mirage came in.
"Hey Mirage- what's cookin?"

"Decepticon buzzard." Mirage replied with a laugh. "I've got Buzzsaw ready for storage."

"Everything's secure- solid as can be. Toss him in there and the security system'll do the rest."

Mirage set the small cassette in the cell, taking care to twist the barrels of the condor's lasers into a dysfunctional state while Inferno trained his gun on the Decepticon. Then Mirage backed out of the cell and they shut the door. A quick press of a button activated a very tight energy mesh covering over the entire covering within the front of the cell.

"Set, secured and all good to go." Inferno grinned as he looked over the newly repaired and upgraded holding cell. "Time for guard duty."

Mirage nodded and they settled down to talk while monitoring the prisoner.

God Jinrai
2004-06-24, 07:15 PM
"Glad to see ou've got matters in hand, old friend. " Prime turned his attention to Prowl and Red Alert...

" The second one being whom, tho? If it's hound you're refering to, I hardly count Hook's "reprogramming" job as making him pure decepticon. otherwise, the instant he had the chance..he would have taken his shots at everyone the moment their guard was down."

2004-06-24, 08:35 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert mulled over Prowl and Prime’s words.

“I agree with Optimus,” he said after a moment. “They could have made him into a pure Decepticon given enough time and resources, but they didn’t. Hook’s definitely capable of better than what he did to Hound. This was something different. They wanted the memory chips, nothing more. Brainwashing Hound was a bonus for them, an afterthought. They did a terrible job of it.”

His optics darkened in anger. “Dropping him on our doorstep like this...it’s a taunt, like when a serial killer leaves a note for the police at a crime scene. Whichever Decepticon sent him here is trying to send us a message, and he’s doing it in a way that we can’t possibly ignore. He wants us preoccupied with avenging Hound, so we overlook something else that he’s got going on.”

He frowned. “But still...sending Buzzsaw alone to watch him was the same as sending the bird to us in a gift-wrapped box. There’s no way he could have avoided capture on his own. It makes no sense.”

Repair Bay, Metroplex

“Well, Cosmos,” Hoist said, “all the high-ups are huddled in Fortress Maximus, trying to decide what to do next. And almost everyone else is off getting shot at.” He chuckled. “All this fighting is murder on the checkup schedules, I tell you. All the emergency repairs push back the general maintenance until small problems become big ones.”

He perked up a bit. “But there’s no wounded to worry about right now, so I’d be happy to check you over. It looks like that leg of yours could use a bit of patching up, anyway.” He gestured to a nearby surgical table. “Have a seat.”

2004-06-24, 09:13 PM
"Sure thing HOIST!" Cosmos rejoiced with an almost childlike glee, sitting down on the operating table in a loud "clank" as Hoist stepped away momentarily to set up his tools and instruments.

Cosmos momentarily pondered very breifly about going out and joining the others in battle. He played with the thought in his mind of leading an assualt on some obscure decepticon base with a light chuckle. Cosmos knows he is ill suited for combat due to his unique design and would not last very long in a direct assualt situation.

Perhaps Cosmos must infact just get use to just being the lonely living satelite removed from battle. Suddenly, Hoist returns with his equipment layed out on some sort of rolling, computerized table with flat screen monitors embeded with in it.

2004-06-24, 10:02 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -looks over at Hot Rod- "Mebbe so, kid, but ain't none of us naieve enough ta think that Galvatron's gonna play fair in any kahnda alliance we work out fer takin' back Cybertron." -looks over at Prime- "Awlrahght, Prahme, Ah think we're awl here. What's th' plan?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -working on Springer-

Exterior, Metroplex:

Tracks: "Huh?" -watching a semi rolling towards him, steps back as it rolls to a stop next to him and a human gets out, grabs a clipboard off the seat- "Can I help you?"

Delivery driver: -talking around a cigar stub- "Yeah, mac. I got a package fer da Auto..... Auto.. bahn?"

Tracks: "Autobahn? That's a roadway in Germany."

Delivery driver: "Whatever. Dis is da right address, though. Almalgamated Express'll deliver anywhere, no matter what." -holds out clipboard- "Sign next to da X."

Tracks: -takes clipboard between thumb and forefinger, wondering how he can hold a human sized pen- "What are we getting?"

Delivery driver: "That." -hooks thumb at shipping container- "Youse gotta unload it yerself, though. Da union won't let me."

Tracks: -taking the pen off of the clipboard, manages to scrawl something that either says Tracks or Hooblenix, hands both back to driver-

Driver: -releases the tiedowns holding the container on the trailer- "All you, mac." -gets back in rig- "An' hurry it up, wouldja? I gotta be in Hoboken by dawn."

Tracks: -straining, manages to haul the container off the trailer, wincing as it hits the ground with an earth-denting THUD- "Hoboken, huh. Wow, you guys do deliver everywhere, don't you."

Driver: -starts rig, puts it in gear- "Hoboken ain't got a patch on Duluth. Trust me." -pulls away-

Tracks: -shrugs, starts checking the shipping manifest of the container-

2004-06-24, 10:08 PM

Bumblebee slowed down a little and caught back with Cliffjumper.

"Head start!" chuckled Bumblebee.

