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2004-06-13, 05:00 PM
Black and white stills from Fallout play, as Lost Prophets “Last Train Home” sounds along. The Stills end with Sixswitch holding the AWF Title high above his head.

Joey: Coming off Fallout, we have a new AWF Champion…and we come to you tonight from the Alamodome, in San Antonio Texas…for AWF Mayhem! Mr. Reilly wants to get things moving in this new start for the AWF, so let’s get right to it!


In the back, a Jobber Backstage Announcer is seen standing outside Bombshell’s locker room

JBA: “Ladies and gentlemen, as many of you know, the superstar formerly known as God Jinrai made his spectacular return to the ring. Many fans have wondered how this has affected Bombshell, the superstar who supposedly sent him out of action back at Edge of Survival in that brutal Inferno match. Well, we’ll find out tonight as I give an interview…”

Suddenly, the door swings open and the Bomber himself walks out, heading for the ring. JBA, vainly trying to follow, tries to talk to the former AWF champion.

JBA: “Bombers…Bombers…can we get a word…”

Bomshell suddenly turns around and socks JBA directly in the chin, sending the overeager announcer boy backwards into a table. Undaunted, Bombshell continues towards the ringside area.

JFA: “Looks like Bombshell is coming out here.”
JHA: “Ah, good. I was looking for a reason to go to the bathroom.”

Powerman 5000’s Drop The Bombshell blares as the former AWF Intercontinental and World champion makes his way down to the ring, bereft of both his custom Harley Davidson or his confidant Arcee. Walking towards the ring with a purpose, he scares JRA into handing over his microphone and sends the ring announcer packing, as the crowd begins to negatively chant to the Canadian superstar.

JFA: “The crowd taking exception to Bombshell’s interruption of the program.”
JHA: “Give me a break. This guy causes an interruption to the program every time he comes out here.”
JFA: “That’s debatable. He’s been one of the AWF’s top superstars and a former Intercontinental champion. He also won the AWF World Title earlier this year, in what will no doubt go down as one of the top moments of the year.”
JHA: “One of the top flukes, you mean.”

Bombshell stands in the middle of the ring, absorbing the taunts and chants of the crowd, obviously soaking up the fuel that he will use to begin his rant. After a minute or so, he finally grows tired and addresses the crowd.

Bombshell: “I’ve been thinking about something lately. I’ve beaten some of the top superstars in this company. I planted Vin Ghostal’s ass through a table. I knocked Ravage out at our greatest PPV event ever. And even though I suffered the humiliation of being Blaster’s bitch, I managed to beat…”

The crowd begins to chant “Barney”, clearly upsetting Bombshell.

JFA: “Yeah. Come on, everybody. Let’s give the man a chance to speak.”

Bombshell: “Now, as I was saying, even though I suffered, I came back to beat the son of a bitch on no less than two separate occasions, one of which was within the last two weeks. The other was to win the AWF world title, a title that I managed to defend against the riffraff of this company until Erik and Sean conspired to screw me back at Redemption.”

JHA: “Yes, Bombers. We all know this stuff. Now that we’ve covered ancient history, would you mind getting to the point of your little rant?”

Bombshell: “I’ve done all of these things and more. I’ve proven to be one of the top stars in this company. But do you know what people have been asking me lately?”

JHA: “To learn basic hygiene?”
JFA: “Shush!”

Bombshell: “NO! Despite all of my accomplishments, everyone seems to want to pester me about God Jinrai…or Grand Convoy…or Gumby Jimbo Jones… or whatever the hell he’s calling himself this week.”

JFA: “This being the same person who made an impact at Fallout by planting him in the middle of the ring, folks.”

Bombshell: “I get people coming to me on the streets. I got people coming to me at my hotel rooms. Hell, I even got people coming to me in the bloody washrooms pestering me about what happened at Fallout, and whether or not I should be worried about Grand Convoy.”

JHA: “He really should, considering what happened at Fallout.”
JFA: “Agreed. Grand Convoy isn’t the sort of person to take on lightly.”
JHA: “Or at all.”

Bombshell: “All these people keep telling me I should be afraid of Grand Convoy, that I need to watch over my shoulder to make sure he’s not following me, that I need to be on my guard. Well, I guess that these people have forgotten something else about my long career here. Luckily, I just happen to have something that will jog the memories of all of those people whose squishy stuff is currently filled with booze and babes. TV guys, roll it.

The Archivetron lights up and plays the tail end of the match between God Jinrai and Bombshell from Edge Of Survival

JFA: Jinrai falls on the apron! His sleeve catches fire! Jinrai is on fire! Bombshell has won this one!
JHA: Told you so.
JFA: Jinrai is rolling on the floor, trying to smother the fire as Arcee helps a VERY wounded Bombshell on his feet.
JHA: Look, Arcee has some cleansing fluid with him. He can clean Bombshell's wounds right here.
JFA: I don't think that's cleansing fluid... Arcee throws some of it on Jinrai and the fire spreads all over! That's definitely not cleansing fluid!
JHA: Now I remember, Arcee used that to fill a lighter backstage.
JFA: That's gasoline! Arcee's spraying gasoline on Jinrai! Someone get a damn extinguishor here! Jinrai's on fire and that Jezebiel is throwing gasoline at him!
JFA: “I remember that night. That was a sick action taken by that man.”
JHA: “But you have to admit that it did look great on camera.”

Bombshell: “Remember that, folks? Now, despite the overblown ranting made by good ol’ JFA over there, the fact of the matter is that I have nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Jinrai. Know why? BECAUSE I SET THAT SON OF A B*TCH ON FIRE!”

JFA: “The crowd taking exception to Bombshell’s remarks.”
JHA: “I’m not surprised. The average US citizen is unable to believe the truth, even when it’s so blatantly obvious.”
JFA: “I would debate that…”
JHA: “You debate everything.”

Bombshell: “Yeah, that’s right! I set him on fire! And I enjoyed it, too! And I’d do it again! Yeah, you heard me! I’d set that god damned son of a bitch on fire AGAI…”

JFA: “Hey! We just lost the lights!”
JHA: “OK, this means one of two things. Either someone tripped over a cable backstage…”
JFA: “Or Bombshell is about to get in a world of pain.”
JHA: “Hey! Rip off somebody else’s catchphrases.”
JFA: “Anyways, Bombshell not looking that scared. In fact, I think that he thinks the backstage folks screwed up, too.”

Bombshell: “OK, guys. I know you’re trying to pull a funny here, but April Fool’s was two months ago. Come on, guys. Get the lights fixed. I don’t want to have Reilly get on my ass for potentially screwing up the show.”

JFA: “Bombshell’s certainly taking the situation lightly.”
JHA: “Just shows you how dumb he is, really. Anyone else would have crapped themselves to death long ago.”
JFA: “You got that right. And…finally, the lights are back on, and…”
JFA: “And Bombshell unaware that Grand Convoy is behind him! In fact, he seems rather uninterested, instead choosing to arguing with the fans, saying that Grand Convoy is afraid to face him and that he’s superior in every way.”
JHA: “Well he is. After all, the guy set him on fire. It doesn’t get any better than…ah, great! Now the lights went out again!”
JFA: “Bombshell growing more and more frustrated with this interruptions. And now the lights coming back on, and no sign of Grand Convoy. And Bombshell leaving the ring. I don’t think that he noticed Grand Convoy.”
JHA: “I think he’s paying more attention to thinking about what he plans to do to the technicians backstage. I bet he thinks that they screwed up with the lighting cues.”
JFA: “Well, if I was Bombers, I’d watch out. If he’s not careful, his lighting cues are going to get screwed up.”
JHA: “Man, who writes your material?”


D-Extreme v. Hellraiser

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first……HELLRAISER!”

The lights dim and a mist starts to flow across the entrance way. A church bell begins to toll and a shadow appears and walks slowly to the top of the ramp. The bell rings for the thirteenth time and suddenly the pyros explode. “Slow Chemical” begins to play as the pyros die out and all the lights go black. After a few seconds the lights come back on and Hellraiser is standing on the top ropes of the ring. He steps off and waits as the music fades.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent…..D-EXTREME!”

Pyrotechnics fall to the stage and explode then a voice comes on the speakers.

First we gonna Rock!,
Then we gonna Roll,
Then we let it POP,

“X gonna give it to you” by DMX begins to blast over the sound system and D-Extreme bursts through the curtains as the crowd gets to it feet and begins to cheer. He slaps the fans hands as he makes his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring and makes one final pose for the crowd before the ref signals for the bell.

JFA: “And we are underway here as D-Extreme gets set to face off with the mysterious newcomer, Hellraiser.”
JHA: “Yeah it should be a good match. D-Extreme always brings home a good match, even when he loses.”
JFA: “I have to agree with you there. He came so close to being the hardcore champion at fallout, but when it was all over he just didn’t have quite enough.”
JHA: “Yeah that’s true, but I’ll bet he gets it the next time. He just doesn’t know when to quit when it comes to being hardcore.”

DX and Hellraiser step out from their corners and tie up in the center of the ring. D-Extreme quickly whips Hellraiser into the ropes. As hellraiser comes back off the ropes DX knocks him down with a shoulder block and quickly bounces off the ropes as Hellraiser makes it to his feet. DX jumps and nails Hellraiser with a flying clothesline. He gets to his feet and poses for the crowd as Hellraiser slowly but confidently makes it to his feet. The two look at each other and move forward for another tie up but this time Hellraiser side steps and drives his knee into the gut of DX then drops him with a clothesline of his own. He steps over DX and starts nailing him with the mounted punches as the ref begins the count. At the count of 4 Hellraiser gets off and drags DX to his feet then lifts him into the air with a lifting chokehold. Hellraiser slams DX to the mat and taunts the crowd as the ref admonishes him for using an illegal move.

JFA: “Hellraiser getting talked to by the ref here after using that chokehold.”
JHA: “Yeah it looked like D-Extreme was going to do so good until Hellraiser took offence to the celebrating.”
JFA: “True DX started out good but Hellraiser showed us just why he is here after a good display of power.”

Hellraiser walks over and grabs the legs of DX andlocks in a high angle boston crab as we hear DX shout in pain. The ref quickly jumps over to check on DX but by the time he got there DX had scrambled to the bottom ropes. The ref forces Hellraiser to break the hold. He lets go and pick up DX and whips him into the corner. He runs across and hits DX with a body splash then pulls him out of the corner, picks him up, and drives him back in with a powerbomb into the turnbuckle.

JHA: “A good move there by Hellraiser.”
JFA: “Yeah a huge powerbomb into the corner.”

Hellraiser walks around the ring and taunts the crowd after the big move and then from the opposite corner he charges in and goes for a spear but just as Hellraiser lowers his head DX lifts himself up and over Hellraiser and collapses to the mat as Hellraiser goes crashing into the ring post.

JFA: “Both men are down and out here and the ref begins the 10 count.”
JHA: “What quick thinking there by D-Extreme to get himself over Hellraiser.”

1…2….3…4… DX starts to stir as Hellraiser pulls himself from the corner and falls to the mat…5….6…DX starts to get up and Hellraiser grabs the ropes…7….8….9..Hellraiser makes it to his feet and DX gets to one knee and the ref breaks the count.

JFA: “Both men are up now.”
JHA: “Well Hellraiser is but D-Extreme is only up to a knee.”
JFA: “Ok so I jumped the gun a little.”

Hellraiser walks over to DX and throws a punch that connects with the head of DX but quickly DX throws one of his own as the two begin to trade punches while DX gets all the way to his feet.

JFA: “The two trading punches now.”
JHA: “Back and forth. They both seem very determined to get the win here tonight.”
JFA: “Oh and D-Extreme seems to be getting the upperhand.”

DX punches him back into the ropes then whips him across the ring and nails him with a huge spinebuster as he comes back. He drags him back to his feet and hits him with a quick snap suplex then climbs to the second rope and jumps. He comes crashing down to the mat with a legdrop but unfortunately for him Hellraiser had rolled out of the way. Hellraiser gets to his feet and makes his way over to DX. He kicks him in the gut and sets him for a powerbomb. He picks him up but just as he gets him to the top DX counters it and drops him to the mat with a face crusher.

JFA: “Oh he just connected with the Xtreme Factor.”
JHA: “It should be over and yes he’s signaling for the X-Ocution.”

