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God Jinrai
2004-05-28, 02:59 AM
Prime sat in his chambers, optics somewhat dim... he was partially asleep, but still aware of his surroundings... his head shifted fron one side to the other, and back, as if he were having some sort of nightmare... before long, he bolted upright, his optics wide and bright. whatever it was that was in his mind had shaken him into full awareness.

Sighing to himself, prime stood up, heading for the chamber doors...

"Note to self" he muttered... "Make sure I don't take nightbeat up on another one of his "energon mixers" any time in the near future..." with that, he shook the remaining cobwebs from his cranium, and headed down to the command center

2004-05-28, 03:05 AM
The command center was in an uproar. Windcharger was laughing hysterically at an extraordinarily upset Tracks. "I'm telling you- you had a sign on your back that said "KICK ME! Really!"

God Jinrai
2004-05-28, 03:08 AM
resting his hand on the door frame to the ark's command center, prime tried to regain some degree of composure...

"What sign is that, windcharger?" prime spoke as he carefully made his way over to the minibot

2004-05-28, 03:17 AM
"The figment in his defunctional memory chips Prime." Gears complained (loudly). "He probably broke my rear exhaust and the hydraulics for my knees."

Windcharger shrugged with a grin.
"Gears was under Telatran and he had a sign on his back Optimus. It said 'kick me'. I gave him a push with my foot, but then the sign disappeared."

"Oh my aching belts..."

2004-05-28, 03:18 AM
Main Conference Room, Metroplex:

Ironhide, Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Roadbuster: -each sitting at the table, each holding a script, and each surrounded by piles and piles of additional script pages covering the color spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet-

Ironhide: -sags in chair, hands covering his optics- "AARRGGHH!!!"

Nightbeat: -facedown on the table, wincing- "What?"

Ironhide: "Where'm Ah gonna get a chicken suit that Ah c'n fit in?"

Minerva: -squinting at one of the ultraviolet pages- "Call wardrobe. And feed whoever typed this into a paper shredder, would you? Looks like Blurr typed it."

Siren: -first to catch it, looks over at Ironhide- "Chicken suit?"

Ironhide: "Chicken suit."

Siren: -whistles- "Dang, man."

Roadbuster: "Want to trade?"

Ironhide: -looks over- "Depends. What you got?"

Roadbuster: "A knock down, drag out fight with Bludgeon."

Ironhide: "Ah'll stick with th' chicken."

Nightbeat: "I don't blame you. Get me some asperin......"

God Jinrai
2004-05-28, 03:19 AM
Prime shot a glance around the room, his optics comming to rest on one autobot in particular...

"Hound... by any chance, did YOU see this "sign" as well?"

Prime had a hunch his "scout" may have been behind it... as good humored as he was, a "kick me" sign didn't just appear on a 'bot's back, only to disappear a second later...

2004-05-28, 03:29 AM
A squeaky voice answered. "The devil made me do it Optimus."

Gears smacked his forehead.
"Oh good grief. Someone gave him that Earth blend of environmental-friendly fuel made from corn again. He's hyper."

Windcharger laughed. "He's not hyper, he's Hound."

*Just then, the floor and walls begin bubbling.*

God Jinrai
2004-05-28, 03:34 AM
Putting his hand against his face, Optimus muttered to himself...

"Why me?".... and went silent...

"WHEEEELJAAAAAAACK! " he shouted as loud as he could, hoping he'd at least get a reply from the mad scientist

2004-05-28, 03:41 AM
"I'm serious Optimus! My paper says right here... the script writers are devils... woo." Hound appeared from a doorway with an innocent smile. "It says: 'Make sign on Gears. Windcharger kicks Gears into Telatran, Ark crashes.'

Should I hologram the broken pieces now?"

"I'll give you broken pieces...." Gears growled as he started towards Hound.

God Jinrai
2004-05-28, 03:45 AM
"Alright, enough of this jibba jabba..." Prime suddenly stopped, his right optic seemingly growing larger, his left shrinking, as if he were "raising an eyebrow"...

"Wait a minute, that's... " *raises right arm, flips open panel, scrolls thru episode script* " I knew it! I knew that wasn't in the script! YOU SEE THAT, BUDIANSKY?!? NEXT TIME PAY MORE ATTENTION TO DETAILS!"

Prime's raised fist to thin air dissipated, and he closed the panel on his right forearm... sighing, he took a seat at the table alongside ironhide...

"Well? What sort of maddness are you folks stuck with?"

2004-05-28, 03:51 AM
*cue rolling fight in the background*

"Disappear into subspace!"

"There's no such thing- it's just my hologr..."
"I'll fix that!"

"Windcharger, help!"
*Windcharger laughs* "Nah, worst Gears can do is cause a lot of whines in the vocoder register."

"Little help here?!"

2004-05-28, 04:00 AM
Bludgeon: -sitting crosslegged, meditating, staring off into space-

Jalgar and Killbison: -walk by, reading their scripts-

Jalgar: "Geez. Who writes this stuff, anyway? Talk about hackneyed dialogue."

Killbison: -snorts in disgust- "What do you have to complain about? Your dialogue is Shakespeare compared to mine. And to think I gave up a chance to perform with the Royal Opera Company to take this job."

Jalgar: "It's a steady paycheck. I saw that new Porsche you got....." -sees Bludgeon- "Hey, Bludgeon, get the new script changes?"

Bludgeon: -silence-

Jalgar: -looks in the direction Bludgeon's looking in- "You see anything, Killbison?"

Jalgar and Killbison: -staring in the same direction that Bludgeon is-

Leozak and Drillhorn: -walk by, carrying coffee-

Drillhorn: "... you should see it. The pyrotechnics guys gave me a run through. That section of the set's gonna get blown to matchwood."

