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2004-07-10, 10:30 PM
*Yes...I know...long story...*

AWF Mayhem opens backstage as the Game is show suiting up for his match later on against Ravage for the AWF IC Title.

“Well…don’t you just look all posh mate?”

Game: “Well…as if my day wasn’t full of enough sunshine, here comes my slightly less than normally mobile buddy, HBK.”

*The camera cuts back to show HBK in a wheel chair*

HBK: “I may be less mobile mate, but I still look like I’m having more fun than you. What? They didn’t give the dark and broody discount at the Vu? Oh wait? No…you’re running low on that nancy boy hair gel you love so much…”

Game: “Is there a point to this little visit roller boy or are you just cruising for another bruising…”

HBK: “Roller boy…how droll…well mate, let me spell out so even you can understand it then, GPA, in particular Ravage did a cheap number on me…as you seem to be taking to this hero stuff, and looking to get a little redemption for me, I’ll just be letting you know that I’ll be by your side…”

Game: “Actually, you’re more at my waste…”

HBK: “The point of it is you doof, that what you payback to them I intend to help…so when you go out to the ring, I’ll be right there.”

Game: Not that it bothers me all that much, but you do realize that the chances of you getting hurt are quite good…in that case be my guest…

HBK: No worries…I’m not saying everything is all peaches between us, but I think you wanting to kick those sorry wankers’ tails goes a long way.

*The Camera cuts back to the ring…and Mayhem launches*

As the broadcast comes on the air, we find Joey Styles standing in the center of the ring.

JS: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen and viewers watching around the world to Monday Night Mayhem! Right now, I'd like to bring out the brand new Archive Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, Xille and Vin Ghostal!

There are some things in life that you can stop
And there are some things in life that can't be stopped
Let's go

The crowd erupts as the unlikely team of Xille and V.3. emerges through the curtains brandishing their newly-won tag team championship belts. Xille leads the way down the ramp, and the two men climb into the ring and Xille, wearing his "The Power of X" t-shirt, climbs the ropes and polishes the belt to the delight of the crowd. Styles gathers the two men into the center of the ring, and the crowd calms down.

JS: The first question I have for you two is the most obvious: how does it feel to be the brand new AWF Tag Team Champions?

Xille: Well, lemme say first, Joey Styles, that...

As Xille begins to talk, Ghostal reaches over and snatches the mic out of Joey's hand.

Ghostal: Let's get a few things straight right now, the both of you. First of all, Styles, didn't you go to broadcasting school? You call yourself a broadcast journalist. Let me give you a free lesson called "Introductions 101". When you introduce a team, especially a championship team, you go in alphabetical order. RA, you better be listening close, because this applies to you, too. The next time we come down to this ring, I want to hear "The AWF Tag Team Champions, V.3. Vin Ghostal and Xille." That's what I want to hear. In fact, lemme hear it right now, Styles.

Ghostal reaches outside the ring and grabs another microphone and tosses it at the confused Styles.

Styles: Er...please welcome the AWF Tag Team Champions, V.3. Vin Ghostal and Xille!

Ghostal: That's better, Styles. Now hit the bricks and get out of my ring. Go back to the booth and keep killing our ratings like usual.

Ghostal snatches the microphone from Styles and shoves him out of the ring as the crowd boos the cocky champion's antics. Ghostal then offers the second microphone to Xille but drops it at his partner's feet.

Ghostal: As for you, X, let me explain something to you right now. When we come down to this ring, you're not the one who walks in front. I walk in front. When they play my music, that's not the cue for you to start spending over your means, if you get my drift. Being a tag team champion is great, but it's not going to last if we don't maintain some kind of hierarchy on this team. Understand?

Xille frowns and picks up the microphone at his feet.

Xille: Understand? Yeah, I understand. I understand that if you don't get off your high horse, these belts are gonna be gone before we even get to enjoy 'em! I know how much AWF gold means to you, man.

Ghostal: You know? You think you know? You have no idea how much...

As Ghostal talks, his microphone suddenly cuts off. He talks for a second, then Xille tries to talk, but their microphones are out. A camera swings to the far corner of the arena, where Divebomb and P stand at the control booth, a twisted mess of wires in their hands! Divebomb laughs and the two men leave as Xille and Ghostal head up the aisle to follow them!

AWF TV Title Match: Strafe© v. Sparky

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF TV Title. Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland……SPARKY!”

Kill Bill Theme song kicks in and Sparky walks through the curtains and stops for a moment to pose for the crowd before making his way to the ring.

JFA: “Sparky with a huge opportunity here tonight to make a real name for himself but he has to do something no one else has been able to do and take the title off of Strafe.”
JHA: “It would be an amazing feat if he could do it and he might be able to do it.”

Sparky jumps into the ring and poses for the crowd a little more as his music fades and changes into “Here to stay” by Korn. Strafe bursts through the curtains and makes his way down to the ring.

JHA: “This ain’t looking good for Sparky already. Strafe seems to be very pumped up tonight.”
JFA: “Strafe does seem to have a load of confidence.”

Strafe jumps into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle then poses for the crowd as the ref signals for the bell. Strafe hands over his title and the match is underway. The two tie up in the center of the ring and Sparky whips Strafe into the ropes and drops him to the mat with a shoulder block. Strafe bounces back up and Sparky whips him into the ropes again and nails him with a drop kick then follows up with an elbow drop to the champion. Sparky drags Strafe to his feet and whips him into the corner then charges in with a flying body splash.

JFA: “Sparky taking an early advantage here as he just squished the champ in the corner.”
JHA: “Sparky taking some time to pose for the crowd here now. He shouldn’t do that, he’s giving Strafe to much time to recuperate.”
JFA: “Yes he is and Strafe is some one you don’t want to give too much time to.”

Sparky finishes posing and charges in again but this time Strafe ducks out of the corner and Sparky crashes head first into the ring post. Sparky stumbles out of the corner and Strafe grabs him and nails him with a jawbreaker then follows that up with a quick somersault splash.

JHA: “I told you he wasted too much time and now look at him. He’s down on the floor holding his jaw.”
JFA: “A normal rookie mistake, but it’s a very bad time to make it because I can’t see Strafe making too many of them.”
JHA: “And most likely he won’t make any here tonight but I could be wrong.”

Strafe drags Sparky to his feet and knocks him back down with a neck breaker. He gets back to his feet and quickly climbs the ropes and waits. Sparky slowly starts to get up looking dazed from the neck breaker. He turns around and Strafe flys off the ropes going for a missle drop kick but Sparky quickly falls out of his path and Strafe falls hard to the mat.

JFA: “Whoa Strafe just missed with the missle drop kick and its not normal to see him do that.”
JHA: “I guess I stand corrected. Strafe did make a mistake here tonight but now we get to see if Sparky can capitalize on it.”
JFA: “The ref beginning his count.”


JFA: “Sparky slowly crawling to the ropes.”
JHA: “And Strafe still hasn’t moved.”


JFA: “Sparky at the ropes now and starting to get gut.”
JHA: “Strafe finally moving and he’s trying to get up.”


JFA: “And Sparky has made it too his feet and the count is broken.”
JHA: “Yeah and Strafe is only up to one knee.”

Sparky, seeing that Strafe is only up to his knee, charges quickly and nails Strafe with a stiff right punch but Strafe is up to the challenge and begins throw punches as he struggles to get to his feet. The two trade punches in the center of the ring until finally Sparky gets the upperhand and whips Strafe into the ropes. As Strafe comes back Sparky nails him with a samoan drop and then poses for the crowd.

JHA: “And it looks like Sparky thinks this one is over here.”
JFA: “Yeah and hes setting him up for the Sparks Out. His own version of the Pedigree.”