DX drags Hellraiser to his feet, yells at the crowd and then drops Hellraiser to the mat with the X-Ocution. He covers him and the ref jumps in and makes the count. 1…2…3!

JFA: “D-Xtreme has done it. He has gotten the victory over Hellraiser.”
JHA: “Some quick thinking to get it done and he looked pretty good doing it.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match…D-EXTREME!”

DX poses for the crowd then makes his way to the back as Hellraiser begins to get up.

What happens…when allies become foes…and foes become your only friend? Who do you trust? What will you do to get to the top? The AWF and BDC Enterprises present, AWF Overdrive featuring Archivebowl, June 27, 2004 from the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN.

Flec: Man…the Archivebowl…gotta love a night when Viewfind and Vin Ghostal, or Xille and Ravage would have to team together against say…the Game and Morpheus!

Joey: Anything can happen and next week, we will find out exactly who the teams are that will face off to get to that Archivebowl to try to earn a shot at AWF gold!

Six-Man Tag Team match: The GPA (Viewfind, Tempest & Ravage) Vs. Stone Cold Skywarp and Blood & Thunder (Black Zarak & Wolfang)

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is a six-man tag team contest and is scheduled for ONE FALL!”

“Party Up” by DMX almost deafens the crowd as the representatives for the GPA walk down to the ring.

JRA: “Introducing first… representing the GPA… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… Wallingford, Vermont… and Melbourne, Australia respectively… VIEWFIND… Big Daddy RAVAGE… and the Human Bulldozer, TEMPEST!”

Viewfind walks down to the ring, dressed in black and gold, flanked by Ravage and Tempest. The two biggest men of the trio aren’t too far away from snarling as they enter the ring. Viewfind, on the other hand, is content to smile and wave at them as the music fades out to be replaced by the sound of glass breaking, incessant cheering and ‘Cowboys From Hell’ by Pantera.

JRA: “And their opponents… first, from Carlisle, England… THE RATTLESNAKE… STONE COLD SKYWARP!”

Skywarp walks to the ring with his usual purposeful manner. He eyes the crowd and then the competition. He flips the Stone Cold salute to the GPA from the foot of the ramp and starts spitting a mouthful of venom at them before the lights die out.

JFA: “Stone Cold with a few words… and not very pleasant ones… for the GPA… and here’s two more guys who really don’t like the three men in that ring…”

As red mist flows like the blood of phantoms down the ramp, Blood & Thunder appear on the stage. They walk to opposite ends of the stage and take in the adulation from the crowd before the lights come up and they storm the ring, leather trenchcoats hanging in the air as they are thrown from their backs. The ring announcer barely has time to begin introducing them before Skywarp, Zarak and Wolfang are exchanging blows with the GPA members.

JFA: “And Blood & Thunder wasting no time here… Wolfang cut a beeline right for Viewfind… while Ravage squares off against Skywarp… and Zarak and Tempest indulge in a game of ‘Chicken’…”
JHA: “Which Tempest appears to be winning…”

Tempest lifts Zarak up in an attempt for the Thunder Press. As he gets Zarak onto his shoulders and prepares to flip him for the drop, Zarak, with surprising agility, hops down behind Tempest and hits him with the Black Dawn… a more painful version of a neckbreaker. Ravage, meanwhile, has been swept away on the end of Stone Colds boots and is currently somewhere in the crowd enduring a curious weather pattern that consists of a downpour of beer and folding chairs. Wolfang and Viewfind are having their own private war down at ringside. This leaves Tempest at Zaraks mercy in the ring.

JFA: “Zarak is not your classic submission wrestler, folks. While Wolfang almost undoubtedly… and Skywarp perhaps… would set about working over a body part right now, Zarak is just gonna beat the hell out of Tempest before he can get to his feet…”

Before the first syllable has passed JFAs teeth, Zarak is already raining down elbow drops to Tempests chest. After five of those in quick succession, the Mancunian mercenary gabs Tempest around the neck and drags him upright; delivering knee strikes to the sides of Tempests head as he does so before slamming him to the mat with the Dark Strike: his new and improved version of the Dominator.

JHA: “Ouch… I bet you could sell Ibuprofen to Tempest for $40 a tablet right at this moment… that had to be painful…”
JFA: “You’re right there… Zarak rolls Tempest onto his side… and starts dropping knees into his spine…”

The referees have finally managed, with the help of some of the other AWF superstars, to prise Ravage, Stone Cold, Viewfind and Wolfang apart and are watching as the four superstars station themselves at their designated corners of the ring. None of them is pleased with the arrangement.

As Zarak pulls Tempest upright again, Tempest wastes no time in slamming Zarak into the turnbuckles and putting the boots to him. He looks at Wolfang and Skywarp, sneers, and stamps Zarak down into the bottom turnbuckle. He continues to put the boots to the Mancunian before reaching out to Ravage for the tag. The two pick up and drop Zarak with a suplex. Immediately after, Tempest hops to the outside and Ravage bounces upright to spit in the face of Skywarp. Needless to say, Stone Cold does not take kindly to the gesture. The referee stops him as he heads towards Ravage. Whilst Stone Cold and Wolfang argue with the referee, the GPA take full advantage and triple team Zarak. Quadruple team if you include the brass knuckles Viewfind had secreted in his tights.

JFA: “Oh… and there’s the strategic advantage coming into play… god, this makes me sick…”
JHA: “Yo… go for it homies!”
JFA: “I wish you’d shut up…”

As the referee turns back to the action, Ravage picks up Zarak in position for a powerbomb and slams him to the canvas as Tempest and Viewfind taunt Stone Cold and Wolfang. Wolfang leans over the rope with his left arm and index finger outstretched threatening death upon the GPA as Stone Cold tries to rally the crowd behind Zarak. Ravage locks in a sleeper hold on the Mancunian menace as the cheers escalate.

JFA: “Would you listen to the crowd… solidly behind Black Zarak here…”
JFA: “Stone Cold conducting the crowd like an experienced orchestra… Wolfang down on the arena floor slapping the canvas… and Ravage might well be in trouble here…”

Zarak struggles to his feet as he drags Ravage upright with him and drops him with a one-armed sidewalk slam. Both men lie still on the canvas. Their breathing is shallower than the kids’ pool at Water Mania in Florida. Noah Ordak begins the ten-count. All four men on the apron reach for a tag. Wolfang apparently has the creative idea of tying the tag rope to his foot in order to reach further. The referee admonishes the action, despite the fact that the rulebook says tag team partners have to be touching the tag rope and not holding it.

JFA: “Wolfang’s getting antsy… that time off hasn’t cooled his temper any…”
JHA: “He wants to work out the ring rust… not commit suicide. He’s better off where he is…”
JFA: “If you believe for one minute that Wolfang is gonna turn tail when Zarak’s in trouble, you need your head examining…”

Finally, crawling on their stomachs and diving the last foot or so each, Zarak and Ravage tag Stone Cold and Viewfind, respectively. Stone Cold wastes no time in introducing Viewfind to his right fist and whipping him to the ropes where Viewfind is met with a kick to the kidney from Wolfang and collapses to the mat.

JFA: * snort * “Noah Ordak admonishing Wolfang for that poor display of sportsmanship… but the crowd are loving that…”
JHA: “Disqualify him, ref!”
JFA: “It isn’t that easy, unfortunately… and Wolfang concedes that he’ll behave… before flipping a bird to the referee… and Stone Cold smirked at that one as he pulled Viewfind upright… for a swinging neckbreaker… and now wearing him down with a rear chinlock… with that knee right at the base of the neck…”

Stone Cold carries on wrenching the neck of Viewfind as the other combatants look on. He releases the hold, but only to pull Viewfind to his feet and take him back over with a snapmare and go back to a different hold to work over the neck.

JFA: “Stone Cold showing off some of those wrestling skills of his…”
JHA: “He only has two of those…”
JFA: * sarcastically * “Ha ha ha… Stone Cold locking in that modified Dragon Sleeper…”

The crowd seem unimpressed by Stone Cold’s wrestling abilities, despite the fact that they are wearing Viewfind down at an unbelievable rate. As Tempest comes in to try and break the hold, Stone Cold lets up, hauls Viewfind up, and slams him down with a spinebuster before kicking him in the groin.

JFA: “Wait a minute… would you care to name me one occasion when you’ve seen the Rattlesnake fight fairly?”
JHA: “Erm…”
JFA: “That’s what I thought…”

Stone Cold drags Viewfind towards a neutral corner and, in an unusual move for the Rattlesnake, ascends the turnbuckles before coming off with a driving elbow. Which, as luck would have it, misses completely when Viewfind rolls out of the way.

JFA: “Stone Cold missed with that one… Viewfind drags him to the GPAs corner… and Tempest gets the tag to take over on the Rattlesnake…”
Tempest stomps on the Rattlesnake a few times before picking up the Carlisle cobra and slamming him to the mat. He picks up the prone Carlisle native for another scoop slam, but Skywarp escapes over his head and pushes the Aussie to the ropes opposite. Tempest rebounds and is caught with a Thesz press and several thumps to the temple before Skywarp leaps onto his feet, bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow/knee combination into Tempest’s head and neck area. A cover from Skywarp garners a two count before he hauls the Aussie to his feet for an Irish whip attempt. A reversal from Tempest sends Skywarp to the ropes and into a spinebuster attempt, which the Rattlesnake reverses into a DDT.

JFA: “Both men down now… both men in the centre of the ring… crawling towards their corners…”

The move has quite clearly caused a large amount of discomfort to both combatants. As Stone Cold nears his corner, Tempest dives for the tag to Ravage. As Stone Cold makes the tag to Wolfang, Ravage gets in the way of the official and the ref orders Wolfang out of the ring. The crowd go ballistic as Ravage drags the Rattlesnake back to the corner of the GPA and Wolfang berates the official.

JFA: “And clearly, only the GPA and the referee are pleased at that decision… and Viewfind just hit Stone Cold with those brass knux!”
JHA: “Quick… tag Wolfang in! Give him a taste of those things!”
JFA: “You do realise he heard that…”
JHA: “What’s he gonna do about it?”
JFA: “I shudder to think…”

The referee now orders Ravage to pull Stone Cold away from the corner. Ravage complies, but only by slinging Skywarp across his shoulders and dropping him with the Hangover in the middle of the ring. He smirks and taunts Blood & Thunder before attempting a cover, only to have the count interrupted by a baseball slide neckbreaker from Wolfang before two.

JFA: “And Wolfang broke up the cover there…”
JHA: “He should be disqualified… that would have been three, and there’s no doubt of that…”
JFA: “From you, perhaps…”

Tempest and Viewfind jump in to jump Wolfang, and Zarak comes in to aid his tag team partner. While Wolfang delivers a double spear takedown to Viewfind and Tempest, Zarak helps Skywarp to his feet. The referee is attempting to resume control, but Skywarp and Blood & Thunder have clearly had enough at this point and ignore the warnings. Zarak hauls Ravage up, and Skywarp sends him down and out of the ring with a Stunner. As Viewfind gets up, he gets exactly the same treatment. As Tempest begins to get to his feet, Skywarp shoots the crowd a thumbs-up and signals for the Highway from Blood & Thunder. The crowd explodes in rapture as Wolfang shrugs and Zarak nods.

JFA: “Would you listen to this ovation?”
JHA: * Covering ears * “I’M TRYING NOT TO!”
JFA: “The crowd are going nuts when Skywarp signals for the Highway!”

Wolfang ascends the turnbuckle and Zarak doubles up Tempest with a kick to the mid-section. Zarak heaves Tempest to shoulder height with surprising ease, as Wolfang leaps and both members of Blood & Thunder slam Tempest into the mat to allow Skywarp to get a cover.

JFA: “1… … 2… … and there’s 3! Another successful outing for Blood & Thunder as well as Skywarp!”

As ‘Cowboys from Hell’ competes with the applause for room in the arena, Skywarp and Blood & Thunder celebrate with the crowd as the GPA lie defeated around the ring.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… here are your winners… the team of BLOOD & THUNDER and STONE COLD SKYWARP!”



The Game is shown getting ready for his IC Title Match against NMathew.

Stone Cold: Well, well…well…if it isn’t the Great One…the People’s Champion…the Show Stopper.

Game: And what have we got here? Why it’s the beer swilling, trash talking, toughest SOB in the AWF.

