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Brave Maximus
2004-06-08, 10:26 PM
In the Sky, over the Japanese Tech facilities

The sun was shinning, technicians moved about their business, almost ignoring the giant Decepticon warriors that guarded their project. The rumble of massive engines could be heard as a dark blot grew in the sky. Before they could do anything, the Autobot shuttle was on top of them.

Ion blasts and Blaster charges rained from the open troop compartment, trying to clear an area for insertion. From the inside, a young voice could be heard:

"Jazz, take your team out now, remember, target only Decepticons. Once their out Roadbuster You and me head in the front door. Aero Blade and Countdown, you follow us in. We'll secure the way, you find what we're after!"

Sixwing's Laughter started to ring through out the shuttle as his Ion Blasts struck the cement - battle had been joined and that was when he truely lived again

Aero Blade
2004-06-10, 02:22 AM
Decepticon Occupied Research Facility, Japan:

"Ready and willing! Let's go get Hound's chips back!" Aero Blade answered, falling in behind Skyfal and Roadbuster. Stratus chirped his own agreement from his typial spot on Aero's shoulder.

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2004-06-10, 06:52 AM
As Starscream descended from the clouds it became quite apparent waiting for those two Powermasters was costly. Autobots beat them here.

"An Autobot shuttle...." It didn't take very long for Starscream to decide on an action. If the Autobots were on the ground destroying the shuttle would strand them while the Decepticons regrouped. "DECEPTICONS! DESTROY THAT SHUTTLE!" The shrill of the Air Commanders voice rang out as he let a pair of his own missils fly at the side of the hull.

2004-06-10, 07:08 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind, combining into Dreadwind, streaked after Starscream, firing at the Autobot Shuttle.

Soundwave online
2004-06-10, 09:51 AM
Sixshot went ballistic as he realised a fight was about to happen he fired off his blasters at the Autobot shuttle.

"Yeah now this is what im talkin about Starscream might not be so bad to hang with after all"

Sixshot aimed clearly at what he assumed to be the most explosive part of the shuttle and let out a hail of blaster fire.

"Alright you Autobot slime prepare to meet your maker"

2004-06-10, 12:48 PM
Hearing Starscream's command and turning to fire at the Autobot's shuttle was one. "DIE, AUTO-SCUM!" Thrust exclaimed.

2004-06-10, 04:34 PM
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Jazz flicked SKyfall a thumbs-up, drew his rifle, and dove from the shuttle.

"Let's hit it!"

He hit the ground running and charged for the back entrance of the factory, but stray shots from the attacking Decepticons slowed him down. He spun and began jogging backwards, firing two quick bursts at Sixshot.

"Sixwing, Red Hot, keep moving for the waypoint! Go go go!"

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Soundwave online
2004-06-10, 09:02 PM
A stray shot from Jazz rushed past Sixshots head the other shot smashed into his shoulder as he transformed into robot mode although not doing any serious damage sixshot figured this was a warning shot and this made him regard Jazz as an honourable opponent.

"Hahahahahahaha that was a close one autobot looks like i finally found an honourable opponent to fight LETS GET IT ON"

Sixshot blasted some shots towards jazz as he hit the ground.

Brave Maximus
2004-06-10, 09:24 PM
The Omega Shuttle rocked from the force of the combined Decepticon attacks. The front quadrent buckled a little and though his connection, Skyfall knew that one of the four missile launchers was inactive.
Damn!!! We beat them here!!! Should have gone in sooner. This is my damn fault. Omega's being a target, no time for the shuttle to escape, I'm going to have to combine with him to ensure we can make it out of here. Well Dai Atlas always said, a plan worked until it hit the battle field

Raising his voicorder to be heard over the battle noise:
"All AUTOBOTS out! Roadbuster, it's up to you to get Aeroblade and Countdown into the building! Starlight, You and the boys out, I'm going to need the cover fire! Everyone else, pick your targets and bring them down!"

With that, Skyfall exited the Shuttle and transformed. Recognizing the Legendary Starscream from his history lessons, he assumed that he must be in command. Targeting the larger jet with his blasters, the Micromaster strafed the Decepticon Air Commader, in hopes of drawing fire away from the units exiting the shuttle.

Starlight, Nemesis and Ark heard Skyfalls orders and then lost control of the shuttle. The three minicons transformed and headed out of the shuttle. Not knowing what target to pick, the one minded Nemesis spotted Skyfall and his quarry. Not caring who the jet was, Nemesis activated his main cannon and aimed at Starscream, charging in a headlong suicide rush.

Starlight maintained her distance, keeping an eye on the battle and prepaired to relay info to both her partners and Skyfall.

Ark on the other hand, Stayed right at the shuttle, using his energon shield to deflect the shots that were attempting to bring the vehicle to the ground.

When the shuttle was hit, Sixwing was thrown from the entrance and momentarily lost his balance. He managed to roll with the explosion and, after using his thrusters, managed to land on his feet. Looking around for the nearest Decepticon target, the micromaster combiner spotted Sixshot. His laugh rang out at an almost insane rate as he fired his Ion Rifle at the Decepticon, emptying it in a matter of seconds. Not waiting to see if any of the shots hit, Sixwing dropped the rifle and unslung his Missile launcher, ready to fire again.

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Soundwave online
2004-06-10, 09:55 PM
"Hahahaha Sixwing i knew that id meet you here"

Sixshot bellowed with glee


Six shot dived towards Sixwing wanting him in Melee combat rather than at blasters reach.

2004-06-11, 01:50 AM
Roadbuster: -looks over at Aero Blade and Countdown- "Stay close, you two." -looks out of open hatch, bringing up linear blaster cannon and rapid fire assualt rifle, aims both at Dreadwing as he locks his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon on Thrust- "It's gonna be a bumpy ride! WRECK AND RULE!!!!!!" -leaps out of open hatch, firing bolts from linear blaster cannon and armor piercing explosive rounds from assualt rifle at Dreadwing and packets of explosive bomblets at Thrust, trying to target engine intakes on both-

Aero Blade
2004-06-11, 04:07 AM
Oh great, I thought we were the ones that were supposed to be sneaking up on the Cons! Aero Blade thought with anxiety as he kept close to Roadbuster, but being sure to stay out of his way. Aero hadn't yet used his own weapons, and he hoped he wouldn't have to.

Stratus was hovering nearby in his jet/shuttle mode, visibly agitated by the Cons' presence with the patern of flight he was taking nearby. Should a Con try to come close, the minicon was more than ready to fire at them, despite the difference in size between them.

2004-06-11, 05:45 AM
"You're worse then a Decepticon you whelp!" Starscream cried at the attacking micromaster, but now was not the time to worry about his ego. That would come once the Autobots are stranded. Then that little Autobot would learn why Starscream was a high-ranking decepticon.

"Let the Decepticons on the ground deal with those Autobots! Focus all fire on that shuttle Decepticons!"

Starscream strafed the roof of the shuttle dropping one of his cluster bombs onto the rear thrusters as he immediately pulled straight up afterwards climbing into the sky getting ready for another pass.

Soundwave online
2004-06-11, 12:57 PM
"Hahahaha you could try and take all of my buddys on but your forgetting that SIXSHOT is a one man army himself"

Sixshot fired wildly trying to attack as many autobots as possible while chasing towards sixwing.

"Ha i have fought tougher enemys in my sleep"

he gloated arrogantly still firing like a mad man in an attempt to draw the enemys fire away from Starscream and the others.

2004-06-11, 02:06 PM
(OOC: Disappearing for the weekend. This should keep Jazz out of the way...)

Jazz was unprepared for Sixshot's rapid counter-attack, as he was largely distracted by Sixwing's insubordinate intervention. He skidded to the side, hoping to dodge the shots coming his way, but stepped directly into a laser bolt. With a grunt, he was knocked on his back and struggled to get up, dazed.

Soundwave online
2004-06-11, 02:12 PM
Sixshot let out a wicked laugh as Jazz hit the ground but being honourable he decided to let the other autobots drag their friend to safety if they so wished but this didnt stop him from continueing his assault on the other autobots.

2004-06-12, 12:05 PM
Thrust noticed Jazz falling and shouted at Sixshot, "Finish him o..." - "...ARGH!" he yelped as one of Roadbuster's shots hit him in the starboard side. He spun for a moment before regaining his balance with some effort and returning fire at Roadbuster. This time, running away was not an option, as he didn't put it past Starscream to put a null ray in him and take him down in instant punishment if he should show cowardice.

2004-06-12, 09:20 PM
Roadbuster: -dodges the incoming fire, brings all of his weapons to bear on Thrust- "Consume mass quantities of this, Conehead!" -fires his linear blaster cannon, a burst of armor piercing explosive shells from his assualt rifle, and another blast from his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, sending another cluster of bomblets at the Decepticon seeker-

2004-06-13, 12:39 AM
Thrust tried to dodge, but the explosive shells from Roadbuster ripped open his side and part of his wing and sent him spinning towards the ground.

(OOC: I hope it's not a problem to have him taken out early on in the fight?)

Soundwave online
2004-06-13, 06:35 PM

"Bah must i take them ALL out myself SO BE IT"

Sixshot ran towards Thrusts position in an attempt to defend him from oncoming fire

"Decepticons we may be but im not letting one of my own die TAKE THIS AUTOBOT SCUM"

Hyper Prime
2004-06-13, 10:22 PM
Riding on Aeroblade's shoulder, Countdown locked onto Starscream. "If you've got a problem with my Micros, you're going to have to answer to my rockets! Blast off!" He then fired several small rockets from the cannons on his wrists.


Redhot had transformed into his fire truck mode and tried his best to dodge his way through on coming battle fire. "Okay, that's it! Lets see how you junk yard rejects fight with your circuits dampened with a lot of fire retardent foam!" He adjusted is nozzle towards Thrust and fired a stream of foam at him, attempting to permantly damage his circuitry and his weapon functions if it seeped through the cracks in his armor.

Soundwave online
2004-06-14, 11:32 AM

Sixshot fumed and Ran at full speed toward the fire truck as he jumped on top of the truck and made an attempt to tear the nozzle clean off

"Lets see how you do when i give you what the Humans call a viscectamy"

(OOC sorry i couldnt resist that joke)

2004-06-14, 11:34 AM
Roadbuster: -dodges Sixshot's fire- "What do you know, a Decepticon who thinks he can take me. All right, Cuddles, let's dance!" -fires linear blaster cannon, assualt rifle, and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Sixshot, flinging ion blts, armor piercing explosive rounds, and explosive bomblets at the six changer- "Aero Blade, Countdown, get in there!"

Soundwave online
2004-06-14, 11:38 AM
Sixshot is hit and falls from the roof of the fire Truck with burning shrapnel lodged in his chest he slowly tries to pull himself up among the many explosions around him eventually getting to his feet

"that....does..it..now...im............REALLY MAD"

The pain causes sixshot to go into a complete rage firing his blasters in all directions attempting to hit any autobot he could.


The merciful warrior that stood before the autobots was nothing more now than a hail of rage the mercy he once had shown Jazz now stood for nothing as he shoots to kill.


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2004-06-14, 01:11 PM
The distraction caused by Sixshot bought Thrust the time he needed to pull up and get his movement under control again. He was in pain, but not too damaged to keep flying - yet. He dodged Redhot's attack, but some globs of foam ended up clinging to his hurt form.

He fired wildly in all directions. "YOU'LL REGRET GETTING ME MAD! DIE, AUTOBOTS!!"

Soundwave online
2004-06-14, 04:27 PM
"Thrust get them in the back NOW"

Sixshot shouted as the autobots were distracted with his blaster display.

Hyper Prime
2004-06-14, 06:37 PM
Redhot quickly transformed and leapt up into the air, dodging Thrust's fire. "Hey Thrust, looks like you got something on your face..." He then quickly fell back down into the ground and aimed his leg out ward into Thrust's nosecone!
"... my foot!"
He then pushed off of the seeker's head and transformed again, taking off behind Sixwing. "So long loser!"

2004-06-14, 09:21 PM
(OOC: "...into Thrust's nosecone", you mean. ;) He's still in jet mode.)

Thrust caught himself after being kicked by Redhot. Seeing that the offending fire truck had used the momentary distraction to his advantage, he got his sights on Aero Blade and fired at him, letting his anger out on him instead.

2004-06-14, 10:33 PM
Roadbuster: -moves to keep Aero Blade from getting hit by Sixshot's wild, uncontrolled shooting, staggers back a couple of steps as the hypersonic concussion blasts tear into his armor, starts chuckling as his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon pivots to track Thrust- "Is that your answer, Cuddles? Spray and Pray? Boy, if you're the best the 'Cons can make, those tin freaks are dumber than I thought." -fires shrapnel cannon at Thrust as he fires both his linear blaster cannon and assualt rifle at Sixshot-

Aero Blade
2004-06-15, 02:02 AM
Aero Blade would have never been able to dodge the shots being fired in his direction if not for Roadbuster helping to cover him. After hearing Roadbuster speak, he nodded quickly. "No need to tell me twice! We're out of here!" He said, quickly heading for and entering the building, being sure not to loose his two 'passengers', Stratus and Countdown.

Hyper Prime
2004-06-15, 02:19 AM
Countdown turned around on Aeroblade and fired several shots at the doorway, closing the entrance so no Decepticons may follow them.
"Hope the others are okay, and that Redhot doesn't do anything stupid."


Redhot said to Sixwing, "Man, under all this fire I've nearly forgotten where to go! Which way should we head for Sixwing?"

Soundwave online
2004-06-15, 12:35 PM
In all the confusion Sixshot loses his bearings he quicjkly jumps to dodge roadbusters fire and transforms into starfighter mode he circles the area in the air to get his bearings and to pinpoint the enemys strategic locations.

"Where the slag is Screamer i cant see him anywhere"

(OOC im totally confused whats going on)

Brave Maximus
2004-06-15, 07:36 PM
Sixwing just laughed as Sixshot bounced around the battle field, not taking the time to target anyone specifically. Ignoring the little red micromaster beside him for the moment, the Combiner raised his tirbarreled Rocket launcher and switched to tracking mode. Locking on to his target at a distance, he fired one of his heavy missiles, watching it race toward it's target.

He then turned to Redhot and looked at him:
"Fight someone or care to the wounded. Either way just enjoy the battle!"

With that, Sixwing ran towards the battle.....

Skyfall winced as the cluster bombs ripped across Omega. While the thrusters were still online - he couldn't take all this punishment for much longer. But finnally everyone was out and Aero Blade and Countdown were headed for the facility.

With a mental command, Skyfall initiated the transformation sequince and the giant shuttle began to transform. Skyfall fired one more volley at Starscream and then looped around heading right for the shuttle. As the behemoth finished transforming to robot mode, Skyfall transformed for the third time into his head mode and joined with the shuttle. The old feeling returned too, the knowledge and change - he felt older - much, much older.

He looked to his left and noticed that the shoulder was scrapped, as was the missile launcher. Internally he cycled as many spare missiles as he could salvage to the other three launchers.

Skyfall Omega located Starscream in the sky as he hit the ground and opened up his remaining missile launchers. Then he fired 4 missiles from each. Halfway to the Decepticon, they each split into 4 again. Skyfall Omega then reached back and pulled his battle axe from subspace, confident that Starscream could dodge most of the 48 missiles headed at him. And if not, there were other Decepticons to slag.

Hyper Prime
2004-06-15, 09:46 PM
Redhot laughed almost maniacally, "Alright! Those are orders I can deal with!"
He then swerved away from Sixwing and made his way towards Thrust, opening his cannons and fired a stream of foam at the Seeker. "Hope this doesn't hurt you.... too much! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


Countdown activated his commlink and contacted Skyfall, "Hey Skyfall. Aeroblade and I are inside. I've closed the entrance way so no one can get in. We'll be making our way towards Hound's chips. If you could provide some kind of map that would be great. And another thing, please tell me Redhot isn't doing anything over his head, again?"

