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2004-05-19, 06:07 AM
When last we left our heroes (in Ch3 Battle scars)...

The Autobots were fortifying their ranks and making preparations.
The transformers had all retreated from Cybertron as Quintessons and a hate plague took over, and they fled to Earth. Upon arrival, the Decepticons established a base in Carbombya and the Autobots established their base in the mountains of Colorado. The Decepticons attacked and retreated, having done and received a great amount of damage. The Autobot scout Hound followed them back, and subsequently fell to an explosion and was captured. The Decepticons reprogramed him and rebuilt him. Eventually he made his way back to the Autobots with Buzzsaw in an effort to follow Galvatron's orders and spy on the Autobots, but Hound was recaptured and a group of Autobots led by Red Alert is still in pursuit of Buzzsaw.

Both factions began searching for other methods to gain energy, with their focus on the eventual retake of Cybertron. The Decepticons made an alliance with the human leader Fakkadi of Carbombya, while the Autobots sent Smokescreen to ease the mistrust among the humans that felt the Autobots had abandoned the Earth to the Decepticons (long ago). The Decepticons sought to prevent the alliance, and captured Smokescreen in order to gain his abilities for their own use.

In the idle time during recovery from the last conflict, many Decepticons have grown anxious. Leozak has spent much energy on recruiting, organizing, and training troops to support him in his attempt to overthrow the current Decepticon leadership. Simultaneously, Soundwave is putting his own coup into action.

For apparently benign reasons, Galvatron has released Smokescreen from the Decepticons’ care. Immediately following his release, Gigatron has returned to Metrotitan after months of his mysterious absence. Currently, the leadership are preparing to send Hound’s removed memory chips to a human processing plant in Japan…

If I missed any major points, at some point very soon either someone else or myself will do a synopsis in the Starting Gate- history section, or else send it to me in a PM and I'll edit it in

2004-05-19, 06:09 AM
Viewfinder silently followed a Micromaster with his optics as the smaller Decepticon passed, then raised his wrist to his face when he thought it was safe.

"Affirmative, Soundwave. Standing by."


Galvatron's Quarters...

Gigatron glared at Smokescreen as he passed before proceeding into Galvatron's lair. He nonchalantly pushed the doors closed and caressed his wounds.

"Not a courtesy call, I pray..."

With the ease of the chamber's dweller himself, Gigatron summoned a seat from the floor and dropped his frame into it. He was rather obviously weary, despite his expectantly vibrant demeanor.

"Yes, I fear I've been gone too long. The enemy I battled so vehemently in my time learned the details of my absence, and developed a device to summon my energy signature back to the future. I found myself surrounded by them, in a world where I was the last of our kind. I managed to escape, but not completely without incident..."

He looked down at his frame and examines the numerous holes. One seemed to be leaking rather obtusely again.

"Nevertheless, I destroyed their device, its history, and their technical expert before escaping to today again. It's been a rather harrowing experience, I must admit."

As he trailed off, his optics floated to the door. He couldn't help wondering why no one had attempted to take his place...

2004-05-20, 12:19 AM
Hatemonger watched as Tracer opened fire on the target and the stray shot from Leozak.

"Not bad." he nodded but then decided to do his own display of power.

He aimed just one of his fusion cannons at a target and opened fire, not just hitting the target but completely vaporizing it. He smiled as the melted base of the target was all that remained.

God Jinrai
2004-05-21, 01:46 AM
"Indeed..." galvatron's face grew into a contemptuous snarl.

"For a second in command... you surely could have finished those pathetic fools off sooner... you ARE as powerful as you THINK you are, yes?"

Galvatron took in a deep, yet unnecessary breath, letting it out, his optics dimmed momentarily...

"You will again rule over the decepticons, Gigatron. I have business I must attend to... On Cybertron. But know this. I have my sources... fail me here.... and I will have your head! Now... go get yourself into suitable shape again, and seek me out when you're in acceptable condition..."

2004-05-21, 04:07 AM
Gigatron's optics narrowed, pinching out the crimson light much more brightly. He tilted his head slightly but kept his optics locked on Galvatron's, trying to better read his commander's intentions. After a moment, he slid his hands to his hips, no longer concerned with his wounds, and laughed heartily.

"I see you've expanded your brand of humor since I've been gone, Galvatron!"

His laughter faded into a chuckle, and he capped it with a sigh.

"I appreciate your faith, but you should carry more confidence with it. I've not failed you yet, have I? Your contempt would be better used on the Quintessons, I think."

With a vague nod to the side, Gigatron turned for the door. However, he stopped himself after a few steps, turned his head back to Galvatron, and began unsheathing an item from the compartment in his chest...

"By the way, I'm a bit offended that you doubt my power!"

Without turning his body, he bowled a dark orb across the floor. A black head, somewhat reminiscent of Optimus Prime's, stared up from Galvatron's feet through shattered optics. Gigatron grinned widely, threw the doors open, and continued into the hall.

"Hail Galvatron!" he cried to the Officers' Deck as he transformed...




It had been far too long since someone had pampered Gigatron properly. Hidden away in the officers' corner of the infirmary, he sat comfortably in a large energon spa outlined in the shape of a Decepticon logo. Medical Metrodrones hung from their slides on the ceiling in order to work on the wounds on his chest and shoulders. He puffed casually on an energon vaporator, despite the drones' regular pleas that he not for the sake of the procedure. Luxury indeed.

Gigatron popped the vaporator in his mouth, threw his arms to his sides to rest them on the edge of the spa, and dropped his head back. He sighed deeply, his optics floating about the room. Most of it was neat and pristine, though off in the opposite corner were mostly medical supplies. He eyed up a particularly conspicuous crate and zoomed in to get a better look...

"Mechrodronnne?" he slurred over the cylinder of his vaporator before removing it from his mouth.

A Metrodrone scuttled over from its nearby stacking duties. "Yes, Sub-Commander Gigatron."

Gigatron nodded to the crate. "Tell me about the contents of that storage unit."

The Metrodrone whirred and maneuvered over to the supplies, where it examined the serial number on the crate, relayed it to Metrotitan's database, and returned to Gigatron's side.

"Storage Unit DMS-3004287. Length: six point one feet. Height: four point nine feet. Width: six point one feet. Filed: two orns, five breems and one hundred sixty seven astroseconds prior to time of request. Contents: disembodied memory chips of Autobot scout Hound, removed by Decepticon surgical engineer Hook. Status: awaiting decoding."

Gigatron raised his optic-ridges and cocked his head, looking a bit surprised at the news.


The Metrodrone buzzed for a moment, struggling to copy the request.

"Metrodrone, have that unit prepared for transport at once. Starscream, Thrust, Darkwing, Dreadwind, and Hooligan, report to medbay post-haste for assignment instructions."

The Metrodrone saluted awkwardly and scooted off to prepare the crate for transport. Gigatron sighed again and slipped a bit deeper into the spa...

2004-05-21, 04:30 AM
Thrust made his way to the medbay in eager strides. Maybe now that Gigatron had come back - he'd seen him briefly in the hallway before, and taken seeing him alive as a sign that fate was favouring the Decepticons again - he would be given something to do other than guard duty.

"Reporting as ordered, sir."

2004-05-21, 05:33 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind, hearing their names, ran from Shockwave's office, excited about finally being given an assignment.

Runabout and Runamuck, meanwhile, remained behind.

Aero Blade
2004-05-21, 06:03 AM
Tracer looked carefully about him, on guard, and maybe slightly irritated from the shot that passed close by him. Either someone was playing a joke on him, or someone had taken a potshot at him and instead wound up hitting the target and bolted quickly. Either way, they'd best hope he didn't find them...

He turned back to the targets, watching Hatemonger demolished his own target. "Not bad yourself," Tracer called, having heard the previous comment, even from the distance.

2004-05-21, 04:10 PM
Smokescreen had caught a glimpse of Gigatron watching him as he was escorted away. As soon as he was dropped at the Carbombyan border, he watched the Decepticons leave. He shivered involuntarily and darted behind some large sand and rock dunes.

Oi. Now what? They could be watching- waiting for me to call the others and lead them into a trap. What other possible motive could Galvatron have for releasing me? And Gigatron is alive. This is bad.

Smokescreen... you're sounding as paranoid as Red Alert. First thing's first. Call for help and get more space between me and them in case they change their mind.

*He shot a nervous glance back toward the direction the Decepticons left in and picked up his communicator.*

2004-05-21, 10:49 PM
Cyclonus enters the Target Range and looks around.
He looks at the enviroment with disgust.

"Crude... but effective"

He ordered a little target to appear. It moved slowly but then got quicker. Moving and firing at the same time.

Within an instant of the first shot Cyclonus withdrew his blaster and shot a beam straight at the centre of the target as it exploded into fragments of a cybertronian metallic alloy.

He looked at his blaster with a smile.

"As I said... crude but effective"

2004-05-22, 01:01 AM
Corridors of Metrotitan:

Jalgar: -hears the fusion cannon roar and the explosion in the distance as Hatemonger checks his aim, smirks, ears on his cat-like helmet almost twitching- "No style or subtlety. He must hang out with Killbison on his days off....."

Primary Briefing Room, Trypticon:

Killbison: -saying nothing to the Predators, just glaring at them, suddenly sneezes-

Predator's Cave:

Hellbat: -walks out, making sure not to drop anything, optics wary, some small part of him expecting a trap of some kind(after all, it was what he'd do in this situation.....)-

Gaihawk: -scowling, nods, looks over at Falcon- "Are we ready?"

Stasis Crypt, Metrotitan:

With a wheeze more reminicient of a death rattle in the darkened crypt, a mechanical arm whirrs out and latches onto the bottom of one of the stasis units, removing it from the honeycomb section of wall and lowering it to the ground. Lights blinking fitfully on the side indicated that the occupant was once more intact, whole, and ready to roll. The pods indicators blinked one more, then stayed lit as with an anticlimactic click, the lid to the pod pops open, rising silently. A hand reached out, gripping the edge as the figure within stood and stepped out of the pod, mentally running systems checks:
Transformation sequencers - check.
Onboard weapons systems - check
Millions of pieces of information bombarded his consciousness as he calmly found his center, found his focus, and reached for his left forearm, hand closing around the grip nestled in the sheath built into his forearm, pulling it free and thumbing the activator switch, smiling as the crackling energy blade sprang to life, running briefly through a blade form designed more to ensure that his movement was still unimpeded, thumbing the activator switch again and returning it to the forearm sheath, optics glowing brightly in the darkness as he steps over to another stasis locker, tabs key, and steps back as the door swings open, his glowing optics the only illumination as he beholds his true face, the shell splitting open at his mental command as he steps inside it.

He becomes the shell.

The shell becomes him.

Gripping the hilt of the katana hanging at his hip, he steps forward, the hollow, empty sockets of his eyes taking in everything as he walks out of the crypt and into Medbay-

Bludgeon: -voice a hollow, echoing thing, harsh and sinister- "It seems nothing has changed in my absence."

2004-05-22, 02:32 AM
Hooligan ambled into the medibay, and waved lazily at those assembled.
"Am I late?" He asked, absent-mindedly rubbing the back of his skull with his launcher arm.

2004-05-22, 02:46 AM
Hatemonger was rather glad to see not all the Decpeticons seemed to forget how to aim or more importantly how to destroy.

2004-05-22, 05:24 AM
Shockwave's Office, Scorponok

The Powermasters have been called away? That is unfortunate. There is a 7% lower chance of success without thier participation.

Shockwave's single optic shifted to the two Battlechargers. "Your waiting is appriciated. However, it would be illogical to begin until all concerned parties have arrived." He noticed several shapes appoaching in the background.

The largest of the approaching figures snarled, "Nnnn. You summoned us, Shockwave?"

"I did, Hun-grrr." He gestured to the Battlechargers. "These two are hereby placed under your command. Take them and see to the security of this city."

Hun-grrr glowered, then spun on his heel and left the office. "Rrrrr. Very well." He gestured to Cutthroat, Rippersnapper, Blot, Sinnertwin, Runamok and Runabout. "Follow me."

2004-05-22, 07:02 AM
Starscream stepped through the med-bay doors his red optics spying Gigatron. He had contempt for the other-universe Decepticon leader getting the command job while Galvatron was gone.

"How can I help you commander his voice held some resent which he passed off by quietening his voice as he said it.

2004-05-22, 05:19 PM
Runner entered the atmosphere and landed on one of Black Zarak's pads. She quickly trasformed in to her car mode and took off twards Shockwave's quarters. She was told by him to go there once arriving. She zoomed down the halls with nerving accuracy. She arrived were shockwave was and trasformed. Noticing the others in tehre she stayed to the back till Shockwave called her forward.

2004-05-22, 06:17 PM
Shockwave's Office

She has arrived. Excellent. Her skills will increase our chance of success by 4%.

Shockwave's optic focused on Runner. He motioned for her to enter, but said nothing. The assignment he had for her was important, and he wasn't going to speak of it in front of inferior units such as the Battlechargers and several of the Terrorcons.

2004-05-22, 06:30 PM
Gigatron looked over the assembled Decepticons and nodded once approvingly. He took one last puff on his vaporator, then tossed it aside and stood in the spa. The Metrodrones buzzed as they attempted to recalibrate their positions to continue working, but a few snapped their hoses and prongs leading into Gigatron's wounds. He held his arms out broadly, motioning for attention.

"Excellent. You five, listen carefully. Over there..."

He motioned to a Metrodrone carrying a reinforced crate at the side of the spa.

"That is your objective. This crate contains the memory chips we removed from the Autobot scout while he was under our... hospitality. The Autobot is known for his excellent memory - if we can decode these chips and learn what he knew, it would be a great asset to our strategic position. You five are to bring the crate to a human processing facility, with which we have contacts, at this location."

Gigatron plucked a small disk, encoded with coordinates to a factory in Japan, from his chest cavity and held it out to the former Air Commander.

"Starscream, I am placing you in charge of this mission, despite the apparent risks. Be warned: I am impatient. Fail me, and your next assignment shall be to report to the end of a gun barrel. Am I understood?"

He raised his head and looked over the assembled group once more, speaking loudly so as to address them all.

"This is a fairly simple task, but one of the greatest importance. Expect Autobot resistence, and deal with them efficiently and lethally should they appear. Now go. I shall expect a positive report upon your arrival."

He nodded to the assembled dismissingly, and as he did, he caught sight of two maroon horns over Hooligan's shoulder. He stopped himself mid-motion to appraise the newcomer.

"No. It can't be..."

2004-05-22, 06:51 PM
Starscream reached out and took the disk from Gigatron with a small smirk on his face. He opened his own chest compartment, that became his nose when he transformed, and inserted it.

"Oh yes mighty Gigatron you are quite understood do not worry. This job will be a piece of energon"

Starscream turned around only to be face to face with the one-time Decepticon leader Bludgeon. What is he doing alive?! Starscream thought as he stepped around him and walked towards the exit watching the the two high-ranking Decepticons while he and his 'team' exited. Apparently Gigatron didn't know he was alive either. This could prove interesting.

2004-05-22, 07:15 PM
Thrust turned his head in the direction that Gigatron was looking. His yellow optics widened in astonishment. Bludgeon? Alive? He didn't let his thoughts dwell on that new observation, though, feeling he had to concentrate on the mission lying ahead of him and the others. He followed Starscream outside. So, looks like Rammers and me aren't gonna be sent out with StarBlade after all... Probably for the better. I've worked under Starscream before, I think I can deal with him... Darkwing and Dreadwind, on the other hand - I hope they won't bicker and mope too much to concentrate on the task at hand... Hope that Hooligan'll concentrate, too...

2004-05-22, 10:10 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan:

Bludgeon: -his gaze taking in each of the assembled Decepticons in turn, the bottomless black hollows of his eye sockets seemingly capable of piercing the spark like a well placed sword thrust, finally settling on Gigatron- "Oh, but it can." -strides forward stand next to the crowd- "I am much harder to kill than one might think." -eye sockets narrow into his characteristic scowl- "Now, what is this about a trip to Japan?"

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -taping console keys- "Got one. Retasking a British satellite to do a full radiological scan of Cuba."

2004-05-23, 12:44 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister nodded, but he continued to work at his console and offered no other reply.

2004-05-23, 08:41 PM
Central Computer Core, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -working away, making adjustments, building up Trypticon's processing power, adding in updated computer banks, removing redundant systems...... and stops, staring at one piece of equipment connected to Trypticon's main processor array- "Hmmmmm......." -connects a scanner probe to it-

Medbay, Metrotitan:

Jalgar: -strides in, makes his way over to Gigatron- "I bring greetings and salutations from Leozak, commander of Trypticon."

2004-05-23, 09:23 PM
Gigatron glared coldly into Bludgeon's hollow optics. The existence of this one irked him some degree. He flexed thoroughly, snapping from his wounds the instruments of the Metrodrones still insisting on working on him. He was largely repaired anyhow.

"That's not your concern," he replied sternly. "What is your business? Come to kill me while I'm weak? I think you'll find that such a state doesn't exist."

He sized up Bludgeon once, noting how visibly virgin his new frame was. Particularly the face... The standoff was cut short, however, by the arrival of a smaller Decepticon. Normally, Gigatron would have paid Jalgar no consideration but the back of his hand, but the latter's words intrigued him to attention.

"Leozak? What does he want of me? And who, pray tell, placed him in command of Trypticon?"

2004-05-23, 10:42 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan:

Jalgar: -gets the feeling he's walked into something, and has no clue what it is, holds hands up in a defensive 'don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger' pose- "Leozak just wanted his greetings given, just trying to be polite. And I think Galvatron is the one who gave him command. Do you have a message for him?"

Bludgeon: -ignoring Jalgar altogether and taking in Gigatron's wounds- "Killing you while you are weak would not be honorable. Nor would there be any point to striking you down where you stand." -unhooks scabbard from left hip, brings it up, holds it out in front of him, drops to one knee- "You defeated me in single combat. What are your orders?"