SCSW: Flattery will get you no where here Summers…you know, as of late, you’ve been on quite a roll. Put down HBK, took down Morpheus…seems like you can’t be beaten.

Game: You should know…put you down too.

SCSW: Yeah…you did at that…but I seem to recall putting you down once as well.

Game: Seems to the Game that we would be 1-1…and the issue was left unresolved.

SCSW: You just know how Stone Cold hates things to be left unresolved. *Takes a drink of his beer* Anywho…good luck tonight…champ!
*SCSW slaps the Game hard on the back before heading backstage to continue his celebration*

Intercontinental Championship
The Mat Man (champion) vs. The Game Erik Summers

JFA: The crowd going crazy as The Cerebral Assassin makes his way to ringside. The man who calls himself “The People’s Champion” with a golden opportunity to become Intercontinental Champion.
JHA: It’s not right! Why can’t he just leave The Mat Man alone? Mat’s such a handsome man!
JFA: You hated him before he joined up with that pack of jackals, the GPA.
JHA: Not true! Do you just make these things up?
JFA: If anyone would know…

Once Summers enters the ring, “Back in Black” hits and the cocky Intercontinental Champion emerges through the curtains, flanked by Tempest. The two GPA men stroll to the ring and both climb inside, threatening Summers until Mat climbs the corner and shows off the prestigious belt to the crowd. Climbing down, Mat hands the belt to Tempest, and the bell is rung to get things underway.

JFA: The Game will have his hands full with the Intercontinental Champion, one of the most technically sound stars in the history of the AWF.
JHA: He is great, but that’s not saying much…the AWF’s mostly been filled with brawling idiots! How else do you explain RCOSD hanging around for so long?
JFA: I’m not even going to touch that one…Mat with a waistlock takedown into a leg grapevine, and Summers powers out of it. Both men back up, Mat misses a right hand, stinging jabs from Summers, and a thunderous roundhouse that knocks Mat through the ropes to the floor.
JHA: Take a walk, Mat! Take an eight count!

As Mat walks around on the floor, Summers tries to lean over the ropes to grab him, but Mat trips Summers, pulls him to the corner, and rams his knee into the steel ringpost!

JHA: Brilliant!
JFA: Mat ramming the knee into the ringpost…climbs inside…referee distracted…here comes Tempest with a chair…WHAM!!! WHAM! Tempest just crushed Summers’ knee against the ringpost with that chair! We’re not 30 seconds in and the GPA is already cheating!
JHA: Everything clean! This is great!

Writhing in pain, Summers pulls himself away from the post but is met with a legdrop by Mat, followed by a cover that only gets one. Mat pulls Summers to his feet and executes a picture-perfect snap suplex, then frees up the leg and drives his own knee into Summers’ causing the former world champion to cry out in pain. Smiling, Mat pulls Summers to his feet, then pulls off a Dragon Twist takedown that further wrenches the Game’s knee. Summers pulls himself up on the ropes, and Mat tries for a Full Nelson Suplex, but Summers slips out of it and executes a belly-to-belly suplex, and both men are down!

Referee putting the count on both men…Mat up to his feet on two…Summers up…Mat misses a clothesline…off the ropes…clothesline by the Game! Mat back up…another clothesline by Summers! Mat up again…misses a right hand…GAME OVER!!! Summers hitting his version of the Rock Bottom…WHAT THE HELL?!?!
JHA: What brilliance!
JFA: Tempest just leaped into the ring and dented that steel chair on the referee’s head…The Game….no! Chair shot to the head, and Summers is out!
JHA: WHOOOOO!!!! Here comes the cavalry!
JFA: Referee down…Summers down…and here come Viewfind, Ravage, Divebomb, and P? all headed for the ring. Divebomb and Ravage pulling Summers to his feet…no, don’t do it…WHAM! A chair shot right to the head from Mat, and Summers is a bloody mess!
JHA: This is great!
JFA: This is ridiculous! Certainly they’re not going to allow this!
JHA: I hope they do! This is great TV!
JFA: Stop it…wait a minute! Xille coming through the curtains, and he’s on the ramp, daring the GPA to come after him! And the footrace is on! Divebomb, P, and Ravage, all headed up the aisle after Xille!
JHA: AHHHH!!! Not that freak!
JFA: Morpheus out the crowd with a chair….and a shot right to the head of Mat, and down goes the champion!
JHA: Look out, Homeslice! Behind you!
JFA: Where’d he come from? Vin Ghostal out of nowhere with that reclaimed golden bat….WHAM!!! WHAM!!! Ghostal nails Homeslice with the bat, and down goes the GPA leader! Tempest turning around….bat to the gut!!! Tempest through the ropes to the floor!

As Morpheus stands over the fallen Mat Man, Vin Ghostal suddenly gets a glimmer in his eye and waffles his former enemy in the back with his bat, knocking the masked man through the ropes to the floor! Smiling, Ghostal takes his bat and leaves the ring! The referee starts to stir just as Summers drapes an arm over Mat! The feeble cover begins, but Morpehus’ chair shot is more than enough to keep Mat down for the 1….2….3!!!!

JHA: That’s not fair! That’s not fair!
JFA: Live by the sword, die by the sword! Summers is the brand new Intercontinental Champion!!!


Backstage, Morpheus is walking through the corridors as he is stopped by Ignavus.

JFA: Oh boy, these two had a small confrontation last week at a house show.
JHA: That idiot Ignavus tried to cheer up Morpheus. We all know how futile that is.

Ignavus: Hey Morph'. Listen, about what happened. I've got nothing against you.

Morpheus says nothing, he just stares through the young man.

Ignavus: I know you got a bit agitated but no harm done right? I don't want to fight you, let's just be cool, right?

Morpheus stays silent.

Ignavus: But seriously, you need to chill up. Whoever this Silly Cow is, he'll be back. Just you wait.

Suddenly Morpheus charges Ignavus, grabs him by the shirt and throws him against the wall. Ignavus tries to get back up but Morpheus grabs him and throws him again headfirst against the wall. As Ignavus lies on the floor in a heap Morpheus just looks at him and continues to go ahead.

JHA: Ha! Hope that taught him not to mess with our very own lunatic!
JFA: You're just full of heart, aren't you?

AWF TV Title: Strafe (C) v Bombshell

RA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Television Title. Introducing first, from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. The Mad Bomber…….BOMBSHELL!”

Powerman 5000’s “Drop the Bombshell” Begins to blare over the PA system as Bombshell emerges through the curtains on his Harley and makes his way down to the ring. The crowd boos as he climbs into the ring and begins to taunt them. Suddenly the music changes to Korn’s “Here to Stay” and the television champ walks through the curtains and poses for the crowd before continuing down to the ring.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. From Chicago, Illinois. The AWF Television Champion…….STRAFE!”

Strafe climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd with his title as they cheer away then hands his title over to the ref who signals for the bell.

JFA: “And here we go. The TV title is on the line as Strafe goes one-on-one with Bombshell.”
JHA: “Its looking like a promising match. Both men look like they are on their game tonight and anything can happen.”
JFA: “I couldn’t agree with you more. And the match is underway as the two men tie up in the center of the ring and Bombshell forces Strafe into the corner and the ref breaks the hold and Bombshell just nailed Strafe with a straight right. He follows that with another.”
JHA: “Hey Bombshell is just taking advantage of an opportunity.”

He punches Strafe a few more time then whips him acroos the ring and into the opposite corner. Bombshell charges across the ring and nails Strafe with a clothesline then begins to choke him with his boot. He lets go of the hold at the count of four then takes Strafe out of the corner and drops him to the mat with a suplex. Bombshell gets to his feet and taunts the crowd. The crowd begins to boo as Bombshell heads back over to Strafe and nails him with a leg drop. He drags the TV champ to his feet and whips him into the ropes then drives a big boot into his jaw then locks in an arm bar as the ref moves into position and begins asking Strafe if he wants to quit.

JFA: “Well Bombshell has been in complete control since the beginning of the match and I must say he is impressing me quite a bit.”
JHA: “You’d actually think he wants to win the match and get his hands on the gold.”
JFA: “Ok, ok. But you have to admit he’s doing quite well.”
JHA: “Yeah he is.”

The crowd starts chanting “Get Up Strafe” and the champ starts to show some life. He gets to his feet but Bombshell refuses to let go. After a few seconds of struggling Strafe manages to claspe his hands together and picks up Bombshell and drives him into the mat with a modified powerbomb then collapses back to the mat. The ref begins the standing ten count as both men lay still on the mat.1…2…3 and the two being to show signs of life.4…5…6 and Bombshell makes it to a knee as Strafe gets to his hands and knees and the ref breaks the count.

JFA: “Both men are getting to their feet after that modified powerbomb by Strafe.”
JHA: “And that was a very impressive move too.”
JFA: “The two men back to their feet now and are exchanging punches in the center of the ring.”

After a few more punches Strafe begins to get the upper hand and forces Bombshell into the ropes and then whips him across the ring. He knocks Bombshell hard to the mat with a dropkick then bounces off the ropes and nails him with a somersault splash. He drags Bombshell to his feet and nails him with a couple of punches then connects with a jaw breaker that sends him falling to the mat. Sensing that he now had some momentum going to quickly moved in a locked in a sleeper hold as he tried to keep Bombshell grounded.

JHA: “Strafe with a sleeper hold and you never know this might be the move that ends this match for him.”
JFA: “It very well could be seeings how the ref is moving in and now is checking to see if Bombshell is still conscious.”
JHA: “The ref lifting Bombshell’s arm. That’s one drop. Now two and TH.. No Bombshell just managed to get his arm up only inches off the mat.”

Bombshell slowly makes it to his feet and forcibly throws Strafe off and into the ropes and connects with a huge knee to the gut. He picks him up and throws him into the corner and charges in with a knee lift to the gut. He follows that with a series of rights and lefts then hoists Strafe up onto the top ropes.

JFA: “It looks like Bombshell is going for a superplex. Both men standing on the top now and Strafe just drove a punch into the stomach of Bombshell, and another.”
JHA: “Oh would you look at that he just threw Bombshell off the ropes.”

Bombshell hits the mat hard as Strafe looks around the crowd and poses. He turns around and flys off backwards and slams down hard onto the motionless Bombshell with a Strafing Run.

JFA: “Strafe blocks the superplex and slams Bombshell hard to the mat and then connects with the Strafing Run. This is some great action.”
JHA: “And how. That was a perfect top rope moonsault and it looks like Strafe is going to try and end it.”

He signals to the crowd for the Ivory Tower and then waits as Bombshell slowly makes his way to a standing position. He turns around just in time to see Strafe charge over and slam him back to the mat with the Ivory Tower. He falls on Bombshell’s lifeless body and the ref makes the count.1…2…3!
JFA: “And Strafe has done it. He has retained his title.”
JHA: “That was a very impressive match between these two and Strafe has shown you just why he is still the AWF TV Champ.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match and STILL your AWF Television Champion…….STRAFE!”

The ref hands Strafe his title and raises his arm as Strafe poses for the crowd then makes his way to the back.

JFA: But enough of that, I hear Lisa Lovelace has got Morpheus backstage.


LL: Morpheus, you attacked the GPA and helped Erik Summers win the Intercontinental championship only a week after the Hell in a Cell match you had. Why did you do it?

Morpheus: I... I don't know. For weeks, I was sure that giving him all my pain would somehow make my pain go away. I was so sure. I was wrong. He took all the pain I could give him, but it didn't change a thing in me. But still, he took it all. He took it all and still defeated me.

LL: But why did you help him?

Morpheus: He deserved better. He took all I had and beat me. He deserved better than to be beaten down by the same group that beat down Silly Cow! He deserved to beat me. He deserved to beat Nmathew. So I... helped him.

JHA: Yeah…you’re right…he’s not a freak…

Elsewhere backstage

Vin Ghostal is shown clutching his ribs, trying to pull himself up…


AWF Tag Team Championship: The NWA [Divebomb and P? Champions] Vs. Xille & Vin Ghostal

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall… and it is for the AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!”

The NWA remix of PIMP hits the arena, and the crowd starts to chorus their disapproval of the NWA. Divebomb and P? stroll to the ring, smiling in a smug fashion as they do so. P? adjusts his GPA baseball shirt as he stares disdainfully at the crowd, and Divebomb just walks to the ring without even acknowledging their existence.

