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2004-05-25, 06:04 AM
Lost Prophet’s Last Train Home plays throughout the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California amidst a hot crowd as the AWF returns with FALLOUT. Mr. Reilly is shown in the ring.

Mr. Reilly: Many of you have noticed the decline in shows…and the hiatus of live events. I’ve been asked why, what is going on? Is the AWF in trouble? Well the answer is NO! You see, I’ve been making changes, negotiating, signing new talent that will be debuting in next few shows, restructuring, working on reviving Warzone…all for you the fans! And right here tonight, I am here to announce that next month, the Archivebowl will take place at the June PPV, which will be entitled AWF Overdrive…and Overdrive will be held on June 27, from the Sky Dome in Toronto! Folks, in the next few weeks, I hope you will see the work we have put in, and now with out any further ado, I present to you FALLOUT!

AWF Hardcore Title: Ladder match:
Auros © v. D-Extreme

JFA: “Well the Hardcore title is suspended high above the ring to kick things off, so that must mean its time for the Ladder match. You should like this one.”
JHA: “Oh hell yeah. Steel and flesh always makes for an interesting match.”
JFA: “All right, so who’s your pick for this one?”
JHA: “I am going to go with D-Extreme. He’s got what it takes to win this match.”
JFA: “I agree but Auros is the champion so I am going to go with him. Now lets go to JRA for the announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is for the AWF Hardcore Championship and it will be a Ladder match. Now introducing first…….D-EXTREME!”

“X gonna give it to you” by DMX begins to play over the PA system as the crowd gets to their feet and begin to cheer. D-Ex walks through the curtains and makes his way to the ring. Posing for the crowd only briefly before stepping into the ring. He walks to the other side and stares up at the hardcore title and we can see him mouth the words “You will soon be mine.” His music fades and changes into “****ing in the bushes” by Oasis as Auros makes his way out from the back. The crowds reaction quickly changes from cheers to boos as Auros taunts the crowd and makes his way to the ring.

JRA: “Introducing next, making his way to the ring, he is the AWF Hardcore Champion……AUROS!”

Auros steps into the ring and without even turning around he charges over and nails D-Ex, who was stretching, in the back of the head and sends him through the ropes and to the floor. Auros quickly follows him out and then whips him into the steel steps.

JFA: “Auros with a quick start here. Trying to get a quick advantage.”
JHA: “I don’t blame him. Its going to be a brutal match to win, so you gotta do whatever you can in a hurry.”

After whipping him into the steps Auros reaches under the ring and begins to pull out weapons and tables. He picks up a metal pan and heads over to D-Ex. Just as he got there D-Ex was pulling himself to his feet, Auros winds up and swings and connects with the skull of D-EX. D-Ex staggers back and Auros swings again and again and again and after the third hit D-Ex finally falls to the ground. Auros tosses the pan aside and picks up one of the ladders at ring side and tosses it into the ring. He climbs in and begins to set it up as D-Ex begins to get to his feet.

JFA: “Look at this, Auros in the ring getting the ladder set and D-Extreme is just getting to his feet.”
JHA: “Come on D-EX, you can’t let it end this soon. We haven’t got our moneys worth yet.”
JFA: “Moneys worth. You didn’t pay to watch this.”
JHA: “I mean the fans. Yeah that’s it.”

Auros gets the ladder up and begins to climb it. He gets about three quarters of the way up when D-Ex gets into the ring and quickly charges into the ladder sending it toppling over. As it falling over Auros lets go and falls crotch first on to the top turnbuckle. D-Ex walks over and throws a stiff hay maker that sends Auros off the ropes and to the outside.

JFA: “D-Extreme got into the ring just in time there.”
JHA: “Yeah I thought it was going to be over just like that.”

D-Ex follows Auros to the outside and picks up the first trash can he sees and slams it down over the back of Auros. Auros arches in pain as D-Ex slams it down again over his back. D-Ex tosses the can aside and picks up one of the tables and sets it up. He drags Auros to his feet and drives a stiff hay maker into his head and then positions him on the table. D-Ex climbs on to the apron and moves back to get a running start. He charges forward and jumps off the apron but just before he would have made contact with Auros, Aruos slides off the table and D-Ex crashes through the table and hits hard on the floor.

JFA: “Oh D-Ex just missed Auros and crashed hard through the table and both men are down here.”
JHA: “Yeah but Auros has a little life to him.”

Auros gets to his feet and grabs another ladder and tosses it on the top of D-Ex. He steps back, jumps and delivers a leg drop on top of the ladder. Auros then drags D-Ex to his feet and and throws him head first into the ring post and begins laughing. He sets up another table on the outside then quickly climbs into the ring and sets up a ladder next to the ropes.

JFA: “I don’t like the looks of this.”
JHA: “This is going to be great. Auros going to the outside again. He grabs a chair and is stalking D-Ex now.”
JFA: “D-Ex starting to get to his feet. Oh wait for it……..”

Auros slams the chair over the back of D-Ex then slams it over him again and again. Finally Auros looks at the deformed piece of metal in his hands and throws it aside then drags D-Ex over to the table and slides him onto it. He climbs into the ring and stares at the ladder. He looks around the crowd and begins to climb. He pauses at the top and smiles then taunts the crowd. He looks down and jumps.

JHA: “Oh my god. Auros just jumped.”

Auros flys through the air and crashes hard on top of D-Ex and they both go through the table. Both men lay motionless as the ref runs out to check on their condition.

JFA: “The ref calling for the paramedics now. He must thing they can’t go on.”
JHA: “Yeah but this match has to go on. You can’t win any other way then by grabbing the title.”
JFA: “It might not matter if neither man can move.”

Just as the paramedics get there you can see Auros roll off D-Ex and take a deep breath. He rolls over to his hands and knees and struggles to get to his feet but finally makes it with some help from the guard rail.

JFA: “Holy hell. Auros is up. He doesn’t seem to know whats going on but he is up.”
JHA: “Oh I think he just realized whats happening. Hes heading to the ring.”

Auros slowly gets to the ring and stops to catch his breath as we finally see some movement out of D-Ex. Auros climbs into the ring and crawls over to the fallen ladder as D-Ex makes it to his feet and begins walking to the ring.

JHA: “Both men up here now after that amazing crash.”
JFA: “Yeah but will D-Ex be able to get to the ring in time. Auros has the ladder up and is beginning to climb.”
JHA: “I think he will, look hes in the ring and climbing the other side.”

Both men get to the top of the ladder at the same time and begin trading punches. Lefts and rights going both ways when finally D-Ex reaches forward and slams Auros’s head on the top step of the ladder. He climbs up one more then grabs on to Auros’s head again and leaps off the side of the ladder slamming Auros’s head into the mat with a facecrusher. Again both men lay down and out.

JFA: “I think that might have been all D-Ex had left.”
JHA: “I think you might be right.”

D-Ex drags himself to his feet using the ropes for leverage then props the ladder up in the corner. He walks over and picks up Auros and whips him into the ladder and follows him in with a body splash. Looking a little more energized but still having some obvious pain in his mid section D-Ex climbs out of the ring and grabs another ladder. He climbs back in and sets it up in the center of the ring and begins to climb. Just as he starts up the ladder Auros drags himself to his feet and starts to walk up behind him. D-Ex gets to the top of the ladder and reaches for the belt but just before he can get his hands on it Auros reaches up, grabs onto his legs and drives him hard to the mat with a devastating powerbomb. Auros looks around and sees the steel chair that he used earlier laying at the edge of the mat. He grabs it and tosses it on the mat and picks up D-Ex. He pauses for a second and taunts the crowd, which gets a huge amount of boos, then lifts D-Ex up and drops him down hard with the Atomic Piledriver.

JFA: “Oh my god, that has to be it. Auros just leveled D-Ex with the Atomic Piledriver onto the steel chair.”
JHA: “Yeah Auros slowly getting back to his feet and positioning the ladder.”
JFA: “Hes climbing. It doesn’t look like D-Ex is going to be able to stop him this time.”

Auros reaches the top of the ladder and just as he reaches for the title we see D-Ex desperately reach for the bottom of the ladder but its too late. Auros grabs the belt and pulls it from the hook as the bell rings signaling the end of the match. Auros drops off the ladder and crumples to the mat holding his title.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of this match and STILL your AWF Hardcore Champion……..AUROS!”

“****ing in the Bushes” begins to play again as the paramedics rush the ring to check on the combatants.

JFA: “D-Ex gave it everthing he had here tonight but the Atomic Piledriver was just too much.”
JHA: “You have to give him credit though. Even after that move when he couldn’t even get up he still tried to go for the ladder. It was a very good match.”
JFA: “Even if you didn’t pick the winner.”
JHA: “Yeah, yeah. I think after that they are both winners just for surviving.”
JFA: “I think so too.”

*Strafe is shown backstage taping up his fists…

JFA: And here comes the TV Champ!

AWF TV Title Open Challenge
Strafe v ???

AWF Fallout goes back on air after the brief commercial break. In the ring we see Strafe entering the ring that is already filled with challengers for his TV Title. In the ring we see Strafe, Lord Zarak, Axer and newcomers whose names are Judge Death, Tommy, Hellraiser, Virus, Grand Convoy and Sparky.

Joey: “Welcome back ladies and gents to the Fallout of the AWF! Up next is gonna be the open challenge battle royale for the TV Title. Its gonna be one hard task for Strafe to take out every opponent here.”

Flec: “Youre right Joey, when you’re a champ and your defending this title in this type of match, you better pray for a miracle. This match is pinfall, submission and most of all you can eliminate your opponent by tossing him over the top rope. There are a lot of obstacles for Strafe right now. Not only these new comers but also Lord Zarak.”

Joey: “I know Flec but recently, Strafe has some sort of new attitude. He told us that he was sick of doing the right thing cause it was doing him nothing. Well the referee gets the belt and gives it to the time keeper outside the ring. The bell just rung and were now off to start this thing! What…what in the hell is Axer doing?”

Axer goes infront of Strafe and turns around to face the other competitors to tell them to wait a minute. Axer approaches the others on the other corner opposite of where Strafe is and he begins to whisper something to them as they huddle like a football team. They stop huddling and look at Strafe who is at the other corner doing nothing but giving them a smile before standing up and facing them. Axer points at Strafe and the others nod.

Joey: “It looks like this Axer guy just convinced the other participants to eliminate Strafe first!”

Axer charges towards Strafe and the others do the same, but the others just stop after doing like 2 steps forward and watch Axer rally towards Strafe. Strafe stops Axer on his tracks with a hard knee strike to the mid-section before he grabs Axer and sends him over the top rope. Axer is the first one eliminated.

Flec: “Poor Axer..it seems like everyone just hates him. HEY LOOK ITS MR. ROBOTO! Its Grand Convoy and he just delivered one hard club to the TV Champ!”

Strafe is down on all fours as the huge Grand Convy towers over the Television Champ. He picks up Strafe by the throat and sends him to the corner. Convoy turns around only to be nailed by Tommy with his superkick that he calls the ‘TOMMY GUN’. Convoy is not fazed by it and kicks the young man to the gut but we see Sparky charging at Convoy only to be taken down with a big boot. In other action we see Zarak and Virus exchanging punches on the other end. In the center we see Judge Death and Hellraiser going at it.

Joey: “Tommy and Sparky are being manhandled by this big man called Grand Convoy! Convoy grabs both men by the throat and…DUAL CHOKESLAM! Both men are sent crashing to the mat by a vicious chokeslam by Grand Convoy! Such sheer power this man has!”

Flec: “Consider that idea done new kids..never mess with a big bad ass kickin machine named Grand Convoy or who I like to now as ‘Mr. Roboto’. Now aint that a better name Joe?”

Zarak, Hellraiser and Virus approach Grand Convoy and 3 men attack him seeing that he looks like a big threat. Sparky and and Tommy join in, so does Strafe and all of them now try to bundle out Grand Convoy to the outside. But the strength of Grand Convoy proves true as he shoves them all out of the way and sends them to the other side of the ring. Virus is the first one to get up and charge at Convoy only to be caught by a hard clothesline. Grand Convoy picks him up and lifts him in a military press before he tosses Virus to the outside of the ring.

Flec: “There goes Virus, we hardly knew ye! Now Tommy and Sparky come charging through the big man and attack him from behind. Zarak, Strafe and Hellraiser join the 2 and they try to bundle out the big man yet again! When do they learn that Mr. Roboto can shove them to the other side yet again?”

Joey: “Well you know the saying Flec, ‘try and try again’ and it seems like these competitors are taking it by heart as they try to bundle out the big man known as Grand Convoy.”

Grand Convoy struggles to hold on to the ropes as everyone but Judge Death are trying to bundle him out. He does a desperate effort and punches and kicks his way out of the people trying to eliminate him into this match up. One by one he takes them all down. He picks up Tommy and sends him to the ropes and catches him with a hard spinebuster that echoes throughout the arena. He picks up Tommy and sends him flying to the outside. Just then we see Judge Death hissing behind Grand Convoy. Convoy turns around and smirks at the skinny man. He tells him to give it his best shot and Death does with a hard right on the chin of Grand Convoy. It was so strong enough that Convoy staggers to the ropes and the others capitalize on the opportunity and finally bundles Grand Convoy out of the ring.


Joey: “As clear as it is, he did just that, knock the lights outta Grand Convoy and let the others do the dirty work of sending the big man out”

With the threat gone it was every man for themselves yet again with Strafe working on Hellraiser, Zarak on Judge Death. We see Sparky on the top turnbuckle and flies down to the outside to hit Grand Convoy. It seems that Sparky just eliminated himself to extract some revenge on Convoy who eliminated and decimated Tommy, Sparky’s partner.

Joey: “Sparky is out of this match and we are now in the final four ladies and gents!”

