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2004-07-02, 05:53 AM
[To cover the Decepticon power plant raid and any potential human or Autobot response]

Absolutely ecstatic to feel his wings cutting through the air again, Ransack couldn't help but go through a series of barrel-rolls and loops. Realizing that Overlord would probably frown on such showboating behavior, he righted himself and consulted his navigational computer.

"Come about 35 degrees to port," he told the other Decepticons. "And don't get distracted by all the pretty desert scenery. It's a short trip and the humans are probably still on alert from when I scouted the place."

2004-07-02, 09:20 AM
Sunstorm made a bossting roll then turned the 35 degrees to port.
From inside, Megaplex's sensors were alert and scanning the surroundings but he remained quiet.
Sunstorm looked around.

"You call this scenery. Scenery is when all this burns!"

Lord Zarak
2004-07-02, 10:09 AM
Overlord followed Ransack in the air.

"It's where you'll burn too if you don't shut up!" replied to Sunstorm.

Random Sweep
2004-07-02, 12:53 PM
Banzai-Tron followed behind the showboating Decepticons at a safe distance.

"If you slagheaps don't stop clowning around you will alert every autobot in this quadrant of the galaxy to our mission!"

2004-07-02, 08:10 PM
Had Ransack been a human, he would have rolled his eyes at Sunstorm’s comment. “No. I call it sarcasm, yellow boy.” He was about to deliver a similar reply to Banzai-Tron when his navigational computer let out a soft beep. “Crossing into Egyptian airspace,” he said.

Al-Bashir Air Force Base

“Colonel! Colonel! We have bogeys coming in from Carbombya!”

Lieutenant Colonel Sidiq Aziz took a moment to rub the fatigue from his eyes before responding to his radar control officer. “Same target as before?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“How many contacts?” the colonel demanded.

“Four, sir. But one of them is quite large.”

Aziz muttered a blasphemous phrase under his breath. “Are the two Phantoms still in the air?”

“Yes, sir. They’re returning to base right now, but haven’t landed.”

“Good.” Aziz stroked his neatly-trimmed beard. “Turn them around and have them confront the intruders.”

The radar controller’s reply was even more profane than Aziz’s had been. “You’d be condemning them to death!”

“I know,” the colonel nodded. “But we need to buy time. If we can scramble the rest of the squadron and get General Ahmed to move some tanks into position, we might be able to protect the power plant.”

The officer frowned unhappily, but relayed the order.

Aziz watched on the radar board as the two F-4s turned towards the oncoming Decepticons.

May Allah forgive me.

“Hey, Sunny,” Ransack grinned as his sensors picked up the oncoming fighters, “you think you can handle those guys on your own?”

2004-07-02, 09:15 PM
Sunstorm, after being somewhat angered at Ransack's smiled and deactivated his shield. His reactor began to beat heavier and heavier.

"Is that truly a question... or would you yourself rather be my first target. Nonetheless a unit can destroy them more effectively."

Megaplex transformed into his robot mode and jumped from inside Sunstorm to the outside.

Sunstorm made a slight noise then proceeded to go on to attack the fighters, his reactor beating and beating more heavily each time, radiation filling the air.

2004-07-03, 04:12 AM
Ransack chuckled. "If I questioned your skills, Sunny, I'd have taken the humans myself."

The lead fighter began to move erratically,it's systems malfunctioning and it's pilot feeling ill from the radiation. He let loose a poorly-aimed machine-gun barrage at Sunstorm.

The second fighter, far enough away that it didn't yet feel the effects of Sunstorm's attack, fired a pair of missiles at Megaplex.

2004-07-03, 10:21 AM
Megaplex raised his arm to cover himself from the small missiles.

"Puny Humans!"

Megaplex transformed into his gun mode and fired a Freeze Shell at the second fighter.

The barrage only singed Sunstorm's wing a little knocking some of the outer metal off.

"You dare try to destroy a being of light. Then let the light engulf you!"

Sunstorm fired two Burst Missiles at the fighter.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-03, 07:08 PM
Overlord opened a comm channel to Banzai-Tron:
"Follow me to a safe distance. Ransack, Megaplex and Sunstorm can take care of the humans pityful efforts."

2004-07-03, 08:33 PM
His abilities impaired by Sunstorm’s radioactive attack, the pilot of the first fighter was unable to avoid the burst missiles. He vanished in a flash of light.

The second fighter tried to dodge Megaplex’s freeze shell, but it hit his right wing. The fighter began to wobble as the shell’s liquid helium caused the wing to crack.

Ransack simply stood off from the fight, confident that the other Decepticons could handle themselves.

Random Sweep
2004-07-04, 12:12 AM
"Copy that Overlord "Banzai-Tron replied

The sooner he was on the ground the better

2004-07-04, 11:50 AM
Megaplex blasted another freeze shell at the fighter jet.
"This time, you freeze over human!"
Megaplex fired a second shot at the fighter jet hopefully making sure that it would be the end of the little engagement.

Sunstorm smiled when he saw the fighter jet vanish. He looked at the other, which Megaplex was dealing with, then he turned and flew over to Ransack.


2004-07-05, 04:04 AM
The freeze shells hit the fighter jet just below the cockpit, spraying their contents towards the left engine's intake. The engine sucked in the liquid helium, then began to develop cracks as it froze. Within seconds, the engine crumbled into dust and the fighter spiralled from the sky.

Ransack heard Sunstorm's comment, but waited until Megaplex had dealt with his foe before answering. "You know," he said, "that was impressive." He waggled his wings in a show of mock-respect, then tore off after Overlord and Banzai-Tron.

"Come on, Sunny! We don't want to miss all the fun, do we?"

Al-Bashir Air Force Base

Colonel Aziz watched with discomfort as the two fighters disappeared from the board. He spun on his communications officer. "Well? What does the general say?"

"He says..." The officer cleared his throat. "He says no, sir."


"He said...it's too dangerous, we can't beat the Decepticons." The officer's eyes sank towards the ground, and he added, "He also ordered you to recall your fighters."

"Never!" Aziz pounded his fist on his desk. "The rest of the squadron will stay on course for the power plant. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now get me a sattelite uplink, immediately!"

The comm officer frowned. "Why, sir?"

"I need to send a little transmission to America. Colorado, to be exact." The colonel stroked his beard thoughtfully. "If our dear general won't fight to protect Egypt, I'm going to find someone who can!"

"Of course, sir." The communications officer turned back to his post. "I'll have that uplink for you in a few minutes."

Lord Zarak
2004-07-05, 10:19 AM
Overlord saw Ransack, Megaplex and Sunstorm destroy the last fighter.
"Lets get back on track for the power plant. The humans probably know that to be our target. Ransack, take the lead again. Sunstorm, cover our rear. We dont want any unpleasant surprises"

2004-07-05, 11:25 AM
Megaplex laughed eerily before transforming into the Walther P38 and resting inside Sunstorm's cockpit.

Sunstorm gave out a growl at Ransack but then took the rear.

"Understood... sir"

2004-07-05, 07:08 PM
Ransack made an amused noise at Sunstorm, then sped up and moved to the front of the formation.

"We should be able to see the place in a few astroseconds," he noted.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-06, 09:28 PM
ooc- at a funeral tomorrow (weds), so I'm getting this out of the way. if its out of order, do what you see fit. ta.


The plant came into view. Overlord opened up a comm-link to the other Decepticons:

"Sunstorm, Ransack provide constant air cover. Human, Autobot...I don't care. Destroy them. Megaplex, Banzai-tron you are to harvest the power plant of its energy whilst Mega and Giga manufacture energon cubes. If there are any problems, ask them."

Overlord landed a short distance from the power plant, and transformed into his base mode. Giga and Mega began preparations to make the empty energon cubes.

"We should be ready to begin production in five minutes, Darling" said Mega to Giga.

2004-07-07, 04:31 AM
Ransack chuckled. "Whatever you say, boss."

Noticing that terrified humans were flooding out of the plant and heading for the parking lot, the green and purple Decepticon dove down towards them and began to spray their vehicles with machine gun fire.

"No, no no," he said with amusement in his voice, "no fleeing!"

The humans scattered, most heading back for the plant but a brave few diving in the river and attempting to swim for freedom. Ransack let them go.

Al-Bashir Air Force Base

Colonel Aziz frowned. "Why isn't the rest of the squadron there yet?"