2004-06-15, 10:51 PM
The shuttle was an Autobot too. Starscream scolded himself for not being more aware of his enemy but he was clumsy thinking that poorly fired missiles could stop Starscream the Mighty. Starscream had flown up high enough to simply move over top of them and dive back down again avoiding the missiles entirely.

"FOOLISH AUTOBOT!" He screamed "Even with your size you stand no chance against the mighty Starscream!" He turned up and dove back down in one of his patented divebomb strikes flying directly towards the larger autobot but not arming a bomb or a missile instead he readied his null ray and locked it onto Skyfall Omega and as he reached point blank range at his blinding speed fired it into the chest of the large autobot before arching totally verticle and Transforming while still moving upwards.

"Starscream to Gigatron. If you want your precious flesh creature's factory to stay intact I suggest sending some sort of re-inforcements. I would suggest Devastator or Bruticus to deal with this larger Autobot they have brought along"

2004-06-15, 11:57 PM
Dreadwing had been taking massive damage before he realized the source of the incoming fire.

"You again?!" both Darkwing and Dreadwind shouted at the same time, clearly remembering the last time that they were in Roadbuster's crosshairs, and vainly trying to maneuver out of his line of fire.

2004-06-16, 05:27 AM
Thrust dodged Roadbuster's fire, but some stray shrapnel still ripped gashes into his metal skin.

Not wanting to get foam into his wounds, he evaded Redhot's attack so frantically that he bumped into Dreadwing.

2004-06-16, 06:17 AM
Unfortunately for Dreadwing, Thrust slammed directly amidships, loosening the connections between the two Decepticons just enough for the massive superjet to seperate into its two components.

"HEY! WATCH..." Darkwing began.

"...WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Dreadwind finished.

2004-06-16, 11:43 AM
Roadbuster: "Now, now..... there's more than enough of me to go around, guys." -fires shrapnel cannon at Thrust, linear blaster cannon at Sixshot, and the assualt rifle at Darkwing and Dreadwind-

Soundwave online
2004-06-16, 03:36 PM
"Ive had about enough of this guy" Sixshot said focusing on Roadbuster "hes almost as obnoxious as me he transformed back into robot mode just evading Roadbusters shot and focused all of his weaponry on Roadbuster

"So you wanna be a bigshot roadbuster well i think i can show you a bigshot that might change your mind"

Sixshot unleashed every weapon he had at Roadbuster.

"Put that in your exaust and smoke it".

2004-06-16, 04:07 PM
(OOC: Sorry for the delay. Things have changed substantially for me in the past few days, and my posting schedule will probably be pretty hectic until next week.)

Jazz stumbled to his feet, panning his blaster around groggily. He was almost thankful that it had been Sixshot who nailed him - one of the few Decepticons who would think better than to hit an adversary while he's down. Jazz sidestepped clumsily to the wall of the factory, throwing a hand against it to balance himself, and surveyed the battle. Sixwing and Red Hot were among the combatants, apparently too tied up for the objective, but they'd help distract the Decepticons from his job...

Jazz crept to the rear corner of the building and stopped. He pressed his back against the steel, listening carefully, for what seemed like an astrominute. Having figured a pretty good estimation of the situation, he spun around the corner and fired two quick blasts, dispatching the rear guards. He jumped over one's smoking frame and stopped next to the docking door, again listening to what was going on inside.

"Jazz to Skyfall," he whispered into his radio. "I'm goin' in."

Following a cautious crouch, Jazz grabbed the handle of the rolling door and tossed it upward. He peeked into the factory, noting the Decepticon count - zero. Must have all been deployed to fight. Jazz tip-toed through the door and quietly slid it closed. He bent his elbow, bringing his blaster to bear on the ceiling, and looked down at the startled human technicians. Jazz brought a finger up to his mouth, then waved the humans toward the corner. One (apparently a foreman) nodded and ushered his associates to safety.

Jazz continued slinking into the large storage room and made his way for the door on the opposite side. From the safety of the shadows, he peered into the next room, where a familiar tan and purple Decepticon was overseeing operations. Jazz took count of the humans present and frowned. Too many to take him down. Silently, he brought the muzzle of his gun around the frame of the large door, then followed it in with his body. He took aim at the back of the oppressor's head, now holding his rifle with both hands, and prepared for anything.

"Hang on right there, Blitzwing. Let's see them hands."

2004-06-16, 10:23 PM
Roadbuster: -almost dodges the blasts, one of them catching his left arm bracer plate, the blast spray scoring the armor and damaging the assualt rifle- "Not bad, Cuddles..... not bad at all. Sadly for you......." -drops the assualt rifle, pulls grenade launcher from leg holster and in one smooth motion, locks all three of his targeting reticles on Sixshot's center mass- ".... I am a big shot." -fires linear blaster cannon, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, and grenade launcher at Sixshot, sending heavy ion bolts, a stream of bomblets, and plasma grenades at the Decepticon STAG-

Aero Blade
2004-06-17, 05:43 AM
Aero Blade crept through the factory with his two companions, watching the surroundings carefully. No signs of any Cons yet, but that wasn't necissarily a good or a bad thing....

"Keep your eyes peeled, guys," Aero said to Stratus and Countdown. After a few more moments he caught the sound of a voice. Was that Jazz..? Taking caution he headed in that direction, moving as cautiously as before.

Hyper Prime
2004-06-17, 01:03 PM
Countdown saw Aero Blade and his minicon moving forward and ran after them, "Hey, wait! Aeroblade stop!"
He then transformed and sped between Aero Blade's feet.

He changed back and quipped, "We can't just go rushing into battle. Let me go first, I'm small to be seen."

He then crept forward and stood against the wall, he then moved his head forward and saw Blitzwing being held up by, "Jazz!"


Redhot continued to create ensuing chaos as much as he could for the Decepticons. He then got his sights on Sixshot, thinking he's just big game to me.

"Yoah, Stupid-shot!" Redhot then leapt up as he transformed and wrapped his body around the Decepticon's head. "I hope this isn't distracting to you!"

Soundwave online
2004-06-17, 02:45 PM
Sixshot hit floor in a hail of explosions and shrapnel

"Ugh nice shot Bigshot argh but my name aint cuddles"

Sixshot collapses to the floor barely able to move and with Redhot still wrapped around his head.

2004-06-17, 05:28 PM
Distracted by the collision with the two Powermasters, Thrust wasn't fast enough to evade Roadbuster's shot this time. The shrapnel tore into his already damaged body, and he crashed onto the ground screaming.

2004-06-18, 03:52 AM
Roadbuster: -swings around, aims linear blaster cannon at Thrust, locks shrapnel cannon on Darkwing, and aims grenade launcher at Dreadwind, fires-

2004-06-18, 06:30 AM
Thrust, now lying half-dazed on the ground, tried to transform and get up, but before he could do so, the shot from Roadbuster's blaster tore into him and he fell unconscious with a groan.

(OOC: I trust you guys NOT to kill him completely, 'kay?)

2004-06-18, 11:34 PM
(OOC: Oh, all right. :D )

Roadbuster: -holsters grenade launcher, picks up and subspaces damaged assualt rifle- "This isn't even a challenge, really........." -looks over at the unconscious Thrust- "Couldn't you have brought more targets with you? This is getting boring." -looks up, sees the dogfight overhead, chuckles- "Skeet shooting. I love skeet shooting." -locks shrapnel cannon onto Starscream, pulls laser rifle out of subspace, switches it on, aims laser rifle and linear blaster cannon at Starscream- "Hey, Screamer, I got something for you!" -fires shrapnel cannon, linear blaster cannon, and laser rifle at Starscream-

Brave Maximus
2004-06-19, 08:57 PM
Before Skyfall Omega could think about it, instinct took over and the Planet Crush - his large battle axe came up in front of his chest. It absorbed the null blast, with no major ill effect (Though it almost vibrated out of his hand). Not even worrying about that, Skyfall's hand shot up and attempted to grab the leg of the escaping Decepticon.........
Sixwing watched as Sixshot and Roadbuster exchange fire. Then noticed the collision between Dreadwing and Thrust
OOOOh, Suffering of friends, it would be a shame not to increase it
The micromaster combiner fired off two missiles at the Decepticon jets, then launched himself in the air, attempting to grab one of the wayward Transformers.

As the battle continued, Skyfall, deep in the back of his mind wondered:
Where are those snipers?
OOC: I don't think Amarant knows about this new thread......

2004-06-19, 10:14 PM
(OOC- Amazing. Out of all the Decepticon's Starscream is the only one still functioning/not been taken down/being posted with and being totally ignored by the Decepticon leader, none of the Autobots have even been truley phased even though one had a cluster bomb dropped on them, while in vehicle mode, by one of the strongest Decepticons. And not only was he undamaged for the most part he still has therelfexes to stop a point blank shot by the second fastest Aerial Decepticon. Absolutely amazing)

Starscream didn't like how this was going and knew when it was best to turn tail and fly.

"Geh. I am not going to put up with this!" Starscream cried looking around for any functional Decepticons. "Decepticons! Retreat!" He cried as he spun around taking the shrapnel shots from Roadbuster. The slowed him down for a moment but he quickly sped up with Hound's memory chips still inside him. We can chalk this up to poor planning and leadership Starscream thought as he headed back to Carbombya.

2004-06-20, 02:30 AM
OOC-Sorry guys I had an RPG blonde moment I already spoke to Flec.

The Seacons arrived just to see Starscream leaving...

"What the Inferno?" Snaptrap yelled seeing Starscream leaving.

"Well then, if this is the case then we will see to it you all get back safe. And take out a few Autoscum in the process" Snaptrap looked at : Nautliat, Seawing, Overbite, Skylor and Tentikil.

"Merge into Pirancon!" He yelled as the six transformers transformed off the coast.

"Autobots, leave my brotheren or die." The gaint growled picking up a merchant ship and tossing it at a group of Autobots.

2004-06-20, 04:14 AM
Upon seeing the Seacon's merge to form Piranahcon things changed. Perhaps Gigatron is smarter then I thought. None of these Autobots stand a chance against him. Even I would have a challenge

"No point in running now. Just make sure none of those Autobot fools get to me!" Starscream transformed and descended closely behinf Pirahnacon's firing blasts from his arm cannons towards Roadbuster. "This is for the wing you blasted shrapnel cannon almost shredded Autobot fool!"

2004-06-20, 05:22 AM
Roadbuster: -manages to dodge most of Starscream's shots, though a few do burn into his shoulder pauldrons and leave a couple of small craters in his torso armor, laughing as he sees Pirhanacon form and barely dodges the merchant ship as it comes crashing down- "Good for you, Screamer. You brought me some more targets. Now go back to playing with Skyfall......." -subspaces laser rifle, pulls grenade launcher out of leg holster- "I've got bigger fish to fry." -starts looking for weak points in the gestalt connection, aiming linear blaster cannon, grenade launcher, and shrapnel cannon at Pirhanacon's right knee, fires-

2004-06-20, 06:10 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind had collapsed to the ground near Thrust, having sustained too much fire from Roadbuster.

2004-06-20, 10:23 PM
Piranacon laughed as Roadbuster fired at him. He stumbled back slighty as some of the blast hit joint. But Roadbuster was no Victory Saber.

"Puny Autobot. You should all leave now with your lives." He growled and brought his sword out of subspace and walked closer to the shore and swung the massive blade wide cutting buildings and vechicles and towords Roadbuster.

2004-06-21, 01:26 AM
Roadbuster: "Hmmf. Sorry, Fish Boy, but I'm not going anywhere." -ignoring the wave of building and car shrapnel heading for him, keeps linear blaster and shrapnel cannon locked on Piranacon's right knee, shifts his grenade launcher's aim to the gestalt's face, fires, flinging heavy ion bolts and bomblets at the combiner's knee and plasma grenades at the combiner's face-

2004-06-21, 01:46 AM
Pirancon took at blast to the face and looked back at Roadbuster and watched as the sharpnel cannon met is massive problem.


Pirancon was still deep in the harbor as water was his best element to fight in. He moved himself out of the way of the sharpnel and locked on all of his collective firepower on the dock itself.

"You best move failed." he snarled.

"I give you one chance to leave before I sent you to the Abyss." He growled.

2004-06-21, 02:46 AM
Originally posted by Ravage

"I give you one chance to leave before I sent you to the Abyss." He growled.

"Don't warn him just kill him!" Starscream yelled the the seabound gestalt as he shot a null-ray blast off at Roadbuster.

2004-06-21, 02:52 AM
Roadbuster: -left arm goes numb as Starscream's ranting warns him, but not enough to completely dodge the null ray, stnading on solid ground now- "Stupid, Decepticon. Really stupid." -shrapnel cannon swings to target Starscream, fires a stream of bomblets at the Seeker as he aims his linear blaster cannon at Piranacon's face, fires a stream of heavy ion bolts at the combiner-

2004-06-21, 12:52 PM
Pirancon smiled inwordly as the volley of blasts aimed at his face as he open fire with all of Seacons firepower, engulfing the ion blasts and firing at Roadbuster.

The attack nailed the dock and the harbor wiping causing a massive swath of devastation. Ripping apart vechicles and boats as well as cargo ships and building.

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2004-06-21, 02:21 PM
Flying towards his battered body Sixshot can see two jets descending at high speed he tries to call out but cannot as Rdhot is still wrapped around his head as he looks closer he sees that it is Apeface and Snapdragon.

"Grrr look down there Snapdragon those Autoslobs are fighting with our brothers"said Apeface angrily

"Yeah well give me one good reason why i should care you useless gorrila"

"If we help friends we get to smash autobots"

"good point....well what are you waiting for monkey brains ATTACK"

The two Jets transformed into robot mode and landed next to Sixshot

"Snapdragon help me pry this autobot from Sixshots face"

"Dont order me around fool im the one in charge and I say that we pull the autobot off his head"

the two triplechangers attempted to remove the Autobot from their friends face.

2004-06-21, 04:44 PM
"Yes! Destroy him! TEAR HIM APART!" Starscream opened his chest compartment to fire a clustrer bomb but had to quickly dive out of the way of the shots from Roadbuster so he was behind the gestalt.

"Agh! My legs!" Starscream looked down at his legs riddled with peices of sharpnel and holed. "You'll pay for that Autobot!" He began to try and stand up while his internal repair systems went to work.

Brave Maximus
2004-06-21, 11:43 PM
(OOC: Blaster - there is a PM going to you - if you're not "Banned" as it says)
(OOC2: Guys - Sixwing, a micromaster combiner slightly taller than Ultra Magnus is firing missiles off like mad, and no one is shooting at him. Please play with the psycho guy ;) )

Skyfall watched as Starscream flopped around, unsure of weather to stay or retreat as his nature had always been. But Starscream was not a real threat any more, his morale was broken and he'll retreat anyway.

Instead, Piranancon was the problem. They didn't need to take him down, just distract him long enough for Aero Blade and Countdown to get what they needed.

Turning his Voicorder up to be heard, Skyfall Omega Shouts:

"Every Autobot! If you're not dancing with someone, TAKE OUT PIRANACON!!!!!"

He then turned and opened a secure link to Dropshot, Stepper and Artfire:"Alright you guys, take out some targets - and someone put a shot in Starscreams cranium.... please."

He then turned and spotted the combiner. He opened his remaining 3 missile launchers and fired a volley of 12 missiles that split into 48 micromissiles headding for Piranacon.
Not waiting for them to hit, Skyfall Omega ignites his back thrusters and launches himself at the Decepticon Combiner.
Nemesis, being ignored by the other Decepticons, turns and begins to fire his plasma cannon at Apeface.

Sixwing Launches himself at Starscream, attempting to grab him and drag him into the ground.

