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2004-07-15, 06:37 PM
Summary to be added shortly. :)

2004-07-15, 09:43 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -shakes head in response to Hound's rambling- "That's part of the whole 'Good Cop/Bad Cop' thing. If you're able to stick to your story, and aren't telling us what we want to hear, then the odds that you don't know anything about that whole poorly planned shipping operation are pretty good." -frowns- "Although I still have to wonder how the heck you were going to get us out of the country. It's not like we don't stand out."

Jetfire's Interior:

Siren: -looking at the severely damaged and leaking out Smokescreen- "I hope you're a good pilot, Magnus. I don't think Smokescreen can hold out much longer."

2004-07-16, 05:02 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs shrugged. "I don't think you see what I'm aiming at. Since we know that he has that sort of data, there's no way we could let him leave. We'd have to kill him before we let that data fall into Decepticon hands. We'd really have no choice. If the 'Cons got their hands on detailed internal maps of the city...it would be a disaster."

"So Hound knows that if he tried to escape, we'd have to stop him no matter what. And he's making sure we know it too." His face became grim. "There's only two reasons he'd do that, Trailbreaker, and neither of them are good."

He noticed Prowl incoming and gave him a respectful nod.

2004-07-16, 05:56 AM
Trailbreaker's face reflected his desire to comprehend what Crosshairs was driving at. Finally he gave up and shot a mischievious smile at him instead.

"Yer right. I don't get it. I thought the Decepticons already had his memory stuff. I don't see what more could do. Course, we could give him the grand tour and let him memorize Perceptor's jargon- then let Hound report back to the Deceps. They'd be bored stiff."

Prowl returned the nod with an easy smile. He could tell Trailbreaker and Crosshairs were carrying on an internal conversation. He waited until Trailbreaker grinned and looked away before he looked to Crosshairs and spoke.

"I got the message there was some trouble. It seems everything is under control now. Is that accurate?"
Hound looked up from the holographic images and replied to Minerva with a cool, even tone. "We'd have just gone to the airport. There is a carrier that flies to the Carbombya airport every evening at 7 this time. As far as standing out, that'd have been easy enough to correct if you could transform. Holograms are useful and the humans ship many large objects in the cargo hold. But I wasn't going to force you. I only invited you."

He flicked a glance to the side and noted Prowl's entrance. His optics narrowed and his fingers gripped the table edge tight enough to bend the metal sides as a recorded data file registered.
And now it begins.

2004-07-16, 06:24 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

"They have the chips," Crosshairs clarified, "not the data on them. That's why they were sent off to Japan, remember?" He shook his head. "Either way, Hound obviously doesn't know that the 'Cons pulled his chips out."

He straightened slightly. "The way he's acting, Trailbreaker...I think he's trying to provoke us into mistreating him. He wants us to, because in his mind we're supposed to be the villians. If we started acting evil...it would be easier for him, you know? It would confirm what he thinks he knows about us." He shrugged. "Either that, or he's so totally out of it that he doesn't realize what he's doing."

He turned to Prowl.

"It is for now, sir. But it's only a matter of time before something pushes him over the edge again. He doesn't trust any of us, except for maybe Pinpointer and Minerva."

He lowered his voice to be sure Hound wouldn't be able to hear him. "Again, I suggest we move him to a cell until his chips are recovered. At the very least we should move him to Metroplex, where any spying he does would be pretty much worthless."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-16, 07:34 AM
Dai Atlas nodded. Then smiled. Victory Leo was right. At his current level of power, he couldn't stay in a fight long. And he needed to see the Autobot's situation on Earth. He looked at the gold and black former powermaster:

"You're right Victory Leo. I'll head down to the current Autobot base. I can sense it now, with everything back online. And it's circling around now. I'll talk to Optimus Prime and get a situation update from him. Then we can ....... talk...... about what to do with the Decepticon problem."

He then turned to the Autobot shuttle, and spoke:

"And to the Autobots in this shuttle. When you return to the base. Seek me out, I wish to thank you in earnest."

Dai Atlas turned, and once again transformed into his jet mode and resumed his plumet towards the third planet of the Sol system. This time, though, it was much more controlled. He prepaired to ride the waves of re-entry.

2004-07-16, 12:49 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "I didn't say that you didn't invite me, I was just wondering how you were going to get us out of the country." -clucks tounge- "My, my, you're getting moody. You sound like you expect us to do to you what almost happened to me and my 'team' the last time we were captured by the Decepticons."

2004-07-16, 01:27 PM
-Chrmoia listened to Dai Atlas- "No problem Atlas, we'll see you back at the base." -She turned back to Beachcomber-

"Well, that went better than I expected. Lets go."-She swiveled back in her chair and set a course back to Ft Max-

2004-07-16, 04:15 PM
Trailbreaker frowned but stayed silent. He looked over at Pinpointer, Minerva and Hound.
He's not out of it. He's watching us. If I were in his position, I'd be watching everyone too. That's why he's making pictures of everyone.
Prowl glanced over at the medical table briefly then quickly moved around to the front and side of Crosshairs and Trailbreaker, angling his shoulder and back towards the table.
"I understand your concerns Crosshairs. That may be a course we will have to take at the end of this session. For the moment however, I believe it is likely he will provide needed information willingly.

His memory components have been corrupted or removed. That would most likely include his experiences and knowledge of his function. Memory shapes personality, but as we have seen with the dinobots and the aerialbots, a personality component stands on its own from its creation. I know of only a few things in the history of Cybertron that could damage a personality component, and two no longer exist to my knowledge while the Decepticons do not have access to the other. If Hound had been able to access his protocol programs and experience as a scout when he arrived, it is unlikely we would have ever discovered he was here. His skills in his field were exceptional. Yet, here he sits. He has minimal firepower, but could have chosen to disappear at any time. He came for information, and I believe it is probable he doesn't know exactly what information he is seeking. It is logical that what he has found would not seem correct. The key lies in Hound's personality component. He is not aggressive except when he has need to be, and it is his nature to learn. He must lack a directive to attack or he would have done so in line with his function. I expect he is still capable of making choices. We will give him information, and request information in return. Then we will evaluate the demeanor and results and decide on an appropriate course of action."

Prowl paused and set his rifle down next to Crosshairs.

"Has there been an opportunity to allow Hound access to the general files as I instructed?"

Hound diverted his attention back to Minerva and then glanced around the room with a puzzled expression. "Your team?"
He looked back at the trio talking a short distance away and got a skeptical expression.
"What happened?"

2004-07-17, 04:02 AM
Minerva: "All of us Headmaster types and Roadbuster. Although Roadbuster was unconscious for part of it....." -shakes head- "Anyway, after the aborted return of Unicron, and his subsequent explosion, we all wound up in Metrotitan. They forgot about us, I guess, down in the medbay, and we would have been free to go, I guess. At least until we wound up hearing what their plans were." -leans in close- "If you find you ever need to get away from them, and they send the Stunticons after you, Breakdown's mania and Motormaster's ego are the main weak points." -backs off a little- "They decided that, for the sake of the alliance..... Until they were ready to break it by stabbing us in the back, anyway..... They decided to do some surgical memory manipulation on us. For those with no organic components in their heads, it's not so bad. But the odds of us organic types surviving the procedure were pretty low. Luckily, we got some help. The Combatrons saved us."

2004-07-17, 06:10 AM
Autobot Shuttle

Beachcomber nodded to Chromia. "It's nice to have a mission go off without a hitch once in a while, isn't it?"

Medbay, Fort Max

"As you wish, sir." Crosshairs nodded. "And no, he hasn't taken a look at the information yet. Pinpointer suggested it, but he seems to be more interested in talking to living beings right now."

Lord Zarak
2004-07-17, 03:27 PM
Chainclaw kept on monitoring Metroplex, making sure that nothing untoward was occuring.

2004-07-17, 07:39 PM
Since his transformation Buzzsaw had flown to the rafters of the low ceiling of his cell. As a predatory beast his favourite places to perch were dark, dank recesses and those places where the light didn't reach. Unfortunately the Autobots had this cell well lit and there was no real darkness to hide in.

He was aware that the Autobots would probably leave him for some time, no doubt in the hope that his will would be broken and ready for a spell of intense questioning. Buzzsaw was well versed in the arts of interrogation and information extraction - let the Autobots try to extract what they would from him - they were wasting their time.

Let them come....let them come

ooc: Anyone like to come and interrogate Buzzsaw now?

2004-07-17, 11:57 PM
"Not surprising. That'd be his normal course of behavior." Prowl nodded to Crosshairs with a hint of an amused smile.
"Especially with carbon-based lifeforms."
Hound blinked. Minerva now had his entire attention.

"The Decepticons.. we were going to do surgical manipulation on organics? That can't be right. Commander Astrotrain would never allow that."


"That'd be nearly correct Hound." Prowl called over firmly without moving.

"Astrotrain sees the organics as a tool. As long as they cooperate, they are not harmed. When Minerva finishes with your repairs, you will be able to see Spike and you will be given access to any of the information that the humans themselves have recorded on our species."

Calmly, Prowl reached over and snagged the remainder of Crosshairs' energy drink and began to down it.
Hound looked over towards Prowl.
Surprise shifted to suspicion in a 3 second span.

I don't know who to believe here. Saber's tape was so clear, but the Autobots are full of tricks. I have images of them shooting us. One thing is certain- if the Autobots have Spike, I have to rescue him. This place is so--- open. There must be a trap out there. Didn't pick up any other signals though. Need to focus on the base's energy ...

Getting distracted, he turned his attention slowly back to Minerva- forgetting about his energy readings. Questions raced through his mind in a torrent, and he found himself answering them with doubts.
Something about Minerva's posture seemed very relaxed and passive. In fact, none of the Autobots around seemed aggressive. The strange partner to the nebulon almost looked bored.

Hound nodded slightly- still looking at Minerva- and loosened his grip from the table sides. "I will listen. Is there more Minerva?"

2004-07-18, 05:10 AM
-Chromia laughed at bit at Beachcomber's response-

"Yeah, and it's about time too." -she grinned slyly at him- "I'm bored... Strap yer self in Beachcomber, let's have a little fun with this re entry."

-She revved the engines and shot through the atmosphere towards Ft Max. She streaked through the sky at max speed and brought the shuttle to a sudden stop right before the hangar bay-

"Hey!! This thing can really handle!!"

-She laughs again- "Aw well, lets see what Red Alert has for us now...." -She berths the shuttle with a light touch, and powers down the engines-

"C'mon Beach, let's go."

-exits the shuttle and heads back to the conference room-

Brave Maximus
2004-07-18, 06:14 AM
As he road the waves into the atmosphere, the leading edges of Dai Atlas' jet form began to glow a bright red. His great size was causing the upper atmosphere to crackle and burn. By the time he entered "normal" airspace, he appeared to be covered in smoke and fire. Conducting a series of tight turns, he bled off some of the speed, and managed to avoid a few commuter jets (though he couldn't save them from some sonic booms, hopeing he didn't deafen anyone).

Above Autobase, the fireball was easily visible. It started to slow down and the flames dispersed, reveiling a large white, black and orange jet\shuttle. It aimed for the empty spot between Metroplex and Fortress Maximus. Spotting a place where there were no Autobots in his way, he hit the air breaks full, almost stalling his forward momentum. Just before he crashed into the earth, Dai Atlas transformed into Robot mode, slamming into the ground, forced to go to one knee and skidding to a halt, only sending a small wave of dirt up and creating a small crater.

Kneeling in the centre of the crater, Dai Atlas waited for a moment, letting his body cool down, his outter wings changing from bright red to Black and white, with trails of smoke leading off of him. He stood up, raising to his full height and looked around the encampment. He only knew a little of Metroplex - mostly from the history documents, only having visited the Autobot city once in his command. He was familiar with the Maximus internal plans though, and knew that he would fit inside, just barely. He then walked away from his small crater and entered the City.

After a few moments, he found his way to the Med bay. Standing just inside the doors, he called out:

"Is there a Medic on duty at the moment? I'm new, and after the little adventure I just had, I need some Energon Z and perhaps a check up to see if all my systems are working 100%"

2004-07-18, 07:43 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs' jaw dropped as Prowl snatched his drink. He shot a disbelieving glance at Trailbreaker.

How rude...

Noticing Dai Atlas looming in the doorway, he gave the large Autobot a small shake of the head. "This really isn't a good time..." He walked over to the doorway and dropped his voice. "The doc's busy treating a mentally unstable patient. Do you think you could find your way over to Metroplex?"

Autobot Shuttle

Beachcomber tried to pretend that the landing hadn't bothered him, but the finger-shaped indentations that he left on the arms of his chair said differently.

"Ssssure. Why not?" He followed Chromia

Brave Maximus
2004-07-18, 10:46 AM
Dai Atlas nodded towards Crosshair and smiled:

"Of course - a soldiers well being comes before a minor check up. Could you perhaps tell me who the medic at Metroplex is? I prefer knowing names instead of just shouting out, especially in an Autobot base."

2004-07-19, 01:43 AM
-Chromia exited the shuttle, glanced behind her, and chuckled softly to herself. She had seen the finger indentations Beachcomber had left-

Well, he took that better than I expected. At least he's not complaining. Maybe these guys aren't so bad...

"I have a better idea Beach. I'd rather not bother Red Alert when he's busy with all that's going on. If he needs us, he'll let us know." -She stopped in the hallway and turned to him-

"Do you have a common area? You know, where everyone just.....hangs out? I'd like to see who's all here anyway.?

2004-07-19, 01:45 AM
Tech Bay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -checking the memory chips Nightbeat found- "Chromedome, come here a minute, would you?"

Chromedome: -comes over- "What? Did you find anything?"

Brainstorm: "Whoever these chips belong to, it's not Hound."

Chromedome: "Then who? Nobody else has been captured, have they? Well, besides our little run in, that is." -chuckles- "That would have not been a good feeling."

Brainstorm: "You don't have to worry, it's not one of ours. The markers are wrong, and there's no trace of the transector control programming." -taps probe tip against table-

Chromedome: "What about checking the disc?"

Brainstorm: "I already did that. Subject S had little detailed tactical data on these chips. Seems to have been the rush in and break things type....."

Chromedome: -looking slightly uncomfortable- "Are you sure it's not mine?"

Brainstorm: "How could it be? They never got your head open."

Chromedome: "Good point."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "Well, the Combatrons used to be the Combaticons. They died fighting the Quints when we were driven off of Cybertron." -shrugs- "As for me and my team, we're not from here. Brainstorm built a dimentional gateway thing, and we all kind of wandered through. The war was over, and things were pretty quiet."

2004-07-19, 04:40 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

"Grapple and Hoist are over there," Crosshairs said. "Fixit too, I think. You can call up to the bridge when you get there and see which of them is on duty." He frowned, looking at Dai Atlas speculatively. "You might have to duck down a bit to get in the door, though. It's not as roomy as Fort Max."

Corridors, Fort Max

"Yyyyeah," Beachcomber replied to Chromia. "They converted a few empty briefing rooms on Deck 5 into sort of an informal lounge. It's between the big mess hall and the recharge rooms." He headed for the nearest turbolift. "This way."

Hyper Prime
2004-07-19, 02:26 PM
Detention Center:

Seawatch quickly ran into the detention center looking at Stakeout. "Hey boss, hey!"

Stakeout couldn't hear Seawatch, but could see him. He reactivated his audio sensors and said, "You know, you move so much that you don't even have to say anything to be noticed. So what's up?"

"Well, I brought along some friends to take our prisoner for questioning. Come on guys." He hollered back to Wreck-Gar and Hot Rod.

2004-07-19, 08:05 PM
Ooc: here's something for Chainclaw to notice, not that he'd be able to miss it I suppose...

Talon was still wandering through Metroplex, not having found anyone as yet to direct him to security so he could report in and get quarters.

He noticed the wall he was walking along had a camera near the ceiling to monitor the hallway. Just what I needed, now I just hope someone is watching the feed...

He unfolds his wings and flies up to the camera, keeping his head a few inches from the lens. "Sorry to bother whomever is watching this, but could you perhaps point me to security? I wish to report for active duty"

2004-07-19, 10:20 PM
Detention Center

"Hey, squirt, what am I? Mirage?" Cliffjumper asked jokingly. "So who's this guy we're supposed to question?"

Hyper Prime
2004-07-20, 01:08 AM
Detention Center

"Hey, give me a brake! I didn't know if you were coming, wimp!" Seawatch retorted.

Stakeout said, "He's just kidding. This guy was caught outside, supposebly planting the jamming devices out in the forest that were disrupting our communications. When we caught him we found this." Stakeout opened up his clutched palm to reveal a Carbomya cigar.

2004-07-20, 01:23 AM

"Attention, metroplex high command. This is the autobot cosmos, come in!!! Emergency!!! Request permission for emergency landing!!! I have an autobot in critical condition! Need emergency response teams and medics at once! Do you read me?!!! Emergency!" Cosmos broadcasts on the secret autobot emergency bandwidth as he approaches Metroplex at high speeds over the horizon.

Meanwhile, inside Cosmos, Seaspray is in critical condition as his core body temperature drops, and his immune system continues to weaken, trying to fight the effects of the rust bombs that hit him, which is identical to being hit with chemical or biological weapons for a human. Seaspray's open gash in his back continues to spark wildly as exposed circuts touch the air. "Cosmos, how close are we to headquarters?!" Pipes yells.
"We're practically on top of Metroplex now! Awaiting permission to land!" Cosmos explains. "Damn the permission, Cosmos, we have a fellow autobot dying!!!" Huffer roars as Cosmos, nearing metroplex prepares for an emergency landing.

"You'll be okay, seaspray, ol' pal! You'll be zipping across the ocean again in no time..." Warpath comforts, holding Seaspray's left hand.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-20, 02:54 AM
Dai Atlas was exiting Fortress Maximus when the emergency call came in from Cosmos. Looking over the sky, he spotted the small green UFO shapped Autobot flying in at top speed. Reaching out with his sensors, Atlas projected a clear path and took a few ground-swallowing strides and opened his comm link:

"This is Dai Atlas. Lock on to my location and land, there will be no traffic if you follow this path. We will get the wounded autobot to med bay as soon as you land."

2004-07-20, 03:02 AM
-Chromia followed Beachcomber down the corridor-

"Hey Beach, how many Autobots are here now? Just curious."

I wonder what Ironhides doing in Egypt? Knowing him, probably getting into trouble...again. -She smiles a bit to herself-And loving every minute of it too.

-she frowns-

"Hey, wasn't Atlas supposed to be here by now? You think he made it okay?"

2004-07-20, 03:27 AM
"Recieved, Dai Atlas, projected path confirmed and locked in! Estimated time of arrival...er...now!" Cosmos radios as the huge flying saucer, zooming down for an emergency landing at 400 miles per hour, effortlessly stops on a dime, and parks, hovering three feet off of the ground and at the foot of a huge Autobot. As cosmos opens up his doors, Huffer and Pipes quickly carry out Seaspray, who is beginning to become over taken by rust as his body begins to grow cold and stiff. Warpath begins to single handedly stack all of the stolen decepticon energon cubes in a pile and as he stacks the last cube, Cosmos suddenly transforms and stares up at the huge autobot. "Yeeow!!" Cosmos gasps, looking up at him.

"Seaspray needs immedeate medical attention! He maybe dying! He took some nast blows before being infected by rust bombs! Our immune systems succesfully deterred the attack, but seaspray's immunity and repair systems are weakened due to the extreme amount of damage he recieved during battle!" Pipes calmly explains.

"And speaking of battle, the decepticons are still at the damn in Egypt, and probably gathering more energon as we speak! Plus, their is this giant decepticon there too which was really giving our guys a pounding the last time I looked!" Huffer explains, less calm and more frantically. "The autobots need re-enforcements bad! Who knows what they need that energon for!" Warpath adds. "No time for that now, the autobots could hold their own in battle before re-enforcements arrive, I'd bet my navigational systems on it! But our friend Seaspray here needs immedeate attention! Where's Hoist and Fixit?! Cosmos asks, looking around.

"I'll go find somebody!!!" Pipes transforms into his truck mode and zips off, with the windows shot out and heavy dents in the cab as his engine sounds like it needs major work. "Hold on, Seaspray!" Cosmos sighs.

2004-07-20, 04:01 AM
-Listens as Cosmos roars overhead and turns to Beachcomber -

"What the slag was that?? Is anyone due to arrive other than Atlas?"

Trouble? No...security would know.....wouldn't they? It sounded like it landed right outside the hangar bay. One of our ships wouldn't do that.......

-She glances back down the hallway-

-C'mon Chromia. Quit being so paranoid. If it was trouble, I'm sure there'd be an alert.

-she wavers on investigating or just following Beachcomber-

Yeah, but being paranoid is why I'm still alive after all these years too.......

-She hesitates, then decides to investigate-

"Sorry Beach, maybe later?"

