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2004-05-30, 02:17 AM
The pyros ignite, the credits roll and we are live.

JFA: “Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of AWF Warzone. We’re coming to you live from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. I’m JFA and with me as always is JHA. Were here to call the matches and I must say it looks to be another good show here tonight.”
JHA: “Yes it does. We’ve got a couple of newcomers, a huge Tag match and homeslice himself will be here to take on Amarant Odinson.”
JFA: “Yeah and Amarant will prove to be a handful tonight after coming off a disappointing match at Fallout. So look to see him cause some problems for Viewfind.”
JHA: “Yeah whatever. Homeslice can take him no sweat.”

Judge Death v. Hellraiser

JFA: “Well its time for our first match here tonight and it features two of the newcomers to the AWF as Hellraiser takes on Judge Death.”
JHA: “Yeah it should be a good match.”
JFA: “Are you kidding me? I thought you didn’t like these new guy matches because they aren’t of the same caliber of the champs.”
JHA: “Oh come on you gotta love these ones. Both men are new and are trying to make a name for themselves. They will do anything to get the win and get noticed by management. They are all about getting famous at any cost and want to secure their place in the AWF. How can you not like this.”
JFA: “Well I am surprised, this is a side of you I never thought I would see.”
JHA: “Hey you gotta give me at least a little credit.”
JFA: “Ok. Well now lets go to JRA for the announcement.”

JRA: “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another edition of AWF Warzone and its time for our first match of the evening and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first….JUDGE DEATH!”

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation
Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live...

"Out Of The Silent Planet" by Iron Maiden begins to blare as Judge Death walks through the curtains and makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and poses for the crowd to a mixed reaction. Suddenly the lights dim and a bell begins to toll and Hellraiser makes his way through the curtains and on to the ramp. The bell tolls for the thirteenth time and the lights go completely out. After a few seconds the pyro’s explode and “Slow Chemical” by Finger Eleven begins to play. The lights come on and we see Hellraiser standing on the top ropes staring at Judge Death.

JRA: “Introducing next, already in the ring…..HELLRAISER!”

He drops off the ropes and they both wait for the bell.

JFA: “Well here we go. The first match now officially underway.”
JHA: “Yes it is and I gotta say, what an entrance by Hellraiser. It never fails to give me chills.”
JFA: “It is definitely entertaining.”

The two walk slowly to the center and stare eye-to-eye while Judge begins to trash talk. Hellraiser just stares at him and finally Judge throws a stiff punch that connects with the side of Hellraiser’s head and knocks him back a few steps. Death follows quickly with another punch and pushes Hellraiser into the corner. He quickly connects with a couple of shoulder thrusts then whips Hellraiser into the opposite corner. He poses for the crowd then charges. Just as Judge is about to hit Hellraiser with a clothesline, hellraiser raises his arm and catches Death by the neck.

JFA: “Oh this doesn’t look good for Judge Death.”
JHA: “Your telling me, he got to cocky and no Hellraiser has him by the neck and lets see what hes going to do now.”

Hellraiser steps out of the corner while he stares into Deaths eyes and then slams him hard to the mat with a chokeslam. He gets up and bounces off the ropes and drops hard onto the neck of Judge Death with a guillotine leg drop. He picks him up and locks in a dragon sleeper.

JFA: “Judge struggling here as Hellraiser locks in a dragon sleeper.”
JHA: “This is such a good move. I have seen so many people win a match with this move its crazy.”
JFA: “Well I don’t think hes going to win it tonight with this move because Judge just managed to reach the ropes.”

The ref forces Hellraiser to break the hold. He stands up and stares out at the crowd then reaches over to pick up Judge but just as he gets him to his feet Judge unloads a devastating eye rake that sends Hellraiser stumbling and reaching for the ropes. Judge looks out at the crowd and signals for his finisher.

JHA: “What a good counter and look now hes going to try and end it while Hellraiser is trying to see.”
JFA: “You would like that move wouldn’t you?”
JHA: “Whatever works is fine by me.”

Judge walks over and grabs Hellraiser by the throat. He brings his arm way back and lunges forward with a punch. Just as he is about to hit Hellraiser side steps and then quickly lifts Judge over his head with a body press. He takes one final look at the crowd and then drops Judge as hard as he can with a chokeslam.

