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Silly Cow
2004-06-11, 06:06 PM
OOC: I've been away and failed to add my part in the smack talk. I didn't actually have any inspiration to do this but felt that I had to explain my absence and get back into the groove. I apologise in advance for the overall lack of quality of this peace.


Morpheus is sitting on a chair in a darkened room. Next to him is Keith Kincaid, also sitting.

KK: Welcome to this special AWF presentation. With me is Morpheus, one of the most interesting AWF wrestlers. Few weeks ago, he had a bloody match against Erik Summers in a Hell in a Cell. After that, he vanished. No one saw him or heard of him for days. But now he is here, and he's agreed to do this interview.

Morpheus, you first appeared at Redemption over a year ago. You came to avenge your friend Silly Cow for what the GPA did to him.

Morpheus: Yes. We were old friends. He got hurt, he was seriously injured. He couldn't get back, he couldn't get his revenge on GPA and Unicron. He asked me to help him. I had to help him. We hadn't seen each other in years but that didn't matter. He was so alone, so lost, I was the only one he could count on. I just had to help him.

KK: You came after Unicron and defeated him twice.

Morpheus: Defeated... destroyed... I did what I had to do. He was beaten. I had avenged Silly Cow. But it didn't feel right. I didn't feel fulfilled.

KK: You hanged around with Pulp Faction, Silly Cow's team. How did it feel spending time with Cow's friends?

Morpheus: Friends? Yes, Silly Cow considered them as friends. I tried to know them. I tried to see what they had done to earn that status. I saw nothing. I saw no caring for Silly Cow. I saw only weak and shallow people. Then I realized it. Then I knew why it didn't feel right. Unicron wasn't the only one responsible for Silly Cow's condition. Unicron injured him physically, his "friends" injured him mentally. He was deserted, left alone. I knew that Pulp Faction were to be punished for that. And I tried to do just that.

KK: You first attacked Strafe during a tag team match and then set your sights on Windcharger.

Morpheus: Windcharger was the leader. He was in charge. It was his responsibility. He was to suffer. He left. He should have felt the same pain Silly Cow did, AND HE LEFT!!

KK: What after that? You fought against UPF and the Lock.

Morpheus: They were nothing. I was lost. Windcharger left, and I was without my vengeance. Frustrated, angry. I attacked them because I had to do something. They bled, I bled, and what was accomplished? Nothing. I felt empty. I didn't know what to do. Silly Cow was still injured, still hurt, and I just couldn't bring him back.] Then I saw him.

KK: Him?

Morpheus: Erik Summers. The Game. I saw him fight. I saw him bleed. I saw him being destroyed. And I saw him prevail. He was the key.

KK: Now you lost me. The key?

Morpheus: There was so much pain. Pain I had given to others. Pain I had inside me. There was too much pain. Silly Cow didn't like pain. All that pain, all that suffering drew him away. He couldn't return because of it. Somehow, I had to get rid of it. I tried everything. I tried to get free of the pain, I wanted to be more like him. the elimination match at Meltdown, the Royal Rumble. Winning them could've made me a man. I failed. I couldn't be like him.

The Game was my last hope. I saw what he had endured, I saw what he took. I knew, I could give him all my pain, I could give him everything I got and he would not break. All that pain away, he could take it. I was ready to beat him to an inch of his life, he would've taken my pain, lived with it and I would have been free! And Silly Cow could've returned.

KK: And?

Morpheus: It failed. We fought. He took it all, everything I got... and it didn't change anything. Silly Cow isn't here. I don't feel any different. I was so sure! After the match, I ran away. I went and started thinking. What went wrong? What happened? This was my last chance! And it didn't work!

KK: What now then? How do you plan to go on from here?

Morpheus: I don't know. I just... don't know.

2004-06-11, 09:07 PM
OOC: I dont think that was poor quality at all. Sounded pretty good to me, and made the point you wanted to make.

IC: I guess all I can tell ya morpheus is that chasing pain with more pain never works. You're only gonna dig yourself deeper and deeper. So mellow out, buy some porn, and just chill. Then maybe your friend will come back.

2004-06-11, 10:33 PM
I don't see any lack of quality, SC. Man... I need to update my AWF uncovered listing, come to think of it. I really enjoyed that.

2004-06-11, 11:43 PM
OOC: That ruled. Wish I was half as talented.

IC: Morphheusss...your ssufffering iss undersstandable. you sstill livve the unclean liffe that many in thhe world ssseem to enjoy; but you are diffferent. You know, deep in your ssoul, thhat thiss iss wrong. Thhiss, I believe, iss what drivess you on your daring vvendettass; thhe atonement you wishh to reap ffor thhiss Sssilly Cow iss merely an excusse ffabricated by your mind, which doess not want to know thhe truthh...

Fffight it, Morphheusss. Fffight your consssciencce...

Silly Cow
2004-06-12, 03:10 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
IC: I guess all I can tell ya morpheus is that chasing pain with more pain never works. You're only gonna dig yourself deeper and deeper. So mellow out, buy some porn, and just chill. Then maybe your friend will come back.

WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! You don't know me, you don't know what I've been through! You don't know anything!!

I never asked for your advice, and I will not listen to it! I may have lost my purpose, my goal, but that doesn't mean I cannot do to you what I've done to so many before you.

2004-06-12, 05:31 PM
Originally posted by Silly Cow
that doesn't mean I cannot do to you what I've done to so many before you.

If by that you mean whisk me off my feet with your adorable good looks, then yes, my dear, you already have. I'm in love with you. Will you marry me?

Besides that though, you're free to do whatever you like (preferably it wont involve breaking my legs, that'd be spousal abuse!). If you wanna keep your anger, go for it, thats your call. Im gonna go take a nap.

Silly Cow
2004-06-12, 05:58 PM
I am not amused.

You think life is all singing and dancing? You think you can ignore the pain. I couldn't... and neither will you!!

I fear destroying you will not bring me any consolation, but I can do it nevertheless.

2004-06-12, 06:07 PM
but... you're so pretty. And I already had the flowers picked out!

And trust me, I know something of pain. I stubbed my toe and hour ago, and **** that hurt.

2004-06-12, 07:20 PM
I never wanted to fight you Morpheus. I have nothing but respect for what you're going through. That and I'm maldly in love with you ;)

I dont want to fight you, but if I have to I will. I won't run away. I know odds are pretty good I'll wind up a big puddle by the end of this, and I may have a lot of new, but smaller, bones. But you should know that that doesnt mean I wont fight back. You may beat me, but I'm gonna try my damnest.

I don't want to fight you, but if I have to I'm gonna give it as much as I can.

2004-06-12, 07:29 PM
OOC: Igz, there's an "edit" button should you want to add something to a post. No need to double post. It's generally frowned upon.

IC: Morpheus, I know you're not into requests, but I'd like to ask you to kick his ass now. I'm tired of hearing him talk. And I think he really does want to fight you.

2004-06-13, 12:27 AM
OOC: Finally some class to work with!

IC: Freedom? Morpheus...you still don't get it do you? The Game couldn't free your monkey ass, all the Game could do was kick it! Yeah, you came at the Game with everything you had...and like everyone who has come before you, it just wasn't enough. However, the Game will say this. The Game hit you with everything...and THE GAME MEANS EVERYTHING...and in the end...the Game didn't beat you...the Game didn't make you tap...the Game didn't pin you...you took yourself out rather than submit to me. The bottom line is this...Morpheus, you may be a pile of stinking, steaming monkey feces....but you have the Game's respect.