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2004-05-21, 10:05 PM
OOC: This is just a "video package" I put together. I hope you all like it. (Yes, I was a little bored during my internship today. ;) Almost all of these are direct quotes.)



<Boy Sets Fire “Foundations to Burn” plays throughout>

A fight months in the making.

Xille, the rookie who has moved beyond revenge to all-out hatred…

<Justify, as if it were our right to say>

The DDT heard round the world…

(The video jumps to the Mayhem on January 7th)
JFA: Yeah, but while the ref’s dealing with Tempest, the NWA just came out of the crowd. … P? and Divebomb just connected with a double DDT on Xille. He’s probably out cold…

Vin Ghostal, the veteran who has not only the current demons of the GPA, but those of his past as well…

<Fed in time as a choice we think we’re making>

(The video jumps to Archivemania III)
JFA: Viewfind’s got Ghostal’s bat and some of his blood no doubt…

<It’s the guns that we know vs. the guns we never will>

Divebomb: …he should have known that it was going to happen some day.

Viewfind: Vinny G don’t look all shocked, you knew this day would come.

<We call upon God, for which killing’s permitted>


Divebomb: But I guess Ghostal just couldn’t hack it. Too bad for him.

(The video jumps to the Post-Archivemania Mayhem)
Xille: Holy sh*t!

The Camera rushes around the corner and finds Xille standing over Ghostal, still dressed in street clothes, lying face-down on the floor of the shower as the water pours over him. An open bottle of pills is in his right hand, its contents spilled on the shower floor.

Xille: Somebody call a doctor!

Now these unlikely allies must put past differences aside…

<Our wrongs don’t come back and burn us down to the ground>

Ghostal: …he is not, and will never be, anywhere near my level…

Xille: If he wants a piece of the X, he can come and get it.

Ghostal: Think I won’t beat your ass into the ground? Man…

Xille: Now, I don’t if I’m the man to bring down Vin Ghostal… at least, not yet. But I’m sure as **** ready to try.

…as they try to work together…

<Still with the guns that we know vs. the guns we never will>

Ghostal: …Xille. You’re not my favorite person in the world. Not even close.

Xille: Point is, you and I may not be the best of friends.

Xille: I can help you.

Ghostal: No one can help me, especially not some no-name dime-store punk like you.

(A clip of Xille and Ghostal’s run in at the February 4th Mayhem is shown):
Xille: Hey, man, watch where you’re going!

Looking back over his shoulder with a heinous look in his eye, Ghostal says nothing… he just rears back and kicks Xille squarely below the belt, and the rookie crumbles to the floor! Pulling out the golden baseball bat, Ghostal stands over Xille and points the bat right at his face.

Ghostal: I am NOT in the mood.

…to stop one of the greatest tag teams the AWF has ever seen, the NWA…

<And what gives us the right to judge without reprisal
To strike retaliation and wash our hands of blood>

Divebomb: You can’t take us down.

Divebomb: …anything he does to try to get revenge will be stopped by extreme force.

Images of the beating Xille received from the NWA on the Pre-Fallout Mayhem are shown, as well as images of the NWA’s win over Blood and Thunder, D-neXt, and OP2005 and Brave Maxx.

Fallout. Xille. Vin Ghostal. P?. Divebomb. The AWF Tag Team Titles.

More than a title is at stake…

<And who gave us the crown to claim that we’re divine>

Ghostal: The grand return of Vin Ghostal is coming.

Divebomb: We’re playing by new rules around here now.

<Without needing repentance and drive them into hell…>

Xille: You can’t deny... the power of X.

P?: GPA for life sucka!

2004-05-22, 01:19 AM
OOC: that was real cool, nice job man.

Vin Ghostal
2004-05-22, 02:31 PM
OOC: Very cool. I like it. We need more of this kind of thing.

2004-05-22, 06:39 PM
Originally posted by Vin Ghostal
OOC: Very cool. I like it. We need more of this kind of thing.

Glad to see everyone approves. I'll keep them coming (for everyone, not just my character) after the next PPV.

2004-05-23, 02:44 AM
OOC: Cool work man, STICK IT TO DA MAN AND DEMAND A WRITING JOB PLAYA! FOR THE DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ!!! ..ok maybe not, but still cool work man.

2004-05-23, 03:04 AM
OOC: Bravo man, that was excellent.

2004-05-23, 11:48 PM
Nice one, X.