Leozak: "-nearly chokes on his coffee- "Matchwood? We're blowing the main computer core to match....wood.......?" -sees Bludgeon, Jalgar, and Killbison staring off into space- "What the hell are you guys doing?"

Jalgar: "Bludgeon's spotted something. We're trying to see it. It might be important."

Killbison: "Yes. It could be the roach coach."

Leozak: -staring off at the point Bludgeon is- "I hope so. I could kill a danish."

Drillhorn: "You and me both." -joins in the staring-

Hellbat and Gaihawk: -walk in-

Hellbat: "Gaihawk, I gotta ask this. Why pink?"

Gaihawk: -growls- "For the last bleeping time, I'm not pink! I'm..... light..... rose?" -stops and stares at the amassed group staring off into space- "Do I want to know what you all are doing?"

Leozak: "Looking for the roach coach."

Hellbat: -holds up a sandwich- "It's in the parking lot, you idiots." -hooks thumb over shoulder- "Back thataway."

Drillhorn: "Then what are we looking for?"

Bludgeon: -stands, knocking Leozak, Drillhorn, Killbison, and Jalgar over, stretches- "That was a nice nap......." -looks at the massed members of Breastforce- "What are you doing here?"

Jalgar: -jumps to feet- "GET HIM!!!!!"

Bludgoen: "WAK!" -beats feet, Breastforce hot on his heels-

2004-05-28, 04:18 AM
Nightbeat: -groaning- "How about Advil?"

Ironhide: -sighing- "Chicken suit. They want me to wear a chicken suit."

Bludgeon: -runs in, leaps over the table, keeps going-

Roadbuster: "Why did Bludgeon just-"

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -crash into the table, sending script pages fluttering through the air to rain down line leaves, sending Nightbeat and Siren sprawling-

Roadbuster: "Ah. That explains it."

Aero Blade
2004-05-29, 02:06 AM
Having finally reactivated after spending some much needed rest in a recharge chamber, Aero Blade entered the room and stopped, blinking a bit as he watched the insuing chaos. "I think I'm glad now that I skipped the energon party last night..." Aero commented to himself.

Looking about the room he noticed several scattered papers. The new scripts must have come in. Presently he noticed one script set aside on a table with his name printed on it... which he ignored for fear of what may be inside. Instead he went over towards who looked to be the only sane person left in the room, Optimus.

"Uh, any idea what's going on...?" Aero asked almost timidly as he kept a sharp eye on what was happening around him.

2004-05-29, 02:33 AM
Hatemonger watched the chaos around him.

"HOW is a star like me suppose to work in these conditions?" he sighed.

Cryotek was trying to help the other Seacons get Skylar into a shower.

"Come on before the next act it would be nice if we could tolerate your smell for a mew nanoseconds at least!" He yelled trying to shove him into a shower.

2004-05-29, 09:18 AM
Cyclonus walks in with a glass of energon in his hand.
His face, worse a beaten up Waspinators.

"Where The Hell Was I Last Night

He looks down at himself and shrugs.

"Haz zennyone zeen the bathzooom."

2004-05-31, 01:42 AM

Bludgeon and Roadbuster: -facing each other, Bludgeon holding a kendo sword and Roadbuster armed with 2 Super Soaker 10,000s-

Bludgeon: "Ready?"

Roadbuster: -nods- "Go."

-Bludgeon charged forward, leaping high into the air as Roadbuster brings guns up and fires, gracefully dodging the beams as his feet lash out, kicking the guns from Roadbuster's hands, lands and slashes, sword shattering against Roadbuster's head, staggering the big Autobot-

Roadbuster: -holds up hand, wincing- "Waitaminute...WAITAMINUTE!!!! What the hell was that?"

Bludgeon: -looks at shattered kendo sword, shrugs- "Improvisation?"

Roadbuster: -growls, shoots Bludgeon with the super soaker on his shoulder-

Aero Blade
2004-05-31, 01:55 AM
While Aero Blade looked about the room, still trying to figure things out, several pieces of the shatter sword wound up flying over and hitting him.

"Hey, watch it!" Aero snapped towards Roadbuster and Bludgeon, brushing the debris off of him.

2004-05-31, 03:35 AM
Training Room

Hot Rod brought his small shield up, blocking the training drone's punch. He grabbed the smaller robot's shoulder, flipping it into a nearby wall.

The door to the training room whooshed open.

"Working on your moves, I see..."

Hot Rod turned to face the newcomer. "What is it, Crosshairs?"

"The new scripts came in," was the reply. "You've got a big role in the upcoming arc, too."

"Yeah?" Hot Rod looked at Crosshairs specultatively. "Lemme see tha- Gah!" He let out a surprised gasp as the training drone's fist smashed into his back, causing him to fall over forwards. He spun on the drone, cocking his fist back.

The drone recoiled. "BUZZZT! Time out, time out, time out!"

Hot Rod shook his head in disgust, then grabbed the script from Crosshairs. After reading a few pages, he shook his head again.

"No, no, no! I can't do this!"

"Why not?" Crosshairs asked. "It's a major role; it'll be good for your career."

"I don't care; I don't do the straight-edge hero thing. The femmes dig the bad-boy image, you know." He glowered at the script. "If I do this, all my fans'll be flocking to Springer or someone!"

"I wouldn't know about that," Crosshairs said. "Never had too many fans mysel--."

"Time in!" The drone yelled, microseconds before it blindsided Hot Rod yet again.

Picking himself off the ground, Hot Rod snarled, "I'll give you 'time in'!" He swung a punch at the drone's head. The blow connected and the drone collapsed in a heap.

Hot Rod looked back at the script, then sighed. "Why do I have to be the chosen one?"