"They couldn't move as fast as the Decepticons," the radar officer explained. "They'll be in firing range in three minutes."

The colonel turned to his communications officer. "And that uplink?"

"The sattelite is moving into position now, sir. Five minutes."

Aziz muttered a blasphemy under his breath, then turned back to his monitors and watched the Decepticons butcher the people he was supposed to be protecting.

2004-07-07, 11:13 AM
Megaplex transformed out of Sunstorm's cockpit and landed in his robot mode on the ground below near Banzai-Tron.

"It is time for the mission"

Sunstorm screamed at Ransack.

"Destroy them. We cannot let them go. We must destroy them where they stand!"

He began making a strange speech about himself, a being of light while his lasers fred onto the humans below.

2004-07-07, 08:14 PM
Ransack had to restrain a laugh at Sunstorm’s babbling. However, he humoured the seeker by spraying more machine gun fire at the escaping humans. Caught between his bullets and Sunstorm’s lasers, the humans dropped like flies.

As Megaplex landed, nearby humans scattered in terror. Several of them were heard to whisper the name ‘Megatron’ as they fled.

2004-07-07, 09:31 PM
Megaplex looked at himself and then at the feflection in Banzai-Tron's optics.

"Megatron..... Ah yes. Megatron"

He looked at some of the humans.


He fired a freeze shell at a group of them.

"Plex! Learn it well for it shall be the ruler of your demise!"


"Excellent. More purification complete."

He transformed, keeping his shield in check. His head turned to face Ransack.

He smiled somewhat then tilted his head backward muttering to himself. "Hrmmpf.... Decepticon"

2004-07-08, 05:33 AM
The humans were frozen into an ice sculpture by Megaplex's shot. Those that he hadn't targeted yet fled deeper into the power plant.

Ransack chuckled. "You really don't like the humans, do you Sunny?"

Meanwhile, the rest of the Egyptian fighters were less than a minute from firing range.

Random Sweep
2004-07-08, 04:47 PM
working his way through to the plants power regulator Banza-Tron thought to himself

I almost wish the Autobots knew we were here

2004-07-09, 12:03 AM
"Al-Bashir, this is Arcee on board Fort Max, what is your situation? Al-Bashir, do you read me?"

2004-07-09, 04:11 AM
Al-Bashir Air Force Base

Aziz listened to Arcee's transmission.

At least someone's interested in our safety...

"Lieutenant," he asked, "can we reply?"

The comm officer frowned. "Maybe, sir. But the sattellite's not in position yet, so don't expect to send a clear signal."

"As long as they can hear us," Aziz said, "it will suffice."

He grabbed the comm station's microphone. "Arcee, this is Lieutenant Colonel Sidiq Aziz, commander of Al-Bashir Air Force Base in Egypt. The Decepticons are attacking a nearby power plant. Can you help us?"

2004-07-09, 10:57 AM
Megaplex walked with Banzai-Tron towards the power plant completely focused on his task.

"You seem unfocused Banzai-Tron. What seems to be bothering you from your task"

Sunstorm glared at Ransack while firing at more of the humans.

"What would you rather do Decepticon go and have energon with them.... and would you stop calling me that. I am the Light God Sunstorm... you may address me as Sunstorm"

Lord Zarak
2004-07-09, 11:40 AM
Giga spoke to Banzai-Tron and Megaplex

"Energon cubes are ready to be filled with the energy from the plant"

2004-07-09, 07:29 PM
Ransack chuckled.

I always get paired with the nutcases...

His radar started pinging. "Well, look at that. We've got more human jets incoming." He pulled up, turning towards them. "What say we have some fun, Sunstorm?"

2004-07-11, 03:49 AM
As a squadron of human jets appear on the horizon, a strange, green flying saucer, descending out of the upper atmosphere joins them behind their formation as Seaspray begins to open up the lines of communication between them and the aircraft. "This is Seaspray, of the Autobots! Clear out of the area immedeatly!!! We'll handle things from here!!!" Seaspray radios. "Cosmos, get us down their to the plant entrance, let's do this!" Seaspray orders as Cosmos, in an unearthly, almost alien agility, bending the laws of physics, zips down towards the plant entrance at 700 miles per hour before stopping on a dime outside of the open area before the plant's main entrance, hovering three feet off of the ground.

"Move out!" Seaspray yells as he, followed by Warpath, Pipes and finally Huffer all leap out of the saucer as Cosmos transforms into robot mode and trails behind as the five minibots all stare at the plant entrance and littered, bloody corpes. "This way!" Seaspray yells, waving his arm to signal the others as they head for the entrance.

Random Sweep
2004-07-11, 12:04 PM
"Overlord , It seems that we have autobot company, i am reading a small force of Autobots entering the plant."Banzai-Tron reported

Without waiting for a reply he emediatly started to stealthly move towards them

2004-07-11, 02:37 PM
Megaplex frowned.

"We don't have time for this!"

Megaplex ran towards the plant with his cannon aiming for the entrance.


Sunstorm groaned. His sensors homed in on the jets and then on the green spacecraft.

"Autobots on the ground. Lets get this over and done with... then we'll have the real fun"

Sunstorm flew into the human jet fighters direction, firing two missiles at them.

2004-07-11, 08:25 PM
Ransack chuckled as he saw the Minibots enter the fray. Overlord’s guns will slag ‘em in an instant!

He followed Sunstorm. “Yes, lets.”

He frowned as the seeker’s missiles each found their target and reduced them to a flash of light. Two more jets fell from the sky, mortally wounded by the shrapnel of their associates’ jets.

“Two shots, four kills. That’s pretty impressive,” his voice was somewhat teasing, “but this works better!”

Ransack’s front propeller detached, picking up speed and flying headlong into the crowd of human fighters. Shredded bits of metal flew off in all directions as it cut through the human jets’ armour. Within seconds, all of the remaining human fighters were gone.

“...against humans, anyway,” Ransack quipped as the rotor looped back around and reattached. “They use such primitive metals, it’s not even a challenge.” He turned back towards the power plant. “Now, you said something about Autobots?”

2004-07-11, 09:04 PM
Sunstorm transformed.

"Impressive Decepticon. Most impressive"

Sunstorm transformed and smiled. He pointed at the power plant.

The image of the green spacecraft aced through his memory banks.

"Cosmos." grinned Sunstorm.

"The Autobot Cosmos seemed to have landed down at the power plant. He came in almost with the jets. I know its not much competition destroying a minibot or two but its better than destroying these primitives".

2004-07-12, 02:28 AM
The minibots ran towards the entrance, each holding their respective weapons. Seaspray, appearing unarmed, was armed with deadly laser palms. Pipes was armed with his twin laser pistols while Huffer carried a sonic shotgun, producing an explosive force of sonic energy as deadly as any bomb blast. Cosmos was armed with his trusty high powered particle beam nozzles located on the wrists of each hand and from his forehead.
and Warpath's chest barrel was enough to get him through any battle.

"Listen up! We're not as strong as the others, so in order to give the Decepticons a run for their money, everyone, concentrate fire on individual Decepticons. We're all gonna fire at each individual Decepticons at the same time so we can knock them out quickly before we get scrapped! Got it?" Pipes explains as out of nowhere, the team gasps as they spot Megaplex near the plant's entrance. "Fire!!!!!!!" Seaspray yells as Pipes, Seaspray, Huffer, Cosmos, and Warpath all open fire at Megaplex.

Random Sweep
2004-07-12, 03:53 AM
As soon as the mini bots opened fire Banzai-Tron stepped out from the shadows, delivering a kick to Warpath 's Chest cannon and an open palm strike to Seaspray 's forehead

2004-07-12, 09:17 AM
"Anything would be more challenging than humans." Ransack noted. He dove towards the plant's entrance, spraying bullets from his wing-mounted machine gun at Huffer.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-12, 09:44 AM
The automated guns on Overlord began tracking Pipes as soon as he came into range. They locked on, and fired at the Minibot.

2004-07-12, 11:24 AM
Sunstorm grinned while standing in the sky just staring at the battle below and doing nothing.

Little Runts heh


Megaplex looked at the small bots firing upon him. Quickly he brought up his right arm using his cannon to shield him somewhat. A few shots connected with his hand forcing it to come loose. Other shots fired into his chest but they didn't cause sever damage. The sonic blast knocked him onto the floor.
He fell hard but extremely angry.