Sparky drags Strafe to his feet and sets him for the pedigree. He poses for the crowd one more time and gos for it.

JHA: “Holy hell. Strafe just blocked it. He just blocked the pedigree.”
JFA: “And he just sent Sparky up and over with a back body drop.”

The two men get to their feet at about the same time and charge at each other. Strafe ducks a clothesline attempt by Sparky and quickly whips him into the ropes and nails him with a drop kick. He drags him to his feet and drops him with a suplex then climbs the ropes and with no hesitation flys off and nails the downed Sparky with the Strafing Run.

JFA: “Strafe just hit the Strafing Run.”
JHA: “And it looks like now the champ is signaling for the end here as hes calling for the Ivory Tower.”

Strafe drags Sparky to his feet and levels the rookie with the Ivory Tower and quickly makes the pin. 1…2…3!

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Your winner and STILL your AWF TV Champion…..STRAFE!”

JFA: “Strafe has done it. He has retained his TV title.”
JHA: “It was a pretty good match I must say.”
JFA: “Yes it was.”

Strafe poses for the crowd with his TV title and then makes his way to the back as the crowd stands and cheers.


Morpheus is shown in the dark…rocking back and forth…

Keith Kincaid stops Morpheus backstage

Keith Kincaid: Morpheus, you're scheduled for two matches tonight. First a match against Ignavus, and then the fatal fourway for the number one contender spot. Do you think you can pull it off?

Morpheus: Two matches in one night? Possibly almost one hour together?

KK: Yes. Two matches. Wh...

Morpheus: I have been fighting all my life! Fighting against everything. People better than me, people worse than me, the odds... myself. What difference do two matches in one night make?

KK: Well, act...

Morpheus: Nothing! Two victories in one night, that could make a difference. Two defeats, I guess I would deserve that.

KK: They say you asked for the match against Ignavus tonight. Care to explain?

Morpheus: I will not be laughed at! I will not be ridiculed! Silly Cow will not be made fun at. He did all those. What else could have I done?

KK: Well, act...

Morpheus: Nothing! But in the end, I fear that's the only thing I can do. Nothing...

Morpheus vs. Ignavus

JFA: This one could turn out to be a nasty bout.

JHA: You're telling me. This rookie Ignavus is going to get a beating of his lifetime tonight. And quite deservingly, I might add.

JFA: What do you mean "deservingly"? This kid has done nothing to provoke Morpheus, he's only tried to fit in. And what does he get for his troubles? A beat down by that monster and then this match!

The arena darkens and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata begins to play as Morpheus slowly makes his way towards the ring. He ignores the mixed boos and cheers from the audience and keeps on looking forward. He slowly climbs to the ring and kneels towards the turnbuckle mumbling something. He doesn't even seem to notice that Nickelback's Leader of Men starts to play signaling for the arrival of his opponent Ignavus.

JFA: That's Ignavus's entrance music but the man is nowhere to be seen.

JHA: Ha! He chickened out! He knew he won't stand a chance against Morpheus and didn't even show up!

JFA: No, wait! There he is, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Did he just wake up?

JHA: He's more idiot than I even dared to imagine. Sleeping before the match. Morpheus will surely put him to sleep for a long time.

JFA: Ignavus making his way to the ring, still doesn't seem too interested about the situation.

Morpheus is still kneeling over in the corner as Ignavus steps into the ring. Ignavus walks to the center of the ring prompting Morpheus to get up and slowly turn towards his opponent. Then, quickly he rushes against Ignavus. Ignavus however saw that coming, ducks under and scores with a standing dropkick. Morpheus is sent staggering back, Ignavus connects with a series of right hands before whipping Morpheus to the ropes and hitting him with a drop toe hold. Quickly Ignavus grabs a side headlock but Morpheus powers up and pushes Ignavus to the ropes. Ignavus slides under Morpheus's feet and hits a DDT.

JFA: Surprisingly Ignavus is control here in the early match up.

JHA: But how long can he keep it up. Morpheus is veteran of the game and Ignavus has just started here.

JFA: Ignavus picks Morpheus up, Morpheus with an elbow to the gut sending Ignavus back and a huge clothesline by Morpheus drops the rookie!!

JHA: That clothesline knocked Ignavus nearly out of his boots!

JFA: Ignavus tries to get up and Morpheus with a shoulder block! Morpheus drags Ignavus back up by the hair, slams his head on the turnbuckle and grabs a sleeper hold!

JHA: Sleeper hold is very efficient when you want to slow your opponent down and it seems that's just what Morpheus is doing.

JFA: Ignavus starting to fade but he manages to get to the ropes, granting him a short breather.

JHA: Very short. Morpheus is right back on him hitting him with clubbing blows to the back. Irish whip to the ropes... and a flap jack! Ignavus is really hurting here.

JFA: Morpheus hits a front head lock, grounding the smaller and faster Ignavus. Ignavus battling to get up, shoulder strikes to the abdomen, forcing Morpheus to release the hold. Ignavus goes to the ropes for momentum... but Morpheus drops him again with a shoulder block! Cover! One, two... and Ignavus kicks out!

JHA: Stupid little man. Should've just stayed down...

JFA: Are you actually proposing that an AWF superstar would lie down?

JHA: Hey, that would be the smart thing to do.

JFA: Morpheus picks Ignavus up, whip to the corner and Morpheus follows up with a hard clothesline.

As Ignavus is dropped down against the turnbuckle Morpheus back down to the other side of the ring. Ending any speculations of having some mercy he suddenly runs to the corner and hits Ignavus in the face with a knee. Again Morpheus picks Ignavus up and hits him with a suplex. He starts to go for the cover but changes his mind and grabs Ignavus by the hair and throws him shoulder first against the ring post.

JFA: Morpheus is just picking poor Ignavus apart piece by piece.

JHA: Since he's got another match tonight you might think he would want to end this quickly. But then again, Morpheus and thinking don't go together well.

JFA: Ignavus slowly getting to his feet and Morpheus is there with right hands. Irish whip, Ignavus ducks the clothesline attempt, and a DDT!!

JHA: Desperate move by Ignavus and that got Morpheus down for a second.

JFA: Not for long, Morpheus is already getting up. Ignavus is climbing the turnbuckle, is he quitting?

JHA: That'd be the smartest thing he's done all night.

JFA: Morpheus is going after him, a swanton bomb by Ignavus! He lured Morpheus close and hit him with a swanton bomb!

JHA: Have to admit, he took Morpheus by surprise. But Morpheus is again getting up, and a low dropkick by Ignavus. Morpheus is still getting up.

JFA: Ignavus from the ropes, and a swinging neckbreaker. Followed by a leg drop. Ignavus covers! One, two.. and Morpheus gets a shoulder up.

Ignavus picks Morpheus up and hits him a few times before whipping him to the ropes and hitting him with a hurracanrana. Morpheus gets quickly back up but is hit with a spinning heel kick dropping him back down. Ignavus weighs his choices for a second and then jumps to the ropes connecting with a springboard leg drop. He goes again for the cover but gets only two. Ignavus grabs Morpheus by the hair pulling him back to his feet.

JFA: Irish whip by Ignavus, Morpheus counters and sends Ignavus to the ropes, and spinning head scissors by Ignavus sends Morpheus rolling out of the ring.

JHA: Morpheus gets up, but what is Ignavus doing?

JFA: Cross body over the ropes and Morpheus is down!

JHA: Ignavus picks Morpheus up and rolls him back to the ring. He climbs the top turnbuckle, and a leg drop! Cover! One, two... and Morpheus kicks out!

JFA: Ignavus is giving all he's got but he doesn't seem to be able to keep Morpheus down. Morpheus is slowly getting to his feet, Ignavus goes to the ropes, clothesline ducked by Morpheus and he locks in the sleeper again!