2004-05-24, 03:00 AM
"Smokescreen, this is Siren! Where are you?!?!?"
The voice on the other end of the communicator gave Smokescreen a wave of relief.
The message got through.

Smokescreen looked around and laughed somewhat nervously.
"I don't know Siren. I'm knee deep in a sand dune somewhere on the border of Carbombya. There's a funny-looking Earth tree and a desert to my left and a really big ocean and the sun on my right. Does that help?"

2004-05-24, 03:23 AM
Gigatron ignored Jalgar for the moment. He was far more interested in Bludgeon's show. He folded his arms over his chest and looked down on the kneeling Pretender. A smirk betrayed him, along with a chuckling grunt.

"I must admit, Bludgeon, I am impressed. I sometimes fear that too few Decepticons comprehend the code of honor that should drive us as warriors. And I see death has not embittered you. You are wise indeed."

In one rapid motion, Gigatron unsheathed one of his swords from over shoulder, pointed it down at Bludgeon's face, and flicked it upward to signal him to rise.

"I welcome you back to the ranks of true Decepticons with a chance to redeem your honor. Call whatever soldiers you deem worthy, and form an interception squad. Report to me when you have done this. I have something you must do..."

He began to chuckle deeply, but his optics caught Jalgar before he got carried away. He grunted with a crooked nod.

"Yes, you... Many things have changed in my absence, indeed. You may inform Leozak that I shall come soon to Trypticon to see what sort of ship he runs. I hope to be impressed."

2004-05-24, 03:24 AM
Shockwave's Office

Runamuck and Runabout followed The Terrorcons out of Shockwave's office.

2004-05-24, 04:10 AM
Siren: -over commlink- "Uh.... not a whole lot, Smokescreen. That whole part of this planet's known for sand, shoreline, and funny looking trees. Let's see........ Got it. I'll see if I can round up somebody to go get you." -puts Smokescreen on hold-

Medbay, Metrotitan:

Bludgeon: -stands, reconnects scabbard to his left hip, bows- "At once, my lord." -spins on heel, strides out of medbay-

Jalgar: "I shall inform him at once." -turns, walks out of medbay, thinking- "No mention of this Gigatron in the history books..... hmmmm...... I hope the Captain knows what he's doing....."

2004-05-24, 04:40 AM
Shockwave's Office

Shockwave watched his pawns leave. The cyclopean commander then opened a comm channel to Hatemonger.

"General, I require your assistance and that of your associate Cryotek. Can you disengage from whatever activity you are carrying out and come to my office?"

He switched channels. "Banzai-tron, if you are currently unengaged you may report to Hun-grrr and join his security detail. However, if you have other duties that need attending, see to them."

Outside Shockwave's Office

Hun-grrr looked down on the six troops under his command for a long moment. Finally, he snarled orders to them. "Drrr. Sinnertwin and Runamuck, guard the primary exit ramp. Report anything that enters the base to me. Cutthroat and Runabout, patrol the engineering level. Don't interfere with the repair crews."

Cutthroat spat out, "If they're dumb enough to get in my way, I'll smack 'em around good!"

"Nnnn. You will do as you're told or I'll rip out your fuel pump!" Hun-grrr turned to his two remaining troops. "Blot, Rippersnapper, cover the command level. Destroy anything that seems suspicious." He turned and began to walk away. "I'll be on the command deck."

Cutthroat laughed shortly as Blot and Rippersnapper slinked off behind Hun-grrr to begin their patrol. "Worthless slagheaps..." He looked at Runabout, then stepped into a nearby turbolift. "What say we go scare those repair teams into working faster?"

Sinnertwin, for his part, had already shifted to creature mode and stalked off towards the ramp, intent on doing his job regardless of how Runamuck felt.

2004-05-24, 05:00 AM
Runamuck followed Sinnertwin, disheartened that his activity would not result in blowing stuff up.

Runabout, meanwhile, glared at Cutthroat. "I'd rather be off blowin' stuff up, but whatever floats your processors."

2004-05-24, 05:23 AM
Within Scorponok

"And I'd rather be tearin' stuff to shreds. But we don't always get what we want, do we?" Cutthroat smiled nastily at Runabout. "Then again, no one will miss a few little repair drones, will they?"

Sinnertwin finally realized that he'd better at least talk to his erstwhile partner. "I wonder if there are any of those sickening flesh creatures infesting the area outside the base?" He shuddered, then looked at Runamuck. "We'll have to get rid of them if there are. Security risk, you know."

Hun-grrr made his way to the command deck.

After obtaining a glass of pure energon from the nearest dispenser station, of course.

Since Shockwave was still hiding in his office, the Terrorcon leader dropped into the command chair and began idly flicking through security camera feeds as he sipped his drink.

"So why are we guarding?" Blot's oil-stained brow was furrowed. "Nothing important in this place."

As he idly looked into the many unoccupied rooms on the command level, Rippersnapper replied, "Damned if I know." He shrugged. "But Hun-grrr's boss. What he says goes."

"I thought Shockwave was boss." Blot spat a wad of grime onto the floor behind him. "He's got the big office."

Rippersnapper rolled his optics. "You know what I mean."

"No, I don't."

"Why doesn't that surprise me one bit?"

The pair continued to bicker as they walked.

2004-05-24, 05:42 AM
"Not really," Runabout said. "Although if they need to do work, you're the one whose gonna do it."
"Correction, friend," Runamuck stated. "I'll do the slaggin', you'll just sit back and watch."

2004-05-24, 05:52 AM
"Well, that's why we don't kill 'em all, dummy!" Cutthroat retorted. "If we leave a few, they'll put the rest back together."

"Fine by me, Runamuck" Sinnertwin said as they neared the ramp. "As long as they die you can kill as many as you want."

Silently he added, I didn't want to touch them anyway. Those things creep me out.

2004-05-24, 08:48 AM
"How am I to lead a mission effectively if the troops I am given don't report!?" Starscream shrieked looking at the only decepticon who had followed him towards the exit. "Darkwing, Dreadwind and Holligan! Where are you three!?" The high pitched voice rang out over the deception wavelengths as Starscream looked out at the desert; eagre to get away from the now ever watching eye of Gigatron.

2004-05-24, 09:22 AM
Thrust shot Screamer a 'Hey, not my fault!' glance. Looks like Starscream's temper hasn't improved a bit... But then, those three do need to shape up. Last thing I'd want on this mission is to have the Screaming One and I pull all the weight by ourselves.

2004-05-24, 02:34 PM
Hatemonger stopped firing on the training grounds and looked over to Cryotek who was hanging upside down from a balcony on Metotitan.

Cryotek let go and transformed back into robot mode in mid-fall landing on his feet.

"Shall we see what the logical one wants?" Cryotek asked as Hatemonger walked towards him.

"We shall." Hatemonger added entering Metrotitan.

The two robots walked towards where Shockwave asked them to go. When they arrived Hatemonger began to speak.

"Whats going on Shockwave?" He asked looked at the large purple Decepticon subcommander.

2004-05-24, 04:30 PM
Target Range, Carbombyian Desert:

Bludgeon: -stops a short distance away from Cyclonus, looks at the shield and cannon hanging from his left arm, sighs, brings his arm up, sights in on one of the target, fires a burst of energy from his the cannon, blowing a hole through the target- "Nnn." -charges at another of the targets, drawing his katana.... a brief flash of steel.... then sheaths his katana and approches Cyclonus as the target falls into 50 neatly sliced pieces- "I have been tasked by Gigatron to form a team. You are the first that I have chosen. Come with me." -starts to head away from the target range-

Foot of entry ramp, Metrotitan:

Jalgar: -transform to vehicle mode, tears away towards Trypticon, dune buggy tires kicking up a fantail of sand-

Main Computer Core, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -looking at the readout on his scanner display as he probes the component, narrowing his optics- "This isn't good. Not unexpected, but not good....."

2004-05-24, 05:40 PM
Smokescreen looked around again and sighed.
Sand, shoreline and funny-lookin trees. That's pretty much all that's out here...

he glanced down as a snake- disurbed by the force of his weight on the ground nearby- hurridly slithered away.

I stand corrected. Oh well, a little sun- a little surf--- just wish I had some energon. My energy is starting to get low.

Smokescreen eased down into a sitting position to wait.

Random Sweep
2004-05-24, 05:50 PM
Scorpinok command deck

Banzai-Tron made stood behind Hun-grr, having recieved his instructions from Shockwave. he had been there for 3 full earth minutes, however it seemed that the Terrorcon was not as observent as the commander was.

"I have been assigned to your security detail Hun-grr ."he finally said

Trypticon Armoury

Triggerhappy had sorted and cleaned most of the weaponry in the armoury and had already grown bored...

"Blowpipe!"he yelled

"Blowpipe!"he yelled again

"BLOWPIPE get your stinking fleshling body here now or i will sell you to a terrorcon for lunch!" he yelled again.

"what do you want already"Blowpipe finally said

"make yourself usefull and see what you can learn from Spinisters partners, he may be acting like he is serving Leozak but he has his own plans i am sure of it."

"sure sure whatever"Blowpipe replied Damn, is he becoming or what

Target range

a silent figure watched as the decepticons too turns trying to show off their prowess these fools know nothing of power, perhaps a lesson would serve them well. it is aswell that the servents of my will came together i tired of waiting, soon the destruction shall begin

2004-05-24, 06:38 PM
Shockwave's Office

Excellent. Their participation is integral to the success of this plan.

Shockwave's optic tracked to Hatemonger.

"As you may be aware, General, I served as Cybertron's primary guardian during the four million Earth years that Megatron was lost. In that time, I became intimately familiar with every element of the world's security systems. The Autobots only made superficial changes to the system during their reign. It is logical to assume that the Quintessons have not been able to totally replace that system; they would not have had time to do so. Thus it is possible that we can expliot my knowledge to circumvent Quintesson security on Cybertron."

He paused momentarily, then continued.

"The easiest way to test this hypothesis is to send a probe to attempt to access the security system, but it will be difficult to get it through the Quintessons' outer system defences.

"That is where your aid is required. Over the course of your military career you conducted many offensives and logically must have accumulated some knowledge of how to seruptitiously get assets onto a planet. Thus it would be helpful if you would aid me in designing the probe and inserting it into Cybertron aerospace." His optic shifted to Cryotek. "Your associate's scientific experience leads me to believe that he may have knowledge of technology that can aid us in hiding the probe from detection."

Command Deck, Scorponok

Hun-grrr had noticed Banzai-Tron, but he had been occupied watching Hatemonger and Cryotek make their way to Shockwave's office. As the other Decepticon addressed him, he slowly turned the command chair around and gave Banzai-Tron an appraising look.

He nodded. "Grrr. You'll do." He sipped his energon drink. "Go join Blot and Rippersnapper in patrolling the command level and make sure those morons don't foul anything up too much."

Random Sweep
2004-05-24, 07:20 PM
Scorpinok command deck

Great! a protoform minding job, another misuse of my talents Banzai-Tron thought then left without a word

2004-05-24, 10:58 PM
Target Range, Carbombya:

Bludgeon: -stops, sensing two presences on the range besides himself and Cyclonus, eye sockets narrow as he looks over at Tracer- "Tracer, you shall join me as well." -looks over at the silent figure in the distance, his glare one that should be albe to chill a lesser mech's spark to the very core- "You! Come here!"

2004-05-24, 11:09 PM
Cyclonus' optics widened for a second, looking at the presumed dead Bludgeon.

This is unreal. He is alive..... but how can he be alive... and chosen myself he did for a team...interesting...

Cyclonus' eyes slowly narrowed once again as he looked at the Pretender, then at the fragmented and sliced targets.

Most interesing indeed

"It shall be an honor Bludgeon"

Cyclonus then glanced over Tracer and then to the figure in the distance seeing differences in all.

"Bludgeon, may I ask what the... nature... of this mission is"

2004-05-25, 12:04 AM
Target Range, Carbombya:

Bludgeon: -turns to look at Cyclonus- "I don't know, Cyclonus. Gigatron hasn't told me."

Boarding Ramp, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -zips up the ramp, zooming down the hallway towards the lift, slamming on the brakes and skidding through a neat 180 degree turn, sliding backwards and stopping in the turbolift, transforms to robot mode, hits the button for "Bridge"-

2004-05-25, 04:56 AM
Hatemonger nodded as Shockwave spoke.

"I believe we would need a Decepticon that can travel fast and near unseen? In all honestly, if anyone knows where Skywarp is, his teleportation skill would be the best way to get him into their defenses and out with minimiumal fighting." A slick smile formed on his face.

"Unless you want us to fight our way in?" He smiled.

Cyrotek held his chin for a moment.

"Yes, I believe I can help being a scientist of my skill. I believe we can make the probe into as the humans would say a stealth device. Unseen by their or our own radar. Also, camoflaging it a black color to be hidden in space and on our own Cybertron would also be helpful."

2004-05-25, 05:44 AM
Shockwave's Office

Shockwave nodded towards Hatemonger. "Skywarp's powers would indeed be useful to us. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any reports on his status since the assault on the Autobot base. It is logical to assume that he was either destroyed or captured during the battle. Of course, if you can locate him he would be most useful."

He considered the general's other suggestion. "Fighting our way in would be unwise. Combat could lead to our probe being damaged, thereby invalidating our reason for the mission. However, it may be a viable option to distract the Quintessons with an attack to cover the insertion of the probe."

He turned to Cryotek. "That is precisely the response I had predicted from you. Do we have the facilities to construct such a stealth device?"

2004-05-25, 11:53 AM
Target Range, Carbombya

Unknown it is. Strange. Usually the mission would be foretold before accepted. Strange this is...

Cyclonus came out of thought looking around him impatiently. He looked over at a larger rock and walked towards it. Slowly he sat down on it his optics glaring about....

2004-05-25, 01:43 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Hmm that would explain why we have no seen Skywarp around the base. Perhaps, a Decepticon that is equally as fast if they are not busy. Can you compile a database on our fastest warriors?" He asked Shockwave.

Cryotek nodded.

"Well most stealth technlogy is not that different from other technologies. Just the build of our probe would need to be very unique. No right angles are used in the construction of stealth matierals as they reflect radar. Also, it would not be totally resistant to radar. Just it would appear much much smaller to the Quints. They would think it's space rust or something equally as odd." He paused for a moment hoping he had not gone off into some rant.

"Finally we would need to talk to Mixmaster. There are paints that absorb radarwaves and keep them from reflecting back. I think Mixmaster can make us a nice tub of what we would need." He awaited Shockwave's reply.

Random Sweep
2004-05-25, 03:49 PM
Target range

Stepping out of the shadows Monstructor Aimed his solar rifle at the furthest target and opened fire, plunging the surrounding area into darkness.

When the darkness faded nothing was left of the target but a smouldering crater.

"test satisfactory."he growled.

looking to the gathered decepticons he simply stated "so when do i get to try it on a living target?".

Scorpinok upper levels

Banzai-Tron Found Blot on his patrol "I have been assigned to patrol this area. what security measures have you taken so far."

2004-05-25, 05:52 PM
Target Range

Cyclonus' head turned to the right of him as he felt a huge burst shoot straight past. It avoided him by a few metres.
Cyclonus' optics narrowly scanned Decepticon who fired. He idtentified him as Monstructor. He stood up from where he was sitting.

"Monstructor, another con' for this oh so worthy cause"

2004-05-25, 07:19 PM
Shockwave's Office

Shockwave punched the keys on his desk console for a few moments. "Scorponok's main computer will compile the database, General."

He then turned to Cryotek. "That would be most efficient. Mixmaster may still be near this city; the Constructicons were working on repairs after it returned from the battle."

Within Scorponok, on patrol

Blot frowned. "We've...uh...walked around a bit..."

Rippersnapper smacked him on the back of the head. "Shut up, you." He turned to Banzai-Tron. "Random corridor patrols and ID checks of any Decepticons we've encountered. Speaking of which..." He looked the other Decepticon up and down, evaluating him, "Who are you?"

2004-05-25, 09:51 PM
Hatemonger nodded.


Cryotek got onto his com-link.

"Constructicons do you read me? I have a question for Mixmaster." He awaited to see if the Constructicons were still on base.

2004-05-25, 10:51 PM
Target Range, Carbombya:

Bludgeon: -eye sockets narrow some more, thinks to self- "A combiner unit...... It would provide impressive additional firepower..... but they are also unstable. The individual components would be more than enough to fill our ranks, however........" -looks up at Monstructor- "Monstructor! I would speak with your team commander!"

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -enters the bridge after the lift doors open- "Leozak, Gigatron will be making an inspection tour at some point. Other than that, he had no message."

Leozak: -scowling at the display as he watches the satellite feed- "Then he'd better do it soon. Once Drillhorn is done, we're leaving." -growls- "Unless this blasted human satellite hasn't made it to Cuba yet."

-bridge comm whistles-

Jalgar: -hits key- "Bridge."

Drillhorn: -voice coming out of the vocoder grill- "Leozak, I need you to come down to the computer core. There's something you should see."

Leozak: "I'll be down in a minute. Jalgar, take over here. I'm scanning for nuclear warheads in Cuba."

Jalgar: -moves over to the console-

Leozak: -heads for the lift- "Spinister, see if you can contact Gaihawk and Hellbat. They've been gone too long for my comfort." -enters lift, heads for computer core-

2004-05-25, 11:36 PM
Runner walked up to Shockwave and waited for his plan/orders. She tapped her foot on the floor siletly as she waited.

Random Sweep
2004-05-26, 01:51 AM
Scorpinok comman levels

"my name is Banzai-Tron" he told Rippersnapper

Target Range

"mmm very well, but make it fast " Monstructor growled at Bludgeon
with that he broke into his seperate componants.

"what do you with to speak with me about" icepick said

2004-05-26, 03:56 AM
Shockwave's Office

Shockwave looked at Hatemonger. "This one may be of use to us as well." He gestured to Runner. "Her specialty as a scout may give her insight into our plan. If not, her skills would be useful to your unit." He shifted his gaze to the female. "Do you have anything you wish to add to our plan, Runner?"