"Fools will freeze"

Megaplex targetted Cosmos with his cannon and fired a freeze shell at him.

2004-07-12, 05:13 PM
Seaspray rolled across the floor backwards from his kick to the forhead as Warpath laughed at the kick to his chest gun as he is used to being carpet bombed from above by Decepticon jets. He grabbed banzia-tron by the throat and held him against his chest cannon and fired six shots before letting him go.

Pipes, after being hit with the first few opening shots from the decepticons, he dove for cover, visibly wounded in the chest. Huffer, gasping at the shots, riddling all around him, transformed into truck mode and drove through the entrance, absorbing damage.

Cosmos, moving too slow to dodge the freeze shot and was hit in the middle of his chest and was frozen solid. But in moments, he configured his internal reactor to go into "melt down", thus quickly thawing out and falling to the ground as his emergency cooling systems kicked in, leaving him completely immoble. "Go into the building!!!!! I'll cover you!!!!" Warpath yelled as Pipes ran over to Cosmos and grabbed him in his arms carrying him towards the building as warpath ran along side them firing at everything moving.

Seaspray, waking up, sees everyone running towards the building and decides to quickly follow.

Random Sweep
2004-07-12, 06:14 PM
ooc: cosmos, dont forget that you are using minibots agains full sized bots. ( i.e. throwing one around would be difficult unless you were brawn ). also please refrain from announcing successful hits. attempts only

Banzai-tron took two glancing hits from Warpath and spun in a sweeping arch with his heel to attempt to know the autobot off his feet

2004-07-12, 06:48 PM
(OCC: Point noted, and have now realized the full gravity of the situation.)

As pipes and cosmos ran inside of the building, Warpath, who was covering them with return fire while running backwards, was tripped by Bonzia-tron, and fell flat on his back. Seaspray, during the heat of combat, tried his hardest not to laugh as he held out both palms towards banzia-tron. "These usually get me out of tight situations underwater, but here goes nothing!!!" Seaspray yells as out of a hole in both palms shoot out two mini torpedos.

Meanwhile, inside of the plant, Huffer guards the entrance with his sonic shotgun as Pipes tends to Cosmos. "What are those two clowns doing out there?! Pipes, how is cosmos doing?" Huffer asks as Pipes is busy elbow deep inside cosmos's chest, trying to revive him. "He'll be alright if he can cool down! He's our only ticket out of here! Besides, I have a plan...." Pipes explains as he closes Cosmos's chest and stands up.

Random Sweep
2004-07-13, 03:31 AM
ooc: much better :) nice touch with the torpedoes too

above ground, the torpedoes only had the range as if they were thrown, however Banzai-tron only managed to deflect one away as the other one impacted on his mid-section taking him down momentarily.

"You will pay for that Autobot"he snarled in pain "Razorsharp attack now!"

with that Razor sharp lept from the ceiling above the autobots towards Seasprays back, hoping to start ripping the armour from the Autobots back

2004-07-13, 05:02 AM
"Hey, chief," Ransack shouted at Overlord, "how long 'till we've got the energy?"

Noting that several of the Minibots had taken cover inside the plant, Ransack reluctantly transformed and took to the ground. Seeing Huffer on guard, the Decepticon drew his laser pistol and snapped off three shots at the Autobot's torso.

2004-07-13, 09:41 PM
As seaspray screamed like a fembot drowning to death, he transformed into his hover craft mode and bolted towards the plant entrance on a coushon of air after feeling something ripping right into his back, leaving an exposed gash. As Seaspray entered into the building, he found himself on a collision course with OVERLORD.

Warpath transformed into tank mode and sped towards the plant's entrance with his turret aiming behind him, blasting at everything moving.

Huffer managed to get one shot off before being slid across the ground by overlord's three shots.

"Wha...what happened?!" Cosmos yawns, standing up as Pipes turns to him. "No time!!!! Cosmos, find the control room and tell the humans to evacuate immedeately! I'm going to find the energon stockpile the decepticons gathered! If i can't find them, either way this place is going to go up in smoke, hopefully with the cons still inside!" Pipes yells, showing Cosmos a glimpse of his palm sized H-Bomb Grenede.

"You got five minutes!" Pipes adds, putting the bomb into his subspace pocket and pulling out his twin pistols.
"Yikes!!!" Cosmos yells, speeding off!!!"
(Occ: Did the decepticons make energon cubes yet?)

Lord Zarak
2004-07-13, 10:45 PM
ooc- cubes are ready. Need to be filled. Time for some action.


Overlord stopped firing. Guns, ramps and platforms started collapsing in on themselves. Plates shifted as from a base, the massive form of Overlord emerged. Giga and Mega transformed, and become lodged in his chest. His eyes flashed scarlet Below Mega, a quick transformation revealed two cannons. Below Giga, six missile launchers revealed themselves. In his hands, he held his cannon, a monstrous looking thing.

He towered over the plant, and the minibots inside.

"Come out, you pathetic excuses for Autobots. You're just like Prime....cowards" his voice bellowed

Banzai-Tron, Megaplex, begin filling the energon cubes. Me, Ransack and Sunstorm will cover the entrance and make sure these cowards don't disturb you."

2004-07-14, 12:50 AM
"Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!! We're gonna die!!!!! We're all going to die!!!!!!" Huffer panics as Warpath looks outside of the entrance, gazing at the huge spectacle. "Wow. I really have nothing at all to say about this.....just.....wow....." Seaspray gasps, standing in the entrance.

"Like, boom!!!! If we're like gonna die, blam!!! We're gonna go out with a bang, zoom!!! Warpath boasted. "More then you know, Warpath....more then you know...." Pipes yelled, pulling out his H-Bomb Grenede and holding it in his palm. "Say their, Pipes, like watcha got their man?" Seaspray asks.

Meanwhile, Cosmos had rounded up all of the humans he could find, many of them factory workers, electricians, engineers and some physicists as they all gathered in the plant's huge basement. "Quickly...is their another way out of here?!" Cosmos asks as one of the humans raised their hand. "Yes, mr. autobot! Their is an exit down here which leads to the aquaducts and under workings of the entire base! It is a maze of pipes and inner workings which connects all of the facilities in the surrounding area, and even leads to the red sea! It has a unique rail car system!" A human explains.

"Go to the red sea, quickly! It is not safe here!" Cosmos explains. As the humans began to evacuate, Cosmos asks and then is given the directions to the control room where he then runs to, walking right through the wall of the huge room, littered with high tech computers and communications equipment by human standards. Suddenly, his communicator goes off. "Cosmos, status report!" Pipes yells as Cosmos nervously answers. "The humans have began to evacuate! I'm in the control room now!" Cosmos frantically responds.

"Evacuate?! Evacuate how?!!!" Pipes yells, now realizing that sending humans outside of the plant at this time would be disasterous. "Through an underground rail way that..." Cosmos is cut off as he tried to explain. "Underground railway?!" Pipes ponders. "Damn it, tell Coz to call for help!" Seaspray yells. "No!!! I have a plan that will destroy these cons for good!" Pipes yells. "And us too, right along with them!" Huffer yells.

"Alright you guys, new plan! Head for the railway, I'll join you in a minute!" Pipes yells. "You don't got to say it twice!" Seaspray yells as he, huffer and warpath began to run off. "Wait a sec, what are you gonna do?!" Warpath stops and asks. "Don't worry about me, just go!!!" Pipes yells as the minibots all run off. Pipes watches them all disappear before turning his attention outside. "Decepticons!!! We surrender!!! You have us!!! We are preparing to come out now, laying down our arms!!!" Pipes yells, peaking out of the doorway, meanwhile setting the timer of his H-bomb grenede to six seconds.

Random Sweep
2004-07-14, 01:44 AM
Banzai-tron thought about defying Overlords order but decided that the massive being was one we would have difficulty with later, so instead he worked at filling the cubes quickly and hopefully there would be something left of the autobots to sell for scrap after

God Jinrai
2004-07-14, 02:15 AM
OOC: Time to make some fireworks... Boys, get ready for combat!


about 2/3 the way across the ocean, Saber dove the V-Star superjet down low to avoid detection by the con's until it was too late... as the superjet roared onward, it slowed to 1/4 the speed fo sound, comming up fast on the 'cons location...