Judge Death pokes the eyes of Zarak before he lines him up for a powerbomb. The skinny but powerful Death doesn’t see Zarak countering it with a backdrop. Judge Death gets up and charges at Lord Zarak but Zarak catches him with an arm drag takedown which he holds on to lock on a arm scissors submission move on Judge Death. On the other side we see Hellraiser getting pummeled by Strafe on the corner. Strafe delivers a corner splash on Hellraiser that would have made Steve Borden proud. Hellraiser stumbles forward and Strafe lines him up for the ivory tower. With that Hellraiser gets pinned for 3 and is eliminated!

Joey: “Hellraiser got pinned and Zarak is still holding on to the submission move on Death. It looks like Strafe is taking his time to go towards Zarak and Death right now.”

Flec: “Obviously cause he has time and he wants to.”

Strafe stomps down to break the hold and picks up Judge Death. He goes to throw Judge Death but Death delivers a low blow on Strafe. Strafe is down on his knees and Judge Death lines him up for a powerbomb. But it gets stopped yet again by Zarak who delivers a short arm clothesline to Judge Death. Death is picked up by Zarak and he sends him to the corner. Zarak follows him there only to get a boot on the face by Death. Death aims Zarak with his fist before delivering the touch of death on Zarak. Zarak falls down unconscious in the mat as Judge Death turns around to get a kick below the belt by Strafe. Strafe sends Judge Death over the ropes and has a look of disgust in his face.

Joey: “It seems like the final 2! Zarak is up but Strafe takes him down with a short arm clothesline. Strafe is not letting up now cause he can smell the victory right here!”

Flec: “Lucky him, all I can smell is my after shave.”

Lord Zarak gets backed into the corner by Strafe who delivers a couple of hard chops to the chest. Strafe backs away before connecting with a clothesline and follows up a bulldog sending Zarak to the mat. Strafe slaps Lord Zarak around before he picks him up, but Zarak gives Strafe a surprise as he grabs Strafe on the head and locks on a guillotine choke on the mat. With the submission move locked on tight, we hear Strafe screaming in agony. Zarak eventually lets go after a few seconds before he drags Strafe nearby the corner. Zarak goes to the top rope and delivers a leg drop to the throat of Strafe. He pins the TV champion 1….2…Strafe gets a shoulder up to break the pinfall.

Flec: “Strafe gets his shoulder up to stop the pin. Close one there don’t you think so Joe?”

Joey: “Indeed it is Flec and Zarak is really working on Strafe’s neck right now as he looks for a DDT. But Strafe uses his strength to ram Zarak to the corner. Zarak is on the corner but he delivers a elbow smash to the throat of Strafe sending the TV Champ to his knees. Zarak will not let up now, not that he knows he is close Flec…VERY CLOSE to attaining the AWF Television Title!”

Zarak goes to pick up Strafe but Strafe sneaks a low blow to Zarak. Strafe slowly gets to his feet as he holds his throat. Strafe tries hard to ignore the pain as he grabs Lord Zarak and lifts him up in the air for the Ivory Tower. It connects and Strafe picks Zarak up and launches him to the outside. Zarak is eliminated as the ring is sounded to declare Strafe the winner of this contest.

Joey: “Strafe wins this one. And I can tell you Flec, we saw a lot of new comers here in this match. I am hoping the new guys are gonna step up like they did tonight on the following matches they will have. It was a very tough challenge but Strafe is the winner and he STILL is the AWF TV CHAMP!”

Strafe celebrates the win as he gets the belt and holds it up high in the air.

Four Corners Elimination IC Title Match:
Mat Man© v. Amarant Odinson v. Cloudstrifer v. OP2005

JFA: “Here we go. Its time for the IC title match.”
JHA: “There is going to be a lot of chaos in this one. All four men in the ring and all of them trying to be the last man standing.”
JFA: “I have to agree with you. It is going to be very hard for the ref to keep track of everything in this one.”
JHA: “So who do you want to win?”
JFA: “Well I think Amarant has a good chance, being a former IC champ himself. Cloud had a good showing last time against NMat and OP…”
JHA: “I don’t want to know whos got a chance, because they all do. I want to know who you think will win.”
JFA: “Well ok. I am going to go with Cloudstrifer. I just have a feeling about him tonight.”
JHA: “Well that’s good for you. I am going with Amarant. Just because I think the odds are against NMat and neither of the other two has ever held the IC title.”
JFA: “So you are sticking with experience and odds?”
JHA: “Yes I am now let’s go to JRA so we can get this match started.”
JFA: “Let’s do.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is a four corners elimination match and it is for the AWF Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first, coming from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The rabid wolverine…….AMARANT ODINSON!”

Apocalyptica’s “In the hall of the mountain king” begins to play as AO walks out through the curtains and down the ramp. He gets into the ring and taunts the crowd as they boo. After a few seconds the music fades and changes into “Built for Speed” by Motorhead and Cloudstrifer walks out of the back and to the ring.

JRA: “Introducing next, making his way to the ring, coming to you from Norway………CLOUDSTRIFER!”

He gets into the ring and doesn’t even bother taunting the crowd as they boo him. The music changes again, this time into “Wake up” by Rage Against the Machines and OP2005 makes his way out and to the ring as the crowd cheers a little.

JFA: “It looks like the crowd still has a little respect for him since the NWA incident.”
JHA: “Don’t bring that up again. Please.”

JRA: “Introducing next, making his way to the ring, coming to you from Glasgow, Scotland……OP2005!”

He gets into the ring and poses for the crowd as the music changes for the final time. This time AC/DC’s “Back in Black” blasts over the PA system as the AWF IC champion walks through the curtains and the crowd erupts into cheers.

JRA: “Finally introducing last, making his way to the ring, coming to you from Madison, Wisconsin. He is your AWF Intercontinental Champion, NMat…….THE MAT MAN!”

He climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd then hands his belt over to the ref to get the match underway. The bell rings and all four men stand in their own corner judging the situation.

JFA: “All four competitors in the ring now and nobody wanting to make the first mistake here.”
JHA: “Yeah, nobody wants to be the first one eliminated.”

Suddenly the 4 men pair up as Amarant gos after NMat while Cloud takes on OP2K5. All men are exchanging punches. Cloud finally gets the upper hand on OP and boots him out of the ring and then joins AO. The two whip NMat off the ropes and hit him with a double hip toss. NMat bounces back to his feet and again AO and Cloud drop him to the mat with a double hip toss. They pick him up again and deliver a double DDT as OP climbs back into the ring. OP charges but AO and Cloud knock him to the mat with a double drop tow hold and follows it up with a double elbow drop. They toss NMat over the top rope and pick up OP again and toss him over the tope ropes and right on to NMat.

JFA: “Cloudstrifer and Amarant doing a good job of eliminating NMat and OP here.”
JHA: “Yeah but just wait. They are going to have to turn on each other sooner or later.”

NMat and OP start getting to their feet on the outside when suddenly Cloud flys over the top ropes and nails them both with a cross body block leaving only Amarant in the ring.
Amarant taking a hint walks up to the ropes and jumps over and hits all three with a cross body block of his own.

JHA: “Look at this all four men are down and out here.”
JFA: “Two impressive cross body blocks over the ropes and they are just starting to stir.”
JHA: “But our picks are still the ones in control.”

Amarant makes it to his feet and tosses OP back into the ring. He taunts the crowd, which gets some serious heat from them, then climbs back into the ring. He drags OP to his feet and sets up for a suplex, but just as hes about to snap OP up and over, OP blocks it. Amarant tries again, but again OP blocks it and this time OP throws a punch into the gut of AO. He then spins out, grabs AO’s arm and pulls him into a clothesline. AO bounces back up and this time OP whips him into the ropes and throws him hard to the mat with a devastating powerslam. He picks AO up to his feet and throws him into the corner as Cloud and NMat get up on the outside and begin to throw punches.

JFA: “Whoa, we got OP and Amarant squaring up on the inside and NMat and Cloud duking it out on the outside.”
JHA: “Yeah and the ref doesn’t know who to watch.”

On the outside Cloud begins to get the upper hand and whips NMat into the steel steps then jumps back into the ring. He charges OP and nails both men in the corner with a body splash. OP falls to the ground and Cloud gos to check on Amarant. The two walk out of the corner and just as they agree to go after OP he spins Amarant around and flattens him with a rock bottom.

JHA: “Damn, just as they both seemed to be on the same page again Cloud gos and drops him with a Bragi’s Axe.”
JFA: “He gos for the cover and 1….2….3! and Amarant is the first one Eliminated. I guess your pick wasn’t that good tonight.”
JHA: “Oh shut up. He would have won if Cloud wouldn’t have done that.”
JFA: “Yeah and man wouldn’t have walked on the moon if they didn’t launch that rocket.”
JHA: “Oh shut up and watch the match.”

Cloud kicks Amarant out of the ring then gos for OP as NMat starts to get to his feet on the outside. Cloud stomps on OP a few times then starts choking him with his boot. NMat finally climbs back into the ring. He walks up behind Cloud and nails him with a german suplex.

JFA: “NMat back in the ring and Cloud didn’t even see him coming.”
JHA: “Damn did you see the way his head bounced of the mat. Looked painful.”

NMat drags Cloud to his feet then drops him with a belly to belly suplex then locks in a camel clutch. Cloud begins to scream in pain as NMat synchs it more. Cloud tried to make it to the ropes as the ref asks him to quit.

JFA: “Oh no, NMat might make him quit. Hes in the center of the ring and has nowhere to go.”
JHA: “Oh his hand is coming up and you can tell hes seeing his chance at the IC title coming to an end.”
JFA: “He’s just about to…Holy hell OP just charged over and delivered The Shining to the side of NMat's head.”
JHA: “He just saved cloud from tapping. Why would he do that?”

The boot to the head sends NMat flying off and into the corner and OP starts laughing in the ring. He walks over, picks him up and drives his head into the ground with the Gravedigger then walks over to Cloud. He signals to the crowd that its over for Cloud but as he picks him up for the Gravedigger, Cloud flips over his shoulders, lands on his feet, spins the big man around, kicks him in the gut and drives him to the mat with the Heimdall's Stand. He quickly makes a cover, 1….2…3!

JHA: “What the hell just happened here? OP had everything under control and out of nowhere Cloud hit’s the Heimdall’s Stand and OP’s out.”
JFA: “That sure was quick but it looks like my pick is the only one standing right now.”
JHA: “Oh just shut up with that whole pick thing. I was wrong and yours is in control. Big deal. I still don’t think hes going to win.”
JFA: “He has a fairly good chance right now. Hell he’s eliminated both of the other two so far.”
JHA: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just watch the match.”

Cloud gets to his feet with a surprised look on his face then taunts the crowd who shower him with boos. He then sets up in the corner as NMat starts to get to his feet. NMat gets to his feet, turns around, and Cloud charges.

JFA: “Cloud going for Odin’s Spear and oh he just missed. NMat just jumped out of the way and Cloud went shoulder first in the ring post.”
JHA: “Ouch, he might have dislocated his shoulder. Might make it hard for him to win now.”
JFA: “It very well might.”

Cloud pulls himself out of the turnbuckle clutching his shoulder as NMat slowly climbs to his feet on the other side of the ring. Both men get to their feet at the same time and charge at each other.

JFA: “Look at this the both got to their feet at the same time and both went for the same move, knocking each other down in the center of the ring with the double clothesline.”
JHA: “Hahahahahaha.”
JFA: “What are you laughing for?”
JHA: “It funny, come on. They both thought they had the other fooled by going for that move and boom. Now they are both down and out.”

Just then the crowd’s reaction changes from cheering to boos as the camera cuts to the ramp to see Prowl? coming down to ring side.

JFA: “What the hell is he doing out here?”
JHA: “Who cares? P? is allowed out here whenever he wants.”
JFA: “You don’t think one of them paid the GPA for their services tonight do you?”
JHA: “I wouldn’t doubt it. This is a big match. Neither one wants to lose.”

The ref meets P? on the ramp and tries to force him to the back but as he was doing that Divebomb jumps the barrier at ring side and then gets into the ring. He walks over and picks Cloud up and asks him if he was ok.

JFA: “Oh come on now. Cloud has paid the GPA to help him win the match.”
JHA: “Hey moneys money. Even if it is Cloud’s money.”

Just then Divebomb hoists Cloud up onto his shoulders and levels him with The End.

JFA: “What the hell is this? Divebomb just hit Cloud with The End.”
JHA: “Hey don’t look at me, I had no idea he was going to do that.”
He picks up NMat and then jumps out of the ring as the ref forces P? back up the ramp. NMat looks around as the crowd sits in stunned silence. He walks over to Cloud, picks him up and drops him to the mat with the Death’s Kiss brainbuster and makes the cover. 1…2….3!

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and STILL your AWF Intercontinental Champion, NMat………THE MAT MAN!”

JFA: “What just happened here? NMat has won the match but the NWA helped him.”
JHA: “I have a feeling we will find out soon.”
JFA: “What?”
JHA: “Look.”

Divebomb grabs the IC title and jumps back into the ring as P? makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Divebomb hands him his title and raises his hand as P? pulls something out of his back pocket. He unfolds it and hands it to NMat who looks at it then puts it on.

JFA: “Oh my god. NMat has just joined the GPA.”
JHA: “Oh hell yeah. The GPA is getting bigger and better. Look he joins and brings the IC belt with him.”
JFA: “What has he done? He’s sold his soul to the devil.”
JHA: “No he’s just gotten smarter. Why stay away from them and always be on there hit list when you can join and get their protection.”
JFA: “I still don’t like it.”
JHA: “Oh cry me a river. This is great.”