Within Scorponok, on patrol

"Banzai-Tron, eh? I've heard that name before somewhere." Rippersnapper paused for a minute, thinking as he tried to scrape off the grime he got on his hand while striking Blot. "Ah, yes. That's it. The late Axer spoke rather highly of you. Hun-grrr sent you?"

Command Deck, Trypticon

"As you command," Spinister intoned.

He stepped back from the navigation console and took a look around the bridge. Spying his Nebulans lounging near the back of the room, he gestured for them to join him. When they arrived he ordered, "Finish calibrating the navigational sensors."

Ignoring Singe's massively sarcastic "Aye, aye!", he stepped over to the communications station and opened a channel.

"Gaihawk, Hellbat, report in immediately."

Aero Blade
2004-05-26, 05:12 AM
Tracer turned around with some agitation, looking to see who would try to order him around, his unquestioned leader Galvatron being the only one that he allowed to do this. When he saw who it was that had spoken to him, though, his typical attitude was quickly banished. There wasn't any Decepticon he knew that didn't know Bludgeon, and everyone knew he was the one you didn't mess with...

Since target practice was obviously over for him now, Tracer put away his blaster and headed over towards Bludgeon. "Alright, so what's this duty that I've just been voluteered for?" he asked.

2004-05-26, 11:54 AM
Cyclonus sat back down on the rock looking at the rocks with a primitive glare. He knew this was just a target practice range but...

As the huge combiner Monstructor dissassembled into it's other components he quickly came out of his meaningless thought patterns.

Even though I have seen it many times, the ability of becoming something more than you already are is in a strange way pleasing...

Cyclonus looked up as Tracer had approached Bludgeon with a slight grin at his question. The grin vanished within a nanoclick.

"Tracer... Bludgeon does not know "our" task yet. But I believe we shall know soon enough"

2004-05-26, 04:50 PM
"Maybe their fleshlings needed a bathroom break," Thrust quipped. He shuffled around impatiently and kicked up some dust with his feet.

2004-05-26, 04:58 PM
"A bathroom break!? If that is what is holding us up I will personally do away with BOTH of them!" Starscream scowled as he put his hands on his hips as he impatiently waited for Dreadwind, Darkwing and Holligan.

2004-05-26, 06:53 PM
"Ah, quit your whining, Starscream," Darkwing shouted, as he and Dreadwind entered the area where the Seeker Commander was waiting.

"You know he can't do that," Dreadwind replied.
"Yeah," Runabout said to Cutthroat. "I guess you're right."
Runamuck chuckled at Sinnertwin's comment.

2004-05-26, 07:00 PM
Thrust glared at Darkwing and Dreadwind, still annoyed by their dawdling.

2004-05-26, 07:19 PM
Cutthroat chuckled at Runabout's answer. "Of course I'm right."

Sinnertwin stalked down Scorponok's entrance ramp and took a look around.

"You see anything interesting?" he asked Runamuck.

2004-05-26, 11:05 PM
Main Computer Core, Trypticon:

Leozak: -walks in- "What is it, Drillhorn?"

Drillhorn: -bo staff in hand, tapping one end against the device attached to Trypticons processor array- "I hate to say it, Captain, but it looks our inept predacessors may be smarter than we thought." -taps it again- "This is a remote override device."

Leozak: -optics widen- "What?!?!?"

Drillhorn: "We're closer to the age of Starscream, remember? In fact, I think we're IN the age of Starscream and his ilk. And with all of these heavy bases rattling around, if Starscream gets ambitious, he won't have a battlestation's worth of firepower to call on." -chuckles wryly- "It's pretty deep in. The only reason I found it was I'm upgrading the processor array itself, rather than adding subord systems."

Leozak: "So if we make our break now, Galvatron or Gigatron will flip the shutdown switch, and we'll all be trapped inside a giant paperweight."

Drillhorn: "Worse. Trypticon will take us back to whoever threw the switch."

Leozak: -snarls, slams his left fist into his open right hand- "Damnit! The glory of the Destron Empire will NOT be stopped by a bunch of backwards relics from the past! Remove it!"

Drillhorn: -sighs- "That's the problem. I don't know if I can. We might wind up lobotomizing Trypticon in the process."

Leozak: "Then find a way around it. We know it's here, there must be a way to stop it from taking affect!" -turns, storms out of the core-

Drillhorn: -to Leozak's back- "Aye, Captain......." -doors hiss shut- "... I'm beginning to think crazed determination is a requirement of those who want to lead......." -starts probing the connection, scanning deeper-

Predator's Cave, Exterior:

Gaihawk: -activates commlink- "I read you, Spinister. We're about done here. Just making sure the area's secure."

Target Range, Carbombya:

Bludgeon: -the death's shroud black glare of his eye sockets bore in at Icepick- "I require you and your men for a mission. Gigatron has tasked me to form a team, and your team shall fill out it's ranks nicely." -looks over at Tracer- "There are enough of us now. We shall report to Gigatron to find out what this mission is." -turns, starts towards Metrotitan-

2004-05-26, 11:17 PM
Cyclonus stood up from the rock he was sitting on. As his feet made contact with the ground shattering pieces of rock crumbled down.

He began walking,at first, towards Metrotitan. Then his huge robotic body flew up into the air and within a few Earth seconds his body had changed,he had transformed, to a jet.

His thrusters activated and he began to fly at a steady speed above towards Metrotitan

Aero Blade
2004-05-27, 01:38 AM
Tracer followed Bludgeon with a shrug of his shoulders and proceded to crack his knuckle joints. "So long as we get a chance to crack a few Autobot skulls, I could care less what the other task is...."

Random Sweep
2004-05-27, 01:43 AM
Target range

"whoa, whoa whoa, hold up a breem there"icepick said
"we are currently under Leozaks command and i am not sure that he would appreciate us just walking off on him.... ahh slag it! i'd rather face his wrath than gigatrons"icepick continued
"ok you slag heaps lets follow Bludgeon here and see whats happening"


"Yes Rippersnapper, Hun-grr sent me." Banzai-tron replied then glanced at Blot. " I guess that thing isn't the brains of the operation then"

2004-05-27, 02:03 AM
"Only when you're wrong," Runabout said.
"Not really," Runamuck answered.

2004-05-27, 03:48 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

"Acknowledged," Spinister said. "I'll inform the commander."

He switched channels. "Leozak, Gaihawk reports that they are nearly complete."

Within Scorponok

Rippersnapper shrugged at Banzai-Tron's question.

"Blot's not the dumbest creature I've ever worked with. And he does come in handy when you need something crushed."

Cutthroat scowled at Runabout. "What the shock is that supposed to mean?"

Hun-grrr idly flipped through the security feeds, watching his men patrol the city.

Outside Scorponok

Sinnertwin growled, though his frustration wasn't directed at Runamuck in particular. "Too bad."

He walked a short way away from the city's ramp, checking every shodow and crack in the ground for intruders. "Shoot anything that doesn't have a Decepticon badge on it."

2004-05-27, 05:58 AM
Within Scorponok

"It means that nobody can be right all the time," Runabout stated. "Especially when they're all brawn and no brains like you and the rest of your buddies."
Outside Scorponok

The words were no sooner spoken when Runamuck withdrew his weapon and began to blast the closest foliage near him. He had, after all, been ordered to shoot anything with a Decepticon symbol on it. Of course, he really understood what Sinnertwin meant. He was just trying to be funny.

2004-05-27, 06:11 AM
Within Scorponok

Cutthroat balled his hands into fists. "Look who's talkin', slag-for-brains!"

Outside Scorponok

"A little overzealous today?" Sinnertwin asked Runamuck. He shrugged (or what passes for a shrug in a two-headed quadriped, anyway). "That's better than falling asleep at your post like some 'Cons I know do." Both of his heads smiled. "Just make sure you have enough ammo left to shoot any enemies that might come by."

2004-05-27, 06:18 AM
Japan: Future Technology Faction Laboratory

The chain clinked heavily in his hands as Blitzwing turned the grim x-trophy over in his hands and examined it.

He looked into the dark optics and the features frozen in horror for a moment and then quickly set the head and chain into a small freight crate and shoved it onto a loading ramp where it was moved into a helicopter. The memory of the owner of the bauble sent shivers through him.

Blitzwing turned and sighed.

"Can't you humans hurry things along a bit? I've been here for ages and you've only gotten two chips done. Lord Galvatron is going to have my head next."

A female technician ignored the big decepticon and waved a hand in an irritated manner over her shoulder.

Blitwing flicked his optics toward the ceiling and thunked heavily against the wall, crossing his arms in the process.

2004-05-27, 06:46 AM
Within Scorponok

"At least I know when to quit," Runabout told Cutthroat.
Outside Scorponok

"Of course," Runamuck replied.

2004-05-27, 06:52 AM
Within Scorponok

Cutthroat glowered at Runabout. "What the slag are you going on about? Do your vocal circuits fire without input from your brain module?"

Outside Scorponok

Sinnertwin nodded one of his heads at Runamuck. "Good."

He continued to wander around the general area of the entrance ramp, looking for something to set his flamethrowers on.

2004-05-27, 07:13 AM
Within Scorponok

"And how would you know that?" Runabout gruffly asked. "It's not like you and your bunch have any type of brain module up there, anyways."

2004-05-27, 07:20 AM
Within Scorponok

"Pffft," Cutthroat snorted. "You wouldn't know a brain module from a tailpipe, Battlecharger!"

2004-05-27, 08:08 AM
"Now, where's Hooligan?" Thrust said. "We're all waiting for him."

"If he doesn't get his aft into gear, maybe we should just leave without him," he added, looking at Starscream.

2004-05-27, 05:58 PM
"Question my strength like that again your manic-depressive duo becomes a one man sho,w Dreadwind!" Starscream turned his shoulder to the two power masters and looked at Thrust.

"We will give him a little bit longer though my patience is wearing thin on the incompetence I have been given to work with.

Quick Switch
2004-05-27, 11:15 PM
"And it is, for that reason, that Carbombya chooses to revoke, now and forever, it's program of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons," The Vizier read to the assembled crowd of diplomats.

"So does this mean Carbombya is out of the terror trade?"

"An end to the Iron Sheikh?"

"Yes, and that is not President's Fakkadi's title," the Vizier answered smoothly from his pedestal from the Presidential Palace in Carbombya City. "This conference is concluded."

"Yes, but what about the giant infidel robots?" The reporter's questions were rapid-fire, but on that score, no answer would be forthcoming.


"I'm sure you understand," the melodious voice from within the Administrative Wing of Metrotitan pealed, "Abdul Fakkadi can no longer support himself with your faction. Carbombya is moving into the 21st Century, by the Prophet's Beard, and you will not hold back a nation's destiny!"

Astrotrain rubbed his cranial unit as he rocked in his adminstrative chair. Optics closed.

"President Fakkadi, I have been nothing but understanding with the plight of the international community-"

"Admiral. I believe Lord Galvatron is moving along a different path. Was not the Autobot Smokescreen released? Or the Autobot Hound that you managed to coax into the Decepticon ranks? I do believe the Decepticon Emperor is moving along a different path, away from your suggestions and ideas, wouldn't you say?"

Astrotrain set his mouth in a thin line. The last few months had been terribly perplexing. Galvatron had revoked his projects. He was surrounded by warmongers who had no grasp or want for subtelty- it hadn't been a barrel of laughs. Not even a micro-canister.

"I'm aware," the Chief Administrator and Fleet Admiral of the Decepticon Empire replied, "more than you may realize. My faction is a turbulent one. Sense is more often than not taking a leave of absence."

"Be that is it may: the Decepticon Empire is no longer wanted in my country. I expect Imperial forces off of Carbombyan soil and out of Carbombyan air space within a week." Fakkadi smiled, his iron gray framing his smile. "After that, I call in the Autobots. Good day, and Asalamalkim, Admiral."

The connection was terminated.

Astrotrain slumped in his chair.

"This call for something drastic, Metrotitan."

The massive city, which had been monitoring the conversation, stirred and answerd his master.

"What is your command?"

"I think it's time I re-deployed the Astro Force."

Metrotitan met that idea with a deferential silence, which perfectly offset the storm of invective which filled the room, intermixed with bouts of bitter, hysterical, echoing laughter from his commander.

2004-05-28, 01:51 AM
StarBlade quietly walked through the halls of Metrotitan. With the recent changes, the assassin had found herself with nothing to do save target practice, and that was getting monotonous. She would have asked Astrotrain if he had any assignments for her, but she'd rather not have to deal with Ramjet, the Admiral's bodyguard. I doubt we'll ever see each other as anything other than nessecary evils....

StarBlade's walk took her near enough to Astrotrain's office, however, to hear the laughter that eminated from within. While curiosity was a deadly trait, the assassin paused to see if she could hear anything else.

2004-05-31, 11:29 PM
Admin Wing, Metrotitan

Ramjet really wasn’t paying much attention to Astrotrain’s conversation with the human. Truth be told, he wasn’t paying much attention to anything. After Thrust had been called away, he’d let his mind wander. At some point that irritating assassin StarBlade had left, but he wasn’t quite sure when. He’d just followed his leader to the command section, took up his guard position outside the door, and paid absolutely no attention to anything.

Not even Astrotrain’s crazed laughter managed to penetrate to fog of sheer boredom that surrounded him. He tilted his head back until the tip of his cone touched the wall, then stared at the ceiling.

Main Computer Core, Metrotitan

Ratbat frowned at Sparkstalker. “Are you done yet?”

The Firecon replied, “Yes.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” The cassetticon dropped from the ceiling and landed on a nearby console. “How long were we sitting there, burning precious fuel while you daydream?”

Sparkstalker shrugged. “About a quarter of an astrosecond.”

“That’s unacceptable!” Ratbat fumed. “I’ll dock your energy rations suitably to compensate.”

“If you say so.” Sparkstalker pushed himself out of his chair. “Now, if you’re done with me, I’m heading back to my quarters. These are the codes you need to activate the virus.” He held out a datacard to the accountant.

“Very well,” Ratbat told him as he grabbed the card with a talon and subspaced it. “When we’re done, my master will reward you justly and swiftly. Dismissed.”

And if you fail us, your punishment will be equally swift. You’re a liability that we can’t afford to have right now.

Fluttering out of the computer core, Ratbat began to make his way towards the admin wing. He sent Soundwave a short message as he flew, phrased as cryptically as possible.

“We stand ready. Acknowledge.”

2004-06-01, 04:23 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -storms onto command deck, growls to Spinister- "Tell those two I want them back here ASAP, if not sooner." -drops into command chair, turns to look at Jalgar- "Well?"

Jalgar: "Sorry, Captain. I'm not getting the readings for nuclear warheads in Cuba." -scowls- "Lots and lots of tobacco plants, though."

Leozak: "I don't think threatening the continent the Autobots are on with gradual emphyazima and lung cancer will be an effective tactic." -settles back into command chair, looking at the map of Cuba, drums fingertips on arm of chair- "Too many humans......."

Leokaiser: -inside Leozak's head- "Pick a target that's self contained, you FOOL!!!"

Leozak: -sits bolt upright, blinking in shock- "Jalgar! Get me a list of every compound and walled in community you can find in Cuba!"

2004-06-01, 04:40 AM
Cryotek began work on the probe needed to gather data on Cybertron.

2004-06-01, 05:41 AM

Gigatron looked up to the ceiling, where the giant lens of the Alphamedic stared down at him motionless. The Metrodrones surrounding retracted their work arms and retreated to other jobs around the infirmary.

"Repair and refueling procedures complete," the Alphamedic reported. "Diagnostics confirm Sub-Commander's systems are operating at one hundred percent."

Gigatron rose from his rest and marched slowly out of the spa, energon residue dripping from his frame onto the short staircase. He took a few steps toward the door, but stopped as Bludgeon returned with his team. His hands floated up to his hips, and he sized up the cadre.

"Admirable assortment," he noted calmly. "Well done, Bludgeon. Decepticons!"

He raised his voice and began pacing the floor before the assembled.

"Your devotion is impressive. As you may be aware, the Autobot Smokescreen has been in our hospitality for some time. That is, until recently. Our esteemed commander Galvatron has decided that the Autobot is of no further use to us and has released him. Naturally, this overlooks the potential for utilising the Autobot's escape, but this is an oversight you shall correct."

He stopped in his pacing and turned his head ninety degrees to face Bludgeon.

"Smokescreen is surely on his way to Carbombya's oceanline. You will track him there and remain undetected until the Autobots inevitably arrive to reclaim him. When they do... I'm sure you can imagine the rest."

He looked over each member of the team slowly.

"A simple task, and one that suits each of you. Collateral damage, prisoners, and side objectives are null. You have one goal: destroy the Autobots. Now go. And do not fail!"

2004-06-01, 06:02 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister nodded, ignoring Leozak's angry tone of voice. "As you wish." He flipped the comm channel open again. "Gaihawk, your unit is to return to base immediately."

2004-06-01, 06:23 AM
"This is rediculous. How important is this mission to Gigatron to give me idiots who don't even know to show up." He took three quick steps forward then lept up and transformed flying eastward.

"Decepticons! Take off! Hooligan can catch up later if his brain module ever starts to function like a normal transformers"

2004-06-01, 09:41 AM
Thrust took to the air, transforming to jet mode and falling into position behind Starscream's right wing. "Great, just great! Now we'll have to do this with one Decepticon less," he grumbled.

And Starscream'll probably screech at us all along the way now... , he mentally added.

Soundwave online
2004-06-01, 03:10 PM
"Ha ha youd best retract that comment thrust" laughed Sixshot as he pulled up beside Thrust in starfighter mode "you may have lost one lousy Decepticon but you gained six superior ones".

2004-06-01, 03:20 PM
Cyclonus looked at Gigatron. His optics narrowed.

Indeed this mission is different but yet always the same. Destroy the Autobots... some... target practice.