"Sure!!! Well lets just get Catilla and Grapple then you can race me... I mean lose all you want"

Quick Switch
2004-06-24, 10:13 PM
"I don't particularly care about their motivation," Quick said shortly, finding the debate almost arbitrary. "We have Hound back now. It's really rather academic at this point. But for whatever reason- who among their leadership has shown an ounce of planning?"

He barked a laugh.

"Optimus, it isn't Galvatron. That narrows our options. In any event, the cities are back online, and ready to go."

He crossed his arms.

"And as to a plan? What I've advocated all along. Killing the scum-suckers."

2004-06-25, 03:48 AM
"Hound definitely was a message- a deterrant and was meant to demoralize and distract us, and the Decepticons were most certainly after his memory chips. But Prime, I suspect there's more to this than has been shown- falling more to the Decepticon base than here. I will need to talk to Hound and Buzzsaw to confirm some of my hunches."

2004-06-25, 03:48 AM

"Sounds good, Bumblebee. Let's meet up with the guys."

After a bit of walking, Cliffjumper arrived in Metroplex's living quarters. He saw Catilla and Grapple there.

"Hey guys, what's shakin'?"

God Jinrai
2004-06-25, 03:56 AM
"You realize you'll likely get nothing from buzzsaw, correct, Prowl?"

Prime bowed his head, sighed, then looked back to prowl.

"But regardless, we still need to try. You've been able to coax more out of worse bots, Prowl... maybe this mess is finally starting to get to me."

Prime turned his attention back to his six changing lieutenant...

" And would you like to be the one to lead the suicide mission to try and retake cybertron without them, Quickswitch? Like it or not.. they are, right now, a lesser evil that must be dealt with with a steady hand... they need us just as much as we need them... the quintessons won't just hand us cybertron on a platter, old friend."

2004-06-25, 04:01 AM

"HOIST, got a minute? I seem to have sprung a leak some how in my left shoulder, and I can't go around messing up the ocean's.....well what do you know? COSMOS, haven't seen you around in ages!!!"

SEASPRAY accidently walks in on Cosmos's appointment, as his gargling, underwater voice never sounded so joyous.

"Uh, SEASPRAY, no offence old friend, but as much as I wish to chat, I'd rather wait until after my repairs are made." COSMOS explains.

"Er, didn't mean to barge in on you like that, COSMOS." SEASPRAY humbles, quietly exiting the repair bay.

"Can't a bot get a little privacy HOIST? How about securing the entrance. I don't want the whole world to see my diodes!" COSMOS chuckles.

2004-06-25, 04:21 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

"Buzzsaw will talk," Red Alert said coldly to no one in particular. "It might take a bit of...convincing, but he'll talk."

Hot Rod was exhasperated by Ironhide's statement. "That's what I've been trying to tell you!" The young Autobot turned towards Prime, who he had noticed was talking.

Repair Bay, Metroplex

"Oh, hi Seaspray," Hoist chuckled. "Bye Seaspray!"

He turned back to his patient. "Oh, don't worry, Cosmos. This'll only take a minute." He focused his head-mounted multi-sensor on the smaller Autobot. "Yes, yes, I see the problem right there..."

After pressing a button to close the bay's door, he popped open a panel on Cosmos' leg. Picking up a small probing device from his tray of impliments, he began poking around.

"Let me know if this hurts...it shouldn't."

Quick Switch
2004-06-25, 04:33 AM
"Convincing?" Quick said, slamming his fists down on the table. "I'll snap his wings off myself! I agree with Red Alert!" He turned to Optimus. "It would be a challenge, but they need to pay for what's been done to Hound."

2004-06-25, 04:41 AM
Prowl's optics glowed as he bordered on voicing his concerns.

"Hound is not a Decepticon, but he thinks he is. And yes, they will pay." Prowl nodded calmly to Quick Switch and then looked at Red Alert and Optimus. "Quick Switch is correct. It is unlikely this was Galvatron's doing. I will do my best to secure the information Optimus."


Down in medbay, Hound lay perfectly still on the repair table, now somewhat aware of the ongoings in the room. He listened vaguely to the various conversations about and also noted Minerva's weapon laying next to him on the table. His systems told him that he was stable, but not completely assembled in either his leg or his cranial cover. The influx of so much new data and the repairs from 'the enemy' puzzled him. For all intensive purposes... Hound had the equivalent of a slight headache- but even so, his curiosity kept him still and listening.

God Jinrai
2004-06-25, 04:49 AM
Prime interlocked his fingers, resting his faceplate's bottom on his thumbs, bowing his head forward...

"Do what you need to do... avoid any unnecessary damage to Buzzsaw... if possible. remember. WE...aren't THEM. if worse comes to worse... download buzzsaw's entire memory, by removing his memory chips... just as ... " Prime's head rose, and his fingers spread, his hands separated again...

"That's it! Quickswitch... scare the blasted bird into stasis lock... once you've accomplished that, remove his memory chips... and inform brainstorm and wheeljack that we'll need their programming geniuses VERY soon. It's time to fight fire.. With fire."

2004-06-25, 05:21 AM
Common Area

Wreck-Gar sat in front of the active terminal, snoring loudly and dripping a slowly growing pool of oil on the floor.