JFA: “The NWA look awfully smug…”
JHA: “They have every reason to… their opponents are that runt Xille, and that second rate phantom hack VD…”
JFA: “You mean V3.”
JHA: “* Thinks for a moment. * Oh yeah… wishful thinking…”

JRA: “Coming down the aisle… from Burnaby and Prince George, British Columbia, respectively… representing the GPA… The AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… DIVEBOMB… P?… THE N… W… A!”

JFA: “A lengthy introduction for the Champions…”
JHA: “As befits such worthy champions…”
JFA: “Worthy champions? They hospitalised Wolfang at Archivemania to stop Blood & Thunder regaining the tag team titles…”
JHA: “Now, there were no lasting injuries… and Wolfang said that he understood their position…”
JFA: “But what Wolfang didn’t say was that forgiveness was forthcoming. And Wolfang… like Skywarp and The Game… doesn’t seem the type to just ‘let it go’.”
JHA: “So what are you saying exactly?”
JFA: “I’m just saying Divebomb and P should watch their backs, that’s all.”

The NWA wait for their opponents, the grins on their faces apparently etched there with permanent ink and samurai swords. PIMP fades out to be replaced by High Wire Escape Artist as Xille emerges from the backstage area. He takes in the cheers from the crowd, but looks very uneasy as he awaits his tag team partner.

JRA: “And their opponents… first, from Lancaster, Ohio… XILLE!”

A tremendous cheer tears the air molecules apart inside the arena at the announcement of Xille, which is followed by another cheer as Vin Ghostal emerges from the backstage area clutching his ribs.

JFA: “Ah… that’s why they were smiling…”
JHA: “J, you usually got some spare ribs, right? Can you lend V3 any?”
JFA: “Oh shut up…”

JRA: “And his tag team partner… from Camden, New Jersey… V3… VIN GHOSTAL!”

The crowd looks on as Xille asks Ghostal if he is in good enough shape to go though with the match. Ghostal ignores him; his attention transfixed on the NWA. The bell rings as Ghostal charges into the ring, with Xille hot on his heels. As Ghostal clotheslines Divebomb over the top rope, Xille and P? exchange fists. Xille gets the advantage and whips P across the ring, catching him with a spinning reverse elbow as Ghostal slams Divebomb on the outside.

JFA: “Ghostal moving to his allocated corner now… as Xille starts to work over P’s neck with a dragon sleeper… and Divebomb comes in to break it up with a boot to the head of X! Divebomb being escorted out by the ref… and Ghostal smashes P? with a dropkick right in the face!”
JHA: “V3… the Phantom menace… meddling apparition…”
JFA: “So you’re no longer the chairman of the V3 Lil’ Spirits Fan Club?”
JHA: “Huh?”
JFA: “I’ll take that as no, then…”

As the two Js speak, Xille drags P? to a neutral corner and comes off with a moonsault. The move garners a two-count for the opium of the masses. X drags P to his feet and makes the tag to V3 as he slams P? to the canvas with a snap suplex.

JFA: “So algebra does work… X + V3 = P? over canvas.”
JHA: “Algebra? What’s that?”
JFA: “Sorry… I keep forgetting that you never made it past the fourth grade…”

Ghostal comes in to take over on P?. He grabs the NWA member by the left wrist, drags him to his feet, and executes a nifty 720-degree spin before smashing an elbow into P?s left shoulder and kicking him in the left kidney. Ghostal still grimaces from the pain in his ribs, but continues to pound on P? with a series of suplexes and a backbreaker. Then he moves to the neck area; trying with moderate success to twist P?s head off his shoulders. As Divebomb comes in to break up the hold, X leaps from his team’s corner and scores with a corkscrew missile dropkick to the chest of the Burnaby bruiser, knocking him to the outside.

JFA: “Nice move there by Xille… although I’m sure Divebomb probably disagrees…”
JHA: “Well, duh…”

Divebomb attempts to get back in the ring. The referee stops him, and V3 and Xille take the opportunity to pound on P? some more. When Divebomb eventually returns to his corner, Xille is stood innocently at his own corner holding the tag rope.

JHA: “Why those cheating…”
JFA: “Strategic advantage…”
JFA: “That’s what you would have called it if the NWA did it…”

Ghostal makes the tag to Xille, holding P?s arms to allow X a free shot before executing a swinging neckbreaker on the NWA member.

JFA: “X and V3 are firmly in control here… quick tags… keeping P? isolated in their half of the ring… focusing all their attention on one area… I’m surprised at this very coherent continuity the challengers have established…”
JHA: “Where did they teach you this stuff?”
JFA: “What? The fundamentals of tag team wrestling?”
JHA: “No… I meant how to speak complete and utter bull…”
JFA: “You’re just upset that the NWA might lose their titles right her tonight… and to V3 and Xille…”
JHA: “Lord… I could have lived with Zarak and that idiot Wolfang winning the belts at Archivemania. But if the NWA were to lose them to V3 and Xille tonight… that would just be an embarrassment.”

All the while this conversation has been going Xille has been focusing his attention on P?s neck. A falling neckbreaker, followed by a series of knee, elbow and fist drops to the affected area keep P? down on the mat and the challengers firmly in control. Divebomb ties to enter the ring again to help his friend, but the referee again gets in his way. This time however, Divebomb throws aside the official and proceeds to stomp over Xille until V3 enters the ring and knocks Divebomb down with a clothesline before dragging him to the outside.

JFA: “And all hell is breaking loose here… and it looks to be to the advantage of the challengers…”
JHA: “Get your eyes tested…”

As V3 and Divebomb brawl on the outside of the ring, taking it in turns to attempt to choke each other with the camera cables, P? gets to his feet and starts to stomp over Xille. He drags the rookie to his feet before dropping him with a high back suplex. Xilles head bounces off the mat as P returns to a vertical base.

JFA: “P may have impacted that neck of his some more with that suplex… I’m not sure how smart that was…”

The two Js suddenly move out of the way as Ghostal comes crashing through the announce table courtesy of Divebomb. With the referee down on the adjacent side of the ring, and P locking a Boston crab on Xille in the middle of the ring, chaos reigns in the tag team title match at Fallout.

JFA: “We apologise folks… there is no technical difficulty aside from Js headset being smashed in that little altercation with V3 and our announce table… it may take some time to get a replacement headset…”

JHA can be heard cursing even without his headset as Divebomb and Ghostal continue to slug one another and P? decides on what course of action to take now. Realising that the referee is down on the outside and there is no way to win the match right now, P? picks Xille up from the mat once again and whips him to the turnbuckles. Xille hits hard as P? charges, but jumps straight upwards out of the way of the oncoming P?, grabbing him in a front facelock as he drops back down and kicks away from the ‘buckles. Xille swings around in the air, and brings P? down face-first into the canvas.

JFA: “And there’s the move with no name! That tornado facebuster from Xille! But… there’s no referee to count the fall… what a rotten break for Xille and Ghostal…”

As Divebomb and V3 continue to duke it out on the outside, Xille runs up behind Divebomb and drops him with a bulldog. Ghostals knee impacts Divebombs face on the way down. V3 merely shrugs as Xille pulls Divebomb up from the floor, and deliver a double suplex to Divebomb; destroying the Algerian announce table in the process.

JFA: “Well… our Algerian colleagues are having some technical difficulties as well… P?s down on the inside… Divebombs down on the outside… and the challengers are firmly in control of the match… * there is some inaudible mumbling *… and you folks should be really thankful J didn’t have a mike for that…”

Ghostal and Xille are taken by some surprise when P? suddenly gets the jump on them. Xille hits his face on the Brazilian announce table as he flies through the air. P? and Ghostal lock up, and P? manages to get enough of an advantage to snap a suplex on V3. The impact takes a little more out of P?, who visibly clutches his neck as he gets to his feet. Divebomb has now rejoined the fray, and the champions have suddenly plucked back the advantage from their opponents. P? drags Ghostal into the ring, as Divebomb goes to retrieve Xille from his resting place near the Brazilian announce table. His nose bloody from the fall, X still manages to kick up and towards Divebomb in one movement. Unfortunately, instead of the heroic assault flooring Divebomb, Xille gets caught in mid-air and slammed though the announce table.

JFA: “And things really aren’t looking good for Xille and V3 at this moment…”

P pulls up Ghostal as Divebomb gets back into the ring. The two converse momentarily before Divebomb picks up V3 as if for a spinebuster and P? springs off the ropes. Divebomb falls backwards and P? catches Ghostal with an inverted neckbreaker as he falls to the mat also.

JFA: “And there’s the BCD… the British Columbia Drop… and this is really not looking good for V3…”

Ghostal is quite clearly out from the move. The NWA would have no problem registering the pin if it wasn’t for the referee still being out cold on the outside. P? goes to the outside to revive the fallen official. Divebomb stands watching a few feet from the prone form of Vin Ghostal. Neither of them spots Xille climbing up the turnbuckle… until Divebomb turns around into a missile dropkick!

JFA: “And they’re still in it! Xille and V3 aren’t beaten yet.”

There is a trickle of blood from Xilles nose; a result of the early incident with the Brazilian announce table which only now makes itself known. He pulls up Ghostal, and the two shake before V3 fires Xille towards the ropes between them and P?. Xille deftly leaps the top strand, spinning wildly as he comes crashing down on P?. The referee had the foresight to get out of the way, having learned from that little altercation with Divebomb.

As Xille gets up and prepares to exact some pain upon P?, Divebomb and Ghostal continue the fighting in the squared circle. Divebomb gets the upper hand, and whips V3 to the ropes; and catches him with The End!

JFA: “THE END! The End may be here for Xille and V3! 1… 2… and Xille breaks up the count! Good lord! The match was almost over right there… but Xille saved it for his team…”

Divebomb struggles upright amidst a rain of fists from Xille, and sets him up for a powerbomb. But Xille refuses to go along with it. He pushes himself upright, keeping hold of Divebombs legs. He releases one leg, grabs Divebomb around the neck and plunges to the canvas. The impact of Divebombs skull on the mat can be heard three states over.

JFA: “GOOD LORD! Did you hear that impact?”

Xille goes to cover Divebomb, but is met with a double axe handle from P before he can make it. V3 suddenly springs back to action, pulling P away from Xille as he gets to his feet. P? and V3 grapple, eventually flipping around into a stalemate as both attempt a backslide pin on the other. V3 suddenly musters an extra burst of adrenaline, lifting P? clean off the mat and dropping him with the Whirlwind as Xille hits the Lobotomy on Divebomb!

JFA: “In stereo… 1… 2… 3! We’ve got new tag team champions!”

The referee shrugs, hands the tag titles to Xille and Ghostal and raises their hands in victory as ‘High Wire Escape Artist’ rumbles back through the arena.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winners of the match… and NEW AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… V3 VIN GHOSTAL … AND XILLE!”

JFA: “Good on you… oh… you got your headset back, J?”
JHA: “What the hell is this? YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Who were the legal men?”
JFA: “Tell you the truth, I don’t know… but both members of the NWA were pinned… the ref called it a victory for X and V3… I’ll go with that…”
JHA: “Suck up…”
JFA: “You just got your gears gummed because the NWA lost and you don’t have a meal ticket…”
JHA: “One of these days… you’ll be sorry you said that…”
JFA: “Not half as sorry as you, jackass…”


Big Daddy Rav is shown, boasting about all the things he will do to the Game as the rest of the GPA scurries off to help the NWA.

Ravage: Yeah…the runt and casper got a cheap win…but don’t worry guys, when I get my hands on the Game…it’s going to be game over…and he’ll be in a wheel chair like his little buddy HBK.

Suddenly the Game appears and looks at Ravage with a perplexed look on his face, mocking the big man.

Ravage: Yeah…just wait…first time I see him, I’m knocking that stupid smirk off his face…next week…

Game: Why wait?

*As Ravage spins around, he is met by Sweet Chin Music, that drops him hard on the concrete. The Game smirks, tosses his newly won IC Title around his shoulder and walks away*


AWF Title Match: Sixswitch vs Cloudstrifer

JHA: “Oh, man! Talk about your mismatches!”

JFA: “What do you mean?”