Cyclonus stood up straight, his optics straightening.

"As you command Lord Gigatron"

2004-06-01, 03:55 PM
Thrust made a slight roll in surprise and called out to Sixshot, "Hey I won't mind if our mission leader doesn't!"

Aero Blade
2004-06-01, 03:55 PM
Tracer chuckled in anticipation after Gigatron had relayed their mission to them. "Finally a mission with a little fun in it. When do we start?" he asked towards Bludeon.

Random Sweep
2004-06-01, 04:47 PM
"Finally, an order I like". Bristleback exclaimed "no stay and sit finally someone says kill. lets do it!"

2004-06-01, 06:33 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind followed Starscream.

"Like you're any better, Screamer," Darkwing muttered.
"You wanna make something out of it?!" Runabout shouted at Cutthroat, shoving the Terrorcon away from him.

2004-06-01, 07:01 PM
Within Scorponok

Cutthroat stumbled backwards from Runabout's shove. Using his hand to steady himself, he managed to get back on his feet. Shifting to beast mode, he hopped towards the Battlecharger and let out a high-pitched, threatening shreek.

Admin Wing, Metrotitan

Ratbat fluttered into the area near Astrotrain's office, as he assumed that Soundwave still wanted him in position there. However, he didn't immediately conceal himself. He assumed there would be some time before his 'master' would put the plan in motion, and he intended to put that time to good use.

Soundwave wasn't the only one who could cook up schemes, after all.

On his way to the command area Ratbat had heard whispered rumours of Gigatron's return, though he wasn't sure yet if he believed them. But if the sub-commander had returned...well, suffice it to say that changed a lot of the variables that Ratbat had taken into account before deciding to aid Soundwave with his plan.

The time has come to search out new assets.

The accountant took up a perch on the ceiling above Gigatron's door, watching and waiting. If the sub-commander was back, he would eventually find his way back here.

Soundwave online
2004-06-01, 10:38 PM
Sixshot flys up alongside Starscream

"Ha ha ha so Starscream what do you say do you want the greatest decepticon soldier ever to grace your company or not"

2004-06-01, 10:42 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan:

Bludgeon: "Order recieved and acknowledged." -looks at the motley crew he's assembled, grin on his skull taking on a wry smirking effect- "Alright, Mayhems, let's go kill something." -heads out at a run- "Cyclonus, when you get airborne, do a passive scan to find the Autobot."

Predator's Cave:

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -standing impatiently, waiting for the two Predators to finish-

Gaihawk: "Look, the captain wants us backnow. Come on already."

2004-06-01, 11:13 PM
Starscream groaned as the Decepticon S.T.A.G. pulled up along side him. Of all the annoying goody goody Decepticons to show up....

"Don't you have some sort of honorable enemy to fight or something?" he muttered, "I'd rather have one of our flesh creature allies along for the rid then you" the Air Commander cried in his whiney voice as he sped up. "Tag along if you must, but we are not stopping so you can play with any children"

Soundwave online
2004-06-01, 11:44 PM
Sixshot tried to keep up with Starscream but fell behind slightly

"Hah ill let your whinging go this time but talk to me in that tone again and youll find me quick to anger"

Aero Blade
2004-06-02, 12:08 AM
Tracer was quick to follow Bludgeon, transforming into his helicopter mode once outside. "Let's hurry up now," Tracer called to the others in the group. "There's Autobots waiting to meet their fates!"

2004-06-02, 12:12 AM
Thrust accelerated in order to keep up with Starscream.

2004-06-02, 04:32 AM
"And if you anger me sixchanger you will find yourself quick to a smelting pit! Now shut up before I inform Gigatron that you are a impeding a mission of great importance" The red F-16 veered off away from the six changer and then dropped back wanting him in the path of his null ray.

2004-06-02, 04:41 AM
"Must not be so important if he stuck you with it," Dreadwind snickered.

Soundwave online
2004-06-02, 09:07 AM
Sixshot feeling slightly intimidated by Starscreams movements and not wanting to make an enemy out of an ally veered off to the left of the group

"Listen Starscream ive been sent as your escort and it would'nt be good rep for me to blow you to ash right now so maybe we should consider working together"

2004-06-02, 09:57 AM
"How about we all shut up?" snapped Thrust, mostly in Dreadwind's direction. "Are you Decepticons or children?"

Soundwave online
2004-06-02, 02:19 PM
"Rightly said Thrust we shouldnt be fighting eachother when we could be fighting Autobot warriors my blasters are just itching for battle"

Sixshot joined back up with the others

" lead the way boss"

2004-06-02, 03:09 PM
"I'm sure the mission is important Dreadwind though I am wondering our mighty leaders convinction to the mission when he gives me the likes of you to do it and not some one efficient like Soundwave. Now do as Thrust suggested and just fly"

2004-06-02, 03:22 PM
We could do with less of your screechy voice, too, Thrust thought, but he kept silent and kept flying, not wanting to aggravate Starscream more.

Soundwave online
2004-06-02, 04:38 PM
"How much further is this place i want to smoke Autobot hide NOW"

Sixshot executes some airborne stunts to relieve his boredom.

2004-06-02, 06:03 PM
Dreadwind and Darkwing silently follwed Starscream.
Runabout transformed quickly and sped away from Cutthroat.

2004-06-02, 06:58 PM
Cutthroat cackled, then transformed back to robot mode.

"Hey, get back here!" he yelled to Runabout. "I was just playin' with ya, and we've got a job to do!"

2004-06-02, 09:06 PM
Cyclonus turned to Bludgeon and nodded.

Cyclonus started a slow run then his body transformed into a jet. It's engines took it forward a little then after some sparks came from its rear, it began to rise up.

"Entering scanning range Commander Bludgeon"

Cyclonus "drove" forward, making his scan more precise.

"Establishing scan. I have them Commander, i'm uploading the coordinates to you now"

2004-06-02, 09:37 PM
With a look of completely apathetic objectivity, Gigatron's optics followed Bludgeon's crew out to their mission. He humphed to himself: partially wondering how well they would do the job, and partially amused at Bludgeon's name for the cadre.

I'd forgotten about his legacy with the Mayhem Attack Squad... I knew I chose him for a reason.

With a crick of the neck, Gigatron followed the others out the door, turned the other direction in the hall, and transformed to his racer mode. There was much for him to do, after all...


Command Quadrant...

The black formula car cruised slowly down Metrotitan's longest hallway, in which the top echelon of Decepticon command took their residence. As ever, the stretch was quiet save the humming of the ventilation system. Few Decepticons traversed here, as all knew doing so without cause was often well-punished...

Odd place to call home, I suppose.

Gigatron puttered to a stop and returned to his robot mode as he neared the end of the hall. His optics floated to the left as he walked, eyeing the door to his chamber. He stopped himself, noting that something seemed off. Something different, though he couldn't tell just what... Oh, perhaps the little flying creature just above the door? Just might be it. Not yet bothering with his weapons, Gigatron simply smirked up at Ratbat.

"You don't look much of an assassin," he chided. "One of Soundwave's, aren't you?"

2004-06-02, 11:03 PM
"I already told you, you gun toating metal moron. If you want to fight go somewhere else!" Starscream snapped at Sixshot. "We are going to Japan and if you'd pay attention to mission briefings instead of staring off into space like an idiot you'd know that and you'd know that, you'd also know we're going to see allies so we can win a war, not kill a piddly one or two autobots."

2004-06-02, 11:48 PM
StarBlade was still near enough to the command area, and Astrotrain's office, to hear that voice. Thankfully, she was just out of sight, or Gigatron would have had her hide.

When did he return? Wow, I really need to pay more attention! StarBlade froze where she was, listening silently. She was also hoping she wouldn't be caught.

2004-06-03, 12:09 AM
Command Area

Time for the sales pitch...

Ratbat hissed, then detached from the ceiling and fluttered down to Gigatron's level.

"That's because I'm not an assassin," he told Gigatron. "I'm a problem-solver, and you have a problem that needs to be solved. One that my skill set is perfectly matched to solving."

He smiled, showing his needle-sharp mecha-fangs. "You need to gather enough fuel to retake Cybertron, and the efforts so far have been woefully inadequate. Am I right?"

If he buys this, I'll have to find some way to foil Soundwave. It was...most inefficient to help him in the first place.

2004-06-03, 12:11 AM
Cryotek looked at his skimatics for the probe and got on his com-link to Shockwave.

"I have come up with a pelminary design for our probe. Currently it is about 6 meters in circumference so we can fit all the nessacary systems inside of it. Also, the probe will have about 1 meter of armor and a specially made cushioning to protect the intruments on landing with the planet. Or we could place an external engine on it, but that would increase the probablity of it being noticed. The outside of the ball is made of a large series of angles in order to cut radar noticing it. Also, I am hoping to make it a blackish grey color so that our dear Quintessions think of it as nothing more than space trash, or a metorite." He paused for a moment.

"Been a bit to busy to get ahold of the Constructicons but I will contact them soon enough. What do you think of this design?" He asked.

2004-06-03, 04:39 AM
Shockwave's Office

The cyclopean city commander listened to Cryotek's report, then analyzed the data that he had gleaned from the scientist. Finally, Shockwave spoke.

"That is an adequate design. I suggest you proceed under the assumption that the probe will require an engine. Logic dictates that it would be easier to remove an unneeded one than to attach one to a completed probe."

He turned his attention fully on Hatemonger. "Your thoughts, General?"

2004-06-03, 05:50 AM
Heading for Smokescreen's location:

Bludgeon: -nods at the comm message- "Cyclonus, Tracer, make what looks like a random patrol sweep a little distance out, just do it long enough to be distracting. Icepick, your merry little group and I are going to sneak up as close as we can get without being detected and wait. When I give the signal, Cyclonus and Tracer come flying in. Target their transport. We shall deal with the rest."

2004-06-03, 01:48 PM
Hatemonger nodded and rubbed his chin with his hand.

"Sounds good, but do we want to have any form of weapon system on it. That armour sounds strong enough to handle a pretty tough attack launched on it. So maybe a gun or two to back that up?" He asked.

"Also Shockwave, should we begin to form a team for this mission?" He added.

Soundwave online
2004-06-03, 03:12 PM
".....huh sorry starscream what did you say i was TOO BUSY STARING OFF INTO SPACE TO HEAR YOU!!!"

Steam began to rise from Sixshots hull as his anger grew more and more intense If i dont kill something soon im gonna go nuts was the only thought in his mind.

Random Sweep
2004-06-03, 05:19 PM
Icepick nodded while listening to Bludgeon's orders
"OK guys you heard him, do it right or i'll cave in your heads"

2004-06-03, 06:31 PM
Cyclonus smirked from within his jet mode.

"Icepick... you should worry about your own part... monster"

His thrusters came online and Cyclonus sent a message to Tracer.

"Make a scan of the transport. We can get the vital areas of attack that we will need from it"

Cyclonus flew forward making highly concentrated scans below.

2004-06-03, 06:55 PM
Shockwave's Office

"It would be illogical to use any form of energy weapons on the probe, as the energy that leak from such systems would be detected by enemy sensors. However, it would be viable to include machine guns for close-range defence."

Shockwave shifted focus to Hatemonger's other remark. "It would be premature to form a team as of yet. We would need to consult authorities higher up the chain of command then ourselves to conduct an off-planet operation. It is logical to assume that they may wish to schedule the operation to coincide with other missions we have no knowledge of, or to hold it in reserve for the moment."

His optic glowed a bit brighter. "However, Cryotek may contact the Constructicons and begin production of the probe as soon as he is ready."

2004-06-03, 07:20 PM
"Are you naturally obnoxious or does it take effort?" Thrust snapped at Sixshot.

Soundwave online
2004-06-03, 07:52 PM
"It comes naturally Thrust now can we just get on with the mission the sooner its over the sooner i can KICK SOME AUTOBUM HIDE"

2004-06-04, 03:05 AM
Gigatron folded his arms over his chest and cocked his head, still smirking at Ratbat. He remembered this one now: there was a short paragraph about him somewhere in one of the history codeces. He had been a prominent hopeful in the Decepticon leadership race shortly after the arrival on Earth. Surprising to see him like this, then.

"Quite the opportunist, aren't you?" He took a step forward. "I'm rather in a hurry. Ten astroseconds, what specifically are you suggesting?"

2004-06-04, 04:05 AM
Ratbat fluttered slightly higher in the air, perhaps indicating the boost his confidence had recieved when Gigatron didn't crush him for his initial statement.

"Put me in charge of energy gathering. My personnel record will show you that my talent in that field is unmatched. With me in charge of that department, Decepticon operations on Earth will become 27% more profitable."

2004-06-05, 04:28 AM
Just out of Smokescreen's sensor range, Carbombya:

Bludgeon: -draws katana, silent, waiting, mind focused on the task at hand, deep in a meditative trance-

2004-06-05, 07:38 AM
"Will you shut up!" Starscream bellowed (if you can call it that) at Sixshot How does such a dumb Decepticon get such a label for strength and cunning in battle!? I could throw a large stick, call it an autobot and this fool would probably chase it like a dumb flesh creature pet. "Idiot" he groaned as he dropped to a lower level getting ready to descend.

Soundwave online
2004-06-05, 01:24 PM
Sixshot began to descend slowly behind Starscream
He grumbled a few meaningless things on the way down.

2004-06-05, 04:30 PM
Runner smiled, thinking of ways to get in to cybertron. "The planet is ocovered in underground tunnles. I have a map on file of them all. A small team may be able to get in and do what ever you have planed."

2004-06-06, 01:03 PM
"Just shut up already!" Thrust snapped, and started to descend behind Starscream.

2004-06-07, 05:09 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind simply followed Starscream, keeping their mouths shut.

2004-06-07, 08:09 PM
Gigatron rubbed his chin, staring into Ratbat's optics as he considered the proposition. This one had a tendency to be a bit treacherous, if he remembered the codex properly. But that was a different time and place. He knew Ratbat was skilled at fuel gathering, and the Decepticons could use a proper agent specifically assigned to the task.

"Very well," he decreed. "I expect one hundred energon cubes prepared by the end of the orn. I do not deal well with failure..."

With a cold glare and no time for Ratbat to question him, he threw open the broad double door at the end of the hall and strolled into Galvatron's lair.

"I have returned as per your request, my liege," Gigatron called to his leader.

2004-06-08, 12:21 AM
Command Sector, Metrotitan

Ratbat hovered in the hall for a few moments after Gigatron disappeared.

That was easy. Almost too easy. He smiled. Good. Ease translates into efficiency.

The cassetticon flew down the hall away from Galvatron’s lair until he located an office with the word UNOCCUPIED flashing on its nameplate. He quickly keyed his identification in, and smiled as the vacancy notice was replaced with: RATBAT: FUEL AUDITOR.

As he slipping into the office he lowered the lighting to a minimal level. Taking in the office’s spare appointments, he nodded in satisfaction. The room had a computer terminal, ceiling grates to hang from, chairs for his guests and an Energon dispenser. That was all he needed; anything else was an extravagance, a waste of resources.

After pressing a button to open a small panel built into the computer console, Ratbat transformed. Sliding comfortably into the cassette player behind that panel, Ratbat’s internal spools began to turn. This sort of direct interface allowed him to interact with Metrotitan’s database more efficiently, transferring the results of his data requests directly to his mind rather than to a computer screen. He ran two queries against Metrotitan’s personnel database; one was meant to find a scout who could locate fuel sources with a minimum of fuss. The other was more…delicate in nature, but equally important. Within astroseconds he had the results.

He weighed the various candidates on the first list for a moment. There were several very qualified candidates, but all but one of the candidates currently stationed at Metrotitan were listed as ‘on assignment’.

The second list had only one name.

They’ll do, he decided. He activated his console’s comm system. “Ransack, StarBlade. Report to my office immediately.”

The smooth tones of Ransack’s voice replied, “Of course, sir.” A noise that sounded suspiciously like an Energon brew being guzzled filled the comm line for a few seconds, then the recon pilot continued, “I’ll be there within the breem.” The comm line closed.

Ratbat began several more database queries as he waited for StarBlade’s reply.

2004-06-08, 12:59 AM
Runabout turned around and sped back towards Cutthroat, transforming as he did so.

"I knew that," he replied in response to the Terrorcon's comment.

2004-06-08, 03:22 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -retasking a Russian satellite to take photos of all of Cuba- "You'd think the humans would at least try to encrypt their satellite communications links."

2004-06-08, 03:50 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

"I'm sure they do," Spinister noted. "But there's only so much fleshlings can do; they are our inferiors, after all."

Across the room, Singe cleared his throat.

Within Scorponok

Cutthroat had a biting comment in mind, but then he frowned. "Then we'd better get to work," he told Runabout, "before Shockwave finds out we're slacking."

Hun-grrr's voice sounded over Cutthroat's commlink. "Nnnn. Yes, you should."

Cutthroat jumped, then narrowed his optics angrily and started patrolling.

Command Deck, Scorponok

Hun-grrr chuckled, tossed back the rest of his energon brew, then tuned his monitor to observe Sinnertwin and Runamuck outside the city.

2004-06-08, 04:09 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "Don't dismiss the fleshlings so quickly, Spinister. Underestimating an enemy isn't wise. Look at the number of times they've interfered in Decepticon plans of conquest. Better to wipe them out than to ignore them."

Main Computer Core, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -drumming fingers on the override unit's casing- "There's got to be some way to remove this......"

2004-06-08, 04:25 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

"Don't be so quick to dismiss them as enemies, Commander," Spinister countered. He gestured towards the two Nebulans working at the navigation controls. "There are those that would join us willingly, given the chance. And many of those are talented enough to be of use to us." He shrugged. "But most of the others are beneath our notice."

2004-06-08, 04:46 AM
Within Scorponok

"Fine," Runabout said. "Let's get going."

