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2002-01-25, 03:39 AM
I am really confused,

all of a sudden the movie introduces Hot Rod, Cup etc... the moon bases, ultra magnus. But where did they come from? Why did they skip right from Season 2 of the cartoon to the movie.

Is there something I am missing? Is there some article on what happened between this time?

Also, what happened to Jet Fire after the 10th/11th episode? They never bought him to fight?

2002-01-25, 04:07 AM
The end of season 2 still takes place in 1985, but the Movie takes place in 2005, so they skip 20 years in which the Moon Bases and Autobot City were built. The Decepticons were kicked off Earth, but took complete control of Cybertron in the process. And many new Transformers showed up on the scene, possible newly built/ressurected, or they could have arrived from a very distant part of the galaxy/universe.

As far as Sky/Jetfire goes, there were copyright difficulties in putting him in the show, so they just took him out of it completely.

2002-01-25, 04:29 AM
On one of my VHS tapes there is a small section between the episodes that briefly mentions that the autobots gained new allies from the far reaches of the galaxies or something to that effect while showing clips of some of the new characters that showed up for the movie and afterwards.

I'll dig it out and transfer it to PC for upload at some point if you're that interested.

RID Scourge
2002-01-25, 05:39 AM
During the 20 year gap, Optimus managed to gain the Matrix, and kick the Decepticons off of Earth, and the new autobots joined the ranks. I assume that the Decepticon's banishment from Earth is a recent event as far as the movie is concerned. I assume this because the Autobots that got massacred on the ship were just about to get the last amount of energon needed to assault Cybertron. I would assume that it wouldn't take long for them to prepare for this assault after they drive the Decepticons away because:

1. The preparations shouldn't take much more than a year or two.

2. They Autobots are on a tight schedule. They can't afford to let the Decepticons to recover from the battle that resulted in their banishment. If the Decepticons were allowed to mobilize again, they would have made an assault on earth, and Megatron would have had countless more Decepticons at his disposal. In fact, they might not have been able to retake Cybertron if it weren't for the whole Unicron incident.

2002-01-25, 01:29 PM
Those bits on the VHS's were pretty cool. They do explain a bit about the 20 year gap. I really like the Decepticon one, which pretty much explains the entire TF history.

Ultimate Weapon
2002-01-25, 10:36 PM
I believe the new comic book will take place before the movie. Perhaps this will explain away some of the mystery. Unless the manage to really screw it up *fingers crossed*. Look for it at comic stores in April 2002.
I would also like to see your VHS clips if possible.

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2002-01-26, 02:06 AM
I'll try and find time to dig through them some time next week and copy some onto my comp. Might take a while though, I've got about a third of seasons 1-3 on original VHS from various editions and releases, some are the first video releases. I think the most recent release I have is a horrid looking one of 'Only Human' (which is a lowsy episode anyway so it's not so much of a loss). Who knows, maybe one day I'll complete the collection (yeah, right).

2002-01-26, 03:34 PM
Originally posted by Ultimate Weapon
I believe the new comic book will take place before the movie. Perhaps this will explain away some of the mystery. Unless the manage to really screw it up *fingers crossed*. [/IMG]

What, you mean by following a sensible continuity rather than trying to do the impossible and solve some of the vacuous gaps left by the fact none of the writers gave a toss about the cartoon... The only way they'll screw it up is if they get too much into the fanboy "let's explain bla-bla-bla at all costs" mentality.

2002-01-26, 08:06 PM
I read on the Dreamwave website that the writer was wanting to include Arcee in the new G1 comic, so this may mean that they would do an issue on her creation/first appearance. I doubt this would make for a very interesting story, but at least it would be a small step in fixing the continuity of G1.