NMat celebrates in the ring with the NWA as the crowd boos relentlessly. Finally they walk to the back as AC/DC’s “Back in Black” blasts over the PA system.

*Tempest is seen backstage waiting for the match to start as a split screen shows Stone Cold Skywarp heading to the gorilla position*

2004-05-25, 06:05 AM
Tempest v Stone Cold Skywarp

Joey: Somehow, I just know that the following match is going to get ugly.

Flec: It's all relative. Ugly, as in a train wreck with puppies involved, or ugly like your sister ugly?

Joey: Why have I been cursed with you?

Flec: The real question, is why has your sister been cursed? That gal fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, then some punk beat on her some more with the ugly stick!

Joey: Shut up and call the match, will you?

Flec: What match?

Joey: Sigh, nevermind. The following match is pitting the GPA's Tempest up against former AWF champion Stone Cold Skywarp. His is a huge chance Tempest has here, but he's strength is the same as SCS's.

Flec: That's true. Power, brawling, and kicking ass. If Tempest is going to pull out a win tonight, he's going to need to beat SCS at his own game, and that's one hard thing to pull off.

Rage Against The Machine's “Pistol Grip Pump” starts over the loud speakers, and Tempest makes his way to the ring. The AWF rookie of the year isn't met with the warmest of receptions, but he shrugs it off. Once in the ring, he allows the ref to check him for weapons, shrugging as the ref pulls some brass knuckles from his left boot.

Glass Shatters.
The Crowd pops.
SCS appears at the top of the ramp

Flec: And there he is. SCS himself, trademark knee braces and everything. Tempest going to have to beat...

Joey: We already covered that.

Flec: Oh...

In the ring, SCS submits to the ref's check as well. Finding no weapons, the ref calls for the bell, and the match gets underway. Both men size each other up, slowly circling in a counterclockwise pattern. Tempest holds out a hand, challenging SCS to a test of strength.

Joey: Bold move my Tempest. Will SCS accept the challenge?

Flec: It's Skywarp you dolt. Could he refuse?

As their hands lock, both men tense their muscles and try to move the other. Briefly, they even in a dead lock, but with tendon's straining and veins clearly visible on his arms, SCS slowly begins to bend Tempest's arms back. Realizing that he's losing, Tempest takes a partial step back for more leverage, but even that's not enough to stop SCS's momentum. Frustrated, Tempest ends the contest with a sudden kick to SCS's gut.

Flec: Good move there by the younger man. The crowd clearly didn't like it though. The peons clearly don't know how you win a match.

Joey: Tempest issued a challenge and was losing. Shouldn't he have seen it though?

Flec: Heck no! You're here to win. As far as I can see, he won that exchange. Now he's enjoying the spoils as he works Stone Cold over with a few hard right hands.

The ref pleads with Tempest to open the clenched fist, but he continues with massive right hands that rock SCS. Finally, he ends with a body shot, Canadian punch, sledgehammer combo that takes SCS form his feet.

Joey: OK, I will admit that Tempest is in control of this match. He's pulling SCS up, and he immediately sends him back down with a short clothesline. SCS his the match hard, but he's not getting a chance to recover.

Flec: Of course not. Tempest knows how tough he is. A few kicks, and now Tempest is pulling him up again, and a whip into the ropes. Clothesline is ducked by SCS and Tempest is off balance. SCS comes off the ropes a second time and Lou Thez Press by SCS! He's hammering away at the stunned Tempest.

Joey: Tempest counters by rolling over, and now he's mounted and delivering his own right hand into SCS's face. SCS rolls them back over again and delivers more rights! Tempest, now SCS and both men are rolling to the ropes, right under them onto the ground outside, and they're continuing to hammer away here on the outside!

SCS finally breaks off the exchange, puts his knee into Tempest's face, and stands. Clearly winded and battered, he lifts the stunned Tempest form the mat and connects with a snap vertical suplex. Tempest's back meets the ground with a sickening thud, and SCS quickly rolls him into the ring.

Joey: Quick cover, is it over?

Flec: Nope. Tempest knew enough to grab the ropes. SCS made a mistake by not rolling him further into the ring.

Joey: he probably figured speed was more important.

Flec: Excuses.... SCS pulls Tempest to his feet, hair first I must add. A whip into the corner does more damage to Temp's poor back.

Joey: Stone Cold follows through with a thunderous right that takes Temp off his feet. Kicks to the midsection. What would JFA say? “Kicking a mudhole” or something like that?

Flec: Who cares?

Joey: Who indeed. SCS uses another Irish whip to send Tempest to the far turnbuckle, He hits hard yet again, but this time a reverse elbow breaks up SCS”s attack pattern. SCS stumbles back, and Tempest is coming out of the corner to get some momentum. Kick by SCS and STUNNER! Stunner on Tempest!

Flec: Damn it all to hell! He pulls that out of his ass sometimes, you know that? Oh my Gawd! Tempest kicked out of the stunner!

Joey: I'm stunned, SCS is stunned, the crowd is stunned, even the ref looks surprised. Everyone is stunned by Tempest. Hmm, that was clever on my part.

Flec: Keep thinking so Styles. What a dumbass. And for clarification on the transcript, that's the English, not French pronunciation.

Standing, SCS drops and delivers a knee right into Tempest's face. SCS stand again, kicks Tempest in the chest twice and puts on an abdominal stretch.

Joey: It looks like SCS is just trying to wear down Tempest now. That stunner had to take a lot out of the young star, and SCS just needs to not make any major mistakes from here on out.

The ref asks Tempest is he wants to quit, but Tempest shakes his head despite the clear pain. He tries to wiggle free of the hold, be lacks the leverage to succeed.

Flec: SCS finally releases that hold. Poor Tempest, he's so hurt he needs to grab the ref to stay standing, and SCS is closing for the kill.

As Skywarp grabs Tempest's shoulder, Tempest kicks back, connecting with a low blow. Pushing back the ref, he spins around, grabs the doubled over Skywarp, and connects with a Capture Suplex. Quickly, he rolls SCS up for a cover.

Flec: Nice counter and turn around by Tempest.

Joey: Never mind the cheating! He's got the tights AND he's using the ropes for leverage. Is the ref blind?

Flec: Nope, he clearly sees that SCS's shoulders are firmly on the mat. 1..2..3 And just like that, the match is suddenly over. Huge win for Tempest tonight!

Joey: Huge cheating, tainted victory you mean! This is just sick. He stole this.

Flec: Hey, who is getting their hand raised by the ref right now, and he's is on the mat looking up on anguish?

Joey: Solid point. Still, it took several tricks from Tempest to get the pin. Tempest is playing to all 5 of his fans, and he doesn't know that SCS is on his feet.

Flec: Poor looser! SCS just hit another stunner on Tempest when he turned around.

Joey: It's called payback. The ref is checking on Tempest, and Skywarp just hit him with a stunner as well. That'll lead to a fine, but I don't think he cares.

To the cheers of the crowd, SCS calls for a few beers as he celebrates in the ring.

*A highlight reel previews Blaster’s return to the AWF and his problems with Bombshell, past and present.*

Blaster v Bombshell

JFA: Well you can believe there is a lot of bad blood between these two men.
JHA: Yeah, don’t you know it, I’ve even got the pop corn and drink … you want some?
*JFA Takes a hand full*

5 …

4 …

3 …

JHA: Can you feel it?

2 …

JFA: Sure can

1 …

With that the fireworks explode and Head Strong by Trapt blasts the audience.

RA: Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia --- BLASTER!!

JFA: Well, this match is not going to be pretty, these two men where once part of the Canucks, it went to hell. And now they’re going to try and send each other there.
JHA: Well, Bombshell is my favorite tonight, he’s got the clean advantage.
JFA: Why is that? Bombshell lost his match on mayhem, because of Blaster.
JHA: Yeah … well … shut up and do your job!

Powerman 5000’s Drop the Bombshell explodes into the arena.

RA: Hailing from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada --- BOMBSHELL!!

Bombshell is seen on his hog, riding it down to the ring, circles it twice, constantly looking at Blaster. He gets off his bike but is attacked from blaster from behind with a double hand axe chop.

JFA: Here we go!!
JHA: Bombshell get into him, stay on him.
JFA: And bombshell is clearly in control, and throws blaster into the ring.

Ref calls for the bell to official start this.

JHA: You and I know … this is going to be fun too watch.
JFA: Well a lot of bad blood between the two, they have to sort each other out.
JHA: Bombshell is going for the rights and lefts, Blaster is taking almost all of them.
JFA: Bombshell grabs Blaster’s arm and swings him into the ropes, Blaster comes back, ducks the clothes line attempt, goes back again, but Bombshell has the boot up and Blaster goes down.

Blaster lies on the mat bidding his time, until Bombshell picks him up by the throat.

JHA: Blaster on his feet, but not for too much longer, Bombshell for the choke slam, but Blaster counters, he pushes Bombshell into the ropes, and sends a double kick to the knee as Bombshell comes back.
JFA: Bombshell grabs that knee and falls to the ground, Blaster takes a rest on the ropes.

Bombshell uses the ropes to get back up, but from behind Blaster jumps and lands on Bombshell, sending the ropes into Bombshells lower body.

JHA: Come on Bombers, it can’t end like this … you still got fight.
JFA: Bombshell now back on his feet, Blaster runs into him, but bounces off, he goes again, bounces off again, Blaster goes for the knee but Bombshell side steps and moves.
JHA: Bombshell grabs Blaster and sends him into the turnbuckle now, Blaster staying there, Bombshell goes for the attack, runs at Blaster and gets him, full force.
JFA: Bombshell now, with the lefts and rights, he’s pummeling Blaster right now. Bombshell picks up Blaster again, grabs him by the arms and sends him into the other turnbuckle, no, he sends him straight back to where he was.
JHA: Bombshell goes to the other turn buckle, gets a run and he misses! Blaster moves out of the way. Bombshell shoulder is sent into the turn buckle. That must have hurt.

Blaster gets back to his feet and watches as Bombshell pulls himself out of the turn buckle.

JFA: Waiting to make his move … Goes for the bulldog. Success, he goes for the Souldsault. He goes for the pin, 1 … 2 and that was a very slow 3 count. Bombshell kicks out.
JHA: Well Bombshell still has some steam left in him; he’s not going to give up yet.
JFA: Bombshell is still lying down on his back, he doesn’t know what is going on as, and Blaster goes up top. Blaster goes for the jump. But Bombshell sits up and grabs him! Bombshell has that smile on his face. He’s taking Blaster up top, looks like were going to see a Jackknife Power bomb.
JHA: Blaster is pounding away at Bombshells head, come on Bombers, damn! Blaster gets the upper hand, and what a DDT!
JFA: Blaster with a great counter there, he gets up onto top of Bombshell and quickly turned it into a DDT.

Blaster staggers around and finally takes a breather on the ropes, he watches carefully as Bombshell slowly gets back up. He gets up onto this knees and hands, Blaster goes up behind him and grabs his legs and sets him up for the Walls of Sound.

JHA: Oh no … He’s got it locked in, Bombshell, don’t tap out!! Whatever you do … don’t tap out!
JFA: Bombshell, he’s on the verge of tapping out, he can’t make it too the ropes, he’s so close. Blaster pulls away at him again.
JHA: He has no option but too tap. So sad, he’s in the middle of the ring, he’s ready to tap … but no. He’s slowly getting back to the ropes, he’s not giving up, Blaster is using all his strength, he’s trying to stop Bombshell at all costs, neither are going to give up, their both going to go all out, they are both not going to give up. Blaster is walking away from the ropes, Bombshell is digging into the mat, their both going to give up, their not going to give up.
JFA: By god, both of them are down, Bombshell is out, he’s passed out, Blaster he’s gone down, tired and exhausted. The ref starts the 10 count.

1 …

JHA: Both men, are still down and out.

2 …

3 …

4 …

5 …

JFA: Blaster is starting to move but he’s quite groggy.

6 …

JHA: Bombshell is still out, he’s not moving at all, But blaster is making it too his hands and knees.

7 …

8 …

Blaster is up on his hands and knees and sees the ref counting to 9, he quickly grabs Bombshell and goes for the pin.

JFA: 1 … 2 … NO! Bombshell has kicked out, Blaster can’t believe it, and Bombshell is showing signs of life.
JHA: I knew the big man had it in him. He’s on his hands and knees, he’s coming back to life, he’s not giving up, he’s not going to give in.
JFA: Blaster thinking, he’s still shocked I think. He goes for the bulldog, Bombshell is down, Blaster goes for the Soundsault, but Bombers rolls away, and sits up.
JHA: Bombshell is now up, Blaster goes for the Russian leg sweep, Bombers jumps, this can’t be good. Bombshell grabs Blaster by the neck, CHOKESLAM!! 1 … 2 … BY GOD!!
JFA: That’s my line, Blaster kicks out, and he’s still going. Both men are exhausted, they’ve put out one hell of a match here folks, both men are still stirring on the mat.

Blaster gets to the ropes yet again to help him get up. Bombshell sits on one knee, and looks straight at Blaster, both men nod.

JHA: I can sense the end, Bombshell and Blaster now stand up, look at each other, trying to find each others weak spots. Bombshell runs, Blaster ducks, Bombshell comes back at Blaster another clothesline attempt, Bombshell bounces off the ropes on more time and runs into a spinning mule kick by Blaster. He falls to the ground.
JFA: Blaster goes for the Walls of Sound one more time. He’s got it locked in, can Bombers with stand 2 Walls of Sound’s?
JHA: Bomber’s is still going, he’s not going to give up, he’s still fighting, digging into the mat. Wait … Bombshell?

Bombshell is laying down on the matt, lifelessly, not moving at all.

JFA: He’s passed out, Blaster can sense it, he’s going harder and harder, he’s going to break Bombshell in half. The ref lifts up Bombshell’s arm, it drops.