"Gentlemen, we're about to make contact... Prep for a hot drop. "

Saber flipped the switch on his console to open the drop bay in the center of the passanger compartment... the bay doors swung down, and the bots were not a hundred feet above the ground... sand clouds kicked up behind the superjet as it tore over the sandscape...

" Prepare to drop in t-minus 5....4....3...." The V-star's speed drastically dropped, without causing any huge shaking..." 2.....1....DROP NOW!"

2004-07-14, 02:15 AM
"Cosmos?!!!!! What are you doing, we're retreating to the railway crap you were talking about, now where is it?!" Seaspray yells, stepping into the room to find cosmos playing around with the communication equipment. "Hold on, Seaspray, I got to call Optimus Prime and let him know that this giant decepticon is getting his filthy hands on all that energon!" Cosmos explains.

"Forget about that, we got to go! Pipes is going to sacrifice himself and blow this place and the decepticons back to cybertron for crying out loud!" Seapray tugs on Cosmos. "No!!! I can't let that happen!" Cosmos yells, Running out of the room! "Damn it, Cosmos, you overgrown satelite dish, we aint got time for this!!!" Seaspray yells as he runs after cosmos.

Meanwhile, in the basement of the plant, Warpath blasts a hole through an open manhole and leaps through the freshly formed chasm and lands on top of a huge, underground railway. Huffer then leaps down, landing next to Warpath. "This must be the underground rail system." Warpath explains. "Gee, what gives you that clue?!" Huffer sarcastically answers. "Hmmmm, seaspray and Cosmos got two minutes..." Warpath calmly sighs, setting his internal timer mechanism.

2004-07-14, 04:47 AM
Ransack heard Overlord's order, but before he could move to obey he heard Pipes' offer of surrender.

He scoffed. "Who said taking prisoners was on our 'to do' list?"

He pulled a rotor blade out of subspace and threw it at the plant's entrance, hoping to slice Pipes to pieces.

Then he heard the roar of approaching engines. He snuck a look over his shoulder, and his optic band expanded in surprise. "Hey, chief," he called to Overlord, "we've got company. Big company."

2004-07-14, 05:15 AM

Ironhide: "C'mon!" -leaps out of the open hatch, blaster pistol ready, hits sand, drops to a crouch, looking for targets-

Nightbeat: -lands behind him, cyclone cannon braced against his hip, looking for targets- "Guess I'll get to give this thing a test run after all....."

2004-07-14, 09:42 AM
Megaplex fired more freeze shells while filling up the cubes as fast as he could. He then concentrated on ihs task fully and began working even faster and filling the Energon cubes.


Sunstorm remained in the sky plainly contemplaying his position in the universe, oblivious to what was happening below but then his sensors picked up the ship as did his audio sensors.

"Now the real fun begins!"

2004-07-14, 12:41 PM
As Pipes contemplated his next move, suddenly, a very sharp metal object flew towards him in the building's entrance as he stood in the doorway. As he ducked on instinct, suddenly, he found that the H-Bomb grenede fell out of his hands and rolled towards the inside of the plant, as the six second timer activated.

suddenly, Cosmos runs over and picks up the grenede. "Pipes, I'm not going to let you blow yourself up just to kill a couple of decepticons!" Cosmos explains. "Blow myself up?! Are you crazy? Who said anything about me blowing myself up?! I'm trying to get close enough to that big one so I can place this grenede in him, without getting blasted by the other cons! now give me the grenede!!!" Pipes explains. "Damn it, cosmos, I'm gonna kick your communication systems for making me chase you!!!" Seaspray, physically damaged, finally catches up.

"And just how was you gonna escape the blast yourself?" Cosmos asks, folding his arms. "You over grown dirt bucket, if you don't give me the grenede it's going to explode right in your hand!!!!!" Pipes yells. "Yeah...right." Cosmos cooly throws the grenede from one hand to the next until seaspray snatches it from him and throws it to pipes before kicking cosmos in the ass with a swift kick. "Only two seconds left!!!!!!!!!!!" Pipes yells, running towards the entrance and placing the grenede inside of one of the pipes on the side of his arm and quickly aims for the huge Decepticon known as overlord and fires it towards the decepticon's chest, going for the center mass. "Take coveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seaspray cries as cosmos uses his particle beam from his forehead and bores a hole in the ground that he, pipes and seaspray dives into.

2004-07-15, 08:56 PM
Ironhide: -sensors bleep and he looks up, catching sight of Sunstorm- "Ah'm pickin' up a serious radiation source. Looks lahke it's that seeker over there. Ah got th' shieldin', Ah'll take him." -looks over at the buildings where the minibots are being overwhelmed- "Hate ta do this, but they are keepin' th' 'Cons busy. Nahghtbeat, see that pahle'a energon cubes over there that they're loadin'?"

Nightbeat: -grins- "I think I know what you're thinking."

Ironhide: "Then let's go!" -charges towards Sunstorm, firing his blaster pistol at the highly radiated Seeker-

Nightbeat: -starts running towards the pile of energon cubes, wondering how far back he should stand when firing-

(OOC: Here's hoping that's not a nuclear power plant......)

2004-07-15, 09:16 PM
Sunstorm deactivated his radiation shield as his fusion reactor began to "roar".

"Your attempts to disrupt this mission will fail Autobot. I will not allow it"

All of the shots miss Sunstorm apart from two which drive into his right side forcing a hole of leaking radiation and pain to the Seeker and also knocking his off balance in the air.

"You shall pay for that non-believer!"

Sunstorm fires his gamma ray laser cannons at Ironhide while flying from side to side to try and avoid any further damges.

2004-07-15, 09:53 PM
Ironhide: -chuckles as his sensors feel the radiation spike, but winces as the gamma bursts hit his armor, retracts right hand and liquid nitrogen sprayer deploys, sprays liquid nitrogen at Sunstrom in a broad swath at the Seeker- "That the best ya can do?"

2004-07-15, 10:25 PM
Sunstorm stands in the sky smiling as the liquid nitrogen covers his body.

"I've only just.. BEGUN!"

Sunstorm's reactor thunders and the radiation surges through him causing the liquid nitrogen to have no effect apart from tightening his body.

Sunstorm raises his arms and fires two missiles at the ground below Ironhide.

2004-07-16, 03:39 AM
Ironhide: -smiles as the radiation levels rise, though some small part of him worries about the loss of his long range sensor systems, manages to dodge one missile, staggers as the second one catches him in the shoulder, snaps his blaster up and fires at Sunstorm- "You did bring backup, rahght? 'Cause if yer countin' on that radiation trick ta help ya, yer in trouble." -retracts nitrogen sprayer, deploys napalm sprayer, sprays a swath of napalm at Sunstorm-


Nightbeat: -stops a little distance away from the energon cubes, aims cyclone cannon at the stack- "Here's hoping the explosion isn't too big." -fires at the stack, the recoil pushing him back slightly, blowing a large hole in the building- "Oops. Wasn't expecting recoil like that." - aims at the stack again, fires at the stack of energon cubes-

2004-07-16, 05:23 AM
(OOC: It's a hydroelectric plant, Hein. Blowing holes in it is a bad idea)

Ransack scowled at the hole that Nightbeat's shot created. His optic band widened slightly as a strained noise emitted from the damaged dam. The rotor that he'd thrown at Pipes arced effortlessly back into his waiting hand. He immediately tossed it in front of the Autobot's next volley, redirecting it enough that the energon cubes were spared.

"You maniac!" He snapped off several laser shots at the Headmaster, taking several steps towards him as he did so. "You're going to kill us all!"

Lord Zarak
2004-07-16, 11:31 AM
Almost caught unawares, Overlord tried to dodge the grenade thrown by one of the minibots. It blew up as he was turning, and off balance, and was blown onto his back.


Whilst the other Autobots charged in, firing off their weapons, Catilla took his time. Ironhide was busy with the glowing seeker, Nightbeat was trying to kill everyone, or so the Decepticon said. As he looked to where the massive Decep was, he saw him turn and get blown onto his back.


He raced towards where he fell. He jumped, and in mid-air grew in size, and came out of his shell, which deposited itself in subspace, and replaced it with his gun. He landed on Overlord's chest, and pointed his gun squarely at his head.
He shouted to the minibots:

"You've got the chance to escape. I'll keep this one quiet whilst you run"

2004-07-16, 12:06 PM
(OOC: I thought...... oh, I get it. We're at the base of the dam.)

