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Lord Zarak
2004-06-19, 12:25 PM
*As the camera moves through the pub, we see a relaxed looking Black Zarak drinking a pint of Guinness, watching the highlights of Sweden/Italy.*

*Notices the camera*

Ah, there you are. Now, as we saw this past Mayhem, Blood and Thunder are back on the scene. Frankly, we needed some time off....mainly because we decided to drink the profits of this fine establishment.

*takes a sip*

So, I speak for us both when I say that as good as we are, we need competition for us to get back to our domineering strength when we held the Tag Title belts round our waists. So, is there anyone out there who wants to take on Blood and Thunder?

Is there a team out there that wants to make a name for itself, by being the first crumpled bodies on our second road to glory?

If there is, drop by the Monkey Bar, and we'll sort something out.

*drains pint pot, puts it down, and continues to watch the highlights*

2004-06-21, 12:01 AM
I just got a challenge from that "StarStorm" duo, if you're at all interested in picking that one up. I've got crap with Divebomb to settle.

I'll owe you one?

2004-06-21, 12:43 AM
'StarStorm'? You mean the same 'StarStom' that waltzed in here demanding a title shot and insulting us in the process? My my... things are starting to look up.

2004-06-21, 12:53 AM
You know it. They decided to insult me and Ghostal as well. Well, they insulted the entire tag team division. Not really cool.

2004-06-21, 01:04 AM
Hmmm... seems to me they should be introduced to some of the better-known members of the tag team division. Like 'pain and suffering' and 'loss and humiliation'. I'd like to introdue them...

2004-06-21, 05:53 PM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak
drop by the Monkey Bar

There's a monkey bar!?!?!?!