JHA: “What the hell was that? Judge had this thing won. What was that move?”
JFA: “I think that’s what he calls Hellfire and Brimstone. It’s a body press chokeslam.”
JHA: “Well whatever the hell it was it has stopped Judge cold in his tracks.”
JFA: “And Hellraiser with the pin here. 1…2…3! And hes done it. Hes got his first ever win in the AWF.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match……HELLRAISER!”

Hellraiser climbs the ropes and stares out at the crowd while “Slow Chemical” begins again and then makes his way to the back.

JFA: “Well that was a pretty good match, but guess whats coming up next.”
JHA: “Like you even have to remind me, but first we have to take a commercial break.”
JFA: “Don’t go anywhere, because we’ll be right back.”

*Commercial break*

Ravage and Tempest v. OP2005 and Brave Maximus

JFA: “We’re back and it’s time for our next match here and it is promising to be a good one as we get to see OP2005 and Brave Max take on Ravage and Tempest.”
JHA: “Oh hell yeah. GPA in da house! We gonna rock it old school and bring the pain. Fo hizzle shizzle.”
JFA: “What the hell are you talking about? Quit sucking up.”
JHA: “Your just jelous because you ain’t down with the GPA.”
JFA: “Yeah I am sure that’s what it is. Lets just go to JRA for the announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and will be a tag team match. Intorducing first representing the GPA….RAVAGE AND TEMPEST!”

“Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir begins as we see Ravage and Tempest make their way through the curtains and down to the ring as the crowd erupts in boos.

JFA: “The last time we saw these two Tempest had beaten Stonecold Skywarp and Ravage had attempted to end the career of HBK.”
JHA: “Attempted? What do you mean? Have you seen HBK lately? As far as I am concerned he did end his career.”
JFA: “Its only been a week. I doubt that HBK is done.”
JHA: “We’ll see.”

Ravage and Tempest get in the ring and taunt the crowd as the music changes to “Wake up” by Rage Against the Machines and OP2005 and Brave Max walk through the curtains and on to the ramp. The crowds reaction changes to cheers as OP lifts the barb-wire bat high above his head. They poses for a few more seconds then continue to the ring.

JRA: “Introducing next, making their way to the ring the team of…..OP2005 and BRAVE MAXIMUS!”

JHA: “Oh damn hes brought that damn bat out here again.”
JFA: “What does that worry you. Do you think one of your precious GPA members is going to get hurt?”
JHA: “No I think one of them is going to get suspended for sending OP to the hospital.”
JFA: “Yeah that’s going to happen. Well the match is underway here so lets watch the action.”

Tempest and Brave Max are the first two in the ring and begin to circle as their partners yell at them to get started. The two tie-up in the center and quickly Brave Max whips Tempest into the ropes and knocks him down with a stiff shoulder block. Tempest slowly gets to his feet trying to figure out what just happened and before he can figure it out Brave Max whips him into the ropes again and levels him with a devastating back body drop. He drags Tempest to his feet and nails him with a quick suplex then gos for the cover.
JFA: “Brave Max looking for a quick win here. 1…2. Kick out by Tempest.”
JHA: “You didn’t think he would go down that easy did you.”
JFA: “Well no, but it was quite quick, it might have caught him off guard.”
JHA: “Yeah right.”

Brave Max gets to his feet and tags in OP then grabs Tempest’s arm while OP drives a stiff kick to the mid-section of Tempest. OP poses for the crowd then drags Tempest to his feet. He gos to whip him into the ropes but Tempest reverses it and sends OP flying into the ropes. But just as OP hits the ropes Ravage drives his knee into the back of OP and sends him stumbling right into a boot to the gut from Tempest and a quick powerbomb. Brave Max tries to rush in to get Ravage but the ref cuts him off and tries to force him to the outside. Seeing this Ravage jumps into the ring and both him and Tempest start putting the boots to OP.

JFA: “The ref turning around here just as Tempest leaves the ring.”
JHA: “Great team work here by the GPA.”
JFA: “Teamwork? They are just cheating.”
JHA: “Says you. But you are just bias because you don’t like them.”