Quick Switch
2004-06-25, 05:32 AM
"Understood." Quick's small, grim smile returned.

2004-06-25, 06:05 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert was satisfied, albeit slightly surprised, by Prime's decision. It's not that he was particularly fond of the idea of Autobots lobotomizing a prisoner, but sometimes distasteful things had to be done to keep the more...idealistic Autobots safe.

And it's a good sign that Quick Switch is willing to do this type of thing...among security officers, scruples can be a dangerous luxury. Best to make sure, though.

"If you want some backup," he told Quick, "I'm available."

Brig, Fort Max

Beachcomber happened to be walking past the brig just as the energy mesh crackled to life. Out of curiosity (and because his new geological sensors could monitor themselves perfectly well), the small Autobot poked his head in to check things out. He noticed Inferno, Mirage and Sunstreaker were clustered in the outer room, with one of the cells occupied.

"Hhhhey, guys," he called. "Who's the lucky guest?"

2004-06-25, 07:28 AM
Tension filled the room.

Prowl frowned. It wasn't often he had cause to question or disagree with his leader's orders, but neither could he allow his beliefs to border to the extreme that was being suggested.

"If worse comes to worse and he refuses, we should remove his personality component immediatly." Prowl said quietly.

"But, I don't think it will for the information I require. I intend to speak with Hound first. If necessary, Computron has already completed a machine at my request to decode memory chips and assist in repairing any that might be damaged."

"Mirage brought in Buzzsaw." Inferno replied to Beachcomber with a wave. "We're just trying to get him to tell us about the hunt now. Come join us!"

"I didn't see much." Mirage added on meekly. "Raindance and Steeljaw had him down and covered by the time Red Alert and I got there."

2004-06-25, 07:55 AM
Brig, Fort Max

Beachcomber smiled, though it was a bit forced. "Glad to hear no one got hurt, anyway."

The geologist stepped into the room and folded himself into a seat. "Sssso any idea what he was doing before you caught him? Random sculking, or something more dangerous?"

2004-06-25, 08:06 PM

"Ouch!!!!!! Just kidding, HOIST." Cosmos chuckles. His wiley nature is in stark contrast to his more dark and lonely persona he wields when traveling through the far reaches of space!

"say, HOIST. Have you thought about what would ever happen if METROPLEX was to just out of the blue began to transform into robot mode right now? What would happen? Would we be crushed?" Comos joked as the light hearted UFO watched with keen interest as HOIST continues.

2004-06-25, 09:24 PM
Mirage glanced at the still-folded cassette lying on the floor of the cell. "He was most likely spying on the base from that location, but from that distance, I doubt he could see very much."

"Strange." Inferno mused. "But maybe the Decepticons don't have anything better to be doing right now. I'm sure ol' Galvatron's going to be sorely disappointed when he finds out we're almost repaired and we've got one of his troops captured as well."

2004-06-25, 11:06 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -smirks at Hot Rod- "Looks lahke we're arguin' same sahdes of a argument here." -listens to the conversation going on around him with slightly narrowed optics- "Ah got a better ahdea. We don't give th' tin turkey th' first option, jus' go in an' rip his memory circuits out. Sound good?"

Exterior, Metroplex:

Tracks: -looking at the cargo manifest for the shipping container-

2004-06-26, 02:32 AM
Hound listened to the ongoings in the Autobot medical bay for a while and then rapid images ran through his circuits as he worked on processing and comprehending what he was listening to. Bright lights and dim figures standing nearby triggered the flashes of recalled torture. He struggled with the urge to run, but instead, slowly reached for Minerva's weapon and moved to swing it up across his chest as one single thought came to rest.

Not again. I know what my mission is now. I will make certain the one who does this cannot do any more harm.

2004-06-26, 02:50 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -still working on Springer-

2004-06-26, 04:58 AM
Repair Bay, Metroplex

Hoist shook his head reassuringly. "No, we'd be fine. The cities are designed so that their internal compartments stay in one piece when they transform."

The probe he was using to fish around inside Cosmos's leg hit something. "Ah, here we are. A cracked gear." He picked up a small pair of pliers from the surgical tray. "We'll have that replaced in no time."

Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded. "That's fine by me too," he told Ironhide. "Whatever works."

Hot Rod frowned, not sure if he agreed with the security types or not. The idea of chopping parts out of another living being's mind was repellent to him, but when the victim was a Decepticon, a hated enemy...after all they'd done to hurt innocents, didn't they deserve whatever came to them?

Brig, Fort Max

"But how'd you find him?" Beachcomber asked Mirage. "Iiiiif he was that far away from the base, how'd we find him in the first place?"

"Galvatron won't care, Inferno. The Decepticons don't care about anything. Nnnnot the planets they ravage, not the innocents they kill, not even their own comrades."

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs was essentially staring off into space, and didn't see Hound's movements.

Pinpointer did see the scout shift around a bit, but Hound's body blocked his view enough that he didn't see the weapon. "Looks like he's starting to stir," he whispered to his partner.

