View Full Version : [RID,UT] Thorugh logical deduction.. Air-dates for new RID

2002-01-27, 03:49 AM
Since this saturday is the Digibowl.. and the 9th FOX is gonna show a 1-hour power rangers premere.. so..


Note: This is my estimate only, no guarentee

2002-01-27, 05:07 AM
Lets hope so, cause I want to see whats gonna happen, and actually be able to understand it

2002-01-27, 07:13 AM
Garand's a habitual liar. Pay him no mind.

Shrapnel Clone
2002-01-27, 01:08 PM
Originally posted by Starscreamsghost
Garand's a habitual liar. Pay him no mind.

Pot, meet kettle. Now stop calling him black.

RID Scourge
2002-01-27, 07:37 PM
I hope they come out soon.

2002-01-28, 04:10 AM
I spoke to my bud who works at my local FOX station and he claims that RiD might continue at the 16th,

But he also told me that FOX is going all Digimon/Power rangers as well..

We will see more and more incarnations of Digimon/Power Rangers because the kids love it..:eek:

Well that's what he told me..
*Grabs shot gun*