-She pulls her blaster and runs down the corridor towards the hangar bays

2004-07-20, 05:51 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Beachcomber shrugged. "Sure, another time." He headed off towards the science wing.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-20, 06:12 AM
Dai Atlas nodded to the Minibots, a grim look on his face. The Decepticons were known for using various forms of chemical weapons, and they were always nasty. His stomach churned at the sight of a fellow Autobot taken by such a horrible weapon. He also felt the anger, rising, wanting to lash out and stop the Decepticons once and for all. But now was not the time for vengance - the wounded needed attention first. Before Pipes could get out of voice range, Dai Atlas raised his voicorders:

"No need to worry about finding some one - we're going into Metroplex and to it's medbay. All of you need medical attention, so follow me. Leave the Energon Cubes here, as I may need them shortly"

Scooping up Seaspray in one arm, the Cybertron Commander took off into Metroplex. He was not quite running, but each stride he took covered enormous ammounts of ground. Within moments, he was at the entrance to the great Autobot city. He ducked down and folded his wings back as he entered. Even then, as he walked, his upper crest touched the ceiling and his wings scraped across. Not that he cared.

Dai Atlas could feel the corrosive agents starting to eat at his heavily armoured skin. Though they weren't penetrating his armour, he could only imagine what they were doing to the bot in his arms. As he neared Metroplex's medbay, he activated his comm channel, on a broad band frequincey he hoped everyone would hear:

"This is Dai Atlas, I am inside Metroplex with 5 Autobots damaged in combat, one is in serious condition - I do not know how long he will last - I need all avalible medical personnel to report here AT ONCE!"

His voice was that of the grim commander, stressing how serious the situation was.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-20, 09:52 AM
Chainclaw was surprised to say the least, to see a mechanical bird unfurl its wings....and be quite polite.

"Report to Prowl, you can find him in Fortr...." he was cut off by the distress call, and then the arrival of Dai Atlas. He hurridly finished speaking to Talon :

"He's in Fortress Maximus. Go speak to him." Chainclaw cut the comm link, and opened one to Dai Atlas

"Report to the Med Bay. Hoist, Fixit and Grapple will arrive shortly"

He cut that one, and opened another.

"Hoist, Fixit, Grapple. This is Chainclaw. We have a medical emergency en route to the med bay. I think its a minibot. Chainclaw out"

Grapple looked to Hoist, and then down to Fixit. "Lets move!"

Hyper Prime
2004-07-20, 12:27 PM
Fixit quickly transformed and said, Well what are we waiting for? Let's move boys! THere's some mininbots that need fixing!" He then took off back for the medbay.

2004-07-20, 01:33 PM
As Pipes, transforming back into robot mode, after not getting very far due to a busted engine riddled with shrapnel, the other minibots, Huffer, Cosmos, and Warpath all follow the giant autobot's lead, running at top speed to keep up with the giant robot. In the small minibot's optic sensors, Dai Atlas was as big as Unicron....well, maybe not that big, but huge enough to attract the childlike curiosity of the tiny minibots.

"Wow, this guy is huge! I mean, look at the size of this guy!" Cosmos gasps. "I'm sure glad he's on our side! Where did he come from?" Warpath asks as they run behind him. "I believe this was the autobot that entered Earth's atmosphere right before we left for Egypt, if I'm not mistaken!" Cosmos explains. "Look at his design and the readings this guy is giving off! He's a power house! I'm talking superior technology here! I'm getting readings from my sensors that I absolutely can't believe! His armor and weapons systems are light years beyond autobot technology, but similar in design. Could this be some kind of futuristic autobot technology?" Cosmos explains.

"Hey, Cosmos, I think you better stop scanning this guy without his permission! I don't want to get on his bad side, got it?" Huffer whines as the minibots struggle to keep up with the huge autobot until he slows down, entering inside metroplex.

As Seaspray's systems go into shock, they all shut down except for his core systems, consisting of his higher brain functions, energon pump, and memory, as to conserve power as his immune and repair systems begin to fail. His armor begins to rust even faster as his blue, white and yellow color begins to turn a slight tint of brown. Seaspray begins to moan as he feels the rust penetrating his armor and seeping into his eternal systems. His immune systems are being over loaded due to the easy access the rust chemicals has to seapspray's eternal workings from the gaping hole in his back. Seaspray's optic sensors tries to identify the huge giant carrying him as he is too damaged to accurately assess who it is.

"P-P-P-Primus? Is th-th-th-that you? Is...is this what h-h-happens when you're deactivated? Are you taking me to wh-wh-what the humans call....H-H-H-Heaven...?" Seaspray mumbles, squinting his optic sensors. trying to get a clear picture of Dai Atlas.

2004-07-20, 04:05 PM
Inside Ft Max's Hangar Bay

Chromia skidded to a halt right inside the main hangar bay door and looked out into the space between Ft Max and Metroplex. She saw Cosmos land and the other minibots exit. As she watched, Atlas scooped up Seaspray and took off quickly to Metroplex. Then she heard the announcment from Atlas about the wounded minibots.

Wounded that badly? I knew I should have gone with them!
She noticed that the others werent keeping up with Atlas due to thier own injuries.

But they need some help now!

-She ran out the main door, transformed into her alt mode and speed towards Metroplex just as they entered. She transformed back into her sleek bot mode and came up behind them-

"Hey! You guys look like you could use some help here....."

-She took one of Pipes arms and put it over her left shoulder to help him walk and did the same with Huffer over her right one-

"Cosmos? , you don't look so bad, you get him and follow me!" -She nodded towards Warpath-

They all tried to keep up with Atlas as he carried Seaspray to the medbay........

2004-07-20, 06:00 PM
Ooc: Lord Z, Talon's a gargoyle, not a bird = bat like wings and head.

"Thanks for the help" Talon stated to the camera before flying towards Metroplex' exit. He didn't know what Fortress Maximus was exactly, but it wasn't the building he was currently in. Perhaps it's that other building I saw on my approach

On the way out, he had to move into a side corridor to let a bot who barely fit inside the hallway through. Talon waited patiently for the huge form of Dai Atlas to pass, and the minibots who were trailing behind him.

After the hallway was clear again, Talon resumed his flight to the exit.

2004-07-20, 06:05 PM
"I got you, Warpath!" Cosmos explains as Warpath pulls away from him. "I'm fine, but my barel is ruined! And I'm not even going to mention my paint job, Ooooww!" Warpath falls onto Cosmos as he begins to limp. "Easy their mr. macho-bot...." Cosmos places Warpath's arm across his shoulder, helping him along.

"Chromia, it was terrible! Their was this huge decepticon their called Overlord, and this big glowing seeker who shot flames from his palms and leaked radiation from his body! We managed to save most of the humans left alive and stole most of the decepticon's energon, but when we were leaving, they had begun to make more cubes! We gotta stop them! We can't let them win! But being just mere minibots, we...we weren't powerful enough to stop them. But with the help of a few H-Bomb Grenedes and quick thinking, we'll at least have those cons knee deep in replacement parts!" Cosmos smiles.

2004-07-20, 09:54 PM
-She listened to Cosmos recitaton of the battle...-

He can't have seen much battle, or the others for that matter.........poor kid. Too bad he had to learn this way...But, it's a mistake he'll never make again.

"Don't worry Cosmos , you got your friends back here, and Ironhides' still over there. He'll take care of the Decepticons, you can count on that one! You did okay."

-She smiled at him....then turned to Pipes and tried to lighten the mood for them-

"Wow Pipes, you sure are heavy for a little guy....You should be carrying me!"

-She followed Atlas to the medbay, still helping the two minibots-

2004-07-21, 02:36 AM
As Seaspray's power level continues to drop as more and more power is being diverted towards his failing repair systems, Seaspray slips into a state of insanity.

"Primus, can you give me another alt mode when we get to heaven. I want to be a triple changer. A jasparian robo-octopus, with titanium tenticles, and glowing energon suckers on every tenticle that glow a beautiful hue of pink and electric blue. Also a star cruiser and a new robot mode...I want to be a fem bot, with a peach and white color scheme. Primus....I'm sorry for being such a sorry minibot. I tried my best....I only pray that you grant good will to my autobot friends back down on earth." Seaspray whispers as the others gasp at his words, trying to figure out what is his problem.

"did the rust infect his logic chips?" Cosmos thinks to himself.

2004-07-21, 04:00 AM
-She listens to Seasprays' babbling-

Whoa, what did they hit this guy with????

Brave Maximus
2004-07-21, 05:20 AM
Dai Atlas arrived at the medbay of Metroplex, not even pausing to turn through the narrow door way. After the metal crumpled out of his way, he made his way to the critical care unit. He placed Seaspray on the table and activated the life support functions as best he could. As he worked, he tried to soften his voice as he spoke to the minibot:

"No, I am not Primus, and it will be along time before you meet our maker. And I most certianly will not give you a new alternate mode. The Autobots need every warrior they have, and your skills are too sorely needed to wait for you to comeback online. You WILL be repaired shortly and you WILL be back in action and ready to give back to the Decepticons what they did unto you. Now, calm down and conserve your energon reserves."

Dai Atlas flexed his left arm, and watched as the energy that caused the rust rippled across his forarm, attempting to eat away at him. He placed his arm in a near by analizer:

"Perhaps this will shed some light on the subject."

2004-07-21, 05:53 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist ran at full speed through the doors, nearly smacking into Dai Atlas as he did so. As he caught sight of Seaspray, his optics widened in horror. He ran his full-spectrum multi-sensor's beams across the minibot, then shook his head.

"I'm afraid that's...beyond my skill to heal. Fixit might be able to do something, but infections aren't my specialty."

He took stock of the other four minibots, who sported an assortment of blaster burns, shrapnel wounds and deep cuts. "You guys I can help, though."

He pointed at Pipes, who seemed to be in the worst shape. "Get him on an operating table, stat!"

Lord Zarak
2004-07-21, 09:16 AM
Grapple wasn't far behind Hoist. He too took a look at Seaspray, and was rendered speechless. The sight of seeing a friend in such a state was something his optics could never get used to. As Hoist started on the other Minibots, he opened a channel to Wheeljack.

"Wheeljack, this is Grapple. We have here Seaspray, who is in a bad state. We think he has some kind of infection. Can you come down here and at least take a look at him?"

2004-07-21, 12:42 PM
As Pipes silently followed Hoists orders, Huffer and warpath followed Grapple as their wounds also required attention as well. Cosmos, being the least damaged, stayed behind with Dai Atlas to watch over his friend Seaspray.
If transformers prayed at all, certainly Cosmos was at this very moment as he watched over his friend.

"Come on, bubble brain, you can't die! I won't let you!" Cosmos yells.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-21, 01:47 PM
Fixit cheerfully piped in, "No problem. I'm no scientist, but I am good at finding infections. Let me have a look."

He jumped onto Sea Spray's table. He then ran a scan on Sea Spray, but he couldn't concentrate with Cosmos acting histarical. "Calm down! Look, I understand he's your friend, but acting this way will only make things worse. If you want to help, tell me what happened to him. The more I know, it'll be easier to figure where the infection orignated from."

2004-07-21, 03:22 PM
-Chromia put her hands on Cosmos's shoulders and pulled him back from the table-

"Hey, let Fixit work on your friend. He'll be okay, but you just need to calm down. Now, tell him what happened, alright."

He must have never lost a friend in battle before.........I hate this part.......

-She watched Fixit working on Seaspray with a worried look on her face.-

"Go on, start from the begining....."

2004-07-21, 04:57 PM
Cosmos, taking heed to the advice given him by the others at first seemed so cold until their words finally penetrated into his heart. After all, they were right. Acting hysterical was in fact, doing more harm then good in this situation, as Cosmos, taking a long pause, began to calmly speak.

"Okay, from the beginning. Seaspray recieved a blow to the head by some decepticon called Banzai-tron, but bounced back real quickly. He recieved a few minor bumps and bruises after that inthe heat of battle, but the beginning of his trouble occured when some Decepticon ripped a hole in his back, exposing circutry. He was still strong and able to function in battle as his repair systems seemed to be doing their job. That was until after we stole most of the decepticons energon cubes and began to flee, all of us were carpet bombed with rust bombs. All of us were effected to some degree, but our immune systems were able to fight off the lasting effects of the attack. But I think Seaspray's immune systems were too over worked to combat the rust bomb effects due to his major open back wound. Please let this be enough information to save my friend!" Cosmos explains, almost becomming hysterical again at the end, but faught it.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-21, 07:29 PM
Fixit thought for a moment, then he pressed a button on his arm and said, "Computer, access Decepticon profile: Banzai-tron." Fixit looked at the data for anything until he found what he wanted.

"Hmm. Well, I have two theories. One; when Banzai-tron fired his plasma energy bullet at Seaspray's head, he might have caused an energy virus to slowly make it's way through Seaspray's systems. And you do realize what plasma energy can do to us un-checked. Or two; when the rust bomb hit you guys, it's effects may have made it's way into Seaspray's circuits when they were out in the open. Whatever it is, it needs to be treated right away, or else..."

He then turned to his other medics, "Grapple, can you make me a circuit stabilizer in about a few cycles? And Hoist, I want to get me all data you can on foreign computer infection asp."

He then said to Cosmos, "Don't worry pal, I really want to do this. Besides, Seawatch would kill me if I lost his idol."

God Jinrai
2004-07-21, 07:40 PM
Wheeljack recieved the comm, sighing, but glancing up at red alert, he knew where he needed to be.

"I'm on my way, Grapple..."

"Guys, I'm sorry... but..."

Transforming into his Maserati alt mode, he tore out from his lab, out through maximus' main corridor, and transformed upon reaching the entry ramp... rolling with his transformation, he ignited his wrist mounted rocket boosters, and flew over to metroplex, deactivating them upon reaching the main ramp... in one fluid motion, he landed, fell backward, into his vehicle mode again, and tore up the ramp, rushing for med-bay...

"Somebody gimmie a report here. I may be a scientist and partial medic, but I sure ain't ratchet... what's it look like we've got?"

2004-07-21, 07:48 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, Scout, but I'm tired of waiting around.


Magnus struggled to maintain control of Jetfire as he began his descent to Earth.

"Jetfire, if any of your systems start to go offline, I need to know immediately," he said.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-21, 07:51 PM
Fixit said to Wheeljack, "Well Seaspray is really banged up, and make matters worse, he's got some kind of infection in his body. Problem is, I can't seem to trace it's origins. I think it maybe either plasma energy virus or a rust infection. I'm taking care of the body damages now."

He was patching up Seaspray's broken armor pieces with his welding torch.

2004-07-21, 11:19 PM
-Her hands still on Cosmos's shoulders-

"It's gonna be okay Cosmos. Wheeljack and Fixit are on it. "

-She steps back and looks him over critically- "You don't seem to be injured too much, you feel alright?"

-She looks back over to Seaspray and thinks about Ironhide- "So, do you know how the others were when you left? How were they faring against the Decipticons?"

Brave Maximus
2004-07-22, 01:50 AM
Dai Atlas, Sure that he could do no more medically, looked towards Wheeljack:

"There is an analisys underway over here. I carried Seaspray in, and the Rust-virus attempted to attack my armour. It didn't seem to be having too much luck. There is a good chance that you will have a realitivly uncontaminated sample over here."

He pointed out the analizer unit, making sure his arm was now free of contiminants, and then turned to exit Medbay.

Warning: Powersystems only at 46%
Continued energon expendature with out refueling could result in perminant damage.
Rerouting Energon flow from periferal systems to maintain Core function.

Dai Atlas visibly wabbled and then sank to one knee, catching his head in his hand.

"Oh, now there's an interesting sensation"

God Jinrai
2004-07-22, 01:52 AM
Wheeljack put out a hand..

"Hold it, Fixit. You forgot one other possibility."

Wheeljack stared down at the internals that were still visible...his optics narrowed.

" Did you ever think.. it was BOTH?"

"seaspray, we're gonna need to put you into temporary stasis lock... with only minimal life support to maintain your spark... only way to drain off any possible harm from plasma energy is to completely re-infuse your body entirely with untainted energon... and that rust isn't gonna help either. Hoist, Grapple, while I prep him for stasis lock, I need you two to do a full scan.. see if any major components are being eaten through by rust... and have that anti-oxidation system we cooked up ready... if we can, we're gonna reverse the damage by de-oxidizing any damaged components, if they aren't too severely damaged... we can't afford to keep him in stasis too long on minimal life support... so we can't afford to do any major repairs on internal systems, unless it's the energon routing systems... if those go... all the fresh energon in the world won't do a thing for him..."

2004-07-22, 03:03 AM
-Watches Dai Atlas fall to one knee- Whats wrong with him?? -She walks over to him and peers into his face-

"Hey, Atlas, are you alright? I thought you said the virus didn't effect you?"

2004-07-22, 03:11 AM
"I'm fine, Chromia. I just wish there was something I could do to help Seaspray...." Cosmos explains while staring at Seaspray. The only thing that grabbed his attention was to see the giant Dai Atlas sway a bit before falling to one knee.

"Atlas, are you okay?! If you need, we have a ton of stolen energon back at the landing zone. You're free to help yourself, although it may be a relatively low grade of energon compared to your superior design." Cosmos offers.

Seaspray seems to be mumbling something very low, but unclearly as he slowly raises up one arm, pointing at Dai Atlas. "P-P-Primus..." Seaspray mumbles.

(occ: This post makes more since before kup's reply)

2004-07-22, 05:34 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

"Yeah, go," Red Alert told Wheeljack as the other tore out of the room.

We can't do anything until Dirge gets here anyway, and seems that our pet turncoat is in no hurry to obey an Autobot's orders.

Medbay, Metroplex

As soon as Pipes got up on the table, Hoist started digging the shrapnel out of his engine.

"I'm afraid you'll have to manage without me," he told Wheeljack without looking up. "I don't think you want to wait until I've got Pipes stabilized."

He continued to work, clamping off several fuel lines that the shrapnel had partially cut.

"OK, Pipes..." Hoist picked up a tiny device and started probing deep into the wound, "this will hurt a bit, but I'll try to make it quick."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-22, 06:49 AM
"Nnnnnuhhhhh." Was all Dai Atlas managed to get out in a response. Finally his systems stablized a little and he could see clearly again, though his optics were a little blurred. After a second he stood up again, though obviously leaning on his knee and hoisting himself up. As he stood up again, his face tried to slide back to the one of benevolent humor, though pain was blatanly obvious behind his optics.

"I think," He said with a smile, "That the trip took alot more out of me than I had first thought. Systems still aren't up to 100%. Perhaps, Cosmos, I will take some of that Energon, just enough to get my systems back up and running internal repairs. Keep an eye on Seaspray and let me know his condition."

Staggering over to the minibot on the table, Dai Atlas stood behind the medics, so he didn't get in their way. Making sure to lock optics with the minibot, he spoke in a deep voice:

"You will come out of this 100%" His voice left nothing to be discussed.

After that, Dai Atlas turned and walked out of medbay, this time making sure he didn't take part of the doorway with him. As he rounded a corner, the last of his reserves gave out and he slammed into the wall. Panting heavly (more an expression that an actual need) he braced himself with his arm and lifted himself off the wall. Stumbling through the hallways he some how managed to get out of Metroplex with out falling to the ground - a miricale he said to himself. A few yards away, he spotted the energon cubes. Half running, half stumbling, he reached them and colapsed and transformed into his base mode. The repair arms reached out and loaded one cube onto his moverbelt and it slowly took the cube into his processor. There it was fused with his advanced technology and compressed into Energon Z. It would take a while to get his systems back to 100%

2004-07-22, 04:11 PM
Tracks: -walking through Metroplex, comes across Dai Atlas- "Hey, chum, you all right?"

Tech Bay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -checking and crosschecking records of injuries and captures- "Chromedome, I think I got it."

Chromedome: -feet up on console, playing a video game, hits pause, looks over at Brainstorm- "Got what?"

Brainstorm: -points at the screen- "Who these memory chips came from. The Autobot Sideswipe. His body was recovered at one point, minus head." -frowns as he stares at the screen- "Looks like he was beheaded with a sword strike, but they were able to build him a new one and restore his mind from the backup memory circuits in his torso."

2004-07-22, 09:33 PM
Cosmos silently stared at Seaspray, wishing it was him on the operating table suffering instead of standing by helplessly watching his friend go through all of that pain. "Is their anything I can do? Anything?!" Cosmos asks.


"Ooooow!!!! Pipes shouts out, as he feels a sharp pain. "Hey, although my function says warrior, I'm also a medic also! Just ask Perceptor. Shouldn't I be asleep for this procedure?" Pipes asks, annoyed at the pain.

2004-07-22, 10:00 PM
"Crisis as usual..." Arcee remarked as Wheeljack rushed out the lab.

"What's taking Dirge so long? 'Death comes to those who hurry'?"

2004-07-23, 01:54 AM
-Chromia watches the others work on the wounded Autobots-

Slag, these kids really got it good too........... -She sees Cosmos looking totaly dejected and with a scared look on his face-

He's not taking this very well, maybe I should talk to him or...something. Heck, I'm no good at this sorta thing, but he looks like he needs to take a break...

-She walks over to Cosmos and takes his hand and pulls him towards the door-

"Hey Cosmos, lets go for a walk and let these guys work. It wont help if we're in the way. If there's any problems, they'll let you know. C'mon"

-She drags him out the door into the hallway and they walk to the main exit and go outside-

2004-07-23, 02:16 AM
"You know, Chromia, I use to envy my fellow Autobots. I use to invision them galiantly racing off into battle, and heroicly battling the forces of evil. During my lonely, year long voyages on missions through deep space, I use to day dream of leading the Autobots to victory in fantasy battles, keeping my mind from being bored.