2004-06-26, 05:16 AM
Prowl's expression turned steely and expressionless. "With all due respect, it would be illogical to perform such an action without first exploring the options that follow the Autobot code of conduct. If the humans were to learn of such manipulations by our ranks, they would certainly withdraw their support from our faction, thereby depleting and dissolving any potential recovery of our resources and would eventually produce the outcome of eliminating any possibility of retaking Cybertron without asserting ourselves on this planet as the dominating force. It is certain that the Decepticons would see to the humans learning of the action, based on the connections that Soundwave has with his cassettes. Furthermore, it would be a precedent for the rest of the troops I must advise against setting."

2004-06-26, 07:13 AM
Windslice didn't hesitate to act. Autobot or not, anyone with that purple symbol and a gun was never a good sign. The Irony was Windslice still had his on one shoulder and the Auto-brand he got from Hound, the Autobot turned Decepticon that was before him. He quickly stepped forward taking one of the swords off his back and quickly spun it so the blade was pointing downwards and thrust it quickly down at Hound's chest then pulling back up and holding his sword straight up.

Sparks and smoke started to pour out of where he stabbed down. The gun Hound had grabbed was rendered inoperative, the firing chamber crushed and left with a gaping hole in the side while Hound was left unharmed.


Suntreaker shrugged as he watched the Decepticon casette. "I say we do to it what they did to Hound and give Blaster another little friend to spit out when he's outnumbered"

Lord Zarak
2004-06-26, 11:10 AM
Grapple and Catilla turned to face Cliffjumper and Bumblebee.

"Just searching for other Autobots" replied Catilla.

"Yeah, seeing whos around so we can keep Metroplex on a high state of readiness" continued Grapple. "So far its you two, me, him and Chainclaw. Next on our little tour of Metroplex is the Med Bay. You want to join us?"

2004-06-26, 11:25 AM
Bumblebee smiled.

"Sure. Why not? It's not as if we've got anything better to do"

2004-06-26, 01:39 PM
"What the little guy said." Cliffjumper added a wink as he chuckled at his comment.

2004-06-26, 05:34 PM
Arcee had remained in the med bay, silently watching Minerva work on Springer. However, Hound's coming back online hadn't entirely escaped her notice - she'd noticed him stirring from the corner of her optics; but she hadn't dared to distract Minerva by alerting her to the fact.

The pink Autobot was both relieved to see Hound recover; and apprehensive because now it would be seen to what extent he would really be alright, or whether whatever the Decepticons had done to him had irrevokably damaged him.

Glancing over to Hound again, she noticed him reach for Minerva's weapon. In a fast reflexive reaction, she reached out to snatch the gun away from him, not noticing she was getting in Windslice's way until she received a cut in the forearm from his sword. She reflexively pulled back her arm. Clutching at her wound with the other hand, she looked at Hound and saw to her relief that he was disarmed, but unharmed.

She looked at Windslice. "Good reflexes! Or dumb luck. Thanks at any rate." Then she glanced back at Hound worriedly. It was now clear that he was not okay.

2004-06-26, 07:04 PM
"Skill. Also a lesson in keeping your arm out of the way of a sword," He replied looking at Hound.

2004-06-26, 07:40 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max

"No, no, no," Red Alert shook his head as Prowl spoke. "The Decepticons would never release that kind of information; it'd be a sign of weakness and none of the humans would believe them anyway. There have been Decepticon attempts to paint us as the villian before, and the humans would just write this off as another of them."

Brig, Fort Max

Beachcomber looked at Sunstreaker with undisguised shock. "Yyyyou can't actually mean that! That's awful!"

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs was on his feet, Pinpointer in hand, prepared to blast Windslice into the next millenium astroseconds after the unfamiliar warrior drew his sword.

Then he saw the destroyed weapon in Hound's hands.

"Good eyes," he told Windslice as he shifted his aim over to Hound. "Did you damage him much, or just the gun?"

2004-06-26, 10:58 PM
"It's not like I had time to look what you were doing," Arcee retorted with an undertone of hurt pride, giving Windslice a small glare.

2004-06-26, 11:14 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -optics narrowed further, fists clenched- "Now, Prowl, since we're goin' with this new mahndset 'a rippin' th' brains outta any 'Con prisoners, what do we got ta worry about from th' humans? Or th' Autobot Code, fer that matter?" -raises fist, slams it down with table denting force as he stands, optics blazing- "If this is what it means ta be a Autobot now, ya mahght's well a left me dead!"

2004-06-27, 12:14 AM

As Hoist continued to work on Cosmos as the jolly minibot sat silently on the table, his inquisitive mind once again began to wonder.

"Say Hoist, remember those morphabots? Those blasted robotic plants that ate the insecticon army? Those suckers hitched a ride on me while I was carrying Spike and Bumblebee from Floron three with the robotic pesticide. After I crash landed and was later rescued, you gave me the best overhaul of my life! I felt like a new Autobot! Man Hoist, I been through a lot! I was shot down by Astrotrain and crash landed on Titan, and I'm forever mapping the furtherest reaches of uncharted space for Optimus Prime and I'm always gone for 6 to twelve months at a time!