Nightbeat: -shrugs, subspaces the cyclone cannon, pulls his plasma blaster- "Guess I need a better target." -aims at Ransack, fires-

God Jinrai
2004-07-16, 03:02 PM
with everyone deployed, saber was free now to let loose...

" Catilla, no offense... but take care of those other small bots... Overlord is MINE."

corkscrewing to the right after the drop-off, he pulled up hard, and initiated his transformation. the v-star separated and converted into the massive body of Star Saber... Saber's jet mode reconfigured following the Brain Set, and slid into place....

"Head on!" came the command, and StarSaber's full head locked down into place... the massive cybertron warrior drew his sword and kept his gun held back as he dove down at Overlord...

"We end this! Here and NOW!"

2004-07-16, 03:20 PM
Megaplex hurridly filled up more Energon Cubes then turned to the entrance and fired more freeze shells randomly outside.


Sunstorm laughed loudly at Ironhide after being fired directly in the chest by a shot and the napalm.

"Trying to set the sun on fire. Don't... cou-"

Sunstorm looked at his chest as part of his cockpit melted away as was the metal below it.

Angrily, he looked up at Ironhide, his optics glowing furiously and he swooped down towards him firing his lasers and hoping to somehow launch Ironhide himself up into the sky.

2004-07-16, 04:58 PM
"That was it!!!!!!" Pipes yells in childlike anticipation! "That was the grenede!!!" He adds as the entire plant rumbles above them as Pipes, Seaspray and Cosmos all huddle in a huge ditch near the plant's entrance.

"Like whaaaaaam!!!!! That ought to ruin someone's paint job!!!!! Permenantly!!! Zowie!!!" Warpath snickers as he and Huffer stand around hanging out in the secret underground rail system. "Come on, let's go have a look! How much you wanna bet that overgrown walking junkyard is still functional?!" Huffer challenges as he and Warpath leap back up, and out of the hole and back into the plant's basement.

"Damn it cosmos, if you was a human, you'd be the kid that always ate too much ice cream!" Seaspray yells as both he and Pipes try to lift him up out of the hole, finally pulling with all of their might. "Oh shut up Seaspray, don't forget, this is all your fault!" Cosmos yells. "Pipes, you're alive!" Huffer yells as he and Warpath catches up to them. "Yeah, but what about that giant decepticon?" Cosmos asks. "Let's go find out!" Seaspray yells as Pipes, Seaspray, Cosmos, Warpath and Huffer all run outside to see a mighty battle unfolding.

"Autobots!!!" Huffer yells, glad to see his comrads. "Look, the decepticons still haven't secured the enrgon stockpile!" Cosmos points out. "Minibots!!!! Open fire!!!" Seaspray yells as he, warpath, pipes, cosmos, and huffer all open fire in unison at the energon cubes.

2004-07-17, 03:42 AM
Ironhide: -napalm sprayer retracts, hand slides back out, panel on right forearm pops open, housing pops up, heavy drillbit extends, doesn't try to move as Sunstorm grabs him and carries him into the air- "So this's what flyin' coach is lahke......" -fires up drill, tries to bore it into Sunstorm's torso-

2004-07-17, 06:38 AM
Ransack took Nightbeat's shot in the shoulder. He winced in pain.

"What? You'd rather I let you blast those cubes and vaporize the whole dam? I thought you Autobots cared about this planet's fleshlings." He caught sight of the minibots, who's fire was splashing into the ground and walls dangerously close to the Energon stockpile. "Apparently not."

He fired a laser blast at Nightbeat's gun hand, then tossed another rotor at the Minibots. He felt a painful grinding in his left shoulder as he did so.

Random Sweep
2004-07-17, 06:51 AM
Banzai-tron saw the mini-bots aiming their weapons at the energon and decided that it definatly was not the best place to be standing.

running away for the stockpile Banzai-tron took aim on Nightbeat and fired off a few shots while closing the distance with the headmaster.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 03:14 PM
Upon hearing Star Sabre, Catilla lept off the body of Overlord and began to run after the minibots who were firing at the energon cubes:

"Dont fire!" he called out "Energon and weapons fire don't mix!"

As this was going on, Overlord fired a volley of missiles from his chest as Star Sabre dived down at him.

One hit should give me enough time to get up and face him he thought as SS loomed.

2004-07-17, 03:22 PM
(ooc: so did we hit the cubes?)

"Unnnghhhh!!!" Seaspray yells in pain as a razor sharp rotory blade slices across his back as he tries to dive to the floor, opening up further an already open wound on his back. "Yeeeow!!" Cosmos cries as he spots the blade streaking straight towards him. He then fires his particle beams from both wrists and his forehead at the incoming blade with pinpoint accuracy utilizing the bulk of his superior tracking systems, in hopes to destroy or deflect the blade.

As Seaspray, on all fours, slowly lifts his head up high to see IRONHIDE and sunstorm go at it, he thought that this would be a perfect time to get a cheap shot at the seeker and fired two laser palm blasts at sunstorm.

Pipes, huffer and warpath in unison, all opened fire on sunstorm also.

God Jinrai
2004-07-17, 04:34 PM
The missile collided but not with saber's chest... the rocket collided with saber's right forearm... blowing a small hole into it... not insignificant, but Saber had more control than to scream in pain... instead, he brought his gun around, and opened fire..

"You're not getting out of this one, Overlord. You caused more grief for innocent beings than you could ever have imagined when you followed Devil Z... It's time to rectify that matter, once and for all!"

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 08:39 PM
The hit on SS's arm was enought to get Overlord back on his feet, but before he could do anything offensively, he had to dodge the gun fire.

One, two, three times, Overlord was hit, forcing him back to the ground. If it was Star Sabres plan to keep Overlord subdued, it wasn't working. Becoming angrier by the second, he growled at SS:

"You've tried and failed before to rectify it" he said, getting back to his feet and bringing his own gun round, bearing at SS.
"What makes you so confident you'll do it this time?"

2004-07-17, 10:46 PM
Nightbeat: -plasma blaster gets shot out of his hand, smirks as he dodges the fire from Banzai-Tron, pulls cyclone cannon out of subspace, aims it at Ransack- "I dunno. It certainly got you Decepticons away from that pile of energon cubes in a hurry. Hard to steal what you can't get to." -fires cyclone cannon at Ransack-

Random Sweep
2004-07-18, 01:56 AM
Banzai-tron was not too worried about missing Nightbeat, as it was purely to buy him time to close the distance between them.

Apon reaching his foe Banzai-tron struck out with a flurry of palm and knife-edge strikes to the weak spots in Nightbeats shoulder joints and chest while razorsharp lept at the cyclon cannon

God Jinrai
2004-07-18, 02:54 AM
"This!" Saber brought his blade in a wide arc, which projected a large crescent energy burst... it was again, not meant so much as a means to damage overlord, as a distraction...saber could handle overlord, but chose instead of trying to kill him, just to keep him busy... and force him and his compatriots to retreat.

2004-07-18, 03:19 AM
Nightbeat: -staggers back, manages to bring cyclone cannon around to fire at the leaping Razorsharp, gets a good look at Banzai-Tron- "What is this, 'The Attack of the Badly Designed Bludgeon Clones'?" -trying to keep away from Banzai-Tron-

2004-07-18, 08:11 AM
Ransack dove desperately to the side, trying to avoid the cyclone cannon shot. He succeeded, but the pain in his shoulder flared as he hit the ground. When he finally managed to push the pain aside and get to his feet, Banzai-Tron had stepped in to engage Nightbeat.

His optics focused on the Minibots, who had managed to destroy the rotor he threw at them. However, the small Autobots had turned their attention away from the Energon cubes for the moment and were attacking Sunstorm.

Can't let them destroy the cubes, he thought. The explosion would bring down the whole dam. But how can I stop them? It's not like I can subspace the whole pile of cubes... His optic band brightened. But I can subspace some of them...

The purple and green Decepticon ran towards the cubes, desperately hoping the Autobots wouldn't catch on to what he was doing. Grabbing the cubes from the top of the nearest pile, he dropped them in his subspace pocket.