I use to hate myself for not being built for battle, and thought that the other Autobots would view me as a coward because I was always far away from any battle or front line. When I came back from my latest mission, and earning my much needed time off from deep space, I was happy that I was to be stationed at Metroplex for the next six months. I thought that this unique position would allow me to finally prove my self in battle and to show myself and the other autobots my worth!

But my first taste of battle was a far cry from what I use to imagine while in the quietness and peacefulness of deep space! It was far from being heroic and galiant! It was complete and sheer chaos! The deafening explosions, the enemy's hatred and total disregard for life itself shocked me! I had never imagined the horrors of war, and my childlike perception was forever shattered! I don't know if I'll ever be the same! And to see first hand the horror of war with my friend Seaspray makes it a million times worst! When will this war end, Chromia?

This war with the decepticons have been going on before this planet Earth was even formed, and has been going on for ages with both sides claiming victory many times! But when will it end? Why are the decepticons so evil and bent on war and fighting? Is it their programming? Can't we all just get along?" Cosmos vents, trembling wildly while clutching his fists and looking at the ground. He then falls agains Chromia's chest, hugging her.

2004-07-23, 02:54 AM
-Chromia was stunned when Cosmos hugged her, she had no idea what to do, but felt that pushing him away was the wrong thing-

"Um...um.......uh......"-She patted his back and stared at the sky-

Okay..Chromia?? Now what? I'm supposed to say something now.I guess? "Uh Cosmos? Don't....uh....worry. Um..it'll be..okay. Yeah, sure. And no one thinks you're a coward, really"

-she pushed him away and looked directly into his optics-

"Hey, if I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone?"

-she sighs and looks back to him-

"I've been fighting in these wars for the last 9 million years myself, and I've seen a lot of my friends die. It's not pretty, it's not valliant or heroic in any way. It's terrible. And it never gets any easier. Either to kill someone, or to watch a friend die. And it never will be, and anyone who says otherwise, is lying."

-She crosses her arms and looks up at the sky again-

"I know that a lot of people look at me as a warrior, someone who knows no fear, and you know what? I'd guess that for the most part, they're right. But, I do remember my first battle. It was back in Iacon right at the begining of the war. So many people died then......."

So many...so many friends.........

-She sighs and puts her hands on his shoulders and looks into his optics again-

"You wanna know how I fared in that battle? I spent most of it hiding under an alcove, so scared that I was gonna die, that I froze up. It was only later that someone told me that it was okay to be a little scared sometimes."

-she holds up 2 fingers to measure an inch-

"Just a little mind you, but it's normal to be scared. If you werent, I'd have Wheeljack look into that head of yours to see what was wrong. I admit that I'm a bit scared sometimes myself, but, I don't let that get to me, you just can't or you'll never be any good to your friends ."

-She looks back to Metroplex-

"Well, we should be getting back, I guess. Seasprays' gonna be alright, you'll see. So will the others. You need to be strong for your friends, and uh........"

-she winks at him-

"If anyone asks, I was giving you a good scolding for going to Egypt without any backup, okay? I don't want anyone to think I'm getting soft or anything.........It could ruin my reputation!"

-She shoos him back towards Metroplex-

"Go on, get some rest, recharge, and things will be better in the morning."

"And if you ever need anything, just let me know, okay?

2004-07-23, 05:44 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

Red Alert chuckled ever so slightly at Arcee's remark. "I've always thought it was more likely to come to those who annoy their comrades with long waits, myself."

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist shook his head. "If I took you off-line now, Pipes, you could suffer major circuit damage. I'm almost done, anyway."

He continued working.

2004-07-23, 03:52 PM
Cosmos felt good after his talk with Chromia. He really needed that as he begin to walk off, feeling as though a huge weight was lifted off of his chest. He decided to go and see how his friends were doing bit suddenly paused as he re-entered Metrolplex.

Nine million years?!!! Wow, I haven't even existed for a thousand yet! She doesn't even look a day over One hundred thousand! Oh my God!!!! I just realized something! I just hugged Chromia!!!! Oh my Goodness!!!! Her sleek design felt so smooth and warm with in my clutches!!!! Her smooth, glistening metalic finished!!! Her shapely contour!!!! The sassy yet sweet sound of her voice synthisizer!!!! Oh, oh...I'm energon pump is about to explode!!!! I better go see my friends and get my mind off of that hot peice of fembot booty! Cosmos runs off, using earthling lingo he picked up monitoring MTV satelite transmissions.

"Hoist, how bad does it look?" Pipes nervously asks. "I feel fine in robot mode, been when I transform to vehicle mode, I feel like dying! That is so wierd! I can say i never encountered anything like that before, ever!" Pipes continues.
"Grapple Be honest with me, chum! How bad is it?!" Huffer cries, laying on an operating room table. "It must be bad enough to go in front of me!" Warpath gripes, playing with his cracked chest gun nozzle.
"More hot door triangular man hole rent me audio puppy military hot dog stand bumper sticker beef patties?" Seaspray mumbles as Cosmos walks in. "Oh no, his logic circuts are being illfiltrated by the rust!!! Cosmos explains. Wait a second.....that's it!!!!!!" Cosmos yells.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-23, 04:15 PM
Medbay Metroplex

Fixit looked at Wheeljack and back at Seaspray, "Yes, of course! Where there are two infections it looks like there is only one. Alright then, I'll finish the body and we'll get rid of the infections together."

Fixit began working quickly to meld Seaspray's armor back together.

2004-07-23, 04:33 PM
Fixit!!!! Cosmos yells in excitement as he jumps up and down. "Remember how the decepticons tried to infect all of the autobots with that COSMIC RUST disease?! Remember how Perceptor cured us all with that secret formula he called CHLOROSTOP, or something like that? Do you remember?! We coated the statue of liberty with it to preserve it forever!

Remember that fight between Menasor and Superion at the statue of liberty when the decepticons tried to stop us from being cured! They were trying to block us froms scraping some chlorostop off of the statue of liberty so we could produce more!
Do we have anymore of that stuff lying around?! If we do, then Seaspray is saved!!!!" Cosmos cheers, holding both arms over his head.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-23, 05:12 PM
After what seemed like an eternity (But was only a few hours) a large portion of the Energon Pile had been absorbed, and Dai Atlas had awakened from partial stasis lock. His systems were still only reading 86% energy levels, not all the way there, but enough to get his internal repair systems to fix the minor damage caused by his interplanetary trip.

In Base mode he opened up his sensors and tried to locate Optimus Prime. He thought he recognized the Matrix energy signature, but could not be sure. Seeing that it was located at Fortress Maximus, he transformed into Drill Tank mode and rumbled across the open field between the two cities. Once he reached Maximus, he transformed into Robot mode and began to move through the halls, looking for Optimus Prime

God Jinrai
2004-07-23, 06:39 PM
wheeljack's optics narrowed, sighing, then his head turned to cosmos, and he spoke in an almost disdainful voice...

"Cosmos... this isn't Cosmic Rust. Using that formula perceptor concocted on THIS would likely KILL Seaspray! Fixit and I can handle this, Cosmos. now if you don't mind, I suggest those of you that are still fully functional get out of here, and get to the Maximus... the Nemesis team hasn't left yet... and you minibots are in it pretty deep for just upping and abandoning red alert. I'd suggest you get back there. FAST. Before Prime decides to call for you and address the matter himself. "

Wheeljack let out another sigh...

"Alright, Fixit. I'm starting the energon siphon... Seaspray, we're setting you into stasis lock now..."

Wheeljack activated the siphon, ands seaspray's major systems, aside from life support went offline... the energon began to slowly drain out.

sitting in the maximus' data library, prime was informed of the bot's entry to the Maximus. rising to his feet, he started from the huge desk, just feet from the teletran 3 uplink... and headed for the elevator, taking it down to the maximus' main level...

Hyper Prime
2004-07-23, 07:03 PM
"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Fixit was suprised by Cosmos' scream, that it caused him to yelp and fall of Seaspray's table.

As he picked himself up he nodded to Wheeljack, "Alright." He then pathed up the last of Seaspray's broken armor pieces. "Okay, lets get started on those infections. I think the energon infuser should destablilize the plasma energy infecting Seaspray's brain circuits, but I'm not sure how to treat the rust before it spreads any furhter. Any ideas Wheeljack?"

2004-07-23, 08:11 PM
Cosmos walks down the hall, putting his faith in wheeljack and fixit as he walks down the hallway. He soon bumps into huffer, who was fully repaired, and Warpath, standing boldly with a fresh, new, glistening barel sticking out of his chest.

"Well, that was fast!" Cosmos says, placing his hands on his hips. "Grapple's the man!" Warpath gives a thumbs up.
"Wheeljack suggested that we head over to the maximus before we fall deeper into trouble, before it departs!" Cosmos explains.

"How's seaspray?" Huffer asks. "Their still working on him..." Cosmos voice becomes a little disturbed. "How about this, let's go check out how pipes is doing, and then we'll head down to the Maximus to see how much trouble we're in!" Huffer sarcastically jokes as Warpath, Huffer, and Cosmos head down to Hoist's area.

As they walk in, they see Hoist busy working on Pipes, who is crying like a little fembot. "Ouch, Hoist damn it, are you doing that on purpose?!" Pipes yells. "What a female! Arcee is even braver then this wuss!" Huffer jokes as Cosmos and Warpath both laugh.

2004-07-23, 08:23 PM
Wheeljack's Lab

"Well if he doesn't get here soon this 'bot will just have to go down there and drag his metallic butt all the way back to the lab"

Bumblebee began to pace back and forward every so often looking up at the entrance.

2004-07-23, 10:26 PM
Detention Center

"Alright, so who wants to start? Wreck-Gar, you want a piece of him?"

2004-07-23, 11:58 PM
OOC: I'm not posting as Magnus again until Scout makes her presence known.

Detention Center

"That isn't how it works in the business," Wreck-Gar told the short rounded minibot. "First two of us gotta work the suspect over to find out what he knows, hopefully without causing any harm. Then, once we've worked him for information, we stick him on a bread and water diet for ten to twenty."

He stepped into the cell area, looking back to talk to Hot Rod and Cliffjumper. "I need a good cop. Play rock paper scissors to find out."

Hot Rod grinned, and got his fist ready. "Ready, 'jumper?"

2004-07-24, 02:26 AM
-Chromia walked back into the medbay right behind the minibots. She listenes to Pipes comment about being "female" and decides to give him a hard time for the heck of it-

What a female??! And picking on Arcee?? Oh really.............?

-Still unnoticed by the laughing minibots she saunters in and leans up against the wall right behind them-

"Excuse me boys.....? And what exactly is wrong with being a femme? And as for Arcee, I'll bet she could take on all of you and not chip her new paint job!"

-She walks closer to Huffer and puts her arm across his shoulder-

"I'm sorry, what was it that about femmes being weak or something?"

-She smiled with an evil little glint in her optics and squeezed his shoulder to the point that the metal crinkled a bit under her grasp-

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. What was it again?"

2004-07-24, 05:32 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

"That wouldn't be wise," Red Alert told Bumblebee. "You should shoot him a few times first to cut down on the resistence."

His expression gave no clue whether or not he was joking.

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist gave Chromia an icy glare. "Stop abusing the patients. I have enough work as it is."

He turned back to Pipes. "I'm sorry. Almost done..." He pulled out one last, tiny bit of shrapnel. "There we go." He picked up another tool and patched the Minibot's damaged fuel line. Finally, he welded shut the exterior wounds.

He stepped back. "OK, Pipes, you're done. Recharge, get some rest, and you should heal up good as new. The pain should be gone in a few minutes. Don't use your alt-mode for a few hours, though; if you haven't fully healed, you'll just hurt yourself again. If you have any problems, come back and let me know." He looked at the other Minibots. "Who's next?"

2004-07-24, 10:50 AM
(ooc-I fixed my post, I had the wrong bot in my last one. It should have been Huffer, not Pipes. Sorry!)

2004-07-24, 02:36 PM
Detention Center

"This just keeps getting worse..."

Cliffjumper put his fist next to Hotrod's.

2004-07-24, 04:22 PM
Detention Center

Hot Rod slammed his fist next to Cliffjumper's.

"Heh. Good job, 'Jumper," he told the Minibot. "Looks like you're the good cop."

2004-07-24, 05:23 PM
"Thanks, Hoist. Sorry I was being a real jerk, but I was in some major pain their. No hard feelings, pal..." Pipes steps down from off of the operating room table and turns back to Hoist, giving him a thumbs up.

"Uhhhhh.....Grapple already repaired m-m-me and w-w-warpath, Hoist, uh...I'm fine....see you around...." Huffer stutters. "Y-y-y-yeah, Hoist, it's been real...g-g-gotta go!!!" Warpath yells. "Besides, w-w-w-we g-g-gotta get back to my Chromia -er, I mean Maximus, yeah.... and back to really sexy-er I mean Red Alert...." Cosmos Explains as he, Warpath and Huffer all run away from Chromia laughing, leaving pipes behind.

"Those silly knuckle heads....hello Chromia" Pipes says, nonchalantly as he cooly walks past Chromia, uneventfully. "Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!!" Pipes then yells out of no where, running out of the door laughing!

After the minibots mad dash through metroplex, laughing hysterically as they bolt outside, they finnally slow down and pause on the plains between Metroplex and Fortress Maximus.
"Whoooo! That Chromia chick is bad, man! Talk about hot!" Warpath laughs. "And strong too! I thought she was gonna crush my shoulder! Man!!!" Huffer yells. "Yeah, she's hot, but come on guys, we gotta get to Red Alert, immedeatly! We had our fun for the moment, now it's time to get serious..." Cosmos explains. "Time to face the music..." Pipes adds.

Meanwhile, Seaspray's automatic repair systems began to gain strength as Wheeljack and Fixit continue their work on him. With the automatic repair systems now strengthening, his body begins to succesfully counter the foreign rust infection.

2004-07-24, 05:34 PM
Detention Center

"Well, here goes..."

Cliffjumper followed Wreck-Gar into the cell area.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-24, 06:41 PM
Dai Atlas walked past the Elevators in Fortress Maximus, half thinking to himself, trying to remember the situation the Autobots were in at this time. Also disturbing was the notion Victory Leo had presented - that the Autobot commanders from the last 2 centuries had been called to this spot. Did this mean that he could possibly meet his successor? Who would that be? What would it be like to meet the Legendary Convoy? At least Victory Saber knew him and had handed over his leadership when he was still alive. If his memory served him, Convoy had died before his true successor had been found.... twice.

The doors to an elevator opened and instictivly Dai Atlas turned and saw his legendary predicessor. He was considerably shorter than Dai Atlas, though no less impressive. He seemed to be a little tired, as if he carried the weight of the universe on his shoulders. Something Dai Atlas could understand, though from memory, Convoy had been carrying it for millions of years. That, more than anything else had won the big robots respect a thousand times over long before he arose to leadership.

He fully turned himself around and drew himself up to full height, not for intemedation, but out of respect. He offered his hand as he spoke:

"Supreme Commander Con.... Optimus Prime. I am Supreme Commander Dai Atlas, apperently fron the future. It is a pleasure to meet you."

God Jinrai
2004-07-24, 07:22 PM
Prime tilted his head back, gazing up at Dai Atlas...

"Yes... Star Saber had told me of you... and of cybertron's destruction... and the evactuation to planet micro, and the establishment of the Zone project... "

Prime lifted his right arm to meet the taller commander's opposing hand...

"The pleasure is as much mine as it is yours."

Quick Switch
2004-07-24, 08:07 PM
"Acknoooowledged..." the cold, icy vocoder split the silence of the deserted workshop.

The dark blue unit clanked a few paces, then transformed smoothly to a late 1980s model jet fighter. Even though he wore Decepticon sigils, his allegiance had been for the last few months, decidely changed.

As the jet roared over residential areas and industrial complexes, every human being who heard the sounds of his engines shook with fear.

For the engines were the clarion call of doom and despair.

Dirge, Autobot observer, was heading home.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-24, 08:52 PM
Dai Atlas did something then, as he shook hands with Optimus Prime, something he did rarely. He smiled. After a moment, he broke the handshake, and his face returned to his normal look of seriousness.

"Victory Leo has given me a brief description of what is going on right now. I have to admit that the thought of Decepticons infesting earth bothers me more than Quintessons on Cybertron, but only because Cybertron was just begining to be reconstructed in my time - and would take at least an earth Century to be complete.

"But I suppose we should talk. I wonder why I have been brought here and what I can do to aid the Autobot cause in this time."

2004-07-25, 12:41 AM
-Chromia watched the minibots leave and heard Pipes last words-

I swear, they're as bad as some of the pirates in the Syndicate. Why me? -She shook her head-

Better go see if Ironhides' made it back yet. Going off to Egypt, leaving me here with these.....kids..He's gonna hear about it.

-She heads back to Ft Max-

Brave Maximus
2004-07-25, 12:47 AM
"This is Skyfall to Autobot base:
We are returning to base WITH the missing memory chips and a computer core. We also have at least 2 units injured, probably more. Be prepaired for us when we arrive. ETA with Autobase is 6 hours at current speed. Will contact you when we arrive."

2004-07-25, 04:43 AM
fortress maximus

Standing outside of the very room Red Alert was in, the minibots Pipes, Huffer, Warpath, and Cosmos all stood in a circle, talking.

"Alright....being over zelous and thirsting for combat, we neglected the importance of Autobot leadership, and ignored the chain of command and have every right to suffer for it. Now I know how high strung Red Alert is and their is no such thing as an apology with him. He is as hard core and by the rules as any one can get. Now I hope you realized that we jeopardized this mission before it could even begin, and because of our actions, one of our friends lies ill...possibly dying.

Even though we acted to save the humans and to thwart the raping of energy by the Decepticons, it's still know reason to ignore the rules! Now when we walk through this door way, expect anything, brig time, temporary deactivation, anything! But what ever the punishment, just know that we did learn from our mistakes, and that we did, in fact, save a large majority of humans." Pipes explains as all four minibots nod. Just then, Cosmos holds out his right palm as everybody looks at it.

"Can I get a whoa, minibots?" Cosmos jokes. Just then, Pipes, Huffer and Warpath puts their right palm on top of Cosmos's, stacking them one on top of the other. "WHOOOOOOOOA, MINIBOTS!!!" The minibots yell in unison, throwing their right palms into the air as they finally enter into the room to see Red Alert.

2004-07-25, 06:43 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

Red Alert's optics narrowed involuntarily as Dirge's reply came through. Despite all attempts to the contrary, he just couldn't force down the knee-jerk hatred that the Seeker's voice inspired.

To distract himself, the security officer flipped open his comlink and replied to the second call that had came though. "Skyfall, this is Red Alert. Any sign of pursuit?"

He looked to the newly-arrived Minibots, noting signs of recently-repaired injuries. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't have the lot of you tossed in the brig."

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist just shook his head in confusion as the Minibots left.

They're like sparklings, I swear...

2004-07-25, 07:09 AM
Blaster continued to pilot Jetfire as they entered Autobot air-space. "Finally! We're almost home guys!"

Brave Maximus
2004-07-25, 08:16 AM
Skyfall smiled behind his faceplate
An Autobot voice - thank Primus

He reached out with Omega's sensors, and finding nothing but civilian traffic, he let out a sigh of relief. Keeping the comm link open he responded to Red Alert:

"It doesn't look like it. No airborne persuit anyway. The seacons disappeared before the end of the fight into the Pacific, but we're pretty high up and we'll notice them once we reach land. I'll contact you again once we're a half hour out or so, with a full status report on injured and persuit. Or sooner if we need help.
Skyfall out."

2004-07-25, 09:41 PM
Wheeljack's Lab

Bumblebee laughed a little until he heard Dirge's voice.

Finally the Decepticon shows up

He stood up and waited on Dirge's arrival.

2004-07-26, 12:41 AM
The minobots, looking at each other for the answers to Red Alert's question and began to panic until Cosmos stepped up to the plate.

"Red, I won't just give you one good reason, I'll give you five!" Cosmos blurted out as Pipes, Warpath, and Huffer all let out an irritated out burst, throwing their hands in the air and shaking their heads while placing their hands on their foreheads.
"Cosmos, don't do us any more favors..."Huffer yells as Cosmos already began.

"Reason number five why we minibots should not be thrown in the brig! We learned from our mistake! We'll never run off like that again! They say experience is the best teacher, but that is a lie! Being shot to peices while ill prepared for combat with no support and making it back alive is the best teacher! Whoa!" Cosmos explains.

"Reason number four! Although we were desperately out numbered, and out gunned, we still managed to save many human lives, and deprived the Decepticons of much needed energon!" Cosmos explains as the other minibots began to think Cosmos just might be able to pull this off after all.

"Reason number three! Look at Hoist and Grapple! They actually sided with the Constructicons to build a solar tower, ignoring Prime's orders, and they got let off the hook with a simple apology, and clean up duty! They actually sided with the enemy, and saw no brig time! We are just tiny minibots, but these two guys are responsible for repairing and fixing all of us!!!!!!" Cosmos explains as the minibots let out a mighty yell, pumping their fists in the air.

"Number two! It's not easy being a poor little minibot. Everyone is so much bigger then us....so much stronger. We try really really really hard to make a difference. But it's so hard.....we just want to be like you, red! All of you big guys....*sniffle* i'm sorry...." Cosmos plays the symphathy card as he walks over to Pipes, leaking energon from his optical ducts as Pipes gives Cosmos a hug as Cosmos wipes his optics.