Everything always seem so different when I return! Nobody talks to me either, everyone is so busy. I'm starting to even notice if anyone cares about me and the missions I perform. I mean, i'm no soldier, but I try to do my job to the best of my ability! I mean, if my job wasn't important, Optimus would not have sent me clear across the known universe would he? I don't know Hoist, I guess what i'm trying to say is, maybe nobody would miss me if I just disappeared. I need to talk to Optimus Prime. Where is he?" Cosmos asks, after venting his fustration as only a lonely flying saucer can, while leaning foward with his hands on his cheeks, pouting.


SEASPRAY calmly awaits his turn as he holds his elbow which continues to slowly leak while he daydreams about the time he became a man and fell in love with an alien mermaid a few years ago.

2004-06-27, 01:40 AM
Windslice's strike hit the gun faster than Hound could follow. He lay quietly for a moment as the events unfolded around him, trying his best to process everything. As the conversation progressed, he glanced to Arcee's arm and narrowed his optics. Whoever she is, she was helping me. In the next instant- he determined to retaliate.

He rolled backward and lunged forward to a crouching position on top of the medbay table, favoring the leg that had been damaged. In a smooth grab on the roll up, he unclipped his machine gun and aimed it at Windslice.
In a lowered and threatening tone, Hound fixed on his target.
"You'll pay for that Autobot. You've just made your last attack on an innocent lifeform."


Trailbreaker had been near the doorway to medbay, and had not seen the activity leading up to Hound's sudden rise. What he did see was the escalation. "Hey- someone douse everyone with antifreeze over there!" He began hurrying toward the group.

God Jinrai
2004-06-27, 01:46 AM
Prime rose from his seat as ironhide slammed his hands on the table... taking in a deep breath, prime sighed, almost disghusted.

" I gave my orders. The removal of Buzzsaw's memory chips is to be a LAST RESORT. Yes, I've decided to fight fire with fire. but ONLY AS A LAST RESORT. Prowl, if you can get what you need from hound, and can coax buzzsaw to confirm it, so be it. "

Prime turned his head toward ironhide... " I may have chosen a different method of getting this information, ironhide... but we are NOT... I repeat, we ARE NOT DECEPTICONS. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"

2004-06-27, 02:39 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Nnn. Last resort, huh. Fahne. I hear yer orders fer th' last resort, an' Ah'll obey 'em....... but Ah don't have ta lahke 'em." -scowling, sits, folds arms across chest-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -spins- "That's IT!!!!!!!!!" -points at Hound- "Put that gun down NOW, MISTER!!!!!!!" -points at Acree- "Come over here." -looks over at Crosshairs, Trailbreaker, and Windslice, her optics blazing- "As for the rest of you gun toting maniacs, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SICKBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Exterior, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop next to Tracks-

Muzzle: "We're here, guys." -looks back at Spike and Chip- "Looks like the rerouted care package to Carbombya got here safely, too."

2004-06-27, 02:44 AM
"Hound, NO! He didn't mean to hurt me!" Arcee exclaimed, stepping over in response to Minerva's gesture. She hadn't reached for her gun - even if she could've been fast enough, it would've only escalated the situation further - there was no telling how Hound would react.

2004-06-27, 04:20 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs was less than happy with this turn of events.

"You," his optics flicked briefly to Minerva, "shut up and let me handle this."

I think I know what buttons to press to defuse this, but I don't need your meddling.

"You two," he nodded towards Windslice and Arcee, "get out of my line of fire.

"And you," His optics focussed back on Hound, but his weapon's aim had never wavered. "Put down the weapon and kick it to me. Now. If you don't, I will kill you. I can't let you threaten my friends and my rockets don't have a stun setting."

His face became a mask of reluctant determination and his finger tightened on the trigger. "I won't let you hurt anyone."

Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert reclined slightly in his chair, his optics focused on Ironhide. He kept silent, but his mind was whirring.

What has to be done will be done, even if you doesn't have a strong enough combustion chamber for it. Sometimes you have to do terrible things to keep the innocent safe. I'm surprised you hven't learned that lesson by now.

Hot Rod, meanwhile, looked around the room at the other Autobots, unsure exactly what to think of the whole thing.

Repair Bay, Metroplex

"Can't say that I do," Hoist told Cosmos. "I didn't really take that much note of the things we fought. Too busy patching people back together afterwards, I guess."

He put his surgical tools down on the bench for a moment. "Now that's just not true, Cosmos. Everyone values you. You're one of our best scouts, you can stand up for yourself in a fight, and you're a nice guy." He patted the minibot on the shoulder. "We all wish you could be around more often."

He frowned. "Not sure where Op is, actually. Over in Fort Max, I guess, but I couldn't say where."

He picked the pliers back up and worked the gear out of Cosmos' leg. "There we go." He picked a new gear off his tray, then slid it into place inside Cosmos. "Good as new. How does it feel?"

2004-06-27, 08:05 AM
He didn't mean it? Hound didn't move his head or his weapon, but his peripheral attention diverted to the side and fixed on Arcee for a moment. Vague and distorted images flashed through his circuits, recalling bright lights, dark figures that caused incalculable pain and a bladed instrument. A humming filled his audio receptors along with a voice.

Yes he did. He's an autobot and likely the one responsible. Kill him and save the others.

The humming increased into a buzz as he listened to Minerva and Crosshairs.
They're friends?
Of course they are! Even the pink one is an Autobot. Kill one and the rest will despair. Dealing with them will not be difficult.