2004-06-22, 12:19 AM
Roadbuster: -left arm tingling as he pulls himself out of the wreckage, having been able to hold onto his linear blaster cannon in his right hand, grenade launcher somewhere in the debris following the explosion wavefront, hears Skyfall's transmission, activates commlink- "Yeah, guys. In this case, I don't mind sharing the fun." -shakes left hand as feeling returns to it, pulls laser rifle from subspace, starts running back towards where Piranacon is- "Hey, Fish Boy! Is that the best you can do?" -locks linear blaster cannon and shrapnel cannon onto Piranacon's face, fires, sending heavy ion bolts and bomblets at the combiner's head as he draws a bead on Piranacon;s optics with his laser rifle, fires at the combiner's optics-

2004-06-22, 02:49 AM
Pirancon was really starting to get annoyed.

Now that all of the Autobots were bearing down on him he was starting to feel the burn as the case may be. The barrage of weapons fire hit him hard enough to move the mighty combiner back. But it also made him smile.

"You all think your smarter than me." He laughed and dove underwater reading himself for a new plan of action.

2004-06-22, 04:44 AM
(OOC: As Blaster is on leave for a currently undetermined amount of time, I'm volunteering myself to take over Starscream for now. Please PM me if you'd like to take him off my hands. I could use a replacement for at least Thursday through Monday...)

Starscream had shimmied himself up to one knee, but the servos in his right leg were malfunctioning and keeping him from standing. He tugged at his inoperative leg in the futile hope of regaining functionality, but the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps brought his attention back up. His optics gaped, and he threw a hand out before himself pleadingly.


But there was nowhere for him to go in his state. Sixwing tackled him bluntly, the combiner's bulk launching them back into the side of a building. Starscream struggled to maneuver his null ray blasters to get a lock on the Autobot, but he was too close; a cluster bomb attack at this range would be suicidal. His other options exhausted, he squirmed to throw Sixwing off him.

"Get this abomination off me, you dolts! Thrust, Hooligan, where are you?"


Jazz listened to his radio intently, still keeping his optics locked on Blitzwing. He contemplated for a moment, his mouth contorting in many confused positions, before coming to a conclusion.

"Countdown, Aero, get out there and help Skyfall. They gotta be gettin' splattered."

He nodded them toward the door, then returned his attention to Blitzwing.

"I ain't gonna ask twice."

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2004-06-22, 03:12 PM
"Graaaaaar" Apeface shouted angrily as he saw blaster shots career past his head "What useless autobot tryin to hit he not hit Apeface" Apeface stupidly ignored the shots flying towards him believing that noone could be that bad a shot "Quick snapdragon we need to get puny autobot off of Sixshot" "RAAAAAR IM TRYING IM TRYING" snapdragon retaliated "lets leave him for now and destroy that darned autobot" "No" demanded Spasma from inside Apeface "We will need Sixshots help i will guide your arms and we will rip this autobot clean off".

(OOC sorry waitin on Hyper prime to find out if i can rip Rdhot off or not)

2004-06-22, 03:39 PM
Thrust heard someone - was it Starscream? - call his name as his audio sensors came back online. Bracing himself, he straightened out in robot mode. His self-repair systems had done their work - he was still in pain, but he could move - for now. He dug himself out of the debris as his optic sensors resumed operation, giving him a fuzzy, then a clear image of his surroundings.

Remaining ducked, he surveilled what was happening nearby. It was obvious that protecting Starscream - or more precisely, his precious cargo - had priority, but how? Crawling into position, Thrust made a split-second decision. Raising one of his compressed air rifles - Just one... clean... shot... he aimed at Sixwings's head... Oh Primus, don't let me hit Starscream! - and fired.

Soundwave online
2004-06-22, 03:48 PM
(OOC i seriously cannot wait if you read this Hyper Prime then im sorry)

Apeface finally removed Rdhot and threw him to one side "Damn Autobot out of the way" He and Snapdragon picked up Sixshot "NO" shouted Sixshot "i dont need your help anymore my self repair did the Job now its about time i turned this rabble of Decepticons into an army lets move out" A laser shot veered past Sixshots head as the three Decepticon Warriors turned to face Nemesis. With a wicked gaze Sixshot decided to take the role of general "DECEPTICONS ATTACK" the three warriors focused all of their weapons on Nemesis and fired in unison.

2004-06-22, 08:45 PM
Roadbuster: -standing at the edge of the destroyed dock, looking down at the water- "Poor, deluded fool...... Honestly thinking I'm nuts enough to dive in after him....." -pulls off the bandoleer of grenades, sets one, flings the whole belt out towards where Piranacon dove in- "You'd think Fish Boy would worry about being depth charged.........."

Hyper Prime
2004-06-22, 10:18 PM
Countdown said to Jazz, "No problem. We'll just get a little, heh heh heh heh, "base-ic" help!"

Countdown then pressed several buttons on his arm and a monitor popped out next to it.


Outside, Countdown's base opened the doors of the Omega Shuttle and it bursted through as the doors opened. It then targeted Prianacon. Its rocket launchers and laser cannons then fired a continous onslaught at the gestalt.

Redhot got off of Sixshot and looked to side at "Countdown's base! Its activated!"

2004-06-22, 10:18 PM
Roadbuster's move was smart, but Pirancon knows more about sea warfare than Roadbuster could hope.

Pirancon was far out of the way of the grenades as he watched them hit the ground and explode, the force of the blast knocked him back and made a massive swirl of dirt and dust. Just was Pirancon wanted.

2004-06-23, 08:45 AM
Blitzwing's red optics flared and narrowed as he looked over his shoulder and turned slightly to his left- raising his arms as he did. He ignored the scattering humans and kept a small styrafoam box gripped securely within his left hand.
He turned to face Jazz with a cool, calculating expression.

"Here are my hands- Autobot- and you'll see them a lot closer when I cleave your head to match his!"

*Blitzwing hurls the box straight at Jazz and begins to transform to tank mode*

2004-06-23, 11:46 AM
Jazz was not entirely unprepared for Blitzwing's counterattack, though a box wasn't the first of his expectations. He sidestepped gracefully and threw one hand up as a waiter carrying a tray, smoothly catching the box and reducing its momentum. He set it carefully on the pile behind him, his muzzle still training on Blitzwing.

"Aw, you should'n've! I been lookin' all over for these!"

He perfected his target lock during Blitzwing's transformation, but the corner of his optic caught sight of a pack of humans looking for cover. He frowned to himself and made a quick judgement call, pocketing his rifle in his back. With Blitzwing now in tank mode, Jazz took a risk and dove for the turret, praying to flip him into a position that may make him reconsider opening fire.

Hyper Prime
2004-06-23, 05:10 PM
Countdown could see that Jazz was in trouble, but Prianacon was also a big problem as well.

"Redhot, go help Jazz, now!" He yelled into his comm link.


"You got it boss! I'm on it!" Redhot then transformed and sped towards the Autobot and Blitzwing.

"Hey Blitz-scug, eat some of this!" He then blasted a stream of fire-retardent foam at the Decepticon. "If it gets you, it'll totally destroy your innner circuitry! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

2004-06-23, 10:09 PM
"Nrrrr!" Blitwing snarled as he saw Jazz diving in on one side and foam being deployed from the other. Reversing gears into a fast backup, he swung his turret gun around as Jazz caught the barrel and pulled on him. The triple changer diverted his aim to use the momentum of the Autobot's pounce as a redirection- and attempted to let loose a blast of shot straight into the fire sprinkling system as he was heaved sideways.

ooc: (At this point if the shot is successful, a mix of foam and water would probably be raining down with a large hole in the ceiling, if not, Blitz'll have his underbelly coated with foam as he's currently on his side. You call it Flec.)

"Foolish Autobot! Your crew can't even refrain from friendly fire- so I'll return the favor and give you both some that's unfriendly!!!"

2004-06-23, 10:36 PM
Roadbuster: -roots around through the debris that he'd been buried in- "C'mon, where is it........ Got It!" -pulls his grenade launcher free, tips it so it faces barrel down, sighs at the stream of water that pours out of it, along with some small fish, a few silt covered beer cans, and a startled hermit crab- "Lovely." -walks back to the edge of the water, running diagnostics on the waterlogged launcher-

Aero Blade
2004-06-24, 06:50 AM
((OOC: Sorry about not posting for awhile. Haven't been able to get to the board for a few days and gotta do some catching up on other threads))

Aero Blade had been torn about listening to what [b]Jazz{/b] said and going to help the others, or going to help him, but when he heard the sound of weapons fire his mind was made up.

"Come on, sounds like Jazz needs a few extra hands!" Aero said Stratus as they both headed that way to catch up with Countdown and Jazz.

Soundwave online
2004-06-24, 12:34 PM
"Seems to me like either these sissys are fleeing or theres another battle going on in Blitzwings direction" Sixshots voice rang with authority

"Do you think we should check it out" Apeface grinned

"YES YES CRUSH KILL DESTROY" Snapdragon had already made up his mind as he chased towards the autobots

"Grrr Snapdragon wait up im supposed to be in charge" Sixshot demanded as he and Apeface chased after Snapdragon.

(OOC feel free to get in their way as their too slow to get their very fast)

2004-06-24, 05:25 PM
Jazz' head shrunk into his frame, in recoil from the shot fired just inches away. He glanced over his shoulder at the debris raining from the ceiling, along with the foam and sprinkling water. He snarled, planted his feet on the concrete floor, and threw all of his weight into Blitzwing in the hope of relocating the ill-gone combat outside.

"What'd I tell you two?" he grunted through his vocodor-shields. "I'm frrne!"

However, his optimism visibly dropped as he spotted the arrival of Sixshot and his company. He frowned. A Micromaster, a Mini-Con, a tech, and him versus four trained Decepticon killers...

"Out!" he commanded the other Autobots. "Get the chips! I'll hold these chumps off!"

Jazz drew his rifle from his back and fired a blast at Sixshot while his other hand continued to push Blitzwing's turret, both trying to ram his frame through the other Decepticons and keep him from blowing Jazz' face off...

I better live to laugh about this!

2004-06-24, 06:41 PM
Roadbuster: -looking at the murky water- "Can't see him, and there's no way I'm going in there to find him..... yet." -looks over at Apeface and Snapdragon- "One of those two should do nicely." -aims grenade launcher at water, starts firing grenades into the water to keep the much and silt stirred up, locks both linear blaster cannon and shrapnel launcher on Snapdragon, fires, sending a stream of heavy ion bolts and bomblets at the Decepticon-

Brave Maximus
2004-06-24, 10:28 PM
Skyfall watched as Pirranacon jumped out of the way and into the water. Something deep inside told him not to follow the combiner into water. Instead, he circled around and looked at the battle field. Then he saw it, Three Decepticons firing at Nemesis. From out of no where, Ark dives infront of Nemesis, his energon shield absorbing most of the blast, but not enough. It shatters and the minicon falls to the ground lifeless. Nemesis and Starlight were there before the Micromaster headmaster could make it. He looked down and the saddened Female Minicon:
"Is..... is he......?"

She looked at him and bluntly said:
"His spark is still intact, and he functions..... barely. Why must the Decepticons destroy everything they touch?"

"I Don't know Starlight, but I will make them pay for this, pull back with Ark until I can pick you up."

With that, Skyfall Omega drew his battle axe up and launched himself at Sixshot, swinging down with all his might.

Sixwing looked down at Starscream and began to laugh. His dull rasp of a voice dripped down at the Decepticon:
"Is that fear I smell Starscream? I thought you couldn't die? I thought you were the bravest, most skilled Decepticon warrior in history. Hummm, perhaps not......
Well, as I pick through your smashed cranium, perhaps I can find the part that allows for these dellusio........"
Sixwing was so engrosed with Starscream that he didn't hear Thrust Activate his weapon and fire.
Sixwing moved his head, barely. Everything on the right side of his right optics ceased to exist. Blinding pain raced through Sixwings central processor. His fist smashed into the ground, and hopefully through a good chunk of Starscream.
He turns and attempts to put his fist through Thrust. His optics are a dark purple, most of the rational part of Sixwing is unconcious.

Soundwave online
2004-06-24, 10:52 PM
Apeface directs the shot away from sixshot with his shield while Krunk sees the oncoming fire from roadbuster and guides snapdragon into avoiding most of it and taking minimal damage.

"Hahahahaha your gonna have to do better against us"

Laughed sixshot as he and his two guards headed toward Jazz.

2004-06-24, 11:38 PM
Piranacon got onto his com-link to a closed Decepticon band.

"Attention Decepticons, I will give you a warning of when to jump, but I am able to smash this area to create an earthquake with the effects of a low level tidal wave." He paused.

"Starscream you seem to be the leader here, shall I commence in this action?" He asked and smiled still hidden in the stealth of the water and muck.

2004-06-24, 11:54 PM
Roadbuster: "Well, if you insist." -turns to face Snapdragon and Apeface full on, starts striding forward, firing grenades, heavy ion bolts, and bomblets at the two Headmasters-

2004-06-25, 01:09 AM
Thrust let out a cry of triumph and relief as he saw his shot his Sixwing; but it was cut short as Sixwing turned to strike him. Thrust ducked, feeling Sixwing's fist glance him. He retaliated with a kick, shouting, "Starscream, run!"

2004-06-25, 02:13 AM
Flying high over the battlefield, in route to a previous engagement with a blosoming field of cherry blosoms, the INSECTICONS, SHRAPNEL, BOMBSHELL, and KICKBACK, all stare passively at the mighty battle ensuing below, as trailing behind them are a small sized swarm of INSECTICON CLONES.

kICKBACK "Looks like our guys are really giving the autobot buckets a real pounding!"

SHRAPNEL "Well it's about time....time!"

BOMBSHELL "Why should we care? It looks like they got everything under control! Besides, there's an entire country side with our name on it!

KICKBACK "Drat! And I was hoping to maybe sever a few Autobot break lines with my machine gun!

2004-06-25, 02:57 AM
"I'm gonna pulverize you!"
Blitzwing yelled as he struggled against the pressure. Suddenly, a communication came through on his internal frequency.
"Earthquake?!!!" The realization of forthcoming trouble caused the triple changer to lose his focus. Blitzwing's turret was forced around toward Sixshot just as he let out a second blast. The recoil of the blast sent his back end crashing into the wall- causing the wall to split and crumble.

Half stuck in the wall and now coated with a mix of foam and water, Blitzwing began to try to transform to his jet mode. His sights were set on the hole in the ceiling.

2004-06-25, 03:05 AM
OOC is Blaster currently absent?

Piranacon stood waiting.

"The longer we wait the less likely the Autobots will not suspect this attack." The giant robot grumbled waiting for Starscream's reply.

2004-06-25, 03:30 AM
ooc: Ravage, Blaster is unavailable for an undetermined amount of time. I'll take Starscream for this post.

A smirk spread across Starscream's face. "By all means! Shake up those ground-bound Autobots!"

2004-06-25, 05:17 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind still lay collapsed on the ground.

OOC: Hint, hint, hint...

Soundwave online
2004-06-25, 02:00 PM
Sixshot was knocked back by Blitzwings shot sending him flying in Roadbusters direction. Roadbusters shots stopped at the feet of the two headmasters as they turned to face him

APEFACE "urgh do you think hes tryin to tell us somethin"

SNAPDRAGON "Of course he is you half wit we must DESTROY ROADBUSTER"

Both headmasters dived towards roadbuster and attempted to grab each of his arms as Sixshot lay on the ground in front of him.

(OOC good thinkin Cosmos i never thought of setting it out like that ;))

2004-06-26, 01:27 AM
Roadbuster: "Isn't the headmaster process supposed to make you smarter?" -aims grenade launcher at Apeface's chest, linear blaster cannon at Snapdragon's chest, and shrapnel cannon at Sixshot- "If it was, I'd get my money back, if I was you two." -fires, sending a stream of plasma grenades at Apeface's chest, heavy ion bolts at Snapdragon's chest, and explosive bomblets at Sixshot-

Aero Blade
2004-06-26, 02:45 AM
Aero Blade was torn on what to do, but getting the chips was the purpose of their mission in the first place, and he really didn't want to mess with the cons. Having to force himself to make a decision, he dashed into the room and snatched up the box containing the stolen chips.