"And finally, my brethren...the number one reason why we minibots should not go to the brig is because we all make mistakes! He who is with out sin, let him cast the first bolt. If you prick me? Do I not bleed oil? Am I my Autobot's keeper? For Optimus Prime so loved this world, that he gave his only begotten Autobots in order to protect it from the Decepticons. And if saving humans makes me a criminal...so be it!" Cosmos explains as Pipes, Huffer, and Warpath gives Cosmos a standing ovation as he walks over to recieve a hug from them as after they settle down, they quietly, nervously, and anxiously await Red Alert's verdict as they all watch Red's stern face, having high hopes.

2004-07-26, 01:10 AM
F t Max

Having re-entered Ft Max shortly after the minibots, Chromia decided to keep a closer optic on them.

Primus knows what they'll get into.....

She watches them enter the the room where Red Alert was., and decides to lag behind in the hall where they can't see her.......

Red seems like a fair bot. But, they did disobey orders, and maybe a little discipline would be good for them.......

She hears Cosmos's little speech and tries desperatly to control a laugh.....

That little bot has lost his logic circuts!! I think all those years in space have made him space-happy..!

She waits and listens to what Red Alert will say.........

2004-07-26, 03:47 AM
Arcee had given the minibots her best "stern mother" glare when they came in, but when Cosmos finished his little speech, she had to put a hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing.

2004-07-26, 06:35 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

"Acknowledged, Skyfall." Red Alert flipped to a different comm channel. "Fixit, the Wreckers are returning to base. They have casualties." He changed channels again. "Minerva, Skyfall is inbound with the chips."

He flicked off the comm unit, then listened to Cosmos's rant.

"None of that makes me want to go easy on you," he said. His glare dissolved into a frown. "But the way things are, we need every fighter we can get our hands on. We can't afford to lock you up. Instead, I'm assigning you four, and Seaspray as well, to Metroplex. You'll report to Chainclaw immediately and do whatever the city's command staff needs you to do. But as punishment, you're confined to the city until further notice. You won't leave unless an assignment requires it of you. If you leave without permission, you will end up in the brig. Understood?"

2004-07-26, 06:58 AM
ooc: Sorry for the absence. I'm still dealing with a very serious post-op infection and the medicines have been making me very ill. Additionally, I'm not ignoring anyone- if you see my screen name on and don't get a response, it is the Mac which has no away message.

Jetfire's sensors told him they were nearing their destination.
"Approaching base Ultra Magnus, Blaster. Brace up for a likely rough landing. Landing gear's deployed. Blaster, roll pitch at 15' and if that doesn't work, Magnus - put some weight on the left side of the cargo bay and help pull up the air brakes manually."

Mentally unstable by who's count?
Hound shot Crosshairs a preturbed expression before turning his attention back to Minerva.
Driven off Cybertron?
The latent recall snapped up with images of fleeing autobots and decepticons, and various images of transformers infected with the hate plague. His optics dimmed slightly and he got a grim look.

"Things I can remember were never quiet. And I doubt that anything a security advisor who's been demoted and is running at less than an eigth of his power can say will shed much light on this."

Prowl was unphased. The scout's reaction had been calculated and expected. He swallowed the rest of Crosshairs' drink and then nodded. "That would be sensible Hound. Nothing an Autobot would say to you in your current state would be accepted. Therefore, you yourself will do the information sorting and processing. You will have access to all of the humans' media unfiltered, as well as our general files.
And it'll keep you busy and out of trouble while still accomplishing what needs to be done.

As soon as he's ready Minerva, I'd like to move this group out of your way to make room for the rest of your patients. Crosshairs, Trailbreaker, we'll be moving down to the data center.

Hound looked to Pinpointer and Minerva, searching for any sort of visual cues to tell him what to expect.
Mirage had wandered through the woods for a while, listening and watching quietly. As Cosmos' message came through, he began an easy run down towards Metroplex, on the offchance his help would be needed.

2004-07-26, 07:19 AM

Magnus turned to Siren. "Head for the back. Take Smokescren and Blaster's tapes with you. That should be enough weight."

He then turned the controls over to Blaster. "I'm heading out to manually deploy the brakes. Keep this thing in a straight line. And don't hit anything when we land."
Detention Center

Wreck-Gar paced the cell where the captive was sitting.

"So...we got a real wise guy, eh?" he asked the prisoner before shining a light directly into his eyes. "Where were you on the night of November 23rd?!"

Lord Zarak
2004-07-26, 08:06 AM
Grapple just looked at Cosmos after his rant. He shook his head, and wlked out of the med bay. He wasnt a medic, or a scientist, he was an architect. He walked to his quarters, got out his design kit, and began sketching away.

2004-07-26, 02:28 PM
As the minibots file out of the room, Chromia slips in to see Arcee also trying not to laugh.

"So, I take it I'm not the only one who thinks he's a little space happy?"

She turns to Red Alert ..."Have you heard from Ironhide and the others in Egypt yet?"

2004-07-26, 05:08 PM
"Roger that, Red Alert, we will fully comply with your orders, sir!" Cosmos salutes as he and the other minibots march out of the room in single file.

"Well, Metroplex is not so bad. Not as new as Fortress Maximus and a little dated, but at least it's not as small in size as the ark, or omega supreme! Now that would drive me crazy!" Cosmos explains, as he transforms into his flying saucer mode inside the hanger bay.

"Cosmos, we're not exactly in any rush to get to Metroplex. Why don't we just walk." Huffer explains as Cosmos transforms back to robot mode. As the minibots slowly walk across the plains between metroplex and fort max, they see Jetfire, streaking across the sky, appearing to be heavily damaged.

"That's not good. Maybe we should do something...." Cosmos thinks out loud. "No!!! Haven't you learned your lesson by now, cosmos. I'm sure they'll call us when we're needed..." Huffer yells.
"He's right. Besides, we have to report to Chainclaw before we get in any more trouble." Pipes explains.

"Can we at least check on Seaspray first to see how he is doing?" Cosmos asks. "Hmmm, I suppose we can at least do that." Pipes says as they continue to walk.

Meanwhile, in the Med Bay, Seaspray's immune systems and automatic repair systems have began to strengthen tremendously. With the little strength seaspray's immune systems had, they began to slowly work on repairing the key components vital to the immune stem's functions, greatly increasing the immune systems abilities as it repaired itself.

Next, the immune systems began to combat the rust effects, as simultaneously, the gaping hole in his back was actively being worked on and fully repaired. Finally, the rust infection was one hundred percent irradicated, as all that was left was minor repairs and refueling as Seaspray layed lifeless on the table as Wheeljack and Fixit completed his repairs. They began to reactivate Seaspray and demanded him to lay on the operating table as the I.V. like fuel line running through his left arm pumped much needed energon into his emergency fuel reserve tanks.

Just then, Cosmos, pipes, Warpath, and Huffer walked into the room, gazing at their fellow Autobot. "Look, he's awake! And his body is repaired!!!!" Cosmos yells. "Wheeljack, Fixit!!! You guys are geniuses!!!!!!!" Warpath cheers.

2004-07-26, 05:38 PM
Wheeljack's Lab

Bumblebee frowned. He himself was a minibot and he didn't like to be considered as one if the others were acting in a different way.

He looked at them before they left and just stood there staring towards the exit way. He preferred being apart from them... he was a minibot but he was different.

Lord Zarak
2004-07-27, 09:50 AM
Shockwave, alone in his office opened up a communications channel:

"Optimus Prime this is Shockwave. Reapeat, Optimus Prime this is Shockwave. I am calling from Scorponok regarding a mission of vital importance to the liberation of Cybertron from the Quintessons. I have been authorised by Gigatron to enlist your help in delivering a probe that will gather general, strategic and tactical information of the occupational forces. Commander Hatemonger has gathered a small task force, and is ready to deploy.

Logically, any information gathered will be shared if you co-operate.

Are you willing to meet to discuss...terms?"

Random Sweep
2004-07-27, 03:41 PM
Wheeljacks lab

" I wish we could get going, I am getting an itchy trigger finger" Sureshot complained to no one in particular

2004-07-27, 07:08 PM

Siren: "You heard the man, guys." -hauls Smokescreen up with his good arm, starts dragging him towards the aft compartment-

Tech Bay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -activates commlink- "Optimus Prime, this is Brainstorm. We've figured out who those chips came from. It's Sideswipe."

2004-07-27, 09:12 PM
Ooc: wonder if Dai's timeline had Minicon history....

Although Talon had reached Fortress Maximus long before Dai Atlas, he had been walking around Fort Max for several hours, trying to locate Prowl. As he turned yet another corner, and noticing that, again, he had gone around in circles, he decided that he would ask the very first Autobot he could find where in this 'Prowl' was.

As is so happened, the first 'Autobot' he found, was the massive form of Dai Atlas, making his way through the corridor up ahead. Talon tried walking up to him, then running and finally flying after Dai in an attempt to catch up with him. By the time he caught up with him however, Dai just entered a room, as the door closed Talon caught a glimps of the red and blue form that was Optimus Prime. 'Ah, better not interupt the two of them, I'll just wait here until the big one leaves' Talon thought as he flew up to the ceiling. He dug the claws of his feet into the ceiling and, much like a regular earth bat, he closed his wings around himself as he hangs from it, the Minicon symbol prominently featured on both wings. He could, and would, wait patiently for the meeting to finish.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-27, 10:12 PM
Medbay: Metroplex

Fixit bowed, "Thank you, thank you. But I can't take all the credit. It was Wheeljack who did Seaspray's infectons, I just repaired his armor."

Detention Center

Stakeout said to Wreck-Gar as the human continued to stay silent, "I feel a more radical approach is best for this kind of stiutation." He then drew his gun put it against human's head, "Okay pal, you've got until the count of three before I turn your head into a billion molecules. One... two..."

Seawatch whispered to the others, "Don't worry. He turned off the trigger, I saw him."

(OOC:Note: He's an NPC that anyone can control guys, and I'm not sure what to have him say. Heck, I just tookhim for Reflector and Bombshell a long time ago when theyh couldn't do it.)

2004-07-28, 02:11 AM
"Stop being so modest, Fixit!" Warpath yells as suddenly Huffer points over to Seaspray. "Look, he's trying to speak!" Huffer points out. "What is it, Seaspray old friend?" Cosmos asks as the minibots all gather around the operating table to hear Seaspray.

Seaspray begins to speak in a faint, weak voice. "Don not grieve..." Seaspray whispers as the minibots all look at each other disturbingly. "Are you okay? I thought you were healed?!" Pipes gasps. "Fixit and Wheeljack have done all that they can....but soon, I will become one with the minibot matrix...."Seaspray sputters, as his voice begins to faint.

"Minibot matrix?!!!" Pipes, Huffer, Warpath and cosmos gasp in unison. "C-C-Cosmos......it is to you......old friend....." Just then, Cosmos gasps as Seaspray opens up his chest compartment and hands seaspray a peice of a fishing net and closes his chest compartment. "Now how did that get in there?!!!!" Seaspray laughs then grabs Cosmos by the wrist and pulls him onto the operating room table and gives him a noogie.

"Guess who's back guys?!!!!" Seaspray laughs as the others look at each other before laughing hysterically. "Seaspray, you bubble brain, welcome back!" Cosmos yells as Seaspray sits up on the table with his feet dangling off of it.

"So what did I miss?" Seaspray asks. "Well, basically, we're barred from leaving Metroplex by red alert until further notice." Pipes explains. "Yeah, and we have to report to somebody called Chainclaw or something to that affect." Warpath continues.
"We can't leave metroplex? But I'm supposed to report back to Broadside tommorow.....bah, no matter...." Seaspray says, getting up and stretching. "I need the rest anyway. I don't know if I can swim just yet....I'll have to radio Broadside and tell him what transpired." Seaspray adds.

"Come on, let's go find this Chainclaw before we get into even more trouble." Huffer gripes as the 'bots leave the room.

2004-07-28, 10:53 PM
Detention Center

Cliffjumper grabbed the minicons arm.

"Whoa, hold it, Stakeout. I don't know how radical you were thinking, but that's definitely crossing the line. I think we should start with asking him," Cliffjumper turned towards Wreck-Gar, "some relevant questions."

Cliffjumper paused for a moment.

"Anyone got one?"

2004-07-29, 03:15 AM
Tech Bay, Metroplex:

Tracks: -riffling through the shipping container Nightbeat diverted to Autobase-

2004-07-29, 10:52 PM
She turns to Arcee .

"So, how have you been here?. It's not like I've heard from you in a while..."

2004-07-30, 01:49 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -still working on Hound-

2004-07-30, 03:14 AM
The minibots Pipes, Seaspray, Warpath, Huffer, and Cosmos all walk towards the command center of metroplex, talking loud amongst themselves while walking through the hall ways. Seaspray is not yet fully at 100%, but he is able to laugh and joke with his fellow bretheren just the same.

"So whatever happened to that alien chick who transformed into that hot purple robot at the well of transformation, Seaspray?" Cosmos asks. "We had to break it off. She was busy rebuilding her planet with her people, and you were never around to take me to visit! Besides, long distance relationships just never work out..." Seaspray reveals as the team walks.

Brave Maximus
2004-07-30, 06:01 AM
The Omega Shuttle crested the near by mountians and it's broadcast reaches out to the near by Autobot cities:

"This is Skyfall,
We will be reaching Autobase in a few clicks. We have injured on board and we will be heading directly into Metroplex's Medical Bay. Please have all avalible medical staff meet us there. Additionally, we have rescued the chips for Hound and once everything is settled I will bring them to Fortress Maximus.
Skyfall Out."

The shuttle then swooped over the cities once to get it's barrings before landing beside the entrance to Metroplex. The main bay doors opened and Skyfall exited, followed closely by his limping second in command. He looked of the troops as they exited the shuttle:

"Right, EVERYONE must go see the medics. The Decepticons gave us a pretty good beating, though we managed to hand them their rear armour plating in return. I want to know what shape everyone's in, and I want you all at 100% before your return here for Debreifing and planning for our next mission. Anyone tries to avoid this, and I will pick you up and carry you there myself."

The micromaster Smiled as he said that. To be honnest he was scared to death. They managed to destroy the whole complex and Prime probably wasn't going to be too happy.....

Aero Blade
2004-07-30, 06:38 AM
Aero Blade exited the ship, breathing a sigh of relief as they finally arrived back in the Autobot Base. It didn't last long, though, as he heard Skyfall's message for them. It took all of Aero's willpower to try to remain normal in appearance and not freeze on the spot. He was sending them to see the medics...

Aero heard the warning, but he choose to ignore it. He looked about cautiously, hoping there was some way that he'd be able to sneek away and slip off without being noticed before they reached the medbay....

Brave Maximus
2004-07-30, 06:47 AM
Letting his second in command deal with moving the troops into Metroplex and to medbay. Skyfall wandered around the side of Omega, keeping an eye on the chips under Jazz's arm.

It was while he was enjoying the breif moment of peace that he noticed someone trying to calmly sneak away from the group. He rounded the corner again and spotted Aero Blade trying very hard to be invisible.

"And just where do you think you're going? I was serious when I said I want everyone in the med bay to be be checked up. You don't want some unknown Decepticon weapon digging around inside you or some virus they created eating your neural pathways. Besides, you're our engineer at the moment, and I'm going to need your help. And for that you have to be 100%. So come on, lets head in"

Skyfall raised his arm, to point out the way. Even though he was only 9' tall, the Autobot commanded a presence when he was around the troops. Perhaps some of the old Omega programming was wearing off on him.

Solemly Starlight and Nemesis lead the hovering Stasis chamber holding the very damaged Ark, heading strait for Metroplex's Med bay.

Aero Blade
2004-07-30, 06:57 AM
Aero Blade jumped slightly, startled at having been seen so quickly in his attempt to avoid the medics. "You can't be serious, I'm not that badly damaged, and what I do have I can repair myself," Aero tried to tell Skyfall, an excuse he'd used several times before with many others, and never once worked. Trying to think of a different way out of it, Aero suddenly remembered something. "Beside, it can wait. We need to take these chips that I aquired to be examined as well," Aero said, holding out the contain with the chips so that Skyfal could see it. "I don't think they're Hounds, but they still need to be investigated."

Brave Maximus
2004-07-30, 07:07 AM
Skyfall ignited his thrusters so he could look Aero Blade in the optics. He could hear the fear in the other Autobot's voice, though he could not understand it. The medics in this time were pretty good. Legendary in some circles, and from what he could tell, very nice and kind. He could also hear an excuse when it was presented to him. He tried many of them on his commanders back in the accademy. Never worked for them, it wasn't going to work for Aero Blade.

"There will be time to analize them later. Besides, all the scientists are in the med bay, waiting for us to arrive." With any luck "When you head in, you can give it to them on the way by. You say you're not that badly damaged, but I want a full check done on you. No excuses. I don't need you burning out and falling into a lava pool, which is a possiblity where we're going. So, no more excuses or other things to do. We are going into Metroplex."

Aero Blade
2004-07-30, 07:23 AM
Out of excuses and ideas, Skyfall had managed to verbally corner Aero Blade. There didn't seem to be a way around it (for now), so there was no choice but to comply. There was always the chance that a opportunity to slip off might present itself later

"A-alright, I'll go..." Aero answered, heading back over to the others, managing to keep his composure in his appearance. He did seem to grip the box of chips a bit tighter than necissary, though.

Hyper Prime
2004-07-30, 02:32 PM
Omega Shuttle

Redhot exclaimed to Countdown, "Hey boss, were almost home!"

Countdown replied, "Great." He then stood up, but winced. He had taken some damage to his body in his fight with Darkwing Dreadwind. "I hope we land soon. I feel like slag."

Medbay Metroplex

Fixit heard Skyfall and exclaimed, "Alright, Countdown is coming back from his mission! Hey Grapple, Hoist, Wheeljack, how about we go check things out?"

2004-07-31, 03:17 PM
Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -optic band flickers, sits up, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon pivoting slowly, stops, looking at -Missile Run, then returns to the rest position-

Brave Maximus
2004-07-31, 05:34 PM
Artfire and Stepper, undamaged, stood up and looked around before turning and talking to their commander:

"Should we also head to medbay?" Asked Stepper

Dropshot looked up, his face unreadable: "An order is an order, and at least his logic makes sense. Besides, you got anything better to do? Now make your self useful and help Roadbuster get in."

The two snipers looked over at Roadbuster, sitting there, leg damaged. They walked up, and with out saying a word, offered a hand to the damaged bot.

Missile Run, ignored Roadbusters poinient stare and cannon. As a matter of fact, he was ignoring him so hard, that it almost screamed that he was paying attention to almost nothing else.

With a laugh he transformed into Jet mode and buzzed low over Roadbuster, Stepper and Artfire's head before transforming and landing in the combiner Jet. The jets engines roared to life, and he blasted out of the shuttle, followed closely by the other members of the "team".

Nemesis ran a head of stasis container and burst into the Medbay in Metroplex. He Grabbed Fixit and tried to pull him towards an empty medical bed. Starlight enters the medbay with the container holding Ark. The two Minicons bring their brother out of the stasis container, stetting him on the bed. Starlight activated the basic lifesupport functions, keeping Ark alive.... barely. Nemesis and Starlight look up at the micromaster medic, and with out saying a word, plead their case for him to save their baddly damaged brother.

Skyfall walked with Aero Blade right into the Medbay, just behind the Minicons. He looked around and made a general comment to the medics on hand.

"We have a couple of more seriously injuried on the way. Roadbuster and Jazz are priorities after Ark. Countdown is pretty beat up too. If you could, give everyone here a work up and make sure we're all at 100%. Oh, and someone keep an eye on Aero Blade. He seems pretty uncomfortable here."

Then turning to Aero Blade:

"I'll be here until they check me over. Then I have to take the chips to Hound and the medics over in Maximus. If anyone hurts you. They'll have the whole team to deal with, so don't worry. Nothing will happen."

2004-07-31, 06:42 PM
Wheeljack's Lab

Red Alert noticed Bumblebee's apparent dislike for the other Minibots. "Don't worry," he told the small Autobot, "We know you're not as...eccentric as they are."

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist shook his head at Fixit. "We won't need to find them," he gestured towards the doorway, where Skyfall, Aero Blade and several others were entering. "They've found us."

He gave Aero a friendly nod (remembering the younger Autobot's dislike of medics), then adressed his Micromaster companion. "You guys look like you've been run through a trash compactor, Skyfall." His voice became serious. "Get Roadbuster over here and I'll have a look at him. Fixit can deal with Ark."

OOC@Hyper Prime: I'd try to run the human for you, but I...uh...don't really know what the plans for him were. One of the others will look after him when they get back from OTFCC, I guess.

Hyper Prime
2004-08-01, 01:15 AM
(OCC: EDIT: Never mind.)

Medbay Metroplex

Fixit nodded, "Sure thing." He then ran over to Ark's medtable and flipped on his scanning head set. He began to run a complete systems run of Ark's internal systems.

Then, the smallest of the members, walked in. Redhot had some burns on his body, but nothing really serious. Countdown had bullet holes in his chest and his arms, a wheel on his leg had come off. He in other words looked like half-blasted slag. They watched as the medics worked on their friends, waiting for their time.