JHA: He is constantly going for the sleeper, draining the energy out of Ignavus. That makes it easier for him to hit the Anesthesis or the Bad Dreams.

JFA: Ignavus struggles but Morpheus has the sleeper locked in tight. Ignavus backs up to the corner, and pushes Morpheus back first against the corner post! But Morpheus doesn't let go! Again Ignavus pushes him to the corner and this time Morpheus ifs forced to release the hold.

JHA: Morpheus is a bit groggy, Ignavus to the ropes and a springboard bulldog!

Ignavus tries again to pin the opponent but gets only a two count. Showing small signs of frustration he picks Morpheus to his feet and hits him with a series of right hands. After that he whips Morpheus to the ropes, jumps over him as Morpheus comes back and after Morpheus has bounced again from the ropes he hits him with a dropkick. That sends Morpheus staggering back but Ignavus is relentless. He whips Morpheus to the corner and goes for a body splash. Morpheus ducks it however and Ignavus goes straight against the ring post. Ignavus back down from the impact but Morpheus grabs him immediately and hits a full nelson slam. Ignavus tries to get up but Morpheus drops the knee on his head forcing him back down.

JFA: Morpheus with a knee drop, and another.

JHA: He's focusing his attacks on the head. Not a bad strategy, if you ask me.

JFA: Ignavus tries to get up but Morpheus is waiting. Irish whip to the ropes and a back body drop sends Ignavus crashing on the canvas! A couple of stiff kicks by Morpheus and then he picks Ignavus up clubbing him the same time. Irish whip to the ropes, Ignavus ducks the clothesline, comes back... And a double clothesline drops both men down!

JHA: Morpheus was the fresher man, he should be up before Ignavus!

JFA: Hard to say. The referee is already at three and neither man has shown any signs of getting up.

JHA: Now, Morpheus starts to stir, he's getting to his feet!

JFA: The referee at six, Morpheus is slowly getting up but Ignavus is also starting to move. Eight!

JHA: Morpheus is already up and Ignavus is on his knees. Clothesline by Morpheus, Ignavus ducks...

JFA: Kick to the midsection, Ignavus grabs Morpheus by the waist...

JHA: The Slacker Tower coming up?!

JFA: No! What is Morpheus doing?

JHA: Ignavus falls on his back with Morpheus on him...

JFA: Morpheus is biting him! Morpheus is biting Ignavus!!

JHA: Wow, that's gotta hurt.

JFA: Referee is counting and Morpheus releases his grip on the count of four. Ignavus is clearly shaken by that as he's slowly getting to his feet. Morpheus with a kick to the stomach, and a power bomb! Morpheus picks Ignavus up and whips him against the turnbuckle with force.

JHA: Ignavus's back must be killing him after a hit like that and Ignavus is back up.

JFA: Morpheus climbs the second rope, and a fist drop on the prone Ignavus! Cover! One, two,

JHA: And Ignavus kicks out! He's resilient, I have to give him that. I just don't know how useful that resilience is against Morpheus.

Morpheus pulls Ignavus back up and hits him with a short arm clothesline. He keeps the hold on Ignavus's hand, however, using that to pull Ignavus to his feet. He whips him to the ropes and connects with a spinebuster. Immediately after that he grabs the head and locks in another sleeper. Ignavus tries to struggle but Morpheus has the hold locked on tight. Somehow Ignavus gets to his feet but every second on the sleeper drains him of his strength. With the last bit of energy he has, Ignavus scores two hits to the midsection with his elbows, which are enough to get him free. He quickly runs to the ropes, ducks Morpheus's clothesline, goes again to the ropes and hits with a flying elbow. Ignavus doesn't waste a second hitting Morpheus with a couple of kicks, then picks him up and nails him with a DDT.

JFA: Morpheus is trying to get up and Ignavus climbs the top turnbuckle.

JHA: Morpheus on his feet, and a missile dropkick by Ignavus. Morpheus is down and Ignavus covers! One! Two!

JFA: Thr... no! Morpheus gets a shoulder up and Ignavus is denied.

JHA: Ignavus hits Morpheus again as he picks him up, whip to the rope, a back body drop attempt, telegraphed!

JFA: Morpheus with a clubbing blow to the back, pulling piledriver!!

JHA: Morpheus hits with a pulling piledriver! That must be it!

JFA: Morpheus covers. One... Two...

JHA: Ignavus gets a shoulder up!

JFA: How this kid is doing this, I don't know. But he just survived the piledriver. Morpheus is quite unhappy with that.

JHA: Arguing with the referee, pulling his own hair. This freak does it all but still, it was only a two count.

JFA: All the while, Ignavus is stirring. He gets behind Morpheus, school boy roll up! Shoulders down! One, two, and Morpheus kicks out! Morpheus gets quickly up and tries to level Ignavus with a hard clothesline. Ignavus counters with an arm drag and follows it up with a dropkick to the knee!

JHA: Kid's got still something left! He runs to the ropes, and a bulldog on Morpheus. Ignavus picks Morpheus up, whip to the corner. He goes to the opposite corner.

JFA: I smell the Unmotivator here. He rushes to Morpheus, Morpheus ducks!

JHA: Ignavus is sent crashing against the ring post with the failed shining wizard attempt. Morpheus on his feet, stalking Ignavus who's slowly returning to this world.

JFA: Ignavus on his feet, kick to the midsection by Morpheus, and the Anesthesis!!

JHA: Morpheus hits the Anesthesis, this must be it! Ignavus is done for!

JFA: But Morpheus isn't going to for the cover. He lifts Ignavus to a sitting position, goes behind...

JHA: Bad Dreams!! Bad Dreams on Ignavus!

JFA: He was nearly unconscious after the Anesthesis! This isn't in any way necessary! Morpheus already had the match won!

JHA: He's sending some kind of message here.

JFA: And what could that message be? "I'm a sick and sadistic freak"? We know that already!

JHA: Perhaps he's showing his other opponents tonight that even after this kind of match he'll be able to lock in the Bad Dreams easily.

JFA: I doubt it will as easy against the opponents he'll face later on. But nevermind that, let the kid go!

JHA: I guess he soon will. Referee is checking up on Ignavus, and he signals for the bell. This match is over!

JFA: Ignavus is in no condition to continue the match and referee has mercifully ended this. Finally Morpheus releases the hold, although I'm not sure if he even acknowledged that he won the match.

JHA: Sure he did, but he's got something more important on his mind. Namely, the match for the number one contender spot later in the evening.

While the referee checks on Ignavus who is still unconscious Morpheus exits the ring and walks slowly towards backstage with the haunting Moonlight Sonata is playing through the arena the second time this night.

Backstage with Keith Kincaid and Divebomb

KK: “Hello everybody. I am here tonight with Divebomb and am hoping to get his thoughts on the events of the last week. Hello Divebomb.”

DB: “Yeah yeah. I know what you want so just get on with it. Ask me whatever you want and I’ll see if you get an answer.”

KK: “Fair enough. Well things have been getting a little hectic since Viewfind and the GPA turned their backs on Vin Ghostal and I would like you to briefly tell us your opinions on the events that led up to the tag match last week.”

DB: “Well it like I have said many times since then. It was time for the GPA to break free of the shadow of Vinny G and try to show the world that it wasn’t him that got us this far but that it was us. We did what we had to do and I have no regrets, it was just time. And now you go and throw in that little punk Xille, who has been a pain in the GPA’s side since he showed up here and its easy to see how it ended up this way.”

KK: “That’s true. It was bound to happen one day. Now give us your thoughts on the match last week and try to explain what happened.”

DB: “Dude, we lost. What is there to explain? We fought well but it just wasn’t our night. It pisses me off to no ends that it had to be the shrimp and the superstar wanna-be that took our titles but it happens and all I can do now is try to get them back and trust me I will get them back.”