Ravage drags OP to his feet and drops him hard to the mat with a side walk slam. Ravage gets to his feet and begins strutting around the ring taunting the crowd. Finally he walks back over to OP and drags him to his feet. Ravage whips him but OP reverses it and sends Ravage into the ropes and nails him with The Shining.

JFA: “What a reversal there by OP. He just leveled Ravage with the boot to the face.”
JHA: “Yeah, yeah. He’ll get back up.”

The ref begins the 10 count as both OP and Ravage are laid out in the ring.1….2….3. Ravage begins to stir as OP reaches out for his corner. 4…..5. Ravage grabs the ropes and starts to drag himself to his feet while OP starts to drag himself towards his corner.6…..7…..8. Ravage makes it to his feet and tags in Tempest. Tempest climbs through the ropes and charges OP. Just as Tempest gets to him OP lunges forward and tags in Brave Max.

JFA: “OP made it to his corner. Brave Max in now and a clothesline to Tempest and now one to Ravage. Another to Tempest and Oh he just threw Ravage over the ropes.
JHA: “Guys get up, it just one guy. Come on, hit him.”

Tempest gets to his feet and Brave Max levels him with a chokeslam. Brave Max then poses for the crowd and signals for his finisher.

JFA: “Brave Max going for the Final Darkness here. Hes got Tempest set and …WHAT THE HELL. Ravage just came in and drove that steel chair over the back of Brave Max.”
JHA: “Hell yeah! Get him. Hit him again.”

Ravage rears back and drives a chair shot into the forehead of Brave Max that sends him crashing hard to the mat. Ravage leans over the fallen Brave Max and starts yelling obscenities at him. Before he can even notice OP climbs back into the ring with his barb-wire bat and drives it hard into the back of Ravage. Quickly Ravage rolls out of the ring holding his back. OP raises his arms and taunts Ravage while Tempest climbs back in the ring. OP turns around and just as he sees Tempest in the ring Tempest drops him hard to the mat with a big boot and then picks him up and levels him with a Thunder Press. He picks him up again and levels him with another Thunder Press. Ravage climbs back in the ring and both him and Tempest taunt the fallen fighters. Ravage reaches over and grabs the chair and drives it hard into the back of OP and then one more time to the back of Brave Max before him and Tempest leave the ring.

JFA: “What a heinous act here by Ravage and Tempest. They didn’t even want to win. They just wanted to hurt these two men.”
JHA: “And your point is. They got what they deserved. Hell it serves OP right for bringing that bat into the ring.”
JFA: “No one deserves this. How can you be so cruel?”
JHA: “Its not cruel. Its just life.”
JFA: “Yeah right, Anyways lets go to JRA for the refs decision.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has informed me that due to the use of an illegal object that the winners of the match by disqualification are……OP2005 and BRAVE MAXIMUS!”

We see Ravage and Tempest laughing at the decision as they walk up the ramp and into the back as EMT’s tend to OP and Brave Max.

*Commercial break*

JFA: “We’re back and I can’t believe what just happened here. The EMT’s have taken OP and Brave Maximus away after a viscious assult by Ravage and Tempest.”
JHA: “Hey its all part of the game. If they can’t take it then they shouldn’t be here.”
JFA: “That was not part of the game and no body should have to take it, but I can tell you now that OP2005 and Brave Maximus are gonna be pissed off after this and Ravage and Tempest better be ready for a fight.”
JHA: “There always ready.”

Virus v. Cloudstrifer

JFA: “Anyways time for our next match.”
JHA: “Yippee, Cloudstrifer v. Virus. Who cares about these two anyways?”
JFA: “I am sure they have some fans and since you liked what the GPA just did then you will probably be happy with this one seeings how Cloudstrifer has been really ticked off since Fallout. So look for this one to be quick and brutal.”
JHA: “I don’t care how brutal it is, it’s Cloud.”
JFA: “Ok then lets go to JRA.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…….VIRUS!”

“Sickness” by Disturbed begins and Virus walks through the curtains. He gets little reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and poses as the music changes to “Built for Speed” by Motorhead.

JDA: “And introducing his opponent. Making his way to the ring…..CLOUDSTRIFER!”