2004-06-08, 05:36 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "That's one thing I haven't been able to figure out. Why would you willingly allow fleshlings to become your weapons? They have much shorter lifespans than ours, and I have a feeling that if one of them gets shot out of your hand, it won't do the one that gets shot much good. Scans indicate that they are as alien to this planet as we are, so their use as indigenois intelligence sources is minimal." -pauses in thought- "They could be used to gather intelligence, I suppose, seeing as they don't stand out as much as we do......"

Near Smokescreen(but not close enough to be detected):

Bludgeon: -still meditating, the open grave inviting blackness of his eye sockets locked onto the distant Smokescreen-

2004-06-08, 05:56 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Spinister said dryly. "And as it turns out, having weapons that can target and fire themselves independently is worth the minor annoyances they can cause." He shrugged. "The Targetmaster procedure also increased their physical abilities, so they could be useful if we needed to infiltrate any human facilities."

Within Scorponok

Cutthroat called back over his shoulder to Runabout, "I am. Why aren't you?"

Blot looked at Banzai-Tron. "So why you here? You look like you could do important things, not guarding."

Rippersnapper glared at his partner, but refrained from hitting him again. He still hadn't gotten off the grime from last time.

2004-06-08, 03:26 PM
Still around the corner from the command offices, StarBlade listened until Gigatron's voice vanished. With what could have been called a sigh of relief, the assassin relaxed.

“Ransack, StarBlade. Report to my office immediately.” Not expecting that, she nearly jumped through the wall behind her. Recognizing the voice from Gigatron's conversation of several minutes ago, she keyed her internal comm.

"On my way, Ratbat." Her voice echoed slightly from the hallway she stood in. Once she sent the response, StarBlade keyed the comm off, turned the corner, and looked for Ratbat's office. Quickly finding it, she knocked once, then entered.

"You sent for me?"

Random Sweep
2004-06-08, 04:51 PM
ï ask myself the same thing Blot " Banzai-Tron answered
"i am a master of Crystalocution designed for infiltration and assassination, not guarding the upper levels of a battle fortress."

"no one stupid enough to try abd get in here would be any challenge worthy of my skill".

2004-06-08, 05:32 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak and Jalgar: -smirk, breastplates transforming to gun modes, then to beast modes-

LioBreast and JaguarBreast: -ears twitching, looking around-

Leozak: "Nothing organic to them."

Jalgar: "Not the greatest conversationalists, either."

2004-06-08, 08:57 PM
Cyclonus sensors focussed in on the transport and his engines halted. He left a few thrusters on so he could still be airbourne but not moving any closer.

He didn't activate any of his weapons at the moment. At the time this would be stealth until the order was given.

Cyclonus' secondary scanners focused below him looking around making sure he wasn't seen then he reaffirmed all scanners to the transport. He would have to be closer for his scans to penetrate the its hull but he didn't want to risk it. He would stay put until the order was given.

2004-06-08, 11:19 PM
Ratbat’s Office

“Very prompt. Excellent.” Ratbat ejected himself from the computer console, transformed, then hung himself upside-down from the grated ceiling. “I have an assignment for you, StarBlade. One that requires your special abilities. You see, a situation has come to my attention.”

He hissed, then infused his voice with false outrage. “It seems that one of our brethren is using his position to steal from the Empire. Rather than carrying out his duty to Lord Galvatron, he wastes his time appropriating supplies and avoiding combat. With the state of the Empire as it is, we have no room for such treason. But unlike the Autobots, we don’t carry out inefficient trials when treason is so evident.”

Ratbat stretched his wing out, flicking a switch. A hologram appeared in the dimly-lit room. “This is your target. His name is Sparkstalker. I want him brought to me alive if possible so I can convince him to return to the fold. If not…do what you must for the sake of the Empire. Do you understand?”

At that moment, Ransack stepped into the room. He was about to speak, but Ratbat speared him with a gaze that told him to stay back and shut up until he was done with StarBlade. The purple and green Decepticon flyer wisely leaned against the wall, crossed his arms, and kept his mouth shut.

Crew Quarters Wing, Metrotitan

Sparkstalker keyed open his door, smiling as he noticed the damage that Lokos and Hound had caused when they had broken in.

Looks like the little guy’s left, he mused. Too bad.

Sliding into his luxurious chair, he looked at one of his monitors, the one that showed the output from the camera mounted outside his door.

Nothing to do but watch the halls, he thought, and wait for the fireworks to start.

Command Deck, Trypticon

“Most impressive,” Spinister noted. “Though they seem to leave you relatively unprotected when detached.” He frowned behind his faceplate. “Are they sentient, or merely extensions of your mind?”

Within Scorponok

Rippersnapper nodded thoughtfully, then gave Banzai-Tron a respectful look.

Blot frowned. “Crysta…what? That like what Bludgeon does?”

2004-06-08, 11:31 PM
StarBlade listened silently as Ratbat spoke. As an assassin, she was trained to hear more than one would think, including fake tones in a being's voice. She didn't comment on it, however. That would be stupid.

"So, I am to bring Sparkstalker to you alive if possible, or simply put a big hole where his central processor should be if he resists." The female assassin's voice was cold. "Fine. Do you have a location on him to make my hunt easier, or should I start stalkling?" StarBlade didn't note Ransack's arrival, as she was focusing on any and all information Ratbat could give her.

God Jinrai
2004-06-09, 01:00 AM
Galvatron's seat faced a window/viewscreen... on-screen, the events of the past few months had been playing out... the siege by the quintessons, the earthen alliance's severance... but it abruptly faded out. The Emperor of Destruction turned in his seat, to face his second. Rising to his feet, his optics burned a bright red, as he stared at Gigatron.

"Good. Have a small vessel readied for me within the next orn. I'm departing..to attend to that business that I had mentioned earlier."

stepping from the shadows, the purple sheen of Galvatron's armor had seemingly darkened... as if a new coat of paint had been applied, or the solar collector pores that he posessed had been shunt entirely to allow the true hue of his armor to show. Placing a hand on his lieutenant's shoulder, he bowed his head slightly.

"Keep the autobots busy... but do not DARE to cause any serious damage to them. Remember. we DO NEED THEM to retake cybertron. I leave in the next orn to personally take stock of the situation... I will not return. There is one who remains on cybertron that I trust with my life, should I ...become weakened. He was with me upon my last rebirth... and despite his alliegance, We have an understanding. Now. see my ship is readied, and prepare yourself once more for the burdens of leadership, Gigatron."

2004-06-09, 04:27 AM
Ratbat’s Office

"Precisely," the auditor said. "I ordered him to his quarters, though if he realizes that I know about his betrayal he may have gone into hiding."

Ratbat detached from the ceiling, fluttering down to StarBlade's optic level. He held out a small scrap of paper to her. "His quarters are at that location. But be careful; he might have stolen some observation equipment. If he sees you coming he'll run, and that would be...most inefficient."

At the back of the room, Ransack cleared his throat politely and waited until Ratbat adressed him.

Lord Zarak
2004-06-09, 11:47 AM
After recharging, himself, Overlord split into his plane and tank sections, allowing Giga and Mega a chance to have some R and R...not that they would actually take it. Instead, they entered Metrotitan, and headed towards Galvatrons office.

M: Darling, why are we going straight to the top? Wouldn't it be better if we waited to be called upon?

G: No my sweet. If we go to Galvatron we can become aware of any plans to retake Cybertron, which as you know is the main objective of both us and the Autobots. We can begin preparations, produce arms, even refamiliarise with our tank and plane.

M: Indeed. We can make sure that we are at the top of our game when we attack.

They stopped at the door. They heard Galvatron speaking, saying something about leaving

M: Should we interject now? Galvatron seems to have plans of his own.

G: Galvatron should not have a monopoly of preparation.

Giga asked Metrotitan to notify Galvatron that they were outside waiting to speak.

2004-06-09, 01:31 PM
Hatemonger looked at Shockwave.

"Hmm you know I just thought of something." He paused for a moment and looked up.

"If we are going to enlist the Autobots help in retaking Cybertron, it might be advantegous of us to enlist some of their best in helping us to get the probe to Cybertron." He said rubbing his chin ponderously.


Drones and machines can be heard buzzing about the area where Cyrotek was working on the probe.

"Well this is coming along well, time to contact the Constructicons." He thought to himself as he got onto his com-link.

"Constructicons can you hear me?" he asked.

"Yeah, what do you want? We are busy." Hook answered sounding none to pleased.

"Shockwave gave me permission to enlist your help in working on a probe to allow us to gather intel on the Quints on Cybertron. I actually am trying to get ahold of Mixmaster." He added.

"Hmph, ok I will get him. Mixmaster it's for you!" Hook shouted and went back to whatever he was building.

"Hi hi hi hi! Whats up?" Mixmaster asked.

"Have too much energon coffee today?" Cryotek asked.

"No no no! Just ready to work." Mix said back.

"Great, we are trying to create a paint that would reflect radar and laser sensory systems, much like Earthen stealth technology. You think your up to the challenage?"

"OH course! I will get right on it!" Mixmaster said and cut off the com-link abrubtly.

"Well at least we can't say he's lazy." Cryotek smiled and got back to work.

Random Sweep
2004-06-09, 03:55 PM

Apon hearing Blot's comment Banzai-trons mood darkened furthur

"no Blot, Bludgeon is a master of Metallikato, a very different martial art, and while he is good and worthy of respect he is not my equal... as i shall show you if we find someone where they shouldn't be."

2004-06-09, 11:15 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak and Jalgar: -bo staffs in hand, Jalgar twirling his-

Leozak: "They can think for themselves. And we're really hard to disarm."

Jalgar: "And, since we were trained to use weapons like these before blasters........" -ends with a shrug-

Just outside of Smokescreen's sensor range:

Bludgeon: -still watching Smokescreen from his concealed position, senses an almost undetectable tremor in the ambient energy flowing through the area from Banzai-Tron's unheard comment, eye sockets narrow slightly-

2004-06-10, 02:28 AM
StarBlade took the scrap of paper. "I'll keep that in mind, Ratbat." Turning, bluish optics glancing at Ransack for a mere instant before she headed out of the Fuel Auditor's office.

Once outside, the assassin looked down at the scrap. Memorizing the location, she places the paper into her subspace compartment as she retrieved her log. Adding in the mission, StarBlade smiled once. Once the addition was done, she returned the log to the compartment, and carefully, but not too carefully, so as not to arouse suspicion, began to make her way to Sparkstalker's quarters.

Oooooh, I'm almost hoping he puts up a fight...

2004-06-10, 06:50 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister shrugged in return. "It would be equally difficult to disarm me, I assure you." He stepped back a few paces to ensure himself a great deal of free space. Then he transformed.

Hovering a few centimeters off the deck, the helicopter's weapons emerged from his undercarriage. Automatic particle beam cannon batteries began tracking LioBreast and JaguarBreast respectively. His bomb ports opened, and fusion bombs began tracking the breastplates' owners.

Then, likely before the other Decepticons had even been able to move to respond, Spinister returned to robot mode. He turned to Leozak. "As you can see, the fleshlings are merely augmentations to my armament."

Ratbat's Office

Yes, she will do nicely. And when Sparkstalker is removed from the liability column, there will only be one enemy left who can reveal my involvement in this mad scheme. The accountant smiled. And no one will believe Soundwave once his treason is revealed.

Breaking from his reverie, Ratbat turned his attention to Ransack.

"You are a recon pilot, yes?"

Ransack nodded. "The best we have, sir." His voice was filled with pride.

"Good. Then this assignment won't be difficult for you." He tossed the larger Decepticon a datacard. "I want you to scout out those locations. Record whatever information you can get on the human power facilities there; defences, population, output, the owner's political stance, and the like. Then report back to me. We will find the most viable target; then we will assemble a team to suck it dry. For the glory of the Empire, of course. Dismissed."

"Yes, sir." Ransack's voice was excited, craving the combat that was sure to come. He dashed out of Ratbat's office, headed out the nearest exit, transformed, and flew off to the first site on Ratbat's list.

For his part, Ratbat allowed himself a small chuckle. Everything was going as planned. Wheels within wheels within wheels...

Sparkstalker's Quarters

Sparkstalker continued to idly watch the hallway traffic, unaware of StarBlade's approach.

Within Scorponok

"Oh." Blot was, unsurprisingly, at a loss for words. "Why would anyone want to come here without permission? Nothing here matters."

Rippersnapper facepalmed, then gave Banzai-Tron a look of apology.

Aero Blade
2004-06-10, 08:38 PM
Decepticon Hunting Party, near Smokescreens Possition:

Tracer was growing bored again, but he'd learned to wait paciently. They weren't to act until the autobot's transport had arrived and he'd have a chance to scan it.

"Any chance the Autobot's transportation broke down or is lost?" Tracer suggested ans he hiddle rapped his fingers, looking about at the others in the group.

2004-06-11, 01:43 AM
StarBlade continued to make her way to Sparkstalker's quarters, idly humming. That was a little quirk in her programming. Normally, she hummed melodies she heard on Earth, but sometime it was just random melodies. This time, it was "Enter Sandman" by the Earth group Metallica.

A few minutes later, she was outside her target's quarters. Okay, I can start with the polite way, or I can just burst in, and see what he does... The assassin paused, pondering for a moment. Ah, what the hell.... I'm up for a little mayhem and destruction. So, out came her blaster. Taking a few steps back, so as not to damage herself, StarBlade raised the blaster, aimed at the door and fired several times, till the door was no longer an issue. Still keeping the blaster at the ready, the assassin walked through the hole.

"Sparkstalker, you are to accompany me to the Fuel Auditor's office." StarBlade leveled the blaster at him. "If you resist, fight back, or otherwise give me a hard time, you'll make me very happy."

2004-06-11, 02:53 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -stops twirling bo staff, lays it across his shoulders and hooks his arm on it- "That's nice, Spinister. Really, it is...... but..... um....... We've all got weapons on our vehicle modes. What do you do in robot mode?"

2004-06-11, 05:08 AM
Sparkstalker's Quarters

At StarBlade's words, Sparkstalker dove out of his chair, transformed to creature mode, and spat a mouthful of fire at the assassin.

"What, Ratbat doesn't know how to use the comm system? Or are hired thugs more efficient?"

Command Deck, Trypticon


Spinister activated his stealth systems, then stepped into the nearest dark shadow. Though he was still marginally visable, it would be extremely difficult to find him if you didn't know he was there.

"Though I fail to see why you're so concerned about such things. We have work to do."

Hydroelectric power plant, twelve miles north of Cairo

The drone of Ransack's propeller was drowned out by the rush of the water flowing through the dam below him. He'd already made three extremely low passes over the facility, and the humans had yet to respond to his aggression.

They're probably cowering in there, whimpering and praying that I'll go away. He checked the contents of his scanner buffers. Well, they get their wish, for now. I have all the data I need on this place. But I might be back sooner than they think.

Waggling his wings in mockery, the Decepticon scout pulled away from the facility, flipped around in a move that no human vehicle would be able to replicate, and headed off northward. As he did so, he noticed a pair of ancient human fighter jets rising from a nearby airbase on an intercept course. Stifing a laugh, he barrel-rolled several times, then sped off faster than the humans could possibly hope to follow.

2004-06-11, 02:07 PM
Gigatron nodded to his leader with a smirk, his arms folding naturally over his chest.

"I am always prepared, Galvatron."

2004-06-12, 12:55 AM
Seeing the fire coming towards her, StarBlade jumped to the side, getting a minor singe, and returned fire.

"Ask him yourself, if you survive this!" The assassin was now in a very good mood. If her targets for assignments like this fought back, she very much enjoyed 'playing' with them.

2004-06-12, 05:00 AM
Sparkstalker's Quarters

"I always surviv-agh!"

Sparkstalker's taunt died in his vocal circuits as he caught one of StarBlade's laser blasts on his right flank. He forced himself to hop closer to the assassin, snapping at her with his beak. It was obvious, though, that he was weakened by the hit that he had taken.

Island of Rodhos, Aegean Sea

Ransack scoffed at the primative power station that he flew over. The black plumes of smoke that poured from the smoke stacks indicated that it was a primative coal-burning facility, and thus beneath his interest. He turned away and headed for his next target.

Lord Zarak
2004-06-12, 11:24 AM
" A good point well made" replied Shockwave to Hatemonger's observation.
"By involving the Autobots in the insertion of the pod, we would reduce the risk of endagerment to our own warriors under the pretense of allowing the Autobots an opportunity to gather intelligence material on the occupation of Cybertron."

2004-06-12, 09:40 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -fading into the shadows himself, suddenly appearing next to Spinister, grinning a Cheshire Cat grin- "It's an old trick, isn't it?"

Leozak: "Enough, Jalgar."

Jalgar: -pads back to his station, picking up his breastplate along the way, drops with cat-like grace into the chair-

Leozak: "I like to know the abilities of all under my command, Spinister. Their strengths and their weaknesses. It makes for smoother planning of operations."

Predators Cave:

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -transform to fighter mode, kick in afterburners, heading for Trypticon-

2004-06-13, 03:56 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister gave Jalgar a patronizing glance, then turned a more serious face to Leozak. "In this reality, we keep personnel files with that information. But I understand your interest, sir."

2004-06-13, 06:16 AM
Within Scorponok

"What are you talking about?" Runamuck shouted at Cutthroat. "I've been following you."

2004-06-13, 07:09 PM
A grin appeared on StarBlade's face. She was having fun. Then she heard the 'agh!' of her shot connecting. Sparkstalker either had a deathwish, or was just stubborn, since he hopped towards her and snapped his beak at her. It was clear to the assassin that her shot had hurt him far more than he was showing.

"Always survive, eh? Keep this up, and you'll eat those words." She moved to the side to avoid the beak, then kicked at Sparkstalker's head. "Give up, and come quietly. Unless you want me to blast your head into a million pieces."

2004-06-13, 07:26 PM
Soundwave was aware that things were begining to slip by deadline times which he had been promised, it had been some time now since he had heard of Ratbat's readiness and since he had dispatched Reflector and the cassettes to their positions.

What was the delay?!