KK: “After the match last week you laid down a challenge to Xille for a match with no outside interference. How do you think it will turn out and can we actually expect no outside interference?”

DB: “If the powers that be see fit to make the match, and I hope they do, I picture an ass whoopin' like no other. I will beat him into the ground and prove that I am the better man and yes you can expect no interference at least if he keeps Ghostal and anyone else that sympathizes with him away from ring side.”

KK: “So any final comments before I let you go.”

DB: “Yeah, any one that gets in my way will pay. The only choice they have is will they pay by cash or by blood. Is that it?”

KK: “Almost I forgot one thing. I have heard a rumor going around that P? will be leaving the AWF and I was just wondering if he had told you anything about it and how long he will be out.”

DB: “What the hell did you say? Who the hell do you think you are? You little punk. What kinda crap is that. Of course its not true. He never said anything to me about it and if it was true he would have. Now you got two seconds to get out of my locker room before I kick your ass.”

(KK get up and makes it to the door before DB kicks him in the ass and sends him out of the room.)

DB: “And stay out you little piss ant!”

The GPA (Viewfind, Tempest, Divebomb and P?) Vs. Blood and Thunder, Xille and VIN Ghostal

JFA: Well, this will not be for the faint of heart.
JHA: You said it, the GPA is going to mop the floor with these guys, and this is going be great!
JFA: There is quite a bit of bad blood here at the moment, the NWA lost their titles last week, to V3 and Xille, and Tempest was pinned 1, 2, 3 last week in a match involving Blood n Thunder.
JHA: And Viewfind is here to make sure the GPA will get some much needed revenge, because they are amped up and ready.

Bleed out all empathy...
I have to believe them (lies)
In order to attain fulfillment
I have to succumb to (lies)
All my inner fears that tear at me
I will never believe them (lies)
I'm sick of the weakness that controls me
Now that I have fallen, I will not repent

JFA: And my hat goes off to the new AWF Tag Team champions, getting the better hand of the NWA.
JHA is seen seething in the corner.
JFA: V3 and Xille making there way down the ring, shoulder by shoulder, belt and belt, you have got to be impressed by this young man, he’s certainly come a long way, gaining the Hardcore title and Tag Titles, all in his Rookie year.
JHA: Yeah, but he’s not ‘Rookie of the Year’ or Lord of the Matt.
JFA: We’ll see.

P.I.M.P. NWA Re-Mix blasts the audience.

JHA: And here come the home boys, holding themselves back, Divebomb is ready to pounce, but Prowl? is just managing to hold him back.
JFA: We’ll there doing the right thing.
JHA: They should both pummel them … but they’ll wait till the full force comes out. Just to be safe.
JFA: Yeah … I’m sure that’s what it is.

Smoke on the water fills the arena as red mist covers the ramp.

JFA: And Blood and Thunder make their way down the ring …
JHA: But the NWA are coming their way, and they’re ready to fight.
JFA: So are Xille and V3 …

As NWA start to fight off Blood N Thunder and Xille and V3, Viewfind and Tempest come running down the ramp with Baseball bats in hand and start wailing on everything not GPA and start going for they’re lives.

JFA: This isn’t right, the ref hasn’t even started the match, and Xille now been throw in the ring by Prowl?, going for the quick cover.
JHA: Hurry up ref and ring that bell, yes … there it goes … Prowl? for the pin … and Xille gets the shoulder up!
JFA: The little mans got some fight left in him yet!
JHA: *snigger*
JFA: Well all know he’s small, and yet he still survived a beating from the GPA cowards!
Nmat: I wouldn’t go to far there J …

JFA and JHA turn around to see Nmat standing behind them looking at the match playing out, currently, Prowl? Just tagged in Viewfind who is in the process of tenderising Xille’s body with body shots.

JHA: Hello Nmat, would you like a seat?
Nmat: No thanks, just here to watch the match.
JFA turns around with the look that he has a bad taste in his mouth.

Xille, manages to get free of an abdominal stretch and tags in V3.

JFA: And here we go, we got a match going on now, V3 with a short clothesline to Divebomb, Prowl? comes in, another short clothesline.
JHA: Smart tactics by NWA, rolling away to the sides of the ring, Viewfind gives Tempest a look, and he smiles, and Tempest gets involved in this shin-dig.
JFA: Shin-dig? … anyway, Tempest and Vin Ghostal measure each other up, Tempest stands a good deal higher then V3, but Ghostal as got the heart to win this match.
JHA: Yeah … but as Tempest is doing now, he can pick him up one had, Vin Ghostal wriggles free and goes up against Tempest, he now gets the knee in Tempests side, but Tempest just looks up and smiles at him, grabbing his face and shoving it into the mat.

Tempest looks around at the audience and is met by only boos by the crowd; he turns around to the GPA corner, only to be ambushed by Xille, Zarak and Wolfang.

JHA: Come on ref, get in there!
JFA: He’s busy with the GPA, trying to help Tempest!
JHA: All four members of the other team are wailing on Tempy, someone get in there and help him!
Nmat: Ask and you shall receive.

Nmat rushes down to ring side, ready to jump in the ring when Ref sees him just and time and holds up a finger. The ref sees Tempest being mobbed and steps in.

JFA: The ref is keeping and eye Nmathew, just in case, Zarak is the legal man here. Impressive Belly-to-Belly suplex there. Tempest in the middle of the ring down and out, and Zarak has the Dragon Sleeper applied. He’s going to try and let Tempest sleep.
JHA: Unfair move … shouldn’t be allowed if you ask me.
JFA: Well were not, so be quite …

Tempest is slowly starting to slip away when Viewfind jumps in the ring and starts wailing on Zarak, he helps Tempest to his feets and gets in him into the corner, before getting a running knee shot into Zarak.

JHA: That HAD to hurt. Shame really, and look at that, Zarak has had his nose crushed there, lucky he wasn’t killed.
JFA: And the Ref has gone red, but Viewfind doesn’t car, he’s setting Zarak up for the Philly Pimp Drop. There you go 1 … 2 … and stop there by Wolfang, and both teams are now getting involved.

With the confusion, Nmat jumps into the ring and side-lines the ref, making GPA one member up.

JHA: Here we go bedlam in the ring, Nmat is giving an assist to each GPA member and Divebomb and Zarak are outside, Viewfind is up against Ghostal, Prowl? up against Wolfang and Tempest and Nmat are pummelling Xille.

Almost on cue, Tempest turns around to be hot with the IC belt, while Nmat turns around just in time to get some Sweet Chin Music, he jumps onto Viewfind.

JFA: The Game, getting rid of Viewfind, and I don’t believe it … the Game helping up Ghostal.
JHA: This can’t be happening … Xille, G91 and V3 are now going outside to help Wolfang and Zarak.
JFA: This is amazing, the team work. The GPA is now starting to stir …
JHA: Tempest is now alone in the ring, and the now ... oh my god … Blood N Thunder, V3 and Xille and Galvatron91 are now facing Tempest. But wait … wait … RAVAGE!!
JFA: What is he out here for? He’s got a match out with him later on The Game for the IC title! He’s got a damn steel chair. They haven’t seen him, Wolfang down … V3 down, Xille turned around only to be speared by Tempest, Zarak just got hit with a double choke slam from Ravage and Tempest, just as The Game gets out of the ring.
JHA: See … he’s only there to save his own skin. He’s a coward … And now the GPA on full force, beating down on their opponents.
JFA: and the GPA have cleaned house, and look at that … all six men, raised arms.
JHA: *Sob* Like brotherhood if you ask me.
JFA: The Game is slowly walking back up the ramp saying ‘It’s not over yet’ to Ravage who is out at the end of the chain.
JHA: This is going to be a good night.
JFA: Game v Ravage is still to come here tonight…so much bad blood floating around here!