Aero Blade
2004-08-01, 01:40 AM
Aero Blade heard what Skyfall had said, but there was no avoiding the trapped feeling he now felt in the medbay. He'd expected more than one medic, but not this many, and not even Hoist's somewhat familiar presence could calm him. For the moment he just stood there in silent, building fright, trying not reveal any more of his anxiety by shaking.

2004-08-01, 03:32 AM
-Chromia listens to Red Alerts response to Bumblebee and chuckles-

"Eccentric, don't you mean a few chips short of a circut board?"

-She spins in her chair to face Arcee-

"But, I guess they're good kids..."

2004-08-01, 04:19 AM
The minibots Pipes, Cosmos, Huffer, Warpath and Seaspray continue their search for chainclaw to report to him.

2004-08-01, 11:14 AM
Bumblebee sighed.

"Maybe so. Maybe its just a defect in the minibot model. Maybe I'll be just like them one day. Maybe... I'll just keep quiet."

Bumblebee began to walk about Wheeljack's Lab.

2004-08-01, 05:39 PM
Roadbuster: -takes Artfire and Stepper's offered hands, levers himself to his feet- "Thanks." -shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon twitches as Missile Run leaves-


Dinobot: -having taken up residence in the targeting and fire control systems of the shoulder mounted cannon, hisses in frustration-

Brave Maximus
2004-08-01, 07:05 PM
Dropshot wanders into the Med bay and sits down in one of the waiting chairs. He looks over at Aero Blade and Skyfall and gives a nodd. He isn't damaged and knows it may be a while before he gets checked over. He begins to do an internal weapons check and cleaning, trying to stop from being bored.

Stepper and Artfire each put an arm around Roadbusters waist and his arms over their shoulders. Stepper pauses a moment as the cannon starts to move in his direction, and heaves a sigh when it stops. They half help, half carry Roadbuster in to Medbay and lay him down on a diagonstics table.

"Hey Hoist," Artfire calls out, "We've got a seriously injuried Roadbuster here, can you come look at him?"

They then sit down beside Dropshot, their Target master partners transform and they begin basic weapons checks.

Missile Run landed the Jet beside Metroplex and waited. He could feel his energies running through the jet as he was combined with it and he could hear the sound of the metal reforming itself behind him, at what was his ruined head. Once the jet was repaired he would submit to a basic "Scan".

Jazz limps into Medbay and sits down beside Aero Blade, nodding to Skyfall and the Nervous mech. He set the chips down on the floor between his legs and waited. As all the medics were busy.

2004-08-02, 05:08 AM
Detention Area

Wreck-Gar turned to Cliffjumper.

"You wanna be good cop," he said. "Be my guest."

2004-08-02, 05:12 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

Red Alert shrugged. "Whatever works, Chromia. They both sound accurate." He turned to Bumblebee. "I can't imagine that's true. There are some other sane Minibots. Not a lot, but some."

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist wanted to send a few conforting words Aero Blade's way, but he knew how important it was to patch Roadbuster back together.

"What's the extent of the damage?" he asked the two Targetmasters who brought Roadbuster in.

Brave Maximus
2004-08-02, 06:44 AM
Stepper just shurgged, he had been paying attention to the combiner for most of the battle. Artfire looked at Roadbuster and then at Hoist:

"Best I can tell you, his leg got shot up pretty bad, I think by one of the seekers, but there were alot of other jet type 'Cons floating around. He's also taken a couple of hits all over the place. Most of the Decepticons weapons were conventional ordiance, lasers, missiles, Ion blasts or some variation. I don't think it's anything like what that Minibot is facing." Artfire said, nodding towards Seaspray.

Stepper pipped up:

"Hey Roadbuster, you feel anything wierd when you got shot?"

Aero Blade
2004-08-02, 06:18 PM
Aero Blade stood for a long time in silent panic cautiously trying to watch everything around this section of the medbay, but it was begining to tire him out. Eventually he sat down by Jazz, still clutching the box of chips they'd taken from the Con in the factory. Aero simply stared down at the floor now, not wishing to look around at the uncomfortable environment he was now in.

2004-08-02, 06:30 PM
OOC: Its amazing that so many people have walked through the med bay and dont notice computron sitting there o.o

2004-08-02, 08:14 PM
Roadbuster: "I've got some minor systemry damage from some of the hits I took. My right hand's not responding properly-" -holds up dried mud covered right arm, brushes the mud off of the warped bracer plate revealing the damage- "- as for my leg...... That was a building support girder." -nods to Computron-

2004-08-03, 05:43 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist frowned at Roadbuster. "You should really be more careful about those."

He ran his multi-sensor beams over the warrior's injuries. "Ah, that's good. The damage to your arm isn't very severe. Should be able to patch it up in a few minutes. The leg will take more work, though."

He reached for a clean set of surgical tools, trying to keep them out of Aero Blade's line of sight as he did so. He didn't want the young 'Bot to have a panic attack, after all.

2004-08-04, 02:08 AM
Coumpuron seperated in to the Five Techies. Afterburner goes up to Hoist, you can tell that he is highly angry. "What the heck, We came her all this way for what...! To stand around for hours..."

"Afterbuner, remember your place.", Scattershot said patently.

"No, I wont this time. We were just minding our busness and get called here. It is nto fair that we have to stand around and do nothing while everyone gets missions.", Afterburner went on. He balled up his fists angrily as he took out his frustration on poor Hoist.

"Afterburner I said ENOUGH!", Scattershot raised his voice and made the other three techies step back. They knew that He did not like Afterburners tone of voice.

Nosecone stepped next to his autobot brother, "What he means to say is that we have been here or quite sometime with out an answer and totally ignored by anyone that comes in here. It is really frustrating."

Scatter shot took After burner to a corner, "Now lsiten, You need to calm down. "


"No Buts, Got it soilder", Scattershot raised his voice so everyone heard it. Hey, you get back here when im talking to you. Afterburner pusses past Scattershot and walks out of the Medbay and down the corridors.

Scattershot walks up to the other autobots, "Im sorry about him, he just wants to help thats all."

2004-08-05, 12:21 AM
"Yes, they tend to be on the impulsive side..." Arcee replied to Chromia.

(ooc: Sorry for slowness in replying.)

2004-08-05, 05:37 AM
Prowl tilted his head sideways as he noted Minerva was still working on repairs. He turned his thoughts to observing the medic while waiting for her to finish.
She seems to have achieved an amount of respect with Hound, judging from the amount of time he's been tolerating her repairs. Perhaps it would be beneficial to assign her to...

His train of thought was interrupted as Skyfall's broadcast popped over the radio. He looked up and started for the doorway. On an internal frequency to Crosshairs and Trailbreaker, he added 'Changing initiative- going to get Spike'.


Hound scowled slightly as he couldn't make out anything from Minerva's expression. He shifted position slightly and then leaned backwards on the table with a mixed expression of some interest in the repairs and overall boredom.

Prowl's movement caught his attention and he looked towards the exit with the bored look vanishing instantly.
Could be my chance to get out of here quietly.
Hound looked back to Minerva, but tuned his sensors to follow Prowl's energy signature.
Mirage slowed to a walk as he approached Metroplex.
Loud voices filtered from the hall leading to Hoist's repair bay and the medical center. He scanned the area and then went into the hallway, heading toward the source of the commotion.
Trailbreaker had been busy with his own can of energy drink. He had finished half of it, and secretly placed springs inside the can. He waved towards Prowl in acknowledgement of the communication and then offered the can to Crosshairs.
Jetfire slid into a glide and broke the lower atmosphere. Nearing the mountain range, he spotted the landing area.

"Coming in too fast Magnus- gotta get the flaps in place and throw the engines in reverse!"

2004-08-05, 06:06 AM
From outside the massive Autobot, Magnus struggled to get the second flap into place.

"I got the first one up," he replied to Jetfire. "But I'm going to need some help getting the second one up."
Detention Area

Wreck-Gar continued to pace in front of the cell, beginning to get frustrated.

OOC: Will someone PLEASE take control of the human, preferably someone who knows what the hell is going on?

Aero Blade
2004-08-05, 07:10 AM
Aero Blade was too busy staring at the floor to notice what Hoist was up to, lost in his own world of thought for the moment. Aero wasn't too horribly damaged, just a bunch of little stuff. Maybe someone would forget about him and he'd get the chance to slip off out of the medbay while everyone was distracted with the others...

No, that wouldn't work. Hoist had noticed him quite readily earlier, and he'd be keeping an eye on him probably. There was also the likelyhood that Skyfall wouldn't get around to leaving until most everyone was repaired, including Aero.

As his mind wandered about, Aero briefly wondered what had happened to his little partner, Stratus. The minicon, as usual, had wandered off on his own somewhere almost immediately after they'd gotten off the Omega Shuttle, likely exploring. It'd probably take Aero a couple of hours to find him, if he ever got out of the Medbay...

In reality, Stratus hadn't gone to far. He was keeping an eye on Aero, knowing quite well he might try to escape, but unsure himself if he'd alert any of the Autobots to this if Aero did try it. Aero needed to be fixed up, but Stratus didn't like seeing his partner so distraught.

Deciding it best not to think on it for the moment, Stratus instead decided to have a looka round the medbay, making sure to keep his distance from the larger bots. After a few moments he spotted a medic he'd seen working on Aero before, Minerva, working on Hound. Hound was one of those few bots Aero was actually comfortable being around in this odd world, but he had heard something reciently about the guy not having all his chips together, so he went to go see what was up.

Stratus decided just to watch for the moment, picking out a cabnet nearby to where Hound was being worked on, perching on there to watch things. He was in clear sight of any transformers around, but he was out of the way and out of reach, just the way he liked it. Aero might have been slightly comfortable with some of the bots around here, but Stratus still didn't trust the lot of them.

Brave Maximus
2004-08-05, 08:28 AM
Skyfall heaved a sigh as he sat and waited. He looked around and found there was nothing to do, worst of all, the benches in Metroplex's med bay were made for the big 'bots. He sat on the edge and kicked his legs back and forth. Something he used to do when he first came on line and had nothing to do. He would rather be doing anything else, taking the chips to Hound, fixing up Omega, or better yet, just flying around the mountian sides or checking out some of the holocomic stores (a favorite past time back where he came from, though he wasn't sure if holocomics had even been invented). But he knew he couldn't leave yet. Something inside him told him to take care of his troops first, then what he wanted - if he ever got the chance. Being a leader was a tough........

He looked at Aero Blade and noticed he looked as nervous as he felt. It reminded him of his first days on Earth.

"I hate med bays" Skyfall said, just out in general, though it was intended for Aeroblade.

"They're cold, there's nothing to do, and worst of all, you eventually have to see a medic. Most of the ones that were on the Ark were pretty good bot's, and it needed to get done, but them sitting there with all their tools kinda creeped me out."

Looking at Aero Blade he continued: "When I first came online, they noticed I had some sort of energy anomoly inside me. We eventually figured out it was how I can teleport through reality, but I spent a good 4 or 5 cycles in Med bays and research labs. Now I just get ansey sitting around in one. Worst of all, I have to wait until you guys are done."

Then to no one in particular: "Should have brought something to read......"

2004-08-05, 05:22 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs shook his head and held up his hand politely.

"No thanks, Trailbreaker." He smiled slightly, assuming the other Autobot was trying to play some sort of practical joke on him; it would be in his nature, after all.

The smile faded. "You think Spike will be able to talk some sense into him?"

Aero Blade
2004-08-05, 05:40 PM
It was hard to tell if Aero Blade was listening, not having looked up once while Skyfal was talking to him, and he was still quite after he'd finished. It was about a moment later that Aero spoke up.

"You're lucky to have had such an easy experience," Aero Blade said, and nothing else. From the sound of his tone, it was nothing he wanted to discuss in detail.

2004-08-05, 06:36 PM
ooc: Yeah, I'd have to second Bombshell's remark. I don't even know who the human is.

2004-08-06, 12:55 AM
Warpath, Pipes, Cosmos, Huffer and Seaspray march towards the bridge located deep inside metroplex hoping to find chainclaw...

2004-08-06, 02:20 AM
Wheeljacks Lab

Chromia turned to Red Alert .

"So, have you heard anything from the guys in Egypt yet? Since Cosmos and the others have been back for a while, I though the others might be on thier way. Are they doing okay?"

Yeah, If I don't hear anything from Ironhide in the next few hours, I'm gonna go look for him myself! Primus knows what he's got himself into.......

God Jinrai
2004-08-06, 02:43 AM
Wheeljack finished the energon siphon off, and had set the infuser to work, setting up a full infusion of fresh energon.

gazing down at the rust infection, he began to scrape at some of the surface areas... some areas weren't fully ruined, but others were completely rotted out...

"Fixit, I'm going to need you to finish this off solo. the infusion's almost complete. But these relays and joint units need replaced before he can be brought fully online... I've got to get back to the lab before Red decides to try and operate that miniature space bridge on his own."

Wheeljack stepped away from seaspray, sighed a tired sigh, but tossed a thumbs up to those remaining in the bay...

"He'll pull through. "

with that, wheeljack transformed and sped off toward metroplex's main gates...

Back at the maximus...

Prime walked with dai atlas... "It's quite interesting, indeed... Victory Saber, Ginrai... and now you. The Matrix has spoken nothing of any possible reasoning...as to why you all would be here. It's quite possible this is all coincidence. But no matter. As Victory Leo may have told you, things are rather grim. Cybertron is under quintesson control, and earth is inhabited by both autobot AND decepticon... with a very uneasy peace, and need for the other faction in order to retake cybertron... being the only things keeping us from fully re-igniting the great war again..."

2004-08-06, 02:58 AM
Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -looks over at Stepper- "Did I feel funny? No. Kind of sore, but not funny. Closest I came to feeling funny was while getting tossed around by that tidal wave, and that was closer to dizzy."

Left side, aft cargo hold, Jetfire:

Siren: -under his breath- "We're gonna die I just know it if we get through this I'm never flying again the ground is good we love the ground......."

2004-08-06, 05:33 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist started repairing the wound in Roadbuster's leg, working in silence.

Wheeljack's Lab

Red Alert shook his head, slight worry showing on his face.

"No I haven't, Chromia. They should have checked in by now, but there not overdue enough to warrent serious concern."

However, that didn't stop Red from being concerned. He was the one who'd asked Ironhide to go in the first place, after all.

2004-08-06, 06:22 AM
A movement caught the Decepticon scout's attention. Blue optics flashed with a hint of excitement and reflected off a glossy black exterior.

"Stratus?" Hound fixed on the entry of the small minicon, taken entirely offguard by the sudden jolt of memory images. The identification came up quickly, but much of the rest of the information on the little transformer was corrupted. In fact, Hound couldn't tell what faction the familiar little being belonged to, even though he could place seeing the little robot on Cybertron several times. A pleasantly surprised look was replaced in moments by a puzzled and cautious one as he tried to recall more on Stratus.


Trailbreaker smiled, shrugged and set the can down on a counter behind him. He leaned closer to Crosshairs and gave him a smirk. "I think Prowl figures Hound's so messed up - he'll listen better to Spike than to us. And I ain't a genius, but I'd guess from the way he and Pinpointer and Minerva have been chattin' up that..."

Trailbreaker stopped mid-thought as Hound's voice interrupted.

"Orrrrr..... maybe he remembers Aero's minicon buddy too. Maybe it's all just a glitch and he only remembers small beings. We could get Wheeljack to shrink us..."

(Jetfire in the AM. I'll take back the human too.)

Brave Maximus
2004-08-06, 07:38 AM
Dai Atlas walked with Prime and tried to absorb what he was saying. The fact that he was walking with what most consider the greatest Cybertron leader in history, or that Si....Cybertron was still whole and even that Earth was split, with the Decepticons ruling a large percentage of it didn't even faze him. The situation was what it was, those who could not handle a change died.... Usually quickly.

He nodded with Prime and when he paused to take a break, he spoke:
"I've never really trusted the legend of the Matrix. By my time Rodimus had left the reminants of Cybertron to look for another peaceful world. But I do not believe in coincedence, not one as big as this anyway. The leaders are being called for a reason - though none I would want to decern. As for the retaking of Cybertron. I count it a blessing that it's even whole. I do not know how you managed to stop the maniac Galvatron from annhilating it, but I would love to see it in it's original glory."

Then turning to look at Optimus, Dai Atlas tried to make his point:

"Optimus, you must know that the Decepticons will turn on us the second they have the chance. They are evil, and must be dealt with accordingly. They have never gave quarter, nor shall we. If we treat them with compassion, they will stab us in the back every time. I realize that the Quintession force is powerful. It is because of them I needed rescue when I arrived on earth. But is there some way we can exert control over the Decepticons, then dispose of them when we have retaken the planet?

"Also, do we have any loyal forces left on Cybertron? If not, establishing a beach head on the planet may be all but impossible - perhaps if any of the moons are a little easier to liberate."

The great robot shook his head - an alliance with the Decepticons went against everything in his core programming. But, he would wait to see what Prime had to say, before making a judgment.

In the back of his processors, he was aware of the small bat like transformer in the background, but if he left them alone, then he would not say anything.

Skyfall just continued to kick his legs and wait. He had heard Aero Blade's comments, but was unsure how to respond. Figuring that the Autobot would talk if he wanted to, he waited in silence, hopeing that Hound would be ok for the time that they needed to get repaired.

Stepper laughed at Roadbusters comment, but a quick slap from Dropshot shut him up. With in a nano, he resumed a dignafied stance, keeping with the dark, reserved mannor of the sniper team:

"Glad that's all that was done though. Should be able to have you repaired in no time." The Sniper then winked and gave a half smile to his fellow Wrecker.

Hyper Prime
2004-08-06, 08:10 AM
Fixit stopped his scan and said, "Hey, could someone get to Ark? I need to help Seaspray! Thanks!"

He then took a look at the infection and made a gagging noise. "Well, this will certainly be a challenge." He then retracted his left arm and replaced it with what looked like a scalpel. He then brought out a large container of Autobot parts. He then began to "cut and paste", cutting out the infected parts and replacing them with new ones by welding them together.

Meanwhile, Redhot and Countdown still waited. Redhot finally got tired of it, and asked, "Is anyone available for us? Especially for the boss." He pointed to the beaten up Countdown.

2004-08-06, 02:27 PM
Detention Center

"He's not talking, Wrek-Gar. This could be pointless."

Cliffjumper sat down, puzzled.

2004-08-06, 07:33 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs frowned. “I’ve never wanted to be a Micromaster, Trailbreaker, but don’t let me stop you.” He shrugged. “It’d do wonders for your fuel consumption rate, anyway...”

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist looked up from Roadbuster’s leg and shook his head at Redhot. “I’m afraid not. Not unless Grapple’s still here, anyway.”

2004-08-06, 08:07 PM
Even though Dai Atlas was already a fair way ahead of him down the corridor, Talon's hearing could still pick up parts of what Dai was saying. At first he didn't pay it any heed, but as the topic switched to the Quintessons, he sprang into action. Or more acurately, he dropped as he let go of the ceiling. Spreading his wings to prevent him from crashing into the floor. Hovering/flying just fast enough to keep up with Dai and Optimus, he stayed near the ceiling, so as not to bump into anything or anyone.

Normally he didn't want to eavesdrop, but when it came to the Quintessons, most of Talon's personal rules and restraints went out the window as humans would put it.

God Jinrai
2004-08-06, 10:24 PM
Prime was about to respond, but something didn't quite seem right... a shift in the air. glancing up at the ceiling, he saw nothing... but then gazed down the hallway... spying a bat-like form...

"Identify yourself!" he spoke in his louder, command-stylized voice.

He was reasonably sure it wasn't ratbat, and it couldn't be mindwipe, as he was, the last he knew, dead.

2004-08-06, 11:16 PM
Jazz eyed the scorched hole in his leg and thumbed it smoothly for a moment before deciding it didn't need any attention. He turned his cool gaze down the bench to Aero Blade and grinned empathetically. Jazz didn't have a problem with infirmaries himself, but he could understand the phobia.

"You really wanna get outta here, huh?"

Jazz reached down and scooped up the box of chips in one hand, spinning the cube by a corner on his index fingertip, then swooping his hand around to drop the box onto his palm before Aero Blade.

"Why don't you take these over to Mainframe so he can start decoding 'em? He outta be cooped up in his lab right around the corner."

2004-08-06, 11:21 PM
A year ago, Sixswitch had been fighting alone. Helping out the retreating Autobots where he could, and doing his best against the seemingly unstoppable swarm of Quintesson techno-organics. He fought many a delaying action, allowing his fellows to reach Metroplex and Fortress Maximus. In the end, he was either too slow, or too unlucky, and he'd taken a full salvo of techno-organic missiles.

If it weren't for the fortuitous arrival of Omega Supreme, he would most likely have died that day.

"Positron relays realigned."

In a corner of the sickbay's stasis chamber, a monitor flashed silently. When Metroplex left Cybertron, there had been many casualties. Some had been healed. Some had died. Others, like Sixswitch had been severely damaged, but had lived. In the rapid departure, sickbay had been severely undermanned, and so severe were his injuries that priority was given to those Autobots who could be repaired quickly. So the six-changer was placed in a stasis tube, and the repair programs were simply allowed to do their work.