2004-07-18, 11:40 AM
Sunstorm laughed with pain. For a reason unknown he enjoyed the feeling he got out of it. He smiled at Ironhide while pieces of metal came flying out of his torso almost revealing his reactor of which radiation was leaking heavily out of.

"Any closer Autobot and you yourself will be terminated"

He laughed some more before he tried to shoot his lasers at Ironhide before getting his head knocked backward by a blast from the minicons disrupting his aim of fire. He also got hit in the leg where one of his booster rockets was angering him ever so slightly.
He adjusted his head aimed one arm at Ironhide of which he would shoot lasers out of and the other at the group of minibots on the groud consisting of Pipes, Huffer and Warpath.

Megaplex turned away from the energon cubes and towards the minibots on the outside. He aimed a freeze shell towards Warpath and fired.

Random Sweep
2004-07-18, 12:55 PM
As razorsharp was clipped by the cyclone cannon, ripping off two legs and spinning him several times, Banzai-Tron glowered at Nightbeat's comment. silently he pressed his attacks this time focussing his attacks at the upper torso and head of his foe

Lord Zarak
2004-07-18, 02:38 PM
Overlord dodged again.

"That...was pathetic. Sabre, you have no killer instinct, no intrinsic survival value. That is why, as a species, the Autobots are just walking empties."

As he finished, Overlord sent the drone jet on his arm into the air as his own distraction, and charged at Sabre, his right arm primed for a viscious right hook to Sabres head.

Cunning Ravage
2004-07-18, 03:15 PM
“HQ wasn’t kidding when they said these guys might need back,” Roadblock thought, “Well here goes nothing!” With that he transformed into his gold and gray futuristic tank armed with his one corrosive rust bomb lunches. While his humanoid shell transformed into a subsonic windcruiser. And along with his green futuristic attack vehicle shell the three in one army took of towards Sunstorm. “Hey your “divine” it looks as if you could use a little help!” He shouted as he lunched a series of corrosive rust bomb from his vehicle shell at the minibots to cover his entrance.

God Jinrai
2004-07-18, 03:54 PM
Saber wasn't buying the jet... The only time overlord would ever seriously unleash that thing was for his disrelive attack... which he, as ginrai, had to announce... taking the flat of his sword, saber swatted the blackbird away, and prepped for what was comming. he didn't know where, but he knew overlord was about to strike... subspacing his gun, StarSaber's left hand sat empty, but ready...

OOC: Zarak, for positioning sake, let's assume his head is turned to one side so that leaves him fairly open

Lord Zarak
2004-07-18, 04:01 PM
Seeing Star Sabres head was turned to the right, Overlord swung for the left side of SS's head with his right hand. In anticipation of a succesful hit, he began drawing his left arm back.

However, it would leave him open to a blow to his chest, his most valuable area.

God Jinrai
2004-07-18, 11:58 PM
The blow sent saber's head snapping to the opposite side... but that was the instant saber's left hand grasped the hilt of the sword... and so the warrior drew his blade in an upward arc, hoping to tear into overlord's chest

2004-07-19, 12:12 AM
Ironhide: -getting overload warnings from the control circuity for the drill, moves head out of the way of Sunstorm's shots, leaving carbon streaks along the side of his head, puts his face into Sunstorm's- "You ain't figgered it out yet, huh." -smirks- "Mah armor's givin' me awl th' shieldin' Ah need from yer radiation." -deploys napalm sprayer again, tries to spray it into the hole in Sunstorm's chest-

Nightbeat: -knocked backwards, sent spinning, visor cracking, hits the ground, spits out a wad of oil- "All right, that's it!" -springs to feet- "I've seen every Jackie Chan film ever made, and no badly painted martial arts twinkee's gonna take me out!" -moves arms wildly, ending in a modified crane stance, glaring at Banzai-Tron, shouts, mouth out of synch with his words- "YOUR KUNG-FU IS PIG DUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!" -brings raised foot down to brace himself, swings cyclone cannon around, fires at Banzai-Tron's chest-

2004-07-19, 01:30 AM
As the minibots pipes, huffer and warpath began to dodge sunstorm's hellish rain, which melts the ground on contact, Warpath find's his nozzle frozen by a freeze shell as he gasps.
"Hey, how'd that happen?" Warpath gasps.

"Hey, that decepticlown has the right idea!! Grab the enrgon!!!!!" Seaspray yells as he, cosmos, huffer and pipes immedeatly bolt for the energon cubes grabbing them two at a time and shunting them in their subspace pockets. Warpath, with his turret chest gun frozen, leaps and dives at the decepticon loading the cubes in his subspace pocket, in a desperate attempt to tackle ransack.
As the minibots steal the cubes, the huge stack rapidly dwindles to a bare few.

As seaspray, huffer, cosmos and pipes then began to run back towards each other and regroup, they are carpet bombed by a rain of rust bombs as they dive for cover. "That's it, I can't take much more of this, I think I've had enough!!!" Seaspray yells.

Random Sweep
2004-07-19, 03:17 AM
Banzai-tron watched Nightbeats little show while taking hold of his bayonet, he had not become the reigning master of Cyrstalocution by being stupid, and he knew that the autobot was trying a diversion, there was no way that it wanted to engage Banzai-tron in hand to hand combat.

so when the autobot swung his cannon around Banzai-tron dodged to the side and struck at it several times with his blade

Cunning Ravage
2004-07-19, 04:00 AM
“Sunstrom’s finished,” Roadblock thought looking at the scrap heap the other Decp was becoming. “And Banzai-tron seems to be dealing with Nightbeat easily enough, and there no way am either getting in the way of the two behemoths or letting those minibots escape with that much energon!” With that thought in mind he raced towards Pipes Huffer and Seaspray his corrosive rust bombs launcher blazing, his vehicle shell was beside him also lunching corrosive rust bombs. Meanwhile his humanoid shell still in windcruiser mod came around behind the Autobots it’s two plasma blasters blazing. “See you your “divine” and goodbye Autobots!”

2004-07-19, 05:35 AM
Ransack twisted away from the tackle, but was still knocked to the ground by Warpath's attack.

After pushing himself back to his feet (no easy task with painful shoulder damage), Ransack saw Roadblock move to engage the Minibots.

Good, some help!

Picking his laser pistol off the ground, he fired off a flurry of shots at the fleeing Seaspray, Huffer, Cosmos and Pipes. He wasn't really trying to hit them, just to scare the slag out of them. "Drop the cubes, Autobot scrap!"

2004-07-19, 11:32 AM
Nightbeat: -drops the cyclone cannon as Banzai-Tron's strikes render it inoperative, springs into the air and snaps a spin kick at Banzai-Tron's head- "Told you I've seen every Jackie Chan movie ever made." -thinking to self- "The fact that Muzzle/I took some karate classes doesn't hurt, either...."

Muzzle: "Three weeks at the Chicago YMCA doesn't count here, bubba."

Nightbeat: "It'd better count for something, otherwise we're tinsel."

Muzzle: "Good point."

2004-07-19, 01:06 PM
Sunstorm holds his wound with his left and hand and with his right tries to block the napalm sprayer and puts his head up close to Ironhide's, his optics crackling orange fury.

"I don't think you understand Autobot. I'm not the run of the mill factory made Decepticon. I'm much much more!"

His optics close, even although the golden streaks are still seen eminating from them, and his head swings forward towards Ironhide hoping to make an impact.


Megaplex steps outside and looks up at the battle between Ironhide and Sunstorm. He aims his cannon directly at Ironhide and fires a freeze shell.

Random Sweep
2004-07-19, 04:49 PM
Banzai-tron, slightly off balance due to Nightbeat dropping the weapon took the kick in the shoulder, knocking him back a step.

"ahh finally, an Autobot with the oil to fight back one on one."

with that he kicked out at Nightbeats pivoting leg

2004-07-19, 05:53 PM
With all of the fire comming from every direction, and with the damage already taking it's toll, the minibots knew that hanging around any longer would no doubt become very hazardous, even fatal, to their health.

"Cosmos, you over grown satelite dish, transform and get us out of here!!!!!!" Seaspray yells as Cosmos transforms into saucer mode as the minibots began to pour inside. "The humans are evacuated and we stole most of their energon, except for a few cubes! No need to die here! But before we go, let's go out with a bang!" Pipes yells as he pulls out yet another H-Bomb grenede and sets the timer for six seconds and throws it towards overlord who was too busy fighting to notice. "Cosmos, get us out of here for crying out loud!" Pipes yells. "Right!!!" Cosmos acknowledges as he takes off in a verticle climb, going from zero to 500 miles per hour in mere seconds.