The ref picks his arm up again, and watches as it drops.

2 …

JHA: It can’t end like this, the ref pick up Bombshells and drops it … wait … it’s stopped in mid air … is theirs something wrong with my eyes?
JFA: … No … not at all … Bombshell has awoken yet again. He’s powering his way over to the ropes, he’s still fighting, Blaster can’t believe it, he let go of the Walls of Sound … he staggers over to the ropes … he looks on as Bombshell brings himself back up, but his left leg is lumpish.
JHA: It may be broken for all we know, Blaster is thinking, the former Canuck leader is running out of ideas.
JFA: He’s stone cold out, he doesn’t know what to do.
JHA: So he charges? Bombshell side steps, slowly might I add, Arcee coming out of the crowd and whalluping Blaster with shot to the back of the neck, staggering him, enabling Bombers to pick him up … JACKKNFE POWERBOMB!!!

Bombshell falls to the ground, Blaster lies of the mat, lifeless. Bombers drags and arm across his chest.

JHA: 1 …
JFA: 2 …
JHA: 3!! HAHA, Bombers picks up the win from this battle!!

Powerman 5000’s Drop the Bombshell plays as the ref lifts up Bombshells arm to signal the end and winner of the match.

RA: The winner of this match --- BOMBSHELL!!

Bombshell embraces Arcee as she helps him out of the ring…suddenly the music stops and Blaster is shown, mic in hand, smiling.

Blaster: Oh…oh…I think that you think you’ve won this, don’t you ass clown?

*Bombshell is shown shaking his head*

Blaster pulls himself to his feet. “There is just one problem…everyone here knows who really runs the show between the two of you…and it ain’t you Bungshell!”

*The crowd burst into laughter as Bombshell furiously charges the ring, falling into Blaster’s trap.*

JFA: Bombshell back in the ring…the only thing I can ask is WHY? Blaster ready and meets him with a face plant! Soundsault to follow suit! Blaster with the Walls applied! Bombshell is tapping from the pain…the referee’s pulling Blaster from the ring, the crowd is cheering madly…and…

*Suddenly the arena goes dark and a fog rolls through the ring, the lights slowly raise to reveal Grand Convoy in the ring standing over Bombshell.*


*Curiously enough, Grand Convoy does not attack, but instead drops a mound of dirt on Bombshell’s chest, before falling backwards over the top rope. He and Blaster stare at each other for a moment, before Blaster smiles and pats him on the back…the two walk to the back as Arcee stands alone in the ring to protect Bombshell.

*A Commercial for Overdrive is shown*

Ravage vs. Sean O'Con

The crowd explodes as Saliva hits and The HeartBrend Kid makes his way to ringside, decked out in a flashy gold outfit.

JFA: HBK making his way to the ring, and you have to wonder how he's going to approach this very difficult one on one encounter with Ravage.
JHA: I'm tellin ya, J, Ravage is a tough guy to plan for. He's big, strong, mean, and he moves well for a guy his size.
JFA: Great analysis, Jay!
JHA: I was watching old Jim Ross tapes, I gotta admit.

As HBK mounts the ropes to greet the crowd, his music suddenly cuts off and "Puritania" hits. The crowd boos viciously as Big Daddy Rav emerges through the curtains, taunting the capacity crowd. Ravage slowly saunters down to the ring, then steps inside and towers over his adversary.

JFA: HBK giving up a lot of size and strength in this one, he'll have to keep on the move and keep Ravage off-balance.
JHA: Too late for that!
JFA: Ravage just cold-cocked HBK, and the former AWF Heavyweight Champion is down with one punch. Ravage drags him back up...another soupbone and back down is HBK. Rav sends him into the ropes...giant boot to the face! HBK back up again...clothesline and HBK over the ropes and out!
JHA: What a start for Big Daddy!

Surprised by the offensive explosion, HBK tries to recuperate on the floor. Rav immediately jumps outside and rams HBK intot he security railing, then again. When Rav goes for another big boot, however, HBK ducks out of the way and Rav goes junk-first onto the security wall! HBK stings him with a series of soupbones, then steps back and superkicks Rav right off the wall!

JFA: Sweet Chin Music! Sweet Chin Music! And Big Daddy Rav is down on the floor!

HBK slides into the ring to break the count, then pulls Rav to his feet and dumps him back inside. HBK hooks the leg, but Rav is out easily at two. As Rav stumbles to his feet, HBK runs the ropes and tries a bulldog, but Rav holds on, adjusts his adversary and scores with a Samoan Drop! Rav hooks the leg and gets 2. The man from the mean streets of Vermont heaves HBK into a corner, then rams his elbow into HBK's face three vicious times. HBK tries to stagger out of the way, but Ravage grabs him around the throat and heaves him back into the corner, unleashes a flurry of soupbones, then pulls HBK out and hits a sidewalk slam! Again Rav goes for the cover, and again he gets two. Rav tries to put on a basic headlock, but the more technical HBK slips out of it and locks in a front facelock to buy some time. HBK releases the head and turns it into an armbar, then a wristlock to keep Rav off-balance. Before HBK can continue, however, Rav pulls him in with his arm, then scores with a crushing chokeslam!

JFA: Tremendous chokeslam by Ravage, and HBK is down again! Ravage is dominating here!
JHA: I told you so!

Keeping the advantage, Rav sends HBK into the ropes, misses with a clothesline, but scores with another big boot as he comes across! Rav hooks the leg again, and yet again HBK is out at two. Getting to his feet, Rav stares down with a look of intensity at his opponent. He drags HBK to his feet and immediately crushes him with a big powerbomb! Rav covers him, but HBK's out at two! Rav pulls him back up and executes another thunderous powerbomb! Again Rav covers, and again HBK is out! Rav pulls him up again...

JFA: Don't do it! This would be the third consecutive powerbomb from that monster!
JHA: I like it! I like the moxie!
JFA: Powerbomb! HBK is not moving, but Rav's not going for the cover!

Smiling evilly, Rav puts his hand in the air, signaling for the Hangover, his inverted version of the F-5. Rav pulls HBK up into a fireman's carry, but before he can finish the move, HBK squirms out and turns it into a reverse DDT and both men are down! Both men slowly get up, and HBK immediately leaps into the air and scores with the HDD!!! Rav drops like a brick, and HBK hooks the leg and gets the 1.....2.......

JFA: NO! He kicked out! Ravage kicked out!
JHA: I can't believe it! What a man!

HBK rises from the cover looking shocked but backs into a corner, looking for the Superkick. As Rav staggers to his feet, HBK rushes forward, but Rav ducks the kick, heaves HBK into the air, and scores with the Hangover!!! Rav gets to his feet and smiles, raising his hand in victory. Rav starts to pull HBK to his feet for a second Hangover, but HBK collapses to the mat in a motionless heap.

JFA: Sean may be hurt bad...he doesn't look like he can defend himself. Pin the man, dammit!
JHA: Rav wants to inflict more punishment! I love it!
JFA: Referee telling Rav to continue to wrestle...I'm not sure that's a wise decision...wait a minute! Small package by HBK....1....2......3!!! He got him!
JHA: What?!?!?

Before HBK can even get to his feet, Ravage knocks the referee unconscious with a giant soupbone, then drags the fallen HBK to his feet and nails him with not one, not two, but three Hangovers!!!

JFA: Jesus Christ! Someone please get Ravage out of the ring!
JHA: Why? This is great entertainment for free!
JFA: Ravage finally leaving, but he may have just ended Sean O'Con's career. The EMT's rushing the ring, and HBK is down and not moving. This is awful.

*Backstage the Game is shown watching the match…a look of horror is on his face as he smashes the TV and storms from the back*

Joey: And he is up next…

Flec: I don’t get it, what does he care?

*A Preview package for the Morpheus/Game feud rolls while the cell is constructed*

2004-05-25, 06:07 AM

The camera cuts backstage to show the NWA, Xille and Vin Ghostal already at war...the brawl spills into the parking lot where Ghostal slams P? face first through the windshield of a car. AWF security rushes the scene...and Ghostal begins to go to town on them as well.

Mr. Reilly: That is it! We're not doing this...not here and not tonight. All of you are banned from the building...in fact...officers, take Mr. Ghostal, Mr. X and Mr. Divebomb away for the evening. Next Mayhem...you guys want this kind of carnage, fine...no holds barred, for the tag team titles...

Hell In a Cell: Morpheus v The Game Erik Summers

The lights darken throughout the arena and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata plays as the Staples Center crowd quiets to an eerie hush.

Joey: In all my days of commentary, with all the matches I have called, I don’t believe I have ever called a match that has had the fans this nervous…the crowd is tense…and there, surrounding the ring, is the reason why. The most dangerous structure in this industry…and that man, Morpheus…is going to a place he quietly refers to as home…

Flec: Admit it…the tension is because the Game ends tonight…it’s over…Morpheus is going to finish the Game once and for all.

Joey: And you may be right…and that madman, grabbing a chair…and throwing it up top of the cage…now climbing to the top…is he insane?

Flec: Duh…

Joey: Aside from that…now sitting on top of the cage…the steel chair beside him…waiting for one of the all time greats to make his way out to the ring.

It’s time to play the game…IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!!

The crowd leaps to it’s collective feet as Staind’s Price to Play begins to play and the Game appears under the Archivetron looking up at the ever imposing cell.

Joey: A structure this young man is very familiar with…

Flec: Yeah…and he’s no stranger to the top of it either, which is exactly where that idiot is going!

Joey: The Game…Erik Summers on his way to join Morpheus atop the cage…and Morpheus taking a few steps back…waiting…chair in hand…the Game at the top now…Morpheus charging with the chair, the Game drops him with a drop toe hold, sending Morpheus crashing down into the chair and the roof of the cage!

Flec: You know where this is going…don’t you Styles?

Joey: I don’t imagine it is at all good. These past few weeks have been torture for the Game…Morpheus hounding his every move…the Game asked for this…and now…dragging Morpheus to the edge of the Cell. Now…backing away, begging him up…what does he have in mind…Morpheus dragging himself up…NO…NOOOOO!



Flec: I can’t ******* believe what I just saw…

Joey: And the Game standing atop the cage, looking down…

Crowd: Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!

Flec: This is bad on so many levels…

Joey: For God sakes…someone get out here…Morpheus was just given the Sweet Chin Music that sent him flying off the cage and down through the French Announcer’s Table…and with God as my witness Morpheus has been shattered out here, right before our eyes…

Flec: I know he’s played mind games with the Cerebral Assassin, but…this…

*The crowd continues its chant…while paramedics rush the scene. They check Morpheus over and call for a stretcher while the replay shows the precision super kick to the face of the rising Morpheus…then multiple camera angles show him plummeting straight back, shattering the table and bouncing off the floor.*

Joey: Folks…I’m sorry…I know we billed this as a huge co-main event, but there is simply no way this match will continue…The Game still atop the cage as they had to raise it up to get the stretcher down here…now the cage being lowered and the Game able to climb down…Mr. Reilly out here…in a state of disbelief…and…no…


*Morpheus sits up on the stretcher and looks at the Game….pulling his mask back down that had been pulled away. The Game looks towards him in disbelief, now on the floor…Morpheus kicks the paramedics away and then rides the stretcher down to the ring, crashing it into the side of the cell…he then somehow pulls himself into the ring with a horrible limp and one arm badly dragging. He is bleeding badly, but still goes into the ring, begging the former 3 Time AWF Champion in.

Joey: Of all the unholy things I have seen in my career…so few can match this moment…what is left of Morpheus is standing…sort of…in the ring, goading the Game…one of the best in this business back into the cell…and the Game is answering!

Flec: I can’t believe this is still going on…

Joey: And now the referee in the cell, asking for the cell to be locked…

Flec: Why?

Joey: To keep these two inside…

Flec: You missed the whole point of what I was saying again, didn’t you Styles?

Joey: No…moving on…the Game skulking in cautiously…and Morpheus with a bull rush catching the Game off guard with a series of punches to the side of the Game’s face, using that good arm. The Game staggering backward and Morpheus going for the big punch, only to have it blocked and countered by the Game with a massive spine buster…The Game with a cover, but Morpheus kicks out after 2!

Flec: Just stay down…end your suffering…

Joey: But he’s someone who revels in that suffering Flec…he views it as atonement…

Flec: FOR WHAT?!?

Joey: That…no one but Morpheus knows…the Game looking clearly frustrated…starts to pull Morpheus up to his feet, but Morpheus levels the Game with a low blow…and both men are down!

Flec: This is … yeah…

Joey: Morpheus pulling himself into the corner…bleeding from the mouth and smiling into the camera! Now with his good arm, he’s pulling himself to the outside…and he’s grabbing a broom. Sliding back into the ring, he catches the Game sitting up only to crack the broom right across the skull of Summers. Busting him wide open. Now pulling the Game with his good arm, scooping him up and ddt back down into the mat.

Flec: Now he’s tossing the Game to the outside and going for the steps!

Joey: Morpheus trying to pick up those steps…but his arms still in great pain and he’s not able to do it…the Game with a burst of speed charges hard, Morpheus side steps and forces the Game face first into the side of the cell! Morpheus now going under the ring and pulling out a chair. Swinging it with one arm, he sends it crashing across the back of the Game.

Flec: Not exactly a lot of wrestling going on here, now is there?

Joey: Did you expect there to be really? The Game now bleeding badly as Morpheus chucks the chair into the ring, then slowly drags the Game in there as well. Leaving the Game in the corner, Morpheus places the chair across the face of the Game…running start and there is that hip buster, driving the hip of Morpheus into the chair and into the face of the Game.