"You'd better make it out of this is one piece!!" Aero yelled to Jazz as he retreated with their objective. "Stratus, Countdown, let's go!!"

2004-06-26, 03:07 AM
Piranacon smiled.

He got back onto his com-link to the Decepticons.

"I am starting my attack now!"

With that the monsterous Decepticons lifted his arms high up and smashed them into the sea floor around him.

He could see the effects of his action, as the area around him began to quake and shiver. Then, with all his might, he smashed his hands into the harbor itself and then once more into the ground and stood his ground smiling as he swam out of the way of any falling debris as well as the impending wave of water and kept his guns ready for any unlucky Autobots.

2004-06-26, 04:10 AM
Thrust didn't wait to see what - if anything - his kick had done to Sixwing. He leapt in the air and got himself flying in order to avoid Piranacon's seaquake.

(OOC: I'll just say he's recovered enough to be able to fly, because I don't want him to die from the tidal wave. Hope that's okay.)

2004-06-26, 06:19 AM
"I'm not staying down here!" Starscream yelled as he stuck his knee up in the mid-section of Sixwing and rolled back pushing his knee out thrusting Sixwing off of him and then quickly taking to the air as the ground began to shake and the wall of water started to retreat.

"Decepticons! Take to the air! Land once the Autobots was washed up!"

Soundwave online
2004-06-26, 02:24 PM
All three decepticon warriors fall into a mess infront of roadbuster.

SIXSHOT(leaping to his feet) as much as i hate to sayit screamers right lets get up there NOW.

The three warriors transform into jet mode and take to the skies.

2004-06-26, 10:05 PM
Piranacon got onto his Comlink.

"As much fun as it would be to smash Autobots, maybe we should call a retreat so you can all get repairs?" The giant asked.

2004-06-26, 10:25 PM
Roadbuster: -wondering why the three Decepticons didn't try to jump him, feels the rumble of the earthquake, turns back to face the water, sees the wall of water coming towards him- "And me without my surfboard. This is gonna leave a mark." -transforms to vehicle mode, burns rubber, charging the wall of water as it rushes towards him-

2004-06-27, 12:37 AM
Three miles away, the entire INSECTICON CLONE ARMY, feasting on an entire valley of cherry blosoms and shrubbery were shortly interupted by a violent ground level shockwave as everyone of them paused simultaneously.

SHRAPNEL "What in the world was that...was that?"

BOMBSHELL "It felt like an earthquake!"

KICKBACK "Bah, just one of the gripes of being stationed on a miserable organic rock such as this!"

BOMBSHELL "Or perhaps it could of been the result of some sort of unconventional weapon! My senses indicate that it originated from the direction of the Autobot and Decepticon battle!"

SHRAPNEL "I say it's best that we find out...find out! As much as I despise the Decepticons...Decepticons, It would just kill me to see the Autobrats get the upper hand...upper hand!"

KICKBACK "Very well then! Insecticons! Continue to feed in the valley! We shall return soon enough! Come BOMBSHELL, SHRAPNEL! Let us handle these Autobot buckets once and for all!!"

(The three INSECTICON leaders all fly away, leaving behind their growing clone army.)

SHRAPNEL "Yes, since the Decepticons obviously can't handle them, ...handle them!"

Hyper Prime
2004-06-27, 12:50 AM
Countdown replied, "Alright. Redhot!" He yelled into his comm link. "Redhot! Meet me at my base and prepare for a retreating fire. We're outta here!"


Redhot heard and obeyed, "Gotcha!" He then quickly sped over towards the Micromaster base and began to operate the controls. He noticed the Insecticons coming towards him so, "Computer, missile cannons online. Target seraching." He then brought up the controls for the cannon, "Come on, come on. Targets sighted. Fire!"

The missile cannons then unleashed a barrage of missiles at the Insecticons, coming from all different directions.

Countdown started to blast a hole through the wall for a quick escape. Then, he transformed and slammed into it, creating a large exit hole. As he transformed, he activated his comm link, "Skyfall! Aeroblade has got the chips and were preparing to double back to the shuttle. Meet'cha there!"

As he ended transmission, he began to make his way to Redhot and his base.

2004-06-27, 01:25 AM
As the INSECTICONS began to power up both their internal and external weapons systems, they suddenly find themselves caught in a barrage of missile fire from all directions.

KICKBACK "What the....unghhhhh!!!! I'm hit!"
(Kickback falls out of the sky as Bombshell and Shrapnel both dive to avoid the same fate of their Insecticon brother.)

BOMBSHELL "It's comming from there!!!!"
(Bombshell points towards the Micromasters Base as in front of him, Kickback hit's the ground.)

SHRAPNEL "Alrighty then...alrighty then! So you wanna play hardball...play hardball?!! How about a little electrical storm...electrical storm...."
(Just then, Shrapnel's stares up at the grey, windy skies high over Japan as suddenly he is struck with a series of lightining bolts in rapid succession, summoning them on command. He then augments his own electrical generating capacity, and then prepares to release that greatly increased power through his palms while facing the Micromasters base.)

bombshell "Do it SHRAPNEL, fry the little micro morons circuts!!!"

(Shrapnel expels a blinding barrage of blue shards towards the micromaster's base with a deafening, unearthly, mechanized laugh.)

Hyper Prime
2004-06-27, 03:51 AM
Redhot laughed, "Sorry Shrapy, but you're going to have to get pretty early in the morning to stop this base. Activating energy-zapping de-kineto cannos."

As he had announced, the base had brought up two large cannons to the oncoming attack. It then unleashed a concentrated concussion fore of negative kinetic energy, neutrilazing the electrical attack.

"And now, for the piece d'resistance!" Redhot then activated the laser blasters and let loose a hellish onslaught onto the Insecticons. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" He manically laughed.

"I swear, you're way more like a Decepticon than an Autobot." Countdown had made his way across the battle field and into the cock pit of his base. "Move over, I'm driving."

"Sorry boss. So, how'd you do?"

"Mission accomplished. Aeroblade has Hound's memory chips. Now lets get back to the Omega shuttle, but lets handle the clean up first." Countdown then targeted the other Insecticons,the clones created by Shrapnel and fired several missiles, plus a volley of lasers.

Aero Blade
2004-06-27, 06:09 AM
Aero Blade and Stratus made their way outside without incident, though Aero was a bit worried about the left behind Jazz, and the now missing Countdown. Hopefully he'd found another way safely out.

Aero meanwhile, for the first time durring this mission, actually had his weapons ready to defend against any oncoming Cons. He had to keep Hound's chips safe; his own personal preferences were of little matter.

On the way out of the building Aero and Stratus had become aware of an unusual rumbling. Now having looked around they spotted the oncoming wave of water approaching their area. "Aw, slag it! What else is gonna happen?" Aero spoke to his partner as he swiftly changed modes to helicopter and catching the box of chips in his cockpit. He then took to the air, attempting to locate where the Omega Shuttle was now.

2004-06-27, 02:25 PM
BOMBSHELL "Shrapnel, duck you fool!!!"
(Bombshell immedeatly plants his robotic face into the earth as a hellish volley of laser fire grazes his back, melting a thin layer of his metalic skin.)

SHRAPNEL "Impossible, ...impossible!"
(Shrapnel is then hit with the full fury of laser fire as his scattered body parts rain down all over the field as the attack ceased.)

BOMBSHELL "You will never have the glory of capturing one diode of our Insecticon mechanics Autobots!"
(Bombshell then pulls out his weapon and plays with the settings. Just then, as he pulls the trigger, all of Shrapnel's scattered body parts seems to magically pull together to form a visibally damaged, yet functioning Insecticon.)

BOMBSHELL (Grabbing the highly damaged Kickback)"Insecticons, retreat!"(Just then, he throws Kickback's damaged carcass to Shrapnel transforming into insect mode and begins to burrow deep within the Earth. Shrapnel, carrying Kickback, dives into the hole.

Meanwhile, as the growing army of INSECTICON CLONES continue to feed, they are immedeatly attacked with a volley of laser and missile fire as on instinct, with the original Insecticon's absent and unable to think on their own, they begin to all burrow to escape the attack. Many of them exploding violently when hit, and others escaping completely.

2004-06-27, 05:07 PM
ooc: :p You're not really supposed to know that those are the wrong chips- but oh well. A while ago (a long while ago), Bludgeon had been wearing Sideswipe's head as a necklace- or rather - headlace. On Sideswipe's current body is a replacement head (even though the character isn't being played currently). When Bludgeon had been killed last, the head was taken to a 'con who for the time shall remain nameless. For a plot twist and intentionally unannounced, Blitzwing had taken the chips from Sideswipe to the plant ahead of Starscream's group. (More details I won't give right now on how he got them.) Sideswipe's chips have been serving as a test for the Decepticons- ie. the note and box that Nightbeat and Muzzle recovered. As for Sideswipe's real head- it's still at Metrotitan.

Intentionally vague- it's been left to the Autobot group to figure out they've only got one of two possible boxes. It's a red herring of sorts. There ya go. ;) Now please *try* to take this sort of thing into discussion instead of messing up the thread. It only makes more work for the staff when we have to go back and clean up all the ooc commentary. :p

2004-06-27, 09:34 PM
Jazz grimaced at the sight of Blitzwing's cannon lighting up with an energy charge; he delivered the barrel a judo slap as he dove out of the way, narrowly avoiding being crushed by the tank's treads. His optics darted reflexively to the door, where he expected his assailants to be continuing their attack, but he was relieved to see they had found someone else to pester. The tremors of Piranacon's seaquake purchased a frown from Jazz, and he rolled to his feet. He ran to Blitzwing's wall-trapped frame, reached down mid-stride, and slapped the Decepticon's hull.

"Love ya, bud."

Jazz hurdled through the air and stopped for an instant on the turret end of Blitzwing's barrel, hanging in limbo just long enough to squeeze a wink before springing up and backflipping through the hole in the roof. He landed smoothly in a backward jog, his rifle hand quickly tracking and firing twice at Starscream's visible airborne body.

"Auto-bots!" he cried through his radio. "Get the heck outta the way!"

Jazz dove off the side of the building, tumbling to grasp the roof with his free hand, just as the tidal wave slammed the opposite side. He prayed to Primus that he could just hang on through the torrent...

2004-06-27, 09:58 PM
Roadbuster: -flipping end over end through the water, getting higher and higher from the ground, wondering if this was such a good idea after all-

2004-06-28, 12:56 AM
Blitzwing yelled loudly in frustration as Jazz used his turret gun as a trampoline.

"YAHHH! I HATE Y..." The rumble of the approaching water drowned his voice out. With the danger imminent, he transformed to robot mode, took two steps to follow Jazz toward the hole, and fell as water crashed through the wall and windows. Instictively, he reached out and grabbed two humans running past him as water engulfed the entire lower level, slammed him backwards through his original hole in the wall and washed him a fair distance outside.

2004-06-28, 01:59 AM
Starscream kept acending to get away from Jazz's shots. "I'd be less worried about me Jazz and more worried about how you will stop THAT!" Starscream laughed manically pointing at the incoming tidal wave.

Starscream got hit in the lower mid-section but it had lost alot of zing because of the distance upward he had travelled upwards.

2004-06-28, 07:26 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind still lay unconscious on the ground.

2004-06-28, 02:31 PM
One very serious moderator note for everyone--- I'm seeing a lot of "godding" in regards to characters in several threads. If you dain that they don't- or forget too often that your character should be taking damage in battle, the staff members WILL step in and WILL state that they directly hit your characters- along with a PM warning. If the warning is ignored, you may find your character eliminated from the game permanently.

2004-06-28, 11:02 PM
Roadbuster: -getting dizzy, starting to see something looming before him- "Wha...." -transforms right before he smashes through a side wall of a warehouse and several interior support members, more damage indicators lighting up on his HUD, a breach in his shrapnel cannon ammo hopper, feeling one of the building support beams punch through his right leg, realizing just before the whole building collapses on top of him and knocks him cold that there is still an earthquake going on-

Brave Maximus
2004-06-28, 11:46 PM
Sixwing took the kicks from both Decepticons, and with half his sensors not working, he could not stop either from escaping him. Standing up, with a visible glitch to his left side, the micromaster combiner attempted to lock onto the Decepticons. It was then that he felt the rumbling in the ground and the wave rear up over the land.
I don't have the slagging time for this. Where is that whelp of a leader, we have what we came for, lets go!

Sixwing then split into his components and lifted off into the air. Missile Run controling the main jet (as it was sluggish due to the damage of the ailerons), with the missile launcher slung underneath and the other five members flying escort around it.

Skyfall Omega stood and watched the wave come. He put his arms up and ignited his thusters attempting to hold back the water so the Minicons could escape. He was not faced with a large problem. His right thruster was only at half out put - due to it's damage, and with the force of the water - he couldn't take off.

I wonder if Omega is water proof?
Left arm\Missile launcher damaged - hull integrity comprimised - unit cannot submerge
Damn, it was a good idea while it lasted. How am I going to get out of here?

The young micromaster headmaster didn't see the small futuristic fightercraft flyng up to his back, nor did he feel it attaching to him. What he did feel was the interlocking of systems and the added power boost from Starlight. He felt her emotions swell with him, the saddness of battle, the pain of Ark, but most of all, the desire to see all her "Friends" make it home.

Skyfall Omega's back thrusters roared to life with a power they had never managed to put out before. Through his transector connection, he could feel them screaming as so much raw power flowed through them. He lifted off, only being thrown a few meters away by the force of the tidal wave.

Once in the air, Omega transformed into it's shuttle mode, and Skyfall to robot mode. He opened an all-Autobot frequency:
"Autobots! We have what we came for, everyone who can make it to the shuttle, board it, otherwise activate a locater and Omega will pick you up!

Jazz, this is Skyfall, I'm coming to give you some back up!"

The omega shuttles doors opened and admited Nemesis and the very wounded Ark. Nemesis put Ark in a CR chamber and then went to the Omega's weapons controls. Still 30 missiles left, hopefully it would be enough to get them out.

Skyfall transformed and headed in through the upper floor of the lab and came upon Jazz, firing at the nearest Decepticon.


Missile run over heard the message and landed the jet within Omega. But, hearing Skyfall's message to Jazz, Transformed and headed after him - the little bot might get in over his head. He left standing orders with his other five parts to proctect the shuttle, no matter what.

2004-06-29, 12:16 AM

As the INSECTICONS BOMBSHELL, the visibly damaged SHRAPNEL and the near fatally wounded KICKBACK all gather with in a rapidly prepared INSECTICON nest deep underground, they meet within a huge maze of tunnels created by the INSECTICON CLONE ARMY as the clones all gather around patiently awaiting orders.

SHRAPNEL "Stupid Micromaster base...base! Where the hell did it come from...come from?! It was not sitting their before...before!"

BOMBSHELL "Shut up and lie down so I can fix you!"
(Shrapnel then lays down as Bombshell summons two Shrapnel clones to his side and immedeatly blasts them. He then uses their scattered remains for spare parts to help repair Shrapnel.)

BOMBSHELL "In order for me to do this right, I have to shut you down! I'll have you devouring whole forests again in no time, you big dummy! KICKBACK on the other hand, may require a lot more attention."

KICKBACK "Just....fix...me.....BOMBSHELL....."

BOMBSHELL "Conserve your energy! Soon, the autobots will pay for the pain they have inflicted on us!"

SHRAPNEL "We shall make them suffer unimaginably...unimaginably!"

2004-06-29, 03:04 AM
Piranacon got onto his com-link to the Decepticons.

"Should we make an exit now while the Autobot forces are in shambles? Or shall we continue to fight?" He asked and paused.

He waited in the water walking around keeping the dust and dirt and much up to keep himself nicely hidden and had his weapons ready in case he needed to fight.