*Commercial Break *

AWF Number One Contender's Match: TC v Blaster v Morpheus v Grand Convoy

JFA: “This is what it’s all about, folks. One of the four superstars in this match will earn a shot at the world title.”

JHA: “And I can tell you now who it’s going to be.”

JFA: “Please don’t. Morpheus back out here again and TC in the ring now…awaiting the arrival of their opponents….Blaster making his way to the ring with the usual fanfare and pyrotechnics…”

JHA: “There he is! You’re next AWF champion! Y3B! Y3B! Come on, J! All together now! Y3B! Y3B”

JFA: “Down, boy. Don’t get so uppity. They’ll take you out to get put down…now that you mention it, that might not be such a bad idea. Three down, one to go…and now ”Numb” by Linkin Park blaring…but no Grand Convoy.”

JHA: “I’ve heard rumors backstage, J. Bombers was looking for him after what happened last week. I guess Bombers has finally become convinced that what happened wasn’t a technical malfunction.”

JFA: “I doubt that, but in any event, we gotta have the match here…and the ref signaling for the bell. We’re starting the match one man down!”

JHA: “But look at who we got left, J! We got Y3B in the match. I don’t see why they just don’t give the belt to him now.”

JFA: “Because he has to beat one of his opponent by either pinfall or submission first.”

JHA: “Ah, man!”

JFA: “And Blaster and Morpheus going at it now. Starting out with a quick test of strength that is broken up rather quickly as TC drives a boot into Morpheus’ gut, sending him backward. And now Blaster and TC going at it, looking to relive one of the AWF’s classic feuds. These two have had a long and sordid history in the company dating back to its founding.

JHA: “That’s the key word there, J. ‘History’. They’d better focus on the here and now, because if they allow themselves to lose control, they might end up losing their shot at the title.

JFA: “Gotta agree with you there, J. And Morpheus apparently does as well, since he’s tackling TC from behind and laying down the stiff right hands. Blaster taking exception to this interruption, naturally, and landing a kick to Morpheus’ head, sending him flying off TC. Blaster going for the arrogant cover now…and TC predictably kicking out.

JHA: “Come on, Blaster! You can beat these two chumps easily!”

JFA: “And now Morpheus getting back to his feet, and laying down several swift chops to Blaster, sending the former AWF champion back towards the corner. Shades of Chris Benoit creeping into Morpheus now, and an Irish whip into the opposite corner. Going for a clothesline now, but cut off by TC as he dives off the ground, spearing Morpheus to the ground.”

JHA: “That’s going to leave a mark. One very huge mark.”

JFA: “Blaster catching TC off guard as he gets back up, laying down several punches and a knee shot to the stomach. Elbow to the back of the head. TC is getting himself into trouble here. And Morpheus getting back to his feet now. What’s he going to do?”

JHA: “If I was him, I’d get the hell out of Dodge.”

JFA: “If I was you, I’d think about learning basic hygiene. And now Blaster and Morpheus teaming up to take out TC, landing punches to TC’s head and stomach, driving him into the corner. Now they’re laying on the kicks, driving TC to the ground. He’s got to be hurting, J. He’s taken a large amount of punishment.“

JHA: “Not as much as he might have been had Grand Convoy gotten out here. By the way, has there been any word from the back?”

JFA: “Not really, J. It’s as if Grand Convoy just disappeared off the face of the Earth.”

JHA: “Oh, if only that were true…”

JFA: “And now Blaster pointing to the corner…looks like he wants Morpheus to launch him at TC. Morpheus all too willing to comply. Morpheus and Blaster at the opposite turnbuckle. Morpheus launching Blaster…but Blaster reverses! And Morpheus goes flying into TC!”


JFA: “Not really, J. In addition to taking out TC, Morpheus also took out the ref. Ladies and gentlemen, this match has really gone downhill. The ref’s knocked out, TC and Morpheus both knocked out…Blaster gloating in the middle of the ring…looks like this match is all said and done, folks. There’s no way this match can get any more deep sixed…I guess I was wrong.. Look up the ramp, J.”

JHA: “Whose up there? Grand Convoy?”

JFA: “Nope. It’s Ignavus”


JFA: “Stop with the puns, J. It doesn’t suit you. And Blaster stopping his gloating in the middle of the ring…thank god for that. Ignavus moving down the ramp. Blaster voicing his displeasure that Ignavus, a relative rookie, has the gall to interrupt this match.”

JHA: “Him and everyone else, J. Get this kid outta here.”

JFA: “It doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere, J. And Blaster exchanging jabs and insults with the newcomer. I don’t see where this is going…WAIT! FROM THE CROWD! IT’S ARCEE!”

JHA: “With a folding chair! What’s she doing out here?! She has no business being in this match!”

JFA: “That may be true, but Blaster was directly responsible for the beating that her boyfriend Bombshell suffered at Fallout. Blaster still distracted by Ignavus…Blaster turning around…and a THUNDERING CHAIR SHOT TO BLASTER’S SKULL!”

JHA: “What are you doing?!”

JFA: “Arcee tossing the chair away, dragging Morpheus’ prone body over Blaster’s. Now she’s leaving the ring with Ignavus. What’s going on with these two? Has Arcee dumped Bombshell and hooked herself up with one of the newcomers to our company?”

JHA: “Wouldn’t surprise me. It’s pretty much the only way either of them is going to get anywhere in this company.”

JFA: “That may be true, and this new tag team has already made an impact here tonight, and they’ve laid out Blaster. Ref coming to…seeing Morpheus on Blaster…TC sees it too, trying to stop the count…but he’s too late. Morpheus wins the match thanks to a big assist from Ignavus and Arcee.”

JHA: “That’s all well and good, but I’m sure the fans are more interested in finding out what happened to Grand Convoy.”

JFA: “Funny you should mention that, J. I’m getting word from backstage…”

*Cameras cut backstage to show EMT’s rushing to a fallen figure sprawled on the broken remains of a folding table and covered in food. JRA desperately tries to get through the crowd to see who it is.*

JFA: “I wonder what happened back there, J.”

JHA: “Can’t be anything good, with the EMT’s there. JRA, can you give us anything?”

JRA: “I’m afraid not, guys. There’s too big a crowd in the way and…Oh, god.”

JFA & JHA: “What? What?! WHAT?!”

JRA: “Guys, you’re not going to believe this, but…”

*Suddenly, the shouting laughter of Arcee and Ignavus pierces the air. Seeing the commotion, JRA heads towards them.*

JRA: “Arcee, Arcee, tonight it appears that you have hooked up with one of the AWF’s newest superstars. Can you tell us what motivated you to do this, and why you have decided to leave Bombshell after such a successful partnership?”

Arcee: “Leave Bombers? Why would I want to do that?”

JRA: “But…but…you’re with Ignavus.”

Arcee: “Yeah. So?”

*Before JRA can reply, the large form of Bombshell approaches. He grabs the microphone and shoves JRA away.*

Bombshell: “Now, I’m sure that Morpheus is going to be happy as a cupcake when he comes to and realizes that he’s the number one contender for the AWF title, but I’m sure that most of you are wondering where Grand Convoy is.”

JFA: “I’m pretty sure that JHA isn’t…”

Bombshell: “So, if these EMT’s can gladly get out of the way…”

*The EMT’s continue to attend to the fallen figure for several more seconds before Bombshell starts tossing them aside, revealing that the prone figure is…”

JFA: “Grand Convoy?!”

Bombshell: “Yeah, that’s where Grand Convoy was the entire match. And I have my reasons for doing this. And there’s also a good reason why Ignavus here did what he did.”