Flec: That had to hurt…

Joey: The Game now flat on his face…and Morpheus with the chair in hand is going up to the top…what is he thinking…Morpheus on the top…the GAME WITH THE KIP UP! Scaling the ropes and out of no where…Frankengamer! Morpheus sent crashing down hard to the mat and again both men are down in a bloody heap.

Flec: I hope they clean the mat at least a little before the next match.

Joey: The Game now…begging Morpheus back up to his feet…Morpheus slowly doing so, purely on instinct and the Game nails Morpheus with a Game Over right on the chair. Now moving quickly, no wasted motion…END GAME! The Game with the End Game! Morpheus screeching in pain! And…what the hell?!?


Joey: Morpheus has applied the mandible claw…TO HIMSELF! The Game cranking back on the End Game and Morpheus with a self inflicted mandible claw…and he is fading…and he’s out! The ref says he is out…and the Game releases the hold as Morpheus forces himself to pass out!!!

RA: The winner of the match due to TKO…the Game, Erik Summers!

*The crowd cheers as a bewildered Erik Summers tries to get to his feet, wobbling from the blood loss.*

Joey: Folks…Summers is staring at Morpheus in disbelief, as am i…a self inflicted mandible claw is how Morpheus loses the match…

Flec: Yeah…but remember last week at the house show in Tulsa, Morpheus said, Erik Summers could not beat him…and HE DIDN’T!!!

Joey: He gets the win though…and now he’s on his way back to most likely check the condition of one HBK.

(As the match ends, Morpheus rises, pulling himself up, refusing help and is greeted by a standing ovation by the capacity crowd. He almost tears up at the response.)

*Preview for the AWF Title Match rolls*

AWF Heavyweight Championship
T.C. vs. Sixswitch vs. Viewfind

"Party Up" hits as the preview package for the match ends, the Staples Center stage is filled with smoke, and Viewfind, leader of the GPA, emerges from the shadows, taunting the angry capacity crowd.

JFA: "And the question everyone has been asking since this match was announced is whether Viewfind can bring the AWF Championship back home to the GPA."
JHA: Where it belongs, of course.
JFA: Well, I don't know about that. Ever since Viewfind insinuated himself into the championship title picture, there have been questions as to whether he deserves to be a part of this match, especially considering his hideous actions at ArchiveMania one month ago.
JHA: What was hideous? Viewfind did what he had to do. I love Vin Ghostal as much as the next guy, but when the GPA does, they does!
JFA: What?
JHA: That's right. I went there.

As Viewfind steps through the ropes, "Like This Like That" hits and the crowd explodes as Sixswitch emerges to a roaring ovation. Jogging down to the ring, "The Welsh Wonder" slides in and gets right in Viewfind's face, then jumps to the ropes and takes in the roars of the crowd.

JFA: Quite a history between these two. They met thirteen months ago in a huge match at ArchiveMania II, where Viewfind cheated his way to a countout victory to retain his Intercontinental Championship.
JHA: Cheated?!?
JFA: But now these two men are both challengers for the biggest prize in the game, a prize held by this man!

"Trigger" hits and, after a few moments of anticipation, T.C. emerges with the massive AWF Championship belt around his waist. The reaction is mixed, but more positive than negative.

JFA: T.C. and Sixswitch engaged in an absolute war at ArchiveMania, where TC managed to hold onto his coveted world championship.
JHA: Who cares? It's even odds on Homeslice to walk away champion!

Stepping through the ropes and handing his belt to the referee, TC gets right in the face of Sixswitch, says a few words, then points at Viewfind. Sixswitch nods, and suddenly both men turn and fall upon Viewfind with rights and lefts! The leader of the GPA tries to fight back, but the two superstars send him into the ropes and knock him down with a double-elbow! Viewfind bounces up, but Six and TC hit him with a double armdrag followed by a double-elbowdrop to the chest! Viewfind slowly gets up, but a double-clothesline sends him through the ropes to the outside!

JFA: Viewfind down on the outside and...here we go! Punches back and forth between Sixswitch and TC...Six getting the best of it...sends TC into the ropes...TC rolls over, misses a high kick...trips him down! Six back up...straight dropkick from the champion! Six back into the ropes...TC misses an elbow...spinning heel kick from Six! TC through the ropes to the outside, right out here by Viewfind. Six quickly to the top tope...could it be a moonsault? NO! Six went for a moonsault out onto the floor, but Viewfind and TC moved and Six went straight to the security railing gut-first! He HAS to be injured!

Having hit the security railing and toppled into the crowd, Six lies on the concrete floor, holding his midsection. TC grabs Viewfind and whips him hard into the steel steps, then rams his face into the ringpost. With no disqualifications at his disposal, the referee urges the two men back inside, and TC obliges by whipping Viewfind back into the ring. TC sends Viewfind into the corner, then drives his shoulders repeatedly into Viewfind's midsection before backflipping away, then driving a final hard one that knocks Viewfind down. Leaving Viewfind in the corner, TC backs off and gains momentum for a Rolling Thunder into a Bronco Buster, but Viewfind moves out of the way and the champion goes crotch-first into the turnbuckles!

JFA: Ooooooohhhh! That HAD to hurt. TC going for an interesting variation on his Rolling Thunder, but Viewfind had it well-scouted.
JHA: What a ring general!
JFA: Yes, and the 'ring general' with a poke to the eyes there.
JHA: No DQ's! Didn't see it!

Gathering TC up, Viewfind hits a perfectly executed snap suplex that gets a 2-count. Getting back up, Viewfind scores with a backbreaker, then hooks the leg and gets two again. The camera catches Sixswitch lying on the arena floor slowly making his way back to the ring. Sending TC into the ropes, Homeslice goes for a clothesline but misses. TC goes for a kick to the gut but it's blocked, but TC quickly turns it into an Enziguiri! The quick-footed champion goes for a cover but only gets two. As TC runs the ropes, Six reaches up from the floor and pulls down the middle rope, and TC flies straight through the ropes and out to the floor, landing hard on the back of his head! As Six tries to pull himself up onto the apron, Viewfind drags him by the hair over the top rope, leaving his legs on the ropes, then crushes him with a brutal DDT! Viewfind goes for a cover, but Six is able to get his leg on the bottom rope. Frustrated, Viewfind signals for the Philly Pimp Drop, but Six quickly rolls Viewfind up and gets the 1....2......before a kickout. Furious, Viewfind stands up and quickly scores with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip that puts Six back down. Going back to basics, Viewfind locks in a sleeperhold on the mat, trying to wear down his opponent. After 30 seconds of torture, the hold is broken when TC staggers back into the ring and hits Viewfind with a two-footed dropkick to the back of the head! As Viewfind tries to get to his feet, TC winds up and kicks him square in the face! Viewfind drops to the mat, and when he rises again his face is covered in blood!

JFA: Viewfind is busted open by one of those vicious kicks from the champion!
JHA: This is horrible! Somebody help Homeslice!

As Viewfind staggers to his feet again, TC snatches him and scores with the Northern Lights Suplex! Viewfind's body contorts in pain and he rolls under the ropes and out to the floor! As TC clutches for his opponent, Six reaches up and rolls TC up for the 1.....2.....before a kickout! TC bounces back up and knocks Six down with a superkick, then leaps to the top rope and executes a perfect Split-Legged Moonsault! TC goes for a cover, but again Six slips out at two. Viewfind tries to climb back into the ring, but TC hits the ropes and dropkicks him off the apron and straight onto the guardrail, and blood sprays all over the ringside fans as Viewfind collapses to the floor. On the other side, as Six tries to get to the ropes, TC drags him back to the center and slaps on the GSF, his single leg crab! Six screams in pain, his insides already busted up from the earlier moonsault onto the guardrail!

JFA: This could be it! Viewfind's down on the outside! Six could tap! He could tap!
JHA: Noooo, no no no! Get to the ropes! Get the ropes! Homeslice, get in there!
JFA: Six reaching for the ropes...he can't get there! He can't reach! TC wrenching the hold back! It has to be done....yes! Six is reaching to tap...no! Viewfind just dented a chair on the back of TC's head!!! The referee admonishing Viewfind, but there's nothing he can do! No disqualifications!

With the chair still in hand, Viewfind spitefully rolls TC on his back and places a boot on his chest, but the referee refuses to count! He tries to grab the chair away from Viewfind, who pulls the chair back and punches the referee square in the face, knocking him to the mat! As Viewfind turns around, Six flies into the air and kicks the chair back into Viewfind's already bloody face! Six scrambles over and hooks the leg, but the referee is out cold!

JFA: No referee! No referee!
JHA: Viewfind would have kicked out anyway!
JFA: No way! He's dead to the world!

Six staggers to his feet, looks at his two fallen opponents, and appeals to the crowd as he slowly goes to the corner and climbs to the top. Blood spilling from his mouth from internal injuries, Six gives the thumbs-down and springs into the air for a Double Technophobic, dropping a shooting-star legdrop onto both Viewfind and TC at once!!!

JFA: Double Technophobic! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!
JHA: He killed 'em both!!!

Grabbing his tailbone in pain, Six rolls over to the ropes, rolling around in pain. Six staggers over to TC, but again there is no referee to register the cover. Frustrated, Six leaves TC and pulls Viewfind to his feet, but the desperate GPA leader kicks Six below the belt and scores with the Philly Pimp Drop!!! Viewfind collapses to the mat, and all three men are down as the referee still lies motionless. After a few moments, Viewfind staggers to his feet and smiles at his fallen opponents.

JFA: Wait! Here comes another referee!
JHA: Homeslice is gonna...
JFA: NO!!! Vin Ghostal just jumped out of the crowd and waffled the referee in the back with that damned gold baseball bat!
JHA: NOOO!!! Ghostal, why?!?
JFA: The new referee is laid out on the ramp, and Viewfind saw the whole thing! Viewfind out of the ring, headed up for Vin Ghostal, and Ghostal drops the bat and the battle begins! Viewfind and Ghostal trading lefts and rights on the ramp!!!

Back in the ring, TC stumbles to his feet and heads to the corner, looking for the Five Star Frog Splash. Before he can execute it, however, Six gets to his feat unsteadily. TC looks at the crowd, shrugs, and leaps into the air anyway!

JFA: TC with a modified frog splash...more like a cross-body! NO! Six rolls through! Viewfind sees what's happening and he's on his way back....Hooks the leg...1.....2.....3!!! He got him! He got him!!!!

The crowd explodes as "Like This Like That" hits and Six rolls over onto his back out of exhaustion. Viewfind leaps up and down in a furious rage as Vin Ghostal grabs his gold bat and heads up the ramp, laughing the whole way. Viewfind immediately leaps out of the ring and runs up the aisle after him. The referee grabs the AWF Heavyweight Championship belt from the timekeeper and jumps into the ring.

RA: "The winner of this bout....and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Archive Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion....SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIXSWIIIIITCH!!!"

JFA: "After being with the AWF since the company's inception...after all the battles...all the screwjobs...all the close calls...after so many near misses...finally, finally, by god finally...Sixswitch has become the AWF Heavyweight Champion!!!!"

Sixswitch receives the belt from the referee and a single tear slides down his cheek as he presses the championship to his face, then mounts the ropes and holds up the title for the world to see!!!

JFA: We have a new champion to dawn what Mr. Reilly promises will be a new Era, we will see you next week for Mayhem as the road to Overdrive kicks off! Thanks for tuning in!

2004-05-25, 08:28 AM
IC: *Tempest is shown backstage walking around with his ahnds raised*

T: Finally ... I have put SCSW to rest, I have shown thta I can be Legnedary ... today, a new ERA begins, as 'I', The Human Bulldozer, The Lengendary Killa ... has started my reign, as one of the greatest wrestlers in sports entertainment today ...

*Nmat and the NWA walk past Tempest*

T: What the hell?

2004-05-25, 09:43 AM
OOC: Hehehee! Oh, and am I alone in wondering that the writer behind the Morpheus Vs. Game Hell-in-the-Cell has been watching the 1998 KotR PPV recently?

IC: <Judge Death is pacing backwards and forwards in a locker room backstage, with all but one of the lights turned off.>

"Tonight, I ffeel, wass important. Tonight, the unbelieversss and thosse who are sslow to catch on were givven the prooff they sso dessired."

<Death stops, folding his arms across his chest.>

"Ssso I wass not quite victoriouss. That iss a disssappointment. Ssstill, no victory worthh havving comess withh sso little work. What thhe match did demnsstrate was quite ssimple; thhat I havve the capaccity to back up my claimss, and thhat I am not one to be taken lightly."

<Death gazes up at the ceiling.>

"Ssstrafe...you havve delayed your purging ffor a while. I harbour no more ill will toward you than I do anyone elsse withhin thiss company...but don't thhink I won't be watching your progresss, quietly keeping tabss on your perfformance. You livve to be purifffied another day...so enjoy your tainted exisstencce while you can. Zzzarak...you shhould be honoured. You are the ffirsst of your breed to be judgged...though ccertainly not thhe lasst. Grand Convvoy,on the other hand..."

<Death lowers his head again, sighing.>

"You havve already reccceived, and accepted, your ssentencce. What happened tonight, you brought upon yoursselfff. For the moment, I havve no quarrel withh you; unffortunately, you may ffeel diffferently. Thhough you may wishh for anothher shhot at me, I cannot allow anyone to interffere withh my duty. The lawbreakersss require punisshment, and I sshall bring it upon thhem."

<Death steps toward the nearest door; stopping in the frame, his sibilant voice whispers once more:>

"All will be judged..."


2004-05-25, 11:48 AM
The Darkned Room

OP2005 sits with a flickering candle flickering as it sometimes usually would....

OP2005: Beaten by that fool... Again. I will not tolerate this. Shattered figments of an imagination gone wrong... no... this will not be tolerated. All shall fear the nightmare... thy worst Nightmare. I am not so easily defeated.....