JHA: “Look at it, J. We got one of the top superstars in this company, a real strapping young chap, a kid that I’m sure will go far…”

JFA: “I’ll admit that Sixswitch has been on a role ever since winning the AWF title.”

JHA: “Huh? I wasn’t talking about him. I was talking about Cloudstrifer!”

JFA: “You? Praising Cloudstrifer? Did someone forget to tell me about the apocalypse?”

JHA: “Hey, in this match, he’s the lesser of two evils, believe me.”

JFA: “I’d rather not. I’d rather focus my attention on this upcoming match, sure to be a slugfest. It’s going to be David vs. Goliath here, folks.

JHA: “Yeah, if David had the mental capacity of a escaped mental patient.”

Cloudstrifer, already in the ring, waits impatiently for the arrival of Sixswitch. He doesn’t have to wait very long, as Mauro Picotto’s “Like This Like That” signals the arrival of the Welsh Wonder Sixswitch to an explosion of applause from the crowd.

JFA: “The crowd reacting favorably towards our AWF World Champion.”

JHA: “It’s one of the unsolvable mysteries of the universe, like Al Capone’s vault, and the seven wonders of the world.”

JFA: “And why you still have a job here. Anyways, Sixswitch getting into the ring now…and Cloud attempting to catch the champ off guard, running towards him and delivering a thundering axe handle slam to Six’s back…a move that doesn’t seem to have affected the champion in the slightest!”

JHA: “Is there anyone out there who thought they would?”

JFA: “Cloud’s going to have a problem real quickly if he doesn’t do anything smart.”

JHA: “He’s doomed.”

JFA: “And Six grabbing Cloud by the throat…lifting him into the air…and now he’s throttling him! I can’t believe this! Our World champion is treating his opponent like he’s a mere child.”

JHA: “Well, there’s no disputing that Cloud’s not a child. His mind, on the other hand…”

JFA: “And now Six throwing Cloudstrifer into the turnbuckle and laying down the kicks. And now keeping his foot on Cloud’s neck, choking him out. Come on, this has got to be illegal.”

JHA: “I know it is.”

JFA: “How do you know?”

JHA: “Because it’s so fun. All the good fun stuff has got to be illegal.”

JFA: “Won’t argue that. And now the referee finally breaking the choke hold. And you gotta wonder why the crowd is enjoying this. I mean, yeah, Cloudstrifer isn’t exactly a pushover, but I think that he hardly deserves to be treated like this.”

JHA: “Oh, come on. Considering what’s going on, and who he’s facing, he should be lucky that he’s still able to be walking.”

JFA: “I’m not doubting that, but I’ve gotta say that the way that Sixswitch is treating Cloudstrifer is a bit curious.”

JHA: “Why not? If Sixswitch believes that Cloudstrifer is the worst that he can take on, he can make himself feel invincible…HEY, CLOUD! GET YOUR ASS TOGETHER!”

JFA: “I don’t see that happening, J. Sixswitch seems quite intent on humiliating Cloudstrifer here tonight. And don’t even start with the wisecrack, J. I know what you’re going to say, and no one wants to hear it.”

JHA: “I do.”

JFA: “You don’t count. And Cloud desperately trying to mount some sort of a defense against Sixswitch with a series of right hands, but a knee to the gut puts an end to that. And now a boot the face…”


JFA: “Cloud going down hard now, and I highly doubt that he’s going to be able to come back from that. Sixswitch seems to realize this as well, as he drags Cloudstrifer to the corner, climbs to the top rope, and performs the Technophobic! Ref in for the cover…and it’s mercifully over.”

JHA: “I can’t believe this! I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!”

JFA: “I know, Sixswitch didn’t waste any time in taking out Cloudstrifer.”

JHA: “Not that! Cloud didn’t do any damage to that stupid Welshman! And to top it off, I lost ten dollars.”

JFA: “So that’s why you were rooting for Cloud in this match.”

JHA: “NO! I mean…what I was doing…SHUT UP!”

JFA: We’re out of time folks…we’ll see you next week!

Silly Cow
2004-06-13, 06:11 PM
I tried to warn you Ignavus but you just had to interfere. The time of warnings is gone.

I don't care if this will do nothing good! I don't care if I'm already doomed! You got in my way. That... wasn't smart.

2004-06-13, 06:22 PM
Silly Bombshell, titles are for champions, something you are not. Get out of my sight and go fight the garbage members of the AWF where you can actually win.

I am unstoppable

2004-06-13, 06:57 PM
The Darkened Room

OP2005: Tonight... we never showed. But alas we shall be here. Our wrath to destroy... purpose.

I will soon seek vengenace upon all... soon night will fall and the Nightmare will trule begin!

2004-06-13, 09:52 PM
Smooth Lame, I give you that. You got a belt and hit me when I was not looking.

But if I were you, I would get every single one of your buddies to help you take me out. I would get SCSW, Xille, Ghostal, Blood and Retards and everyone else you can get to put me out before I get to you.

And keep that belt really shiny and nice, it will look great next to your broken body.

Oh and Xille congrats on you and Deadboy winning the belts, I can see you are doing everything you can to keep away from me. But don't you worry little guy, as I said I have a surprise for you, you just wait and keep those belts warm too.

And P?, Dive and Tempest no worries small setbacks tonight but it's all good soon we will rule the AWF for good and hey it's gonna be cool.

2004-06-14, 02:11 AM

Huh...wha...oh...I'm sorry, I must have dozed off. Ravage must have been cutting a promo again. See Rav, that is the difference between you and the Game...let me break it down in terms you will understand.

*Game does a mockingly poor impression of Ravage*

Ahem...me Rav...GPA...snap you in half...smash!

Now...see how the crowd draws slowly into a slumber, much like when you wrestle. However, when the Game steps foot in the arena, you can feel the electricity pour from every ounce of his body...and the People respond to their champion as the millions and millions of the Games fans chant his name.

*Crowd starts a Summers chant in the background*

So Big Fatty Rav...next week...Mayhem, one on one for the IC belt...all the Game can say is don't sing it...BRING IT!

2004-06-14, 02:45 AM
Lame, Lame, Lame....

You see it's that sort of thing that pisses me off. I always said just bring it on stop your yapping like the eldery lady I nearly ran over getting to the arena.

You see, you go off on how great you are all the time and how you are so kick as and all. But the problem is your not anymore.

I will give you your due you were a great star. Note the were portion of that sentense.

Now you are some has been that somehow gets titles due too sheer luck.

So as much as your promo did amuse me, next week will be even better. You want to be stupid enough to get me in the ring sooner than later. Great! I can cause you bodly harm in front of millions of television viewers that don't have to pay a dime to see it.

Besides, you were winner of the Bigdaddyrav.com who is the biggest joke in the AWF poll, well actually HBK was and he is probably somewhere saying "Brentido!" to some nurse who is giving him his supposatory.

So next week tune in and wait the Game get tooned off.

God Jinrai
2004-06-14, 03:46 AM
Hnh. Still believing that you're some sort of "macho man" because you were able to set someone on fire, bombshell? you fail to realize just how painfully EASY that is to do. How pathetically simple it is to tear, rend, sear, scorch and break a human being's body. Perhaps you need a refresher course in what it means to experience pain. but what sense is there in such lowly battle?

It isn't the pain of the body that is the most horrifying. Nor the pain of the mind. It's the pain of the human soul. the very thing that makes you LIVE. the very thing that makes you the "MAD BOMBER"... is also YOUR WORST ENEMY. Something you've failed to notice, 'shell. The VAST majority of AWF Champions... holding singles titles.. DON'T HAVE BAGGAGE. They don't HAVE those strings attached to their very being... they are FREE. FREE to do what they are meant to do: Wage war... at any cost... but you... have an innocent civilian to worry about, don't you. THAT... my friend.. is why you will NEVER become the champion again.

And some day... someone...will make that painfully obvious. It just won't be ME. I've fish bigger and better to fry... granted... if I'm required to crush you... to get to the REAL GAME... then so be it. Next time, Bombshell, it won't be BEHIND you that I appear. It will be right in your face... seeing your eyes widen in utter terror as you are sent crashing to the mat... or floor...whichever you prefer.... at my hands.

To our new tag champions... you've earned that one.

and Erik...

I'm comming for you. one day...soon... you'll understand just who you took under your "wing"... that fateful day, two years ago.

2004-06-14, 07:03 AM
Ravage...the only people that you "tune out" are the fans everytime you get in the ring. And since it seems to be "make a name at the expense of the Game" week here in the AWF, why don't we just start lining people up, giving them numbers and they can bring the asses, and the Game will bring the whupping.

2004-06-14, 07:13 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
stop your yapping like the eldery lady I nearly ran over getting to the arena.

Dude... that was my grandmother! How could you?

2004-06-14, 08:29 AM
D-Extreme is seen on a very dark portion of the boiler room as he is seen holding a Singapore cane. He goes to a lighted spot over the swinging lightbulb.

D-Ex: Hellraiser, you just got X'ed. Take note that I wont take it easy on you kid. I beat you once, I beat you again! Last time on a house show I WAS ROBBED! Auros, it seems like destiny has a way of playing its cards to give you a little chance...JUST A LITTLE chance to retain your title for a while. You see I have been placed a roadblock each and everytime I try to get the hardcore title. The first one was n_mat and QS who were co-champs last time. Now its either Auros gives me a cheap shot or a scumbag messes with me. Judge Death, you say it was because you want to set me free? You want me to rejoice? DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU SKINNY RUNT! As far as I am concerned, neither will I rejoice or stop sinning. Infact, Judge Death, you just sentenced yourself to your own damnation. The rejoice shall be held up for a while, but the sin, has not yet begun on my part. Judge Death, its time for you to redeem yourselves from sin....cause its a blow for a blow....a kick for a kick. In your case, its a sin...for a sin. You can hear me knocking on your door, and its time for me to bust that open and give you an XTREME decimation. Make no mistake about it, I am THE XTREME....D-EXTREME. And you will be just another victim of the X-Ocution. And as my shirt says...

D-Extreme grins at the camera before he turns around to show the words written behind his shirt. It reads 'Destroy the opposition'. He raises his singapore cane before he shouts


He clenches the cane and smashes out the light.

2004-06-14, 08:45 AM
OOC: Nice promo, D-Ex.

IC: Wait a ssecond...I do not want you to do anythhing, D-Exxx. You are, indeed, ffree. You now may do ass you choosse, without worrying about thhe ramifficationss off your actionss catching up withh you on thhe othher side. And I really did mean it when I ssaid "nothhing perssonal". Asssuming I ssaid thhat. Iff I didn't, thhen I meant to do sso. What happened to you could jusst ass eassily havve happened to Aurosss. Howevver...now I havve a problem.

<Judge Death clenches his fists together, creating a sound akin to rending metal.>

You thhink off ME ass a ssinner? ME, thhe only being in thhiss land who cared enough to take on thhe job off ffreeing the resst off you, worthhlesss inssectss thhat you are?!

<Death twitches, then reels, staring at the ceiling and screaming at the top of his defiled lungs...>


<Death falls to his knees, breathing in sharp, short gasps. His voice is altogether more shaky as he struggles to regain his composure.>

Do not deffy my divvinity, D-Exx, and do not evven thhink off conssidering me in thhe ssame light ass the othher perpertatorss in thhiss company. I am thhe one thhing, thhe only thhing, thhat stands between all off you - withh certain exxcceptionss - and eternal damnation in the pitss of Hell. Or eternal darnation in the pitss off Heck, depending on how nassty you'vve been. Eithher way...

<Death slowly stands again, a frown creasing the visible protions of his ravaged face.>

I havve no reasson to facce you again...but iff you sso wishh to do sso...thhen please...

...Ssstop knocking on my fecking door. Thhe noisse iss very irritating.

2004-06-14, 12:12 PM
Erik you really can't be as smart as you claim.

I am not lining up I am the whole damn line. I am more than ready to hand you your arragant ass from ring post to ring post.

So stop sounding so important, shut up and get ready because I will give you your chance to see if you can whup my ass. But it's something I highly doubt.

2004-06-14, 01:01 PM
D-Ex: Well small fry...irritation is the least of your worries when I get your neck sandwiched into my palms! I said my name...I'm D-Extreme dammit! You better know that I spit death on the face each and everytime I step into the ring. And annoying you or defying you, is just some of the things you will experience in the ring when you step there and facing a few inches up to see my eyes ready to taste revenge. Judge Death, prepare to feel the thing they call 'internal hemorage'.