Wait, now I should kill all of them?
That is inevitable. You are enemies.
But the medic was helping to fix...

Hound's train of thought wavered as he glanced to Crosshairs with an entirely blank expression. His thoughts were far beyond the strange reactions in front of him. Finally his focus rested on Minerva.
That human and construct are angry with me- angry at the other human and Autobots as well. This must be my error. I provoked this, yet the medic now is driving the others away? They are friends- mine or theirs? They say I am one of them and yet do not think of me as such- they say they are friends. No, I must have done something to cause the reaction- this is a medical area.

Medbay protocol recalled. Having been in medical bays countless times, the rules were set deep into his memory. With the buzzing now louder than the ongoings around him, Hound locked onto the one thing he could remember. He lowered the weapon, clipped it back into place and began to ease back down into a sitting position- still trying to puzzle out Arcee's injury.

Prowl nodded to Ironhide in acknowledgment of his agreement. "I think we'll get what is required from the Decepticon, Optimus. Ironhide can see to it that the other methods are used as last resorts."
The strategist paused and then continued.
"Repairs have been completed on the citybots, defenses are up at full capacity. Our energy stocks are buffered by an extra 17% now and increasing each day with no long-term effects on this planet. Within a few weeks barring any major attacks, we should have enough of a margin to be assured safety from the depletion we have been suffering through.
Is there more that needs to be addressed directly or shall we return to our duties?"

2004-06-27, 08:36 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs was less than happy to see that Hound hadn't surrendered his weapon, but didn't make a big deal of it for fear of provoking another confrontation.

"Thank you," he said with a degree of relief. He released his grip on Pinpointer, and the Nebulan transformed and landed on the floor. Leaving his bemused partner standing by himself in the middle of the room, Crosshairs headed for the exit.

"Keep a watch on things," he told Trailbreaker as he passed. "I need some air."

Lord Zarak
2004-06-27, 12:28 PM
Metroplex interior

Grapple and Catilla set off for the Med Bays. Grapple started a conversation with Bumblebee:

"How's Spike been lately?"

Metroplex Control Room

Chainclaw saw Tracks and Nightbeat roll up to Metroplex. If anyone was with him, they would have seen him visibly relax- after all, they weren't Decepticons trying to kill him, or capture him, or torture.....

"Gotta keep myself busy, can't let myself go scared again" he said to himself." He opened a channel to both Bot's

"Tracks, Nightbeat, this is Chainclaw inside Metroplex's control room. Good to see some familiar 'Bots. If you have nothing much to do, you can help me and some others keep ol' Metroplex ready for anything. Whad'ya say?"

2004-06-27, 12:42 PM
Metroplex interior

Bumblebee's optics seemed to freeze for a second.


His head slowly directed towards the floor. His face saddening, even for a Transformer.

"I've not seen Spike since I've been here. I hope the lil' guy's ok"

2004-06-27, 03:08 PM

COSMOS: "Wow, as good as new HOIST! Thanks! Now to see PRIME. I wonder if he is pleased with the detail mapping of unexplored space I've been sending him for the past six months. I wonder what he will be using this information for? It has to be something more to it then extending the bounderies of our star charts! I'm off to Fort Max.

As Cosmos heads out of the repair bay, he bumps into SEASPRAY who has been patiently waiting.

SEASPRAY: "Hold on Cosmos! I have not seen you in ages! Surely you can spare a few moments and wait until HOIST patches up my arm!"

Cosmos "I'll give you ten minutes. After that, I'm off to see OPTIMUS".

Just then, SEASPRAY enters into the repair bay, urgently seeking HOIST.

2004-06-27, 07:25 PM
Repair Bay, Metroplex

Hoist chuckled as Cosmos left. "Good luck finding him."

He turned to Seaspray. "So...you've got a leak? Let me take a look at that."

2004-06-27, 08:50 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -starts working on the damage to Arcee's arm- "If threatening to shoot somebody with rockets is his idea of crisis negotiation, I'd rather not hear how he deal with flies." -finishes repairing Arcee, walks over to Hound, holds out her hand- "Please hand me your gun."

Exterior, Metroplex:

Tracks: "What is it?"

Nightbeat: "It's a shipment of energon chips, jammers, and other odds and ends. "I've got the important stuff with me." -activates commlink- "We'll be up in a few, Chainclaw. Have to drop a couple of people off first."

2004-06-28, 12:34 AM

SEASPRAY: "Yeah HOIST, right at this joint (points to elbow), it doesn't hurt and my arm feels fine, but I don't want to pollute the entire ocean. Is it serious?"

Meanwhile, waiting outside of the medical bay, Cosmos urgently paces back and forth anxious to meet up with OPTIMUS PRIME.

"I sure hope SEASPRAY doesn't take all day...." Cosmos moans.

2004-06-28, 02:00 AM
Trailbreaker watched Crosshairs leave with a puzzled expression. He didn't see what had happened, but he saw the aftermath and felt the tension release as suddenly as it had riled up. Rather than accent it, he moved over to a chair near Pinpointer and plopped down with an interested expression.