2004-06-13, 08:16 PM
Within Scorponok

Cutthroat growled, not really irritated by Runamuck but wanting to provoke him into a fight anyway. "Just shut up and patrol, you pile of scrap!"

Sparkstalker's Quarters

The Firecon was about to spit out another taunt at StarBlade, but her foot caught him square in the temple. Sparkstalker collapsed to the ground in a heap, barely conscious and unable to move.

2004-06-13, 08:22 PM
StarBlade looked down at the barely concious Firecon. "Good. Now I don't have to worry about cleaning up the mess should I have had to kill you."

Keeping her blaster out, and aimed at Sparkstalker, she grabbed him and dragged him from the room and into the hallway. "Fun... Now I have to drag you back to Ratbat... Ah well.. No one said being an assassin was easy." Taking a firmer grip on the Firecon's form, StarBlade began the task of dragging him to Ratbat's office.

Soundwave online
2004-06-13, 08:32 PM
Rumble radios in to soundwave

"Hey Soundwave you want me doin something yet or not"

He was his usual impatiant excited self just waiting for the nod from soundwave to do anything.

"Just a suggestion Boss but maybe i should check on that slimy rodent Ratbat i just cant trust the creep i mean he sleeps upside down for crying out loud thats reason enough to smash his face in"

Rumble punched his fist into the palm of his other hand as the thought of getting to smash something up excited him.

2004-06-14, 11:44 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "True, Spinister, but personell files can be altered. Work with Hellbat long enough and you learn this."

Jalgar: -scanning images of Cuba, smiles- "Captain. I think I found one."

Leozak: -steps down from the command dais, looks over Jalgar's shoulder- "What is it?"

Jalgar: -chuckles- "Guantanamo Bay. What say we land on the Marines?"

Leozak: "Self contained, full of people...... And since the Autobots seem to favor the people of the United States, they will be that much less likely to attack." -looks up as one of the external cameras picks up incoming flyers- "There's Gaihawk and Hellbat." -smiles- "Soon, we can start........"

Just out of Smokescreen's sensor range:

Bludgeon: -eye sockets narrow, still meditating-

2004-06-15, 04:11 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister nodded. "That's true, Commander. But even the alterations tell you something if you look hard enough."

Blackrock Enterprises oil-drilling platform, Persian Gulf

This, Ransack thought, is more like it!.

Gatling guns fired from the surface of the rig as he swooped in for another pass. The primative-looking scout plane adroitly flew between streams of bullets as he focused his sensors on the rig.

Fuel production is off the scale! They must be sitting on a huge deposit of petrolium.

He twisted into a desperate spiral as a spread of missiles launched from the rig. He avoided being hit by milimeters. And it looks like it's well-protected, too. But I have all the data I need anyway. Pity. But I'll be back soon, and with friends.

The scout plane increased his altitude, then tore off towards Metrotitan.


Corridors, Metrotitan

Sparkstalker could only groan in protest as StarBlade dragged him towards the command wing.

Soundwave online
2004-06-15, 12:26 PM
Rumbles boredom starts to get to him as he sits and waits for Soundwave to respond.

"C'mon Soundwave i aint got all day i want to pound something NOW"

in his impatience he decides to give Soundwave 5 minutes before he decides to do something rash.

2004-06-15, 09:21 PM
"Ah, quit bitching! Its your own fault you're in this condition. If had come along all nice and quiet-like, you'd be fine." StarBlade said as she continued to drag Sparkstalker.

As she dragged Sparkstalker, she caught peculiar looks from some of the random Decepticons they passed. Instead of speaking, the assassin just glared.

Finally, they arrived at Ratbat's office. "Cripes... Next time, I hope I get a lighter target!" She kicked the door once, hoping it opened so she could drag Sparkstalker through it.

2004-06-15, 11:59 PM
Within Scorponok

"Fine!" Runamuck shouted at Cutthroat, heading for the base exit, muttering all the way. Once he was outside, he spotted Runabout and Sinnertwin.

"You two find anything interesting."

2004-06-16, 03:53 AM
Entrance Ramp, Metrotitan

Ransack transformed, landed on his feet, then took off at a dead run for Ratbat's office.

Within Scorponok

Cutthroat just shook his head, laughed, then walked off.

Outside Scorponok

Sinnertwin padded over to Runamuck. "Not even a scraplet." Both of his faces sported knowing grins. "You've had enough of that slagheap Cutthroat, I take it?"

Ratbat's Office

As he saw the door fly in, Ratbat almsot fell from his perch on the ceiling. He quickly collected his wits about him again.

"Ah, StarBlade. You've completed your assignment. Is he functional?"

2004-06-16, 05:13 AM
Outside Scorponok

"Eh, he's OK," Runamuck answered. "Can't really complain."

"Not without worrying about whether or not your carcass will get shredded," Runabout snickered.

2004-06-16, 02:22 PM
Cryotek looked at the probe which was nearly completion.

"Looks pretty sharp." he said to himself as he looked over at Mixmaster who was standing over a bubbling mass of the stealth paint.

"How goes the paint?" He asked.

"It's set set set!" Mixmaster chirped.

"Hmm ok." Cryotek pushed a button and a group of drones picked up the probe and set in on in a machine.

"This machine will hold the probe in the air allowing an atomizer to get the paint all over the entire probe." He smiled as Mixmaster dumped the paint into the machine.

"Here goes." Cryotek pushed the button and watched.

2004-06-16, 03:33 PM
"Starscream to Gigatron. If you want your precious flesh creature's factory to stay intact I suggest sending some sort of re-inforcements. I would suggest Devastator or Bruticus to deal with this larger Autobot they have brought along"

Soundwave online
2004-06-16, 04:20 PM
"Soundwave how long am i supposed to wait here theres gotta be something else i could be doing"

2004-06-16, 04:35 PM
Gigatron grumbled to himself as his radio buzzed in his audial. He held a finger up to Galvatron.

"One moment, my lord."

He turned his back and fanned his head flares to better transmit.

"Very well, Starscream," he snarled. "But I will expect tremendous results!"

A moment later, he had switched frequencies.

"Snaptrap, respond. This is Gigatron. I need you and your men to assist a fledging skirmish at a human facility. Primary objective: destroy or route the Autobots. Secondary objective: protect Starscream's cargo of memory chips. Conditions: do not damage the building. Coordinates forthcoming with this transmission. Gigatron out."

His flares closed, and he turned back to Galvatron with a nod.

"You were saying?"

2004-06-16, 11:29 PM
StarBlade looked up at Ratbat.

"He's functional... Enough. He fought back. I shot him once and kicked him in the head... You may want a repair-drone to check on him, though." The assassin released her hold on Sparkstalker and took a few steps away from him.

"Anything else, Ratbat?"

2004-06-17, 12:08 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -walk onto the bridge-

Leozak: -looks over at them as they walk in- "Where are our new friends?"

Gaihawk: "On their way."

Leozak: -nods- "Good. We have a target. Call the rest of the team. We will assemble in my ready room and thrash out the fine details of the plan. Spinister, you have the conn." -heads for ready room, Gaihawk and Hellbat in tow-

Jalgar: -activates commlink- "Drillhorn, Killbison, report to the captain's ready room..... oi..... and don't forget your red shirts." -chuckles, stands, heads for the ready room-

"Ready Room", Trypticon:

Hellbat: -finishes disabling all of the monitoring systems he can find in the room, activates ECM to deal with whatever else he couldn't find- "The only way they can hear us now, Captain, is to either be in the room with us or to use a telepath."

Drillhorn and Killbison: -walk in, take seats-

Leozak: -seated at deck, looks at his assembled team, then looks at Drillhorn- "Progress report?"

Drillhorn: -shakes head- "No luck so far. I even thought about haivng Hellbat here hypnotize Trypticon, but the override will override basic motor controls, and it's bedded in pretty deep."

Leozak: "Keep working at it. But first..... Jalgar?"

Jalgar: -moves over to display unit in wall, hits keys, a tri-d wireframe image of the Marine Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, appears, defensive points highlighted, guard towers, comm array, barracks, holding wing, etc, etc- "Since we can't get enough nuclear weapons to effectively threaten anybody at all, we're going with plan B to hold the Cybertrons at bay. They seem to have a certain affection for the people of the United States, and this is one of their offshore bases, on the island/nation of Cuba. It's self contained, easily locked down, and chock full of hostages."

Hellbat: "But these are U.S. Marines. They'll fight us to the death."

Gaihawk: -looks over at Hellbat- "What, you don't want to fight?"

Hellbat: "And if we kill off all of our leverage?"

Jalgar: "He's got a point."

Hellbat: "If we hit them fast and hard, get them to try to deploy, I can hit them with my hypnotic wave, make them all docile."

Drillhorn: "It should work, and it will let us take them over before they can call reinforcements."

Leozak: "Good." -narrows optics- "After we subdue the base, I'm turning command of the operation over to Spinister."

Gaihawk: -leaps to feet, slamming his hands down on the desk- "WHAT?!?!?!?"

Leozak: "You forget, Gaihawk. I owe Star Saber a favor for helping us get back here in one piece. Star Saber would certainly call it in to save the humans and open us all up to attack. By using Spinister, we can sidestep this little problem."

Gaihawk: -narrows goggle-like optic band- "I don't like it. He was too willing to join us and turn on his comrades. What makes you think he won't use his temporary position to turn on us?"

Leozak: -smiles- "You forget, Gaihawk, he is a Decepticon, not a Destron. Deals made with those who aren't us are, of course, open to termination at any time. When the time comes, as his loyalty will always be in question..........." -shrugs- "Deals made with alien races are, naturally, null and void at any time of our choosing."

2004-06-17, 04:37 AM
Snaptrap heard Gigatron's tranmission.

"Sorry about that sir, still abit too much noise on the target range." I think me and the boys would be up for a bit of fun.

2004-06-17, 04:50 AM

Trypticon felt a surge of savage frustration as Hellbat's ECM generator disabled the audio sensors in the ready room. He didn't suspect treason. And even if the little ones were scheming, he didn't particularly care. Their powers were nothing compared to his.

But still...he had to know. He hated it when the little ones tried to hide something from him.

Most of his fellow Decepticons assumed that was a sign of stupidity, much like they did with his simplistic speech patterns. Trypticon was more than willing to let them believe that. They were nothing but insects, and what they believed simply didn't matter.

Just like the Breastforce's desire for privacy didn't matter.

"Wipe-out," he addressed one of the drones that served him, "go. Listen."

"Of course, Mighty Trypticon," the smaller Decepticon replied. "It is an honour to carry out your slightest whim."

Transforming to car mode, Wipe-out dashed off towards the ready room.

Command Deck, Trypticon

"Aye, sir." Spinister acknowledged Leozak's command, then turned his attention back to his console.

Ratbat's Office

"Repair drone? Well, that depends entirely on how cooperative he is, doesn't it?" Ratbat smiled. "I don't have anything for you right now, StarBlade. But your efficiency impresses me. If you're unsatisfied with the high amount of idle time you're getting, I could send you on a fuel raid later."

Outside Scorponok

Sinnertwin chuckled at the two Battlechargers. "Don't worry; he has that effect on everyone."

2004-06-17, 05:00 AM
StarBlade nodded once, in response to Ratbat's compliment on her efficiency. Then the offer of 'fuel raids' was made.

"I am grateful for the offer, Ratbat. Should I grow bored, I will take you up on it." StarBlade gave a salute of sorts, turned and walked out of the office. Once out of the office, she turned and walked towards Astrotrain's. Not because she wanted to see him, but because if she went the other way, she'd prolly put a hole in a wall.

"Fuel raids? Fuel raids?! I'm not some low level lackey!" As she walked, and got closer to the office and Ramjet, she fumed. "Oooooh, now I remember why I always hated those lousy Cassettes!"

2004-06-17, 05:49 AM
Ratbat's Office

As soon as StarBlade left, Sparkstalker heard Ratbat drop from his perch. He could feel the auditor's talons finding perchase on his back. The pinkish-purple 'Con quickly began whispering in his beast mode ear.

"You, my friend, have become a liability."

As terror began to trickle through his circuits, Sparkstalker wheezed out a reply. "Re...really? Since wh...when?"

"Since I decided that Soundwave is going to lose," the cassetticon replied bluntly.

"Ah. And you th...think that I'm going to sell you out, is that it?"


"You don't have to worry about that," Sparkstalker replied desperately. "All you h...have to do is pay me f...first."

"That would be...inefficient, I'm afraid. You would remain a liability, albeit a depreciated one." Ratbat's voice grew harsher. "But all liabilities must be written off eventually. It is the only way to conduct business."

Sparkstalker tried to push the fuel auditor off of him, but he was too weak to fight. The wounds he'd recieved from StarBlade were too fresh, the damage too severe. All he could do was squirm slightly as he felt the twin, needle-like mecha-fangs pierce his throat armour. He grew progressively weaker as the fuel drained out of his body. His field of view grew narrower and narrower as his brain module and optics were starved of energy.

Soon, all was black.

A gorged Ratbat sighed in satisfaction as he stood over the Firecon's corpse.

That's one problem dealt with, he thought. Now, to dispose of the carcass... He gave a mental shrug. I can take care of it later, when I have some idle time. But for now...

Grabbing hold of Sparkstalker's shoulders, Ratbat dragged the body towards his office's storage closet.

Murder is such an inefficient business... he mused.

Outside Astrotrain's Office

Ramjet didn't bother to move from his relaxed position as he heard feminine muttering coming down the hallway towards him. However, he did take a brief look out of the corner of his optic, seeing StarBlade.

Her again? Primus must hate me...

2004-06-17, 09:27 PM
Were ever shockwave is

"Well if you want to have the autobot's help out. Let me go, My brother is an autobot. You know him as Blur, He is the only one i ever have trusted. Just point the way and ill go. If you want to send another with me do so."

2004-06-18, 01:38 AM
StarBlade didn't even look at Ramjet. In fact, she didn't even stop walking. If she had, she'd prolly have picked a fight with the Conehead. While that would have given her an outlet, she didn't feel like dealing with the consequences of such an act.

"Damned bat! If he wants a lackey, he can look elsewhere!" Still fuming, the assassin stalked past Ramjet, and Astrotrain's office. "Bloody arrogant 'Con......."

2004-06-18, 04:24 AM
"Ready Room", Trypticon:

Jalgar: -cat like ears on sides of head twitch, waves to catch Leozak's attention, mouths- Someone's coming.

Leozak: -nods- "Drillhorn, what do you think? Can it be done?"

Drillhorn: -catching the hint- "Upgrading Trypticon's weapons systems? With the parts on hand, yes. I think we can even build something similiar to the main gun from Dezsaras' space fortress."

Leozak: -winces- "You're kidding."

Drillhorn: "I know, I know. The last time we were near anything like that, we got our energy drained, our systems locked up, and we were blown off into space. One advantatge here is that Trypticon isn't the size of that fortress. One disadvantage is that if we sent that much power through his systems, we'd get one shot, maybe two, before the power conduits would fail. And while the resulting explosion would be pretty fun to watch from a distance.... say, Martian orbit..... I don't think it would do much for us or this battle station."

Leozak: "Lovely. What about modifying the weapons systems so they don't blow us all back to Cybertron during the testing phase?"

Drillhorn: "We can do it." -sighs- "No fun, though."

Killbison: "Got that right."

Jalgar: "That's all well and good, but what about this metal dinosaur's brain? How goes the brain upgrade?"

Drillhorn: "Pretty well. I've managed to streamline the cortical processing array so he can think and react faster. I've upgraded everything that I can. The only problem is that thing I've already briefed you on."

Leozak: -stands- "All right, then. Drillhorn, you and Gaihawk start upgrading the weapons systems. We've got all of this extra power, let's make good use of it. Killbison, help them. Hellbat, Jalgar, you're with me."

2004-06-18, 04:43 AM
Outside Astrotrain's Office
Aw...I was kinda hopin' she'd make some trouble...

Ramjet watched StarBlade stalk past. He happened to overhear some of her muttering.

Ah, she's 'pissed' at Ratbat. I think that's what the fleshbags call it, anyway...

Ratbat's Office

The auditor was just sealing the closet door when Ransack sauntered into the room. The new arrival eyed the oily drag marks leading from there to the center of the room.

"You want me to whistle up a Metrodrone to clean that?"

"Hmmm?" Ratbat turned towards the entrance. "Ah. Not necessary, Ransack. We have other matters to attend to. You have my data?"

"Sure do." The scout tossed a datacard on the nearby computer console. "That's the ownership data that I had the city's computer pull together while I was out." He tossed a second datacard. "That is my scan results. Some interesting stuff in there."

"I'm sure there is. Sit down and we can map out some operations."

"You want my help with tactics?" Ransack shrugged, then slid into a chair. "OK, but I've never done much planning before."

"I'm sure you'll learn quickly," was Ratbat's dry response.

Outside Ready Room, Trypticon

Wipe-out transformed and listened quietly to the drivel that the Breastforce was spouting. He didn't particularly care what they were talking about; his intructions were only to listen, not analyze. When he heard Leozak get up and give his final orders, he sent a request to Trypticon's CPU for further instructions.

In response to what he received, Wipe-out stood at attention outside the door and waited for Leozak to exit.

2004-06-18, 03:21 PM

Cyclonus hovered high in the air waiting on the command from Bludgeon to attack the nearby transport.


Outside Trypticon

Sunstorm optics glew in a firery burst. His whole face seemed to be surrounded by some sort of strange power from the sun in the sky.
Sunstorm's entire body was filled with radiation. He was a hazard to any Transformer alive. His proximity towards the sun was causing this.... problem.
He settled down onto the ground below and the glowing effect onto his Cybertronian body stopped immensely. There was still the odd flicker now and again but he wasn't causing any harm to himself. However, the radiation towards his fellow Decepticons would be most harmful.
He raised his arm and a control panel opened.

"Activate Radiation Shield", he spoke into the panel.

A small bubble formed around him for a moment until it became invisable. This would provide protection for the Decepticons.