As the minibots find them selves safely out of the battle zone, they begin to rejoice momentarily as they pour out stacks and more stacks of cubes out of subspace while rejoicing. "Hey, enough with the energon, I'm no astrotrain!" Cosmos yells as the minibots rejoice. Yet, after the momentary excitement wears off, then the pain comes in

Huffer has a couple of dents in his chest from taking shots and his torso has a huge crack in it. Pipes has dents in his chest also as well as a hole in the radiator of his truck mode and no glass in his truck mode's cab. Warpath's barel is cracked and completely useless as it thaws out from a freeze shell shot, and seaspray has a gaping hole in his back and is infected heavily by decepticon rust bombs due to his immune system being low from damage. Cosmos is the only minibot functioning at full power and with the least damage.

"Seaspray, man, you don't look so hot..." Huffer announces. "We got to get him to metroplex for repairs, pronto!" Pipes yells. "Duh!!" Huffer mocks, folding his arms. "Hang on seaspray, we'll be back for repairs in no time!" Cosmos explains. "Yeah, let's just hope we can get repaired before they send us to the brig first!" Huffer says.

(occ: going back to the autobot thread, you decepticons play too rough!)

Cunning Ravage
2004-07-19, 06:51 PM
Transforming his windcruiser shell back into it’s humanoid mode and slipping his robot self-inside. He looks up at the rapidly despairing green dot that is Cosmos “Get back here Scraplets!” with that he shoots a few knowingly futile shots at Cosmos in anger but he’s already out of sight. “Slag it,” He moans before turning to Ransack “Name’s Roadblock, so bud how do think the big guy,” he says indicting to the fighting Overlord. “Would react if he found out we let a couple of minibots escape with that many energon cubs without even scrapping one of them?” a hint of worry in his voice.

2004-07-19, 07:23 PM
Ransack glowered at the departing Minibots, then turned to Roadblock.

“They call me Ransack.” He glanced at the fighting Overlord. “He’ll be upset,” he answered. “Those scrapheaps took off with more than half of our filled cubes. But I subspaced a lot before they got to them, and there are still a few empties waiting to be filled. Maybe we can still salvage this mission.” His optics narrowed. “Your vehicle shell should be able to protect the remaining cubes. How many do you think we could fit in there?”

Lord Zarak
2004-07-19, 08:38 PM
Overlord screamed - equal parts pain and anger - as the blade ripped accross his torso, narrowly missing Giga and Mega. He stumbled back, gathered himself and made towards Star Sabre. As he did so, the grenade exploded. It missed him, but the concussion blast flung him towards Star Sabre.

Cunning Ravage
2004-07-19, 10:06 PM
“I suppose I could fit ten to fifteen cubes inn that shell, maybe twenty if were lucky,” Roadblock said his eyes lighting up. “I’ll get right to loading up what remains of the cubes into my vehicle shell I just hope this works there’s no why I’m facing down an angry citycon!” with that Roadblock took off towards the empty and full energon cubes. “Well Ransack you coming?” he called back.

2004-07-20, 02:04 AM
(OOC: Is Sunstorm still carrying Ironhide up into the air?)

Ironhide: -head snaps back as headbutt connects, brings fist back to try to punch it through Sunstorm's torso when it gets hit by the freeze shell, shrugs, switches napalm sprayer for molten lead sprayer, sprays molten lead at the gaping wounds in Sunstorm's torso-

Nightbeat: -pivoting leg kicked out from beneath him, hits the ground, goes for a sweeping kick to cut Banzai-Tron's legs out from beneath him-

Random Sweep
2004-07-20, 02:26 AM
Banzai-tron landed on his back after having his legs swept out from under him, using his superior reflexes he quickly nipped-up and slashed at Nightbeats torso with his blade

2004-07-20, 05:15 AM
"That should be good enough," Ransack said. "Any that don't fit, you can pack into your subspace pocket."

He ran a quick systems check, which confirmed that his own parcel of subspace was full nearly to bursting with cubes.

He followed Roadblock, then started filling the empty cubes.

2004-07-20, 06:08 PM
(occ: Isn't my H-bomb grenede destined to explode near overlord now, or did y'all miss that part in my last post before they escaped?)

God Jinrai
2004-07-20, 07:22 PM
StarSaber stared with narrowed optics as overlord was flung again toward him... it was at that instant that a fireball streaked down from above... with his duties in space done, Victory Leo had dropped into the atmosphere, tearing down toward egypt... and as he nearly came crashing down, began to transform... Starsaber took to the air, leaping up and away from overlord... only to interlock with the fast moving Victory Leo... forming Victory Saber... flipping forward in the air, he stopped and hung upsidedown, letting his wings bleed off some of the speed from victory leo's re-entry, but then simply redirected the rest of the thrust... drawing the V-Lock rifle VS stared down at Overlord...

" You've got till the count of five to get up, and get out of here... if you value your life."

"One..... Two.... Three...Four..."

Lord Zarak
2004-07-20, 08:02 PM
Should stop testing his patience, and get up

As it appeared that Victory Sabre was about to say 'five' and open upon overlord the cybertronian version of righteous vengeance, Overlord got up, holding his chest with his right hard, as if he was half-hugging himself.

In a hoarse, but menacing whisper he said

"This isn't over. Not by a long shot. Your little friend got lucky with his grenade. Next time we meet, I'll be standing over you, and destroying you. No mercy granted."

He turned to his troops.

"Gather what we can. We're returning to Metrotitan...and that damn Ratbat."

Before he left, he turned again to VS, and winked at him.

Random Sweep
2004-07-20, 10:23 PM
Hearing Overlords command, Banzai-tron pulled up his slash and grabbed Razorsharp.

"Your lucky this time Autobot"he said to Nightbeat "But next time we meet there will be an ending."

then he took to the air and followed Overlord

2004-07-21, 05:31 AM
Ransack glowered at the departing Overlord and Banzai-Tron.

They could at least help with the slagging Energon...

He filled the last empty cube, then saught out any unoccupied Decepticons who could help him. "Megaplex, some help?"

2004-07-21, 02:42 PM
Nightbeat: -still on the ground, struggles into a sitting position, looks after Banzai-Tron- "No need to hurry that on my account...... really, you don't have to......." -sighs- "I think I'd better bring Chromedome with me next time."

2004-07-21, 09:50 PM
OOC: Yeah we're kinda still in the sky.


Sunstorm gasped and let out a silent scream of fury. His optics crackled as he looked at the wound filling with molten lead.

"No. I will not allow this to happen"

Sunstorm backed off as fast as his thrusters would take him. He held his side while raising one arm. He shuddered in pain before firing a blast toward's Ironhide

Megaplex turned to Ransack

"At once!"

He jumped over quickly andpicked up as many of the cubes he could.

Cunning Ravage
2004-07-21, 10:50 PM
“Look guys” Roadblock said as he put his tenth cube into his vehicle shell. “I just looked up Victory Sabre’s profile and he is dangerously powerful, now in my vehicle shell I have ten full energon cubs, so I suggest you simply pocket what you can and get out of here before were all blown to the Pit!” With that he transformed his humanoid shell into its windcruiser mode and took off with his vehicle shell not far behind him on the ground occasional blasting off some corrosive rust bombs to cover his escape. “See you guys back at HQ!” he called out and under his breath he add “hopefully.”

2004-07-21, 10:52 PM
Ironhide: -retracts lead sprayer and grabs onto Sunsotrm's arm in an attempt to keep from being thrown off, knocked backwards by the lasers hitting him, swings fist at Sunstorm's face, hoping to pummel the seeker-

2004-07-21, 10:57 PM
Sunstorm was knocked straight backward by Ironhide's fist but he himself grabbed onto Ironhide's arm before he would descend. He fired more shots at Ironhide before awkwardly transforming and moving off.

2004-07-22, 03:53 AM
Ironhide: -loses his grip on Sunstorm as the radioactive seeker transforms, retracts his lead sprayer in favor of his hand, pulls his blaster and starts firing at the seeker as he plummets to the ground-

Nightbeat: -picks up his plasma blaster, holsters it, then picks up his cyclone cannon and activates the diagnostic routine, squints at the display- "Not too bad, but I don't think I can fix it here." -subspaces cyclone cannon, pulls plasma blaster, switches it to stun, starts running towards Ransack and Megaplex-

2004-07-22, 05:00 AM
Ransack watched as Roadblock took off. Moments later, he sees Nightbeat running towards them.

