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RID Scourge
2004-07-08, 11:07 PM

Jul 08, 2004
TRANSFORMERS Summer Convention Schedule

Q: A few weeks ago you posted information about attending OTFCC on July 31-August 1. Will you be going to any other conventions this summer?

A: Yes, we also plan to be represented at Comicon in San Diego from July 21-25. During our panel at OTFCC (July 31-August 1) we plan to discuss our plans for Spring 2005 (Transformers Energon: The Powerlinx Battles) as well as the next series following Energon, Transformers Cybertron. Additionally, we will be giving away an exclusive convention mini-comic as well as uniquely colored Energon weapons at OTFCC.

Awe, I wish I could go. It looks as though I'm gonna have to get the energon weapons at an astronomical price hike. It'd be nice to have a few extra sniper rifles from Battle Ravage (I wonder if they'll also include energon stars). Oh well . . .

Hey, this is my first news topic.


2004-07-09, 04:30 AM
hmm... what kind of price hike are you thinking???

Its good to know that Hasbro will be at other cons, and i cant wait to hear about the new series...

2004-07-09, 05:31 AM
If they decide to have Battle Ravage's weapons in black...

RID Scourge
2004-07-10, 12:37 AM
Originally posted by Gesani
hmm... what kind of price hike are you thinking???

I'm thinking the standard convention price hike, where a deluxe figure can go for $20-40, and a Mega/Ultra can go for $70-100.

2004-07-10, 11:26 AM
call me naive,but giving away actually makes it free
me thinks its some kind of first come first get thing.like the g2 action master in botcon

2004-07-10, 06:26 PM
knowing hasbro and 3h it will problly be a chance giveaway.. like they did with unicron last year.. or maybe they will sell then at the 3h table..