Cloud bursts through the curtains and bolts down to the ring. He slides under the ropes and quickly gos on the attack nailing Virus with a series of lefts and rights that send the man back into the ropes then sends him across the ring with an irish whip an levels the newcomer with a devastating spinebuster.

JFA: “I told you Cloud would come out fighting. He’s in complete control here.”
JHA: “Whatever, it’s still just Cloud.”

Cloud walks around the ring visibly ticked off and yelling at the crowd. He walks back over to Virus and drags him to his feet then whips him into the corner. He charges in and gos for a splash but Virus sidesteps and Cloud crashes head first into the ring post.

JFA: “Oh Cloud went for the slpash but Virus jumped out of the way and Cloud has busted himself open.”
JHA: “HAHAHAHAHAHA What a moron.”

Virus gets to his feet and looks at the fallen Cloudstrifer and begins to grin. He runs over and begins to stomp away at him then drags him to his feet and drives him to the mat with a piledriver. He gets back up and climbs the tunbuckle and flys off and nails Cloud with a flying elbow drop. He gets to his feet and and signals to the crowd for the Vaccination.

JHA: “Virus thinks he’s going to end it already. What a goof.”
JFA: “I don’t know he did just use some good high impact maneuvers on Cloud.”
JHA: “I don’t like Cloud but even I know he’s not going to lose from just that.”

Virus waits for Cloud to get to his feet and then quickly moves in.

JHA: “What the hell is this? It looks like he is just going to uses Cloud’s Bragi’s Axe against him.
JFA: “Well he did say he was a master at imitating anybody’s moves against them.”

Virus lifts Cloud into the air but just as he’s about to drive him to the mat Cloud slips out and behind Virus and shoves him into the ropes. Virus bounces off the ropes and right back at Cloud who then hits Virus with the Bragi’s Axe.

JFA: “Cloud countered Virus and just drove him to the mat with a Bragi’s Axe of his own.”
JHA: “I told you Virus wouldn’t beat him that easily.”

Cloud clearly pissed off drags Virus to his feet and whips him into the corner and unloads on him with Skadi’s Blizzard then whips him hard into the other corner. Virus hits the corner hard and stumbles out of it, turns around and Cloud levels him with Odin’s spear.

JFA: “Holy hell. Cloud was really pissed off he just laid Virus out. He;s going for the cover and 1….2….3! He’s just beaten Virus in a stunning performance of brutality.”
JHA: “That wasn’t brutality. What Ravage and Tempest did to OP and Brave Max was brutality. This was just anger.”
JFA: “Point taken.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match…..CLOUDSTRIFER!”

Cloud stands in the ring with blood covering his face. He taunts the crowd and then leaves.

JFA: “Its still an impressive win by Cloudstrifer. But anyways its time for another commercial break so don’t go anywhere because we will be back with Blood and Thunder next.”

*Commercial break*


The camera comes on as we see a swarm of refs running down the hall and into the EMT room. All of a sudden a chair comes flying out of the door way and OP2005 and Brave Max come stomping out.

OP: "Where the hell are those two bastards. I'm gonna kill them."

The refs come flying out of the room trying to restrain the two. Brave Max reaches out and grabs one by the collar.

BM:"You heard him. Where are they? If you don't answer me I will hurt you."

Ref: "I.....I don't know. But you two have to calm down and let the EMT's take a look at you."

BM: "I don't have to do anything."

Brave Max throws the ref into the wall as OP grabs one and throws him into the others.

OP: "Let's go. They gotta be around here somewhere."
BM: "Yeah. They will pay for this."

Parking lot

The camera cuts to the parking lot where we see Ravage and Tempest casually walking to their limo laughing.

Tempest: "Did you see those two fools. Oh that was some good fun."
Ravage: "Your telling me. I don't know how they ever made it in this business. They can't even watch their own backs. Fools."
Tempest: "Too bad for them. But our job is done for tonight let's hit the bar."
Ravage: "Oh yeah."

The two men casually climb into the limo and leave the arena.