2004-06-30, 02:35 AM
Thrust remained in the air, keeping close to Starscream, firing a few shots in the direction from which Jazz's shots had come, and watching the incoming tidal wave.

"You Autobots better hope you can swim!" he exclaimed, joining into Starscream's laughter with unabashed glee.

Then he noticed that Darkwing and Dreadwind hadn't joined them in the air. "Hey Starscream, where are the two moping ones?" he asked. "They aren't gonna make us wait for them again, are they?"

2004-06-30, 02:59 AM
Starscream held his mid-section where Jazz had hit him as his internal repair systems worked and he used his free arm to fire on the retreating Autobots.

"Who cares!?" He was obviously annoyed that Thrust hadn't worried about his injury over the other two cronies.

"No Pirahnacon! The Autobots are retreating, out matched by my superior leadership! But please feel free to pursue them while they try and escape!"

2004-06-30, 03:27 AM
OOC: FYI, The Powermasters weren't in the battle because they're damaged from Roadbuster's fire...and are going to die the next time I have to do a post like this unless someone does something about it. I'm sorry, but I've had to do this three times now, and I'm getting sick of having to remind you people that I exist.

Darkwing and Dreadwind moaned loudly, hoping that their compainions would care enough to help them.

2004-06-30, 03:57 AM
Pirancon decided to heed Starscream's order.

"Autobots prepare to die!" He loomed out of the water and towards the harbor and opened fire on the retreating Autobots.

In scanning the harbor he noticed Dreadwing and Darkwing on the ground.

"Starscream you may want to get a medic to the powermasters, it looks as though they took a pretty good beating." alerted he Decepticon air commander.

Aero Blade
2004-06-30, 04:03 AM
Aero Blade and Stratus looked about helplessly as they held possition above the water. He might be able to fly, but he wasn't strong enough to give enough lift to help any of the other Autobots out of the water, and there was no hope at all for a minicon to do so either.

"Oh man, what're we gonna do, Stratus? ...Hm..?" Aero turned his attention away from the water and towards two other forms in the air quite a distance away. Was that Starscream? Well while it didn't look like the one he knew, the resemblance was unmistakable.

Having no other way to attempt to help his friends, Aero Blade turned fully towards Starscream and Thrust, firing poorly aimed shots with the hopes of chasing off the Cons.

2004-06-30, 05:33 AM
Since Aero Blade wasn't aiming well, only one of his shots glanced Thrust. The Conehead fired back at Aero Blade. "How about fighting someone who can use both his hands? Or are you too scared, Autopunk?"

Aero Blade
2004-06-30, 06:02 AM
Aero Blade had to take a moment to dodge out of the way of the shots, but he didn't go far, determined to hold his ground. So far it didn't look like his strategy was working. He'd been purposely aiming bad in hopes to chase them off, but with the shot actually hitting he was worried about a potential backfire.

"And I suppose causing a tidal wave that's already caused who knows how much damage is just as fair?" Aero Blade called to Thrust while Stratus chirped an agreemance while stayng nearby. The minicon was just as determined as his partner to chase off the cons.

Soundwave online
2004-06-30, 12:42 PM
Sixshot leading his small group of jets heeded Piranacons warning

"Brothers our Decepticon comrades are in trouble let us aid them"

The three warriors descended to the injured powermasters and transformed

"Grrrr what do we do now sixshot" Apeface asked confused

"We get them outta here thats our first priority"

Snapdragon and apeface began to attend to Darkwing as Sixshot lifted up Dreadwind.

(OOC if you want me to move your characters somewhere Bombshell let me know ;) )

2004-06-30, 03:16 PM
Piranacon could see Sixshot and the Headmaster moving towards the fallen Powermasters and unleashed a hail of cover fire to assist them.

2004-06-30, 04:04 PM
(OOC: Bombers, I can think of two good reasons that no one has helped the Powermasters. 1: Because a tidal wave and an earthquake were keeping the other 'Cons airborne, but even assuming the Powermasters are far enough away, 2: Prior to the post in which you complain no one's helping, you hadn't posted anything to convey that they're waiting for help, only that they're down and out. I personally didn't know what that OOC hint was at, so I wouldn't expect anyone else to. I would have PMed this, but I want everyone to get the message - if you want other people to do something with your characters, communicate it very clearly, okay?)


Jazz snarled and sputtered through the voracious force of water as the tidal wave began to lose steam. He'd been holding better than he expected, but the water was beginning to seep between his fingers and loosen his grip.

Don't fail me now!

Jazz sighed as the wave began to subside, the water finally coming below optic-level. He began to hoist himself back onto the roof, but his climbing shoulder was struck by Thrust's shots before he could get far. Jazz grunted and collapsed back into the makeshift river, being carried by the flow into and through a tree. He skittered about below the surface until hitting the concrete side of a building, and he waited there until the remainder of the tidal wave had calmed.

"BLRAH!" he spewed as he finally got to his feet. "Last time I try that... Skyfall, my man, where you at? You sure we got all the chips?"

As he spoke into his radio, Jazz began a strafing jog and fired several diversionary shots at the first Decepticon he could see - Piranacon.

2004-06-30, 05:24 PM

BOMBSHELL: "Finished! There! Back to your Inscticon self! Now it's your turn, Kickback!"

SHRAPNEL: "Here, let me help you...let me help you...."

BOMBSHELL: "I'm shutting you down, Kickback! This is going to be a major operation!"

KICKBACK: "Enough....talk.....f-f-f-fix....me....."

*As the Bombshell and Shrapnel begin work on kickback, the Insecticon clones are dilligently at work building a complex tunel system leading upwards towards the surface.*

2004-06-30, 09:14 PM
"No, that's called 'fun'!" Thrust snarled back at Aero Blade, firing a few more shots at him.

2004-06-30, 09:47 PM
OOC: Sure, Flec. Besides, me and Warcry worked it out last night. There's no problem anymore.

Darkwing managed to see who it was that was assisting them.

"Ugh," he groaned. "Rescued by pack animals. How degrading."

"It could be worse," Dreadwind replied. "We could still be lying on the ground near death."

"True," Darkwing fumed. "I swear. Roadbuster is gonna pay for this."

Brave Maximus
2004-06-30, 10:28 PM
OOC: Aero Blade - The Omega Shuttle is hovering above the ground, you should be able to see it to get it. Five Micromasters a flying around it, and it's about to fire some missiles at Piranacon to keep it away ;)

Nemesis watched as Pirannacon rose out of the water, he activated the shuttle's weapons: The three remaining Missile launchers opened up. He fired three missiles that split in four (12 total) and watched as they headed towards the Decepticon combiner.

The five Micromasters kept watch making sure that they don't get attacked from behind.

Skyfall Spotted Jazz and transformed. Looking around he awnsered:
"Aero Blade said he'd found them. Know anywhere else they could be kept?"

2004-07-01, 02:45 AM
Roadbuster: -out cold, buried in the rubble of the warehouse-


Roadbuster: "There are times I wonder why I like this mudball of a planet."

Dinobot: -in the shadows of Roadbuster's subconscious- "Speaking as the shadow of one who died here......." -scowls- "I can't think of a good reason, either."

Roadbuster: -chuckles- "You've got to admit, Cybertron's got no water on it. Water's more survivable than explosions."

Dinobot: "You obviously have no organic components."

2004-07-01, 03:58 AM
Piranacon saw the onslaught of firepower coming at him from both Jazz and Nemesis and turned his fire power onto the attacks against him.

The attack did what he had hoped for, his blasts hit the missles and some of Jazz's shots destroying most of them.

Still a few missiles got through and impacted with Piranacon hitting him in the chest armour and shoulders.

He grimmced slighty and was rocked back some. More by the missiles than anything else. He then cleared his mind and returned fire.

Aero Blade
2004-07-01, 07:21 AM
"You have a warped sense of fun!" Aero Blade pipped back, dodging the shots from Thrust, but didn't fire back. He was too irritated with the situation, and too eagar to get the chips he'd collected back to his friend Hound.

"You Cons might as well just take off! We already got the chips that we came for, so you might as well just get lost before you loose anything else!" He snapped at them.

Soundwave online
2004-07-01, 12:31 PM
"Grrrr you may have the chips but we take your heads as payment" growled Apeface

"Yeah im gonna rip you to pieces aeroblade and dont think that your comrades will stop me" snarled snapdragon

"Simmer down you two he wants us to get angry just stay focused and keep aiming for him" replied Sixshot

The three cons seeing that the powermasters were fine now transformed to jet mode and took to the skys chasing toward Aeroblade while firing all of their weapons in his direction

"Time for you to eat those words autoscum"

2004-07-01, 01:30 PM
Roadbuster: -optic band flickers back to life, sees only darkness, starts trying to move his arms, gyroscopic stabilizers struggling to orient him-

Hyper Prime
2004-07-01, 01:59 PM
"Hey Apeclod!"

Behind Apeface, Sixshot, and Snapdragon, the micromaster base charged forward. Redhot was in the mobile cannon seat, while Countdown steered the base and fired missiles at the powermasters in the sky.

"How about I take off your head with one clean shot!" Redhot then fired several blasts at the three Decepticons.

Countdown said, "Hey Aeroblade, get on board quick! We'll make a run for the Omega shuttle!"

"Yeah, hurry up! This thing is almost out of ammo!"

2004-07-01, 04:49 PM
Jazz' jog degenerated to a walk, then a stop, as he noticed Omega's cover fire. He shrugged casually to Skyfall, rubbing his shoulder.

"Beats me. I figure one o' these creeps might know..."

He looked up to Piranacon's looming form in the distance, and the ominous glow of his rifle. With a grimace, Jazz transformed and began speeding away from the impending blast as well as he could in the foot-deep water. The shot grazed just over his trunk, singing his spoiler and deforming his rear window.

"But I don't think the big guy's gonna let us ask 'em! Autobots, keep movin' for the shuttle!"

Jazz chugged to a stop, hiding in the "safety" of an alley in order to talk with his commander.

"Skyfall, couldja get up there and lemme know who's missing? I'll catch up with you when I know everybody's on board."

2004-07-01, 05:35 PM
As the ongoing battle ensues, suddenly, breaking through the surface in an unearthly ferocity of pure savagery, the Insecticon clone army peirces through the very surface and makes a bee line towards the micromaster base!

In a robotic swarm, the insecticon clone army begins to latch on and to slowly chew on the base as finally, Kickback, Shrapnel, and Bombshell fly out of the hole last and immedeatly targeted the back side of Jazz, just dipping into a nearby alley way.

"Destroy him!!!!" Bombshell yells as Shrapnel and Kickback both run off towards him as Bombshell transforms into insect mode.

Aero Blade
2004-07-01, 05:46 PM
Aero Blade definitely did not like being the center of attention in a battle like this, and now he'd somehow gotten four cons irritated with him. He was much relieved when Countdown and Redhot showed up with another base.

"Just give me a way in, and I'm there!" Aero Blade called to the fellow Autobots. Aero meanwhile took a moment to release a smokescreen from the vents across his outer armor, hoping to obscure himself from view, and if he was lucky to confuse the Cons. Once the smokescreen was fully released, Aero shot for the base.

2004-07-01, 05:48 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind steadied one another as Apeface and Snapdragon headed off.

"I guess we're not going anywhere anytime soon," Dreadwind moaned.

"Guess we'd better cause as much grief for the Autobots as we can before we kick it," Darkwing muttered.

Raising their weapons, they began to fore at Aero Blade and Countdown.

2004-07-01, 06:35 PM
Blitzwing coughed and sputtered out water as the last of the wave passed through and spread out on the ground. Angrily he got to his feet and then noticed he had two human scientists in his hand. He set them down on a tree. "Lucky fleshlings. Stay there until the water comes back through, then see to it that this facility is repaired."

With that, he transformed to jet mode and took to the air, looking for one specific target.
I have a score to settle with you Jazz.

2004-07-01, 07:54 PM
Both Shrapnel and Kickback stood at the entrance of the alley way and opened up a full barrage of fire power into the alley hoping to hit Jazz as they laughed firing aimlessly.

2004-07-01, 09:28 PM
Jazz burned rubber down the alley reflexively at the sight of shots tearing overhead. He checked his rear view mirror with a perturbed chuckle.

"Look out, it's the beetles! Where's John at?"

A shot from Kickback's machine gun pierced Jazz' right rear tire, and he skidded coarsely into the wall of a building. He transformed on the fly, grabbing the railing of a fire escape and swinging to hold himself on the walls with the traction of the tires on his feet. His shoulder cannon materialised, releasing a wide spray of flame down the alley toward the Insecticons.

"I'm sure you get this all the time, but really guys, bug off!"

2004-07-01, 09:53 PM
Piranacon noticed that Autobots trying for the shuttle.

At that diastance I am not sure I can hit it, or hit it hard enough to keep it from going airborne. But anyway.

Piranacon raised his weapons and took aim at the shuttle some ways away and opened fire.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-01, 10:44 PM
Countdown saw the Powermasters' attacks coming for him, but he couldn't do anything about it. The energy zapping di-kineto cannon was drained from Shrapnel's lightening attack, so...

"Yarrgh!" Countdown was blasted out of the cockpit, crashing through it's glass, as it exploded behind him. Shards of shrapnel were embedded into his back and a wheel on his leg had been blasted off.

"Boss! Are you okay?" Redhot shouted.

Countdown winced, "I'm fine, barely. Just get Aeroblade and yourself out of here! Get into the rocket!"

Redhot nodded and rushed out the of the moblie cannon room. He then entered the elevator and made his way into the rocket.

Countdown shouted, "Aeroblade, if you can manage it, hold onto the rocket. It'll blast off and head for the Omega shuttle in 3 clicks!" He then brought up his arm cannons and fired several shots at Darkwing and Dreadwind, yelling in rage and fustration.

Amarant Odinson
2004-07-02, 12:07 AM
OOC: I'm really sorry about not posting up til this point but I've been incredibly busy with a lot of stuff lately. I apologize for any problems this caused and I'll try to keep up with everything in the future.

IC: Stepper watched through the scope as Piranacon aimed for the Omega Shuttle. "Ready?"

"I got him."

Stepper steadied his aim and tapped Dropshot. "Your turn boss."


Two shots sounded out almost simultaniously from two different directions. The shots went at blinding speed.... right for Piranacon's hands.

2004-07-02, 01:31 AM
The two shots from the Autobot targetmasters hit his hands after he already fired at the dropship.

"Too little, too late." Piranacon growled as smoke and some melted metal set on his hands.

With that he brought his arms up to the directions the shots came from and opened fire not caring who or what he shot.

"Whoever did that will get a one way paid trip to the inferno." He yelled and opened fire in the two directions.

2004-07-02, 02:25 AM
Starscream smirked as he heard what the Aero Blade had said. Those stupid Autobots... they don't have the chips. I still do. Someone has duped the Autobots! I love it!

Starscream opened up a channel to all the Decepticons in Japan. "Decepticon's! Fall back immediately! The Autobots are retreating... no point in wasting energy!"

2004-07-02, 02:40 AM
Piranacon heard Starscreams signal.

"As you wish." He said in response and swam in the water back to base.

Aero Blade
2004-07-02, 03:24 AM
Aero Blade registered what Redhot said, but he was more focused on Starscream yelling at the other Cons. They were pulling out now? The Autobots didn't seem to be doing very well, probably even loosing if this kept up, and the Cons were pulling back?

Aero Blade flew around to where Redhot was, joining him in firing in Darkwing and Dreadwind's direction. "Something's out of place. Why would the cons pull out when we're doing poorly?" Aero relayed to Redhot.

Stratus meanwhile had split off in a different direction from his partner, circling around behind the majority of the fighting activity. Once there was a clear path, the little minicon went into action, firing rapid fire shots at the back of Starscream's head.