2004-06-14, 03:41 PM
You mean 'internal haemorrhage', correct? Othherwisse, that's an exxcceedinlgy empty thhreat, D-Exxtreme. And I do not recall you havving sspat on my facce oncce, like, evver. Do you do thhat when I'm ssleeping?

Emm, on ssecond thhought, let's not talk about thhingss you do to me when I am in thhe land off nod. Curiousity killed thhe cat, and ssuchlike. Anyway, whhat I would really apprecciate ffor you to do right now...iss to calm down. Regardlesss off how angry you may ffeel, it will passs and, God willing, you will realisse thhat what I did wass ffor thhe besst. You will get anothher shot at Auross ssomeday, probably ssoon, and it would be perffectly withhin thhe parameters off my duty to turn thhe tables thhat time ass well...but in your favvour.

Fffood ffor thhought, hmm?

2004-06-14, 04:37 PM
Well, You did what you promised Double S, but it was weakness on my part. Yes, it was my weakness for you are indeed strong and wise, yet there is something that you don't have.

Yes somethign that the Double S does not have and will never have. You insulted me, wow what a big deal. Do you actually think I care about those mortal you pleased? You actually believe that I will live this down. You wrong buddy. Youre absolutly wrong. So you destroyed well whip-de-do. I am stuill standing here and still ready to face you one more. Yet, this is not your time and I still have business to attend to.

G91, so you won, brilliant. Good for you. You took something froom Cloud, and he will get it back, in time. but the belt must wait. I have business to atend to. You may have defeated Mat but I still have to get my revenge and I will. Just keep the belt warm for me.

NMat, you will pay for what you did, and you shall suffer. Bring yourself to the ring and face punishment. You and divebomb will pay for what they did to me. You shall pay in blood. I have sworn a blood oath and I shall stick to it. Next Mayhem you and me NMat. You and me, oh and bring whoever you want, I will crush them like the bugs they are.

For I am CloudStrifer, The Chosen of Odin, the Bringer of his Justice and I willl give your your justice! Your Next NMat!

2004-06-14, 04:51 PM
Jee Death, it seems like when you think you can win you're the biggest hardcase to enter the ring.

But now when the big boys start comin for you, you get afraid. Now, you dont want a match. Now, you arent the big bad death coming to wipe out everyones sin. Now, you're afraid.

Almost as afraid as your sister was that night... well not so afraid as much as.....


2004-06-14, 05:07 PM
Oh great; thhe damn sstalker iss sstill withh me.

Clearly, you don't understand my briefss and beliefss. Read up, ffool. Thhen come back and inssult me in ssuch a way thhat I may care. Thhe ffact iss, D-Exx hass now been puriffied. My work withh hiss ssoul iss done, sso I intend to movve on. Unffortunately, he doess not appreccciate my actionss. Quite a dissappointment, but one thhat I can livve withh. Iff he sstill wishhess to challenge my divinity, thhen I shhall resspond in kind. I wass ssimply sstating thhat ssuch actionss are meaningless.

And why were you sscrewing my ssisster'ss corpsse? :eyebrow:

2004-06-14, 05:46 PM
The X is shown backstage, sitting down and leaning up against a wall, holding his nose

Freaking Brazilian announce table... why the hell do we even have a Brazilian announce table? I thought all they watched was soccer! As soon as we get a Brazilian in this fed or I find out we have one, I'm kicking his ass.

Whatever. Bloody nose or not, I've got you, baby!

The X pulls his Tag Team Championship belt from his bag and hugs it

Oh, yeah. Feel that gold. It sure could use a nice polish. I don't know where the hell Divebomb took you, but it sure wasn't to the cleaners. Come to think of it, I took him to the cleaners tonight! Haha!

Xille turns and notices the camera

Geez, what the heck? Do you guys even make any noise? Is there some sort of cameraman mating call I have to listen for in the future? Stop sneaking up on me like that! Geez! Every freaking time!

Anyway, Divebomb, it's time I got a little more serious. I won tonight. Me. The X. I'm feeling pretty good, too. Not too much pain in the 'ol noggin, if you know what I mean. I hope you're not mad, buddy.

It is with this in mind that I will extend the offer of continuing with our singles match. I know I pinned you tonight, but I also know that may not be enough for you. So like I said, the offer is on the table.

As for anyone else wanting tag team championship glory, I feel you should talk to Ghostal. At this point, I'll support him in any path he chooses to take, any enemy he wishes to put down. With that said, Sparkster, Thomas, B&T, NWA, I don't need to or want to hear your tag threats. I'll take them and fire back, but I'm a calm champion. I can fight whoever steps up, or I can wait till a number one contender is established. It doesn't matter. I'll let Ghostal handle the challenges and I'll let Reilly handle the booking. I'm just along to kick some GPA or other tag team ass.

That said, I'll be off, if only to find a good place to clean this title.

Xille pauses and looks intently at the gold

Is that a beer stain? Damn it, Divebomb!

2004-06-14, 08:21 PM
Ignavus you are boring everyoby , personally i think you should learn shut up as one day you will get what you deserve!

2004-06-14, 08:41 PM
Xille, I told you that you might win the titles. I don't have any problems with losing the belts because it just gives me more of a reason to fight on. We will have our singles match, that I promise you. Congratulations tonight you were the better team. But just wait until we get our rematch.

2004-06-14, 08:50 PM
Sweet. It's on, baby.

2004-06-14, 08:58 PM
Sparky, you think I am boring? You...think...I...am...boring?

Maybe you should "learn shut up" yourself. You're as flat as X's sister's chest! You couldnt make a firecracker pop. You couldnt make a Mexican bean jump. We should bottle up your hot air as a cure for insomnia. I fell asleep reading your post (to be fair, though, I fall asleep doing most things)

Oh, no! Sparky thinks Im boring! Whatever will I do!!!

2004-06-14, 09:02 PM
Hey Divebomb, any chance that you and I could put off our match for a show while I beat the crap out of Igz here? It'll all be "in good fun", Igz, I promise.

Hardcore match. I'll show you why I'm a former champ.

2004-06-14, 09:07 PM
Originally posted by xille
It'll all be "in good fun", I promise.

I've hear that somewhere.... where was it....

Oh right! Your sister said the same thing to me! ....And then she said it would cost 20 bucks.

2004-06-14, 09:11 PM
There's one problem with all of this, Igz.

My sister, the person you claim gave you sexual favors in exchange for money, used to be my brother, Jerry.

And as far as I'm aware, s/he's pre-op.

I really hope that was fun, baby.

2004-06-14, 09:13 PM
All I can say is, it was worth it. Every second.

And lets say this; she got the pretty genes.

So you want a hardcore match? Ok, I always wanted a chance to try out some of those ladder dives.

Oh, and you were a former champ alright. For what, like 3 seconds?

Now I think the big question will be, who is your "sister" gonna root for?

2004-06-14, 09:19 PM
Alright, I'll agree to all of this, but with one stipulation:

Once it's over, you leave me the hell alone for a while, unless you're fighting beside me against the GPA.

As for me being a champ, I had a longer title run than a lot of the former champs, and I was the first to survive the 24/7 rule on the belt.

And of course my... sibling... got the pretty genes. Why the hell do you think my dad thought I was completely worthless? You can see how horrible my family was. My bro is now my sis. As to who'll s/he'll root for? Well, you're apparently in a relationship with her, and s/he always supports her bitches.

Silly Cow
2004-06-14, 09:19 PM
Originally posted by Sparky
Ignavus you are boring everyoby , personally i think you should learn shut up as one day you will get what you deserve!

Fear not, he will. Very soon.

2004-06-14, 09:29 PM
I got no problem with that deal. In fact, as soon as I finish up some loose ends (this darth vader poser) then I wanna start trashin the GPA. Those guys have a serious hard on for pissing me off. They try too hard.

And I dont think you're worthless. Want a hug? Group Therapy Time!

....and after that Ill kick your ass

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-06-14, 10:47 PM
*note to writers*

My music changed a long time ago...you people should check these things...

2004-06-14, 10:48 PM
Well holy crap. It took him all of a couple of days to decide that he wants to take us on. I love how every new guy in this fed just right off decides to take on the GPA and what I like even more is that they all think they can take us. Its just so funny.

But yeah Xille we can postpone the match for one more show. Have fun beating the hell out of him but then you are going down.

2004-06-15, 04:08 AM
OOC: hey guys i'm going to be away from the internet for little a little bit :(

its that damn time of the year again. time to move so anyways i'll be back.

2004-06-15, 09:24 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
as soon as I finish up some loose ends (this darth vader poser)
Do not worry...your cleanssing shhall be sswifft and...

Well, I would ssay 'painlesss', but thhat would require you to cooperate. Whichh you will not. Ssso it may hurt a ffair amount. But to know pleassure, you musst firsst know pain...

2004-06-15, 09:55 AM
D-Ex: Food for your thoughts Death?....How about I just get there where your at and grab you by the neck and devour your damn head. Now I am not all for decapitating a nimrod like you but if you mess with me again, you will find yourself in that situation with your head on a basket and the rest of your body limp.

2004-06-15, 03:51 PM
Urrrrrggghhhaaahhh...D-Exxx...how many timess musst I ssay thiss to drill it into your sskull? Read the ffollowing thhree timess, vvery careffully:

I. Have. No. Quarrel.* Withh. You.

* 'quarrel' meanss 'argument', in casse you were conffussed.

You are pure now, thuss I havve no reasson to attack you, and will quite ffreely let you go about your bussinesss. Thhat ssaid, I would make an exxcception iff you attempted to devvour my head in any way. And iff you sstill wishh to hound me down, I will retaliate with lethal fforcce iff neccesssary. Othherwisse, get ovver it and enjoy thhe clean liffe. I'm not ssaying thhat I exxpect you to invvite me round ffor drinkss any time ssoon; I jusst wishh ffor you to get your emotionss in check beffore thhey land you in evven more trouble. Wisse man'ss sssentimentss. Pay thhem due heed.

2004-06-15, 03:58 PM
Your whole philosophy seems allitle flawed there, death.

You say you "cleaned" him, but seems like D-Ex is still the same guy. Seems like he still wants to wail on your tiny little head, so how does that count as purified? I can sure as hell tell you no ways a beating gonna change me, so you better change that plan right now.

When Big Show dropped Kurt Angle off a ledge he came out and whined "I cant have sex with my wife anymore!" I couldnt breathe I was laughing so hard. The point is that that's how my beating will purify you. You wont be able to make the troops stand at attention, you wont be able to find the rooster in the hen house, you wont ever play ring around the rosie, you'll be the only non-stiff stiff in the morgue.

2004-06-15, 04:30 PM
ignavus you find me boring? Sure maybe you do , but you should seriously consider shutting your mouth. Each time i look at the boards all i see is you blabbing on about something that doesn't matter like Xilles sister (no offence). You better not pick on the wrong people in this fed , because trust me , youll get your ass kicked.

2004-06-15, 04:34 PM
Ignavusss...let's jusst ssay thhat I wass never going to be any off thhosse thhings any time ssoon anyway.

Asss ffor your othher commentss...thhe ffact thhat YOU do not ssee any diffferencce to D-Exxx provess nothhing. I can ssee the diffferencce, and sso will thhe guardss at thhe Pearly Gatess...the ssame guardss who will deny your entrancce iff I do not help you. And believve me, I intend to try my damndesst to erasse your previouss errorss, prefferably not in ass ffinal a manner ass I am capable off. Iff thhat doess not work...let uss jusst ssay thhat thhere iss more thhan one way to sskin an onion.

Do not ressissst...

2004-06-15, 04:37 PM
Originally posted by Strafe
Silly Bombshell, titles are for champions, something you are not.

Oh, really. I guess you've forgotten the fact that I've held two different belts on two different occasions.

No biggie. I suppose getting too many shots to your head does stuff to you.

And no, I'm not talking about chair shots. ;)

2004-06-15, 04:48 PM
Sparky, the mere fact that you say she doesnt matter means you'll never understand just how great he really is.

And how many time do I have to make this point, you think Im boring? All you've been saying is, indeed, that I am boring. You arent out here proving yourself, or earning anything. You think Im gonna get my ass kicked? I think you already have. You think Im in danger of choosing the wrong people? I think you already have.