JFA: “We’re back and ready for another great match. Making their return to the tag team scene will be Blood and Thunder. They will be facing a new team that has already challenged the NWA to a Tag Title match.”
JHA: “Yeah but they don’t deserve it yet. But if they can beat Blood and Thunder here tonight then I might just agree that they deserve one.”
JFA: “You showing respect to Blood and Thunder, that’s a new one even for you.”
JHA: “Hey they are a good team. I may not like them but the feud between them is so good it rivals any the AWF has ever seen.”
JFA: “It is a good feud but I don’t think it’s the best we have ever seen.”
JHA: “Mabye not but it gets my vote.”
JFA: “Alright lets go to JRA for the introductions.”

Sparky and Tommy v. Blood and Thunder

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall and will be a tag team match. Introducing first, making their AWF debut as a tag team…..SPARKY AND TOMMY!”

“Root” by the Deftones begins as the two new guys walk through the curtain and make their way to the ring.

JFA: “Not a bad reaction from the crowd for these two tonight.”
JHA: “No but just wait until they see Blood and Thunder. They’ll all go nuts. It makes me sick.”

As if on cue Blood and Thunder appears on the screen, the music changes to “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple and the crowd erupts as a red mist starts to flow down the ramp. A few seconds pass and the two former Tag Team champions walk through the curtains. They pause at the top of the ramp and pose for the crowd. They look at each other, nod their heads and begin down the ramp.

JRA: “And introducing their opponents, making their tag team return, Wolfang and Zarak …….BLOOD AND THUNDER!”

JFA: “What a reaction here for Blood and Thunder. Its like they haven’t even missed a step. The crowd is loving them.”
JHA: “Yeah and it still makes me sick. Even though they are a good team.”

They climb in the ring and poses for the crowd as the ref rings the bell to start the match. Zarak and Tommy make their way to the apron leaving Sparky and Wolfang to start the match. They quickly tie-up in the center of the ring and Wolfang forces Sparky into the corner and the ref breaks them up. Wolfang backs off and Sparky walks out from the corner and the two tie-up again. This time Wolfang whips Sparky into the ropes and Wolfang drops him to the mat with a clothesline. Sparky bounces right bak up and Wolfang again drops him to the mat with a clothesline. He gets up fast again but this time Wolfang runs and levels the newcomer with a spear.

JFA: “What a great start here by Wolfang. It doesn’t look like there is much ring rust there.”
JHA: “No, hes doing very well.”

Wolfang drags Sparky to his feet and slams him into the mat with a snap suplex then drags him to the corner and tags in Zarak. Zarak comes in and they drop Sparky to the mat with a double suplex. Wolfang leaves the ring and Zarak drags Sparky to his feet. He whips him into the ropes and gos for a clothesline but Sparky ducks it and counters with a neckbreaker.

JFA: “A good reversal there by Sparky and now both men are down in the ring.”
JHA: “Hahaha. That was pretty good and it caught Zarak way off guard.”
JFA: “That it did but both men are starting to stir here.”
JHA: “Look Sparky is trying to drag himself to his corner.”

Zarak slowly gets to his feet and makes his way to Sparky but before he can get there Sparky lunges forward and tags in Tommy. Tommy jumps the ropes and quickly go on the attack send Zarak to the mat with a clothesline. He knocks Wolfang off the apron and chages Zarak knocking him down with a flying shoulder block. He drags Zarak to his feet and slams him down with a suplex and quickly locks in a boston crab.

JHA: “Look at that. Tommy just cleaned house and now has Zarak in a boston crab. Pretty impressive for a new team.”
JFA: “Yes it is. Mabye they do have what it takes to beat them.”

The ref checks on Zarak when out of nowhere Wolfang flys into the ring and levels Tommy with a spinning heel kick breaking the hold. The ref forces Wolfang out of the ring as both men start to crawl to their corners.

JFA: “Both men crawling to their corners after Wolfang just broke the hold.”
JHA: “Look at this. Tommy with a tag and here comes Sparky and….Oh Zarak just got the tag in and now Wolfang is in the ring.”

Wolfang chages and knocks down Sparky and then Tommy as he had just got to his feet. He turns around and clotheslines Sparky over the ropes. He walks over and drags Tommy to his feet and lays him out with the Crimson Twilght. He goes for the cover but, the ref tells him that Tommy is not the legal man. Just then Sparky gets back in and charges at Wolfang and just before hes about to hit Wolfang, Zarak charges in and nails him with a shoulder block that send him hard into the mat. Wolfang turns around and both him and Zarak set up. Sparky gets to his feet and Wolfang unloads a superkck into the jaw of Sparky that send him stumbling into the waiting arms of Zarak. Zarak hoists him up and slams him into the mat with a reverse DVD and Wolfang quickly drops down and goes for the cover.