Now, a year after the hurried departure from Cybertron. It appeared that they had succeeded.

Slowly, the front panel of the stasis pod slid open, releasing a cloud of gaseous lubricant into the still air of the chamber. Unsteadily, a large blue and white robot emerged. Unsure and cautious, he stepped onto the floor, while testing the joints in his arms and head. Slowly, his shoulder mounted missile launchers rotated in their sockets. A quick check of his internal diagnostics revealed them to be unloaded.

A memory flashed through his brain. Of a desperate flight across the skies of Cybertron, jinking and weaving to avoid the enemy fire. Of trying to gain a target lock with his missile launchers, only to find them empty of ammunication. Of a searing blast of heat on his underside, and then nothing.

He ran meticulously through a full self-diagnostic routine. Normally, this function of Transformer programming was never used. Before, he'd always known the instance it happened just how badly he was hurt. Now, he wasn't so sure. Everything checked out fine. The repair programs had done their jobs well.

Slowly, he felt his presence of mind returning to him, and a fog of confusion lifted from his mind. First step was to find out where he was. He walked to the door, and recognised Metroplex's sickbay. He looked around, recognising Jazz, and not a whole lot of anyone else. He thought about how to make himself known, but settled on the simple.


Aero Blade
2004-08-07, 01:50 AM
Stratus blinked slightly, listening to Hound's brief moment of speech, then what Trailbreaker had to say. He didn't have much interest in the other guy, though, just Hound.

"Okay, you remember me fine, but what about Aero? I'm sure he'd be glad to know you're doing alright. You're the only bot arond here he considers a friend, asides from Dirge and Skyfall," Stratus started. "Maybe that Smokescreen guy too, but I dunno. He's a bit odd, but maybe that's why Aero's alright around him...."

Brave Maximus
2004-08-07, 03:59 AM
Dai Atlas turned with Prime, looking at the bot who had been following them for a little time. He had never considered the little bot a threat, and what they were talking about was not dangerous, at least not in his mind. But as Prime commanded the bot to respond, Dai Atlas just stood there. His internal mechanisims were charging up though, prepairing for a massive strike.

Dai Atlas waited.....

Skyfall blinked at Jazz for a moment, then stopped kicking and shifted back to being in charge. Pushing down all the doubt, the worry and fear.

His voice was calm and collected when he spoke to his second in command:

"Jazz, Aero Blade needs to be checked out by a medic before he leaves medbay. Hound has waited this long to get the chips back, he can wait a little longer. Autobot command has been notified that the chips are here, if it were a dire emergency, they would have had someone meet us when we landed."

He then turned to Aero Blade and gave him a sympathic but firm look:
"I'm sorry Aero Blade, I know what it's like to be in a place you hate, but you cannot leave until the medics have checked you out. Your techincal skills will be invaluable in the days to come and we cannot have you keeling over because minor stress fractures ruptured because of the strain you're placing on yourself. I'm sorry, but that's an order."

2004-08-07, 04:59 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

With the arrival of Sixswitch and the ongoing drama circling Aero Blade, a rare bout of frustration came over Hoist. Skyfall's inconciderate comment about Hound was the last straw. His head whirled around and he focussed on Skyfall. His voice was uncharacteristically cold. "Hound's had a chunk of his brain torn out. If that happened to your little buddy over there," he nodded to Ark, "would you want to wait?"

Hoist looked at Aero Blade and ran the beams from his head-mounted multi-sensor over him. His voice returned to normal. "You can leave if you want, but you'll only have to come back later. You have some damage that needs to be looked at."

Somewhat embarrassed over his outburst, he turned back to Roadbuster and began to put the finishing touches on the leg repairs.

Aero Blade
2004-08-07, 05:17 AM
Aero Blade hated having this much attention focused on him. Made him feel more trapped than he already was. But hearing what both what Jazz and Hoist had to say, about a chance to be able to leave and get away from the medbay....

But they all expected him to come back. Aero knew if he got the chance to get out, he wasn't going to come back, and might even leave the base to avoid it. And what Skyfall said did make sense. He knew all of them, even the medics were just trying to help, but...

"I don't think I'll ever feel up to it..." Aero told Hoist. He'd just blown his chances to get away from this place, but he couldn't lie, not to people trying to help him.

Brave Maximus
2004-08-07, 05:41 AM
Skyfall stood shocked for a moment at at what Hoist had said. With in a few beats, that turned to fury. No one had accused him of being so cold hearted in all his life. He was about to round on the medic, when Aero Blade pipped up and defused the situation. But something had to be said.

Skyfall ignited his thrusters and flew beside the green Autobot. Keeping his voicorder low, so that few would hear, Skyfall said his peace with Hoist.

"First off, I know you are concerned about Hound, so am I. He was the first friend I had in this universe and one of the few I trust beyond the bots in this room. I want him returned to the state I knew him in. That's why I lead the mission to get the chips back. That's why we got them back. But Hound is still operational. And right now my primary concern is for my troops. They came under heavy Decepticon fire and I do NOT know what they used against them. Even the slightest damage could result in something much more serious in a short period of time, if the right weapon was used against them. It is my responsiblility that each of these soldiers is returned to full health.

"Second. I understand that I am new here, and that I am young, and smaller than all of you. BUT, these are my troops and they follow my orders. Never, NEVER undermine my athority in front of them. Just trust that I know what I'm doing and help me keep them online and healthy."

Then Skyfall took a moment and collected himself. The youthful rage almost completely burned out. The weight of what he had just said sank down upon him. And he also realized that he was wrong in some ways.

"But, Hoist, you are right. Hound is a friend, and while I was concerned only about my troops well being, I let him sit there and suffer longer than he needed too. I would do anything to make sure all my friends are not harmed. Make sure the ones in here do not leave until they are repared and I will take these chips to Hound."

Turning away, Skyfall flew a little bit and then paused. Lowering his head, but raising his voicorder, he said:

"Thank you for pointing out what I should have seen all along."

Then turning to Jazz:

"Keep them here, all of them, and make sure a medic clears them 100%. Then Rally at Omega when you are finished. I'll take the chips to Fortress Maximus and make sure Hound gets the medical attention he deserves."

Then turning to Aero Blade:
"Thank you for what you said - that was braver than most ever manage"

With that, he turned, grabed the container with the chips and flew off, out of the medbay, heading for Fortress Maximus.

I'm not old enough for this sh..... never mind
In the back of medbay, Missile Run plunged his fingers into his neck, dug around a bit and pulled out a piece of shrapnel, which quite littereally looked like a piece of Shrapnel. Dropping it to the floor, he sucked his meck fluid off his fingers and watched Skyfall fly out of the room:

"Now there's a bot with issues......."

OOC: PM'd Warcry and will PM Flec - Aero and I know what's going on - guess we should have given you the heads up;)

2004-08-07, 06:00 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist didn't even look up as Skyfall ranted.

"You need to brush up on regulations, Junior," he said lightly as the Micromaster left. "In a Medbay, you don't have any authority. The medics are in charge here."

2004-08-07, 06:36 AM
Hound stared at the little beeping minicon. He found himself getting annoyed rather quickly at the unintelligable blips and squeaks, because he knew he should be able to figure out what it was saying.
If a wrecking ball had hit him in the combustion chamber, Trailbreaker couldn't have felt more of a hit.
His expression fell into a faint smile and he forced a soft cover laugh as he got up. "Yeah. Guess it would- need less shutdown space too."
Anything would be better than this body.

Halfheartedly, he turned his attention to the rest of the ongoings.

Jetfire kicked in the remainder of his energy reserves to his reverse thrusters. His right wing rolled downwards as he hit the ground and began to skid sideways down the runway. Melted panels fell away from the jarring of the skid, leaving a trail of debris and a very large smoke plume behind him.

2004-08-07, 06:43 AM
Magnus was unable to get the second flap into place before Jetfire hit the ground, and grabbed ahold of his wing.

"Minerva! Blaster! One of you get to the cockpit and try to stabilize Jetfire!"

2004-08-07, 07:00 AM
Talon stopped in mid air, keeping his bat wings flapping to stay at the height he was at.
"Of course, sir. I am Talon, one of the Minicons. I came here looking for someone in the command structure so I could return to active duty again. I had left here not too long after we arrived on Earth. I became lost inside this building, and I followed the large autobot next to you in the hope he knew where to go. As it turns out, he led me to you sir. I wanted to wait until your business with your companion here was finished. I apologize for interrupting your conversation, and I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but when the Quintessons were mentioned, I couldn't resist"

(ooc1: Talon is not speaking in Minicon, but in English)
ooc2: wonder if Dai knows what the Minicons are)

Aero Blade
2004-08-07, 07:05 AM
Stratus sighed, breaking off when he realized Hound didn't have a single clue what he was saying. He'd thought the guy had begun to learn some Minicon language, having had several of them hanging around him for a long time, but either he hadn't picked up as much as Stratus thought, or whatever had happened to him and fizzled that part of his circuits. That meant Stratus would have to talk in standard if he wanted to converse with Hound, and he rather liked keeping most people out of his conversations...

Deciding he'd rather get his questions answered instead of keeping his conversation secret, Stratus switched over to normal transformer dialect. It wasn't as if someone was gonna figure out anyways, or at least part from hearing Hounds side of the conversation. Since part of Hound's brain was obviously on the fritz now, he started the conversation a bit slower than earlier. "It's good to see you again, Hound. Do you remember Aero?" He asked.

2004-08-07, 07:38 AM
The dark-skinned, 25 year old human stared open-mouthed at Wreck-Gar.
One word came from his mouth repeatedly.

2004-08-07, 08:09 AM
Detention Area

Wreck-Gar looked at the human. "Demon, eh? Better call Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's the one whose usually good at dealing with these types of things."

2004-08-07, 02:07 PM
Sixswitch looked around, and frowned. He'd obviously stepped in on some kind of debate or arguement. One which he really didn't want to be involved in right now. A ton of new faces all seemed to be up in arms over something. Looking around sickbay, he noticed the long stay bed around the walls saw the beds around the walls, and the patients filling them.

Most of all, he noticed Springer. He'd been repaired, or at least he looked that way to Sixswitch's untrained eye. No obvious signs of damage - if you discounted the fact that he was lying on a sickbay bed, unmoving. The Meds had done a good job. Last time he'd seen his former leader, he'd been blasted by a spark of energy from the Autobot Matrix, his chest all but torn in two.

He looked up at the display monitor above the bed. There were signs of life - signs of energy deep within the chest cavity that housed the spark. But they were weak.

The sixchanger frowned. Nothing he could do here - there were people much more experienced than he to take care of these matters. Suddenly, he found the room claustrophobic, as the raised voices continued their debate. He raised his own voice.

"OK Doc... Whichever one of you that is. I'm out of here, OK?"

Without waiting for a reply, he started walking towards the door.

2004-08-07, 09:30 PM
Siren: -drags himself into Jetfire's cockpit, starts fighting with the controls, trying to stabilize the skid and engage the gear brakes- "Do I LOOK like Minerva?"

Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster's shoulder mounted cannon: -having reaquired a lock on Missile Run, continues to watch him-

Roadbuster: -optic band narrows as a targeting window pops up, giving him the targeting camera view of Missile Run, looks over at the micromaster in the corner- "Okay..... that's not normal....."

God Jinrai
2004-08-07, 10:15 PM
Prime sighed slightly... one of relief.

"Ah... Talon. it's no wonder I couldn't recognize you. you've been gone for nearly a year now. Dai atlas... this...is Talon... one of a group of many robots known as mini-cons... they were designed as the workers and maintainers of cybertron... previously, some of us were able to interface with them, and augment our strength, speed and firepower... but now... most of us have all but forgotten how. Talon... "

Prime shifted his left arm to his further left, motioning to the larger bot next to him...

"This... is Dai Atlas... a....friend from a long time ago."

2004-08-07, 10:32 PM
The door to sickbay whooshed shut as Sixswitch walked through them. He glanced up and down the corridor, deciding where to go next. He'd obviously need to tell someone that he was back online, and the best place to do that would be the security office. The last thing he wanted was some hot-shot security officer trying to put him in the brig.

He was, however, torn between two tasks. Warning beeps were sounding, telling him that he was out of ammunition for his missile launchers. He didn't know what was happening in the universe at large - for all he knew, they could be at full alert, and having to go into battle without working missile launchers was not something he fancied doing.

On the other hand, he had a burning desire to know what the hell was going on. Where they free of Cybertron? Had the Quintessons taken over? It was this desire that he acted upon.

"Metroplex, where is Optimus Prime?"
"Optimus Prime is in Fortress Maximus."
"OK," Sixswitch sighed. "Where is Fortress Maximus?"
"Near here. You'll see it once you get outside."
"Thank you, Metroplex."

A short while later, Sixswitch had entered the armoury, and looked around. Rows of stacked boxes, filled with a huge variety of ammunition and weaponry lined the walls. Instead of rummaging through them, he headed for a computer terminal on the desk. Quickly, he brought up the inventory of the armoury, and found what he was looking for.

Leaving a note, indicating to the quartermaster that he'd checked out a load of missiles, he quickly loaded them into his missile racks through panels in his shoulders, and left the armoury.

Shortly after that, he had found his way through Metroplex's corridors, and was standing on the helipad, way up on the city. With a grin, he transformed into fighter jet mode, and took off.

He was so overcome with the exhiliration of flight, that he nearly passed over Fort Max, but he caught himself, and dived down towards the entrance to the city. The huge city bot was unfamiliar to him, seeing as he served most of the time either in Metroplex or Iacon.

He grabbed the nearest maintenance drone he could find.
"Please take me to Optimus Prime."

The drone beeped, to indicate that it had understood the request, and turned, trundling off down the corridor, Sixswitch taking long strides behind. It wasn't long before he came upon Optimus, Talon, and another robot, one who was unfamiliar to him.

He stepped forward, as the drone went off to continue its duties.

"Optimus Prime. Sixswitch, reporting for active duty," he told his commander, smartly stepping forwards.

2004-08-07, 11:45 PM
Detention Center

"You know, I would call your obsession with her creepy if I didn't know you better," Cliffjumper remarked as he away from Wreck-Gar and toward the human.

"Now, calm down. We're not all demons, you know. Why don't you just calm down that we can ask you a few questions and be on our way?"

2004-08-08, 12:04 AM
Magnus couldn't help but chuckle, despite the situation.

"Acutally, yeah," he said. "Blaster, I need some help getting back inside."
Detention Area

"He ain't gonna talk," Wreck-Gar told Cliffjumper. "At least not voluntarily."

2004-08-08, 01:53 AM
Siren: -scowling as he works Jetfore's controls- "Great. The universe's biggest stick in the mud gets a sense of humor."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -stops working on Hound, scowls- "I wonder where Nightbeat is........." -activates commlink- "Hey, Chromia, any word from Nightbeat and Ironhide yet?"

2004-08-08, 03:08 AM
Half under his breath and rather absently, Hound muttered a reply to Minerva.
"Not anywhere in your bases." He was still thinking about Stratus' question. He could visualise Aero Blade, knew his name, and the images that he could picture seemed to vaguely indicate Aero Blade was a friend.

Finally, he nodded at Stratus and made a simple cautious reply. "I remember him."
Blaster laughed and made a drumming set of hits on the cargo bay door's control panel. The door obediently slid open. "We got the beat- oh yeah!"
Jetfire called directions to Siren over the cockpit radio as the skid slowed and finally came to a halt.
He groaned, loudly.
Ugh. I ain't gonna move for a month.
Meanwhile, Prowl had arrived to the meeting room. He leaned down to the humans still waiting there.
"Spike, Chip, I believe you will be needed shortly in medbay. There is a minimal risk of danger to you, but we will do our best to insure your safety. Are you still willing?"

Spike grinned. "Anytime Prowl. I'm here to help!"

2004-08-08, 03:35 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -cocks eyebrow at Hound- "I knew that."

Tech Bay, Metroplex:

Tracks: -having dismantled one of the frequency jammers, stares at the pieces, sighs- "I knew I should have taken that mail away electronics course......."

2004-08-08, 03:45 AM
Magnus was about to reply to Siren when Jetfire came to a sudden, and lurching, halt, which sent him sailing through the air to land a great distance away from the crashed Autobot shuttle.

"Ugh," he groaned, getting to his feet. "Would you believe it? I went to all the trouble to not end up splattered across the landscape, and it ends up happening away."

2004-08-08, 03:55 AM
Hound replied with a smirk and a sarcastic tone.
"Gee, sorry. I forgot. Medics know everything and they get bothered by anyone who doesn't."
Maybe they should reformat me. The Decepticons did it with Hound- why not a smaller body? Here we are, strugglin' for energy supplies and I'm taking up enough energy for 4 Autobots. They don't need me ta be active unless there's an attack- that's the only time I'm anywhere near to bein' useful. Crosshairs is right.

Trailbreaker wandered off to a far corner of the medical center and started rifling through the medical books quietly.
The human male cringed in front of the two giant robots.
"I can talk! I can talk! I speak American!"

2004-08-08, 04:08 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "You think it's bad now, wait until you see the bill. How else will I pay for my summer home in Bimini?"

Jetfire's crash site:

Siren: -staggers into the hatch, falls out, crashing to the ground on his knees- "I claim..... This land........ for Spain!" -falls forward onto the ground, landing in the dirt face first, voice muffled but understandable- "I am never leaving the ground again........"

2004-08-08, 04:09 AM
Wheeljacks Lab

Chromia listens to Minervas message. She frowns and hits her comlink..

"No, I havent heard from either of them yet. I was starting to get a little worried myself, but Red Alert says they're really not overdue at this time. They should be on thier way back now. "

Yeah, he'd better be................ She sighs........He's always getting himself into trouble....

"Chromia out."

She turns to look at Red Alert with a look that said "well?"............

2004-08-08, 04:18 AM
Detention Area

"That's good," Wreck-Gar said, taking on a Texan accent. "I know that you've got terrorist links, so I'm gonna send you down to Abu Gharib unless you tell me what you want to know."

"Whoa, there, Cheney," Hot Rod said, rushing over. "We don't want another scandal on our hands. Rumsfeld got in enough trouble last time it happened."

"You got a point there, Ridge," Wreck-Gar nodded. "But somethin' bads gonna happen to this terrorist son of a ***** unless he talks."
Jetfire's Crash Site

Magnus tried very hard to maintain his serious composure, but soon broke down in a loud fit of laughter.

2004-08-08, 04:32 AM
The human shuddered and backed away. "I not know! I engineerer. Man come, he say, "Make money- drop boxes in woods. They get rid of demons." I do for him. I do to make demon go away from home. He pay lots money, I give my family. I pay my school. Demons fight cause great damages! Demons kill- you evil."


Hound laughed softly.
Spunky medic!

"Chop shop maybe? We all know Autobots sell Decepticon parts."

2004-08-08, 04:55 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "We do? Where would we get them?"

2004-08-08, 05:12 AM
"Don't you know how much of a mess the..." Hound stopped mid phrase and blinked. Minerva obviously had no clue what sort of damage had been inflicted on the Decepticon ranks. He flashed a smile and looked down at his knee. "Well, parts is parts Minerva. I think I recall your own surgeon Ratchet going through Earth dumps for pieces. Either that or you repair Decepticon soldiers just to have the parts walking, working and available. As I recall, we've had soldiers go missing in the field recently. Wouldn't have any blue and black jet parts around now, would you?"

2004-08-08, 06:25 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs watched Trailbreaker walk away, realizing that he'd managed to hurt his friend but not quite sure how.

Pinpointer gave Minerva a warning glance, hoping she'd realize how bad an idea it would be to discuss Dirge.

Aero Blade
2004-08-08, 07:16 AM
Stratus nodded approvingly, hearing the response. "That's good. Guess your circuits aren't completely fried. Aero will be really glad to know you're doing alright," the little minicon said. He didn't say much else, stopping instead to listen to what was being said back and forth. There weren't many people that Stratus knew aside from Dirge that fit the description supplied, but he really didn't pay much attention to individual autobots.

"You mean Dirge?" He asked allowed, going with the impulse he head about who he meant. "I'm sure he's wandering around here somewhere, probably looking for something to do. It gets rather boring with not much to do, especially when you're my size."

2004-08-08, 03:42 PM
Detention Center

"I think you might have us mixed up with some other evil demons that we know."

Cliffjumper paused.

"Well, maybe not Wreck-Gar. He is kinda scary. But that's beside the point. Who told you to make this money?"

2004-08-08, 05:03 PM
The human looked back and forth between Wreck Gar and Cliffjumper, finally deciding Cliffjumper looked like the lesser of two evils, and a slight bit less frightening.

"Dark man in dress. He came school. How say? Recruit. "We want you." No name, but place. We go- come here at house of wares. 56479 East Zutterthing street.
It not full- have box, box, box, box and box. Many piece. We take box, make whole with piece *he makes assembly motions*, put in trees. But demon no go. They not work best. No can talk, demons leave. Demon talk yes- I Nikko. I say to man, need tower for box and dish. Man no listen. Apple brain. I engineer, not can help. He pay, I do. Not think so many demon and big fight. War?"

Hound looked at Stratus and his optics narrowed. They have Dirge. Is Dirge Stratus' size? Or did he mean Dirge was walking around bored? Maybe they've done exactly what they did to me, but changed his body. I need to know. Time's running out- one guard has his back turned now, the other looks nearly complacent. Minerva's distracted. I have to choose now- before Prowl returns.