"Now all I have to do is find something of use to do."

2004-06-18, 04:04 PM
Gigatron nodded to Galvatron cordially with an almost facetious grin.

"It will be done. Good luck on your voyages."

He spun and marched from the room, his mouth slipping to a bitter frown once he had passed through the doors of Galvatron's lair.

He almost makes it sound like he'd have me do the job myself! Proposterous...

Gigatron rounded the corner into the next echelon of executive chambers and activated his radio as he stormed past Ramjet with a bland glance.

"Rumble, Reflector, respond. Lord Galvatron is in need of a single-pilot interstellar cruiser. Go to the hangar and see that our finest, best-armed ship is prepared for him. Gigatron out."

At the end of the hall, he transformed to car mode and raced off.


Alarm Station E-9...

They heard.

Spectro peered around the corner into the adjacent hall, where Spyglass was glaring back.

"What do we do?" Spectro asked. "We can't leave Soundwave's special assignment..."

"And Gigatron'll have our heads if he finds out we ignored an order!" Spyglass countered. "I'll go. You cover me if I'm not back in time, okay?"

Spectro nodded unsurely, and Spyglass started at a jog for the elevator.

2004-06-19, 04:39 AM
Corridor, Trypticon:

Leozak: -first out of the ready room, stops when he sees Wipe-Out-

Drillhorn, Gaihawk, and Killbison: -already discussing upgrading the main guns to something that will do damage measured in megatons per second, run into him, collapse to floor-

Hellbat and Jalgar: -golf clap-

Killbison: -snarls at Hellbat and Jalgar-

Jalgar: "Sheesh. Touchy."

Leozak: -having kept his feet during all this, looks at Wipe-Out- "What?"

Near Smokescreen's position:

Bludgeon: -still meditating-

2004-06-19, 05:56 AM
Outside Astrotrain's Office

Ramjet started to come to attention as Gigatron stormed by, but gave up and returned to slouching as soon as the sub-commander was a few meters down the hall.

Corridor, Trypticon

Wipe-out nodded to Leozak. "Commander, the great Trypticon sends word that he and his drones are ready for battle. In fact, he is most eager for a rematch with Metroplex if you can set one up."

Wipe-out smiled a little. "Also, he says that if your men ever try tampering with his brain again, he'll eat you alive. He has sensors there, you know."

Wipe-out hoped the city commander's reaction to the latter comment would amuse his master; terrorizing the smaller Decepticons that lived inside him was one of Trypticon's few pleasures.

Ratbat's Office

Ratbat's optics flicked across the displays that showed the information that Ransack had brought him. After a few minutes, he looked up.

"How many troops would we need to take the dam?"

"The dam?" Ransack was perplexed. "The oil platform is a much better target, isn't it?"

"It is," Ratbat agreed, "but we'd need the Seacons to raid it. The duty roster lists them as 'on assignment', so we might as well do something useful while we wait for them."

"Oh. OK," Ransack shrugged. "We'd only need four or so 'Cons to hit the place. A couple to fill the cubes and a couple to stand guard."

"I agree. According to your sensor readings, that would be the most efficient number. We might want to send along an insurance policy, though." Ratbat looked back at the screen with the duty roster on it, then chose several names seemingly at random.

Ratbat activated the intercomm. "Sunstorm, Megaplex, Banzai-Tron, report to my office for a mission briefing. Overlord, if you're unoccupied I'd like you to come as well."

Aero Blade
2004-06-19, 06:49 AM
Tracer was growing a bit bored while waiting for the transport to show. Perhaps the Autobots had abandoned their comrad? Not likely. As he kept his eyes on Smokescreen it was sooo tempting to just take a potshot at the bot and exterminate him right there, but that unfortunately wasn't the plan...

Forced to find another way to relieve his boredom, Tracer decided to fiddle with the settings on his weapon, being sure they were set properly for when the Autobots did finally show up, if at all..

2004-06-19, 09:26 AM

Cyclonus still waited for the nearby transport to show. He, for once, was growing very impatient.


Outside Trypticon

Sunstorm smiled.

"A mission breifing. How thoughtful, haha"

The seeker transformed into a firery looking jet and then blasted off for Metrotitan.



Megaplex activated upon hearing the order.

"Yes Ratbat"

Megaplex walked to Ratbat's office at a steady pace and then went inside.

"Reporting Ratbat"



Sunstorm arrived at Metrotitan.

"Ahh... Metrotitan"

Sunstorm's optics flickered.

"Now to get to the rat bats office"

Sunstorm began to make his way towards Ratbat's office.

Lord Zarak
2004-06-19, 11:54 AM
Giga and Mega left Metrotitan. Giga gave the tank and jet an unspoken command to form the body of Overlord. With another unspoken command, Overlord's body knelt down with an open hand. Giga and Mega stepped onto it, transformed into their powermaster engines and were placed into the chest of Overlord. His eyes flashed, the only indication that he was sentient again.

With only a growl, he turned again towards Metrotitan. He strode in, towards Ratbats office. As he arrived, he saw two other Decepticons arriving. He pressed the buzzer on the wall next to Ratbats office door and awaited the call to enter.

Random Sweep
2004-06-19, 02:54 PM

Banzai-tron recieved the message from ratbat.

"yet another change of assignment. hopefully this one will not be as dull as this one."

Turning to Rippersnapper he stated.
"i take my leave."

then made his way towards Metrotitan.


Banzai-tron made his way towards Ratbats office after quickly aquiring the location from the cities computer.

without pausing to knock Banzai-tron entered the auditors office.

"you requested my attendance Ratbat ".

2004-06-20, 02:38 AM
Cyrotek called Hatemonger down to the labs he was working on the probe.

"Well, it's finished." Cryotek smiled pointing at the probe as Mixmaster watched on.

"Yeah yeah, we made a sweet machine!" He said looking at it.

"All the componets are self contained until they need to be used. And then they are still quite protected." he paused.

"Anyway I should contact Shockwave first." he said and got onto his com-link.

"Shockwave the probe is complete, if you would like to check it out please come to the science bays now."

2004-06-20, 04:14 AM
Within Scorponok

Rippersnapper nodded in acknowledgement as Banzai-Tron left.

Blot frowned. "Where'd he go? He was nice."

"How should I know?"

"You're smart."

Rippersnapper sighed. "I don't know everything."


Ratbat's Office

Ratbat nodded towards Megaplex and Banzai-Tron. "Excellent, you arrived most quickly. Very efficient."

He noticed Overlord's huge mass standing in the doorway as the buzzer went off. "No need to stand on ceremony. Enter. Sunstorm should be here momentarily, then we'll begin."

2004-06-20, 06:05 AM
Outside Scorponok

"Even you guys?" Runabout asked Sinnertwin.

2004-06-20, 06:22 AM
Outside Scorponok

Sinnertwin shrugged. "Not really," he told Runabout, "but we've had a long time to get used to him." Both of his heads smiled. "He still picks on Blot alot, though."

2004-06-20, 11:02 AM
Ratbat's Office

Megaplex stood waiting. He wanted to do things on time and without interruptions. He was an impatient Decepticon.

His eyes narrowed across the room, looking at Ratbat and then Banzai-Tron before looking at the mass that was Overlord. This was a completely different group.


Sunstorm entered a few minutes later, his shield sparking.

His optics flickered and with a grin he looked at the others in the room and then at Ratbat who in Sunstorm's own hidden thoughts was nothing more than a winged rodent

"Oooh.... Am I late for the party?"

2004-06-20, 05:43 PM
Corridor, Trypticon:

Leozak: -cocks eyebrow-

Jalgar: -looks over at Hellbat- "Just had to replace those teeth, didn't you."

Hellbat: -shrugs-

Leozak: -narrows optics- "So you're saying that Trypticon desn't want us to continue upgrading his systems? I'd rather hear something like that from Trypticon himself......." -gets a thoughtful look on his face- "Well, Wipe-Out, since you seem to know what Trypticon wants, then he probably doesn't want the weapons upgrades we were planning, nor does he want the deflector shields and forcefields that we installed. Probably doesn't want the improvements Drillhorn made to his powerplants." -looks at the rest of Breastforce- "Okay, guys. You heard Wipe-Out. He says that Trypticon doesn't want any of the improvements that we've made." -looks back at Wipe-Out- "That is what you're saying, right?"

OUtside of Smokescreen's sensor range:

Bludgeon: -draws katana, starts sharpening and tuning it- "They will be here soon."

2004-06-21, 12:54 AM
Corridor, Trypticon

"You know precisely what I'm saying," Wipe-out replied.

Suddenly, the nearest intercom speaker started repeating a conversation that Leozak would find most familiar.
Leozak: "What is it, Drillhorn?"

Drillhorn: "I hate to say it, Captain, but it looks our inept predacessors may be smarter than we thought. This is a remote override device."

Leozak: "What?!?!?"

Drillhorn: "We're closer to the age of Starscream, remember? In fact, I think we're IN the age of Starscream and his ilk. And with all of these heavy bases rattling around, if Starscream gets ambitious, he won't have a battlestation's worth of firepower to call on. It's pretty deep in. The only reason I found it was I'm upgrading the processor array itself, rather than adding subord systems."

Leozak: "So if we make our break now, Galvatron or Gigatron will flip the shutdown switch, and we'll all be trapped inside a giant paperweight."

Drillhorn: "Worse. Trypticon will take us back to whoever threw the switch."

Leozak: "Damnit! The glory of the Destron Empire will NOT be stopped by a bunch of backwards relics from the past! Remove it!"

Drillhorn: "That's the problem. I don't know if I can. We might wind up lobotomizing Trypticon in the process."

Leozak: "Then find a way around it. We know it's here, there must be a way to stop it from taking affect!"

Drillhorn: "Aye, Captain......."
The clip ended.

"It is those type of modifications that Trypticon objects to, as I'm sure you can understand." Wipe-out smiled. "And I'm sure Gigatron and Astrotrain wouldn't be impressed by such talk either."

Ratbat's Office

"Ah, Sunstorm is here," Ratbat nodded. "Good. We shall begin shortly." He ducked his head down to his console and ran through his data one last time.

2004-06-21, 01:40 AM
Cryotek got onto his com-link again.

"Shockwave you alive?" he asked.

2004-06-21, 02:41 AM
Leozak, Drillhorn, Gaihawk, and Jalgar: -jaws drop-

Killbison: -chuckles-

Hellbat: "Fooled you all, didn't he."

Leozak: -chuckles- "Yes, yes he did." -looks over at the intercom panel- "All right, Trypticon. No more attempts to remove the override device. Drillhorn, take Killbison, Gaihawk, and Jalgar and get them set up with the plans for the weapons upgrades, then join me on the bridge. Hellbat, with me."

Leozak and Hellbat: -head for the bridge-

Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Killbison, and Jalgar: -heads for the weapons assembly bay-

2004-06-21, 05:16 AM
Corridor, Trypticon

Wipe-out transformed and tore off to tend to other business.

"So what now?" he asked his master. "You planning to make more trouble for them?"

"No," Trypticon's voice boomed in his reciever. "They needed lesson. They got. Now they treat Trypticon with respect. If they do, Trypticon will respect them."

"Then why mess with them like that?"

"Trypticon doesn't like people poking around in his brain. It hurts." His voice became more chipper. "But if they let Trypticon smash things, I'll forgive them."

"Sounds good to me, Mighty Trypticon. Now, I'm going to check on another member of the crew." Wipe-out hit his brakes, stopping at the door to the armoury. He transformed, stepped in, and called out, "Triggerhappy? Are you still in here?"

Random Sweep
2004-06-21, 09:55 AM
Trypticon Armoury

Triggerhappy looked up as Wipe-out called his name.

"yeah I'm here. just about finished organising this place."he said "What can i do for you?"\

Lord Zarak
2004-06-21, 09:09 PM
Overlord entered on Ratbats command


"You would have been notified if I was dead" replied Shockwave to Cryotek

2004-06-22, 02:45 AM
Cyrotek laughed.

"Good, good, if you can get to the science bays soon I can show you the probe and we can do any last minute additions." He added.

Soundwave online
2004-06-22, 04:19 PM
"Roger Gigatron im on my way"

Rumble sprinted down to the hanger excited that he had been given something to do.

2004-06-22, 10:47 PM
Ratbat's Office

Megaplex stood still, arms straight, legs together. His optics focused upon a metal wall waiting for his task.

However, Sunstorm began to look at Ratbat.

Such a strange little mechanical beast. Such a small creature to be transforming the likes of us...



Cyclonus fixed some settings on his weapons while they were offline.

"Well this is tedious"

2004-06-23, 04:09 AM
Armoury, Trypticon

Wipe-out walked farther into the room. "Just one thing," he told Triggerhappy. "The mighty Trypticon was wondering if our weapons and ammo supplies are running low."

Ratbat's Office

Ratbat looked up from his data to address the Decepticons that filled his room.

He chose to ignore the strange look Sunstorm was giving him.

"As you may have guessed, I have selected the five of you for an assignment." His optics swept over Ransack, Overlord, Sunstorm, Banzai-Tron and Megaplex in turn. Then he flipped a switch, and a hologram of a hydroelectric power plant appeared in the center of the room.

"This is the North Cairo Dam, one of the newest and most efficient human power facilities on this continent. Unfortunately for us, it's a government-owned facility and the Egyptian government is no friend of the Decepticons.

"Unfortunately for the Egyptians, we need the energy that dam generates. That's where you come in. You will seize the dam and fill as many Energon cubes as you feasibly can with it's power. The five of you should have no problem taking control of the facility. If anyone tries to stop you, you will destroy them."

The cassette turned his attention to Overlord. "Are your internal factories capable of producing the empty Energon cubes you'll require for this mission?"

2004-06-23, 09:19 AM
Jetfire honed in on the signal he was being fed.
"Ultra Magnus, Siren, Blaster- we're closing in on our destination. I'm picking up Smokescreen's frequency and bringing it up on visual.

Opening cargo doors for retrieval and landing in 2 minutes."


Down on the sandy shore, Smokescreen was oblivious to the Decepticon observers. The thermal waves radiating from the noon day sun rising off the sand kept a strong image distortion and hid them from view.

"I'll melt my belts before they arrive at this rate." He complained quietly.

2004-06-23, 11:56 AM

Spyglass dropped the welding torch, gripped his wrist with the opposite hand, and sneered at the scorch mark on his palm. He shook the hand off, muttering vulgarities to himself. His good hand reclaimed the torch and was about to light it when he spotted Rumble approaching from the other side of the shuttle. He stood at a crouch and maneuvered his way under the ship, then began walking toward Rumble.

"Listen, squirt, I gotta ask you a favor." He stopped to rub the back of his head and looked about anxiously. "I, uh, got some things I need to take care of, okay? So d'you think you could finish this up for me? I already worked out most of the repair work on the frame that never got done after the last re-entry. She just needs fuel and shells. You'll take care of that for me, won'tcha?"

Soundwave online
2004-06-23, 01:08 PM
"Who do you think your askin here i aint no mug you do your fair share the only reason im around is because im bored if you leave me here im gonna get more bored so no you are staying like it or not"

Rumble took an authoritive pose trying to look intimidating by crossing his arms

"Besides you back outta here now and Gigatrons gonna be pisssed"

2004-06-23, 01:35 PM

Cyclonus' sensors picked up the shuttle.
He backed off slightly and then sent a mesage to Tracer.

"They're coming..."

Ratbat's Office

Megaplex still stood silent. He had taken in the task into his memory banks and was ready to fulfil the assignment.

"Energon Seizure. I, Megaplex, do like the sound of that"

Sunstorm silently laughed within himself.

He gave Ratbat another odd look.

Oh really. Getting a few Energon cubes from a tiny little plant. Is that all. Heh

He then looked normally at Ratbat with a sick and twisted smile.

"Of course they shall be no match for the.... five... of us."

Sunstorm paused for a second, thinking...

However it shall be fun to see some humans squirm while we tear their bodies apart. How delightful

Sunstorm then looked back at Ratbat, his optics flickering.

"We are Decepticons after all."

Lord Zarak
2004-06-23, 06:59 PM
Shockwaves Office

I will be with you presently. Hatemonger do you care to join me in the science bays with Cryotek?


Ratbats office

Easily, replied Overlord.
"I could do that and take the plant on my own", he said in a mencaing way.

2004-06-23, 07:59 PM
Ratbat's Office

The accountant nodded at Megaplex. "I'm glad."

He shifted his view to Sunstorm. "Of course. And if needed, I'm sure your radiation field would be able to obliterate any interfering fleshlings."

He addressed Overlord. "Excellent. Your base mode should be able to repulse any human counterattacks on it's own, but it's best not to take unnecessary risks."

He turned his attention back to the group as a whole.

"Now, as for mission specifics...Overlord will have operational command. Ransack will guide you in to the dam, since he's been there before. Once there, he and Sunstorm will provide air cover. Overlord will deploy into his base mode; he and his Nebulans will begin cube production. Banzai-Tron and Megaplex will engage human ground forces and help fill the Energon cubes if needed."

He scanned the faces of the strike team. "Any questions?"

2004-06-23, 08:07 PM
Ratbat's Office

Megaplex stood silent. He knew what he was going to do now and he liked it.

Sunstorm for once also remained quiet. He didn't have any questions and he himself would enjoy bringing pain to some humans.

Quick Switch
2004-06-23, 09:38 PM
Somewhere in the nebulous ether, two tortured life forces were submerged in a wave of agony.

Awash in the typical sparkling essence which befit their station, the two creatures, one decidedly mechanoid, one decidedly humanoid, observed the universe about them.

It had taken months for their life forces to re-emerge from oblivion, helped along by their blinding rage and betrayal which had led to their deaths so long ago. Time for dead was a subjective flow at best.

"BETRAYED!" the mechanoid rasped, the cry a heated keen in the astral locale. The horrible pain had, at least, receded- the gift and curse of undeath.

"Yes," said the other with the same level of malice- if less heated, then his compatriot- "the scientific method should have indicated that the event which caused our state was however improbable, was not...impossible."