2004-05-25, 01:30 PM
Well, well, well.

Would you look at that?

HBK won the battle didn't he? Oh damn, but just who lost the war.

You see, now it's no longer about if I win or lose. It's a simple equation it's about how many people I hurt.

Understand this, Viewfind pulled me aside and told me what I was doing wrong. I was too worried about winning matches and all that happy horsecrap.

Well now I am going to just do what I do best. Injure people and threaten careers. HBK you were the first and there will be many more.

Just keep that in mind.

2004-05-25, 03:01 PM
OOC: Great PPV, damn that was one hell of a match, the superkick and Morpheus crashes down. Damn! Best match of the PPV if you asked me. Beats the opener(the match of me against Auros) in a lot of ways due to that one hell of a sick bump!


D-Ex: Auros, you might have won today, but remember this is just the battle. This war aint over yet Auros, as long as I am living, as long as I a breathing, you will NEVER escape the destiny! You can never escape the destiny of you losing that title. Tonight, on the other hand I give you congratulations on your win against me. But as evident as it has been seen tonight, no matter how much punishment you dished out, I came right back up for more. The next time we meet for the hardcore title, MY RIGHTFUL TITLE, prepare to face a more prepared D-Extreme. This hunt aint over Auros....NOT BY A LONGSHOT!

2004-05-25, 03:10 PM
Heh... even Reilly can feel it.

He can feel the hate, the anger, the frustration grow with every passing moment. Tonight, the GPA yet again grew in size, but so did my anger toward them. Not only did they steal a victory over a veteran who should be respected if not feared, but they also attempted to end the career of another. They helped a coward to hold on to a respected title.

Reilly can feel it, and Reilly can't deny it. He can't deny that this fight will only be the first in a long war with the GPA. He can't deny that his beloved Mayhem might end up living up to its namesake. He can't even deny... the power of X. The opium of the masses is ready. Vin Ghostal has proven that he is back and ready. The NWA is no doubt ready. The question is: "Is Mayhem ready?"

We'll find out. Come next Mayhem, we will see how this new era will run. Will it be an era dominated by the likes of the GPA? Not if the X has anything to say about it. And believe me, I'm not known to shut up.

2004-05-25, 03:47 PM
OP, your out destroyed once agian by the one and only CloudStrifer.

AO, your loss today brings a tear to my eye if you weren't that easy to beat.

But a new era has begun, yes a new era that heralds the death and destruction that will bring a new found meaning to the word, revenge. A new era is dawning, the era that harkens back to the time of the Dark Ages a time when I ruled the waves and my people where feared.

GPA you made a fatefull error, you messed with Cloudstrifer, the Chosen of Odin, The Norse Messenger. And when you did that you brought down the wrath of the Norse Gods. Heed my warning your all going down, no matter how much you pled, scoff or do worse.

I Cloudstrifer, make a blood oath, the greatest oath a man can make. I make a Blood Oath to the Gods, To Odin, To Thor, To Hemdall, that from this day on, I CloudStrifer, I the Chosen One that was made by your hand, I The Messenger of your Wrath, Pledge that this day I shall not rest until that pitful human called NMat and his GPA cronies, untill I have thier severed head on this temple, and thier blood in these jars. For This I pledge my own blood!

*Cloud runs a knife through his hand*

I have given my pledge and so it beings. GPA Your Next!

Fear The Power, Cower at the Pain, For Your Next!

2004-05-25, 05:27 PM
So, the Double S said he'd do it, and by damn, he did it. The Double S is finally AWF Champion. The Double S has, for this one night, proven himself to be the best in the business. Oh, there's a lot that could be said. It was a fluke. It was a three way, it didn't count. None of that matters. The Double S took on two other guys, and came out on top (no, not that way, you sick freaks!).

Now, I realise that by winning this title, that I've painted a big huge bullseye on my chest. But just as I said when I won the European title, and just like I said when I won the IC title. Good. That's just the way the Double S likes it. I'm ready to defend this belt week in, week out, through thick and thin, up and down, back to front and inside out. There's just one question on the Double S's lips at this time.

Who's first?

(OOC: Top show, and well worth the wait. Good job guys. Hot Damn... I won it. Woooo!)

2004-05-25, 05:59 PM
bzzzzzzzz, hold on and wait just a damn minute there cloud. How many times have you said we will pay for costing you a match? Well the end will remain the same. You will lose. So give it up.

And now for our titles. On mayhem we will get to fight for them in the only way fitting of this feud, No Holds Barred. Xille you have wanted to get your hands on me for a long time now and Vinny G, you want revenge for us turning on you. Well you aren't the only two in this match that have reasons to fight. Because xille, I have wanted to beat the hell out of you for along time and Vin you just should have stayed down.

But listen to me now, if we lose these titles there will be hell to pay .......and if we don't then there will still be hell to pay so either way someones going to get hurt.

Just think about it...

2004-05-25, 10:03 PM

Son you just woke up BLINGZILLA!
Now i'm not fixing to stomp my way about japan and get in a rap battle with mothra, its you i got mah sight on Vinny, keep them eyes open VERY OPEN!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-05-25, 11:20 PM
Only thing you've started Tempest is the first in the long line of serious encounters you're gonna have with me.

I ain't gonna come here whinging about how you cheated to get the victory, no. Why? Cos I'm gonna whup your sorry little ass every time you have the grave misfortune to cross my path.

Watch your back son.

2004-05-26, 12:09 AM

StoneCold, I beat you at your own game, I got you on the mat 1, 2, 3. You would of done the same to win and don't kid yourself, I wanted the win more, why? Becasue I'm that damn good, but hell, sure, if you want some more of The Legendary Killa, bring yo punk ass this way and we'll dance this dance again.

2004-05-26, 03:31 AM
Tempest...the only thing you kill is the energy, every time you walk in a room, every time you step in the ring. In fact the only life you take is the life right from the crowd.

Speaking of the Gay Pornographers Association...I see they have a new member. Frankly, the Game is shocked, as Viewfind, the Game thought you had better taste than some backstage, bottom feeding jobber like the Mat Man. But you see...the Game hasn't forgotten the last time...when you did in fact pin the Game with a little help from that piece of monkey crap Morpheus. Well, the Game laid the smack down on his candy ass...and now Mat Man...the Game wants gold...you're gold. You have a problem with that...you can do two things, nothing and like it...

oh...and Rav...when I'm done with Sparky Plugg...you're next.

2004-05-26, 01:34 PM
Ohhhhh no the Game is mad at me I better run and hide.

Hell no. Screw you G91, I fubared your best friend and I am not next, you are.

2004-05-26, 04:13 PM
Originally posted by Galvatron91

Viewfind, the Game thought you had better taste than some backstage, bottom feeding jobber like the Mat Man. .

Yeah its funny yo, my boy Divebomb said da very samething when i had yo momma in da back of my SUV legs alll high in the air, but yo p**** is p****.

Vin Ghostal
2004-05-26, 05:41 PM
OOC: Stellar show. A quality return for the AWF after a brief hiatus. Let's hope we can get the momentum going again, especially with all this new blood.

IC: Reilly, you did the right thing. Postponing this match and making it a no-holds-barred encounter is just leveling the playing field. Now, I know all the Ghostalites out there are probably wondering how opening the door for GPA interference is leveling the playing field. I can tell you right now, boys and girls, GPA interference doesn't bother me. You saw what happened to Viewfind at Fallout. That's what happens when you mess with V.3. The same thing's going to happen to the NWA on Mayhem this week...they're going to watch another piece of gold slip from their grasp.

2004-05-26, 08:14 PM
You know Ghostal, you might just be right. We might lose our gold to the two of you but losing the gold and getting beaten are two different things. All it takes to lose the gold is one slip up, one little mistake and it can cost you the pinfall. But getting beat is where you get your ass handed to you and then get pinned.

Now you might be wondering why I am saying this. Well the answer is simple. I know you are gonna have some tricks up your sleeves and now that its no holds barred you will probably have some interference of your own. So making one mistake in a situation like this isn't that hard to believe. But hear me and hear me well. YOU WILL NEVER BEAT US! You may take the gold but we will leave you beaten and bloodied in the ring before the night is out.

2004-05-26, 09:20 PM
You know, I've been hearing the GPA talk a lot recently about "hurting people" and that "the war is on".

What they don't seem to realize is that in war there are casualties on both sides, and no matter how long you intend on playing the numbers game, eventually it will all catch up to you and you'll lose one of your own.

The point I'm trying to make is simple. Divebomb, you should know by now to never say never. You know darn well that my grudge with you was never about gold. Take your titles or not, I'm coming out of that ring with the knowledge that I can beat you. I know your beating might not come this next Mayhem, but frankly, I don't care. The X will know that he can beat you.

You see, right now you sort of this kind of unknown. I haven't faced you in the ring yet. All I know is that you have quite the effective DDT. But after Mayhem, after no holds barred, win or no win, I will know exactly what you're capable of. And the X will know that the next time he encounters you, he'll beat you.

Remember that.

2004-05-27, 03:16 AM
With all do respects G91, it is my right to face Mat Man and give him the worst beating of his life. It my my duty to do so, for I have been questing all these months trying to get him back, and when I almost did, these so called "warriors" came in a interfeared.

I know your a big thing, G91, but move aside while you still can. I will move towards ending his career once and for all, and I don't care if anybody gets hurt. May it be you, OP or any other who sees fit to step in the way.

After I am done with Mat Man, I comming after you Divebomb, and you will pay for what you did. You will pay with your life and your head and there is nothing, not a inch of hope left for you.

As for you, my "Nightmare" friend, you have realized that I, CouldStrifer have beaten you agian, and proven you are no match for me.

I am Cloudstrifer, Chosen of Odin, Blessed of the Norse Gods, Oath Taker and Oath Binder for the Norse gods! Pray for mercy and above all Believe The hYpe!

2004-05-27, 04:36 AM
Oh Cloud, Bring it on! After I am done, win or lose, with Xille and Vinny G I am coming for you.

You see as a champ I am the hunted. I am the prey. I am the one doing everything in my power to stay a champ. But I think now its time to change that. Now its time that I became the hunted. So Cloud on Mayhem or on Warzone, which ever one comes first after I have my title match I will be coming for you. So be prepared because if you thought what I did to you at Fallout was bad then be prepared for a reality check because I will show you a new meaning of pain that you will never forget.

Get ready, because its on......

2004-05-27, 05:12 AM
Xille, Xille, Xille.

You claim we are all hype about injuring people.

Just a little refresher since you mind can't seem to fathom more than 5 minutes before hand.

A few Mayhems ago Tempest and I wiped out that guy, I don't even remember his name thats how important he was. And just a few days ago I made G91's bedbuddy HBK be carted out to the little white bus.

So please Xille keep thinking it's a dream. But when they cart you to that large black stationwagon with all your family and friends crying like the girl I turned down at the bar. Just remember you pissed me off first.

2004-05-27, 08:50 AM
A darkened Church with a candle showing light of an alter and OP sitting, his hands clasped...

OP2005: MAY THE GODS HAVE MERCY! Ha! A fool is he who believes in "divine intervention" The only "devine" thing coming for any of you is death.... and surely it would be sweet.

Oh yes... poor little Cloudy. He just can't get enough and keeps comin back for more. So what If I lost... what exactly does it matter.... all that says is you took advantage of a situation... a situation that I will not be willing to forget.

For when the darkness engulfs the light ... all hell is unleashed. All fury... all rage... thrown into a spiral pit of anger. Anger unleashed upon yourselves.

I am but a Nightmare, the stuff dreams are made of. Your hopes, your dreams, your fantasies all belong to me. Time may be a precious thing to you.. but time alone is not enough to stop me. With each defeat you are only making me stronger and soon you shall fear my fury the fury and rage of thy worst nightmare...

And when the darkness falls... the beginning of the end awaits.

2004-05-27, 11:27 AM
Originally posted by DrEvil
The only "devine" thing coming for any of you is death.... and surely it would be sweet.
It's nicce to know you thhink of me in sssuch high regard, OP.

2004-05-27, 05:15 PM
OP: There are far greater things worse than death... hence there is nothing to fear except fear... himself!

2004-05-27, 05:23 PM
Oh yeah, Fffear. I havve not chatted withh him in agesss...wonder iff he iss on AIM at thhe moment.

2004-05-27, 07:58 PM
OP2005: Listen you little rodent. I AM FEAR... I AM THY WORST NIGHTMARE. Dare you taste the wrath of hell and the fury of this highlander.... then step right up you piece of $hit.

2004-05-28, 12:33 AM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
Oh yeah, Fffear. I havve not chatted withh him in agesss...wonder iff he iss on AIM at thhe moment.

OOC: Heheheh the BEST Smacktalk I ever seen so far in this thread. Short but sweet...couldnt have it in anyway dude.

2004-05-28, 02:05 AM
IC: So there are congratulations in order, I see. Six, congratulations: you finally won the AWF championship. Just try to keep hold of it, yeah?

Now... after attempting to make sense of anything in this damned fed... I decided I missed too much in between painkillers. Screw it. I don't know who you are. I don't care where you're from, what colour skin you have, what beliefs you hold, what your sexual preference is... hell, none of it means a damn thing to me right now.

All I want is someone to accept an open challenge for next Mayhem to face me one-on-one. Just so I can work out some of this ring-rust. Any takers?

2004-05-28, 05:04 AM
D-Ex: You know Wolfy, you made a great choice of making an open challenge. Cause I am gonna be that man who accepts it. As far as both of us are concerned, if this match will happen, its gonna be some match where I can take my anger on you after my loss here in Fallout. Its the fallout of fallout, if you will. Cause Wolfy I've been waiting to face you one on one, last time we fought each other it was a draw(the match did not happen in this fed...so dont ask!) and I be damned if that will be the same result this time around!