JFA: “Blood and Thunder just unleashed the Violent Storm and now Wolfang with the cover.1…2….3! They did it. Blood and Thunder make a successful return to the tag team scene.”
JHA: “It was a good match and I have to say they even impressed me tonight.”

Wolfang and Zarak celebrate as “Smoke on the Water” blares over the speakers.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match. Wolfang and Zarak…..BLOOD AND THUNDER!”

The crowd gos nuts as the two former champs make their way to the back.

JFA: “Well we have to take our final commercial break and we will be right back with tonights main event.”
JHA: “You don’t want to miss it. We get to see homeslice.”

*Commercial break*

JFA: “And we’re back and its time for the main event.”
JHA: “OH HELL YEAH! Lets get started. Bring on homeslice.”

Viewfind v. Amarant Odinson

Party Up by DMX blasts the Audience as Viewfind makes his way down to the ring.

JHA: Well, this is going to be quick; Amarant doesn’t stand a chance against Blingzilla.
JFA: Well, AO has proven himself in the past. He has beaten other members the GPA, which includes Tempest.
JHA: That was luck … on Amarant’s part … and Tempest … he was … he was feeling quite down that night.
JFA: You really want to hang out with them don’t you?

RA: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Philadelphia PA, representing the GPA --- VIEWFIND!!

JFA: He isn’t getting much applause from this Seattle crowd.
JHA: so what? They’re lucky the AWF is even here … ungrateful maggots …
JFA: What was that?
JHA: Nothing …

Apocalyptica’s In the Hall of the Mountain King oozes out of the speakers.

RA: Haling from Ontario, Canada, he is the Rabid Wolverine --- AMARANT ODINSON!!

JFA: And Amarant isn’t getting a good response to the crowd either.
JHA: Ehhh … good on them.

Amarant slides under the bottom rope as Viewfind waits in the corner.

JFA: And now for the stare down.
JHA: Viewfind is pacing, forward, slowly, he is going to win this fight.
JFA: You can tell that just by looking at his stare?
JHA: Of course, it’s my job you lazy bugger. I’m supposed to know what happens.
JFA: You’re supposed to be un-biased and call the match.

Viewfind and Amarant leap forward and engage in a Collar and Tie hold up. Both of them hold for a while until Amarant breaks away.

JHA: See, Amarant can’t match up to Blingzilla.
JFA: And both of them going at it again. And Viewfind comes of the better man, but Amarant gets away just in time.
JHA: HA, he’s going for it one more time. And … DAMN … Russian Leg sweep by Amarant, Viewfind down and Amarant has jumped onto that arm, and is wrenching it out of position.
JFA: Good arm bar by Amarant. Viewfind is trying to get out of it, no success, he’s moving over to the ropes, slowly making his way.
JHA: Come on Blingzilla, you can make it, Amarant with a chop to the side. And another …

Viewfind reaches out and grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself inwards. Amarant is forced to let go, just as Viewfind goes under the bottom rope to the outside.

JHA: That’s it, get your strength back. Wait for Amarant …
JFA: You sound like an idiot you know?
JHA: I hate you …

Viewfind goes over to the time keeper and grabs 2 steel chairs. He throws on in the ring and keeps one in hand. While the ref removes the steel chair, Viewfind runs to the other side of the ring, places the steel chair there, runs back and grabs another one.

JFA: What is he up to here?
JHA: Viewfind works in mysterious ways.
JFA: He’s up to no good.
JHA: Did I say he wasn’t?

Viewfind jumps into the ring with the steel chair and is ready to swing when the ref stops him. Viewfind manages to move over to where he put the steel chair. He eventually gives up the steel chair. As the ref removes it from the ring, Viewfind grabs the other steel chair and hits the ref.