And awwwww Death... I never knew you cared! All this time, here I was thinking that you were just some annoying little "skinny turd" but you care about me, you really do! Maybe I'll send you a Christmas card afterall.

To be straight though, you dont really need to worry about saving my soul. I already sold it to the devil for a yoyo and half a moldy biscuit. If I agree that Im goin to hell, and I dont really care, will you be satisfied?

2004-06-15, 04:58 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
If I agree that Im goin to hell, and I dont really care, will you be satisfied?
You know thhe ansswer to thhisss already.

And ffrankly, I don't know why you are trying to blow me offf. At leasst, via thhe divvine proccesss of judggement, you will be getting ssome off whhat thhesse people call 'exxperiencce'. Right now, many off the 'talentss' in thhiss organisation - if not all off thhem - havve better thhingss to do thhan facce you. But, to me, deffeating you iss ass much off a priority ass defeating anyone elsse.

Oh, and it iss not too late to ssavve your ssoul ffrom Hell...and desspite what thhat ffool Sssatan might havve ssaid, they don'tt havve Metallica conccertss evvery night down in thhe underworld, sso you won't be misssing much.

2004-06-15, 05:07 PM
Originally posted by Sparky
Xilles sister (no offence)

Absolutely none taken.

2004-06-15, 05:24 PM
ignavus i am talking from past experiences , i have tried to be smart like you , i have tried to annoy people like you and guess what , i got my ass kicked. i suggest that you take my advice and dont pick on the wrong people.

2004-06-15, 05:28 PM
Originally posted by Sparky
i have tried to be smart like you

holy hell...cant......breathe.....laughing....too.....hard

Sparky, you're as dumb as X's sister. Thank god s/he's pretty.

2004-06-15, 05:37 PM
Ignavus , you will learn the hard way! Nobody here takes dumb asses lightly! You will learn that talking like that will get you a first class beating

2004-06-15, 05:44 PM
Sparky, I'll say this once.

I'm sure that you're a master on getting first class beatings, but I dont have any respect for you. You are a no talent hack, and uninteresting. Im not wasting any more time on you, you aren't worth my energy.

Death, you on the other hand, are. You've got skills, Ill give ya that. You are also crazy as a freakin loon. If there's one thing that pisses me off more than anything else, its people who try to force their beliefs on others. So dont even pretend Im backing out on, you and I have a date, but I wont be bringin flowers or candy.

....maybe candy. But Im not sharing with you!!!!!!!!!!!

unless you ask nicely. But thats besides the point dammit!

2004-06-15, 05:54 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
Sparky, I'll say this once.

I'm sure that you're a master on getting first class beatings

i have only had 2 matches and you can make a judgement on me!

wait till you get your ass kicked , wheter its by me or anybody else you will get hurt!

God Jinrai
2004-06-15, 11:55 PM
For the love of Primus, will you BOTH SHUT UP! If it's crying over wanting a fight, FINE! You BOTH just got one. the next show...you BOTH get to deal with ME. It's time someone shut you BOTH UP.. ONCE AND FOR ALL. Sparky, Iggy, brace yourselves. Death doesn't come CLOSE... to what I'll put your through.

2004-06-16, 12:15 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
For the love of Primus, will you BOTH SHUT UP! If it's crying over wanting a fight, FINE! You BOTH just got one. the next show...you BOTH get to deal with ME. It's time someone shut you BOTH UP.. ONCE AND FOR ALL. Sparky, Iggy, brace yourselves. Death doesn't come CLOSE... to what I'll put your through.

Sparky, Ignavus, let me assure you. Despite all this guy's bluster and bravado, he can't fight worth sh*t. And if you need any proof, go find a copy of Edge of Survival. It's got the match in which I totally pwned his extra cripsy muthaf*cking ass.

But I digress. Grand Convoy, I know you want to take credit for what happened at the beginning of the show, but I know for a fact that it was those f*cking teamsters in the broadcast truck who crossed a wire or plugged in a wrong cable or some other nonsensical technos*it thing.

Point is, unless you wanna end up on the business end of the deep fryer, I'd suggest you stay away from talent such as me and stick to getting beaten down by j0bbers like yourself.

2004-06-16, 12:21 AM
You know what Jinrai? You all try way too damn hard. Why would you bother getting yourself into a match that has nothing to do with you? A match that doesnt even really exist: 'cause like I said Sparky isnt worth the effort. Not worth mine, not worth yours.

But if you still want it so bad, Alright. Ill take it. Under one condition, I want a triple threat match. I dont wanna team up with lil sparkster here 'cause I just know hes gonna go down in 30 seconds. He is, afterall, the master of getting first class beatings.

Oh, and Bombshell? Kick his ass. The Igz is rootin for you.

2004-06-16, 12:30 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
But if you still want it so bad, Alright. Ill take it. Under one condition, I want a triple threat match. I dont wanna team up with lil sparkster here 'cause I just know hes gonna go down in 30 seconds. He is, afterall, the master of getting first class beatings.

I'd be happy to take that spot, then. Beat up Cripsy Convoy and a weakling n00b. How could I not resist?

Originally posted by Ignavus
Oh, and Bombshell? Kick his ass. The Igz is rootin for you.

Thanks, but if I was looking for handouts from strangers I'd stop by the corner market and pay a visit to your momma. After all, she loves giving things away for free. And when she, Arcee and me get together...:smokin:

OOC: No offense intended, man. Just doing the ol' "Seasoned Vet Insulting The Young n00b" bit, y'know?

2004-06-16, 12:34 AM
Its a deal, this should be fun. Now lil ole sparkster can go 3 for 3. Pretty soon he can write a book on all those beatings hes gotten!

I've heard my mom is pretty good, but if you want some good action, see X's sister. Now s/he is great.... if you dont mind the ambiguous gender thing.

2004-06-16, 12:44 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
Pretty soon he can write a book on all those beatings hes gotten!

He'll have to hire a ghostwriter, though. I don't think he'll have the ability to control his motor functions.

Originally posted by Ignavus
I've heard my mom is pretty good

Dude, how the hell would you know that?! :eek: :sick:

Originally posted by Ignavus
but if you want some good action, see X's sister. Now s/he is great.... if you dont mind the ambiguous gender thing.

Yeah, I've heard things about her. Unfortunately, I've also heard that the people who sleep with her spend ten decades in decon.

2004-06-16, 02:28 AM
Dudes, you can say all you want about my bro... er sis... er... my sibling, but you all need to know the truth.

Ravage's momma is where the action is at. And right now, I'm practically giving her away for the low low price of only 5 dollars! You can't pass this up! Limited time offer!

Back on topic, Bombshell, you're a fool for underestimated Convoy. And Ignavus, you're a bigger fool for wanting to step into a ring where you'd be a sideshow to the beating these two are going to give each other.

You know what? I kinda like that. Reminds me of me. More power to you Igz, just as long as you know you're a fool. Just know that should the need arise, our hardcore match can and will happen, and you'll get a crash course in why you can't deny... the power of X.

Remember that.

2004-06-16, 03:00 AM
Originally posted by xille
Bombshell, you're a fool for underestimated Convoy.

Dude...were you asleep on that day back in January when I LIT HIS F*CKING ASS ON FIRE?!

2004-06-16, 03:13 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Dude...were you asleep on that day back in January when I LIT HIS F*CKING ASS ON FIRE?!


2004-06-16, 03:33 AM
Originally posted by xille

No. I wasn't. But frankly, I don't pay attention to the comings and goings of the walking dead.

2004-06-16, 03:43 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
No. I wasn't. But frankly, I don't pay attention to the comings and goings of the walking dead.

Well, I guess Convoy's going to force you to, then.

2004-06-16, 04:03 AM
5 bucks?! Man someone is getting screwed. Literally.

2004-06-16, 04:09 AM
With the rambling of these newcommers, I hadn't had a chance to think. but now, I have gotten my ideas straightened out and have tought it over.

Yes, I CloudStrifer, Chosen of Odin, The Blessed one, has been thinking. I have lately going for the belts, trying to get to where I want to. But where has this led? I will tell you where this had lead to, it had led to me being double crossed at every turn.

Yes folks, all the Cloudites that are watching back home, and on this soil, all those people from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, well not from denmark, they are all backstabbing folk, who have been hiding DinoKnight, supposedly training him to counter me, which is a patheic thing to do. Anyway like I have been saying, all these people who come and watch me and want me to win have seen me toil through matches which defined myself.

I have disabled Cyberstrike and as a result, Auros gets the belt. While I should have been paying attention to the ring, I wanted to demolish one of the old alliances that DinoKnight had. With his destrucion, I foolish didn't pay attention and lost. Thats fine with me, I had no qureals with that.

Then after months of peperation I faced off agianst NMat who I had defeated once, but lost to agian. With this advent of a match, a fatal fourway was established in order to get a winner to the belt. Oh, by the way during these months, I beat Bombshell for the second time, proving he is infeariour to me. Anyway, the fatal fourway was signed and I was all preped for it.

Once in the ring, I eliminated Amarant, who was a patheic warrior anyway, and would have rode my alliance till he backstabbed me, but I did it before he could and eliminated him. Then I met OP who used his "darkness and Death" to try to emilinate me. He helped me from escaping the Camel Clutch that NMat had put on me, and then took advantage on me. I repayed him in full and proved that I was the better one.

Then it was all alone, it was me and NMat, a Hunter and his query. But then the unthinkable happened, Divebomb decided to crash and NMat turned into the GPA crony that he is now. Oh, I had no regert that he went into the GPA, after all those who where defeated by me, always join togeather.

I was then smacked by the Gods and saw the light. Yes I saw the light that Reliy is nothing but a patheic slob who wouldn't ever even have lived. Oh sure he booked me in the title match agianst Sixswitch and even though I admit I was unprepared for it, I was taken by suprise and defeated. I can only blame myself for this defeat. But I know who was right after all.

Yes Reily, you know why you push me to this pain. You know I am and will be the greatest champion on this earth and yet you see fit not to award me of what I deserve. So be it, you made your choice. You knew that Divebomb and his friends would attack me, and you didn't even send a single of those people who apperently "fight" the GPA to help me. Where were they? The ones who so called run after them in an effort to save this Fed? You knew that you could have sent them, and they knew that they could save me. But did it happen? No it didn't.

The result was the same for me as it was always. Someone else gets the belt and I am left with what I have and always will have. I need not prove myself in battle, I have faced a million opponents and you know as well as I do that I deserve the belt. But you signed on G91 vs Nmat, who then proceeded to tell me to sit down and watch the show because after all he is the "Game" and we all need to sit down and watch the "Game".

That is bs. The Game has the title and you and I know that I am not yet on his level. Yet you continue to make people who don't deserve it rise, while I battle hard and sweat and shed blood you sit comfy on your chair and tell all your friends that you will make them better. Well whoop-de-do.

I will now not stand for this. I have toiled and foguth long and hard. It is time to admit that your patheic and that you will put me where I belong. In fact those who fight the GPA are Patheic and those that are the GPA are patheic too. I have seen better warriors and men in average joe town that what is persented here. And yet they get the push and I am still here.

I have made my decision. I will no long establish that your and more of a power here than your in the ring. I had enough of this lily-gaging and I will put a stop to this. Those that stand in my way will get shot down, those that support you will get shot down those that protect and admire you those will get shot down. Those that try ever to so call fight the single faction there is will be shot down. I don't care if your a big time star or just started. I will make sure all of you pay for what was paid by my expense.

Reliy I am taking you this whole establishment down and starting a new one where warriors will get the change to proceed. I will bury you in all the lies the bretrials and all you have put me through. I will have my Revenge on NMat and the GPA, I will have my revenge on those that stand agianst me.

And thus I have started what should have been started by the people who here fight the GPA. Thier patheic battle is old and worn out. It is time for Me, the One Nation Army to stand and fight.

Your going to pay for this Reily, you and your goons.

So Sayeth Cloud, So Be it. Fear The Revenge, Feal the Power!

2004-06-16, 04:19 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Dude...were you asleep on that day back in January when I LIT HIS F*CKING ASS ON FIRE?!

Hehheh... I like fire. Its fuuun.

We should put X's sister/brother and Ravage's mom together in a cage and proclaim the winner the biggest hobag to ever roam the face of the planet. The winner can get their case of the clap cured.