2004-05-28, 06:22 AM
Originally posted by DrEvil
No, you are Oh-Pee Two Thhoussand and Ffivve. Fear iss actually, y'know, scary. Thhat'ss what you are misssing.

OOC: Heheheh the BEST Smacktalk I ever seen so far in this thread. Short but sweet...couldnt have it in anyway dude.
OCC: Wah, thankyuhverymuch. Uh-huh.

2004-05-28, 01:58 PM
OP2005: In disbelief you are. Then let me teach you what fear is and what I stand for. Accept a match Death if you think you can execute it.

If not... then Thy Worst Nightmare will be watching you.... We are everywhere(except some places where privacy is truly needed:p )

God Jinrai
2004-05-28, 06:08 PM
GC: Death... *laughs deeply, bellowing louder each moment, into a nigh maniacal bellow* FOOL! You've sealed your fate... Judgement you say? You have never FACED judgement before... but your day WILL come... and as for fear... I just spoke with him. You're on his block list, monkey boy. Something about an annoying speech impediment that he couldn't stand anymore.

King Assclown, Blastur, that mound of dirt is from me and me alone. so I suggest you not get too comfortable, lest you find yourself lying in a pool of your own blood, courtesy of myself.

Strafe... You've earned it. By all means, keep your gold. I did what I came to do. I made my presence FELT. Little boy sparky, and the Green Power Ranger can attest to my power.

And soon, many others...will come to realize my might. they will fall... AT THE HANDS OF GRAND CONVOY!

2004-05-28, 06:22 PM
Originally posted by DrEvil
OP2005: In disbelief you are. Then let me teach you what fear is and what I stand for. Accept a match Death if you think you can execute it.
I ssstand by my belieffsss...and iff imprinting my initialsss on your ffilthy sskull iss thhe only way to end your sssufffering, thhen by all meanss, I acccept!

Originally posted by God Jinrai
as for fear... I just spoke with him. You're on his block list, monkey boy. Something about an annoying speech impediment that he couldn't stand anymore.
Why, thhat little fff**k... :mad:

2004-05-28, 07:53 PM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
Strafe... You've earned it. By all means, keep your gold. I did what I came to do. I made my presence FELT. Little boy sparky, and the Green Power Ranger can attest to my power.

OOC: :laugh: quality **** right there!

ic: (Game singing) Assclowns to the left of me...jabbronies to the right...here I am stuck in the middle with you...

So on one hand...we've got Cloud telling the Game to step aside so HE can take a shot at Captain Charisma, The Mat Man? On the other, you've got Bland Daddy Rav of the Gay Pornographers Association telling me that THE GAME is next? Boys...do you never learn? Do you not listen to the people? Did you not see the war the Game and Morpheus had? Do you think that if someone like him couldn't stop the Game that your monkey asses can? Hell no...

Cloud, you've done a lot in your time here. The Game can tell you are just about to take that next step...but see the Game owes the old Mattitude a smack down...and the Game always pays on his debts. So tell you what Thor, sit your ass back, grab some popcorn, watch the Game beat the monkey piss out of Matty, then he's all yours...in fact, The Game will give you the first title shot at his IC belt.

And Ravage...careful what you wish for...

2004-05-28, 10:09 PM
Galvy, Galvy, Galvy.

You know I know your nothing special. We had a war way back when I first came into this fed when I was a rookie and I took you to your limit.

Now you think you have a chance with the human suicide machine, me? You seriously have some pretty sweet delisions. I really would like to know what your shrink put you on.

So don't worry Galvy, I know what I wished for. A night to end the career of another one of the AWF's ageless dinosaurs. First that duff on Mayhem, then HBK now you. You know its a pity all of you AWF people break easier than a piece of fine china tossed off the side of a building. But you know what, thats what makes this fun.

2004-05-29, 03:02 AM
You know what Glavy? I don't argee to that. Why? Because its my shot and mine alone.

I went through AO, who couldn't be proven wrong, and I showed him. I showed him the power that surges through me, the power that makes mortals fear and be afraid.

I went through OP, just as he was about to end it. I showed him, that once CloudStrifer beats you, he can do it agian. I was on the brink, and I pulled through and ended it there. His fear and darkness and nightmares couldn't help him, and I showed him the craftmanship that Odin and his fellow gods created me and that I was empowered by them.

Then it all changed. It was me and him, one on one just the way it was supposed to be. And then it hit me. When GPA and Divebomb, touched me, I knew something was wrong, yet I foolishly ignored it, and my punishment was them touching their hands and costing my belt.

No, I will tell you this. I will be the one to take that belt from his dead hands. I will be the champion and I will have my revenge.

I accept that your a big star here, and I give you all the credit but if I have to, I will plough through you like I did AO. It doesn't matter wheater your a big star, have a fancy car or are even a millionare. If you even touch what is rightfully mine, then by the Gods, I shall strike you down!

So you sit your ass down, and watch me destroy him, for I shall extract my revenge!

I am Cloudstrifer, Chosen of Odin, Blessed of the Norse Gods, Oath Taker and Oath Binder for the Norse gods! Pray for mercy and above all Believe The Hype!

2004-05-30, 05:41 AM
Ah, my reign continues unabated...

Time to move to the top of the ranks methinks...

Sir Auros
2004-05-30, 10:35 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: Auros, you might have won today, but remember this is just the battle. This war aint over yet Auros, as long as I am living, as long as I a breathing, you will NEVER escape the destiny! You can never escape the destiny of you losing that title. Tonight, on the other hand I give you congratulations on your win against me. But as evident as it has been seen tonight, no matter how much punishment you dished out, I came right back up for more. The next time we meet for the hardcore title, MY RIGHTFUL TITLE, prepare to face a more prepared D-Extreme. This hunt aint over Auros....NOT BY A LONGSHOT!


Dios main, joo just don't no wen to shut joor [expletive deleted] mowth, do joo? I ain't loosing theese title main. Eet's mine and I'm the most hardcore chingamadre aquí main. Just geeve eet up and go after sum other pendejo loser like joo. Like that viking culero.

2004-05-31, 12:07 AM
Wow. The X takes the weekend off to do a little conditioning and what happens? We've got Ravage still running his mouth about hurting people, Strifer taking on the Game and the GPA at the same time, and OP2K5 and Judge Death trying to decide who knows fear better.

This is what I've got to say. Ravage, you talk about hurting people, and that's fine. If that's all your simple mind wants to worry about, then I'll let it. You can hurt everyone you want, but don't be surprised when it comes back to bite you in the ass. I've been watching tapes and I'm awfully sure HBK has come back from a lot worse than the likes of you. And the Game... well... I'll send you a card or two, okay? Maybe a stuffed giraffe?

The point is Ravage, even though I know they're very real, your threats have never scared me, and I don't believe they ever will. I know things were never solved between us and right now I see us as pretty damn even, and maybe we should keep it that way for a time. I'll worry about your bush friends the NWA, you worry about the Game, and maybe some time down the road we'll meet and have some more fun. And don't worry, I'll remember to leave the rule book at home when it happens. Remember that.

Speaking of the NWA, I know they haven't said much because they're off "preparing" in their own way. They just have to remember that the X will be bringing his A game come Mayhem, and he wouldn't expect any less from them.

2004-05-31, 03:29 AM
Is someone talking?

*looks down*

Oh it's Xille.

You know if your soooo unafraid of me why don't you get back into the ring with me?

Becuase you are a coward.

Now have a nice night as you realise most of the women the GPA score with are taller than you.

2004-05-31, 03:38 AM
And we all know why that is, don't we, Billy Bitch Rav? It's because all of the women the GPA score with aren't really women at all. If you were to take a close look 'down below', you'll find that the GPA 'women' come complete with a certain piece of equipment that the GPA themselves lack.

Thanks for the congratulations Wolfang. Been a long time coming, but the Double S did it. Just like he always said he would. Riding high, kicking arse.

They're right. The new era of the AWF IS beginning. Right here, right now. The Double S is on top of the world. The GPA? They're in the gutter, same as always. It doesn't really matter that Viewfind's added another bitch to his collection. It really doesn't matter that there's an extra body to fill out a GPA shirt. It's like shovelling ****. You can add more and more **** to the pile. You could make the pile twenty feet tall if you wanted to, but at the end of the day, it's still ****.

2004-05-31, 04:03 AM
Six, you know for a guy that lost his belt to TC and myself you really do have a pretty big ego.

I realise from what the ladies told me you need that ego for good reason. And I also realise you are the resident expert on what equipment people would lack or have. So I won't even try to jump to your level to argue that.

And you the new era of the AWF. Thats about as funny as Bush winning another term. You know the GPA is the only show in town and let's face it your scared by it. You know your just like a dog chasing an 18 wheeler once you get to it your going to be crushed like a bug.

So don't worry Six. HBK is done, next up will be Galvy and I will be more than willing to end your career faster than you go through an extra Big-Mac value meal at Mc. Donalds.

Six, just keep on ranting becuase as they say I'll be waiting for ya.

2004-05-31, 06:17 AM
Oh hey Six. Its been good having you here but unlike my normal attitude of just yelling at people and saying they don't stack up i am going to say good job on getting your hands on the title. But don't get me wrong you are still a jackass in my books and you will get whats coming to you soon enough I am sure. But I do have to say this. Just because I am full of sh!t most of the time doesn't mean I can't follow through on what I say. So enjoy your title run and may it be as short as can be.

Now get bent you glorified piss ant.

2004-05-31, 05:53 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
You know if your soooo unafraid of me why don't you get back into the ring with me?

Anytime, anywhere, hoss. I've faced you before and I'll gladly do it again. I will, however, give you time to recover after the ass-kicking your about to receive from the game.

Becuase you are a coward.

This is coming from the guy who can't win a match without cheating and decides to hurt people after he loses? The man who is stuck in a stable with five other hosses? The man who takes orders from a vanilla ice wanna be? He dares to call me a coward?

Ravage, I've pulled many a stunt since I've come to the AWF. I haven't backed down from a fair fight ever, I've jumped off the Archivetron two times already, and I've even managed to win the Hardcore title, one that screams "this man isn't a coward".

Don't call me a coward, Ravvy. I'll break your knees. Remember that.

2004-05-31, 11:45 PM
Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Xille you can't even break the plastic wrap off of your Gatorade. And you think you can break my knees.

After I cripple the Game, I will snap your back like an unwanted toy.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-06-01, 12:09 AM
Hey Tempest, I wouldn't go making any plans. One thing I would do though, if I were you, is book yourself into the dingiest make-shift hospital you can afford, you'll be spending a lot of time there.

2004-06-01, 12:13 AM
Haven't I heard this before? Yeah ... I think I did ... and yet ... I'm still here? You said at Fallout I was going to be going to a hospital ... and yet ... I pinned you?

Warp, learn to back up your words, otherwise I'll send YOU to a hospital ...

2004-06-01, 01:15 AM
The Double S will get what's coming to him? The Double S already got what was coming to him, and that's the strap I'm wearing around my waist right now. Bitch Daddy Rav says I've got a big ego... It aint bragging if you back it up buddy, and my performance at Fallout proved without a shadow of a doubt that the Welsh Wonder can back it up.

GPA... The only show in town? The only show you'll ever be a success in is the Rocky Horror Show, and the Double S says that you're welcome to keep that particular brand of entertainment.

And lets get one thing straight. The Double S doesn't need to be chasing anything. With this shiny new belt, it's you and the pack that're chasing the Double S. Maybe you've got things bent over backwards here Rav, but you got beat by HBK. You can say what you want about 'just wanting to inflict pain', but in this business, if you can't get the job done during the match, then you're a loser. Maybe one day you won't be. Until then, keep on licking Viewfind's shoes, and maybe, just maybe, one day you might be good enough to lick mine.

You want some?
Come get some!

2004-06-01, 02:00 AM
Double S, I have to congratulate you, you did get the strap. Theres no doubt about that, but you see theres a problem, Vinny G, he was da man of the match, he upset our great leader and now the FPA will pay our dues. But on the other hand, I've already taken care of him at one point ... os that measn i'm free to kick SCSW ass ... But am I? See, I remember a time when, yes believe it or not, Double S, beat me ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... He even eliminated me from the Royal Rumble, but I got him back ... I eliminated him from another Royal Rumble ... but you've never taken me on ... 1 on 1 have you?

Well ... you can prove yourself ... no not now, I've stil got to take care of Warp. But at the Archivebowl, I'll win that baby ... then I'll take you on ... one on one ... and we can still who is the best this company has to offer ...

2004-06-01, 04:12 AM
See double S.

You hide behind your words. You stand and say come get some and what not. But I don't see you climbing in those ropes to get me. And you know it's no longer about if I win or lose it's who gets sent to their wives or kids in a strecher.

And you know what Double S? I never excatly cared about what you thought anyway. Your beatable just like everyone else.

And so what if you beat me, victories are pretty useless when you have a tube to feed you from.

So like I said Six, stop hiding behind that mouth of yours and either come after Big Daddy Rav or shut up.

You see I don't care about belts, they are nice and all but not nearly as satisfiying as the snapping of bone, the ripping of muscle or the screams of pain from a fallen foe.

Just keep that in mind.

2004-06-01, 04:40 AM
Easy Ravage ... leave enough of him for me ... you may cae more about the blood slattering form his mouth or dripping from his eyes .. but I haven't liamed claim to gold yet ... we 3 belts in the GPA, as long as either me View beat SS, i'll be happy .. you go can go were you love the action of it all ... go and gte YOUR hardcore belt ..

2004-06-01, 11:29 AM
The Double S hides behind nothing. You want to prove that I'm no good? You want to prove that I'm all talk? You want to prove that you're better than the Double S? Then Ravage, you are more than welcome to try. Tempest... You're just a little bitch. But you can bring it on too.