((OOC: Can't find anything about what Starscream's current mode is. If he's in vehicle mode, then just change it to Stratus firing at his engines/thrusters))

2004-07-02, 04:11 AM
Thrust followed Starscream's order to fall back, firing a few shots at Stratus as he did so. "Give up, little bugger!"

(OOC: Well, it's Blaster's call, but the smirk mentioned in the last post implies that his head is visible.)

2004-07-02, 04:22 AM
ooc: We're glad you're back Amarant. :) Good to see you. Cosmos, I'm taking out a single random clone just as Blitzwing's punctuation. ;)

Blitzwing veered into a smooth course as he zigzagged over the debris and battle below. Unexpectedly, a whiney, high-pitched vocoder rang out on his radio.

Starscream? What's that moronic seeker doing alive again? If he's responsible for this disaster, I'll wring his... wait, no! Our leaders will certainly be displeased that the science lab was destroyed. But how did the Autobots find out about it? Unless--- unless they intercepted my shipment! YARR!!!

Targeting a nearby random insecticon clone, Blitzwing took out his frustration by incinerating it entirely.

"Hnnn. No matter. The test was successful and I have a disk copy of the two that were decoded. Now- what's this?"

The triple-changer spotted Artfire and Stepper below taking aim at the retreating Piranacon's form.

"Tsk. That's not fair- shooting from the back. Noone said I couldn't destroy a couple Autobots on the way out."
Blitzwing turned his lazers onto the two in a strafing run.

2004-07-02, 04:26 AM
Both kickback and Shrapnel flee as a sizzling flame nearly scorched them to death, engulfing them and melting the very weopons they were holding and a thin layer of their armor. As Kickback and Shrapnel, losing their interest in persuing Jazz, both turn their attention towards Bombshell who was in insect mode, they both watched as Bombshell flew past them.

Shrapnel: (Turning his attention to the sky) "The Decepticons are retreating....retreating!!! I wonder why, I wonder why?"

Kickback: "I could never undestand those guys anyway. No use of hanging around here either. Insecticons, follow us!!!"

Kickback orders as he and Shrapnel both fly off, trailing the other Decepticons. Soon, all of the Insecticon clones chewing on the micromaster's base began to follow the two in a huge swarm, lifting high into the sky.

Bombshell: (Still in insect mode) "Very well then....but not without leaving behind a little going away present! Ha-ha-haaaaa!!!"

Bombshell then fires a Cerebro shell from his stinger at Jazz, in hopes of mind controling him as he then transforms into robot mode and flies away to join the retreating Decepticons. Bombshell is willing to allow the shell to remain dormant in Jazz until he desires to activate it, that is if it hits its target, being fired recklessly.

Soundwave online
2004-07-02, 12:03 PM
" order heard and understood starscream lets pull out guys" sixshot began to pull back ordering the two Headmasters to do the same

"Grrr no im not going anywhere" snapped snapdragon "not until there all dead"

"Yeah" said Apeface "im just starting to have fun"

Sixshot grabbed the two Headmasters and pulled out

"Sorry guys thats enough playtime today"

The two looked dissapointed but when Sixshot let go they transformed and followed him anyway.

God Jinrai
2004-07-02, 04:27 PM
Transmission from Maximus to Skyfall:

"Skyfall. This is Optimus Prime back at Fortress Maximus. I need a status report. say the word, and I'll get reinforcements in there ASAP. I need your say on this. I don't want to pull rank here, but if you need the help, I need to know! "

2004-07-02, 06:53 PM
Starscream watched the Autobot shuttle try and escape and then shrugged.

"Change of plans. Pirahnacon, Sixshot, Insecticons. Chase the shuttle try and force it to land over the pacific then leave the rest to the Seacons."

No point in wasting them here and it gets rid of that belligerent idiot Sixshot.

2004-07-02, 10:17 PM
SHRAPNEL: "Ahhh...thaaat's more like it, starscream....starscream!
Now you sound like a truuuuue decepticon...decepticon!"

BOMBSHELL: "Insecticons! Devour that shuttle!!!"

Bombshell orders as the Insecticons turn in mid air and begins to charge at the shuttle with their small swarm of clones close behind.

2004-07-03, 12:03 AM
"Very well." Piranacon stayed in the water but cruised keeping a sensor on the Autobot ship.

2004-07-03, 01:38 AM
Roadbuster: "GRRRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -sits up, ripping through the roof, covered in mud, silt, and bits of building, wipes visor off with the back of one hand, looks around- "Where'd everybody go?"

2004-07-04, 09:26 PM
Jazz was unprepared for Bombshell's cerebro shell, and he only managed to shift his weight at the last moment. The shell struck him in the side of the head, its impact knocking him onto his back in the alley. He rubbed his head and grumbled.

"No fair, man!"

He rolled over slowly and transformed, puttering off down the alley.

"Awright," Jazz called over radio. "Anybody need a hand gettin' to the shuttle?"

2004-07-04, 10:36 PM
Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "Yeah, Jazz, I could use a hand. Got a building support strut through my leg and I think I'm stuck. Look for the pile of rubble that used to be a warehouse." -pulls out linear blaster cannon and laser rifle- "Where'd everybody go?"

2004-07-04, 11:13 PM
As the Insecticons close in on the shuttle with their clones not far behind, Bombshell began to laugh wildly. "I have control of the autobot they call JAZZ. But I shall not activate my control over him until I have the perfect oportunity to fully maximize complete chaos over the autobots when they least expect it!" Bombshell laughs.

"Well for the mean time, I want to maximize complete chaos over the autobots in that shuttle!" Kickback yells, firing his rifle at the shuttle's engines.

2004-07-05, 05:16 AM
Darkwing cackled. "Hey, Dreadwind, get a load of this! Rinky Dink thinks he's gonna hurt us!"

Dreadwind laughed. "I guess we'd might as well just roll over and die right now."

"Nah," Darkwing snickred. "I'd rather just stomp that guy into oblivion."

"Works for me," Dreadwind smiled, as the two Powermasters raised their weapons again and began to lay down fire on Countdown.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-06, 02:41 AM
Countdown saw the shots coming and knew he had no time to dodge them, so he did the only thing he could do.

"ARRRRGGGGHHH!" He could feel the searing pain in his body as the blasts rip through his armor. As he fell to his knees, he saw at his hand. A missile, probably one that fell out of the cannons of his base when it was blasted. He then thought cleverly, if I go out, I'm going out with a bang, and taking these scrap piles with me!

He quickly took the missile in his hands and roll around on the ground, he then took his back to the Decepticons. He said, "Get on with it, destroy me. I know now that I cannot defeat you two. You are far superior to me." That's what I'd like say, but then I couldn't call myself an Autobot. I hope you like oblivion.

Redhot looked down from the rocket and saw Countdown with his back turned to two Decepticons. "BOSS! What are you doing?!" He then saw the several shots coming at the rocket. He said, "Aeroblade, hang on tight!" He then steered the ship, trying his best to keep the damage limited.

2004-07-06, 02:47 AM
Darkwing laughed at Countdown.

"Nah," he said. "I don't think I wanna kill you." He began to walk towards the Micromaster. "I think I'd rather capture you."

Hyper Prime
2004-07-06, 02:51 AM
Countdown then spun around as Darkwing walked toward him. He then jumped up and off of Darkwing, throwing the missile he had hiddne between him and his partner Dreadwind. He then shot a blast at the missile as it impacted with the ground, exploding in a huge flash.

As he landed, he then transformed and drove away from the two, but it was difficult to drive with only three wheels.

2004-07-06, 03:06 AM
The missiles explosion sent Darkwing and Dreadwind sailing in opposite directions, slamming into a tree trunk and a rock formation.

2004-07-06, 06:13 AM
Jazz awkwardly rounded the turn at the end of the alley, pulling into the empty street slowly. He gimped toward the ruined warehouse on his flat tire and transformed upon catching sight of Roadbuster.

"Just hang tight, pal," he demanded, taking hold of the debilitating strut and pulling on it. "I don't know about this retreat here. I think the Decepticreeps are hidin' the rest of the chips somewhere, but we can't get close enough to 'ask' 'em..."

2004-07-06, 12:37 PM
Roadbuster: -grunts as the strut is ripped from his leg, energon, oil, and hydraulic fluids leaking copiously from the wound- "Right, then, Jazz. What say we grab a couple of Decepticons to.... help us with our inquiries."

Soundwave online
2004-07-06, 02:50 PM
Sixshot and his headmaster bodyguards pulled in close to the shuttle blasting every weapon they had they pulled in close to the insecticons.

"Hey where did you guys come from" yelled the sixchanger as he saw the mass army following behind them

"I sure hope you guys are on our side"

Hyper Prime
2004-07-06, 03:39 PM
A new barrage of fire hit the ship as Redhot tried to keep the shuttle in the sky entact. Slag! We're never going to make it out of this one alive. If I'm going out, I'm going out figthing!

Redhot then rolled the ship over to it's other side, opening a large hatch. The hatch brought out a pair of laser cannons. "It's time to serve up some Decepticon Kaboom!"

He fired shots at Sixshot and the headmasters first, as they were closet to the shuttle. Volley after volley of shots, he fired tehm in a desperate attempt to survive.

Countdown was having his own problems on the ground. He was about to crash when he picked up Jazz and Roadbuster. He drove towards them, transformed and landed on all fours. As he got up, he said, "Hey guys. How ya been?" His body had two lines of bullet shots down his chest and his fourth wheel had been blasted off. He looked like half blasted slag.

2004-07-07, 01:40 AM
Just then, diving down towards redhot at blazing speed, Shrapnel, Kickback and Bombshell prepare to collide with him from three directions!

Hyper Prime
2004-07-07, 02:00 AM
Redhot saw the Insections heading for the shuttle in a three way colusion. Thinking quickly, he sent all the auoxillery energy into the main thrusters and shot off. He attempted to blast his way between the three Insecticons, hoping they would crash into each other.

2004-07-07, 02:15 AM
As the three Insecticons crashed into each other, Shrapnel's head exploded in a fiery mesh of twisted metal as alien circuitry and wires littered everywhere. Kickback legs severed from his body in a twisting wrench as bombshell's chest bent far into his body and pulling out of his back almost turning himself inside out before all three insecticons exploded in a brilliant explosion.

The Insecticons clones, all mindless now due to losing their link to the three original Insecticon leaders, began to mindlessly scatter in every direction, flying into nearby buildings and whatever was in their path, exploding like missiles. And thus ends the legacy of the mighty Insecticons.

2004-07-07, 05:50 AM
Jazz tossed the strut aside and reached down to help Roadbuster to his feet.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I can distract Big Ugly long enough for you to nab one of 'em, but you gotta be able to walk first..."

Soundwave online
2004-07-07, 03:12 PM
Sixshot is damaged mildly by the attack the headmasters with help from their Nebulans escaped damage

"Darn i knew it was too good to be true a whole clone army gone in a flash......Keep firing anyway it seems like this shuttle isnt going to last much longer"

The three warriors pinpointed the lower part of the shuttle in an attempt to completely unbalance it.

2004-07-08, 01:28 AM
Roadbuster: -putting his weight on his good leg, leaning on Jazz, watching as it rains pieces of Insecticon- "Guess it's a good thing. I didn't have any bug spray. Now, got any suggestions as to who we should capture? Darkwing and Dreadwind might be good choices." -looks over at Countdown, mud, energon and hydraulic fluid dripping from his body- "Not too much. Just looking for a few 'Cons to beat the slag out of."

Hyper Prime
2004-07-08, 01:45 AM
Countdown laughed, "Oh you don't have to worry about those two. I took care of them. Trust me, they got a real bang out of it!" He then pointed behind him to Darkwing and Dreadwind, one's head in a tree and the other in shambles on a rock.

2004-07-08, 02:17 AM
Darkwing shook his head, and looked down, realizing for the first time that a rather sturdy tree trunk was embedded in his chest.

"Oh, this can't be good," he muttered. "Yo, 'wind. You awake?"

Dreadwind shook his head. "Yeah. I just wish they'd stop ringing that slaggin' bell."

2004-07-08, 03:12 AM
Roadbuster: -looks over where Countdown is pointing- "Oh, look. They're still awake." -aims linear blaster cannon and laser rifle at Darkwing and Dreadwind- "Hey, guys! Move and I make the world a slightly better place!"

2004-07-08, 03:15 AM
Darkwing groaned.

"Oh, man! This day just isn't getting any easier!"

2004-07-08, 04:00 AM
"Stupid Autobots, you seem to have forgotten me." Piranacon growled and fired a massive barrage from the sea at the retreating Autobot vessal.

2004-07-08, 04:50 AM
Jazz threw his arm up on Roadbuster's back, supporting the veteran Wrecker. He joined Roadbuster in holding up the Decepticon Powermasters by leveling his rifle and shoulder cannon on Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"And it's gonna keep gettin' worse until you tell us where the rest of them chips are. Capisce?"

Jazz had no idea how to spell that word. Huh.

2004-07-08, 05:02 AM
"How the slag should we know where they went?" Darkwing asked grumpily. "We don't know nothin'."

"Yeah," Dreadwind replied. "They didn't even care enough to come back for us. Now we're gonna end up prisoners or get scrapped or some other bad thing."

2004-07-08, 06:50 AM
Jazz' mouth curled downward into a displeased frown. In the shadow of an instant, he flipped the switch on the side of his gun to maximum, took aim, and snapped off a precise bolt at Darkwing's shoulder.

"I ain't askin' twice, fellas."

2004-07-08, 07:15 AM
Darkwing howled in pain. "Hey! That was uncalled for!"

"Yeah," Dreadwind said. "Besides, you're Autobots. Aren't you supposed to ask questions first before you get all blastering with your weapons and stuff?"

2004-07-08, 07:25 AM
The tree on which Darkwing was impaled shook with Thrust approaching at low altitude. The red Seeker fired a shot at Jazz. "I still owe you one from before, Autobots!" he snarled.

Then he addressed Darkwing and Dreadwind - "You guys are accident-prone, aren't you?"

2004-07-08, 08:31 AM
Starscream slowly let himself silently drift down behind Jazz and Roadbuster; both guns trained on their backs.

"No need to ask twice Jazz. For covert ops to do make a lot of noice. I am sure Gigatron would be very happy if not only did we complete our mission but we brought back two more Autobots for him"

And for me to take all the credit for

Brave Maximus
2004-07-08, 10:27 AM
OOC: Alright, I'm back on the net. Perhaps we can get everything togeather and get the heck out of here. Well, after a few things. ;)

Something nagged at Skyfall. He saw Aero Blade and Countdown, but they only had a small box with them. No computer core, no info, just some chips. Something didn't feel right. Obviously, or Jazz never would have said something, and be questioning the Powermaster Decepticons.

Slag, With that combiner around, we can't get a moment to think. We need a point to entrech for a minute and get our bearings.

The blasts from Pirranacon ripped across the Omega Shuttle. Skyfall shuttered in pain as the front left side crumpled and buckled. The other front missile launcher was slagged. Nemesis might be a decent pilot, but he goes all out for the attack. With a mental thought, Skyfall commendeered command of the shuttle and had is swoop around, avoiding as much fire as it could. Positioning itself near the lab, and transforming into base mode (Shifting it's form so 90% of it's heavy armour plating to the front, as protection.). It's engines screamed from Starlights power boost.

As it decended, Skyfall call out at the top of his vocal processors:

"All Autobots Rally at the base!"

Noteing who was injured, Skyfall flew beside Jazz:

"Jazz, they don't know anything. Besides, a human tech from inside the complex will no more. Render them combat useless and pull back to the base. We need the Computer core to find out what the Decepticons wanted with those chips to begin with. Once we get that, and any other pertinant data, we can pull out."

Skyfall transformed and headed for the base. He activated his internal comm device.

Skyfall to Dropshot and Artfire. Target the combiners leg joints. I want him brought down to component pieces.