JHA: “Well, what are they?”

Bombshell: “But you know what? I’m not going to tell you now. I figure that…a week is long enough to let these people start rumors about it, don’t you?”

*Arcee and Ignavus agree*

Bombshell: “Good. Then it’s settled. In a week, I’ll explain everything to you.

JFA: “I can’t believe what I’ve heard here tonight, J. Bombers has completely lost it.

JHA: “Wow. Way to keep up with the times, J.”

JFA: “Anyways, I’m sure that we’ll be interested in hearing what Bombshell has to say about this incident next week.

JHA: “I’m sure you’re the only one.”

AWF Intercontinental Championship Match: ‘The Game’ Erik Summers [c] Vs. Ravage

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and it is for the AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!”

JFA: “Okay folks… we’re glad that you’re back with us… now, this match has been on the build for some time, but last week was a definite Jumpstarter…”
JHA: “You got that right… Mr. Summers played some of that Sweet Chin Music on Ravage’s jaw, and needless to say, Big Daddy Rav was none too happy about that… he’s looking for some payback tonight…”

Dimmu Borgir’s ‘Puritania’ begins to play, and Ravage strolls down to the ring with his usual bad temper and lack of charisma. He stops to tear up a sign saying ‘Game Over, Rav’ before flipping the bird to a few fans and making his way around to the announce table.

JRA: “First the challenger… representing the GPA… from the cold mean back streets of Vermont… RAVAGE!”

JFA: “And we might be able to get some comment from Ravage now…”

Ravage thumps JFA with a right cross, knocking the announcer from his seat, and yells ‘He blindsided me! That ****er blindsided me and you know it!’ He then proceeds to hurl some more abuse at the crowd before stomping up the ring steps and taking up place in the ring facing the entrance.

JHA: “Are you alright, J?”
JFA: “Fine… but I do think that was uncalled for…”

‘Puritania’ fades into the ether to be replaced by the sounds of ‘Won’t Back Down’ by Fuel and the arena goes dark. Green lights begin to flicker around the arena as Ravage watches the entrance for any sign of ‘The Game’. After about 45 seconds, there is no sign of the erstwhile Erik Summers… until he jumps though the crowd and plants Ravage with the Vertebreaker!

JFA: “And now the bell rings… Summers saying something about ‘That time I blindsided you’ as he drags Ravage up to a vertical base… and drops him with a spinebuster. Out from the back, wheels HBK to ringside!”
JHA: “Ouch…”

‘The Game’ walks over to the nearest turnbuckles and lies across the top rope, pretending to light an imaginary cigar as he does so. The crowd are laughing along as he gets down and starts taunting Ravage with ‘Rarrgh… Rav SMASH!’ Of course, this just leads to Ravage planting a fist in Erik’s happy sacks with some considerable force, and The Game crumples to the canvas clutching his marbles.

JFA: “Ravage’s mood seems to be worsening as this match progresses… and he should have been disqualified right there…”
JHA: “Maybe there’re some special stipulations we aren’t aware of?”
JFA: “That wouldn’t surprise me considering the CEO…”

Ravage stomps on The Game about a dozen times. With Erik still down, Big Daddy Rav grabs him around the waist from the left hand side, drags him up to abdomen level in the air, and falls back slamming Erik on his neck. The crowd look on as Ravage drops three elbows into the neck, and cheer when The Game rolls out of the way of a fourth, managing to kick himself upright and make a run at the ropes. On the outside, HBK is heard shouting verbal insults at Ravage...suddenly he wheels to the announcer's table.

JFA: “The Game makes a run… Ravage getting up… right into a flying forearm from The Game… and he kips up! Erik Summers smashed Ravage with that forearm… and just kipped right back up.”
HBK: Of course he's making a run you git...look who he's in the ring with!
JHA: “Show-off…”

The Game makes his way back to where Ravage is laying down, and Ravage catches the IC champ unawares with a modified inside cradle for a two-count.

JFA: “ Ravage displaying some technical skill there…”
JHA: “Take note… that’s probably the only time you’ll see that in this match…”
HBK: Or his career for that matter...
JFA: So Sean...
HBK: I don't recall giving you permission to call me that wanker...
JFA: Apologies Mr. O'Con...what about this sudden rekindling with the Game?
HBK: Matter of convenience really...he just happens to want to cripple some guys I hate...

Both men quickly get to their feet, but Erik isn’t allowed any time to regroup before Ravage grabs him and delivers a series of knee shots to the abdomen of The Game before he pulls Summers over one shoulder; stretching the IC champion with a painful hold before slamming him face first into the canvas.

JFA: “Ravage certainly taking over on Erik Summers… grabs The Game in a front facelock… and starts with the knees to the head of the Cerebral Assassin! Good lord!”
JHA: “Ravage… Ravage… Ravage…”

Both men get back to being vertical just long enough for Ravage to grab The Game and smash him with a sidewalk slam.

JFA: “This is not looking good for the Intercontinental Champion right here folks…”

Ravage picks up The Game and sets up for a scoop slam… but Erik Summers manages to struggle out over the top and smashes Ravage’s head into the mat with a DDT!

JFA: “And there’s the turning point folks… The Game now venturing towards the top turnbuckle… waiting on Ravage… and there’s a hurricanranna! A Hurricanranna by Erik Summers sends Ravage crashing back to the mat…

HBK: I believe he lamely calls that the Frankengamer...

JFA: And Erik is looking for something… what could he… ah…”

The Game stands in one corner and stomps his heel against the mat. The crowd are going nuts at this point. He continues to stamp his foot against the mat as Ravage begins to get to his feet. As Ravage turns towards him, Erik thrusts forward extending his leg… and misses Ravage completely when Big Daddy Rav ducks under the move… and then grabs The Game ready to give him a Hangover!

JFA: “He missed! I don’t believe it! Ravage had the presence of mind long enough to avoid the Sweet Chin Music!”
JHA: “And now he’s in trouble…”

Ravage has his adversary firmly across both shoulders. He spins The Game off, supposedly ready to drop him on his head and shoulders… but The Game reverses the move in mid-air…

JFA: “END GAME! END GAME! Erik Summers has that crossface locked in on Ravage!”
JHA: “Aw no…”
HBK: Now I know that bloody well hurts...heh heh

The former G91 wrenches back on the arm and the neck of his opponent. Ravage is clearly in a great deal of pain, but can do nothing about it because of being almost dead centre in the ring. He taps out. The referee calls for the bell, and raises the hand of ‘The Game’ Erik Summers.

HBK: And that's all for me...I've got to go see about my hired muscle...

JHA: Didn't he call you roller boy?

HBK: Mention that again and I'll bust your hip...then I won't be the only one getting the best parking spaces...

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this bout… and STILL AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… ‘THE GAME’… ERIK SUMMERS!”

The crowd roar their approval as Erik exits the ring with his IC Championship and tries to reset his spine. He looks at Ravage before turning to walk up the ramp.

JFA: “Well… that’s it for that match…”
JHA: “No it isn’t…”

As Erik nears the top of the ramp, Ravage runs up behind him and slams him down on the ramp. He pulls the Intercontinental Champion up… and this time does deliver the Hangover; right on the steel ramp!

JHA: “Ravage has the last laugh I think…”
JFA: “Shut up. That’s god-damned disgusting…”

Ravage flips the crowd off a few times before walking backstage, he smirks at HBK as he rolls up to his fallen comrade...mayhem fades to black as the two glare hatefull towards one another...

2004-07-10, 10:49 PM

Galvatron you best not stick yo nose in da GPA's business again or ima have to beat yo ass down like the bad lil dog you is.