Hound had settled himself back into a sitting position and watched intently as Minerva repaired Arcee's arm. When Minerva asked for his weapon, he blinked once and nodded in assent. He gave the machine gun over to her handle-first. A hint of remorse for the reaction bit at his conscience as he realized that no damage had been done to him and no attack had been made.

Decepticons don't apologize.
I was wrong. I broke the peace of a repair center. I must make amends.

Without giving the matter another thought, quietly and very simply Hound said to Minerva,"My apologies for the disturbance."

2004-06-28, 02:09 AM
Windslice watched the whole ordeal without moving. He just crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head.

"If I were in a Decepticon base right now you all realize Hound would have been dead before that weapon left his side" Windslice gloated somewhat as he watched Arcee then sneered. "If you can't be aware of what one bot is doing in a med bay. How do you intend to keep up with several on a battle field. You'd be a hazard to yourself and others in a fight"


Sunstreaker glared as Buzzsaw. "Why can't I mean it? Fight the Decepticons the same way they are fighting us. They want to throw sand in our eyes. Lets throw some sand in theirs."

2004-06-28, 07:06 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer chuckled at Minerva's comment. "For those, he uses grenades."

The Nebulan walked over to Hound. "Are you alright? He," Pinpointer nodded towards Windslice, "didn't damage you, did he?"

As soon as the medbay's doors shut behind him, Crosshairs activated his comm unit and opened a channel to the meeting room that Prime & co. currently occupied.

"Sirs, this is Crosshairs. We just had an...incident in Medbay. Hound made a grab for Minerva's weapon. When he was stopped, he turned his machine gun on us. No one was hurt and we managed to subdue him peacefully...but in his condition it's only a matter of time until he snaps again." The Targetmaster sighed, then continued reluctantly. "For his own safety, I think he should be moved to a more secure location until he can be repaired."

Repair Bay, Metroplex

"Looks like a leaking gasket to me, Seaspray" Hoist smiled. "Nothing a few minutes work won't fix. Hop up on the table and we'll have you rolling in no time." He chuckled. "Well, we'll have you floating, anyway. If you want to be rolling, I'll have to graft wheels on."

Brig, Fort Max

Beachcomber set his jaw. "Because if we did that, Sunstreaker, we'd be just as bad as they were. Iiiif we're the kind of 'Bots that would brainwash a helpless prisoner for kicks, we've become what we've been fighting."

2004-06-28, 04:42 PM
Hound was puzzled by the verbal sparring going on as much as by the actions that had taken place. His normal calmness had returned and he spoke quietly to the nebulon in a clearly relaxed manner.

"I'm okay Pinpointer. He didn't hurt me, and I won't give any more cause for trouble. But why he's talking to his 'friend' like that I don't understand."

Blue optics darted to fix on Windslice as he tried to memorize, assess and categorize the Autobot. "No being can expect to follow every movement of every individual. And everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Had he not been standing next to me, he probably wouldn't have seen..."

Words trailed off as an image seared into Hound's memory made its way to the surface. Darkness, pain and a bright glint of a blade near his shoulder. Absently, Hound rubbed his shoulder with the opposite hand. A file encoded into his mind by Soundwave activated and he blinked once as he ran through the data silently.
*Windslice. Affiliation: Decepticon. Mercenary, assassin. Not to be trusted.*
Decepticon? But why would he be here with the Autobots? Spying on them maybe- or maybe insuring I am doing my work. That would explain how he's speaking to the femme.
Tilting his head slightly, Hound looked back to Minerva and Pinpointer attentively. He was brimming with questions and waited for any information they would provide.

Trailbreaker made a mimic of a yawn and a stretch, then grinned and settled back. For all the bluff and bluster, he had heard ongoings like these frequently from various autobots since he had joined the faction... especially Gears.

"I'll see to this."
Prowl listened to Crosshairs and stood up smoothly- his face calm though his mind was racing with possible scenarios of all natures.

2004-06-28, 06:25 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -takes Hound's gun- "Why did you pull your gun?"

God Jinrai
2004-06-28, 06:57 PM
"there's one more matter we need to discuss, prowl... just a moment." prime put his index and middle fingers up against the panel switch on his left forearm... th vid screen panel flipped up, and Optimus addressed the Targetmaster: "Acknowledged, Crosshairs... But for now.. Medbay is the most secure place we can afford... Get all non-essential personell out of there... if they give any flak, send them to me. You're to remain with minerva, but avoid making him feel threatened. " Closing the panel, Optimus returned his attention to those present.

"As many of you may or may not know... we recieved an intercept transmission recently thanks to Cosmos... "

Prime tapped on the control panel on the conference room table. a holo-projector slid up, and projected the face of Carbomiya's President for Life. the transmission, stating that the decepticons were to depart carbomiya immedieately, played back.

"I can think of only two places that the decepticons would retreat to... and one isn't feasible without refitting scorpinok, metrotitan and trypticon for submersive operation. The other, more likely choice would be Antarctica... but I can't be certain. I need input here, gentlemen. If they ARE in fact going back for the Nemesis, granted they may have access to an energy supply, they will still likely attempt to plunder more still... but if the go for antarctica, they'll be starved for energy, shy of constant raids planetwide... "

2004-06-28, 06:59 PM
"I thought-" Hound paused briefly as he tried to visualize the image in his memory and mix it with the new information.