Once at the base, Skyfall called out to Nemesis and Missile Run:

"Nemesis, Target Starscream with the sighting laser, load the GUIDED MISSILES and take him out from the sky. He should have known to retreat the first time.
Missile Run, should the volley of missiles fail, it is your job to bring him down."

The Omega opened it's remaining 2 missile launchers (12 Missiles each left) and fired off four Targeted missiles each. They split into four (total of 32) and sought out the Decepticon commander.

Skyfall then took shelter from behind Omega, and called to Starlight:
"Starlight, you can detach for now. Thanks for the boost. I need you to repair as much of the flight systems as possible. We need to lift off as soon as possible, with as much power as possible."

Ignoring the shots of battle, the little minicon began rewiring the truster system. It might do more damage in the long run, but it'll get them back to Autobase....... she hoped.

Skyfall looked around the battle field before him:
If only Aero Blade could get here quicker, he could help fix the shuttle. I can feel it screaming in pain, but it needs to push a little longer

The Autobot Micromaster looked around and targeted the nearest Decepticon, at this point Sixshot, and opened up with a massive volley with his double blasters.

Missile Run just smiled. Supposedly Starscream's spark was supposed to be something special, mystical. He hoped to be able to rip open the Decepticon, look into the spark and find out what it was. Perhaps even.......

He transformed and followed after the missiles. He sought out the Decepticon between them, and locked on. Waiting to see if he needed to fire. His five other parts, arms and legs and body, an extension of him, all locked on as well. Chain gun hanging back while the remaining split into two groups, faning out, prepairing a net that the Decepticon could not escape from.

The Message from Optimus Prime reached him, and Skyfall thought about it, as he attempted to fire on Sixshot. He opened a secure internal link to the Autobot commander:

Skyfall to Optimus Prime. I don't think there's much you can do, hopefully we'll be on our way home long before your troops could arrive. Besides, we have this covered. BUT, heading across the Pacific, we may need a "deterant" set up for any Decepticons following us. At best. At worst, we may need a pick up some where in the mid atlantic. I'll try and keep away from any populated areas. Perhaps a small Island in the Hawaii chain. I'll let you know en route.
Skyfall out

OOC: Changed to make more sense

Hyper Prime
2004-07-08, 11:43 AM
Countdown wasn't seen by Starscream yet, so he activated his comm link and whispered, "Hey, Skyfall. Something's weird. I now know that we don't have the chip and Starscream seems pretty confident that his mission will be a success. I don't like it, it just seems like he is up to something."

Redhot looked at the monitor at how Prianacon had fired a barrage of missiles at their shuttle. "Aw slag!" He took some of the impact and then accelerate away from the others.

"Nice one Salty Sam! Now let me give you a present. It's DA BOMB!" Redhot then dropped a large bomb into the ocean below him. He then moved further towards the Omega Shuttle.

Aero Blade
2004-07-08, 06:16 PM
Recieving the rallying call, Aero Blade immediately his way as fast as he could to the Omega shuttle, then radioing Skyfall. "Aero, here. Let me know whatever I can do!" He transmitted. "Something odd's going on as well. These are real datachips that I got, but the Con's don't seem very interested in trying to get them back. They might be decoys, but we should still protect them to be analyzed to be sure."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-08, 07:22 PM
Skyfall smiled at the three Autobots. Good to see everyone rallying.

"Aero Blade," Skyfall exclaimed, "I agree, something seems fishy."
Dodging a blast from Pirrannacon,"Pardon the pun."

"We need to get back in there and look for some more information. But I need you to do me a favor. Keep the chips safe, but I need you to help Starlight repair the engines on the shuttle. It's taken some serios damage, and I don't know how far we can make it. I don't care about quality, we just need to get back to Autobase. Anything else can be repaired there."
OOC: I'm taking control of Artfire, Stepper and Dropshot until Amarant can post, he ok'd it. Just let me know if I missed combat for them

On one side of the scurmish, Artfire held his Target master partner, taking deep breaths, he aims at the behemoth. Targeting just above the knee joint on Pirranacon, he waits for the signal from his partners on the other side of the base. A subthought message is recieved:
Left side, now
And both Sniper teams shot a highpowered beam at the left knee connector of Pirranacon.

2004-07-08, 08:08 PM
With Roadbuster's weight holding Jazz mostly immobile, he was unprepared to dodge Thrust's fire. The blast pierced his right knee, and he yelled briefly in pain. Jazz turned his head very slowly to the right to get a glimpse of Starscream out of the side of his optic-band, his mouth down in a snarl.

"Listen, 'Buster," he muttered. "You take care of Sinister Rouge up there and get ready to fall on your own weight, cool?"

He shot Countdown a quick nod toward the Powermasters (in their state, he could surely handle them) before throwing all of his weight onto his left foot and shooting a flying elbow for where he approximated Starscream's face would be.

2004-07-08, 10:32 PM
Roadbuster: -locks his right knee as best he can, hoping that he won't actually have to move too much, better yet, hold his weight, snaps linear blaster cannon and laser rifle around to aim at Thrust- "So long, creep!" -opens fire, flinging heavy ion bolts and laser bursts at the Seeker-

Hyper Prime
2004-07-09, 03:27 AM
Countdown nodded, he then transformed and drove towards the two Powermasters. As he flew throught the air, reverting back to his robot mode, he fired a volley of shots at the pair.

2004-07-09, 04:06 AM
Thrust gets hit by the ion blast, feeling it surge through his circuits painfully. He falls to the ground, temporarily paralyzed.

2004-07-09, 04:19 AM
The blast came towards Piranacon and hit the water. Steam going all over the place. The blast hit the connector as Piranacon buckled he fired one more barrage at the ship.

"Good try Autobots." He smiled and swam away knowing the Autobots could not target him in the ocean while he let his repair systems do their job.

"Decepticons attacking the shuttle, it will be a short time before I can try to attack again. Suggest we break off attack and return to base?" He asked Sixshot and company.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-09, 06:30 AM
That's it, run back to the ocean. Feel safe there. I know that should I need to, I can eliminate you even there.

Dropshot smiled at the thought. Pirannacon knew when to run. Still there were more Decepticons floating about. He opened his comm up to the securelink his team used. No one here could crack it. Soundblaster had spent months trying and came up with nothing.

"Alright you two. One target retreating. Many possible targets still running around. Care to make a suggestion?"

Artfire came in over the comm:
"Yeah, I can see that Sixshot buzzing around Skyfall again. I think we should take him out again. Just for fun."

Stepper looked through Dropshot's scope and spotted the Decepticon Ninja.
"Got 'em boss."

Through his scope, Dropshot locked onto Sixshot and zoomed in. Stepper then adjusted the aim for wind, and placed the cross-hares right at Sixshot's throat.

Dropshot then radioed:
"Stepper and I'll take the first shot. Artfire, track him, confirm the kill, or the wounding and follow up if need be."

The linear magnets hummed and the sound dampers kicked in. Stepper was forced back by the recoil, but the only sound was a breif stiring of the wind. The heavy metal slug raced towards Sixshot.

Stepper then turned to Nebulon:
"Keep your optics on the ocean and let us know if that Combiner resurfaces."

Aero Blade
2004-07-12, 12:11 AM
Aero Blade works on repairing the Omega shuttle as fast as he can with the battle going on, currently making good progress since he's not being bothered. He really hopes it stays that way, not wanted to get involved in the fighting again.

2004-07-12, 04:16 AM
Roadbuster: -right knee gives out, collapses to one knee, subspaces laser rifle and uses now free right hand to brace himself-

Brave Maximus
2004-07-12, 04:18 AM
Skyfall nodded a thanks to Aero Blade. The shouted:

"Aero Blade. Nemesis and the others should be able to keep you safe. If you start to come under heavy fire - just radio Artfire or Dropshot, they'll cover you. I'm heading in to find the computer core, or some info or something."

Skyfall headed in the front door of the building and looked around. Most of the staff had fled the main area and that didn't help at all. He headed deeper into lab, and saw one of the rooms with analytical devices all around, and displayed on a screen were what looked like Cybertronian chips. Unfortunatly. The data base they were putting their information into was submirsed in 3 feet of water. Deciding that it would be better to let the guys who had some idea about it look it over, Skyfall ripped the data bank out of the floor and placed it under his arm, and continued to search for a researcher.

Soundwave online
2004-07-13, 12:01 PM
"Of course Pirahnacon that sounds like a plan to me COME ON YOU TWO IDIOTS"

The sixchanger lead his Headmaster bodyguards back to HQ.

2004-07-14, 04:05 AM
Piranacon opened a com-link to Starscream.

"We hit the shuttle a few times. Autobot snipers causing us too much damage returning to base." He growled and swam back to base.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-14, 04:40 PM
Countdown signaled his mobile launch pad and he had it move towards him. As he got into the cockpit, he drove over towards Roadbuster.

"Roadbuster, if you can hear me, I'm going to load you onto my base and tow you away from the battle. You need to be repaired immediately."

Two arm units of the base attempted to latch onto Roadbuster's body.

Redhot continued to fly towards the Omega Shuttle. He then activated the landing sequence and stopped the rocket right in front of the loading bay.

He then called, "Skyfall, do you read me? I've got the rocket of our base in front of the Omega Shuttle. I'm going to try and maintain a defensive counter attack so neither of you are going to get slagged.

2004-07-16, 04:02 AM
Roadbuster: -lets the arms grab him-

2004-07-16, 05:11 AM
Blitzwing had lost interest in attacking the Autobots. He spotted the commotion going on a short distance off and the activity roused his ire. He transformed to his robot mode.
Starscream. Your foolishness has ruined the laboratory and put this project in danger of failing. The Autobots will most likely see that this place gets rebuilt if they escape, but it only takes one or two to escape for that to happen.
[i]With any luck, the explosion of dirt ought to add a little fun and confusion to this brawl... maybe even take out Jazz. I still have a score to settle with you.

A smirk spread across Blitzwing's face as he aimed his weaponry to the side of the melee below and fired every bit of ammo he had at the ground.

"Ooops. Hahahaha."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-16, 07:11 AM
Unable to explain the miraculous way that Sixshot had not been hit by the bullet, Artfire adjusted his aim, keeping a lock on the 6 changer. But, as he followed him, he spotted a brown and tan Decepticon. Pulling back on his scope, he spotted Blitzwing, and then staired in wonder as he fired into the crowd (Including his Troops!!!). Zooming in again, Artfire smiled and targeted the right knee joint of the hovering Decepticon.

Taking a breath in, exhaling. Another in, then half out, and squeeze the trigger. The magnets with in his target master hummed and a slug traveled down the barrel at mach speeds. Artfire waited for the bloom of mech fluid that he thought would come next.

Skyfall heard the message, and hopefully the rocket wouldn't have to be there too long. Carrying the core under his arm he did a quick sweep of the other labs, and didn't spot anything. He was about to leave when he spotted a flash of white dissappear under the table.

He moved the table out of the way, and under it lay a very wet and shivering lab tech. Skyfall sighed and looked down:

"Don't worry, we aren't going to hurt you. Hard to believe, but we're here to save you. Now, I need some information...."

The tech looked up and a long string of Japanese came out, and Skyfall just sighed........

2004-07-18, 07:56 PM
Blitzwing grinned broadly as he watched the ammo near the ground. Suddenly he heard a high-pitched whistle that wasn't from his own ammo.

Just as the triple changer turned to investigate, a shot clipped his knee, drawing a splash of black fluid. Irritated but for the most part unphased and not seriously injured, Blitzwing snarled and looked around for the offender.

His optics flared as he spotted his attacker. "YOU! You'll regret that shot."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-18, 10:36 PM
Damn fool Thought Dropshot. Forgot to lead his target enough. We don't have a shot from over here.

Activating his sub-liminal comm device, so that Blitzwing wouldn't hear the comm traffic, Dropshot sent out a message:

Artfire DO NOT MOVE!!! Stepper and I will reposition for a second shot at the target. If you fire again, you will be spotted!

Before Dropshot could say another word, Stepper had picked him up, slung him over his shoulder and backed down from the ridge. With in a few seconds, they were running through the tree's trying to make as little noise as they could (over the din of the battle) and not to shake them too much, with the small target master running point. Long before they could get into position though, both Dropshot and Stepper heard the shot. Bowing and shaking his head, Stepper felt Dropshot take off from his back and felt him transform.

"I think we should circle around and....." said Stepper

"Don't talk about it, just do it" snapped the sniper commander.

Checking his weapons, Dropshot ran through the forrest, ignoring all but the largest trees. One of his men was in trouble.

Stepper just smiled, and watched as his Target master transformed and settled onto his shoulder mount. He drew his pistols from their holsters and followed Dropshot.
Artfire watched as Blitzwing turned, and then in horror as he realized that he hadn't compensated for that. The round only clipped the Decepticon instead of blowing the knee joint clean off.
He aimed again, this time at the hip joint. Pausing only a second to fire, he squeezed the trigger, firing another round at the Triple changer. As he heared the click and whine of his rifle - Artfire recieved Dropshots message:
"Oh Slag", he said, and prepaired for close quarter combat.

Skyfall, with a sigh, activated his language translator. He hated the thing - it came out sounding tinny, and his voice never matched his mouth movement - and half the time the translation was off. He wondered who at "Star TV" had ever developed this system for Transformers, and where he could find the person for a "Talk".

"I will not harm you. I need information though." He paused for a minute, letting what he said sink in. The lab tech stopped shaking and looked with unblinking eyes.

"I need to know about Transformer Memory Chips." Skyfall said. "Are there anymore in the plant, and if so, where."

The lab tech just shook his head: "No, no more here. More were supposed to be delivered, but your force interupted the attack."

"Slag it!" Skyfall said. "The Decepticons still have some memory chips." Turning to the human: "Who was supposed to deliver them? Which Decepticon"

"I'm just a lowly tech." Pleaded the human. "I don't know - I just work on analysis."

Skyfall's shoulders sagged: "Alright, it's as safe as it's going to get for you to leave. Head out the back way, and run as far and as fast from here as you can. GO!"

Turning off his translator, Skyfall ignited his leg thrusters and headed out the front entrance. On the way he activated his comm link

"Secure line:
Jazz This is Skyfall. We have a problem. Meet me at Omega"

Hyper Prime
2004-07-19, 01:50 PM
Countdown lifted Roadbuster's body onto the base and then steered it back towards the Omega Shuttle.

Redhot was busy trying to make a controled landing for the rocket next to the Omega Shuttle. He then activated the linking system and combined the control systems of the rocket and the Omega Shuttle.

2004-07-20, 06:24 PM
(OOC: Autoing Starscream to get things moving.)

Starscream only had time to release part of a shriek before Jazz' elbow made purchase square on his nose. He stumbled back, one hand grasping his face while the opposite arm flailed to aim at the Autobot. Jazz ducked, spun, and dove at the Seeker, tackling him to the ground just as he fired a blast over Jazz' shoulder. Jazz pressed his right arm across Starscream's throat while clenching a shoulder with his left.

"Where are they, 'Screamer?!"

Starscream struggled to push the Autobot off and screeched, "Wh-where are what?"

Jazz pulled up on Starscream's shoulder and slammed him roughly into the ground. "I ain't playin' wit'chou, man! Gimme the chips!"

"I-I don't--" Starscream's optics darted around for options, and he bent an elbow to point up. "Thrust has them!"

"Wrong answer, Decepticreep!"

Jazz pinned Starscream's shoulder to the street, giving his other arm time to pull back and place the muzzle of his blaster against the hinge on Starscream's canopy. The Decepticon struggled to stop him, but there was nothing he could do to prevent the blast. Starscream cried out in pain and arched his back as the glass cracked and the canopy jarred open slightly. Jazz tossed the rifle a few yards to the side and dug his fingers under the canopy, tearing it open. Starscream, still quivering from the pain, was helpless to stop Jazz from pilfering the remaining chips.

"Oh, I forgot to say please, didn't I? Now where are my manners?" Jazz smirked as he got off Starscream, giving his head one last shove into the concrete. "Catch ya later, Starsky!"