2004-06-01, 03:07 PM
Dang, Sixswitch, you weren't kidding. You do have one hell of a target painted on your chest now. I forgot to give you your props before, so I'll say it now. Congrats, man. The X is happy for you and he's not against backing up the new AWF Champion again.

Speaking of backing up the champion, it seems we have a little problem here. The GPA seem to have sprung a leak and are spewing all kinds of crap everywhere again. Ravage, your worthless comments about someone not climbing in the ropes to come get you is pointless because it can be turned around on yourself as well. You haven't been chasing the Welsh Wonder or the X for quite some time now, and yet you claim that we're afraid of you. Come to think of it, I believe that we've both said that if, as the Double S puts it, "you want some, come get some", Ravage. In fact, the Double S and I have defeated you before, right? I'm pretty sure I can speak for both of us when I say that we have no problem doing it again.

Remeber that.

2004-06-01, 10:28 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
. It doesn't really matter that Viewfind's added another bitch to his collection. It really doesn't matter that there's an extra body to fill out a GPA shirt. It's like shovelling ****. You can add more and more **** to the pile. You could make the pile twenty feet tall if you wanted to, but at the end of the day, it's still ****.

I don't even have a come-back for that.


2004-06-02, 12:22 AM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: You know Wolfy, you made a great choice of making an open challenge. Cause I am gonna be that man who accepts it. As far as both of us are concerned, if this match will happen, its gonna be some match where I can take my anger on you after my loss here in Fallout. Its the fallout of fallout, if you will. Cause Wolfy I've been waiting to face you one on one, last time we fought each other it was a draw(the match did not happen in this fed...so dont ask!) and I be damned if that will be the same result this time around!

OOC: And Jinners nicks my smacktalk. This is sooooo unfair....

IC: You're on, D. You and I know we're lacking some of the support we deserve, so lets put on a show for the AWFs viewing public. I know you can do that.

2004-06-02, 12:42 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
I don't even have a come-back for that.


OOC: I aim to please...

Seriously, thanks man.


2004-06-02, 03:43 AM
Xille, you two foot tall midget from the Spinal Tap movies.

Look you know why you have not been put in the ring with me again? Because the AWF upper management does not want me to kill you.

Now they may be looking out for your best interests. But whats the point? Your too stupid for your own good and like Old Yeller you need to be put out of your misery.

And Six like I said I don't care about your stupid gold anymore. Too many cowards ran from me with their belts before, like Tempest said now I am out for blood. If I get a belt great, just gives me more fools that will be more than willing to step into their last match with me.

2004-06-03, 04:25 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Xille, you two foot tall midget from the Spinal Tap movies.

Look you know why you have not been put in the ring with me again? Because the AWF upper management does not want me to kill you.

Now they may be looking out for your best interests. But whats the point? Your too stupid for your own good and like Old Yeller you need to be put out of your misery.

You kill me? Ravage, the only time you come close to killing me is when you're trying to be threatening and I start choking on my pop-tart because I'm laughing too hard. Besides, last I checked, I was owning you at every turn. Do you remember my dive off of the Archivetron?

And I may be crazy, Ravage, but I'm in no way stupid. I think for myself. Remember that the next time Viewfind tells you to wipe his ass.

2004-06-03, 08:43 PM
Heh, well at least it's not my mom wiping my ass now is it Xille?

2004-06-03, 10:53 PM
Of course not. Your mom doesn't wipe... so much as... lick.

2004-06-04, 01:33 AM
D-Ex: I think its safe to say Rav, a small tough guy just got you X'ed with that comment! :laugh: Hey havent you guys forgoten, I aint over with backing up the X here. From one Ex to another X, so if you mess with either one, you get the 2 for one deal boys.

2004-06-04, 03:17 AM
Yawns, Kup your IQ must match your shoe size. I mean really, with how many times I kicked your ass and that sorry excuse you called a tag partner Cyberstrike, there most be some brain damage that clouds your ablity to think.

So this is your only warning loser, keep pissing me off and I will just break you, your not even worthy of the AWF's D talent, so I don't think anyone would miss you if I happened to say accidently break your back.

And Xille, at least my momma can be proud of her son. A large man making a name for himself breaking morons and losers left and right. Unlike yours who I bet calls you every night hoping to take you to Mc. Donalds for a Happy Meal.

And don't worry Xille just keep watching Big Daddy Rav has some surprises in store for the whole AWF.

2004-06-04, 05:13 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Yawns, Kup your IQ must match your shoe size. I mean really, with how many times I kicked your ass and that sorry excuse you called a tag partner Cyberstrike, there most be some brain damage that clouds your ablity to think.

So this is your only warning loser, keep pissing me off and I will just break you, your not even worthy of the AWF's D talent, so I don't think anyone would miss you if I happened to say accidently break your back.

D-Ex: As I recall...you cant even stand a chance against my former tag team partner in that tag team cage match we had and can you remember who won? And coming from a man who is degrading himself in being the butt of every 'yo momma' jokes, I should tell the management to give you a raise. Though due to your constant yawning and being such a big sloth, I would do otherwise and just warn you instead, you keep on threatening D-Extreme, you will be in for a night that you will be forcefed with your own words. So after I face Wolfang, get the hardcore title, listen to some Kenny G, I might have some time to lace up my size 12 and shove it to your mouth Rav. But then again, my buddy Xille can take care of you, so I'm just gonna be here to back him up. So if you ....ACTUALLY can back your words up and put him in the injury list, then maybe we can all take you seriously Rav. When was the last time the papers put anything about you doing that anyway? Infact when was it that you even made headlines after you giving the cWo its loss on the wargames? Think about it Rav, think about it.

And speaking of Wolfy, your damn right, these guys dont know the meaning of XTREME until they see us fight in the AWF ring. Lets just hope they can actually let us face each other on the next show though.

2004-06-04, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by Ravage

And don't worry Xille just keep watching Big Daddy Rav has some surprises in store for the whole AWF.

Assuming we can all stay awake long enough to see them.

You claim that you don't care about my gold. You claim that you don't care about the AWF Championship. Frankly - you're a liar. Everyone cares about the AWF Championship. It's the one icon of this sport that truly defines what we're all about - and if I may be modest for a minute, I am fortunate enough to have had the honour of carrying it, no matter how long my reign may turn out to be.

Ahem, now that the modesty is over. The only reason you claim you don't care about the gold Bitch Daddy is that you know deep down inside that big, bad, cold, evil, twisted, black, demonic heart of yours - no, scratch that. Deep down inside that big, GPA bitch wannabe, pathetic, sad, comical heart of yours, you know that you'll never be able to take the gold from the Double S. You know that you'll never do what only a select few have done, and beat me. And that eats you up. Like a little psychopathic hamster, it's gnawing at you from the inside out.

And that my friends, is why Bitch Daddy Rav has these issues with 'hurting' people. It's to escape his own pain. To escape the realisation that he sucks monkey balls. And that is why they should call me Doctor Double S, psychologist extraordinaire.

2004-06-04, 01:33 PM
First off D-Whatever.

Yeah I might have lost the Wargames, but you know what at least I was in the Wargames and not at home crying to my mommy the AWF doesn't like me.

And Six you know what? Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, put the belt up, if I kick your ass I'll just leave the belt right there. It's still yours I don't wnat it. I just want your blood and after I prove I can beat you, you know the whole GPA can kick your ass.

So big guy, put up or shut up.

2004-06-05, 02:04 AM
IC: Big words coming from you, Ravage. A few months ago, I would have been happy to call you a friend. Then you just hop on another bandwagon hoping to ride somebody else's coat-tails into the main event. Why? Because in the back of that pea-sized molecule arrangement you call a mind, you know that you can't measure up on your own.

And as for an AWF championship match, you'll have to wait in the cue. You should be right behind D-Ex... which I'm sure you'll enjoy... not that I'm casting aspersions on your sexuality or anything, but good grief, you sure talk about him alot considering he isn't worthy of the AWFs 'D talent'....

2004-06-05, 05:02 AM
Who are you?

Oh thats right some 3rd rate tag team behind the GPA and every other set of two jobbers in this fed.

By the way if you think I am going to just cry myself to sleep since you don't consider me a friend, your a total fool. And don't worry if I want that title I will get it. But the fates shine on you and I don't want the belt I just want to snap Six's back.

2004-06-05, 05:30 AM
D-Ex: Who is HE? He is Wolfang, one half of a damn tag team who had a longer run than you ever had. Infact, who are you besides a man who got the hardcore title, tag team titles for one occassion only and rode in the coat-tails of TC who gotten into bigger things after dumping you? Oh yeah, your Ravage, Ravage who? Look man, its safe to say your not in the current AWF champ's league, not in Wolfang's league...not even in MY league. Where you ever a FIRST Champion at anything Rav? No. So just beg, plead, for a time where you can actually 'break' anyone's back. Look at the facts Rav, we fought, you could NOT break my back........a frying pan broke my friggin back! See, even a frying pan is now better than you! And no if your wondering, just go to your old Mayhem tapes and go check out the summer of 2002 episodes. Rav, if there is a human structure in every faction here...I bet the GPA will place you at the 'backside'.

2004-06-05, 05:40 AM
Yawns, look your a former member of that Cyberstrike group of jobbers so that really should tell anyone with half a mind that you are a ****ing moron.

And last time you were in a ring with me I believe you were face down on the mat, knocked out. So unless that next time you want EMT's bringing you outside I really would suggest you find someone in your own league to bother.

And funny you should mention TC. A man with more talent in his left nut than in your whole body. And claim he carried me all you want but him and I know the truth and just remember the truth can hurt. So as gavly said once, be careful what you wish for.

2004-06-05, 11:04 AM
You're more than welcome to try, Ravage. The Double S doesn't back down from any challenge, and that aint about to change. So bring your ass down to the ring, and allow me to introduce my boot to it.

2004-06-05, 08:13 PM
The only boot will be mine across your face Six.

2004-06-06, 02:39 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
So as gavly said once, be careful what you wish for.

D-Ex: ...yeah I should be careful Rav. CAUSE IT AINT COMING TRUE! I have to force myself out of this seat and stop drinking some morphweisers to get there and beat the hell outta you. Cause wishing you would shut your crap-hole is never gonna happen now wont it? So your right there. The truth hurts...and so will my boot up your ass!

2004-06-06, 02:41 AM
You know Kup, you ever heard the phrase, "Calling the Kettle Black"?

Nobody cares about your horse jargon, your a nobody and always have been. I am sorry but if the peak of my career was to be Cyberstrike's lacky, please shoot me. I may work for View but at least he has talent and drive something you will never have.

2004-06-06, 08:10 AM
D-Ex: Look look big daddy hash, if you cant think of anything more to say to me. Then dont just stand there repeating your words like one hell broken record. Cause whats the use to break you when you already are broken? Thats just gonna be worthless right big man? Fix yourself up, so we can do the breaking for you. Start there and maybe everyone will be happy. Cause you might be in the GPA and former cWo....you might be a former tag team member and now a singles competitor. Like they say 'new packaging, same result....cr@p!'.

2004-06-07, 03:09 AM
Heh, D you know what your problem is? You say things that will get you killed.

You are a nobody, remember that, if your career ends in that ring tomorow. Nobody and I mean nobody will care.

Your family, your friends, your dog? They might but I bet even they know what everyone else in the AWF knows.

You have no talent. So keep jabbering to me like a monkey on crack. I don't care, just the moment you get in the ring with me it will be your last.

2004-06-07, 03:56 AM
D-Ex: OOOOH! I am so scared, was that a threat from Big Daddy Rav? Well I dont give a damn, cause what my name stands for, I spit on the face of death...no...NOT the skinny guy we saw this PPV...the other 'death' if you get my drift. You know you MAKE me laugh so hard that its so true what your saying, nobody WILL remember...YOU. Yep the only thing they will remember about you is that you cost your former faction their dominance. The thing is they will remember about D-Extreme than they will with you Rav. Cause I'm the first AWF TV Champ, baby! What titles did you get that was new? I see nothing Rav. So stop making fun of yourself before we just laugh so hard we will fall off our boots and cant get up in the ring instead of you doing something else to keep us down that aint humorous.

2004-06-07, 05:48 AM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
I spit on the face of death...no...NOT the skinny guy we saw this PPV...the other 'death' if you get my drift.
Thhere iss no othher Deathhh! How DARE you ssspeak off ssuch blassphemy!?

2004-06-08, 09:56 PM
IC: Third rate? Man you should be an expert on that, Ravage. You aspire to be third rate rather than ninth. You hurt the Heat. Big deal. Picking out that one particular little 'moral victory' for yourself completely negates your failing to have done much else.

The Mav'ricks were a decent tag team. One went on to be AWF Champion. Twice. Know what that says right there? YOU SUCK. And I don't just mean Viewfind's member, either...

2004-06-09, 02:35 AM
Yawns, you know as we say around here, people that talk about oral sex with men tend to have something to hide.

Anyway, Wolfy, your right that was only a little moral victory hurting the Heat, the real deal will be when G91 is broken and finished. Just like Bane broke Batman, I will break the Game.

Besides, if thats what it takes to be taken seriously around here is to lay waste the dinosuars that roam this fed then so be it.

2004-06-10, 09:54 PM
Gee yeah... I must have some skeletons in my closet. Ask my ex-wife about that. And my Alice Cooper records. If you should see her.

And Ravage... what makes you think you can lay claim to maiming the Game? Brend got the pinfall. And, because he proved you wrong about your not being a loser, you threw a hissy fit and beat down on him. The Game? That's a different story.

One day, I wouldn't mind crossing swords with G91. For right now, I'm going to make it my personal mission in life to make yours a pain.