"I thought I had determined the Autobot responsible for my memory damage. You were repairing my leg, but my cerebral cover has been opened. This experience has been - a gathering of a great deal of information, little of which makes sense."

He looked back toward Windslice for a moment and then turned to the medic.
Frowning slightly, he fixed on her. "Now I am not certain that an Autobot is responsible. I came here for answers and I am trying to understand, Minerva."

2004-06-28, 08:08 PM
Sunstreaker shrugged "So we don't play the good guys for once. This is a war. Not a a school ground fight. I am all for peace and freedom but to get it you need to be willing to use the enemy like tools."


Windslice sneered at Hound's comment. "Hook was no Autobot. He is a Decepticon. You were brainwashed." Windslice looked up and motioned around to the Autobots in the room.

"These people are fighting to keep you alive and change you back. I on the other hand," He reaches a hand up pointing to the Decepticon insigina on his left shoulder, "Still think with this from time to time and feel you are better off in the scrap heap as you are a security threat. Be thankful these Autobots are here or that sword would have gone through your chest, not just the gun"

2004-06-28, 08:29 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Pinpointer shrugged. “Can’t say I do either. That’s just the way some people are.” He noticed the look Hound gave Windslice. “You look like you know him, which is more than I can say.”

Crosshairs sighed slightly, and there was a bit of annoyance in his voice. “Yes, sir. I’ll see to it.”

As soon as he switched off his comlink, the Targetmaster balled his hand into a fist and punched the wall.

He’s risking the lives of other Autobots, letting an enemy-brainwashed agent run loose, turning our primary medical center into a jail cell...all because he can’t accept that his friend is an enemy now. He punched the wall again, creating a sizable dent. But if it was Roadbuster or Sureshot in there, would he go to all this trouble? Of course not! His face shifted into a scowl. Well, someone around here has to start preparing for the worst.

Crosshairs stood there for a moment, not moving until he was sure he could control his anger. When he’d calmed himself, he stepped back into the Medbay.

“Non-essential personnel, clear out. Prime’s orders.” He looked at Arcee and Windslice. “That means you two.”

He walked up beside Trailbreaker and dropped his voice to a near-whisper. “I need a favour from you, and I need you to keep it quiet. Can you do that?”

Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert’s optics narrowed as his mind ran through the possible outcomes of the Decepticons being evicted from Carbombya. “We should send a team to the Nemesis before the Decepticons can,” he decided. “Damage the equipment and set up some traps in case they decide to move back in.”

Hot Rod frowned. “Maybe we should try to contact the Carbombyans,” he said. “I don’t think the Decepticons will take to well to being evicted, and the humans won’t be able to fight them off alone.”

Brig, Fort Max

"Wwwe don't play the good guys," Beachcomber protested, "we are the good guys. If we act like the Decepticons, then we've become the bad guys."

2004-06-28, 09:44 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Prob'ly wouldn't be a bad ahdea ta patch inta their security systems, too. Hearin' what they're plannin'd help a lot."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "We'll get you repaired, Hound." -narrows optics- "The big problem is that the more security-minded among us might come storming in here and try to drag you off. Not because they want to hurt you, but because they're worried that you'd hurt the non-security minded among us." -leans in, confidentially- "Between you, me, and the medtable, I don't think they're all there. Not playing with a full duck. A few diodes short of a circuit board. Pick your idiom."

Corridor Outside Conference Room, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop, opens doors and trunk-

Muzzle: "We're here, guys. Prime and the Brain Trust should be in there."

2004-06-29, 12:46 AM

SEASPRAY Thanked HOIST for patching him up, waving his repaired joint as he left the repair bay. Just then, he saw COSMOS's cylindrical like body running up the hall way away from him.

SEASPRAY: "Hey, buddy...wait uuuuuup!!!" SEASPRAY's signature gargling voice calls as he speeds off, attempting to catch up to COSMOS.

COSMOS:"No time, SEASPRAY! I've just intercepted a transmission stating that the decepticons were to depart carbomiya immedieately! I sent a coded message to PRIME and need to confirm if he recieved it!" (Cosmos explains, running through the metal corridors of METROPLEX, passing both familiar and unfamiliar Autobots as they both look mysteriously at the short, round little robot go!)

SEASPRAY:"Wow, you intercepted it from inside METROPLEX?! I'm impressed! I wish HOIST could give me sonar that good!" (Seaspray catches up to his fellow minibot.)

COSMOS: "I'm use to communicating with the Autobot high command hundreds of light years away from Earth. Intercepting messages on one tiny little planet such as this should not is nothing to me. I have one month off from my deep space rotation and I'm gonna be stationed at METROPLEX! i HOPE PRIME allows me to see some action!"

SEASPRAY:"I have to report back to BROADSIDE tommorow morning, but I'll make a run with you over to FORT MAX to see PRIME." (The two minibots run outside as Cosmos immedeatly transforms to flying saucer mode.)

COSMOS: "Thanks for accompanying me, SEASPRAY! You are what I call a true friend!" (Seaspray climbs inside Cosmos as the little green saucer recieves permission to takes off as he makes a direct, low flying projectory towards FORTRESS MAXIMUS.