2004-07-11, 12:09 AM
Ghostal, I think this is the point where we make some compromises, whether you like to or not. Take our entrance, for example. You apparently want to come out first, have your name called first, and have your music playing in the background. Well, I have a slight problem with that.

First off, you want them to say your name first? Think about this, Ghostal. Xille just sounds better in the front, you know? Let's say it aloud.

"Making their way to the ring, the AWF Tag Team Champions... Xille and Vin... Ghostal!"

Now the other way.

"Making their way to the ring, the former AWF Tag Team Champions... Vin Ghostal and... XILLE!!!"

You see? When we're champions, Xille sounds better in the front. It's more pleasing to the ears, baby. Besides, you've got too many titles. Your name takes forever. It's better to get mine out of the way.

Alright, next. You want to come out first. Whatever. If you can run faster than me to the stage, you can come out first. Pitch a tent. Buy reserve tickets. Distract me with a shiney object on my way. If you want to go out first, you get to the stage first. Don't blame me for being excited.

You also more than likely want them to play your music when we come out. That's ok, too. See? We're compromising. You've got fun music. I mean, it doesn't carry the message that mine does, but it'll work for our needs. As long as the people hear it and start screaming, that's all I care about, V3.

So like I said before, you need to get off your high horse and realise that there is no heirarchy here. This is an oligarchy. This is not a "Xille runs around and does whatever the hell Vinny G wants him to" charade. I know I gave you the power to accept challenges. That's because I don't care who we defend these titles against. We're apparently still getting shots at the GPA, so that makes my run as a Tag Champion that much sweeter. So, V3, simma down, take some ritalin, make a few compromises and enjoy the matches, baby! We're the tag champs! Let's be a team these fans will remember, alright?

Now onto something a little more... personal. Divebomb. Don't worry, sweetie. I haven't forgotten about our date. I'll be there to pick you up at seven. You be sure to leave your fleas at home, and I'll be sure to pick up some protection. After all, I wouldn't want to catch GPA. The Double S told me that's a rash that won't ever go away.

EDIT OOC: Dang it dang it dang it I always forget to say it. Great show. The work y'all put into it is quite obvious.

2004-07-11, 02:33 AM
Congrats Erik. You won. Well at least according to the rules and such you won.

But who left the arena in the GPA limo and who spent their time twitching while HBK had flash backs of what happened to him.

Oh thats right! You did.

So yay for you Game you won. But ask yourself was it really worth it?

2004-07-11, 06:01 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it's time for something very important... Something you all should see,

>pelvic thrust, pelvic thrust<

Hunh! Hunh! How do you like me now!

>pelvic thrusts<

You said I couldnt stand up to a man like Morpheus. You said I'd get eaten alive.

Hell, he actually did try to eat me alive. Im always gonna have scars from when Morpheus decided that I was not only good to look at, but good to taste.

But I didnt get eaten alive. I lost, but I did it with style. I never wanted this fight, I didn't see the point. But when I'm commited to something, Ill give it my all. You say lazy? I say slacker. There's a difference.

Morpheus, I respect you. That's why I was willing to try so hard tonight, and that's why I came into that ring during your match. I hope now I've earned some respect as well.

Before I go, I think I should throw out one last one of these to all those who doubted the one true slacker.

>pelvis thrust!<

2004-07-11, 03:00 PM
The Darkened Room

The figure of OP is seen only as an outline.

OP: In the shadows there is no light
There is no angelic presence to bring light
In the shadows there is only darkness.
Darkness that will engulf this place
This place of somewhat tainted light

In my light I have not been what I truly am
In my shadows I am but a copy of what is light
But in my darkness, I am neither shadow nor light

I am the Alpha of your Omega
I am the beginning of your end
I am Thy Worst Nightmare

2004-07-11, 04:19 PM
<Judge Death is seen sitting on top of a fairly large gravestone, marked with the name "Macdonald", one leg folded across the other while he appears to check his nail polish. Noting the presence of a camera he looks up, his expression carefully neutral.>

"Well, well. I had a ffeeling thhat ssomeone would assk thhe obvviouss quesstion ssooner or later. 'Iff you're ssupposssed to be bussy judgging uss, why weren't you at Mayhem?' Luckily ffor all you intellectually-challenged folkss out thhere, thhe ansswer iss vvery ssimple..."

<Death taps the side of his helmet, which seems to be reflecting the light more than usual.>

"Thiss baby doess not polishh itsselff, y'know. And I couldn't ffind any J-Clothss in any Ssevven-Elevven sstoress thhat were closse to thhe arena, sso I had to vventure offf a ffair bit. But don't worry, loyal ffanss...yess, bothh off you...I shhall return to sstandard operating proccedure ssoon enoughh."

<Death glances around, his face betraying his irritation.>

"Or I will, iff thhiss ffrickin' taxi getss itss asss in gear..."

<Death shakes his head and turns his attention back to the camera, a proffessional smile forming.>

"Anyway, in thhe tradition off Jerry Sspringer, beffore I go, here iss one ffinal thhought..."

Originally posted by Ignavus
Hunh! Hunh! How do you like me now!
"Jusst ass much ass we did beffore, Igzz. Thhat iss, not one tiny little bit."

EDIT OOC: Oh yeah, great show guys.

2004-07-11, 05:16 PM
(Ignavus is seen behind the wheel of a taxi, holding a map. He turns to the camera)

Hey, being a novice in this fed doesnt pay well enough to keep me in fritos and pepsi! I needed a second gig.

What? You dont like me death? That hurts :( I think you're secretly in love with me. But if you have to go through the whole pulling my pig tails thing, that's cool.

Hrmm, I wonder how I'd look with pig tails....

Now lets see... where is that graveyard? Aw screw it, Nap Time!

2004-07-11, 09:35 PM
Well, well well...it seems that old Big Flabby Rav couldn't handle being outsmarted...now while I have to admit that outsmarting a member of the GPA is about as easy as Auros' mom, that doesn't make it any less fun. What is less fun is when the backstage, bottom feeding jabbronie half wit who just tapped out can't handle it and pulls the old "jump the People's Champ from behind" schtick. So it seems that my problem isn't just Ravage...it is the entire GPA...funny thing is, can't really see where there's a problem...sounds more like fun to me!

*spits out a wad of blood*

So Ravage, you want to play the Game...hell...you and your little jabbronie buddies want to play the Game? Don't sing it...bring it!

2004-07-11, 10:09 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
I think you're secretly in love with me. But if you have to go through the whole pulling my pig tails thing, that's cool.
I havve no idea what you are talking about, you irritable ffool...

*whisper* Thhat'ss ssuppossed to be a ssecret, nitwit! Who told you?

2004-07-11, 11:39 PM
I am bringing it Lame.

And if you ever bring that little cripple on wheels to the ring again. It will be the last time you ever see him.

2004-07-13, 06:24 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
I am bringing it Lame.

And if you ever bring that little cripple on wheels to the ring again. It will be the last time you ever see him.

Hey Big Daddy Drool...I'd watch who you call a cripple...I'd venture to say Rollerboy could probably take you apart in about 10 seconds flat, 2 seconds if it was a battle of wits...the more I think about all that is happening...the more I find myself asking...are you ready?

2004-07-14, 04:10 AM
Well Lame, given old Hurt Beyond Kare, being stuck in a wheel chair right now I am not too worried about him.

As for you, hey I am more than ready, maybe you need to stop acting like your such a badass and get out of they way of the only true badass left in the AWF.

2004-07-14, 05:37 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
get out of they way of the only true badass left in the AWF.
Who, Grand Convvoy? But he iss not in hiss way at all... :eyebrow:

2004-07-14, 07:05 PM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
Who, Grand Convvoy? But he iss not in hiss way at all... :eyebrow:

Death, you are more of a bad ass than Grand Convoy. You step up to challenges, you back up what you say. Our match is gonna be epic.