"That's our cue to exit, Megaplex." He scooped up a few more Energon cubes (just enough to fill his cockpit in plane mode) then transformed and took to the sky. "If you wanna blast a hole in the dam on your way out, that'd be great. I don't think we want these 'Bots dogging us all the way back to Carbombya."

The purple and green Decepticon unleashed a spray of machine-gun fire on the facility, then turned towards Carbombya. His attack pitted and scarred a section of the dam, but he had known even before he fired that it wasn't enough to breach it.

2004-07-22, 08:04 AM
Sunstorm got hit quite a few times on his way back to Metrotitan but it was only minor damage on his wings luckily.

Megaplex looked up at Ransack while trying to dodge any incoming fire. He then transformed into his gun mode and was propelled into the air beside Ransack.

"Contol the firepower. It mightbring down the dam this way!"

2004-07-22, 03:21 PM
Ironhide: -slams into the ground, leaving quite an impression-


Nightbeat: -pulls plasma blaster, aims at Ransack- "You can't blow up the dam. That's our job!" -starts firing at Ransack, activates commlink- "Ironhide, you still with me?"

Ironhide: -over commlink, groaning- "Yeah......'m wi......a. Got......se.....tion, tho......."

Nightbeat: "Sounds like you got dosed pretty good with radiation. Doesn't matter right now, though. Muzzle's exo-suit is safe against all NBC contaminants, at least for a while, and I need help in keeping them from blowing the dam!"


Ironhide: -pulls himself out of the fused glass pit of the impact crater, retracts right hand and deploys sprayer, sprays himself down with straight water, redeploys hand, starts limping towards Nightbeat's position- "Ah'm comin'......" -smiles as his sensors come back online, raises his blaster, aims at Megaplex- "An' Ah c'n see ya fr'm here......." -starts firing at Megaplex-

2004-07-23, 05:05 AM
Bobbing and weaving like a maniac, Ransack managed to dodge Nightbeat's fire. He replied to the Autobot with something bordering on indifference.

"Whatever. As long as it gets done."

He continued fleeing, even though he severely doubted the Autobot's sincerity.

2004-07-23, 01:51 PM
Megaplex transformed from his gun mode and dodges the blasts from Ironhide although one of them hit his shouler. He looked at the fleeing Ransack and decided to follow while holding his "scarred" shoulder.

2004-07-25, 02:38 AM
Ironhide: -checks his sensors, scowls, activates commlink- "Awlrahght, Nahghtbeat. 'S lahke this. Ah'm lookin' at some serious decon b'fore Ah c'n be near anybody fer any length'a tahme. Get ever'body away from th' dam. Ah c'n seal up th' damage, but it ain't gonna do no good if Ah kill ever'body at th' dam with radiation poisonin'."

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "What, you mean it's a bad thing to have a glowing personality?"

Ironhide: "Great. A funny 'bot. Jus' get ever'body away from there."


Nightbeat: "Got ya, boss." -deactivates commlink- "All right, everybody. If you're not radiation proof, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to clear out of here, now!"

2004-07-25, 07:15 AM
Whatever few humans hadn't already fled or been killed immediately began running from the plant.

Ransack noticed Megaplex's injury.

"Might wanna get that looked at when we get back to base," he said.

(OOC: And back to the 'Con thread they go...)

2004-07-25, 11:18 PM
Nightbeat: -looking around, helping to get any wounded or stragglers away from the dam, activates commlink- "Star Saber, we've got some wounded humans here. The dam's a little damaged, and Ironhide can fix it. Unfortunately, that Seeker must've been a runaway nuclear reaction, because he's pretty hot right now. We gotta get people away from the dam...... and we gotta figure out how we can wash the old boy down."


Ironhide: -checking his radiation level, switches chemicals, sprays himself down again, checks his radiation level again, sighs- "There better be somethin' can be done 'bout this, otherwahse they're gonna have ta bury me in concrete fer th' next thousand vorns'r so."

God Jinrai
2004-07-25, 11:26 PM
Victory saber pondered for a moment, then spoke up

"Nightbeat... Ironhide's onboard "chemistry set" is capable of dispersing liquid lead, correct? Why not lay on a coat of lead, then once we get back to the maximus, we can siphon the radiation off... I'm rather sure Fortress' systems are capable of drawing off the kind of gamma particles that ironhide's been saturated with..."

2004-07-26, 02:27 AM
Nightbeat: -over commlink- "I hope he's got enough lead......"

2004-07-31, 03:31 PM
(OOC: Sorry about the double post, but I'd like to unstick the guys....)

Nightbeat: -manages to get the last of the injured to a safe distance, activates commlink- "All right, Ironhide. They're clear!"


Ironhide: -limping along- "Awlrahght. Ah should be there in a few minutes. Got any ahdea how ta get me outta here?"

Nightbeat: "Star Saber suggested coating yourself with lead."

Ironhide: -chuckles- "That mahght work. Ah think Ah got enough lead, too. Jus' keep th' pigeons offa me."


Ironhide: -limps up to the dam, looks at the damage- "Lessee here..... Use th' glue as a base, mix in a lil' hardenin' agent, spray down with sealer..... That oughta do it." -left hand retracts, deploys glue sprayer, right hand retracts, deploys sprayer, sprays down the damaged section of the dam with glue and hardening agent, then retracts glue sprayer, deploys sealent sprayer, sprays down the damaged section, nods, right hand redeploys, seal sprayer retracts, lead sprayer redeploys, activates commlink- "Awlrahght, guys, come get me. Th' dam's done, an' by th' tahme ya get here, I should be covered in lead." -deactivates commlink, starts coating himself in lead-

God Jinrai
2004-08-06, 03:25 AM
Starsaber touched down at the dam just as ironhide had finished his coating. separating, then transforming again into super-jet mode, with victory leo hovering above, the entry bay doors opened...

"Whenever you folks are ready.. .we'll get you back home."

2004-08-07, 01:39 AM
Nightbeat: -runs up- "I know I'm ready." -looks over at the now immobile Ironhide- "The odds are pretty good he is, too." -grabs Ironhide, starts dragging him to the V-Jet- "I'm gonna throw my back out, I just know it......."

God Jinrai
2004-08-10, 01:52 AM
OOC: Disclaimer: At this point, more than enough time's been given for boarding of the V-star. If you're unable to get your folks onboard by tomorrow evening, consider them onboard, and en-route to the Autobot Encampment.


Saber disengaged from the V-star, and came around back, in robot mode.

"Care for a hand there, Nightbeat?"

2004-08-10, 02:59 AM
Nightbeat: -looks over greatfully at Saber- "Yes. Please. He must weight as much as one of Fort Max's gun emplacements."

Ironhide: -muffled- "Mmm mmmmm mmmmm."

God Jinrai
2004-08-10, 10:05 PM
Getting over to the two others, saber bent down, and took grip on ironhide's shoulders...

" Lift on three, and we move him all the way. no stopping. One... Two... THREE."

2004-08-12, 09:11 PM
Nightbeat: -lifts on three, starts helping Saber to drag Ironhide to the V-Jet-

God Jinrai
2004-08-13, 06:31 PM
OOC: ok folks, that was more than enuff time... we're movin out!


Saber, with Nightbeat's help, managed to lean ironhide into a corner of the V-star, so that he wouldn't wobble about, or worse, fall.

"Alright, time to blow this sandbox!"

Saber leapt from the cargo hold, dashing around front, and transformed in a mid leap, and re-connected to the v-star...

Victory Leo swooped down, albeit too little, too late...

"My appologies, sir... Dai Atlas..required some assistance."

"Understood... interlock, and let's head for home."

Victory leo's jet mode locked into place, and the massive super-jet lifted off on vtol jets, and rocketed skyward... Saber was simply going to perform a sub-orbital drop manuver... it would drastically reduce the flight time, allowing for ironhide to be returned to base sooner... and freed of that lead shell as well...

OOC final note: all autobot personell who were in the egypt thread, and had not returned to base, consider yourselves aboard... thread is now closed.