Jazz swooped his rifle and took a few hasty steps away from the scene. He tossed his gun and the boxes into the air, transformed, and caught the objects before closing his roof and chugging toward the shuttle.

"We got what we came for, Autobots! Let's rock outta here!"

Aero Blade
2004-07-21, 02:58 PM
Aero Blade mentally breathed a sigh of relief hearing Jazz. It was none too soon as well, as Aero had just finished repairs. The shuttle still needed some spare parts, but he'd repaired it as best he could in the battle field situation, and it should work fine.

"Omega shuttle's repaired! Let's get the heck out of here!" Aero radioed to the other Autobots.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-21, 07:45 PM
Countdown reached the base and he could see Redhot already loading the rocket into the shuttle storage bay. Countdown followed him in the mobile base. He then leapt down and mentally ordered the arms of the base to let down Roadbuster.

"Hey Redhot, give me a hand with Roadbuster here! He needs immediate repairs!"

"Alright boss!" Redhot came out of the storage bay. The two micromasters together lifted up Roadbuster's body and closed the doors to the storage bay. They then made their way into the Omega Shuttle and headed into the back to the med bay. Countdown yelled, "Aero Blade, we need some help back here! Roadbuster's really hurt and needs some major repairs!"

Brave Maximus
2004-07-22, 02:40 AM
With a mental command, Skyfall had the Omega Transector transform from Base mode to Shuttle. Starlight moved from the main troop section to the bridge and call Skyfall:

"Omega is working again. I\Ark am in a CR chamber, attempting repairs. Roadbuster is injured and being treated in main compartment."

"Thanks Starlight, you and Nemesis prep for Imediat Evac and keep the 'Cons at bay." With a mental command, Skyfall accessed his transectors commsystem and activated the loud speakers:

"All Autobots, We are pulling out, everyone on board if you don't want to get left behind. All combat units, hold nothing back. Nothing is to touch the shuttle until we leave Japanese airspace."

Then activating his comm link:
"Dropshot, This is Skyfall:
We are pulling out - We will only be able to make one pass, you guys had better be ready!"

Blitzwing came into sight and Dropshot launched himself over the ridge. Drawing both Energon Sabers, he attempted to come down directly on top of the Triple changer.

Nebulon was patching targeting information to Stepper. He aimed and fired a few Fireballs between Blitzwing and Artfire, comfortable in the knowledge that even if he hit his partner, it wouldn't do any damage.

Artfire recived Skyfalls message:
"We'll be ready, even if we have to drag Dropshot by his cannon barrel."

Missile run grunted at Skyfalls message. The battle was far from over, and there were still decepticon sparks on the battlefield, still pulsing with life. He ordered his drones to a defensive position around the shuttle. But he went searching for a target.

2004-07-22, 03:41 PM
Roadbuster: -optic band narrowed, glaring at Countdown- "Just patch my leg up, that's all that's wrong with me! Weld the knee joint straight out if you have to! I have Decepticons to kill!"

Hyper Prime
2004-07-22, 05:11 PM
Countdown was suprised, "My, what a speedy recovery. Well sorry to disapoint you Roadbuster, but we're hauling out, now! The mission has been accomplished and we are going home. Besides, it's not just your leg, look! You've got stress fracture wounds all over you joints. Now I may not be a medic, but I do know damaged parts when I see them. Now, you're going to stay like this until we can get you back to base for repairs. I'm going up to the main deck, Redhot, put the auto mechanic online."

Redhot saluted and then pressed a few buttons on the console computer. Roadbuster's table began to move as mechanical arms came out from the side and began to work on the Autobot.

2004-07-22, 11:43 PM
Thrust was lying dazed on the ground, slowly recovering from the effects of Roadbuster's ion blast, but still unable to get up, and thus unable to stop Jazz from tearing Starscream open.

Hearing Starscream scream in pain made him cringe inside, even though he didn't really feel sorry for Starscream - not when Starscream had just tried to redirect Jazz at him. The cowardly Conehead couldn't wish that Jazz had believed Starscream and ripped his body open, even if it would have bought the silver Seeker a little time.

Still, having to helplessly witness the accursed Autobot rip a Decepticon open and get away with the chips was infuriating. Thrust would have screamed in frustration, but his vocal unit refused to obey him - all that came out was a raspy groan.

This mission was a total failure. The lab's trashed and flooded, and we lost the chips... Lord Gigatron will not be pleased. I bet Starscream will blame it all on me, too.... Why couldn't he let us retreat earlier, at least we'd still have the chips...

2004-07-22, 11:52 PM
Starscream stood up and scowled firing a shot off at the retreating Jazz as he stood up and held his chest.

"Eaaagh!" He smashed his hand into the wall of the building. "Someone get a hold of Gigatron so I can tell him his brilliant planning has gone to the pit!" He looked at the wrecked husks of the Insections and the battered PowerChargers. "Tell him he may also want to invest in some better troops," He scoffed as he walked into the damaged factory seeing if anything was salvageable.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-23, 01:38 AM
Skyfall hit his thrusters as he exited the base and landed in the troop bay. He set down the computer core and looked up at Jazz:

"Good work Jazz. We couldn't have succeeded with out you. We just need to swing by and pick up Dropshot and Co. Then we're heading across to Autobase. Omega is far to damaged to make it orbital, so it's going to take a lot longer to get there. The med equipment I have on board should be able to keep everyone functioning until we get back. Also, Starlight and Aero Blade have demonstrated amazing repair abilities - perhaps they can be of assistance to anyone critically injured. Oh, and this computer core. It's wet, and a little damaged from where I ripped it out - but perhaps we can use it for info."

He then turned to Roadbuster:
"Thank you for your help too - but the battle is over and we have won. Not only did we take out the Decepticons, but stopped what ever they were planning. This has deffinatly been a sucessful mission. Now rest up and conserve your strength. When we get back to Autobase, I'll see what Prime needs, and we can take the hurt back to the Decepticons."

Turning back to his second in command:

"Jazz, I'm heading up to the bridge, once we're out of Japanese Airspace, I'll radio Autobase and let them know our situation. Please give me a report on our troops and let me know so I can let the medics know what to expect on our way. Now to just pick up our snipers and to head back."

Skyfall climbed up the ladder to the bridge, reserving his Energon cells and then flopped into his chair and began to shake. Seeing all those wounded troops he commanded into battle was taking it's toll on him. He did manage to get them all in alive, but with cases like Ark, just barely. He heaved a sigh and mentally commanded Omega to head for the hills where Dropshot, Artfire and Stepper were still battling.

A very depressed Missile Run exited the battle area and had his drone parts enter Omega and begin to refuel. As he did, the damage to his Jet\Combiner parts began to regenerate and repair.

Artfire backed away from Blitzwing so he could get a decent shot off. Letting Dropshot and Stepper maintain the Melee combat.

Aero Blade
2004-07-23, 01:47 AM
Hearing what was circulating around, Aero Blade was quick to radio both Countdown and Skyfall. "Whoa! Hold on a second. I'm a tech, not a medic. I can do some repair work on others, but not much better than anyone else can do. I'm meant to work with large machines and computers, not sensitive autobots with a nerve network..."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-23, 02:42 AM
Skyfall sighed a little from the bridge and then radio'd Aero Blade:

"We understand that Aero Blade, though you managed to get Omega back to geather so we could get out of there. We're not asking you to completely repair anyone, just work with the medical units on board and keep everyone alive until we get back. Just do your best, I have faith in you"

Brave Maximus
2004-07-24, 11:45 PM
OOC: Sorry to do this, but no one is posting in this thread anymore, so I'll just bring everyone home and we'll see what happens from there. Oh and sorry about the double post

The Omega Shuttle came to hover over the battle between Blitzwing and the sniper team. Skyfall opened the troop doors, and Missle Run and Chain Gun leaned out and provided cover fire.

Stepper - "Alright, transports here. Time to fall back!"

Dropshot - "Not until this Decepticon is a smoldering slag-pile at my feet!"

With a nod to each other Artfire and Stepper grabbed their commander and hauled him into the shuttle, bracing as Skyfall ignited the thrusters and headed for home.

Dropshot leaned out the troop door, firing randomly from his shoulder cannon. On the bridge, Nemesis laughed, thinking that Dropshot had the right idea, and fired a volley of missiles back at the Decepticons still at the base.

Once out of Japanese air space and over the open pacific, Skyfall brought the shuttle up to about 25,000feet. Keeping the sensors on active, he wanted to make sure they didn't run into any civilian aircraft. It was then that he broadcast his message to Autobase:

"This is Skyfall to Autobot base:
We are returning to base WITH the missing memory chips and a computer core. We also have at least 2 units injured, probably more. Be prepaired for us when we arrive. ETA with Autobase is 6 hours at current speed. Will contact you when we arrive."

Aero Blade
2004-07-25, 08:38 PM
OOC: I try to post as soon as I can't but I can't get on at regular increments right now, so things are alittle difficult

Aero Blade sighed as he listened to Skyfall over the com. He may have had confidence in him, but AEr didn't have confidence in himself for that kind of sensitive, technical work. But at the same time, he didn't want anyone suffering all the way back to the Autobot base.

Finally coming to a decision, he made is way over to where the injured were being taken, having a look around to see what he could try to do.

2004-07-27, 03:02 PM
Jazz finished the ascent up the ladder to the bridge of the Omega shuttle in his usual suave style. He sauntered up behind Skyfall with something of a limp in his step. The crate of chips waited under his right arm.

"Roadbuster's leg is gonna need a lotta work, and Countdown really had a run for his money. A lot of dings and bruises elsewhere, but it looks like everybody oughta make it. And it looks like our cargo's doin' just fine."

He chuckled and held up the crate of chips, stamped with a Decepticon symbol and a number of other markings.

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2004-07-27, 07:36 PM
Roadbuster: -laying back, shuts himself down, letting his internal repair systems cope with the damage-


Roadbuster: "How can the battle be over? I've still got ammo!"

Dinobot: -hisses- "We have.... Bigger problems."

Roadbuster: "Bigger problems? What bigger problems?"

Dinobot: "I can sense...... something. A presence...... I know it from somewhere........"

Roadbuster: "A presence? What presence?"

Dinobot: -narrows optics- "An evil one."

Roadbuster: "We were just fighting a group of Decepticons. Evil presences isn't that surprising."

Dinobot: "An evil presence that I know! One that I fought!"

Roadbuster: "Lovely."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-28, 09:44 PM
Skyfall nodded to his second in command and breathed a little lighter. Nothing to serious and thankfully no fatalities. His sensors told him that they were cresting the pacific, less than an hour to Autobase. He turned his chair around and looked up at Jazz, not having the effort to stand. He hoped it didn't show in his face, but the Damage done to the Omega Shuttle was wracking all through his body. Keeping the engines at this level caused pain to shoot through most of his body constantly.

"Good, nothing too serious. We're not going to lose anyone on the trip home. You should get that leg checked out when we get back too. Just to let you know - I want everyone to go in for a medical check when we get back, even those that don't seem damaged. We're going to get everyone repaired, including Omega, and then I want to talk with everyone. Those that remain, I want to join me. We're going to take a look at the Ark wreckage. We should be able to turn it into a perminant base for Earth. Now, grab a seat. Your cargo's important, but with that leg and where you're standing, if we hit some turbulance, you could take some serious damage."

Jazz nodded and limped back down into the troop area, sitting in a troop chair, still holding onto the chips.

Skyfall turned around and looked through the main windows at the deep blue expanse
Almost home

Missile Run sat in his recharge chamber, soaking in Energon and allowing his systems to convert it to Z, keeping an eye on his combiner jet, watching it repair itself. Seperated from it, it would take quite a while to regenerate the damage done, but if he were to sit in it and connect to it, it would draw too much suspicion. So he continued to look around the shuttle compartment and spotted Roadblock, as he staired intently at each member of the crew, seeming to scrutinize them. When the Wrecker looked his way, Missile Run gave him a smile. Not a friendly kind. But the kind that said "I know all about you." and "I know what you fear."

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2004-07-29, 02:29 AM
Dinobot: -optics narrow, hisses- "He iss here......"

Roadbuster: "I remember the good old days. Just me and my thoughts of death and destruction. No long dead lizards in my head talking about some evil it faced......"

Dinobot: -snarls- "Your..... LEVITY.... is not appreciated! We are facing Rampage!"

Roadbuster: -despite having no facial features, manages to give the impression of a cocked eyebrow- "Rampage."

Dinobot: "You have heard of him, then."

Roadbuster: "Rampage. The Predacon Rampage."

Dinobot: "Yess. You know who he is, you know then what the problem is!"

Roadbuster: "You're worried about Rampage. The half-wit tiger. You're worried about that moron?" -starts laughing- "Rampage...... the ultimate evil...... heheheheheh....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!"

Dinobot: -folds arms across his chest- "Are you finished?"

Roadbuster: -manages to stop laughing- "All right, all right...... Yeah. I'm finished."

Dinobot: "Rampage is a Maximal experiment gone horribly wrong. They tried to create a spark with the same indestructable properties as Starscream's-"

Roadbuster: "Starscream's indestructable?"

Dinobot: "His spark is."

Roadbuster: "Just think...... I could kill him again and again....."

Dinobot: -shakes head wearily- "Nnn. Either way, Rampage was too unstable, killed most of his handlers before they were able to shut him down and force him into a stasis pod."

Roadbuster: "Okay, Dinobot. Think about this. They based Rampage's spark on Starscream's right? We faced Starscream today. You were probably picking up residual echoes from him."

Dinobot: -scowls-

Brave Maximus
2004-07-30, 05:07 AM
Trying hard to keep the Shuttle steady, Skyfall used all his piloting skills as they reached land. With only a few moments to go, he opened the secure Comm channel with Autobot control:

"This is Skyfall,
We will be reaching Autobase in a few clicks. We have injured on board and we will be heading directly into Metroplex's Medical Bay. Please have all avalible medical staff meet us there. Additionally, we have rescued the chips for Hound and once everything is settled I will bring them to Fortress Maximus.
Skyfall Out."

He then turned his chair and looked out into the Troop compartment:

"Alright guys - we're almost home."

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2004-08-05, 05:53 AM
ooc: whew- bad timing for everyone, but the maj of staff should be back now. Good work Brave, Aero and co. :)

Blitzwing snarled as a shot clipped his hip. The shot richocheted (sp?) off, but stung enough to distract him from a full frontal charge at Artfire. Turning his attention back towards the Autobot, he immediately realized his mistake as a blast caught him directly in the torso- tearing away some of the metallic skin and leaving a small puncture area in the neckline.

Angrily, he pulled up his rifle in response, but stopped as he heard Starscream's orders.

Gigatron indeed. Back to base.

Blitzwing's optics flared as he transformed back to his jet mode and hissed at Artfire.
"We'll settle this later- Autobot."

2004-08-05, 06:07 AM
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2004-08-08, 11:07 PM
(OOC: Sorry 'bout the delay, guys. After a lot of confusion, I'm going to be taking over Starscream for just a bit longer.)

Starscream staggered through the factory's shattered cargo dock door, one hand clutching his chest. He muttered to himself upon catching sight of the splash from Piranacon's final submergence. His optics floated to the ground. Something was making a good lot of noise at him.

"Decepticon-san!" a bespectacled manager shouted in a thick Japanese accent. "Your people are responsible for the damage to my plant! I expect retribution to be paid!"

Starscream growled and raised a foot over the technician.

"I'll show you retribution!"

His foot came down thunderously in the concrete, sending the running human scattering across the pavement. Starscream snarled and looked back at the scene of chaos and destruction. For once, his team seemed mostly on the receiving end of that. He stepped over to the fallen Powermasters and delivered Darkwing a weak kick in the gut.

"Thrust, grab these pathetic weaklings and return to base."

Starscream jumped shakily into the air and began flying back for Carbombya in robot form, unable to transform.

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