"More of your jargon," the unit said- though it was without rancor. "Why my extra sensory powers never indicated to me otherwise, I cannot fathom-"

"And more of YOUR jargon," the smaller being said, in the same manner. He actually chuckled, dryly.

Gallows humor had more of a ring to it when it was bantered about by 'ghosts', both speakers reflected. However, much of the joviality was absent; the very fact that both manifested-a year after their destruction- was tantamount to a miracle.

But how to take advantage of such an opportunity?

"Let us leave this place for one more familiar," the humanoid said after a time.

"Agreed," replied the other. With but a thought, both projected themselves through space itself until coming to rest inside the Decepticon City of Metrotitan; the barracks wing.

As the the two ghosts gathered their eldritch selves into a firmer state- and keeping the tell-tale shimmer to a minimum- they glided through the quarters door, intent on surprising its hapless occupant.

"This one will not be missed-BLAH!"

2004-06-23, 11:39 PM
Weapons Bay, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -pulls up display of a heavy cannon- "Okay. This is a design I've been working on. Unfortunately, I don't think we've got the mass to pull it off."

Gaihawk: "Mass? What does mass have to do with it."

Drillhorn: "The recoil would probably be pretty devastating to Trypticon's internal working, not to mention power systems and anybody luckless enough to be inside." -calls up another design- "This, however, is doable. Pure anti-proton streams."

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak and Hellbat: enter the bridge, move over to the tactical display-

Leozak: "Spinister, would you join us over here?"

Hellbat: -calls up image of Guantanamo Bay base-

Just out of sensor range, Carbombya coast:

Bludgeon: -looks over at Icepick- "When the rest of the Autobots appear, destroy them." -leaps to feet, drawing katana in a smooth motion, starts running towards Smokescreen-

2004-06-24, 12:10 AM
A thermal shimmer darkened and began to take a large form as it closed. Smokescreen stood up and tried to sight it. "Hey Siren? That you?"

As the form emerged and materialized into a recognizable form, Smokescreen took a couple steps back in horror.


"Siren! I've got trouble! Siren!!!"

He brought his gun up and nervously aimed at the rapidly approaching figure. "Galv...... Galvatron said I was f...free to go Bludgeon."

2004-06-24, 12:16 AM
Passenger hold, Jetfire:

Siren: "Jetfire, I think we'd better get there now! Smokescreen's got trouble!"


Bludgeon: -snaps a kick at Smokescreen's gun hand, following up with a sword slash at his gun arm- "Things have...... changed."

2004-06-24, 12:27 AM
Fear was clearly evident on the Autobot's face.
Smokescreen's gun nearly got knocked out of his hand as Bludgeon's foot connected. It swung upwards and outwards on a diagonal, but he managed to retain his grip on it. Smokescreen brought it back around in a reverse arc in an attempt to slam the gun across Bludgeon's face. In doing so, he felt a sudden sting in the side of his arm and saw a spray of black fluid forcefully gush out in the return stroke.

Jetfire turned on his boosters and tilted to one side as he decended.
"I hear you Siren! Get ready for a hasty exit guys!"

2004-06-24, 12:43 AM
Siren: -blaster primed and ready- "I wonder who's attacking him....."


Bludgeon: -takes the blow on the outer plate on his helmet, snapping his head around and feeling the plate dent, following through, in a 360 degree arc, finishing it with a upper diagonal slash at Smokescreen's torso-

2004-06-24, 01:04 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister stepped up to Leozak’s side. “Of course, commander. What do you need?”

God Jinrai
2004-06-24, 01:13 AM
En-route to the hangar bay, galvatron's mind wandered. Cybertron was more or less a suicide mission at this point, however he was not going to retake it himself.. no, he was not mad. it was then his thoughts shifted to the released captive... and checking metrotitan's long-range sensors at a nearby station, he became immedieately preturbed... Smokescreen was being engaged... by Bludgeon. He would deal with the matter of disobedience later.

Random Sweep
2004-06-24, 02:51 AM
Trypticon Armoury

"Well Wipe-out "Triggerhappy replied "other than the fact we are down to about three quarters of our reserve of projectile ammo, we are close to fully stocked."

Metrotitan - Ratbats ofice

Banzai-tron heard ratbats ordered
engage the human forces! once again i am wasted. however it would be better than working with Blot again.

he then simple nodded his acknowledgment of ratbats orders.

2004-06-24, 04:01 AM
Bludgeon's blade sliced through Smokescreen's grill and hood like a hot knife through butter. Smokescreen discharged his electro-disrupter rifle at Bludgeon as he fell backwards into the sand- green and red fluids oozing through the slice in his engine compartment, black fluid still spraying from his arm.

With wide blue optics he struggled to scramble backward, leaving a score of pooling fluids in the path his metal body made. A flash of a threatening pair of optics and a face shot through his mind as he processed the events.

"No- not Galvatron. Gigatron! Gigatron did this. You... You're following Gigatron."

2004-06-24, 04:15 AM
Bludgeon: -catches the electro-disrupter bolt in the chest, staggers backwards a couple of steps, feeling the capacitor that had been building up for a fireball release discharge though his armor into the sand, smoke rising from the neck of his armor, wreathing his skull-like face, making him appear to be wearing a hood almost for a moment before dissapating, sheaths sword, starts building up the charge again, hand moving, empty sockets starting at Smokescreen, almost as if to devour his spark, fireball in his hands crackling with a bright blue energy, brings arms back to hurtle it- "Does it matter who sent me? Either way, you're dead."

2004-06-24, 04:18 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link to Shockwave.

"I will await you there." He replied walking back to the labs.

2004-06-24, 04:25 AM
Smokescreen froze putting a hand out in front toward Bludgeon as the brilliant ball of blue energy built in front of him.
"I DON'T THINK SO!" Jetfire yelled as he closed in.
Internally on the speakers, he boomed out-

2004-06-24, 04:47 AM
Siren: -still unable to see who Smokescreen's attacker is, tumbles out of the open hatch, falling towards Smokescreen and his attacker- "GERONI-"

Bludgeon: -looks up, activates commlink- "Mayhems. Kill."

Siren: "-moooo......" -sees Bludgoen's face, remembers-

The planet Klo. Grimlock's major miscalculation, causing the Nucleon-powered Dinobot, then Autobot, commander to go after the Decepticon fleet as Cybertron was starting to shake itself to pieces........ The trap on Klo, the Decepticon heavy weapon batteries firing into the descending Autobot ships, blowing large chunks off of them, blowing Autobots apart as they dove from the drop hatches, hoping smaller targets wouldn't be as tempting........ Crashing to the ground, stumbling from the ship, blaster fire riddling his legs, causing him to fall face first in the fluids-slick mud of this alien world, gun skittering out of reach.... crawling towards the blaster pistol even as a Decepticon was standing over him, rambling on about not understanding why the Autobots didn't just surrender, seeing the armored Pretender shell of Bludgeon standing over him, sword raised...... his fingertips just carress the grip of his blaster pistol as the armored form of Death itself slashed down at him, a brief instant of sharp pain........ then nothing, not even the annoying whisper/whimper of Quig's voice, deathly quiet........ dead..... he was dead..... DEAD!!!!!!!!!

Bludgeon: -looks back down at Smokescreen- "Now, where were we....." -preparing to hurl fireball at Smokescreen-

Siren: -aims blaster at Bludgeon- "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -starts firing at Bludgeon, not caring if he burns the power cell in his gun out, or indeed slags the gun-

Bludgeon: -looks up, this time startled- "Wha-" -blasts spanging off of and burning divots into his armor-

Siren: -slams full on into Bludgeon, both crash to the ground-

Quick Switch
2004-06-24, 05:21 AM
Astrotrain listened intently to the latest comm reports at the various skirmishes in his office.

"Multiple engagements? Typical- absolutely no consistency..."

He rubbed his face wearily, and set about looking at the latest logistics reports. Metrotitan appeared finally retooled- perhaps he'd check in with the other City Commanders later.

2004-06-24, 06:08 AM
Outside Astrotrain's Office

Ramjet heard his commander's muttering, but paid it no heed.

It's not as if the boss actually needs me, he thought. I haven't busted a single head since signin' up for this job.

2004-06-24, 10:14 AM

Cyclonus laughed sickly.

"Acknowledged Commander!"

Cyclonus activated his weapons to full power. The juge jet raced forward to the transport, almost as if it were on a collision course with all weapons firing onto the transport and any openings he could find.

"Prepare for your doom Autobots"

Random Sweep
2004-06-24, 03:51 PM

"ok, you heard Bludgeon. Everyone separate from shells." Icepick ordered.

"Transform to Main mode and concentrate fire on jetfire, Shells engage ground troops. "he continued.

As one the entire squad left their shells, mentally sending them towards the ground combat.

"Pretender Monsters FIRE"Icepick yelled at which all members of the team opened fire on Jetfire

2004-06-24, 05:36 PM
Spyglass glared at Rumble. He considered threatening Rumble into doing his work, but the cassette was only slightly smaller and likely much angrier. He grunted.

"Fine. Let's make it quick then. I'm busy."

He shuffled back under the shuttle, his optics landing on an encroaching, large purple form.

"He's coming!" Spectro cried. "Hurry up! You get the fuel, I'll load the guns!"

He grabbed a cart by the handle and ran into the ship, quickly getting to work loading the shells.


Oregon, 8:34 PM...

Desolation. For years, this once vibrant wilderness region was dead. The entire area of three mile radius was closed off by police tape, later reinforced with a chain-link fence. While mountains bloomed in the distance, this place was unnatural mounds of torn and charred dirt and ash. Metal rubble lay all around, melted and rent into morbid art. Plant life would not resume because of the large volumes of oil splashed and fermented on this spot. One could almost detect the ancient smell of fuel burning. The sunset here seemed particularly menacing with its ominous red glow. Rumor among the local children is that this place is home to ghosts...

"C'mon, man!" Ryan called as he dropped from the fence to the ground.

"He's chicken," Jeremy replied condescendingly at Ryan's side. "He's not coming."

Brooks looked offended. "I'm not chicken! Remember that time I acid dropped off your porch?"

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "Wow, big deal. That's, like, a foot and a half high."

Brooks looked into the distance with apparent concern. "What if we get caught...?"

"My mom knows the district attorney," Ryan retorted, hoisting his bag. "She'll get us out of it. Just come on already."

Brooks sighed. Jeremy waved at him disgustedly and began to march off; Ryan waited, torn. Still unsure, Brooks grabbed a link in the fence and began the long journey over the top.

"Awesome, dude," Ryan grinned. "We're gonna be heroes for this. When everybody at school sees these pictures... the girls'll love it!"

They began into the deadland cautiously, flashlights panning over the enormous tire tracks and piles of dirt thrown about. Jeremy was visible some feet ahead doing the same, but he stopped abruptly.

"Jeremy?" Brooks started, but Ryan shushed him. Brooks stopped in his place; Ryan continued to intrepidly slink forward, closer and closer to Jeremy.

"Hey," Ryan whispered. "What's wrong?"

He looked into the hole in the path into which Jeremy was gawking - human remains stared back, large holes gaping in their flesh. A beetle crawled out of one's eye socket and scuttled down into the exposed ribcage. There must have been at least a dozen, but it was hard to tell from all the scattered parts.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod," Jeremy whimpered. "I-- we-- where-- I this can't no why--"

"YOOOOOOOOOOOU!" a thunderous voice bellowed from above. The three jumped and scanned, Ryan dropping his flashlight into the hole. "You have come seeking me, but you will only find DEATH!"

The teens cowered together, their eyes wide and pulses quick. They could not move, could not think, could hardly breathe. All they could do was fear.

"Get away! NO!" Ryan suddenly charged between Brooks and Jeremy, sprinting back the way they had come. The remaining two looked where he had been.

"Fheeeeerrd!" A corpse stood before them, half-rotten and barely clothed. Its right side was missing from the shoulder to the waist. It took one staggering step toward the boys, prompting them to shriek and follow Ryan's example.

"Heh..." The corpse vanished as the boys made their hasty escape, as did those in the pit. A twinkling descended from above and began to form into a large aura.

"Fun. Doesn't solve much, but fun."

Octane smirked, turned, and resumed pacing the remains of the first Aubotot City's location. He wandered to the center of the destruction, where a huge flat crater sat, apparently the former home of the city. At one end of the hole, gigantic track marks pointed the way the city had gone. At Octane's end, only ruin. Something particular struck his attention, and he kneeled to inspect it.

"What the..."

A small memorial plaque rested in the dirt, his name carved into it. He shook his head with a chuckle and returned to standing height. His optics followed the tracks to the east, and he hummed thoughtfully.

"If I were Decepticon leader, where would I tell my city to go... Yeah... Yeah!"

Octane laughed and disappeared, his twinkle flying into the dusk sky.

Quick Switch
2004-06-24, 09:53 PM
Thunderwing brooded in his chamber, oblivious to the outside world. For which, it would be supposed, the world would be thankful.

Hoplessly drunk, the brooding reached heights of melodrama that even the aristocrat in his wildest delusions, could not think possible.

Surrounded by fools and idiots, oilthirsty warriors unfit even to clean his metallic boots. Of his Pretender shell- as if he would allow any of the cretins to clean his actual

None of them could understand the concept of loaylty, tradition, class, hierarchy...superiority!

Galvatron, who dared to consider himself an 'emperor', was a raving lunatic, surrounded by sycophants of the higest order. Gigatron, content to skulk at pretensions of leadership-as all Transformers from alternate dimensions seemed to do- and the City Commanders, settling their pointless feuds....

The right should have been his. Last of a great (though decayed) lineage.

"The mantle was mine by right!" Thunderwing hissed, nearly cracking his flawless Pretender teeth. His green optics were quite hazed. "Only I possess the higher programming...protocol...I am a Lord of the Realm! Not them! Me! Pathetic plebians!"

Thunderwing cursed roundly, using a crude Earthism. Normally he would never soil his vocoder with such filth serving as 'language' spawned by base flesh creatures.

"Unicron could not deliver what I wished!" Thunderwing brayed. "The Matrix is a lie! And all others follow it...the simpletons!" He lasped into a stupor.


The two figures materialized in front of the dazed Decepticon after the tirade had finished. Optics blinked into awarness.

"Mindwipe? Vorath? Impossible- thought you were dead, what?"

"Most improbable," Vorath said, crossing his arms. He sat on the bat-like Transformer's shoulders. Mindwipe had chosen to remain in animal mode.

"And yet here we stand," Mindwipe crooned. Even in undeath, his optics flowed and ebbed, teeming with mystic power. His wings rustled for effect. "Thunderving."

Thunderwing staggered to his feet.

"What do you want? You're terminated! Leave me be, commoners!" Thunderwing put both palms out, trying for a sneer of disgust, but failing miserably in his debauched state.

"You mispeak yourself," Vorath said, gaze hard. "I am Minister of Science to the Nebulan Hive. No commoner am I."

Mindwipe bared his fangs even further.

"I am master of the arcane realms, Thunderving. I find no need to justify myself further to an archaic relic such as yourself!"

Thunderwing turned surly at that.

"You will now learn the price of meddling with forces beyong your control," Mindwipe said, as he floated forward, "delving into the ancient depths of cosmic forces...sealing pacts with Unicron, seeking to usurp the Matrix's power for your own!"

"The Matrix is a useless trinket!" Thunderwing shrieked, backing into a wall. "I follow no planet eater!"

It was at that moment that Mindwipe entered Thunderwing's shell, inhabiting it. Thunderwing screamed.

Mindwipe removed the shell, disgorging Thunderwing's true form. He grappled it upright, viciously. Its normal green optics replaced with his amber hue.

"Leave my shell!" Thunderwing scrabbled.

Vorath hovered, impassive- noting the Transformer's reactions as if in his laboratory.

"You are damned, Thunderwing," Mindwipe said silkily. "No undeath waits for you..."

"No," Thunderwing choked.

"...since your life force has been corrupted so...by Unicron's bargain and the Matrix's perversion..."


"Vorath, vy don't you get acquainted with your temporary form?" Thunderwing heard Mindwipe over the cacophony in his processor.

"With pleasure- it will be quite interesting to truly inhabit a robotic host- not that I belittle our former and hopefully reestablished binary bond, Mindwipe," Vorath said.

As Vorath possessed him, Thunderwing's processors rebelled against the organic life force, and the aristocrat's central processor, coolant center and memory banks exploded.


Soundwave online
2004-06-24, 10:59 PM
"Okay Spyglass ill get to work"

Rumble ran towards the fuel before slipping over and skidding into the wall and uttering some obscenities.

2004-06-24, 11:29 PM
Carbombian Coast:

Bludgeon: -throws Siren off, rolls to feet, katana raised-

Siren: -lurches to feet, raises blaster, shaking visibly-

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "Spinister, we've picked this-" -points at the image of Guantanamo- "- to be our field command/base for our attack on the South American continent. Our intent is to land Trypticon next it and keep it under siege. Do you think the crew is ready for this?"

2004-06-25, 03:22 AM
"WHOA! Now that's hot stuff!" Jetfire called as he rapidly lurched sideways into a nearly vertical position to avoid the blasts that narrowly missed his left wing. "Hold on Ultra Magnus, Blaster! I'll swing around again!"

This calls for some fancy flyin' Jetfire laughed to himself as he inverted his flight path, rolled and headed straight back toward the Decepticons with full blasters firing.

Smokescreen struggled to his feet and transformed to his car mode. Green smoke poured out of his engine compartment as he revved his engine and plowed through the sand straight at Bludgeon in an attempt to ram the Decepticon from behind.

2004-06-25, 04:38 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister nodded. "Such as it is, yes. It would be preferable if the Predators were to return before we departed, but time is of the essence. Triggerhappy and Trypticon's drones should provide all the firepower we need."

Armoury, Trypticon

Wipe-out nodded. "Excellent. Anything else you need to report, Triggerhappy?"