The loser.... has to sleep with sparky. If he can get it up.

2004-06-16, 04:47 AM
Cloud, you know the problem I have with your speeches.

This is all I hear: "I am a viking grr!!!!!".

Now get your Bezerker ass out of the ring before the GPA and myself run over it.

2004-06-16, 05:45 AM
Originally posted by Sparky
i have only had 2 matches and you can make a judgement on me!
No...no, he can't. Thhat iss not hiss ffunction. Thhat...iss MY ffucntion, MY ssspeciality, and iff I do ssay sso mysselff, I am pretty darn good at it. And, in thhe offt-repeated wordss off ssomeone whom I cannot remember...

It doessn't matter how many matchess you'vve had!

All thhat matterss iss thhat you...are just another lawbreaker. And I...am the one ffrom whhich you sshall recceive your ssentencce. None otther thhan. Iff you havve ssome problem withh thhat...well...it iss not your choicce to make. Free Will iss ffor creaturess whom possesss a hint off ssentienccce; ssomethhing you are lacking drastically. Now, I know thhat wass a lot ffor you to read, so here iss a brieff ssummary:

My name iss Deathh, I havve come to judgge you!

Originally posted by Cloudstrifer
Yes, I CloudStrifer, Chosen of Odin, The Blessed one, has been thinking.
You can THHINK?! What a ssurprisse...I thhought you were in thhe ssame IQ group ass Ravvage.

2004-06-16, 06:12 AM

you said ass, you said ass!

hehe... ass.

2004-06-16, 06:14 AM
You are jusst noticing thhat now? How sslow can you posssibly be withhout pushhing up thhe daissiesss? Jeezzz...

2004-06-16, 06:24 AM
c'mon... say it again.

Ass. hehe. Ass. Its fun!

2004-06-16, 06:34 AM
Jesus Mother F*cking Christ. When the f*ck did Bevis and Butt-Head decide to join the AWF?

Seriously, I know you two are a bunch of no talent j0bbers, but there's absolutely no reason for you to act like it.

2004-06-16, 06:51 AM
Nothing wrong with enjoying the lighter (dumber) things in life.

Death knows what the score is, he knows that maybe not this show, or the one after that, we'll settle this. He knows he and I owe each other alot of pain.

Sparky, on the other hand, has pissed me off in the here, and now. He deserves what he gets. He can be like Booker T, but instead of bein five time, five time, five time champion he can be five time, five time, five time world class loser. He may only be up to two so far, but I intend to up that count.

Whether convoy helps him or not is up to him. Together, we can teach 'em both their places. So what's the call, Bombshell?

2004-06-16, 06:56 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
Whether convoy helps him or not is up to him. Together, we can teach 'em both their places. So what's the call, Bombshell?

Eh, what the hell? I got some time to kill.

2004-06-16, 03:07 PM
Can we get back to wrestling here instead of talking about mommas

2004-06-16, 03:10 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
He can be like Booker T, but instead of bein five time, five time, five time champion he can be five time, five time, five time world class loser. He may only be up to two so far, but I intend to up that count.

How am i like Booker T?

Oh thats right , i act like Booker T for 1 reason because Ignavus your a SUCKAAAAAA!

2004-06-16, 03:48 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
Death knows what the score is, he knows that maybe not this show, or the one after that, we'll settle this. He knows he and I owe each other alot of pain.
Indeed. Thhe ssooner, thhe better. Sssporksster can wait.

Originally posted by Bombshell
When the f*ck did Bevis and Butt-Head decide to join the AWF?
Thhey havve yet to join. And why would...oh, I sssee. Fffunny ha-ha.

Thhough iff I do ssay sso mysselff, Igzz and I are ffar more entertaining thhan thhem any day off thhe week. Hands-down.

Originally posted by Sparky
Oh thats right , i act like Booker T for 1 reason because Ignavus your a SUCKAAAAAA!



Pathhetic humanss ssay thhe darndesst thhingss...

And no, Ssporksster, thhat wass not a compliment. Thhe drivvel you sspout, in regardss to long-term brain damage ffollowing longtime expossure, iss only sslightly more dangerouss thhan a nuclear tesst ssite. Unffortuntely, thhe ssame cannot be ssaid off your ring abilitiess. And when judgement comess calling, all thhe dull promoss in thhe world aren't going to sspare you.

2004-06-16, 04:36 PM
Spork, you make this so easy it's not even fun. You arent smart enough to even realize that you've been insulted? I may be a sucka, but thats only 'cause Ive been suckin on yo mama.

It kinda makes me feel sad inside, when I think about how brain damaged you are. You'll never know some of the best joys in life. A good book, driving double the speed limit, or spending one on one time with a friend's brother/sister thing.

I've got an idea though! There's a special olympics, so why not special wrestling too? We'll call it the Special Person Wrestling, SPW! Maybe there, they'll take you seriously.

2004-06-16, 04:58 PM
this is wrestling not , slag peoples mommas

i suggest you watch your mouth or i will permently shut it

2004-06-16, 05:20 PM
Well; sporko at. least I can use, punctuation ! correctly

Originally posted by Sparky
i suggest you watch your mouth or i will permently shut it

Oh no, he's gonna shut my mouth? What a terribly new and innovative threat! I cower in fear at the almighty sporkie. Run everyone and hide, before he blinds you with his dazzling wit.

2004-06-16, 06:47 PM
Too late; I cannot ssee a thhing! Aaaarrgghhh, it burnsss my eyesss! Where thhe holy heck iss thhe 'back' option on thiss damned browsser?!

2004-06-16, 07:26 PM
iganavus dont you understand my name is sparky noy sporkie?

Try and learn to spell correctly!

I will look forward to beating your ass , it will be a pleasure to kick your ass.

2004-06-16, 07:31 PM
Let my explain something called "derision" to you, spork-o.

It where I take what on most occassions would be a pretty average name and change it into something funny. I think you are rather simmilar to the combination of a fork and spoon, a spork, in that you are silly, pointless, and easy to break.

You already threatened to kick my ass sparky, and shut my mouth. You've already done it a few times. I think you might be running out of material. I'm not afraid spork, I dont think anyone is. You're a joke.

2004-06-16, 07:41 PM
Iff you havve trouble withh thhe conccept off "derission", Ssporksster. Sso here iss an exxample: Wolffgang (He ffrom Blood & Thhunder, two people withh more talent thhan you could evver hope to havve) oncce named me 'King Hsss'. Perssonally, I don't ssee thhe humour, but he did, and I thhink ssome othher folkss did too. Thhuss, it can be said thhat thhe subject off ssuch an inssult ffindss thhe proccesss to be a lot lesss ffunny thhan everyone elsse doess. Which iss why you are not laughing. Though how you ffailed to ssee thhe jab, I do not undersstand.

Oh, and iff you are currently racking your brain cellss - bothh off thhem - ffor a comeback name, try "Ignoramuss". Sssee? It iss eassy! Ssso eassy thhat...well, you may sstill havve trouble withh it...but I am ccertain a trained monkey could manage it.

2004-06-16, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by Shockmeister

ffor a comeback name, try "Ignoramuss". Sssee? It iss eassy! Ssso eassy thhat...well, you may sstill havve trouble withh it...but I am ccertain a trained monkey could manage it.

I was thinking about some but i think ill try " Ignoramuss "

Oh and judge death dont take that to heart , " King Hiss " it was just some dude who couldn't think of anything else to say.

2004-06-16, 07:59 PM
Thhere iss no Shockmeisster.

No, thhat didn't get through. Let me repeat...


Thhere iss only Deathh...and thhat iss all you shhould be conccerning yoursselff withh. Unlesss Igzz sstartss to halluccinate, and thinkss thhat you are Xille'ss...ahh...'ssibling'.

Don't assk how I know he doess thhat.

2004-06-16, 08:06 PM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
Don't assk how I know he doess thhat.

I knew there was someone in the closet!

Ignoramus, g'one Death. Sparky, I sincerely doubt that you can do anything without someone giving you a gift.

And whats wrong with trained monkeys?

2004-06-16, 08:15 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
I knew there was someone in the closet!
Do not worry, I havve not been hiding in your closset...
I ssimply installed a mini-CCTV camera in thhere. And beamed thhe imagess straight to my perssonal Sky Didital channel.

And back to ssemi-reality...Trained monkeyss are ffine when thhey are at a ssaffe disstancce ffrom your nethher regionss. Othherwisse...let uss avvoid thhat ssubject.

And thhankss ffor complimenting my inssult ssuggesstion.

Dear God, thiss iss sstarting to ssound like ssomething from Fffriendss...Or perhapsss Happy Dayss. I musst change thisss...

You will bothh be judgged! Mwuahahahaa...ha...nevermind, I givve up.

2004-06-16, 10:26 PM
Now thats the kinda attitude I like, Death.

Mellow out, my brotha. Does it all reallllly matter? Who needs to waste time "purifying" people when you can have fun wailing on idiots like spork-man!

2004-06-16, 10:37 PM
Purifffication iss NOT a wasste off time and nevver will be sso long ass one ssinner sstill drawss breathh withhin thiss company.

And I am not your "brothha" and havve no wishh to be related to you in any way. And thhiss hass nothhing to do withh thhe legality off any ssexual dessiress I may havve regarding you. I jusst do not wishh ffor my own gene-sseed to be tainted in ssuch a way.

Oh, and I sstill don't know whethher you are human or a trained monkey. I havve no wishh to be in thhe ssame ffamily ass a monkey. Darn it, you made me ssay "ass" again! Happy now?! Good, becausse ffor now, thhat'ss all you are getting out off me.

God Jinrai
2004-06-17, 02:39 AM
Bombshell, You keep forgeting something. I'M STILL HERE. You call lighting someone on fire an achivement? I'm the one who achieved through that. Hundreds die by the day because of fire, but I LIVED. your PUNK ASS FAILS TO SEE THE TRUTH. Fine, you wanted to stick your punk ass into another frying pan, I hope you're ready, cause you're about to get SERVED. regardless of what "spunky" or "Iguana" have to say or do, we finish this. next mayhem, IT ENDS.

2004-06-17, 03:01 AM
Ah Ravage, the man that put HBK out of the ring, the one with the real warrior spirt. Yet it is not so. You have given up hope on ever perfecting your warrior skills and instead have joined a bunch of lily-gagers that support Reily.

It would be a pity to maul and destory such a talent, and yet it must be done for your nothing of your former self. Insead your a shell of what you were and live in name only. So you disabled HBK, big deal whoop-de-do. Like I care, it just means that thier is one less person at the top that I have to destory to get at Reliy who will no doubt be sending out his goon squad, which no doubt will inculde you.

And yet your so bold as to say that I should get my butt out of the ring? A Request that I shall deny. I shall don't get out of any ring, nor shall I get out of your way.

I shall not make fun of you mom or whatever, for thats not my style. You say you and GPA will steam roll me? Well come on and try whhc no doubt reliy will only be to happy to do.

You listen up and your listen good Ravage. I don't care what your past accomplishments are or who you were or what you are now. All I know is that if you stand in my way, which you no doubt will, I shall have to destory you. That is the Fact.

You only 2 choices. Stand in my way and be destoryed or step aside and let me go on my way. That is a Threat.

I have given you two choice, and its you who decides what path your choosing. Yet I have an idea of what you will chose.

Fear The Revenge, Feel The Power, Believe the Hype!

2004-06-17, 04:30 AM
And you know Viking Wonder Boy? I am not moving and I am not exactly scared of you.

So get Thor's Hammer or have Odin toss lighting at my ass. But if you want to get in the ring with me I will make sure it is one choice you sure as hell regret.

2004-06-17, 05:42 AM

I dont really see the insult there, convoy. I had an Iguana once. His name was tumblin' Jumper. Dunno why, he never tumled nor jumped. I'll say this for you, at least you dont make me read a freakin essay.... and are smart enough to put commas in the right place.

You asked for this fight convoy, so dont start complaining about my involvement. You came asking for it, you challenged me. You've got a thing against bombshell, but I respect him. So dont expect to just write me off.

I am the I, and you are not.

2004-06-17, 06:24 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
next mayhem, IT ENDS.

Oh, yes. It will end all right.

Count on it.

Vin Ghostal
2004-06-25, 04:03 PM
What a great victory!