Grab the minicon and run. If Stratus is a friend, it will be a rescue. Commander Astrotrain and Lord Galvatron can order a rescue mission later. You've done your assigned duty. They will be pleased.

Spike... what about Spike? I can't leave him.
Come back when they aren't expecting an intruder. He's a bargaining chip for them. If the minicon is not a friend, he can be a trade tool.

Wait... I'm picking up Buzzsaw's energy sig. He's near... somewhere in the city.

You can't wait! You must go now, or be their prisoner and fail in your duty. You swore your oath, you gave your word to serve the Decepticons and protect the Earth and humans.

Hound shut his eyes and shook his head for a moment in frustration. His optics flared when he reopened them.

But I think these Autobots are telling the truth! What if Starsaber was right? I'll have to sort it later. Outside- Stratus can help. Too confusing here. One hologram at a time is all I'm able... has to count.

In an instant, Hound formed a hologram of a brick wall several feet in front of Crosshairs, and readied for a spring at Stratus, but stopped suddenly, realizing he might have made a tactical mistake. No! Can't move! He'll shoot her if he fires at me. He froze directly positioned between Crosshairs and Minerva, but slanted his back and shoulders to block the medic.

2004-08-08, 06:42 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looking slightly startled- "Um, Hound...... what are you doing?" -flips comm panel on her arm open, touches a key-

Tech Bay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -commlink bleeps, activates commlink, narrows optics- "Odd."

Brainstorm: -looks up from studying the chips- "What?"

Chromedome: "I'm getting a signal from Minerva, but I can't transmit back. It's like she's holding down the send key."

Brainstorm: "Want me to go with you to check it out?"

Chromedome: "Nah. It's in the medbay. What could happen in medbay?"

Brainstorm: -looks over as Chromedome walks out- "If you see Prime or anybody, could you send them down? I mean, they did want to know who the chips belonged to, don't they?"

Chromedome: "Got ya. Back in a few."

2004-08-08, 07:30 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs’ optic band narrowed as Hound’s frantic movement caught his attention. With Pinpointer across the room, there was only one thing he could do.

This has to stop now, a sad but determined look appeared on his face. I really wish it hadn’t come to this, but he's going to get himself killed if he keeps this up. And Trailbreaker will know how to handle things afterwards.

With a flicker of subspace, a small device appeared in the Targetmaster’s hand; one of the EMP grenades that Trailbreaker had brought him. He pulled the pin with a flick of his thumb, but he didn’t throw it.

Instead he jumped, grenade in hand, arms spread out to tackle Hound and drive him to the floor.

This isn't going to be fun.

Brave Maximus
2004-08-08, 08:37 PM
Skyfall entered Fortress Maximus and flew through the corridors. Using his sensors to avoid most of the bots in the city, he made his way to med bay. It was as he entered that things got wierd: Minerva looking at Hound and holding a button on her arm, Crosshairs tackling Hound, holding some round object in his had that looked disturbingly like a greneade and Hound (Under Crosshairs) projecting an image of a wall. Beyond that Stratus was floating around, looking kind of confused too.

Still holding the box of chips, Skyfall entered the room and spoke up:

"Is everything ok in here? I've got some chips that may help out...."
Dai Atlas stood and looked at Talon - nothing regestared within his memeory, but, as Prime knew him and didn't seem threatend by him, Dai Atlas stood down a notch, still ready for a battle, but releasing the enery he had gathered for an attack.

He nodded to the little transformer:
"I'm sorry, I do not recognize you, or your race of Transformers. It seems things are deffinatly a little different here than in the history records - Perhaps there is a chance to right some events...."

As he trailed off, another transformer came into Atlas' sensor range - this one obviously giving off an Autobot signature. When he arrived and identified himself Atlas thought to himself:
More Autobots returning to active duty - this is..... Strange, but needed, with both Decepticons and Quintessons to fight, we will need all the warriors we can gather.

2004-08-08, 09:24 PM
Jazz simply sat back, smiled, and put his hands behind his head to watch the antics. He'd been in medbay enough times to know that these things generally work themselves out without too much damage. He glanced over at Countdown and waved him over.

"How you doin', champ?"

Countdown shrugged, rubbing his shoulder tenderly.

"I've seen better days, I'll say."

Jazz chuckled and slapped Countdown's back. The Micromaster stumbled slightly under the larger Autobot's heavy hand.

"You did good out there. Glad to have ya."

Countdown looked away in embarrassment and was relieved to see Seawatch approaching in better physical state.

"Whoof, feels so good to get that infection taken care of. I'm su--"


Across the room, Fixit helped the repaired Ark off the operation table and quickly briefed him on staying put for the moment. Jazz gave Countdown a little shove toward Fixit and chuckled.

"Go 'head. You earned it."

Countdown smiled, proceeded over to the bed, and laid down to allow Fixit to get to work.

2004-08-08, 11:16 PM
One thing about Hound's holograms... they are opaque from all sides and he had no idea what Crosshairs was doing. Instead, he looked at the little minicon and blinked.
No, I'm not doing this by force. The missing parts make sense. I'm an Autobot- or... I was.

"It fits now," Hound replied to Minerva quickly with a weak smile as he looked towards the doorway beyond the holographic wall.

"I belong here- just need to thi..."

Hound saw a flurry of metal coming at him out of the hologram and instinctively threw his weight forward. As Crosshairs hit, he let the force roll the two into the wall. Slightly overmatched in strength, he grappled sideways with the targetmaster on the floor momentarily- before he saw the grenade.
Hound attempted to wrench it away from Crosshairs with a violent kick and roll backwards into a side room.

Trailbreaker turned with a puzzled expression as he heard Minerva start speaking strangely. As he turned and saw the flying tackle with the grenade, he dropped the book and ran towards the group, simultaneously making an attempted scoop for Pinpointer and throwing a forcefield between Pinpointer, Minerva, himself and the brawl.

Brave Maximus
2004-08-08, 11:45 PM
Trailbreaker rushed into the room, brushing past Skyfall, who just stared for a moment. His sensors registared an EMP Grenade and that it was active. Then it hit him! An EMP grenade and UNSHIELDED MEMORY CHIPS!!!!

With out thinking, Skyfall dropped the box and flew at Crosshairs, snatching the Grenade out of his hands. Thanking Primus that Medbay was not that far from an exit he transformed into Jet mode and hit his afterburners. He managed to make the turn out of Medbay, but missed the following corner - he scraped up against the side wall, leaving a gouge in the metal and more than just bits of paint.

Skyfall was supersonic before he exited Fortress Maximus 4 seconds later, but with a standard 7 second detonation device and no hands in the cockpit to hold the fuse (He now though, this would have worked better if he stayed in robot mode.... or even, they might have diffused the grenade there, Crosshairs was a weapons expert.... Too late now). He pushed ever bit of thrust he had out his engines and went strait up. With 1 second left he transformed grabbed the grenade and threw it. As he fell backwards he smiled as the grenade exploded, giving a small energy wave. He ignited his thrusters and tried to make it back to Fortress Maximus.......... Except, His thrusters weren't working. Neither was his transformation mechanizims. In fact nothing beyond his sensors and CPU were functioning - EMP shorted them out.......

A Skyfall litterally fell from the sky, he thought: Wow, this was probably the dumbest thing I've done today..... That and go toe to toe with Pirranacon.......

OOC: If this screws up any plans - let me know and I'll edit

2004-08-09, 12:53 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs' optic band widened in surprise as Skyfall zoomed in and snapped up the grenade. But he couldn't worry about that now. He rolled into the side room with Hound.

"I'm sorry," he said, "but I warned you what would happen if you acted up again. I can't let you hurt my friends."

He grabbed at Hound, clumsily trying to pin him to the ground.

[EDIT: I was planning on doing this privately, but...well, I agree with Scout. The post was a tad out of line, and while I’m obviously willing to let it stand, it’s not something you should get in the habit of doing, Brave.]

2004-08-09, 12:55 AM
;) It interferes.
OOC: someone please fix me :D To fix...

Brave buddy, this is the type of post the staff tries to discourage in the game, but since Warcry already posted, we'll let this one go. I hope you won't mind too much- because this is such a perfect example of what not to do. I'm going to try and explain here why so we can have a live example to make it more comprehensible for everyone.

Because Skyfall actually grabs the grenade and it's not an "attempt", it's a forced posting. It destroys the combat without the other players' consents. It's a type of "power-gaming," because it forcefully ends the interaction. Generally, even staff very rarely use it- only in extreme situations. If you note back in my own post, Hound made an "attempt". It's important to phrase it that way unless you've discussed it with the other players beforehand.

Also, the grenade pin had been pulled. That would have bordered on godding for your character unless he was a tanuki that could stall time. There's a reasonable time limit to grab, escape and such before it explodes, but a complete exit even out of medbay would be surrealistic.

One more set of things to point out that I hope we can all take note of... you do a wonderful job with post "flavor". You put in loads of details, lots of thoughts to help readers visualise what's going on. That really helps with characterization and makes things so much more fun to read rather than simply saying, "Skyfall grabs the grenade and flies out the door. Getting out, he throws it away and watches it explode." It's so nice and so much more fun to read details and thoughts during action scenes. :)

Hound ground his teeth as he struggled with Crosshairs. "You're the one-- who tried to blow us all up. They oughtta call you Triggerhappy." He aimed another heavy kick at Crosshairs' midsection.

2004-08-09, 01:35 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -having just been buzzed by Skyfall, standing in doorway, sees the fight, wondeirng what's going on- "Been too quiet around here anyway." -charges in, leaps into the fray with a leap kick- "YEEEHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!"

Minerva: -behind forcefield- "Chromedome, WAIT....." -sees he's not listening, sighs- "At least he didn't go in, guns blazing...."

Brave Maximus
2004-08-09, 02:46 AM
Skyfall felt the full effects of gravity and fell to the earth. Were he able to transform, he could at least glide down and not hit so bad. Hell, if everything worked in robot mode, he could use the wings on his back to do the same. But as it was, he could't even turn his head to see the ground, which may have been a blessing in disguise.

Oh man - gravity SUCKS sometimes.....

Skyfall hit the ground.... Hard, sending clods of dirt flying everywhere. With his body stuck in the ground, Skyfall tried for a few nano's to remain concious, but was over taken by the impact and slipped into blackness.
Metroplex's Medbay

Missile Run keeps an eye on all the bots sitting around, almost seeming to suck in the pain and suffering of the battle damaged Wreckers. Watching Jazz trying to limp around causes him to chuckle. As he licks off the last of his mech fluid from his fingers, the little hole in his neck that he created began to glow an eriee blue, just barely visible - and it began to fold over and repair itself. In a few moment's it was completely repaired, as if nothing had happened.
Medbay, Metroplex

Ark Staggered towards his companions, nodding a thank you to Fixit and acknowledging Jazz's command. Starlight and Nemesis ran up to him and as Starlight began to check him over, Nemesis smacked him up side the head and began to yell at him in Minicon. After a moment, as the big Minicon's shoulders sagged, Nemesis hugged him like a brother....

2004-08-09, 03:34 AM
Detention Center

Cliffjumper leaned back.

This is insane. I can't make out half of what this guy is saying, but if I don't keep him talking, Wreck-Gar could do something a little more extreme than we usually except around here. I know he's on our side and generally a good guy, but I don't think I'd put it past him. He might understand this guy a little better than I can, though. They both seem to share a broken, confusing grasp on the language.

Cliffjumper turned away from the prisoner.

"We'll definitely have to have someone check out this address, Wreck-Gar. Maybe Seawatch and his buddy would like to go?"

Gotta keep talking to him... keep him talking...

Cliffjumper turned toward the prisoner again and leaned in somewhat close.

"So your name is Nikko? Can you tell me more about these demons?"

2004-08-09, 03:39 AM
Trailbreaker scowled and let the forcefield drop as he saw the situation diffusing in front of him. He had very nearly made a critical error, and he knew it well.
Can't even do my job right. Better go help if I can.

With a resigned expression, Trailbreaker started for the doorway to the small recovery room off the side off the main bay. "Why wait Minerva? Looks like we need to get this over and done with. It's too dangerous to leave him loose and functional."
Nikko leaned backward and fell into a sitting position as Cliffjumper leaned forward.

Nervously, he nodded. "Nikko, yes. I Nikko. You demon. Demons make war here. Kill many."


2004-08-09, 03:55 AM
Detention Center

Cliffjumper continued his questioning. He might've been straying a little from "good cop", but he wanted information. Now.

"Now, I don't know if you know who you're really talking to here, buddy. The Autobots do not "kill many". You claim to be an engineer, which leads me to believe that you can draw. Could you draw these "other demons"? I need to know for sure who you're talking about, although I have a good idea."

2004-08-09, 04:01 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -sighs- "That's why I called Chromedome. I was hoping he could get in here before somebody did something stupid." -looks over at the fight- "He'll break them up...... I hope." -picks up the box of chips- "And we can fix Hound with these."

Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -watching and getting a gun camera view of what Missile Run is doing, watches the wound heal, starts to chuckle, barely hearing the voice at the edge of his conscious, screaming........

Dinobot: "I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!"

Roadbuster: -clenches fists, mutters to self- "This should be fun......." -looks over at Hoist- "You done yet? I got 'Cons to kill."

2004-08-09, 05:40 AM
Certainly in his own existance, Nikko could not recall any of the giant demons having taken time to talk to very many of the humans. He knew well that long ago there had been demon bugs that ate the American white house, and more recently, his school had been raided for its generator. But the little red demon

The young human nodded rapidly. "Nikko draw... Nikko best draw from class. You no shoot I for Nikko draw? Red demon say Nikko draw, no shoot, Nikko draw more demon."

He ran a hand through some sandy brown hair and stood up, waiting for Cliffjumper to give him supplies.


Prowl had picked up Chip and Spike and was approaching Medbay when he heard a commotion. He smelled burnt fuel and carefully eased up to the corner of the medical bay.

Spike leaned forward on Prowl's shoulder.
"What's wrong Prowl?"

"There's been trouble."
He answered quietly as he walked in cautiously.
A quick glance and a listen around told him the facts he needed to know. He spotted Trailbreaker heading for the side room where the sounds of a struggle echoed out.
Prowl called over to him as he set Spike and Chip down.
"Trailbreaker- stay with Spike and Chip. I'll help in there."

Trailbreaker stopped obediently and turned back immediately. "Sure Chief."

As he crossed the room, Prowl called to Minerva and Trailbreaker. "What happened in here?"

Aero Blade
2004-08-09, 06:27 AM
Stratus watched horrified for a few moments at what was going on, unsure what to do. He wanted to get in there and break up the fight between Hound and Crosshairs, but as little as he was, even for a minicon, he'd have been squashed in a microcycle before anyone noticed he was there.

Instead, Stratus hoved as close to the two combatants as he dared before shrieking praticly right into their audioreceptors, "CUT THAT OUT!!!"

((OOC: Oiy. Thanks for the heads up Warcry. Post modified appropriately ;) ))

2004-08-09, 06:54 AM
(OOC: Just a general reminder...there's action going on at two different Medbays in two different cities right now.)

Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs let out a "whumph" as Hound's foot connected with his torso. He stumbled back a few steps, then replied, "That name's already taken."

He called out to Chromedome. "I could use a hand with the subduing, over here!"

Closing, he aimed a punch at the scout's center of mass.

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist finished welding shut the leg wound. "Looks that way, Roadbuster. Just try not to get sent back here any time soon, OK?" He looked to the back of the room. "Jazz? I can help you out over here."

2004-08-09, 07:13 AM
"No need to apologize, Dai Atlas was it? I am not surprised history doesn't mention us Minicons" Talon replied. "All 3 factions trace their roots back to the days of the original Quintesson occupation(Talon's voice raising slightly at the quintesson part) and the rebellion. We made it a point to keep ourselves hidden after the rebellion though, not wanting, or needing praise for our part in it. And for several millenia, we did just that, staying out of sight doing our part to keep Cybertron the paradise it was in the golden age after the Quintessons were gone." the tone at which Talon spoke wasn't like someone who was reciting from some history file, but more like he had actually experienced it all.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-08-09, 10:12 AM
Med Bay, Metroplex

Being transported anywhere when completely unconscious is a tricky affair, so the journey between Fortress Maximus (at least as far as Springer was concerned) was one of the best Roller Coaster rides he'd ever experienced.

Being unconscious for any serious length of time causes the mind to run over things, in this case it was nightmares, specifically - Cybertron. Springer yelled and screamed as loudly as he could as the battle raged around him, yet no-one saw him there, he charged Thunderwing in time to turn and be torn assunder by the blast from the Matrix.

The monitor pitched at this point, the energy flowing in Springers body jerked him slightly knocking apparatus flying across the room before the monitor return to the normal beeps and Springer sank into darkness again.

2004-08-09, 04:27 PM
Jazz pushed himself from his seat vibrantly with a grin and strode between the numerous medtables toward Hoist. He gave Roadbuster a slow nod and a thumbs-up at seeing the state of his repair.

"Man, you look like a million bucks!"

Before Roadbuster could get out of the way, Jazz grabbed the edge of the medtable and swung himself onto it next to the larger Autobot. He looked up at Hoist with a facetious pleading look on his face. One could almost see the smirk peeking through.

"Be gentle with me, doc! I'm so young and beautiful!"

Nearby, Fixit had just about finished his work on Countdown. With a professional flick of the wrist, he deactivated his welding laser and returned his optics to normal operation to admire his work.

"You're all set, Countdown. Next time, take better care of yourself!"

Countdown grinned and hopped off the bed. As he began toward the exit, Fixit scanned the remaining Autobots in the waiting area. Only a few left; he picked out Aero Blade by the apparent severity of his wounds and pointed at him with his scalpel.

"Have you been--"

A clattering behind drew his attention instinctively. His optics caught an EMR monitor crash to the floor at the foot of Springer's bed, and he frowned. Decision time.

He looks like he needs help... Yeah, Hoist can take care of the others.

Fixit glanced back at Aero Blade and held up a hand with an apologetic look in his optics.

"I'll be with you as soon as I can."

His tiny legs rushed him over to Springer's medtable, and he climbed up by fallen equipment. After a quick scan of his patient's vitals, Fixit got to work.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-08-09, 05:21 PM
The moments after having a massive system shock have never been and will never be recorded. Generally speaking when the body encounters something so terrible as to send it into total shutdown everything becomes a blur and nobody wants to remember it -- hence they don't.

Springer was in this situation right now, he didn't really know where he was, what he was doing there, but he knew that he had to live. Every battle instinct left in his body told him to live, but the nightmares continued. The frenzied battle, the screams of fallen comrades, everything was too much.

Springer was too scared to open his eyes, for one of only a few times in millions of years Springer was genuinely scared for, what was left of, his life.

2004-08-09, 05:23 PM
The remaining four Techies walked out of the med bay in search of there brother. he was known for his outburst and it was up to them to calm him down before he got in to really trouble.

2004-08-09, 06:01 PM
Hound pulled the punch toward him in a deflection across his side. He knew with the arm extension he could snap the elbow joint , but seeing Chromedome closing with a kick on the both of them, he let go and took the blunt force of Crosshairs' body across his left side and the flying kick into his right which knocked him backwards half into Crosshairs and half into a desk and wall. He rasped as loudly as he could over Stratus' yelling through clenched teeth as he dug in and struggled to push Crosshairs away, forming a fist with one hand..
"We were brothers once... don't make me hurt you now."
Prowl walked over very calmly to the doorway, still waiting for an answer from Minerva or Trailbreaker. He stopped next to the entrance to the small room and stood in a ready position with his shoulder near to it.
Mirage walked slowly into the repair bay in Metroplex, looking around to see what the source of commotion was.

2004-08-09, 06:23 PM
Detention Center

Thank Primus. We're cooperating.

Cliffjumper managed a weak smile in an attempt to comfort Nikko as much as possible. He certainly didn't want to shoot the little guy.

"That's right. I'll keep Mr. Grouch over here away from you if you draw me some pictures. I'll be right back."

Cliffjumper left the room and quickly returned with some drawing materials.

"Here you go. Now draw your buddy Cliffy some of those demons."

Aero Blade
2004-08-09, 06:32 PM
Aero was mulling his usual thoughts and anxiet over being in the medbay when he noticed Jazz head off for his turn with Hoist. Aero sat there uncomfortably alone for a moment before he realized that one of the other medics were looking at him.

Aero jumped slightly when the scapel was pointed at him, but then when Fixit was distracted by another bot, he breathed a slight sigh. A short reprieve for now, but there weren't many other bots left, and it'd only be a mater of time before he got called for real.

2004-08-09, 07:16 PM
Afterburner stormed though metroplex furious. His temper was raging at the moment and he was pissed. He Stormed out of the repair bay and past Mirage. he was saying very bad things under his breath. He stomped past Mirage and out of Metroplex.

Scattershot ran up to Mirage. "Mirage, ,we finished teh Decoding program but i have to go find Afterburner before he gets in to major trouble." He then took off running after Afterburner who already had a head start.

Afterburner trasnformed and took off in to the forest.