Grand Convoy is huge, and he's tough. You'd have to be good to take him down. But he isnt a bad ass. To be a bad ass, you cant get taken down before your matches even start. You cant let yourself get snuck up on, and you cant go picking on newbies. Bad asses have to back up what they say.

I find very few things worth putting all my energy into, Hell, I find few things worth putting energy into at all: But GC you qualified. I cant stand people who just assume they're number one, who go picking out tiny little targets like a few newbs to wail on.

You dont have any honor, any dignity. You couldn't get it done against Bombshell, and now, now you've doubled your load 'cause I want you now too. I'd say Im the straw to your camel's back: but I'll be more like an anvil.

2004-07-14, 09:23 PM
I'd lovve to believve thhat you're sspeaking truthhffully, howevver...
Originally posted by Ignavus
Death, you are more of a bad ass than Grand Convoy.
Thiss jusst doess not ring true, esspeccially coming ffrom ssomeone who hass called me a pusssyboy in thhe passt.

But I digresss. Cccertainly, Grand Convvoy hass had ssome backsstage 'missffortuness'. But all thhiss provvess iss thhat he iss not sso good at watching out ffor himsselff. Affter all, he knew he wass dealing with more thhan one being; it would not havve hurt to havve more thhan one pair off eyess watching the shhadowss ffor ssusspiciouss happeningss. Unffortunately, he doess not havve many alliess, and hiss pride no doubt sstopss him ffrom requessting asssissstancce.

All thhat asside, I resspect him more thhan mosst. Why, you may well assk? Iss it not clear? He wass thhe only one here - thhe only one - whom actually brought jussticce unto thhemsselff. And he came back ffrom the exxperiencce ass ssomethhing more, ssomethhing better, thhuss provving what I havve been telling you ungratefful lot all along! Iff thhat doess not provve him ass a 'bad asss'...It sstill shhowss he hass more internal ffortitude, and more off your once-vvaunted 'honour', thhan anyone elsse here, including mysselff.

But you havve, to your credit, sstated one truthh...our match WILL be epic. I can guarantee thhat.

2004-07-15, 12:35 AM
I cant find respect for someone who got a sword rammed through himself. Thats just stupid.

That isnt gonna stop me from taking Grand Convoy seriously. I'd be the stupid one if I didnt. He's tough, and he's strong. But it takes more than that to win in that squared ring. Xille would call it the X factor, but I just call it flat old determination. I want this win, I can taste it. Its imperceptable, but it's there.

I wanted it against Morpheus too, and I was close. Oh so close. Now Grand Convoy is up next.

I dont know if this is how the match is scheduled, Death, but originally it was gonna be Bombshell and I vs. Grand Convoy and Sparky. Sparky hasnt said anything. Sparky isnt worth my time. Maybe you'd like to take Sparky's place next to Grand Convoy? It'd be a harder match: But it'd be one worth fighting.

What do you say? Four men, Two rivalries, two endings. One set of winners.

2004-07-15, 01:07 AM
Determination...ffrom a sselff-proclaimed 'sslacker'. Right. Makess perffect ssensse.

Ignoring tortured logic...Sssincce you havve thhought long and hard about your little propossal - alright, it took you about fivve minutess, but thhat iss probably thhe longesst period you havve evver thought about anythhing thhat wass not changing thhe TV channel - I havve little choicce but to acccept. I would nevver hear thhe end of it othherwisse...and bessidess, it givvess me two ssinnerss to rectiffy, so why shhould I complain? *laughs*

It iss, ass thhey ssay, on.

2004-07-16, 01:59 AM
All six men stand in the ring with arms raised.....

Like Brotherhood.....

We are the GPA, six men banded together with a common goal. To hurt as many undeserving little piss ants as possible......

Now Xille, you and your so called partner have something of the NWA's and I want it back. But we have another match in store that comes first and trust me it will happen. Just be ready for the massacre of a lifetime. I will leave you bloodied and beat in the center of that ring and there will be nothing you can do about it. I've listened to you and for long enough now and I am getting tired. I need a break and the rest of the AWF need a break. You are so full of yourself and even if I am the one that has to do it I will see you fall.

So get ready because its about to hit the fan and none will be safe.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-16, 12:42 PM
The GPA a Brotherhood?

Its a Brotherhood alright, of talantless, stupid, inconsequencial tiny pieces of flotsam in the great sea of life.

Whereas me, Wolfy, Xille and Vinny G. We are the great ships of the sea, that sail, bringing good fortune wherever we weigh anchor. People flock to see us arrive, and cry when we depart, all who were present knowing we touched their lives in some meaningful and deep way.

You are the scum that wash upon the shore, a blight to the perfect sands that they are proud of. Treated without reverence, without respect.

For you are beneath respect, but not above contempt. For that is what the GPA are about: Contempt for those who cannot conform to your ridciulously high standards that most people cannot hope to dream of matching.

That is why we have set ourselves a task: to rid the world of the GPA, so that people can breath freely once again, knowing that there are no standards that they have to reach to be accepted, for they are people in their own right, to be respected.

That is why we fight. And that is why we will not rest until you are defeated.

2004-07-16, 03:19 PM
Yeah Zarak, your the Titanic, Bismark and Valdez. All ships about to sink.

2004-07-16, 04:24 PM

Well said, Zarak. The GPA don't like it, and that makes it all the sweeter for us.

Divebomb, you know that I respect you as one of the few GPA members to back up their smack with a clean fight. So it's with that in mind that I say, yeah, you might kick my ass in our upcoming fight. And you know what? That doesn't bother me too much because I know you're not going to get out of it completely unscathed. So while I may be left bloodied in the center of the ring by your hand or another's, I know you're not walking out of the building without a slight limp in your step.

So here we go. The match I've been waiting for since about the time I started here half a year ago. Divebomb and Xille. You know what, Db? You're right.

It really is going to hit the fan. And I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

2004-07-16, 09:56 PM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak
You are the scum that wash upon the shore, a blight to the perfect sands that they are proud of. Treated without reverence, without respect.

Yeah that works for me.

And Xille, see you in the ring.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 03:05 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Yeah Zarak, your the Titanic, Bismark and Valdez. All ships about to sink.

And you were a failed attempt at a home-made raft.

2004-07-17, 03:33 PM
But unlike those ships. I have never sunk.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 03:34 PM
Neither have I, because I am a veteran navigator of this sea, whereas you are a novice, with beginners luck. It won't be long until you are in Davy Crockets locker with the rest of the GPA

2004-07-17, 06:36 PM
Im pretty sure it's Davey Jone's locker...

Davey Crocket is the dude with the hat with a tail.

2004-07-17, 06:44 PM
And I'm pretty sure you're going to be the guy with conciousness should you choose to correct Zarak again.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 08:33 PM
Davy Jones, Davy Crocket, it matters not.

What matters is the destruction of the GPA

Can I get a "Hell Yeah!!"?

2004-07-17, 08:39 PM
Well Zarak, you did at least prove one thing to me. That you are indeed a pirate of the ass kind.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 08:42 PM
I'll be stealing your ass away from you the next time I knock you to the ground!

2004-07-18, 03:21 AM
Ha Ha, Zarak, your ass is beaten down and broken thanks to the GPA, and you'll get another taste next Mayhem, in the Handicap match between you and Wolfang and me.

I'll prove to you that I have a chance to win the Archivebowl.

2004-07-19, 10:12 PM
Tempest, you winning the Archivebowl is about as likely as me giving Shaq a high five. In other words, it ain't gonna happen.

2004-07-20, 05:22 AM
OOC: Good come back Jesse :up:

IC: Hell, all you need is a little help, say from a box? I could do it with help but hell, I'm sure I can do this on my own.