JFA: BY God … what has he done?
JHA: He’s just given himself full access with a steel chair on Amarant … that’s what he has done. And to boot, the ref didn’t see him use the chair, so he can’t be DQ’ed.
JFA: Yeah, but are you seeing what I’m seeing?
JHA: You’re looking at me? An intelligent and handsome man?
JFA: No … I meant that Vin Ghostal is about to pop out of the crowd.
JHA: He can’t do that … that’s not fair, its 1 Vs 1. Viewfind has Amarant beat, Amarant has been busted open and another ref is making his way down the ring now.

Vin Ghostal jumps the ring barrier and grabs a steel chair. He jumps into the ring and swings. Viewfind ducks and rams the chair into Vinny G’s stomach. Viewfind then brings it down on his head and begins the beating.

JFA: And Viewfind isn’t holding back, Ghostal is now on the floor, Viewfind is continuously bringing that chair down on Ghostals ribs.
JHA: Ghostal is slipping away, he’s out, wooahhh … doesn’t mean he can’t bleed though. How much do you think just come out of his mouth?
JFA: … Too much … Viewfind smiling folks, he grabs Amarant, Philly Pimp Drop, Viewfind goes for the pin and picks up the win.
JHA: Good for Viewfind, too many times has Vinny G got in his way, now it was time for redemption.

RA: The winner of this match --- VIEWFIND!!

JFA: “Well Viewfind celebrating in the ring after a victory over Amarant Odinson.”
JHA: “Damn straight. Homeslice can’t lose to him.”
JFA: “Anyways we’re out of time so from all of us here at AWF Warzone to all of you in attendance at the Key Arena and watching around the world, Have a good night and see you at Mayhem.”
JHA: “Good Night.”

2004-05-30, 02:35 AM
I don't need to say this, but I think I will.

I have proven over Virus that I am . Mark this as the first victim of my anger. His beating proved one thing, and one thing alone, I shall get my revenge, and I shall bring the anger and the punishment from the Norse Gods on Divebomb and Nmat and the rest of the GPA.

No, its no use telling me your ready for me, because your not. What I did to Virus, was a beinging, yes a begining of the end of GPA. This match marked the ending of my carefree ways and into something more focused and more productive. I hunger for the IC Belt, it is the one thing that I desire that has been taken away from me.

So hear me now GPA, and hear me well, I will come and get you, I will come and destroy you, and I will take your severed heads from your bodies, your blood in flasks and your souls as my servents and I will make you pay. This is the wrath of Odin, and it shall be done!

Believe the Hype, Fear the Pain, For I am comming to extract my Revenge!

2004-05-30, 11:22 AM
<Judge Death is lying flat-out on an unfurnished table, barely moving. Ragged breaths can be heard, though it doesn't seem to be him who is taking them...>

"Anothher ssetback, I ssee. Bah-humbug, et cccetera."

<Death slowly sits up, grunting slightly.>

"Perhapss I havve been underesstimating my targetss...Or posssibly choossing thhem incorrectly. Iss thiss 'Hellraissser' truly a ssinner? I am unssure. He may not be, it iss a disstinct posssibility."

<Death sighs, then coughs, making a sound akin to a small cat being driven through a weed-whacker.>

"Hrrrnnphh...Howevver, plenty more unclean oness remain at large, and I cannot allow mysselff to resst ass long ass one of thhem continuess to livve thheir wretched lifffe! All musst ssservve thheir ssentencce..."

<The lights abruptly go out, as Death's voice rings out once more...>

"The sssentenccce iss DEATHHH!"

2004-05-30, 12:48 PM
The Darkned Room

OP2005: Tempest.... Ravage.... We will get you. We will have our revenge. Time is such a precious thing... it is a killer. For as you walk unto the paths of darkness the old Reaper stands... the Nightmare of your worst dreams ready to devour your souls for nourishment.

I do believe Cloudstrifer indeed had the right.... has... the right idea. Take out the GPA. Take them all into a realm of brutality and unforgiving pain.

And as this realm of pain awakens, all will suffer the beginning of your end.

Thy Worst Nightmare.... HAS BEGUN!

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-30, 04:54 PM
Backstage, we see Amarant Odinson sitting on a bench getting stiched up as Lisa Loveless walks in with a cameraman.

L.L: Amarant, we wanted to get a few words from about what's happened to you over the last few weeks. How do you feel right now?