2004-08-09, 09:46 PM
Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -leaps off the table and rushes over to Springer's bedside, shoulder mounted cannon still keeping a lock on Missile Run, dried mud caked 'face' in Springer's- "SPRINGER!!!!! C'mon, boss, wake UP!!!!!"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "I think Hound had a breakthrough. Unfortunately, it was right after he started to try to escape, and right before Crosshairs tackled him." -sighs- "I called Chromedome to try to break them up....."

Chromedome: -reaching to grab both combatants and forciably seperate them- "Both of you stop it, right now!"

Minerva: "... mainly because I get the feeling that he'll knock their heads together to subdue them if he has to." -looks over at Prowl- "We've got Hound's memory chips back."

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-08-09, 10:12 PM
Springer's memory flashed backwards further in time, Cybertron. The Autobots had just gone on their first mission to find the energy their home planet so badly needed. The Decepticons had lost a great deal of their strongest fleet, but more rose from the darkness ready to overthrow their previous commanders and try to claim Cybertron in the name of the Decepticons as their own.

A crack military uprising formed, deep beneath the metal planet, a rag-tag, gung-ho group of soldiers, each one just that bit crazier than the previous. Springer remembered these times, the action, excitement...a moment played back in his head, a massive battle waged all around. He took a moment to look into the eyes of his troops all of them kitted out to the optics with every variety of weapon you could conceive of, each one ready to wreck, each one ready to run roughshot and rule over the decepticons.

Springer was still a young, brash Autobot in those days, fearful of nothing (some would say too stupid to be scared) so a live energy grenade landing not-too-far away from him didn't concern him.

Until it exploded.

Roadbuster had been on the team that day and carried the woozy commander to safety, at least until Springer was conscious enough to aim at the decepticons.

Springer's memory flittered as the words ran through his cerebro cortex

"SPRINGER!!!!! C'mon, boss, wake UP!!!!!"

2004-08-09, 10:40 PM
Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -scowling, the movement causing clumps of dirt to fall onto Springer's face- "Wake up! I'm sick of being the only Old Wrecker in the room!"

2004-08-09, 11:20 PM
Fixit only had time to look shocked as the relatively gargantuan Roadbuster ran up to him and began apparently attacking his patient. Fixit covered his face to avoid the falling clumps of earth and scrambled back to safety. When he could retreat no farther at the edge of the table, he flailed desperately at Roadbuster.

"Stop, stop, please! You're going to damage him further!"

Brave Maximus
2004-08-10, 04:14 AM
Missile Run stood up in the midst of the comotion and combined with his Jet and the other drones of the team. His face was still damaged, with parts missing, and mech fluid dripping out from around his optics socket. The optic it's self had a glazed over look, as if still blind. But, in the time it had been sitting there, the base skeletal structure had repaired it's self, and parts of the epidermis armour plating had begun to reform. Blue\Purple energy crackled around it now, and the repairs taking place were moving along fast enough to watch.

Sixwing walked up to Springer and leaned in close to the Autobot's face. His deep rasp of a voice, like flint across steel, was just barely audible:

"Yes.... Come back brother. Come back to the darkness, to the pain and suffering that is this world. The glory of the Matrix is not for ones like us. Struggle, fight, free yourself from the peace of death and bring yourself screaming and crying into this world again......"

Stepper set Nebulon down, and glanced at the drama unfolding. He crossed his arms and looked with a disapproving glance. Nebulon transformed and sat beside his partner, in almost the same pose. Before Stepper could speak, the Target master said:

"Dropshot, think we should help?"

The Sniper looked up from his Energon Lance, only for a brief second:


Stepper added:

"You think they can handle it on their own?"

"Probably" Said Dropshot, as he placed the final energon connector back into his Lance.

Skyfall remained in his hole, unconcious - waiting for the Electro-Magnetic energy to dissipate, so his internal repair mechanizisms could begin to fix him

Starlight, Ark and Nemesis had left Medbay before the comotion had happened. Being small they managed to leave with out being noticed. The walked up to the heavily damaged Omega Shuttle and sighed in unision. Starlight pointed to the command deck, then to the engines and anti-grav thrusters. She then headed for the bridge and Ark and Nemesis looked at eachother.

Both held their fists out and shook them three times in the air:
1... 2.... 3..... Both Rock!
1....2.....3..... Nemesis won with Paper over Rock.
1.....2....3..... Both Paper
1.....2....3..... Both Sicors
1.....2....3...... Both Rock
1......2....3..... Ark won with Sicors over paper
1...2....3..... Ark Wins with Rock over Sicors!!!
As he gloats, Nemesis sulks away and begins to work under the ship on the Anti-grav thrusters.

2004-08-10, 04:52 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs' optic band widened in surprise at Hound's words.

"So you finally figured that out, did you?"

He stepped back and adopted a non-agressive posture, trusting Chromedome to deal with the scout if he tried to continue the fight.

Medbay, Metroplex

Hoist was about to make a snappy reply to Jazz when his attention was grabbed by the commotion near Springer.

When did they transfer him here? I gotta start paying closer attention...

He forced himself to turn back to his patient. "You sound like you've been taking ego lessons from Tracks." He started soldering connections back together. "Don't worry Jazz, I'll take good care of you." He smirked, though his faceplate hid the expresion. "Unless Roadbuster decides to start smacking you around too. Then you're on your own."

2004-08-10, 05:37 AM
Hound bristled as he was grabbed and then relaxed slightly. He let his fist uncurl and nodded.

"Yes. We were... once. The missing memory time- it matches with Starsaber's tape. I can't explain the images I have that don't match up with the new information, nor can I explain the memories I have that are consistant with what both sides have told me. I am certain now that at one time I was an Autobot.

I just--- need some time to think. I'm still confused, and trying to use this information to fill in the gaps in my memory is not enough. I do not know which side is in the right--- to which I have given my loyalty. I believe now, I have given it to both and as a result, have given it to neither. I've betrayed everyone, but I believe also that I owe Buzzsaw my existance. I must ensure he is intact and repay that debt if needs be.

2004-08-10, 05:44 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs sagged slightly with relief, glad that Hound wasn't pressing the issue. He gestured for Chromedome to relax his hold on the scout.

Aero Blade
2004-08-10, 06:41 AM
Stratus sighed audibly to the larger bots, just glad that the fight was now over, broken up by the first sensible bot he'd seen all day, but also a bit angry that no-one had listened to him. He hovered at about eye level, glaring at all of them so that they'd all know he was irritated.

Thinking to himself while Hound spoke, Stratus realized this shared some simularities with things Aero had to go through before. His partner might have been a good bot for Hound to talk to, at least as someone to help him sort things out a bit, but then Aero was all the way over at a whole different base, so it wasn't very convinent. Stratus decided just to wait and hope that they all kept their wits about eachother this time around...

2004-08-10, 01:47 PM
Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -shoots a glare at Fixit as Sixwing walks up- "Do I look like I'm damaging him?" -hears Sixwing's comment as he turns back to Springer- "You know you're coming back, Springer, so wake up now. You need to be brought up to speed." -chuckles- "After all, wouldn't want Sixwing here to get too....... crabby, would we?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -relaxes his grip- "Now just what is going on here?"

Crash site, Jetfire:

Siren: -groans, lurches to his feet, wincing as his damaged shoulder grinds- "Gotta get that fixed....." -drags himself back into Jetfire's hatch, starts heading towards Smokescreen-

2004-08-10, 02:45 PM
Hound shook his head slowly at Chromedome. "My fault. I was going to leave the medical bay to get off and do some thinking. I would've come back for Buzzsaw later. In the end, I thought he might shoot through a hologram and hit Minerva, so I stopped. Then he jumped me with a live grenade. Someone buzzed between us and grabbed the grenade, but it wasn't Stratus. *Hound noted the unhappy minicon and then got an irritated expression.* What kind of foolishness is pulling a live grenade in a medical center anyway?"

Prowl stepped out from the doorway. "A stun grenade most likely, Hound. We still have many non-lethal methods of dealing with captives.

The scout nodded slightly as he relented. It's good to have options."

"We're going to give you some. Buzzsaw is here but he will not be harmed. Spike and Chip are also here with Trailbreaker, but we cannot have another move to leave medbay, for that could put them in danger."

Hound looked at the three autobots and nodded. "You have my word."
What's left of it.

2004-08-10, 05:18 PM
Jazz threw up his hands innocently, coupling the gesture with a gregarious smirk to Hoist.

"Aah, I'm just kiddin' ya, doc. Anyway, I think Arby's busy with other things right about now."

Nearby, Fixit jumped onto Springer's chestplate and held up a pleading but unwavering hand to Roadbuster. He knew the latter could squash him pretty easily if he really wanted. Fixit felt lucky.

"According to Autobot mandate, certified medical technicians have jurisdiction over all soldiers in all medical facilities! I am ordering you to allow me to continue working on him, or I'll be forced to call security!"

Fixit stopped himself, noting that he'd probably gone a bit far, and cleared his vocoder.

"Besides, yelling at him isn't going to fix him. I am."

2004-08-10, 07:56 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs looked from Prowl to Hound. “Of course it was a stun grenade. Who do you take me for, Repugnus?”

He frowned. “So...who grabbed the grenade, anyway? He could probably use some help, whoever he is.”

Pinpointer looked up towards Stratus. “Us little guys tend to get ignored when fists start flying, don’t we?”

Medbay, Metroplex

“It looks that way,” Hoist sighed. “You know what, Jazz? Next time, he gets repaired last.”

2004-08-11, 12:14 AM
Repugnus? Hound frowned. He knew the name and could visualize the image. Not pretty.

He turned his thoughts- and his scanners- to the figure that had grabbed the grenade. In moments, he isolated the different energy signatures from the Autobots around him and pulled out traces of the one that was not.

Slowly, so as not to alarm the security trio surrounding him, he brought up an arm and began to hone the energy pattern into a hologram of Skyfall outside the base.

Prowl watched Hound carefully, but made no attempt to stop him. He had seen the scout do this numerous times before, and so was familiar with the process.
Outside in medbay, Spike looked extremely concerned when all the banging stopped. He looked up at the big, black Autobot. "What's going on Trailbreaker?"

Trailbreaker frowned. "Hound's been messed with, Spike. He's a Decepticon now, and he tried to escape."
And I almost let him. Never thought he'd try it, but it happened so fast.
Smokescreen's optics flickered slightly. Although almost completely drained of energy and still unconscious, his body had begun making survival repairs internally.

Jetfire groaned again. "Ow. Even my gaskets hurt. I'm gonna owe the medics one huge repair bill."

God Jinrai
2004-08-11, 02:26 AM
Prime's attention shifted from the bat-shaped minicon hovering before him to the sixchanger to his left and right...

"Ah... Sixswitch. I was beginning to wonder if your systems had managed to recover. I'll assume you're here for orders... but I regrettably have none. at least for the present. so for the moment, I offer you two options: the first, you're free to roam the maximus as you please, to catch up on anything you've missed... which is quite a great deal, considering how long you've been in stasis. Or, second, you're quite welcome to resume your former position as personal bodyguard... Your decision."

Shifting his attention again to dai atlas, prime continued..." If you had any idea, dai atlas, what the matrix was capable of showing us... but now, it doesn't matter... with Primus himself gone... the only purpose the matrix truly even holds is the wisdom of the past autobot leaders... it no longer can serve as the direct link to primus.... As for coincidences.... Stranger things have happened, and in times just as grave."

Finally, his attention returned to Talon... "Talon. I have no pressing matters or orders for you, so get yourself caught up on matters via the teletran 3 uplink in the maximus' data library."

Brave Maximus
2004-08-11, 04:59 AM
Sixwing shifted his attention from Springer to Roadbuster. The structural repair had finished, and the basic skeletal structure was complete. Now the wire fibres and junctions were winding their way across the structure. Mech fluid and energon dripped down out of the closing wounds, painting the right side of his face a deep glowing red\purple. He smiled, half behind the faceplate, at Roadbuster and said in his deep voice:

"No. Trust me, you would not want to make me mad. You wouldn't like me when I'm angery......"

Dai Atlas watched Prime. Although he was a Cybertronian Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas had never held the matrix in his system. In fact, he had never even seen it. Almost 100 years had past since Rodimus left the wreckage of Cybertron with the matrix. He had never known the wisdom of the Elder cybertronians, he had never felt the direct touch of Primus. But, in his experiance - any "Coincidence" would be revield to be planned eventually. Not that it mattered. Everything would work out as it should - with hard work.

He turned to the Autobot Commander and said:

"So, currently we're planning an assult on our home planet. Hoping that the Quintessons haven't found the Mechaforming engines, Primus Core, Vector Sigma, Plasma Energy Chamber or the Oracle Computer and that we can actually take out their elite shock troopers. We're also trying to thwart any Decepticon attacks on earth, but in such a way as to not depleate their resources or man power so that they can help us retake our home planet. We then pray to a God that is apperently no longer here, that we have the troops to keep the planet to ourselves once we retake it and to cover our own Autobot butt plates.

"Sounds like fun."

Blackness, the complete emptyness of the void. The utter lack of anything. But, the thing is, once you become aware of the void - it is not longer empty. It has something, at thought, inside it, and nature aborse a vacuum. More thoughts, feelings and sensations rush to the first, wanting to be a part of something - conciousness. At first, the conciousness is partial, half formed images and questions, all held togeather with terror - the terror of not knowing where you are, why you're there or even who you are. But as more sensations clutter around - a picture forms and you become aware. Full thoughts coalice around and you ARE.

For Skyfall, there was a very distinctive first thought:


2004-08-11, 06:12 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs frowned at the holo of Skyfall.

He doesn't look too good...

He turned to Hound. "Is that image real-time?"

2004-08-11, 06:47 AM
Hound nodded grimly to Crosshairs as the image of Skyfall centered and became more clear.

He glanced to his tracking monitors and then back to the others.
"He's not far from the Fortress Maximus base east entrance. He's out north east approximately 300 meters and down 70. He must have gone down on a slope.

Prowl tapped a finger as he thought quickly through the information. "Chromedome, call for Ratchet right away and go see if you two can locate Skyfall. Crosshairs, Hound, the three of us have some notes to compare with some friends out in the medical center."

Prowl stood aside so Chromedome could depart first.

Mirage nodded silently to Scattershot. He paused briefly to glance around as the other Autobot ran out, and then Mirage spun on his heels and followed the technobot. Reaching the treeline, Mirage turned on his invisibility cloak and began to search for Afterburner.

Chainclaw had been pacing back and forth down a hallway, nervously examining new energy fluctuators that had been installed and fretting over the possibility that they might overheat when he heard several sets of footsteps coming towards him. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Pipes, Cosmos, Huffer, Warpath and Seaspray. He nodded to them as they approached.

2004-08-11, 11:54 AM
Sixswitch nodded.
"I think I'll spend some time finding out what's going on. Once I'm up to speed, I'll begin to think about finding a proper job again."

With a nod - he didn't think Prime would appreciate a salute - he turned, and left the three Autobots in the corridor.

He thought for a moment, about where to go next. He didn't know his way around Fortress Maximus, nor did he have a place to go to access a terminal.

"Sixswitch to Fortress Maximus Command Centre I'd like to meet with the city commander as soon as possible."

He begun walking aimlessly, confident that he'd be able to get a hold of another maintenance drone should he need to get directions again.

2004-08-11, 06:13 PM
Outside Fortress Maximus

Ratchet smiled to himself after transforming just before he entered the Fortress.

Another cle and no doubt more work to be done. The work never stops for this Autobot. I really need to ask for more time off.

He began walking towards the Medbay to see if there was anything to be done now he was back on duty.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-08-11, 10:38 PM
As the three mechs bounced about Springer's bed his unconscious mind, once again, played back a memory. Another battle, Cybertron definitely, but he couldn't determine where.

Springer (and what remained of his squad) were holed up, Decepticons surrounded their position. An explosion rocked the land above them as small clumps of dirt fell from above them and dusted Springer's face he turned to each of his troops some, now merely distant memories, others still fighting by his side, to this day. Until the day he fell at the hands of his own commander.

The next thing Springer knew, all was dark. It seemed he was in a jungle of some sort, but completely paralysed, he could hear something rustling in the undergrowth. The next thing Springer new Ravage appeared on his chest and was staring straight into his optics, he drew back a mechanical paw and drew forwards, Springer finally jolted free and sent Ravage flying, a brilliant bright light filled his optics.


2004-08-11, 11:43 PM
Outside Fortress Maximus

Blurr, bored with his game went inside too see if there was anyone there that he knew.


Even in thought, Blurr was still the fastest Autobot out there. He wandered down the hallway........

Chromia, still in Wheeljacks Lab just happened to glance towards the doorway, when a familiar blue bot walked by.

No..........It can't be! Why is he here??? Can't he follow even a simple order? She abruptly stood up out of her chair and stated for the doorway.

"Excuse me Arcee. I think I just spotted someone whos gonna be in big trouble. I'll be right back"

Muttering under her breath she walked out into the hallway and put her hands on her hips.

"Blurr! Hey, c'mere!"

Blurr stopped in the hallway, hearing his name and turned around.


"Chromia! Ididn'tknowyouwerehere.IwouldhavereportedtoyouassoonasIgotherebut.."

"MMmmmmphh."He mumbled as she put her hand over his mouth.

Chromia suppressed a sigh. Same old Blurr......

She removed her hand from his mouth and stepped back with an annoyed look on her face.

"Why aren't you still with Moonracer? I left you both back on Lona 1, and you were supposed to stay there until I said so. And where is Moonracer anyway?"

Blurr replied with an almost abashed look on his face.


This time Chromia did sigh........

"Blurr, slow down when you talk. People here won't be able to understand you. And you didn't answer my question. Where is Moonracer?"

Blurrs optics lit up a bit.


He paused for a second, which to Blurr was a long time.

".....like you said. Was I wrong to come here?"

Chromia thought for a second, frowned and then replied.

"No, it's alright. Just........stay out of trouble, okay? Red Alert seems to the the security guy in charge. Maybe he can find something usefull for you to do here. C'mon"

She went back to the lab with Blurr following her.

"Excuse me, Red Alert ? This is Blurr. He's a ..um.a friend of mine. If you need anything done quickly, Blurr's the one for the job."

2004-08-12, 03:02 AM
Medbay, Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowed- "And should I be worried?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: "Aye, sir." -runs out of medbay, heading for the outside, activates commlink- "Ratchet, if you read me, meet me outside. We need to find Skyfall."

Jetfire, cargo hold:

Siren: -grabs Smokescreen, starts dragging him out-

Brave Maximus
2004-08-12, 03:27 AM
Sixwing leaned in close to Roadbuster, over Springer, Purple optics crackling with energy. He makes a motion like sniffing, and laughs a deep rumble.

"Then why is it, do you suppose, that you reek of fear? It's good though - it tells you to stay away from me. Trust it, and it may keep you whole."

Fully turning away from Roadbuster and completely ignoring his shoulder cannon, almost as an insult, he looks at Springer:

"Now wake up. I do not have the time to waste on your slumber....."

2004-08-12, 04:58 AM
Wheeljack's Lab

Red Alert nodded briefly. "Blurr, eh? I think I've heard of you. You're the messanger, right?"

2004-08-12, 06:35 AM
Prowl motioned to Hound and Crosshairs in an indication to follow him into medbay.

The exhausted security advisor rerouted half of his weapons power back into his system as he walked out of the room and into the main bay. He stopped next to a wall and waited.

Hound glanced once at Crosshairs to make certain the guard wasn't holding any more grenades. Still on edge, he turned and followed Prowl out.

Settled on Trailbreaker's hands, Spike and Chip had been waiting uneasily. As Hound walked out of the room, Chip blinked and rubbed his nose - not recognizing the Autobot. Spike stared briefly and then his jaw sunk in disbelief at the sight of the dark black robot.
"Trailbreaker, is that... Hound?"

Trailbreaker nodded slightly, without taking his optics off of Hound. "Yeah."
Nikko finished the first of his drawings and turned it to show Cliffjumper and Wreck-Gar.
(Drawing will follow tomorrow as soon as I find a place to host it)

2004-08-12, 07:28 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs followed Prowl and Hound out of the room, watching the scout carefully for any sign that he was about to snap again.

2004-08-12, 08:21 AM
It took only a moment for Hound to spot Spike and Chip as he quickly glanced around the room.

The expression of shock and dismay on Spike's face as well as the dawning realization on Chip's face told the scout the answer to the most important question he had been struggling with.
Hound glanced briefly from Trailbreaker, to Prowl, to Crosshairs. The looks of caution, distrust and chilled demeanor around him confirmed his thoughts. His features took on the worn expression of an old soldier with a hint of a slightly saddened look.

Spike recovered and voiced up. "Hound?"

Hound smiled slightly. "Hello Spike. Hi Chip. It's good to see you."

Chip blinked and then gave a wave and hesitantly smiled.

Spike stepped forward a bit on Trailbreaker's hands and forced a laugh as he tried to lighten the atmosphere.
"You looked better in green, and the symbol's all wrong."

"Green?" Hound got a puzzled expression and then frowned. "There's a lot I can't remember Spike."

"I'm sure that the medics can fix that. Can't they?" Spike looked back to Trailbreaker, Minerva, Crosshairs and Prowl.

2004-08-12, 01:52 PM
Corridors, Fort Max

Ratchet replied to the message with a sigh.

"Understood, Chromedome"

He turned directly round and went back to the outside of Fortress Maximus, where he came from.