Amarant slowly looks up and Lisa. The camera pulls back a bit to show Amarant Odinson's face. It's bloodsoaked and ragged but Lisa notices something very odd.....Amarant is actually smiling.

A.O.: HAHAHA, Everytime you ask me that, you end up screaming in pain. But you don't to worry about that today. You're not a target. You see Lisa, I havn't been on the top of my game lately. I accept full responsiblilty for that. Because when the fans come to see me, they come to see perfection. They come to see the Rabid Wolverine tear someone apart. BUt that hasn't happened in recent weeks. I lost to a daydream and a freak in a tag match. I was blindsided by a mental paitent who thinks he's a viking at Fallout and now I get nailed by some jackass who thinks he's the next Snoop Dogg.

Well unlike everyone else here. I don't give two ****s about the G.P.A. I know that Viewfind could never beat me in a fair fight and there's really no point in me going after any them because I've already made half of them tap out. Isn't that right towel boy?

No you see, while everone else is focused on taking out the G.P.A., I'll be focused on what's really important. It's time to quit looking at the past. The fact that I am a former T.V. and I.C. champion only means that I can acomplish anything I set my mind to. And now my mind is set on one thing. The AWF World Heavyweight Title. I don't care who holds it because it's only a matter of time before I have it around my waist. I will win the Archivebowl. I will get my World title shot at whoever the champion may be and I will simply MAKE HIM TAP.

And then that fateful day will come, when all of those peons in the stands and the millions of those ham and eggers will have to stand up and give me my due. Those hacks in the back who think that they're wrestlers will have to give the respect that I finally deserve. The day that I become AWF World Champion and everyone in existence will finally acknowlegde that fact that NO ONE..... WILL EVER.....PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-05-30, 06:52 PM

Vinny G just got your ass beat, nasty, do it to your daddy, embarrass your whole family, just cuz ya came between a gangster and his bling bling, i want bling, any kind will do, don't care if its yo's or yo grandma's too.

2004-05-30, 09:58 PM
Blah, Blah, Blah.

All I hear are all these little men saying how they will take out the GPA.

You fools should know by now you can't take out the GPA.

Let's face facts here. You have the best of the best.

We have Viewfind the best damn wrestler in the AWF. Divebomb and Prowl the greatest tag team to grace this dirty arena. Tempest the most savage man to ever enter a ring. And me the biggest man in the AWF.

So keep lining up and saying how we cost you matches or ended your careers but maybe just maybe someday you all will realise why.

Because the AWF is the best in the world.

It's as simple as that.

Amarant Odinson
2004-05-30, 10:05 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
And me the biggest man in the AWF.

The bigger they are, the easier it is to make them tap. Isn't that right Ravage?

2004-05-31, 03:10 AM
IC: Sorry? Did I hear that the NWA are the greatest tag team to grace somewhere? Sorry... if you'd have said 'the NWA are arguably the greatest tag team to ever grace the AWF' I may have disputed with you, but it'd be more believable.

So... Sparky & Tommy. Who are they? And where are they?

2004-05-31, 03:28 AM
The only thing I tapped Ardamant was your mother.

2004-05-31, 06:09 AM
You know Wolf. I will agree with you. We are arguably the greatest team to ever grace the ring in the AWF and thats why you and Zarak are our greatest opponents. Because you are the only other team to be able to claim that spot in my books. You may hold the title for longest tag team reign but right now we hold it for most times so one day we will step into the ring and face each other again but not yet and until then even I will just leave it at arguably.

But while I am here I might as well say congratulations on the return to the tag scene.

2004-05-31, 11:29 AM
HA, your words OP, are empty threats ... I've heard them all, from the lowest in the AWF, to the legends ... SCSW, he still want's more of an ass kicking ... but I'll still go one on one with him.

2004-06-02, 12:26 AM
IC: One day in the none-too-distant future, I'll assume Divebomb. As you said, this is one of those issues that could certainly take some debate and some sorting. In the matches we've had, I think Blood & Thunder have beaten you more times than you've beaten us. You probably have held the tag team titles longer overall... all title reigns combined. Possibly. But we did hold them for longer in that one reign than any tandem in the AWF before us. So, as you said, we'll settle it somewhere down the line.

Speaking of which, where's the King? I want to have some words with him...